Episode 190: Aaron Judge Has Entered God Mode


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Miller lite dot com forward slash Porsche that's Miller lite dot com forward, slash porch, and find the delivery options near you celebrate responsibly, Miller brewing company, Milwaukee Wisconsin ninety-six calories, and three point do carbs per twelve ounces. Body Moshe Tommy spokes teacher and the ones and twos boys. Aaron, Judge. Is I said he was in God mode when he hit the home run to make five in a row in the game. But I, he's I think God is jealous of Aaron Judge Right. Now, I've never this is crazy. What he's doing right now, you just can't get the fucking guy out you just you either gotta walk 'em treating like Barry bonds or accept the consequences of giving up a four hundred and sixty foot plus homerun to lose the game, which is what Matt Barnes Tonight, how we feel and everybody. Real. Good. There's like those two thousand seventeen streaks. He'd go on, but even better. I, don't think he ever did this in two, thousand, seventeen, I read. streaks around this. Good. But yeah, this does feel like this feels different. Through eight hundred, he gets up, it's like I, think it's going to be a home I. Almost I'm getting like spoiled. Now, because I go, he's gotTa, hit a home run here. He's pretty much. And I WANNA. Fucking Hump his leg today walking the Yankees mice one a half to down basically all game. Easy Dude I. don't even have to watch the games MOCO. They're going to win the Yankees. The Yankees are not going to lose again. I, don't know I. Really Don't well as fun as this season has been so far. I've only been games. It's making me like a little mad of like imagine how much fun we would have had one, hundred, sixty, two game season. The imagine the summer of them. Just bashing a baseballs all summer long probably winning one, hundred, twenty games like we'll take what we can get, but it is like a little bit like God damn. Finish the sixty games on pace to break Barry Bonds homerun record. Papa, yeah, he's GonNa. Road. He he's going to finish it down pit twenty seven or so. His over under for the year was thirteen and a half. That's what it's half way. there. Would eight games I can count on my hands, how many games have been, and he's already basically at the point of halfway through. It's crazy. It's so nice. So it's like fi like even if I'm pitching sucks for the day, we the score ten runs were good. It's either way we have it. We're always make up for it. I don't WanNA stop talking about judge because we're with so much I just. I'm like gushing over him right now, but the way they beat Boston, this weekend was so mean, Friday, just having Montgomery out there. His first start in two years looks great. We'll dive into that in the show Saturday. They. Just they be what Lewis Avalon. Nelson's majorly debut and hailstorm. They just beat him like that, and then Sunday, they give him the belief that Oh wait. You could win a game. Good job. You guys can go to sleep. The weekend. Sure. He lost the series seasons very over you guys stink. But like Hey beat the Yankees one game and you can always hold that and no, no Aaron judge just ripped out soul and just pissed. So. Mean those corrobos probably had like eighteen tweets. He had to delete from his drafts type W ready to go. Just thinking things. WE'RE GONNA go their way today and it just at the end of the game and it's just gone. It was beautiful I. Mean It's fucking team so much fun, and you're right sixty games like it's a little. It sucks a little bit, but it's still so much fun I. Think Dave Dave sent out that tweet I like sports tweet I. Think he's had in what like almost a year? It seems like because he's obviously been so consumer the stocks, but he was like, how does anyone like take joy which sportsman, but that's just that's just I mean he was he was going to sit on the Yankees Tonight Antigen that just got taken away from, which is very, very full. We think you know a guy fucking doesn't wanNA gamble anymore, I can't have that Dave in my life. No. No? No. Not especially with like I mean. The NBA. Full the NBA. So fucking fun to watch right now and Everything's like looks like a video game. It just feels like I'm watching. Games now I on Saturday the Yankee game when they have like the virtual fans and Fox I forgot they did that. So when I turned it on and I saw fly, it was like the top of the I. I forgot who it was on the red socks or fly ball to right field, and they showed the virtual I like almost I almost started screaming in my liver was Oh my God like there's people in the stands like what is happening I completely forgot they were doing that and it looked so real like my heart I froze froze like that, I don't know how long as what is happening. But I have to say about the Yankees. So I've been pretty anti-noise like a big crowd noise. I don't know I. Don't think it's bias. I think the Yankees have had like by far the best crowd. Like, control guy like he has it down. So well, we're like everything makes a Lotta sense that you're good amount of noise. I've been really impressed with everyone was complimenting Fox on Saturday and not realizing that Fox has nothing to do with Let's just what the players are hearing. It is the Yankees controlling that I said this when they did the exhibition games with the mets. The mets when they went to city for the first game, the the volume was turned to like three and it was like the quickest like cut off of like music ever, and then went to the Yankee Stadium. I was like this is so much better and it's gotten way better since and obviously get used to things and whatever. But I'm yeah, it was really good I. Thought I think the sound even like. Bad calls. Almost I could feel like they have like the perfect sound for that. The perfect for like a fly ball, like pretty average fly bottle after the crowd goes. And then like like when it gets lot like you have down, is like incredible I. Liked it much. But I liked it this weekend. The one thing that I was annoyed with the fans this weekend to things so I think. Any judge home runs this weekend. I couldn't tell where they were landing on for Fox. Game? I. Couldn't tell where where landed I had no idea and I wanted to know because it was a fucking Bob, and I just had zero clue where the ball ended. So 'cause just fake fans out there and they just get away and to Sunday night this type of game back and forth. Back. And forth, slugfest I wanted like the atmosphere like I. This is the first night where I missed live action. Fans because I mean, could you imagine how stayed stadium would be shaking on charges were judges winning on shaking? So that's where that's the first time in any sport so far that I've truly missed fence, but I'll get over because this is so much. fucking fun to watch and quick quick sat here. The Yankees are seventeen and five against the Boston. Red? SOx. No less twenty, two games played. That's Kinda Fun, not bad like that. But? Yeah. I mean Aaron Judge. I. This is. This is a lot of fucking fun to watch. He's at a point where you either just have to walk into this point or he's going to beat you and it's it's just I. You throw in Glaciers Kinda struggling right now. And I think you're probably GONNA see a lot more walks and they're going to cry probably trying like dare to beat them Lipton. Carlo Labor right? You could see that and eventually like. Labour's couldn't care a lot better, and then this lineup will just be ridiculous. Absolutely. Stupid One thing I did want to note though that will be getting slept on and. Scaring toward a little bit 'cause, my heart stopped in the home run and I was panicking and all that I? Mean I was freaking out because it was crazy but Mike Talk Man Soul, and base in that inning with two outs. First, he gets on, you know just any your professional that and he just he steals steals it pretty easy to talk when just as wheels all of a sudden he stole, he's tied for the League and Major League baseball stone with two. Yeah. But last year, only six I think in like any played a good amount to only have six. You'd think if he has the speed with fuck was that. So I guess the running more, they'd be more aggressive. But I love that call and then he comes through honestly. I, I don't know what happened. But when Dj hit I, forgot talking of on second wait we're tied. He's like Oh you're talking about scoring easily without a throw and the Yankees just like, wow, that was awesome like you much money on I run light. So this was a fantastic night and then Dj Obviously. We're Ryan's at score position. Just, it's legitimate automatic at this point like you don't even have to think about your worry late in the game guy on second guy at third, he gets the job done every. That's what the Yankees ever gets extra innings and he's do like there's going to score because he's got second base to start the inning by the way. I do love the I. I'm all in on these these extra inning things, it's fun to watch it. Out of. Our though lay of your team. Like you're up at the top of the tenth Don't store that run. It's just like this kind of embarrassing. Yeah. I was watching This is pathetic to admit, but I was I was born. I, was watching Grey's oils last night and I went extra innings and the raise did not score the top of the inning and the Orioles. One, on a bloop single orioles by the way sweep, the raise they shoot news. Day took two or three from Boston, and they play us into get destroyed a five in one when they don't play the Yankees Crate I. Mean. Now those wins against the orioles are like very impressive wins. Almost. Just lost on. Thursday right. Before the season was like I will what I was convicting for a to nineteen and our own like. Like. The not going to be Oreos in red sox time like no I. Think they really will. I think they're I honestly think they'll lose maybe one game to combine both of them. I don't think you're giving yourself enough credit here. Much. You'd said at the Orioles. And Red Sox we battling themselves. Well, you're a little like you didn't. You didn't have enough faith in yourself because the orioles. Just, way better team to the Boston red. SOX are like it's going to be Toronto and Boston. Battling for less, it's not going to be the orioles or is. A little bit. I mean right now, the royals are in the playoffs I. Know I know we're only eight games in. Ten the play games, but that's a six of the season. The Orioles are in the playoffs. People actually take seriously and they have I mean, they have Allie Richmond in the day could call up that a Godchild. I don't think they're going to service diamond bullshit like that. But. They might be like kind of good. Hope. He's end up somehow getting to play them in the first round of the Gosh. Do. They get to play the Orioles and twin somehow just too. I mean, I know the twins are starting at just automatic buys. Care, against, John Means in the game, one of the. Once I care and it's like Yankees minus three, ninety at home game. One of. This. Man This is this is the best record tied for the best record they've had in franchise history through eight games. Seven one. That's pretty fucking cool. which actually I mean unless they start undefeated where you're so I, guess this is not the craziest APP, but it's just nice 'cause. It's kind of a pretty now. I think about a further. It's like now. I mean. It's not as good as you can be. Yeah. But we all thought. I think every thought that they were going to start slow. Because just like felt like, of course, like they'll start five and five. Seven. One out of the gate and I was reminding my roommate's like their second schedule is the Marlins, the orioles, and like the mets who are disaster train wrecks. I mean I assume the oils water will find its level with them, but maybe not, but who knows? Bridge will cross. We got there. But that second the schedule Parlay that with this kind of start and you're talking about forty, five, forty, five, fifty minutes. Thing. I. Said just insane. It's crazy. Eight wins. Yeah. Totally. We can't go too much further into the show continuing to bury the lead of the night here, which was era joining the Pantheon of great sports broadcasting calls on Aaron. Judge. Home run I mean just a breathtaking moment. Let's play that right now. Tiger Woods Lebron James Michael Jordan airing. I was freaking out over Aaron, Judge, home run and and I completely forgot what was happening when he I mean, that's just a are getting super excited, and just being like here's a bunch of great athletes that I really like and then not even trying to land the plane I didn't even try to offer an explanation as to why he as to why? Through those names out there and I thought maybe you know we'd be like Oh. This just know he just threw that out there. They just went on with their day and it was incredible. It. was such a random high to light it was it was after he scored like it wasn't like right off the only shootings in the moment in scores silent for a little bit, and unlike just went with it, I can't believe he just throw all those names out there like nothing about it make sense like I, I've been trying to draw like they're all. All really good athletes. That's all I can have, but it's not even like a passing the torch because of the order it's out of order chronologically like tiger would be, it'd be Jordan Tiger Lebron IVC, I need to add something real quick. The fact that he just did chew basketball players and he didn't do Wayne. Gretzky or something is another lane another one. Or like no baseball players in there to be like all great based just. Truly nothing about it made sense. Then like. Trying to figure out like are they don't even all like athletes from the same company like Nike athletes or whatever like. Just, not not a thing about it made sense it was dropping, but it was incredible. He just didn't go back on the comment like since that point, right? He just forgot about it. nope. Just Dr- he dropped that bomb and he just kept walking along with his day. I feel like risk aversion, it's eleven thirty eight. Hour. Removing the game I. Feel like he's still thinking like what the fuck was that you know I think fucking thinks he nailed no scourge, not a-rod. Okay I think like he's like he's. He's he ignored it because he's like what I think almost. After, the home run that early in a game. That gave him. Five five games with a home run I almost think like someone texted a-rod reaction swimming and he's like what this is good and he just saved it, and then he's like the next time you home I'm GonNa use this that he just like, Yep. Sure this work even think of it on his own. He's like, Oh, I think I think it was I. I, think it was the opposite. I. Think it was pure spontaneous. I just think he got so excited and it was like who are all great athletes and he just started listing them out in no particular order for no reason, and he just ended on Aaron Judge and and that's it. We'll never hear about that moment again. Yeah. It was all time. Version. I mean I like it because you fan but red sock fan like chill out do especially. Now because it's no fans Yankees, red sox Sunday baseball. You gotta you gotTA revamped up for the go ahead home run. But for the first home run, if I was a red sox fan, I'd be like Jesus Christ Dick. Chilton. was like going nuts for timeline five straight games of the homers. Pretty fucking. Rare I said I like it, but I'm just trying to put myself in like if if if like Bogor. Talking about mad about how you doubt playing Aaron Judge Home Run call I I. Honestly, I think I just don't like that. Ever since the Francisco Door, Grand Slam. That's still game. Two of the two, thousand, seventeen LDS's accent, the money I just hate him members. That's his. That's his. His vintage like go. He did that one judge at the home run in the eighth in it and know I hate him for that? I do. He does he gets a Lotta Shit. But those he nailed tonight I didn't really kind of like to Denver bomb. But I assume he went nuts for that too because apple has destroyed. Denver so much what he's on steroids become like the registered basement of all. Yeah. When did he become Manny Machado when? I thought he was. Out there, that is rolls over. Like? He's really good but fucking. He's going to get caught for steroids in the next twelve months. That's my. Market, down, he's the next. Great like big steroids on baseball as Devos's GonNa like winning MVP or something, and then immediately get caught for steroids. I'm very confident on. Steroids. Taste definitely thinking like during Koren's, they're only test for the road that test for steroids let's take announced. I. Up, I will say entering tonight, he had zero. Zero Arby's on the year. That Saw Perfect. Argument. Right right. TJ's argument. Here. He's been A. While through seven games tonight, he was good but. The defense is my pro well I mean, that's just. That used to throw the ball into the twentieth row. He was like the worst effect. He's like Antar him early similar and. I don't know that was that was bullshit. He robbed Judge Peter out there for and do hard just that one plane agree. Yeah. How was bad? I wasn't good at all. They're just too weird. We're night Hicks versus the sky was a battle. The whole night he had to have been I. Don't know what unless he was drunk, but like like he anytime a bog ahead in the it kind of us an adventure like we'll hick see this ball or they're saying to invest version was saying like it. There are members bus only, but they were like how basically now with? No fans. Like. Alpha. Those are almost like the kids. The little leaguers like out there picking the grass in the outfield like nobody around them to like keep them into the game or whatever. Just like kind of drifting out on their own. Maybe that's part of it now. I think he's really bad defense. You Hicks. His bad defender. Oh. Man Squads still thinking about Andrew. Okay. All right. Okay. Follow is I didn't listen to guy. said I totally ignored whitten said Hicks just. Had A tough time out there, and we're trying to figure out why give him give him the benefit of doubt whatever and. All. Right. Yeah, and Har. I, mean, that was to his credit. Since like basically, the first spring training game like back in March or February, back in February, that was like the first time I've seen him really fucked up in the outfield just happened to happen on ESPN Sunday night baseball. So it's going to get like. Blown up, that wasn't great they. Look as a terrible optic and also very avoidable error too. Yeah. Let's run and then another run because what like the runs scored on that play and then the guy got third, he came home on the hit. It was a it was just a parlay of absolute dog shit but. The point I want to make an talk. We, talk about before stealing, he needs to be the everyday left fielder Mike talk until unless clint freighters up here, and you can split those to mytalk man. Is a starting baseball player that needs to be a every time. He had three hits on Saturday, obviously bench on Sunday, whatever we're trying to the Enron thing, but he's an a plus defender. Has a pretty good arm as we've seen when he was out in Centerfield he he can throw people out and he gives you quality about hits lefthanders to I'd be mytalk when he's starting fielder moving forward unless you're calling up couldn't frazier. A different discussion because that is just another story here, but and he's mashing by the way down the alternate side. Someone sent me a video. Of Him, just going ham against whatever pitcher you're throwing them, but it's mytalk when to be starting starting left fielder I've seen enough at this point I. Agree. I. Think, it's his. His job, a like. Put them in there. Let them fucking get every day of Batson. See what happens. He's definitely our best option right there. Good for Brett, Gardner for hitting a home run. Well. No. No. No nicer bike, it's against the red SOx pitching I. don't even know who the fuck gave that up like these people were imaginary coming in this weekend. So I'm not like Oh you see Gardy homer Mike. Yeah. I mean that might have been just on a T. ball might as well. Just. Meaningless Homerun. His just fucking. He's always the always does that making stadium polls. I mean, we've seen that. So many times I still don't want him in my life. No, no, no Mike. Is I think the clear front runner just to be starting left fielder right now for this team I, mean just everything you need and and he's a good a good to have in the bottom newer. Let's talk a little bad, and we're GONNA get really sad. But really little bad. From today's Game James. Paxton. Stinks I don't know. I don't know what's going on man. He's not throwing hard by way. Quick thing on a rod would paxton first inning. I don't guess this. Is Probably the third batter. And his veto is not there. He throws ninety, five, ninety, six comfortably gets up to ninety, eight sometimes and. This Gershon Sarah After. PITCHY goes. Have you seen him above ninety two yet and he goes no. The fastest I've seen. Him was ninety three, it's like. So. Slow. I think there's something about that humps. What? When? You say north of. It's like people have a different meaning of it. I think you're you're, yes. I swear to God by Oberg, the state like north of is like. A hundred? What? No, he said north of ninety two. He said specifically I know TJ. Do you know what I'm talking about is like there's some weird line in the sand where some people think north of means more than, and some people think north of means that is the furthest north. Yes. It's like if you say north of ninety two, some people think you're talking about only things above ninety two and some people think you're talking about everything and the ninety two is the highest. So. There's a couple of things that are like airings about. There's a couple of arguments that are like that where it's like, obviously, it means this. But some crazy people think it means something. But how does any of what you just said back up that he didn't like I'm. Like. Some people say like I've probably watched. I've probably watched like north of thirty episodes of this I. Know, but that's like that's people sometimes I. Think it's like twenty eight episodes. That's Gillette's not. Could, work I. You're talking about I. had this fight. There's no and just to be clear everybody I am on your side, which is shocking. I think that's shocking that you're on here. I think the north of ninety two, just like ninety three. Well, like people say I probably watch north of thirty episodes that can mean twenty eight now that can't that's row rather says that this is dumb and wrong and incorrect, there's not a different, nor let's put you know numbers on a on a scale of vertical scale. If you go north of it, that's higher. I think era just made a slip of the tongue i. don't think he was. He thinks. Scale. Thinking quo, I? Think he misheard version and thought he said, have you seen him at ninety, five, ninety six and he goes? No. The highest I've seen is ninety three. That's the only explanation for him. Mishearing Gershon. Not This what. North. More than. Urinate I think right now. We should, we should put out a poll of people what they think. I guarantee it's going to be controversial I. Think it will be the most lopsided Paul I. Think it'd be one, hundred, ten percent on guaranteed controversy. So how do we for? Jake? You pull up the short porch account. Let's dual live. tweet. Does north of. Say. If I say north of ninety two, what number do you don't you too because that's not related to the game? Let's say like. Okay. So say. Do a situation of. Advice I. watched north of thirty episodes. What does that Mean Live Paul Wall we are recording? is like if I say. Yeah. If I say I've watched. North I mean this isn't even like a controversial. I don't understand thirty is this like one of those memes where like you see blue or yellow or whole yearling one was this week to I've seen that one? And the quotes and then say how many of I watched and do. And do a poll more than thirty or less than thirty. I. If anybody votes less than thirty, they should off themselves telling you. It's going to be more controversial in the US. There's there people might I actually worry that we're GONNA. Lose our twitter account because of how? Live poor recording if I say, I've watched more than. If. I say. Worth thirty episodes. How many have? I watched more than thirty or less than thirty. where? I say quote I've watched north of thirty episodes. End Quote how many? Don't. Don't do. The second option is less than thirty. Do it like around thirty? Say Like around thirty? Thirty I thought. No CEO. Around. North North when they're saying north of its. Brian. Around thirty because I think that for that definitively nails it because it's clearly more. But some people might say around I. Guess Not Saying no one is saying that north of means less Mardi. twenty-eight could mean thirty. Yes. But that's they did I mean it's less. It's around thirty like when they say north of thirty, they think it's around third currently solve I'm very I. Know I just can't wait to show you that it's. It's I, remember have this conversation people like very lafley three options. No just to north of more than thirty or around. I think that's the accurate way of explaining what we're going right now. I'm certain. Fierce. Okay. Let's let's let's let's real back in somehow. I. All right. Okay. Chase. Packs that we've talked about him. Sure. Could sucks and I think he's our worst pitcher. I, think he's the worst pitcher on the team. Is that crazy to say. No? Roe Confidence with that guy on the MT zero. I think. Jay. Source. I don't even consider him like a real person. I do the same exact. I. I. Kind of our I know. Packs, it sucks. Here's. Here's what it is to me I. Think you call them into the office tomorrow, right? You sit him down. So three distance and you say, Hey, man. Are you capable of throwing ninety six miles an hour like right now, and you're just not. And if the answer is no, we're putting you on the injured list because that seems to be youth rowing five miles an hour on average, a five or less than you do. Is just not. Okay right now, that's not you're not to win baseball games doing that. So we're GONNA, put you in the. I. As long as you don't say you've been like pulling a prank on us and we're GONNA call Clark Schmidt. That's that's the conversation. You have a Monday morning, and then you call question because he's not gonna say is pulling a prank. He just can't throw it hard right now, and he's probably dead arm or something. He's not saying you call Glucksman. Hurt. Spring training to like you know could be lingering, but that's nothing to do with the arm. Yeah, but. Yeah. True. I don't know just related to like training and getting. That's a problem that he can't throw ninety six right now, ninety, five, ninety, six jets, his average festival. A number of times like early last year was he hidden high nineties from from jumps? Yes. Yes. So it's not even like it takes them like remember seems to take a while to warm up throughout the year. Now, he no I I. Remember his first Star we've been like throws very hard. This is like. A. Lot of good stuff here that if you put together and stays healthy, we'd be looking very good pitcher and that guy is not there. So. He doesn't even locate when he does. I mean, he got, he got kind of dictate the Knicks missed play in his final inning, which lets more runs, but he's still getting smacked around before that gave the home to Bogart's. It was just red hot tonight. No one could get him out. I. Don't know why they continue to pitch the only going to get hit right now. And? You know packs needs to go. Mike. King a nice job of filling in for him again. Gets dicked with the final homerun. The second home run ball. I don't think he should have been out there for the fourth inning. But then again, you think about it, it felt like a sample lasagna out there on Thursday where he went one extra inning but. With, the state of the bullpen right now, I'd actually don't know who they would thrown in that fourth in it like maybe out of Ian you ask get like four or five hours from him, but they basically had off Vino and Britain is the only good pitchers, available tonight, and the other guy gets was job than older. So when you take it I, guess you take four of king rather than go into holder and I. Guess I. Completely. Argue with you there, Boone's hand kind of tied, but the bullpens in a state of flux right now. But the bottom was passing into pitch better. You looked really good tonight. King Midas the homeless like He. His the movement on his pitches were filth that to seem is breaking ball I was super like impr-. We like my guy but. He was he was filthy. He's got. He's got a lot of little AJ. Brunette him. His rotation is wind up and the movement. He had a lot of good movement office like to seamer and Shit big fan of him and like good good that he's getting I was a little worried after his. His appearance gets the nationals through like four innings. Whatever I was worried. He was sent down like burned his arm, whatever they seem to like him, and they just want to keep using it, which is good, and I think they were talking to boone tonight, and he's like they were like, can you just give us a give introduction about Mike and like what he's about and boom raving about, and he's like he was used banged a little bit with the injuries obviously last year cows back. Impressed us, and now he's here and he's to say, okay, good. Good good for our boy because he's been on the show twice. Just like stuff. So I'm very happy. He got in there and he looked good tonight any kind of that lens kind of. What I'm kind of just mumbling, it's so fucking hot here. I. It's reached like a ninety five degrees in this room. So like I'm kind of just losing my mind I'm in the SIM. I'm in my basement I'm home and my Internet my room with a zone. I'm having hubs obsolete game too little update to our twitter poll eighty, seven percent more than thirty and coli responded don't know the context, but MOESHA's is. The comparison I was thinking of is there is an argument on twitter like a month ago about meeting. So if your boss said, the meeting has been moved forward two hours, we're not doing that. That's that's what I was thinking of. Two hours earlier. That's different than saying you're north of something. Hours antle. Now you're an idiot they. We move forward two hours. It's been moved if our if our two PM meeting has been moved forward two hours, it's That'll be back forward. Forward is. To you fucking are you guys like playing a prank on me right now? If you take the clock and it's two o'clock and you move forward, you know time. Doesn't matter that I. If you say we're moving a meeting forward. That means they're it earlier. A. Fucking asshole there at twelve months before. Stop sect me opposite of forward. What would you think and if you were moving it earlier, we moved it. So. So if you're moving in. Two PM, to twelve PM you're moving it back. I don't know about that one. CanNot say that that would also be PM. Yeah. No Shit because. Time this is so much different than the time thing. This is. I. Think this is even crazier arguing. No, no. Both of these are crazy to say that moving in a meaningful were two hours means you're moving it later in the day is just as saying north of means less than. It's common said north of means more than, but close to thirty. Thirty five, what does that? Guy. arrested. Arrest Him right now. He just voted for both I think. Someone's making their own rules. All, right. TJ Do another twitter poll just so you could tell. About forward. No, that's been done arrayed. That was a conversation like three weeks ago. Wasn't it? I know. Yeah. That was take Casey radio thing. I, believe I'm just badly on. All right. Let's move on the reason a bullpen strapped. Let's get really sad right now. I mean, it's fucking ruined my night on Saturday absolutely. Ruined it. The judge homers tonight are helping me cope with it a little bit. But Tommy Canley. Had, tours, UCSF, Tommy John, and I'm legit like devastated I. got that baseball is so much less fun without Tommy Canley coming in the game. Striking people out with his change up and just screaming at people. This sucks I'm like obviously is a big part of the I'm more devastated from like just a human perspective. Yeah. It's such a good guy. We had him on. On the show a few months ago, he's just like a ball of energy. I know still probably be around the around the locker room and stuff, but it's just not. He will with touch which I think kinda sucks sued just 'cause it's great. pitcher yacht sucks as good person for clubhouse to, and I don't know I just hope things trash. You don't think around. Not. Because of the but I, don't think he'll be around. Somewhere else. Yes. Because they don't like they're trying to minimize the amount of people like they're yeah. Maybe, they can have them on like facetime. The whole time you can hear him sleep. Or like no. No. Tommy, just like is maybe make make him like this. The fans like the sound is just Tommy Canley watching the game from home and just Kind of all in. Like. That would be pretty genius Tommy. Canley screams need to be around the see moving forward and I will not accept a result of that because I mean, this is yeah. I, agree like they'll figure out the bullpen. Chapman's Chapman's coming. He's grown. It's free and he'll probably be your next weekend I would think and Britain. I. What the Hell is going on I, mean he he? Wasn't available on Saturday for some reason and. We'll talk when Nick Nelson second might be a big role. Soon, I think the bullpen, they'll be fine, but it's a, it's a blow, but it's not like a huge blow where we're fucking. still say you know, but but just like from like a happiness. Also it. Now I WANNA, throw up with him about to say, but it's not out of the question that you never see him on the Yankees. Again. After next season right free agent after next year like it's not completely out of the like. What is he command now? There he is in new. York, I grew up a Yankee fan so like and obviously theme coming back on a one year like prove deal with the Yankees kind of like Adele and thing except he didn't do that. What do you mean except like Dell? And did not come back to the? No. But I'm saying like what we're like, you know what Dell and indeed took from other teams is what he would take from the Yankees like twelve months from that fifty. I hope for that because. Having any other team, see fun would fucking short me not rendering fuck that like he is. Now that's that sucks We mentioned Chavan comebacks. That's good. Yeah. Moving forward. He's GonNa Suck Let's talk Saturday real quick I mentioned before. Tanakh so? Tanaka. debuts. I thought he actually pretty good until he gave the homer, but I mean, the the villa was there was a ninety five splitter was splitting. Very well, thought of Control was there. He looked at Boston. It was nice to see Moscow just spec out there. Dude. fucking lasted a month removed from taking hundred and twelve to the skull if that happens to me. Like. I never. Watch baseball. Never mind, play it. Never mind pick up a ball I hide in my room. He's been paid a good amount of money at this point a lot a lot of money at this point I take my money I go hide in room for like five years of total darkness and I never even come out if I hear the sound of a ball hitting that I'll start crying. This guy just comes back on the mound in a month. That's fucking. fucking crazy to me. It's just like I. Just Baseball Players Athlete Professional Athlete wired differently, and the I just cannot imagine like coming back like that. No problem smiling the dancing I hidden skull and he was good to go and he looked good. So hopefully, he'll get stretched out. People always hurt, no. No, like he just like fifty pitches was limit probably go sixty seventy next, and then he'll build his way up there, but overall, just really happy to see. Masa back there. Yeah it looked like you said, I think he looked really good especially, if you the first couple innings not stretched out obviously, but you know people are like now the net because Paxton struggle, the narrative is GonNa is already becoming like what is the Yankees rotational click behind Coal Yada Yada Yada Tanaka is going to be fine like once he stretched out, he's a really good pitcher. He's great in the playoffs. Jordan. Montgomery is awesome like he's just a really good starting pitcher showed a Friday night and then yeah, happened and Paxton have struggled I. Think it's a little overblown like all the Yankees pitching besides Garrett Cole. Like macierewicz is is here and he's legit war. Say the Yankees don't have good. Pitching is just a tired. Lazy. Narrative. I, think. and. No one will ever credit Masa for what he doesn't play like outside the Yankees and no one is going to credit. Jordan Montgomery for being a good pitcher like they just stay here that name like number five patrol that George Montgomery. Clark Schmidt. Garrett. Cole and Mike King are realistically the future of this starting rotation for the next five to ten years like all those guys are young and Kohl's in his prime and all that Montgomery his rookie year. He had like a sub four year a he had over. He had about one hundred and sixty innings. He was just good at pitching out of trouble which he did on Friday night. He had a few really like well, time double plays. The guy just pitches got some good swings and misses he was on pitching injure for a few a few of his his swing. He he's people look look silly out there. Montgomery was big, but it was and it was nice. But Tanaka obviously shorten because the not stretched out that left the Yankees. Now, we already talked about the bullpen big shorthanded Saturday. It was the most oriented ever seen it. They had to go to Louis Avalon who I just no idea. Why is on this roster? He was met and he's he's just not a good picture. Look Pretty Good Greenwich. The Red Sox I. Mean he did his job and then they go to Nick Nelson. Who was one of the human? Human Brooks ski recalled up for Clint and? And, not enough people know about these guys and you know Nick Nells Emmys a fourth round pick from from twenty sixteen. Good stuff. He looked fucking incredible on Saturday. I mean real like really really president, his first batter strikes, three pitches. I was like okay, Hello Dick Nelson, you throw the easiest ninety at I've seen a long time i. you see Nick Nelson and you. Get by ninety mile. An hour fastball uses like off speed pitches to like make it work. Do Ninety, eight. Just I just was stunned I like this probably on me for not knowing about the guy I haven't seen him pitcher. Obviously, no. One's seen a pitch, a major league setting, but the ninety eight jumped out of me. It was like, Oh, I'm Tom. Tom, you want to say something about neck. You fallen in love with a man and his name is Nick Nelson I. Mean. This isn't even like Tyler Lyons Tony Zik or it's like a little bit tongue in cheek I logistic nickname I. I don't know why. But so Saturdays Watch the game. He threw one pitch Nick Nelson I. Think his first pitch. Pitch what seven miles per hour, ninety, eight miles per hour, I, just turned to my dad. I was like this. Guy's going to have an unbelievable career and I thought to myself about tweeting and out a tweet this out after one pitch I've seen enough and I didn't I didn't do it and I'm GonNa. Regret that forever because that could have been like. Like that tweet where when he's in the Hall of Fame Twenty Years From now, look this guy called it after one pitch what? I. Mean. He just kept proving me more right over the three innings like He. I mean, Tommy Lee goes down and nick. Nelson rises like a Phoenix from the ashes I. Where did the Hell? Is this guy come from? Ninety seven ninety eight easy out of the pen with like. Good. Movement. Not. Even like exaggerate on, keep could be a huge. I saw your tweet like. No we need to be really you want. Yes I watch him, but I did like. fucking. Ninety eight gets me hotter than nobody else. But this is you guys are acting like he's one of those unbelievable human beings in the world and I want. To be. opened. I've I've talked about before in the show in twenty eleven around got into irrational confidence in von. Nova where I said I would take him against any starting pitcher in a must-win game. By needed three outs right now against Mike Trout, I might take Nick Nelson. fucking in saying dude I I'm all in for I, wanted to be great. We're playing the fucking red sox. Huge. Huge piece to a bullpen. Look. I, don't Mario. The numbers I look with my eyes and I saw What I saw from scouts I was a is going to have a long illustrious career in this. In this league, Tommy, let me let me tell you this a note. Thank God Tomsk bellies ballistic the being the fucking thing I'm not gonna I'm, not, GONNA lie. If Zach Britton was unavailable again because he wasn't available. Saturday. Because of workload whatever he warmed up too many times this week with a weird thing for Buna, US, can close out a game but. If he wasn't available, I was going to look for the bullpens like Nick Nelson grab without balls. He's probably. He's like a clear fourth in the bullpen trick. You have. You have Britain out of a green or whoever you want, and then I really think Nick Nelson its fourth. That's not even a joke like with Kane down now way. On on. What starts to one because we haven't done yet. Let's stay. Let's bullpen. Who'd we fucking trusted so. Number one for me, we can't have Chapman. Right? Let's take him out of the. Only guys. We've seen chattering green clear cut number one for me as absolute. Look. The best like. Blowing people away and laughing in their faces, they walk away number two. I'm actually GONNA put Britain. One Brit. Know. Britain I don't know. He just seemed so solid in his role. If I need three outs, I just feel like Chad. Green. He's more susceptible to have real bad inning. Like Zachary Zach Britton A. Britain green out of you know nick. Nelson. Britain green on Via. Nelson? No I'm going. No. I'm going Green Brin. Avi, no. No I did that role. Chad, green, off Vino. Britain. Nick Nelson. I Trust I. Trust out of you know more than Britain right now. Out of I mean I've had no problems out of you. Know you know he's still just. Out. But the playoffs are still in the back of your head a little I think. Of. The regular season. So we're talking we're talking about right now. But then, Nicholas. Nicholson most who do you have about nickname? Passionate Nelson folk in a second inning. How about we give wealthy? Pitched three innings, Martin I'm saying the second the second game. Right now, who have above them, do you want get three? Ayalon above buffing because if you I'm GonNa fucking murder, you got Mike we came. All right. Okay. Okay. You picked a good one. Okay. You actually answered that correct like well, mannered way. Asked at the last second you. talked to you this during this episode Oh, my King Okay. Cool, and you know. But you know that I'm nothing nothing fires me up more than a good exaggeration about a guy that not the about. I want you know that I'm trying to be the realistic, but this isn't even an exaggeration like I'm not saying, he's the best. Really patrol time, he might. He might be on his way under saying that he was really impressive and that right now, I would I think he's going to have a big did did any of you listening? You probably didn't, but I was on a laptop like four months legis scouring. Youtube. You, listen to Nick Nelson's post game press conference. By any chance. It is very funny. I don't know who the report it is. I gotta find out. A. So, congratulations, he gets the win to I. First Time. A Yankee. Made a debut got the, which is like twenty eleven, Hector. Y Z whatever. But the reporter was like I. Think he asked to out if there were fans allowed in the stands who would have been here to share this with you and you've been like my wife. My daughter by the way, pinned on his twitter as him finding out whose daughter, it's very nice. Video But my wife, my daughter, and like my parents whatever and my sister whatever. The reporter asked him for everyone's name and how to spell it. Every like Oh, what's what is your girlfriend's name and he has to spell it out. It's like Maria. Whatever. So weird spelling. What is your daughter's name abby and he goes how do you spell abby goes Api and then he asked what is your? What's your? What's what is your? What's your mom state? Every it was like the books was our press conference ever watch. He asked everyone everyone was families names. I was just like taking a look that this just pitched three innings of amazing baseball, the Yankees a spill out. It's like family trees name to this random reporter. Very I, don't know book I don't. Watch it. It's so funny. It's I. Don't know he was really taken aback by it. Because like he's going to treat the media, well, its debut. This is just what happens after every game. But he I think he spelled like six people's names during the press conference for this guy, it was this guy is like writing a book, the Nick. Nelson debut book. Or whatever, and he's GonNa like. Obsessed, the mkx Nelson that, us. It was weird. I'm going to find out who asked I didn't recognize the voice. It wasn't like anyone like hoke or or Klapisch, but it was very this guy was writing Nick Nelson's autobiography with without his permission. I don't know very weird but that's often Nick Nelson. And the David Hill comes in shuts door. It's just. is just like, Hey, red sox. You can try and win this game. We'll give you the best chance possible by throwing Luiz, albion, nick, Nelson, and David Halley for eight innings, seven innings, and you still could beat us you schmucks, and then we gave them the lead late, it's just a terrible team we talked to NOCCO Talk Montgomery. Friday though. Susan Waldman with the pipes. Singing the national anthem. Awesome moment. To, open up the stadium for the year and you get you hear this back story. Which I didn't know if I don't know. I. Don't know if this is public knowledge like for a while I. Don't know if it has but. Basically eight years ago, the Yankees are playing. The pirates isn't going to spring training game, and Garrett Cole was just having a conversation with Susan. Gear Kohl's obviously grew up Yankee. Fan. Waldman is and she's a legend of of just broadcasting all that and she's the she's the only the first and only female full-time baseball analyst, all baseball, which is. Very. Impressive, and kind of sad at the same time that does not more of that. But but Susan's a pioneer. But he was asking her how she got started and she said, Broadway, she was in musical theater for a long time and she basically told him. He would make the perfect. Yankee? And that if he ever signed when he's a free agent. She'll sing the national anthem forum well, Yankees Hope. He's how opener Gary Calls and the Yankees Susan Waldman sing the national anthem four, and then as she finishes Garrett Cole up to her and takes his hat off and like tips it to her and I was just like a puddle like that was so fucking cool, and like my heart was just like my heart's been so cold for months with like no sports all that. But I, just such a fucking awesome moment. So awesome. Awesome. Just Gary Calls the Best Person Alive for even acknowledging all that, and then Susan Waldman with the pipes absolutely crushing. It was just a great moment. Obviously, the Yankees went on to win the game. Yeah, just like a one of just such a great sports story, just such a wholesome like. Well, small world comes back. Just and the pipes on sued I. Mean. I always say John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. I think they're both hall of famous best broadcast booth around and I mean, Susan she can officially do everything. that. WE SAY VOICES SPIN On your percent I. The only thing that me was sterling wasn't there like, of course, sterling sick this weekend and could it be that up seeing that? Instead. They had like the he's like the Spanish. Announcer, right. This guy who's been doing. I was listening to a little bit of it. I was basically just watching TV all weekend but. As a little bit. It was weird. He's just. Like now Ryan Rupert I. Heard he was good. But I do it myself. But a tired after his debut had no chemistry with her whatsoever. But maybe the changed breakfast. Regime regimes. No. Rugged, some nail for the episode thing. Please don't do that. What was I gonNa say, Oh, we'll talk a little mets at this point. I. Mean. It's it was the story of the day and it's the most mets thing maybe of all time and I think KFC put a with there's been so many fans that come on the mets, but never has a player. On the mets just cancelled and. Yoann assessment is just doesn't show up to the stadium today on Sunday. For the game He basically just ops out and doesn't tell a soul takes his stuff and just leaves Atlanta just an unbelievably wild move and. Just Go so Matt's why. was everyone like. Everyone make sure he's okay. I. Don't I hate those people right away. Your first name should not be like he's dead. It's like what he probably just didn't like the fucking. Mets, would it was like every other jokes? It's like what I was not everything us. Yeah. It makes you so bad. Everyone's going to be the hero. It's like dude. It's the mets. Settlements has been known to do this. He's not like do I. Hope we'll ankles wrestling a bore some shit on his form. No, He fell off a horse whatever it was. Like. Regardless. No matter. What though the mets amaze me just like how do you put out a statement that we just don't know areas? You. Don't put just. To the mets and all that they can just lie. Stay silent until you have definitive answers, well, thanks I. Think they were trying to make him look bad i. think it was like, Oh, definitely. Definitely. That's why they did it. But in the process in a very way just really made themselves look just as. We don't know where are. Star or judge disappears from the Yankees. That's what it's like Oh shit. Something is wrong. If y'all want this disappears from like the most dysfunctional franchise, maybe in sports and he's like a lunatic to begin with I. Think we're pretty safe to say, he's okay. Just like a you everyone's GonNa. Be fucking hero on twitter like, Hey, relax. Okay. He's fine. He's like just fucking doesn't the mets thinking less Kinda, love it. KFC. Did have the perfect tweet about that? Specifically, it was like it is. So mess that player goes missing and it's either. He opted out or he was murdered and there's nothing in between like he's just that's it like the campy. Any other explanation? Like that's just the mets fans thinking is like he's dead like this is just this is the new mets here. We're GONNA out. Mets ourselves here and players dead as the mets thinking I don't blame them for leaving the mets stick wife. Why? I. Think, it's funny that he left, but I think it's a stupid decision when it's free agent at the end of the year. When you factor in that I thought he was going to stay and actually have like a pretty productive year being able to d h and knowing that he was going to get a new contract. He's right on track years like I, don't I don't get lie. He dipped out. Ship duty is like he doesn't like baseball. Did you see the four year totals? Well he got paid what was one time for the contract? One, hundred, ten, million is. Let me. Let, me find it exactly and there was. This is you're going to get for mets fans defending like that contract is that they're run in two thousand fifteen. was all worth it because like the. The production, he put that year and in the playoffs was all worth it and the rest of the that wasn't on the contract. Was it buying the contract before they traded for him in the middle of two, thousand, fifteen, he they he signed his deal before twenty seventy. So the here is from Jay on radio on twitter UN. Assessment is final totals of his four year, one, hundred, ten, million dollar deal from twenty, seventeen through twenty twenty. By the way, this was negotiated with Brody van wagon as his agent. In Four Years One hundred twenty seven games twenty, eight. homers seventy, five RBI. Gotti. Five RBI's in four years, twenty, eight home runs one, hundred, twenty, seven games. That's gotTA. Be The worst contra under the radar of the worst contracts in sports history. Holy Moly. Luckily. And the guy just left and didn't tell anyone on the team. You could tell the mets are clearly like they got a big camaraderie, they all they're all there for each other. If one, the players is leaving and not telling anyone else on the team that he's leaving by the way. About like the people were claiming Peter Lonzo is King of New York like two months. Now you know what they're doing though is they're going back and deleting tweets and or saying that they never said that meanwhile, these are the same people who could afford was better than judge, an actress didn't work I told people. This is a bad idea to do these guys last for fucking half a year. They have a good half, a year, Aaron judge. US anytime, he's healthy. He's just the best place. He's probably the best player in baseball when he's healthy, that's how good he is, and these guys think Peter. Lonzo. Thinks he's a polar bear and he and he just hits home runs and he's the best like get the fuck out of your get out honestly do no joke. Aaron judge the Second Best Player in baseball when he's healthy, no matter like not not much of a question. I know who else you put over him. Crowd Mookie, Mike? Trust one trucks, one like I'm not going to be dumb here. But. I think he's better the mood. The debate. Yeah and then you could say, yell, did you see by the way? How Bad Yelich? Now, he's off to a slow start. He was one I I twenty seven. Good and I don't know what the last two days in a bellinger, hit a home run. But he's off to a slow start to lot of slow starts Aaron judge just like I'm GonNa. Break. Barry Bonds Record and sixty games. So yeah. But Pete Pete looks really bad. Looks lost the Puerto Bench. It like I think he's hurting the team. That's how bad. He looks the lineup had when he he can't pick like people. People want to Luke, foot playing first base. Peel. Very below average first baseman from what I've seen like just doesn't. He's like also like super. He's not eloquent like when he's feeling Bali dives and he just looks terrible. I. Don't know he's a bad bishop. Funky Lonzo fucked fucked. That's that's just mean to. mean. What did he do? Oh. No. No. No. Not a great visual of me, but I don't care. Everyone's going to be looking at hubs. You look fine. I think I mean this is GonNa be. This is GonNa be the? I don't sweat much. That's just how hot it is in here. I don't like if you look at my chest, this is just from me wet my face. I have no sweat chest. It's crazy. Wondering. Is always the enhanced. Know. But I am still like I'm. Flat. Fuck you guys. Steady podcast game gotta respect that Oh well before I. Forget. We'll go back to baseball right after. Yeah. So I came home today to repackage. And, fucking. No note, no nothing. It's called daddy the. It's like a sperm soul wants. We'd be there baby Daddy. taught. What? Look at this thing do during. No. No. This is what it says. I'll Redo. It said like logging to Daddy skin free ads I. Mean. That's if you want the spoke nets. I. Don't think we have any other competitors. Sector like advertising on Barstool registered kit using nine digit code number to collect masturbate in the bottom of the cup, do not use lubricants. Preserve screw the cap on tight and push the button on the lid release and it's GonNa. In rapid breath Fedex, why who sent me? Who Do. You send it to? Job Save, the Senatorial Galab, or you're not going to do this, right? No Dude Talk. Unless I gave it, I could sell my my sperm. Not to that person on my go horse breed. Well, this isn't a specific person, right? Like it's not like this specific couple being like we need Martin's come so much trying to clone you. I just don't understand how I got this leash laws. Maybe the wrong address, my address, my name. Is. That is not funny even if I'm just confused. I, it's a we little fling jerk off to if you wanted to. Is it like a blue box? I'm looking at the website now? Two hundred. Dollars. Send pretty good jerk off into the to. Look. You think he would just jerk off into the to for fun. Two hundred dollars. Joke, it's it looks like it's for sperm storage. So Lake, if you're thinking about having kids one day, but wanted to get a second me today, you could like send it to a lab and they would like freeze it or afraid of says, we're here. If you've ever thought about having kids, we're here for whenever you're ready. Joshua. So. Sperm Sabre don't do this. To Refund. May was never ever said to me I. Need I need to know context about that is unbelievable. That's that is I. Don't think I've ever gotten a package anywhere mere bizarre that no way. No. Quote, Holy, and I don't think you ever will. That's hops like you'll never get that kind of sucks like any package you get will never be more shocking in that look. Use Kit in the mail that'd be more shocking, my girlfriend's lights. My. Girlfriend, I, got you a gift. So I was like oh Well shows. So. I. Opened up the package I'm like, wait what the fuck is this, but then the next one was the her Oh my God. That's even the nurse Holy, Shit. Sending a sign, I was like what the fuck is going on the. Lead with that. When tell the story, you already even going to mention that part I totally forgot about that book. Holy Mol-. Oh. My God. I would actually have had a heart attack. Gave me great cultures though so that wasn't this good golf shoes. Okay. Okay. Great. Fantastic. She's Christ. Okay before voicemails. We should I. Mean. This is awesome. I just hope they keep baseball this because everything else is a lot scary and it really sucks because the Yankees take corona associated. Asli. And they've followed all the protocols to T- if not even further above and beyond, and you've got teams like a fucking Marlins who in Atlanta they? Basically I think they went to a strip club, right or something they went to. I think they went to the bars, whatever it was investigation don which is what caused Manfred to come out and say like, Hey, like I've just cancelled fucking season here have manfred comes out and says, I will I will cancel season was things get better than the next day he goes. I. Am not a quitter. I'm hero. We will keep playing baseball. It's like. It's like rob. No one asked you if you were cast. There were murmurs but like, oh, cancel cancel Everest, cancel it. But he just said the blue and the next thing he goes, you know what? No real keep playing baseball hero the best in the World Rob. Rob. So. For is Thomson, belly? Panders to whatever crowd he leaves. I. would be a hero for the people today, but the other table four, I'm GONNA catch. That's fair. Assessment I hate the move either. Tell your pay down your book. The worst in the GOP, gets voted I was commissioner. Honestly. Is like if there was like a comedy like a Sitcom about the baseball front office, that's how you'd right the? Commissioner, he's. He's just Michael Scott. Yeah. He's a Michael, Scott got the job of running baseball. How? He's kind of like white sox Dave like white socks. They get to the. It's like you know what I got. I got notified Dave about this. This is what take this serious someone. Else's like, well, don't quit. You know you're right. It's just like it takes anything probably DM's with by the way. Does she just not why talks games. When she went a bar with him, and he just wasn't watching white talk ships. Look away way it was a bad look for. Roy, like they're all upset. They're all happy that they'd beat the fucking. Royals get the fuck out of here. Yeah you? Ideally you go there for sweet. Why are you there? Oh to the casinos, right? No. No. I'm doing a documentary with Eddie. Oh that's more rational and expected usually documentary. Yeah. I'm doing documentary. It's GonNa. Be a while fucking scary. Is that all you can give us. A? Documentary on traps chimpanzee. And we went to fucking like we went to where was born. It's fucking scary. Whereas he, board, why is it? Wasn't. Do, it's literally like a lady's backyard who just has a bunch of cages with chimpanzees tiger, King of chimpanzees. Basically, she's CAL basketball. I like last week got loose and we're talking to deal with the gas. It's be a great documentary, but it is something. Is it done you have to? Just like Lil first story, 'cause anyone to Connecticut. Travis lived in Connecticut to. Wow, okay did not expect that to be the reason you went out to Chicago or the unbelievable because sports are happening, I gotta get to start going. On busiest fuck votes. That's fair I mean, this episode could be for nothing I. Mean we could wake up tomorrow and basically could just be naff rd could pull the plug but. Then, link that would be so funny. Manfred says gonNA pull the plug. Then he goes I'm not a quitter, and then he just pulls the plug that would be kind of like that kind of like how we're going to do this, but I really hope we don't wake up tomorrow like I know the cardinals have more cases today where like one more case fucking cardinals they were. They were doing bullshit to the two teams that are really that outbreaks. I. Guess You can call Carl's outbreak are the teams that have been fucking around taking. The should seriously all the other teams that twenty teams I'll taken everything. seriously. The poor phillies just hosted a game they got fucked. So like do tweets of like how it's like the cardinals are. Expecting. Bad News Mall. Oh i. didn't see that. No. Yes. I saw the like they're expecting more positive results that came out today that like. That's it. That's the same thing that I'm talking about. Yeah It's regardless what Kinda fucked. I don't know. Will. The positives. Here's a positive. Here's the positive phillies are back to playing. We're playing the phillies on Monday. Yankees are playing phillies and there's no more cases. That's great. The marlins also have no more new case. So they are I mean like it's bad and I think that's he. By the way I. Don't know what their lines are going to be moving forward. But they have eleven active people on the roster and the restaurants can be minor leaguers, random people that were traded them. So like I don't know that's not a bad. That's me bat like whoever playing forward the next couple of weeks. A. Train Wreck What if like I've a couple avenues here, the marlins back, the orioles per se a bad team that starts off good. What if they disinfect themselves with Kobe to like keep their games down their keep their winning percentage time they sneak in the playoffs. About the Orioles, they win enough games now like, okay. Let's get corona now. Yeah Yeah Did. You say, Orioles I'm sorry, Oh, you're saying the MARLINS. Marlins or like the Orioles up. Sorry. Yeah. I mean it's strategy. Also. This made me think of another thing is I'm afraid that I'm sure for the Red Sox late in the season, the red sox are gonNA. Go get infected on purpose and try to give to the Yankees or for the playoffs. Put that idea out and it's like the public war. GonNa lose you playing baseball. So I I, you know they took it away like in the next week I don't think I'd recover mentally. Why. But I agree. But I would rather than take it away next week then like mid-september. Not, after. This start. Seven and one dream. Star Aaron Judge Just on like this is unbelievable. Kalo hitting the baseball like cans pitching warnings coming better by mid-september. You'RE GONNA, be like fucking thirty three and nine and like at. We're going to be so close to the playoffs and to have it pulled from our feet that close than could be even worse. I. Truly like the worst version of myself would come out if they pull the plug like I I don't know where I would spiral to. It would be very bad I. If you pull this out for me after giving me a little taste. It'd be really bad by the way, the the Yankees over for wins. If you took that as long as they go sixty games, I, message heading. That's the easiest local seven. This point. Second Half Joke. Man. I don't WanNa. Think about it and I just hope that there's a little bit of hope they just keep playing. Just keep playing. Please want them to be safe and protocols need to be Allah dodgers were team that like. The. Dodgers up to proceed. You have to wear masks in the DUGOUT. No matter what, and then I believe if you're not. Pitching. You can't be in the dugout and at the pitching coach can't even be in the dugout when the offense is over, feel teachers can't even watch that which kind of makes no sense of you're in the Dugout for pitching and like you leaving the offense isn't going to like prevent much, but they're taking it very seriously. The all teams can do that. We're fucking masks hard where masks. You'll have to wear in the field. It's nice of you do you don't have to wear in the dugout. It's very hard to do that. So. I, don't know I'm just. I, just feel really sad if they pulled it Well, it's so while at the NHL. They're in the playoffs. That's legit playoff often, and it's Not Though it is like the Rangers was playoffs like there's other teams that are doing round robin the Rangers. Playoff Rangers. Get. In. Isn't. It. The Best of five series now, I know, but it's called a qualifying round. Right. I guess I guess to county it isn't, but it is kind of the playoffs. Yeah. You're right. That's. fucking twelve three tomorrow. That's can be bananas hockey doing that every, it's twelve thirty to thirty. Five. Like Monday, during the work day and it's just playoff hockey on. Fantastic but like. Like I'm not gonNA. Be Any like frame of mind that not the biggest ranger fan. But I, was I woke up like early for that game on Saturday. I was getting I was very excited for hockey on Saturday. For Rangers said granted, they look fucking dog shit hopefully e. I don't know the. US. Care about hockey bucket lundquist should be the goal nail terrible plant would grow. Mba, shout them fucking. Do it right? It looks amazing. Do an opening night couldn't have worked out better that Clippers Lakers game was fucking. Awesome. Awesome. and. Today did you watch Celtics Blazers? Damian Lillard dislike. And I don't know how to how they ever lose one single game. Those guys all hit all hit every shot. Crypt of betting. Let's think I'll wait. They have they Lillard Makola. Gary Trent. Seven three Nurkic just fully healthy and they just they still lost and they were getting blown out in the first fs crazy. We have all of it's really good. I. Wasn't really following I took the fucking Kingston. I. So did you right? That's I mean that's the worst team I think in the whole thing they're. Bad. There's so many guys that you remember in college. That was good lands. It's like. Buddy he'll listen even like good, right? No. He comes off the bench. Don't pay much shit. TON OF MONEY I. Don't get that. Okay. So we did that. Let's do voicemails granted habit run through these I. They were Kinda just going to pick on the fly here before we divorced knows we're talking about the barstools store the weather's getting warmer. As you can see me just dripping sweat here. The days are getting longer summers official here. The barstool sports tours filled with everything you need to enjoy the monster sunshine ahead is bright tied tied tease comfy. Classic tax revenue hats a face cover to make for styles and save summer. Go to store dot parcel sports, DOT COM to shop. Now, we've got our gear cultured out there. He managed to know I. Believe he's pitching on Tuesday if I remember correctly here. And I will probably forget once again. To. Put you on. Monday he's. Yeah. Pitching on Monday, and I'll probably wants to forget to promote are awesome. Garrett Cole Shirt because I get lost in the moment and watch Gary Pitch instead of doing that I'm going to try and set myself reminder, but it is a fire shirts pinned to my twitter. You WanNa, go buy it at stored up sports dot com. Okay. Let's do a few voicemails. Versed before we get the voicemail, did you see what Judd said during his post game press conference? What I could play the clip. Here you go. ooh like. When you're locked in. Not Locked in, yet I'm still trying to find that's that's the daily grind of baseball you know searching for that. You know. The locked in feeling. Like what the fuck is locked in judge look like talk. To. Dr During the interview with the piano, the fourth inning boone was, he's actually not. So to me, it's like it's not even judge being humble like maybe like actually isn't locked in. What is locked in? Every at Bat. He's GonNa hit a homeland such me three homers. A game is. Pretty. Much. To to run for bag game. Yeah, he gets furious to be a hallmark. Did it I see four at Baddeck grounded out is just terrible. Forget the five, hundred former in the first inning I. Mean, that's I. Mean That's just horrify I think there's a chance that every pitcher ops out on the morning after seeing Sunday night and I just don't want to face this guy like most opt out like for the day, they're supposed to face the Yankees. Then the next day like I'll back back is fine. Just getting. If you're a pitcher facing, Aaron Judge Moon Forward I. Don't the Philly's got I. Don't get anyone good like it's what Aaron Nola and a bunch of people who think they can pitch. So Vincent Alaska's fast that last of LASCO's face judge was in the exhibition game, it was trying to get an extra out. Work judges took deep go figure. You don't WanNa face. Aaron. Judge, right now I'm just I'm kidding I'm Giddy to wake up tomorrow. Not only. Do we get to see Garrett Cole? Pitch. Gets vilis. Aaron Judge Play Baseball, and that is a lot fun because that man I missed I missed watching this version of. Schwab, they cancel it after that I'll couch. Okay. Here's the first one. Up in November and. He's pulled out this stuff. Real quick turn on my mind. Tonight is how do I mean, the balls are absolutely just anybody that thinks that the N. B. would choose the balls to these viewers. Terms quarantine restart out of their mind. love to hear y'all takes. I would agree, but judges homers tonight. When like four, hundred, sixty feet each so. I also think a lot of it is like the hot weather like the season never starts in the site roll balls fly in the heat they fly in the summer more. So it may seem like, wow, the start to the season must be new, but it's kind of just like the middle of the regular season where there's probably more home runs being hit anyway. But I'm sure they're juice like they were like I'm sure they're equally as juices. They were last year, but you know starting in the Heat I. Think you know was another Lego I. Think it's a combination of everything because. Coming back trying to steal headlines in sports, sheet runs. Do that long home runs? Certainly do that? You know a judge homer tonight, it's going to going to steal probably sportscenter tonight despite the NBA Nhl feel people were talking about the judge homer in the eighth The long ball always plays sure they're gonNA juice runs, but should use the balls. But I mean judges get out whatever ball you're using. Aaron. Judge's swings tonight produce so. That Jerry Robinson's complaining about the commentary of the Yankee. Compared to the Red Sox home runs, that's when that's is. That We. SOCK fan. He said, this was absolutely fucking smoked, but felt like I was watching. Yes. Science ESPN booth having full blonde. Hair we go along. I have the perfect for that and that will be Joe Kelley. Let's find that real quick air we go and wait. Somebody. Did make a funny point when Vesco gene called the eighth inning home, run his mic like peak because I. Guess He's at home and like his home setup and they said, it sounded like he was in a xbox lobby in two, thousand, nine or something. I'll loud. That's Hilarious I. Love it though. Okay. What else? This is from Giancarlo Stanton Fan. Hey guys. Talk Show. Hey, guess Joe. From Rochester. New. York. Just one of them. Short. Colo.. Dolphins. He's really giving me a boner this year. Oh? My God. I think if he hits twenty home runs don't make. Myself Holy. Shit, this might be the year guys. This might be the year. All right, Mardi, we might see it the world series. Let's go guys Yankees all day. I'd Miss Love Picture in that guys. Do He went downstairs based? Handsomely does it. Pick a picture of looking in the mirror in the bathroom or something. Do. You think he did look at yourself in the mirror when you're saying that leaving that voice mail. How many? So. Yeah, it's one take. One take. I, one hundred, I think it's one hundred videos on his phone of that. I mean they can't be. The, you leave the voicemail, we get all the bad. voicemail. Keep Forget. Yeah. I, just totally. Misunderstood the. voicemails their. Kids do that. All Right Did he give a name? And from Rochester Johnson I do jingles from that guy all year. Every single one as much as. Just him saying he wants to Suction Carlos? Dixie. Yeah. Just professors love Okay. Well, we it's not the fall that will sell fellas John from. Queens. Crate weekend baseball. Great. When you know when Dj came up with Kaufman on base Andrews combing through time the game and I had no doubt in my mind judges shopping. At that you know I I. Think I think just sixty games finally got going probably the best thing you could probably have for this team. got. Our. Guys like judge, Stan even Gary. If he stamps out of it, you guys are these guys are when they get hot they, they get high it. Happens quick for quick fix the game sprint. I think this could be a really. Repeal or honorable sleep. Offensive team is seen the past few years come inky. Let's go Yankees. Red Sox Suck crosses a her I'm out. What a great call? Positive. Positive guy speaks only facts. and. Yeah. Hard to argue that this team is built for sixty games when they start the year seven, one like they have. We talked Gary, it is August and it's just like clockwork. He's just like a better hitter I, don't really get it. He was so bad in the first few games in the end of July, and then all of a sudden August, it's gets a hit right away as double tonight to seeing the ball better. Not Not going down to three pitches. I don't. It's a scary. It's just August Gary. Everyone everyone's style relax with. Gary. Edges, it'll be fine. Gardeners Lost Cost Gary. Sanchez will be totally fine. Now, there's the argument and we haven't talked, but Jewish shell tonight, jere show. It's just so much fun to watch play baseball. It's just such a good baseball player. All around. Like. The, or how does it? How does the Indians Jay's just like not get this? Understand that. He's an all-star. He's he. He has all star potential the way like there's never a fear in. Is there a doubt in your mind that he's GonNa? Miss play a ball third balls at the third vacuum. It's announced. They'll play. Is GonNa? Make me turn a triple play when you think it's possible and then tonight he has three hits just looks really comfortable at the plate. All the time hits the Grand Slam on Saturday or Friday Friday or Saturday, one of those. It just really baseball player and he's not a fluke at all. I'm really happy is not a fluke ensure. That was like a little bit of a doubt coming into this year like any do it again, and he just is. He's a good baseball player, very enjoyable, very enjoyable player to watch. And, he should probably be hitting over Gary, right, now I think moving forward. He's the hotter hitter at that. You just play the hotter hand that's told Gary gets really go Okay. Should we do one more voicemail? Let's get Outta here. Yeah. Sure I guys is John. From Long Island and I just had a random thought that I don't know be interesting question for you. Guys answer if there was one player in the league and you have to include everything, which is like contract than. Future break how they look to be in the future and everything one player in the League that you could take on the Yankees just like you just can just sign and or you just get magically who would it be for me I? Think it would be Walker beware and I know probably the obviously that your is like my child and all nor and I. Just. I don't know walkability. You get the contract and. Basically another ace for. Who knows how long but? I don't know I mean here. Would you guys got say the? Keeping good work. The answers, my drought. Let's talk him out more on. Let's take. Let's take ballinger trout yelling. Okay. Make It. A little harder would like new. York Yankees. I'll pay fucking Mike Trout. Seven, billion dollars of Monty. But. Take. That answer. No, it's not. I think based off the way. The team is you have to choose a pitcher because it only makes because I think they're totally fine with everything. They have won five like I want to nine, the the problem that would be the rotation viewpoint a problem. Viewers, certainly, not a bad option especially because he's so young and like he stole under control Just. The mets. I think the answer is the grow. When you consider the double, army of taking all those sewer rats have from them and just wiping it from them and giving them to the Yankees I. think it might be him. Pulling. The staffer, my head, and I think it's like in the remote of being like spot on I. Think he started like one hundred, forty games in his career degrom, and like eighty of them, he's allowed one run or less. So. That's the guy you probably want. Pitching for your team, but if you go cost effective, Walker Bueller. Question, it's not related to this. Do you think show bowers when you're like hunch and face? That I mostly, Trevor Bauer I think doing the McGregor Strut was a little crush. If, he struck me out and do the McGregor. I, would I would try lay him the fucking. Telling. What history between Nike showed them up on like a home run or some shit. It's the second time. He started the she like the way he walked up I'd fucking shoved my fuck and had I was gonNA. Say My hand up his ass. But that was the head of corporate. Stern sugar. was in hand black said, it was a bad was a terrible one. But no matter what I liked him I. I liked players speaking up, but he he's a little too much. Yeah. He's kind of an asshole. Sometimes who's a hitter? You think that would have a real problem with that. Luke wait. I don't. Work. With Rob beat the shit out of. The way tonight he was either going to strike out every time he was up like swing is already good or. Of A fucking missile, but he was on a mission to just hit the ball as hard as humanly possible until he actually he was sweet so far I usually I thought it was gonNA swing out of his shoes at one point. I have the answer for the hitter that would have the most problem who he got, Brian? McCann. I don't think he's even still in the league anymore, but he's the unofficial commissioner of of the unwritten rules baseball. He'd go out there and literally murderer him with a gun. Or a stern talking to him. Yeah. That's funny yeah. I'm looking at now. Yeah. The guy he struck out was like a complete nobody I. think this is like this random guy, the Tigers. Having like a problem like another cocky counter, Dude. I'm good with the motion of good with like I knocked. Christie's Mike Golic Stroman Shimmy I. Think is actually not babble like once you start. Theatrics fucking book and doing McGregor that's insane. Yeah, also that that was a seven double header. saw that it was seven innings that was weird i. assumed. It was rained I. saw he. No I. Let me. Let's. Let's make sure I. saw he. He pitched shutout and I went to look at his line, and it just said, no, yeah, both games went seven. Seven, it was seventy. Seven innings, Sean I. Mean Kohl's is going to have like a ton of those whenever he pitches and double headers Okay. That's the show. Aaron judge's US on another planet. Apparently, this isn't even peak judge I. don't even know what to expect going forward, but we've got the phillies coming up for what four and then the weekend the race. Race. Okay. Double header. All right. Oh, yeah. Right. So double is. Save eight games this week. Fuck. All, right? Well, let's with a with a fucking shorthanded bullpen. Oldest, isn't going to be back to probably the weekend. called. It says not hard. Just do it. So he he's done his service time. Everyone's done it. CALL HIM UP. I think you see question at this week. That's my prediction. I think congressman is a Yankee. In the major leagues this week. So we'll see. That's reports. We'll see back here on Thursday. I've later more things our. Okay, just. One. We're just about at the one year anniversary of. Getting on sports that are hubs for the Yankees Red Sox. We all picture anniversary tweeted that gift tonight. Somebody tweeted out Mary tweeted it. Okay. Good job and then one last thing to. I'm hi, my name's Jack Wasn't, and this calls for Tommy Tommy I. Just WanNa Update, You're by far the hottest are soul you just so sexy and when you stuck at your it just. It, just makes me explode. Just speaking of Explode Giancarlo. Stanton really exploded this week. Oh Tommy you're the best thanks I've been. Jack. You guys on Thursday. What's Is, happening to the world. This is John. Sterling you've been listening to short porch. Byproduct of Barstool Sports. Jeez. Close. Loss. Man. down. Long. Sound. Catching. Feeling.

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