OITNB Episode 23: "Win-Win"


This is Sean Rama's firm the host of Boxes Daily News. podcast today explained you know since late September. We've done probably close to a dozen shows on this impeachment inquiry from the early rumors of a whistle blower complaints to Nancy Pelosi launching the formal impeachment inquiry to the whistleblower complaint coming out wrote the so-called transcript coming out to the Republican counter narrative to the White House stone. We've done it. All all felt like it was leading up to this moment of of televised impeachment hearings and the event of that event was the testimony of Gordon Sunland and we wanted to make sure. Are we made an episode that properly showcased and explained the significance the historic significance of that testimony. And we did it and we want you to hear it. It's available in our feeds right now today. Explained episode is titled Impeachment TV. Mr Sunland goes to Washington. Ten Hits a must-listen. I wouldn't say so if it weren't go. Check it out and enjoy. Thanks Welcome to the orange. Is the new black podcast. I'm your host as Boogie. I'm joined by my co host them who they say what's up. What's that man? I don't a day. It's a day we can going up against the Pittsburgh steelers dealers wheelers squealers. We wheelers remember today as well. What's your up to man? It's been a laugh personally but I'm feeling good man this The start of the end of a great week always Not Too bad when it's a Friday Sorry guys I had some personal the things that I had to handle in the middle of the week loss relative. But we'RE WE'RE GONNA keep the spirits high and we're heading in the steelers week and for me. I'm feeling good. Hey Bro feeling good. How about yourself doing okay? Let me start off by. Were a question. You'll work to win the man man. Yeah that's A. That's a very we mow. Are we going against arch-rivals that we could ruin their playoff hopes. What is five and five? We can pretty pretty much. I want to say for the nail in the coffin but we can get the very very close to the man. I'm going they don't have it. Don't have a first round on draft pick we can basically. I don't know if you guys follow me on twitter but if you do you probably already know that answer to this question so one thing that I post it was was like me when the steelers expect for us to show him mercy when they come in wounded next week. And it's like move foster throwing scar off our scarsdale or move off or whatever so I think I think this is one of the few times. This is probably the only game. Yeah this is the only game. Let me let me make that clear. This is the only game that I WANNA win. Okay like if I had to win a game I think within this last Russia games this would be the only one now. I don't know if that means that we tie with the risk ends for the very first pick I would have risk is had this on the tiebreaker. That sounds very scared about that. man raised its on the side Brechin and looking at their schedule. I don't really see the winning. But maybe one day the same way that we played the dolphins they played the giants. And that's a very big we. Gotcha Gotcha Yeah. I'm very your so your or your pro bengals Sunday. Cheer for the BAGELS. The win correct. I cheer for them to win. I wouldn't mind if they lost it but like if there was a game. I guess it's a win win for me like either way either way it goes. It's a win win for me. I want them to to win this game if they can if they don't then there's you know there's no pressure but looking at risk and schedule I'm like Oh man I don't want him to win. Scared of them Dan because they they don't necessarily have to this pretty good right or decent enough. They don't have the door early on quarterback in the dolphins will be sitting there with the ammunition trade. I'm not really worried about them as much quarterback I'm also worried about the trade in the dolphins could come to Mike Brown with the whole family of first round pick this year and whereas stingy still probably wouldn't even due to do if he didn't do ever do you probably ain't GonNa do that right But he but the risk is absolutely need a lotta positions. Just like we do I. I wouldn't. That's the other question I have for you that we went through last week. Is that what you has. Has Your thoughts on that change at all. Do you feel as though if dolphins came all of their first round. Take this year and then next year would you go. Would you pull that trigger. I think I would still I think I would. It's hard to say because because I was team I will smart thing Puerta trigger and I know we don't really like harbor like that but I have a feeling that Herbert is going to be the second Guy Martin will move back up and still get Herbert or whatever the hell they got the resources and they're not gonNA they're not gonna they gotta go get hurt or something later on there like right for a default or whatever you know their Dr- like Carson hit the nail on the head like the bengals really low key. Just try to get lucky like they just hope that somebody's GonNa like false alarm instead of being aggressive it's like and then like if they don't follow their then they go they. They just switched their draft plan to whatever option B. was and it's like we saw that last year when it came to Devin Bush and also in the second round when it came to WanNa John Taylor We've seen it when it came to Michael Thomas even though they still ended up with a good player and tyler boy. It was said that they really wanted Michael Thomas but wouldn't trade up to get him home with him being there and my role as a green man. Wow right pat him home all right so let me successfully speaking to Devin Bush upcoming week. You have any thoughts on what we should expect from the bengals versus. I've been looking at a lot of different things I didn't say why absolutely wrecking the NFL. Right now and I was one of the guys that haven't been as they go in. I think a lot of it's a lot of media but the numbers are there. Devon Bush's numbers are slowly going down a little bit but the impact is. Yeah I watched a couple of plays for him last week against the browns where he's tracking the football like all the way across the field like making the plays that I mean. Just that one guy would have that. That is an instance where I'm like okay. I can see how patient the impact the game so heavily that that that would probably equate a winner to this year versus a whole quarterback Argument because Bush made some unreal place that I saw last week. They still lost game but just he's are not allowed to go across the middle field anymore. He said why is leading Lee and quarterback hits he's like second in sacks. I think he's got like point five. He's got five four fumbles. I mean. He's absolutely recognized here The bengals don't have any weapons active. Besides tyler boy that that I can see that would probably make any good of an event because the defense a friend the steelers is Absolutely still awfully intact. They're gonNA cry in their injury and they've got these guys that we never heard of record sales of the world is it all often. They're underrepresented. Yeah I mean I think it's funny because the last time we had at our first episode and we had Tony Sereno from the locked on steelers. podcast one thing that I said like even before that game was that their a defence looked better and I was saying on that show like the steelers defense is legit like it's really improved with the trade for Minka fit. Patrick which has the time. I still thought that that wasn't a good trey for them. Just from what they gave up in terms of value right But obviously that's kind of turned around because they've started to win and that draft picks starts to move up. I think right now it's like the number sixteen position when we were talking last week But that defense man. I mean that's one thing that will give them credit for it and you kind of talk talk about Devin Bush but the end in search of Devon Bush as well let's make fitzpatrick have totally. You Know Chances Defense and they are very tough defense and they can literally win this game. based off of that defense. So that's one thing that I think that we have to worry about. I think like you said yes. There were key injuries that they've had On offense but to me the steelers have in a sense return to what their original identity was. At least when I became a fan which was having list very strong defense and trying to establish a running game. They were more of a defensive team. And it seems like they're morphing back into that and especially with these losses than the off side of the ball I think we'll see that right. And I think that that bodes very Bad for a young quarterback and Ryan Finley you know. He's going through a lot of defenses obviously with the Ravens other week The raiders weren't as bad but still gave up about four sacks as you said TJ why is probably licking his chops there. They also have a strong defensive line. strong secondary so. I just have for some reason. I despaired that there's going going to be like a makeup fitzpatrick interception involved here. We're wind feeling he's GonNa go deep and make us just GonNa pick them off. But I think that defense is what we really need to be. Worried worried about From an offensive standpoint. If this defense I think our defense is really going to Set the tone once again like they did against the raiders. Right so so. I think that that will be very important. I think James Connor probably misses this game. I know he has a shoulder. Injury and Ju- I think is going to be out of. Yeah but I still feel like there's a guy like McDonald's that they could use in in Their role and like you said Burnett. I think that they try to attack the middle of the field that way. I honestly think Mason Rudolph is going to help us out. Because he's shown that he has the ability to turn the ball over. I honestly think that they would actually low key have a better chance if they played the guy behind. Mason Rudolph against US So I think that that boats for making this a tight game now if they blow us out. I'm really going to look at myself like we are the worst team in the league. Light like this team from a offense or standpoint they're super depleted and if they blow us out from putting up points. That would be ridiculous but I really don't see that with our defense kinda bouncing back last week. But what are your thoughts on My whole perdition. Eighteen is that they're gonNA come with tricks. I honestly think that when you're in desperation like that you're going to see it it's GonNa be. I wouldn't even equate. I wouldn't even say last time that we played them restrict plays but you see a lot of like high school like several passes in different educated like different than credit and credit. You know to their coronated forgetting. We're getting that right and then flew in ru in having the resources they're really doing anything about it but it's in the middle of the defense attacking them with these little short passes because because like I still people a couple of other we a couple of weeks ago whatever mason. Rudolph reminds me of eighty dollars a lot of different ways. Now he doesn't have the ability lady to throw Downfield as well but his his finicky shaky like feet and just the one read. Take Off Austin gave that type of things. I thought that all of that brand thing and I'm going to What's the Guy Villanueva or something like that the the line of the steelers whatever. Hey worth game of his career Games myles Garrett and. That's the thing that I was saying last week that I was so upset about is like this. Episode is sponsored by Stash. Ask a smarter simpler way to start. Investing with Sash you can begin. 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And unfashionable. Pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts. or in your favorite podcast APP. Everybody's focused on the end of the game and and I didn't even watch the last thirty seconds. I only saw highlights Connecticut like over. They weren't burly like manhandled. Like in the trenches in that normally don't see for now still and I'm GonNa Tell You last week Andrew Billions and adjust. Hoopoe had their way. So I don't see any difference with that I think that's GonNa be the biggest difference that game versus the last term. But I do look for the steelers in desperation will to crank up like some shirt plays. You might even see like a reversal. I WanNa Return. Remember this member. John is like they have to resort that X.. Because you also that the bengals offense was bad this offense is probably just as is bad or not. They they were. They were worse with Geez. You Andy Andre Johnson and all these guys. They're so imagine them without it. I don't even know what would they can. Come out there with I don't feel like they're going to be able to run the ball that way. I just think they're going to have to resort to that type of stuff from the other side of things. This is a nightmare nightmare. Matchup for Ryan Finley. Not only is it very very one thing that I've noticed When I went back and watch the tape from last week Game Ryan a family? Absolutely probably doesn't even have an NFL arm and I was very very Big on him like in Clutch. When was the thirty nineteen play a scrambling on a couple of different jobs? I really really liked what he did. Because it showed the class. She gives you a glimpse of what happened if she's got a semi mobile quarterback or quarterback the winners. But they're throwing he can after so the outside Hashes teams are GonNa zero in on that when you couple that with the fact that you're number one target in the last couple of weeks who has been automate isn't GonNa play you. Now Have Tyler Board. And it's going to get blanketed double coverage who is he going to. So then I'm thinking like Ok even even even if they were down by two touchdowns they gotta just start running a ball. 'cause there's no way even and people will say well according plays in I don't even accordingly has played the whole overtired season to have him come in there and think that he's GonNa hold his own. That's a tall taste better than John Kerry. Perhaps but this has come into coming to town. There's probably top during NFL so that coupled with the fact that he can't throw a deep anyway he can't go outside Hash is it's it's a formula like third down last week. I mean teams. The they were the raiders. Were just dialing it up. Crosby didn't hesitate from one second when when she's he's not gonNA run. They go insane on this line. Bobby Hart I'm told billy pricing is probably going to business week. It is worth them to see as we according according to So there some authors alliance standpoint. Is that once ranfurly to walk out in which he probably has the play forty Like me I don't think that that's a tall task for a guy. And that is the formula for success to win that game will have to be through. Special Teams Defensive. Play Field Position Boswell I cannot stand that guy he hits everything I don't think he's ever missed a field. Go when it's play the bengals ever ever. He's under missed to fill those year but he makes it really won't last week but if it's a close game and it's a full day like Boswell. He's running now he's GonNa hit. He's going to win. That guy gives me nightmares. I can't stand him aside from that I I just think like bengals have to just play the field position game. Both officers will look terrible. Gimmicky plays coming from the steelers. Silver Still Win I'm thinking of fourteen and like nine something like that. Something weird like a fourteen nine might get three bullet. Fill those Kirker something like that but today if we do that is a win right. Exactly exactly Just just shift gears ears. I got two topics that One announcement and then a second thing that I want to talk about just to piggyback off of that But Per James Kripa bingles does do Cobham was in Oregon last week to see Herbert throw. three hundred thirty three yards and four touchdowns against Arizona. This is why we tell you people I know we all personally. I'm on the World Trade as well but you have to keep your mind open that the bengals could be looking at just a herber. I honestly believe I think this is the second game name. This College season that do Kelvin has attended two of Herbert's games this season. So just keep that in mind. He only he only went to one for too. So you guys normally guy so. I'm not saying that just to say but he didn't go to any US who was games until they played Lsu so he could have been there for also Joe Borough and not brought to us so just throwing that out there so just keep that in the back of your minds before you think of any other possibilities or before you right. Just Herbert off. The second thing that I wanNA mistake is them. Let me ask you this question anyway. Ryan Finley goes out there and struggles. Let's just say hypothetically Ryan friendly goes out and throws three interceptions in the first half. Would you put jake down gala in the game you think. He deserves to at least get three the three games to see because I think I think I think after if Ryan Finley comes out this game right and he struggles why not go and put in Jake Delgada Because all right so two part question The first part is no because Jay Lagat has no reps with the you know with the cursing seen. He's not been involved with the game plan on the basis. Now when you see it teeming You say okay. We're full practice all week. And that's how we determine if they're they're gonNA play like eight hundred green if he were to practice on Wednesday Thursday Friday or you know a lot of stuff being said okay. Yeah they're on. They're in the on the the game plays. They've got the rest of the first thing different things like that. Hey DOLLAH golic. Currently right now has no reps so the action the coming in an injured like say Ryan definitely gets injured or those interceptions. He's not ready. He doesn't have the game plan. Now if those three interceptions and then the game is over he makes it through the game and then they come out and say yeah. We're GONNA VIZ Ryan family. You could save a week to prepare. I liked that but having the rest into the lineup up. No I think if you go down in anything like that is absolutely Andy Dalton. That goes back into the game. They don't was the one that was warming up last week. Yeah I think you're definitely right about that. was that was that warming up right and Dick Guy just for those paying attention and listen. He was actually the inactive last week. So I think that kind of gave us a clue to where their mindset was in terms of him But man just seeing that flat arm which we like we said man. We've already. This is why we tell you guys that Ryan friendly isn't the answer it's not because we're trying to stubborn and you know stick our hills in the ground on Just is wondering quarterback. We don't just want any quarterback right. We're going to give you a realistic evaluation of these guys From top to bottom. We're not just GONNA push our own agendas or our own narratives on that. So we told you guys weeks ago before Ryan Finley even tickets for under center. And he was the guy gave you the concrete reasons on why he wasn't the guy it all checks out. And that's why you tune in here to the orange is the new black podcasts. Because we're fans just like but we're going to also give you that perspective that in that realism that you need to see and hear And I even have friends of mine. Follow our podcast. That aren't even bingles fans period and they say that it's refreshing rushing to hear a realistic perspective from Zim myself when it comes to the these issues because we don't give you biased opinions or over inflate inflate ah players and their values and things of that nature. We're going to give you some real hot when it comes to the Bengals You guys and if you guys don't follow as please make so he check him out on new city on twitter and instagram. I'm Zimmer underscore who they instagram. I do have one quick thought though. I just wanted to tell you what with just a herber these are. These are my three quick assessments with these quarterbacks the to the borough and In just a herber now Berle is my guy that I'm rooting more. So far is because from a cultural standpoint an attitude standpoint and awareness standpoint and what I call scrambling from the front office. He has all of those tangible. That is very very key. Aaron Rodgers at the King of scrambling from the Front Office office. They won't do anything. That's GonNa make them a mega team or anything like that. But he scrambled from the front office. Every week. He calls his shots. Baker Mayfield will one day be in in that position as well as to where the organization was stupid. If they don't pay them exactly what he says. You get a blank check. And as a result the quarterback takes control of the teen That's how you scramble from the Front Office. That is the main hope that I want from Joe Borough and it's more so in along with his field play so so people have to take a look at that just a herber. Right is a systematic quarterback. That's going to be. I'M NOT GONNA say he's Andy because his arm strength the upside on just after her birth is probably hired in burrow into it. But the mom that I had with Herbert is that he's the the personality characteristics of what he does and what he plays the is always gonna be that. He's going to be a more quiet. Acquired is more soft-spoken he's always going to believe towards like what the eighty dollar thing is. He's I'M NOT GONNA demand anything Joe Berle is like so named for if you're older listening right now. Joe Borough is Joe Vamos two thousand nineteen. He's riding around with the I mean. Who Do you know? Got Into the office. Alarm it carrying hoisting up after game. That's not a national championship. He's calling the shots he's wearing shades. And a Lotta people weren't from that type of stuff but he backs it up with his play that attitude that bravado is what could carry the culture for your free this take all these different things so smart enough people you have to think about our situation versus somebody else. Just Herber Gore to the Patriots to be the heir apparent for Tom. Brady will be super bowls but Jeff Herber for the Bengals to me. Doesn't quite today. He needs to have offers a line in place. Everything needs to be placed all though he is somewhat more mobile than I thought he was. The mentality in the ATTITU- won't change the culture to I. Don't trust the Bengals I don't chest medical staff to do a proper assessment on to even see if the hip correct so he falls down to three or four where the and they go pick two or whatever. I don't even trusted trusted medical staff to go get him at this point. And that's that's where I drew the line with two for me all the time. It could have been so well or bore or borough but if the bengals worth two and it was easy I would say yup. Something's wrong with him because every now and then we go get somebody like Joan or something Somebody feels like they fall until I left type of deal with the exception. Like William Jackson unlike tyler hyper. He always ends up in Israel because because other things that don't a a correct medical and it's so rare to get like three or four and that's where we're at and we got it to I would like to but I just don't see like I don't trust trust their medical. I don't trust their front office. Joe Borough just if you're a fan of Ocho Cinco like I am or whatever. Joe Borough is the quarterback Ocho Cinco. Now now maybe not an animator. Whatever but it's a cultural thing in and it's backed up by game play so if you're listening to this don't just look at just the feel we'll play in? Don't in a lot of people that follow college students. That like their everything. Whatever like a guy who sent me today like what about just from my? He's a bump. But I'm I'm just saying no. Don't let your college combined gig collegiate bias. Scientists this with me as I don't watch I don't Watch Watch College Football Less is dealing with quarterback play or just looking at guys before the draft also. Hey we need to go to the dress. I'm doing this level. Yeah never acted. Excuse me we gotta go to draft. I'm Joe Borough Jersey. We're GONNA talk about that off air. Do you have any thoughts. Just say. Yeah yeah I I I WANNA touch on a couple of things in closer hair so number one definitely want to try to make that happen for us to do something drafts. If you guys have any ideas or anything that you guys have for us please let us know when it comes to that That goes high rate is is GonNa be the dice is going to be lit. Ah the ones that I want to touch on to kind of talk about. Who is injury If you guys haven't checked him out last Hosts that are our last guest that we had on one last podcast. Wraps he actually released a video about to health concerns and his injury and The real possibilities of where this injury Korea so Just for those who haven't had a chance to check that out. Basically what he's saying is is as of now even though to has had the surgery There still isn't a guarantee that he's going to recover from it because they have to see if the blood is actually going to flow to the hip which is If you remember about Jackson right in the curse of the the Bengals He had a hip injury. That was exactly the same one that too has now and he was not able to get that blood flow black to the hip area. So as you guys the end of his career and now medical Medicine and things of that nature have advanced obviously From the nineties until now. But that's still something to keep in mind so I think if you do take to your redshirt him that first year. It's almost like he's not going to play In my opinion you probably shouldn't play them at. Oh Next season because you have to remember. There's some overlapping Phlegm. Also talked about the fact that you know. That's a one year injury like I one year from when it happened right. So we're talking about that happened last week. So you're talking about. We could be into week eleven next year and the NFL season. That's a flush she's like like let's basically he's not playing from from my understanding of Research that he's founded and everything like that so that is one way to kind of look at it. Because I've heard a lot of bengals fans say. Hey why don't we just you know take to And you guys know. I'm the biggest fan. I wouldn't be opposed to take him instead for year. I WANNA be better next year at least like eight eight seven nine something like that some progress. So I'm not sure if to Would would help align with what we want now. If we're willing to be patient wait then maybe right but I I think just off of these past seasons and this season. I don't think that we want WanNa go into a fourth losing season again right But that's all I wanted to say about that But in closing here then was there anything that you I wanted to say before we get out of here no I really. Don't I hope everybody's having a great week we're going to have a good game regardless. I think this is the best I probably still. Oh going into Pittsburgh game in a long time because no matter what I feel like I'm a winner I'm GonNa win. I'M A win with this pick or I'm beat them so either way. This is going to be a good week for us. Everybody keep on a risk and every week those that are. That's the number one thing that we'd be living because if Haskins looks terrible we are in trouble. I feel like I own a tiebreaker. If anybody thinks that that is incorrect. Because I've actually people that that I really trek. And they said Yeah Rafer fabric on it so that's incorrect. Please let us know in the comments. Please make sure that you keep on Checking US out every A couple of days on here since jungle nation. Make sure you check out. All of our other shows that are that we're in cahoots with won't say jungle is little I guess a really really good stuff. what Matt manage that's really good breakdowns. And that's a really good content out there also filing make sure you follow ace on or new strikes city on twitter instagram. Show follow me underscore who they won. Sunday's I do a lot of strain. We will do this Sunday as will instagram. Where you could coming in talk your stuff It it doesn't cost anything of course and everybody just goes in there and you can come in and kind of meat and fellowship with other bengals France. And that's all I gotTa say who. Yeah who they. We'll see you guys next week.

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