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Is agastache a good plant for the yard?


Hi, this is Mark news from plant talk radio. Thanks for subscribing and listening to our podcast your gardening questions from plan talk radio. If you have a gardening question you'd like our host Fred Howard to answer send him an Email, the with recipes Fred at plant talk radio dot com now for today's question. The always get a lot of the emails that one this week at at Fred at plan, talk radio dot com from Donna, and we'd like to thank her for because it gives you an opportunity to talk about a plant that you have mentioned on the program before I remember you talking about it. But we don't bring it up very often. But she says and her question is is aga- statue a good plant for Ohio. I was looking at a variety called blue fortune. Definitely. Yes. Period. Now one caution I have used the plant and improperly during the period of sewer because it was a spring planet plant. It was absolutely outstanding. As a first year plant. I was really quite pleased. However, I didn't remember that. That is a slightly wet spot come winter and come spring. There was no plant. Okay. So AGA's statue is is also called hip, and I've forgotten a couple of the other names, but it's one of the old standards. Essentially, a native to a good bit of America anywhere from here to desert country in different varieties and species and so on. Many colors it in that it's an old staple the breeders work with it to try to get the more intense colors mostly into the purple range, but they've worked with height. So that we have as I recall his will whichever name stays at something like knee high. And then the one I had was well headed on toward waist high of it had lived the second year. You know, we all have to kill a few things. But but it was a lesson. Well learned and by all means, it's a good plan. Now, the varietal that she's asking about I do not happen to no one from the other in that regard. But the basic plant is a really good one. It'll handle full sun it'll handle light shade. But not not too much. And then by all means it has to stay at least moist. But no, no puddles and it should last for years. Now, it is one of those that lasts quite nicely and does require division. Maybe the third year kind of depends on the plant and circumstances. But don't don't let it just sit there and spread out. And then finally become weakened die when it gets to where the center plant center of the plant where you planted. It is no longer viable. It's your key to not to dig it and divide it and put the best piece back in where you had originally planted. So that it doesn't expire because it's much like a mum if you don't tend to mum's good old sturdy plants will still open die on you. Because they spread out. They the center dies, and they get week for what of ever number reasons, and they they just blow away discipline? Do the same. Hey, thanks again. For listening to our podcast. Be sure. To subscribe to our other podcasts as well. The plan of the week podcast and the plan talk radio podcast all on I tunes or your favorite podcast player. If you'd like to sponsor a daily podcast, contact us at Fred at plant, talk radio dot com to find out more about Fred Howard and plant talk radio. Visit our website plant talk radio dot com. Circle to seventy media dot com.

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