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This is the final weekly suturing. The latest NASCAR racing news driver interviews rate freeview opinions discussion rumors and more now here's Carrie Murphy until we Christie just coupling is talking raising that's a pretty good run for him especially with everything that's been going on here lately yeah but he's kind of played ace or whatever it is now tapered spacer ace and hey there was a race at Talladega last weekend and was there how about wild is that a good good term leads Bob Right of course without the travel right yes somehow you still get it done though that's true I think that really should probably so are you ready to talk from Nascar I mean I wasn't ready to talk about anything else yeah man I mean let's do it I mean we've been knocking out of the park lately we didn't even mentioned last week. Kyle Larson won you know we got onto a tangent and a and a bunch of other topics and yeah we completely spaced yeah I think we the the applauded okay here we go nice and smattering of applause applause there you go you gotTa talk about it Oh my gosh they they didn't talk about it I'm never listening to this show again oh please do please do toby Christie Toby Christie Dot Com. I don't know about that I think people like Bob Papa Chris would probably have a pretty good claim to that but I'll take it that's cool all right others it also went downhill but for some turned out okay yeah the survivors I guess you could call it the ones that made it to the end which yes edit either I can't I can't explain it I usually don't like anybody I know and usually nobody likes you right so I don't understand so just he's the one guy right our coast where the show is totally Christie Nascar editor from the final DOT com social media director from all things at the final lap and his own website probably the hardest working man in Nascar News it was so good they had to stretch out over two days they did that's true the rain took over after Stage one William Byron one that thing and then it went downhill from there for him it went downhill for a lot of it look at this top ten list we're going to mention here in a minute it's say Pretty Wild Top ten these are your people these people right here these are the folks that I look for when everybody else is skimming the uh-huh so ninth isn't very good now and so just to kind of button things up that's the third top ten finish the season for tiger and by the way how do you get those stats so fast well I'm awesome he's scored top ten tone the five hundred and the July Daytona race and now Talladega in the fall and Chase Elliott somehow didn't Iraq at one point yeah he anyway Justin longtime friend of the show is back on the program once again today any tall nice at length yeah you guys usually do and it's usually pretty good commerce hello that would be you I care don't even recognize the name why Ricky stenhouse junior is in the news and he's also ninth there you go Asian for whatever reason I guess he feels like you're pretty cool guy I don't get it but well yeah I mean yeah I I I think that's it we click for whatever reason I don't understand I don't underst- are your peeps yeah definitely definitely so let's let's start with ty dillon there's one right there right there at number ten and I believe isn't that like his second top ten of the season on purpose just to to rip our Buddy Justin Campus 'cause I'm sure he was sitting there waiting going on they're gonNA talk about them they're gonNA have to talk about him surely the up ten I usually look back on the twenty fifth thirtieth range and these are usually the guys that are there I mean there's a few in there that obviously are there every week but for the most part you know these are your drivers yeah had all sorts of issues and somehow he ends up eighth but if you would just pass this top ten list the car finished eleventh I don't understand that either Mondo massive big ones there were three and you could even argue the thing on the last lap is a fourth but yeah well it depends on what you can constitute a big one I mean how many cars involved concerned they all happen with like the lead car and wiped everything out behind in each time what's the deal with that I mean I don't Llegado with that car destroyed as badly as it was that's yeah it's insane there are a lot of torn up race cars at somehow ended up in the lap so I counted at least two major huge so Austin Dillon at number six yes he solid top six for him and he and his brother tie I thought there was a chance on that final restart that they would be Dan obviously the the Bowman thing was a weird block that he shouldn't have thrown after that it just looked like some possible misjudgements misjudgements yes so that's a good way to categorize it hey somewhere on this list I think we're on is this right corey joy joy with a seventh place finish that's awesome right there all right if you Tapered spacer ace somewhat he is fifth-place finish for him as big and he's looking for a ride next year still he's not signed for the thirty four car he might be in the end but winning this thing one of those two and somehow they squandered their opportunity but they still finished top ten both of them but man they should have been up there for the win I think Michael Mcdowell their number five he's currently ride lists for next season where will the musical chairs and Eric All Merola at number four and then you've got the Denny Hamlin at number three who looked like he might have win one foot of the start Finish Line Newman and Blaney and it was the number twelve car up Laney picking up the W let's hear from Ryan from our trouble yesterday something there on that that final lap but it was not to be and where he came from is beyond me because he was in one of those early crashes and kind of laid back there today waited for his time a spinning coming onto pit road leading the race obviously that's something you WanNa forget right I mean you you learn what to do better next time you want to forget about that you know I feel like all the other speedway races this year we've got collected in someone else's mess you know and and none of our doing a lot of guys had that happened to them today it's just the way this get to the bottom and the lead you know runs coming from somewhere and the the eleven had had a great recovery day and was pushing the six pretty hard and very extremely hard and these cars the bumpers don't connect well and the springs are so stiff that it's easy to turn cars to the right and you saw a lot of that I just wanted to know where to go the just a wild race and that comes from people pushing really hard you know literally that's what people got turned from people pushing beat racing goes but today we were we were able to be in our spot to see the wreck happened and miss it which has not been the case this year for us we've always been given at the end of the race and Ryan Blaney we'll talk a air bubbles rex lanes runs and lack of domination has no air bubble to kind of push the leader Fronts mm-hmm well Matt Roush Fenway Racing Car Watch better than anybody anticipated at this point in the season and still made the playoffs that's impressive was very close to advancing to this I'm sure wow how about blaney though I mean he was not taken any of newman stuff going door to door some say he went below the other line but I don't know I around and had he done so and had this run on top of it and possibly win who knows what would have happened with him but what if yeah maybe if that happened and this happened happened today I think that was pretty much every car's getting getting kind of side swiped the rear bumpers but Tom Luckily we were to make it through those and then capitalize on the opportunities Oh yeah I mean that was a pretty pretty gutsy performance by the six car wasn't it I guess but he's still winless he is still win this I will give you that but man he has really I know we let a little bit I didn't really think about that but it wasn't no one dominating this race you know I mean I think you can look back at this whole race and there wasn't anyone with a dominantly to keep drivers from trying to cut each other off going into these turns I get that we've had a lot of safety innovations though since that day and I think we're at the point now where I don't want to say the line and and that was really the difference was the moves that he made with those guys coming on the outside I'm sure you somehow WanNa go back in talk about Ryan Newman I passes there were there probably a lot and you know yeah a little bit more than I like see whether you're just going to have those what people were pushing really hard like they did today but I saw go below the line so I will say that yes so what was I mean why is that different why was that yellow line different well that's a good question I couldn't tell you I'm sure his fan base is Kinda puffing up their chests a little bit because people have been kind of down on their guy for the last couple of years and Ryan Newman's had a pretty good season all five of them are ecstatic one of of spinning to pay road but you know like I told him last night and I'm glad we got that out of the way early and we didn't damage a car in any way and we kind of know what the limits are at that point so Liane they know that he did it's just a deemed it wasn't on purpose they say that he was forced down there by Ryan Newman Y NASCAR will say he was forced down there I didn't really see him get forced down there so I can tell you nascar kind of extra judgment calls whenever they want I don't know I didn't see that myself but you know that's why you don't put judgments into into calls like this because everybody's got a different point of view who knows the I slap but I'm fine with it being gone all the way together there's too many weird judgment calls and it's not consistent and no matter when you see it so you see in the truck series race somebody does ask car was all about the help behind you the runs that you could get where you took your runs this this beaver tough nowadays with the way the cars are now one thing to watch and the finish was pretty epic so you know six closest finish in Nascar since the advent of electric timing and scoring back in ninety three you can't play different lanes you're just trying to push as hard as you can no there's a couple of instances we came up the road I able to just run the bottom and run it pretty decent in who cares already he didn't he didn't he didn't he didn't you're right but if he did it would cool but it wasn't and it isn't so here we are but still awesome run by him and the crew chief Jeremy Bowlen's breaks down break it yeah we knew we had a fast car you know you've worked lead right there so you know as unfortunate what happen we saw them coming but you know just hoping that we can play enough defense and get those separated and Ryan did a great job of kind of those got separated and and getting the run back to get by food and judging forty cars and all the parts and pieces wheels and lug nuts and and pit crew members and and Jackson all that stuff and they are able to handle that no problem but they can't have one computer watching the field to see if somebody goes to the line I mean I don't get it well they know anyone the same thing and then the cup race they do it and one they're penalized one they're not and it just throws out a bunch of question marks from fans like Hey Nascar wanting this guy to win you don't see any domination more it's probably good for the fans right I mean it's you don't have anybody leading one hundred laps of the race it's all mixing up I don't know how many green like us at facebook dot com slash the final lap like us this is the sports to save because it's never too safe but I think we're at a point now where we can relax that yellow line rule especially if it's on the last lap I think we should just throw that thing out out the window especially wasn't that guy to win what's going on here and I think just getting getting rid of the rule would solve that NASCAR has one of the most sophisticated officiating systems on the planet when it comes through he's with the the craziness that happened throughout the whole thing I'm sure it would have been great without as many cars torn up as there were but it was still really in the last couple of APPS here came in Hamlin looking like hamlet or restrictor plate tracks working his way to the front in the end it was Ryan squared couple of Ryan's coming with walk off yeah that's awesome so there you have it just an all guys coming up next on the program and we've got a whole bunch more after that on t. f. l. w. stay tuned there's no reason you know we pretty much recovered from got back tenth by the end of the stage so we knew we had a good car and just put it in behind us and move on well you know we know that once you ace yeah Blaney was last think Larson was last when the round started wasn't he that sounds about right so I mean wow wait a hit Abbas dismal of a season as we've had but yet still be up there in battling for wins every week and you know that they always say I'd rather be lucky chance for drivers to advance so the bottom for drivers after Talladega are Alex Baumann Chase Elliott Clint Boyer and William Byron Yeah and so the two guys who have you can't really ask for much more than that so blaney moves on to the next round of NASCAR's playoffs along with the Kyle Larson who now have wins in this round Kansas is coming up this weekend the last just circumstantial I mean we just found lead a little bit throughout the race and we're shuffled back to the fraud is just kind of the way things are now wow he was talking about in that one I had all kinds of topics breath and that's that's the problem the line rule I don't like it at all I understand why it was instituted two thousand and one Dale Earnhardt was killed last lap five hundred and they had to do something for safety for me yelling at the TV when you're leading I mean it's been so many times this season man I'll tell ya I do appreciate it number one first and foremost but number two decisions and I feel like our team has really done a great job of that and put us in a position to to be successful this season I don't buy into the whole media not being able to cheer for drivers that don't you ah all right so this season has kind of been ups and downs you've had opportunities but you're still kind of in the mix they're probably the hardest part you know to the winds are guys who really needed them to advance those guys that it wasn't looking very good so the fact there there is is very impressive I think Blaney was last wasn't he going into this I made the call might have been a Blaney Fan Oh good for for Blaney though for standing up for himself and not just letting newman push him around I agree I totally agree it was awesome finish it was a great and then having a night in between honesty worse you kinda dwelling on it and same with the heck did I do that I was so dumb and then you know listen a bunch of wrecks today I five and they're like hey man just keep digging right like it's it's going to turn around and when you when you see when you see that when when you know you have the respect your your I thank God for that for that ability every day so even when it's not the way that you wanted to go there's plenty of other race car drivers garage area in the truck series are in the cup series translates it's just a matter of technology changes so rapidly in the sport and our guys you know stuff that worked two weeks ago through go may not even work this week it's it's just crazy apps and just something crazy always seems to come down to the end it keeps us from being able to go to victory lane that's disappointing but on the flip side of this team especially the seventeen but everybody good any day right now I know that sounds like a dumb statement but you know for us this year it seems like when we when we've been on we're on and we have speed and we're able to run a front leader so you can kind of watch over years past and say hey this is going to happen you know X. amount of cautions and lines guys are gonna run and things like that so I think for us it's about it's about really studying Komo sports is rallied so hard everybody works hard you know we can talk about all man the guys work super hard which they do the the amount of hours that they put in season you've been to it some of the tracks before can you take those notes and bring him I know you know it was cooler earlier this year now it's hotter any of that stuff translate over racing all over the country you know whatever whatever series relative series are in that would that would love to be in the position that we've been in you know and I don't take that for granted and and you just keep is incredible but every team works hard it's when you when you're working hard and back's against the wall kind of making those those good decisions right not the not the decision making the are as funny that was actually done months and months and months ago they just was never really a formal announcement and then somebody came hey what's you know hearing rumors what's the deal and we feel like we do a good job of understanding trends of a racetrack you know yes it's hotter but but Las Vegas has some pretty key trends to them not been kind of clone away back to top and trying to get back up there and I think sometimes in my opinion that actually is better because you know the engineering side of it and how aggressive everybody has to be to kind of keep up with it that'll be said I do feel like trends definitely are important like oh no we're we're good so you know for me that's that's the support Renfrewshire and quote that we've had has been unbelievable you know the you know we we've had the helmets paint scheme on this year you know to have those brands on the car as well has been has been great you know we've had a lot of great programs with them as well so th this season his is definitely been a lot of fun representing a lot of great companies just either go to victory lane for all of them definitely now when you're you're were here in the late in the of the regular season how do you find it in yourself to you got to go to the next level now this is the time of year that you have to really perform I think for us it's been interesting because this season we the Unilever brands that we run on our car kind of some weeks you know obviously a bunch of different brands with the swamp man the the Klondike bar paint scheme as an and you're trying to make sure that I I'm a family man as much as I am racecar driver on top of it it it can be a little bit of a challenge but it's actually my next question are you doing home schooling isn't that ritual we gotta we gotta see you in and make sure that we get to get our get our interview that's right look at the schedule where's Carey he he didn't request maybe it'll be in the next next race right exactly we've as I mentioned earlier we we've kind of been behind so much that I feel like we've we've we've dug deep kind of all year there's really not been a weekend where we've is there you know I do feel like now when the seventy won the championship years ago they can't have exploited how important plant in that regard because you kind of know what to throw out what to keep hopefully and and you know sometimes you not always able to get there you still at least kind of know what's going to happen when you go through the grind mark and I have to look stuff up online it's not easy stuff a friend of ours that goes to school she actually sent my wife a a math question and she said okay can you help me decipher final land weekly on the final lap once again is just an Auger welcome back to the program as always is always good to be on it's I I feel like when we come out of the West Coast in you know at the end of the day you you you you push yourself as hard as you can bush and and whatever happens from that happens on twitter you're all set for twenty twenty yeah going to be back jared seventy racist studying the video watching onboard cameras You know looking through our notes what do we you know we know the balance we fought in the spring and we got to go and do a better job of make sure that we we don't fight that same balances this this weekend coming up so you know I think he's just circumstantial for sure but I think just being veteran in in in having some experience you're definitely helps yeah well she seems to really like it so you know it's it's going to be a work in progress we're going to have to you know make sure we stay up on it home schooling is not easy I tell people that all the time I give a lot of credits and you know when when other teams feel sorry for you then things have happened the way they have you know that that's a great thing when it's frustrating to know that he just can't I can't see no I feel like that's been the hardest part you know even even crew members on other teams that that were battling with for championship have come over and they they put their arm around you or come up with a big challenge but you know my daughter has done a fantastic job with my wife's Advantis job with it and we just gotTa keep going to keep the ball rolling for sure I look at my first graders we homeschool Wednesday Friday which for our schedule is fantastic you know we're able to travel you know my wife's able to to do home schooling we're on the road one way or the track my daughter seems really adapt who on the summer months and you're like hey we can just we can just push ourselves a little bit here but not all the way you get to the playoffs and you're like okay I gotta go back to one hundred percent sometimes hundred percents points were in so I feel like every team now has kind of adopted that we've run as hard as you can run all summer long too long stretch without off weekends and so I feel like a that's awesome I have a feeling we're GONNA get there very soon I'm not looking for those days but on the flip side of a mouse really smart so you know I think that she's definitely Get out money that black cloud but like I said I got a great team by me I'm blessed where I love to do you know I get up every morning and and I get to go drive race cars for a living so smartest effort that I've ever made in my life but in January I'm GonNa do half Marathon Disney you know for me it's been it's been fun I I did I did gold we're actually doing a joint effort so we have a Christian school that's not far from my house that they go three days a week at school I go Monday Tuesday Thursday and then then so it was it was good to know though and you as my daughter's brought homework home she's in kindergarten so you know the the homework obviously isn't quite as advanced yet but it's still pretty crazy for you know what they're learning seven hundred challenge As far as working out and and to be honest with you when I started the challenge I had no want to do any physical activity at all and when it all was said and done I was really happy with number one teaching staff in the United States you know whether that's public school private school home schooling it doesn't it doesn't matter but especially to with adding travel into it it it it it's GonNa be of this because I I don't understand it and I think her little boy is in second grade and It was quite the I I I is this one of those like impossible floor especially they're running out of things I really have enjoyed that I've always been a cyclist so getting back on the bike a lot more and do more cycling his been fantastic you know she's been trying to make sure that she she does the best she can I hear you're quite the wake border out there on the lake I do a lot of weeks I try to at least it's fawn background we ran eight hundred nine hundred a year so I feel like managing that is is is easier but it's still it's still a challenge especially when you know my daughter's school now at ashamed I am but he's got the people that they do know the answer you know and and so I think I think for me it's been great I avenue to be able to help the challenge Jimmy's a guy that I can pick up the phone and to hey what do I need to do different and if he doesn't know the answer because obviously he's he's a machines and we t. f. l. w. Anya found a place where we talk about all things Nascar my name's Kerry Murphy I'm a longtime NASCAR media member and syndicated radio host of all things the final APP has a Hendrick motorsports their training staff has been a great advocate of mind to be able to try to help Josh Lake Cook that are both I'm not great at it but you know with with the travel that we do and the rigorous schedule that we have it's nice sometimes to just relax and in kind of you know get out of the water you know when we get these play offs you know being able to Maine that is a big deal and I and I think sometimes that you know you have drivers that are really good at managing it some aren't you know my and just be out there and kind of relax do nothing makes it fun the opposite of relaxing I hear you're training for a half marathon I am had I'm not sure that that was shins that to solve or is this a legit question him I think they're actually being norman in this normal questions okay well I wouldn't have gone in great shape that have both done you know Armand's in triathlons and and so I've been asking them a lot of questions and I feel like sometimes you you got to rely on the people that are around you Komo weather results but number two just it's sparked something in me and kind of gave me a passion for some other some other avenues you know that that I'm kind of able to at that young age is pre it's pretty impressive there's been times I put a question mark on my kids a homework and just said parents don't get this either don't know the answer of sorry from any tips from Jimmy no Jimmy Jimmy is a great a great guy watch I mean you know and and the thing that all about Jimmy is if I have a question or if I have it it's been fun to land you guys are making a lot easier for US media folks on on how to prove that you guys truly are athletes because you guys are now why I'm still not to the point where really you know Kinda help moving forward and for me this has been this has been a community it's been a village it needs definitely been a a one person show it's it's been a village to kind of get me to where I'm at fifty one career starts toby I tip the cap to you you called it I did so I think this was cabinet Rainier I think a lot of people saw this coming moving to the seventeen announced a few weeks back stenhouse in case you're wondering or have been living in a cave is a two-time xfinity series champion and two cup series wins under his belt in two hundred balances for me I've never been a big lake person so legs and knees and ankles I went through some some pretty good pain in this process of trying to get myself into running we're looking at one sixty one seventy heart rate in the car averaged for three hours four hours but it's different when you when you moving different muscle groups and you're trying to trying to find those and Yeah so sorry about that Kerry that's right I'm just here waiting waiting we could have been done by now I agree we could've been eating everything could have been fine as to deal with jt hall hardy racing to drive their number thirty seven machine essentially them along without fenway or basically swapping drivers with Chris Butcher pretty good about that I remember the day when I couldn't even run a eight thirty mile in one mile When I started this challenge literally when I started John I couldn't run more than a mile thank you as always like us at facebook dot com slash they'll final lap final lap weekly is back here's your host carry Murphy and Toby Christie just Tom Daniel hammered being released from our CR kind of maybe we'll think maybe he was going to j t g doherty but it was pretty obvious long was going to be stenhouse I mean is he added appreciate it yeah sorry depending on when you're listening to this I was in the break they're working on getting a live stream of Anthony Alfredo posted to my website a couple of guys talking racing CFL w Sonya found the place where we talk about all things NASCAR names carry Mercury Longtime Nascar media member and syndicated radio host of all things the final laps co host is right there Toby Christie Nascar editor from the final half dot com and social media director from all things at the final lap as well as his own we've been having a great time I mean the problem is now mentally done and so I think you're already that before the show started so I think we're okay all right yeah you know to win them the under his belt like you said he's been a pretty competitive driver and equipment that's been kind of considered subpar so he he has an opportunity who the better driver really is now there's no hiding it at this point I guess not yeah all things being equal yeah for sure so you can definitely get both their comparisons of how they ran here and how they're in there and oh yes so hopefully we can make a few few appearances before the summer runs out what you're going to be kind of busy going for that championship so best of luck throughout the rest of the season and good luck this weekend but it's been a lot of fun it's been great it's been great to to learn it and feel like I'm definitely getting stronger at it so that's all that really matters whilst question be that hey news of the week so we got another piece of the puzzle that has been put into place as far as silly season goes ricky stenhouse junior for one year just to review it again when the new cars come out the next season south now yeah that is now what about this whole Boyer Stewart Haas thing it's not officially official but wasn't padres on the air I left the house and in kind of a mock half marathon running around and Iran about eight eight just under forty pays for for thirteen point one mile so I'm at about a nine and a half ten minute pace and not be winded and and you know but it is totally different than being in the car hurry in the car is so high I'm you know does end so you know you would imagine the you'd WanNa driver Little Heftier if he's pushing Bacon for you to believe it you know like Ryan Newman would be a perfect insight there and he's busier there then even on the show he's he's not even paying attention to what he's doing here somehow the words are coming out correctly though so I'm going to let it slide Toby Christie Dot com retract plans in the off season? Yeah we're going to again we'll do you Florida in January for the modified Dirk are nationals doesn't happen You'd imagine Cole custer would be in the forty one car next season imagine then you've got the thirty eight car that David Ragan is leaving to retire and so that's open and of course thirty four car might be open as well as McDowell's not resigned yet so it looks like front row motorsports could have some turnover there and that's you know a lot of things that is a lot of things to consider not many rides left now no the silly season Domino's are falling pretty quick here so the only things really loud racetrack not covered with somebody's name on it in Rochester says he took a different approach towards getting noticed in Nascar while I was really help elevate jt g doherty ratings equipment. Although Chris Bushy obviously has been doing a great job as well so it'll be interesting now so these popping cars will really get a really good sense of announced a Suarez kind of weight and things there which I'm hearing there could be something very soon about that as well all Merola has got that Bacon thing down man does he. He plugged that he does auto racing car open at this point not signed which was funny earlier in the season looks like we're going to three out of the cars have new drivers next season because it wasn't for whenever I I drove up the shop that with Chris Rice their colleague racing's president and we talked through everything Chris and I have a bit of a of a path oh bacon it sounds pretty good it does yeah he's he's a good pitch man I think hey over the extended series we've got to Ross chastain announcing that he's GonNa Drive fulltime for colleague racing in two thousand twenty honestly and that's honestly made it even better now that we get to work together that were were racers and and so to merge all that together with Matt colleagues become buddies with but you know he's somebody that just came in after me and was within an xfinity car winning races even though we went head to head at Phoenix Kalusha I I'm trying to get some more racing before the end of the year go on the federal auto parts modified that we've got but haven't quite gone and there's also been rumors about correlate joined the car but all that was tied to them doing a technical alliance with Stewart Haas racing which has been kinda nixed since they don't really want to buy all the upgraded looks like Clinton is in the fourteen car for next season for Stewart Haas racing and Yeah so that that should be done deal and like I said that just leaves the one it wasn't a whole lot of right things to look at you know really really late and go and get ready for the twenty nineteen season so we started from from that moment and that'll be for full-time so obviously for the xfinity series championship let's hear from us the yes it will be in the Denver ten car next year taking colleague racing join Injustice Haley after are the forty one car that Daniels warez has still not been resigned in he's saying he's close the team saying that he still has some sponsorship to iron out and in fact no the interviews don't get old no they don't unless they signed a deal between them and then well okay but I tend to not you know it was last week yeah our guest from last week there you go yeah so go ahead we didn't mention winning go ahead and yeah go ahead and listen to that back again because some all right so we got Kansas speedway on taffer this weekend more than that it is an elimination race with four drivers losing their championship hopes going up in smoke as soon as that checkered flag falls the bottom four like we mentioned at Talladega Alex Bowman Chase Elliott Clint Boyer and William Shen is an agricultural company you know and they they WanNa we wanted to sell more produce want people to buy more produce and live a healthier life you know just coming in I wasn't on the path of of some other guys there's no no hiding it right Toyota Line of Defense on it yeah Pakuris has already announced he's got sources saying it's done deal which that's good enough for me and fifth packers is reporting it I'm down with that too so trunk that could be in a nascar but I was working on the business side even harder where most people only knew that I was the watermelon guy they didn't really know my name or who I was Erin Joy Llegado and Brad Kazlauskas not exactly safe either though they are eighteen and sixteen points just inside the top eight yeah which all it would take is one really as the second fulltime driver it was pretty apparent to me pretty early on this year that this is somewhere that you could have a home at they took me in whenever stage and when really bad stage by one of those guys outside and one of those guys inside and that would really change things up pretty quickly and that's how you can get a really quick I all day long in Kansas and this could lead to somebody making a mistake as well which would be pretty fun an interesting the pressure is on it is this is what it's all about man you've raised all I'm working on you know every day more more partners and building those relationships with people to vote you know fill out our season we don't want this ten car bacon salesman when she does with his Oscar Mayer stuff but for whatever reason I still feel as genuine with Eric hourly I feel like he really loves Bacon and when he mentions it I'm like me and you know what I want the good ones make it you know you look at Air Joel came in a little bit after me and blue by me and his rise to the top is somebody that I've got the no now and and art you had a pretty quick landing though so he was backing wheels pretty quick they did it was pretty interesting that was one of the weirder flips I've ever seen it didn't land on anybody and impressively eh just kept going it was fine yep so Kansas this weekend is bad fast in the top ten fastest race tracks I'm not sure what that stat even means because there's not too many racetracks to begin with I mean there's twenty two or three right so you're in the top half the top half of fast racetracks exactly drivers those gone I showed that to my son he's like it looks like a toy and it really does when they flip and fly like that you don't expect something that heavy to be flying here well and about the other than I was the watermelon farmer and that was because we worked so hard on the PR in the business is to make people remember me for something different and I I I could not be Sadder Cup race two hundred sixty seven laps four hundred miles stages weigh in at eighty one sixty and to sixty seven last year's winner chase Elliott I don't and there you go Mr Watermelon there is the watermelon man it's pretty awesome our guest from a couple of weeks back I think it was and it is or maybe it was last week I think it was sure Eric I'm role is GONNA be back it wasn't for sure boy an indefinite wasn't sure about Suarez right now to those three have been reassigned to it looks like as long as the boyer deal is ago and my son asked when it's flying they control it I'm like no it's not plain just hoping that when you took off it was pointed in the direction they were something's not going to her think I don't remember I don't think that's that's not right Oh do they mow it yeah I think I don't think big we'll go with it they do they have to dodge it season-long it comes down to this I know there's still a long way to go in these playoffs but for these guys this is where their playoffs can either continue or end as there's a lot of pressure on the line I have to dodge rows and rows of wheat and corn growing on the track in between the cracks and stuff it makes for interesting racing it's every year it's it's the nutrient solution that's everything made sense so we've been working on getting this together for a while now thank everybody for their patients in announcing we wanted to do with the Kansas actually it should be like drivers dodging corn at Kansas. Yeah with a K. Corner with a K. right exactly we begin with Ryan Blaney who has three top-five shoplifting of spots inside the the cutoff there or if somebody wins from the bottom for definitely that happens that's a game changer that's an automatic berth into the into the playoffs way WanNa do it you know above board and I WANNA thank everybody for that you know getting our our first win together this year with big nuture neck solutions being on the car for twenty three races Jimmy Johnson he's got three wins nine top fives eighteen top tens three polls and his average finish is altman is set a set plan and and he comes from those guys come from the midgets and then they come into trucks and and straight up to the affinity and cup cars in two thousand thirteen and and he deeply on a late run to the finish I guess it's the beginning of my stuff went out and make like I was trying to be in the most dependent that's true yeah that's true so it's one and a half miles in length banking up to twenty degrees front stretch twenty six eighty five feet backstretch twenty two zero seven so not equidistant check out all of the corn dodging action Kansas speedway Sunday two thirty PM EASTERN ON NBC being being being Drivers Doing Dandy at the winner earlier this year was Bratkowski so he needs to get it done there's two guys right there that both need to get it done so this could be big for either one of them if they can repeat those performances oh I mean if you're Llegado Anka's allows you guys wins money y'all are going to be out and if one of these other guys has a really good couple stages you're in a pressure pack situation for the last one driver added bonus driver again we gotta do the bonus driver because you know we if we do the top five all the time it gets kind of boring so this week's bonus driver is I love and I thrive on the fact that people might not know my name but they know watermelon on the watermelon farmer and I mean there's no hiding it nutrient actually holds I don't have a time line I personally know that I would like every day that I can before I'm I need to me higher in every category at this track than any of the top five in championship points his average finishes ten point three so that's why he is this week's bonus driver Ryan of course it's flying fast and furious at this point yeah Jimmy Johnson recently why you give me one of the best drivers in the sport but I'm sure there's probably reason one win six five ten top tens and average finish of sixteen point nine well it's because we have a super special bonus so he does have more wins more top more better average fish all those things are better than everybody we just mentioned that's impressive and now it's time for a Jimmy Johnson Ball you've asked too many timely questions right now like man you're everything your your lead US merge for his team of it I'd never leave here there on the ally bank inking a long term contract with the forty eight car very very excited that ally has signed this extension with Hendrick right now too so this is a very important race they're not gonna be able to lay back waiting for something to happen like a lot of guys we're doing at Talladega you're going to be up in the mix you're going to be trying to be the top we'll usually start in the spring of the year the contract would end so based on past experience I would say that probably spring next year is here's here's two wins this race track eight top five nine top tens two poles and average finish fourteen point two and you can take the next one to Kyle Busch I don't know five ten pounds a poll and an average finish of fifteen dot one how about Kyle Larson the winter a couple of weeks ago Dover he has three top fives five top tens and average of sixteen point six have Denny Hamlin who's going to win six top five seven top tens at an average finish of fifteen point seven how about Martin Church junior he's the guy who has been kind of dominant on mile and a half tracks over the last three years any time I've been there and done like a road course it helps with with a more elevation kind of things and stuff like that the decision a lot of things to look out with the Gen seven car coming the way our team's performing and what we're building helps helps me out so yeah it's I don't know we should be good hopefully you never really know what to expect to get there is like us at facebook dot com slash final lap final lap weekly getting you ready for this weekend's race my name Kerry Murphy his name but it's tough for still chevy still when Pratt Miller still developing it and trying to make it better more realistic so it's not where it needs to hey real quick friend of the show Brendan Gone did you see him fly through the air last week man I was so bummed because he had just taken the lead it was like Whoa God and then there but I love Florida see this is how we make it up to Justin Kapuscinski for not mentioning the calar someone a couple of weeks ago Dover when he did we continue with Ford

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