35: Tuesday, February 26th, 2019


Good morning Molyneux's from mountain time. Right. Is that the times on we're yet because we're not in central time. And we're not we're not in New York. We're not in LA yet. And we're Dallas. We're phoenix. I think yeah. We're we're like dates, I think no Vegas is LA. We're we're we're two hours behind the York. Which explains why for you is is podcast feels late before us. It feels extremely early because we literally just woke up we have. We definitely have morning breath right now. Oh, yeah. Wow. We're coming up on the one year anniversary, by the way. Have you thought about it? And what state today today is? I don't know. My phone's being used I think twenty six twenty six and the the one year anniversary of what of the downfall of the downfall of Maggie. Oh, yeah. So it's a happy. It's a happy day. No. I'm so excited, and like the I'm gonna say to you one year out that means like the toasted will be almost one year old. Yeah. And it's still crazy baby is grown up. Like, that's what feel that the fucking. I can't talk about the because I love him too much. And I'm depressed that he's not here. So for those wondering why he's not here. One of it's been a really long time since he's been. Time with his grandparents on the paternal side, and he loves his grandma and grandpa on his paternal side. So he's spending time there, and where we say in Utah is not dog friendly like the house doesn't allow it. And you know, what normally I got here like a couple hours after you guys could have snuck him in. But the property is just not Doug friendly. Like, there's so many fireplaces, and it's so big, and there's no fences, I really feel like it would be dangerous, and it would be irresponsible of me to bring him yet. There are so many places he could get hurt. He could hurt his precious little head. But then when I'm like like late at night sleeping in my room, like watching friends last night with a fireplace, ROY. And I'm like, why isn't the CEA? So there's moments where I'm just like holy shit. I can't believe THEO not a year because this place is so like warm cuddly family vibes place is the oh. But then sometimes like we're going to be on like, what the hell did you with you to bring him a crate, torture torture? So for those who maybe see yesterday's episode a little programming update. I was supposed to be in New York this week by myself doing guest hosting and I love gets hosing because I never got to do it and today yesterday with Darrin to work with me, nobody you always get to fucking get. So. For me, as you know, like doing it with you is the truth. No, also, like, it's not all it's cracked up to be like when I was pounding the pavement looking for guests and the guest we have like a group of like five or six regulars, but I wanted to expand and it's fucking impossible. Nobody lives in New York. And he lives in New York. Nobody wants to come to New York and nobody wants to work with us show. No one wants to work with us. But like, it's not even us. It's just like the time yet totally except for like, thirsty bloggers. Right. And we're not interested. Not not not yet know what bracketing specifically like everyone's as like you should have sound. So why is she posts a picture with the right? Yeah. We have one of those names. Jackie. But still when I woke up on Sunday morning, I embrace my inner blogger, and I really needed to listen to my body. Do you know what I mean? I haven't taken like a proper break physically in such a long time. And I was going to skip out on four days of vacation just to be here. Holding on the Ford at the toes when like I told you this while back we can do the toast much anyway. Yes. So I decided last minute to make the change. So thanks for shucking and jiving, you will podcast episodes the same way, you always jail. We'll be doing patriot episodes as well because we have two more for the month. So if you're on a on member head over to peach dot com slash morning test for doing wedding recap Zach it's like a wedding cumin. I yeah, that'd be great. And then I'm really hoping to have the video trailer for you guy for the end of the month. And if it's not this month, it'll be next month. I just got like a draft said it was a couple of weeks. I'm sorry. That's my paycheck. Goodwill. So without end up personal for me because everyone's like, why are you going on money mini moon? Yeah. When Kishan with your family toba? That's like totally says Zach my we always plan to be on this trip right now our plan was to maybe schedule a little. Any moon right before this trip, but after the wedding, we just really didn't want to go anywhere and take lame then at home, and then he's coming out here tomorrow. So we'll just him in the family. And then we'll we'll never take them any and we'll take our actual Honeyman leader of the Sierra. So I'll let you guys know about that. When you take your honeymoon. I will take my digging April oh was in summer. So maybe like the summer is so great meet someone's going out to me. I don't know. Aren't we the house? I mean, we spoke about it briefly. I know, but like there's concerts there's houses there's other trips, and it's the weather's nice in New York. So I don't need to go somewhere. Rebel, weather's nice. That's true. But April April showers I wanted to avoid that I want to hit the flowers. Right. I'm gonna hit the Mayflower all the way to Hawaii. We'll be Costa the Daria strategy watch. Now because you're fine. She gave some good insight, and I meant to ask I meant to ask her afterwards. But I forgot because I asked her live. She's in that autocar commercial with Andy have you seen it? Of course, it seen them. All she's like, I literally they play every she'd other. We're just gonna play on Bravo. And asked her she got paid for it. Get said how much she wouldn't say it on the air. And she said she told me afterwards. But I never asked and that I feel like it's route follow up. I don't think it's like that. I don't think it's does she said it was like a lot for a day's work. Probably ten thousand dollars you think. Yeah. That's offered as national commercial yet. I do think Allen that's gonna I'm gonna go with that. Anyway. So I guess without further ado, we're gonna get into the fast ice stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toes. Okay. I story in major morning show. News to me, big major major generous Hager takes over for Kathy Lee Gifford on today. It's Mitchell who Jetta shakers taking over for Kathy Lee Gifford. I mean, another three named wonder as Hoda copies co hosts for the fourth hour of the today show do think that's why they replace her. Because just so the syllables wouldn't change eighty because Hoda and Kathy Lee Gifford Hoda gentlema- shaver, it's holding Kathy Lee. And now it's Hoda, and Jeb Bush, and we're more interested in the Bush than Hager, of course, what does a Hager her husband? I know. But like that is just family's family business. Is it a Bush is? A presidential lineage. No, no, not interested not interested pay. Now. Maybe if it was Jennifer Bush Kennedy, I would be interested. Right. And this would be different. How did I tell you? I didn't tell you know, what man now Colin Kennedy Conor. Kennedy taylor's. Yes, I saw him at a party. And he was with someone that I knew and I was like fucker introduced me, and he was really cute and like so sweet a little shy has math. All do. I know. I was just like this is what I said, oh, my motherless to him so cute like Sola kind of nervous like of himself. You know, what he was very very handsome, and I really enjoyed just being in the league. The American history of it all but also at the Taylor swift history, the swift swiftly of it. All right. He's very much a part of your social studies textbook, and like your media culture class. No, totally. It was just like and I haven't heard about him until like since Taylor. The time they made on the dock and like this pictures when she was wearing I was literally fucking bought a house on his island. And then like wrote a song about his grandma and then over the island with her obnoxious friend in a long ways, she's a stalker in a lot of as she is the crazy here overnight ten. Yeah. She's blink space. But like, she embraces. It was chief fucking bought a house nuts at island called no its own islands just in it's in Rhode Island. Yeah. But it's a it's a rich says the knee it kinda island it just like a neighborhood yet. But it's always with me Newman, looking oh, whatever also about the Kennedys, we never spoke about death of Lee rats. Well, yes, I thought you had a ready dot I thought she had to because there's a Twitter account monthly wrestle that is. So mean and comments on how side south and forever. I thought it was a really rods. Well, but then apparently just parody. They only be parroting it if she had already passed away. It was very confused. So she was. Who Jackie O sister and have how roles Rad's wells husband's mom, got it. I'm so confused by the connection of the whole thing. So Jackie Onassis. What's your real name, which she born as Jackie what's her birth name, Jack? I I thought she was born Jacqueline assets. But then I did a crossword puzzle yesterday that said I'll Jackie Kennedy. Second husband Onassis was the answer. Yeah. That is the case she oh, Jacqueline lebeau. VA? Oh, yea. But then aware that she ended up just being known as Jackie when that was like when laser lessening. Yeah. Eah? Yeah. Interested like when she was MRs Kennedy flying around the world was they were referred her. Jackie O because he wasn't Jackie O yet. Now. We've so weird. They're firm her Tarez Jackie. So she's this girl from Long Island. Jackie bovi from New England, whatever and her mom is who mum. Okay. So she married. So how was she special because she married JFK? Knowing of how she special to Carol. Her sister. Whose has yet? It's Kaur is at one point anti law. Who? Jackie Kennedy, Samari, married. Jealous. Coward grads. Wells mother-in-law. Oh, that's really that's not related. Okay. So for you brat would be Avis sister. Imagine it. Avis sister was the first lady. Oh, you know what? As he grew close. It's pretty close. Yeah. Siege it. Yeah. Yeah. Interesting. Right. Okay. Okay. Back back to the morning show morning show news. This is crazy. Paychecks obtained internal memo written by NBC news, president Noah Oppenheim that was sent to employees Tuesday confirming he knew role it read in part. The of some exciting news to share with you this morning general officially started new role in April after we did a fun. Farewell to Kathy Lee Gifford is Kathy Lee Silmi right now till April got the memo continue genyk join today nearly ten years ago, and she quickly became a fixture in our family, her compassion and curiosity come through and all of her stories, along with her Texas sized humor Jenin instantly connects with everyone she meets way of whether they are guests on our show or fans on the plaza. No, she really like they replace Kathie Lee with Kathy Lee, ten years Lee junior. Also, ten of us Hager. Let's say be from the bachelors from the computer, let me say Hannah pageant Queen. Oh, yeah. I'm I'm really into this. Like, I think she's she's a, sweetie. I don't watch either visas, but I talk about them like, I do know. It's just important to our work. Right. And I think she's worthy. This news. Doesn't upset me. I remember there were rumors swirling about someone else getting the job, and it just didn't seem like the right fit. I don't remember who it was this seems like a good fit. You know? I'm just happy for Hoda. She just shucks and jives. But she doesn't know we're tells us she's true like team play. But I hope that this is what Hoda once they get hope that they have chemistry in that network. Didn't just make a choice based on you know. Ratings atchoo scores exactly like the Hoda needs have chemistry with her. I do feel as if it's difficult for Hoda to not have chemistry with someone that she's you know, she's about mitzvah, garlic. She is happy happy happy on crack like positition, everything out of harass. So like at one point you could have said that about Kelly Ripa, so true. You never see what's going on. But so here, here's how you know. Hoda has now been through quite a shuffle. Like, there's a lot going on the show between that lower and then Kathy Lee leaving. She's never once not shown up not throwing a tantrum not made us think there was something going on behind closed doors like Kelly Ripa was very outward in her. Irrationality when it the whole thing with Michael Strahan went down. So I hold is good person. I feel like I I feel it too. And I'm excited for you know, the continuing evolution of morning shows. Again, it's nice another tapping into some younger talent. Like, maybe maybe one day. It could be like gentlemen Hager. I think he's ten years older than us. So maybe in ten years, we'll be where she is. It's almost not fair sugar has like, you know, you really never know what's going on behind closed doors, but like just from the outside like gentlemen, Tigers had an awesome fucking life. Yeah. I mean, she grew up in the what she grew up in the White House. But I think the paparazzi and the press were really mean to her when she was growing up with her sister in like they were trying to party because they were teens, and that's glamorous. I agree. I agree, but she just like left the White House got married like never had to really in worked for fun and ended up getting the most prized role in morning show history. She just like stepped in shit. I bet she's just such a nice husband. I'm looking at how nice her life is. But I guess like if you looked at any of our lives you like him. Not the same thing. But like, you don't know what I deal with that. Right. Exactly. And you don't know what she does that night. I'm going to tell you. I think there's more so the shooting, she achievements. I definitely especially like being in a political family. Like, that's how yen number also like an this is not fair to say. But like her grandfather just died, and she's what like forty right? And like it was the greatest tragedy that ever happened to their family like your forty year old with grandma like I can't even relate to you bitch. I don't even know DAT. Let alone grandparent's, right? Also, like her dad is president at her grandma was president proced-. She is prestige in her blood. Do you think her parents expected her to be president? Not an expectation for know, they come from like old school traditional where like women are just sit in the kitchen or on the show right today. Shas for I'd rather be Terry to take show than president. I think so too. I wouldn't want be Kristen nobody there's not fun. It's a lot of work, and you always have to wake up and people are like always you yelich, no matter what side of the political spectrum spectrum you're on like at best fifty percent of the country like once dead and fired its act such a good point. So I'm good. This next story is a morning, toast, exclusive R Kelly has made bail John was spotted out last night leaving a cigar in Chicago. So yesterday with Darrin reported he was put up at a million dollar bond. I think in order to get your bond you have to pay a portion of it. So you had to pay a hundred grand to get bail and couldn't. So he sat in jail for a couple of days. Then I don't know how when who what where who paid for it? He got outlets night. He went immediately to McDonald's. How to me on that's McDonald's where he's like pick girls up. And then went to Biggs Manchin. I think. It was called the we have a toasty reporter on the ground in Chicago. Her name is Beth lady, and she was literally within outside the restaurant for two hours. One of his guys came out. It was like or Kelly left like most of the press left, but this girl bath and like two other reporters state, and he walked out in the video is like I learned message her. She said did I think you like were you shook like you? He she was so close to him. He's a giant like physically touching the video. And I was like my heart was beating so fast that is brave season. I just I can't with R Kelly. Did you see the fact and leave report it this, obviously the cooks county state's office was working on teeth. But Jesse are Kelly were in prison together because their mugshots had the savings ball with the dent in the back sack. Showed me a mean like the church the squad here is about to be extremely lit. So in this get it because they both sing. Yeah. It was just me. And honestly at this point. I didn't realize Kelly greatly does is rate like when you think are Kelly. Do you think singer or you think rapist today, rapists, maybe ten years ago when he was the world's greatest and he believed he could fly new it's really upsetting is like, and that's what the documentary really highlighted. But I didn't personally relate to it. But there were saying is like at one point in his career when like people were starting to know that he was like this animal his music really transitioned from like age is just a number to like gospel. I believe I can fly the world's greatest became like how like having a Gila is to us as going to kill up muscle Tove Archie, Sean that are played it every family function bar mitzvah wedding. And for the black community. His songs became like those gospel songs are everyone's I dance was I believe I can fly. And now it's just tainted yet. That's how manipulative he is. Yeah. And the world's greatest like the argues. Are using that as an excuse to not cancel him. He's part of our memories. No, the no that's not an expulsion, it proves, how manipulative he was it. You still have to cancel the music, right? The DC the nightmare that really, you know, he's people. They're part of their is, weddings. They don't want to associate with our Kelly. Well, it's already gone. And if he turned out that the writers of a million dreams were bad people like my wedding. I would still think that Justice on cancel them. Well, I mean, I don't really love our Kelly's music, except I I have had to supplementing to it not that I really ever what I actually never listened to it. But now that I can I'd like really missing the song, the world's greatest. It's like such a good song who need it. I guess you can listen to it on the line Meyer something where he's not making. No, it's up that. It's like I don't want to support and can someone release a cover. Okay. I'll do it. I'll do. I just search it on standby Stephania comer out yet. Are you still technically supporting before? I don't know. No, you're not. Yeah. He gets licensing buying Masha on YouTube. He's not getting any of that next up in the ongoing saga of muscle not into days lineup. No because he's just waiting to quieted down for us, the big mustered up. No muss, no fuss. No muss, no fuss. No justice. That's good. That is good. Jordan woods scope from khloe Kardashian. Good American website. Yes. I forgot that she was a model there to khloe crashing appears to cut professional ties. Dory. Would anyone you would hope? So. And it's like it just it goes so deep how much they had this girl. Oh my God. Yeah. Like, every news article is like another revenue stream just rent sacked and like completely at the whim of the car. Dash. I totally forgot. She was a good American Girl. Yes. I would love to be good. I feel both could be good American girls because they pride themselves on just being so inclusive in terms of size shape, color, red hair yet, and my shape is is interesting is interesting like very short, very cheat petite. Yeah. Petite apple none. No, no petite pair. No bitch. You're so not pair Jackie's sponsored by snap Skara up. Sorry. My puffing on no ever since a wedding Uber. You've been looking like so tiny. You are not apple your. Was your mind banana? No, I know you are you paper. Stop. No you. You're a slice of Mingo Luth. I'm not I ever since the wedding like in last week. I've eaten more than it did in the past two months together. Good like, and I am looking back at wedding pictures. Like, oh, I remember when I was he tells also so crazy about my wedding this from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. I think I lost three pounds by chanting. Boy, he just looked at the pictures, and my arms are just there's more definition lethal. And I have to think so much of my weight loss journey to Neum, and I know that my virtual trainer on the new map is very disappointed in me right now just this week, but I feel understands Noche Andersen's, and that's part of a healthy lifestyle is knowing when to hold them went to fold guess what it's all about balance a cooking in each end. 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What you have to lose LL. Visit noon dot com slash toast to start your child today. Again, that's Neum dot com slash toast. Start losing weight for good. Okay. I can't wait to go to new dot com slash chose after this trip right now, nothing that's happening for me on the trip. But maybe afterwards, we can talk about it. And you're trying to understand. Oh, yeah. And I really do think that's part of a healthy lifestyle. I think so too taking a break. And you know, what listening to your body? I couldn't agree more because all about listening to our body. But Jackie, you know, when I said, or when we said that like some days like we're really good and like, we'll just do like chicken. Intel and then other days like we eat like it's nobody's business. Someone accused me of saying that I encourage binging and purging. You fucking kidding me? It's called a cheap day. That's how that's how crazy the world has gotten like you can't have a cheat day because you're encouraging others to binge. What's at so? Crazy. Yeah. I'm I'm gonna Chapman. Like was by by whole literally truly so. Yes, articulate, oh, sorry. Jordan woods. What was in his? Oh, yes. She was pulled from good American because even though and then we could American models. Of course, we've just needed about ourselves. He, of course, on as time goes on news comes out like it's becoming more and more just shocking like and sad. And and really like I say, well, we're going to tell you. No, just perp. Okay. And I save here every night that kind doesn't forget per we'll still here. There's now two conflicting rumors that are both somewhat from reliable. Sources the first is that they were having an ongoing relationship for over a month and the other that it was literally a blackout make out session as a difference old saying back on me out TMZ. Okay. Well, chess until Lester was saying over a month. And you know, what he's he's no he's totally in. But the difference between the two is huge. So I need to get down to the bottom of it. But what I read somewhere? It was that Kylie and Jordan's lives. We're so intertwined like it Jordan was having an affair. There's literally no way we would have not known about it. I mean, you I don't believe that our lives are. So I think our lives are more intertwined than Jordan kylie's. No. Because you want to know why live together? No, not not. I mean, we spend as much time together as if we live together. Our relationship isn't dependent on each other. Like, they have a weird dynamic intertwined like in terms of I know, you're visiting you know, mine and there I know what you're doing at all times today, and I still. I think you could get away with having an affair without knowing about it. And do you have we also don't live in the middle of nowhere together? The Calabasas is literally like where they live the houses are so far apart. I wonder if actress sneaking over to the guest house or maybe like a family functions like neighbor Smith, right? And getting it on the Christmas is more than a month ago. Okay. So some some other function stormies birthday. Oh, also now people are trying to guess whether Jordan was at strawberries birthday was she the time line is so weird. I just I don't know if I'll ever truly get over the story. Like, it's it is literally like what is the what what can you relate it to like oh extended hooking up with Shapiro. No. That's what I'm saying. I'm saying like crazy moment in pop culture history. Can we relate this to like, a a huge, betrayal? Musty smell? I look at your saying when we say this about John Kennedy having sex with Marilyn Monroe while Hosemari, John JFK. Yeah. John, john. Yeah. That's the qual. Yeah. Sort of Maryland, they weren't for more friends, but still that's the betrayal the level. Yeah. It's so fucking crazy. Looking that speaking of alleged affairs, gravity Cooper's ex wife? Jennifer Esposito reacts to lady Gaga performance just before we jump in. I hate Jennifer Esposito because of blue bloods, or something. Yes. So she was on the first couple of seasons of blue bloods. Like before was what it is now, which is like, you just you show up for work, and you make a million dollars. She was Dinnie. What's his last name Jenny Reagan, which is Donnie Wahlberg? She was his partner and randomly like she just quit, and they got a new partner, and you'd never knew why. But it turns out behind the scenes like she no longer wanted to be part of it. And like how dumber you right? Like you enough to these Bradley Cooper? Right. Well, they were only married for a year. I can't believe he was married to her. And like now he's like purposely knocking to get married. And it's like the one girl was like this random yet. She cured him. She's not even like famous, but she is now because it appears everyone caught Bradley Cooper's emotional performance lady ladies about the Astros on Sunday, including wife, Jennifer Esposito. Following the pairs do out of shallow from their film stars born comedian, David Spade took Instagram where he commented on Coopers. Chemistry with his Kosar. Is there any chance? These two aren't fucking. To each s busied responded. Ha I mean, it is funny. It's crazy that two letters becomes a news story. What website is this peach things, you can get into the New York Post for a comment with to let go coming down a bunch of shit like hot see if anyone writes it up? Right. I mean, it's just it's funny that like they're still tied to each other. Because like, I think of like ten other women who I think of I I want to hear from sukey Waterhouse. I am diverging to hear from sukey Waterhouse because she was with him for so long right before he became like a father, right? And I'm sure she wanted she wanted that life. But he's one of those bachelor's also like I really don't know what's going on between eighty Bradley Cooper. And like assuming Irena shake has a phone in his sina means like she knows that there's all this speculation. Right. And like I just thought she was being like, I I think she looked the best. She's ever looked agree. Oscars agreed in short. So burpee because I sing your boob. I see your do you like it your buttons? Expose myself to my coworker. I wish we were filming I'm telling HR snitch, filming really dumb, giving barris your sister. Like that. The yes, she's the head of HR. Okay. The more. I think about it here really suits her. She looked amazing the more. I think about it the more. I don't think they're actually fucking. It's too obvious. I think that she's so dramatic like any anytime she performs. Yeah. And they definitely have a really good friendship. I don't think he's interested in her. And I don't think she's interested in him. Like, I think she wanted out of the movie exactly what she got which was like prestige acting world of an Oscar. He got to direct a very popular movie. Now, he's a popular director. He told Juliana Ranchi, right? He knows what he's directing next. So they both got out of it. What they wanted Irena either. I mean, it's not even an actress. And she was if it was an act she was acting so professional at sitting next to Gaga they could've they could've sat proudly next her weedy. She was smiling when Gaga one gave her a huge like there's so many paparazzi pictures. I actually think there's nothing there. I do think that probably Irena troubled relationship and having nothing to do with God. But I think they were gonna get place at night. Give me to you could tell when they're not. A good place. Right. Like every other one of them's booty, and like Wimbledon one of them was in a bad mood owned. Never forget Wimbledon. I was just watching that video recently. And like they said, it was they said, she had allergies, and as someone who has allergies. That's literally what you do. But it's like there was something additional something was live. Assorted I'd turned away. My was looking at her like that. No. I don't know. I mean, I look up those pictures like once a month and just like make make me feel better about my own relationship. I have another theory about gun, Bradley. Well, the easy theories that like she's obsessed with him. And he liked placates her. I'm my plays into it. But will never give her what she wants. But I don't think it's that I think that she's such an artist and so much of a star is born was like on camera off camera in terms of you know, they went to the Grammys they did all these things. And I think they've just been taking the movie offscreen in pursuit of an Oscar like their life back to meth. I really think like they go on stage in they sing the song in the way that they sing it the way that alley and Johnson withing that's a really good point. You know, so involved in their theater, right? And God that is and Bradley as his movie so important to him. So if they're performing at the Oscars when they're going to be in fucking love like Gwynne alley. Yeah. Tell me something, you know, what the more everyone has talked about their potential love story like the bigger the movie gets. Yeah. And I think they're also smart business people. Yeah. No. It's all good. I think that the obvious answers like fucking. But at the end of the day like it's not that simple. Yeah. At the end of the day, they're not fucking. What does that say? And it gives conflicting narratives one that. He's gay and that Irene is a beard. I don't believe whatsoever and the others at him and Irena are crumbling because he can't fucking Gaga only. What? Yeah. So I actually don't think. Either of those are true. That's hilarious. Yeah. No. It's too. It's too real. It's it's not possible. Well, if he's fucking guy everywhere, I hope he has article furniture. Yes. He's that's really it's it's built well built tough could handle a straddle reverse cowgirl, whatever it is. And it's a beautiful bell need furniture. I actually have perfect for fucking of. So I actually have two sheepskin Ottomans that I just got an am obsessed than I don't know whether you use them as chairs for right back out on the table or like kind of cool like n tables. I just keep moving them around my house, and they look good every read the delivery. The guy was going to be delivering in ten minutes. I'm like he was so respectful. Hello. I was so confused. I'm like is this a person, but the real test is to steal like it loves. I mean, you can't stop just like like, Bradley Cooper, humping it. Wow. So anyway, article is an online only furniture company by limit. 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We're gonna need more furniture. And I'm going to article dot com slash toast, even use code of once he would article with dot com slash show. He's already applied. That's the best because I can never remember quotes. I tote late. A gray told me something girl are happy in this modern world. I I'm pretty I'm pretty good. I'm today. I'm good because I'm just like in the mountains with my family, you bet DACA for the mountains are good. But they make my sinuses. So four dot com slash oast met. I was with one of them pronounce it like a four. What does definitely Margot get knows. What did they she was like this before it was definitely Margaret because she has southern league into the actor chewy till June four it was literally AAC before ache four I love that name it rolls off the tongue. Oh, he was totally slave. The most fucked up movie I ever saw like that. I I watched it in college. It was like one of the movies in one of my race innocent, FCC classes, and it stuck with me so much. I couldn't believe they took him back to like to slavery for twelve years. And he was really flipped. It was just a horrible story. Yeah. Really? And I get that like soil like that need to be told. But like, I really like it makes me depressed. Speaking of ask. Germany movies while we're here. I really want to watch a lot of the Oscar movies have now that late like one watch green book one hundred dollars. Actually, I wanna watch me to. And there was one other movie that I was tempted. I one point I was tempted to watch the Britt then I heard I wouldn't like it. I would watch feel street because I love I support grace from red, white, and blond, right or block lensman. Is that what you're thinking? No have you seen by panther? No, we'll watch it here because we have over theater Ben said, it was the best movie. He ever saw I have to watch Black Panther. And then we have to watch aquaman. I can't believe I still haven't seen. My husband Eddie, you w-what totally and rewatching entourage. And have you seen it? Yeah. Alco man. It's so weird. Because man, I thought it was this fictional comic book that they made up for the story line in entourage. And is just so funny because if you Vinnie chase who actor whose shit dream. He's a tiny little bitch annoying little bit trick, so ungrateful. He is an in character. Like, he is the opposite physically of Jason momoa, like the fact that both of them would be cast as our command is a joke. Right. Jason momoa king. He was perfect for it. Like when they wrote him off spoiler alert of game of thrones. Like, it was so devastating to me. But everything in the world happens for a reason. And that was the reason. Yeah. Okay. I have just so many things that I want to say right now about like everything you just mentioned. And then they are aiding me. He's just really all. I finished my coffee. They can't finish it without burping. Oh, can you keep going into? Okay. What kind of milk, you putting your coffee half-and-half, and we'll kind of sugar splendour splendour. Okay. Did them. Final stories like really fucking weird BB Rex defense data after he asked her to stop posting stupid pornography. BB rex's. She's disappointed in herself after posting. A text message from her dash in the text message. Her dad said she was up screen shots on her Instagram story of a conversation between her and her her dad said her diets had stopped posting stupid pornography. He said he's very upset with her you better stop hosting stupid pornography. Because you make me sick. I can't take this anymore. BBC? I went on to tell his daughter in the message that he's embarrassed to go in public. And so she. It it up and then put a she wrote text over the mess. She said my dad hates me. And obviously there was an out of concern right after her fans side, and then she went on to delete the screen top from social media and took to Twitter to defend document. The backlash don't say mean things about my dad, please. He's an amazing father told her social media followers innocence deleted post, adding that her dad is not a bad guy. I should've never posted at screen shot. I'm disappointed in myself. I was being sarcastic. I understand where he's coming from as a father. And that's why the tax was a bit harsh. I'm upset that he steals in speaking to me, but he is still my father. Okay. I mean, she is so done proposing. This first of all family business is not my business and your God has a sense of humor. That's like harshest hell, but you you send that for the end of the day like a debt, and like we didn't grow up with a dad like to like if we were showing our kids on Instagram like, I'm sure we would have gotten a phone call, right? Like one of snitch is thought he posed. Right. So we would have gotten a phone call. I'll Alec Baldwin calling us pigs. You know, that's just like what dads do. And so I didn't think it was such a big deal. I think it was really stupid because like out of context it looks weird. My god. Totally. And I didn't honestly when I abuse when I saw it. I was like this is going cost shit storm. I don't think these text messages are so crazy like when I when I saw it. It was like she really wants like people know how shitty her data or she shakes her dad and the dick she's trying to she wants to know. This is what I'm going through with my dad, right, right? Like the abuse. No. It was I never thought. Oh, it's just and sound like road is all over her like Instagram where like we would know his sense of humor weight and also seems like they don't speak. So he sending this to her and they don't speak. It can only be angry. I think honestly, I think like she was actually upset by the message. It wasn't a joke when she posted it she realized that she put her down like a world of of. Social media haven as almost not even a public observance of she's backtracking to protect him as a platform that he never asked to be a part of right? And a narrative that he never sweep hardest since two thousand ten so I think she's just trying to protect your dad. But I do think she like he should she spent those for his view she bumped up though. Yeah. The air family duty laundry on mine when look understand that black China. I don't know people who've done that. Jordan tour to that's what is his. Well, those are the past night stories. I mean, it's been a crazy couple of weeks for the news. So like, I'm glad it's winding down me to even though like we have so much to look forward to like we have the trial of Musi. We have the trial of R Kelly. We have the season of carbon emissions. We have the developing. I wonder Kim is always the person who like look a couple of weeks later will. I do an interview in the last question. She will address it head on. Yes. She's like the PR spokesperson for the family. She does a great job. I'm in love her. I love her. Did you see where she she somewhere? And she's been looking wild. No good say yesterday. She that Mugler. What is that that that doesn't address term week? No. So now, she went to this exhibition and there were two outfits where like she just looked like literally like anime, man. I have to go tits are just like up to her neck and her hair braided in like a crazy twirly swirly twirly gum drop interests sent Gina Chris able to Appleton Filton, oh, Chris Appleton, her hair person. Yeah. There was a thought about him in the toilets because he's like so hot and people want to know like what's up with him? And they said, he's teenage son. But he looks fifteen. I think I met him once you did. Yeah. And my old job. I think they were doing like a beauty thing with celebrity stylists. Yes. Saddest stars. Jennifer Aniston does she do around. Listen, I think so until he met Kim Kardashian. But anyways, okay, we have to go because you have to go get ready to go snowmobiling and the altitude up here is already killing me when I got my dad's the airport. I which my off the baggage claim, and I was so out of breath. I felt like that law. That's really quick said altitude because the second the plan like I was so not used without huffing and puffing to the car. No last night. Like, I was ready feeling because if the student then like, I was so hungry for dinner, and I became so hungry. I've never been so hungry, and like in all my years of dieting and like I had a full snack Ville day. Right. And then I put the altitude puzzle hunger was fucking me up. I woke up this morning. I felt just like dehydrated. And luckily, we have these drinks powder called liquid ID really helps with hydration. And by the way, when you're up here in the mountains. And you don't drink enough water? You can get the worst headache and to people who are migraine prone liquid ID is. 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That's twenty percent off anything you order on liquid ID's website, go to liquid IV dot com and enter promo code toast to get your savings and start better hydration. That's liquid IV dot com. Promo code toast. Don't wait get high. Did today. There's just so many things you have to think about when you're out here in the mountains. I saw deer last night when I was driving here. Oh, dear. It was truly a deer in headlights. He was being so done like move bitch. Get out the way move bitch. Get out the way like I finally understood where that phrase comes around because it's like there's a car coming at you in the dears was looking at you like a deer in headlights total. Just exactly what it is. Right. The deer in headlights is looking at you like, you're and headlights I finally like raise clip for me. I hear you this because the drivers around here so used to it because I guess there's just like moose and shit. Like, I crossing the road checks wide, moose crossroad to go someone dealing which is where we're going, by the way. Did you get any new blam Skeoch consumer like into you're going to get a Cordova? What's it called my guy? Cordova I didn't get one for this trip because it was like too late night in one field rush. I'm gonna get one for whatever tripping on. And so no idea really getting all the blogs Raga wearing it. I know at whatever I've got a blogger for about a tip seals one. And I'm not gonna lie feel incredibly fucking stupid in it that is whole air rainbow. Oh, and I just looked like the pride flags on standby with. I just got these pictures for my older, my after party, I have to open the transfer of. Honestly, we transfers one of those in Windsor. Nobody like it's also great because you get major files. Everything else can the to Google giant to send you. Drive. You one pitcher won't go get. So it's up to the mail cloud. I can't believe we still have these problems in twenty nine hundred. I can't enchant believe it. We got so cute cute. I think this one's the one gift for your third-row. You look so cute. Okay. Yeah. Over so guys, thanks for tuning. And we'll be back tomorrow with another episode. Love you patron accomplish morning toast. That's it for premium content all week because we're just gonna be together all week making content for you guys. Because we there's nothing we love more never ending love you bye.

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