Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 1)


<music> Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning. How you feeling good man I was GonNa say we still got a key and Travis out on their vacations you and me again l.? Z. Of course Chris went join them. Apparently Chris went and joined them but we brought back roaring trade. I'm so glad that you out. He forgot how to work by rusty this side of the button there you go rusty like Kenta Maeda yesterday. It was all Arado it was going to happen and it did it was going to happen is this is I I mean to me. I didn't really care because when you see the scenario right play the game jumping to play go to different time zone high altitude is just it was set up to happen. Exactly what happened we had the most is lopsided loss of the season and you look at the schedule you go yeah yeah and lopsided it was nine one loss to the rockies Ken to my Ada. Just just four innings seven hits given up six runs five of them were earned and there were more defensive issues <hes> for the dodgers <hes> doc Peterson having some struggles Max muncie having some issues and eventually it led to Jock Petersen in the eighth inning not running out a grounder and Dave Roberts pulling him. Oh yuck out pull jock uphold because he did not think the effort was there. Dave Roberts an Jack Petersen actually after the game agreed with Dave Roberts. I think that <hes> yeah it is unprofessional and let the emotions get the best me and I need to <hes>. I'm better than that. Is the most trusted today. There's no single anything it's a combination of things but yeah he's got to be so sick of playing first first-base really about first base. I think it is though I think to some degree. It's about this or visit outfield. He would run that out. I don't know if he was in the field. He would've been and his frustrated to reach a point where he didn't run the thing out. I mean like this. This is starting to pile up jock. I mean like the idea that he's put in this position essentially to fail fail because there's nobody else to do it and it's like the the teams cushion in the division is sort of being used against Jack Petersen like when it comes to being put first base where everyone knows this isn't what he does and he's not necessarily even doing great. The dodgers can just afford to put him there but he sorted ends up the within boy in the in the process. I don't think he was the whipping boy. I just think that Dave Roberts doesn't want to allow bad habits to seep into this team then. If you allow one thing to sort of happen that's considered unprofessional than at one becomes two two becomes four four becomes eight next you know you've derail rail. What is supposed to be world? Series run. Dave Roberts data right things. Jacques Peterson knows it. Oh Yeah even in the midst of frustration. You still have to do the right thing absolutely so so I'm not I'm not condoning only only the bad team goes at doesn't matter we're going to lose and I know I'm on your team does not condoning <unk> owning doctors say there. There's there is he's back now. I'm not condoning I'm just saying I think that they're related matters. I Dave Roberts did the right thing. You're absolutely correct and you want to make sure that that attitude doesn't end up seeping through the entire clubhouse particular time where the dodgers by their standards standards have been losing more games you know six yeah then then they're accustomed to and it's not the end of the world but you it would not shock me at all all if Peterson is ready for somebody else to be playing I in for him to go back of course of course he probably want that but you know for the sake of this conversation. It's about this one little moment in time in about the timing of when it happened they've lost for six. He was over for for the day. He's frustrated because this isn't his position now he this is not his position he somewhat being embarrassed trying to play that position but he's trying to you know keep his head up and and and be a good teammate and due to think David David ask of him and maybe the frustration they come out but just because the frustration come out just like with Bauer the other day through into baseball out of the freaking you you know you you that I'm going to go on the idea taken that ball and throwing it from the mound in the centre. Yeah I mean I it is listen President Peterson and running out. I feel like a man would have gone all the way I feel like every pitcher right before they leave the game when the managed about to pull them they should take the ball and throw innocent. That'd be great. That'd it'd be awesome and like you get shamed even more if you can't do it yeah what if you only hit the warning track yeah. Oh yeah you should like that. She might you kershaw. You've you've been trading him for years. No no I have not been cleared traders you guys treat. We need to help the bullpen help. Dodgers apparently happen talking talking with the pirates about sleep a vast using nails left <hes> left handed reliever <hes> late inning can also be closer but there is a hold hold up over the prospects of dodgers would have to give up the pirates thus far have been asking for Gavin Lux a highly prized middle infielder and the dodgers gers have said no to that point yeah and this is where it gets. This is where it gets N._B._A.. Ish Yeah Right. Do you trade await Lonzo Ball Josh hard and Brandon Ingram for your version of Anthony Davis though from a town in the commerce accomplishment perspective is not apples to apples the conversation about do you give your youth off that you have a lot of faith in exchange for fixing what you need right now for the hopes of winning a championship this is tough and it's going to me tough for a Lotta dodger fans. 'cause that's key real. We don't know who Gavin luck says. We haven't seen him every day. We don't know what he does. We don't know why he's a valued the way he is so it makes it more difficult for us to say whether or not we should train them. No the main business inside baseball as inside baseball. I was GonNa say and the main thing we know is that the dodgers front office they they covet Gavin lock they cannot he's really good and they've been very good at evaluating talent there this front office does that very well. We've seen it with cody bellinger. We've seen it with core seger. We've seen it with Walker. Bueller like they're good at keeping their is on really good players so if they think they're good there's probably a reason to believe him right but the flipside is going to the world series two years in a row. You haven't went one. You've got a real opportunity in front of you and the bullpen does need addressing and as much of as much as a crapshoot as bullpens can be and guys can can be in and out with their effectiveness. Joe Kelley was awesome in the world series last year and Boston almost left him off the postseason roster. There are certain guys that you know our are great. Philippi Vasquez. You know is great. You know he is yeah. I mean and you know we need an arm. Pride need a couple of hours be quite honest. Yes my condition but we'll hill eventually we don't we don't know what Gavin Lux is. Are we know all STA track record of the Dodgers Front office and you you know you jokingly mentioned the trade for Kershaw her. I wanted to trade for Chris Sale when I talked about Kershaw but they want him bellinger and at the time I was like who cares it's Chris Sale. Get Chris Mad bub-bubba now. It's like Oh Aweso grabby Care Belhadj. I'm glad they didn't listen to me but I hadn't seen balance well. Here's the difference right. I hadn't seen him right you had this is the same thing Gavin Lux could be the next bellinger sir. Here's the thing though I mean the difference to me contractually because you're right I mean a few years ago. I would have said like yeah all right. I mean if you need to give ballengee Nego bellinger because I wasn't as familiar with them either either but the dodgers also didn't have as many young players that that have now become ever gay guys for them like at the time some of this youth they were all in the the minor leagues and you were looking for them to create a foundation. The dodgers now actually have a foundation with some of these young players so at this point you have to start thinking about the idea that you're not going to be able to keep mall anyway waking up with keyshawn and his boys. It's kind of like that milk <music> splashing on your cereal in the morning. Little Jian are from the Terminator two soundtrack. This might have been the last good song. Actually she made. Hey Hey I'm sorry but they went down once once actually started getting on the piano and thinking he was like artists artists. It was a raft at back November rain. Come after this <hes> knows around the same time you will take that back off of this was the this was a round win. Use your illusion. Yeah came out awful now. Those were great job. You don't go from appetite to destruction and talking about all the party and Mister Brownstone and night train to sitting on the piano talking You Baby. That's how you get off the boat Brown what Ellie that's how you go away from Mr Brownstone out at your sensitive. He likes his artists to be arrested development like him. Yes that's what made them guns and roses roanoke diversity lose. Your illusion destroyed mess up their Credit Alaska. It's only maybe why are we playing this own. Gentlemen Happy Birthday Arnold Schwarzenegger and of course this was <hes> to the Terminator to Terminator two which is one of the best sequels ever do sitting in that theater watching that thing with the special effects in that little terminator coming after them. I skip school. I I was in high school. Class went to the pizzeria snuck a whole eighteen inch pizza into the theater in my book bag and crushed. Sometimes you have to fold that thing or we split it in half and was two bags crushed that we crushed phoenix. Hamilton escaped raped wow we we were little later. We'll do we'll bring back a little something called <hes> three to hardaway hard way so it takes some suggestions on the basically the four best Arnold Schwarzenegger films and we gotTa pick three of them. Yeah one of them will be eliminated for for all of time so hit us up on twitter at CAM brothers at L Z granderson and L Z granderson granderson at E._S._p._N.. Los Angeles Raj at Raj groves hit us up with your best for Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and then we're going to combine them together. Semi that hard I know kindergarten cop is going to be it'll be up there. You tend to be only has three really good movies and then a fourth one. We all just got agreed. You know I don't know about that really good movies. Yes they terminator one was. It's not a really good model. Yes it is it is yes. It is not a really good move. That is a great movie. You know why you know only reason why it's great is because he says I three words in it. He's the bad guy he has a bad guy. He was minutes. I'll be back. He was great Predator close total having recall at the time was awesome to recall was pretty the one with the chick they had to the three yes yes. It is the three you got your running man. You got your Predator than he's running. Man was also fantastic about twins wins vacation. That's basically use your illusion. I will not have any more gene are slander all right so there is is perhaps a little bit of feuding going on not just between Ezekiel Elliott and the cowboys Ezekiel Elliott famously wants a new contract. He has been holding out. He has not been apart of cowboys training camp. They're up in Oxnard right now. He is currently in Kabo as Ezekiel Elliott doing his training but Jerry Jones Jones has weighed in on the absence of Ezekiel Elliott who we should remember was last year's rushing champion. Jerry Jones talked about whether or not he is essential essential for being there. You don't have to have a rushing champion to win. A Super Bowl but Emmett was the first one to do it and that's one of the dilemmas running back is that the League knows that you can win super bowls and not have the Emmett Smith back. There are not have Z. back there consequently quaintly when we are looking and putting Zeke's contract in place. We've gotTA realize that the ultimate goal is to win the the Super Bowl and so you've gotta do all of the things along with having Zeke that allow you to have other players so that you can win the Super Bowl. Oh interesting how he starts out by saying that you don't need a Russian champion to win the Super Bowl but then points out Emmett Smith who was a primary reason why they won the last super bowls that they have but he also said he was the first yeah which means a super bozo one before that wasn't point and obviously every every time the Tom Brady hose up a trophy. He's done it without the rushing that is true that is true. I don't think <hes> Aaron Aaron Rodgers had a running back. Since Brett Farve was the starter right a minute. It's been a minute. It's been a minute <hes>. This is hard to argue when he says that on the heels of the N._F._l.. Coming off the least amount of Russia's in the history of his league but what I would say is this yes it is true. You don't need the rushing leader to win the Super Bowl but you need your best player Yes to win. The Super Bowl and the question is is is Ezekiel Elliott your best player take the position out in instead implant the impact it has on the team if Ezekiel Elliot's your best team your best player I would argue that you don't win without your best player only example I can think of the Philadelphia Eagles. If you believe Carson Wentz the best plan to go on to win with Nick folks <hes> that's good. That's good now. I can tell you this by watching obviously being a cowboy fan. He's not only their best paid their most important player cobwebs or built for third and Short Adak third insurance. They're not built for thirty eight thirty seven without Zeke putting yourself in situations and exposes Dak for the average quarterback years. That's about to get elite money for some reason in that's not a good thing for the cowboys I don't I don't know if I agree with with your analysis. I think you're blinded by the fact that you're a cowboy fan and you haven't won since you were in elementary school so you bitter but you're right in the sense of in the past that had not been as effective as you would like. You're starting quarterback to be without without his running going back but always also saying the past Jason Garrett did a Piss poor job of preparing the team to have like without Ezekiel. This is different. Now you've had more time you've had ways to introduce more more elements more wrinkles to your offense but yeah and you have Amari Cooper. You didn't have Amari Cooper before or you were trying to make do with an agent with a deck speaking of Alphabet as a new one of those speaking of Alfred Morris the cowboys going to bring him back cowboys. I'M GONNA sign him right now and Ezekiel Elliott's APPs Nice deal yeah. He's familiar with what they do. Th the cowboys are in a really interesting position because on they got three guys they need to figure out paying in Dak Prescott Ezekiel Elliott Amari Cooper well. I mean that's no different than how you're GonNa Pay Troy Aikman Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith. I'm just saying like there are three very different contexts. I think in terms of how you would figure out who to prioritize WHO's most important with Dak Prescott. I think I think he's better than average is a quarterback. I think you agree to Raja's a little bit different but everyone would agree. He's respected in that locker. Oh He's a leader. He's definitely a leader and that leadership your ship matters. Yes and it's going to be difficult to find a quarterback who's better than Dak Prescott on the open market and the cowboys are looking to win right now so he he matters in that sense Amari Cooper you gave up a ton to bring him in <hes> so you don't want to end up losing twice by not having that guy around but as you said L Chelsea and I agree Ezekiel Elliott is the best of the three of them however he's also not just because the position is more expendable in today's N._F._l.. He's given you the most reasons to be nervous about committing. He's in Kabul eaten ships GUAC right now well he's training. He's not training and he's drinking Margaritas. Hope there's no idiom festival down mirror because the off the field issues and things he just doesn't get into stuff in New Orleans I mean idea of Ezekiel Elliot going to Kabul to train the joke that writes itself. I mean like like what could possibly go wrong with. Ezekiel Elliott going unsupervised down to Kabo to train where Kabul is a hotbed for N._F._l.. Players I'm sure there's a facility down there. Where am I correct Raj murmuring this isn't that where Tony Romo and <hes> Simpson's yeah isn't that where they went where everyone killed them and you had a bye week and they lost the game him and Witton right yeah they they went down the Kabo and everyone who trained trained trained? Yeah we saw in training on lawn chairs was all photos Jessica Simpson right. It was pretty big justice but he's he I remember remember. Everyone used to kill him. Just for Dayton Jessica Simpson fourteen in two year. I believe they had the bye week and came back and proceeded to lose the game at home. Of course everyone blamed it on Kabul and Jessica Simpson and Romo cobbles undefeated Romo's laws but I mean like if you're in the cowboy front office the idea of Zeke being down in in Kabul to train. That's that's the front office if you're a member of Zeke's team and you're trying to get your client paid why in the Hell L. Are you putting him in position to not be successful. If you're trying to convince the cowboys that one you've matured and change to that you're you're going to be ready to rock and roll as soon as soon as we signed a new contract and I guess we're going next week. Guys were going to Goto O._C.. That's right ASSOC- weeks and make sure you join us for E._S._p._N.. O._C. Week starting on August fifth. I believe that's money if I look at my calendar in an outdoor O._C.. Live remotes. That's where we get lit which all we have <hes> we put them in the air. Do shot chart shots and it's your chance to win an Anthony Davis this number three Jersey you see behind guys got got jerseys all behind you. More gives the net but you must be present to win so for a complete list of our E._S._p._N.. AC- events follow us on twitter instagram and facebook at E._S._p._N.. Los Angeles the morning show better much better. You feel more banger. This is what I'm talking about big baby due to do. That's a strange mix. I think it went. I was thinking going together. Naturally you're been this is my mom my seat that this move Hori on ever who's your who's your strolling intro for you made the move now says aw man. I've not heard this in a long time as a reason for it happy birthday Paul Anka seventy seventy seven years old must be nice to have an iconic song like this yeah seventy. Seven people still know that song people still remember this. It's like people like him. Barry manilow like Neil diamond diamond well neil diamond had more hits and I guess Barry Manilow had more hits like I don't know how much much I don't really know how much Paul Anka had I just remember this one more. I looked at Lenny Kravitz what you don't know about that that one but no use your illusion three nothing like that but he's got a couple. I looked at I recognize it. Let's see here Paul Anka seventy seven years old <hes> what else <hes> you are my destiny and Diana dirty dirty Diana Rachel yeah original dirty Diana and he wrote the music for Tom Jones including including his biggest hit. She's a lady Oh. He's a he's a Les Hacen Most Oh and guess what he also did with Michael Jackson. I never heard Diana. No I never heard he remixed Diane. What is IT I? I never heard the name of it so I don't think it did hurt so he did some things things man he does. You know doing some things from Ottawa Canada my my parents. My parents probably still go see Paul Anka. If given the opportunity of Paul Anka rolled in Saint Saint Louis. My parents probably would still Easter with US correct. Yes okay. Let's see here make sure trust to run down. Just a run down Raj Dot Com all right so Anthony Davis vis recently went up okay. You said how old he is. Seventy seven ish ways the he seventy run down. He says I was GonNa say what's your in that range come on. Does it matter it matters to Paul Anka. He's alive one thirty seven. Something's messing. No I mean I remember when my grandfather on my dad's side <hes> before or eventually end up passing but I remember every time I asked him. You know how you doing. Grandma is responsible is being still alive like once you get to that age like every single day a is like some. It's like a matter of principle you WANNA point out. I'm still here at once you get in your late seventies or eighties like you WanNa make sure everyone knows you're still alive. Have you seen seen it on his wife. Paul Anka's wife. You heard me know Lisa Pemberton pimpernel <hes> her last name is Pinkerton P. E. M. B. E. R. T. O. N.. Okay are they said Pinkerton Pinkerton Twenty Sixteen Paul. Anka wants to garage a little bit longer. Anka definitely wants to be alive. I have no he's not trying to check out early. How who good for Paul Anka so Anthony Davis was on Sarah Sarah Spain's podcasts and he hit on a variety of topics but the most basket Bali was the question of championships over the course of his career? He's famously only been to the playoffs twice only been into the second round once and he addressed the idea of what it would mean if he never won a championship over the course of his career a failure that I've had <hes> yeah <hes> obviously you know in my career. I don't win a championship that it'd be awfully as one of my biggest failures but right now I still you'll have a lot to do and where you know on and off the court so I don't think I felt anything you know I think I just <hes> do it over and said you know concede that. Do we put too much. Do you think like as far as judging success or failure with careers. Do you think we put too much. Championships like as opposed to just judging aging how you actually played in your career. I would say that the hypertension tours championships defining hypertension hyper hypertension kills me hypertension. <hes> I would say at that focus was really something happened like in the eighties or whatnot yeah back in the day when you still have the A._B._A.. N._B._A. Involved I think we really valued or just enjoy watching guys ball and then all of a sudden the focus came in on championships defining whether or not you are successful plan was really it was the George vacation of the N._B._A.. In a Lotta ways sports like my I think Michael Jordan you know with those six championships and being undefeated in the finals in particular regular and everybody forgetting about all the time where he couldn't even get to the finals and everybody forgetting like there was a period where people questioned whether or not Michael Jordan win like it seems insane insane now but that that happened a lot yeah. Julie actually started winning right because it was about whether or not he could play in a team like you could. He left him a team Yada Yada Yada but but Anthony Davis I would say his career would be a failure only in a sense of when you call call your own shot the way that he has. You're putting a target on yourself. When you go to your front office or your age and go to the front office and says I want to be traded and I want to be traded here and you disrupt the structure of one franchise an-another another under under the guise of I'm trying to win then when you get your wish you Betta come through otherwise? What was that all four well he didn't he didn't just disrupt one France right? That's disrupted too. So what is what does it all for and argue you know three and a sense of what other pieces had to be moved before that as a result of what he did so when you make that kind of shy call you gotta come through especially when you linked up with someone in conversation of greatest of all time so you force your way out of New Orleans to shoehorn yourself onto a team team that has some want still very much and you know it's on the back end but still very much in his prime who's in a conversation greatest of all time if you do all of that and you don't know what the chip at the end of the day the yeah I would consider that a failure is l z secretly doing a morning show on some some other radio station. We explore the answer coming up next on the morning show guys. We've got some movement in the polls. That's what happens when the post going well. It's not really a poor but it's a question at Andy knows <hes> because we're going to do three to hardaway later in the best three on all sorts of movies but the ones that are getting the votes are total recall Terminator One and two we have to decide between them to the running man and Predator but then in an honorable mention is a kindergarten cop getting some votes here. I'm dead serious various. It's cute. It's cute for what it is. I guess it's not Arnold top four top. Four Arnold movie movie true lies was really July's fun okay Kinda. You know what else is fun. No I'm still waiting for it to show up. What did we want to help you? Can you can bring it over. Yeah sure well. The first one is I can't get no satisfaction but you set it up. Well no bring like do you have any your phone. Just bring it over yeah but then you get to see my phone. I bring my computer to thank you you mean it's not clear there's technical difficulties with L Z accessing list for some live I I sent last night but I sent her a on my screen writing computer which is Exactly exactly I was such a computer screen writing anyway in case you didn't know this week history was made. Oh alone breaks director we seventeen weeks atop the billboard hot one hundred dude. It cannot be overstated how much the popularity already of that song is being propped up by elementary school kids all over this country. I have an eight year old daughter. She's obsessed with that song. Her friends <music> are all obsessed with it. She wants a Porsche. Now wants to pour. She can't tell her nothing no. She's actually asked me about getting a Porsche because of that song because that's all she'd never heard of a Porsche Dylan where what's worse. Let go with the Song Oh <hes> who go spend in a lot of time in our household. I'm sure it did well anyway. Supplanting Mariah Carey and Boyz to man that has sixteen weeks a number one as well as d'esposito but I decided to try to be super duper oprah ambitious and put together my top ten list of the all time iconic number one songs at a hell of an undertaking man. It's a hell of an undertaking. It was a lot of scotch involved. I would think I'm just gonNa tell you right now. I screwed up okay because there's always going to be an argument for something. Coming in at number ten is rod says I can't get no satisfaction by the rolling stones. It's an iconic song. I don't think it's their best but it's iconic. It's not the best and that's important. It's not the artist's best song as not even a great song necessarily but its impact on society and the trajectory actually of music history cannot be denies lutely absolutely coming in at number nine Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. What are you gonNA play that normally complete? Oh you gotta songs. You didn't have your list ready this yesterday. He's got a song list on different phone your <hes>. She got comeback in here this come on man computer. I know what it did. He's got like a computer something so <unk> Billie Jean to some people may be considered low on this list but if you consider Michael Jackson Star was already pretty well established by the time the song came out when you think about the fact that it wasn't the first single off thriller and you think about the fact that when people think about Michael Jackson thriller I what was the first single off <hes> through. I remember girls. That's fine. That was the first thing first thing was the girl is mine. Yes really the first thing N._p._R.. Number two boy man they did it really really. I was gonna say that sounds like a mistake but I guess I was wrong. If it got the number two all within this is icon I was going to say this is iconic just from the video along with with the squares here's lighten up on the sidewalk absolutely and then of course the Moonwalk yes yeah when he performed it during the motown twenty five yes I mean introducing the moonwalk a it really however problematic Michael Jackson may be now can't deny what this was number eight is hound dog now most people think of the Elvis Presley cover of it which is true but this is being recorded more than two hundred times call perkins that the Yes what a two hundred times this song has been covered and I think he was on us. You're losing too as a matter of fact everyone has gotten to the number. Seven is like a virgin by Madonna the it's not our best. No it is it is not our best Saul however when you think about where we were society back in nineteen eighty four one thousand nine hundred eighty five do just the MTV video awards performance of this yes deliver the first award for the video awards she performed like a virgin and a wedding dress yeah and oh by the way thanks to now Rogers still hose up because of the baseline that's pretty good. He is inaccessible everybody everybody by the way Lindsey Buckingham Making big time comeback the point is it had to be come back. You guys thought it wouldn't be close. I think I one number six bridge over troubled water. Yeah just absolutely who you choose to Aretha version nice work we know now as originally done by Simon and Garfunkel but obviously like hound dogs been recorded by everybody in their Mama. aretha Franklin says one of the more or I kinda that's GonNa be tough to like when you already have a really good version and then aretha desserts and you're like all right. It's better to reversal you said are you guys I still from us. We stole from you for coming in at number five. I will always love you by Whitney Houston. It's hard to deny not by her though not her version okay yes atention. No one pays attention to pardons version. Even though obviously karate pardon is the author of the code the writer of one of the most beautiful breakup songs. I think no it's actually Dolly Parton Song Yeah. Your people knew Arosh. People is the biggest country fan. We have your number four the twist yes. Let's do that connick. You know why does something so iconic. Why why because you know it was released in a fifty fifty part about is the follow up on the song? Let's let's twist again. The fat boys did their version of the check around the bad boys. Yes yeah this song is like almost sixty years old and you know it yeah and you know it yeah. I hate to minute but you're right. I mean one one of the things that make iconic songs iconic. Obviously it's a longevity of it and speaking of longevity. I double dog dare you to go to any championship any in wedding and not here number three. I mean it's not their past. This is the anthem of the one thousand nine hundred cardinals when they win. The world. Series is the anthem period. It's so good this is when you think about we are the champions and you know we will rock you and all the the favourite sort out of sports anthem songs out there to only I can think of that could be heard at an arena and New York City and a wedding and Mobile Alabama is a celebration. Your credit is not cool gangs best but it's really good. It's translates and a lot of different uses absolutely number two. She's back. <hes> Aretha Franklin giving me a little reminds me of the Blues Brother's four fried chickens and a coke. I think we've said it wants you said it a thousand times may not necessarily be her best <hes> but everybody knows our he is not in writing song talked about and he said like she she took it from him in basically made it better which Otis redding by the way yeah he didn't have much help you know and then the number one most iconic number one song by the Beatles as Dedi car yesterday. I believe this is the most covered song ever it very good. Actually there's like against Christian yeah like it's officially the most covered song ever like the interesting thing about trying to put together. Such an ambitious list is that there's so many iconic songs that actually didn't peaking number one like I wanted to put imagine on this list but imagine pete that number three. I gotTa tell the number one did a pretty good job with this. He likes you came in saying what he did it well. This is actually pretty good considering how hard it was. It was very very hard. How hard was it? It was so tough I went through almost a half butterscotch Scotch. I could see this way. You can't find a list. I wrote it on my screen. Writer compute probably won't be able to fund Peter to either Josh and the O._C.. Wants wants to weigh in on <hes> Arnold's best come to visit us. Josh Neo see Oh yeah. I'm here in the N._F._C.. I'm surprised you guys have not mentioned Terminator Thirty those remember the girls get enhance and stuff and then we have arnold right there like unhugged <hes> pity duty Arnold Christmas comedy action. Did you say comedy. I love you guys. Love your steak you guys did he say that call was comedy. No he was dead serious on hold. I look jingle all the way it's a great holiday. Movie Has Action Comedy Bubble. He was dead serious. He wanted to come. I want to give props to jingle all the way so we might have added to the list because it's getting a lot of both impediments to since you looking at

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