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On July fourth two thousand nine former NFL quarterback Steve McNair in his mistress Jenny Kazimi were found dead in a Nashville conduct. The police included the Jennie had killed McNair in a murder suicide, but was at the whole truth. The genyk is aiming really kill Steve McNair. I said there's no way that Ginny would pull that off from Sports Illustrated fall of titan available now subscribe on apple podcasts or every get your shows. Time to panic over this Cowboys offense of look at Dak Prescott and company heading into the Sunday. Neither Billy plus how got hot whether the charges are for real charac cards inter in Oakland, and like everybody loves Nick Mullins. It's all of Yemen. TV NFL Dodd podcasts. Hello. And welcome to the m Huby NFL. Deep dive podcast. I am Gary gramling is Andy than we have some week ten games to discuss Andy. And we're starting with the Sunday night or the NFC east clash, and this is I think this was the story of the week now that we sort of moved on from saints Rams and people celebrating cellphones. And and Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady and all that stuff. I feel it disorder that most carried through was panic button for Dallas Cowboys offense. What's wrong with the Cowboys offense? So I will start this discussion. This Cowboys at eagle Sunday night game. What is wrong with the Cowboys offense? Well, it's the the big answer to that's been the same all season long. They're not very good wide receiver. Now having Amari Cooper does help he played well in his debut, but we've discussed on this show. I don't think he changes the entire dynamic don't toe crystal. And I said that entire dynamic of the receiving core. So I think you start there. The offense of line hasn't played quite as well. But I'm not worried about the old line. And when you put on their film, you don't think it's a battle line. You just don't see the dominance that you saw for years ago. But Gary we might as well save some time. What this discussions going to come down to is the feel the theoretical conversation of what kind of offense should you build around Dak Prescott? And maybe the question before that is are you sure Dak Prescott St. long-term answers because Jerry Jones brought that up this week that they're gonna extend him. So they're going to build around on. They consulted him on the Cooper trade. I heard I think we need to start there and all on the same page, certainly. Dallas need to be on the same page about what they have at quarterback. Well, what what do you think they have a quarterback deck Prescott? One of a handful of really interesting quarterback decisions that need to be made. And we've talked on this show quite a bit about how once you give that quarterback second contract. And if you give quarterback has contract a big contract these guys outside of Tom Brady don't play for discounts. James Winston in Tampa, Derek Carr. You saw at happen with him in Oakland. Marcus mariota title have decision on him. I mean, we have we have some decisions to be made here. And once you once you marry one of these guys, you're. You're stuck with them. And you're limited with the way you can build around him. You are and Prescott to me is we need to get past this idea that being a game manager of that. That's a pejorative. We need to move on. And understand that we're talking style of play when you do that. And I think deck Prescott can be a really really high level game managing quarterback, and it good sense. And part of being a gay manager is making the occasional big play. And with him. It's going to be big plays with his legs throwing off of movement or just flat out running. But you've gotta have an offense that's conducive to that. The idea that you're just gonna have dropback passing offense. And let Prescott worked the field. He's not that kind of passers not talented of a passer. And he's not that decisive a passer he is a smart field general though, when it's a highly schemed offense and when you're getting him building off of their running game. A little surprising. Their running game has not been more foundational. I guess this year if you if you were to describe it it's hard to envision what their key. Running play has been this season. They don't quite have the same identity in their ground game. And that's what's hurting their passing game. They do not. I think you look at the passing game. If you squint you can kinda see Michael Gallup, Amari Cooper that something for the future right there that you can build along with the with Dak Prescott at this point. I do think and look when teams play in big national games like the Cowboys did on Monday night, and they underachieve, and they they lose at home to sort of a middling team, though, I think Tennessee has a much better defense than they are basically given credit for at this point. But you look at this game. I mean, look they had Dak through banner inception the red zone that that happens that take seven points of the board. They miss stay. They missed a short field goal. The obviously, you know late. They had to go for a a fourth down and turn it over and down. So it I don't know if that was necessarily the kind of disastrous. Oh my goodness. We need to make wholesale changes type of performance from this offense that everyone's sort of treated it as yeah, I'm with you on that. I don't think it was it just the they had some unfortunate poorly time bad moments, and they paid a price for it. But the bigger picture to me it still comes down to the wide receiver situation in how are you going to play with those wide receivers and that becomes attack Prescott conversation because he's got to be a tight window thrower to play with those guys. They're not great separators. And he's not his style of play. He's he doesn't have the gunslinger mentality which is. Ah positive with him. I think because of because of the mobility because of the facilitator nature of his game. So then the question becomes is that enough does that work for you at quarterback? And I think for a lot of teams, Gary the answer would be no we need more than that. But in Dallas where you have Zeke Elliot who is in his prime, and you have an offensive line that though not as dominant this year's pastures. It's got a bunch of superstar guys in their primes. So I would think Prescott fits remember just a few years ago when they were that dominant running offense Prescott looked like the next great thing is rookie season. I think that's the formula. They have to have. And there's just not a whole lot of overlap to their run game in their past gains. You don't feel like you're watching a highly schemed off into when you turn their game on. Yeah. Yeah. They they go to Philadelphia now a year ago around this time the Cowboys just sort of all fell apart for them. They they have the. Chaz green versus Adrian clayborn game in Atlanta that was the first of three straight twenty plus point losses for them. The second of those three losses was at home against the eagles. And this was one where I mean, it it really fell apart in the second half. They were up nine seven and a half time and blues in that game thirty seven to nine. But when it comes to the eagles off excusing the eagles defense. It seemed like the Cowboys are just not a great. This is not a great matchup for them. I think if you're gonna if you're going to capitalize against the eagles, defence you. You want to be able to attack them down field where their weaknesses? No, Rodney McLeod back there questionable Cornerbacks. I don't know if that's the that's the recipe for the Cowboys to to win this game on Sunday night. No, I agree with you. But we're those corners are most vulnerable is against double moose, and it almost feels like a cliche like, we're just hey, I'm jumping on that bandwagon and saying too, but it's remained true. Especially in the case of Jalen mills. Double moves Travis carried the Browns corners raiders corner. At that time he taught me this at training camp. And I actually did a drill against him. Because he he demos on me Gary demonstrated how to do it. And I almost fell down tripping over myself on the on walking through it truly. He was very crafty. But he said, I if you're a slow player slow wide receiver as a cornerback. What's the last thing that you want to see for me, and he said a double MU? Move because that's stuff really the double move doesn't come down to speed. You don't just do one fast move. And then another fast movement run by the guy. There's a nuance in a setting it up to it. And it all comes off of a bigger picture and usually comes off of a run look. So that stuff is available for Dallas in Gallup has had some success on that earlier this, and in fact, yeah. Yeah. Go ahead. He had no a big one against Washington. Yeah. I'm trying. Thank you. Remember who was against? He had a big down the left sideline. I remember. That was I want to say it was Fabien Moreau, but I will try and look it up just in case. All right. Well, full service here look at you. I think could be completely wrong as well. I don't I do know is the Washington game, though, the point is Gallup's not burner though. So it's you don't need dynamic receiver. Sorry, again about saying dynamic a-n-o-n-m-u-s most you don't need them though to run a highly schemed, offense and run double moves. Now, what you do need to do is be willing to run the ball, which a lot of teams are not against Philadelphia. And I'm sure Dallas they should be and they will be because its strength on strength their offensive line burst their defensive line, and you would never back away from your own strength and just to avoid the opponent strength. It was a apologize to Fabien Moreau is Greg Stroman, the rookie who has been lately, and we should we should know the eagles. They're actually going to they'll probably be without Sidney Jones also probably gonna be without Jalen bills in this one. So you're out this game. Yeah. You're digging even deeper into that into. That secondary at this point. So. That's that's interesting, Gary because mills although he might be because we just talked about the weakness and mills the guy that Darby's been vulnerable to double moves as well. But mills is the main guy, so you're replacing him with the lesser corner that lesser corner. Who who do you think it'll be Maddix plays the slot? So restore Douglas, probably maybe I mean gotta figure that out. But that guy might not be as vulnr- vulnerable to double moves. So which in Dallas is cases, not a great thing. They probably I bet you they wouldn't mind seeing Jalen meals out their preferred see mills. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, it's a think you need to be willing to take those shots though against Philadelphia. Because what you said is exactly right. Even with MacLeod out there still playing very aggressively with their free safety, they're bringing him down. And he's playing shallow. Three robber is what they call the coverage. It's cover three, but the safety's more of a robber who jumps the middle of the field. No matter who you have it wide receiver. You've got to be willing to attack defense plays that aggressively. All right. Let's let's go to another game here. Let's let's go it Lanta at Cleveland. Andy, would you please? Join me on the. The recommissioning of the Atlanta Falcons bandwagon. This is a team that we all sorta gave up on now they won three straight. And now, we're kind of rethinking this thing. Again, we talked about this a little bit on Monday. I don't wanna get too far ahead of ourselves. They do have a a tough schedule down the stretch here to to get back into the postseason. But obviously, they are they're going. Well, right now and guy we really haven't talked about this season. We talked a lot about last season. We talked a lot about him back in week. One is is Steve's are Qizheng. This offense is just they're clicking much more effectively. And you're seeing a lot more alum, more creativity. It seems like this year. Maybe start teasing has put a little more of his stamp on this offense with what they're doing. He's done a nice job. And let's look at their Washington game as an illustration because they went in and beat a pretty decent team team with a very good record on the road in Washington's building we talked Sunday night about how the Redskins are run defense has been so good, but it's been more against gap scheme running teens teens feature pull blockers and related concepts. And Atlanta is more of an outside zone. Running team. Once I put on the Filner, Gary what the falcons did in that game was more inside zone running which is a departure from outside zone, of course inside zone. Just picture. A couple of double teams at inside and someone working off the double team to the linebacker level. And it was a really good approached by the falcons because the Redskins are one of the few teams in the NFL that play what they call an e. Even front meaning their defensive tackles, very often align head up on the guard as opposed to between the garden tackler between the garden center. They align over men not in gaps and those double teens become more effective against an even front sometimes. And I would imagine. That's why did it. That's good coaching. And that's good adjustment on the fly. And you've got to have the right personnel to be able to do that and offense of line. That's relatively cohesive running back in quarterback that see things the same way. 'cause you're installing a different approach in the ground game on the fly. The other thing they did very, well they kill the Redskins man coverage with stack releases and bunches and switch releases all the man beat or stuff that we talk about all the time. They did that. And it even worked in some of the Redskins moved zone coverage on third down later in the game. And the stuff even worked against that. They were very good on third down again highly schemed off into there. But not skiing in the way that you're dependent on it. Let's remember they got good player. Two they have Galvin. Ridley they've got Muhammad soon. They have Julio Jones and Austin Hooper makes some plays from time to time. So I am very intrigued with the falcons in the second half of the season. What'll be interesting is Cleveland does not have as many defensive tendencies as Washington. So what will that do for their game planning this week, and I feel like Cleveland necessarily has to pull back a little bit. I know. Well, if you'll snow miles GARRETT'S complaints Cleveland was trying to get a little more and bishops with some of the things they do. And I think they had to pull back a little bit last week with the Greg Williams taking over the interim head coaching role there not to mention they're going to be missing Denzel ward in this one. So the thousand's heavy pretty significant advantage. Basically with their weapons against the Brown short handed and and pretty youthful secondary. This point. One other one of the thing I did want to mention from from the falcons side of this for we get to Brown's off. Enter quick Bruce urban comes in. I mean, he's a guy who I don't think anyone surprised that the raiders. Wanted to move on from him. I guess I was mildly surprised that there was zero interested in him on the on the trade market is he still a guy am I crazy, Andy? Or is he still a guy who can be sort of a situational? A handful of snaps game type of presence off the edge. If certainly no longer a, you know, a sort of star number two type edge rusher like used to be. Yeah. And that's what he's being the number two type of rusher. His production. Does not always match his raw talent. I do think. It's a good move for Atlanta though, especially because it gives them the flexibility now to put tack McKinley inside. And there have been times this year. He's played whenever he goes inside. It's almost always on the side that Vic Beasley line. So they put those two men together. And McKinley at times has shown really good explosiveness as a power rusher inside. And he's got the power rushing explosiveness on the edge as well. But I. Would imagine you'll see McKinley inside and Beasley has to play outside and urban play outside. And now you've got some firepower in the past. But we're also talking about three talented guys that don't consistently produce. And you still have that issue when you put it Landis film on if they're to go anywhere in the second half of this season. Those defensive ends are going to have to be playmakers for them more consistent playmakers than they've been certainly in the first half of the season. And Browns Brown side of the ball. We talked about this a little bit on Monday. Bigger Mayfield said they add basically scaled back what they were doing offensively. They tried to focus on a handful of plays in concepts that they like and going forward like that. Did you see any difference between what they did in that game? What's what's a pretty mediocre chiefs defense? Yeah. There is a huge difference in that. They ran the ball out of base personnel a lot, and I to be honest. A little surprise the did that that was the game plan. So they did throughout the first half. I'm a little surprised just because my guess is Mayfield is more comfortable out of three receiver sets. They've done most of the season with them as any team would. But I think especially in his case against their opponent. Last week. Kansas City Kansas City has struggled in run defense against three receivers sets. We talk about that all the time. There are better run defense in base. So the Browns tried to line up and just smash mouth in they had. Okay results here, and there they did some nice things with slant flat. Route combination. To the boundary. So just one guy run into the flat and the slant creating a natural rub. That was obviously the passing concept they were most comfortable with. So I may feel they obviously scaled back. Jury's still out. We have to see I mean is scaling back. And then there's going rudimentary. I think you've gotta find the happy balance between those two. All right. Let's go. Let's go with chargers at Oakland. This is a charger seen that we haven't really revisited in a little while. But they you know, they have a five game win streak going here. What's your sense overall of this team at this point anti before we drill in on some the specifics here is this team better than it was a year ago? Are we going to see a repeat of last year where they kind of they do have a tough schedule down the stretch here. This is not part of that tough schedule. But they still have to go to Pittsburgh. They have to Kansas City is this is a sort of a. The the analogy I always uses is the quad a hitter in baseball, you know, the guy who can who can hammer sort of AAA minor league pitching. But when he gets the majors can't quite can't quite handle. The best of the best is that would this chargers team is going to end up being again this season. Everybody says so because that's what they've been before. But I don't think what they've been before carries as much weight as what others would think, and I could be wrong about that. I liked the way their piece together their offense of lines better than people realize which allows them to run their entire playbook. They found their run game identity. Melvin Gordon on gap scheme runs, very good at setting up MandA, ma'am blocks, we know what Philip rivers can do. These got a bunch of really big athletically gifted targets both outside and inside. So it's an offense that can score thirty points any given week, and they didn't do that against Seattle. Actually, we're not great against Seattle. And they still got the win because I think their defense is a tick better than it was a year ago. What I'm really interested to see? We don't know of joy both is going to get back for one and that could influence what about the say here. But I wanna see what they do at Derwin James in the second half of the season. He's a box safety right now. They blitzed early in the year. Nobody had an answer for them. That's not their identity in Los Angeles or not a big blitzing team. Although Gus Bradley has expanded their schemes over the last year and a half. I think you have to be that kind of defense. At least you have to be willing to sprinkle it in eight to twelve times a game if you have durin Jane's, and that to me is the expecter. I don't think they're good enough to just lineup play. I think they need to make teams fear them schematically James is the guy to do that with. Would you would you envision a Gus Bradley defense doing that? I that seems to be pretty far away from his over the years. Yeah. It is. But he again, I think he's drifting away from his MO and a healthy way. I think they have they've shown this stuff. That's why that's how we know chains is so good at it. Because they did it early in the season James is an absolute monster. They didn't look maybe it was a function last week. They played Seattle just run based offense most run based offense in the NFL. In fact, maybe that's part of it. Although I would think you'd be even more willing to blit your big strong safety in the run game. So I I wanna see what they do. I would I would be more versatile with Derwin James and be more be trying to become more of a play making defense if I were them. Yeah. I was gonna say on the side of the ball. I mean, gosh, the run game is just dominant this year with with Gordon and then often sprinkled in here, but you look passing game. We kind of wonder what was going to happen yono hunter Henry they did bring back into gates, obviously. But he's I mean, he's he's not. He's not what he was three or four years ago. But between Keenan Allen. And then those those two guys the Williams, Mike Williams and tyrel Williams. I mean whenever we spoke on Allen. And you get one of those Williams's downfield is like a six four mismatch target. I mean, that's a they are turning a ton of big plays this year. Absolutely. I think Mike is better insight entire ELS better outside gates now plays on third down passing situations last week. There were still times where he drew the double team. Now, it's usually on third and short because he's such a good underneath receiver this point. But defense is still respect him within the context. He's very good within the context of LA scheme. So that's part of it. But they have guys at win fifty fifty balls. Like, you just said the Williams guys. And then Eker women talked about Travis Benjamin eckles gotten so good that he's wedged Benjamin out. But they've got the ability to go horizontal on you in quickly get the ball in the perimeter receiver screen. They're very good there as well. This is. This is a high pedigree offense and the guy running it. Do you think Philip rivers? I don't think he'll be thought of this way. But do you think there's a legitimate discussion to be had let's say his career ended tomorrow is he the best QB to never have won a Super Bowl this. Or is it still Dan Marino's time now has has to be Marino. Is up. Do you put I think we've discussed this before? But obviously time has passed and things have happened since then. Do you put Philip rivers in the hall of fame? Oh, yeah. Yes. Yes. Going to when he's done. He's going to have top five all time passing numbers. Top five. Think about that. Top five. Yeah. No I- discussion. Yeah. Franker is gonna be the fourth leading rusher of all time when he's done to me that's default hall of fame. Yeah. I I'm with you on that. So on by the way, it's not an back this week. Someone did ask about Frank gore. And and why Frank gore doesn't get enough press. At this point. I think you'll Risi hasn't gotten enough press recently is because he's played on. Pretty say. The dolphins are bad team this year, certainly it's not it's not exciting offense. They're running and then he was on scene last year. So let's let's be honest. Everybody loves Frank gore. But he's not a great interview. And I think he would even tell member we've heard stories where we've had people on staff interview 'em. And they say you don't have to run if you don't want to because he just isn't just doesn't. He's not a great quote. That's why it doesn't get the press. Should should have some hotter? Takes than we talk about. It more. The reason I'm sharing that by the way because the PR staff that told us that Frank doesn't care. He's cool with it. Yeah. The the Leslie I want to mention from this game. Obviously, the raiders are looking ahead. This point what do you make of Derek Carr at this point, though? And in regards to what like how our retaking the guy in regards to obviously the trade deadline has passed. So he's not going anywhere at this point this off season if the raiders wanted to shop, Derek Carr one would there be interest? And I guess too would would that be foolish? I think it would be foolish. I think there would be interest there at car has a great quick release. He's compact thrower. He's run different types of offenses. And he's been pretty expansive in it. He can work at the line of scrimmage, and he's mobile if Derek Carr were entering the draft mixture he'd be a surefire first round pick, the only complication. It's a big one though is the contract, and is he worth as much money as contract calls for. But. Yeah. But there are a lot of teams that are willing to live with that at quarterback quarterbacks cost what they cost alternately. All right. That's gonna be. It's gonna be a raider. Yeah. Do you think you'll be a Nick year at this time? Boy, it's tough. We got us sort out the the graph class. I there's obvious. There's so many teams who are going to be obviously bad teams don't have quarterbacks often. So there's gonna be teams looking at this quarterback glass. It's not a quarterback class like last year in that. I think everyone was fairly comfortable saying those those four guys were top half of the first round picks. There's there's a group of quarterbacks. I think there could be four or five go in the first round. But I don't know if you look at any of them and say like, oh, yeah. This guy. This is the guy who's top ten. It's going to be one of those things where one or two then we'll go top ten, but I don't know who you would look at and say this is Dan pick. And let's also remember the car contract. We think of it. We think it's huge. Because at the time it was, but a lot has happened since he signed that deal Kirk cousins, for example, his cap hit in twenty nine it's going to be twenty nine million dollars in the cash out of the contract for him is twenty eight million. That's a lot of millions Derek cars cap capit- and twenty nineteen going to be twenty two and a half million with about twenty million in cash involved. That's a huge difference. Two thirds of what cousins cost so car is not the expenditure. Now that that we think of because the market has changed since he signed his deal. And that would help is that offensive line blocks someone that it'd be helpful. If they're sorta. Chantel sorted out there tackles are terrible playing terribly and their interior line is having the worst season that it's head. And it's a pretty good group assembly. Who actually had some nice snaps Rodney Hudson who's been pretty good and gave Jackson right guard. But collectively it's been inconsistent. It's not a good situation the old line there right now. And I don't think it's just a players. Yeah. If if you're wondering about Andy's cryptic comment. You can check out this week's deep dive column go about two thirds the way down. Let's go. Let's go one game. Read read the front of it. I don't just skip down to the read. What I have to say come on now. Yeah. Read what read what NASA, but don't give up when you're don't think you've missed it or something in the first half where he's talking about. Maybe that's it was out non quarterback MVP's this year. Maybe when people think they see no raiders offense lineman in that top ten they'll be they'll be ups. Fair or no. I got I got sensitive. You're right. The let's go the Monday night game that that is dick Mullen show coming up. We're this is giants at forty Niners. Obviously, it's not a great game here. But Nick Mullins is I guess worth the while. It's free to watch it if you have cable, so there is no price of admission, but Nick Mullins is worth your time. If you want to if you if you want to spend some time with this game, obviously, look he put up impressive efficient numbers against a raiders defense that as we've talked about is not terribly talented. What was your first impression of Nick Mullins here? Andy. My first impression was I love the offense. He's playing I love the way they help out their quarterback. I lo how they use Kyle used check it who's the most valuable fullback. I've seen in a very long time. George kindle, I love the way they play out a base personnel. Fullbacks running back tight ends. And it's extremely doozer friendly and look Mullins responded. Well to that if you think that we've just stumbled into hidden Jim of a superstar. We don't know that the jury is they haven't even left the courtroom yet the twelve jurors filing out the door right now. So we're a long ways off I do like as thrower. I do like Nick Mullins motion is kinda got that Derek Carr. We just talked about the quick snappy officiant release, and that's a big deal. Garoppolo has I imagine that something Shanahan really values. That might even be why Mullins is on the roster. So I see why people are excited, but let's not it was just one game against a. Very bad defense on a short week and a very well schemed offense. Let's keep it at that for right now. Barron up. It was also on national TV, and he had a he had a nice moment with the emotional interview afterwards. So yeah, I appreciate that. He cares. That's pretty cool the ratings. Did you see the ratings for that game? Because I was eager to check him. 'cause I figured okay. This will tell us the baseline for an NFL game. Whatever the minimum that NFL game is likely to get least on Thursday. This will probably be near it. Although the raiders Niners both kinds of national brands. So it's probably a little bit more than a an AFC south baseline game. But did you see what the ratings were? I did not see the rings. But I would before you tell us. I would have guessed the previous week's game the dolphins at Texans would have gotten lower ratings. You think so to Shawn Watson JJ watt, and I don't end the raiders Niners coming with two wins between them. Well. Now, I'm trying to the team brands are better in the second one. You do have a lot of people play fantasy and have Shawn Watson and deandre Hopkins. I don't know if there's a single player in that forty Niners raiders game who anyone would have played in a fantasy league. Maybe George kiddle. That's about it. This game was a blow out to that impacts the way they measure the rating yet impacts. That's true. That's true. But was raining the game. It was an eight point two. I actually I'd I don't know. I don't know give me the context here. Andy. What do you mean, the context is that is that surprisingly good? What what is that compared to the that's higher than I would've guessed? I would've thought it'd be a six. Yeah. All right. What patriots Packers the night was like fifteen point eight or somebody who's almost sixteen. I think if I am not mistaken. I was I was pleasantly surprised it. Now, it did not outdraw the big bang theory, which is a great commentary on our country. But it it came close. And usually Thursday football does win. I will say this is one of the few times where you know. No, big bang theory is not for me. But if it's for you, I don't think this game was going to pull you away on Thursday night. What do you think the Monday night ratings will be then giants are a bigger brand. But I think people who aren't giants fans probably are sick of them. They're they're boring. If you're not a giants fan. It's ESPN. It's not FOX ESPN. I see I'm having trouble doing this, Andy without the context of having the spreadsheet in front of me with the rest of the money and ratings on it. I will say I will say the Monday night game will do. See people people want to watch Beckham people wanna watch saquon. So I'll say do like a slightly more than than what Niners raiders did on a Thursday night. I will take slightly less, and we will bet one year salary on it like we all right? That spreadsheet I should have somewhere. See how many millions only at this point. You did you want a couple back though? So we're getting close to even last thing before we open, the mini mailbag Dez Bryant is a member of the New Orleans Saints, and you've been I mean, you've said, yeah, I'll say you literally said Dez Bryant is kind of done. He he's a number of claymore. He's a number four wide receiver. He'll replace Cameron Meredith. He might get number three snaps because in their offense. There's a little there's room for that. They don't ask the same thing. They're slot guys because they have Alvin Kamara they have Michael Thomas. I am blown away. I guess I'm not. But I the number of people that are treating this like Dez Bryant twenty fourteen signing with the saints. Do you really think if Dez Bryant could still play he was just sitting out there waiting to be signed in early November by somebody? I. Can't believe how many people are treating this. As a anything other than a very small move by the saints, which is what it is. I'm treaty in that way. So I don't have an answer for you. He's a name he played in a very popular market for a very popular team. That's all I got. He doesn't run willing more which does fit their system. I'm not saying. I mean, I guess I'm saying he can't we can't play. If you think that's what you're getting. If you think this is a big Super Bowl type of move for. It's not that. It's not even not even remotely close to that. There are no big Super Bowl moves left. The trade deadline's over in the guys were any good or all on bras. There's nobody sitting out. There is going to make a difference off the street free agency now, so it's just filling in the blanks. Cameron Meredith really doesn't run very well anymore either. He looked slow and sluggish. She's had some knee problems. So they're finding someone else. Another guy was slow and sluggish but they're hoping the little better at it slow in Saugus. That's the that's the strategy with those sub package receivers in New Orleans. Andy, we got a couple of mailbag questions here, which we neglected a week ago because we have the trade deadline special. This first one is specifically for me from Greg on Twitter. Gary would you explain more? About your love fest with dirt cutter on the podcast falcons fan. I don't have fun memories of him playing. Stephen Jackson over devante Freeman and his un-imaginative offense in general. He seems very rigid in his approach. I mean, look I'll concede a bit of that. Although I think they are built to do what they do offense which is throw the ball downfield, and that complements sort of an old school power running game that they have there in Tampa. So I think the I think he has built the proper offense for the talent in Tampa at this point. And I think it'd be quarterbacking was was a little more consistent you'd get better results. The main reason I like dirt cutter, and Andy you can you can you can weigh in after this. We get you know, we go out on the road. And we we get a sense of what's going on at training camps. And and that sort of thing the reports that always come back from Tampa is just that he is Dirk cutters. Just he is he's organized. He is he is on the ball. He knows what he is doing in that sort of that needed CEO role of that head coach needs to fill as sort of the organizational leader for his team. And that's what that's what our people have come away very impressed with there is a coach who perhaps ran a team in the NFC east here in the northeast who may have lost his job in the past calendar year who I remember people coming back and saying I didn't look so good. But everyone seems to be quite impressive with what dirt cutter does from from a leadership Sam point and from from an organizational standpoint the way he runs that team. I think they have the right offense, that's his forte. I think their defense is the issue there. And I, you know, I don't know how much you can put on maybe he should have pulled the plug on Mike Smith earlier, they do have a relationship. So that was difficult decision. But I I like him. That's it. I think he's a good coach. I think he understands the politics of being a head coach. And I mean that as a compliment because politics are real deal with the media's real dealing with ownership all of it is true. And you have to be able to handle it. If you can't you're not gonna last no matter how good of a football guy. You are. And we've seen that happen to other men. So and I like I like his scheme as well. I've liked it more in pastures in this year. If I'm being honest, but it's not John Phillips said this to me once Gary that the Vikings offensive coordinator, I was peppering him with questions about this play in that play and how you're going to do this. And he said, you know, anti plays just plays. Everybody's got plays. And they all work on paper. You don't draw them up to not work. It's the way you teach them in the way you approached the job, and I so. Yeah. I like his scheme, but like everybody as long as you have an identity, and there's a consistency to how you play theoretically just about every scheme has its merits. So I I think cutter passes that test. Yeah. And the last thing I'll I'll just come in on Greg's question here. The playing Stephen Jackson Dante Freeman I don't get too worked up about that. I think especially when it comes to a veteran and a young player. Sometimes case of you know, this guy is a complimentary player, and we trust the veteran more than the young guy. And certainly we've seen over the years, and I won't bring up the horrible memories that that at length fans might have of that certain game a couple of winters ago. But devante Freeman is not knows consistent guy when it comes to pass protection that might have played into it. Sometimes you have a proven guy who you know, what he's going to do what he's giving you and sometimes that earns him, you know. You know, basically more playing time over over over a more talented younger player. And I think it happens with every coach everywhere. And I think it's tough to get on a guy for that. I mean, Bill Belichick played Bill. The patriots gave Drew Bledsoe a ten year one hundred million dollar contract. The year before he got hurt which tells you they were they were not going to go to Tom Brady anytime soon, even though Tom Brady ended up being the greatest quarterback of all time. I don't think that makes you think any less of Bill Belichick as a coach because of that decision. But that's my first conversation I ever had with cutter in this is our positive relationship. I've learned a lot of football from him. I asked him the time. He had Jackie has them. Now on the roster. Again, jock was Rogers hunter was the offense coordinator in Atlanta. And a lot of people are saying jock was Rogers should play more. He was dynamic darned dynamic again, I did at the end of the show, but he was a little jitterbug out there. He could really move and make people miss, and I said why? I asked him. Why doesn't jock was Rogers play more? And he had this kind of a wry smile, and he said, you think he should play more. And I said, no because you're choosing not to play them, in coaches know, their players better than anybody on the outside does. So there's obviously a reason he's not on the field and cutter. He I think he stood up out of his chair, Gary. He was so impressed with my wisdom at that moment. He was he was about that though. Because we forget that these coaches that decide we're playing Stephen Jackson over. Devante Freeman there in the meeting rooms every day with those guys they've got infinitely more information than we do. So instead of wondering why isn't a guy he can wonder why is any plane more? But that's yes, you should do is wonder why isn't he playing rather than banging the tables and saying he should play more? Because not to say coaches are flawless either the other night member. Did you hear the Sunday night game? Dennis L in the Vikings saints their D coordinator for the saints admitted to the Sunday night crew. Yeah, we probably should play Marcus staff. Import more defensive end. Sometimes it's coaches you fall in love with the guy who knows what he's doing. And you don't give the guy who maybe doesn't a chance to develop. So it's real. But it's that's for Dennis Allen. The that's not for us to say. Yeah. No, look, it's a it's a fair criticism because that's kind of the opposite of what we're saying this point. But. It's fair to be skeptical. But you have to understand that, you know, the guys making decision generally have more information doesn't mean, they're they're right. All the time. It just there are reasons. No one no one looks at a guy and says that guy would be would make our team better. But we're going to keep onto bench. That was a terrible summation of this whole conversation that that will give us a chance to move onto the next question. This is Raphael from Brazil. What do you guys things the best scenario for a successful NFL team in the postseason being in a very strong division, like the NFC south or being way above the other teams individuals the patriots and the ram seeing the saints brutal remaining schedule I get the feeling they'll either be really banged up by the end of the regular season or steamrolling everyone after surviving a stretch with games against the eagles falcons Steelers and Panthers twice. I look. I think this has been something of an advantage for the patriots over the years in the way that they treat the season as a process, and we're gonna we're going to get better as year goes on. I think they have that leeway built in because of the division. They've been in the fact that they just haven't had competitive teams in that division. They gone in pretty pretty confident that they can play with two or. Three games and and still win the AFC east. That's my thought on it. Yeah. I don't get into this whole schedule strength scheduled thing. I'm not saying it's not real. But like that question to me a good question. But the question to me about while they they beaten up on bad teams. Will they be ready are they grinding out wins? What does that mean for the place that to me is more of an NBA question? We're basketball's a fluid game. And it's not scheme dr- as as scheme driven. And it's not as game plan driven football is such a tactical sport. I think each week is its own game. And I think the strength scheduled the NFL when you get to that level gets overblown because of that. So I don't I don't know how to answer that saints question. Didn't I say in the Monday podcast that I don't want the by week. What do you buy week? Oh, I don't want to take. I would take the bye week in the play. A why would you not want the bio eek you get? If you're going to win the Super Bowl you're gonna have to win off by week. So why would you not take the free playoff win? I know that rust and rhythm type thing I to me gets having. Hiving back. It's overblown as well. I can't remember. Why said I'll stick with it though because I can't back down now. No that would make you a coward. And we don't do that. And media in America. That's not how American media works. I will just say I thought we had a really weird show on Monday morning. And I think it was because at the time change the daylight savings. Yeah. I I told you how much I love, and I still love it. Because what happens now is I feels like it's late. And I I put on another side of the ball. I get done watching a side of the ball on filming. Oh, man. I I don't have time for another one. And it's it's it's still early it just feels late. I think this light savings thing is just extraordinarily. I went on and on about it last week though. Yeah. No. I listen to the show on Monday. And I was like God. What what why would I say these things what was going on? I struggled with it. Yeah. Sure. Right. Will I will do better when we tape Sunday night for the for the Monday morning NFL podcasts. So please join us then for now. That's that's a wrap for this. Deep dive show. Thanks to researchers read foster and Ryan Taylor who make a sound smart. And thank you as always to producer Shelby Royston and the guys at cadence thirteen who make a sound good. Every time we do one of these shows. Most of all thank you guys for listening to this episode of the NFL deep dive podcasts, you are the best. Eddie, and I will be back in your feed first thing Monday morning to break down on Sunday action. I will be back on Friday as well joining Jimmy traina and Scott gramling on the pubic gambling show that your thing or you can go one back in your feed and you'll get Jenny Brenta's and Connor or joining Albert breer breakdown. The biggest news from around the league, we humbly ask that you subscribe to the QB podcast network. Wherever you listen to podcasts, including the QB dot com dot com, apple podcasts Spotify. Stitcher. Tune in and other podcasts providers we will see guys Monday morning. Tip of the hat to Albert another strong. Addition of 'em QB. Did you know your favorite team has a daily podcast on the locked on podcast network? Sealers fans, we have you covered with locked on Steelers. Cowboys fans it's locked on Cowboys and chiefs fans it's locked on chiefs. You get the picture. Search locked on your favorite team. Search on apple podcasts or Google podcasts for locked on your favorite team or tell your smart speaker to play podcast locked on your favorite team locked on podcast network. Your team every day.

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