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Dell and Sonya Curry


Everyone welcome to another addition of the word pod here in New York with the first family of the NBA. The curry's Dell and Sonya poor now. Not only the parents of NBA star Steph Curry in Dallas. Mavericks Guard Seth Curry but also the host of new podcast on cadence called raising fame. Sports edition will talk about their new pod. We talk about Steph. Seth daughter Sidell in a lot more and speaking of podcasts. Make sure you're also listening to the low post with Zach Lowe Brian Wind hearst and the hoop collective and the ESPN P. pod with Scott Van Pelt and now Dell and Sonya Curry. Welcome into our Manhattan Studios. This is one. I've really been looking forward to Dell and Sonya Curry who many of you know as merely the first parents of the NBA. Father and mother to Stephan Seth in and their daughters sidell. But also the new hosts of a PODCAST RAISING FAME. Sports edition on cadence. Which is a great podcast. Company used to host the world's pod. And you can go back you. There's already a small archive guys started last month of conversations with Dell and Sonya I about how. They raised their children as parents around sports. But then I how a lot of other parents did everyone from Patrick Mahomes Shaquille O'Neal dwyane Wade Damian. Lillard there's a march madness edition coming caches Winston and Anthony Edwards coming up in March. I welcome in guys. Thanks for literally getting off the plane from Charlotte and and coming right in here. Thanks you know we. We've had a lot of fun with it. we look forward to this Early flight up and off the plane came right here. So we're looking forward to. This is for me now. This is I I. I know this is won't record. I've had steph on the pot of had seth on the podcasts. And now now we've got four curry's who've joined in so let's start here and what we'll talk a little bit the timings. We didn't time it this way. But but stuff's return is is imminent and Golden State. How much elite. It's funny early stuff career and it was a very different kind of injury that there were a lot of. There's always a lot of doubt about those lower leg injuries. A foot ankle injuries. He had you know that really there was a time. His career was he thought might be in peril. Broken hand is it's not certainly wasn't career-threatening nude comeback this year but his parents a little different feeling around this injury now and where stuff is in his career versus the uncertainty early on when he was fighting through those first few years in a League one. He's a little more secure now financially. Secure that he was when Early in his career when he went through the ankle injuries in any talked about his NBA player. Pretty much any professional Player you gotTa have the the legs and the ankles knees. You gotTa have those things working So this one a little different in the hand it was. It was a severe injury Don't get me wrong but you cover the bones with hill System have him. You know. Stay impatient with it. It's low frustrating. That happened so early in the year But he's excited get back. It's been a long process and they've taken their time. I obviously make sure that. Their main guys healed up but He's anxious to get back on the floor and get the body moving again and that kind of have a little slight Different perspective on that. I mean you Never WanNa see your child hurt and we're very competitive family and we know that that passion is just in him to be on the court. He's just always been like that. He's never looked for a reason not to play. But I guess on on my end I was kind of you know we believe got all things happen for a reason and you know he got an opportunity to Congress mentally physically With the makeup of the team this year coming in you know all the focus was going to be on him and from my mom's perspective and an ex NBA players Wise Roussel. Hoecht if it was good to kind of see him resting and see him home having more time with his family But but also watching him you know mentally recoup some and regroup and Rehabilitate not only physically but also mentally doing this time. So that's an interesting point too. And I think People Steph may not show it the way other people do or other players. He's you know I think from the outside and even being around him he's Kinda the same guy every day and he he's not he's not low he's stays in that place where it's a lot easier for him and for people to function but you talk about five straight years of deep playoff runs playing to the end of June. Lots of games. He's played some trying to think of the last time. He played international basketball. But I know he hoped to play. That was on the rise and trying to play playing on the Olympic team. Juice sense that it had taken maybe more of a toll on him than he might lead on to people. Oh absolutely because even during those runs he was playing with injuries. And so you know now getting you know a little bit further into his career. It's hard to to stay game ready mentally and physically all the time and I think you know having some conversations with him Recently about returning or not returning for the rest of the year. That definitely was playing into his psychic. About what decision to actually make you know if he doesn't play you know the cons are if he doesn't play then getting his body back into real game Shape and you know. They want to start off this season on a serious run for another championship. So you won't have much time to get into game shape if you don't get on the court and start playing Sooner than later so absolutely you know we were talking a little bit earlier about staff and Seth and now both of them very secure in the NBA set signed his first big contract in the Lagos four years. Thirty two million with Dallas coming off a a really good season in Portland and I wonder like parents. It's funny when you have kids and you watch to me. One of the interesting things is apparent as you watch. Especially when they're young they fight and they go at it and then you sort of see like you. Kinda know that you've got that they've got someone in the world maybe even when you're gone that's like they've got each other's backs and they're there for each other and that's what I guess you. You probably hope for that. Your kids have that and I talked about Meyers about this in the past and GM golden state. And at a time. When Seth and he played with the G. League team in Santa Cruz he played with the words G. League team he was in and out of the G. League he was in the NBA and ten day contracts He had gone undrafted out of Duke because he played injured essentially his senior year. He put injury that really limited him and it took them longer to and never once did Steph go to Golden State and say you know what Po Po come on like put Seth on the T. I can give roster spot because that's happened through the years there's plenty of stars who have whether it's family or not family. Who Have you know you know who the players aren't illegal? Have the power to add a player. Two or even three on a roster. You ever even remember that idea even coming up. No those never never mentioned And it's something that we just try and still all of our children growing up in that you know you earn everything nothing's given to you You know even while I was an NBA. We have given them everything and made life real easy for them but now we I mean. They had chores around the house if things they had to do And you know if Stephanie done that. is still not know secured thing that seth would've played well and been able to you know sticking NBA So now that was never never mentioned never thought of What have absolutely 'cause we don't even talked about Tom for after finishing his second g league season and last thank God he you know talked to him about playing for the warriors. And of course you wouldn't turn down being put on their roster or assigned by them but he was like no he. He's always wanted to do his own. Thing you said in in the PODCAST is raising fame. Sports edition with Dell and Sonya Curry. You said in one of the pods Were you talked about your own journey with your children and raising your family del that you wanted to keep it normal through your kids childhood. They were growing up around the NBA. I wonder like when you look back now. Was it easier to keep life normal for your kids at the time you played in the NBA. Vers parenting the way. The League has grown and the attention and everything that goes with it. How well known the players are now even role players who are really well known you think it might have been less of a challenge when you were raising your kids. Then it might be now for for staff and for Seth as he grows a family. No question I it was easier With with social media there's no cellphones back then. There was no League pass you can go on and on the NBA's grown so big so much since The days that I was in it was it was it was it was not easy Keeping it normal because the kids knew that they dads and NBA is making some money He's traveling around. We can do pretty much whatever we want He could afford to get anything that we wanted But my wife did a great job of making sure that those that are kids state as normal as possible that they they earned the right to go to the game to go to my practices To do things that You know normal kids would do nothing again. It goes back to the fact that nothing was handed to them we. We gave them the resources that we could but we made sure they stayed hungry but I can't imagine trying to keep things normal in today's NBA. Tell hard and one of the things that I've learned have loved about this experience with the podcast is when you're interviewing these other. Top athletes very accomplished athletes. That that was a common thread that I was surprised to hear about that. I felt like he was more of just our personal beliefs and how we were raising our kids but it was a common thread with every parent. We've interviewed so far Or Guardian of these professional athletes that said when they came home they wanted to make their kids life normal and So it's it's really important It's been interesting seeing how they've kept it normal for their kids in the different sports because they look different so yeah. I wanted my school for twenty seven years. It's hard on parents nowadays. It's a lot of pressure to follow the crowd And so it takes a lot of courage not to and to not feed into the fear of. You'RE GONNA mess your child up. Just parents love them and let home be home. So yeah what what's interesting too about even so far the interviews you've done and the families that you've players and the families that you've talked to a lot of different kinds of family structures A lot of different paths. Listen whether it's a mom whether it's parents whether it's a mom whether it's dwayne Wade to parents separately. We'VE HAD SIBLINGS RAISING SIBLINGS. Younger siblings is that part of like the real. Obviously you. You both had a curiosity about how others did it. You knew what you know what your story was. But there's lots of your out searching them down but how interesting of a part of it is that Ben about because not every kid is fortunate to have grown up in the curry household. I think twofold for me. And then del give your perspective on this was to really create an environment for parents Because there's so many people outside of the arena or within the arena of athletics and Sport. This really focused on the business aspect of they want our our kids as athletes to just for money for claim for prestige for and like a using all these things. It's about the dollar now. So it's for me. It's producing a community where any parent whether they're at home right now on their child one or their child's twelve and they're going through this whole plight of just trying to support them with their athletic Experiences that the can find somebody that we've interviewed. That looks like them so that they don't have to reinvent the wheel they can find some courage and hope that hey they made this mistake. I don't you know I don't WanNa make it or or I can avoid making it or if I did. It's going to be all right. You know because there's no formula in raising fan just dare to parent your child. So that was our purpose and passion for actually doing this and providing Different types of guardianship so that somebody could see themselves. The common thread that that I've seen is that All parents guardians did not raise That child to be a professional athlete. They were raising. Raising a child will be a productive citizen in their community To go on and have a successful life at whatever they chose to do. Obviously that some point they realized they were gifted in that particular sport. And then you know things escalated. They put forth resources. They get more involved in dedicated themselves to that sport but early on it was just. Hey I WANNA raise my child to be a successful prosperous individuals in that community Who would have a successful life in and do good in whatever they decided so no one knew. Hey I've got the son a daughter. I'm going to raise them to be a professional athlete. What were the things as parents when you'd go to games whether Daughters Volleyball Game Boys Basketball Games trout? Whatever it was. What were the things that parents made you cringe when you around at that you sports environment? I probably have some people look at me. I had to take up knitting when the glories were in in high school and then kept score so that I could be forced to not yell and be coached from the stands. So I'm that parent that signed a waiver at the beginning of every season that I wouldn't not coach and I wouldn't get in trouble all the time but that's one of the things is just you know over. Coaching your children within their sport Can you think are the big thing? Is that once your child decides. They WanNa play this individual sport and we had a couple of just say this Recently in the podcast okay. I WANNA play basketball baseball swim whatever. Okay how do you WanNa play it as just a hobby or do you want to be serious and tried to be your best moving forward and then as a parent? I can make a decision of how I'm GONNA REACT When you play am I going to say I was just doing this for exercise for hobby or are they really trying to be their best at it and kids made that decision early that they wanted to be dedicated and be the best really be locked in on what sport they were playing. And I think that's why my wife was so emotional because we're not in this just to have fun. Obviously but we want you to play. Well do your best because You teammates are relying on you to do that. So that was a big thing. Once the parents realized that the kid was locked in dedicated wanted to be their best. Then things changed. Got More serious through them accomplish things they didn't accomplish too. We did see a lot of that. The thing that was so amazing about the recruitment of stuff. And Seth Okay. People MISS ON PLAYERS. They miss on. They under estimate whether it's based on size or whatever it is that he's not a high major players this like the NBA. Is John Moran yesterday on the podcast? Everybody missed that. Hit Me Goes Murray State. And but okay they missed on Steph. They missed on staff at the highest level and listen for him. I always say Davidson Bob. Mckillop is a hall of each should be offing. He's one of the you know it's so funny. College Baz is a tangent. I guess but college basketball the hall of fame to me so it's built around if you had a job at one of the really big programs that are just bill to win. I'm not taking away from those guys but like I'd like to see some of those guys go due to Davidson for thirty years and sustain anyway. That's another anyway. Obama Kelps famer right Okay they miss on staff. But how did they miss on Seth? That's the thing that like that. Someone would just say the bloodlines. Were Not GonNa make the same mistake that we made like? We've got fifteen scholarships and he started you know. He went to liberty out of the gate before he transferred to Duke. Did it surprise you guys as much? Especially in retrospect that. Okay you missed on staff but like kids. Somebody figure out that it's the same. There's a little bit the same pattern here and something big's going off from scholarship. It didn't surprise me. It pissed me off. But it didn't surprise me Because the same schools that recruited Stephan Saul says than we won't we won't dig in the past but Seth a funny little sized. Seth blames it on me because there is a big tournament that a all the coaches were common and then his name was being thrown out there who to watch that weekend and he decided he wasn't going to come in for curfew from well prom or homecoming and tell them you're not going to the tournament and so he blames that he didn't get highly recruited because of their parents but it didn't go back to your original question. It didn't really surprise me at all. I think he was. He was faced with the same challenges. That Stephan were was and he didn't fit the bill physically again and As I learn more about you know High Division. One teams isn't much about investing in you gotta come with most of the package And so it didn't surprise me but It surprised me a little bit Because a lot of I know a lot of coaches and they would you know. Talk to me about the kid. I'm like hey. He's a late bloomer as well He's driven hit a little better body in coming out of high school and Steph. Stephanie was six foot one forty five. Seth was was built a little a little better. But I think he went to a An terminent In Orlando any had a slight hamstring. Pull any tried to play through it and had a coast commies it. Hey Seth his hamstring is tell he's not one hundred percent. I think he needs to sit down and not play. I'm thinking wow what I've already told most of the coaches. He's a late bloomer They see him trying to play through a an injury where he shouldn't be. That says something to me as a coach. So yeah it it really surprised me But when he decided to transfer from liberty after leading all freshman scoring He's a big hit on campus. Everybody tried to rectify their mistake. Yeah it's really amazing and the NBA is full of like and you can see the guys who were the prodigies at like. I admire what Lebron has done. What Colby maintained because it's also really hard to be the campus guy if fifteen sixteen because that's a lot to handle at that age and we'll see plenty of guys just fall off because they don't it's just it's too much it's a lot to absorb and so I admire it's anybody who plays in the NBA like you're not you don't get there by accident you just don't. I mean you've but you do see though there's a of the guys who kind of keep that chip on their shoulder and I think Steph Seth like they. You know stuff spend multi time. Mvp multi time champion. I still think in his mind when he gets up in the morning goes to the gym. Still thinks of himself. You know the Guy Davidson that. Nobody was quite sure it was good enough right still sees absolute self. He still looks back at SCAR REPORT. You know when he was drafted to slow. CaN'T JUMP NOT ATHLETIC. Just a shooting at a point guard. All that is still in the back of his mind. I Seth I tell about them. Steph number seven pick a lottery. Pick all those things. He couldn't do proved everyone wrong. But Sethi has even a better story. You said injured His senior in college had surgery. Right after college is is caused season was done. Didn't get drafted with through the G. Lee. Couple of ten days didn't get a chance to play but continue to work and He played in Erie. Erie Bay Hawks and we went to a couple of games in areas. Like seth if you can stay dedicated and play the way you are here in. Erie you're GONNA make it. You're GONNA be sorry motivation to get out and But Seth never lost focus never looked at his brother and said Hey. Why can't I do that? What's wrong with me? He stayed focused on his path. And you know now. You've seen the fruits of his Labor playing really good basketball and his second stint with Dallas. So that stories even more impressive than a lot of kids. And you're right. The kids that are young. Fifteen Sixteen. Have that star on their back so a lot of pressure. So you have two different exchange. Those kids the Lebron the Kobes. And then you have the Steph currys where they see his brother Reach levels they gave. What what's what's wrong with him but he continues to grind it out. And he's ready for his opportunity. Sonia. There's a really a. Marc Spears With the undefeated I've worked with mark for years at Yahoo and now at ESPN. He wrote a really a terrific piece. I knew it was last year and talking about you grew up in Radford Virginia at a time where it was not easy for a young African American girl to grow up in Radford. Virginia you dealt with a lot you saw a lot and it's funny when you think of we're talking about youth sports your experiences with Youth Sports as a parent and think back to when you were eleven years old and you can set the scene here. You're eleven years old. You're score keeper at a softball game that your mom was playing in. And I think some of maybe some more extended family our softball team had was a family and friends softball team and it was an all African American team and what happened that day. Well what happened was it was like the city championship and so I come from just a lineage of athletes and because that's really what we had there and we'd love to compete and so we're at City championship against an all White Team and the game hasn't even started it. But I guess in a in an attempt to intimidate we look out in the field and there's this hill and come a white horse comes across with a man dressed in Ku Klux Klan. Garb with fire and across the cross was already there and he goes by and he lights. The Carlson writes off well. Needless to say it didn't spark fear it actually just park more anger and so of a full-fledged brawl just broke out for a few minutes and then the ladies gathered in this all females too so the ladies gathered themselves and then you know finish the game And we won. But those are things that you know. I don't especially in the climate that we're in now. I don't like to harp on it a lot because it's real negative but if there were those were things that you know. I've shared with my children in trying to get them to not take anything for granted that you know. We've come a long way but it was what I was eleven so now I'm fifty three. So you know forty years ago. That's not a long time for those kinds of things to happen in. Although they may not be happening on the white horse read this. The mentality is still out there so when you get an opportunity the underlying message has always been when you get the opportunity. Don't take it for granted you get in there and you just give it all that you got. Because God's opening that door for you and don't squander it so again the reason for Tom. Those stories for me is just to remind. Remind our kids that you know what you Gotta. Keep working hard. You gotTa keep doing because if you don't you're giving it a US giving it away so it's a different form of intimidation You were three sports star and high school and you think you had said that you had to be the best to force them to play absolutely with me. Absolute what did you how so well being the only African American player on the team And again I had a great childhood I played hard and we tell our kids all the time make them play you because even now in the NBA. And all the you know. There's there's so much political stuff going on and make them regret not playing. You don't just take for granted you're good. You GotTa Start Position and you're going to have it all the time no because there's somebody else behind you just as hungry and one in your position and especially on the NBA level. Because everybody's getting paid so that was it. I just went everyday and a little bit of the competition is just ingrained in us to fight but I did. I had to stay on the cord. I had to fight for my minutes. I was a little greedy. I could play all the two minutes of the game and never understood why I got So you know with that again you gotTa Grind. You gotTA grind it out because somebody else will do it for you if you don't you know. I'm curious if Dell knows who this I'm not gonNA say the players backing to say the player's name. Pros told a story once a few years ago. You were with Steph Somewhere he wasn't might have been during the off season and maybe in a restaurant somewhere there was another player who had not grown up with his dad. And who was there and observing you and stuff that evening and when when you got up to leave together said to some people around him. I wish I had that. I wish I had that in my life and I wonder for you like the relationship you've been able to keep with your kids and and have a childhood relationship is the dad and then a relationship now is a grandparent with your sons is now watching him. Raise his own family. Like what does it mean to have like just for someone to observe you guys and think that not not so much regret someone else has but but but but just what they see when you're with your kids I tried to just be is involved in in my kids. Lives as my dad was in mine. And it's that's it seemed real easy for me. My My dad was my baseball coach He helped the basketball team. We did everything. I'm from a small community anytime when he came home from work. I was by side. Twenty four seven So I try to just emulate that in raising my kids and it was natural from the time they were little. They'd like to do the same things I did. Hunt Fish Golf basketball and so it was. It was real easy We have a great relationship. is just natural so we we don't go out of our way trying to say out trying to prove the relationship we have. It's natural and once they became men in you know in the NBA. Still a big part. But I didn't WANNA hover. They have to live their own lives. Start really when they chose their would go to. It was their decision. We gave them advice. we could still give them the advice but they're grown men. They have to make their own decision. So we we try to be involved but be at a distance and not hovered and let them liberalizing and grow their family so It was just something that came natural for me. I don't know when that was who the player was because we that's things happen all time. We're especially in the summertime. I try to spend as much time as I can with the both my boys so Yeah I'm just fortunate to have two guys that like to hang out with their father. The podcast is raising fame sports edition with Dell and Sonya Curry. It is produced by cadence. You can find it anywhere. You listen to your podcast. You GotTa March Madness addition coming as we talked about from caches Winston Michigan State Anthony Edwards at Georgia. Who Else am I missing? Open-top and OBI topping from day we've got Junior del forget the lady. Sabrina Serena on the pods. So you can catch catch that anywhere. Del sonal thank you for coming in. Thanks for jumping on. The podcast really really enjoyed this one. Thank you for having us and happy birthday work. Tom Thank you guys. Thanks for listening to this episode of the world's Pod a big. Thank you to my guest today in Studio Dell and Sonya Curry. The hosts of raising fame sports edition on cadence. You can download and subscribe to their podcast wherever you get your pods. And of course be should also subscribe and rate download the woes pod as well as of course the low post with Zach Lowe the WHO collective with Brian Windhorst and the MVP pod with Scott Van Pelt. We'll catch you again soon

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