Andrew Gillum and how to win Florida


Now more than ever young people around the world are standing up and speaking out and inspiring us. Every day as President Brock Obama's campaign manager I saw firsthand and nothing is more powerful than young people believing deeply in something ripples of hope your guide to electing new president by me his a book for this new generation. They may not have oh yet but they do have a voice. Penna powerful one. I hope ripples of hope is the perfect way to empower and inspire young readers to get more politically involved and encourage their parents and older relatives and friends to get involved while providing some practical steps on how to do so ripples of hope your guide to electing a new president is available now wherever books are sold everybody. Welcome to campaign. Hq Wealth There could be more going on in the world I'll start with the primary race although I I think most of our attention our thoughts are with the increasing severity of the corona virus. But first of all we had another set of primaries On Tuesday another very good night of for Joe Biden Building on a super Tuesday wins. expanded his delegate lead pretty significantly and Bernie Sanders spoke About his campaign I think clearly wants to do the debate with Biden on Sunday. I'll come back to that in a minute And probably face voters at least one more Tuesday but you know there was not somebody who gave the sense that they were going to go to the mattresses Who understood the reality the delegate Math Bernie Sanders and his campaign deserve credit? Because they've been pretty clear all along. That one's a clear someone is going to be the plurality delegator of that person's going to be our nominee so and and Biden is likely to add to his delegate lead in a pretty significant way next Tuesday where we have Florida Illinois Ohio Arizona You Know Arizona might be quite competitive. I'd be surprised if Ohio and Illinois don't fall similar to what we saw in Michigan and Florida could be a seventy five twenty five eighty twenty kind of situation just giving it's is a massive amount of delegates A lot of people focused on the debate which was just announced today. It's it's no longer going to happen in Arizona may happen in Washington not with a live audience in front of Just television studio. I think the debates important first of all We need to unify the party Part of doing that will be Bernie Sanders and his campaign and supporters. Feeling good about the end of this primary of Bernie Sanders wants to compete a little bit more Think that's more than fair. And secondly you know if Joe Biden is going to be our nominee You know it'd be good to to see how he performs or two person debate And and hopefully he can show the kind of performance he showed against Paul Ryan and Sarah Palin Abaco Eight and twelve And it's an opportunity I think you know for you know Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. They disagree on some of the solutions. But you know I think they generally Diagnose THE PROBLEM. I think it's a way for them to show their advocacy for people for for trying to provide more health care to more people Try and provide a leaf on student loans again. differences in how they go about it but And those are important but but I do think it's a chance to remind people that this isn't just about beating trump. I mean there. It's not like all Joe Biden do if he's nominee or if he's president is be trump. I mean he's got things he wants to do as well really good important things They may not be the same as Bernie Sanders would do But ultimately Bernie Sanders. I think if he's not the nominee will fight as hard as you can for Joe Biden And he'll be in the US Senate and will be an important ally If Joe Biden's elected president so I wouldn't worry too much about debate. I mean Biden. Affirm owners of the moderators are gonNA pepper him with really tough questions. That's what happens. I went through this eight once. We became the the front runner against Hillary Basically she was prodding and poking us and the moderators were as well so by no be under fire. There's no question about that But rather than say. That's we don't want that. Let's just move onto the general election You know I don't think there's anything wrong with some pepper here at to use a baseball analogy because he's got get ready You know I think the other question really is how before we get to the economic and health effects of the krona vice viruses. How the situation affect the campaign includes GonNa affected and pretty profound ways. there'll be no rallies. I mean trump is sort of idiotically still suggesting he may do so soon. Even he won't so you know you can't go to big rallies You know door to door. Contact May Be for a while anyway Harder to do so I think for all of us. Want to make our plan for the general election You know we still have phones. We still have laptops. He's twelve postcards And we gotTA figure out. What are we going to do And that's you know. My book came out last week. I want to thank all of you who've Who PURCHASE IT and spend some time with a citizens guide to beating Donald Trump. If you haven't yet checked it out I'd encourage you to do so but now's the time for us to make our plan. What is your personal planet? Engagement I've been in battleground states all week. last week. And it's really exciting to spend time with people who are GONNA be Really at the front and center this debate. I was in Madison Wisconsin Yesterday and and point I make is There's people all over the world not just America who are counting on folks in Wisconsin To get US across the finish line so if you live in a battleground state. What's your personal plan for action? Can you be a precinct leader? Can you spend more time? And if you don't live in a battleground state there's enormous amount you can do To affect the presidential election and clearly local races so that kind of activism is important and we can spend some time now when we may have a little bit more time. thinking about that You know I think in terms of of you know how trump's handling nece which You know there's going to be economic impacts. Unfortunately there's probably going to be continued a health impacts probably way understanding that because they've been a disaster in terms of the tests you see countries all over the world doing drive through testing and testing a lot of people. And here's the United States of America just woefully under performing. It's pathetic and inexcusable But but aside from you know do we go into a recession and if so how long how? Many people are affected by this from a health standpoint. There's huge societal impacts is as the nature of school and work changes We see sporting events All over the world be crowd events. Changing this is going to be one of the more significant things we've gone through the country But at the end of the day trump's going to be graded most I think Importantly by his performance And I think it's fair to say he'd get an F. that may be Jen Agenda. So far He looks stable. He looks unsteady. He looks like a narcissist. It's clear he's he's worried about this less for our purposes as a country or citizens than his own political future he continues to suggest that this is less serious than it is. He seemed quite frankly annoyed by the whole thing because it is going to make him work. Carter and I think he's worried about his reelection so I think it's an opportunity for You Know Joe Biden gave a speech today very strong speech. I think that type of speech that people would like to see from a president because no matter your party When something really bad is happening you know to your country. Your your state or your city you want the executive in charge to handle it kind of regardless of the politics and just be on top of it and make good decisions and share information and be transparent And you know. Trump is doing the opposite of that. So that's the other reason I think what if it is clear that the delegate situation is is insurmountable for Bernie Sanders Really after next Tuesday I think will be advantaged by having one voice in our Party and in this case that would be Joe Biden Talking to the American people about what he would be doing how he would handle this. Where trump is falling down. I went through this in two thousand and eight with the economic crisis. You know really in the last six weeks of that campaign. It wasn't like Iraq wasn't still import in healthcare but people were really taking the measurable and McCain about. Who could I trust to handle this crisis? That was clearly going to be with the country for a long time and I think a lot of voters are gonna be doing that as well. I think Biden has an advantage in this standpoint. Because he's seen as a you know he's been in Washington a long time he was the vice president Obama was newer. Figure so in many respects Biden should be more advantage. Maybe in those comparisons But I think it's GonNa be fascinating to trump because he clearly It feels like a cornered. Animal Is acting out on. It's probably the worst Oval Office address in history the country which is saying something So it'll be interesting to see if he tries to do a Redo but You know more important house can affect all of us in our economy and our health care system But you know for those of us that You know worry about our country's ability Whether it's hospital bed shortages or the right relief packages for folks who may be harmed economically Trump is clearly not giving us confidence so doesn't mean that that means he's going to be easier to beat because seven or eight months from now is a long time but you know this is the first time. I think his rhetoric and the reality distortion field. He and Fox and others tried to create is bumping up against reality And I think that's an unkind Comparison so Really excited about our guest. Today we're going to spend time with Andrew Gillum former mayor of Tallahassee. Florida almost governor Florida. Who ran such inspiring Race LOST BY POINT. Four percent of the vote And you know Really remarkable despite that tough loss and how brutal and bitter was You know he decided to start an organization called Florida Florida Action Working on Voter Registration Organization building in Florida and sticking with understanding that know to to to turn Florida to a state. We're winning more races. We haven't had a Florida governor generation For instance We haven't had the Florida legislature in a long time Much less. You know making it easier to win. Florida's twenty nine electoral votes. That that was going to be hard work and it wasn't going to be the work of just one campaign or one cycle or maybe even one decade So Andrews really put his shoulder the wheel and and they're really doing great work in Florida so eager to have a conversation about that work about how he sees the state of Florida in the general election. There's a big debate in our Party about whether we should contest it my presumption is. Andrew's agree with me that we have no choice but to try contest Florida. He narrowly lost it. Bill Nelson we lost it. Hillary narrowly lost it. Brock Obama narrowly won it twice It's always close And there's enough numbers down there if we smart work to win but we'll see what he says about that. I WanNa talk to him as a as a former mayor Who had to deal with? Crisis in disaster management His assessment of this situation in terms of how the trump administration is handling or mishandling it. But also some of the aspects of the corona virus in the state of Florida. So I hope you enjoy this conversation with Andrew Gilligan Andrew Gillum Thanks for being on campaign. Hq. Thank you for having me. Good brother well listen There's so much I wanNA talk to you about And we'RE GONNA hurt out Florida politics but I want to start your former mayor of a a pretty darn important city. Tallahassee large city in Florida. Obviously where the state capital resides Center of the both politics And and so important from an economic standpoint And you just know you know Running for governor of the state so well so as you reflect. Obviously we're all very concerned on the most importantly the health aspects of this and and and welcome your thoughts there but as you look at what could happen to the economy in Florida Con Where does where does that? Take you yeah you know this is? This is a really tough one for the state of Florida and I don't believe that we have really begun to feel the death of the impact That corona virus is going to have on the state on the State of Florida. I mean tourism is our in his out bread and butter people. Choose Florida to get away to escape. to bring their families. I mean this was going to be a pretty big week. Not as this week but but but the succeeding weeks Over the next month or so thanks to spring break activity Hotels Are being you know hugely impacted by the decline of folks coming into the state. Obviously no we. We know about the airline industry but specific to the State of Florida in the full Florida's economy. The the budget for twenty twenty one is right now being debated they are close to a final vote on that budget and that budget will not have absorbed The economic shock that is likely to hit The State of Florida The impacts of that economic shock will likely be felt. Frankly in the two budgets that will come after this And I'm not I'm not envious of the legislature for what they're gonNA have to figure out. I mean local businesses Obviously we're hearing down here if the people aren't necessarily in hotels and they're not necessarily in the state of Florida On vacation but they are buying up a ton of hand. Sanitizer To the point that you know we've got friends who we're calling out of state in less dense states saying hey can you ship us some But but but they're going to be some serious economic consequences in as you know David Following soon behind economic consequences are political consequences Twenty twenty is going to be an important Going to be an important Year for elections in Florida. Will I in my guestimation continue to play a pivotal role? And so it's going to be a my my my well wishes go out to small businesses. In this state it goes out to the industries that rely so heavily On the Florida workforce to include the cruise industry And I understand you know from Vice President Biden Speech. Obviously the president saying for some time. Some some relief for those folks I will tell you I do hope that right. Alongside that relief for companies comes relief for individuals comes released for people and Senator is working folks hourly wage folks. If you're sick you don't have to come to work but if you got to worry about paying your bills keeping your lights on putting food on the table I it doesn't matter. Most of those folks are likely going to want to have to show up to work not because they want to but because they have to make ends meet so my my hope is if there is a bail out if there is easing. Your there is stimulus coming I hope that that stimulus puts first and foremost front and center the impact that these viruses having on everyday people right well we'll see so far. Mcconnell and trump consider things like you're talking about to be ideological wishlist necessities for human survival so but but I- grenade if anybody can get it done Nancy Pelosi can so I'm curious Obviously giving your population down there You have a lot of elderly out of retirees Florida as a state has not been hit as hard yet. We're we're talking Thursday. Afternoon is some other places but you know estimates are this is going to spread throughout the entire population so you know what extra precautions need to be taken in Florida. Do you think. Yeah Well David. I think we're both being a bit optimistic about whether or not Florida has been been hit yet. I think it probably remains to be reported for at frankly because of the lack of testing that has been You know slow to roll out but Florida has the second highest concentration of sixty five and older folks Were behind main And obviously that has something to do with you know density per capita but before us. That is a huge part of of the state's population the the bottom three counties You think of places like the villages Ponte Vedra Sarasota These are areas that we're going to have to pay really really close attention to if if we're going to be a policy around preemptive testing Even may be sure to symptoms the first place I would go to would be too many of the senior facilities nursing homes senior housing facilities and testing the workers the employees who tend to be younger where they may not exhibit Th the signs of having corona virus but could be passing the virus around. I'm not wishing bad things on anybody. I'm simply saying that these are going to be places that we're GONNA have to pay particular attention to the other thing David that I'm that I'm I'm hoping that in these places they're taking additional layers of precautions around who is coming into these facilities how well protected They are when they enter these facilities. How protected the seniors Who ARE LIVING IN. Many of these places are and I cannot leave out the vulnerable. We're talking about elderly folks. Many of which are are are older men and women of color who are living in trailer parks are living in apartment. Complexes are living in government subsidized housing. That may not be and one of these centers but sit at the most vulnerable part of our state and of our population. What is going to be the effort to ensure that we're making regular visitations on these folks. What role do social organizations like meals on wheels In others play and making sure that there's a healthy reporting back to Medical entities if they come across instances where you know using Johnson as out on the porch or she answers the door. Now you're having to leave the meals on the door inside of a a cooler while to me. We WanNa go a little bit further to make sure that those folks are okay. I'd liken it to Katrina in the sense that There were folks that were told to leave the city to get out. But if you can't afford to get out if you don't have a way to get a ticket on a bus so you don't have a car that you can gas up to get out of somewhere you can't leave. You just have to ride it out and so I'm thinking about these families that that are just going to have to ride it out where they are that are not under the normal watchful eye of health care workers Who May who may suffer where they suffer way where they live and so our state is going to have to to to juggle with that balance that and ensure that as much attention as we are paying to the Facilities these well known on a nursing homes and senior facilities that were also paying attention to indigent people who may not be able to afford to live in those places But right now. We're taking a resonance in trailer parks and homes and apartment complexes mixed them with the rice with general population. Well it's such an important and terrifying point quite frankly When you really think about the scale of how complex this is well. Let's get to crisis management. So I think folks who who who. Maybe don't follow politics that close. You've never worked in government you know. Sometimes they can think all of you are the same right. It's like legislators executives and I always tell people listen we have some great city councillors in state legislatures and members of Congress. But you know at the end of the day When a crisis hits you know they can posture. They can position but a mayor governor president. You have no option but to drop everything and you know. Put Your own politics aside your own party side and just deliver this so I'm interested And and I know that you're a democrat. I'm a Democrat But I think you probably have some unique observations about how the administration is handling this or mishandling this just kind of crisis management one. Oh one yeah. The first thing is is is critically important. I think we saw a pretty well exhibited By Joe Biden today That that that you give people the information. The honest truthful unmitigated information. You'd be amazing. The resilience of the American people that we can face facts that we can comprehend. Comprehend those facts and then make the decisions that are going to be in the best interest of ourselves and our families but when you got a mixed message coming from the president versus what is coming from the vice president versus what is coming from the task force. it leaves a lot of people wondering what's honest. What's true what advice should? I actually follow And I gotta put a plug in here for The role that municipalities. Play here because a lot of people think you gotta looked only to Washington. Dc FOR GUIDANCE. A response and while we want guidance and we won't clear guidance and more than anything we want re- sources To flow from Washington DC down to the states and then down to the municipalities. It's it's you know. Florida is is is is a state of sixty seven counties. You're talking about sixty seven different emergency operations centers That may need to be stood up with fire police. Ems Social Services Safety Net In that network a human services organizations your parks and recreations department. Your School Board I. As mayor of Tallahassee was mayor doing to hurricanes these are two hurricanes in thirty years and they came back to back we operated the the the EEOC Bhatt in a wealth of local resources of people who knew where The the more indigent people were in our community who were not right now being caught up and taking care of in the Social Safety Net. We knew where to dispatch resources. We create a comfort centers inside libraries and other public places and got utilities to them. So that people frankly weren't dying of heat frustration. We saw that down in Broward County if you hurricanes ago where people were literally died in nursing homes for lack of air conditioning for lack of of of of power so so those decisions many of them are being made by your mayor. City Councilmen County administrators. Your emergency operations officials and in with those folks are going to want to hear from. Washington is some clear guidance win. Can we get tests? Who can be tested How is the private testing system? Porting that information back into the CDC so that we can get a real handle on. How present This virus might be in our respective communities A few that I have is that we don't really know I heard the thousand cases and I gotTa Tell You I and the wealthy. They shouldn't all were where people are able to travel where people are able to take trips. Vacations spent times in hotels And travel the world. I'm finding it very difficult to believe that that is the the the the the the the total capturing of what the picture looks like in this country and so it would. It would not scare me to hear the president come out in his own words. Say Look this is going to get worse before it gets better but we can get through. This and here is our plan. This is this is our triaging and this is what the long term picture looks like for this country over the next year As we sort this out we can look to Wuhan. In the fact that president she went and visited. Wuhan gives a good sign of confidence that after the steps that they took They have now begun to get some control over but but but again to hear. Administration officials are talking to both sides of mouths. That's a that's a very difficult thing. The only thing I would say on this coordination piece is I am really concerned about the capacity of our hospitals and our clinics particularly in a state like Florida where twenty three percent of the people here are sixty five and older will overwhelm that system. Do we need to be thinking about? The construction of other facilities with these individuals will be able to be treated we'll be able to be maintained and and and again Because not enough information is being shared right now. I do wonder how well we're doing that kind of planning right. It's your that's when we saw a cianos able to do kind of almost overnight on new yes so I'm curious you know obviously is former mayor of Tallahassee. You probably talk to a lot of people in that community across Florida when you just listening to you about Kind of the three different pieces of information inconsistent information Are you hearing that from folks on the ground in Florida? I mean is that as the People's anxiety it's it's totally adding people's anxiety and and you know what it also is doing is is causing cities to take their own actions based off of information that they have access to and who they believe and are making decisions like closing down school districts Close you know. Taking precautionary steps that frankly may not be informed by science may not be informed by the picture on the ground only because as citizens see things being projected out of New York or they see what's happening out of Washington state citizens start to get to get concerned and say well. Why are we doing that? Shouldn't we doing that? Is Our mayor laying down on the job as our YOSI NOT UP AN OPERATION. Because we're not ready and so sometimes it forces a bit of a not a competition because it's not that but but but what you find is comparisons being made between how other communities are responding to this a virus citizens seeing that because we now live in a pretty democratize society and when it comes to access to information so what happens in. Washington state is as president there as it is present in Pensacola Florida By way of news and so the citizens start to drive a little bit of this. And then you'll have unfortunate when when governments don't access to don't have access to really good information really good data and a really good plan. You'll find them making these decisions. Which by all means they're well intentioned they don't want this thing to spread they wanna be seen as taking care of their citizens but sometimes those decisions may not be in the best interest of their community and may not be informed by really any real evidence to suggest that those are the steps that they should be taking. And that's that's that's one of the real. That's one of the real harms when you have a multitude of messages conception that there's not a real plan is that you get this competition between places to sort of outdo the other as it relates to precautionary steps. Which again may not be necessitated by the science by the data or by the plan so before Joma politics which may seem small compared to this crisis but we do have an important election in front of us. Want to ask you Obviously Florida As you know Brutally well given how close your governor's race was is a competitive political state. We're not talking about a state that is read seventy thirty but you know probably just given the age of conservative down there over index on Fox News. And I'm just curious as you talk to people in Florida. How concerned are you about that? Which there seems to be you know a pretty healthy percentage of our country that may not be taking the proper precautions because they're being told by Fox and that entire megaphone On the right that you know this is kind of blown out of proportion. Yeah you know. And that that's the debt is the real hazard When everything is seeing strictly through the Political Lynn's this is actually a moment where the president can Marshall Democrats and Republicans and everything in between toward a common universal nationalistic goal which is to get control of this current health care crisis have a plan and then enlist every single American to do their respective part so when you have the CD and the Task Force come out and Dr particularly come out and say You know it's not good to gather enlarge places and venues but yet you have the president later on that same day announce several more rallies. Now my guess is that this situation will continue to change and he'll probably have to readjust on that but but just given the shot shadow of hearing that advice at the podium from the task force and then having that contradicted but I suppose I shake in Dana shake hands a modicum. Continue to do this. Matt Gaetz Congressman here from Florida. Making a mockery by by putting on the gas masks and going down to the will of the United States Congress as a way to make fun of of of of this as some overblown situation only to find that the earliest deaths in Florida from the corona virus have been in his occurred in his own district right and so I'm not putting blood on his hands. I'm simply saying that that your office and the responsibility of your office requires you to rise to a different level. You have to meet the times and the Times that we now find ourselves is a place of deep insecurity by most Americans. They want to be able to look to their leaders. Trust them trust the words that come out of their mouth understand the instructions and then take their leave from there and unfortunately not only do you have members of Congress acting out in the president acting out there now is a major echo chamber You know known as Fox News. That again is given far too much weight to this idea that this is some democratic hoax to undermine the president's reelection bid you know something's can be above politics. I'm not pollyannaish to say that politics has nothing to do with this but by all means when it comes to saving and protecting lives of Americans by God said it to the side and focus on being president of all of the United States. And this does this. This disease seems to be indiscriminate when it comes Democrats Republicans independents it. May it knows no party affiliation and so I disagree vehemently with the president across a whole range of public policy issues. But I'm actually praying for some success With this president when it comes to frankly demonstrating the leadership that his office requires to help. Guide this nation through Through this challenge literally lives hang in the balance. He seems to be most concentrated on the economics that hang in the balance but lives are the ones that hang in the balance and I think that the economics is largely driven by the fact that people don't believe that this man knows what he's talking about. They don't trust that he actually has a plan to deal with this his press conference or or or speech last night probably raise more concerns than it settled them For for for most people and so. This is an opportunity for presidential leadership. This is an opportunity for us in a bipartisan way. To say look we've not faced anything like this but we will get through it but we're not going to get through it without taking the appropriate steps to keep you your family your neighbors safe and inevitably the country safe by having done so man. I wish you were elected Governor Florida Andrew. Listening and millions of people down. So let's if it's okay with you. Actually I'm not. I don't want to ask you about the primary because I think you know Biden's headed to a big win down there and probably a big delegate when I do okay with you. Can we jump to the general? Yeah of course okay. So start with a simple question. Do you think Florida should be one of the core battleground states for nominee and the presidential without a doubt any conversation that takes Florida out of the mix of being a battleground if not the battleground? State is a miscalculation it is misinformed and it potentially allows the trump campaign to reallocate significant resources to states like Michigan Wisconsin Arizona Ohio even even though we know that you know moved a little bit further out of our reach it. It allows them to put Money that would otherwise go into the third largest into these other states when they draw the conclusion that Democrats are not seriously competing. And let me just try to make the quick case which is simply say? Florida is a one percent state. You know a better than you know a better than most Davor. Barack Obama won this state twice by one point Donald Trump won the state by a little bit more than point. We know what happened with Al Gore and five thirty seven and the last twenty in the last twenty four years. The last five races for governor have been decided by less than one point and in my case by point four percent out of eight and a half million people voting which by the way was up from an estimate of six point. One million people voting. We came near presidential level turnout in the two thousand eighteen a race and my race came down to just thirty thousand votes difference now. The president understands what's at stake so I just because I violently agree with you. You know we see Virginia's now probably dark blue state right Iowa. We want it twice with Obama now going to be harder presidential service shifts but the one constant is Florida. So I guess my question to you and and your point of the core battlegrounds last time In the Clinton trump race you know Florida did have the biggest turnout increase. It was over eleven percent. And that's a state where Hillary got I think two hundred fifty thousand more votes than we did But trump you know identified about four hundred and fifty thousand more that's So I think some people think well it's crazy to think because he's a resident but you know because you know is. Is this just a place where he's going to blow out turnout so much play the piano but why is it because when you go through those statistics the it could not be more close and we'll get to your work in a minute which I think is super important in terms of this? Why do you think people you know they'll even say will Arizona North Carolina for sure and folks aren't sure Florida? I know it's big inexpensive. But why do you think that is because your race bound Nelson's Race Hillary's are two races? You mentioned all the governor raises. I mean they literally are on the margin. So why do you think people are so skittish about saying? We're all in for these twenty nine electoral votes. Well I won't disqualify where you say which is big and expensive as being one right. They think they can take those money that money. Put it in. Put it in a in a blue wall and basically get a bigger bigger bang for their buck. Listen Wisconsin's got what tens of thousands more working class High school educated or under White Folks there and it looks like they're working hard to get those folks in gays on the on the on the trump side and not trying to take it out but I'm simply saying is not like we're dealing you know I it's not like we're dealing with a force that is going to be stagnant on the right. The force on the other side will be immense. They know the scale of the challenge and more importantly what they know about. Florida is that the president cannot be reelected without the State of Florida's twenty nine electoral votes. That is a fact He he will not return to the White House If Florida can be moved to To to to to the blue column part of it I think is is that people do see other passed a victory. That don't include Florida which could be cheaper now. I could spend a lot of time talking. That went down Another thing I think that people confuse Florida with is they look at our Hispanic politics and they're very confused by it And I've tried to write a little bit about this. Eliminating the difference between Florida Hispanic Latino community here and the Latino Latino community from the West. We don't perform in the same way. The politics here in the state of Florida for our Latino community is as even running for governor. If I did not go into Dorel and talk first about a Guajardo one being the democratically elected president and to really reverse order calling Madero. The murderous tyrant that he is and then acknowledging a Maduro I'm sorry acknowledging. Ardo as the leader I talk to them about healthcare the economy and infrastructure and environment. Because I haven't shown that I see them I same for Nicaraguan Zanesville Colombian We have a very very very radically diverse constituency here and it's not one that we can't win it is one that. Rajin win and in fact. I think we can win and better margins but it is going to take a much more nuanced and surgical approach to those communities community to to Puerto Ricans in. I'm sorry To Hispanics and central Florida that may focus on the president throwing toilet paper in US delivering a message about respectable. Respect may not be the same message that you're going to play Inderal inderal maybe you need to talk about the fact that the president himself a power that belonged exclusively to him to extend temporary protective status for. Venezuelans he has repeatedly refused to extend. Tps that community and as a result we are experiencing record deportations in the Venezuelan community. Out of the United States largely out of the state of Florida. Talk about the fact that he plays you know as if he's a friend to exile here yet. He has more in common with strong men around the globe than than than any president in modern history and frightening probably in history so there is a case to be made here but it is not going to be the lazy route. You competed in this state. It's hard did impressively well in Miami by the way With Hispanics where a lot of people think we take you on the Cuban vote? Brian early vote and by the way the next generation. Cuban vote that we ought to be focused on. But they can't hear us if we are frankly lifting up the the the the the the Castro regime and and literacy as as something to be held and and again I shared this with the with the sanders campaign. That that the truth is that those are not comments that just get resigned to Bernie Sanders and Florida Hispanic. Radio is a huge huge piece of the communication flow from folks from Venezuela back into the United States here from Florida throughout The community in the in the in the death SPA and so it's important that we have strong democratic voices standing on the side of right so that they don't get to project the comments by one to be the policy of Democrats for all and we have to work this constituency in the way that they deserve not showing up last minute but being in that community. And you don't hate me for saying this but Rick Scott perfected that model. In a era. Where trump was throwing toilet paper at at Puerto Ricans? This is a man who made significant inroads in the Puerto Rican community throughout the I four corridor which I believe was in part responsible for the close of their race and and his ultimate success and so Mitt Latinos like blacks are not a monolith but even more so the diversity of countries of origin in relation is so intense. You have to understand that Latin American policy is American policy. I just had my fifteen year old son out with me for a few days in the book tours. We went to states like Florida and North Carolina in Pennsylvania and it was aside from just great spending that time with him. You know a reminder about this election is about their future much less so than than my generations and that's who we're fighting when I ran the Obama campaign's there were soon many people not even voting legible. Fourteen fifteen sixteen even younger. Who GOT INVOLVED? Who might go to a phone? Bank or one canvassing with their parents or pump. You know created interesting content photos and videos the way I think about it as if a family is having a conversation over dinner about the next election. And you know the mom or dad says yeah you know I saw trump today just reminds me how terribly is GonNa vote against him I want you know. Hopefully that young child and say okay. Well what are we really GONNA do about it? Like what's our plan. What's our families plan in this election and I think young people can create such a huge spark in that way. And that's why I will ripples of hope your guide to electing a new president. It's a book for this generation. They may not have a vo yet but they do have a voice So I hope it's a perfect way to get young people more interested in this election foster some great conversations around the dining room and kitchen table and on car rides and hopefully Also provide some practical steps about exactly how young people can make a difference in this election. Ripples of your guide to electing a new president is available now and you can purchase it wherever books are sold Andrew Listening to you talk about the complexity of the state and we know how large it is now expensive You know maybe akin can can make give people pause but my view on this. Is You know this is the fate of the world is at stake. I mean this is the most important election. I would argue at least eighteen sixty which is saying something and so if you've got an ability to win an electoral vote anywhere There's no excuse not to play no matter how expensive how complex. Yep You know you just talked to as you gotta run a bunch of different campaigns in Florida not one but this is a checkmate. This is twenty nine electoral votes. So you know. I hearing you say this. I hope folks who were making this decision in Philadelphia or Vermont depending on our nominee go all in elementary off so Florida. What's interesting is trump. Stole one it with less than fifty percent of the vote but it was the of all the battlegrounds. The lowest third party vote three point two percent would obviously like to see that lower. But I think you can really draw a lesson so as I mentioned. Trump did blowout turnout. Here he got up to four six. Do you think it's possible he could. He could get up to five million five one. Like what do you think the outer ranges and then we'll talk about what we need to do about it. The point is not lost on them around the importance of the state of Florida Some say he changed his residency to get away from Tisch. James and all of the case being. Open there I think it was much more sinister as a sinister political by nature but the campaign manager for the trump organ for the trump campaign right here in Florida working out of central Florida They're they're digging their stakes deep now. We didn't think this was possible in a state as the versus Florida. But they had a hyper white turnout number one two they went into the Haitian community. Donald Trump himself and two little Haiti and the Haitian community and Campaign. There Basically trying to splinter off that constituency to say we've got more in common we share religion. We share hard work right dividing patients from the rest of the black community in the state of Florida going after black men which they have already announced pretty aggressive efforts toward doing here in twenty twenty two. You know this message of what you have to lose. And now they've got woke vote which they're opening offices around around the country now now. I'm of two minds here one Do I think he's legitimately trying to win the black vote? No but what I believe. He is legitimately trying to do is reduce the margins and through suppression not just illegal former suppression which we can talk about but the idea that the other side is no better than me. Take the devil you know over the one you don't or by the way just don't vote at all that this is you know. I. It's of no consequence and the problem for that message. David and this was something you all in many ways were able to overcome because of hope and change in the historic nature of of of being the first and having Barack Obama certainly in the two thousand eight a cycle. That doesn't mean you didn't tell me they had with. Its head wins. Well they did but but but the but the part of the advantage that you had is that people wanted to be a part of the history including in the black community so an effort like that would not be as successful. But if you've got crime. Bill if you got parents just need to read more of their kids there are a couple of soundbites out there and. I don't want to do the work for them. I don't WanNa go through all of the work we're going to see. Yeah we're going to see a lot there. Yeah and what that will be intended to do is to diminish the enthusiasm there and to suppress the vote Particularly by by communities of color into go aggressively after a black man particularly on this issue of criminal justice reform which is simply a repackage watered down version of what the president tried to do but the Republicans would president Obama that is and the Republicans would obviously not let that. Let that go through. And he's doing these token things which by the way play well in the barbershop conversation. And so we can't be caught flat-footed my concern and stuff because I feel like I'm on a on a on a soapbox but important for people understand what they're GONNA do. People have to like how understand despite him mismanaging this crisis and his approval ratings. He's going to be tough to be in Florida or so people have to understand what we're up against. We'll be tough to beat and it will not just be in Florida. That this effort is undertaken. It'll be it'll it'll be the urban area Pennsylvania. It'LL BE DETROIT IT'LL BE. It'll be a Cincinnati Wisconsin it's going to be all of these urban areas where they feel like they don't have to have everybody but again in a state like Florida where we win and losing the margins one percent. You can get enough the other thing. I think he wants to signal largely to suburban white women is that he's not the creep the racists the the the the the the the horrible person that so many people believe him to be. I think in some ways it wants to say. Hey Hey I got a black friend doing things that I said. They were good people on both sides. But listen we're trying our our our our best to make sure that people of color are doing okay in this country As well and again that message is likely not going to be resonant for the overwhelming majority of black people but could it send a signal to some Suburban whites then maybe he's not as often maybe not as bad on some of the things that they would normally find repulsive that you know this time around you know. Maybe maybe he quayle's that'll put a little bit right so Before we jumped in the work you're doing and it's it's definitely connected this next question okay. Let's say there's a scenario where trump you know puts on the board? You know five one or five point two million votes because he just blows. Turn out to your point. He's GONNA find everybody who ought to have a Maga- hat on the dozen and register tournament yes somewhat similar to what Gore what Kerry faced with Bush in two thousand and four and again. I think we saw the beginnings of in Florida even though he had more of a ramshackle campaign last time. Very strong turnout. So if trump puts up those types of numbers I still believe we can win but I think you probably do so. Tell us how do we when you've talked about the complexity of the then as well and community Nicaraguan Community Haitian Cuban Puerto Rican so obviously we need to do the right type of work there to get the right kind of vote share and turn out but how do we put this together to get a win. Yes so so. So so getting five fabulous million and by the way Democrats just crossed the threshold of registering five million Democrats. Congratulations thank you for that. More than Republicans have registered in the State of Florida. And by the way you know a third of the registrants in the state of Florida are independent or no party affiliates. So we're also dealing with people who were not communicating with over the course of the primary. Most folks are not you know. Sort of Making these folks to be the important swing voters that they can be and I don't consider them to be swing voters just because their independence. I actually think that this is a constituency that Kayhan in we'll move our favor but we gotta reach out to them. We got to have the right message for them and obviously the right candidate is helpful. Here I think the swing vote and the way that we really turn up. The heat here is that we'd go after some of those folks who did not participate and I don't mean wh why Hillary got more in two thousand sixteen. There were folks who fell out of that process and largely young people people of Color emporer folks and so I also consider black men a part of it by the way I consider that part of the swing. Vote by the way and I know that's a radical redefining of how people think of a swing voter. But you know this better than than I do for. Millions of people voted around the country between twelve and sixteen. They are part of the swing vote. They weren't necessarily going to vote for Donald Trump. But could those have been our people? Could there have been our voters who sidelined us? And so I said this the other night on television Biden may be on a fast track toward the nomination. But what will get him? The nomination will not get him the Presidency. We cannot be resigned to To going at a constituency that's just tired and frustrated and annoyed by this president and think that America has lost. Its way in that. All of the founding principles of this country have come at a condo compromised by by this leader. While that may motivate some. I will tell you I think. He largely motivates the people who are going to vote anyway. We have to have a message for those people who need a reason to go and vote. And they are not going to vote on a return to the status quo that will not be a compelling message from many of those folks and I'm calling him out. They're younger people they are people of Color. They're poor folks and by the way you better talk to people about more than criminal justice reform. You better talk to them about economics. Wealth-building strategies small business ownership microlending two black women for startups and business development. The the nuance that is going to be necessary here. We'll disqualified the laziness of our campaigns. And and I would say with the exception of what I saw from you all because I remember going volunteer in South Carolina and getting a piece of paper two weeks out from from one of the offices and being on the third or fourth pass on a door and based off of the information that the people who had come before had gathered. I was able to have a much better much smarter. More intellectual and compelling conversation with voter then if if we had not hit those folks or we were hitting them at the last minute right and so so so so I think we win. A couple of ways one One I think we talked to these. These marginalized voters who we will consist since consider low propensity voters who may just find it as simple not to vote this cycle. Why because their lives felt like they didn't change from the last administration they fill unchanged into this under this administration and may say what what what the hell is a harm I'll take the devil. I know over the devil That I don't know too I think we can. There's some strategies here that we ought to be pursuing around vote by mail and Florida. We Are we are we are. We ought to be targeting. Those individuals who we have classified as unlikely voters low propensity voters and going to those individuals to solicit them to request a vote by mail. Which puts you on the vote by mail roster for two general elections vote by mail. Because it gives us a month a MUFFIN. A week to communicate with those folks see when they turn in those ballots. If they haven't turn those ballots Sin Organiz to flush that ballot out. I'm talking about Democrats. These are people who if they vote? They will vote for us. We've got to get that surgical around our Around our process and the only the less they would add is. We need to go Last year they purge something like four hundred thousand people from the voter rolls. They're they're on the role again here in Florida with the with the with the with the with the purging from the voter rolls the first folks we ought to be prioritizing on the registration side and this is something that for Florida action. The the the organization that I'm proud to share Has prioritizes a part of our work. We are pivoting from general voter registration. Which I think somebody should be doing Toward the effort of going after these folks who have been purged because I think these purge voters are probably the most promising of voter that we have out there because they've demonstrated the propensity for voting before at versus our Tessema messages. That can move them from voted. Want so I voted twice and then I fell out. Why did you fall out? How do we get you back in and then chase that ballot until their ballots shows up at the ballot box so that super smart so so let's say we do As hard as it is everything we can do to maximize vote share In in the very I'm diverse elements of the Hispanic community in Florida. And we do what you're saying which is younger. A minority disaffected. We still my question to you is. Then you've got You know suburban votes and then you know the question is Do you think we do have a race Some of trump's margin in the panhandle and other rural counties. What's what's the last piece of this. How how how? Well do we have to do in those two elements of the electorate. Yeah we gotTA lose less place it right those those counties that we are going to flip from from red to blue by any stretch of my imagination but one of the things for instance that I did in Duval County and my race for For Governor is we had to your point suburban white women who foul my opponent to be offensive to their values who started organizing and Ponte Vedra beach and Saint Augustine but the closest place. They could find you know fellow community with people who were voting for me. Were in Jacksonville. And these people work the beach community. A lot of people think it was just the black towner turn out and the most urban part of Duval County will it was that but it was also These these these suburban white women who were a tremendous part of of of of my reelection a my rather. I should say my winning Duval County which had not gone to a Democrat and a generation and the race for governor race. We gotta get back in there. Like for instance. Lawton child's right. Is that writer? I don't know if that's right. That's exactly right so so we've got to get back in there and continue to being committee. I I will tell you they. I'm hopeful from what we saw from some of these governors races Some of these special elections where we saw suburban women move at a pretty nice pace Toward Democrats electing us to elect some Democrats in places where we didn't think we would be able to win Some of those governorships. Obviously Virginia being the stand out there. But that's been years You know years of work. Let's not give up. Let's not give up on that on that on that constituents Now I have to tell you I do. Fear that what we're competing against is supremacy and use that word as as a as a word subjects to suggest racism what I use supremacy in the term when I think and I think the trump campaign didn't affective job here is that they were able to convince white women based off of their proximity to white men. They're white husbands and their wives sons It was better to have trump office for their for their for their family Goals in place in society. Maybe not for their own and so how do we talk to To to women about their own individual interest. Treat them as a sole singular constituency who you know is not going to be motivated simply because you know a of a woman candidate or or simply because they are women in fact many of these folks sort of detest that idea But but to go them on the issues that we think they care about and so for this for this part of the state. I don't write those individuals off. I think we gotta go at them. And that's part of losing less. You don't win the state of Florida by you know winning Miami Dade Broward Palm Beach. Losing this county that county in that county You win the state by giving one more vote than the network and make them from anywhere. The length and the breath of the state of Florida. Yeah even ten ten million people vote ten and a half million we gotta keep the mindset so luckily for nominee m worried to your point that you know. Just listen you talk. The complexity of winning Florida Is is really profound but it is winnable. I think we can't worry about is winnable the polls of today is what are the votes look like we can produce on the third but luckily for them. You're down there and and you know you basically lost a tough race And you decided to to redouble your efforts in Florida So talk about the work. You're doing with Ford Florida And both in relation to discussion. We just had you mentioned. You're doing some really smart work with some of the purge voters but also. Obviously you're you want people to contribute and I'd like you to talk about that. But how else can people help you? Because I think the work you're doing obviously this could be a back break for trump if we win Florida but you know for the future of our Party in our country to be more and more races could be enormously important so the microphone is your Sir. Well I try not to abuse it but but you opened it up What what what. What I will say is I had a choice to make after I lost the race for Governor. And that was to said withdrawing go do my own thing and I get. Why nominees before me have done that. Or you're at the age of forty where I don't think you know my future in this state. I don't believe it to be over I'm raising three children all five and under In the state that I was born in Miami Dade State that I love a state who that I tried it with everything I've been able to accomplish my my family. The love of them the supported them but also get teachers who pay wages. They could live on Also you know a social safety nets that caught us when we happen to you know fall and not be able to make ends me. So I'm I'M I. I know that story well because I've lived there story and and an and I reject anyone's description. That Florida is a red state. Florida is an unorganized state for the purpose of Democrats and we have not had a democratic governor and twenty four years in Tallahassee Florida. And so they have been able to build organization inside election cycle outside of election cycle immense resources which trump should say that would certainly a. Sh- put put our resources in the shadow by comparison. An even still there only winning the state by one point or in my case point four percent and so what we decided to do was when I looked at the numbers on the registration side when Obama was on the ballot in Florida and two thousand and eight Democrats had a registration advantage over. Republicans of almost seven hundred thousand more registered Democrats than Republicans was on the ballot. Just fast forward ten years later. That advantage shrank to fewer than two hundred fifty thousand right so precipitous decline in our registration. It was actually a your colleague. David Axelrod all said Andrew. You've got a challenge. There this was after the races. I didn't want to call you doing the race but I was looking at your registration numbers and God knows everybody. Who's registered doesn't vote but it certainly helps to have a couple more marbles on the table to fall off it didn't cost you the whole. Yeah and he's completely right about that. So we turned our attention to writ large raising money raising attention raising profile. I started not just Ford Florida. Which is my political committee. And I'm GonNa say a word about what we're doing there but Ford Florida Action A. C. Four to raise the necessary resources to invest in these groups that largely get ignored house a presidential elections right to invest in those people who are going to be here who have cultural competency and the communities that they're working in who cared deeply about these committees because they come from them that the staff there are being hired from them. They're leaders reflect with those communities. Look like and so. We wanted to invest in those groups. And we've continued that Frankly aside from organizing for America this is this is the that aside from that effort is probably one of the few. I remember happening and what we call quote unquote cycles non-presidential cycles where we're trying to do this kind of level of depth of organizing within our community We're also trying to get folks to again look again at Florida as an investment over time and you made this point David And setting this question up. Which is Lord have mercy? If we ever plan on flipping the third largest state in America is not gonNA happen overnight. We WanNa pull a page from Virginia. We want to double down on our effort year in year out in election cycle outside of election cycle state as well as federal elections. Doing the difficult work of democracy. We call it the difficult work of democracy. Because it's not easy and frankly as I go out and I talked to organizers in this state I try to remind them and an cheerful about this this this this example but thank God. Dr King didn't give a Rosa parks. Didn't give up. These were who were sacrificing. They were sacrificing for a country that they were not certain they would ever inherit. Do you know what it means to sacrifice something to give something to give life and livelihood for something that you don't know that you will be able to be the benefactor of. They did that and so we got. We've got a responsibility for my children with the children of this state. The future generations of the state to do that work and I think people have oversimplify Florida and basically said well the Browning of the of the State of Florida is. What's going to turn it that? That demography is destiny. It is not why because people can make the choice to stay home. And why is it not because the other side can can come up with a message? Target that message move these people emotionally and get them out even though they are screwing them left and right on the other side so we've got to recognize that as part of our of our challenge but it is an opportunity. I see it as a tremendous opportunity. Not just for what happens in twenty twenty but twenty two and twenty four and twenty six and beyond. Finally there are Sixteen House races that I won Hillary one Nelson one or came within a percent of winning that sent a Republican to the Florida House of Representatives. We are fourteen cents away from flip out his targets. Such right. Yeah yes. So we're saying you know what everybody thinks that. The presidential drives a turnout. How about this? We're GONNA FLIP IT ON. Its head less invest in these races. And I've been raising money and have given over one hundred and twenty thousand so far too These these house races in the state of Florida to signal if we compete if we're willing to fight if we put a candidate out there who expresses our vision right now we're coming within forty nine percent or we're winning them one nine legislative seats that sent a Republican to the Florida House of Representatives right. And so we have to compete on these and there's probably no more important time to do that than in the advance of cynical census and the redrawing of maps where we know we have a situation of elected officials choosing their voters rather than the voters choosing their elected officials. We're GONNA flip that on. Its head but we cannot do it by ourselves. if you're interested in learning more about what we're doing follow us at Ford Florida Action Forward NFL. Lay Handles follow me Make contributions so AC- maybe you're in a state that we're not worried about your electoral votes. But you understand the importance of the state of Florida to being pivotal to the outcome of. Who is the next president of the United States and maybe the future democracy period certainly for the next four years? Maybe then you want to say you know it instead of giving in my state I'm Orien- addition to give it in my state. I'M GONNA given the State of Florida to help these efforts. We have an ambitious goal for for for raising. But but we are. We are confident that if we do this work not only. Can we flip Florida for the President? We can flip the house. We can get control of this redistricting process where we have truly reflective districts and. We can set Florida on a pathway to being organized and producing residual democratic wins while brother. That is such a stirring call to action so for those of you that believe in the mission Andrew Gillum just laid out. I hope you'll check out him. And and the organization and help because you don't addition you know we. We've talked a couple of times. I mean the electoral college is like a chess match right. And it's almost. Check your aid if we win it. But you know you think about A Vision where you elect a Democratic governor there a navien twenty two legislature. Texas may not be right there. But it's coming right and so you think about California Texas Illinois New York Florida. Eventually Georgia. I mean just leaving aside the presidential race just that means a hugely. Larger percentage of our countries living under progressive government and the benefit to their lives is is enormous. So this couldn't be more important. I think your point that we. We can't look at election cycle to election cycle. We just got to do the hard work. And the city for work you're doing is so important at such an undernourished part of the ecosystem so really applaud you for that. Well thank you for that. David Amis alight and thank you for allowing me access to to to to this platform. This is how will change the the state if we could look at states and silos. That'd be one thing we can't afford to look at sticks in silos anymore. We're about to have a United States Senate where by and large majority of Americans are the minority of United States. Senate we have got to start fighting back and Florida is battleground. State number one. I believe to flipping so again. Join US F forward F. L. A. DOT com. We love to have your help. We love to have your voluntarism as we try to flip this state why. Andrew Gale and thank you again for being on here Thank you for the work. You're doing for your state your party your country in the world and also I just want to say what an amazing model you are You Know You. Lou Lose a tough race that looked like it may be one. You'd win And I'm sure it took a few days but for you to dust yourself off and decide you're just gonNA stick with this and not on your own behalf but on the behalf of of millions and millions of people in Florida. I just couldn't be more admiring of. Hey David not to lessen your point. My wife thinks it's my therapy. Well maybe but it's hit whatever. The rationale is a lot of people are gonNA benefit from it and That's the goal is really just a row patriotic work. So thank you Andrew Gill. I appreciate their brother. Keep lifting these up man. I appreciate you and Godspeed for all of us. What an inspiring person And I hope that was a motivating conversation with Andrew. Gillum gives me confidence that We have a chance to win Florida. I violently agree with him that we need to contest with everything. We've got as hard as it is. Complex. It is as it is as expensive as it is but the work he's doing and his passion for how important it is I think should be highly motivational so I would encourage you to check out his organization for Florida action in on. Learn more about what they're doing and if you're so inclined to help them with your time or or your financial resources And just you know hearing Andrews I think view of What it's GonNa take to one Florida Really suggested that we have no time to lose and those of you on the ground. You don't necessarily need to wait for a nominees campaign To get on the ground Start organizing now start tapping into groups like Andrew supporting but We we can't afford to lose a day And then of course you know. Listen to someone who would have been such. A great governor was such a strong Talk about how. The trump administration has mishandling this crisis And some of the really unique challenges faced in the state of Florida both economic and health wise. I think were both terrifying and fascinating so I really appreciate you being on the pot and look forward to spending time with you guys next week on campaign H Q.

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