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Turn it up for the winter studios in america's greatest city of chicago. What three five. Kiss up an iheartradio station. It's the fred toward morning. Everybody sees thursday december seventeenth. Fred show is on good morning. Fam- how's everybody morning. We're good Very important day. Today is the day until noon where you stop by dunkin and get any large extra large hot coffee seventy. That's not to say somebody on our show with him. This morning and got was an thought that they were helping and got an iced coffee. That is not to say that. This evening's happen directions around here What are those So this morning any dunkin stop in and get a A large or extra-large. Hot coffee between now and noon and one dollar of your purchase automatically goes to our friends at lurie children's hospital of chicago so you don't even have to do anything special to stroll through get your coffee and then boom. You're helping out at the same time. So i get till noon today new here. We say about thirty seven times until noon so Please help us out this morning. Waiting by the phone is coming up at a couple of minutes from the hall of fame. Why the second date for this couple then the entertainment report. What he had their kaylin. You guys he's the new dr fauci. Wait till you hear. He does so. He doesn't catch the virus. He's he's hot on the medical. You know trail you hold on to act like that doesn't show la turn it up. Well fits may maybe storing showbiz. Shelly new player in the showdown one hundred and three dollars and fifty cents in today's the day as well Very very momentous Hsun in other words to describe the magnitude of what's happening this morning conic iconic. I thought you guys would forget. It is the throwback throwdown faceoff for the championship of twenty twenty rubio versus kaelin. And this is for the bell this is for all the marbles will rubio give up his title from twenty nineteen. We'll find out eight. Oh five on kiss. Kiss the fred show money. Why were you left waiting by the phone. Are you andy. i'm great. how are you guys doing well Welcome to the show. Let's hear about vicky you guys met on bumble and then what happened yet. Remember buffalo with painted numbers We went out and it was really really good date. I really liked the I think we had a lot of chemistry and after we went back to my place We yes yes yes we hooked up it was awesome and but now she goes thing I i'm very honest so we did bump into my ex while we were on the date but that was the only negative thing that happened on the day campus. I'm hoping we can just get past that because like i. I'm not with my completely over at the motor hurts out and you just have. It'd be the same play kind of thing. Like i know just past crossbows go into that. Yeah i in control that you know like Control my act. I cannot and and obviously if the hookup and all of that that usually means good things so we'll figure out vicki's calling you i she goes to you. We'll see if we can get her on. The phone asks these questions and and we'll go from there. You'll be on the phone to. I don't want you to say anything right at first but at some point definitely come in and hopefully we can straighten all this out and set you guys up on another date and then we'll pay for that one optime appreciate that you got it. Can you hang on for a second. Let's see what happens next parts of waiting by the phone right after arianna back in two minutes of the french show. What three five arianna is. What three five kiss. Fm chicago's number one. Hit music station. Good morning everybody to fred. Show is on par to of waiting by the phone andy. Welcome let's call. Vicky you guys met on bumble had a great date you hooked up. You thought i mean this is all good. Everything was going really well. You fully expected to hear from her for another date or or have her respond to you and she's ghosting you and you wanna know what's up at right. Yeah okay. let's call her now. Good luck Hi vicky vicky friends in the morning radio show on kiss. fm in chicago. And i'm started bother you. But i have to tell you before. We went any further with us that we are on the radio. And i need your permission to continue with the calls. I don't care if we talk for a minute Sure okay thank you or calling because we we met a guy named andy says he met you bumble and you guys went on a date and that he thought went really well and and he says you're not responding to him for another day. Do you remember this guy. Couldn't forget him. Oh for good or bad reasons. I assume that good because you're him what happened while on came on your date because he he did admit that you ran into his ex on the day. But it was a coincidence and just passing. Showed up to his house like we were on his pal. Doing what we're doing and we literally hear a bang on the window and it says ex girlfriend like a to the point like she literally came around to the dog ignore popped her head. It was like screen. There was no bumping into the restaurant. What was his reaction. What does he do is discharge her away. Or what is he doing at out. You don't know she means nothing to me. Like don't worry but like i should go talk to a really fast and you might need to like pop out the back windows doesn't do he told you to like hop out the window. What a cycle girl in the second. Well but maybe there's more to the story. I forgot to mention that. Andy is here. I apologize andy okay. This is not the way that you portray this. This is than i did. I can't control the actors of my act. I did tell you that. I really can't be these not so if not clearly why are you. Why are you. Why is it relief to have her sneak out and you go talk to this crazy person. Why don't you just call the cops or something or maybe you're the crazy one. Is everything being. Are you being fully transparent here. The i'm being frank. Let me go to the front to talk to her to calm her down. You know and built for safety. I just wanted to get out of the harm's way here which is in my face. The i i just keeping my distance from you regardless of whether or not you should have talked to her. I wouldn't even want to be in this situation because what's gonna happen next. You know what i mean. Where what else is she going to do. If she's crazy. Well i told her never to. My house again. Caller crazy and she won't. I'm back now. That i said that she sounds like a rational person through your dog. This is gonna do. That isn't really gonna. He'd like sane advice on my light restraining order You go out the back window with like my phone. You knew this issue anti because Otherwise you wouldn't have made it seem so passive like you guys didn't bump into each other and the in the you know entry way to tgi. Fridays man she was trying to climb into your house and like who knows what a. Yeah yeah all right look everything. I don't know that he can get this control. But let's say vicky. Andy can can manage this somehow. Did you like him. otherwise would you. Would you consider another day if we pay for it. Absolutely not did i. I enjoyed my time up to that point. But i do not need all this crazy life. Find another way to get brady. You gotta get that under control man. I'm sure that's a pain in the ass but you got to figure that one out and sounds unstable lipton. I try okay. Well they lock Vicky side interested so thank you for your time and good luck to you. Best of luck to both of you. Moving forward all right. Let's get into the entertainment report with kaelin up to the second hollywood news and gossip next after eight. Max becca two minutes on the french fuel one zero three five five kiss up the latest entertainment news is on the fred show. Tirees tires tirees So tyree said that. He sleeps with the heat on ninety degrees to stop the corona virus. Really yes so. The i would never. It would never work between us because ninety degrees no way not a chance. I got it on like sixty sixty five house. Which i'm surprised they don't have. The corona virus is sixty five so he said one of my one of my secret. You'd ninety doesn't sound insane to your sixty five. I would much rather have sixty five He said one of my secrets for staying cova free is i sleep with the heat ninety degrees every night l. ben sleeping at this time for fifteen years so it's nothing new but rumor. Has it if you catch. Cova doesn't survive in warm temperatures. You are such a moron so people obviously slammed him. One person said If normal body temp is ninety eight point six his logic hurts my brain and then my personal favorite was Someone said him sleeping at ninety degrees for fifteen years. explain so much and it does like something grease. Yeah i mean if the houses sixty the room is sixty five or whatever you can always warm yourself up more blankets and whatever but if it's ninety degrees words if it's hot it's very difficult to call yourself off but if i'm hot i sleep theme. I get so frustrated. If i'm hot when i'm trying to sleep because i need a blanket. You want your feet out and all. I don't know he's not in. This proves so. Remember you guys. About how warner brothers on their entire twenty twenty one film slate. We'll stream on. Hbo max at the time that it plays in theaters well. The movie theaters are considering some revenge. Now which we kind of knew was gonna come. Amc and cinemark are considering dropping ticket prices for wire brothers. Slow that they would almost nothing. Yes yeah the theaters. How does it work. How does the how does the money split work. How does it benefit them to not make more money. I thought they had to pay the the movie. Companies like a base amount. Anyway i don't know but they're all everything is changing so they're also considering That if they do things that way that they're going to only carry the films on title by title basis. So i think sometimes like they would just do a blanket deal with them with warner brothers and then you know work something out but they're gonna go title by title and then if they can screw them out of money they might do that. Wow i just. I just actually google google curious. How movie movies make money you portion of theater ticket sales go to a go to theater. Owners were the studio and distributor getting the remaining money studio might make sixty percent of a films ticket sales in the us Twenty to forty percent of that. So i guess if they i mean they're not gonna make as much money but yeah right. The theaters would neither so right. And then that connects. Because i think just going to say fine. We'll we'll more heavily promote the in-house viewing or in-home ewing or whatever and people are more likely to do that right now. Anyway so yeah. But if i can go see a movie for like dollar i mean you'll get the rhoda nine dollars then i might be like if i spend a dollar a movie. I might be more inclined to buy concessions. You know what i'm saying is like if i go to a movie and pay fifteen dollars. I don't know if i'm going to spend another twenty dollars on popcorn and the soda so again. The the main reason to not go. It'd be covet. So why does what. Like like the court. So good lamey. The movie theaters are doing everything they can to prevent kobe there. They're doing everything. I'm i'm gonna go regardless. Probably but i'm i'm saying urologic for now it's a dollar now you're willing to go as opposed to before i'm not going to know no i went either way. 'cause i like seeing movies in theaters but like i'm just saying like i'd be more inclined to buy more at the movie theater if the ticket price was cheaper right. I mean. i'm not saying that they're going to do this. I know that they're they're kind of brainstorming. Is that they could cause. And i understand and i'm sure they'll have. They'll promote at home viewing because they know majority of people are scared But yeah so. That's one of the go. Go ahead reviewing no it. Also because like a lot of these films like the wonder woman movie. That's coming out On christmas day that's doing both theater and the pump streaming. The a lot of these movies are now filmed for like i max for like the viewing and it just sucks. If you can't get that same experience just seeing it in your. So it'd be. I think they would because they said they might go title by title. So they're like oh this is going to be big and it's going to be better in theaters okay. Maybe we'll take this one in still not give them as much money. It's no win for everybody because movies upfront. Have all investment in the movie theater or the the The production companies or whatever. They had to pay They had to pay for it all the sets in the crew. Whatever so they're they have all this money tied up. So what are they supposed to do. They're supposed to do in the need future revenue to make more movies. So what are they supposed to hang on to all this until everybody has a vaccine and they can reopen the could be that can be forever so then you screw the movie theaters or you do it this way and at least you can come out with new content. So that when down the road win. Hopefully these these leaders if they survived to reopen will. Then there's something there like nobody wins for them. And and maybe i don't know it seems like kim fettering waiting would be a good idea for them. I don't know you know if they can hold onto a project for that long back Spoiler alert if you are really deepen the masked singer game i'm about to. I can't believe this. okay. I'm glad believe it The only person on our show watched every single episode. Rubio can't believe it. I just wait till you hear the who the winner was he. Can't i saw a singer. Leann rimes dresses. The sun love that. That's why i would want to be. She wasn't the winner. Was crowned the winner of the masked singer season four on fox wednesday. Night no what are you doing. Do you want to what's happening. Go ahead i'm. She was crowned the winner. According to this. I don't watch but she beat out l. o. Black who was disguised as a mushroom and nick carter. Crocodile have mercy out if you don't know then making please. You don't know then yes shabat as my little sister with that Okay so. I'm just going to wrap this up more check out online. Today's supreme has a new christmas shirt. A with mariah carey on it. If you're a high base Also the best christmas. Move your each seats. Favorite christmas movie They laid out a little map to tell you. If you wanna see what ours is. That's on french. Radio dot com merely debate diehard first movie. Not a christmas movie. Christmas movie. Not a christmas movie is during christmas. Yeah but just because a movie takes place during christmas. Isn't christmas movie. Needs christmas themes go like you know. What about those horror movies with san gremlins. Grandma is considered a christmas movie because happens christmas. Amc showing right now during the christmas holiday movie thing. Well this is a weird year guy. He got he got a little gizmo as a christmas gift. And then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose because you feel after midnight. Get water on it. So it's it's a christmas movie. I would go for home alone as a christmas movie even though it's not about christmas. What makes home-loan christmas movie over diehard at christmas because the matic it's not because right because this film during christmas he leave the kid at home by himself and then it ends well. They reunite and it was a mistake. And everyone's happy well in die hard. They dropped the guy for everybody. Dropped the guy from the building. Everyone saved yeah. I dunno i if he sings christmas song in the movie. I don't there's a moral fem- diehard as there's one man that's gonna save the day just like santa claus you're man is going to rescue the willis in santa claus. He's delivering presents to all those bad guys in the form of bullets. Yeah yeah exactly here all thad. Merry christmas you're day. Yeah any any any movie that has m. f. Have to question whether it's truly a christmas. I don't know about this argument. But we'll go is it. It's fine Speaking of christmas Out there buying gifts and stuff like that For everybody or or ordering them or whatever you're doing Do you buy a christmas present or christmas presents for your pets because we do around here and i know they do around. Kaelin south to your mom. Chances your what does he kind of. Like a blab rottweilers something. He's a little everything. He's a rescue but yeah he's black lab german and roddy all of the above good looking dog big ass dog and so he is christmas presents. Now does your mom. Because i've in the past. We put the christmas presents for the pets under the tree but they seem to know which ones are. There's and then they get into them ahead of time. Yeah i was like what the hell are you doing here. He got his present. He got a home alone. Themed box of toys. So he had like the mcallister's doorknob. It was better. I smoked flavor. I'm he had what else. He had a pizza flavored. Oh what is sh. my mom. Updates me on everything but yeah he got hit and talk a little box with you. Know send things from home. Allow those pizza. I like you know. Santa came early for him. Yeah here already has because she keeps sending me pictures of him enjoying each piece but oh it was a videotape that he was chewing on the smell. It Like in our how you know what i mean. It probably like you said so. Yeah we he gets presence. I guess Eight five five one zero. Three five is it. Do you buy presents for your pets The other question. I have i saw like a funny. Maybe was one of the holiday cards. I bought for somebody but it was like or mean or something but we also gifts from our pets. My mom will go and i like. Oh yes she'll go out and buy stuff like my mom buys i dunno. Let's say my mom buys five presents for everybody. Let's just say one will be and she does a shot from not all of it but she does most of it for my dad to you so one will be from her. One will be from my dad and then one will be from lily The labrador one will be from oliver. The little baby labrador. And then we'll be from miles the cat because he's just like you know spreading it out but i'll get a present for miles the cat. Would you know he didn't do that one year. Like would you notice that. Or no no but she started my whole life for everybody. Just the the. The animals get presence and the animals by presence. But i often wonder you know. Just just miles. The cat does he look at the gift and be like i never would have picked horrible taste. Those shoes with spikes on it never would have bought him those. Everybody knows that he's not gonna worry about and just an update update but Miles my mom has a rescue cat. Miles the rescue little. He's like i don't know what he is. Eight months old now or something. We're not able to have christmas ornaments this year. Because he asked he's climbed the tree taking them down so And most of our ornaments are are are heirlooms at this point like i as a preschooler like kindergarten made some really ugly ornaments from my mom like just terrible stuff and But she still put him on the tree every year And so that's all of that stuff needs to be saved. I guess putting the smithsonian so we can't have any damaged so to no ornaments on any of the trees this year because the cat We'll destroy them. Apparently i'm not sure if that's another thing that happens in In your house but Marcie let me see here. Marcy good morning. Welcome to the fred show. How are you arrive this man to thank you so much for listening for calling. So do you buy presents for your pets. They today by for you. Or how does this work how we would buy for them. And actually my mother in law and father in law would come over on christmas eve and we will do. It was like a whole thing. We had christmas. With our to keita's they literally like laughed. They would retain them open. I mean it was a big like an annual thing and for years easter's with them and everything should be equal members of the family. Why shouldn't they assist presence. Yeah yeah i like it. Perfect thank you. Marcy have a great day you do. It makes perfect sense to me. What about your cats. Are your cats getting christmas presents. Just one cat and his oliver he thought was for some reason. I don't know i well. One of our cats. Pass away this year so Yeah no no. It's it's th no Honey our cat who was twenty three passed away Probably in the springtime the was she was something we should have known as year. We're very sorry. no okay. it's okay sorry. Our animals die cake. Take much stronger individual. That i have i guess. Yeah i mean it was. I mean she was already. You know like we knew the time was coming down. No she just She passed away on their own. Twenty three you know what that's hella. You know what's funny about that. I think we've talked about it before but my mom Rescued a cat twenty. One years ago She went to get dogs. Who came back with maxwell this little feral cat little tiny little cat And my dad's like great. We have another cat. We had other cats because my mom like persian so she she got persians from breeders. Both of them died sadly at age. Eight from from health issues serious health issues maxwell though he died i guess it was this year. Twenty one years old. He couldn't hear couldn't see he didn't have any teeth. Twenty one years old. That cat you know sleeping in the bed with mom on her face every single night. What is that man. that's a good life. That's a good run could be sad. But how sad can you be twenty one years. Yeah twenty three years in your case. That's pretty good. Yeah like we knew her time was coming like she was not the same and then and then she just passed away so yes it was saying well. That story a christmas move but things like that are going on in your life. I'm sorry to have sent you something or a car giving you a little hug. you know. i wouldn't have cried with you. Because i don't know how to do that. But the guys from the bachelor. But i would have hugged. You wouldn't giving you a hog or something you give. The remaining cat is the remaining cejka. Christmas person so Yeah he's he's got on the nautilus this year but we'll still get him something. You know like You a little treat seen a little toys. He'll play with for like a day or two. And so you know some stuff with catnip in it you know get on up a little bit not like some serious gift but you know little stocking stuffer. Let's 'cause i got him a playstation five. Really take you back now no. He'll play that he'll he'll well let's talk to katherine hi katherine good morning. Welcome to the fred show. How are you glad. Oh my god we love you. We love you more than that amount Do you buy your pets christmas presents. Do they buy for you so we have the same box. Caitlin was talking about the how long he got. It destroyed every single toy on. They both have their stockings hong and they'll be getting gifts on christmas. I i swear they you know that's the right thing to do. It's the right thing. They are like our children. Should have a good christmas to thank you. Catherine have a good holiday. Alright you called Nobody is that excited to talk to us. Nobody me these people are making my day Hey monique good morning. Monique how are you learning. Can we we got up to level of excitement because the first two were like you know it was the greatest thing that ever happened to them so can we upped the level of excitement. From you know. I'm not buying it. You buy christmas presents for your pets today for you here. I i have. I have pit bulls. I spend a hundred dollars on both of them and they even get stocking stuffers as well. How do they get a special christmas dinner because usually christmas is a little bit elevated a lot of people's houses. We don't do christmas dinner. But i mean it was the whole like phantom things so like they put out their own cookies. You know i put. I put the under the tree. And they're like oh my gosh. I love that. I love the people. I love hip. We'll see what are their names. Deuce and maya my good name for them to have a great day. Thanks for calling you to all. I forgot to mention. My mom fills out the little tag on the gift. She also will usually write in handwriting. That would that would appear to be written by an animal like yeah clearly her handwriting but it will look like the dog rode it. Yeah yeah see right with our opposite hands. Yeah i don't know what she does but it looks all like kind of you know janke audio from a dog ears yes that is a little paw paw in there too. Yeah that's my mom Hazak walk into the show. How are you zach cat. Pat sorry. but no. I'm answering the phone today. So we're making up our own names Anyway i've had well whatever pets. Tell us tell us yeah no. i'm. I'm super excited to be Calling in here to just drop my wife off work. I hope she's listening in g. She listens you guys every morning on the way and she's the best for mom in the world because she's spoils are kerry blue terrier. Mickey blue Love christmas because that's the day he was born. So she she. She gets him a birthday cake. Christmas themes let him destroy in front of us and then Obviously opening presents everything from like you know chew toys birthday hats that he hates wearing ugly sweaters and my favorite is getting a christmas card from ridden from the dog to me Seeing my mom. I love that. That's amazing and i. Yeah except for the weird stuff that you make him wear. He probably loves today exactly and ripping paper afterward. You go pat. And what's your wife's name. Aaron zaken erin kerry karen lino. You gotta you give to okay. No terrain go. Pat's wife is not a karen. It's pat zach. Aaron sharon degree. Thanks for listening. Thanks guys appreciate you. Merry christmas let's go to jillian here because This is a good one. I haven't actually heard of this agile n the morning nice. Hey we love you to advent calendar for the day. We got an advent calendar for each of them. And it's funny. It's getting later in the night and we haven't given islamia anxiously looking at where we keep them in the kitchen. They know little dog treats. They're like little little bone chip famine flavored net. Mulling a that's amazing. I love that. Thank you so much. Have a great day. Good holiday. I got my chocolate. I think calendar from my mom she. She pretends that were super catholic. I guess especially comes eating chocolate For the holidays and then my dad got a whisky advent calendar. It's a little bottle in every single day lee. How where did he get bad. I'll send you a picture of it but it's like saying it's got whiskey in it and you don't shock or what in each little mini's i haven't seen him open one yet because i don't know i haven't seen it but i'll I'll send you a picture. When i see it but i know i know. It's pretty awesome If you wanna play she'll be shelley in the show. Our next two hundred three dollars and fifty cents. Can you beat the gorilla. Eight five five five nine one one. Oh three five. Hit us up. Now to billie eilish on the fred show what. Oh three five inch the fred show on one zero three five kiss. You have what it takes. The battle. Showbiz shelly in the showbiz. Showdown co shelly live from the show. Based shelly layer. Are you d good. How are you fred de fred. Be yeah work friend. I can't do it. These legend showbiz shelia so disrespectful fees. Not god i was just trying to be silly. Well that's okay Welcome to the program. How are you this morning. how are you guys great. We're happy to have you here. We have a challenge for you His name is eric and he's in tinley park. Let's welcome eric. good morning. how are you good. How you guys doing eric very well learn about you Tell us your background Just everything we need to know in like twenty seconds or less twenty seconds. I'm from tinley park I just actually got to work. I was calling to talk about my pet and gone belly. So i'm going to do my best but Eric l. right eric. E-right the okay. Got the i try not lying. That's amazing. yeah you can always tell when answering the phone because people's names seem to change Quickly but that's okay eric What were you gonna say about your pet though. What what's the deal you get them presents. Oh we get them. President We have a cat and a dog taco enjoy the taco bell taco. The cat he's named after taco from the leave but yeah they get presents. The grandparents bring over presents for them. I mean they get everything. I love us. Yeah i mean everybody the sun you have a child. The child gets precious to. That's good. that's good that's important Five questions one hundred and three dollars and fifty cents is the price but really. It's the glory of knowing that you the gorilla. It hasn't happened very many times. What fewer than thirty times. I believe in years and years and years so Here we go ready shelly. Yeah i'm ready eric. Good luck thank you all right. This is shelly. has taken off her headphones. Going into the sound booth poof. She could not hear any of these questions ri. Eric questionable won sophie. Turner shared a photo of her husband. Catching did hubs of the year. Who she married to the. Gt had deeds. Mother posted at adorable photo from g. zan's gender reveal. This is a fifty fifty one here. what is the gender of their child. Boy fifty fifty This singer dancer actress will headline dick. Clark's new year's rocking eve. Three oh which country music icon announced that she will launch her own beauty brand. She's an icon icon. Carrie underwood immerse. Well curious the rock but Yeah makes sense. Which streaming service would you find this show outer banks netflix. Good guess Got to i. You know i'll be honest with you. I thought we were on our way to zero. But we weren't so we're we're got so we take shelly here. Were texting shelley to get her back. You can't hear any of the questions In her own. Private layer broadcasting from remotely. From the showbiz shelly. Hollywood castle she shared be sits around all day and does research. Okay a to shelley. All right okay all right. yeah i. i'm sensing a five here. But we'll see is sophie. Turner shared a photo of her husband and captured hobbs of the year. Who is she married to jonas. Correct a deeds. Mother posted an adorable photo from g. zan's gender reveal. What is the sex of their child. A girl it is this singer. Dancer and actress will headline. Dick clark's new year's rocking eve jalen as Which country music icon announced that she will launch her own beauty brand three to jolly alley. I hate it when i do that. Ready one could've said anything. Yeah finally on which streaming service would you find this show outer banks net flex. But that's all right. You know what area you're talking about your pet call you just free ball it you gotta to. I mean that's not bad really now. I feel better that you didn't get a five. Yeah people call up here consciously the play and then say and even talked some smack ahead of time about how easy it is in their car and then they get zero. So you'd better than that while i'm happy with that. Yeah it's good. It's good Eric and have a great holiday. Thanks for calling. Thanks for listening. Say thank you. Yeah go ahead please. My name is eric compelling park. I got showed up on the third down. And i can't guerilla Yeah those okay. That was good. I mean at least it has to tell them what to say. That's good almost forgotten leaving this out. It's probably the most important part Eric dallas tell you have a great holiday hang out. Okay thank you. Eric could hang with the guerilla From their d. Right there frankie. I don't. I don't know what maybe has to do with it. Rubio but if anybody can find a way to bring billion rupee over summaries shelly. What's coming up on your program later today. Nude until three well fred di More about holiday news. I heard you guys talking about that. So it's like christmas and holiday movies. What's that guy's name. What's that guy's name on jersey. Shore the rubio stop it. That was supposed to be a match for her. Oh ruined guy. Rubio always say for everyone. I don't know is trying to show us why shelly. What's the guy wanted to tease nut in than it. We're so perfect and stuff Anyway so why are you making these fifteen years ago and have a great day shelley where it's just i don't even know what it is just. Sad's no let's hear these nuts. These nuts these holiday nuts walnuts so pretty when you say shelly nuts nutcrackers. Oh there you go okay. That's enough listening. I just thank you for listening to. So i'm all right. We'll see you know by the way big announcement. This is very important Dunkin donuts you got until noon to stop in any large extra large hot coffee on your way into work this morning or school or whatever. It is you or even. You're not going anywhere. Just make a point to go and hit it up on the app or the drive thru. You can stop into the store a dollar from that. Purchase costa lurie children's hospital trying to raise as much money as we can During this really crucial time for them. Of course it is like everybody I'm sure they're having. They're not able to raise as much money as they have. In the past. This is a really easy way to contribute to children's hospital by doing what you would do anyway. and grab some dunkin on your way in this morning the app In the drive thru on the store large extra large dollar goes tutelary. Children's hospital automatically more good news stories and the the battle royale the throwback throwdown championship of the year. Just so happen that the all the yearlong total resulted in a tie between rubio and calin and we will crown the champion. Just after eight o'clock. You guys nervous. I thought you were going to forget again. I i'm sweating already. Oh you got energy when we play this and now it's just like you'll mattress fine. I wish you all the freaking me out as being so nice yeah. He thinks if he's nice. It's good karma that he's putting onto the world that somehow he'll get more questions right. I don't know we'll find out. Just a few minutes on the fred show. Good morning. glad you hear what. Oh three five to the. Fred show is on what five kiss. Fm feels good. I we love to share happy positive. Good news stories every day on the show. Kaelin what did you find. So i have a local story. An illinois couple found a unique way to continue the tradition of dining out during the covid nineteen pandemic. They converted their transit van into a mobile dining room for two. The couple missed the experience of eating out. I think we all do When covid lead dining rooms to be enclosed and getting takeout just didn't offer the same experience so they converted the back of their transit van into a miniature room. They bought a table for one hundred dollars and put some folding chairs and carpet in there. They have lights They have since spend visiting their favorite area restaurants and having pleaded food delivered it to the back door of their van. We can posted on french. Radio dot com. But it's adorable like they you know they. They hooked up their van and they get to eat out and i wonder if they have like heater. Turn the heat on in there but yeah it's a door all the over the back of the thing you look so cute in this in this In the in the van set of picture we'll get it up. A frontier radio dot com released wheat story. We've all had this nightmare situation where you're rushing to get someplace really important but the the airplane of the train or the you know you miss it or you run the risk of missing it well. In this case it was a bus going in the wrong direction Jacqueline mason was on her way to see her seventy nine year old mom eileen who lives in an assisted care facility but due to covid nineteen protocols visitor limited to pre scheduled half hour time slots so when she discovered that she got in on the wrong bus and her thirty minute window is passed closing. She was really upset so she explained to the bus driver. His name is alec fifty seven year old guy. What happened. I started crying. I said i'm not sure if i'm on the right bus. But rather than offer routine commiseration and keep on his schedule. He decided to take action when the woman said to me that she hadn't seen her mom her mom m. u. n. Story in a long time just hit heart. A lot of people have suffered this year and seen on the news. People are not able to see their mom or their father in homes that it struck a chord with me. I said to myself i have to get this woman as close as i can to that home so with a nod of approval from other passengers. The bus driver detoured the bus and drove this woman. Tour destination dropped her off and then went back to his regular route as if nothing had happened but it turns out that she did get to see her mom and it was all thanks to the bus driver who made sure she got their. You know a lot of people would say. I can't do that You know. I can't eat or they would have just said i don't care but this guy With out of his way to make sure that she could make visit self very very sweet. let's come back. It's it's time it's time for the face. Faceoff who will be the throwback throwdown name that tune champion for twenty twenty willoughby rubio retaining the belt for yet another year or will it be kaelin first time champion of the year. How dramatic. I made this. We'll find out the other rookie. Beat the veteran a rookie played last year. The first round draft pick rookie you play. You've been playing rookie. It sounds young and go with that. We'll find out who shall win it all. Ask your show by putting the winchester studios in america's greatest city chicago. What in three five kids. And i heart radio station. It's the fred show morning every body. Thursday december seventeenth. glad you. Here is the fred show morning. Kaelin rubio paulina. High learning very important. Housemate don't condone a dunk. Dunkin donuts roles at the top of my tongue for life. They have donuts their males. Have wraps and have this croissant bagels. They have this croissant sausage croissant. sandwich is sinful. I don't think i'm supposed to be eating that. But i do eat it costs. How would your friends say that. Oh we'll see. Studied abroad in italy. So i know but i was just wondering you know. I'm sure she would pronounce it properly yesterday. That that Pascal guide facebook makes make the cooking videos. He's actually italian very thick accent and he said prince share you. I thought of your friends who studied briefly in italy and now has to pronounce everything jiahd lorenzetti's because it's annoying. Oh boy the provolone she would make it not advertising anymore. Just shot from awasa michigan child. She's in crackers. Quakers here the way you just said per shoot you. Just lougee all over the pressing for pseudo. So i don't want be just lewd all over to dunkin this morning until noon actually If you stopped by. Eddie hot Large or extra large coffee a dollar of that purchase. Costa larry children's hospital super important so stopping today Even rubio who is not a coffee drinker. He got coffee today. I wish he had because you already is bouncing off the walls and then you add the caffeine thing and it's like a handler. No no you did so Duncan today you can go through the drive thru. You can do the app you can walk into the store whatever Get the large extra large hot coffee today and a dollar goes to larry until noon. So you get four hours left to do it. It's an easy way to support our friends at children's children's hospital this morning it's up next. This is the time you've all been waiting for. This is the battle this is this. Is everything for the title. This is for the belt this trophy. This is for the banner that hangs from the roof of the ceiling. the roof of ceiling roof roof of the ceiling studio people who will be twenty. Twenty champion of the throwback throwdown. It's tied that we must break right now. Kaelin versus rubio in our name that tune battle. The songs were Were chosen by a group of three Jason brown go on man It's not just my my choices. We got together. We had a committee songs. Very very important so hauling webby and britney spears a like are those all the songs they picture we need. We need to new songs. Were you pick fred whitney houston. What's that likes. It's boy a now now. You don't always confused with boy. Meets boy meets boy meets girl. Waiting for start. A fall will not be making an appearance on us. However if you go to any jewel you'll hear it soon as you walk in. So it's i appreciate them for that. Eight five five five nine one one three five Rubio ceylan. I wish you both the very best of luck in this competition. Thank you And don't pout. If you lose. That's all i ask. Go pal no. I will be a professional data. That would be something. You see website for a We're playing next the throwback throwdown championship of two thousand twenty after pt. As the fred show. What oh three five three five kiss. Fm chicago number one hit music station. It's the fred show. let's play this is for all the marbles. These is for everything. The championship may be for for twenty twenty. There'll be awarded today right now. Ten wins contestant number one number two romeo word. Welcome at home players. I we have melissa melissa. Melissa kaelin right yes you have correctly there. Melissa jalen cynthia go cynthia. i everything. this is somebody somebody's life. Will somebody will win. The champion will be crowned right now. The champion of two thousand twenty. Somebody mute the players. now Your name is buzzer. Now here's the thing. We got a committee today because the other youtube choose Jason running out playing so so if there's any sort of discrepancy will be a what they call the triumvirate or something. It'd be to judge judging by three people tripod together. Yeah take partners. Lay there but you know. We learned that about paulina because she told us. Just yes west. What she says i don. I'm surprised by that actually surprises me to hear all right. Here we go. A song. tiebreaker necessary name is your buzzer all decisions by me or final. But again we had the judging panel here Can we can. We just have one agreement. I just want one agreement. No bitching at the end of this. That result is the result. And that's it no bitching. I don't want any sort of got rob from alexia. I wanna report. Somebody called michigan. I don't want it or You know slow as we're still going. We all agree we're gonna we're gonna agree on a winner today and we're all going to be friends about it. Yes three the holidays after all damage. Tis the damn season. Here we go. This is this phone number one. Feel feel that is britney spears womanizer as correct ariya strings filled out point for roofing song one at trump that base song number two in the championship world championship throwback throwdown. Was that kaelin. Kaelin kaelin showstopper. Danny cain correct to make sure it's a short cost onto. thanks man. talk. Show so one ferruccio one kaelin ron song. Three in the championship. Final throwback throwdown kaelin five. Let the rain for come no no. It's hillary duff coming clean. No to make sure. Rubio hilary duff. Come clean that's correct. Not coming just want. Yeah right is called likud. Been good beach the hills. She has already come. Do me like tom. But it's gonna get worse. Okay thanks to rubio one. For kaelin sunk for throwback throwdown. Battlefield jordin sparks. This only. nobody knows tied back. Sports battlefield seized jason derulo. yeah Four songs left guys got away. One four songs throwback throwdown and shaking shoe. A piece in the throwback throwdown and to phone a friend or may one for each of you. Are you ready. Yes that was rufi. Five four three. Two kelly clarkson everything liked guest or guy or girl five yali clark three to come clean that god. Kelly clarkson behind these hazel rattus. Giving us a dirty look. Do we lose a former friend. Yeah palin shona from bailed on you sterile. Morbid tied her back. He was speaking assigned to study the there. So here's the thing. We just lost a phone. a friend. phone fringes disconnected. We've attempted now off the air to reconnect. Cindy this what. We've come up with the remainder here He's still tied three songs left. You're going to be both people's phone a friend where winners where either so you want. So you want what you want. I wouldn't get too excited because we don't really know what that is but you'd be happy just to be a winning. Just remember who you had. I see be different. Maybe a different song. So so you're going to meet a phone a friend for each player. Some of the mutual again. And that's how we're going to resolve this so we got to the three songs last three songs left and it's tied so we will determine the winner. Well unless you guys don't get it again. Whoa yeah well. That's why we have the paramedics owning by in the hallway. Just in case All you're ready that's len steal. My sunshine is correct bursting. Thugs left rubio with a one point. Lead can feel it up right here or killing can tie it and go the final song. Is everyone ready. Yes was kaelin. I heard his going to the phone. A friend Cynthia and i'm going to play a little earlier. Its cynthia do you want guess or can i just go. Go go okay. It's rumors lindsay. Lohan forgot the name. I remember ran out of time five. This is jason's playlist back. The final storm may not be his. Maybe it's my baby's falling asleep to be anybody here. We go guys. it's down. This is why. I wanted to bring it down to one final sung and this is this is scripted but i draw up any better anything good on this show was gonna sure you've that. Are you guys ready. The final song. A muting. Cynthia once again rouphael. I'm gonna have to use my phone of france. Cynthia even we're all right. We'll get to hear it. I'll give you a little more touch. Guys cynthia anything. No coworkers agree that song. I don't cat who took blu cantrell. I close no no stick how it's called. That's a tough one to be an obscure was here right here guys. Well no phone a fringe remaining. He's already won a tiebreaker song. This is for everything for the championship. We know gonna play song or you're going to take a break or should i pull a seacrest. Made me wait in. Agony could good tiebreaker. Ask the sauce on everything kiss. Fm chicago number one hit music station. Fred show here. We go because my life. Yeah tim here we go. I am dicky's crest with the final song or you're ready three to know. Why did i don't even know what that is. That's i don't know you know it. Stars are blind. Paris hilton is dancing. Floor swisher booting spray. I wish areas soon perez. Silk would win it for you. Because cynthia was everyone's voter friendly. I next time cynthia. I love new. You won twenty minutes ago still expressed through it. You know you for those things and we love you. Second okay. cynthia. Right kaelin The post game press conference. What's happened there no controversy. No scandal is just rate up. You know how do you feel. Clean win clean win. You know very nervous blacked out. Don't remember any of the songs that i just by That that was definitely a j. playoffs. You know everything you ever thought it would be. I feel like he thought it would be the champion of the year. Calm down. i might be having an album attack. Feel great and you know for a short period of time to call the champ. I will wear a belt of some sort. That never got a belt last previous yet. Being ruthless bring you in on this post game press conference review. What are your thoughts about. It was close. It was a close the did win fair and square. It was a tough year I mean i didn't i did mountain huge comeback to back from. I don't know. I was like six or seven down but i assure you get a ballot effort. You really fight back fought back but you came short. Yeah i mean what are your thoughts off season. I mean do you practice you. Go back to the drawing board different. Jason brown's place to get those obscure. Paris hilton was like reality. Stars throwback throwdown. Hilary duff from the hill. Yeah i'm just kidding. Kaylynn sportsmanship their worship from one champion to the other. you know. at least we can call each other champs. You know because not right now. Because i'm the champion true you've actually. I'm seated so we can no longer. Fortunately i've ever not been the champ at the end of the year. I think we just started counting last year was the first year and that was you know that was pure domination. I had like twenty two wins. Yeah well you know whether it's by one winner by fifty zero champions of congratulations. The you deserve it. Vin a crazy twenty twenty for you know i love you. I'm kennedy. Yeah you know what i have went hold up. You're going to be like we are blind ever again. I know you've known known it tonight. That just like the other one. Picks her dancing around on the remember scandalous. I don't remember who was that. A mistake mystique was all women except for len women absolutely by design. Absolutely the appropriate wasn't ready. But i just came up in my mind with the purpose to celebrate Championship here. Let me see if this is Very sports this isn't it. Three seconds run notice is the version that has people talking uses live radio. i know version. The doesn't kelly clarkson behind these days is is gone forever this is. This is the version without people vandross. At the end of the at the end of the ncaa tournament for basketball they show all the highlights people crying and winning one shining moment the fall. And you you're running for shootings dog the whole year whereas if you play slow motion for your frozen so nice time shot. That's enough that's enough. Let's god bless you listen vandross. Go beyond one shining moment. Champion for twenty. Two thousand in the throwback throwdown on the fred shows kiss kiss. Fm the latest entertainment news is on the fred. Shown it's brought to you by team mobile. So tiger king star joe exotic is suing the us justice department over the rejection of his pardon request. Gosh can you believe that. That show was this year because i cannot Wow that was like the beginning of quarantine when things were i. That was the joe exotic. Sage wow-wow Yeah yeah you don't need to see a reveal. I experienced it through like social media. So it's like it would be wasted on me watching it. No i mean. I don't know i think it's something everyone i think. It should be required. Viewing cover this chapter in american history section. So he's saying that it's not valid because the requests was never sent directly to president trump himself So he's suing. He says that the adviser was required to afford it to the president. Because he has the sole authority to issue pardons any also put in the suit that trump is a supporter of his. Which i don't know if that's true or not but it would not surprise me Let's see just a reminder. He was convicted of two counts of murder. For hire targeting care baskin. He was also convicted on eight counts of falsifying wildlife records nine counts of violating the endangered species act. And he's one year into his twenty two year sentence so he thinks he should be. I don't know trump's gonna pardon him. I think trump's trump himself. I think yeah anything. I do in the future. Anything i've done. I'm pardoned and there's executive order before i go. I might say the same thing you're pardons. i dunno. he's gonna make one up. I guess i do. Like how many honest question does anyone know how many parts of the can he just pardon. Anybody like getting a certain amount. I think you know. I think he can do as many as you want I think some people show restraint. But i'm not sure he will know if i were the president i was getting kicked out. I would write some sort of legislation and try and get it passed. It was like i executive order. Like hey i want forever love me and i sign. He was a smart man. He created reality show before he leaves them in like. Who wants this part like. It's he's all of his on there. Like joe exotic on there like i get one you get one of the winner gets the part in you. Think if you think that he is not going to do the apprentice again and everything else over the next four years you know. Of course he is. This guy's not going anywhere still have rallies for you know for his next run. Yeah which is going to announce on inauguration day. He's running again so i'm just assuming that he will. Jesus oh man. I'm so ellen. Degeneres gave us a little health update after she was diagnosed with kovic said that she's dealing with some excruciating back pain which is a symptom of the virus She thinks everyone for their well wishes. Obviously they have paused production of the show until january so chance. The rapper announced a new virtual concert. Film called chinatown christmas The special tribute to chances favorite childhood christmas movies and tv sitcoms and follows the release of his new album jeremie. Merry christmas lil mama. The gift that keeps on giving hopefully actually filled it in chicago. I like everything else that claims to be for chicago in toronto right. We're looking at you midnight at the magnolia. You and ninety eight hundred eighty eight point four the the wind or whatever radio station called if you wanna watch. that's special. It will be released on youtube instagram tomorrow. At eight central. This is cool. It will also be in vr oculus to give fans a unique virtual concert experience. So if you have one of those that'd be awesome More to check out online today So megan thee stallion. She has a christmas song. Also mariah carey and supreme teamed up for a new christmas t shirt. And then if you want details on that special that's on fresh radio dot com trending stories next waiting by the phone on after nine There's another tiktok trend. Don't do it another one. where have to tell you. And until the world don't do it is so dumb so ridiculous. I hope that somebody gets eaten in the process. I'll tell you about it and just to say rat sell on one zero three five kiss. Fm is what's trending shutout mcgrath city hyundai dunkin today until noon any larger extra-large. Hot coffee dollar of your purchase automatically goes to children's hospital very important to stop today till noon to do that. Grab your coffee and help out. Larry children's hospital and all of their efforts there. If you're trying to travel this weekend lots and lots of snow got some snow yesterday. And then lots of snow on the east coast airlines have canceled. Twelve hundred flights as the northeast and mid atlantic prepare for what's being forecast as the biggest winter storm in years The airlines can't canceled more than seven hundred flights yesterday. Five hundred sixty so far today and the numbers expected to go up New york boston philly all expected to see up to a foot off. No no the storm. I'm not ready yet again. We got a little dusting. Look dusting yesterday You want some tiktok content. I flew yesterday. And i. I flew right through the snow and got on top of is very. It's very pretty When you get on top of weather like that like if you saw my t t but he climb right through the snow cloud and then it's like beautiful. I don't know the sort of so you go above the cloud and then it's clear as day a lot a lot of times this an and always but a lotta times like the light snowstorms stuff. That's not real crazy It'll be like. I don't know very very thin. Clouds thin relatively speaking though. And then yeah you climb right up in their usually low in decline right above and then it's like clear above awful day. There's some sort of Those i this. There's no clouds. Are those have gotta be cumulus. I guess because there's moisture in them not nimbus nimbus stratos can you name means water cumulus embassy anyway. The classroom snow at him. An ice and On your t. Yes if she content there on the t t you know just kind of step by star. You still doing straight videos. Are you doing some editing. What i'm saying it's just like oh no. This has oh several cuts and it has a song. Oh yeah oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. What have you noticed the cuts. The cuts are on to uh-huh uh-huh cape ki t t. I'm coming for you daryl. You might have a million followers but cuts music now and i've got music very pretty. There's probably isn't there something like i. I thought about posting some sort of quote you know like like when when It should have been like flying through twenty twenty and then you rise up. Here's twenty twenty one and it's clear. Yeah that's what i was going after. Some sort of like you know inspirational quotes win. Times are dark is lights beyond the right exactly. Yeah that's always remember in this thousand limbaugh brighter beyond the clouds. Oh yeah anyway. I guess this is a good time to not be able to go out and do anything because if you live in new york boston philly you go anywhere anyway. So there's that the first and here's the thing we're going to do a lot of stories like this. I feel like a and i'm just sharing with you This is not to say that we off regatta. Be worried about the The vaccine here but there has been one one first. Serious reaction from the new cove nineteen vaccine. And you know this is going to happen. I don't i'm obviously a physician. Physician a call up here and tell us about you. Know some sort of abnormal reaction to almost any vaccine out there the to being given but a middle aged healthcare worker in alaska was hospitalized after a rare allergic reaction hospital officials say the woman became unwell about ten minutes. After she got the vaccine she was taken to the hospital. Treated is doing well. if pfizer spokeswoman recommends that the vaccine being administered in places where treatment for rare allergic reactions is available. So there's that of tiktok speaking of which there is a ridiculous trend involving capturing segel's with beach towels. I ha i can't siegel on somebody and just rip through them for doing something stupid. Like this Basically you can cover yourself up with the beach towel so to birds can't see you. You put ships on top of the beach town. And then when a single lands you then flip the tell over and catch it It went viral on tiktok. After star reese crop racked up more than sixty two million views when she did this. A single researcher said that the trend poses a risk to the bird safety. The person doing the trapping. Kfc the bird could not burn out or break a wing with their arms. How about we don't. He's some kind of law like a worst pita law but like just don't hurt animals. You idiots chuck thing come on no. A fight broke out at a south florida walmart because the store ran out of playstation. Five royal. I can't believe that you're in south. Florida yesterday drove all the way down there to boom. I give you fifteen hours later no. Ps flies when they said they had ps five. of course. i believe that you fight man. Yeah it happened. After failing at agitated walmart no longer had the playstation in stock. The situation escalated the point. Where a woman who is holding a baby punched a female officer in the face causing her to fall to the ground. Three people arrested in the baby was turned over to her grandmother Guess everybody's okay now. But yes. a brawl. Over playstation five the net flicks is trending today. The testing on it will only for mobile devices. Subscribers in the tests can toggle to audio only mode by selecting a video off button in the net flicks playback screen users have to opt into use the feature for every title and every session it will allow users to listen to movies or shows in the background while they do other stuff. What now clear on why you would need that. Because i why don't you just turn it on. And then that watch it. Yeah and leave it on in the background. Like why do. I need you to turn the video off to a sure how you going to know what's going on if it's like a movie you've never seen before in your dislike listening to what we just people do this all the time you turn it on and then you just don't watch it but anyway i like if you're going to bed you know how people leave the tv on or they just want the audio you know when they're going to bed you don't want like friends or something because i already can visualize like what they're doing you know so to put me to sleep. Maybe something i've already seen. Sure i guess It's national answer. The phone like buddy the elf day. Okay your favorite color and national underdog day today as well as back. We'll do waiting by the phone that his show.

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