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podcast listeners, we are amazing avenue, the espy nation, New, York mets site. I'm Chris McShane and every week Brian Salvator and I discussed the current state of the mets Automated Avenue Audio. The show we try to look at the mets from a somewhat logical point of view and not get too deep into panic city. We also answer your emails, give weekly music recommendations and try not to get too frustrated with the team. You can find the show on Apple podcasts on stitcher on spotify wherever you get your podcasts and let's go mets. Hello giants fans will welcome to a new edition of the Valentine's news podcast here Biglou radio part of your SP nation family of podcasts host Ed Valentine of Big Blue View, and this is your Tuesday August eighteenth edition of the podcast coming to you one day after the giants held their first, fully padded practice of two thousand twenty. Yours truly was able to be in attendance on Monday. So well, let's talk about a few things that that we saw on Monday I lots to lots of talk about Joe Judge. Making players run laps after making mistakes on four different occasions on Monday? We saw players. Run laps after after making mistakes including once when a full position group or a full group of offensive players had to run had to run out after messing up a play some folks I know hall of Famers Shannon Sharpe has a problem with this. I think former New England Patriot tight end. Benjamin. Watson. tweeted that he agreed with. with, Sharp listen I have no problem with it at all. Obviously this type of of environment where you're making players run laps after making mistakes with professional athletes it's not something that's going to be able to be a long term thing. It's not something you're going to be able to get away with for years and years, but the New York giants are a team that have. Won. Twelve Games over the last three years they've gone twelve, thirty, six JOE judge was hired for a reason he was hired because what's gone on with the giants for the better part of the last eight years is just not acceptable. This is his way of of driving home. The point that these players need to be better that there are certain expectations that they have to meet. that. There are certain standards that have to be met if they're going to win football games and I just don't have a problem with that I know people will say it's a check approach. Judge doesn't have the pedigree of a Belichick to to get away with this to pull it off to be able to to do this without losing some of his players and my response to that is look again, twelve and thirty six over three years. A team that is not established a team with players who shouldn't be content a team with players who should be glad that their head coach and their coaching. Staff are not content with watching mistakes that wants to push them to a higher standard that wants to make them better. So I no problem with it. Obviously, as I said, it's not a an approach that's going to be a long term thing. You can't do this with with guys who have been around the legal longtime with guys who have been established with guys who have won before I. in that case, it's just not going to fly right now though I have no problem at all with Judge in his coaching staff being hard on these players, the giants as I said have been bad and. Something has to change will this work who knows but but something has to change and for now I have zero problem with with judge you know doing this making players run laps I know professional athletes don't like it but tough as sterling shepherd said, you want to avoid running laps just don't make mistakes are a couple of couple of impressions from practice. Now, let me be honest. The viewpoint we had wasn't great a lot of the the first team work that was done was on the far end of the field far away from reporters with with a lot of players in the way. But just a couple of notes the during one on one drills, which is cornerback wide receiver drills, the the wide receivers for the giants far, and away got the better of that. There was a lot of yelling at the cornerbacks a lot of screaming about improper technique, a lot of screaming about guys grabbing and holding and not playing near technique properly listen we know cornerback is is an issue for the giants going into the two thousand and twenty season and There's going to be growing pains who looks like Darna homes whether it's in the slaughter outside Darnay homes seems like a guy who's going to play a big role for the giants. But you know that was one takeaway that I had on Monday was that it was kind of a rough day at least in the in the one on one work. Kind of a rough time for cornerbacks who who have a lot of work to do for the giants and and you know maybe it will come to a situation eventually where when we get closer to the regular season, the giants will need to to look to supplement that that position with with guys who let by other teams or with with players like. Ryan who are currently still free agents on the market and available right now, interesting news yesterday that the giants moved on from placekicker Chandler Caton Zarro and are intending to sign former Carolina Panthers Graham Gano I look at that as an upgrade from zero If Gano who missed last year with it with the left knee injury is healthy. He's been a good NFL kicker for a long time. Believe he's got ten years of experience in the League have played for the panthers for a while while Dave gettleman was GM there. So gettleman knows a lot about. Not. Surprised at all by. Via the giants move to get know perhaps they had originally signed and Zara because he was available because they didn't know if they were going to be able to get no or another veteran kicker, and they wanted to have a kicker in camp once they got rolling so So they signed CATTON's Ro but I look at this as long as Gano is healthy. I look at this as an upgrade for the giants from Zarro to to Gano couple of of players who impressed yesterday. Backup quarterback Colt McCoy through a lot of nice passes on on Monday couple of lows too wide receiver CJ board player that the giants claimed on waivers a few days ago from from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Board probably made the best to catches of the day that I saw one in the left hand corner of the end zone leaping over a cornerback another one on a really well thrown back shoulder fade by McCoy where he made a sprawling catch right at the pipeline. At the pylon for a would be touchdown so good days for those couple of guys. Asked big move you about offensive line play listen really hard to judge offensive line play off of one practice especially when guys were on the other end of the field and and we simply didn't have a real good look at them. there. There's been questions about about Nick Gates and Shane Lemieux what position guys are playing and listen. There are some rules that the NFL has put in place about what we can tweet what we can talk about what we can report. What I can tell you is that Gates Lemieux, Tyler Hey craft all of these guys were seen in multiple positions. On Monday as Gioja had joe judge had promised guys would get work in multiple spots. They'd be cross trained and we saw a lot of that. Of course you know gates is a guy who might be the starting center might be the starting right tackle lemieux fifth round pick guard, and center. Hey craft is an undrafted free agent who was a collegiate tackle. Was Thought to be a guy who who could move inside a and that's what we saw on Monday there were times when. Guys would line up together and on one play a guy would be at center. In the next play he would flip flop and play guard. You know with the guy with the guy next to him taking the center spot. So indeed judge is cross training moving guys back and forth we saw guys in the secondary. Inside and outside. So that's a work in progress. You won't be able to. We won't be giving you full lineups and who the starters are and how everything's aligned at least not as of right now those that really is not. Not Allowed under the current NFL rules for folks who were who are covering NFL training camp practices. All right. What I want to do now, giants fans, we're going to take a short break for a word from our sponsors. Then we're going to play some audio from from Monday's press conference. 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First Up, you'll hear giants coach Joe Judge talking about players running those lap owes consequences on feel for make mistakes in a game of caution, five ten or fifteen yards you our practices be consequences to learn the mistakes. Next up. You'll hear Joe Judge talking about the efficiency of practice, the pace of practice and what the giants are hoping to get out of out of each practice. It's always a work in progress Tom I think the energy enthusiasm for players coaches. You know that's been really. Really. Good. We've got to make sure that we limited time to practice with gives much Thomas limits ninety minutes on the field way to expand the time is by running make sure it's working all times. You know coach done a good job organizing orient talking or flares were going through the practice arts. Our players understand those herbs more doing trying to make sure everybody maximized time of field maximize the reps chance evaluate every body of them to improve their individual techniques next up giants wide receiver. Sterling. Shepherd who was asked about. Whether or not the giants who don't really have a true number one right wide receiver have enough at the at the wide receiver position Shepherd. Interestingly also reminded people not to forget about tight end Evan. Ingram I think we're okay with making plays I think that's the only thing. That's important. When it all boils down this key trust the guy to make a play. And I think that we have three guys that are able to do that and then another guy he forgot to mention is Evan Ingram he he's basically a wire seen I think we have a lot of guys that can make plays on. We're focused on putting a number on and next. About. Running those laps and win the last time my he was on a team. Where he actually saw players that have to do that. No, I. Mean I think it's going to take everybody to buy in if you WANNA be the team that we that we want to be I. Think we gotTa Buy into coach Judge has in store for us in the you know if if that's what he hasn't stores running laps of mistakes just don't make mistakes as Get your net but Yeah. The last time I did it probably. A I'm embracing the change. Awful. Next up is giants star running back. Saquon Barkley on the idea that that he is a coach player and that is one of the things that new head coach. Joe. Judge has noticed about him admires about him. Back. But. That's just come every day is a lot of question trying to prove. You can prove as the coach. I you know. I was blessed with a tremendous town, but the way you. Has By folks, thanks folks on details in out listen to coaches and you know I think we we grew culture here on coast judge alway down supervision coaches in all those guys in. I'm willing I'm learning I WANNA be greeting I. Want try to be good for the season. As, I, know that star suite. Coaching in. Our final clip of the day is Barkley talking about how detail oriented Joe Judge and his coaching staff are. Definitely. I. Always say I always thought I was a detailed guide but now they've got to be more the way up the way that we're getting coach was, which is Great. I looked at the you know you guys. You really want to think about it. You know. So I used to be at a point where I'm reading last imagery via the centers in To set the blacks but I start just with. The Fuller. Your own play how you can determine how you sell the blocks man of the ball carrying. We're GONNA live from the left hand on your right or with crossover switch it out. There will not catch a ball album folks owner, Chechen So when you go out there and football fulfilled although slow dates come natural. So they matches only goes judge coast Birnbaum culture of coaches from offense defense, on all things You know not to continue to grow in that area to especially the young team but great folks. Giants fans that's our show for today. Thank you as always for listening. Please remember to check out the other shows here on big blue radio. That's the Chris Joe show featuring Chris flom and Joe Daley own and also the two new shows being done by big blue view contributor Nick Faldo. That's Football on Monday and philosophy fantasy corner on Friday, which should be a great treat for you fantasy football aficionados. All right. Thank you as always for listening and we'll talk to you soon. Bye Bye. Hi. I'm Brian and I'm one of the hosts of the Amazing Avenue Network of podcasts each week day we bring you a different podcast. The covers the New York mets from a different perspective every Monday you could hear me Steve along with Kenan Lucas on from complex soclean's will we discussed the mets minor league system. Tuesday on fermentable join me rubble. They back on the career of less heralded minute. Hi, I'm Alison and along with Maggie and Linda I host a pot of their own each week we look at all things, mets and social justice issues in baseball I'm Chris, you can catch Brian me chatting about the current state of the mets on Amazing Avenue Audio, the show every Thursday on Fridays. We Have Amazing Avenue Conversation where I talk with interesting people about the New York mets. So check out the Amazing Avenue family of podcasts you can get on apple podcasts, spotify Stitcher, or your podcast of choice. And as always, let's go mets.

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