Jimmy Butler Wants Out


Oh yeah, we got a lot of this spend the junk today. Jump starts now. Does. I mean, right, thank you. Steven, welcome to the job. I'm Rachel Nichols joined by our insiders glow and the hall of Famer Jackie. You make it, you got to, you know, use it for the rest of time. All right. So we were a little busy, busy busy here. The jump yesterday answer. I knew the Jimmy Butler situation was also brewing, but let's be honest. It has been months, right? We've been talking about the locker room dynamic, Minnesota. What is you me Butler? Think of Karl Anthony towns. What is Karl Anthony towns? Think of Andrew, Wiggins, but does Andrew Wiggins. Think of Tom Izzo it's like being trapped any sixth grade lunch table on and on endless circles. Everyone heard it was messy. Nothing ever seemed to really change. Yeah, that's over. Let's see. In just the past two days, Jimmy met with Tibbs. Minnesota. Oh, wait. No. The meeting got moved to Los Angeles where they were supposed to get on the same page before training camp opens a wait. No, the Atlantic reported the Butler ask for trade, which was huge and meant that Tibbs the coach was going to have to have a, you know, heart to heart with Tim's the team president race, right? Oh, wait, no ten. Tim said, he's not interested in dealing Jimmy right now. Oh, wait, no, is reporting the Jimmy still wants a trade and would like to go to the Knicks nets or clippers? Oh eight. No, whoa. Jeff date, Jimmy actually prefers the clippers specifically, but also it's going to be hard to work out a trade quickly. So Butler is likely to start the season in Minnesota. Oh, wait. No, that might be a problem because when the Butler trade news was breaking Andrew Wiggins brother sent out this tweet hollow yet. And I mean, hey, maybe it wasn't directed at Jimmy, right? Maybe we brother is really religious, maybe. Oh, wait. No, Jimmy responded to Wiggins brother with this video. I do. Essay minutes, say, man, keep that same energy's clearly dig it Wiggins who has been repeatedly accused of having a low motor, and now this is fishery a mess because the wolves have graduated from the sixth grade lunch table to a full on locker room problem. At least it didn't get more petty from there. Oh, wait. No, our guys Steven Jackson, who when he's not here at the jump off and puts out his thoughts on his, I decided to come to Butler's defense and well, listen. This other compensation should win with a Andrew Wiggins and his brother when Andrew found out his butter Sunday tweet about how Louis and all right. Wings, say, big, bro. I don't think you should have sent it tweet out why you say that. Jimmy bother me. He played with a lot of heart. He played all he played with a lot of heart and I ain't got no. After that all hell broke loose Wiggins called out stack on his story. Calling him old saying he was nothing special. Then we brother chimed in again in the comments sink stack, probably only average zone six and a half points a game shutout to our producer Steve, noting that no, that number's actually fifteen. Thank you. And of course, as many other folks chimed in, there's that championship ring that stack one two, and you would think that would be it, but, oh, wait, no. From the top rope here comes Stephen again. Make sure your interesting when you see me bre. Right? I'm pussy. No, YM interest-rate just focus on find some hard and having a good year wish you the best. You got a lot of town. Just find that. Please try to do that with me, bro. You know what I'm saying? Just keep the same in in traffic. Okay. So that has to be a right. I mean, you can't follow that. Oh, wait, no, Larry Markkanen. Yes, that nice kid from Finland. This is what he posted on Twitter this morning, and please notice it is not just the picture, but the abbey to just n taste anyway, missed that. He is trolling Minnesota for trading him for Butler. This is really just futile work. I mean, it brings tears to my eyes that he was able to do this this morning. So yeah, from two days ago when it was still guests, we'll see if all those guys Minnesota can get along better this year too. Well, whatever you would call what we have. Now, all I can say is this one that Ascot quickly to trust me current MBA players, really? This is for any of you. You absolutely do not want to catch Stephen Jackson and traffic and three. I'm having a hard time seeing how tips can put this Jimmy Butler situation back in the box. It's just mushrooming too fast, Jackie. What do you think? Do you think there is even a way to repair this rift between Jimmy and the wolves? No. I think you've wait only. He's made up his mind. He has all the power because he's going to be free agent this summer. Now I think the Minnesota can treat can determine when they're going to trade Jimmy Butler. And I understand why Tibbs isn't going to do it right away. I'm not sure I would either you gotta take one less crack at this, but short of trading Andrew Wiggins and bringing Stephen Jackson back on a ten day contract. I mean, I don't know how you make this work. I just want to say for the record yesterday, it was only like the seventeenth. Most embarrassing thing to have to do. The Minnesota Timberwolves is like the posted year. Let's listen. How embarrassing looking fury. This would be fixable. In theory, in theory, theory, she comes back. The team is really good. They win forty, nine fifty games the young guys, mature and get better and play hard in the playoffs. And everyone realizes, hey, this isn't bad. In theory, in reality, this is completely broken and that would be absolutely blown away. If Jimmy Butler is not traded and I would actually lean to it happening soon. The wildcard is just Tibbs wanna do it right? Is the coach and the GM doesn't want to wait away. But there's one guy above them and that's the owner. And when do all the people on the business side who are ready to get this done before media day, they do not want a circus on media day. When do they get his ear? And does Glenn Taylor just situation saying, man, I mean me today for the timber. Wolves is on Monday. Their training camp opens on Monday. What was showing up at media day, doesn't care. I was gonna say, well, really? You think it's going to be pretty pretty interesting. They're pretty uncomfortable. You got to deal with the media got the d. with your teammate that you just called out on social media. You gotta deal with the coach and GM who you've now sort of embarrassed. Right? Absolutely. First of all, I should tell the people that we had to explain his act before the show would catch you and traffic means what that's again. Why don't you just ask the question? I wanna to make sure. Graphic show traffic him. But the fact is one of the Jackie's young, but he's all that's what I love about him. Thank you. This is like an old guard. Yeah, he is. But the fact that it did escalate like this. I mean, it does seem, you know what? It tells you. It tells you how close to the surface all this stuff. What you remember before we were saying, well, we we know that we think that Wiggins Jimmy Butler, but we've never seen evidence we think are the absolute. Is your evidence just to. A month ago. So now you understand how close all this was. So you guys know better than anyone how the mechanics of it works. When the one of these trades is being put together, first of all, you're never gonna get value back for. Right. Never gonna get a Jimmy Butler level. Otherwise are used to that right? Kevin prince there. So that's one problem doing it under the gun when there's some threat of doing it before Monday seems it'll happen. But again, it's not in theory. When you say, gee, these guys have to now being a locker room together. What? What do you expect the timing to be? Well, I'm sure Jimmy Butler and his people would like it done before Monday. I don't know about the Glenn Taylor would. I'm not sure. Maybe Glenn Taylor thinks he can fix this somehow, and I'm not sure. I'm sure that Andrew Wiggins would certainly like it to be done before Monday now. So that's, but that's what's today. I've lost her as day Thursday. That's I understand. If you're going to gauge a whole bunch of teams, we know what Jimmy's list is, but you know, perhaps you want to engage other teams just in case those other teams have a lot of work to do themselves. You know, I, I don't know that any of them are. I mean, if you gave them the choice, do we sign him in free agency for four and one forty? Or do we trade for and then sign them to five? One ninety four one forty paid that extra year scares them. By the way. Part of the reason the Jimmy reportedly asked for this trade wasn't just I don't like maybe some of the other players in locker room. It was. He wants that five year as opposed to winning till he's a free agent where he can only get four years and I believe it's fifty less million dollars. Okay. But so now you're a team that's thinking about acquiring him and Jimmy Butler is a great player. Don't get me wrong, but you need the other player if you're going to contend if the three teams on that list. So that's what they're going to be digging around. Hey, does this guy like this guy? This guy this right now around the whole league there, there are. This is ROY. As a lot of questions about Jimmy, like a lot of teams. This is this is to teams. Now we got a really reassess or just make sure that he's going to be the kind of locker room presence that draws a Leonard or draws draws whoever. I mean of course, we have the same questions about quiet lynyrd all of a sudden. Well, that's that's true. And by the way, I, yeah, you're absolutely right. Because when he got from Chicago people like, oh, the problem is Chicago, and I think Larry Markkanen Spokane entire bulls franchise this morning on the Lowery bandwagon. I mean, well, we have a lot of Arizona guys on the staff. So that was all ready team marketing around here already. But but yeah, I mean, look, I think there's a little bit of Chicago sort of smiling today and yesterday. Well, I just, you know, they're going to have on their face because they traded a lot of stuff for Jimmy. Now they're going to have to trade him again for less stuff, and it's going to bed. But really at the end of the day Levin just got paid nine hundred million. No one knows if he's a good, Chris, Don a total question Mark. He's twenty five. The only guy that might matter in five years really from that trade is this guy. Right here. He is going to be good, celebrate Finland, celebrate what hoping for Chris done. My foolish. Stuff too, but he's not young people think he's like twenty. Five also say, I want to move onto Wiggins, but I will also say that so much can change in a year. We've got qui- video up here and just the idea that you say quite Leonard run a raptor rate the year ago would have been an insane thing to say. So when we're sitting here Jimmy Butler and I've seen this morning of people like, oh, if Jimmy gets treated here. And then in the summer you can convince x to join him so much can change before. Now in the summer, I wouldn't make any deal banking on ex player, joining him nine ten months. Can't you can't possibly project unless it's tempering which happens every day. So maybe you can tampering and this is stab. -ment can't believe that I'm interested to get your thoughts on Wiggins on in in Wiggins on court sort of thing. I mean, you know what Stephen Jackson was referring to Jimmy Butler was referring to was these accusations of, hey, this low motor isn't trying hard all the time squandering. His talent is fair to Andrew Wiggins. I mean, I I don't think he tries hard all the time, but I. I don't think a lot of the players try as hard as they can on every single possession, but he has. He has like he's like a bystander, a out of the time in honestly did the Butler. This is a mess. All the Instagram stuff is funny underneath. This is festering the issue of what if injure, we just isn't good. Like if he's not good, you just paid a max steel. It's this is year five for him. It's time to be like, good. It's time to be productive. He had a bad year last year takes way too many mid-range jumpers. You can't get any mid range jumper. You can't pass. You can't defend. It's time to be something other than like younger Rudy, gay. So I think Andrew Wiggins is good, but I just don't think he's going to be great because in my experience in the league and watching these young players year issue by year five, if you haven't developed that aggression that motor, I don't really love that word. So I think this is the throwback air Mckee. I used to your Mckee and I'd watch minute. See that guy should be a perennial all-star, and he had all the skills and Larry Brown used to Dr Larry Brown insane because he could. He could do one thing if you gain the. You'd be like, wow, you do that. Every game could be this. And that's a little who Andrew Wiggins reminds me. I will say, this is the fence now that was your four last year. But last year, the additional Butler Crawford rose gave them all these ball handlers and we're really, and everyone could have predicted. This was a bad fit for Wiggins because when he doesn't have the ball, he just stands in the corner stands of three point line and you can't shoot threes, nobody guards and it just didn't work. They just gave him a big contract, didn't they just give them the contract a summer ago, feels like just, but my point is that I remember specifically when they did give him that deal. The Glenn Taylor may be unusual step for owner, right to come out and basically say publicly, I am giving him this, but it is basically the promise from him change. We had a meeting and we'd legged our finger eight and I'm not sure not did enough change that you. I mean, do you guys feel that something significant change after he signed? Let's see if you can shoot threes. Like if I'm if I'm Andrew lock myself in the gym at all, I would've done all summer shoot three pointers. It will. Be man. This this story is not over and really by the time we end this show has been going. I would expect us to be talking about it again at the end of the show because there's going to be something else that happens up next though we're gonna get Zack's thoughts on the forthcoming sequel to Space Jam. That was announced yesterday. And if you don't remember one of the finest works ever ever Kuala grantland in ESPN was a Space, Jam analysis like a serious one really serious. Now, Yep, you guessed it. I'm a speed bump, so I've got one job. I slow you down. So imagine I feel about Geico who does way more like not only could they save you money on car insurance, but they've been around for over seventy five years, giving people fast and friendly claim service. Ow. Plus they got an iffy mobile app that gives you twenty four, seven access ow. Just doing my job buddy Geico expect great savings and a whole lot more. You look in the camera and say, it's a make or miss league. Our that. Okay. Then you don't have to say appraiser. Thank you pastor Beverly minks. Here's James harden playing pickup, only dropping dimes passing is not usually what we see in pick them games, Jackie. Well, it is if you're James harden, right? Because that's what makes you so very, very special who is playing with tonight. These guys I want to speak. Right. Is this the one in New York or right as the building that. Funches echoed that blackout run that went to the players. Alright with passing and pick up because that's what makes you know. That's why you like myself with the real stuff. This grudges, this is so good, Utah, Jazz, NBA, Twitter, I love u Utah, Jazz dot com article. This is different. Utah's story. I'm sorry, this is more serious describing the fallout between Jerry Sloan, Darren Williams back in two thousand eleven that led to retiring and getting traded according to Williams the to have met and buried the hatchet. So this is nice, sentimental, Utah story. We'll get a little bit later to the front of your story, but what do you think about this? What do you remember about there in Utah? I guess it's nice like eight years later. D. will was a beast. And the irony is Jerry Sloan system was a great fit for him and allowed them to screen and post up and run around. I don't know what he was so unhappy about this. Manage to me. Family matters. Terry Rozier told q, he realized he was blowing up when he was sitting in a restaurant and Jalil white who is of course, steeper recognized him instead of the other way around the new barometer for 'em BA stardom. Dear. What about Stefan or kellyn Terry, I think other people recognize you wasn't he on stage at concert recently with somebody really big. It's great, Drake, Trey, quit know as you man. Why use Steve Young watched family matters on reruns, of course, it is do not own a television sport boredom. This is the story I've been waiting for the jazz got new purple jerseys. Joing goes wants to know of his sold-out. Blake Griffin responded saying he's using them for fire kindling in Michigan where you know he plays for the pistons down yet always knew you wanted. My jersey says Joe Ingles. Mike clippers one is probably hanging right next to ours. Able somewhere which is a yours. Ain't no chill reference to the fact that the clippers fake Hong Blake Griffin jersey in the rafters during their free agent pitcher, call them a clipper for life, and then traded six months later joined goes, didn't make the NBA. He's so delightful. This close to not happening least the lighting. This is the only time Lakers going to be on the show. Joy, sneaky. People are like, oh, man, she's she's so classy. She's amazing. Gets you face jam to is a go with LeBron James ranked Cougars producing this movie. This is going to be a total reimagining not a sequel. So in that vein, Zach, who do you feels should play them on stars. Marcus cousins. Okay. Foam on should be in this somewhere. Friendlies place is Ahah. Thomas goes plays, Joan takes. Larry Johnson's play. Place, Kanthi Davis takes place. There's there's your lineup. I put my glasses on just to tell all those guys. Funny enough. They're funnier than you think funding. I mean, this is this is interesting that you. Funny, just I don't remember if he was funny tacky took the seriously because for those of you who don't remember, we love for Reagan. On this show. He really thinks he's. He wrote in alternate theories, breakdown of Space, Jam four grantland. I would recommend going back and they don't even realize there's an alien. You feel you took a shot at Patricia Heaton in this. Patricia Heaton due to you. You took a shot at Larry who's on the golf course with. Larry, Larry, Larry Bird saying that what they let Michael Jordan gets local Jordan just falls through Gulf oil and they just continue on like nothing happened in the center of the plot hole. That's your plot. Laurie has the line Bill. Larry's not white. He's clear. Jam is like a thirty minute television show with like twenty minutes of credits on either end and some. Harry Hilden when this movie came out. Kelvin. I, I didn't have children when the movie came out. It was like. Space Jam too good. He's a great player of all time. He surpassed as Michael Jordan, just like that Space Jam is fantastic. I will not take the slander how dare you how dare you. I take it back. Don't go read ex article, although it is really, really funny up. Next is lonzo's health going to keep him from earning these starting point guards spot on the Lakers. We will discuss next on the Joan. Tomorrow, three eastern new Pacific that jumped will be live in Philadelphia as training camps officially opened. Our guest will be joylin bead and Ben Simmons and good thing headed to Philip because they just hired a new general manager. Steven Jackson, that promo, he's going to be live on air with us tomorrow too. So you know, you're gonna want to check that out. Let's talk about brands brand spoke today about his goals for the seventy Sixers. This season. Take a listen. Goes to develop this young court. Joe wells first time in the playoffs. There was bins first time in the playoffs. We talk about adding the third superstar. We have that third superstar in this room right now and Ford like we have that much talent. They're young, but we have that much talent. So just development and getting farther than we do. Zack. You heard brand talk about the talent, the Sixers, have, how much pressure is there on him in this new role? The next eighteen months are big for them. He's talking about if they're going to get that third star that third big salary before Ben Simmons gets presumably amac's. It starts to get mechanically a little harder. Although the do have trade assets like Miami's pick. It starts to get mechanically little harder just like sly Jimmy Butler slide in there. So it's it's restarting literally. Now Jimmy Butler. It gets interesting, but do you think the pressure is really on Elton Bryant brand in that regard? So I think Elton brand very well respected throughout the league player, and I think now is the front office guy, but I think you know, Brett Brown was in this role for this interim amount of time. We know that Josh Harris is super hands on owner. So to me, this is more of a consortium. It's going to make these decisions. So I think Elton gets to walk in here, and I don't think there's a ton of pressure on him by the way. I think that's excellent. That's an excellent way to bring him into the finance. I think he's going to be a really good GM everybody, those interesting position because they have that salary slot. There's been so much attention on like, oh, why didn't they get a big name player this past summer? Who are they gonna. Next summer on most teams, if you had someone like Joel Embiid, who was a bit of a once in a lifetime player, Ben Simmons who people are saying, he's the next LeBron James, and by the way, Marco Fulton was also the number one pick from us year and we can discuss in a minute how that may or may not turn out. You wouldn't sit there and say, oh, this is a team that really needs a big star, but that is sort of the guy that's been cast for Philadelphia in some ways. I'm, I'm understood that I, I really like Sarah till. On the one hand, you're right because everyone branded this summer like a failure in a big failure and they didn't even get elites walked away from them. There's no failure right now would you have? It was very is failure when these two guys, however, to if you want to win a championship, if a third guy is is not always a prerequisite, but really helps. And you only have so many chances to get one. And so I understand why people are like, you know why? Not if we can why not. I mean, it's really speaks to the pressure of Danny Ainge in the Boston Celtics that little bars about him. How much pressure is there? An brand pressures come in from Boston, right? The whole point of having these two exceptional players is to at least get out of the east and make the finals right. Take a shot at a ring. And when you've got just down the road up up up the road, the road rate stocked team, that's so crazy, very deep Celtics have. I mean, that's sort of creates that pressure to do wanna talk about Marco Foltz because number one pick last year only appeared in fourteen games. During his rookie season. Obviously, one of the more than usual storylines we had last year in the NBA which is saying something considering the storylines we had last season. He's speaking for himself now which I always appreciate. Take a listen. Our new guy drafted. No-one pick for a reason. It was a lot of things going on about changing shots and all this there. But for me, I'm a Hooper. So I was like, man is English Tommy. So people really didn't understand it thought like just being song. I mean, it was really injury now got a chance to just sit down and. And pick apart all these doctors. We figured it out, and I've been back to work this summer and every day is back to even better than what it was. So sixer fans are going to get somebody's gonna come in and play art. I mean, I think I'm gonna be that guy that's going to be able to create create shots for himself and his team mates. I mean, I got in the game when you need a bucket, you don't really have to call the play. I wanted to be special. You know, when I come back and I wanna have people guessing. So I mean this, this going to be good. Thank you. The players Tribune for that video and you look at this young core, there you go. In Philadelphia, Jackie. What do you expect? Because it's so hard to know as he says only in that video, a lot of us still don't understand what the problem was. It's hard to know if that problem fixed. I don't know if you guys saw the post that he gives them social media over the course of the summer, but it was about mental health being joke, and I think Fulton has made sure he's healthy physically. I think he's done something to take care of his mental Welby as well, and and he's working on shot. I think he's going to have a really big year. I think it's crazy for people to give up on this kid after it. You say one funkier that did involve physical health mental health and just weird situation from him from the get-go by the way that was not helped by zone teens. It was a bizarre situation. It was definitely a mental pointed to it. If not the biggest component might have been a mental component. I what are we gonna expect? I, I don't know the player he describes exactly what they need a guy who can run the pick and roll and get into the lane and kicking out. That's exactly what the Sixers, that's what that Boston series kind of exposed. They didn't have that dynamic. His shot looks better. It's still looks a little like the release point is pretty low. It's not the same shot that he had in college. So we'll see. I hope I hope that video proves to be like, I would actually look. Pick up Jack in what you said. He says in the video, oh, people didn't really understand what was going on. Just saying, I'm soft. This is what you have talked about. Sold were look wenttly all summer is that this language has to just we just gotta get away with it and it's not because he can't handle it not talking about the same thing. There is a difference between, hey, he doesn't want to put in the work. He's not tough enough. That's kind of what soft is supposed to mean rate as you won't take. You won't right. That does not apply to, hey, I am dealing with some actual real medical issues. Those are different things, and that's why I believe, you know, I think the Sixers have done a really good job with Markelle Foltz. He's got a clean slate with them and not all teams can afford to do that or willing to do that. I think Brett Brown has made it his his charge to invest in this young man and to spend time with them to understand him. And that's why I think great things are gonna happen for Markelle hope. So that's the one, the one through all of this mess and noise and confusion. The one constant was everybody in that organization. He is a wonderful. On every teammate in that locker room stood up for him, which is the other thing that tells me he's not soft. He's willing to do the work. He had some work to an obstacle to overcome and his trying to overcome them. I wanna talk about another young player entering his second year. Luke Walton telling spectrum sports net that Lonzo ball won't be ready for five on five scrimmages when training camp begins next week. While also said the Lakers quote won't rush Lonzo back ball, of course, Arthur Scott surgery on his left knee into lie, still recovering. So look on the one hand, you can say the organization that really playing it, smart with Lonzo. They rush him young guy. Brian says, all knee surgeries are serious. There's no minor knee surgery. On the other hand, I can't help thinking this is really convenient, right? Because weren't wasn't one of the big questions when they traded for Rondo, who's gonna start as Lonzo gonna get sat. Do they have to worry about you Saiki what if they want? We want Rondo to take serve a leadership role right from the start in the. Bron obviously interested in playing Rondo such smart player is, does this strike you as a nice way to solve that problem? But I think that problem comes back whenever he's healthy because lonzo's better than Rondo even now I think it is in the Lakers interests to start Lonzo and a figure out if you can fit with LeBron. Because to me, that's maybe the biggest question hovering over their team for the next year and be can't. He's gotta look good because they're going to have to start investigating what they get for them. If they just conclude that that's not a match that works and they need them to play, and then even be healthy actually liked the fact that they're doing this because when Lonzo had knickknack injuries last season, there were times. In fact, I remember in the preseason particular, there were whispers, why isn't he out there? Why isn't he playing this idea again, being soft? I think Lonzo heard some of those whispers he had surgery. Okay. So if he needs more time to get back for whatever reason, whether you think he soft or he has a different pain threshold and everybody else, let's be smart about give this kid. Fair shot so they can make the determination that he fits with LeBron the Lakers. I think this is fine. It's interesting though. When you talk about trading, he's not a regular player as a piece to trade. He comes with so much stuff off the court, and there's frankly, some of the stuff is the why the Lakers wanted, right. He had a very high profile coming into draft at a time where it's been very quietly have liked having high profile players from the beginning. He was always never the big. Guys would go at him and he would just say, I'm gonna play, but his persona and obviously created a lot by his family. But his persona was an element of tractive to the Lakers going into that draft. He had the biggest persona, the Lakers love stars. He's from LA all of that stuff, chino hills from the area, but trading him. If that becomes a question. That's a lot to treat for that. I mean, when you guys talk to teams in front offices, the idea Quiring Lonzo, what's the temperature on that people are certainly intrigued by his talent. That's just flashed. It's not an encouraging stat and that needs to change everyone. Roles there is, I don't know that there's any organization that is afraid of lavar or or you know, we couldn't handle it. Every organization is always confident that it can handle anything that team's screwed up. We can right. I don't. I don't think that would be. I don't think we'll prevent the deal. No, I agree. And you know, the the issue is is ever be a complete player even if he's an incomplete player, he still better than the lion share of the rookies was drafted talented kid. He's an interesting kid and, and you wonder, I'm always wondering, what is he thinking? And I, I don't know. Well enough to give you an answer personally. I hope that the Lonzo ball Calcutta Michaud goes on forever because that is fun for me. So we'll say, I hope it works out. Here's what the jump recommends for today is PM dot com. Released their latest NBA rank article. One covers players twenty through eleven, if you like, rankings. Look out for the NBA rank special tonight on ESPN two at eight eastern. We will be right back. Kevin Godley with your head on sportscenter tonight. Six eastern Bruce king tells us why the Browns will beat the jets. Plus, what did Conor McGregor do today that is, must see also a fresh abate from Tony Mike on sportscenter right after PTI. AMI is not that far from these guys that we just doing away is I'm just saying, welcome back to the brass president besides discussing Kyle Lowry's reaction to his decision to trade Rosen for for quite Leonard quote, tile is close to demar and he's going to be sensitive that was a blow to him. I think basketball wise, Kyle is always ready. He's always going to be ready. He's training hard and he will be ready Mr.. Toronto. What do you think of that bite? And what do you think is the new fit of Kyle Lowry? And now Leonard, you'll be ready use a pro. I have no doubt about that messiahs, right? The feelings are hard. I don't know how much they're heard from Kyle all summer because of it. He didn't wanna talk about the team USA in in July, but the fit is going to be great and whatever anger he feels is gonna melt away when he was like, oh, this is really good. He just took the ball from someone in dunk. That was awesome. And not only that, oh my gosh, I'm off the ball. Look at all the spacing. I have because everybody's guarding Kawhi this is going to help Lowery's offense. Game and trims Kyle such a great player is that he is shooting ability, makes him an easy fit with the guy like quad, it'd be a catch and shoot three point guy this year. One thing if I was so interesting about this whole situation with Kyle and tomorrow and the raptors and how the trade went down. You know, the sort of what is now become a regular conversation about loyalty where through the players all time in the franchisor, why do you get on us? When we change is free agent. I understand all that comes up the hate and sort of venom that comes to them when they decide to switch teams and they always wanna make the point. We can get searched anytime. To me. The more interesting discussion around all of that though was the idea of family right that we ask players and not just we as fans, but teams ask, they ask each other, then idea being brotherhood is real. I don't know if you can be successful chasing winning team without having some sort of very close personal relationship. But the guys in that locker room and like a family, it's not a wonderful and sappy, but those those that every championship team I've covered those guys have gotten really close with. Each other. So to win a requirement to win in this league, the guys get really close and then like Collin, demar by the way, didn't even like each other. The first they played together, they didn't even have each other's phone numbers. They didn't speak off the court. They had told me and then they became so close that by this past year, they would practice together all day come home from the facility at night and FaceTime. Each other on the couch is they were both watching basketball games and movies together, and then we split them up. I understand why that is very complicated set of feeling. Well, it's a complicated feelings, but it's also just the way it works. I mean, if if I mean I think there was a chance Kyle Lowry could've gotten traded instead of Dhamar Rosen. And so then we'd be talking about it the other way around. I have to tell you, I did cover a lot of championship. Teams were guys weren't super close off the court. They had chemistry on the court, but you know some of those bulls teams for since they weren't, they weren't, you know, like these two guys. Relationships. Family is actually good comp because I know a lot of families where people aren't super close, but it's deep, emotional relationship, quite literal in Toronto where you walk into their locker room. The first wall that you see is is a bunch of they've attached are sort of melted into the wall. A bunch of like everyone's baby pictures and everyone's pictures of their family. They make. It's not it's on perfectly. We are family. That's what we are in your kids. Part of the family and your parents are part of the family. So what's what's poor Pasqualino do without y'all Purtill for instance, I know that was that was funny. Do without. Good nicely in San Antonio. It's gonna be tough for you. I hope we can help you through this difficult time. I'll be. I'll be okay tomorrow. Leonard is expected to speak to the media for the first time since more or less demanding trade from the Spurs. Would you re said, quote Hawaii determined and seems in the right frame of mind, you will be hearing from him shortly. I think there is a fire inside of him and we are all excited about that. This is my favorite. We call these cars at the bottom of the screen. My favorite topics part of the show because Jacky, when I say, what do you expect to hear from tomorrow? Partly mean what's the sentiment you expect from him? So we don't hear him, speak words very often any. So what do you expect to hear from him? Think what I'm going to hear what you're all going to hear too, is that whatever happened in San Antonio is in the past, I'm not going to discuss that. I'm here to discuss my future and I, I'm going to make it work here in Toronto, and I'm committed to Kyle Lowry into Masai and and to Pasquale and sorry, Yakup that I won't be committed to you and I expect I expect nothing dramatic. I don't expect any fireworks. And I mean, I don't expect him to talk for more than three minutes and we won't understand like two and a half minutes because he'll be talking. So low online here saying, you will be hearing from him shortly. It's like the HR manager's going to call you. Until you're gonna call you, you'll be hearing shortly. Platitudes is going to say, say nothing and then we'll move on with the rest of media. I mean, we'll we'll never know right. What happened you someday we'll know book someone will someone will say something towards down the line. It'll come out. It'll come out someday. Someone says something. Somewhat something it'll come out. It'll happen. Already in that photo there's a day I'm going to be like sort of tourist travelling through, you know, world China, and I'm going to walk into a hut and someone's going to be like, did you see the Woche tweet? That's your right. Something always happens up. Next would be smart to trade for Jimmy Butler. If he doesn't commit to a long term extension, I told you they'd be more Jimmy Butler news. Would any team be so interested desperate toward should be is we'll discuss it next. Friday is to Red Sox Indians in the first game of a three-game series. I a lot of friends very interested in this three gamer, and then our next ESPN thirty for thirty film titled say out it is the story of how junior sale became one of the greatest NFL linebackers of all time only to have his life end in a tragedy that would rock the leak. And I would argue still reverberates today start your subscription is and plus retrial. You can watch those all right time to play the music. I wanna make the spy ring right back people. We know Jimmy Butler preferred list of teams to be traded to the nets Nixon clippers with the clippers being his ideal destinations, we'd be happy with that sentence lose the team porcine in extension with. So the theory is the incentive for the wolves to trade in there as they get more back for him. What about a team? Not on this list, Jackie. Do you think anybody else we were just talking about Philadelphia. Do you think anybody else. Start to make. Oh, so we we were talking off camera about the three teams, the nets, the Knicks and the clippers and the packages they may put together. I find them all to be incredibly underwhelming. I'm right. We were just talking about shea Gill. Alexander everybody says it's going to be a flat out star and how the clippers probably wouldn't want to include him right. Something like that. So if I'm another team, I'm gonna throw my junk. I don't wanna say junk. I'm going to put on my stuff out. I'm gonna throw. I'm gonna make on many levels Jackie. Go ahead. You know, I'm gonna make my offer. It's not going to be the best offer, but at least you know, I'm in the ballpark and and if you if you don't answer my call, why am I any worse for the wear Toronto, not on Kawhi Leonard preferred list, and of course Oklahoma City on, I'm Paul George's preferred list. So there's precedent for this. Worked out for one of those teams TVD Toronto. I think there will be a team, you know, it could be a team that's so good that they think we're going to be a sixty one team right away, and that'll be enough. It could be a team like the heat who is desperate in an celery cap. Hell in always has faith up. If we get a guy here in south beach, in our culture, we can sway him or could be a team with a big salary. This look, even if this guy's pretty good worse in trapped in such salary jail. If we if we've moved the salary for Jimmy and Jimmy leaves and we get off that salary, it's still like a net neutral. Miami is a really, really good. We know how Jimmy Butler nd Wayne Wade are. I mean, even after they parted made in part ways, but even after they were in Chicago, they still spend time trav-. Together in the summer plus think about their culture. They worked their tails off. It's all about defense and body fat, and they had the hardly the best owner in the NBA in Mickey. Yeah. So Jimmy would be where he confessed rated with some of the players in the locker room. The presumption is that he would be all in on the team culture. Although look Tom would argue that he has been trying to set that same team culture with the wolves doing the body fat thing though. Just wondering because you know the heat, do that still do do just crazy. Write a whole book someday on all the ways guys tried to beat the body fat index, right? The mood. They also do the ipad thing. Yeah. They all have stories, have stories. Publicly on television. Jackie MacMullan is one of my favorite humans on earth. We can move on just all the. Let's go team. Let's go to a team basketball. Why do they always do that? Why. That is Jimmy Butler list Knicks and I'm media day with a lot more of those pictures. The teams has been adamant about not trading graphics or young players upcoming free agents Dino's even after the Jimmy Butler news broke reiterated it to day. This is fresh quote. We feel comfortable with our organization where we're going, what we're developing here. We think when it's time to go after free agents, we'll be a place that will attract those free agents. We shouldn't use our draft picks like that. Instead, we will go out and attract dies speaking like an organization that traded a boatload of Denver for a guy that could have gotten. I'm just saying it is a is a tent pole decision among the New York Knicks history that would assume they regret clearly they do, and they regret a lot of other things that have happened in the last senior. Again. I look. I don't see if they're going to trade fraternity Butler. I don't think I don't think they would ever put in what the wolves would want. And I think they're being honest, I'm gonna take them at their word. They've said it over and over again. I think they're keeping Knox Miller kina and they're picking those are the three big assets that they have bet they keep all three. And if you're the timber wolves, those are the three asset you want unless you want to give me a Kristaps Porzingis which we all know break. This is why I think it's going to be interesting to follow his Jimmy Butler thing because if you take the three teams and you see what they, what they're offering, if on the timber wolves, that is not what I want for Jimmy Butler. I need somebody to give me something different. See, I'm I'm of the belief that it's worth whatever you decide you can live with. Maybe it's just one of those guys you mentioned right? Partying the way with them or, you know, maybe knock, she me just want whatever you decide right ever. There's always something I do that trade for six pack of whatever, whatever it is something that is your low. Well, of course, I would do if it's going to be that that make the offer because. Exactly. I do think that sometimes team sort of just decide that, oh, well, that would never get it done. And then you have these teams stuck with. They are stuck with players who don't want to be there, but I'm telling you, Tibbs is stubborn, stubborn, you wait, and you wait and wait, and maybe a big star gets hurt on one of these other contending teams, and then you trait Jimmy Butler if I'm him, why am I trading him? Now? I can't think of one. Good reason. Why if I'm Tibbs trading Jimmy Butler right now. Well, how poisonous do you think the locker room environment was anyway, we'll be clearly was anyway, we're hearing about it. That's the only difference they played. They made the playoffs. Let Jere with that poison. His line, I think they would make it again this sure if they'll sit together. I mean, the left is loaded, but I think if Jimmy and Carl or healthy, that's a good team, not a great team, but good team. I mean, I it is. It's tough dynamic, and and Tibbs is obviously as we know it, tough coach, right? I mean, he's not known for sort of Phil Jackson like sessions of people getting out there. Feelings. He's not. He's not a. He's not a cuddly buries a grizzly bear, right? But you know what? That's supposedly what Jimmy Butler wanted a grizzly bear. Right. I mean, in terms of making. Well, I mean, I think you have some point. You just say, hey, you're all men were paying a lot of money. Do your job. I don't wanna hear anything more. Jake do your job or go on the court and play hard. We play well, we focus on the stuff that tips teaches. They're gonna win forty, eight forty, nine fifty games, but it looks like the ship assailed. I would also say in that instruction, maybe stay off the social media for a while because. That's not helping out. I don't know. I wouldn't pick a fight with Stephen Jackson. I just don't understand where anybody's decided to do that at all. We're going to have stack on the show. As I said tomorrow, live from Philadelphia training camp finally opens usually in the month leading up to train in campus, super quiet that has this year, but I'm excited for basketball star getting played again. Thank you to these lovely people for joining us. We will see.

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