Carolla Classics: Paul Scheer + Schmoes Know Movie Villains


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Yeah it's getting a little overwhelming but luckily. Thanks for getting that chocolate 'cause we got some bite sides nuggets right here. Let's start it off with a listener request. This is from Andrew H. He writes Feo thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the classics podcast. I've been listening to a lot of your stuff to get a break from virus talk. Remember. Adam talking about people correcting wieners last name. Not Weiner it's winer. Talking about Anthony Weiner then Adam in comparison about if Monica Lewinsky's last name was and then I don't WanNa step on the clip too much but it's pretty fantastic. He says, thanks for the good work. FELLAS. and. He mentioned it was talked about on the adamant Jerusha originated and we can probably play those clips which we will at some point But until then he won the first time, it was played on the UCS worse time and brought it up. It's Admiral Corolla show eleven thirty featuring Paul Scheer rose and Brian Bishop. This is from July of twenty thirteen and he he asked them what they think of his a funny idea from the Adam and drew check it out. With Allison Rosa. Shopping. Time sometimes, it's bad. And when it's time to wrap it up. With it become. So Anthony Weiner's campaign manager has now quit but wieners evidently still in the race for mayor this. Whole thing the fact that he's still sexting and sending photos of his junk. came out while when we got back from New York, but we haven't been in. This is the first time we're back in the studio happened right up on the whole story Adam. Yeah I was I was I was laughing when Dr drew and I were doing our podcast together because I said if I were Anthony Weiner the beginning of every press conference, I ever had from this day onwards start with by the way it's winer it's always been winer I was always called. It's pronounced winer. It's a German name is not Weiner. It's winer. So please if you could get it right. I said to drew which. I said. Imagine if Monica Lewinsky's last name with Chuck. Do you think she would go no it's a French name. It's called shows. Not Chugs Kat Why why not just call it wine or maybe it's too late in the game but. By changing his name to Carlos Danger, he just went to extreme. Just took it a little bit too far. Here's my issue with this What's the big deal about sexting and being married is that really being married? She's been along for the ride. I mean I feel like he's sexy and being a mayor, right? I mean. I'm really going back and forth on Weiner because. Winer all a lot of grief because on the one hand I agree with you that why does it really matter and yet he seems so lecherous, there's something like I feel like I I try to be open mind about it but I look at him and all I this. This is such a distraction at this point and there just seems to be something so. Reckless and almost kind of Tori, but we come from a world where. JFK and Clinton were these men definitely have had affairs and with all sorts of different type of women and they were in much higher power at one point I was I was thinking you know he didn't actually have physical fares with these. Exactly. However, this for some reason feels more like he he's like a flasher creepy. Creepy. When he said, he suffered a sup of the woman it would be like Oh. That's a bad thing but sexting. It seems. Well. It's all of the sort of potential negative baggage of an affair without the come shot. Yeah. So. It's like I'm going to risk it all for nothing. I, don't that's. What he gets off on, is this virtual sex right so for me a couple of things. Guys can first off I'm starting to realize that being a mayor or governor. Lieutenant Governor even the president starting to realize I don't I don't think there's that much involved with the Gig anymore like I just feel like all these guys are doing is either campaigning playing golf visiting another country going to a funeral hang out with embassador and it just we I think we're at the point where the country just sort of runs itself I mean Los Angeles. Had A semi-retarded Maher for like eleven years just kind of ran like it just kind of. Think the mayor of Los Angeles was out like burning the midnight oil drafting up documents and legislation. All you do is cross your fingers at no natural disaster happens, and that's the only time when you are really tested as the 'cause the rest of the time, he's fucking a reporter or he's out of the country or whatever he is. I. Mean. Literally, our mayor worked fourteen percent of the time like he work an hour and eleven minutes a day. Generous. La Mayor One time it was an event and he came out and his opening line was in very sincerely like this is very important to me tonight I actually did not go and work out I. Know My work I came here instead because you mean that much. Weight and it was not a joke. It was like he was a you're telling me that you came to this event and you you didn't work out today like that's so my feeling is a I don't know how much we need these guys I I know good mares can make a difference, but I think everyone else just kind of it's like I'm GonNa put this ship on autopilot. You sit up and try not to get drunk and we'll see if we can get through this and so that's one side the other side, the decision making an impulse. Control scares me a little bit like Clinton and to some, and for sure like with the Kennedy situation in the Kennedy era was understood. That's what you did. You're almost an outsider. If you weren't banging an intern number one, you'd be frowned upon you know with the press when you guys went out for high balls after after that and so there is a an element of he knew he could get away with it. So thus, he did now you have to know you're not GonNa get away with it and you have to sort of it's like. Back in the day when when when a guy would rob a bank and a cop car come behind him in the thirties and the Banjo music could fire up and he turned down the dirt road. You're like Oh that guy's trying to outrun that COPs Yeah Okay Now, there's a helicopter in the air and there's a guy talking to a guy that's five cities in front you and he's putting out attacks drip and stuff. Now, if you run from the cops, you're fucking nuts because there's just no possible way because there's held her and there's a radio. So technologies basically said you can't run. So back then when the guy would run from cop I'd go maybe you can make it. Yeah. Now I go he's insane. So when Kennedy Fox intern go maybe can get away with it when Weiner texting pictures of his cock, you like when I always insane. Right that's the thing that's the most Oh. Yeah. Because I was leading in the polls I think that people were willing to give them another chance. It's just now it's like I don't know I mean do you. It does seem self destructive and Sydney leathers who's the woman with whom he was sexting most recently she gave an interview and she said that he didn't really seem to be going that far to protect himself he had asked her. You WanNA reality show between his wife. Winer, wieners wife and who Houma Humor 'cause I. Yeah. What is that house like what is going on there? That is a tense environment in that press conference she looked like she wanted to kill him. Kill him six months ago when he? Was Oh here's here's the here's the reality show we get her together with. Shit remember that teacher that was getting it on with her like. Mary Kay Letourneau Yeah we get Kayla turns no her husband, oh? Oh, that's a good one. Yeah. Because that motherfucker had moved to Alaska like you literally living in this town with four kids and your wife is dating the fourteen year old Samoan kid and then they're like then she goes to jail then she gets out goes I'm still we're still getting back together and stuff like you have to move the humiliation factor on the cuckolding that's going on is often fucking. You're in the same town and you're going to run into those to go into like chucky cheese on day. I always think about like what happens to those people on Youtube but have like the those means that go on the grape stomp lady or something like that like the grape stomp lady cannot be hired again but you know you she's went down fouled that bottle. Right. If you Google that person like Oh, that's it. My career is of you have to go to Alaska. You know the guy feel sorry for is a guy who bangs grape stomp lady after she's fully. But he's just banging away and Paul's the he's going hard and she's like. Nothing. Feels good. Feels good but I don't hear anything coming out like. I told you felt good done this before usually all these youtube thing are you just fucking squealing? Twenty. Minutes Straight and feels good. Nothing let me speed up a little bit. I'm starting to shave but no. Reaction You don't want that briefs now. As, the next guy sector that what you fucking one. I went on Geraldo last night. There was a panel to talk about the Weiner thing and. I heard it was somebody check out his PECs her although they need. Shot he did. I. Didn't say I kept wondering what can I mentioned this? Yes. Apropos the picture of dead he took it down though there's the photo this Geraldo tweeted a photo themselves. Yeah same When it gets so dangerous close to Crotch like when you See what we know a lot about his grooming right now said, seventy S I had no idea. It was seventy seventy is new fifty then he took it down but he said. That he'd had too much. Tequila. That's why he he's been annoying people for a long time. I like. The Vault Al Capone's vault. Avid stuck twenty five years ago. Already did that. Yeah. I ran into him as a weird thing but talking about Wives and sexting and all that kind of stuff. I did the tonight show when he was on the tonight show and I think he said to me like a house dancing with the stars or something and I said that's fine. You know just kind of a pain in the ass but it's interesting know and he said, yeah wife won't let me do it. I was like, well, why don't you WanNa? Do it once in a now she? She she thinks I'll get caught up with one of the ladies or something and he kind of gave me like. Maybe. Right. He's like double secret probation. Yeah He. said. there's no way I'm going to grind on some hot blondes hip for five hours a day without something happening I'm a I'm a I'm a man Pash it like this is the he should run for New York mayor. He has. Yes. This interesting I'm realizing that because every time I almost every time I've done Geraldo, it spend to talk about some kind of sex scandal. got it bad for evading. There's some guys that are wired and I'm guessing Geraldo is in a in a way. That's like if you're gonNA come up and grind your pelvis against them for four and a half hours a day shit's going to go down. Yeah. That's just how they are. That's all that they're. Used yes. So Anyway, let me tell you about the most surreal experience ever. It was me Marion Berry who was there to talk all being a disgraced politician Gayle Haggard wife of Pastor Ted Haggard. Remember him and then. This woman who was from like a family values council place anyway. Man Berry Says that he never smoked crack. It was a plot against he's nervous admitted to it, and that's something is proof there is picture right videotape. Yeah. Yeah. No he says that that they never prove what was in that pipe what else do you smoke in that? Like what did you think you were smoking? What did you think you bought? Anyway. So that was baco insane have been something else in that light bulb that was the whole thing took a turn that I don't think anyone was expecting it to, and then Gayle Haggard said that her husband wasn't really homosexual. Oh. Also took another turn. So I think those four people didn't quite do with producers works well they. Didn't but also. With a hold on was it Marion Barry who was in fact? It. But the part we invited the hooker up to the room to just the you know just chill that that he doesn't deny right say she was a hooker but he said that she had bought. So she brought some powder cocaine that's like we. had. Evidently. It's rare that you hear people making the distinction by calling it powder cocaine he still. He got reelected right Back he was the mayor for a while longer. Yeah. You weren't for him. You don't judge is fine not. Realize but don't you think and this may be too lofty of a topic. But as our society keeps going forward and everything is revealed, you cannot be this puritanical person that everybody wants you to be when you're running for office now that you will, there is dirt on every one of us at A. Part of why I keep going back and forth this because I feel like wieners behavior. So many guys do that. It's not that unusual. Kind of revolted here. Here's I. Think this is what we're i. mean there's there's this a two parter. One is what they've done in the past like we're now at the point where President Obama says I smoke pot back right and everyone's goes. Yeah. All right back in the day like cool. So there's first off there's the back in the day. Yeah. Yeah. You know and I think we're all pretty past the back in the day part whatever we didn't college whatever drug. Even if you had a first marriage went bad and you got caught your Kakinada cocky jar, you fine. Well it's the impulse control and the what we don't like here's what we don't like we don't like being yanked around. It's weird like like this whole thing of like. Well, we're not comfortable with gay people. No, we're not comfortable with people. We think are gay who won't tell Sergei and then once they tell us or gave we don't. We don't care anymore glance bass like were uncovered Lance Bass because rock and that guy? He, fucking me up and then a certain point he goes I'm gay go. Oh Okay and then we leave it alone like never comes up again when no one brings lance bass his name anymore like there's no, we're done. Okay good. We've checked that box we're moving forward now. So what Fox with us is kind of being we don't like giving yanked around. and. If a guy says, look I fucked up I'm sorry and whatever. We'll move on from that when he comes back around to that's that Fox us. He should have come out and said I, look I have a problem with sexting and I'm going to do it but I'm going to be a good mayor here. Right? It's like you have it as part of your plan and I will sex drive's get out. Strong on sex I, I, I cut a PSA on sexing driving share not only you but your children as well. I'M GONNA turn this fucking lamb eliminates like. Hi. I'm Anthony. Winer. Okay. Not. Weiner. Winer. Anthony can you took the Strip place I? Mean this is about sexting. Your name just say your name people know you are. Out to kind of. One of the. Hi. I'm Anthony. wigner. and. while. You know. My Passion. Is Sex thing. I never. Ever, do it from behind the wheel. I'm always in the passenger seat while my wife drive. Wait a minute probably for fix that. If a sped well. I got one Roddick fifty two if you want me to. Embarrass coming in next. Hindu that? Marion Barry about the I don't do crack only powder cocaine. That's right. These are not streetwalkers. These are these are called girls. There is a difference people wanNA. Do that one this workers call girls, or the paddock okay? So you yeah now. Mayor. Mayor Marion Barry. I ever smoked crack in office. But when Oh, wait I I'm messing it all right as we were. Doing more time I mean former man I'm having such a hard time because I never smoked this. So I don't even know what this is about, but anyway, I'll do this at. Crack. Cocaine is terrible. And that's why I do a drug. Of Choice it will be cocaine powder cocaine powder. The easier nicer crack. American. Yeah from the both. powdered cocaine cocaine powder sounds like something each sprinkle over cereal or put in a drought. Cocaine, found all right I just feel like I kind of wanted to make it. Out cocaine powder cocaine. Yeah. Sounds like powdered milk. So Either way we gotta go to lunch. Hold on one second. Okay. I'm ready to go now. All right. We're done with the PSA's what else we got. One more thing I just wonder why these I can't think of one example of the wife of a disgraced politician leaving him. Close to win the scandal happens Why do they stay? I think. Well first off I think they. I there's there's I. think There's a chance at redemption for their husbands I think part of it is a business decision like Hillary Clinton for sure and a lot of people in a position where they're husband is a business. This is a Gig you know and you got bills and things like that. So I think some of it is a kind of business decision. The other part is a weird certa pressure to act like you're devoted when you really pissed I also think there's an element of like shock involve like it's the same reason why everyone signs US releases on? Prank shows. What's going on? Okay. Yeah, and they signed it right away like they're like all of a sudden like this scandals broke their on stage. They're talking to people don't have time to wait what is he doing? It's their life is not in a normal space for that moment though Maria Shriver got out quick with Schwarzenegger shoes like he had that thing break and then choose gun. Yeah. She's the only one who I think but I mean that's been after years Schwarzenegger. They weren't already separated Maybe. Maybe. I I thought you pulled out like right when that thing got announced about the. But but a maybe we can figure that out also. She may be privy to things that we're not privy to I'm assuming long before were privy to them. So she may have found out about this. She did pull out eight months ago or eight months before the scandal, she may have known eight months before the scandal. personality David Kid critic died oh a lot of talk. In Dallas or something right because he was broken up about. South. Yeah. A lot of people on twitter have been really broken up over it. I was not familiar with him but I feel like I'm in the minority here. There's a lot of kids out there but yeah what happened? He died at a charity golf event. It was his charity kids kids charity The official cause of death has not come out but people are saying that as a brain aneurysm. Wow. fifty-three with a lot of damage and there are a lot of kids at that golf charity to well, that'd be a really frightening. And yet many quotes saying he died doing what he loved. Today you know in as far as the OBE it goes now on top of the hooker when you had the heart attack is not quite as good as doing a kids cherry our raise money for kids. So God bless him. He's going to be missed by no wait a minute word Christie lived for a year and a half years in Dallas. Dot there Georgia there and she knew this guy was she like read it on Facebook I don't think that guy and he was a dj out there. Yeah. Kid craddock in the morning with the show is heard on more than seventy five, top forty and hot a C radio stations. Maria Shriver's by the way lawyer was hired before the Sandal went. So she was but we don't know if she you got you gotta figure she knew something I mean there was I remember they did a whole magazine one time devoted to Schwarzenegger sex stories like everyone who'd worked with him and just like that he would just just one story I. Remember I read it when I was a little kid and I? It's my brain is at some pe- was trying to get him out of his trailer and they opened the door and he was going down on this girl and he turned to them said eatings not cheating. And that was the story and then like the next month like Linda Hamilton wrote that that's another thing. You should do license plate frames. And then Linda Hamilton, the next month and like Premier magazine a huge articles like he's my friend and he's never like he's not like this but the whole home magazine was just like twelve fifteen different people going down Yup Yup. Yup. What are you know let me I'm man I'm GonNa have to rethink my my approach to this, but it's like there there's a mayor and San, Diego who? Trouble for stuff and it's a lot of like. Well, we had A, we're having a meeting on a property taxes, and then we had a follow up meeting on parking and subterranean parking. But Anyway, it was about eleven in the morning he called me into the office before anyone else. Came in and then he grabbed my boob and I'm like, what's the batting average on you get your Dick Sucked after that move you know what I mean like yeah, and it has Please tell me I don't feel like there's A. Scenario where a chip could just come in a good start grabbing her and she'd be like. feels. So. What about the grabbed my blue especially in the morning? Here forty two years older than me like his and her work. Well, that's what it's so weird. The Clarence Thomas thing I mean again, here's a court judge denise say like. My pubic hair on your candidate Hoke is that going to turn anyone on like that is not a turn on the new. I WANNA see more of that pubic hair net look. What is that? Oh West understand the. Creepy. Somebody's been working out you really you really look great and then there's we're doing a charity dinner tonight, and if you wanNA combine ever drink, you know that I understand the going to grab your titty real quick while we're standing in a hallway. Is there ever Barbie like Oh what about the other? So, Louis Mrs your caress like. I. It it's. It's dudes. Are they delusional? Do they think the women are just dying to be groped by them everybody in big problem I think. You whatever it is. You look at in life you cannot take the fact that other people don't see it through your prism. So if somebody says, Hey, man ever been in that place cut and had that Kobe beef and you go you've had that and you're like Oh my God it's unbelievable. You can't fathom somebody gone now. Thanks but no thanks not for me. Not For me you just do deal with movies we go. That was fucking great movie man and Didn't like and you what's wrong with right? So you're like as a dude I, think your fantasy is just to be standing in some place of business and get yanked off by some chicken. You wouldn't do anything about it or. Fantasy fantasy. So the notion of you then approach a woman like you would like to be approach. You know what I'm thinking about right now. My kids are here. Slows me down a little bit. What I'm saying like a lot of dudes take their sexuality and Kinda grafted on yeah to women and there's I've always said. Women. are like cats guys are like dogs. When when men approach women sexually like a dog when I was my dog as I grab or two positive, she's standing there Magog Mileage or pause it positive furthest away from me, pull them toward me and flip back like a turtle and sexist fucking pound the Shit Outta Dow start playing bongos underbelly revenue running around like she loves it but you can't do that shit with a cat cat's gone. We do with the cat, the cat put your hand and the cats sniffed around a little and then the cats are applies its own pressure and then you sort of lean back a little toward the direction. But what guys will do the attack, the woman like they think They're yet getting yanked again I'm my gut is that was not the first time. He is done it though right the first time either be like like what made that day then specially Grab her boob like a what what went on in them. Before I. Don't know what again I don't know what the batting average is. I don't know that there's ever been any success with the the boob grab. Or just general grope or or the corner the I. Think he grabbed someone's head and tried to kiss her yeah or. Like I'm GonNa Force your mouth downturn join or something like. Batting average zero unless now if you're Schwarznegger. Angle I heard a great thing a bruce I mean again, this is a from a friend of a friend. I heard this story that Bruce Willis pick up line, which is amazing. He says to woman eatings not cheating. He goes. What are you doing for sex later? And that says line Ryan and it's like if that works then you're in if it doesn't. On right that's like I mean at least but I love anything that's direct which is yeah that's the. Putting the heart and the die hard guy. But that's the die. Hard Guy looks great in his wife Feeder not the guy who? Life. backlit brought to you by GEICO GEICO weaned switch to Geico and see how much you could have been saving. It'll hunt you. Alright that was market chugs cock. Troops to shock Oh, I. Haven't seen it. Wrong. Time. So Embarrassing O.. Brought over dinner your family whole time. Thank you to Andrew for. US In requesting it, and if anybody else wants request a clip of quite easy use emails plastics at Adam Corolla Dot Com Rawson instagram at Giovanni Giorgio at Chris Locks amount of one. Check it out on facebook just find a way to contact US Google names. To get get a hold of us, find it and let us know what clips you WanNa hear. Before we get started with the next clip. Got Remind everybody about Madison Reed Mr Two guys. If you're looking at that screen. During the conference calls and you're seeing a little gray hair either in your hair or your friends here. You know it's time to start thinking about what's on top of your head there, and let's let's color it with some Madison. Reed Mr to blending natural color, your hair and your beard. Get it gets nice and it matches. 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We played many times. I don't think these asking for this is with Randy. Sklar. Jason Sklar Sklar brose. Geographic Brian Bishop. This is from October of two Thousand Fifteen Adam Kirsch sixteen eighty and this. I think exactly what he wants if not, we'll go back and find Joel. McHale. Because it may also exist but let's not want rob until in check it out. You're gonNA break the streak of crawl fathers not showing up to football. Well, my dad didn't go to games practices played that. We talk about are we talking about this? Practice. Practice. Out on the line himself every week. If he wanted to scribe flag football to remove the AL like the say all the time football. Thank you. Tom Say. L. At the. I love the one kid and flag football who just still tackles other people. Going after everybody. He's going wedding crash here. ASTRAL GTS magnetic. You should use it. We use it. I love when you tweet me the pictures and you can get it available at major retailers quick lube centers. Castro GT X. Magnetic. All right. So can we do a little? Well. The thing about Barclay and check Barclay I love him so much. He's a national treasure. He should be on Mount. Rushmore not his face just like his body doing a. Golf swing like. Right he's an American treasure. Barkley. So great because he is the most contrarian person on the planet, like he will say things that even you know that Charles, himself does not believe just the Brown James the US of bus player in the NBA. He's he's the best plow macabre lures stop. Shumpert Haircut is twenty times. Housed tell earner detail Canada earner detail shagman terrible. All right. That's not that's not true. So that's Charles on one on the table at the table shack shack is no longer doing basketball Nelson I don't think he said one thing about basketball in the last two year he's just trying to slip in like stories about movies TV shows commercials that he's been it's like he's reading his own IMDB profile through. Music that under this? Didn't know so it and that's the whole show. It's just Charles trying to say things to get a rise out of everyone at the table and. Talk On. Ernie Tell Shack to tell Canada Kareem abdul-jabbar six foot inch white one. I was in. Burning his running the. Lack of earning his learning I was a genie. I turned down Space James Tell Canada tell shake to earn the James Harden is a sick Juburi. He's living on the Breyer earning his driving a Ford Arrows is a house leave on a Buick. He's driving is he's got sixteen kids. He's not eating milk and meat together, and he's keeping kosher ask Kobe station. Station. That's Kobe. Interstate. That goes through like that we. Want to get into those characters. There's a chance we don't get out. Strong. Legs McNeil Phenomenal Book about the porn industry like toward the other Hollywood I think the other Holloway. Comprehensive but they told the story about these guys who went down to bust like a porn ring or some ring prostitution or something down in Florida, and they went as undercover like Mafia guys, and they couldn't come back from the personas that they created. Though they like sometimes when we go into Barca, shack. Just can't come back deep condo. Ball. Cover false all steep coveralls covered Almir station. The part where the cops are posing as. Business Folk who then get in with Heidi Fleiss. I'll fine wasted the taxpayers money because nobody gives a fuck. If Charlie, Sheen wants to buy an expensive blowjob. Doesn't affect us our family, but then the part where you do get to fuck the runaway as part of cover. Off. Done assignment. So I gotta go down to the evidence room, I need a couple of bundles of twenties. Ferrari Testarossa, fucking cigarette boat. Anyway I'll be balls deep and the this by the way I know we said we're going to have this raft in about three months this gone. The Guy and the WHO shooting the porn, who's like fucking the girl, and then like everyone's like, okay we got any one more for me. More Thought I heard a helicopter or something minority. Helicopters around here all design. Then I just need one more for me apart in every movie where the chick says, are you a cop and if each a cop, he has to say a cop. I don't know about that party came get his Dick Suck with impunity doesn't have to talk about that posited said just I'm sorry I didn't hear you I didn't. Hear. You. Let me finish. Let me finish. I can talk to you. How does that fuck and go like down at Rampart? When like Oh, you guys are with the crash unit. So got to go break up. Oh, one of the crypt shout one of the blood sister so they're looking for revenge today. Hill. Remember. Share site. New set chicks. Can you I don't know if it was down the evidence room have you seen the crack pipe? I just need to pick that up. WE'RE GONNA head on out just in case. Unseen. Case. Yeah, I want to be strapped, and then the mountain of cocaine has that gone back. GotTa come across like a player also GonNa need a flask, a bong and a strap on now you say what I need to strap on for this question yellow I. Know Your Damn Business Secondly one, cock. Okay. Early. It's not for me. It's not for me, and then also I found out from last weekend is if I do enough evidence blow, my cock doesn't were right ironically call it whiskey, Dick. But this was from too much believe in jail. Anyway. What happened? Was it a twelve year old that was shot another twelve year old or was it eleven year old? That was shot by twenty, two, hundred eleven year old shot twelve year old the bullet passed through and hit another. Cards. Payback. Is going to be a lot of paperwork speaking of we're the rolling papers. Because I needed to take out. Yeah I'LL TAKE The Koreans they up on the roof of the liquor store shooting down at you or it's just the guys that are alluded. It's both they're actually up on top and being shopping. Your uptown I'm GonNa call crossfire and being shown above and below speaking of crossfire they have some call the six shooter that's a long. That will hold six balls. Get. Tired of like just ripped the bungalow gotta reloaded this when you just slide it over one, that will be really helpful in your line of work. Yeah. I gotta get into those. They're not going to believe it. Where's my? Belt where's Where's my bell? I don't like to come and less oxygen is being choked off the brain to see a light before existing safety for the way. Not Not for nothing but do you like the suit with the vest pocket or should I go vassilis with a tie the only best eyewear as far as you? Walk into the. Game with. Your line undercover work. was getting the. Way Guys. On this I mean we're just cops. Reason. I go shoulder soldiers who could. For the people behind me that don't get. Understand. Totally. Under you guys in the crown vic still by the way. Yeah. That's a standard issue. Wonder. Contest Orosa. Get reimbursed but that didn't gets like nine miles to the gallon if that if that if that and that's When I got a couple of horse in the passenger seat stocked up like courtroom would. Down, at like five six miles, six miles again I'm just I'm constantly feeling that thing I guess I'm just asking if you would mind filling up for him. Waiting outside run out before you go to the shooting. And have fun with it by run the gas station practice for running away from the bullets can fire. Serpent. But, I needed to do what? I call get into a leather phase. Before show up I need to I'm not asking you to Jack me off I'm saying if we can get the blood circulating stimulation to fluff it. then. We're Kevlar. Gloves. If you're coming back, this is what I'm saying. Not. So. If you're not gonNA come back then a little fluff now and he just sort of take the great. Your wife and kids again right mental. Get, drunk and tone very unlikely. Helen. People. I don't know if he's going to be there this time. Any words of praise for Drew Carey He's GONNA be able. To you're headed to the party. he was giving away women for the next item up for bid. Those. Him having. Campbell that off food. Wayne. Brady. To. Must be funny when I was a woman displaying the woman. Funny Yeah. But again, it's not really party. It's kind of an orgy it's starts as a party and then just sort of an orgy salad an assignment. Big undercover anyway a little off. Good luck. Just a little fluff. Clink Oh My God. Against me again, I may be gilding the lily here but that fucking test. Orosa. is about forty two inches off the ground. You Got Fucking ben myself like a six to. A. fucking. Get into that tall workers comp thing you know to Complain. Spree. Willing to do. We call that sacrifices for the people. thinking. In another nine months to three and a half years, we should have this thing about half solved. Sky. Closer. Here's. The next Olympics not the next closest one but the next windhorst assigned to a city yet this. was giving. The next. Olympics that aren't in Russia. That's like maybe. Yeah Twenty. Cracked Cracked Wide Open. Minded to. Get. We'll we'll do the best can with code for what it is. Yes. Thank you for who hands. Right Once again, thanks to rob for requesting that clip. I think that's the one he was looking for might have got the Joma camping. It could exist the maybe an early early episode with jewelry over for a minute or two. We, played a different version. We're Adam goes over it and how he needs a increasing levels of insane amount of things but we'll we'll find it if there is another one but I think that wasn't as well. And thank you for questioning that quite hilarious. Now before we get started with our next clip also listeners. Hyun I would love to tell you guys. Tommy John Right it's the most. Comfortable Ultra breathable. Cool It's like having your own on AC. 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Check out Tommy John Dot com slash classics, and for a limited time, go to that website Tommy John Dot com slash classics. You get twenty percents off your first order once again that's Tommy. John. Dot Com slash classics for twenty percent off. Do it. All right let's get another clip. This one is a request from listener. Nick what we got. I says, he's a big fan of the cruel podcast. He loves classic show. He's thirty six lives in San Diego Gun. Nicole podcast shortly after starting at nine. There was a time he leaves back and twenty twelve in the schmos knows guys came on and they're talking about the summer movie season in this. Clip Adam went off on a tangent about evil villains and movies and how they could be a little more illness. And he thinks this is for sure the episode this is Adam Corolla show eight, thirty seven schmos no alison. Rosen Brian Bishop June of twenty twelve. This is the summer movies recap. This also has the infamous. AL reveal one of the skills of one of the shows I think this is what he wants. This doesn't exactly have a wine is looking for we will find the actual schmos clip plant, but this might be it check it out there. Says Dear Mary thank you? Chris Karloff Markelle here schmos. No, the website. YouTube dot com slash schmos no and the no. It's the K. N. O. W. Variety of. Twitter them at schmos. Lots of new movies to talk about summer movies to talk about some you've seen. That we're GONNA talk about no, we haven't seen him. Yeah. We're GONNA see Premie theus on Tuesday put on a lot of these. Summer seasons. Kind Kinda kicked off a May got June July and August got some pretty good ones coming up. We got made covered mays mays in the bag. That's right. What Is that the pre one? million. Yeah Really Scott returns. Yeah. Here's the thing. It's a prequel and but it takes place like what twenty years before the first thirty years and all the technology looks better. Take the George Lucas thing. Yeah. Yeah. The special effects have gotten a lot better since nineteen seventy nine. Now you got to make it look older is it now? I? I do believe the first alien was a great example of delayed gratification like. Sex is better if you do some foreplay tantric I don't engage in it. Myself have you ever attempted the tantric way of love making there have been times when it's been put off longer than I would have liked. Like past the salad. Yeah. And it's always better but you just don't want it. Then why you so what we've done is we've given our primal urges when it comes to movies and we start with chasing but the first alien was so good because they just teased you and they made you wait and wait and wait and by the time it came pardon the pun you were just so fucking ready you climax. Yes. Literally List you saw it then when then when? The came out with aliens and subsequent more. It was like a now started to hit the ground running their one hundred them and it just became overwhelmed with the thing with alien also is that fact it's like you say it's a fairly simple movie. But when you get teasing you finally do see the it's not like some pop it looks like a cry alien. So you again that's nine, hundred, seventy nine and you're able to do that. It was believable and it is more of a horror film. Anything James Cameron for aliens made it more of an action which I loved aliens but yeah. That's what it was. The first alien was like it was like a nice romantic. That was like the notebook right and then aliens is just a porno. It's just a triple X. just everybody shooting and everybody. Else but the story comes to and I think that actually think Wyoming Book Oh that's harassed but aliens, it sets up the story as to wear prometheus where we have the whole wheeling thing and the corporation and the story. If you didn't have James Cameron bringing that, I don't think you would know has much what's going on because it-it's it a lot in Well you have to care and that's the part they screw up on, which is you got to get to know the characters because if you don't know them, then you don't really care if they're devoured by the alien or not. But if you spend an hour setting a up and really getting to know him then when the person is running from. The Alien. You're screaming run. Yeah versus who gives a shit but that was probably the only three is the beginning three. It actually sets up to where you make sure that all the cool guys that you white like Hicks you know Bill Paxton for Malian are dead. That's the first thing you see three. So it's just bawled sigourney river running around not. killed off the one Guy Care Sodom neum see from from Golden Child, Ooh? Wow. He's in he's in it for the first Charles. Dance sure is. No. Action here. Or is, but he's the love interest for this. Okay. Good Sams, he's going to get some Ripley Ville and then they kill him and you like no, and then rock. What's his name Charles? Dutton. is running around and it's just horrendous. Alien Three is basically the the action scene in that is they're just closing garage doors in prison on aliens. That's all David fincher though they well, it's why. I always say look, this is the reason why Mexicans can't make dessert because they go. FRY. Well, there's that. Races go like look what is the difference between a dinner roll and a pastry and somebody said sugar and then someone said, then you know it'll be the best desert ever big blocks of sugar and it's like it's make sense but it doesn't work. You need some salt in some yeast and some shit in there that it goes against the goes against desert convention like you'd think well, why would This make if you tasted yeast, you'd be like what the fuck is this doing my discern like trust me or if you tasted salt, you'd go wise this in my desert trust me and that's what they do. They throw in too much sugar and you just start swimming in it and you don't give a shit transformers three was it was just a bunch of sugar for the last forty five. Awesome. Some East Brian where's the yeast? He got today then asked about the controversy. What about Dr how did you guys feel about dressing? Drive I know the Ryan gosling movie maybe the best five minutes I spent in the movie theater last year was the first five minutes of that moving I. Love that opening scene when he terrorist mission and then the movie just Kinda gets a little. Thanking Yeah I think so too, and the thing is with that movie. I just think that it's the director does really job and does a lot of Nice visuals to to but they teach you that it's going to be this action film and then it's like an art house film which is fine but don't tease me and make me think I'm getting no one talks for the next half hour and everyone was saying, oh, gossip should be nominated for this. He's a great actor and probably one of the best out and the Guy Stares at walls for an hour say that Brian everyone loved it. I never felt more vindicated. Love he's the only one I know Dr. Horrible critics calls a great Phil know it's but he's not. He's not alone actually I know a lot of people. Do that you reviewers award this year and actually the fucking thing one they'll look a lot of I here. Here's the thing. Here's the thing. There are a lot of there's a lot of art that with distance it actually gets better, and then there's a lot of that with this dense gets worse. There's a lot of movies that didn't do that great and didn't even get that much proclaim when they came out critically but five years later people step back and go. Wow that really was a great film. I feel like drives stock drops every four weeks like it just keeps dropping got out of the gate with only shit and then it's been going to a museum fifty years to see driving. Opposite of that as as Warrior Warrior had had no Muslim everybody that is worrying loves that movie? Yeah. That's a MMA movie. Yeah and that's Tom Hardy. Nick. Nolte. Anyway Spiderman what's going to be like this spiderman? It's a reboot of spider-man. So it's a new guy and so it's not tobey maguire anymore and it's coming out July fourth and it's weird because nobody's talking about the vendors may yet the dark knight rises coming out later in July. So Spiderman is flying under the radar a little bit and I'm curious for Brian what you thought about that's who. There's two sides of that as well. Some people think that it should not be rebooted. It's too soon because the two thousand seven was the last one. But I, I'm all for because I think they're taking the more kind of no one approach to it, and you know when you see like a pretty woman is supposed to be pretty and you just don't get to messing or whatever and you like. Don't lie just doesn't do it for me go there for spider. Carolina's about Spiderman. Faster the character. I love the third. The second one is on the all time. Best Comeback Movies opinion. So I like the original original through five years ago trilogy but. Just. Can't get it up or spiderman that's your Nicole Kidman because. Everybody says Nicole Kidman's most beautiful thing in the world and it just doesn't. Love, her she smells. It's a chick thing. She smells gray. She likes she. Wants Kinda creepy. Plastic well, this was. Plastic. Seven years ago. The plastic was kind of Nicole Kidman smells like a really nice like a Morton steakhouse bathroom. No, she's like a little perfume. Yes. A little t sanitize surprise. Like a bathroom that has a flat screen over the urinal Nice. Really Nice back. To Watch more, TV. Shuttered would doors. pissing although How about the dark? Knight. Dark night. I'm really looking forward to I i. think that's the difference. Did you guys see the vendors now? I'm I keep I keep wanting to bring my kid and everyone tells me what a great movie. The avengers and go good I'll. I'll go with my kid and he's like lukewarm on it like how how old's your kid? He's six and he's into all the superheroes and everything in love in Iran and I keep wanting to like you know get his pussy a little moist and that's a fucking maybe can sway. Dr. Anthony Event litterbox. To a little over two hours. Your kid love. Him while hitting the slipper, that's true. You're going to know more about your kid walking out of the adventures okay I he should have grown a Pena's by the that movies done, and then if he doesn't like it, he may be a communist really. That's what everyone says. It's crazy. The reason I bring that up is because that movie it's just pure action some character stuff here and there but the dark knight has to succeed in story and character whether the vendors didn't just throw up these characters you can utilize ashes and everybody else is asking you're fine right but in dark knight if this trilogy doesn't. Come together and together. Nicely it's just going to be like, okay. When is it Christian? Bale back. Bells back Tom Hardy who got from warrior. And Anne Hathaway as cat woman, which is the sketchy casting I think. And then you have a bunch of other people to marry. You worry about them cramming too much into that was the problem that the first Batman series or in the ninety suffered from Batman forever they had three villains and then Batman and Robin. There was like nine hundred of them. But the difference is you have Nolan versus Joel Schumacher total total recall coming back. Now when they do. Total recall do they do like? Are they going to do a? You know there's some bands that cover a song or remake a song and make it their own, and then there are other ones that make it. Sound almost exactly the same as it was like their certain songs like if you was always talk about like Gloria. Gloria. Stefan. Turn the beat around. Her version sounds exactly the same as the chick of Sung at nine, hundred, seventy, seven like there's no reason to remake that one. But Cat Stevens redoing Sam Cooks and other Saturday night. That's a total different thing they're going to do. The same movie of they're doing a different way they're based off the short story. I think we've Philip K Dick is at who wrote a Thank you. Turn the beat around their original they're. They're they're doing it's more based on. It's not take place in Mars. So by still they're not doing the three hundred women unfortunately. And I don't know if there's going to be a little midget with WHO's GonNa be the Sharon. Stone. Len Weisman's wife Kate reconcile. Second Sell. Yeah this looks cool to me because again it's it's two thousand twelve now. You're going to be great. This could be if the original one was you really got me by the kinks. This could be you really got me the van Halen version. Back and say on a coal kidman or is she she's ninety damn good looking. Yeah, we're into her yeah I pumped her one time and she was pretty Yeah it's very attractive. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No Nicole Kidman is chicks thinks she's beautiful check. Every. Case now plastic turned. Yeah. I I don't think I ever thought she was pretty though well. Let me let me tell you there. There are women that women want us to be attracted to be. So great as a society if we get like Pale skin and curly red hair. Nice. Be Cup like yeah. Check out this walking recessive gene that's on the movie screen since she attractive because then it's GonNa make me phenomenal. Hey, that fat Brent I bring to the bar. She's Cute Right I'm. Not. Saying. This a little underhanded right? Hey isn't John Goodman traffic? This is the original. See You. You don't remake this though I mean I'm not the biggest fan in the world of this Maybe this is a great song. Here's the thing. She remade the song and it sounds exactly the same and that's bullshit. Form of flattery cushy made sincere way too fucking. Make Money Right? When they remade psycho same with. Vince Vaughn did It was the same shot when gus fans ended and it was like, no, that doesn't work. You don't need to do that. Yeah. Copying the original, which is the original. Thank you, and then there's and up and making it making it your own but i. The original. That's like the. Beatles. Twist and shout covering the Eisley Brothers share and then there's adding hip hop to a song which also that's the other part of the bell curve which I despise I despise as well. I just feel like you ripped off somebody song it's the it's the antithesis of art, which is you ripping off the best part of Kashmir and putting your shitty show and then all the fucking defenders I don't get all the defenders you're talking about sampling and stuff. Yeah. San Diego I liked that. Song. It's cash me cashmere riff in the middle that song. When he did Queens. Yeah, it was like I liked that song I know because you like and David Bowie Nineteen, seventy eight. They always use with though it introduces kids a new generation to Queen David. Bowie I had no idea that they had a song called under pressure until. Something new that y'all ten years no. No, you know why? Because the Ding, Ding Ding and then I immediately would turn it off because I don't. Why are they playing this on the classic rock stations talk a whole generation this confused. All right one movie for us to really. Not Us. But that you guys are most exciting five of us were going to a movie all going. Wears reboot the. This is we the Moon Rise Kingdom because I still haven't seen that yet and I really have you seen any did you like it now? That's garbage. Not See that why no interest you don't like Wes Anderson at all you hate him. Quirky, corky. Term yet two days ago, which was corky comedies have nothing going. To look like the Guy I. Loved transformers. Crazy well, the corky is the hey, look at me and how precious my movie is bothers me Yeah I've ever seen one anderson film so I. I love row. Yeah. Those are the two I. really enjoy technocratic. This movie the. Big Budget wants for me I mean I would I'd see the Dark Knight rises or I'm actually looking at the new trailer for born legacy just came out and with Jeremy, Renner is a guy that I. it ruined I gonNA put Shyla boots or loof in her. Yeah animated cat. Carrier. Supposed to be, in. And they didn't thank God casino put Renner and now he's coming off the avengers fame and everything else. So I think that's going to be something pretty well, the great thing about the Bourne series and I just want to see Hollywood are you listening? All of the CGI stuff has left this broadcast or cold. I can't take I sometimes see the commercials and go is this animated or live action there's so much fucking CGI on the screen and born did is they went look we're gonNA take a car and we're going to drive it off a bridge and it's going into the lake and he's going to have to get out of that. It's a real car. Guy Hey for this Audi, right? Oh, the fucking off a trestle bridge and when he fights a guy who's GonNa fight a guy when he's climbing along the ledge of a building, he's going to be on a building and the car action. The CIA car chases are going to be car chases and fights are to be fights and we'll use stunt men in coordinators and we'll make it look awesome. But it will be what it is meat and potatoes not just so much fucking stuff that was done in post flying at you and and also. A lot of movies like desks guy have superpowers or doesn't he? Because of one moment he just got cut by sword knees bleeding now he's jumping up in slow motion in kicking everyone a lawn genie sprinkler. Three times around he's eight feet off the ground like what can you do that or does he have a here just because he decided to go in slow motion dignity to defy gravity. Now Only Adam Corolla sees hard target he sees bandannas been kicked. He's like I need a new sprinkler. Should I go with ABS or event? Galvanized, I'm surprised myself tomorrow but I see your point though because and the gay gentleman who had no idea what what Tang cash was you feel bad for guy like that because when you see sweet eighties action movie and you see a bunch of Shitty cars driving around, you know you're about to see a car because they only react really crappy cars back that that's favorite I every time it was the funniest thing in the world but I learned that early and often watching. The acclaimed series chips. and. I would see them pull up into of like a four way stop sign and it'd be like there's A. Seventy four matador and there's a fucking vw bug that looks like they pulled it out of a lake and there's a car that I just coasted up to that I don't think it's running and I'd go why those four and then a second later dump truck would run over all go. Oh, that's why there were four piles of Shit Park there because they all just got total than here comes looking for the ones with the dense in them because they didn't get it on the first take like. You know what bothers me and not only not, only chase scenes but underpants preexisting skid marks. I don't like it. If you'll see, you can use it. Wisely, you can see the skit Martin what are they did the break one eighty, but this take four because they didn't quite land it the first three and you'll see pre existing skidmarks as he's driving up to it that are the one eighty break breaks marks, and what are the chances someone else did that same over that same spa. Area it left US reviewers cold again, which is not the same but they're inconsistency I always noticed it means hair moves between scenes and no one else they don't seem to. You can take the proper precautions. Usually it's an intense moment and she's yelling at a guy and like one strand of her hair is attached to the lipstick and then when he's done yelled Adam boom somebody, you know what really upsets me another all from the standard is when somebody's drinking a beer and they have a couple sips beer the next thing you know the beers down here because someone in new in continuity they usually hurricanes not go well, let me jump. To hair and beer shitty actress extras who overdo it. Drives me crazy. We just watched it with the pilot that's coming out that the j.j Abrams one, the revolution and off some horrendous extra. Well, we just had this conversation on the show, which is it happens not only movies happens and sitcoms that happens in commercials I've seen it. You'll always see it with like a waiter and like Ben Stiller does something stupid and the waiter sekouba. Me and it's what happens when you get no lines you go what's my only chance and? There's this thing where they go God damnit come hell or high water I am acting. Walking Act, and you will see every ounce of my acting face and they do it, and because the focus is on, Ben Stiller's performance or whoever the star is they're not looking at the guy who's over shoulder acting the fuck out of the scene Yes that would drive me nuts but I can tell you most those extras are shitty actors. The hardest thing to do acting wise is to be. Natural or to sort of like when I was doing the man show once we had a guy and he was all, he was supposed to be a bomb and I was supposed to pop up out of thin air out of bewitched kind of a thing and he was supposed to look at his bottle of booze dump it out, shake his head like they did it like in the seventy six. I don't know about this every time Samantha would pop up downtown in an alley there'd be some bum doing the gotta give up the old nitrate like. This guy could not do it like I would dump it out and we completely dumped out the new shake his head rarely Har-. Head, and then he would dump it out just like and you realize some of the hardest stuff to do is the nuance stuff like if you told a guy, you got run out of here screaming fire as loud as you can. No problem. But if you just say just give a look like or I don't know about that like Jeez, who is this guy but don't do a big over the top like. Kerry they start doing Jim Carey. The nuance stuff is the hardest stuff for these guys. Did they had this temptation to whenever there's like a like a crowded subway and the camera pans around a crowd? There's always that one idiot that just can't resist looking right at the camera. He's got stare. At the camera call it flashing the care. The camera. I'm a bit of a hypocrite because I was in point of origin even knows what the hell this thing is as an extra. Work Radio Ordering A it's why we're on the podcast ordered rummy coke and I. Definitely. I was like twenty and I definitely overdid it in the director yelled at me. Screaming like Pacino. Yes so I guess I'm bringing it up because it's my own insecurity thing out there on a central casting hoping to get some under five work in don't stare at the camera and for God's Sakes, nuance? Yes you want smaller. Great. All right she'll. We should. We do Schmos you. WanNa hang out. They were little little news with y'all. The News with Allison Rosa. From her Our. And when it's time to wrap it up, sided with it because. I should tell you that today's show sponsored by Encore Insurance Services LLC for Free Life Insurance quote call. Most people take a call next week I say call today. Eight, six, six, three, four, seven, fifty, seven, forty, eight, or you can visit their website at smart term dot com the good by getting some life insurance or maybe just want upgrade how about you save some money? You're paying too much. Call encore. Let them help you save that compare premiums of highly rated ensures that they represent and they help you save money that's how it works. Let them go to work for you eight, six, six, three, four, seven, fifty, seven, Forty, eight, licensing, and disclaimer information can be found on their website at Smart Term Dot Com smart term dot com. All Right Allison what are we got first story out of Florida but get this it doesn't involve someone eating someone's face. or anything some without eyebrows on math or anything super fucked up one it actually it's an unfunded up of situation in my opinion Florida had or brevard county had banned fifty shades of grey. That's his mommy porn book. moving? Yeah. They unbanned it. Why do they banned it in the first place because it was too. Dirty. Yeah. But then the Library Services Department came out and said, they're against censorship and they're going to reinstate it is there one do that's read this book. It's all checks, right? I'm. Sorry. I know I. I haven't read it yet. I'm the guy that likes romantic comedies. I haven't touched this book. Now you have a wife. But I'm just I'm sure there's somebody on the last segment the game had read it but I don't think any straight men have read our thank God. I downloaded it to my IPAD. I thought I could go for a dirty. Novel. And I I literally fell asleep as I was reading the beginning of it and I where are the hot scenes I can't find them. What I imagine a porn with way too much plot would be. There's a lot of actual reading and words that hasn't happened before you get to anything reading about hot poorly written to is reading about hot scenes like reading about highlights of a UFC fight. Like some footage. I I could feel a throbbing in my loins from just words women women definitely have that they have the imagination and they're not nearly as visual as dudes and they can read a book. Russ Auburn Hair. Hard now? Russet. No, and they got potato wrong thing. They had. He's on -tainer here. had. A Yukon. Gold. For peanuts. So who can read that and become stimulated but for guys as long as the computers up and running you google images we're going. That's why if you need a quick whatever before you go to bed, you don't WanNa be reading a book then you have to Skim through pages for guys you just fast forward the brain until you see a boo. For bed, it's usually on fool's gold. When you see a tit porn, you're usually getting somewhere. Question, you to see a ted screen. Yeah. What happens do you have to like? Is it automatic or talk yourself into being added by this? Yeah. You got to think about it because it's really yeah. You just see tit flops Halloween we soprano three D D did nothing like when you see everywhere. We. You had a problem with those tits. David David Nervous in here the other week and he sa- who's in Brennan. D. and said, he's got kids in a mortgage that was his answer. When asked him how? Much. You know mob hit or something. Some kind of deal but like it. Yeah. But to answer questions, CEELO's hits. No. But if it was someone like Jessica, Alba, showing tits that I'm getting a little more exciting. Famous. Sweet. You say CEELO's tits. Not. Jessica. Mike. I I I thought I by the way Ceelo it probably does have did. You just came up with America's favorite new gameshows. Guess. It's a really bad. Attractive check there you go yeah yeah. But but do you think fat dudes? Sits are going to be the same as. Unless she has. Storm. Has the same type I think I think ABC or NBC or somebody like that could clean it up enough. Good. Yeah well, you know what you do when you pitch it. You Go. You Go You guys heard about this show. That's all fucking rage in London. You know maybe there's a little too hot for you I'm GonNa take it across the street to CVS and they go no no, no, no. Oh, it's huge fucking buzzing about it and Britain it's called. Dude are those your tips. And really shirts from Britain. Absolutely. So guys with accents not it was a good idea. One hundred percent. All right. Let's do it. Yeah. Signing cows production company hard for. That's then you're in but here's the thing since we're American. Whoever loses they get slammed right afterward well, it's lactated on but yeah. You're. Right. All right we're. We're we here's a movie story Creator now the One Sitcom Pauline. Thinks that the timing is right for an ALF movie yet is. That for thirty one years now. No it's really right. That's a big important thing timing. There have been movies out there characters that I didn't think we're on the same parallels that got movies made so I think it's time I think it could be a home run on a lot of. To your problem before and it's going to be CGI, it's not going to be the puppet. People. Who from the producers of Super Mario Brothers the movie comes. Yeah. The timing's not right because well, right as it was for land of the lost like. And here's the best part that I learned from this article. This is what he says when I used to write an episode and couldn't come up with a line for ALF. I need I needed something really funny I would actually ask out. The character on and the character would just tell me what the line was. See. Here's. A great out you don't awesome out. Gordon as real name from Mel Mak originally. Here's why it'd be great to have enough movie now because they would you. So this puppeteer guy who's he's on his last legs, you need the paycheck that's why he wants the movie they'll see gi so they're wait hey, we'll take your idea we are now movie you can work Craft Services 'cause we puppeteer any fifty shades of else. Cat. Mark. You WanNa be I'll. I'll be I'll be the creator with writer's block. I, need your help on this one. What's happening buddy? Well, we got the scene where you're in the kitchen. On Okay you're always behind that counter. Anyway you're in the kitchen and the boss is coming over for dinner Oh. That's hilarious. Right I know a he's coming in and this is a big deal because. I can't remember even though I created the Sitcom, the Dad House Willie, his name's Willy Willy. Willy won't get the big raise and the problem is the lasagna is Bert and the boss is on his way. Sonya's Bert. I think I did that. Yeah. You did you did but I need you to stole the guy. Now that's my dilemma. I'm trying to think of a funny way for you to stolen. Got It. I'll say, Hey, that's a nice pussy. You got there and he's holding a cat. Okay that's good. That's. Why the way I need to fuck your mouth later. Hope, your cool. Don't answer. It's good. Works. Process right in front of our. Times that. Dirty. Yes, it's like something about Mary. Excuse me we're having a problem with with makeup. Can you can you not climax on? Yeah remember when he used. To swallow during season one I know but he doesn't do that anymore. But if you just get back to swallowing. Willy. From Fun. Now. They need to make this movie. Yeah. I. Don't think we're going to do much better than that. Are we ass and no? Well That's the news. Okay, this is a tiny bit because. You're GONNA do better than. that. It's Eighties puppetry off the beat try. Mr Oreo, the creator of the Oreo filling died. Oh good. Bring it out. Okay. Dude. That's the scene in the movie everybody's Party and we're having a good time. Hey, things are gonna work out right and then we find out the Star quarterback kill car mark you say in Al. Voice. That's not failing. Well that's not filling. and. Point, and sounds urine the guy, the principal scientist at Nabisco responsible for all the Orient s according to his son hardly ever eight oreos right? Because he was smart it's right because they're not that. Good. You're not hydroxy people are you know? No Okay and and should be low or medium trucks there's no or maybe you just have to be that high to enjoy the hydroxy I do love. With filling has beef in it. Well no that was the rumor in school. Was it. It was always cow. Jackie. which is what they make the cream out of. Yeah. Still wouldn't stop me from Evan my second. Tell me more about this county Jack. Comes terrific. Best. I feel like Oreo is the most overrated cookie in that I have like eleven cookies I first Petra farms makes everything Patrick. Farms makes I like more intimates and a few other companies I like more than Oreos I. Don't I don't have in the top of my whatever and you start explaining how you eat it or what you dunk it in your apologizing for your cokie. So you so you don't think that real cookie needs the milk there. He knows it doesn't. You don't need a dipping sauce with your cooking is what you're saying I'm saying it's like when people talk about certain music and they go out, don't tell me when you're drinking rom on the beach in Jamaica being blown after just winning the lottery that reggae music doesn't sound pretty good and it's like. Yeah but not when I'm in my car and traffic, it doesn't sound pretty good. You know what I mean if you're GONNA do the heat it twisted and he dunkin in a little half in half and then you know you get a nice massage hot rock massages why? Yeah. Everything's good under those circumstances we just laid out on a table and you compare it to other cookies it comes in. Somewhere below the fifty fifty cut to me, there's at least thirty five different first off. There's five girl scout cookies are probably like more than the Aurea yes. Yes. Yeah. But you guys got monuments I got the peanut butter ones and then I might have. Gotten thirty. Yeah. Yeah. It's like regular homemade cookies. I'm one of those assets when something soft yeah. I. Want Soft Baked. Of My life I don't WanNa. Try Rem. Should've scrape up through for your mouth that's the news mouse and resin ZIP it. That was the news with Alison Rosen. Oh. Man. Great get these guys that man. Great. We're giving away too many of those over to the death twenty bucks and you get the grill and brush with Malloy, go seared right into it. I was using that brush through my hair. That clip and twenty twelve. That request courtesy of Listener Nick. For get going with the next clip gotta tell everybody wants again about lifelock. This pandemic has led to an astounding increase in unemployment benefit claims filed across the country sadly there con artists everywhere, and they're taking advantage of this and they've filed tens of thousands of fraudulent unemployment claims using consumers, identities like yours. So the FTC's confirmed that do enlarge part of the high volume of benefit fraud cases. 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Chris what's your most famous drop? Or what and I. I think I personally think it's the here we go. Whereas quoting soon as you said, that is. Quoting stormy. Daniels I think that was nominated for an ace award even so I believe that's what it is by trust me there's a lot of them in there. The get pretty bad so kristaps let's just hope it's Dow on but the reason I bring that up is because Ryan from Redondo beach sent a listener requests and he goes, Hey, there's one story about prisoner requests and Adam yelled at certain something. Can you remind me of the context and he wrote what the something was I want listeners here in its full context without stepping on it but I will tell you this. It's one of Adam's most infamous drops. Indeed this came up on class before we play this clip but not in a while is anchor show eleven sixty, six mark era goes David wiles rose and Brian Bishop Gary Allison Bryan Adams portion from September of two, thousand, thirteen, I believe it's a news story about prisoners and paintings and Paintings out and it's hilarious clip and also recently came up on an episode. Between Allison Brian and they were reminiscing about how funny it is and it's it's great to hear them talking about all these years in the future still they can't believe how hilarious this moment was. There is a photo exhibit is in Brooklyn Right now, but I think it moves around and it's called photo requests from inmates in solitary or no sorry. It's called photo request from Solitaire and so people in solitary confinement at this prison in Illinois. Were asked if you could see a photo of anything, what would it be rosy lips? Okay that. I can't really be true. No, it is not now it Adam said but. They had him on. They had to fill. Right, this is not your top one hundred took him seventeen thousand requests before they got to the Taj Mahal right or some. I WanNa see the blue. Sky Orthodox fueled perish. please. Do they have some actual photographs and then they have some of the unfilled requests. Perhaps what you just said Adam would be there. I'm wondering or what I'm realizing though is that don't know that they ever actually get to see these photos over. The part that's clear. But for people in Brooklyn like eight and it's kind of like a prison make a wish foundation. Yeah. It's more like what would people in prison? What would their wish? Let's put it in a museum I looked it up number one pussy lips number of Monet's. That's ironic. So for example, here's a request. I would like to see the downtown. Chicago or the lake of Chicago, it will bring me happiness to see a real nice picture of the downtown. Please a good place to eat or to you know Nice cars I've been locked up for seventeen long years. Let me say this and I don't want to tell you how to live if you're in the whole but but hear me now. I. As a young lad grew up in my own form of prison known. Karol House, watching the black and white thirteen interesting the box it that came in probably about size of house. I used to watch the shows like the Brady Bunch and get depressed because they have these Brady meetings were Al showed up into the in one room with and also Jerry House that Nice Cool Art. Cool that Alice everything was cool. The biggest problems they had was someone got a C. minus on a trip or something. Yeah. Right. Nothing started pan. Everything they worked. So well together I've watched show and I just see Carol and Bob or whoever Carol Mike, Mighty? Like climb into bed at night kiss each other and she'd be wearing something fashionable and she'd have her hair all done up and stuff, and then I look at my pathetic family WANNA kill myself. But then I was switched over to like Sanford and son or good times. And all set i. feel a little bit better about myself. These guys should WanNa see pictures of Turkish presence right and midnight midnight express. He wanted drunk tank and shit like that where you go, you know what not so bad. So bad here. Right. Why do you want to envy when what to think about what you can't be I wanNA see stills from the show locked up abroad. Khloe. reenactments. Yes, and then you know just how good you had. Instead you want to see a bunch of pictures of pyramids and Open Sky I. Don't i. you know what I still don't buy it I. Just I don't buy that. This is anywhere near the top of the list of the pictures these guys want to personally laps. Jarring right now. I don't even think it's in the top one thousand. By yeah, I think this is a contrived story I. Don't think there's any way I've been in prison. I was saying Clinton two months ago I don't think any guy in there is telling me that I wanna go outside and look at the pictures of the bay just altogether making them sound like puppies or something or kind of nascent poets give me. A break is San Quentin, some the nicest real estate on the planet the most gorgeous realestate. They've talked about the budget here in California you want to solve the budget those guys to the high desert and you sell the real estate there. It's in Quinton that view of that areas, the developers dream I every time I pass it I just think my God. World put a championship Golf Course on here. Does it could literally the deficit the most diligent a coastline that you could ever stand. I mean it's the breeze coming I. Mean you know we live in the valley was one hundred and seventeen all at not if you're. To unify fucking breeze on a peninsula. Look at the look at the way a juts out there and it's just All. Right because I've been to the prisons in the high desert, you don't need the big old rock walls anymore just the razor wire and so little little cyclone fencing look at to hatch apy of your right up attached to prison. Give me a break. You're never or that other one that's down past San Diego almost by the border I mean that one there's no way to get out what are we doing in San Quentin Saint I was visiting a doing a parole hearing. So you have to go in and I made the giant mistake at one point I thought they were GonNa take me into custody of using the restroom in one of the cells there. That's right off the parole area. Oh, you can't use that when you gotta go use the guards recipe a lot. We had a rules about where you take a piss. Actually I'm sorry I didn't know I couldn't go into lockup is even though I'm in the lockup with the guy, it's okay for him to take a Piss but I can't take it why I it's beyond me but I was going to question him I wanted to get the hell out of there fairly. And that was one of Adam's most infamous drops. Even. As co-hosts seven years later one who no. Longer with the show still are marvel at how hilarious this moment was in praising Him with how geniuses now breezy. Exactly. Fantastic and once again, thanks to Ryan from Redondo Beach for questioning that clip. All right. That'll do for cruella classics. Thanks again for hanging out this on this lovely Saturday we'll be back tomorrow. So make sure to subscribe to Corolla classics. And check out the situation while you're subscribing podcast check out the water coolers while it's show that I d with. Mike Dawson. Kerry. Smith. Not Fond of Lear Kalem bean who all work on the Adam Corolla show. 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