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Serial Killer Scott Lee Kimball /// Part 3 /// 383


welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you're doing thanks for listening. I'm your host Nick and ladies and gentlemen the Dolly Parton to my Kenny Rogers the captain and we can rely on each other a ha making love to one another It's good to be seen good to see you. Thanks for listening. Thanks for telling a friend this week. We are very happy to be featuring world court MOCHA blonde out from the good people over at legal remedy brewing company. This is a blonde stout with coffee. Aroma and flavour finished with a hint of white chocolate garage. Four and a quarter bottle caps and here are some people that we would like to thank first up a big thank you to Lindsay and court lend Ohio and a big cheers mates to Lucy over in London. Next up we have Michaela from winthrop Massachusetts. A big shout out to denise in Harriman Tennessee next up. We Have Austin. He's a drummer and he says he loves the Garage Beats. He's he also went to school for computer. So double cheers to Austin there and last but certainly not least we have Jennifer and San Antonio Texas. Everyone we just mentioned went a True Crime. Garage DOT COM and contributed to this week's beer fund. And for that we think and everybody stays safe out there. Make sure you check in on your loved ones. Don't go out if you don't need to hang in there. Were all in this together and that is enough of the business. Everybody gathered around. Grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. We've all seen the movies about conman scam artist and the smooth-talking types. Someone quick to play you for the full or someone in it for the long game. The slow play. Sometimes they managed to be so good that they leave the cop scratching their heads after the gift or skips town with everyone's money but those are the movies just entertainment. They require a suspension of disbelief. There is a real life case. That makes those Hollywood scam. Artists look like amatuers. In this case the conman falls the Almighty FBI time and time again. This man turned on his friends. Use The feds to keep him out of prison and anyone that got closer new too much with total disregard for human life or relationships. He disposed of them. Just how twisted was this man. And what do we really know? About his murders or motives. This is true crime garage. This is the case Scotla Kimball in two thousand and five Scott Lee Kimball received his punishment for theft and for fleeing this is for the time he split from the Montana prison release and stole money and a truck from the gas station that he was working at now. He pled guilty but again he was allowed to go. Free on supervised release. Just how supervised was this release. Well that depends on whether you think. Fraud and murder are permissible activities. While on supervised release things started to fall apart for Laurie and Scott. The police were called to a domestic altercation at Scott and Laurie's house and they arrested someone for assault surprise. It was Laurie. According to Laurie. Scott called the cops and reported that she threatened to kill him and through a vacuum at him. Police even issued Scott a restraining order protecting him from his wife. Lori was arrested again in August for violating the restraining order. She believes the Scott invented. The whole thing invented the whole story to get rid of her so that he could bring in his new girlfriend. This is Melissa Anderson Get her out of the House and Bring Melissa in as you may recall Scott had told the FBI that Jennifer Marcum who is missing that she went to New York to kill Jason Price at her boyfriend's request but he then later says that price had strangled Jennifer Marcum and Scott Remember. He claims to have even seen photographs of the body so agents. They go to speak with Jason Price. He has a completely different story. Surprise surprise there you go. Not only did he not kill Jennifer Marcum but he says that he actually suspects that Scott would be involved in the disappearance of Jennifer and Steve Anise. He's the boyfriend Of Jennifer Marcum. That Scott knew in prison. He denies that he ever involved Jennifer and any of his illegal activities. Scott seems like and we suggested this last week. Captain Sounds like he made up the entire story one to get him out of prison to it ends up getting him involved with Jennifer Marcum who is now missing and he's pointing the finger at other people. Well we know Scott is a liar but also think Scott has a tendency when he was in the cell with this individual he sees Jennifer Marcum and she's very attractive and so he's Smitten Meyer. And he wants to get to know her. He wants her for himself. Well and remember. He is put in charge of keeping an eye on Jennifer marcum because he told the feds that there's this whole murder for hire plot that's going on and they need to keep an eye on her. She is missing now so they're still trying to figure out. Can we trust this Guy Who's telling us these stories? Maybe maybe he is on the up and up and he is actually helping us here. Here's the problem when somebody's in jail for a fraudulent charges this. This is your red flag from the beginning. You might have this guy be an informant for you but you might have to track him very closely because at him lying and scheming people as what landed him into pre right he's he's a known liar known scammer in. It's kind of like he's almost like they forgot about got involved with him. And now you're having a hard time believing that he could possibly be lying to you right. So what's interesting though? Remember they did make him take a polygraph test to try to figure out is he on the up and up? Is he telling them the truth? Or what at least Scott believes to be the truth and he passed that polygraph that was in regards strictly to the disappearance of Jennifer Marcum. Now they're questioning all that behavior again specially after they speak with Steve Anise and they speak with Jay Jason Price so they wanNA give Scott another the FBI decided to make Scott take another lie detector test when question about Jennifer Marcum this time. His answers showed deception right now. Scott around the same time. He moves into a rental house after the whole cattle ranch thing seemed to be a fail. He paid for the rental this with checks the bouncing kind of course then in late two thousand and five Scott wrecked his jeep and collected ten thousand seven hundred ninety nine dollars and sixteen cents an insurance money then two weeks later. Scott reported to the Lafayette PD that his trailer remember the one that he stole. Well he reported someone stole it from him and for this he collected ten thousand dollars in insurance money. Meanwhile ridiculous Scott had his girlfriend. Melissa Anderson use her name and her identification to purchase a winchester rifle at Walmart. And then give it to him remember. Because of his pass charges and convictions he is not allowed to possess a firearm. It's after he gets the gun from the new girlfriend that he decides. Oh I no longer need you and he ditches Melissa this time for good now. Let's get back to Jennifer Marcum who's missing the F. B. I. Entered her name as a missing person in the national crime. Information Center database law enforcement agencies. Were under pressure from generous of Jennifer's family to find her Jennifer was a dancer who was involved with a known and convicted drug dealer but she had parents who loved her very much and loved her little boy despondent that she was missing and frustrated at the lack of interest from the FBI. Her Father Bob. Markham asked a cop buddy of his to run his daughter's name through a national criminal database. Hoping that maybe you know maybe she was in jail somewhere or even in witness protection somewhere. This search alerted agent. Sh- laugh remember. He's the one who had been working with. Scott Kimbler agents laugh contacts Bob and told him that they could not find Jennifer marcum that she's she's missing and he actually said that it appears that quote. She just dropped off. The map was not really clear what happened to her child either. Well the child is. I believe with the parents with her parents. Okay so they're raising her child. Correct okay so now. We have tells Bob that a man was in possession of Jennifer's furniture. Remember she moved in temporarily very briefly with Scott Kimble. Now he does not mention Scott's Kimble's name when he gives her this information but he does give Bob a phone number of the man who has Jennifer's furniture and when he hands it over when he has over the phone number captain. He says Bob when you call this number. Ask for a guy named Joe Snitch. So Bob and his ex wife which is Jennifer's mom Mary Willis is her name. They set up a meeting with this man. With Joe Snitch Aka. We know to be Scott Kimball Union dues kimball. They told Scott Campbell. Going under the name of Joe. Snatch tells Bob and Mary that Jennifer was murdered and he knew who did an even where her body could be located on the and how it happened. Yeah he offered to take them to her body but he says this is somewhere far away and Joe. Snitch gave them a very bad feeling when they met so immediately the to decline. They didn't want to spend any more with this colonialist not Google over this too much there add park. They meet at a park right and when they me at that park he lets them know. I can show you everything I can. I can tell you everything. But but the reason why he can't he can't actually verbally say right because he says it's classified information This is this is what was confusing to me. At first like why would he be able to show them but not tell them but his his ruse is that this is classified information? So I'd get in big trouble but I can show you so they go back to their hotel and and they're contemplating this while her mother is she saying. I WANNA go up in these mountains. I want. I want him to show me and her ex husband saying you're going to die if you do this. He's probably gonNA kill you And her statement was Wally. She would know my cat but what would knowing matter if seconds later. You're you're dead and again they don't know the history of sky but he's such a liar is he gonna even tell them the correct information. But what a strange thing for somebody to tell you especially somebody that you think is a part of law enforcement well and somebody that gave you a bad enough vibe that you didn't want to go up into the mountains with them or to to this place that he says is somewhere far away right so I wasn't going to gloss over that in fact let's get into that a little more The the weird move as you stated is Scott says to marry you know mind you. She's in her own hotel room. Let me come over to your hotel room that night and I will demonstrate on you how Jennifer was killed. You know. We'll we'll play play a little role playing in. Act This thing out. Right of course. Mary DECLINES BUT SCOTT SHOWS UP AT MARY'S HOTEL ROOM. Anyway that night and she very wisely does not let him in to the room now much later. This is much much later down the time. Line but WANNA pointed out here so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Police actually found what would be looked to be like a contract that was drawn up of sorts right. This is when they were going through. Scott's things now the contract air quotes is dated with the date of that night that same night. The Scott shows up to the hotel room to Mary's Hotel Room. Saying I can demonstrate for you how your daughter was killed. This contract of course is intended to be between Mary. And Joe Scott or Joe snitch the contract according to the wording allowed Scott to bind gag and possibly even have sex with Mary. Mary would have been signing off for consent. To as the contract states and quote I am willing to participate and I expect to engage in bondage and sexual activity and quote this reporting for you. The according to the daily camera both parents came away from this certain that they had just looked into the eyes of their daughter's killer two weeks after all of this weird Shit Mary Willis recorded a phone conversation. Whisk dot again referring to him as Joe. You heard some of that call at the star of the show last week now on the call. Mary demanded to know more about Jennifer but refused to play. Joe SNITCH is game She would not sign the sex contract or allow Scott to demonstrate how her daughter was killed. Says quote you had your chance. This is what's what Scott respond with. You had your chance. And then he proposed that Mary hire an escort on whom he could demonstrate the murder in front of her saying quote. I'll show you exactly what happened in. You can just be a by standard. He said now. Mary said she wanted a Christian burial. She tells Joe Stitch I want a Christian burial for Jennifer right and then he responds with quote. You're my daughter. Means I'm sorry. She says my daughter means everything to me to which Joe snitch response quote. You know what I saw how much she meant to you. When you wouldn't let me into your hotel room and I want to apologize cabinet because I'm kind of a little jumbled here because this guy is using so many different names you know. He Scotland Kimball. He's Joe Scott. He's Joe Snitch But just keep in mind. This is all the same guy so this is a bunch of dishes. One Canal Joe Snatch Worn Mary that he could just disappear. He said his handler at the FBI. Again agents laugh would be obligated to move him to hide him or do whatever and she should keep that in mind he also said the agents laugh dictated exactly what he could say and what he was not allowed to say about the case and saying that he can't say much. And that's that's going to what you said there where he's like. I can act it out but I can't tell you which makes that stupid even a bizarro world. It makes zero sense. Don't but we need to keep a onto points. Here's one is one. We have this contract like you said this sex contract and then we also have them all. You don't want to role play with me less. Hire escort an honorable play with her again. The the sex part is important because I believe with some of these murders. Th- they were sexually motivated and and we'll get into Maybe why he confesses to some crimes and why he doesn't confess to other crimes later right and I mean these. Mary could have been endanger just for knowing what she knew or for contacting this man that we know to be a dangerous man but she is uncertain of that but then there's certain ones they meet him. You're you're if you factor in the the Psychological thought and behavior there that maybe once he starts acting this out at some point he can't turn back can't stop himself and he goes all the way through with Ed right so yet somehow even after all of that captain this story just continues to get weirder so in October of two thousand and five Scott met up with Bob and Mary This time is in a parking lot. He's meeting with them again this time. He's meeting with them to hand over all of Jennifer's things that he had in his possession Scott was accompanied by F. B. I. Agent Sh- laugh and the agent had acknowledged that they lost track of Jennifer. Despite this Bob and Mary kept at it. Bob had his buddy this very smart. Bob has his buddy run the plate on the truck. The is being driven by this Joe. Snitch guy why it comes back of course registered to a Scott Kimball. Then Bob and Mary again very smart. I applaud these people paid for a billboard to be set up outside of Shotgun. Willie's that's the Strip club where Jennifer worked and they were contacted there. I mean what could this her? We're going to put up this billboard. Maybe somebody reaches out to us. Maybe even solves the crime who knows but what ultimately ends up happening. Which is a blessing. They're contacted. Bob. Is contacted by a newspaper so he ends up being interviewed. Not about the case but more about the billboard and in the Interview Bob Mansions Very smartly that his daughter was last seen with Scott Kimball who he says in the interview in this comes out in. The paper seems to know a lot about her disappearance. This brings us to January of two thousand and six captain and for those of you keeping score home. We have clearly pointed out that Scott was committing fraud. He was stealing lying cheating and very suspiciously. He was the last person seen with not one. Not Two or three but four people who have vanished by this point a Scott is looking for. I'm guessing at this point. He's probably looking for a big score. Something bigger than his nickel and dime stuff right and an opportunity presented itself. When a man named Cleve Armstrong decided to take a vacation now who has cleave he is a successful optometrist and friend of Scott Kimble's Scott and his mother rented space. In the same building where cleaves practice was located cleave goes on vacation and Scott. Got To work using cleaves financials Scott moved thousands of dollars. He stole all these documents from cleaves workspace and he moves. Thousands of dollars from cleaves money market account to his checking account to cleese checking account. Then over the next three weeks he forged nearly fifty five thousand dollars worth of checks to his own companies. So basically he's having cleaves money market account move a bunch of money to his personal checking account and then having cleave write checks to Scott Kimble's companies remember. He had that Rocky Mountain all natural beef company and the Rocky Mountain Cattle Company so of course cleave gets back from vacation horse is probably selling horse meat and he discovers that he discovers his theft and of course he blows the whistle on Scott. He was a pretty obvious who was doing this his money when you have the checks made out to yourself. It's not a long paper trail to get to Scott. Kim Wonder How did he get this money? So as a result of all of this now he's in hot water again. What discussing do when he's in hot water we've seen time? And time. Again he flees this time he flees to California where he shacked up with yet. Another girlfriend I don't know how this guy managed to keep landing. I don't know I a big beard. Some women really find the beard to be irresistible. I there's no doubt in my mind that he's a smooth talker and there's no down completely full of Shit. There's no doubt in my mind that he can look at a room full of people and very quickly discern. Who are the gullible types? And who are. The vulnerable types ran the room so this woman. Her name is Denise Pierce now back in Lafayette. Finally because of this whole new theft thing we have a competent law. Man This detective Gary Thatcher. Who STARTED TO LOOK INTO? Scott Kimble now. He couldn't find Scott physically but what he found was a treasure trove of information according to the daily Camera Thatcher found sheets of practice signatures. Bogus subpoenas regarding the assault case against Scott's ex. Laurie a counterfeit lean release for the jeep that he used to cash in on the insurance proceeds. After wrecking the vehicle. Right so you see what we're pointing out here. There's a very good chance that this insurance claim in itself is fraudulent but then would you trace it back even a little bit further. It's a counterfeit lean release on the jeep. It doesn't appear that Scott Kimball even owned the jeep now. This immediately appeared to detective. Thatcher that the Scott Kimball was not your average ordinary criminal so thatcher sat down with Laurie as she told Thatcher. About all of Scott's strange behavior and then she told him about her daughter Casey Remember. She is one of our missing people. And how Scott was the last person who saw her before she vanished and after some good old fashioned snooping around Thatcher found the supposed stolen trailer hidden on Scott's old ranch property which he had sub leased out to someone else so this is where I tell everybody. I'm glad that you're joining US garage this week but I hope you brought your raincoat. 'cause there's GonNa be some ship and life making small changes to everyday. Life can lead to positive lifestyle. Changes the right. Tau Turns a bathroom into a SPA or wearing a certain lounge. Wear turns function into luxury? You can make all these upgrades with Brooke Linen. The quality of Brooklyn's sheets and towels is absolutely incredible. And you're going to get that top notch quality and top Notch Comfort at a very affordable price. I've got a bunch of Towels Brooklyn and towels in my bath. Oh Man I'm telling you the softest towels top notch quality tiles and slipped on the Brooklyn and sheets last night. You know. 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Maybe it's because he was a super gullible sucker who let this con artists make the FBI look like a bunch of clowns Scott's informant status was revoked and a federal arrest warrant was issued for Scott Lee Kimball right for multiple parole violations on March fourteenth. Two Thousand and six federal agents finally caught up with Scott Kimball. They located him in California using cell phone tracking to pin down his location when he saw them coming he took off in his Ford F. Three fifty driving dangerously high speeds flying through California's Coachella Valley. This whole chase was broadcast on local. Tv and this was a lengthy car chase. But finally Scott's truck ran out of gas so he is arrested and sentenced this time in federal court to Answered getting ten months in jail and six months in a halfway house for violating his parole. Now you know how much time does he get for? Just running from the cops like that. Well the thing is regarding this and I'm with you I'm on your side here. This is not a big punishment but what it does is it serves a bigger purpose of simply holding Scott in one place under watch until more cases could be built against him. Rabah out assume that have to be years of punishment for going on a high speed chase like that right. I mean you have A. I don't WanNA get political here. Go ahead so what we have here is. They're trying to build possible murder charges against this guy so around the same time the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. They officially list Casey as a missing person right so all right so sorry. He got that Scott's stepdaughter. Well she she. Innocence would have been because he is involved with Lori. Casey lived with him and Lori. For a while it's not until after she disappears that the to actually got married right but keep in mind Laurie when her daughter goes missing. Thinks that that her daughters out on a drug bender and disappeared and she also thinks that Scott's an actual FBI agent. That's what he's been telling her this whole time. And I'm sure on some level she thought you know what it'd be easier to find my daughter if I'm married to an FBI agent. And you and I while he was also given her tips. Yeah pull back the curtain. We know that he's not an actual. Fbi agent and we also know that he scamming everybody And in every walk of life that he comes into war and it's like you're saying it's kind of perfect storm if you meet somebody and they say that they're a police officer. You might assume that well here seems to be an honest individual. You tell me that you're F. B. I. Agent Oh even higher just like if somebody said Wow may youth minister than you start assuming that they have a certain set of moral standards and moral character. That's not always the case right. And I'm sorry to keep jumping around captain but there are a lot of families involved in this growing case and unfortunately there's a lot of victims as we are now seeing or distort hit your head but what will happen is eventually to of the fathers of the missing will join forces so we have remembered the newspaper article that we discussed about the billboard. This is seen by Rob Macleod. The father of Missing Young Woman Casey. The former daughter of his girlfriend would have been stepdaughter for Scott. Kimble now by this time he knows this is believed to be the last person to see or to be with Casey as daughter. Yeah and he also knows that Scott's phone had been turned off for a long period of time and of course. This is right around the time that Casey vanished so the two dads together with Lori. They did some snooping and Laurie. Mentions Scott's Ankle Terry? He's missing to or at least he was there one day. And he's no longer there so rob and Bob went to the. Fbi's Denver Office this in October of two thousand and six and they're really kind of trying to lay out all of their suspicions for the FBI there and the F. B. I. Assigned Special Agent Jonathan Grossing to investigate the missing persons cases surrounding Scott Kimball. So we have Jennifer Casey and Terry that they are aware of at this time. It took the two dads pudding the puzzle together for the FBI to get a clue as to what was going on with their one. Time and form it Scott Campbell right now back to detective Gary Thatcher. He's the one investigating Scott on the theft of the fifty. Five thousand dollars from the OPTOMETRIST. He was shocked when he learned the Scott Kimball was in fact at one time an FBI informant. So then he teams up with the now special agent. Who's in charge of looking into these missing persons cases. So now here's what we got going on for those of you keeping score at home. We got two of the families have teamed up. And they're like this dude is suspicious. He's probably involved in the missing person's case of our loved one and now we have a very competent of very good hardworking. Detective Investigating Scott Kimball for theft charges. And whatever else he might be involved in and we have a competent F. B. I. Agent. Who's looking at Scott for actual missing persons cases because he's duping so many people and lying to everyone and he's fairly decent covering his tracks or at least at leaving the area. It really truly takes some people to team up together to really piece this story together and figure out what this guy might be guilty of. Bribing now we have these detectives that are involved trying to like you said piece together. All these puzzle pieces so they can get some serious charges against this individual. We have several women that he's the last known person to be with them and now we have the FBI Gone Mall. We got a little bit of egg on our face because he was one of our informants Big Stinky Egg since big stinky egg All over our face and now we're GonNa work with these detectives again to try to put together those pieces so we can charge him with some serious stuff yet in one one comment that I found to be very interesting in regards to these inspectors that they would say years later. They're like you know at that time. As soon as we came together with all this information we knew immediately that the number of missing persons surrounding this one man were just too coincidental. And they believe that they were probably looking at a series of murders. You know saying that in the light of Casey McLeod Jennifer Markham's disappearance and don't forget Terry Kimball uncle. Terry's disappearance right. They are now starting to suspected. Scott wasn't just this con artist or thief. He's very likely a serial killer right. So the investigators started the process and worked doggedly to put their case together. They were assisted by to Boulder County prosecutors. This is Catherine Booth Amy. Aku who were eager to lock up Scott and throw away the key. Both were convinced. That Scott was guilty of a lot of evil deeds. Now Amy told the daily camera quote. It couldn't be a coincidence. There were too many people missing that he was last known to be with the two women started looking into Scots criminal history to see where they could possibly re arrest him on old charges basically to keep him in jail while they continue to build some type of murder case against him right so boulder. County issued a warrant for Scott's arrest on suspicion of theft forgery and false reporting for the optometrist cleave Armstrong's case and then in the meantime Scott's suspended sentences in the two thousand one Montana theft and escape case was revoked and he was ordered to serve his remaining time. This is nearly two years behind bars right. The team bought themselves some more time. Basically the lady prosecutors were such thorn and Scots side that he complained about them in recorded jailhouse conversations always referring to them as the boulder bitches kit for them though. I feel like that should be a really good softball team like they've won eighteen championships in a row. Yeah Boulder bitches so now they are like they're very strongly looking not just at Scott Kimball as the man looking into everywhere that he had been Ryan. Now we gotta look at everyone. He may have come into contact with during this time. Well not only that. But you see time and time again whether it's imprint. Or a documentary about this guy. People say when you have at least four people missing that are connected to this individual and he's constantly lying about everything you have to start then going back to. Did he live in your town? And is there somebody missing that possibly was connected to him well and it makes it difficult because he's lived under so many different names. Yeah yeah was he going by Joe Snitch or the captain or the colonel. Leave me I'm trying to have some fun. This is the one time this week that I get to leave my house. So when they're looking into all of the places that he's been in people he's come in contact with this is when they're going to figure out that He's own some guns during this time and remember. He's prohibited from owning firearms. Having them in his possession per terms of his federal probation. So prosecutors jumped at this chance to pile on more charges against Scott so he was indicted in federal court in Denver on a charge of a felon in possession of a firearm and then in June of two thousand seven Gina. How many years ago for that. I don't know and I may have come across that but I started to the notes got really lengthy on this guy with all the different court dates and different charges that they brought against him. I mean we're talking about an all the victims since this guy became an adult. They're bringing charges against this guy and yeah and and more importantly all the victims but I would imagine that doesn't seem like it should be a light charge to me I. It varies from state to state This was federal court though Anyway this is this is just lengthening. The amount of time he is going to have to be behind bars and build this case against him. So now we have detective Thatcher an agent Grossing the FBI agent and the police. Detective they sit down for a six hour interview with Scott Kimbell. This is at the Cascade County detention facility. The investigators asked about the disappearance of Jennifer Marcum of Casey McLeod and Terry Kimball his uncle. Scott somewhat to the surprise of the two detectives offered to provide information about Jennifer and his uncle if given immunity for his white collar crimes as Scott also told them that Casey was still alive. Scott danced around providing actual details saying instead I can't incriminate myself any further now in a later interview. He said that Casey had odid somewhere in a national forest in Colorado and that he had seen her fall into the fire while high on meth causing her death. Now don't buy it at all. Detectives continue to interview everyone who had come in contact with Scott. This led them to Steve. Ns Jennifer's boyfriend who was still in federal prison as they talked. He told them about how he had trusted. Scott to take care of Jennifer on the outside. He denied the existence of the murder for hire plot and he believed that Scott was responsible for Jennifer's disappearance. But then Steve dropped a bomb. He said he knew another guy who experienced almost the exact same thing and he gave the detectives. The name of Stephen Holly now Stephen. Holly you may recall was the one dating Leeann emory. Somebody that we haven't talked about at all yet in this in this episode. We talked about it briefly last week. Now Stephen just like the other inmate Stephen Ns also put his trust into Scott while they were imprisoned together this in two thousand and two remember. He told his girlfriend. Leeann TO TRUST SCOTT. Scott was pretending that he was going to help. Stephen escaped from prison and that he was going to help get his girlfriend to him. In Mexico. Once Stephen had escaped but once Scott gets out of prison it appears that he seduced Lianne. Because the two went on the multi-state check overdraft spree and then Leeann magically disappears yes it is questionable if he seduced her are for or if he got in contact with her and just stole the information. She's very young. I mean he got his rules he could have said look. I'M GONNA ranked kill you. I'm going to kill your family if you don't cooperate so this is where they're like. Wait we we have a possible another another victim here so they contact liens father. His name's Howard. Let's be clear. We got three possible missing women connected to Scott and then a male his uncle rank but the count so far right which his his uncle story is a little less nefarious in the sense that it doesn't seem to be obvious that this guy was missing remember. He came up with the story of of Dongpo. Hit the yeah won the lottery and went to Mexico it. I would guess for detectives that it's only once they mention uncle. Terry's name to Scott in this interview that he says all. I can probably help you on that case that they're they're they're now going to second. There's probably something here. Well the look when you say he won the lottery. Where do you win the lottery? Ohio good state. They look up the records. The state of Ohio never paid out. Terry never paid out. Scott's uncle so he did not win. There were able to find that out pretty quickly so they know that that story is bullshit so when they contact this. Lianne EMORY'S FATHER. Howard the first thing he says to the FBI. Like I've been trying to get the FBI's attention on this for years. I told them that someone using the name. Hannibal was responsible for the disappearance of my daughter. So then this is when we have Steven Holly. He confirmed for detectives what they are now. Suspecting that Hannibal was yet just another alias. Four Scott Kimball right. Furthermore Stephen Holly told investigators that Hannibal asked him that once. Holly escaped from prison to this. This is just bizarre man. He says that Scott Kimbler using the name of Hannibal asked this other inmate wants. I help you escape from prison. And you're al. I want you to torture and kill my second wife who is. Also the mother of Scott's two boys but when you do this how I want her to know that I was the one that sent you to kill her right so the evidence. Captain is obviously piling up against Scott Kimball and pointing out that. He probably killed multiple people. Detectives dug in and looked into every aspect of his life. In addition to interviews with people detectives gathered the following pieces of evidence. This is a starts off with a search of Scott's Toshiba Laptop computer which revealed the following a search of the term Jennifer marcum missing. They also found pictures of various women including Leeann emory This picture of Leeann. Emory is dated just eleven days before she disappeared. They found two hundred ninety. One graphic images and their statement says depicting women clothed and unclothed being assaulted forced into violent sexual activities or raped bound and gagged Possibly some pictures of women posing as being dead and then some of them threatened at gun point or knife point. The search also discovered that Scott had visited online rape video. Sites using the moniker. Beef man one nine nine. Six a search of Scott's former Adams County home investigators found bloodstains in the living room carpet and carpet pad and floorboards. So they cut out all these samples and they're taking collecting them and they sent them to the FBI lab for analysis. One good thing that the two fathers got together and started trying to put together the pieces of this puzzle but now we don't just have hearsay or in this guy by Hannibal or somebody to say you know. He said she said stuff. We actually have now. Physical evidence against Scott Kimball. Yeah and so. They're looking at Scott cellphone records and you talked about suspicions. And what what? People are Ra- laying to law enforcement but we'RE GONNA get a confirmation right here. Because as soon as they look at his cellphone records they saw yes in fact his phone did. Go Off. Line from eight fifteen. Pm August Twenty. Third Two thousand three all the way through four thirty eight. Pm On August Twenty Fourth. Two Thousand and three. Now it's during this to this twenty hour period that Casey McLeod Vanished Anna's and Scott. According to his statements he was alone in the mountains which we know is not a great alibi right so when the phone comes back online it pinged a tower near Walden Colorado and a search of some boxes of old documents receipts of Scots law enforcement discovered a receipt from North Park Super Grocery store in Walden Colorado. The receipt was for seventeen dollars and ninety five cents showing that Scott purchased pasta meat spaghetti sauce and lighter fluid okay so this is at the same time where he wanted to make sauce a little spicy. This is at the same time when Casey McLeod disappeared but also was supposedly picked up for work to go to work by Scott and remember we know she never shows up for work at subway that day right in fact there's no record of anyone having seen her ever again after this and again Scott claims he was hunting alone in the mountains at day and Walden is in the mountains. Sounds more like Scott. Was Up there hunting for somewhere to dispose of. Casey's body and hunting for something to burn it with Brian not to mention that before he was telling her mother Casey's mother. Hey the neighbors saw her in and you know I picked her up and all these low allies and they come to find out. Those aren't true either Yeah remember the strange statement from Scott where he told police in an interview that he said Casey Oh deed on math and died in a national force. Well Walden is surrounded by a national forest in a later search of the trailer the the supposed stolen trailer hidden by Scott. Investigators found Casey's subway hat along with with that they found a black bag containing six zip ties to roles of electric tape and a pair of women's shoes agent grossing called over to the authorities and Walden and they found out a skull and skeleton likely belonging to a young female was discovered by a hunter six months earlier in a remote area south west of town after DNA testing. It was confirmed that these were the remains of Casey McLeod. Unfortunately there was no way to tell the cause or manner of her death. Yeah but at least you have a body. And we know that it's harder to prosecute a murder case without a body and it's not terribly far off from where you know or believe. Scott was ran. It's not terribly far off from what his alibi was. I'm alone in the mountains. This is in the mountains. So it's looking very bad for Scott now investigators. They also spoke with an inmate. Who Knew Scott? This inmate has not been named publicly but this inmate told them. That Scott said he had strangled Casey with a dog collar and smashed her head in with a rock this because she was a witness against the leader of a powerful drug gang but again Casey's cause of death could not be determined from her remains and her skull of course showed no signs of French. Everybody stay healthy. Stay safe and if you need something more to do check us out on the stitcher APP. It's free you can get all of our old episodes and check out our bonus show on stitcher premium caught off the record. And until tomorrow be good become. Don't let

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