Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network: The Jim Rome Podcast (BONUS 1: Mark Cuban)


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Yet they played asked sleep. Welcome to the Jim Rome, podcast and welcome to episode seventy nine with my guest, the one and only Mark Cuban Mark Cuban is not preneurs. He is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He is a business mogul ATV personality. A media pioneer. He is one of the most interesting people on the planet. I am pumped to show this conversation with you hard to believe, but I've been rapping with Mark Cuban for more than two decades. And this is that kind of conversation we cover a ton of ground all the way back to when cubes was teaching dance lessons to sororities to nearly losing a digit chopping ham in Pittsburgh to slamming sake bombs with Dirk Nowitzki in Vegas all the way back to the officiating in game one of the rockets warriors. If it sounds like we covered a lot of ground. It's because we covered a lot of ground. So pot up at seventy nine with the legend Mark Cuban starts right now. Mark. I gotta say it's been a minute or two since you and I visited in fact, I can't imagine this case, but maybe not sense you win you and I used to text back and forth about the release of our beloved T mobile sidekicks, though it was ever how rat asked that was, you would hit me up on technology, all the time, and I had to try to brag about what phone I was getting, and I would tell you about my new Samsung fold, but got recalled. They already recalled that thing. Yeah. They brought it back. My phone was great. Man. I loved it. I mean, I it it opens up. So the, the screen is big. And you know, it's the only downside was it didn't have a headphone Jack kind of like the iphone. But other than that, I love that thing. I can't wait to get back on your that's really something I did not get one, because the fact is marquee, you know, it's kind of crazy. I'm I'm an iphone guy, not because like I'm such a disciple of that. But the ecosystem is so crazy that I can't live without the I message literally everything I do is because of an I message. Is there any cure for that? I believe my attitude is I actually have three phones, one on each different networks. I've got t mobile, I've got Reisen, and I've got AT and T. And so, two of my phones were Samsung on one is iphone, but, like when I travel, you know, me, I'm not a meetings or or phone call guy. And so if I can't get access to a network to do my work, then then I'm stuck. And so I, I have a little bit of everything. So I'm I'm equal. Equal opportunity. It really is amazing. Given what? You've accomplished. You are not a meeting guy. You hate meetings. Don't you hate a man? It's just the biggest waste of time ever. I mean, I'd rather listen to two nails on a chalkboard. You know, because you got to sit in there and you got it. So how the kids where the doughnuts what's going on? Then you got to set up the meeting, and then, you know, the people who have to talk have to talk. And then it comes down to okay. What are we going to do for our next meeting where I'd rather be like, okay, just send me an Email? I'll ask you my questions. You know, you give me your answers and not only, you know, can we do it? Whatever time we do it, but I have emails, going back twenty five years. So all I can search back and literally I could go back and, you know, brag about, you know, Jim Rome being on on audio net back in nineteen ninety six, you know, and have emails from back then got that is so great. In fact, what about that, Mark, you go back to nineteen Ninety-six? And I think that's right around the time you and I started communicate when you when you back then we're trying to push things like internet broadcasting, when people didn't even know what the internet was if what was the. General reaction when you were pushing audio over the internet, how much pushback was there was like you moron just turn on a fucking radio. Turn on a fucking TV. Yeah. Right. It's just like what are you doing? You full. You know, it's just like don't you know how to use a radio, but you know, because back then to just to get on the internet. You had to have a PC with the modem download TCP IP software. Then connect to you'd have, then you have to have a browser then you had to figure out how to type in the WWW, you are L, and that was complicated. And it was slow, and so, you know, and it was expensive, too. So people really didn't get it that, you know, it was pretty obvious to me, and a lot of people that all that stuff was going to get easier and a lot less expensive. And obviously twenty some years later, you know, it is what it is. But if we go way way way back, I mean, now you obviously one of the most successful and recognised launch preneurs of the generation, but you grew up in a working class family in Pittsburgh. You don't when you were coming up when you were growing up where you kind of set aside is like some sort of prodigy the wonder kid every. Had extremely high hopes for. No, not at all man. It was. It was. It wasn't that way at all. I mean I I was smart. I mean I wasn't the smartest kid in class, but I was up there, but I mean my dad did upholstery and cars, and my mom had odd jobs, and I mean, I remember being in high school, and my mom being worried about me. And so she got me a job. She was working in a real estate office, and she got me a job, working for the owner of the company lane carpet, because she wanted me to learn trade, just in case things didn't work out for me where I couldn't afford college. It's amazing. So she want to make sure something to fall back on time. You gotta hustle you already were you were working your hustle already. Oh, what kind of jobs, did you have on the way up, what types of things did you do? Oh, lord. So, like I still baseball cards when I was like nine ten years old, to kids in the neighborhood, I would, you know, Pat repackage them, so you had a pirate, you know, in because I grew up in Pittsburgh, then full garbage bags. My dad got me a job for a little side hustle. So I can get some basketball shoes. I sold magazines door to door. I mean I can still. I remember some of my pitch, you know, bam bam, bam. If I you know, if you this is back in, you know, in the seventies and eighties, if you told your husband that you were spending twenty nine cents a day for the education and enjoyment or your family when he'd be really proud of you. And then I just did everything I was a stock clerk. Well, this place Ralph discount and Pittsburgh. That's so listerine and I would balk on boxed listerine and put it on the shelf. I worked at a grocery store called gracie's. I worked at a place called is lease in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh. There's like a local delicacy called chip chop Pam. And so like the first week I'm working there. I'm I'm slicing ham, and I wasn't paying attention. And literally, I sliced off the tip of my second finger, and it's just like blood everywhere, every fortunately, it didn't do any real damage. I just gotta let funky fingerprint, but, you know, I just did everything into college. I mean I paid for my junior year with a chain letter. It was just doing disco lessons. I just, you know, I think I invented the work side hustle. That was my life. I was gonna say your mom was worried about your mom was worried that you might not have something to fall back on when you were grinding it out. By the way, the disco lessons was that help pay for college? Or did you do that to meet chicks all the above? I mean literally, I got paid twenty five dollars an hour back then to teach dancing to, to sororities. It was the best job ever. I mean twenty five dollars an hour. Are you kidding me? I think that job now that is so much money, then is so much money. So then you go to you go to Indiana. And then you bounce from there. And you go to Dallas at that point, so you get out of college, how much money did you have in your pocket? Then in what was the plan when you headed to Dallas? Oh my God. I had nothing. Right. So. I literally had a bar that I own with a friend in Indiana. And we got shut down for underage drinking. We let our friends in, and so, and that was probably the best thing that ever happened to me, but I had, you know, I didn't really have money. I had a nineteen seventy seven Fiat x one nine with a hole in the floor board. And I had a bunch of buddies that had gone down to Dallas and one of my buddies. Greg shipper was, you've got to come down here. You know, the weather's great the economy's good. There's jobs. The women are hot. You can stay with us. I'm like, wait back up. The women are hot definitely and so I get my car and, and I probably had sixty some bucks to my to my name, I had nothing and I had to, you know, one of those deals where I had a hole in the floor board, literally, I had to put oil in, you know, every sixty miles, and I get down, and they were living in a place in Dallas called the village, and we had six guys in the three bedroom apartment, I slept on the floor. Let's one of my buddies had a booty call, and then I got sleeping in his bed. We're on the couch. Ouch. Yeah, it was a mess. It was a mess. So what was that job? Where did you work down there? So my first job I got working as a bartender at a place called a lawns. And so I was the rookie bartender, and so, you know, I would fill in, and then I would do barbeques, type stuff and clean up and stay there till like three in the morning. And then during the day, I was just looking for jobs and ended up getting a job after a little bit at a place called your business sofware, which was like one of the first retail software stores in, in Dallas, and I didn't really have a computer background at all. And so I, I remember the question the guy asked me in the near he goes, well, you don't know a lot about computers. If somebody comes in, and asks, you a question, what are you doing? I'm like, look, nobody knows a lot about computers in PC. So I'll read the manual. And he goes, you'll read the manual, and I'm like, yeah, hired and that was actually a good job for me. And I was there about nine months till I got fired what happened. It's so you know, part of my responsibilities because it was a store where. You know, wipe down the windows and sweep the floor and make sure it's presentable for opening then unlocked the doors. And, you know, I was still, you know, working on commission and starving affectively living with all those knuckleheads. I was living with, and I had a customer, who was willing it was going to be a fifteen thousand dollars sales, and I was gonna make fifteen hundred bucks off of that. And that would have been what I needed to move out, and so, I called the owner and I said, look, I got this whole thing set up someone to watch, you know, clean the, the windows and open up the store and, you know, I'm going to go pick up the check and he said, no. And so I'm like, oh man. Come on. I, I need to close this deal and the guy I mean, they went out of business long, not long afterwards. So it wasn't a shock. But I'm like, okay, I'm gonna make you know, my first executive decision in my career. And I'm going to go pick up the check thinking, you know, this guy is going to be cool with it when I hand them a fifteen thousand dollar check. So I did just that. And he fired me. No wonder they went out of business. Right. I mean you tell me I like I was in sales, and I failed miserably Mark, but fifteen grand who the fuck did he add? That was closing fifteen thousand dollar sales beside you. Nobody. I mean that's network. I learned so much, I learned so much about business from that too, because, you know, the things he would tell me that we're his advice. Right. He's like Mark, you know, you need to go to this place to buy suit, so you look presentable you know, and you need to drive a nice car. I'm like, I'm wearing two for ninety nine dollars suits polyester suits at stand up on their own. You know, I didn't take him to get dry cleaned. I'm wiped them down. Right. And, and he's giving me advice on. You know you gotta look good. And here's if you ever wear glasses goes this place called peeps. I'll never forget and but you know he was not he would not go on sales calls. He figured, I'm the sales guy and there's people who walked in the door. And you know that'll that'll be all we needed, and I learned right there. And then that, you know, you gotta sell if you're going to start a company you got to sell. And when I. Got fired my buddies, and I went on a trip down to Galveston, and that was a shit show in and of itself. And then I came back and started a company called micro solutions, what happened in the Galveston. You know, it was like six guys, you know, just swamped in this place. And we have pictures of it, it's hysterical, where, you know, we found this girl who wore these suits that, you know, back then. I'm not even gonna go there. It's. But in any in any event, you know, it was just a whole lot of cheap beer, and, you know, being stupid and, and doing rotgut vodka and having fun. You know, Mark, I don't wanna be irresponsible you and I are close in age in like I said, you when I go back some more than twenty years gift. Like you just said, I don't wanna go there back in the day. You and I would have gone there in a heartbeat right in the world's changed. Like I mean, I talk about this all the time, like I'm really proud that I still obvious show in a brand and a podcast, blah, blah, blah. But damn the show is so much better back in the day because we could go there. How do you navigate and is somebody who runs the companies that you do and social media being what it is? You gotta pick your spots now, right? Yeah. You do. I mean you always have to be aware and you just, you know, anything you are. I say you just assume somebody's gonna repeat it somewhere and you know. And you still I don't want, I'm never going to be completely politically correct and all that. But, you know, and my kids are nine twelve and fifteen to. And so, you know, I think that has more of a bearing on what I say than anything else, I mean, it's too late to go back and, you know, recover the things I said and did when I was single, you know when I was younger and, and, you know, that was done is done there. And but I guess that I think more about them than than what somebody might say, and social media, just because they're obviously checking it out and seeing it, as well there, this is Julie. Hey calendar. What's my morning like Julie's about to have a long day? Ten purchase birthday card nine zero five dry cleaning. Did you just go backwards? I'm sorry. I can't fit that question into your schedule. Nine fifteen cry for differ days, that won't end let schwann's help with swans he can get delicious meals. Like go from freezer to table in minutes, not hours ordered delivered done. That's homemade easy. Visit today schwann's dot com right now at banana Republic factory save big with fifty to seventy percent off the entire storms. 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So we were I remember being in the car going into the NASDAQ stock exchange. It's not really an exchange as digital, right? But they have this big wall, and everything where they were they showed the openings of stock, and we were betting on, you know, where the stock would open. We had priced it, so that it would it would have a big pop because we, we win this thing on the road show, where you sell the stock to different investors and people didn't have any clue what we're talking about. They didn't understand anything. We were saying didn't know what streaming was or internet. Broadcasting was, but they were willing to buy anyways because the internet was so hot. And so come come the day, July eighteenth nineteen ninety eight we're, we're going there to the NASDAQ, and, you know, we, we price it eighteen and other folks in the car are saying, you know, it's going to be twenty five and I'm like, no, it's going to be thirty three and they're like you're crazy. No chance it's going to be thirty three and so we get there and we're waiting. Thing, and we're waiting and we're getting nervous because the market in New York opens at nine thirty. And here we are at ten then eleven and twelve o'clock and it's still had no been meaning the number of orders, they couldn't match up the orders from the buyers, and the sellers because there weren't enough sellers, which was good for us. And the next thing you know, is probably close to one o'clock. It opens up at six sixty one or sixty two and then hit seventy two and then closes at sixty two and three quarters, which was at that time, the biggest one day jump for any stock IPO in the history of the stock market. And so we had to do you know what? Knuckleheads would do. We went out and found some bar arts. I forget it was like the a historic historic Wall Street bar. We all go there, right? Harry's. Harry's. Yeah. Harry's. And we go straight there after the market closes, and we turn on CNN or CNBC, or whatever it was called back then. And every time they mentioned broadcast dot com. We had to do a shot. And so, by four thirty five o'clock whatever it was. We were obliterated. And so we had we had cars where selves, obviously. So we take her car back to where we're staying. And we're like okay we're sleep for four hours and will wake up and we'll do it again. And that's exactly what we did we went and realized we had a bunch of our friends, and so the deal. Well, we raise money when I'd funded the beginning of it like the first I don't know how however many hundreds of thousands of dollars. And then we let our friends in for thirty K for one percent of the company and that thirty K turned into twenty two million dollars. Oh shit. Yeah. No shit. Right. And so that, so our buddy. These were were just like freaked out as well. And so they took us to a place called lot, one. Oh one sixteen or something like that. And just literally, no lie. They ordered two of everything on the menu and two bottles of everything, everything that they could find I don't even know what the tab was. But, you know, we went until I dunno till they kicked us out. Whatever time that was, and I don't remember the end of the night, but it was it was a hell of a night, why what a story. I don't know what the tabloids by guarantee was less than thirty mil. Well, that is something else. So now Mark, you are one of the stars and investors on shark tank, which is a massive massive hit. I gotta know what did you think of this show? When you first got your shot as a guest, and what was your mindset in your approach to your appearances. Yeah. You know, when they first asked me about coming on the first before it started the first year, and then when the SEC came after me before I kicked her ass. That ABC said, no, it's probably, not a good idea to have Mon and then by the second year, the show was struggling, and they brought me on as a guest shark. And I went on there thinking that the show has no chance that was bouncing around from like Tuesday nights to Thursday nights Sunday nights. But, you know, I'll go on there and just have fun and just, yuck it up. And by you know, hopefully by couple of businesses or investment couple of businesses that would work for me. And you know, so I do my guess shark three episodes. And then they invite me back fulltime the the following season. And then, that's when the show took off it just exploded, not necessarily not because I was on there. But just people got used to it, they gave us a spot on. Golly, what was it wasn't Friday night yet? Maybe it was Tuesday night, and then event, and it, it, it hit, you know, and, and I was shocked as anybody because I really didn't think it would last night, actually, I think that it's got lots with them putting you on as. Regular some curious. What what's taping the show like what are those days like how many deals do you see any given day? So here's how it works. We should probably two two and a half weeks in June in the same in September, and we'll get there. I, you know, we go on we're supposed to be on set at eight thirty. We start shooting at nine I pulled up about eight fifteen throw my food. They throw on some makeup. I mean you know what it's like when you do a TV show, right? So they, they print all up and started nine o'clock we start shooting. And when the first deal when the deals come out, we don't know anything about them other than their name. So when they walk out on the carpet and the deal set up there on the carpet, they start pitching us, and that's the first we know anything about them. And you know from there it's just whatever we want to do. I mean, there's, there's no set you know, we don't get information. They don't tell us what to do with our money, and it's all real. You know, the questions are real everything. The answers are real. It's all, you know it can be really intense and I guess the other. The thing is on television. The deals last about ten minutes in real life. Like if it's a really stupid deal. It'll last twenty minutes if it's, you know, marginally interesting, the less forty five minutes, but if it's intense, and we all wanna piece of it, it can last an hour and a half or two hours. And then they have to edit it down to something that's usable for television. And so in any given day they'll bring in we'll see ten deals and I feel sorry for the deals right after lunch because, you know, the first went after lunch we're like half asleep. But yeah, so we'll see ten deals a day, probably two hundred fifty to three hundred deals in a season, and then they'll cut those down and probably of, of the deals. We see twenty five percent of them won't air. And so, you know, there's some unlucky schmucks that just come in there with the life on the line. And I feel horrible for them. And you know, but they just for whatever reason the producers didn't think they were good enough to be on TV shark bait shot for sure. So really quickly. That to a couple of years back. Alex Rodriguez was a guest shark on the show, and you and he ended up together an investment with the gronkowski brothers protein shaker bottles. Right. That's not surprising. I am curious about Alex Rodriguez though, this guy was the face of the Royd era. The poster poster boy, for cheating now is the voice of baseball. He's Jlo's fiance. He's a guess shark on the show is a business partner of yours. I'm not never seen. A guy bounced back quite the way he has. How do you think he did that? I'll tell you a little story that most people don't know when Alex was going with suspended and going through all the shit. Right. Some mutual friends connected us instead, and they said, you know, Alex Mark has been through the SEC shit again where, you know, you're under attack, and you find yourself on the front page of every newspaper. And everybody's talking trash about you go talk to Alex and Gimson. But vice how you got through it and we sat down we had lunch and then kept in touch. And basically, I told him was look, if you're gonna fight all the time. Fans are knocked in like you. I mean that's not going to benefit your brand, and the league is all reroute on it. So you're not gonna you know you can make it seem like you didn't do it but fans, forget people forget. And but you gotta you just gotta let it go. And what I would recommend that you do is just say, you know, when you come back the next season, how grateful you are, to be a New York. The Yankee for your last season. How much you love the fans how much the support of the fans matters to you and just take this positive? I love you all attitude, and that's exactly what he did. And I'm sure he got the same advice from others as well. But it just turned his brand around and turn people's perception of him around, and then you know, he, we worked his way up and, you know, he calls me up the producers at asked him to be on shark tank. And I'm like, yeah. You know, Alex is actually got a really good business mind. He's, you know it's not like he's got this deep education and business. But he works really hard at it, you know, he puts in a lot of time to read he puts in a lot of time to. To talk to a lot of high end management people and, and investors and entrepreneurs. And so when he by the time he got to the show, I mean, he knew as wheelhouse, he knew he has gym he was operating, you know, a variety of different investments and he always talks about. He's the type of investor that invest in the jockey more than the horse, and that's exactly his approach, and it works great for him. He was. He was a great guest shark shark tank. I'm sure it'll be back in a month Tomase. And you and I can have this conversation. Get this far into it without talking basketball, but twenty twenty years in since buying the Mavericks. How's that sound has that make you feel Razi crazy? I mean you know what? It's like. I mean we you know we were the young dudes, right? Ninety. Not anymore. Not. Yeah. I know. Right. We were tearing it up and, you know, now it's like fuck. I've been here twenty years, and, you know, in the low in some respects, a lot is change, and in other respects, nothing's changed to twenty years. And, you know you like to point this out as somebody who is in the sports business father time is undefeated father time is undefeated, so things run feed it in the history of the world father time is one of those things, so you have Dirk retiring, I got to know what is dark, dark meant to your franchise in really the NBA overall. I mean you know what he's meant to the Mavericks. I mean he is the Mavericks, everything everything that we are. He is. I mean, we got from him just his attitude who he is on the court. You know, the first end I out, you know, the fact that the superstar of your team is humble, and he works harder than everybody. You know, he's got a good sense of humor. He's self deprecating. Just all, you know, all the things you want to see in somebody. That is going to be the face of your franchise. And in terms of the global expansion of the NBA, the face for all of Europe, you know, if not the world, and, you know, he's, he's just that type of guy, and I, you know, we talk a lot, and I was just talking to him at the gym the other day at a practice facility, and he's like our we put on twelve pounds fifty nut is on its way. I'm like you're going to be a piglet in a minute here at is great how much dad he is. He is Mark, you know this better than anybody is great a player as he might be a better dude. How much shit talk? Oh my. You know, I it's so passive aggressive. I mean, and he comes up with his own words, you know, or his own little phrases or selling, settings stains like what like everybody's a burger, right? You know, your burger your burger or if somebody, you know, something good's, have something good happens guy makes us shot that he never had no reason to make, you know, everything's happy birthday. You know, or if it's not going, it's a circus out there, you know, he's just got these same ranson seines that he's been using for twenty years. It's just and we, we all just die. And you know Dirk, he's always the last one out of locker room because you want to be the first in literally last guy out. So after a game we're always waiting on dark did I mean it it's, it's gonna be sad. I mean, it's we'll we'll miss him but I know he'll be around it's going to be so hard. I would imagine, so he actually came on this podcast. Mark few years back, and he described his relationship with you in a perfect way. He said, quote, how many own? Owners come to their best players, bachelor party and quotes, obviously, you guys were you guys were obviously tight. If you're a bachelor party, I asked her to elaborate on the party. Here's what he had to say. Listen in the mind, and we had a blast and that kinda shows what kind of relationship we have and had over the years and it's been. It's been awesome eased or anything you can share about the bachelor party involving cubes. Yeah. We went one night within Toronto and then with the two nuts in Vegas. And that's that's about as much as much as I could say there are some Mark. I know better than to ask the same question twice. But is there any stories that you can give away from Dirks bachelor party, not from the bachelor party? But I can tell you, they're, they're we've gotten kicked out of more than one bar. He's got to be a good guy to throw back a few with right? I mean and dirt. So Dirk is the most disciplined human being ever met in my life. I mean literally when you know during the season, he won't eat sugar. Nothing fried no alcohol, nothing. But. After every season, we would take trips Vegas and just have fun. And we, we, there's one time we were in the palms in Vegas and one of the Chinese restaurant, maybe tau, I forget the name of it, and we're doing sake bombs, and, you know, sake bombs work, right? Yeah. And so we're all positive pounded table to literally all of our heads were not enough in hitting the table. And it. Yeah. They, they platelet asked us to leave. Oh, they ask you leave were the were the Maluku, still there at the point that this was back in the day in day asked you to leave leave. And it was just you. We're were kinda loud. Make it up to making noise was launched the ghost bar at that place. Member upstairs, this is that one of the restaurants. Got it got it so more twenty seven. And I really appreciate your time, Romans, they're turning eleven you want it all you want, it all was that think about the one. Do you find yourself thinking about the one that you one or the ones that got away the ones that got away? Yeah. I mean, winning is amazing Balu losing his always far more bar, more painful. Why is that? Everybody says that it's so true every great athlete. Coach owners always said that. Why is that? Why can't folks on you win? I guess, and you know, it, it means something didn't go the way you planned. Yeah. I remember, you know, the countdown the, the most intense moment, the year we won was the last thirty seconds where it dawned on me that we were going to win, you know, we're up ten or eleven with thirty seconds to go, and it was over and then running on the court hugging everybody, it was almost like 'climactic right there. And then, you know. But, you know, the times we lost, you know, particularly when you think you're going to win or you have the better team and, and it didn't work out for whatever reason that that's the most painful, because you just you just question everything that you've done. And you know that, you know, there's nature of the NBA is that, you know, some guys get older and that impact their performance or their contracts are up. And, you know, you have cap space limitations. Whatever it may be. And you don't know if you'll get the same opportunity again. 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Here's some simple advice that can help you when you're looking for pro tips on vehicle, maintenance or repair look, no further than O'Reilly, autoparts, whether it comes replacing your battery getting advice on proper car, maintenance, or even just getting the best bang for your buck. Their expertise them can help you out every step of the way. O'reilly auto parts. Better parts. The prices every day. What do you make of the officiating in game? One of the rockets warriors series and overall the state of officiating in the game right now, you know, I've been tweeting about that. So let let's start with questions to the state of eating, you know, if you want to know, the future of NBA officiating look at the league because without exception, at least to this point all the rest come from the G league, and I just don't think we spend enough time, money or effort in training them. And by the time we promote them to the NBA because, like we said earlier father times undefeated for referees as well by the time they get there. It's almost too late to make them great. And so you, you get who they are by the time they get promoted. And we're not I think that's creating problems for us, and we don't we're starting I think we're supposed to start recruiting international officials more, but, you know, we don't and and you know, we don't go out there and just grabbed the best college officials you know, just bring them right into the NBA. So, you know, in some things have got to improve our. We're going to have challenges in terms of, you know, the officiating right now, you know. It always can be better and they'll admit that, and everybody will will with that. But it it's it's again I think it comes down to management more than anything else. I you know, we've had so much turnover in the person who's in charge of NBA officiate in my twenty years we've had eight people. And so, that's what two and a half year term for everybody. And that's just that's just not going to get done in something that's so critically important to our business. And so I mean I have issues there in terms of game one, you know, in terms of three point shots might the way I've always looked at our learned and different referee indifferent, wrestle, disagree is don't, you know, when you think of a three point shot, don't think of it as being, you know, specific or unique because it's behind the three point line if that, same, that same shooter did the exact same thing during the layup. And there was contact and the player wasn't vertical. Is it a foul? So if James harden, you know, contorts himself during the layup we call it a great athletic play. You know if you can, you know, even if it creates the contact even if it's you know as long as that, that defender is not vertical then it's a foul, and it's the same thing in for three point shots. You can you know you can control your body as much. As you want. But if that defender comes straight towards you now the defender angles. That's different, right? Because then there's not truly a contest and you're not going to the shooter. But if the defender goes straight at you, you can make your body do anything you want. And if you can create the contact more power to it's again on the flip side for defender, if you if a guy's driving to the basket, and you can get in front of him, and he hits you straight on and you fall down. It's always a charge. You know, but the onus on that three point shot is on the defender. And so the real question becomes, if you know if they should be called should you even contest it, you know, or should you make sure you're just straight up and down like you would be right in front of the basket. Jaba given this little bit of thought so bottom line. A lot of money. I know lots of money. I really appreciate your candor on that, too. So bottom line with the rockets. Do they have a right to have a beef or did? They let it get into their heads and get away from right to. Yeah. If it was me, I'd be, I'd be calling up the head of officiating, and just, you know, just be giving him shit left and right asking them to change it. Because, you know, like I said, it doesn't matter wearing the court, you are as if defender is going what they call eight to be from where they were toward you and they're moving towards you and it's direct line and they create contact. It's a foul. The story if you're shooting got it Margaret equipped before you go. You've been on the cutting edge of technology for a long time, because of that people want to know where you come out on artificial intelligence. You know where I'm going with this lawn. Musk is terrified of it? He's tried telling everybody that he can that it's a dangerous dangerous threat to our future existence. Bottom line. Are we creating our own demise or is there a way to manage the? Power of artificial intelligence. So, yes or no? It just depends on what we do. They'll be things like robotic dexterity. You know, staying power batteries, because right now, batteries are too big and, and too, bulky, and don't in don't can't last long enough to, to really create a robot or a or Terminator. If you will that can move and do things. And in terms of generative AI where they start to think for themselves. You're also going to need to define the algorithms or you. Depending on the circumstances. You you're going to have somebody that has to originate it. And that's something you can maintain a monitor and police. And then there's also the chips that go in there. And I think, really the, the best opportunity is to serialize and manage all chips that are made beyond a certain specification, because the big problem and, and miss miss. This is that there's only a few chip fabs places that make really, really high end chips in the world that, that can do the best of the chips and one's in Korea Samsung and one's in Taiwan. Taiwan Semiconductor, which are both neighbors to China. And, you know, China thinks that Taiwan is still part of China, and I think that's our bigger. That's a bigger risk right now than terminators taking over the world. Us something else. Remember those those two way pagers back in the day time they Tom port nine. Those things it's changed. Now man. That was great. That was. Oh, I just Don one last thing. I saw, I'm a huge riccar laogai, you probably know that I saw with some curiosity that the Lakers may think about this. I know you're not surprised by anything you see in the NBA at this point. But what about the current state of the Lakers? I mean, could you imagine one of the most storied franchises ever? Having lost more games than anybody in the league in the last six years and magic just quit as president of basketball ops. Andy told the media before he told his boss, and his defacto family. And Jeanie Buss when you look at the Lakers, what do you think right now? We're things one. I really liked Jeanie Buss. She is just everybody does. She's the best. You know, a lot of respect, she's the heart and soul. The NBA on the other hand, nothing makes me happier. You know, I've said it before, you know, it wouldn't break my heart at the Lakers stuck forever. You go. I think we're gonna walk off on that market. I am. So glad to have you on the spot. You guys gave us the dotted audience back in the day. And people probably would never have a clue. I am if it weren't for you. So I'm really appreciative. Right now at banana Republic factory save big with fifty to seventy percent off the entire store. Let's take an extra fifty percent off. Clearing, doc, addresses Apollo starting in nineteen ninety nine find your nearest store shop online only banana Republic factory right now at banana Republic factory save big with fifty to seventy percent off the entire store. Let's take an extra fifty percent off clearance stock up on dresses. Apollo starting in nineteen ninety nine find your nearest store shop online only banana Republic factory. Hear me out. I know it can be frustrating, especially if you're running late or you're in a big hurry. You find yourself at a railway crossing, and you're waiting on a train. The signals were going between isn't even there yet, and you feel like you know what I can make it across the tracks. I'm just going to do this don't ever for any reason because the train is going faster than you expect it to be, and the train cannot stop even if the engineer hits the brakes right away. It can still take a train over a mile to stop. And by that time, what used to be your car is just a crushed hunk of metal, and what used to be you probably better that we not even go there. The point is this, you cannot know how quickly the train is going to arrive. The train. Can't stop even if it does see you. And the result is the worst thing ever. So if the signals are on the train is on its way in, you need to remember, only one thing, you need to stop. Because trains can't so how good was that fine me? Another owner in sports who shows up like Mark Cubin. You can't huge shutouts Mark for the conversation. And the candor SOGA finally get caught up with him. Speaking of catching up if you've ever missed an episode of this podcast, all seventy nine of them are available for playback on demand at all times, and you want to go ahead and get some scribes so you never miss whenever again. Because once you are subscribed, every time I push out a new episode it will automatically hit your device and download it's easy. It's simple. It's smart and clutch. So make sure you do that. Now I know a lot of you have been waiting on the voicemails and your wait is finally over here, they are catch next week for up eighty with Golden State Warriors, GM Bob Myers. See, then I'm out. I knew message. Steve motherfucking Elkington. No bring that damn voicemails to this daring Acuna and I am out. Message saved next message, Jimmy marrying rally here. First thing new to the podcast game, but listen to your podcast. The hell is the fucking man. He should be a weekly contributor to the show. He is a fucking. Man message saved next message. Facetime. Jim. Message deleted next message GM with from southern Oregon second in a little high on your podcast, but do the Ricky Williams interview was amazing, how intelligent and enlightened is that guy. Holy shit. And speaking of enlightens, I'm, I'm pretty pretty high right now. And drunk and, and hawk sunup. You're still Sparrow to me kidding, buddy. Can if you're with L here. Cool with me. Nice job on the twenty six or fast and furious. Paul Walker forever. Message deleted. Next message a Jim. This is Bob Kraft. Just wanted to call in talking about this handful of show Jay's in Palm Beach county. This is basically just a Hindi excuse. 'cause we win the Super Bowl every year. I'm not going to take these charges lying down. You know, it's just half the deal with this is just kind of hard to swallow, I'll talk to you again. But probably not before Palm Sunday message deleted next message. Hi, jim. Are you going to tell us on the podcast, who the hell that ball diet message saved? 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