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You gotta go ahead and check out his great experience known as NBA Draft Junkies. You start off with the great site. Nba DRAFT JUNKIES DOT com. You had into his awesome youtube page which breaks down all the latest goings on with the NBA draft with detailed analysis of picks mock drafts breakdowns of the actual prospects themselves on NBA draft junkies on Youtube. And then for your listening pleasure you can now check out his podcast available on anchor spotify in so many different outlets that's NBA draft junkies as well. It is a good man indeed. It's an experience my friend now an NBA draft junkies. You Raphael Barlow and Rafeal. Thanks for coming back on no problem. I never had as an experience. I'll accept it. I'll take it that. Well I have to go ahead. I was saying to another friend of mine. Because you got all these things going on in your life and you got all these things people can check out. It's no longer just this or that it's a whole embodiment of all the great work that you're going ahead and putting into it. Yeah I mean I would like to be able to reach people and as many different platforms as possible. There's some people that are going to prefer to. There's some people may like to just read on the website and then I think just adding the podcast is was just a a no brainer for me. And it's it's been inspired by you. just listen to the the. Podcasts are just getting the notifications on my phone semi name on there. It's kind of pushed me to do something that I had been wanted to do it. It's awesome to hear and but that's a credit to yourself. I mean you gotta go ahead. You sound awesome every time you're on the show and tell you what anytime I can get. Anybody into podcasting is always brings a little bit of a special place in my heart because I have over the ten years. Plus I've been doing. This have been able to at least talk to be about trying a podcast and for the most part they found it enjoyable and and worthwhile experience. So I mean ten years in podcasting is you must have got in right before it. Really really just. I shouldn't say must have. He did get in before it blew up now. It seems like everybody has a podcast. Exactly it's about two thousand nine. I think it was my first podcast. I really didn't get into into it. We were we. Were never on a set schedule doing it for years. Just you know about maybe one hundred fifty over the course of like five years but never just really getting into a schedule things of that nature until the latter half decade. That's something I will always regret like you said two thousand nine. I could have gotten to it so much more and I could have been the Joe Rogan. You never know spotify get paid. One hundred million dollars is a lot of money to talk if you think about it but it just shows that I mean we all for the most part have the capabilities of creating our own platforms. And there's somebody that may have interest. I'm sure that when you came out with your probably thought like how you GonNa talk about the Lakers year round or talk about whatever but it shows that there are people who will listen and there's billions of people in the world who needs some form of entertainment so I wish I would have gotten earlier but I'm here now so now that I I've joined the park has world. I plan on producing a lot of amount of content. That's all time. Yes gotTA make up for lost time indeed but you gotta check out what he's doing today just type in NBA draft donkeys. And you'll be glad you did but my friend is so much to talk about on. Today's show wanted to go ahead. And you know you're hearing rumors. I know you're seeing on twitter. Shamsher Anya the Adrian. Motion now skis. They're sending out the all the notes to the owners. Their their proposals Adam Silver's trying to coordinate with Orlando. I'm sorry to my friends in Las Vegas here unfortunately Orlando looks more and more and more like the place that it's going to be happening and it looks like it may be happening may have not confirming anything yet but may be happening around the end of July as far as an NBA season being picked up once again in some form or fashion in Orlando in the ESPN World of sports. That's their the complex that they have there. I think there's three arenas that they have the going to go ahead and separate between Practice facilities and actual game places an actual places for them to play games. Not going to be as many as Las Vegas in an area where they can As I was saying with Laker Tom earlier this week they can go ahead and have a place to take control. I did say control on the show but I think a place where they can go ahead and manage things better as far as because of this pandemic and I understand jared Dudley from the Lakers and some of the comments that he's made about being in like a jail or type deal but you're talking about a pandemic man I mean. What are you supposed to do you? There's really there's no one hundred percent right answer but being in a facility like Orlando. There's just no the reason why they're doing it. There is because they can better have you know. Have a better outlook have a better idea. Exactly how control the virus? This is all about controlling the virus and limiting the amount of people who get infected. So exactly what are you supposed to do? I don't know I mean if you look at social media from discount current weekend it looks like there's some people have declared the pandemic is over. I've seen the videos or pictures of ozarks this weekend. I've seen videos of pool parties so it looks like some people who have just said No. It's over I don't care then. There are also people who are still planning say then there people who are. I don't know it's just tough. That people who are going to get haircuts in Guangzhou the salons getting their nails done and to benefit essential. I mean it's just a great divide as far as the topic of of what we should do. You know so and at the end of the day it's all money motivated so even with the NBA. This is motivated by the fact that they have to play over seventy gangs for the TV money and then. I even read that like Chris. Paul not as paycheck on the fifteenth. It was short like four hundred thousand dollars so even though he's made hundreds of millions of dollars he probably doesn't want to keep having four hundred reduced from his check because if he got that taken out of his coma fifteenth that he's the one coming up on the first. It's going to be the same thing and then jump fifteen so now. He's out of one point two million dollars so. I think that people are just I should. I should say like this. It's all money motivated. And it's kind of IFFY. That people are choosing money over health or so armed so I will. In my opinion I would really love to see if they were to ask each player individually off the record. Do they want to play or do they want to get this season over? What would the answer be? That's a good question. My friend a lot of great questions are being asked this point in time there is no one hundred percent right answer in all this going on. There's no one hundred percent right answer either. Which Way and there's people on definitive both sides as I've seen on your social media and I've seen a my social media and see all of our social media's people are on both sides doesn't matter what divide you are as a matter left or right or anything of that nature just just people are so definitive in their answers which way we should go but the ultimate thing is there is no one hundred percent right answer if you go for the site of health or if you go for the side of economy so there's just no way to go ahead and be hundred percent right. You're going to sacrifice you either which way I mean. My wife works at a hospital that I take her to several days a week to go work at where. She's at risk of her life every single time that she goes there and she she hears about the how many people have checked into the hospital and and things of that nature. So it's not slowing down. It may be slowing down in some parts. It's rising others. We're seeing we're hearing stories of one and the other one and the other is spiking is not spiking. You know it's just you. There is no right answer all when all comes down to it and when it comes to the players in the league I mean. They're only trying to do what's Best Adam. Silver for yes the money aspect but also for the health and the aspect of the players. So it's not coming down to something where he wants them to go ahead and put them in a controlled environment. He's not trying to go ahead and make it out like an imprisonment type deal but it is something that these players have to be cognizant about as far as okay. I'M GONNA go ahead and sneak out and go to Disneyworld or do this or do that and come back and put the other players South in jeopardy it seemingly you know there is no right answer and it just like you said before it's just everybody just has Z. So definitive ideas on what they should be doing and I don't know it's just such a weird time and there's really no one hundred percent right answer correct and I've been trying to keep up with the across the world from the different basketball leagues and China's still hasn't started back up and they were originally. I think they call the players back March. I and so still not playing and some of the guys. Some of the teams. I've actually allowed the American players to come back home to the state while the I know there's a couple of teams in the Beijing ducks. They still have their players. They're in China and so I haven't talked to anybody in a while about it but I know that they're still looking to try to get their season started but just in China alone area in the northeastern part of the country where they have one hundred million people that they put back on lockdown. So it's like I don't I don't know No Israel is looking to start back up and they wanted their players to report back on. May Eighteenth and I think there's a few of them that still haven't haven't Came back yet and then this week coming up and I think it's maybe tomorrow tomorrow so Monday. The twenty seven. There's GonNa be a big aiding about whether or not they should cancel or keep playing with the league season and I'll tell you what it's just. This is something that again. There is no. Nobody's one hundred percent wrong in this whole scenario but you gotta understand. There's there's an issue of public health and there's also a issue people's livelihoods and we should be respectful of both ideals as we move forward on this but again as you know in our society right now. It's not always the most civil thing in the world. I agree tell you it's just such a wacky time but you know it is looking more and more like about eight to ten weeks that there will be games being played and which which means that a lot of these players now. That practice facilities are open. They're starting to work out. And as somebody who is or has been working out players in the League and players in other leagues not on the NBA G. League European all over the world. What did they need to focus on? Because as you and I both have seen over the course of many years especially me. Many many many years watching sports we've seen where people rush back to quickly as far as their rehabilitation or as far as the exercise that do in the off season and they end up injuring themselves and hurting themselves hurting their team much more than what they would have done before. So what process? Are you suggesting you're would? You suggest to those players. And how they go about their regimen as they go ahead and gear up towards a possible restarting season. Like I said most likely for you if the rumors hold true around the end of July. This is a tough question simply because I don't think we have to really compare it to for example if if it were training camp. Let's say was I don't know September first and we're starting training camp usually guys even if they don't do anything all summer. They start preparing in August so they may ramp up their workouts and then even after the ramp their workouts they may get into some five on five action and so you may have among before training camp. They may have two weeks of training camp and then they start playing games and then you have two weeks of preseason and then season starts so that's you know at least eight weeks and so I don't even know if they're gonNA have a weeks and then as of today. I think there are eleven teams. Haven't opened their facilities yet so no matter how hard you try even if a player has had access to a gym like a Mike. Conley working out every day. You still can't simulate five on five. You can't stimulate being bumped coming off pinned downs. You can't simulate boxing down or anything like that. So it's it's GonNa be tough but if I were in charge working on a play I think the first thing I do is just make sure. They're getting shots. And just getting a rhythm back about handling. But even then that's going to be tough simply because it seems like teams are still going to do a little bit of social distancing like two or three players at a time and gym so you got fifteen guys on the roster you spreading that out over over hours and then I read that Traveling parties of the teams are going to be reduced to like like fifty to thirty three. So I mean could you imagine Popovich out there. Having to rebound pass me with the reduced staff. That's going to happen so this is just a very weird time that we don't really have anything to compare it to go. This is definitely a different time than than any other than you and I are very experienced. We're GONNA have to wait and see. I mean I'm just worried. They're going to be a lot of hamstring interest. Because that's something you and I've seen before especially after the strike seasons for both the NBA and NFL. A lot of hamstrings because the way that the stretch out maybe seems to get maybe forgotten about or maybe not done well enough because there just seems to be. Hamstring seemed to be the first thing that I see most common in these type after these type of breaks yeah hamstring grown but even then. What makes the situation so different? Let's say it was a lack out shorten season year preparing for a whole season or half a season. But you have a fresh start in this case. You don't even have a fresh start. You're playing for Twenty Games over if you're like a bad team. If you're the hawks of the cavs you're playing just to finish out the season. So what motivation do you really have? And if you're not necessarily motivated you you may not be training for you know like you would if you had a force these and ahead or half season or zero zero record so. I think that could be something. That is. Can't be tough because guys may not take serious because I just think I'm getting in shape and I'm preparing just to play for two weeks and then I'm off again like I said we will see but it's GonNa take a while. I think it'll be over. I remember one time earlier. We were talking about maybe a twenty five day type of training camp. I think it's going to necessitate being a little bit longer for them before they get the season start. I think it's what you say. Thirty to forty five day would probably be even more sufficient again. I don't know because I think even if it's twenty five days guys are going to get tired of planning guys and for twenty five days. So they're to want to get up and down the court and play and get started. I don't I really don't know that at least in Texas I'm in Dallas. The gyms of have opened up in Texas and so guys are starting to get back to the gym and work out. Maybe as far as like strength and conditioning workouts more than basketball but people are starting to try to slowly get back into the groove of things. Well we'll see what happens my friend. That's a lot we're going to be talking about over the coming weeks as the NBA gets closer to a definitive answer whether or not it's going to be engaged. Lie Waft wait and see but it is looking more and more that direction. I mean they're polling the different owners asking them about their thoughts on how to best to continue the season And we'll see what scenarios that there are and of course At Orlando that facility. That's there with the different threats three different arenas and and they're gonNA have to how they're going to separate the course and all that we'll we'll hear more in the coming weeks how they're going to do it right here at the Lakers fast-break we're signalling the REP for a quick time out. But we'll be back with more of the Lakers fast-break podcast check out. What's been going on with the pop culture cosmo show and the PCC multi vers. I see it the potential for basically a another netflix's kind of paradigm shift. Where here comes this other major player? They have a ton of resources. Apple could change the way that entertainment is they say. It's the only time this year that you'll have stars from each brand battling each other. We know it's not going to be the case. But they like to say that and more power to them my guests. Well it's big first step bringing all those superheroes together there. Were definitely some parts of movie that I that I really enjoyed. And then there were some parts that I thought. Just kind of fell short of expectation. Part of it has to be something to do with how it's being promoted in this thing where audiences do not agree with critics. That's the pop culture cosby show and the PCC multi-diverse every week on apple podcasts. And over a dozen your favorite streaming and podcasting options but when they get back on the court one of the things. I wanted to ask you is. I'm going to go on to next time. We talk about the western conference in your thoughts on that because that's even a little bit more. There's two teams that really could be battling there in the western conference but the Eastern Conference it's been definitively the bucks this season. Is there anyone out there that you think has a chance to do it because I think right now when it comes down to it in this type of scenario and you're not in front of a home crowd and you're not necessarily on a road game per se and I'm using that in quotations here in this type of scenario we could see a lot of different things happening in an NBA playoff scenarios? So your thoughts on the Eastern Conference. Could it be a little bit more tight as far as the maybe top? Three top four teams than we might think yeah. I don't know if at this point that you can really have a clear cut favorite because everybody's chemistry is be thrown off people's rhythm may be off you just never know. I feel like if the regular season had ended normally than I will say the books would be my favorite. I think Boston was playing well right before the season ended and Toronto. I mean off paper. Toronto I look like a threat but they were second in the east. I mean they're second in the east today so I don't I don't know if I could really figure out with. His team was a clear-cut favorite. I mean let's just say if Janas rusting that totally puts Milwaukee in a tough situation or if As a look like it's going to happen what if Brooklyn Gets K. E. ENTIRE E back? Then they could end up being a threat. I think there playoff team has a as of today like the seventh or eighth see but that could really just kind of throw the whole conference off. If Katie comes back I think Ben Simmons should be healthy for Philly now because he was out thing he was before they play. Or You just said you know a guy like embiid who people have questioned is his health or his in him. Been a game shape. What if he just really comes back in either a great game shape or be totally out of shape? You never know with him. You never really know all the depot. He wasn't fully healthy when he when he came back. But this has given him more time to to get in shape and Indiana is. I think they could be dangerous and actually right now if the season would start right now with the same. Indiana is ahead of Philly. So you'd have you'd have what Indiana Boston. I'm sorry Miami Indiana playoff series and a Boston Philadelphia first round. If you're not in shape for that series it's I mean it's going to be I mean just the Public. Backlash is going to be tough because yeah it would be tough. I think though that if Philadelphia were to be fully healthy I think they have a chance to really come out of it as the number two or meeting up against whoever it is. It's going to be matching up against them. Most likely would be milwaukee. Although we'll have to wait and see where that matches up I think Philadelphia could really take advantage of this situation. Brooklyn could as well but Brooklyn has been very set on saying Hey Ka. Katie is not going to be a part of the season. I don't know as it extends and he feels better and he feels better. It's going to be very hard to keep him off the court if he truly wants to be there. Yeah which by the time the season starts. It's going to be a full calendar year. Since the injury and among has a full calendar year with an a torn Achilles Wesley Matthews came back in like eight or nine months so right before the season ended there are a lot of videos washing sale lap there were video surfacing of Katie playing and he looked good. I mean of course. You can't simulate basketball shaped like I said and you know there's nobody plan physical defense on them but I wonder if if this were an Olympic year which it is but if they were still having Olympics in the season ended at his normal time and Brooklyn was finished in April would take the plate in the Olympics. Yeah that's that's good question and so if you say well yeah I think would have play then that means he could probably play in the playoffs and stand with Klay Thompson. Also even though we talk about the west side another time so I think that can really just kind of throw things off in the east. It could it very well could and it's something I would like to see. I would like to see if you can't come back. If he's healthy I think he should be allowed to play. I don't think it should be. It doesn't serve any purpose him sitting more on the sidelines. If he's ready to go and play five on five basketball because it's just going to help get into shape and any contribution he can make for you now. That's not pushing it over extending it like what? We saw last in the middle of the finals. Because I was the enemy finally clearly was not ready at one hundred percent but if he is now then there's no reason why even if the Brooklyn just gets eliminated in the first round just the game action for him would go along way helping him towards what. We're GONNA see next season because if the season starts in July ash which means it's probably going to end in late August maybe early September then a next. The next season won't start until what? Christmas is what we're hearing so Katie will be out like eighteen months without playing if he doesn't come back. That's a pretty long time. I guess for you know for his purpose. He may say well at least one hundred percent but it just seems like he's GonNa be out a whole full calendar year if he doesn't finish up this season and that would be rough next year. You want to get some of the rust off. If it isn't extended playoff run for Brooklyn that he's a part of then. You're you're wiping off a lot of the rust off of him. But if you're only going to go ahead and allow him to play come. What that say What Tom suggested what we're hearing mostly that it would be Christmas start. I mean that's a long time. That's a long time for anyone. Katie Lebron or anybody to be out that long a time and expect them to be anywhere near sharp coming. That part of the season and for personal reasons or selfishly. I hope he does come back and I'm not sure we're Kyrie's his rehab but I would like to see I would like to see both of them come back. That will add a little bit more drama and excitement to the crazy situation that we're going through and if Brooklyn is the seventh seed and they play Toronto in the first round. I think that'd be interesting match that I mean I think we're all GonNa Watch basketball anyway due to lack of options but I think it would just add a little bit more to to the Games so I personally hope him. Mccurry can come back. I don't think it's happening. I don't think as possible but I think it would be good basketball on TV. It would be good for the league and it would also be. Yeah moneywise obviously when it comes down it we were talking about earlier money money money but it would just be good for the league and gain interests new in gain interest beyond that. I watch. I mean everybody would go ahead and WANT TO WATCH THAT FIRST GAME BACK. But it's what you do after that first game to sustain an audience and having key in Cairo back having Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons at one hundred percent having the individuals. Let's say like even just a few games would Klay Thompson and Steph curry back once again. Playing a couple of games together just create enough interest just to have that back would probably be. We would go a long way to help solidify the NBA once again. Because we've seen over the course before the coronavirus hit the ratings. Were down for the League overall. Yeah even though. I kind of have my suspicions about that simply because I think I don't know if they're really factored in effect that people are cutting the cord and more people are watching online than they are TV. So I mean the ratings may be down but I don't think interest in basketball is down I just think people are finding different ways to watch it. I'm hopeful that the NBA will go ahead and make the right decisions and we will get to see basketball once again in late July and hopefully with that as well we can see players like key Kyri and so many other players that have been injured or were questionable at that point in time when the League stopped we can hopefully see them play once again and finish out the season strong or as strong as he can. Under those circumstances totally agree totally league once again. I'm on with my good friend. Rafeal Barlow from NBA draft junkies. You gotTA check out his entire experience including his podcast his youtube channel and his great site. Nba DRAFT JUNKIES DOT com. You gotta go ahead and check it out just by typing in the words. Nba Draft Junkies. Hi this is Mr. Holiday from the PODCAST. My worst holiday. And you're listening to the Lakers fast. Break podcast hey listener. Dutch here from voice from the underground the podcast. My and I want to invite you to check out our little corner of the podcast verse. Add voice from the underground we talk about all the crazy happening around us and try to make a little bit of sense are the nonsense with little to no results if the idea of hearing three semi intelligent outspoken nerds talk about politics social issues current events sports movies pretty much anything that we decide to talk about because well. It's our show appeals to you. Grab your shoveling. Come on down in the underground and then consult a qualified psychotherapist. Finest wherever you get your podcast. Just not where you buy your weed from the underground well my friend speaking of NBA draft Chunky. So you have a great great video there on your Youtube page about Europe players. Not Getting enough love from. I guess fans out here and we've seen this over the course of the past few years about when European players are drafted that the because these fans don't know them or you haven't studied up on them they go ahead and automatically reject them. I mean KRISTAPS Porzingis I think is probably the poster child for this all to happen When he got vociferously booed out of the building when he was drafted by the Knicks. And we've seen where that went from there. I mean he's been a great player when he's not injured and even though he's not on the Knicks. Now he's still has a player that was very worthy of its draft position. So I want to hear your thoughts if you can expound them I people if you can after you listen to our show here please if you can check out his great video on his youtube page on the specific subject but I want to hear you expound. Your thoughts even more as far as why? European players don't get enough in the NBA draft. Well in my opinion a lot of it is just directly related to the average fan been unfamiliar with with the players and the question I proposed on my channel was if Chilean hey had grew up in the states and we were familiar with him from his. A background and Lamelo ball grew up in France Germany. Or whatever and with the with the views be different for like Lamelo. I Have Killian Haze over Lamelo. And that's just my opinion but it's just a huge gap or divide between how most people feel about the two players while I think if you ask. Nba Personnel People Scout. The gap isn't as wide as it is among the fans. Sunday's shows and these shows are that gap is a lot getting getting a lot narrower and our between Killian Hayes and Lamelo ball right but in the fans it's huge it's humongous divide and I think it all just goes into Lamelo amd we've been familiar with for years. He's kind of been in the basketball spotlight for like the last five years. I mean we literally saw him grow up. We've seen them. When he played Chino Hills. We saw you know when he went to Lithuania Australia. We've seen him grow up having a facebook channel and a brother and dad that you know proceed. You helps a lot but I just think why just I let Killian Hazel better a little bit more than I like. Lamelo and but you know I got a lot of flack on my on my youtube page and emails when I had Hayes going number two Mitra and Lamelo number five. So that's why I propose the question but it's it's not new. It's kind of like with Luke I remember when he first came out. You know you heard all the talks of. He's too slow not athletic Eric enough then there are even. It felt like a lot of it was nitpicking. Like I remember there was one article came out and I WANNA say from a pretty well known reputable website or whatever and the article systems like Luca. Danni wall he won't work out for any teams so then I started seeing on the comments. He Scared I. I remember telling people while the reason. He's not working out because he still in season like the European season. I mean the your league ends and probably mid May but you still have your domestic leagues that end until mid June and I wanna stay in the case of the agency be late June so and I think that particularly year his season ended. He wanted the championship in the Spanish Louis. And he had to fly right from that last game to draft but the the perception was you know he scared he's not gonNA show out of work for teams then. They're also had articles saying that he hasn't declared for the draft jet unlike its midseason like even though college players. We assume they're coming out. You've never stay at least either. I don't recall seeing a college players. Say I'm declaring for the draft in December distraction during the season. But I just feel like there's a a media bias going on and they were doing little things just Kinda like pick at him and question is hard question. His toughness comparisons to dark on. I feel like it's unfair. I feel that if a guy goes to and he doesn't pan out as NBA player. He's considered a bust. We don't consider the next Duke player to be a bust while I think European players will always be compared to the guys who didn't make it as opposed to the ones who did. Yeah for everyone you as you were saying. Darko militants and Nicholas Ski Excuse view the Yes the name that will always live in my brain. Even though I can't say it properly about their failures the you always forget about the others who have succeeded. I mean just in Dallas. You have one of the greatest players of all time that that played for the Mavericks. I mean it's People. Were talking about him because what drafted. What Seventh Eighth? I think if he was like a flip flop between Robert Tractor trailer I think in the great to get Novitsky. Yeah so but even my other guys like I want to say you talk about guys been compared to your European players in maybe. I don't maggots unfair to bring up the race thing but I never hear bout rudy. Gobert you know like you. Don't you never hear like a a big being compared to a Rodeo pair or or even the honest John was the? Mvp local is rookie of the year. Go Bare Defensive. Player of the these are thing European players. So you never hear about that. You still hear about darker skew's really Yang vastly a few other guys. You hear about bender but you never hear about a say legal bear. I mean Nick. Petunias had a good career. Evan forty ethic is he's he's not an all star but he's going to play thirteen fifteen years via a high rotation guy he's been good. I mean there's other guys like Siaka him in being is what you're saying it is yeah. I know you don't want to say it. I don't want to say it but it's there is play as day you you could say it's not there but it is there. I mean the only time that those players ever got comparisons when it comes to the dropped okay. Let's say like a chat Ford or somebody. That point in time was saying Jonathan to me. Plays like ex player or things of that nature but it doesn't stay with them like these other players and it doesn't stay with them like we've seen from these failures because most of these failures that are memorialized or remembered by US in history seemed to be of one race over the other. It's there's a common theme. There's a common thread thing because Jaanus I don't hear his name ever brought up as as being a European player you know he is. We call them the Greek freak. We know that he's you know. He represents Greece. But when you hear about European play and you know just don't hear about him like I say you hear about the guys did it make it and then I also think that sometimes if you are an international player if you played in the US high school system he went to college in the state. Then you just kind of locked into being an American like the address. Eytan is from the promise of Buddy Hill. You know. Those guys aren't necessarily Americans they can't represent the US and international play but because we're familiar with them and they went to Arizona in Ohio. They don't get thrown into the whole non-american box. That of the guys have been put in same thing with Puerto Rican of corrective is there was a Puerto Rican superstar. Could he represent the country or no? That's the that's the thing. I'm not sure because I don't even think like because they usually have their their own representation. I guess mostly I mean berea would never make one of the teams. But even like Karl Anthony towns. If I'm not mistaken he can't represent the US because he played for the Dominican contain I want to like four or five years ago so I don't think he can represent the US. That's like you said I it. It's it's they're I mean you know you want to go ahead and skirt around it. But it's there and yes. The high profile failures are of a certain ethnic origin. comes to European players but overall like I said when it comes down to your thoughts your thoughts were really just spot on the subject and European players as a whole whether of any race it seemingly they don't get enough love period when it comes to Denny. Evita for instance. Go ahead talk about him. I mean if he gets picked a great percentage of the NBA fans out there from. Let's say the US primarily probably going to say who's that he's going to be key and he's been really high on your list. He's I think you've had him close to your if dot right there at your top five right there on the five six area and for some other people as well. I've seen him a little fluctuate here and there but he's somewhat very high up on your list but people are going to say who in the heck's that if he gets drafted that high up yeah? I haven't gone to the Knicks. So you can imagine. Knick fans are just on my neck. He's terrible. Why like learn from two thousand fifteen like it wasn't a long ago but I get it. You Know New York Fans WanNA point guard and they missed out in the last year so they want. Lamelo really bad. I think it would be a good fit for them personally. But yeah. Maybe he's just because they're not familiar with him and I think that he will get booed on draft night if he gets picked by the Knicks. Especially if you know a more recognized by more recognizable name is sitting in the draft room. But that's just basketball. I mean I just I just don't like the fact that guys like Ginobili in Tony. Parker Dirk are never really mentioned. Asked successes you hear more about the failures of the guys that were from. Europe. That didn't make it. I mean poor Darko. He's he's always going to be. I mean every player's going to be compared to darker I'm like look at Yokich Yokich is and he's an NBA player. And you don't really hear about how successful. He's been as a European player compared to an American completed. I was drafted ahead of him. That's funny 'cause Yokich will have a great career. I think but he might not be remembered. Twenty five years after he leaves the game as much as Darko will be remembered. And did you know that there's lack There's a dark goals. No Yokich is brother was in dark entourage when he came to the states. So my I'd have to send you the Article One day but yeah I read it and I was just like crazy that there that part of the reason why they say you'll get successful is because his brother spent a Lotta time in the state and he went dark all and you know they talked about how they he struggled fitting in with a Detroit team and he partied and you know just kind of made up for struggling adjusting to the culture and then by the time they got back to Serbia. Yokich older brother realized that his younger brother had turned into a prospect and so he moved to inner with him but everything that they did with Darko and they're younger. They make sure that they did not do with Yoga too. So it's like part of the reason why he transformed his body and it's an interesting read. Just how there's a connection between the two very interesting data just so we could also advise him what not to do to get in those type situations so that actually It's good right there for you but yes I mean. There's some tough questions and there are some things that you want you can say or you can ask about but if people get a chance they need to check out. Nba Draft Junkies Your Youtube page and checkout that specific video and then all while they're there they can also check out all the prospects but understand why European players they for for a great deal of they are playing at somewhat of a competent enough level. Where they can go ahead and get that platform to succeed in the NBA. It's just amazing. The lack of not understanding but just the lack of appreciation. Like we've seen from KRISTAPS PORZINGIS. Who I I knew was going to be a good player. I was actually hoping the Lakers would pick him at number two that year he had come out instead of Dangelo and could have played out a little differently. If that would have been the case. But you know it's it's hindsight's twenty twenty just like I said. European players should be evaluated on a par equal to their American counterparts. I agree I think on one hand. I will say slow tougher simply because in Europe. Some guys don't necessarily get a chance to really play like they would in college so I mean Luca was a guy that he played a lot So I think you knew what you were getting with him but I think there are cases where a guy dominated the junior levels. He played on a League team. He did not really get a chance to play so I think that was the case with bender. He was drafted highly based off a high played. And the you know the junior teams but macabre. He didn't really get a lot of minutes so they didn't really get a chance to compare him or just Kinda see how he will compare against MBA level athletes. Aglow in. I think in some cases it may help guys may hurt guys but I feel like there's owners that don't want to take a European player number one and number two. I mean in my opinion. The only reason why Luca fell as far as he did. Because I am thinking that you heard about Sabra wanting Eighteen because of their Arizona connection. But I in my opinion I could be totally wrong. It's just my opinion but I feel like and King Organization were like. We don't necessarily want the backlash if it doesn't work out. That's that's the one I'll never figure out with blood a it was there. They have a relationship in even with Phoenix. The coach had a relationship Luca. And Yeah I just you know syllabi more power for the Mavericks. They've got they got the pick they wanted. And it's worked out very well for them so we could give more love to Europe or at least better understand when you evaluate these players that are best for your teams as fans out there. Just go ahead and not automatically dismissed these. European players because on a lot of occasions. They do work out. But you know it's interesting with my site. If I post a video of a European player they generally get more views than my American players. I noticed that you actually pointed that out to me and I I looked at that and I'm like yeah not even close but I think it Kinda helps in a sense because when people are seeing these guys in England trap boards. There's not a lot of video. Why any American prospect type their name. You may find videos when they were in ninth grade. You might find a you clips. You're GONNA find plenty of people in their college clips so the European players aren't as well known even in their own country. They're not. There's not a lot of youtube videos. It's not like in the states. Like if you go to a Nike deal game. There may be like nine videographers on the baseline filming while you go to a you know a Next Generation Tournament game and overseas. And you got a lot of the top high level European prospects planning the League. There may not be anybody filming. I mean there may be a livestream of the game so I think that's where I can probably be effective. It is just having more videos on my sight of the European players and maybe help the American fans become more familiar with them but I still think just because they're in Europe and is not allowed of familiarity as far as the name. There's GonNa be a bias. We'll be back with more of the Lakers faust break podcast meeting an edge for your fantasy football team listening to the guys at insides force. Fantasy football for insight. That will help you reach your league championship. That's incest fantasy football chicken today on your favorite podcast but my friends you gotta go ahead and check out what he's doing today. Mr Raphael Barlow on NBA draft Hunky. You get a deeper insight not only on just the European but also the mystic prospects as they gear up towards the NBA draft and one thing. Everybody has to remember in this draft. This is not considered a strong draft. And I want to stress that so you're going to go ahead and do a lot of work as a general manager to find and choose the best fits for your organization because you don't have the greatest telephone of world to draw from but I'm starting to. I don't want to say it's a draft. It's not the worst drought. It's not twenty thirteen. I think we'll twenty. Thirteen came out with some pretty decent players. If I'm not mistaken but I just don't know if you're going to get a I think to let me say twenty. Thirteen is considered a bad draft. Because you didn't have a superstar on in the top. Five earliest with the thought was no soup and so I think what this draft. I think there's GonNa be quite a few guys that have long careers. It may not be high on. You might not get Zion or or Karl. Anthony towns have that caliber of player. You know going early but at the same time. I think that you're going to have quite a few guys that end up playing ten twelve years. I have long careers in complementary players. But you know drafts judged by all stars and superstars but I feel like there's some drafts where you have one or two guys that are really really good and then you look at the lottery and there's three or four guys out of the League within five years so I don't know district will have that. I'll tell you what there's no better place to check out exactly if any of these players or all of these players are many of these players can actually fit the bill for these teams then. Nba Draft Junkies. So before we head on out and before I ask you to share some last thoughts on Jerry Sloan what you go ahead and give everybody an update what's going on. Nba Draft Junkies. Pretty much designed just content. I think I WANNA do a little bit more fan interaction on my site and so that's when I did the video about the European bias. Hundred people commented. So That's pretty fun to me I need to do another mock draft fifteen to thirty. I should star working on that tonight. May Have it up. Well I definitely have it up before this podcast is on the air and then from there I think have tires halpern. I have video of him coming out soon. I haven't decided who I'll do next. I'm thinking about doing maybe feel the dome. There's another guy that people may not be familiar with. Who was once considered a lottery? Pick coming into the season. Stock has kind of fallen. Start think that made you feel him. Try to him or JD. Mcdaniels somebody that we've talked about on this podcast. I really like even though the talent and the numbers don't seem to add up. I wanted to deeper dive and to wise production as matches talent skill set. So I think those are the next. Guy's I'll do I think jade it's a matter of here and here if he wants it and he really wants to get it. I think that's I think it's just it's all about. Does he have the motor? Does he have the knee? He have the desire to go ahead and be successful because the talent to me what. What I've seen is definitely there. Yeah Munition no question about talent in how gifted he is at his height. I am the ball but again you know just the production just did not did not match so funny that Washington has gotten all these great You know prospects in in recent years but their teams have not ultimately ended up with a successful record. Lorenzo Romar I think the coach was able to go ahead and and recruit all these players but he's never been able to get them to produce their at a high enough level what their actual guest status had dictated before they entered the the NCAA. Yeah I don't think roll my recruited the last two guys Stewart and mcdaniels. He's somewhere now. There's never used Arizona. Last year was after Foltz full last year. Okay 'cause I know he got termed. I didn't win. You got termed. Yeah but he did have Chris and votes two guys back guys that were lottery picks and they. I don't think they have one. Ncwa game in years. It's got imagine that I mean just all this talent going. They're just trying to find exactly with these with these talented players drive. I mean it seemingly with before with on Yucca Congo. It seems like he has that ability. He has that want. He has that desire but he may not possess enough as much talent as jaded. Mcdonald's it's just that dynamic it's just you know do you want it or or do you not. Yeah I think he's just a late bloomer. Who Amando he played. Houston a USA basketball circuit or or. He did have some hype coming in. But when you think of Chino hills you don't think of him thought of the ball brothers and he was on that team which is crazy that that one team could end up with three guys that are lottery picks one high school team. That's amazing that's amazing. Well my friend has been great episode. I truly appreciate you taking the time to speak to me before we had an out the late Jerry Sloan. He passed away recently. Nba Coach for the Utah. Jazz for several years was a thorn in the Lakers side because he had such good teams never quite got over the Hump as a championship team. But still many years success playoff runs for many many years had a lot of great success with and without Stockton Malone so what are hear thoughts a little bit on Jerry. Sloan on the way out. Yeah he was a guy that will always be remembered as a just a heart. Who's winning coach? I think there is a little saltiness. And how he went out with the hope Dan Williams thing but I was idea. Read that whatever issues that they had that. I underground and they made up for it so that was good here but I think you always think that he left to gain earlier than he was supposed to. He did go on his own terms because the way the media is that he left because he was unhappy with the player. So I didn't like that part of it because it just seemed like he was forced out or the new generation of players. He couldn't handle them but I said it was good to hear that whatever issues they had they made up the record with each other before he passed and honestly. I just didn't know that he was already has some health issues but I didn't know that he had deteriorated to to that point. And you know you always see him. As being the lively fiery coach of the jazz and I just couldn't imagine him not having a same energy and the twenty twenty. It's been rough. I mean we've lost three hall of famers in less than six months so I really hope that there's no more. I don't know if the basketball world can take any anymore. Just these untimely untimely deaths but it is also the timing of. It was pretty interesting because his name had just started coming up again after. Everybody's watching the last dance and the that whole jazz team was back in our thoughts and our minds and a week later. He passed this but basketball legend obviously hall of Famer. He's loved in Chicago and Utah. Way Most of his credit Chicago so just another tough loss for the basketball world and community. But he's a break coach. This see was and he should always be remembered like you said as a great player and a great coach and contributions to basketball. Should never be understated. We're GONNA Miss Jerry. Sloan as he passed away this week at the age of seventy eight. Twenty twenty has been definite rough year my friend. But we're going to get through it we're GONNA get through it together. Everybody listening out there. Please stay healthy. Stay safe you to my friend. Please stay healthy and stay safe. I'm GonNa Talk to you soon. Hopefully as soon as we can. You gotta go ahead and preview the western conference to see if anybody can go ahead and Go and maybe matchup against the Lakers or the clippers. I definitely want to hear your thoughts on that. It's going to be an interesting conversation. I think as we get closer and closer to an NBA season. Hopefully eight to ten weeks away. Were thinking that might happen. Because we're hearing the rumors a little bit louder and louder and louder so I'm definitely willing to hear your thoughts again as much as you want to give them and not only on that the NBA draft. That also has to be solidified at some point of time. So we're definitely looking forward to hearing more thoughts on that and your thoughts on basketball life period. It's just so great to have you on the show and I can't thank you for being part of the Lakers fast-break podcast Huh.

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