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The. Pride passion and patterns re of college football leaves here. The Paul finebaum show our four podcast. Yeah. We welcome all of back. The final hour of the program has arrived in some of you notice the college basketball season alive, and well where we have obsessed over football and one of the more intriguing stories in the SEC South Carolina couple years ago, they made it to the final four not much was expected this year. But look what's been going on. They go to Florida or they're giving virtually no chance of winning. They do earlier this week. They take on highly regarded Mississippi State they win that game in overtime surprising. Everyone have chance to go three. Oh in the SEC as Missouri comes to town a game one PM on the SEC network who better to find out the answers to these puzzling questions and Frank Martin the head coach of the Gamecocks coach, always a pleasure. So great to see you. Congratulations surprising start to some people. Maybe not to you after noon or if you're looking for answers. On the wrong guy. Confused as anyone how. Well, first of all, I mean, it's always interesting when everyone is being disrespectful and dismissive. I know that works probably to your your Motors Peron day. But talk about where you are right now and other than good. There was some bumps along the way preseason. But that's what you want. You want to get tough for the conference play. Don't you that ball the end of the day? We got young again this year. And that's not an excuse. That's not doesn't try to form an opinion as to why are record was what it was before conference play. But it's a fact and we were young team. And and then on long top of that we dealt with numerous injuries from middle of October beginning of December. Now, you know, we ended up scheduling some real good teams. Obviously, you go play providence up in providence. And and you wing and winglets and then Michigan Michigan, Wyoming. Wyoming Virginia at home, Clemson at home. I mean, we we ran the gauntlet and never never made an excuse pout. We didn't you know? We didn't make any excuses didn't go home and cry we weren't happy with the fact we weren't winning. But as a coach I was proud to. I thought we were getting better. Now, we got home all those young kids went home for Christmas. And they took it beat breath. And they came back on December twenty eighth and we had some powerful practices leading into January. And then obviously in the SEC our conference what its become top to bottom. It's incredible. And for us before Chit enough to win a Florida to go up against Mississippi State who is really good and figure out a way to win that one. We're we're fortunate that we're in the situation they're wearing right now. I want to come back to what's ahead. But but I am interested in your observation. You alluded to it. They're about. This league last year. I think eight in the NC double A the year before you were in the final four couple other teams Kentucky and Florida in the elite eight this league is a different league than a lot of been paying attention to over the years where where are we right now that's been happening. And this were my opinion and my seven years year with the leaks change the top two or three teams in this league since I've been here or good enough to win a national championship that that has not changed the the differences that once you got the teams like nine through fourteen which we were one of those. We weren't very good. And we kind of held the league down with the way we scheduled we held league down with metrics numbers because our p is weren't very good. So then we kind of take a bad hit on everyone else's RPI. But that's changed. We, you know, there's some incredible coaches in this league, the Monica coaching AFA. Final four in this league is incredible. And and then we've all scheduled in a way that that just makes our teams better in. That's what we're doing world trying to get better. So we can compete with each other. And now we're league play in number one to fourteen in this league has gotten very very difficult scheduling always interesting there's been calls for better scheduling. You've dealt with it both on selection day in as well. And you mentioned what you what you've done so far when you play those type of games. I mean, you mentioned some tough tough places to go just to get to let alone compete. What do you what do you get out of that forgetting the RPI and all the the data the committee looks at? But what is what do you coach? And what are your players get out of those some of those games? Well, you got to challenge your team, you can schedule bunch of home games and one neutral site game and up with a good record. And by play a bunch of guarantee games. And. And have a real good record going into league play. You can do that. But then your team's not challenged. And then the league starts, and then, you know, by the time, you regroup in adapt to having the play those kind of games every single night that you doing your league, it's late January, and it might be too late to recover from some, you know, miss apper, whatever. So you got to challenge your team? I'm a big believer in that. You don't get better easy. You get better in difficult times. You know, it's it's nice to have an easy game here and there so you can gain some confidence. And and you know, so so I could sleep a little better myself. But but you get better by challenging yourself. It's that's what we try to do here. South carolina. Most of the coaches in this league, actually, all coaches in this league have scheduled in a way that makes your team better. I mean, look Mississippi State who we just played, you know, they beat Cincinnati. The went out west players on a state they played Saint Mary's. I mean, they they're playing teams that regularly win twenty five six seven. Games and traveling across the country to play and. Those those are powerful things that we're doing in our conference right now we have misery then you're at Vanderbilt at LSU Auburn. And then the challenge not easy the schedule ahead. But I know you don't get hung up on that. I mean, can you do anything more than prepare for what the next game is? That's, you know, Paul, it's that's that's grown up a lot of coach when I was young. I'd look at the whole schedule. And then then you get nervous because you think you'll never win a game. You have to just take it one day at a time. And you owe it to your kids to teach them how to not walk ahead and just be consumed with today. And and regardless of what the score is against Missouri on Saturday. Whether we win easy win closed lose close by lot noles feeling good or sorry for us. And we gotta wake up Sunday Monday Tuesday and prepare because we have to play that game Wednesday Vanderbilt, and it's not get moved off the schedule. So we. We take one day at a time and try and keep our emotions intact. And and that's when you schedule the right way and non-conference teaches your kids how to how to stay in the moment where we're trying to do right now, you have the opportunity to go three. And I realized that's a early point in the season. But when you when you when you get opportunities like that, I mean, you have to be able to feed off of that. I would think and because this is what this is about what you do within the league is not. I mean, obviously, selfishly you go three and continues to reaffirm to our players that all the work all the sacrifice that commitments of the way we tried to handle losing the moments that we didn't have success in non conference play that that it's helped us that we're moving in the right direction that we're getting better in the end of the day. It's all about getting better. Ball a couple years ago. We started the year. Fifteen never lost a non then lose a single non conference game. One eleven league gains finishing third place. And did not make the NCW turnament that didn't feel real good. So non conference play. You wanna win? You never wanna lose when you win games. And you're young team. Like, we are it gives credibility to what you're doing in the players mind. So they can do more coach many thanks for coming on look forward to visiting as we move throughout the season. Congratulations on the great start. We will see very soon. Thanks ball was just worried about Missouri. Now you rattled off the next five games. You got me nervous that had mentioned Kentucky's at the back. Great to have you on Frank Martin one of our favorites. And the always generous and gracious with his time we will get back to your calls. Some of the not always gracious with our time when we get to the calls at eight five five four to seven to eight five to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast back here. Let's get back to the call eight five five four to seven to eight five number of great guessing, including Tim Brando in the last hour. Ralph is up next. Hello ralph. I don't know. Val air, you we are doing great. Thank you. Good. I not talk to your week. I've got to comb one about I'm not an Alabama fan nor Auburn fan. I've got two comments one about Georgia. When Justin feels came to Alabama is going out ma'am last year knowing from there. He's quote was he liked the competition? Evidently, he didn't stand up the competition. He tucked in your own. Number two when two was at a post game press conference after the after the game of that he sat with his head down and Sperry disturbing because he's been good on the pedestal all year loan, and at least he could hold his hand up high in defeat and look at and answer the questions, but trying to disturb me to me. Listen, I'm not making excuses for him. He was in a position that. He had never been in before. And it was probably very difficult. He's young person who has until now handled himself with great poise as far as Justin fields. I don't think he's going to be looking back when he gets there Columbus, thanks for the call for she had a very very much j is up next. Hello BJ. Hi, this is I guess y'all know BJ a couple of comments I start by where the game was at my brother walls down there in Sunnyvale. And apparently somebody out of my mom fans out bought some of the posters on the highway and people at work were asking king wise, Alabama protein, Bitta boat on the highway. Nobody knew about the game down to those folks. Excuse my language, but they don't even speak English. Everybody's from somewhere. That's great. Listen, we're not going to be insulted people who in has nothing to do with the game. I agree. I got this in Francisco early late Friday night, and I got in the car and the guy asked me, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? I'm here for football game. He said. The forty nine season is over. Never actually began. Tom is up next Tom go right ahead. How you doing? Doing great. Thank you. Okay. Man. I was just more than know how you feel about Alabama recruiting them really going to have to recruit this year. Well, I mean, they're on their on their on target for the number one recruiting class in the country. They probably will do that. So I mean will they have to recruit? Yes. Did they recruit for the past four years? They have to or did the players from all over the nation. The best of the best have just basically come down. Well, listen recruiting not a Matic. You get you go out and get the best ones. You can. I mean, Alabama missed on a few. They they lost Ross out of Alabama last year, and he came back to haunt and the other night. So it's not a perfect science. Saying that it is. I'm just saying that I mean, I like say they lost Kirby. Smart took the top lime in the state this year. So listen, Alabama's recruited better than anyone really in college football history. Over the last ten years one reason they have five national championships. It does matter. Let's continue Sean in Charleston. Go right ahead. Hey, paul. Thanks your time. I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you. I'd like to start by congratulating Clinton big win. I think Lawrence's stud. I think he's going to do big things. But the reason why I'm calling I have a question I'm in Ohio State fan and of notice the common theme amongst these top tier teams like Alabama Clinton ordain, Georgia. They seem to have better player retainment, for example, have players for three to four. Years versus Ohio State. You know, they recruit these studs. And they get drafted almost, you know, immediately after one or two years, I guess my question is Pocono Hieaux state better retain their players to be more competitive in the regular season as well. As in the playoff running. Listen when you get when you get five star players and they project for the NFL, there's nothing you can do about them after three years. You know, I think this year both of was a problem for them because he got hurt any any decided not to come back? I don't think he would have been a factor anyway, allow state has really had a great couple years, except they manage to find one that one game where they blow the whole thing up last year. It was Iowa this year was Purdue if the Purdue game had been a twenty point game versus what was it thirty thirty one or thirty eight they would have been in the playoffs. I mean, I'll how state really did not get the credit for having the team that they did. I also think the urban Meyer situation hurt them in the eyes of the committee, quite frankly, nobody wanted to deal with urban Meyer in the playoffs. And I think those things out nothing to do with by the way. But in the end, Ohio State was one of the three three or four best teams in the country. When. The season ended. As opposed to Notre Dame, which turned out to be somewhat fraudulent. Thank you for the call. Jimmy is in Chicago, Jimmy go right ahead. Thanks what that guy was talking about. Every college player has stay. Yeah. Well under slant it real. Kind of weird. But the talk in a little bit about, you know, Jalen and a couple of possible landing spots. I'm not so sure that over would be the greatest fit because in their scheme. It really prioritize quarterback -bility to throw the ball, and that is not Jalen streets. No granted. He's improved on it a law. There's I can't imagine him going to you a really can. Yeah. Yeah. His strength is a runner and a couple of places that kind of come to mind to me where he would fit in nicely with being a spread offense. Where running is very important for the quarterback peak good at one of them. And although it is in the, but I think he would be great that Florida. It could really do some damage there. And then. Also, there's a coaching change there. But this guy's an outstanding. Coach Matt will that Texas Tech to who's really great spread off coach? And then I know this is out of the geographic probably possibility. But it would be fascinating to see him play for chip Kelly and his yeah. No, I I agree. I I spent a lot of time with chip in in California. And I didn't talk about jailing with him. But he feels pretty good about what he's doing right now. And I would trust chip Kelly in in developing a quarterback as much as anyone in America. Yeah. And you've got that one year that first year transition out of the way for the most part where they had so many players that were not recruited to run chips game. And you'll have a lot better chance to have players that have been acclimated to that. And that would be really interesting to see how that goes in another really interesting quarter. Bac scenario that just developed is Tate Martell new you back at Ohio State. It's just enter the transfer portal. And so he could be a possibility at Oklahoma. These he's a really good passer in the recruiting class of nineteen of twenty seven the number two rated brick Fordham, you go back and look at over the last four years going back to Easson from Lawrence. Martell field. It's just amazing. The movement of these guys. Yet really is at, but you know, the obvious Spain I is pretty much the same. These guys are just too talented. No, I yeah. I don't blame any of them. I mean once they get the signal that they're not going to play. You know, we seen that pretty much everywhere. Thanks for the call. Nick is next. Hey, what's going on? We're doing great, Nick. Thank you. Hey, would always go leaving our Bama, you know, like we say the last day or so three or four going you think saving told him. Look, y'all either pack your bags or on a move to moving vans bands. And and you know, that certainly wasn't the case with Gaddis. I mean, he he got there and was considered a very valuable member of the staff. He got he got an offensive coordinator's position keys a little different. Yeah. We still haven't heard the end of it yet. You know, Loxley left's? I think I think saving knows. I mean, listen you have to react in the moment. But in saving reacted last year. He didn't like losing in recruiting. So he brought in guys like Gaddis and short up staff. I mean, the thing about tasha employees. He's considered the best recruiter on the staff. So we had to give them a show keep and you know, he's being wooed by Kirby smart right now. So I mean, there are a lot of issues that go into recruiting. Let me ask you a question. Are you ready to come down here and get your state better? I'm trying to remember what the what the bet was the met was. I would I would if hurt Stratford. I would you and your wife and state. He's now you want to come down America's eight with me. And yet it hasn't happened yet. But yeah, I'm I'm we're we're we're where we going. We're going to the station up here right across the wins, the hotel, and I'm gonna make you accommodations and they make a good stake. Oh, yeah. Outstanding phone, you know, just taking a look at me, Nick, you know, what a big steak eater him. Well, I know, but they got other things all I know you you're not steak eater. But I'll tell you what I will eat a steak now. And then especially when it's free. It will be great go. I'll I'll I'll pay give me a big salad stake in French fries. And whatever you want some some some apple pie and is cream on top. And. Where you want to stray too Windsor hotel to five star hotel right up town Americas has a five star hotel. Oh, yeah. To win hotel, Google it. You'll say you got to you got to the Billy Carter sweet ready for me. Oh, yeah. Jimmy Carter sleep to Joe I want some to think of it. I may just stay with Jimmy. I'll I'll get you everyone. Oh, haven't seen haven't seen Jimmy and Rosalind in about forty years. So I think I might just drop in on them and grab some peanuts from the farm and I'm heading on. Thanks, nick. Appreciate the pain of the bets. That's unusual. Somebody pays off a bet nowadays. Kenny is up next in Baton Rouge. Shallow, kenny. Hey, how you doing? We're doing enjoy listening to your show the last couple of days. Other point that I'd like to get across that been closed in my mind watching game the other night, combat veterans Vietnam will trade to oppose and and my after two drilled and his win over again. This is what I saw the other night with Alabama you can train, and you can do anything you can you can simulate everything, but the actual thing in the case of being Vietnam actual combat when you get into combat. It's more or less. Not even all gonna chaos pay onic things happen quick. This is what I saw happened Alabama the other night. They the interception. They got down fourteen points. And they were like kinda like your headlights, and they were not to save smooth-flowing powerhouse that. They were I. Like, I said, I just thought that they they fell apart and ask cliffs and fed on. You know, Kenny first of all, you know, what you went through you deserve our appreciation and respect. But I will offer this to you being on the Alabama sidelines during that game. I saw I wouldn't quite call it panic, but I, but I saw uncertainty and a shattering of confidence from the moment. The interception pick six occurred, even though Alabama stopped Clemson previously. And then ultimately scored three plays. There was something about that moment that that you could almost feel incense in the Alabama players heads. We just gave up an opportunity there. Is it going to cost us as opposed to saying? Let's get a touchdown. Let's get let's just get some momentum going and it never left the sidelines. The entire game. I'm down on LSU fan. I've watched I've been going there. Let's you know games. This was two years old left up in Bundy with mega well, the ticket holder seventy one and only one four games is seventy one the thing that I saw the other night has exactly what you're saying. The unsure this, and I've seen it happening professional football the saints, whatever they get to a point that play not to lose their plan. Did not you know to not lose that you get conservative like that. You know, what I saw they shoe? Sure moves that drunken the football. They're not intercepting incessant that shit of may. No, listen, Kenny. Thank you very much. Really? Appreciate it in a cannot imagine what you went through. And what so many other people who have been to combat have gone through. But there. No, you can't simulate that you can you can practice you can train. But there are a lot of cliches applicable, but you have to be prepared, and you have to be able to do it. I'll Abana has been able to deal with that in the past. They dealt was last year against Georgia. They dealt with fish year against Georgia. They did not deal with it. The other night. You're also playing a really great football team. We'll take a break thirty minutes ago on a Thursday night. Listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Hey, we welcome. You back final thirty minutes of our program. Glad you're here, and Ron and Frisco, Texas, eight on Ron good afternoon. I'm doing. Well. Thank you. Thank you. I called because I believe that. I saw I'm not a lip reader per se but fan I saw Bo swing turn to one of his coaches and say to him just do your damn job. Did I see that? And if I did who is he talking to and what was the. Yeah. You know, I I don't know. I was on the other. I was on the other side of the field. So I would have I would not have been able to to lip read like like you were on television. But I will see if I can find out. Thank you very much James in Arizona. You're on the air. Right ahead. Paul that God just called talkin about abo- saying that he went to coach he was talking to one though ficials. I don't where the chain gang. You know? I think I did hear about that. I think you're right. But listen, you talkin about that guy told them about being in combat. Yes. Alabama with income that Monday night. Wouldn't you say I would say that? Yes. They didn't go very well. And the no the ACC network, but that maybe ever thought about coming over to the ACC network. Would you consider it? No, okay. Is there is there is there an opening? Well, no, I'll just noticed ACC's go start their own network. And I don't know who's going to nary eight and one more thing. Let me ask you a question. Why would I? I mean, nothing against the ACC. But why would I leave what I'm doing here to go over there? Well, I just thought that you know, you might won't to get on the ACC if I go if I go anywhere. It will be the big ten network. Okay. Listen that guy worked would use it. So now Notre Dame fan. I haven't seen him since Trump and toward their tiny busy left the show, the not marquee vehic. Yeah. Martin his wife had had a child a couple of weeks ago. Okay. During the it was during the Clemson Notre Dame game. Because they won't call Rudy. Now. Do you think he might have watched a game? Yeah. I've seen more Marco Markelle Marcus is off on what do they call it? Paternity? He's off on paternity leave. Okay, Paul stigma very much. He'll be back. Week or two. Let's talk to Randy in South Carolina, Hilla Randy. Are you doing we are doing? Well. Thank you. Palman Timpson fans what you show every day. Thank you very much. Hey, by the way, I was I was doing the press conference Saturday the media day on one of the P N channels and quite a few Clemson players came over and said a loans that they watch. And maybe they'll maybe they're watching now, but we have a few fans that that play in work at Clemson university. Good. It's all been cold. But I although it is to go head goes. I don't blame you. Well, I would be I heard nothing, but allemand all your loan. Great. The team is and being the greatest team of greatest team of that's true. I'm calling about the two things Paul one being Clemson program is new less guests, sit the Milam ahead when he's talking about how the players love it so much in fan oriented program, and how much they love each other and how much love being there. I mean in Paul I've been Clemson fan for sixty years. So I I've seen a lot of bad years. I've usually sure in remember the Goodyear. Several Goodyear about five good you're back in early eighties. When Danny four to men and took his national championship, and they won. But it was so much of a different atmosphere in than it is now. When then he was a it was like a working at speed now is just learn atmosphere. It's fun family atmosphere. Everybody was supposed to be together the faintest, it's just so different. Then you would all of that that Bo built that program. You know, tell you taste them. But interview with that being put job. While he was told of that we won't this program to be like miss Bullard, Ohio State in taboo, roughly, I don't mean to be disrespectful. But he said I want those programs won't be like clinks. Insurance. He's took him there. But he's done on way things done in a good way. Not proud. But second thing got for you Paul is. I don't know if your member conversation you had about two weeks before the SEC championship game. I called in mid statement to you. I said there was only two teams of the countries that could be Alabama. I don't remember that. Do. You do they remember I said, I said the two teams Georgia Alabama. I mean, I'm sorry told you clips. Then. In Georgia almost hit by this should have. In the U humid- replied to me, and he said really should. Who was Clemson played this year? The only sponsor to keep you was a union. And then you said yes in Syracuse and maybe Boston College. Yeah. Will now Paul concerning. We can add noting that. You played a few teams now. Yeah. Which is pretty good. But I also can say a pollen Blad that I can say this. Gland. The rest of the country got to see on Monday night. What I know know, you're long, and that's Clemson had had a pretty good ball team this year wouldn't say they had a great team. Yeah. Yeah. I'm proud of. That's all saying thank you taking Randy. Thank you for calling great to hear from. We're up against the break. A few more minutes ago here on this Thursday night. Listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Segment is here. Let's get to the calls Dwayne his in Oklahoma City. Join thank you and good effort him after game ball. Hey, I just wanted to thank you and your show for making this college football season a lot more enjoyable to watch. It didn't end like a wanted to. But your show is awesome. And it always is. And I just want, you know, pretty she added a whole lot. Thank you very much for saying that thank you. You'd be. Well, great to hear from Jason is in Mississippi. Jason welcome to the program and good evening. Okay. Ball even tale. I want to know your thoughts on three things at the end of the first half. He just kinda laid down. We had come out. We have a lot of firepower, and we just took a knee and went to the half. What what's also? Yeah. I think there was just a there was a feeling of of defeat on the Alabama side and. I mean, it wasn't over. But it really was over. I don't know anyone who thought Alabama was coming back, and I think that included Nick Sabin and the players I think sometimes when you simply are not used to or have never been in that position or not in that position very often. You don't know how to react. And in in the times at Alabama has been down the to Georgia games being the most pronounced it was in game. And there was still a chance this game just appeared. I mean, Alabama was losing losing this kicking game. They were losing the line of scrimmage. There were losing the back end. I mean, they were and I just don't think they thought they had any any possibility of coming back. I mean, Nick Sabin was brutally honest at halftime. If you remember, and he didn't say we were done. But. Sure sounds like we're. I got two more things ultra felt home coaches any coach is not being contacted until Tuesday morning actually entire season is over what these polka ever you releasing coaches before you can play. You're right. It's a real issue. Success does bring some major challenges. I don't think there's much you can do about that. Because even though all these guys have contracts there really isn't much precluding that and you know, everybody has a different end date. You your season could be over on November twenty fifth. It could be over the next week. It could be over December twenty four th and especially places where coaching changes are made. You can't say well, you can't hire a coach until January eighth. Yeah. All right. Last thing. He didn't exciting. We'll get tired of building coaching staff before you get start of coaching football. I knew here. Jason. I this is just my feary on watching Nick Sabin a lot of times, we'll come out of season energize or or or fired up. I I don't know what he's going through right now we'll hear from him tomorrow. So we'll get a glimpse four days later. But based on what little I I have heard and it's not great. He's he's going through complete evaluation of staff. He's dealing with staff leaving he's dealing with others trying to poach death members. It's a very complex situation. Because no matter who you are in he is Nick Sabin. It's not that easy to attract talent. I think it's interesting. Remember he had DJ Durkan in a couple of weeks ago. Everyone complained about. That you wonder if he's going to say, you know, what I don't care what anyone thinks I'm going out there and hiring the best people. I can find Suming I can find them. And that's the challenge right now. It's pretty late in the hiring. Sees.

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