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Search tonight in the final hours of twenty nineteen in American embassy under siege. Hundreds of protesters stormed the gates of the US embassy in Baghdad setting setting fires around the complex of massive crowd retaliating for American air strikes against any Ronnie and back militia group Iraq and just in the Pentagon sending additional forces to protect the embassy president trump blaming Iran for the protest here at home. The New Year's storm heavy snow ice and flooding the new system moving in going coast to coast Ginger Zee in Times Square counting down the forecast at twenty twenty high security in place for the party of the year ear hundreds of thousands packing into Times Square and for the first time. A fleet of high tech drones keeping watch over the crowd new details about the desperate search for two missing children police warning. They're both in danger and saying their mother has completely refused to help find them new reporting on that deadly church shooting in Texas. The minister revealing they had wire contact with the gunman scare at the front door. I got a man saying he was carjacked. Kidnapped snapped robbed and shot escaping to a house cleaning through the home security camera for help. The unsuspecting drivers swallowed up by a sinkhole opening opening up in the street without warning and a growing wildfire emergency in Australia. Thousands trapped cut off by the flames. Some rushing to the beach to be rescued rescued as Sydney's sets off its famous fireworks display for the New Year. This is ABC News. Tonight with David Muir good evening. Thanks for joining us on a busy New Year's Eve I'm with Johnson in for David Tonight. We begin with the breaking developments overseas the American embassy in Baghdad under her siege the situation escalating hundreds of protesters storming the gates retaliation for US air strikes targeting Iranian backed militia group in Iraq the mob setting fires scaling the walls breaking through the outer barricades protestors smashing doors and windows. US military choppers overhead firing flares ears to protect Americans on the ground the embassy now on lockdown about one hundred marines sent in for support. And we're just learning. Hundreds more troops could be on the way breath. President trump warning Iran will quote. Pay a very big price. ABC's James Longman leading US off chanting death to America an unprecedented assault hundreds of Shiite militia and their supporters today laying siege to the US embassy in Baghdad. It's supposed to be one of the most secure in the world and yet crowds tried to storm. The compound setting fire to guard posted embassy walls prying an embassy plaque off the entrance entrance and trying to break through windows just pane of glass. Separating gods from protested American troops taking up position the roof of the embassy firing tear gas the times as hundreds of US personnel hunkered down inside in the fog of big ass the flags of Qatar Hezbollah flying flying outside embassy wolves. It was that iranian-backed militia targeted in. US strikes over the weekend after they killed an American contractor supporters had come from the funerals of their fighters to attack the embassy. President trump today laying the blame directly on Iran. tweeting Iran will be held fully responsible for lives lost adding. They will pay a very big price. This is not a warning. It's a threat happy new year. He called the Iraqi Prime Minister. Commanding he protect the US embassy that Iran's grip over Baghdad's government is tight one sign of that today before the attack Iraqi security services had allowed militia to flood this diplomatic area normally off limits by nightfall a show of force to American Apache helicopters helicopters firing flares over the embassy and a warning to protest is about one hundred marines have now arrived to reinforce security at the embassy. We're learning hundreds more the. US troops could be deployed to the Middle East as early as tonight. So let's get right to James Longman and James Right now. There are still no plans to evacuate the embassy. See now. That's right written tonight. The situation outside the embassy has come but those militia groups have repeated Vavau to retaliate against the US demanding its withdrawal tensions with Iran. Still at an all time high with James Longman our thanks to you tonight. Meanwhile back here at home. The New Year's Eve storm storm on the final day of two thousand nineteen drivers facing heavy snow and icy roads. Your Brecksville the driver of a semi truck injured going down an embankment in Indiana the trailer hanging from an overpass there plus a new storm ready to hit the West on day. One of the New Year. Let's get to. ABC's chief meteorologist. Ginger Zee Ginger. Happy New Year Happy New Year. All the folks around me very happy with the forecast for tonight. Yes we've had a little sprinkle or two but it is going to be mostly dry tonight tonight. Look at this time square ball drop forecast temperature thirty nine which is above average. The wind chill about thirty for the gusty winds. Not GonNa Bother too many folks here but when you look west I would not want to be traveling from party to party say anywhere through Pennsylvania and upstate New York snow showers the snow squalls coming through or even rain. Then you go dry to the southeast. It's rain and snow. In the Pacific Northwest Washington State and Oregon could see wind gusts up to forty five miles per hour. That could impact their party tonight. Happy Twenty twenty to come with all right. Thank you ginger singer. One million people are expected to pack into Times Square for the ICONIC BULBS ROB their crowds streaming in at this hour the nypd out in full force launching being new high tech equipment overhead. Here's ABC's Adrian banker tonight for the first time. Ever on New Year's Eve specialized drones will be dotting adding the skies over New York to protect one of the world's biggest celebrations. Times Square is probably going to be the safest place on the planet Earth about a million people will pack Times Times Square. I going through several layers of security including metal detectors and bomb sniffing dogs authorities say there is no specific credible threat but thousands thousands of NYPD. Officers with heavy weapons will be on guard. You have all these resources on the ground. Our aviation unit will be overhead surveying cops and ensuring the crowd. You're safe inside a special command center. There are police monitoring more than twelve hundred cameras as well as feeds from helicopters and those drones the NYPD hyped also has the capability to block unauthorized drones from above Times Square. And on the ground blockades of huge trucks. Creating a ring of steel will. Nobody else puts that kind of effort into an event like this. And here's one more note about those drones. These again are highly specialized. They are equipped with thermal imaging. Three Three D. mapping technology and the ability to zoom in on anything on the ground. You can see a lot going on right behind us one of those massive trucks. We talked about and a huge line of people crowding into the security Freddie checkpoint. We hope everyone is safe with that is for sure Adrian thank you. We move on now to president. Trump's looming senate impeachment trial and possible cracks within the GOP Senator Susan Collins Collins becoming the second Republican senator this week to criticize majority leader. Mitch McConnell for coordinating with the White House and now saying she's open to calling witnesses. ABC's Cure Phillips in West Palm Beach. Tonight she is the latest Republican to break ranks with Senate Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. It is inappropriate in my judgement for senators on either side of the aisle. To prejudge the the evidence Senator Susan Collins of Maine criticizing McConnell's vow to work in total coordination with the White House in the president's impeachment. Trial revealing she is now open to witnesses in the coming proceedings collins now the second senator to be critical of McConnell she follows Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski skeet. Who says she is disturbed by his comments on the other side of the aisle? Their own potential flip votes to worry about senator. Doug Jones a Democrat from from Deep Red Alabama. Up For re election in twenty twenty is now calling on the Senate to allow witnesses for a full fare and complete trial in a Washington and post op ED. But he's signaled he's opened deciding with Republicans in a final vote. If those dots aren't connected and there are other explanations and I think are consistent with innocence. Listen I will go that. Way And Cure. Phillips is with the President in West Palm Beach Kira removal from office requires a two-thirds vote which is highly unlikely likely but there are other important matters only require a simple majority that's right with matters is critical as which witnesses would be called to testify could come down to crucial moderates like Collins Murkowski and Romney if they break with their party. Republicans may come up short failing to hit those fifty eighty one votes even though they hold the majority in the Senate wit or Acura. Thanks to you thank you next tonight. North Korea issuing a New Year's warning state run media reporting according Kim Jong UN is promising to unveil a new strategic weapon in the near future the announcement coming one week after he promised to send the US quote Christmas Gift President Trump previously warning him. He risked losing everything. If he does not take steps to denuclearize his country new tonight about that deadly Church church shooting in Texas the minister now claiming they had passed incidents with the shooter. The church sometimes giving him food but he would get mad when they wouldn't give him money witnesses Hussein. The gunman came in wearing a wig and fake beard before opening fire. ABC's Marcus more in Texas again tonight tonight. New details are emerging about the suspect in Sunday's deadly attack on this Texas church the Church's pastor telling the Christian Chronicle the gunman had been to the church before saying quote. We've helped him on several occasions with food adding that the suspect would get mad when they wouldn't give him cash key. Kanani who witnesses. The set was wearing a fake beard and dark coat gunned down sixty seven year old Richard wide and sixty four year old Tony Wallis before a hero congressman killed him. The entire incident president captured on the Church's livestream could not even had a lengthy criminal record including arrests for assault in Oklahoma but a court ultimately ruled him mentally incompetent to stand trial trial on those charges. It is still a mystery as to why he went back to the church Sunday with a shotgun congregation coming together Monday night holding individual at the church tragedies word that's often used in a word that nobody wants to hear or say I lost two great men tonight. Police are still trying to pinpoint a motive as the community remembers the two men killed in this tragic shooting with our Markus. Thanks now to authorities is intensifying their search for two missing children in Idaho. The siblings disappearing in September police believe they are in danger and that their mother knows where they are but refuses assist to tell them. Here's ABC's chief national correspondent. Matt Gutman Tonight Police in Idaho fearing the worst for seventeen year old Kylie Ryan and her little brother other seven-year-old. Jj Valo missing since September. Jay Jay's grandmother hasn't spoken to the boy since the summer it was the 35-second facetime we. We're able to talk to him for those few seconds. Police now believe their mother Lori valid debacle knows either where the children are or what has happened to them earlier this year. Laurie Val married Chad Day bell after his wife Tammy died. Police are now investigating. Tammy Day Bell's death chat in. Laurie fled the state earlier. This month after police found they had misled them about the children's whereabouts. Laurie allegedly line to friends saying tighly had died over a year ago tonight. Investigators saying we strongly believe that Josh went tiles lives are endangered. Why they're doing what they're doing and doesn't make any sense? Laurie Spam family believe she joined a religious group created by her husband. Chad and attorney for Chad and Laura Bell says they are both loving parents and spouses adding we look forward to addressing the allegations once. They've moved past speculation and rumor but police want them to come forward now with backup and thank thank you now to the wildfire emergency Australia. Massive fires destroying homes firefighters driving through the flames there. Sydney going ahead with its famous fireworks works display despite calls to cancel the event thousands facing a frightening start to the new year fleeing to nearby beaches to be rescued. ABC's Maggie Rulli in in Sydney tonight. Dramatic new images of the catastrophic fire danger igniting parts of Australia. These firefighters in New South Wales shelter inside their truck weaving through a raging inferno. We've parts of Australia. Issuing mass evacuations apocalyptic this is in the middle of the day I record high temperatures fueling the deadly flames killing at least twelve thousand in the southeast coastal town of Malakula trapped by the fires. This guy turning a deep red is families seek refuge boats ambitious prepared to jump into the water pretty extreme it was very scary. Flames leaving only charred remains behind kangaroo seen fleeing from the smoke but despite the wildfire emergency cindy still setting off the fireworks show to ring in the New Year a small group of firefighters from the. US have been here since early December but now Australia is pleading for any and all additional resources. Texas went all right Maggie. Thank you much of the world already. Changing the calendar to twenty twenty New Zealand one of the first countries to ring in the New Year with fireworks display an Auckland Doc. A stunning celebration do buy fireworks shooting from the world's tallest building and the city of light pulling out all the stops Peres celebrating the new year in spectacular tackler fashion and the stock market ending the year on an up note. The Dow gaining seventy six points on the last day of trading closing at twenty eight thousand five hundred. Thirty eight points leads. The Dow up twenty two percent this year next tonight. The Fiesta Bowl Fan. Who says he was carjacked kidnapped and nearly killed the drama playing out on a doorbell orrville camera here's ABC's revolt? I shot I shot tonight. The terrifying moments man begs for help after being kidnapped and nearly really killed the police. Say that man. Anthony told them he was in Phoenix to watch Ohio state. Play in the Fiesta Bowl. And after going to sleep in his car a trio of suspects pointed a gun in his face ordering him into the backseat than driving him to an ATM to withdraw money and later opening fire as he tried to flee gunshot sounded like five or six of them after getting hit Anthony desperately sought help from neighbors doorbell capturing this exchange take the shot call nine one one shot that man admitting he was concerned for his own family safety but called nine one one. Anyway I'm glad to hear his okay. I'm glad to hear a righteous dude. Three teenagers have now been arrested. In this case tonight anthony is recovering hovering at a local hospital are trevor. Thank you to the index in the New Year's Eve plane crash in Kansas that single engine Mooney crashing shortly after takeoff from from the Johnson County Executive Airport south of Kansas City officials. Confirm at least two people have died. F. A. A.. Investigators are on their way and the narrow escape for a driver in eastern Pennsylvania that SUV swallowed by a sinkhole captured on neighborhood surveillance. Video officials say a water. Main break is to blame the driver driver able to scramble to safety and the US army ban on a hugely popular at the military banning soldiers from using the Chinese own video APP. Tick Tock on government owned phones calling it a security concern this after a similar move by the navy earlier this month finally tonight as we ring in twenty twenty a glimpse at our world news team here working so hard to bring you the news night after night for David and all of US Happy New Year.

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