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LADS#157 - Villa is Back, Valverde Out, and Fan Questions


Ooh. No, no. No thing. Today is Wednesday may twenty ninth twenty nineteen. In Aston Villa is back in the Prum. Oh man. The Clarence Tom Hanks, stoked, he tweeted about it saying that he'll be bleeding the Clarence colors which everyone gave a big who arrived about, it's cool. I love win like big name celebrity support teams, such as villa, I think shack is like supporter of like Sofer city or something some league three team in England, like that's really cool. So now that as Bill has a rich historic history in the not in the Premier Li per se, but in English football history. So nice to have them back, man. I know there's a lot of people who are going to be haters of me saying, oh, you didn't want Darby with the wrong with the ABI, like, like I really like Martin's more, a bigger Darby guy than me, one of my best friends, Paul who I married, I've mentioned before in the show is a massive Aston Villa fan, and I was there last year when they lost out on the play offs, and he was in his full, like retro villa gear. And he was just like so sad. It was the day of the Champions League final. And I didn't even watch the game because I was getting prepped because that's when we did our live show, four lads at tavern on broad. So I was very happy for Paul. He's an awesome dude, and shutout. You know, Dean Smith when he took over villa, they were what was it? I think got this acid front of me fifteenth in the championship went on unreal. Run fifteen other it was like fifteen points behind. They were fifteenth in the championship. That's unbelievable. Jack religious, obviously, they're mean star wearing of you didn't see in the championship. Match was wearing his like lucky boots were Lert, which was literally torn the shit. So I saw a bunch of memes about that saying, like next time like your son is or daughter is saying, I need new kicks need the best kick because the only way, it'd be a good soccer player just exhibit, a Jack relig-. Unbelievable. Unbelievable season. For villa welcome back guys book. Yeah. And if I didn't mention before I have the shortest memory of all time, memento I think I said that Martin is not going to be here. He's exhausted. He's working to double. In the garage, or some shit, working on his dukes of hazzard Oakley cars, pistons rods nuts, and bolts, he no cars. So it's just me where does it gonna be real personal to guys just mean you hey, I'm glad to be here. So let's open up with this. The to the biggest rivalry of all time Josie Marino. Arsene wenger. Okay. Now all time are going to be commentating the Champions League for beyond sports. Guys. Do you know what this means, like this is Larry lightning in a bottle shoutout to the guys at bien sports forgetting to guys who actually were exceptionally successful managers and know their stuff, who literally hated each other's guts for years to put their like, you know, squabbles, aside, and work together, the like, I'm not going to be able to see this come to. I will literally go down the darkest rabbit hole of read it darker than those Garfield fucking Catholic dark, comics, read it to be able to watch Josey Marino, and Arsene Wenger, just go at it. I'm not even sure. Because I've read that their whole beef is like squash now. So I'm kind of concerned like oh, I won't like like slight jabs at each other kind of, like, you know, when Paul Scoles e would like, you know, do like sly jabs, even Gerard about not winning the league Marino. Do. Couple of those, like, yeah, what was your record against me? I don't know. I want that. I want that Seoul bad. I don't wanna listen. To, you know, Bleacher report football, Steve Nash, even though they do great job. They do a great job. I'm not saying it's my ex maybe because my expectations were so low for the Bleacher report squad that, you know, the fact that they're even you know, some, some type of competent great. They're doing a great job, but they're not going to even come close to Arsene Wenger, Joseph, renew. Are you kidding me? And I don't want to listen to BT sports. I'm like, I don't wanna hear all these fucking ex United next players just bitch about, you know, how these players have bad attitudes. Like fuck off, like Ozzy. I'm not talking about their playing careers but you know, would want us. Great manager, the only one, I can think of is Frank Lampard, but, you know, he almost led his team to a who's not commenting anymore because, you know, he's doing he's winning doing a bang up job with Darby and oh, I forgot to mention John, Terry coaching with ASA villa back in the high drives. Yeah. I was really stoked on that are sowing Josie hanging out in the booth. That's awesome. Also, there was a charity match, if you have not seen this picture, it is Arsene Wenger, just leaving, Don four dead in the midfield. This is a real photo. We posted on our social media, last podcasts, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, go, follow right now. It's unbelievable. It's an all time or I may frame this. I'm not sure just daily motivation, guys never give up because one day you could just, you know, do a deadly turn onto the Anza. Dan? It's in, like Arsene Wenger is so skinny may because he's wearing those puffy coats for so long. This dude is literally skinny bones like a nice. Breeze would take this man's knees out, my God. This is a bad look for is done. Hm. Maybe you know that list of best managers of all time came out and are some winger sold as Don was way, higher than them when a little revenge. I could see that. I'm kinda just hopping around guys. I'm just on social media right now just trying to figure out like some, you know, big things going on in world soccer. Oh, I mean, the Europa league finals tomorrow. Holy shit. I guess there's talk about that. I mean those kinda shit show which going on coup in that country. I can't pronounce Osibisa John as that's actually probably the closest ever come to saying that. So I guess I should do my preview for that. It's gonna be interesting. I'm not sure about the health of a lot of the players. I know I believe Nagoya Kante has come out, or he hasn't come out, but essentially, the medical staff of come out said, he's fifty fifty I think could be massive because our midfield is pretty depleted. Right now at arsenal. So Nagoya Kante doesn't play that'll be huge vantage to arsenal because I feel like he would just tear up our midfield at this point. But I don't know the way a bomb Yang luck is that have been firing on all cylinders? They've been clicking so well. But then again Chelsea at the end of the season. I mean that's why they got a top four spot. You know. So I think it's going to be I think it's going to be a really close match. I really didn't give this match as much as I want to just getting all hyped up for the Champions League final, which has an arsenal fan is probably, you know, bad, look, my part bay, I'm just being honest. I haven't really taken. I've been more fed up with the whole like Mickey Taurean politics, the whole thing, and UEFA not giving a fuck to actually take the time. This is what you, did you Eva Mamie. Not even think about the sport. His point is the make us all about the sport. And now all I can think about is politics. This is ridiculous. Today. Some cop was chasing some guy down. We're in Mickey Tori. Jersey in Baku like I got him a Boston man, John. Look over your Johnny, Johnny. I got him. I got me Qatari and walk in the streets of Baku God. Uefa fucker you doing? But if I were to give scoreline is even biased. But I think arsenal this Emory's competition bright undefeated in this competition. I don't know that actually, but he want a bunch of severe balmy block is that playing phenomenally together. It also depends what's Mets Ozil going to do. I think that's the real like, you know unknown in this game. So that'll be kind of concerning also could be, you know. Chelsea also livid dies on how he didn't has our plays because he will in. It's just a fat sausage man is running around. Pick pick pick. Okay. I'm gonna pick pick a winner right here. Arsenal to one it's gonna be close. Has are definitely gonna deliver goal. I think a bombing lock is ads hookup is just been to deadly. I like they're gonna overpower the back line even though like Louise Ruediger have been pretty nice as quite a obviously, Chelsea backline is kinda underrated. I feel like they don't get enough talk. Even though it was not their best season. I think they did. Okay. Indebted Louise for some reason, who I thought was done in his career revitalized by you know, Antonio Conte and other. You know, saris figured out some way to use them. I don't know. I think it's gonna be a very interesting final if you had a gun to my head, I would say arsenal, but I think it's really a flip of the coin. This could go either way. But I think the experienced by unite Emory in these big game situations is going to come through. So people say a bias, I don't care. I live in dial. Nece. Okay. What else is going on? I guess we are the Champions League final, but will probably save that for Thursday's episode or Friday mornings. I mean. Oh, this was big news. Okay. We'll talk about this switch, switch. Switching gears a little alita. I'm gonna talk about your claps comments in a second to about pep Guardiola show throwing a little shade. But Roberto Martinez is currently the favourite to replace or nest though, vow Verde as the Barscelona head manager. Wow. Wow. Guys, I a question. What is Val? Verdes legacy is a good. I mean, the guy one of domestic double the year before, and then one loudly, again, this year back the back LA Liga titles. Is that a success? I don't know like if feels in the big games when they have the leads. I mean, the COPA del Rey, total fuck up against Valencia. Oh my God. The scenes shot the that was a I think it was fun. Yeah. Phenomenal fans. Rich history. That was really cool. But again, messy can't do everything man, like I think, is a shoe in for the bounty or this year. But this over reliance on messy on every team guys, like I get at once in a lifetime generational player. I think he does serve some of the blame for some of the shortcomings. But I mean you just can't just put all the way on his back. I mean but back Valverde. I mean I don't think you can sitter his tenure success. I mean, I think of Barcelona. I think it's just assumed you win LA Liga at this point every year it's about the Champions League and to. Go against a Liverpool into have a lead like that. And I know Liverpool this liberal side is going to go down as one of the best sides, probably ever. I mean I don't know. That's a hot take. This is very good. Eight I would say in a Liverpool squad, but I have a lead like that into give up four goals and not score. At least one with Lino messy feeling messy, earliest guaranteed one. Go, you couldn't do that with that demand of talent at that squad. I'm going to say it. I think Valverde's tenure is I wouldn't say a complete failure. That's harsh. I just think the guy was very unprepared for this position and understand what kind of expectations he was going to have. So let's switch over to Roberto Martinez. Really this is we're going with we're going you're going from Valle Verde to revert though, Martinez. Okay. So he's currently managing the Belgium national team, he used to get his asp handed in at Everton by the big six also by Liverpool losing four nil. What is are is? Are you going higher? I just staying the same. Like I feel like what you're trying to get a new manager or a new player in your always trying to go up. I don't see that as, as an up, upper projector the word is this just seems kind of the same, especially he's going from national to club. That's like if you look at the track record of, you know, national team coaches going back to club. It's not good. Not great. I don't know. I'm not the biggest fan of this. I think Barcelona may be making a mistake say, Roberto Martinez is going to win. You is he's going to when you of games, just based on the fact that you have Lino messy. They're going to spend a lot of money on like Antoine Greenman, most likely. That's the big one they're saying they're going to get a lot of players in so he's going to win a lot of games. But in those big games against Liverpool's against the man cities against you. Vent is the bar. Munich's even PS, g even though they're the ones who always, you know, seem to bottle it. I'm just saying. I don't think this is the right guy. Am I crazy? No. I'm saying. I don't think he is the right manager in these tight situations when when the players start getting tight and the pressure is on. I don't think you wanna look at your sideline. See Roberto Martinez standing in the managers box. So. Vertu Martinez giving all worked up today. Well, this is going on. I'm just looking at memes right now. Oh. Hop over to ESPN FC. They posted the quote, I don't think it's like directly from them, but they are posting urine clock. Apparently like hot, you know, taking shade as, as they would say, this is the quote from Liverpool manager, your Klopp. He says pep has to say that winning the Premier League is more important than the champion seed as he hasn't been to the Champions League final for awhile. Ooh. Yikes. I mean, I know Klopp is just joking here. And I love your Klopp. The guy has, you know, some all-time quotes at the, you know, at the press box. But I think you know. I think you're cops in a tough position to be making jokes like that, as someone who has an exactly one silverware at Liverpool. And this is thinking shot at your club where I think he is the favorite to win the Champions League. So this quote is great. But if he loses the championship final to Tottenham I don't think it's going to age well at all, and it's probably going to be the first memes. Ic-. But I see what you're in clubs doing. I think it's more it's more joking. Obviously, I don't think he's really trying to take a harsh shot him, especially since he is his contemporary in the Premier League right now just him like one a will, obviously one. And then, like, you're like one b I mean, very neck and neck, obviously, this is this is one of the craziest, competitive Premier League seasons of all time came down to the final day. I don't know of Klopp is in a position to be making those type of jokes, but I mean, fair show. I mean, the guy you know, he live in he'll live and die by the she he says, so. A lot of people are like making, this are taking very serious like the Twitter verse. I'm just saying like. Maybe just, you know that's not like you know, the top comment is says the guy who blew a ten point lead in lost all six finals. He's ever been in. Frogging t- emojis. Fair point. Brady, fair point. But God, damn of your clubs smile doesn't look great in this photo. Oh, this is pretty big news. Two I'm still on ESPN AFC's, Instagram. This just doing this podcast straight from Instagram. We guess a fan questions, which I'm gonna get to shortly. But I just forgot I didn't have time to write notes. And when Martin told me last minute that he wasn't going to be able to pot. I was like, all right. Fuck it. We're you know what? You guys demand content. I'm gonna put it out there. Yeah. So do romo's was trying to force a trade out of unav-. It's forced to trade or. What it is. But he's trying to get the fuck out of dodge out of Madrid. So apparently he was trying to go to China. Florentino Perez came out and said that he came to his office and said he had a very good offer from China believe rules permit them the pay the transfer fee Real Madrid. This is this is Roberto are Florentino Perez. He saying Real Madrid could not afford to let its captain leave for free, as they would set a terrible precedent for other players like on the guys just trying to you fucking paid. He's paid his dues. He's one yes. Shit on the trophies. Come on. God, Peres will be his own downfall, man. I mean, the already has been, especially like the Rinaldo fall out and other players fall out. Like I mean obviously Real Madrid is unbelievable. The won three straight Champions League, which will probably never happen again. Like unbelievable club parades. Some of this shit, he does man makes me go bonkers of, like okay that makes sense. Nice one. But like some of the stuff he does. I'm just like this fucking idiot. God. What else we got going on here? Oh, nimoy got the captaincy. Denny Elvis old asked I love it. Love it. God neymars just been on such a down trajectory hasn't he? God is even relevant. I know he's obviously relevant. He's one of the best players in the world but playing league when he was injured a lot this season. A moment that you remember from the season from neymar at all all I can remember so him like rolling for days in the World Cup clearly getting touched. And he wrote all the way to Timbuktu. Man. What happened to that guy? All right. Well, that's enough rambling, you might forget any stuff going on in the world. Let me see here. Oh, thanks for asking guys. My hand is okay. No hairline fracture. I know you guys are worried. I got into that serious car bike accident. Crazy bitch. Try to kill me but he can't kill love or Kevin. Anything else going on the world note. All right. We're gonna do fan questions before that we're gonna break for quake ad run. Now. Sub guys. I really do. Hope you love listening, lads. But did you know you can actually get paid just for listening to this podcast? What crazy but it's true. We discover this free new app, called pod, coin and literally pays you to listen to podcasts. Here's I works. You listen to podcasts, and you earn pod coin wireless. And then you turn that pod coin in forgive cars at places like Amazon, or Starbucks. Heck, if you're a good person, you can even donate the pod coin to charity. The more you listen, the more you earn. So here's what you do. Download the app right now on iphone or pod, coin Android, and I have a special code or you simply use our code overtime, and you'll get three hundred pod coin just for signing up. And, and if you listen to another of us on there, you can get a cappuccino at Starbucks or an Amazon gift card on us on the lads. What is good? So go ahead and go listen to this podcast or virtually any podcast doesn't have to be even though we're the best. On pod. Coin and sign up with code overtime. I swear it'll change the way you listen to podcasts. All right. That was the ad. So guys was he's van questions. First question comes from our Instagram from Biard, exc-, K Brock. He says if everyone hates FIBA anyway, wire, people, why are people so anti euro Superleague? Oh, that's a good question. Dan? Dan, brock. I guess we're against it because I feel it'd be unfair to the other teams. But then, again all these giants have a monopoly on the other leagues as well. I had to sit on that because people have been just getting on my last God. Damn nerve that, honestly at this point, I might be up for the Super League at this point, just take all the top, you know, three or four while I was Premier Li top sixteen th Roman a big Super League and see who wins at the end of the day. But then, again could like the PSC's man cities then have on that super ship. Is just like a. Bad domino? Effect it. I don't know. I don't know. That's a good question. If everyone hates UFO, why are people so anti yours Superleague? So I should explain the super euro league would essentially be if you guys have never heard of that is that you take all the top teams like fire Munich PS, g you've Ventas Barcelona Real Madrid. And then pretty much the whole top six primarily, and then maybe throw in a couple of other teams. Like I let it go Madrid. Napoli. I don't know. Fuck, I don't know Syria, maybe Monaco, and then you just make your own league like all, like twenty of them, and that's it. Hm. You know it sounded pretty good. Brock. It is sounding actually pretty good now that you a phone fee just like I'm like this is what you've cost, I think this is, I'm thinking of, like totally. You know, breaking the wheel deniro style, and starting just a whole new type of soccer league just fucked premier like book, LA Lita league. This is what you've you've brought me to, and I hate it, and I hate myself next question. Nikolai RV a says what is your score projection for the Champions League final, and who is going to score? I think I did my early prediction for this. And I think I said, Liverpool three one hour to say he's going to score it's going to be money. Of course. Saleh. Then. Think like for beano someone are now probably Virgil Van Dyke Virgils going to cement, himself as the best defender in the world by you know getting a nice big strong header in the box from a quarter. And then Harry Kane healthy. No. Yeah. Maybe like a cheeky late goal by Lucas more give Tottenham. Hope I don't know. Donna. I'm like, I don't know who's how the who's her who's, you know, naughty or nice next question. Chris says who's winning tomorrow arsenal? Chelsea. Why do you think so? I'm saying arsenal. Again, I talked about this earlier in the pod just because Emory's experience ah bomb can lock that have just been on absolute fire, and then I would probably say like a drawl in the penalties of Nagoya Kante like I don't I think both teams are so even but again gun to my head. I'm going to go with my gunners. I think Emory has the right stuff to make this happen. All right. Let's hop over to Twitter follow Atlanta underscore podcasts. Hons win at Mr. wins. Twenty eleven says there seems to be a pretty good chance LeRoy Sanni goes the buyer in the summer. What do you guys think? Yeah. I think it's definitely a big possibility. Byron obviously losing our Robin, Frank reverie, then either replace replaced, her wings, LeRoy, Sanni in an out of the squad getting a starting spot in Manchester City. So I think it's I think it's very likely. I mean, also LeRoy Sanni being a German national team player will like to go back to his home country, most likely, and I it's like every, you know, German boy's dream. The play for by Munich, the biggest German club in Germany. So I could see, I think it'd be phenomenal on the wing. Oh my God. Just crashing down the left wing and on buyer Munich feeding bowl Linda goski, and like the audio feed him. Oh my God. I think LeRoy Sanni would just, you know, the transition would be unbelievable. Next question at high press pod. Four twenty good friends of the show, have had on the show, says name your favorite actor slash musician and what position you'd think they play on the pitch. I e Jason say them, he's five ten hundred eighty five pounds while he doesn't research for this looks like he could be a midfield destroyer a rough and rugged Senator defensive mid think, like Rajon Golan. Name your I think who's my favorite actor. I would probably pick. Actor. I think my favorite actor of all time has to be Daniel Day-Lewis, but he's not exactly like, you know, I mean, the big name in terms of acting, but not like super Hollywood guy. God, my left foot and the name of the father, gangs of New York. Like a phantom thread, fuck me up. Do you guys? I'm a oh my God. There will be blood God. I love Daniel day. Lewis Lincoln, I have like all his stuff on Blu. Ray God last Mohicans. All right now, actually, I'm gonna pick. Yep. I'm gonna go with Daniel day Lewis. I feel Daniel day. Lewis is just a creative central tacking. Mid can work in all different directions can do so many different things on can score can assist the so much maybe like a center like kind of like his savvy. Yeah. I like that. I like that a lot. Yeah. I'll pick a musician name your favorite musician. That's tough current musician. Man. Is a bad debt air? What I've been listening to lately. Listen to a lot of rap probably pick picking rap. Listen, a lot of gang Warren G like some old shit. Man gangstar be a fucking thug man. He fucking centreback. Oh my God J of kid LAX? Oh, what a tune your would probably pick that would be. Yeah. Gangstar in my back line. God be absolute terror. All right. Sorry. I lingered on that because that's a very good question. I'll probably hold onto this question, because I'd like to see what Martin would say. Next question comes from our discord, channel. Where would you? This is from Logan. Oh, yeah. Our channels chat rooms come hang out. Sometimes it's a cool place where cool guys who like to show talk soccer, other sports. Beer, TV movies. It's just a great chat room guys who are all like kinda similar and kind of different. First question is, where would you rank Rinaldo right now compared to the world's best now after last season? I don't there's a big argument in our discord channel about that. I have in my top three players in the world. I haven't met number two still this. I don't know where this narrative Renaldo hates coming from people putting them baba Eden hazard Virgil Van Dyke above him. If you're telling me, I had to pick a player right now after messy it would still be Renaldo like messy is still my number one. But that's just me. I mean, I know a lot of people over Nado, messy either changeable, and I get that. I understand that. I'm not upset at that. That's your opinion and valid one and like, you know, and some days, I do think that sometime. Well, we're not as is. The best in the world. But this slander I mean like the go to event as go when another league title with them. I know his stats are all down. But in the thick of it, I still pick Renaldo over it. I still haven't been the top three there's people saying, like, oh, he's like a fringe ten player putting him through six to ten. I think you're absurd out of your gourd. Next question comes from the drunk. He says, why don't you ever go to fill union games? They're actually good this season. LL actually. I was supposed to go to the game today, actually with the free kick pas disappeared on their show. Go check them out the free, kick podcasts, but I'm actually I feel so bad. I had to cancel last minute. Actually, then, mommy, back, my money, which is really nice and them. I was trying to now I feel dick like and they're Tyler and Todd awesome. Dude, from Baltimore big Phil union fans, I'm actually going to go see the book of Mormon with my aunt tomorrow. Her boyfriend's like about to be deployed, she'd be really sad. Like we made these plans months ago. And I totally forgot. So I'm gonna see the book of Mormon it's going to be sick. But I would like to go to Philly union games before I move up to Boston. The are crushing it shout the Jimmy curtain cringes. Mic basketball says, what's the most ridiculous transferring you've ever heard? Honestly, our first podcast when name got transferred to PS, gee, I could not imagine. It makes sense. Now in hindsight, by could not imagine leaving messy Suarez when they accomplish the travel done so much him going to PSE. Whoops, fuck that one up. Ridiculous transfer rumors. Oh, the whole messy demand city thing, had a lot of hype bef-, and I never believed it not. No. Not one bit that was ridiculous because Pap in, like he was getting frustrated at Barcelona. Now he's gonna live and die at Barcelona. At least that's my opinion that, but that, that was a very like a lot of people are saying, oh, it's a lot of man's city fans saying, we're going to get messy. I'm like new. You're not. That was a pretty in terms of recent time that was pretty ridiculous transfer. Rumor. Boarder Boyd R M says what team has the clearest path to cracking into the top six who's most likely to drop out? What he probably we're talking out of the top six probably the wolves, I would say the wolves for sure. And most likely to drop out, I would say Chelsea. I'm not trying to be Chelsea hater. But like no no new transfers saris jobs up in the air. Other eating has or might be leaving Nicola Kante. I think he decided to contract. I'm not sure if there's seems a lot of disarray going, and they just made the top four by Philly. There's a lot of disarray going on at Chelsea, and then probably also Manchester United as well. Those will be my two, who would most likely to drop out by don't see the see the top six in the same. Norwich City shell field. United and ask them villa who stays up in who gets relegated. Thank you cringes. Mcmaster ball. There's been a new precedent where teams that come into the Premier League have stayed up and like the majority of them say up, which has been kind of cool. If I had a gun to my head, I would say ask the villas coached really, well, now if they keep their core players, like Jack religious say, I would say they say up and maybe Norwich City also says because they're recent experience in the Premier League. A lot of veterans on that team Sheffield United. I don't know much about ought to say them. So. Yeah, so I was scrolling down. That's all the questions guys. Okay. I really don't have much else to say this kind of a short podcast, sorry of a little like now, exactly. Our best work. But, you know, you just got to roll with the punches man, Scott to hang in there while I was really cheesy. All right. Well, we will see you guys Friday morning. We hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all who have served in our military, who are going to serve, you guys are fucking awesome. And you guys take it easy and enjoy the short week. Okay. Bye. Some. NBA overtime podcast for all the NBA info you need. I'm Mike Silva. And I'm Ryan McNeil Georgia's each week as we break down the big headlines around the MBA, plus key matchups to watch power and interviews from players and coaches, it's NBA overtime. Subscribe download and listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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