Google Podcasts to be simplified, and will help podcasters earn money


In the latest poll news, Google wants to make Google podcasts easier. The company is working on simplifying the process for being listed in Google podcasts says, Zach, Renault were dean. Meanwhile, Google podcast is quietly added a trim, silence his feature, you'll find it under the playback speed settings. Google's Lewis Collado talked j. pod eighteen in Spain recently, and he claimed that Google podcasts will be launching a feature to help podcasters monetize their work. There's an interview with him in the not pod Hoy podcast that we don't understand because we don't speak Spanish, but hopefully one of you will sound clouds adds will be sold in the US by Pandora. The companies announced in Italy. The festival del podcasting is on October the twentieth in Milan, it's being sponsored by fortune and app which offers the best audio content customized to your interests in a single stream created for you. What's the category in apple podcast? STS with the most titles, comedy news, no, Dan Meisner posts about the most crowded categories in apple podcasts. His ACLU heaven knows to help you choose the right category and secondary category for your podcast. South African podcast research says that sixteen million South Africans, listen to podcast that's twenty nine percent of the population and that it's the fastest growing media in the country and w x, y, z television in Detroit covers podcasting in the city. It's a surging industry that seems to be a sign of the technology times. People are looking for that what's next and what's easy and what bits their lifestyle, including the podcast, Detroit network podcasts, good. Our newsletter is better. We linked to all of these stories cover many more. We've thought jobs today as well. And it's free subscribed today at pod news dot net.

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