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This is Seth Payne. I played a long time in the NFL. And now, I talk about it three times a week on the deceptively fast podcast. I bring you the biggest football stories in a light hearted, but in-depth manner, but also the world of health and fitness and a bunch of interviews with successful people from all walks of life. You're going to hear from current players and coaches as well as my former teammates and experts from the national media subscribed today. It's the deceptively fast podcast on radio dot com. Why three investors Bank studio? Cobra sizing rightey dotty Wilmer and geo on the fan and simulcast cross the country on CBS sports network. Good Tuesday morning. The New York Yankees continued to deal with bad injury news now Giancarlo Stanton on the injured list and more seriously Miguel and do our aid torn or slightly torn labor room in his right shoulder that could still require surgery. A could still have miss an extended period of time in clinic out for the rest of the year. The Mets another nice night for them. And then I signed for Pete Alonzo that guy continues to be a story all things are good in their world for now. Good morning, boomer. Our you. A good a lot better than the Antes are doing. That's the sure and it is a it's big stories ban. I mean, this is both Stanton. And and a warriors or maybe dumper for the sooner that you said, and I just it's like the worst of all possible scenarios the aggies. And when you take a look at their injury list, you see what looks to be like an all star team right now sitting on the sideline and to harbor Tanzaia's while ellsbury, regardless Hicks Montgomery, don't forget about him right now. The Luis Severino Stanton. Now. Ouch. Jean Carlos Stanton. Jarl? I know and I'm gonna start. But I'm just saying that that is just I mean that is like the worst news the Yankee Bank wake up to this morning. I may just it's just awful news. And you know, by the way, I'd love the way that. What's an Aaron judge is reacting told us, he's just matter of fact aid next man up. Let's go has got the Bill bell. Check thing going on right now. He is he's steady. He's got to be the leader. And he's got to be the guy that sets the tone, and then the guy's like Gardner and Sanchez go yard yesterday. They beat a bad team her mom gives him a pretty good outing as those Stephen Matt's for the New York batch and Peter Lonzo hits four hundred forty four foot bombed down the right out in the deepest parka part of the field down there. So yesterday while you had some bad news for the keys. They still won the Mets won and way we go. I the Anki fan I feel bad because your team is falling apart in front of your eyes for the Mets fan me. I'm very happy because somebody is finally living up all the expectations that we've had for. Let's hold on a second. And we were talking about a couple of games which have been great by living off to all the expectations after after game one again. Sure Zor, and he looked like he was a little bit in over his great, right? And it gets his first at late in that game. I remember we had a call. Our forget who it was said that that maybe that last hit in that opening day gave him a little bit of confidence that he needed. And then, of course, Brodie van wagon and had a conversation with him after game one about putting the barrel on the ball. And that's always been doing since. Then he's been raking in that home run yesterday. Man that thing jumped off his bat. I mean, it was like a batting practice homerun. Yeah. He doesn't seem like a guy who's going to completely fall off the stuff that you've seen from him. How hard he hits the ball. Wary hits the ball that stuff seems sustainable, but you know, I can't be fooled in a couple of games to think that he's going to be a mainstay forever. I'm really really happy with what I've seen. But you've got Mickey Callaway going. He's really freaking K. Can I say, and I just enjoy the? Moment, man. There's that. Enjoy the moment you have to kill the moment. 'cause you say finally living up to expectations. I can't say it yet every single met Ben every single met Ben out there that could hear me and hear my voice knows exactly what I'm talking about. We finally got a guy that is living up to the promise that he was supposed to deliver. Now, I don't care about stupid nicknames. I don't care about polar bears want care about pallbearers sensitive. All right. I've been called a polar bear myself at times. But I'm just saying I just I'm happy that this kid hit this home run last night when he hit it. And how far he hit it. And it just kind of adds a little bit too. I'm not oversee about saying he's gonna be the MVP the NFL. You said Glen living up to expectations. You can't say this. And I finally got a guy not meaning him specifically. But I finally got a guy is living up to the expectations that we had from. That's why we wanted to see him last year. Yeah. I went insane. And I wanted to see him. That's fair to hits a bomb last night. And we wanna game right. I'm happy. I feel good about it. And I'm not gonna let you take me down. I'm not trying to take you down about feeling good about the game. It was just the one statement of. This guy's finally living up to expectations. I've made this reference a couple of times last I r- DRAM Zayas, we fought all h high. Now, let me finish comparing him to Adrian. I'll tell you why. Because I thought that Adrian Gonzales going to be total mess he came out in the first week or so and look like he could still hit again. And then fell completely off. I'm just saying that in a samples out of a couple of games. Whether you're a young player an old player. You can't make the termination on them. After a couple of games you want to tell me the all star break he's finally given up to expectations fine. You could say that he's been great so far in every at bat for Mets fans with pita. Lonzo is absolutely a must watch Scituate. Are you taking the joy out of my life? Doing what you're doing? I bring on in temporary anything let me enjoy it. Okay. And I want to enjoy it. I want to be happy about it. I want to feel good about it. Right. And I do this morning. And you're not going to take me down. I say new Yankee fan, I know so impacted by these injuries and all the news and everything around the Yankees that you're not going to allow me to enjoy something that for me. Anyway is been a long time coming. I'm sorry. You know, we've had caz matches octa whatever the hell is Matt sui. Whatever the hell has Zooey. We've had by the way homered in his first at bat. But did he live up to your expectations after that? Nope. Don't you? Remember when we signed him. It was like oh my own. We've got the next great guy on any homered in his first day back Ray as they could up. The great starts when they were young men. That's why they got the contract extensions. They got and all that other stuff. We've had Matt Harvey that dark night. We've had no Syndergaard come in looking like he's pumping iron. You know? I I got a guy that. No comes in has a little bit of juice behind him. And you want to just absolutely take that happiness and what I saw last night away. That's that's not what I reacting in the moment. You know that? That's that's not in the moment. I and I believe that. I saw something last night that I haven't seen in a while. It's all yeah. And he is he has been great so far. And as I've said that I believe that what we're seeing from him is going to be sustainable. I just can't say that he's finally living up to expectations. But really the stories have the Yankees are going to deal with these injuries and how serious Miguel and do is because it was so far the Yankees have dealt with a lot of stuff. But there hasn't been that really really bad one yet. The Severino stuff, of course, could be really bad hasn't been you have DD Gregoire's been out for a while. We knew that already just minor things that are here there that that's a, but we knew that already. I know, but he'll be back. But we knew that one read all the stuff to a Lewinsky, right and the, but right? But we knew that already all the stuff that's happening. The spring has been minor stuff. Just been adding up. So I just wanted assign Machado I told joss tough. Yeah. I knew you know, we're going to hear that from callers want to hear that. Right. And these things happen in sport injury. It's not like, you know, if begin into our went out and had a healthy season. And had like a Gary Sanchez your last year where he's sitting under two hundred guys a mess. Then you could say, yeah, we should assign Manny Machado and trade to Miguel and do our because the guy got hurt. You cannot say that nobody has any idea the guys dive and back into third. He ends up tearing his labor them minorly as they're saying right now, but he ends up doing that that that of the thing you cannot predict. So to me if anybody calls up and says, Manny Machado was the way that they should have gone because look what happened. We had. No, I I'm just not enough that I'm just saying like you have to guys Stanton and who are have injuries in dopey fashion. Right. I mean, one dive and back in third the one swinging, you know, and it's unfortunate. But you know, injuries report a sportsman. I just I just like Erin Judd's maturity about the whole thing. Just matter of fact, you know, next man up. Let's go at it is time for other guys to pick it up to. That's right. That's exactly right. Well, the find really interesting the two guys that get cold up after these injuries or two guys who have wanted opportunities and had not complained in a sense, but have been outspoken about not being able to have that opportunities and Clint Frazier and Tyler Wade now Clinton Frazier's a guy who's dealt with many injuries. But he's been frustrated by all sorts of reasons that he hasn't been here. Now, he's gonna get his shot. And then Tyler Wade, we just heard him a couple of weeks ago after the acquisition of Mike Tuchman that he's going down, and he wasn't satisfactory to the Yankees and how that pissed him off. And he was vocal about it. Well, now, you're back. And now you got another opportunity. I don't love the fact that the Yankees have to count on Troy to Lewinsky as much now count on some of these guys as much now. But Aaron judge is still there you see Gary Sanchez at another home run yesterday. There's enough. There to piece it together. If the pitching keeps it together and Domingo Mon was great last night. So there's enough there. It's just that losing and do hard. Then you re. We can't freak out about a season long injury right now. But if it ends up being season law, you got you got to start thinking like that. If you're the Yankees, and how the hell you doing? This is why you signed DJ LeMay too as well. Right. You're to be part of this. Yeah. This is going to be a big part of it. He's gonna have a huge opportunity here. And like, I said, you know, just go out and just do your job take care of your business and don't worry about anything else and good that they're planning to Detroit Tigers right down because the team that they should beat their better team than even with the injuries. So I I don't know what to tell you than it's just sportsman. It is what it is. And you got to hope that these young kids come up, and they take advantage of their opportunities. It's pretty it's pretty simple. Yeah. It is amazing though it every year here this stuff. So, you know, the Yankees sign LeMay Hewitt's, well, where's he going to play this go crowded infield already? And then all of a sudden this God's gonna end up being an everyday player for him. Tyler wait. Oh, they're sending me down. I don't know. What to do? I thought I did enough. And then it's just a couple of days later, the guys up, but he's basically going to be the guy who have. To Lewinsky needs a day off for Troy Lewinsky's is someone who is struggling that's going to be Tyler wage jobs. So every single year you deal. There's too many starters. What do we do about the goes down? Luis severino. Goes it's the Yankees right now are that team that has run into a whole hell of a lot of bad luck early on and lucky that it's early on. And hopefully is not a bunch of season ending stuff in there in much rather have to deal with this stuff in April than if you're sitting in August-September wonder, if you're going to get Aaron Darren judge back enough time for the postseason like he did last year on today's eight Tanaka Tuesday, by the way, it is. It is he's back on the hill and her mom gave you a good solid five innings last night. The question is do we see Joe Gonzales or do? We see GIO Gonzalez anytime soon. Again, you know, they are mixing and matching. And I'm sure the analytics department over there Yankee stadium's working overtime. And they're trying to find other guys out there that may may fit this team. I mean, depending on what the injury situation looks like long-term, but short term, it's just, you know, head down to your job and win behind Tanaka tonight. You're a so that's that's that's job one right there. And that's all that's about as simple as it gets. And that's all the guys in uniform can be thinking about they can't be thinking about losing their teammates or any of this other stuff. They just got to think about going out and doing their jobs and keeping their heads down. Now. I remember we heard the Severino stuff at the rotator cuff, you thought that that was really bad news that he was dealing with anything like that. When you hear any sort of terror in a labor them for a guy in his throwing shoulder that can't be sounding anything. Good like anything. Good depends on how significant the terrorism whether or not they think that rest and rehab will rehabilitate it, you know, the other thing too is it's not just throwing it's also swinging at the everything you do with your shoulder is just. Basically, you know, just it's so frustrating for the player, you know, especially into her a young kid who's got an opportunity of a lifetime here pionk for the keys, and now all of a sudden this happens, and you just if you're Yankee fan what you're hoping is a month. Maybe you can get through a month without him, and he has no surgery, and it's just rehab and rest, and we'll will love picks itself. But it depends how bad the terrorists the terrorists significant then they're going to have to go in and they're going to have to surgically repair. It. Forget it these dumb. He's done for the year. Yeah. Just sucks. The guys is good as he was last year. Someone who was right there rookie of the year coming back high expectations dive and back into a bag. It's just it's terrible. Luck happens. They every team. But it's terrible luck. I'm sure that Al is going to have to deal with at least, I don't know twenty to thirty phone calls of people have torn their labor games. They're going to call up. You might even have one on the line right now ready to go telling us about the rehab process, and how long it will take guys who have torn it gotten surge. Gery guys who toured who did not get surgery guys who tore LeBron's in their other shoulder can't really speak to what it's like to be in. There throwing shoulder. So prepare yourself for that. Because there's no doubt that you're going to have all the labor dares will become an underground today. Just like when Joe beningo had a hip replacement every man in the tri-city area there hip replacement. Gold up Joe and told them how long it took him to get back on the golf course that will be. But at least that makes more sense because none of those colors professional athletes with the best care in the world. The was the David Wright injury. Everyone had that stenosis, spinal stenosis. Yes. Yeah. That's. He's a guy. He's one of the guys at spinal stenosis as well. Oh my goodness. Yeah. So mask you. This question why you're sending by your microphone doing nothing because you're not answering phone the phones right now when you were watching pita Lonzo last night. Did you have the same feeling that I had like, wow, we finally got something here? I had the more cautious feeling that GIO had to so nervous. Always the beginning of the year by last night. You mean this morning at his desk? That's right. That's what I watched everything. Well, that's all right, right. Whatever is fresh mind. Yeah. Because obviously, we're sleeping. You did not say it. But you knew the answer coming in this morning that they did win. I did. Yeah. All accounts. Mickey Callaway would have been roasted this morning had Ahmed resort. Yo hit into a double play after he asks wall. The Gars the bunt twice. I believe he asked him to bunt twice to run our, right? So then he gets hit by a pitch. And it was really a break for the Mets that he gets the first base Nimmo strikes out. You don't ask them the bunt? And now all of a sudden here comes Rosario if hits. And a double play. I know this morning people can be killing Mickey Callaway. Yeah. Without a doubt that young man came through last night. So it was good. So it took us manager off the hook and then Alonzo hits bomb, right? And then when working self into a little jam, and then decides that he wants to show up and then strikes three guys out in a row. So it's amazing. How that works closer needs a closer situation. Sometimes I so. A non save situation. I'll just load the bases up for elevate. Just to have some fun, and then blow all these guys away in the first strikeout, by the way that pitched it he'd swinging swinging amiss in the first one that was way out of the zone guy. Could've walked a run could've come in. And the whole wheels gonna come off. So he got bailed out this department said the jets mcmeel should play last night. Yeah. That's another part of this right in this guy is every single night for the time being he needs to be in the lineup until proven otherwise pretty good idea. Why Davis was traded by the Astros JD? Davis yet see him at third basis does a little bit of funky going on there. Just a little bit. It's the morning show with Boomer Esiason and Gregg giannotti, boomer and geo will get to a seal Dane, just a second every time. I see the Mets play the Marlins down there in Miami. I think about what a terrible investment it was for that. Jeeter group to go in on that team. Then building dark weird even now they're trying to change. Change it because they moved the sculpture outside. So that's not in there any longer. They changed the logo and try to put a lipstick on a pig. Whatever the phrase cheats, terrible juiston, bad, bad investment. There's nothing you can do now even so let's say turn to the Houston Astros, tear it down. Nobody's paying attention. All of a sudden build up and win a championship. You've been people show up there for a little bit. Okay. Fine. It's below average. It is it is below average. But it is a it's just. Last night. Oh my God. He's going to say six, but the announced and what the actual attendance was I gave it the attendance numbers from three of their four games against the Rockies embarrassing. I thought at least, you know, with the Mets in town and Alonzo and everything else that maybe they would gain, you know, a little bit more momentum. And have maybe about fifteen thousand now seem like six to me sitting six or seven. Yeah. Sixty four eighty nine. Yeah. Lot of their five games. So while terrible. I mean, I know what they're trying to do. And they're going to try to build the thing up and have a consistent winner there with the rules of baseball these days and young controllable players, but they have to be losing so much money for what they spent the by that team. I don't know. Hey, rose, very very low. So bought the team for. Yeah. I understand that. But they're also making their money back on national TV markets and all the national. They're all part of the revenue sharing revenue sharing and all that other stuff. So it was one point two billion. They bought that team over a billion dollars for data while the stadium came with it. I I'm sure that they have concerts there and other other events there. Yeah. I guess I don't know doesn't see my pro sports. The me when I watched the Mets play down there. I don't care just win. I don't care what it looks like just win the game. That's all I care about see low is here with it update. What are you gonna see low? Brought to you by laborers, local seven three one field of power and the Yankees right now on the power of the injury bug here in the first week of April two more key names to the I L before last night's game against the Tigers even began Giancarlo Stanton. The grade one vice sept- strain suffered on what Aaron Boone called a funky. Swing in Sunday's lost. The Orioles shut down for ten days. They hope to have him back by the end of this month ago, and do our small labor them tear in his right shoulder. Also suffered Sunday diving back into third base far more concerned with him. They'll treat it conservatively for a couple of weeks. See how he responds but season ending surgery is a possibility Boone, obviously, hoping they can avoid that his physical test with the doctor is actually really good. So there is some optimism that if treated conservatively he can respond income back and play those tests showed some strength in the shoulder. Meantime, Clint Frazier and Tyler Wade both recalled from Scranton where they had just arrived for the start of the AAA season. Wait, actually, took an Uber from Scranton. And he told the driver to floor. It. He arrived at the stadium and the seventh inning to see the Yanks finish off the Tigers three two one, including a web gem in the ovi- knows to one swung on and law into right field. A diving catch is made by judge throws the second. Aaron judge saved a Basit, and at least the bases loaded. No one out John, sterling. That was his left worst tackling. Might get over that risks man and don't get up hold in your hand. But you guys a stuntman is that's a leader right there GIO. Yeah. I know he is you could be like done on our softball team. If you wanna be well, this is my -tunities this year. I don't want to be like judge. I guess where does that leave you? Well, I'm a pitcher. So I'm more like Jake degrom. That's what I am near five minute. I should've Jake degrom. I am. But because I'm managing and pitching at the same. That's what I mean. You're the year the mixture ever last year. Didn't you think? I'll at least I thought it was a great job. Thanks, you more. Like, I remember the reliever on the Braves in the seventies. Alhough brow? Sqi the mad Hungarian. Yes. You're like that guy like the med. Like, the med Garin. Oh, yeah. What does that mean? I don't know how to take your your yelling at everyone when you get on the mound. You're that. You're edible. Norwegian norwegian. I like that better. I do like that better when you brush guys back and slow pitch softball. Thank you quick pitch pitch to get. Well, I'm trying to keep them off balance. Because I know you guys are not ready kind of keep that taste of movements which China do, of course, an hour. I'll tell you what rob Manfred loved me when I play with the before you're going to meet team because I keep lying because they always beat us is that why that we beat them the show those though. Yeah. Was one game last game. Yeah. I played like garbage. Oh, that's right. You suck that took it home with me. I was miserable. The whole we were competitive for the first time. Yeah, we should have one. That's the problem. It sucks. It was the last one to because it's bad taste. We gotta wait till what late July or. I gotta tell ya, Jerry, Jerry. You didn't get this over the man. That's what I'm talking about. Juries buddy. Honey badger had a terrible season. He had a horrendous. CJ was a little down funnier. And he may be a stand up comedian. But he has gained was terrible crash at Honey badger. He's he's an all or nothing guy. He's looking at trying to take people out in the outfield even afraid of about. Saying something for sure anyway at amount of worked out of further. Trouble there in the eighth at home runs for Gary Sanchez and Brett Gardner aroldis. Chapman saved it for Domingo's. Vermont. You've got the start after all no opener and he delivered five innings of one hit seven strikeout ball. Here's Bouma credit to Mingo for going out. There wasn't perfect by any means with some of the walks, obviously. But he gave us while we needed free passes, but still only needed seventy nine pitches across the five frames judge with that diving catch and right field. He's sees these injuries mounting early in the season is what it is got a power through the biggest thing when you go well machine everyone's doing their part, and you know, doing their job, you know, we're gonna be pretty well. So that's all we need to step up and just just a little that's a leader GIO. I'll tell you handle it rocking the beats and the Panthers usually no panic on whatsoever. Thanks, two and two. They said Masahiro Tanaka to the mount tonight opposed by Jordan Zimmermann pregame on the fan again in early one at five fifty five in Miami. Big ninth-inning rally sent the Mets pass the Marlins the second. Writer to the belt is first pitch Alonzo, crushes one of the air deep to right center. This is career. Or do a three run Homer at a right center field. We rose base. About that. Ceelo is he gets keep the ball. 'cause there's nobody there to get it. That's right. He added after the game after the game put it in a lock box baby. Let's go under and forty four feet opposite field. Just after Edwards REO snap. Two three three times with an opposite field. RBI single Edwin has loaded the bases with no one out in the ninth. But struck out the side nail down seven to three victory. Mickey Calloway fired up about that ninth-inning rally. Pinch it go. The other way against the shift. Rosie come up go the other way, they're shifting Pete. And he tries to stay through the ball. And he hits a bomb to center because the Roach chili Davis affect it is it's exactly what is this. What they've been talking about all spring God, baby. And now can they just keep doing it? That's all. Yeah. I mean it scoring runs like this. I mean, I'd be shocked. If this continues to go again, I would. Yes questions. Unbelievable. Negative. I mean, they were eleven one lend. Yeah. I gotta get through company didn't have to out hits during the every and they came back. Remember they were down and gave back here. I can't. I mean, what about the year they off like an eight start when we go back to that year. Well, we just like because I wasn't lashed. I don't care we want. It doesn't matter. I'm happy. I think the different vibe obviously, had some of the younger guys contributing here. So it's not, you know, as drubel Cabrera that's leading the way here. I'm not saying, it's bad. It's not going to go crazy. Else hidden Alonzo or area come on side out RBI single yesterday. No one was more smoke and mirrors. Somehow, they they did it and salt and pepper shakers. Yeah. Just play some baseball though Davis at third basis. Like, that's what your shop. He does pita. Lonzo look like a superstar to like, you know, when Aaron judge came up. It was doing what he was doing. He was like that guy. Looks like a superstar Pete Alonzo. Look like do you see him as a butcher? Yeah. He just looks like regular, dude, right? Kim a guy mean strong, obviously, he's a bull. Yeah. He just looks like a polar bear, right? The regular, dude. He doesn't he doesn't have that star aura Garin judge when you see all my God look at that guy. Even before he wasn't even like a huge prospect for him. He was one of the prospects of coming up. It was like people were talking about other guys. And then yes, we're talking about Gary Sanchez and gleyber Torres after they made the trade. Yeah. Yeah. So I I don't know. We'll see we will. I got a smell them too. Bullman? I'd say he probably didn't smell too good last night. He really put together quite the game meal to celebrate eggs barbecue sauce, manny's Year shaving cream, maybe catch up and mustard, maybe maybe relish like. Like a watt. Zev all taste is were stinging like what really bad guess what that was all they jammed the space. We put them in a shopping cart rolled them into the shower and through all that on them as a little celebration for his first career home run. I like that kind of stuff. That's when you're winning do those. How many times have I told you that it's about chemistry and the I don't yes, absolutely chemistry. Got about you. I'm afraid that what you would call it. The bullying people are going to come out and hear all about him getting eggs in the face and the mustard and ketchup. Okay. Say fun, right. You'll get those bullying you rookies. Now, I don't like it's bad culture culture, bullying the guy that had a four hundred and forty four foot home run to the opposite field. I think at the are they did benefit from a couple of calls in this one. Specifically one the garrison that ninth-inning attempting to bunt on his own mind you to strike was on. I don't know about the earlier attempts to strikes Calloway said he was on his own. They were discussing that yesterday. Gary and keep them those guys. I'm just like all right. Who knows right? So they rule these hit by the pitch even though replays appeared to show the ball hit the bat. Don Mattingly felt should have been a strikeout and not happy with the firing through. I guess I'm not supposed to complain about calls or whatever. But the league needs a look at it because it was shaky signing took issue with the strike zone in the second inning. Which led to the Mets? I run of the nightly lagaras homered, and it's one Jeff McNeil doubled. Michael Conforto to for three and we'll see what Jason Vargas can do tonight opposed by Jose Arena at seven ten. Mothers scores of note Red Sox lost again shut out by the a seven nothing. Boston. One in four Astros top the Rangers two to one the razor foreign one beat the Rockies seven to one. And the Orioles edge. The Blue Jays six to five story here is that Baltimore's. First your manager Brandon Hyde lifted starter David Hess after six and a third no hit innings. He had eighty two pitches. And here was has on his decision. She's me hide on his decision. Also, tough walk. There's no doubt about it. Like I said because I've been involved in a couple, and I mean, there's nothing like it hasn't pitched in relief against the Yankees Thursday, forty two pitches. So we felt on short rest. He didn't want to go any further one. But it's a twenty five year old kid thrown a no hitter and he had had to take him out of the game. So they have to dig them out of the game. No, I'm saying the kid had to be taken out of the game. As in like, he didn't have a decision to make obviously. Yeah player. Yeah. I know. I mean, I to me it's one of those. He's not in trouble. And he looks like he's cruising. Forget about what the hell happened. I I don't know. I mean, we've seen it also Johann Santana were basically ruined his career tough spot. I had to have a no hitter. Yeah. Dupin big press conference in Cleveland yesterday after Odell Beckham shooter made his first appearance at the Browns facility. So to be good OB j Jarvis Landry. Baker Mayfield lying Myles Garrett at ks. Why I get everybody fired on. So he and Landry, obviously, our buddies. And then they had the last two first overall draft picks of they're showing off their young goods that they've got. So those were the four you had up there the day. This is going to be very active a while to come to grips with being traded from New York to Cleveland, it just as a lot. I don't even know how to describe it. But it's just a lot of emotions a lot of thoughts run through your mind. Life changing. But now that the does self awareness. Yeah. How about realizing that like the wake of crap that you left behind you. There wasn't a lot of talk about that uprising. Because he's on a high right now with a new team, and he's got his buddy Jarvis there. And he's got you know, he's going to be point with Baker Mayfield. And it's going to be awesome. They're going to be the story of the of the of the year going into the year. Yes. The question is can all these unique personalities come together and create team. Well, I think that will remain a story because if it goes the other way in a negative way and people are gonna be talking about too. I think they'll be the most talked about team without question. Yeah. No matter how it goes. Do you think they're going to get that Sunday night opener against the patriot? I do I I think that they'll end up with the patriots. And I also think I think the Pittsburgh beats them this year twice. I wouldn't be surprised because I think both the giants and the Steelers believe I believe are going to benefit from getting rid of rid of their distraction players. I think they'll be better teams because of it. I think they're quarterbacks are going to be just as good. And hopefully, if the giants better than he has been without an I can't believe I'm even saying that because Odell is a supreme town. He is we know that. But there's just it takes too much work to pass by those guys every week all week, and they always separate themselves. You know, when it comes to, you know, the media the social media, you know, all the nonsense that goes on their world. So good riddance. There's somebody else's problem now. And maybe a good problem for the Browns with Baker Mayfield. But for the giants and the Steelers I think they're going to be better teams without them believe it or not for the time. Being Beckham says he's excited I'm very thankful opportunity. You know, it'd be here kind of the peasants because it was definitely shock. I thing I've come to grips with everything and processed everything. I sounds like Landry was actually rip yet come to career versus what a lot of drama. I we I don't think I've ever talked about a player more about trading him over the last two years than we did about Odell Beckham junior even before the contract. Sure. Well, yeah. I mean that was that was the thing before the contract that discussion started even after the. Contract didn't stop. I mean when does that happen with a player, they just signed him to the richest deal of wide receivers ever seen? And we're still talking about didn't have about. Talked about now that could trade them because at least they have cost certainty now. Right. And you can't do anything about it. Now. The question is is does he want to contract from Cleveland that come up yesterday? Did you hear any of that? I did not catch anything about. Remember what Ian Rapoport reported the day or the night of the trade was that he's going to want a new contract Antonio Brown. Yeah. Raiders. Just starting new contract knows man, but Landry very emotional about the whole thing. He describes himself as a blubbering mess is cry. Call him. Talk to John cry with John cry, Freddie, representing the GM. When they signed you, quiet. Freddie kitchen. Tossing out crying foot. Great. See? All right. A little now. Crying foot. Freddie kitchens would agree. Here's what he thinks to hill. De hail to hill. That guy's gonna be a sound bite for Verschoor lives about it. I one last one no tears for Mayfield. He reacted like a typical alpha male had two people at the house sitting there when I found out. I just started screaming just yelling like you have thought I was on the field on game day a lot of excitement for the Browns. We'll see how it all plays out typical NBA game in Brooklyn. Nets trail the bucks by twenty two in the first half. Take the lead lose by ten one thirty one one Twenty-one and this on a night where the pistons heat magical loss losses. Well, she got status quo in the east for those last three playoff spots. Knicks beat the bulls one thirteen one oh five Maple Leafs over the islanders at the Coliseum. Two to one John Taveras had the game winner his forty six of the season and the devils beat the Rangers for two to. All right. Thanks ceelo eats the morning show with Boomer Esiason in Gregg giannotti, boomer and geo lessen our Christian laid there is going to join us in studio. The man had a documentary named Afrin that said, I hate Christians. Late news for not popular of a college basketball player. He was we'll talk to him about Duke his career and all that stuff. A lot of baseball though to sift through this morning with the Yankees injuries and the Mets winning which is amazing that those things are happening at the same time. Usually it's a Mets injuries and the Yankees winning for the early ports of the twenty nine thousand nine season. It is the Mets winning and the Yankees injuries to Joey in. Woodbridge New Jersey starts us off this morning on the fan. What's up, Joey good morning? Jio? What is what's up Joey? Well, first thing is I wouldn't be surprised to find out today. Agreed with tours is on the deal because he came up holding his wrist and his thumb after that talion second you guys saw that yesterday. Yeah. There was a scare with him. There was a scare with judge. So now, everybody's on pins and needles because of what you've seen early on. But yeah, let's hope for the best there. But as far as third base if we do get Newsday end ours out for the season. We're the heck to the Yankees go from here, you can say ride LeMay who for the trade deadline you cash on the phone tomorrow. Do you think they move someone over or do they have a prospect that can bring up because there's a lot of options they have here at third base? And I just I think Cashman, I think he's going to have to move quick. If you want someone maybe treat someone like bird to someone in there, you guys. Yeah. I mean, that's an interesting one usually deals don't happen like that trades with teams early on in April. This is a special circumstance, what might be some panic, but Brian Cashman, built the depth or reason. So if they were injuries he'd be able to have replacements. They feel good about LeMay Huby in everyday player. They're going to have Tyler way. But they what. DJ, but but they want so for the time being that man, right? There will be in the lineup every day. Sure. Well, I think if you see struggles from him Strong's from two Lewinsky, and maybe the Stanton injured list stint is longer than you than you wanted. And maybe Brian Cashman has to do something. But right now, the answers are gonna come from in house. So maybe the trade deadline as a right now. The answers are coming in. You know, that's why you have depth. Yeah. So important have depth dep-. It is. Joe in New Jersey. What's happening Joe? Hey, guys. Good morning. I just wanted to say how absolutely loved the chemistry that Alonzo and Smith or having, you know, it could've really went bad haven't in both on this on the roster at the same time. And also, you know, I think canot is building and showing such leadership in that in that clubhouse. It's I think it's going to be a world of difference from last year to this year, and I can be any happier. I'm not getting too excited yet because we all know what can happen. But I absolutely in love with the way everything's going so far, and I just have one more thing couldn't be any more happier than hearing that the playmaker. My boy. Michael Irvin is one hundred percent, healthy and cancer free. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. You know, we never did update that story at a caller call up and ask about it last week. He did go get those tests for throat cancer. And he is clean. So all is good there. His father had passed away from throat cancer was a concern of his. So obviously that is really really good news for Michael Irvin. We hope to see him back on TV as soon as possible for the two thousand nine football season. But yeah, I mean when you watch these first four games with the Mets. Yeah. It feels great right now. I just I can't blame anybody. That's got the same thoughts. As me that it's everything's perfect. You don't want anything to change even the loss that they had seemed like something that there was something good. There's Mickey Calloway said, but I just let's relax even with another injury. Like the Yankees have just had. It's another reason why they need to keep up to first baseman with the obviously the injuries at the Mets have in the infield. That's why they're able to keep to first baseman. So there is a little bit of a silver lining. That's associated with some of this stuff. Be interesting to see what happens when Hicks comes back because then you gotta start moving people around. And I'm sure either. Frazier or Wade will be sent back down. But as of right now, those young kids are going to have a chance, so they're going they're going to be put into high leverage situations, and they're going to have a chance to be a contributor to the keys when they thought they weren't going to be right? So this all happens at all these things happen to all the teams all the sports that we see. But like like the islanders right now dealing with significant injuries. But the worst time. Yeah. Right. The worst, but they're still playing tough. They're still, you know. Keep their stolen games are going to be you know, it's gonna take everything every man up to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in the in the the playoffs. It's just going to be an insane attempt to overcome Sidney Crosby and have Guinea Malkin and Murray and all the, you know, the guys that have won the cups before and honors are going to have to raise their level of their game. Without a couple of their key pieces. You know, you just reminded me of something I stopped by my parents house yesterday. And there's a guy there getting outside of their house painted, and I pull up in Kara get out of the car. He goes, hey is Rangers won the last couple of games. What the hell we do what we lost last night. I know but this is before the game. So this is so stupid without doing what they're doing what they're doing. They're they're making they're taking their opportunity if you're young player, and you have an opportunity you all you'd think about is winning that game and show an effort and showing the coach that you belong for next year. And that's a problem when you have young player to Pinar. Which is a very good chance that you can win the game. You know now last night, they lose an Henrik's back in net. And you know, he's not part of the young Rangers. He's part of the old guard. You know, I know it's tough. Let's go to Leo in Long Beach is going on Leo what's going on and guide on the big Yankee fan. I to you know, I'm freaking out a little bit. But everybody needs to remember that DJ LeMay, you is a former batting champion is a stud infielder everybody. Complains that the Yankees had a home run. Yeah. He's a home run. They don't want but DJ Mayhew hits your average steals bases. He's a professional baseball player now while I miss anything. Hot. Don't start bagging on DJ. Lemay you as a backup? They are fine at third base for the time being they are good to go one hundred percent. And that's why Brian Cashman signed him. You know, you just you just never know. And that's why Brian Cashman deserves a lot. You look the injuries that have nothing to do with the general manager, but the depth and the players that they have replacing the guys that get hurt that has everything to do with the general manager. But but they thing Mathoma Tomas home, but they. Bream? Teen teaching Moco, but but they. Gainging after dark on a fat jink teen teen, teen brain. But but they Matthew. Jay team. Johny toronto. What boomer and geo on the fans CBS sports network eats the morning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg nutty, boomer and geo. So the eighty six mex- never go away. Good stop bad stock. They're always there. And yesterday was another example of this. So Ron darling has got a book out and the book world to me is very interesting because you can go one or two routes. You can either go the very boring book route where there's going to be no controversy. You're not going to sell a lot of books or you throw something in there. That's going to be somewhat. Controversial that no one has ever heard before. And then all of a sudden that gets picked up it did a bunch of articles. Everybody's talking about it you go on a press tour, and there you have it. So Ron darling. Who was a guy that I don't necessarily align with controversy throws in a story about Lenny Dykstra, and Lenny Dykstra of courses, a guy who I do a line with controversy and this store. Ori- is that you know, oil can Boyd who is a guy. Who's now we he's still alive? We have nine years. Fifty nine years old. The old Red Sox pitcher a guy who received by Lenny Dykstra, a ton of racial slurs. The most vile every imaginable. Unimaginable insult and expletive in oil canes direction. This is Ron darlings words in the book foul racist. Hateful hurtful stuff he wrote in the book worse than anything. Jackie Robinson might have heard. Right. And he goes. That's what Ronnie's writer. He said oil. Cain was on the receiving end of the ugliest piece of vitriol. I've ever heard in a bar on a baseball diamond anywhere. So Lenny Dykstra, of course than fights back. He tweets out. Why would Ron darling k Mr. perfect who's creating fiction to sell his latest dime store? Novel want me as an enemy. I live for this blank. Lock and load. Stay tuned for real facts about Mr. p lock and load. Yeah. So he's threatening to put out a bunch of stuff out there about Ron darling and his life or whatever. But I mean, it's just like, you know, there's nothing that's going to change my mind about these two guys at this point. And this is why Ron darling probably went towards Lenny Dykstra was going to put anything controversial in there. And if he's going to take down anybody was going to be Dykstra because he's had so many problems. He's so out there who were just talking about is freaking flop house or whatever the hell he had their New Jersey where he was housing prostitutes to rehabilitate. Nate him, or whatever the hell the name of that thing is. So it Rondo a guy the beloved Ron doling on the S, and why broadcast so there's really nothing that Lenny Dykstra is going to say that's going to change my opinion on Ron darling. But it's like this team. So I was four years old when the Mets won the World Series in eighty six. So I really have. No, you have no idea. I don't really have a memory is right in my wheelhouse. I was an NFL player right at this time. No, all these guys have had a few beers with these guys when it came through Cincinnati at my club out there the waterfront and all that other stuff. I I would think that there were two players that I can think of that were on the Mets that were coherent at that time one would be running darling. And the other one would be Gary Carter everybody else. I think had some sort of issue or some sort of problem. An I we're talking about this before the game. Right. Al because guys came to Glennon dyke Shire's defense yesterday were doc Gooden who you can't trust. Kevin Mitchell, who you really can't try cutting heads off a cats or something like well that was in the Jeff Pearlman book about the eighty six Mets. Jeff Pearlman says that Dwight Gooden told him he witnessed Kevin Mitchell, cutting the head off of a cat alive. Cat like a road kill cat. He saw that Gooden happened upon an argument between Kevin Mitchell and his then girlfriend and to prove a point he cut the head off a cat. Yeah. My coach Kevin Mitchell said that's not true. So then I guess Dwight Gooden tell stories too. So who all these guys have checkered past except like a Ron darling and Gary quarter and a Gary Carter whose past even Ray Knight had that weird thing going on with. Young man, he was living with that a domestic dispute and wolves going on with that it's like a freak show. Yes. Everybody on the team. I was looking at the roster. Forget it. Right. Then of course, you know, bike has Ronnie throwing yesterday talking over every answer that Ronnie's trying to give and most of them integrated timing, I know him to whatever. But I mean, meantime, you've got big head and big head over at ESPN interviewing Dykstra who goes off. Yeah. A said in of course, like we have here sometimes dumped on the radio. Sometimes it makes it on television made it on television. Right. He said he was going to drop if he ever sees Ron darling. He wouldn't say a word to him. He would drop him like a red headed blanking step. What I would not doubt any of the accuracy of the book. I really wouldn't. And of course, Ronnie has to put something in there like that to make it interesting. And then elicit a reaction from somebody that he's accusing of. Using words like that. And I would not have it with. None of it surprises me. I mean, I'm sure that Ron darling has a lot of stories about people that he doesn't want to go out there and hurt or ruin their reputation. But it's like Dykstra has just been beaten down to the point where nobody has pot. The guy with not right? Who's running a prostitution rehab centers outta but I do know in defense of Lenny Dykstra. I mean, if if that were written about me, I would be incensed, wouldn't you? Sure. Of course, if I mean, if it wasn't true. You know what I'm saying? If someone's lying about me to gain some sort of notoriety, even if it is true he has to act as if it's not true. You know, he's got a react in a way to he does I say that was a different person back then I would never do that. Again. I was a young kid. I was not. So I've learned my lessons. Like, I don't know. Do you have to have to say like Lenny Dykstra got rent? Bar in this environment that we're living in. I would I would damn straight. We'd have to you'd have to defend yourself. It's not like Lenny Dykstra is going to be. I don't know losing endorsements because of this Lenny Dykstra is at the lowest of the low. So I mean, I think that if he came out and said, yeah, you know, what I did that. And boy, do I regret it. And I learned a lot about that, you know, that that would be what would you expect him to do that wouldn't expect I wouldn't? And that's why I'm not surprised by his reaction. And I'm not surprised that Michael Kay put on his show opposite of Ron darling. Who's on Mike show? I think I couldn't I I don't know the timing of it. I don't I have no idea. But of course, that's the way to go. You got two guys in the news like that. Go get the other guy your other competitors. Got the one guy you get the other guy. Where's oil can Boyd in this thing? We get in with him L. I did look oil can Boyd. Unfortunately, he's had a very checkered past as well. As e. Yeah. Ruin a lot of. Drugs and some issues. So I wouldn't know where to find oil can Boyd. I gotta tell you boomer you've really to have made it out of eighties professional sports as crazy the way that you did to have the career that you've had not. I don't think enough people give you credit every like eighties athlete you look up. You know, this guy co Keer arrest here DUI was the scourge. Man. I mean was it was it was horrendous. And you know, I told you we had Stanley Wilson the night before the SuperBowl. Here been suspended three times and the night before the Super Bowl. They've find them in a in a haze and coach wash decides on his own that he's not gonna play the guy. And I meet as I think it's a decision that coach wash can put his head down on the pillow and said, I did the right thing. I think there are a lot of other coaches in the history of the NFL that would have given the guy some coffee. Let them get a good night's sleep. And let them play the next day. You know? I mean, it just they would've. But yeah, it was it was a wild time, man. It was crazy. Yeah. But back then to of course, we talk about a million times. It was easier to get away with stuff. You have one of the greatest football players of all time somebody who redefined position employed it in a different way in learning. Hayley in a hace. Right. Big problems. I know it's you go back to any. You know, your run of the mill or a top star eighties athlete. There could be something there. I mean, we just went through the entire Mets roster from nineteen hundred Mookie was stable, and maybe yeah. Sure. Tuffah was probably stable. Yeah. You got to have some stability somewhere. I mean guys that actually going to show up and play Raphael Santana. Maybe maybe I don't know. I don't know. But. That team. Honestly, I've said this millions of times here on the fan that team was good on fan that team was so good that they should have won multiple champion. I think they all know that all said it'd be unhinged. Wally Backman, number one guys that team. Magazine. Roese they were out of their minds. You know, the stories underneath Pia stands and everything Straub. Right. And all those I think he did he confirm those stories, I think or David Cone who seems very normal now not back then. It would have been funny like Ron darling drop, the Kevin Elster bomb on, you know, going after Lenny Dykstra, a little bit too, easy or something like that some guy never expect like all men, and you know, that this thing about Kevin mcreynolds. You know, just poor Lenny Dykstra is whole life is falling apart everything. Right. I mean, it's just it's one thing after the next with him. Yeah. I know there was a real sports episode with a well, he was doing owning car washes one big scam. Right. Exactly, man. I tell you that is well anyway, so we'll see this continue. Now, we're involved in this to win a little slum Lord what? No because wrong supposed to be on with us tomorrow. And now he's not coming on with us. So that's ox. We're supposed to talk about it. I guess this controversy now he's thinking not worth he was willing to do a phoner. We wanted to studio. Okay. So they got to readjust schedule. Some. We'd let him answer the questions. You know, what I mean wouldn't be jumping all over them. Got it. I don't know what she's talking. It is boomer and geo on the fan. CBS sports network eats mooning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg nutty, boomer and geo, April Fools day. In radio is one of these things where we get an Email every year. Do not do any able fools jokes are going to get sued. You can't have any fake information out. There fake news sad. I mean, there's just like a barrage of emails. It comes in every nother reminder, not to mess around on April Fools day because you will die. If you make any joke on the taps every year. So then I sit back on not even I don't even do it in my personal life on so frightened of it. But I'll sit back and watch other people's April Fools jokes and the one yesterday in sports that people were talking about Tom Brady joins Twitter and then retires fake Lii. And everybody goes nuts about that. And also, the he just joined Twitter just joined and any. Decided to announce retired right? How many hours that he gained after? Oh, I can't even imagine. What to guess, I have no idea. A million. You can't get a million day. Brady shirt. Could. No, you couldn't. No. I looked earlier today with something like two hundred something thousand. Right. That's low. I would've expected more. Tom Brady Mun. What's handle? Got to be at TB, twelve right? I said someone probably stoled TB fourteen Nabi TB twelve what I would have done our. Verified accounts Tom Brady with that's soccer guy. If you just. Tom brady. That's that one comes up as verified, real Thomas. Should he should have actually gone to Twitter and done it right from there? That would have been nets should eight point six at just at Tom Brady. Yes. Also, he's been sitting. He's been sitting on that bad. Boy, there's no way that was available. There's no way if that wasn't available that he found that person and paid them off for the account. He goes retiring in my spare time I'll be. Yeah. He'll be doing what? And spare time we'll tweeting and then hashtag L G. Which is. Yes. Let's blackout. The other one is actually made me angry for some reason was Dr Phil shaved his mustache. That's supposed to be able to enough people care, but Dr Phil a mustache, April Fools joke and the US open to see that one. That was at least cute, then he said that they were gonna have puppies added to the the ball person team for the on this year picture of a dog with tennis bowl, and it's mouth, and then people were actually upset when they found out that was fake. Okay. That would. That's Jerry sitting on the beach taking all these APRIL's jokes. He's not been kidnapped thin. Not yet. We know. Right. Should we check on him? I think it should check on do texted with them. And I have not I figured I wanna bother him on his vacation. But what we need you right now feel like he would reach out. Now was he cruising or just going to go directly there? Fly direct direct unless he can't reach out because. Dale. We don't know for sure. He what is it a behemoth jail is that the way me and Bamiyan. Amy and kidnappers. Radio. Start Jerry's happy right now. Yes, got off short F off you holes. Picture with his hands tied bind back right now. Sweatman a dirty t shirt. Off you. He's the Lenny Dykstra. Ceelo what you got for to Long Island shows. Stop by NYC live home of the Nassau Coliseum. April fifth through the seventh NY boat shows dot com. Sobering news for the Yankees before last night's opener against the Tigers will get to that. But the bombers did go out and take care of Detroit. Swung too deep Senate much back. He's on the track. He's a war. Jeez. Gone. The sent chino homers deep cast left of dead center. All that Gary scary homered as many games for Sanchez. He was rock in the ski mask full head cap thing last night. It's cold with the stadium. Johnson coconut water here on the fan. String. Some coconut water in the booth last night who knows Brett Gardner also went deep Domingo her mom five innings of one hit seven strikeout ball Aaron judge health that amount of vino with clutch diving catch in the eight and the rest of the bullpen did its job in a tidy three one victory at the stadium. Save to a rall Chapman. He looked better. After some initial concerns about his velocity. Here's Aaron Boone. Good to see him come in and start to push it up a little bit. And look like his stuff, you know, was crisp. But and filling up the strike zone about the injury, Giancarlo Stanton, McGill and do hearts. She and Carlo. Yes. Great one step strain shut down for ten days. They have him back by the end of the Stanton's. Due har-, small labor tear his right shoulder. Suffered Sunday back into third base Boone didn't even know about that early yesterday. I didn't have them in the lineup today. It was just a day off. And then. Aiding aiding go out for his. Ground balls and stuff. Today junior. Crying. This. I don't know what it is about him some weird noises that come through that microphone. We told you what it is waiting for Cashman's and with the liquid in his mouth his throat. He's he doesn't know what to do take it. And it's very hard to if any was talking in your ear the entire time. You're doing your update you'd be making noises like that too. I don't know. Very uncomfortable. Anyway, there's still some strengthen our shoulder lease that was the word after they sent him for some testing. They're hoping a couple of weeks arrest will allow him to return if not season ending surgery on the table injury list getting long Aaron judge doesn't wanna hear about it. Deform system. Demoralization guys go down. Everyone's ready to step up and filler sparkling Frazier. Toddler Wade, recalled from Scranton told you last hour. Wait Hopton an Uber when he got word late in the day right in the Bronx and the seventh inning Frazier now was alerted late Sunday because he was the replacement for Stanton. He just gotten off the plane from Tampa. He was at extended spring training said he actually got the callers still at the baggage claim. So as you may know, he is the father to cats. Yes. So rather than hey, they they're recall me, let me get to New York. Get away from Kevin Mitchell. That's a fair point. That's a fair point. Keep away from Kevin Mitchell sharp is so what happened with the cat. Right. So he decided that he was gonna stay overnight in Scranton because the cats after a full day of travel from Florida needed rest than the rest. So they stayed the night in Scranton. And then they traveled to New York together early yesterday, and he was in the clubhouse and time for open locker room and media visibility. So very nice. Very good story. Good parental. Parental instincts for Clint Frazier with his cats anyway here, he is ready for the change the chance rather he never gotten twenty eight twenty eighteen as I turned into and Boone and can't speak. Thanks to them concussion issue going through my own kind of injuries. So I didn't get the opportunity, but you know, right now, I'm on feeling the best I felt at the plate in the long time. You're right guy. Great. All right. He did not hit well in spring training. So he stayed behind in Tampa of some extra work. We'll see if it pays off Masahiro Tanaka. Jordan Zimmermann tonight pregame on the fan five fifty five. Here's some analytics for you. So betted goals an exit velocity of one twelve point five miles per hour or more the twenty eighteen New York Mets. How many do you think they had is a team? I would say none. They had three. Oh the season. All pita, Lonzo Lonzo in four games. So far this year has how many to to nailed it. One of which last night was a four hundred forty four foot. Three run Homer in the ninth. First of his big league careers, the Mets rally past the Marlins. In Miami, seven to three I think that they were trying to go in and maybe get to roll over and get a double play or get get in on me a little bit. So I was looking straight heater. And I got it and put a good swing on one. Then why they did. Teammates went crazy on him in the clubhouse after that. All's well with the Mets three and one after rounding for four runs in the ninth. I'm Ed Rosario had the go ahead RBI single pinch-hitter Dom Smith in the middle of that rally as well. Mickey Callaway already said Smith will get the start at first base tonight law. The Garris homered opposite field. You heard me what Dom Smith starting to first base tonight confirmed? So you have an off day few boy Lonzo arrest up for Wednesday series. Now get used to it. This is the way they do things, man. This is the way they do. It doesn't matter. What you do the night before you gotta get the guys rest. You got to get the best matchups. That's the way it is for those of you not watching boomer as head right now. Totally collapsed. Yeah. He's done. Are you kidding me? Oh, we're not how how is he not in the lineup because this is how they do things. I don't get you know, what wake the hell up and put them in a lineup. Well, scrape me or what was screaming mcnealy of the day. You weren't with me. And now now you see what I'm talking about. Here was Calloway domes going to be starting tomorrow at first he's he's playing great. And you know, he deserves a chance to go at their mortgage rain on and do some damage. Right handed starter pros a little heat. They'll get the lefty in the lineup. So. Budding star put the polar bear gets the day off. So if you're just tuning in for Pete Alonzo you can make other plans for tonight's game. I mean, he's like the guy right now that you wanna make sure you don't miss his at bats. Because of the things he's doing we're gonna throw Dom out. There is armed opportunity go out and takes acts against Urania. He's he's he's been he's been chopping wood man getting out there, and he just he's earned it. He's earned a start. Good about this kid. Who's hitting a hail out baseball four hundred and forty feet a comment that Mickey Callaway gave last night in regards to how well Pete Alonzo's. I do he how he's making the jump to the majors. Look, so seemly think for the same reason everybody's wondering if we're gonna start him on the team or not because he's really frigging good. There you go. So we're gonna sit them down sitting down give him arrest. He's freaking good. Jason Vargas on the mount against the aforementioned Hosie arena. Seven ten. I. Pitch zome shot up in there know been there. Smith mega proud see with Dom Smith can do with the Alonzo's Mets tonight in Miami. I heard from first year Orioles manager Brandon high that last hour. He Yanks started. David Hess in the seventh inning with a no hitter intact against the Blue Jays eighty two pitches oils did win the game six five here was SS reaction after doing this a long season. I could tell that he rose fighting against himself a little bit because I think the excitement was there you go twenty five year old takes the high road. He did throw forty two pitches in relief against the Yankees Thursday. So technically he was working on short rest. Some more from Cleveland yesterday big press conference with Beckham junior. Jarvis Landry Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett. Big pronunciation from Becca thing this moment is going to be more kind of thing. We all realize right now talking big already. Here was the token cliche line from so many professional athlete ever was about in the money. In over was about is about being legend penal. About not about the money. Never know God he provides some more insight on what he's all about. The biggest problems that care, but I don't care the same time because I know weighing so nothing that said about me is ever don't bother me. Because I know who I am which of course, is why you get all those cryptic Instagram posts because he doesn't care. What people's of course that a lot of great memories from LSU days now reunited with Jarvis Landry reason this all having because we consider the facility at midnight, go shoot jokes to two in the morning. We'd be like let's go outside and tote now they both get to catch passes from Baker Mayfield. I've always firmly believe you set your own expectations. Nobody else really matters. No offense to you guys. You can read all you want about what we have. But if we don't set goals for ourselves and believe in those and work for it doesn't really matter. It sounds chore doesn't he he does sets high. We'll see how it works out for him this season missed opportunity for the nets last night came back after showing the books by twenty two took the lead in the second half. They lose by ten at Barclay center. One thirty one one Twenty-one Janta Cuco played through an ankle sprain. Twenty eight and eleven diangelo Russel twenty eight and ten boards for the nets. But they fail to take advantage on a night where the pistons heat and magic all lost is well status quo for the final three playoff spots in the east. Kenny Atkinson knows us was a tall order for his team. So I think you gotta to be almost perfect to be that we were we were we're close to perfect. And that's why the score is what it is. We're games remaining. They host the raptors tomorrow night. Knicks beat the bulls at the garden one thirteen one oh, five twenty four from Luc cornet may believe the islanders at the Coliseum to one John Taveras technically had the game winner. His forty sixth new career high points, eighty-seven Toronto clinches, a playoff berth, the devil. Double up the Rangers at the rock forty-two and Kentucky handed John Calipari lifetime contract after he was. Flirted with UCLA about their signing. Is that done Oreo show that it's it's going down. I don't know if he technically put pen to paper, but he confirmed that it's happening. I can't even imagine a lifetime contract works. Honest. Let us know when you're done pretty much. I guess yeah. I suppose get caught cheating or anything don't worry about this matter. I guess so we'll still pay off some shoe scandal. Pops up don't worry about it. You get your cash you don't. Don't go and sit that three pointer and put Michigan state into the final four it raised another million eight for the big ten and Tom Izzo got one hundred twenty five thousand dollar bonus making it to the final four going says, a I think a twenty thousand dollars student loan because he wanted to go to Michigan state, and they didn't really want them. So a walked on and he paid his way into school and his family took out all the loans thing about that for a second. Well, it does put in perspective. I really does. It just goes to show you how that kid wanted to do what he's doing and he's a fifth year senior of getting his masters. He's a tremendous young man, and he paid his way into Michigan state has alone. They get most gosh eventually, but now Tom Izzo pockets one hundred twenty five grand in the big ten polls in about a millionaire. Nice all because of that three point now, obviously this more to it. But that three point shot was shot at the game. Right. It was we're in GIO in fancy Bs sports. Now, we're coming up next. Another April Fools joke that we missed yesterday that has to do with this place and a Twitter account that has blocked me that I can't quite figure out. Why explain the whole story coming up next eight the morning show with Boomer Esiason in Gregg giannotti, boomer and geo. Geel fancy BS force that were virtually near his ear. Now, we're gonna have to save the April Fools joke story. Tila, eight AM so fifty minutes from now again into that. But on behalf of Landau lakes to time NC, double A champion NBA all star one of the most famous popular infamous Duke players are ever was Christian later. Joining us in studio right now, Christian good morning. Thanks for being here were you? We got to this one fast, boomer, and I were still, you know, talking exchange pleasantries, and you guys a right into it. It works, man. Listen, no attention span these days. I go way back, you know, and just watching. I just wanna get it before we get to the lentil lakes and all those stuff just your thoughts on Zion William size reading some of your comments that were in the daily news earlier this month and about his performance at Duke and everything else. And what you think he's going to be like when he when he finally does turn pro. I think he's going to be awesome. I'm expecting him to be awesome at the next level. My only hope is that he'd never gets injured for the next four or five years because if he doesn't we're going to see some unbelievable blocks unbelievable dunks. Some unbelievable plays on the best ball court from the young guy does a position list sport. Now, they say, and you know, you see six foot ten guys bring the ball seven footers if you're Kevin Durant for that matter. I mean, I guess he is considered a three or four, but can really do anything. He he wants on the basketball court. So where do you see him fitting in the NBA on that level? You know, I don't really seem fitting in any way. Where he's the basketball player. And he's a very good basketball player. There's times when he looks like a point guard out there there's times when he looks like shack out there. There's times when he looks like Charles Barkley out there. So he's someone that can get a big rebound on the defensive end push the break like a guard, and then dunk on you lake the best dunkers that I've ever seen. So that's position lists. I think he's going to do very well, and yes, he does have to develop a little bit more of his jumper. But. If people give them space, he's so explosive and bouncing his so much skills that he can get by them. And as soon as someone gets tight tight to him he can get around because he's so strong. So he's an unbelievable talent. I think he's going to do very, well, it's interesting just want more questions because just popped in my head. So many are saying that maybe RJ Barrett's going to be a better pro or maybe Cam reddish would be a better pro. I don't know what they're watching. What they're looking at your senses that this kid long-term is going to be as good at the pro level as he is at the college over one of the greatest college basketball we ever seen. So you agree with me, boomer. You don't understand what they're looking at? Because you think signs going to do very, well, I I'm hoping that the Knicks Kadam we want as knick fans here we want the Knicks to win the lottery, and we want them to get draft him number one. I think he's a billion dollar player for a franchise that has been lost for the last twenty years. I totally agree with you. And I know some stuff. It came out yesterday where they weren't sure. His family wanted him to go to the Knicks and all this other stuff. But don't say jeez. The knicks. The Knicks have to roll out the red carpet, and they have to do everything they can to get this kid. He is must watch TV as we all learned over the last two to three months. He's going to sell out season ticket holders. He's going to sell out the garden every night at least until they go sixteen and sixty again. Well, hopefully, would I don't I don't think that'll happen and whoever wants them they better try hires. They can because I think he's going to be an immensely impactful player in the NBA. So you don't think they were talking to Christian Lehner in studio. You say roll out the red carpet, it's really not up to them. They gotta get the first overall pick with ping pong balls. Do you think design Williamson from what you know of him is a guy that forces way out of the Knicks. The Knicks ended up with the first overall pick in wanted to select him that can't happen. Get it. You know? I don't think he's like that. But we all heard some stuff. Yesterday on who knows what is to me. Who knows what his parents wanted to do? But. And I don't I don't like when kids demand to be traded. And I don't like when kids, you know, tell you where they wanna go. I never did that when I was in the NBA. I never wanted to be traded first of all because I think it's great to be in one organization your whole career because that means that you're good player, and they want you. So I think the Knicks ler. Somebody's gotta try hires. They can to get this kid from this perspective as a former NBA player if you saw the Knicks got the number one pick in the draft. You knew that they were going to pigs on Williamson now comes free agency. The Knicks have space for two max players does that have an impact on a player coming to New York to be able to play with a guy like Zion. Would that make a big difference as Durant, of course, that does if you know the team that you're going to you're going to be drafted to has extra cap space to get another good player that makes a huge difference? Yes. But I would love the. Like, I I looked forward to go to play for the timber wolves. When I was drafting by them because they weren't doing. Well, and I look forward to the challenge of trying to make them a little better. Now, it didn't it didn't happen. But I look forward to that challenge. Just like the reason I went to do over North Carolina was because Duke had not won a championship in by nineteen eighty eight and Carolina already did. So I wanted to go to the school where it was a little bit more of a challenge to do something great for the first time. But do you think as an NBA player knowing that the Knicks would have Zion on their team if you were Kevin Durant, and you're trying to decide whether or not to stay with the the Golden State Warriors go to the clippers. But now, you know, the Knicks have Zion. Do you think that would have an impact on an NBA player deciding to come and play for the Knicks? Of course, of course. But more more importantly than that in my mind is just you have to be willing to put up with New York City. If you come and play for the Knicks. So. As not really, it's can I handle New York City. That's still matter. These days though, when you can be a star anywhere. We see these guys thrive and all sorts of markets, and there's media like crazy and all sorts of markets. I mean, Kevin Durant. A problem with the Oklahoma City media for crying out loud. When they put that Mr. unreliable headline out there does the New York media still scare people like it used to maybe ten fifteen years ago in this day and age, I would think so and I would think even more really, you know, the when Van Gundy was coaching the Knicks years ago when I was playing they you know, they were talking to my age and a little bit. And I was like no way. Really just because New York City and the media coverage and all that stuff. The city and how popular is in the in the media little bit. Yes. Wow. So there's a certain type of person that has to be able to deal with that or it's just going to be a total disaster. Yes. And I'm my personality is the antecedents of New York City. I want slow pace the life more than anything. We're probably the Christian Leitner, you know, ESPN puts us thirty for thirty together. And is you know, I hate Christian Leitner when you heard that they were coming up with this idea, and they were going to title it that what was your initial reaction? Well, the. They pulled a fast one, I'm boomer. I gotta tell you that. Because the first thing they came up to me was like we wanna do movie about you. And anyone would like that right assure, but they didn't mention the title until three or four months later. So once they put the whole movie together, and they interviewed everybody, and they actually showed me, you know, the first edit of the movie then day came to me and hit me with the title. And they said, oh, we have to name it this. We have to Christian, and and we're going to name it this whether you like it or not you have no say. And even though you're not getting a dime from this movie. You have no say, so, but I immediately called my mother and started crying and she said Christian, use your brain, son. You gotta be smarter than this ESPN does not want only the Duke lovers in the Duke and the Leitner lovers to watch this show because that nation's only maybe ten to thirty thousand people strong. She said they want everyone across the board to watch the show. Carolina fans, you can't fans fan, man. Thank you too. So so they're only naming that because it's so provocative, and it's going to draw so many more people in. So once she said that I understood so what's it like to know that there's so many people that dislike you, but it's because you were good at something. Do you ever have a tough time coming to terms with that will thank you for saying that that's the only thing that allows me to go to sleep at night is the last thing I say to myself before I go to bed. Is maybe if I played for them they would late me. And I think that's all it is is that as a player, you can't expect the opposing fans to love you. I mean, the only person that was universally love late that that I remember as maybe Dr J, but jeez, people hated Larry Bird when he even though he's from Indiana, but he played for the south when he played the Pacers. They booed him in India in Indiana so Dame by Michael, Jordan. Really? I mean, you know, that's the thing. I he was born in our side here in New York. But man every time he came in. We would go to the edge. I've I've seen Michael Jordan booed, one of the only people that I can't recall being booed as Dr J. But even he was booed a few times in Boston. So tell us what you doing Landau lakes the shot, and it seems like there's a lot involved here, but ten thousand dollar prize to help support the charity. So tell us about. What you're doing land-o-lakes? Well, everyone knows I love Minnesota. And I'm up there. All the time. I'm doing baseball camps up there and fishing up there all the time. But I mean, the final four is just such a big occasion and land lakes jumped in on it because the Minneapolis this year. The last time it was in Minneapolis was nine hundred ninety two the year that we want our second championship. So you know, I'm looking forward to go into the big bat challenge. The land legs by challenging fronting robot shooting basketballs, and they they sent seven schools a box of metal parts, and they said create a machine that can shoot the basketball. So it's going to be a lot of fun. And I can't wait to see the schools who received the MIT Harvard these types of schools or no, I don't I North Dakota state, South Dakota stuff like that. But I know there's four teams that are in the final four for the shot, and that's Wisconsin produce Minnesota and South Dakota state man, I robot scare me Christian. I feel like they're gonna take over the world. I feel like with me on. Even having talked to you for a couple of minutes. We don't mean you on the same plane with this these roads, cool, they're shooting basketballs when they start shooting us, then it's not fun anymore. Right. Well, as long as the robot doesn't have a camera or microphone, and I kind of trust it a little bit. I know that you've talked a lot about this and everything else. I just want a little refresher on the whole nineteen ninety two dream team deal for you. And when you got there, and what your initial the way they treated you and the whole controversy around. I know they always wanted to put a college guy on the team and all that other stuff. But how did that go initially for you? In this really? It was great from the first second that I was selected to the team or the first time we got together and the Hoya. I mean, every second of it was awesome. And. The greatest thing for me was that I was able to play one on one against Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and Chris Mullin and Charles Barkley, and those are the things that I'll never forget that all these guys that I looked up to I was able to play one on one against them. So that it was the greatest time today treat you when you when you got there. At our first meal together, I would say six of them came up right away and said Hello and six of them waited a little bit. And then we practice the next morning. And after that, I practice they were all great to me because they could see that. I wasn't a prima Donna they could see that. I was willing to carry the dirty towels down to lunch, and they could see that. I could take a shot. And by shot. I mean, get bumped by Charles Barkley, your get dunked on by Patrick Ewing, and not cry too much. So once they saw that I was tough enough to handle it, and I didn't cry too much. They accepted me very just like going into a room like that. I was trying to think like if I were your age, and I was going to play professional football Joe Montana's in their Lawrence Taylor's in their Mike single Terry's in there, Mike, all my God. How do I even function under that kind of pressure and the expectations that come along with playing on a team like that? I don't know how you did it. I just I'm assuming the guys were good to you. But also testing you constantly they were testing me constantly, and they wanted to make sure that I was willing to be a rookie. You were a rookie at one time. And and I was a rookie in the NBA and I loved it. And I love being a rookie in the youngest kid in the newest kid on that dream team. And once they saw that I was willing to do all those rookie things. They accepted me. Jerry dead. You ever like seen the Pasco ball that you experienced a what it was really like at the highest level to see those players play with such. I say the practices were tougher than the games because those those guys were so competitive, no, it was absolutely the best basketball ever been a part of. And it was all flying over my head. And I was just trying to hang on by the seat of my pants, and and. The most incredible thing is how fast they went from office the defense in their transition. And then another thing was how much Jordan and Pippen. And a lot of those guys loved playing defense and people don't people talk about Jordan and his scoring prowess and all that other stuff. But he was an unbelievable defender. Also, how do you stay so relaxed and calm these days because I mean, you're coming across d-, most relaxed guy I've ever been around in my life, and I'd like to get to that point. If I could is it possible. I mean, give me a tip or two. Well, thank you. I don't know what you mean. I'm just being myself. I don't know. Minnesota thing. Thing. It's not the northeast city that whole deal. It's I mean, it's got to be I need to move to the mid wet somehow. It's just boomer. We're good buddies. And I'm fifty now. So, you know, things slowdown. Okay. Very good. Well, we're happy to have you here. Land-o-lakes check it out the botched shot there's a shot final four. And you've got teams that you mentioned and ten thousand dollar prize to the winning school Christian late near thank you. Appreciate you being here. Christian look, great, man. Thank you. It's the morning show with Boomer Esiason in Gregg giannotti, boomer and geo couple of things I had not met Christian Leitner before nor I really seen him outside of the documentary. That is the most chill dude in the world. And when I was asking for tips on being that relaxed I really needed to note because wherever he's at right now is at some point in my life, not right now because we're doing morning radio and all that. But at some point in my life, I need to achieve that that got nothing bothers him. It seems like nothing at all. So that was amazing amazingly cooled, right? Just chill guy. That's who he is. But put them on a basketball court and put the basketball guys at ease highly competitive. Yes. Right. And it was funny at the the end of the interviewees pointing and stuff. This is you and Pat Mahomes, and that's groovy put who's this dude over here any point at the the Jerry Recco high school mustache quarterback picture that so famous in your dude over here, man. This just great is unbelievable. So we appreciate him coming in. And it was a fun experience before I get to the Zion thing because I tease this a while back in radio. You gotta pay off your teases, right? Yeah. So. We're talking about April Fools jokes and who did April Fools jokes yesterday. So Al fines one he gets alerted to one from the NEC sports account, which is the northeast conference account. So he goes, hey, look up any sports on Twitter. They did a fool's joke. So I go, and I'm like any sports. I can't find it. He goes, our text it to you. So he texted to me, and it says the northeast conference is pursuing an agreement to become the first division one conference to stream live games via the Mike von app. This deal will likely include exclusive streaming rights. The NEC bowl NEC baseball championship tournaments. So they're trying to jump on the popularity of Mike on Twitter and everything else. And that's airy full jokes. I'm thinking to myself, my why can't I see this on Twitter? Right. Turns out that the any conference on Twitter has blocked me. Why did they block you? I don't know. They blocked me could have been a mistake, or it could have been the fact they were making fun of their bowling tournament. Dot was calling in from the bowling turn. Right. So. Yeah. So Paul, the Tino, we were making fun of the fact that he was streaming women's college bowling when we wanted to have him on the air, and we had some fun with that. I didn't know that. I was the one that was singled out with that thing. But I guess maybe that's why they blocked me have they blocked you. I have no idea. Now, I'd like to know can you look likely this is just a meeting if they've singled me out on this in block l block and what is their what's their handle? Nec sports. And I'd like to anybody's listening for any sports. Whoever runs this like to talk this out like getting blocked. No. I'm not. No, I got it. I'm good. I tell you. I think that was a show thing that was not just the meeting. I was a show you think so that was his show. It was show thing, man. That's fair. Can I ask you a question? Are you a tax payer bellport? I am. Indeed. You are right. Okay. See what's going on out there? You don't wanna go. Do you wanna talk about this? We want to talk about this. You got a math teacher out there. That's basically final three million dollar lawsuit against you, the taxpayer and your school district. Yeah. I I'm just gathering the information on this information on it. Then don't I newspaper. I knew nothing. I really don't. I'm thinking that this seems like a person who might get a lot and get some money. But I'm just I guess there was a picture. I don't know. It's a very uncomfortable thing for me to talk. Why is that? Well, I don't know because I don't know the details, and it's a weird feeling. District and I lived there. She's a math teacher. She obviously had a relationship with somebody at the school. They were sharing pictures of one another with each other that. You know, we're nude, and she was topless one of those pictures, and somehow one of those pictures made it into the phone of assuming one of her students and now by virtue of that she's going to be fired over that. Yeah. It's very interesting to me to have a little bit more influence. I can't heads need to prevail. You really think I'm going to get involved in that. I think here I am. I was a bellport middle school student in nineteen ninety five but you're GO now. And you're like a big shot. I'm not gonna walk in there who am I fighting, for example for her. I think but what if she did something wrong. I don't know the details in this thing. This what I'm reading does not sell and she did anything wrong that somehow somebody else may have done something wrong, then I n wronged her. But I don't think that she should be fired over this. So let me get this friend. She's gonna end up getting you know, some sort of major settlement. And she deserves one. I think you would you would like me to insert myself. I think you shouldn't this mess here taxpayer out there in bell. I am in don't work. Yes. But I don't I mean, I am but I'm going to paying the same amount of taxes, regardless if she gets her money or not. So it's not one of those things where things are going to change for me voice. Just want to let you know that you do have a voice in your hometown very much. So, and I think that my voice in this particular matter is best served silent. What I would say. Now, there's other things I could get involved in like, there's a there's a landfill out there. That's next to one of the schools. So that would be something. I'd be interested in getting involved in because it affects everybody around the the sexting scandal in the middle school. Let you guys and Helen Calvi, I'll be at my house have an opinion on this. I have not formulated in opinion on this particular incident yet because I haven't gathered all the information, you know, it's my hometown here, man. I know that's why I'm saying, you know, the pulse of the people out there. I do. But I don't know if it's going to serve me well in this particular situation that people that you know, out there, do you think that they would come down on her side? Do you think they'd come down on the side of the school? I. I'm thinking probably probably the side of her. Yes. Probably. Okay. That's just a guess. I mean, usually have an opinion about a lot of things. I just your opinion. Now is so muted over. There's a lot of people. I know within that school district. Don't wanna put myself in a tough position. I don't know all the information. Now, I just read this thing this morning anything about it. Okay. I didn't think we're going to talk about it. If it is what it says, it is what you never really truly know what the whole story is here. Right. But it is what it says it is then they gotta give her job back. Okay. All right. That's fair. I will agree with you on that. But if it's not, and there's something else that we don't know because there's only one side of the story. Right. But it sounds like she got she's getting railroad. Like, somebody else did something and shared something that they probably shouldn't have right. And then it's her the one that's getting the the axe here. Right. But she's not going to get the acts. I'm telling you right now. The teachers union will fight their ass off for her you watch. Hey, Mike in Manhattan. What's? Happen to Mike. Hey, guys, how you doing today? Thanks for the call. Great interview with Christian in just take the other side of your points. Definitely a pretty chill cat, but he showed his human side. He's just like a lot of ways to and like think what he mentioned how much it bothered him. The title of that documentary called out that he's been thinking he was actually in tears when he calls mother. He wasn't even how much bothered him that that he's hated in boot in so many places had a constantly remind himself on on why that was happening. So yes, I great jail. He's definitely a cool cap, but he showed that human element as well. And certain things definitely got over the courses fear and even most recently with with that documentary GIO actually pointed out though that people are angry with him because he was so good. And so successful, right, which I think actually touched Christian when he thought about it. Yeah. He he took about fifteen seconds to think about before Hansard and a big deep breath. And then he goes. Thank you, man. I mean, you know, it makes me feel good. You know? So bloomberg. I I mean, we go way back and when he said, but because of his delivery, I couldn't still believe that those things bothered him. You know, if someone's like, I was in tears when that came out, he was a cold, my mom, and I was in tears about it. So. And she was like don't worry about it. So I said guess. Go worry about so. Telling the truth is is is a joke is really in tears. But yeah, that was amazing on that guys. Like that where you don't know their personality when they come in. And then you're learning about them sitting here in studio that I absolute love I had never thought he was like that had no idea. It was great to the numbers. His numbers were way off. He said he talked to his mom. She said, you know, if only Duke fans watch it that's going to be like ten thousand people, right? Everybody else. It would be like twenty thousand people. So it's got the title may. Right. Did not the guys who put it together did a hell of a job and titling. You know, I hate whatever they call. I hate Christian Leitner. That's perfect. And then these guys who really this is the title, and you don't have choice about it. Even though you're not getting paid for it. A man telephone out. They would Christian said when he was leaving. This just now about his talk and his personality. He's you know, they sent me to like a communication schools, and they were like you gotta do a better job like being excited about your answers. And they said like when you talk about your kid, and you talk about fishing. Animated. They're saying to me. But like that's different. Because you know, that's the stuff that I like like. Like a lot of other stuff. So just you know, told me you can't do this. Have enough personality. You know, Mike. This is my actually what he said. This is what my personality is men. Like, I'm not like totally going to change that because you guys want me to boomer. I love you, bro. Seaman joe. If I got your helmet, man. You know that I've got a ball and bog boomer size helmet and a ball. And. Ever like super broke? Like, totally don't have any money at all sell it. Then. Frigging Landau lakes, bro. It's like anything like dairy, man. It's like, whoa. Like, you're taking stuff out of this thing, man. Like this animal, you're squeezing the stuff out of it. And you turn it into all soon to stove. Good. Good. Outed like you ever. Hold up, bro. Bro. Told in a piece of cheese yesterday. And I was like distorted cow. Freaking mind blowing, and it's mind blowing. Call Barkley up. Do this cheese. Store in the frigging Calabro. Up on me getting like some guys don't get it. Dude. Anyway, I gotta go. Okay. It's the morning show with Boomer Esiason and Greg nutty, boomer and geo. Let's get to ceelo right away here next guts. The giants got Wayne Haskins out great that would. Potentially the fortunes of sports around here would change just like I think the fourteenth for the jets are are beginning to change hopefully, the Mets yet but down this road before with Frank Neale Akina and Kyle Aleta. You know, we were saying the same stuff. Those guys all finally, we got Neal Akina the lead is going to be saying the same thing, man. I mean down the same road talking about superstars and their respective sports coming out of college and both could end up right here in New York. Giants get adrift Haskins poll. I don't think so. Guys such a buzzkill after seeing him at the pro day. The giants get a draft Haskins poll, I still think so all right? Thanks the giants gonna DRAM Cuyler Murray. Paul. No, no, the giants get adrift Daniel Jones, Paul. I don't think he's out of the question in the second round. Giants. Get a draft. Drew lock Paul. You'll like it. Number six. I would be very surprised. Giants trade up in the draft poll. Dude, I think so. The giants. Get a for Josh Rosen poll. I don't think so. She says what are they going to do? Then like the variety of phone lines for the giants to do. Right. Jordan ran on the biggest loser. You've ever met poll would not characterize that in any way. Okay. Got any big weekend plans poll up special? Nothing special, man. Well, I think they're going to draft. Age rusher at six that's what I keep hearing edge rusher. And maybe wouldn't it be great? If they traded up to get that edge rusher, the quarterback all my God, they were meeting with Nick Bosa so in order for them to get Nick Bowes at have to trade offs. Let's say traded up to to to maybe not San Francisco trades and number two pick out trade up to two and you wanted to go quarterbacks essentially the giants had the first pick in the jets would have the first pick in the draft. And they would take both. No, I think they would. Badgen the giants trait up to two collar Marie goes one. And then you're like man, this is it Haskins. They're going to take. So they take Nick Bosa and extend Manning's contract. There's the plan right there. Paul didn't rule that out yesterday. Giants can extend Eli contract poll. That is absolutely a possibility. Was killed their way. You react is everything. He tells me I wanna hear. It's the worst. It's like a punch in the gut. Like, I want once for him to say or give me a reason to believe that the giants are gonna move on from Eli manning at some point draft his replacement, right? You feel the same way. Hurts. Once please. So like, Mike. Yeah. I'm gonna ask if gonna play for the rest of his life, Paul. Let's see what he says for that. Maybe I can get a positive answer their see the light at the end of the positive answer. No, right. Okay. It's possibility like he'll say what he's going to say. With today's medicine something like that. You gotta robot shooting free throws now anything's possible. All right ceelo. We got forced brought to you by the Ray Katina auto groups auto group. Schedule an appointment today at a Ray Katina's service center for first class service at affordable prices, the Yanks till two more injury bulls before they even took the field Monday night already nursing injuries to their starting rotation. So it was a much-needed adding from dimicco her Mont against the Tigers, the Tutu brick wall strike three Eddie. Seven strikeouts for her mom, he's giving up only one Eddie should be pitching shutout. John sterling here on the fan. The only run played against her mind came on. What was fishery ruled another Gary Sanchez throwing error, though, gleyber tour Torres probably should've at least knocked that ball down scoreless. Bullpen work from green Britain, veto and Chapman. So the homers from Sanchez and Brett Gardner, Greg bird, singled home, another run all adding up to three one Yankees victory over the Tigers. Aaron judge helped out of Edo in the eighth diving catch to aboard and nobody out killed that rally Aaron Boone holding his breath as judge just voided getting his wrist. Right. Wrist caught underneath that's one of those dangerous place for an outfielder especially coming straight on like that. It's hard for for them sometimes to get underneath that ball to make the play and not hurt themselves left wrist. I should check that especially on a day with the Yanks launched Giancarlo Stanton. Gill and do hard to the I L Stanton suffered a grade one left. Biceps strain Sunday shut down for ten days hope to have him back by the. End of the month. Like it at all. I mean, just. Just work for six weeks to get here plus season, you listen to him. He just always sounds miserable answering this question, you guys should know the answer. Of course, it sucks that I strain my bicep. What do you? Call those Stanton. What was the question? Do you like the fact that you strange your bicep? I mean, what was the question here? How it was worded. I don't like it at all seriously. Well, now, he's on the shelf. Joining. And you you tore your by. So I'm thrilled. Thank you. Well, I don't like it at all. This is my Christian Leitner didn't wanna play in New York media. Maybe designed Williamson's dot gonna play here. Now too. Don't go there. Hayes ion is Christian of. Damn forgot what I was going to say. Oh, that's right. The Knicks use. Don't do. It. Don't go to Nick's like do whatever it takes get away from them. Good away from him. Dude cheese came from a cow, bro. She's from cow hard hitting stuff small lay from tear for and do our his right shoulder. Also suffered Sunday, the wait two weeks to see how he responds. And then at that point. You know, make decision which surgery could be play which would obviously compromise season the wording there could be in play compromises. He's how about if you need surgeries done simple enough judge concern for his team, especially the labor those are complicated. No, anything shoulders pretty complicated. But. We'll see how it turns out. Destroys a tough individual way. What I just wonder about Severino's labor, right? Because it's the same thing. Right. He has a. Sator cuff strain. I think it was ready to have a tear and Severino rotator cuff inflammation, right cuff information. Okay. No tears. Not notice. Clint frazier. Toddler wait recalled from triple a Scranton to fill. The roster spots Masahiro Tanaka Jordan Zimmermann in game two against the Tigers. Tonight coverage on the fan five fifty five top in Miami. Big ninth-inning rally sending the Mets past the Marlins hit on the ground right side right field. Spit hits third. Here's coming home. Brian all this throw to the plate cut off by the first basement. Take the Li how he rose on WCBS. Eighty Edwards resign. Go ahead. RBI single pita. Lonzo follow with his first big league Homer. Four hundred forty four foot three run bomb to right center field at Wendy as worked out of a bases loaded. Nobody out Jim in the bottom half. Struck out the side to nail down a seven three victory Alonzo the star again with his first Homer for Maki Calloway. Great. I think that we knew that that was gonna come at some point. So it's not a surprise. But it's still. A special occasion for for a young player. Got the ball as well. Nice keepsake for him and then got the rookie hazing treatment from his teammates of food bath in the clubhouse shower didn't know those thing until until he told me to hop in the shopping cart, poor whatever the hell they could on me like why what is shopping cart doing in a locker room. I was wondering the same thing. Actually, maybe the house and stuff. Maybe the house and stuff. Could be any kind of card. Yeah. May not be actual shopping cart that you'd see at a grocery store a laundry been maybe like you said for towels and whatnot. With all the dirty sweaty, jock straps and stuff, and then jumped all kinds of food on them eggs barbecue sauce. Mayo beer shaving cream was in the mixed parents. And he said he didn't care to taste any of kept my mouth close entire time. The guy at the end. They jump some food on him. I mean, it's not the end of the world jeeze four games into the season though with Lonzo betting four twelve in slugging seven sixty five he'll be taken a seat tonight because Calloway announced Dom Smith will get the start at first base against Jose overeating. While Jason Vargas takes the mound for three and one Mets seven ten. First pitch. Slow starts around the league Red Sox and angels. Both one in four the Braves picked up their first win last night. Shutting out the one in three cubs who committed six errors in an eight nothing laws to Atlanta. Here's manager. Joe mad. No why they popped up today at pretty good shape coming into this game. But I do have a lot of confidence that that will go away. Mariners hot six in one Phillies three. No, they visit the nationals tonight price Harper's immediate return to DC where he will be facing. Max scherzer. Slowed it every single game's going to matter. This one is just as important. We'll see what kind of reception he gets tonight. You'd imagine it won't be pretty. But then again, I don't know how much the national fans really are locked in care. So I guess we'll find out. Did you see did you guys discuss what Harper revealed or what the Washington Post? We haven't yet. It's credible. Right. So I guess there first and really only attempt at bringing him back their last home game last season was September twenty six. So there was a rain delay and Harper was told to go to manager Dave Martinez office and instead of finding his manager there. He found the owners, Ted Lerner and his son Mark Leonard, they handed him an envelope. Which for whatever reason he didn't open in front of them. He took it put an his pocket figured, I'll just open this up later. So he and his wife opened it together. And you had the offer from nationals ten years three hundred million bucks. And the quote that the Washington Post from had from Harper was all right cool. We can build off that we can work off. He thought that was just the starting point for what was going to be a winter of negotiation and. That was in ten years three hundred mil which obviously they said no to and he ends up thirteen three thirty to Philadelphia. Why don't you sit down and talk to the guy envelope in the last frigging thirty three hundred. I mean, you know, you could've stayed in Washington to go to say, let's go to Dan, we lost antics dance. Midtown. Quick trigger finger. Yeah. We'll maybe Dan will call back love fest in Cleveland yesterday auto Beckham junior reunited with his best buddy Jarvis Landry. Now teammates with the Browns. And they first set down this path together when they were at LSU. Legendary legacy talked about go Jackie's all conversations. Jack, Jack Super Bowls talk about winning. We don't talk about becoming a team. We only talk about gold jackets, and and legendary and my own statistics or have kids Tonio Brown. Where have you been? This is the deal man Super Bowl. Schmoozer bowls geared. You gotta keep playing once at gimme sixteen games. And I'm out playoffs. I don't need the playoffs. More chains to get Hart's. Gotta put my vacation off. I just want the gold jackets and a want the legendary Staten diva whiteouts, and I want the Instagram following. That's what I'm looking for Landry says o b j completes him. I know for me. It's something that. Not only as a player. But as a person, you know, he's definitely somebody that my life needs. Well, now, they can be together and Cleveland, isn't that nice? Yeah. Really like on a personal level or professional somebody in my life needs. Through the day. Yeah. We ever shed a tear for GO GO because it sounds like Jarvis was really Kleenex when he earlier crying. I was crying John Dorsey. I was crying, Freddie, kitchen in the in the not in the cut. Was probably made to hand. Joe the job that he currently has I shed a tear. I did we embrace me and cried on my shoulder. And I haven't watched the shirt since just boomer tears watched him grow into the man that he is right into lost weight. Yes. Looks good. Up. Yeah. Carrying himself and just a whole different matter. It doesn't shuffle anymore. It doesn't walk bent over anymore. Right depends. I mean is no longer one of the radio minions that used to be and he is now leader of a leader. Yes. What was shuffle about terrible posture? Well, that was used to any more. Yeah. A little bit better the Ben Dover thing. But what is shelf? It's not a very fast walk bend over. And it's like a shuffle. Okay. Right. So it's it's more of there's no sense of urgency to that walk like if I'm walking out. I've got the very smooth. Yeah. Lumbering along right one of those. Well, that's where it wasn't to fifty three. It was. So it's a little different. I'm more now. No new bopping around. Oh, yeah. Ninety one ninety four point four this morning. Eddie. God, I think I might way more than you. We've got a forty mile bike ride in our future. Ninety four point four almost sixty advocate, the one ninety three sixty pounds. You got what six months September tenth was the first day. Yeah. Patrick at Manhattan. Patrick. What's happening? Hey, how's it going? Good. Thank you guys do with much stronger that I was out there on Friday was great turn out. I couldn't help. But notice you were you were sucking wind out there your shape. Yeah. Mike, I'm fifty eight years old. Patrick. I'm fifty eight years old. I'm sorry. No, I'm not I'm not twenty five I'm running after professional hockey players. Just trying to get hit with a puck or get over steamrolled by Kovolev or son. Steamrolled? Anyone Colville is Billick Afri. Yeah. It wasn't a wasn't a hitter. Hockey game. He's looking at people like a full binder stand. I mean, he was a score wasn't a wasn't a hitter. Cannot knock him off his feet. That's strong. Yeah. You play through that planet fasciitis. They're very tough. Do whatever I can to get through it. All right. All right in Brooklyn Yana synthetic Kupu decided to play he led the bucks past the next on three. No good off the back of the rim. Jaanus got the long rebound. Big spice to the ribbon slaves with a right hand. So he missed three and ended up getting his omission and dunks the books. Go up by nine hundred five minutes to go. Chris Corina on is under house. I thought so I'll tell you why we're setting that. They might want to send the Celtics big. Thank you card for playing the way they did the other night. Good news for the nets is that all the teams around them laws. That's right. So everything it's a game and a half separating sixth through ninth place in the east. Nets are currently in seventh. They've got four to play. They host the raptors tomorrow night. Knicks beat the bulls at the garden one thirteen one oh five on ice, John Taveras credited with the game winner, his forty six of the season as the Maple Leafs clinched, a playoff berth two one win over the aisles, the devil's double up the Rangers at the rock Ford to all right? Thank you ceelo boomer and geo on the fan across the country and CBS sports network Christian. Layton. Mentioned something about Zion Williamson and his family and the Knicks the story that we will get into in just a couple of minutes heats the morning show with Boomer Esiason in Gregg giannotti, boomer and geo McKellen do our might be out for the year. We don't know yet. A torn labor in his throwing shoulder small Tare and surgery might happen. If that happens, and he's going to be out for the year. Giancarlo Stanton was unicol. Strain bicep he's going to be on the injured list for a little bit. That's what the Yankees are dealing with pita Lonzo with a seven hundred foot home run lands him on the bench tonight. So you have that with the Mets winning another game down in Miami. Plenty of your baseball thoughts. If you got him at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six but we missed this yesterday and all the baseball hall of blue and everything else. So Levy on bell who fancies himself a rapper and entertainer he put out a video. Now, he is all about this album that he dropped this is all about he is so focused now on this album. He had a release party in Miami. He had a release party up here. He has now made a video with one of his songs, and he put out a tweet with video in it. And it's. Our donate tools. They wanna do it. I do money is making, bro. I said I'm into knows and not signing me bag. They gotta pay to. So this is this is the song, then dirty neighbors on are you ready? I think. What is that? What that little auto to thing. Talk me out of the blue. Could actually do this older. Has two point eight three million views. So that's a lot of thumbs up. Thumbs down. He did. So he writes, are you ready and then puts fire or trash can right. So Keenan Allen who is a Pro Bowl wide receiver for the LA. Chargers said, I gotta keep it banned, bro. This ain't in trash can so levian bell. He didn't like that. Even though he asked for people's opinions. This guy goes if you honestly felt that way you could have just texted me and said that L O L, but it seems even people with check marks one a troll to seek attention for mentions nowadays enjoy this buzz fuzz, it's still all positive vibes. That's what he had to say below g Kaiser in. No. And then he wrote the I dunno high fives and a heart. So that thing had two point five million views. He didn't make any money off of that. Did he know unless you're going down? Load rap album based on after that he producing his own stuff or is actually have a record label. I don't believe he's signed to a label check because I it's on Spotify. Right. A label trip to franchise tag him and he held out. So. Okay. That's good. So a franchise tagging at the af may not come back to work next. Yeah. It's supposed to that announcement is going to happen today. Whether or not they're gonna actually continue playing, well, we'll be waiting with baited breath. Okay. It banned by the way means maintaining a real relationship with people and always being candid with them. So when Keane announces I'm gonna keep it banned, bro. I gotta be candid. This is terrible. Dictionary for that one. Here's another great quote in there about if you go down a little further who's that? Keenan Allen or does he? Yeah. After levian bell. Went back to him and said, you know, you should've just texted this to me. Right. He said something along the lines of you asked for people's opinions. But the way he said, it was was fun. I don't see it down there. Google. I don't I don't have it. I'm looking for. But I mean is he really does. I would think that it'd be you know, gained fifteen hundred yards catches eighty passes scores. Fifteen touchdown passes jet fans will buy it. He goes, I was not trolling on my momma, bro. I don't troll. Like, I said, I speak facts, you shouldn't have asked. If you want the truth over here, bro. It should have been your real friends that said it. Goes facts, if my stuff trash, you better, let me know. But like this. He really like honestly anybody who is you get somebody produce a beat. And then you get this auto tune, and you get a bunch of words that rhyme with crew. And then you put this song again. That's what he did. Clear out of the blue Adam Sandler, do a song with Elmo did figure out how to rhyme with Elmo play that thing again, listen to this. This is just this is just unbelievable. If you it's just so you think it's trash, you know. You our donate tools. They want to do it. I do money is making. I said I'm into nose and not signing me Bagley. They gotta pay to these complicated. Do that's what I think rules. Fools tools rude news. That's where he went. They even have things online because I use these. I do my dopey songs rhyming dictionaries you put in any word, they'll give you all the words. Ron with really perfect. All he had to do. Oh, my. I'm gonna break the rules ain't playing with. I got all the tools. Sorry. They don't be rude. What did Jay z thing about it? Laughing. Two and a half million views though, but there's also videos of guys slipping on ice and falling that get five million views doesn't mean that people think songs good, right? That's true. I mean, this is this day and age of viral stuff. I watched about ten times laughing my ass off. And if you see video to Dividian quality, the production value this thing is horrendous. Pop up from the bottom Danes, Iran. It's just it's so poorly done. I really hope he works out. And I think he can still be a really great player. But this stuff is a major turnoff. Yeah. Listen. There's there's people like love EON bell nurse, Adam Sandler, and they appreciate music in the just the sheer scope of it from one end to the other just goes to show, you how talented. Okay. Ceska pedantic. Pleasure down. No trouble. San can make up a song about 'em may Adam Sandler just came up with it. You can't this song about Alemany who likes to play and Yale. Could actually rhyme pretty much at any level. I mean, really. Sure that wasn't an old Mike and the mad dog clip. A big it was why was saying Laura I used to think stuff was really funny back in the day that was actually very, but that voice that he does. Now, it's just like, I don't know. It's funny when I was in high school, but now a thirty six year old man, though, homo. What do we about war was she don't a benching under form does that? But I'm just saying, well, he's traveling the country now, so. Tickets for exactly he brings home on stage in the guy who plays Elmo has to travel Adam Sandler and has to break into his family's going on. I thought you were just having to do Sesame Street, and I'm going to tort they bring me out like the star is born again Elmo and Adam Sandler. Oh, God to fill in Tom's river joins us on a fan. What's up, Phil? I've been a long time Yankee fan. Okay. And I'm very concerned about all these injuries these young players, and I'm not a doctor not a I'm not a trainer, but I have had some people at the gym tell me that years ago. Baseball players didn't lift weights like they're lifting today, and what's happening there. It was said that their muscles are getting big, but attendance are not don't grow. And they're pulling a lot of tendons. And I think that's got a lot to do with these injuries. Pretty young players. I mean, the trainer really should get involved with this. You know, they want to lift weights because they wanna they wanna hit more home runs. They wanna throw faster, and you know. They Bruce never went to Jim. Phillips, every sport goes through this. I think now these sports no longer are just six month at of the year sports. They're twelve months, and you got an because the money is so big and is so significant these guys are working out year round. Now back when I was playing, and it wasn't all that long ago. And we're making some pretty decent money. But a lot of us did things in the off season to supplement our income. Now, we weren't like Frank Gifford and had a fulltime job doing the news on NBC. But today when they're making tend to say fifty million dollars a year. I mean, that's year round sport. You gotta stay in shape. And you've gotta work out. And when you watch a lot of these guys now on, but a lot of YouTube videos out and stuff like that and working out and who can work out the hardest who can work out the longest and just a play game. Yeah. I mean, this is one of those topics that that has been talked about a million times. And I hear it on this radio station old baseball fans, you're telling me Bob Gibson would come out or eighty six pitches show. Show over there. About kitchen into three hundred pitches. What an eye patch on once? You know? And you're like oh God. But there if you get past all that garbage there is there has to be a reason why guys back in the sixties could throw a hundred and thirty pitches, complete games left. And right. And there wasn't nearly as many injuries as there are now when you got year round maintenance, more information more medical equipment. Why? Because of the advent of different pitching pitches. The slider, for instance, amount of torque that you're putting on your elbow and your shoulder, and because of the money that is invested in these guys. Now, they want to be careful. They don't want those arms going. That's all there is to it. I'm just picturing gals take on this as he walks in and hands us, then stop throwing sliders. Yes. A ritual fastball. If it's hurting your arm. Stop throwing us Live Aid shouldn't be that. Art, Richie a White Plains. What's happening quickly guys? Hey, I'm a Mets fan. But I wanna know the Mets third baseman was playing an April Fools joke last night when he made his how to play third base video. One of the reasons why the Astros traded him, you know. You know, he's he's a little bit of a. A work in progress as they say retentive -ly. Yeah. I get re I have to get reacquainted with the new met guys every year is this guy a third baseman. I think yes, he's billed as that. He's a good one. Member they require they acquired Davis from the Astros. Yeah. But if you go like like if you put JD Davis in it's gonna say third base wherever he's been right? Oh, so, but I just it's an adventure. We talked about that earlier this morning. There was like at six oh six you. Did you brought that right up? Well, now, you know, maybe the Astros try to give him a chance exactly eats the mooning show with Boomer Esiason in Gregg giannotti, boomer and geo ceelo sloppy in his second day back. He's running. This is the stuff we were talking about with him slipping off and say, it's an unfortunate situation for a guy who had cemented himself in this role. Top fill-in. I was throwing up in the news. Can't get these break times. Right. You know, what's crazy? The air outside is all the air. The no, no, no. I'm actually the air your script away. If you'd let me finish. I'd say it makes it even worse because with the air off you can hear the our on air feed, much better. Normally it's hard to hear what's actually air. Unless you dial it up at your own desk there, but I'm always listening and cutting sound so the air conditioner, whatever it is lower. All I heard everything crystal clear great. Okay. Down into your job. Got it. Brought to you by the Long Island boat show. Stop by NYC live home of the Nassau Coliseum. April fifth through seventh. Visit NY vote shows dot com. Brett Gardner was one for thirteen in the season opening series against the Orioles got things turned around from self last night. Here's the three to swung on the year to rate center Jonas on the run in deep right center field that ball is gone. A home run. It went into the bullpen into the Yankee bullpen, the Gardy party begin John, sterling. Gartner two for four with that solo Homer. Gary Sanchez homered for the second time in as many games. Domingo's Vermont five innings of one hit seven strikeout bone scoreless relief from the bullpen three one victory for the Yanks over. The tigers. Joe mentioned something Gary Sanchez back to back games back home runs. Right. This is the guy that down needs to step it up in without Stanton in the lineup and without into Horno lineup. Here's a guy that has to come out of his funk and cannot play and cannot hit like he did last year and to see that he's got now. Two home runs back to back games. It's gotta be signed for them. The debts have been pretty solid Aaron judge health that amount of vino with a diving catch in the eighth as Detroit was threatening. He saw it coming to. Here's Gardner explaining to Susan Waldman. After the final told me right before that he actually told me that he was about the dive, Mika place. So I don't know if he's just that good that he knows exactly what's about to happen. But I can't make that up. How to judge? No. It was coming his way throughout the game swinging, you know, especially with happening. It was. Good get off speed pitches. We might get around one, and you know. Gardy? No, no heads up here. Cool with like zero like on out of jersey. I first guy in Yankee history to whereas a lot of Yankee fans in bothers them though, because they thought that you know, every single number was used and retired. And that was that. And you never be touched again and New York guy. He's in zero listen zero stays zero won't be a problem. It looks just looks weird. Of course. It looks weird. It's different unique. Yeah. So the Yanks get the win. But not all good news. Obviously Giancarlo Stanton to the I L grade one. Biceps string injured on a swing early in Sunday's game against Baltimore. He'll be shut down ten days. They hope to have him back by the end of the month. And then there's mcgilla Newhart small Abram tear. So we're gonna treat it conservatively for a couple of weeks and see how response to delivering the news to the media. There's the background saying I'm not sure hadn't caught that before. Did you hear that before? No. I just heard it now. Okay. Okay. Should we play it again or move on his towards the end of it? Maybe right. Just towards the I have those capabilities had enough you did. But this press Jerry many times, sometimes you don't even know which cuts you're firing kind of have to cross your fingers and opens the right one. Speaking of hope the Yanks hope for the best on end do har- season ending surgery. Definitely on the table for that labor. Taryn his right shoulder for now. Clint Frazier and Tyler weight up from AAA Scranton to fill the roster spots Frazier. We'll see a lot of time in the outfield. DJ LeMay Hugh becomes the regular third baseman for now to into Yanks survive? Jay. But they. Jane Bream Rashard e. DJ, gene. No monday. Doom. Where did you pull that one? Yeah. I'd love to hear a summer's interview. Christian Leitner, relaxing. Five days. Tell me about the dream team. Where you dream was it Langbo dreams line was in standing next, Jordan. Did you say this is a dream? Do. It was crazy. I was just like, whoa. You know what? I mean. I do I know engineering. Denuding on poom poom. Latour tomb Desmond Tutu. Let me ask you something. If I may are you gay? Drew? Took a terror. One of my dicamba. That's the question. Is he talking about the NFL? Combine is that what he's talking about? Do we have that in context, I believe now this is going back to the context was he was sort of questioning caller who was being homophobic. Kills a good job at St. calling that a guy for his crap. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Masahiro Tanaka Jordan Zimmermann in came to against the Tigers tonight coverage on the fan five fifty five. It's another six thirty five. First pitch in Miami. Has made things. Interesting after the Mets have to take the lead the top half of the ninety s center almost seventy three. Here's the pitch. Strike three put the bucks. Well, no little more adventurous that Edwin d as one indeed it was how he rose funnel call. I'm Howie rose. Eighty loaded the basis with no one out but settle down to strike out the side preserving these seven three victory. It was a four run nine for the offense. I'm resign. Go ahead. RBI single by Pete Alonzo's. First big-league Homer three run shots right center. Field that traveled four hundred forty four feet very grounded in his post game interview, necessarily make this about me. I mean, this is a whole team effort, and I just want to do whatever I can't every single day to help us win Alonzo, courtesy of SNL. Why added this? I think we're championship ballclub in we're showing resilience, and we're going to show that all year, and we're going to continue to play. Well, he said that Mickey and Brody have been instilling that in every single day since spring training for the messaging, I like them, but I don't necessarily know that we need to know about all this stuff. Right. Wait a second. Don't be negative. Peru. All the cliches and everything the crab team. Just dealing with all that stuff. I hear you well Alonzo we'll take a seat tonight though, because Calloway's gonna give Dom Smith a loan is going to be starting tomorrow at first he's. And you know, he deserves a chance to go out there and mortgage rain on and do some damage Smith again that ninth-inning rally with a pinch hit single. He's two for four with a couple of RBI's to was yesterday and limited were could be April. Fools joke. Could be maybe slept on it and changed his mind. We'll see laundly Garris homered in this game. Jeff McNeil double to hits a piece. Michael conforto. Wilson romo's have mentioned Stephen Matt's all day five into third three runs. Just one earned took a no decision season debut for Jason Vargas tonight opposed by Jose Arena at seven ten Phillies in nationals of a quick two game series, beginning this evening, Bryce, Harper's return to DC with max sherzer on the mound for Washington and the one in four Red Sox send Chris sale to the mound in Oakland. He'll be looking back from what was a very poor opening day start. All right. Just one second. It's time now to bring in our WFAN giants beat reporter pulled the Tino, we are asking he may question of the day every day from now until the NFL it's time for the paulie dot spot is Eli manning gonna play for the rest of his life poll. Oh, that's impossible. It's paulie I'm spot. Finally that was pretty good. Finally, a good answer from him. So I did not have to moan or wasn't a punch in the gut the least mid it. He's not gonna play the rest of his life. So at some point the giants will have a new quarterback and you guys aim to get Paul one morning in the midst of one of his five mile runs of Jesus runs five miles a day. He's a big runner. Yeah. Wow. I think I don't know if it's every day, but he's out there usually pounding the pavement. Maybe you can get them huffing and puffing made run. Let me he's only on for a second and a half. So I don't know if we're going to be able to tell the difference if he's laying in his bed or is in a half marathon, Eddie like fades up the phone line. As you're asking the question, you might hear him. Yeah. Exactly. Okay. We covered yesterday's press conference in Cleveland quite a bit. Jarvis landry. Baker Mayfield Myles Garrett on hand to welcome aboard. One Odell Beckham junior he did a one on one with our own Jones for NFL network. Just after the presser ended Kim, of course, has been outspoken in support of Odell feels she knows the real person and wants them to show. It is my plea deal. I already said it publicly can you please? Let Cleveland get to know the real Odell Beckham junior because they're gonna fall in love with them. And they're going to respect him awful lot. And it sounds like he is on board with that plan. Think that Cleveland is visitors junior that they could possibly have. And if I could do that the way, you know, that you, you know, me I think it's going to be a management go. Maybe it'll be a coup for Cleveland when all said and done very nice in Brooklyn Janas played and the bucks got by the net. Nearside eighteen is good. Got after his all miss knocked it loose Kubo back and he put it in. Oh, yeah. Janice with an amazing sequence story the season for Milwaukee, Chris Carino or call twenty eight and eleven boards for Janas while Eric Bledsoe, led Milwaukee with twenty nine points bucks bounce back after blowing a twenty two point. I f lead to beat the nets one thirty one Twenty-one pistons, heat and magic all lost as well. So a six place or excuse me, six place through nine place in the east separated by a game and a half the nets currently in seventh. They've got four to play host the raptors tomorrow night, and by the way, failed to mention this this morning, he SPN reports. Kenny Atkinson and his staff are closing in on contract extensions with the nets prime to go to the playoffs. So that's good news for them. Knicks beat the bulls at the garden one thirteen one oh five snap a six game skid, but they still own an NBA worst record of fifteen and sixty two on ice. John Taveras exacting revenge against the island and Eric cross ice pass by tapes here on the tape of Mitch mornings for tomorrow's circles to thin scores. John to there is as his first ever goal against the New York Islanders king islanders. Turned out to be the game winner. We always talk about Chris king in his the pitch of his voice when he's with the goals, but he's got a thick Long Island accent that I really really love. Mitch Mona up to Mitch Mon to various oh, shootin schools, he schools. Mitch Mona amazing when he gets into that that what his voice shoots up a little bit different than Mitch Mona shoot up there because it was not an island. Eric cross ice pass by tapes here on the tape of Mitch mornings for tomorrow's circles. Too thin scores. There is as I ever goal against the New York Islanders forty six of the season. Points. Eighty seven of them to run a one to one clinch a playoff berth. Somebody get berry trots throat laws and some credit rationing their game. Didn't we did it more on ours? Upset hockey coach. Right. They're giving it to team all night. A lot to say a tough game. It was it was. But he's a little more desperation playoff atmosphere, and the maple leaves actually clinch the play last night capitals lost as well. The islanders still technically. And they did. So the I still have little little breathing room to make that last game of the season with Washington actually means something as far as wrapping up the metropolitan division goes the devil's double up the Rangers at the rock four to two, and we also mentioned earlier Kentucky giving John Calipari lifetime contract after he was flirting with UCLA and their head coaching UCLA pantley was offering forty eight million over six years. So Kentucky said here's a blank check and a lifetime deal. But how about we give you like, you know, forty million over four years and you'll like it and stay give a lifetime contract. Not really not really sure, you know, down a lifetime contract. But. All right, telling you know, maybe a different time. I would have accepted this particular time, just, you know, along faxes mom, folks on factors involved. So people think lifetime contract, you gotta take it not always the case back after this. Moment of the day is brought to you by Resorts World casino in queens with over six thousand games. This is how NYC roles. And ready got a glimpse of Geos latest impression that he can add that list Christian Leitner in studio with you guys here. Repping land lakes today. Landau lakes, bro. Because of. Like anything like dairy, man. It's like, whoa. You're taking stuff out of this thing, man. Like this animal, you're squeezing the stuff out of it and your turn into old sewer to stove. Good. Good. Who? How you ever hold up, bro? Bro. Holding a piece yesterday, and I was like distorted cow. Freaking mind blowing, and it's mind blowing. Call Barkley up. Cheese. Store in the frigging Calabro. Up on me. Getting like some guys don't get it, dude. Anyway, I gotta go. Okay. There you go Bomer at the day show. Thank thank you. And that was spot on. You haven't missed the Leitner interview. You could check that out. It'll be up on our podcast WFAN dot com. You'll know exactly what we're talking about. Hey, what's up? I'm jerry. Oh, hi there. I'm ow. And we do a podcast like almost every day. But not quite it's the Alan Jerry post game podcast. We really started to talk about things we didn't get to on the boomer and geo. But now, it's really just us talking about robots rats in New York City and dome people in Florida and porn sites. That do studies polls. Yes. Studies in polls you can download and subscribe on radio dot com and the new radio dot com app.

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