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The following is a paid program on six thirty wwl. A this is the Tom to free show on NewsRadio. Six thirty wwl AP and wwl AP dot com. Well, I guess you know, why? Where? God said. Putting you on your shades. You know, put the call. Ties to wide. Maybe Astro Bassem tab, collars. Welcome back age jive. Outlay? Everybody's talking about the news fun still. Janjic tell that it's out of style. Shoot all tires. All you're going to cruise mile. Nowadays. You can't be to set the mantle the best baby. Boom. John still gold. Sidewinders Brad aren't bath. Welcome to the Tom to pre show where we'll play Billy Joel at the drop of a hat or drop of drumstick. A new Santa speakers. Gene, Billy, Joel. Yeah. But we're going to pay tribute to Billy. Joel celebrate his seventieth birthday till nights ago. The out. There you go. And you know, I don't think you can talk about. You can't have discussion about greatest artists vol time best selling artist of all time and not put Billy Joel in that conversation. Right. Because he's right there at the top is he really yes, he is. I believe. One hundred and fifty million albums sold the sixth best recording artists of all time and best solo artist of all time at two mazing as far as sales right up there. He and Elton John up there together aren't would say Elton's probably up there. Michael jackson. Yeah. Elvis maybe I'll pull the list up here in a little bit and take a look at that. But man when I think about New York City, Billy Joel's right up there at the top. That's right, absolutely. So here we are. What are we got to talk about today? Tom depre- show. Hold on. Well, there we could talk about that whatever that was. The start off with some thirty four. There we go. I will bless the Lord at all times his prey show. Continually be in my mouth, my soul shall make her boast in the Lord the humble show here there of and be glad. Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. I sought the Lord, and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears. They looked onto him and were lightened and their faces were not ashamed this poor man cried. And the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles. That's the first six versus from. Psalm thirty four. US warns merchant ships of possible Iranian attacks cleric threatens US fleet. Ron's Revolutionary Guards reject talks with the United States senior cleric threatens US navy as carrier heads to go. This is interesting thousands marched to support Iranian move on nuclear curbs. Iran could target US commercial ships, including oil tankers, the US maritime administration said on Friday as a senior rainy in clerk said US navy fleet could be destroyed with one missile in the latest tense exchange between Tehran and Washington Iran's hardline Revolutionary Guards separately said Iran would not negotiate with the United States a stance that seemed partly aimed at discouraging Irani and president. Hassan Ruhani and his moderate allies from taking up a US offer of talks, President Trump on Thursday, urged Iran's leaders. Talk with him about giving up their nuclear program said he could not rule out a military confrontation, Trump made the offer as increased economic and military pressure on Iran moving to cut off all Irani in oil exports this month, while beefing up the US navy and air force presence in the Gulf. Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan approved a new deployment of patriot missiles to the Middle East US official toward told Reuters on Friday, the US aircraft carrier Behan Lincoln, deployed as a warning to Iran pass through Egypt. Suez canal thirsty in American B fifty two bombers have arrived at a base in in Qatar US central command said Iran is dismissed both moves what's the United States said it took after US intelligence signal possible preparations, but Theron to tack you as forces or interest as psychological warfare is designed to intimidate it. In an advisory posted on Thursday. The US maritime administration said that since early may there had been an increased possibility of Iran or its regional proxies taking action against US and partner interests. These included Murad said all production infrastructure after Tehran threatened to close the vital strait of horror movies chokepoint through which about a fifth of oil globally passes, Iran, or it's. Proxies could respond by targeting commercial vessels, including all tankers, our US military vessels in the Red Sea. Or the Persian Gulf. Report indicates heightened Iranian readiness to conduct offensive operations against US forces and interest millions of barrels of oil pass daily through the various bottlenecks from Middle East producers to global markets US around intentions have risen since Trump withdrew a year ago from two thousand fifteen nuclear deal with Iran and major powers and began ratcheting up sanctions to throttle Iran's economy, vice Admiral Jim Malloy. A commander of the US navy's Byron based Fifth Fleet told Reuters on Thursday its forces were on a heightened state of readiness. Although the US military was not seeking preparing for war with Iran. Murad said US flagships were encouraged to contact the Fifth Fleet at least two days before sailing through the strait of or moose. The fleet's job is to protect commercial shipping in the area. Washington further tightened sanctions on Iran this month, eliminating waivers that allowed some countries to buy soil with the goal of reducing Tehran's. Crude exports to zero Iran responded by relaxing, some curbs on its nuclear program consuming material stockpiles but continues to comply with commitments to restrict its uranium enrichment. Capacity. Rhetoric has grown heated on both sides. I think what's interesting here is that Obama had signed an agreement to allow them basically to produce. Rewrite neom in an unabated fashion. Trump came in and said, this is not a good deal shut it down because he knew what kind of actor. Iran was on the world stage, they're terrorist. They're they're officially terroristic. And this is an example of what the Trump policy has caused now it appears that there's trouble. But there was going to be trouble anyway, especially under. Obama's of nuclear pact with Iran. It was not going to be a good thing. It was going to be much more difficult for. Peace to be maintained in the Middle East with Iran having so much access to nuclear weapons. The semi-official is in a news agency, quoted hard liner, Allah tola. Taba to by najar in the city of Yvonne as saying they're billion dollar fleet can be destroyed with one missile if they attempt any move they will face dozens of missiles because at that time government officials won't be charged at cautiously. But instead things will be in the hands of our beloved leader. I told Ali Khamanei. So you have within Ron. The actual government which would like to be more moderate. And yet I toll as are the ones that call the shots with the the Revolutionary Guards who are very hard line. Hawkish? Islamic militants. Okay. Stay with us. You're listening to the Tom depre- show. It's News Radio six thirty W L A P. While they're stumping, he Trump into racist wide open as the twenty twenty presidential race begins. Bring you all the news, insight, and our political circus us radio six thirty WLA. 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That's where. Back on the Tom to free show. More of Billy Joel seventieth birthday. Not so bad, eight still selling out Madison Square Garden. Yeah. Tenuously so. Yeah. Seventies. Not bad. Does. He play there regularly. Yeah. He's doing a residency there. And I don't know. I think it lasts till November. Yeah. And so he just plays there. What once or twice a week? I don't know. What I don't know. How often he plays there? We have to kinda dig that out. But I think two thousand twelve he said he was pretty much done playing. And then when he did the benefit concert for the hurricane sandy victims up there. He was like, you know, what let's do this again. Yeah. That kind of prompted his residency at Mazuz quirk. Art, right. So. Six reasons why Trump won't back down on his China trade war. This is from Jim Cramer. So as you know. President Trump did a lot of tweeting this week talking about imposing tariffs on a significant amount of Chinese goods more than what it had been imposed and. He did it yesterday Friday kicked a man. And the stock market took some huge hits over it. But. Town of came back yesterday. So people think well is he bluffing? And Jim Cramer says no he's not bluffing. Jim Cramer says see six signs that President Trump won't back down on the US Chinese trade dispute, which could spark huge new tariffs on Chinese exports as early as Friday which was yesterday. You can see how the president is framing things. It's broken deal. Broken by the Chinese Kramer, said thirsty during an exclusive video conference call. I know that sometimes the president can seem to be flamboyant his attacks. But it sure seems like the last minute actions by the Tiny's totally backfired and sent negotiations back to the hard liners Kramer says he sees six reasons why Trump won't back down against the Chinese number one US companies already got big tax breaks, the president gave all US businesses huge tax breaks as part of his two thousand seventeen tax law. So Trump believes they shouldn't suffer all that much. If they have to pull out of China altogether. Number two, Trump wants to keep US dollars away from China. Trump really does want American companies to do less business in China. So the Chinese won't have enough money to advance their belt and road initiatives and geopolitical aims, three other countries offer low cost manufacturing also US companies that. Insist on using Chinese labor and manufacturing. We'll have lower profit margins than if they move operations to other developing countries, Kramer, cited funk co is one company that understands this. Well. Number four Trump's basis still with him. You'd think that Trump supporters would be upset about the higher consumer costs that US tariffs can bring, but they aren't complaining they believe this is a patriotic war and they're happy to fight. It Kramer said they'd boycott products made in China if the president asked him to. Five America doesn't export that export that much to China. Anyway, Trump knows the US economy is huge and service oriented and won't export that much to China in any case. So he's ready for retaliation. He'll just make fun of anyway, Kramer said. And six the president doesn't care if China loses face unlike previous presidents, Trump isn't worried about giving the Chinese away to save face. Instead, he wants to rip their faces off to the delight of his base, Kramer said those who are really hurt like the farmers will get US government compensation perhaps from the money taking in from tariffs. So those are some reasons that Jim Cramer is giving for the president's willingness to stand his ground on China, which I think I believe those are true. I agree with him on that. And. The Chinese have been bad players. They have been willing to take American information, and and intellectual property and steal it. They've played by their own rules, and they're their own rules are dirty and. He's finally calling them to. Account for it. State of state to help city of Stone Mountain, Georgia shed, it's all reputation. This is kind of some regional news. And I thought it was interesting. In the majority black city of Stone Mountain many have grown increasingly worried that the mountains decades long connection with racist. Organizations has tainted the city's chances for growth, the Ku Klux Klan underwent rebirth with the rally at the park in nineteen fifteen or recently rallies. Back confederate flag, waving white supremacists. And white nationalists. Have brought unwanted media coverage of tense gatherings and counter protests. But according to the city's top administrator that's implementing of the old Stone Mountain when people think about Stone Mountain village. It was the place that wasn't really open that much to outside influences said city manager, Chuck quals Miller Thornton's, we're beyond that we don't want that to continue to be our narrative. As several storefronts in downtown. Stone Mountain sent vacant the city and its residents are working to rebrand and create a new identity one that can distance city from what many describe as stigma attached to Stone Mountain name in history. To help with the effort the city invited in Georgia tourism product development team, which spent Tuesday and Wednesday visiting the town city officials hope tourism office will help city attract new businesses and visitors developing its images in inclusive diverse community, some actually don't know that our largest population is African American because that's not been the voice Miller Thornton said noting that the city is about seventy percent black. I was here's a little girl says. Mrs. Rector who works for the. City's oldest black church. I'm sure you heard of the clan coming through at that time that was a time when you had to go in your house, and you just waited. Stone Mountain confederate past overshadows that story black history. So this is interesting if you ever visiting Georgia, it's got a big. Statue's cut in the side of the mountain. It's a large granite mountain many things in the area are built with stay with us. You're listening to the Tom depre- show. It's News Radio. Six thirty wwl. AP? Are you looking for fun and exciting gaming action Kentucky, look no further than red mile gaming and racing. Come play one of our nine hundred games and new members who sign up for winter circle card qualify for a special rebate offer up to two hundred dollars guarantee. That means everyone who signs at red mile gaming racing walks away. Owen read mild gaming and racing. Red hot excite visit player services or read mile k y dot com for details. Revelation seven through ten says after these things I looked behold, a great multitude, which no one could count from every nation and tribes and peoples in tongues standing before the throne before the lamb clothing, white robes and palm branches were in their hands. And they cry with a loud voice, saying salvation to our God who sits on the throne into the lamp scripture to me is a beautiful picture of all races languages ethnicities were been God together. I believe is God's during for his people Jesus toes to pray. The God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We're not perfectly there yet. Trinity. He'll, but we do have believers from over forty nations who are members of our church and our worship services more and more reflect guts dream. Are you interested in worshiping in church? Like this. I'm Steve jury senior pastor Trinite he'll United Methodist Church located at the corner, teach creek and Armstrong meal road. I hope you will come and worship with us. This sunday. Giuliani says he will not travel to Ukraine now. President Trump's personal attorney earlier saying he would go to Ukraine to look for information that could help with Trump's campaign including claims about twenty twenty candidate Joe Biden ABC's Lana Zak with more. Former New York mayor telling reporters, his agenda included, asking Ukrainian officials for information on the now concluded Muller probe and whether Biden took any actions while in office that may have benefited his son hunter Biden who worked for a Ukrainian energy company at the time. China's vice premier today telling Hong Kong media trade talks with the US have not broken down that after both sides failed to strike a deal. Friday. China's top negotiator describing the stalled talks as a small setback the US impose twenty-five percent hike on nearly all Chinese goods. China promising to retaliate acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan travels to the US Mexico border today. His second trip to highlight. With President Trump has declared a national emergency. I'm shell-france ABC news. 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Seven hundred eight hundred nine seven three seventy seven hundred Optima Tax Relief. Six thirty wwl AP. Song really tells story. Let it play for while. John short. Welcome to the show. Where are you? Oh, okay. Let's going on. Billie. Joe today was before Garth Brooks. Did he? Yeah. That was his song. Wasn't it? Let ever various always goes Russia's version. Yeah. Okay. China goes, we don't need to do anything. With don't make any deals with China agree. He's gays looking at it that way, he's basically saying you either do it the right way, or we're not going to trade with you. Presence. You love to do things China. That's right. John wants to take over the world. We have these states. You take a role in years as second thirty fourth. Yep. So and Rochman is doing in North Korea is not good. Thing needed bomb North Korea. No, we don't need to be bombing. Anybody right now, we need to talk them out of it. Doggy rugged main. I consider him like Hitler. He is he's pretty bad guy. Yep. Especially towards his own people recommend kill his own brother. Yeah. I know it. Yep. That's good. Yeah. He's a bad guy. I know and we need Trump to win easily win in every Commonwealth including winning district. Lumbini win there too easily. I'm not sure that's going to happen, John. But I hope he gets enough to win the presidency for sure. And it's running against Michigan column next year has that been confirmed. I think so that's what I heard ramp is run. He's easily to every county. She doesn't even live here in in. I think she's teaching at west or at an apples at the naval academy. I didn't know that. Yeah. I don't even think she lived here. Her. She's running against heard well that too. So is baseball over with. We play sack today. Schedule for twelve game is trying to weather. We did not early. Yeah. Okay. We lost easily last night. But one run out of four. It's not good. I know and then tomorrow's games in name. Okay. I mean, he D Wayne today tomorrow and maybe Michigan. These even Bill today C tournament. We've had a tough year this year. We haven't been as good as we were last year. I know it. So we never made. Throw series in may never have made it. I know we didn't sell in twenty four team that was it. Well, we need to make it one of these years probably won't make it this year. But one year. Series may Kentucky Georgia Alabama. See why not have teens in their that'd be great. And on the why beginning to co well again in April through July, probably a whole lot better. Would be wouldn't it? It would be really won't complain the basketball season, right? Listening. If he listening. They they're they're all listen to the Tom Brady show every one of them. A whole lot better heaven, July. School may but they they can play in summer. Keep them here. Right. All right, John. You're great American. Thank you. Well. So let's have baseball college baseball playing in until July. That's probably not a bad idea. Maybe it's bad idea. I'm getting a look now at all, right? Start talking baseball. Yeah. He call me out. You didn't call me up. But I'm piping up the problem with the college baseball going into the summer is the summer ball. They have traveled teams all it's a whole nother league. It would be disruptive in the thing about starting in. February is a lot of times. I play warmer states clay, I try not to play the early games when it where it's really cold. It doesn't always work out that way because the weather's wonky. But. That's my two cents worth on baseball. Well, that's probably true. Media last about Trump to cover up the brutal reality of late term abortion. This is from the the federalist. On April twenty nine nine two thousand nineteen President Donald Trump held a rally in Wisconsin. Where democratic governor Tony Evers has vowed to veto Bill. That would require medical care be provided to babies accidentally born alive during abortions Evers claimed the Bill would be redundant and seems not to be a productive use of time. The baby is born the mother meets with Dr they take care of the baby they wrap the baby beautifully. And then the doctrine mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby Trump said about babies her left to die. From abortions as he as charged in his words might sound. He was merely putting restating what Virginia's democratic governor. Ralph nor them said about a Bill that had passed would have repealed, light term abortion regulations. In state. The Bill thankfully failed in committee. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable the infant would be resuscitate. If that's what the mother and family desired, then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother northern said on a radio program predictably the media passed on Trump's statement, some even claim that Trump was inciting violence on abortion facilities from these just past several days. Several media have called out the president including times, Abby Vassilis new statesman. Sophie mcbain. Lights, Rebecca onion, New York Times. Michelle Goldberg mother Jones is Kevin drum. I've looked at pictures of all these people, and they're interesting. I just think this is a host of of liberal writers. It's just it's what you get. With with the left nowadays. And and people who. Support abortion. Many of these articles report repeat the same falsehoods. The suicide article for time is particularly bad since nine percent of abortions are committed during our after the second trimester. When the baby is between fourteen and twenty seven weeks old and can sometimes be born as a preemie the suicide instead focused on the one point two percent of abortions committed during a third trimester. Which is appointed which most unborn babies can be saved through C-section or induced labor going by the centers for disease control and prevention figures, suicide is really talking about fifty seven thousand abortions, which suddenly doesn't seem so rare. The Sulu claims that light term abortions mostly happened because of a serious fetal nominally for the health of the woman. See that's the thing. They it because I don't want the baby. That's why most of it happens is they they don't want to deal with this child. Out of convenience. I understand a baby is a severe. Hardship and can be but. You have to take into consideration that you're extinguishing a life in doing this. Women who sought these procedures were more likely to be young minority. Women with limited financial resources reasons were given more logistical than medical. They may have aborted because they didn't know they were pregnant until later in their pregnancy had trouble deciding or had trouble making arrangements claim that many light term abortions are performed on women who face medical problems also turned on its head when medical professionals, including former abortions knowledge that abortion is never medically necessary in cases of medical emergencies child may be delivered by C section. It's never medically necessary. According to people that are have been in the abortion industry. So this is interesting. I found that really hard to believe. That's what I believe. That's what it says. But I just I mean your own. In your family. You've even head situations, and it was a long time ago, but your grandmother passed away having your father. So you know, and she declined doing anything about. I'm I'm glad she did as well. But that's a situation where you know, it was life threatening. And I told her it was life threatening. So I don't buy the fact that it's never life threatening just going by what the these these people that were in the abortion industry said, I know, but she you always say don't believe everything you read all I'm saying strew. Well, anyway. Maybe it is maybe it isn't. But it in most cases, isn't let's just put it that way. Stay with us. You're listening to the Tom to ratio. It's newsradio. Six thirty Debbie Elliott p the news you want to know. Today increased tariffs on Chinese goods news, Donald junior subpoena, you need to know James Comey. Justice Alito stay in the know short range missiles with each radio six thirty WLA. 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Andrew McCarthy says that congress contempt stun against Turney. General bar is just not. When congress uses contempt power. They're basically three avenues that can pursue for purposes of enforcement in the case of House Judiciary committee's party line vote to hold attorney general William bar in contempt for purportedly failing to produce a report, he's actually produced Democrats who control the house will use the route that his most political, and thus least credible unilateral consider congressional procedure. Committee will refer it's finding for vote to the full chamber. The start here. So nakedly partisan that the house won't even try to get support from the Senate in theory, the house could try to take enforcement action on temp congress even has jail cell in the bowels of the capital, though, it hasn't been used in many years, and it certainly is not going to be used against a cabinet officer of the executive branch. I'm thinking the US marshal would not take kindly house sergeant at arms showing up at main Justice with the congressional arrest warrant for the attorney general on the other extreme the house could theoretically Vale itself of the second avenue could seek to help the help of the executive branch. Specifically, the Justice department to pursue criminal contempt charges against the attorney general I could ask the attorney general to prosecute the attorney general. Stop snickering. I did say, theoretically. The third avenue would be determined to the judiciary for court citation of contempt. They don't Kratz will not try this because it would be million. It is common place for us to speak of our three Coequal branches of government. Judiciary committee chairman, Jerry, Naylor invokes. This try phrase quite often. But it is misleading the framers made congress the first among not really qu'ils. If you have any doubt about that. Just have a peek at your pocket constitution and look for the Justice department. You won't find it in their the Justice department only exist because congress created it congress rights laws and delineates its powers congress funds. That is to say the article one branch does not need the article three branch to help do its work in enforces demands. Plus as a practical matter, it is not likely that judiciary has don't police force. Can you imagine the ninth circuit with its own police force court needs the executive branch to enforce its orders. And while the attorney general has done nothing wrong here. The Justice department is not going to take action against the attorney general in any event courts. Do not look like to look weak the majesty of the judiciary flows from perception that is directives must be followed. So judges tend to stay out of disputes between the political branches, which might well, ignore court orders have ways of retaliating against the judiciary that private litigants lack. First thing judge would point out is what congress is demanding the bar. Do is illegal namely disclosed grand jury. Material to congress in Wednesday's circus of a hearing German Naylor pointed out that there was a time. When federal prosecutors would have joined with congress to seek a court order permitting disclosure. Yes. But what can Naylor conveniently neglected to? Mention was this was before last month when the DC federal circuit appeals court whose jurisprudence controls the dispute between congress and the journey general decided me mckeever versus bar. Well, let's just put it this way. It's not going to go anywhere. The. Contempt of congress by bar. They're not gonna be able to get him to. They want him to turn over the unredacted Mueller port without any reductions put in there which were put in there to basically. Keep from disclosing ongoing issues that are secret. And that's what anybody would do. And that's what he should do. And they've now held him in contempt of congress for that. That's crazy back to the China trade. You don't have to like tariffs to like, President Trump's tragedy strategy of imposing harsh ones on China. Those imposed overnight are punishing not only China, but to American consumers the longer they last the more. They will cost yet serious trade. Sanctions are the only hope of getting Beijing Robak. It's abusive economic practices and open its markets to US exporters and investors China won't act unless feels real pain in its exports sector, which is a powerful economic driver and pain is what Trump means to inflict unless China provides much greater market access half-measures and paper promises won't do. The US wants a big deal, then it wants teeth in it to rent cheating to get it. Trump is willing to threaten trade war. We don't know if it will work. We do know that Trump threats are. Credible. He began saying how much she loved tariffs long before. He ran for office. The irony is that is protectionist stance. Could pave the way for freer trade. Once again, Trump is being leader here in getting Jonah to come to the table and basically pushing for much greater. Openness with Jonah. And for them to stop doing their abusive trade practices that they've been doing for a long time. Basically making some changes. Tom when you say abusive, what talk about what what got about thirty seconds. You wanna good the next segment? We can talk about it. When Mike comes in. All right. But it is abusive. They. Steel. Intellectual property for one thing require people to turn it over. Stay with us. Mike Johnson in the house. It is the Tom depreciate NewsRadio. Six thirty wwl AP.

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