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You're listening to medium on network. UFC is right back at it right back to the UFC apex tomorrow night for UFC two fifty headline by Amanda Nunez. Who looks to make some more history in her story? As she defense featherweight title against the number one contender Felicia Spencer. What's going on? Everybody might hear FEMA FIGHTING DOT com. This is the official you have C. Two fifty preview show virtually alongside Jose Young's who is in Las, Vegas Jose. You've gone from. Jacksonville the Las Vegas I believe this will be your fifth event covered since the UFC is return to action during this cove nineteen pandemic, we got a title in the. The main event tomorrow night featuring the greatest women's fighter of all time against a gritty tough contender, the Bantamweight Division is going to be showcased. We have some fascinating story lines. This is one of those events Jose. At least in my opinion that early on the feeling was. This card was sort of an but I feel that people are starting to realize that there's a lot to like on. This card is or not. I love this card I, mean people complaining comment sections and online social media, and in parts of me like. This sucks. I'm like y'all crazy like the greatest female of all time is fighting in the main event looking to make history, and then there's a lot of uh, specifically a lot of really high level bantamweight fights against former champions, former title challengers future tiled title challengers, so yeah I I really like this fight card as a whole. People complaining about last week or I. Get talking about next week I. Get like this fight. I I really liked this. Five people are just awesome like you start off used to forty nine on the greatest guards ever put together, and then you got a couple of fights. People offset complaining. The next pay per view is not on the same level to forty nine, because that's almost impossible to do month-to-month but I. I've thoroughly like this card. Type of thing happens every year by the way endemic or not, but let's start with the main event for tomorrow night. We got pretty in depth on this fight on the debut episode between the links on Tuesday which you can go, check out on this page or wherever you're listening to this right now, but let's talk into dude as Jose. She's done it all to this point. Point but she has the chance to do something that no other fighter in UFC history as ever done, and that's successfully defend multiple titles in multiple weight classes while holding those titles simultaneously, and just saying that seems like a lot to process, but she has a tougher test in front of her. The most people are giving credit to your thoughts. J. Before this women's featherweight title fight. I. Mean I'm still picking a man to win was the greatest female fight of all time I know our own case. Delight in his on record saying he thinks Spencer. We'll win but I think Amanda. Her Media Day when she's like everyone has holes I'm human so she is fully aware of what her weaknesses are, and the fact that she's like her cancer very structured towards her opponent so especially down there at att so fact when I heard that I was like she knows. That, there are weaknesses. She knows Spencer strengths by into those weaknesses I would have to imagine. Because she was supposed to fight. What lasts like last month? And now she gets another month to train I would imagine she's worked a lot on filling those those gaps in her. I would have to favor man as If wins I, that's. The Background mixed with some very heavy topics, excellent ground pound, and some some some some great grappling I, she has more than just a punchers chance against the greatest fighter of all time we talk about a man and Nunez silly. We about pound for pound list, and I'm generally not a big fan of these conversations, because it's so subjective, and you can look at it and so many different ways, but if a man of Nunez does defeat Felicia Spencer tomorrow night retains the title, and an adds to that legacy. Where does that put her on that list? In your opinion, it's it would depend on how she does it if she squeaks out like. A lackluster decision which I don't think GonNa Happen then. That's a conversation that we're GONNA have to. She just goes out there and acts kicks fleeces. Spencer knocks her dead. In the first thirty seconds could be another conversation, but then again probably know you get like Gusta John Jones where she looks. She looks human in the first two rows, and then guts it out and pulls out the big win at the end, and then we're talking about one of the great, the greatest fighters of all time, not just male or female so I. She's already in my mind. The grays female fight of all time I think. There's a very clear argument that she's top ten ever in USC, history. especially considering, she's being an, she's beating them, but she's a cam coming off a decision against remainder random, and you said it yourself or very like immediate thoughts on fighters like she. She's she she didn't. She knocked out I home. She knocked out Kris Cyborg and she's fought remainder enemy to. Like nuts. Ugali nuts. If that's how you're thinking, so it depends on how she wants after Saturday. What I did want to add about this fight because people complain about the main event, but I did have someone message me on Instagram the other day, and this individual told me that it's not the fight itself. He's looking at negatively. It's the fact that Felicia Spencer is in this spot so early in her career, and if she goes out and gets beat or Scott like you said. We're finished like this. Will stunt her evolution and growth in a big way before it really gets going. Do you subscribe to that theory at all? No, well. How many fights is dominic? Right has had. His career. How well look what he did it against John? Jones, like come on like this. It's I. Don't Comorros man has far less fights than horror Mazal and look at. He's champing. Already become within doesn't have a ton of fights under He's been fighting in the OC for a long time, but he debuted fairly early answers, Chris or no I don't subscribe to that like Phillies. Spencer is the rightful number who else would get this title shot at one forty five. Five Begin Anderson's the only other one and Phillies Spencer beat her, and not only just beat. Her stopped her like Felicia Spencer, Falker. cyborgs decisions like sued you want. That's bad for your health and she. She came out Not She wants. Yes, she got beat up. She wasn't she got Lotta fans from that a lot of momentum, so no, I. Don't subscribe to that whatsoever. Thought it was a different question in a different theory. That I've seen in regards to this fight throughout this process, but we moved to the CO main event, which has a lot of people still scratching their heads. You have cody Garbrandt. The former UFC bantamweight champion is returning after fifteen months away from the octagon to take on. Now the reason people aren't thrilled. This is the Co main abandoned because of the before it Algerian Sterling Corey San Hagan. That's definitely a number one contender fight I have to say. Zeh and I'm not sure how you feel about it but wall. I agree at sterling versus San Hagan should absolutely get that shine. Cody Garbrandt had to tell me and other members of the media yesterday at the virtual media. Day. I'm much more in on this than I was maybe a week or so. I mean honestly to if. There a ball Pfizer, three rounds. I don't think matters where they their place on the card yet on paper and optically you being the Co main event is a bigger deal you on the poster in everything about you take Algebra, Sterling Corey San hanging care. They're going to win and the winner will fight for a title that is much more porn whether they fight the first or the event still three rounds still core saying hey, sterling's depends on when they fight so. Sure I'm. Honestly. I would rather have San, Diegan, sterling headline next week, and then I, could be the Coleman event, so I get it. But cody. GARBRANDT. Former champion is very popular of the four stirling San Hagen Garbrandt and a son so I would comfortably say cody garbrandt is the most recognizable most popular amongst the fan so about deserving undeserving. I. I don't think it doesn't. It's not as big of a deal to me as other people are making it. Here's one thing. People are concerned about because the UFC can sometimes do you have see things and you and I we talk about this all time. We don't like to look into the future, but I feel. How has the top five of this division for a long long time? He is fought pretty much. Everybody at this point, cody Garbrandt. Like you said is one of the big stars as division still has the potential to beat even bigger star I'm not asking for specific matchups, per se, but where does the winner go from here in the grand scheme of things at one thirty five, and is there any chance back to the concern that the winner can jump the queue with an impressive performance? Jump the queue I would say. No. As Dana was pretty adamant at the scrummage, just had with him that he was like as a number contender. He's like yeah, now, contender. Yana Aldo and fight, but then like you've got Moore as like. The winner could find Marlin or Cruz, all centre-back, frank yet or supposedly back so literally take any one of those bands I just named whoever's not fighting, fight the winner of the Communist or cody Garbrandt even dropping onto flyway, so it doesn't even it wouldn't even matter at that point who he fights a one thirty five so like you're telling me you would wanNA. Watch our renaissance out or like cody. Cody garbrandt Tom Cruise part two the headline of a fight night or our color Garbrandt Marla mores like all those fights, so the Bantamweight Division is so so excellent right now that I don't. It's I. It's one of the most top heavy divisions right now in terms of clutter, but I kinda like many tournament. We're having a not to mention like I'm sure we'll talk later. There's a lot of other high level bands may on the lear on the night to. Yeah. Of course we have to talk about sterling versus an Hague and this is the fight that everyone has seemed a circle. Everyone seems to have their on and for good reason. Obviously, there's a lot on the line here. Despite sells itself. You don't need us to to sell four you, but asides all that this is a really interesting fight what sticks out to you the most when you hear Algebra, sterling versus Corey San Diego. This is of course. Higgins is basically a prototype. Next evolution, a dominant crews like his foot work is striking. His is overall fight. IQ is so sharp he's. Cat So Directly Mild, but he's. He's made a note. was his favorite fighter to watch and. Sterling has been in the AFC for a long long time, and he always wanted one of those those big title fight so I'm viewing this as Adema unbelievable on the ground like he has some of the NASTIEST. Oaks in the world, elite, wrestling, and yeah, he's been dead by model, but Corey San Hagen versus. I take out title implications takeout. Coleman vans made events. Whatever all watch these two spar. This is just a high level. Martial arts competition that happens to be inside of an. I don't care if it's for the title or call main event number one contender whatever I just WanNa. See these guys fight, 'cause. It's so high level. I love this fight a lot as everybody watching. Listening to this loves this fight as well. There's a lot of fights on the car that are really really good, so for the for the sake of time Jose because they're going to get kicked out of there shortly. Let's dive a little bit deeper per usual. It's time for the under the radar fight of the night heading into tomorrow. Well going into this I would have to say the sugar. Sean and Eddie. Wild card but fight, but because sugar Shawn's by tablets, like one of those future, not just like big deals like superstar that the US's putting the machine behind the Conor McGregor is the arouses and everything for instance guidance, but I mean. Ryan Keller has has to be the everyone's talking about renowned Mya Kelleher. This is the second fight and a handful of weeks is obviously for a long time coast, the of side it's. Me and him share affinity for the Tigers I crystal then stamen story of the passing of his brother, and deciding to fight through it has really. Like. I was really into this fight before, but now. That is a lot of emotion in bags to carry into into professional. Kelleher name kind of made this fight on twitter before. Keller's last go after I get through. Azure I'll fight you next and LO and behold. That's what happened so. Yeah, it's it's gotta be a little emotional when that fight happened. I'm going to have to circle that one as if people looking for storyline to attach to and latch onto stamen. Kelleher is has has all the makings of like waterworks. After that one. Yeah, I, definitely agree with you on Stayman, obviously coming in with a very heavy heart against Brian Kelleher, who is on a roll right now plus share in the car with Sean o'malley, which makes things. Things more interesting I know with with the matchup. o'malley's is a little more intrigued a little more fascinated with how it goes down. Maybe Kelleher is on his radar after all if he can keep the street going but to me juicier for Megan versus Alex Perez, what an awesome fight! That is one hundred twenty five year old. That is completely under the radar buried on the prelims as their own, Casey lied, and said during the way show and. With everything that happened yesterday and I was looking forward to this fight anyways Ian I was on the card off the card and replaced by Anthony Ivy, then as their own demon Martin reported last night. He's back on the card against Gerald near Chartres I. Don't remember ever seeing something like this happened forty eight hours before if I were a guy was in out and back in especially with with with cove, nineteen pandemic, going on in fact I'm going to be speaking with Jaromir shot in a in a little while to see where his head is that after all this mayhem? This is such a such a wild story Jose. Is Welcome to twenty twenty. People talking about like like quality of video and people getting in the way the cameras on like this is this is twenty twenty. This is the the UFC amidst pandemic and a movement that is is as much more is above and beyond sports at this point so Yeah, welcome to the welcome to the world. Jose I assume another. Kobe test in isolation away you right? Yes, I got to get there I. Think six forty five am tomorrow. Take my I think it would be my fifth Cova test. Last month's covering Yo. See Fights and then. Quarantine inside a hotel room. You named it. Well we appreciate all of your hard work is always sir. We will have obviously to fifty coverage throughout the event, and after the event with our post fight coverage, we'll have you covered across the board over here at fighting DOT com. That's sad. We're putting a bow. Another preview show for Jose I m Mike. Appreciate Avi. Guys watching this and we will see you tomorrow night. You're listening to me on network.

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