Exposing The Real Epstein Cover-Up & How Deep It Goes


welcome to the daily. Wrap up a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news as we see from the last twenty four hours. Welcome the last American vagabond. I got a very special edition of the daily. Wrap up for you today. Join me live on the show. Today is Whitney web to discuss some bombshell absolutely paramount information in regard to the Epstein case that you are absolutely gonna WanNa hear. We're also GonNa talk about many things we always do. We're going to go through after we open today with the Epstein discussion and go through some clips that she's GonNa talk about it and give you some context around and then we'll get into some more discussion about what's going on today in regard to the propaganda that seems to be on overload right now in regard to the you know where this whole thing started and we can clearly see a two party paradigm playing all this as well some of the things we always go over but let's start off today's get right to it with something that. I'm sure you're very interested to see what I welcome Whitney to the daily wrap up. Thanks for joining me today. Hey It's great to be here that's it should. This'll be a new interesting difference for people that have been used to really wrap up the and and this is as they know you particularly have been somebody focused on the Epstein case. Your work in I think above most all else that I've seen is really some of the most powerful all encompassing work about the entire story and really. That's one of the things we're going to get into today. Is How much is commonly left out. Even as they're you know seemingly like to talk about the story today in the mainstream media so why don't we get into it? You know what it. What have you been researching on this out of the stars understanding was Maria Farmer who spoke to today and this is one of the first victims that actually went forward about Epstein. You know flu elaborate and tell us what you found. That's right so arm. Yesterday I talked to Maria farmer. Who as you said is the first victim of Epstein? Her Sister Anne was also a victim was the first to go to the authorities about Epstein in nineteen ninety six and It was over three hours You know we talked for over three hours. I was just blown away because I had read about her story. Mainstream media reports and I thought I knew what had happened to her and upon talking to her in her telling me her story. I realize that they have told less. I would say less than five percent. And she said the information she gave to me she had given all of these people and none of them reported it so I don't I don't know if I've ever hated mainstream media more than I hate them today. You know because honestly if they had done their job this would be so different and that goes for the F. B. I. also She she ended up calling. She told me right off the bat in the beginning of the interview that she thought the FBI was justice abusive as Epstein in Bali. Maxwell I mean that is insane when you consider this is supposed to be the institution that protects these women right and she says now. They're there to keep them safe there to protect them and that she's been in hiding she's had to go to all live and all these different rural areas moving around the country in hiding for years. Why these people walk free and the reason I wanted to talk to her on. It is because of this recent ruling out of Florida where they basically said that the sweetheart deal on that obscene gotten like two thousand seven that said that his co conspirators cannot be charged for any of the crimes listed in that case Walk free for good and that includes Glenn Maxwell that includes Leslie Wexner that includes everyone that was involved and it is a lot of people that were involved and it is just amazing. How cowardly mainstream media is for not doing this sooner I just arm in this girl. This woman lived. It was like a horror movie. I just could not believe What she lived through. I have some clips as she. She was gracious enough In brave enough to say you know the the call arm that that we had that she. It was okay to share parts of what she said. So we have a couple of those ready on if you want to go into the first one at talks about the What she had to say about the FBI absolutely and just real quick. I want to note. I had a great interview with David Mayes Winkle today in regards to the nine eleven grand jury and I just have to say how overwhelming it is to see so many ways that people who are the government or the mainstream media. Pretend that they're fighting for are the very people that they're in fact stem. They do this nine eleven survivor. People that are right now. The very ones trying to introduce evidence and they're not letting them while they pretend they're fighting for those same people same thing here whether the media the government is just so disgraceful that they pretend they're fighting for that truth while they're stepping on the listen to this clip and we'll keep talking. I mean I can't even explain to you. How abusive the F. B. I. S? It's unbelievable to me. I mean they first of all never offered me witness protection in when I called them they knew I was telling believe me. They knew what they knew everything I was telling him they already knew. Because they're in on it and it was so weird his reaction when I was talking to him. You know I call them and I got some answer. And then he passes me to some guy who's like when I start talking about wexner you know and I asked the guy do you have. This is all over the phone in Nineteen ninety-six I said. Do you have a file unless wexner? And he said why. And I said he's the head of the snake in this in America and I don't even know I was in Tueting this just and also I think it's common sense when you see all the stuff going on and anyway when I said that him he said Oh yeah I don't know maybe we do and I said well he's he's these people are are using child pornography and they've stolen photographs of my sisters that that right there would have been life in prison for Jeffrey England. I still have the envelopes with their touch DNA and fingerprints on them and the FBI will not take them from me. They never would. It would never take the envelopes that they stole. I mean they photograph out of these envelopes. And I've proved I still have the envelopes Whitney and the FBI was like yeah. We don't we don't need that. They also knew in Nineteen ninety-six that I'd been trafficked and Anne had been trafficked and that would have been enough to put them away but they never cared they didn't care and the worst part was lamed everybody. I named Donald Trump named everyone who I thought was the co-conspirator at the time so I named like Alan Dershowitz Donald Trump Absolutely the Clintons You know these are people that I saw coming and going that I knew part of it and I made it really clear that this is a very scary thing for children and that I see between five and ten girls day going upstairs upstairs and now that I know happening to them I want it to stop. Wow I know it's unbelievable and that is just a fraction of what she told me about. What the FBI debusschere that is just like honestly just a blip on the radar for for all of the stuff. They did to this woman and not only that she called the FBI is abusive. Jeffrey Epstein galet Maxwell. She called pretty much every mainstream media reporter who had ever talked to her like prostitutes a disgrace and she called one of them who will get to in a little bit a monster. I'm really like I'm really glad that she made. It's obviously the truth were there. Were you know that she's reporting a bit both sides arguably in the fake two-party idea that we're not talking about just the Clintons or just Donald Trump? Just ask you I'm blanking on his name. All of a sudden she just said it Anyway the point is that they're also all science you know is that this is not something. That's just a political thing right. This goes far and above and beyond all of that. And that's why what's interesting is something like this. We'll get ignored by the people who don't WanNA point out the false on their side of the two party paradigm and that's why it's so catastrophic to the truth but you know please continue. I mean this is a really powerful stuff. I mean I'm just GONNA go over a little bit of what happened to her Not In super great detail because you know we have a lot to get through today but Essentially she started working for Epstein as an adult and she was essentially forced to work for him because she was an art student at the New York Academy of art and it was the dean of that school woman named Eileen Guggenheim Who basically tried to marry her off to some like rich guy in England and then basically you know forced. Her was like very aggressive and sent her to go work for Epstein and she was doing stuff like interior decorating and doing art and things like that eventually they. She wanted to leave because she was uncomfortable with. A lot of stuff was going on pedophilia or anything like that. You know in for prolonged time. She didn't really understand. He thought they were Super Weird But at some point they sent her to live with the wexner at their guest house. Because Abigail Wexner Leslie. Wexner wife wants an artist and residents and they tell her that he's going to be able to do all the stuff when she gets there. She's GonNa be painting murals in all this stuff major media by the way totally screws up this story anyway. She was kept in that guest house for three months. She wasn't allowed to leave she. They basically starved her. They told her she was going to be able to go and eat at a country club. They went. She couldn't go. She went like three times accompanied by some person that was clear Hazel. She said that that was basically babysitting her epsteins behalf. I mean she was basically in prison there and you know she was there for three months right in about once a month. App Seen Him in Maxwell would come and on the last time they tried to rape her and she Barely escaped with her life. She said that the bodyguard For Leslie Wexner who introduces himself as her right hand as his right hand. Man as webster's right headman had come to kill her basically and she like locked herself in the House called everyone she knew had ever met in her entire life made a huge stink and she said that the whole guesthouse was bugged. All the other houses that we've heard about all Epstein residences. This house was bumping. Were watching her all the time rate and she said because she made such a big stink that was the only way she was able to get. Out Alive. And what's crazy is that. She told me I was an adult when this happened. Imagine if I had been one of those preteen girls or one of those young girls and she told me later on in the interview. She is convinced that these these people murdered these kids and I am just so distraught that this has this part of her testimony was not allowed to filter through mainstream media. I mean it's not just there. You know running interference for serial child rapists and sex traffickers. These are murderers. I am just in now that these people are like supposed to be off for life. Just cannot I cannot believe it. It is just so criminal on on a massive scale anyway. She eventually escaped from that nightmare. Scenario the guy that tried to kill by the way his bodyguard for will Smith and Hollywood celebrities real quick just for people that might not know what you just said right there that this the the recent update on the on the cases that these people are. It's done right. Now are going to be held accountable. All the victims are going to be the just like the first time. So it's just really frustrating. All the discussion of more investigation more research in it's just over just like L. claims to care about the victims. That's what the sickest part of it is you now. I'm they were always like this offer. The victims is all about the victims. Not at all and I I am limited it just. It makes me physically ill. I mean it was so I cannot imagine what this woman's been through. She has brain cancer right now. And she says it's because of the horrible strategy when Dir. They've been sending her death threats for years. She's had to live these rural towns. And she said it was some of the journalists she talked to following Epstein that have made tons of money from their coverage of him that directly put her life in danger on purpose because they wanted to make money. I just swore fine. I mean what's important for us to think about too as always we should be questioning everything. We make sure that we're not just taking things at face value. But I think what's important right now is to see that it's not just that what she's saying if the point that what she's saying as you're saying as you presented there is just being refused like it's not even being considered and this shows you appointed which either the mainstream media the government or someone who is choosing what to include. She was in what they feel is relevant. And that's not how that's supposed to go and we do that show you that. They're trying to cultivate an image of how this went down. And that's corruption you know horrifying to to realize these things that people like yourself and people like you know. A lot of us have been trying to cover for decades. Now that this is real this has been going on in government aspects in Hollywood aspects behind the scenes for a long time and the Epstein Cages. Really put a spotlight on the networks. That facilitate stuff like that and yet still. It's kind of seen as this conspiracy theory idea but Epstein was real ride like one of those things the mainstream us kind of puts aside and it's so frustrating and that's the whole point that they are hiding that aspect of the story even as we all know it happens. It's pretty disgusting and you're right to be outraged by it. Yeah well I mean. This is the first. I've seen victim that I've ever talked to you. You know for a long period of time and just I reported so much on this case and it just I was just so impacted by this call. It was just so I almost at a loss for words. Really just about what these people had to go through and they still keep fighting And they are just so brave to have gone up against Some of the most powerful people in the world Maria said that every time she went on mainstream media ended mainstream media interviews. Every time she brought up wexner. They cut out every time every single time. I mean he's like the richest man in Ohio. He owns a bunch of stuff there But the man is a criminal. He's connected to organized crime. This is documented and She said that he was the head of this. Israeli intelligence sexual blackmail up that it was Glenn Maxwell that answered directly to him and it was set up that way as a hierarchy and that he is like a top level Massad guy in the US and that he collaborates with the CIA interesting. How every single point that? This comes up against the The possibility of a foreign governments intelligence inclusion in this case is suddenly where they don't WanNa pay attention. That's something we should pick up on. I'm sure you've already paid Yeah of course yeah. She actually also confirmed a lot of stuff that had actually heard from a former Israeli spy that worked with Robert Maxwell. Killing Maxwell's father are even Manashi on a stuff about how the lane had met Epstein and had met Prince Andrew All along longtime before the Nineteen Ninety S. I mean they knew each other for years before they officially are said to have met and that she actually said that she grew up with the royal family and showed her like photo. She had twelve photo albums of hers like her growing up with with the royals she said and just a while the swamp is deed at most definitely and I think I mean we. The ties go far deeper than the things. Were even discussing here whether we're talking about Epstein ties with the US government. I mean we were talking about right now. Obvious connections back to Israeli intelligence are obvious aspects to you know the UK elite. I mean this. We have to see how far reaching this is. It's not just our government is not just it is so this is a worldwide network. In my opinion I think were which by the way as you know which. I'm sure you know that your work covered wexner as well which again I hope people will go back to the series on mint. Press news is fantastic. Work the dives into all of these people. And what's what you're talking about in regard you? Maria is is basically confirming the things that you've already been researching. It's it's Friday our work. Yes she also. This is relevant today. Talking about like Bill Gates right because he's on TV all the time. I had dug up this report that was scrubbed but it was published in the evening standard in two thousand wine at said that Epstein made most of his money from his business ties. The three men had said Leslie Wexner said Donald Trump and the third one was Bill Gates and according to the official reporting like from the New York Times or whatever they claim the earliest date that those two men met Epstein and Bill Gates was twenty eleven right on this one said in two thousand one that they had made like you know Epstein had made a ton of money with Bill Gates and she said she was she was around them you know Epstein in in the lane from nineteen ninety five to nineteen ninety six and she said that she heard them talk about Bill Gates like they knew him really well And there was definitely a relationship. They're not a surprise. These just like the work. We're seeing today in regard to these surveillance network people. It's it is an overarching. Incestuous very incestuous that's it's just completely overtaking everything it's it's very clear now. You had some more clips that you had said you wanted to play right. Some relief important stuff that ties in with the things we're talking about. Is that correct right So another clip that I think is really important. So people really now Just how complicit mainstream media has been in the cover up of what happened to these women and in these horrible crimes. is what Maria told me about Vicky Ward and Vicky Ward If you don't know who she is. She wrote several columns for Vanity Fair. I believe she works for CNN about Epstein and. She was one of the first reporters who ever talked to Maria. Former and What Maria had to say about this woman I just? I'll just let her say it Vicky Ward is. I'm GonNa tell you right now. She's a monster. She's Oh true monster. She's not a hero. We have to send a cease and desist letter because she's harassed my family for so long to try to save her face because she told Jalen Maxwell over drinks that I reported them to the FBI. Can you believe that this was three thousand? Two sheet for year promised us our safety for a whole year. And the I didn't meet with Graydon I met with Vicky and Vicki's the one that's responsible here because she was the person who promised us our safety and she promised us that she would protect the story. Bright since then she calls and threatens. I own your story. I can write your story. I mean she's a real. She's a real piece of work. Micky Ward cares about one person and that's Vicky Ward. She had CNN sending the hate mail and threat letters. If I wouldn't interview with her and we had my lawyers had to send CNN and Vicky Ward a cease and desist because of her she was calling. My Mom cry like harassing my mother for years. We're not talking for like but it was only when it was when it was in style. It's so gross. When People Vicki wards ready to get accolades and they're really abusers all. I wanted to tell you about her. Because it's important part of the story is that my whole family interviewed with her and it took us a year. Finally my dad flies out. We all interview with her. Were sitting there. You know we give her the story and then she calls and says and I give her three sources. No one had heard midst that three sources that they weren't just sources. They were billionaires and a famous artist so to billionaires who. Don't WANNA lose anything right. Very selfish people there bilionaire but they're willing to vouch for me and they will absolutely vouch for Maria farmer and Eric official and they all vouched for me and my story. They knew because I had called them from the estate of Les Wexner. But here's the problem with Vicky Ward Vicky Ward. She goes up to my lawyer in court. Says you know I know it's awful what I've done to me you know. I'm a kept woman and I need to live in a certain style and my boyfriend keeps me and my clothes and Bergdorfs my lawyers about drop up on her. He's like what is she mkx. What is she talking? Anyway it ends up. She lived with Les Wexner. Buddy yet that is just not speechless. I mean it's unreal the kind of things that laying out right there. I mean really just paints a picture of these people being the enforcement arm for the very people that they're pretending to try to hold accountable and shocking. I just think it is really important. I mean Vicky warrant. I'm pretty sure she's won awards for reporting. She's definitely at least in the court of public opinion. Been treated as like some some gray heroic reporter going after Epstein before you trying to expose him before I mean she got the story and then got in bed with the same people that she knew at the time were raping kids and she did it for money. 'em She she put these women Maria farmer and her sister in their whole family in like heart in harm's way they told galet maxwell who she told the Lane. Maxwell who Maria described to me is the most dangerous woman she's ever met. Vicky Ward promised to protect Marie and her sister and she goes and tells the most dangerous woman in the world in this. In this girl's eyes. You know that that is the person who reported her to the FBI needle. Think someone like Elaine. Maxwell's GonNa want revenge for that and the fact that Vicky Ward has been able to keep this a secret. I guess has not had this been air out in public. I think that needs to change. I think it is time that people Play that recording you now and hand Vicky ward explain. You know what she why she did what. She did. Maria farmer in her sister. Why did she buddy up with Lane Maxwell after she knew full well can play? Maxwell was up to you agree. I mean this is like always say it is far more despicable to you. Know there are bad people to do bad things all the time and that right on their face bad but the kind of person that will do really bad things but then project themselves as some altruistic hero. That's the worst of the worst of the worst. In my opinion those kind of people. You're right they need to be called out. I came to vagit. What kind of person it would take to sit down with somebody suffering through such an ordeal and then literally not just not doing anything about it but in fact go to the people who were causing that ordeal and tell them that. She's I mean it's it's just no words. I mean. These are horrible sociopaths. Please go on. I'm just GONNA keep ranting. Well what what happened to Maria? How she was almost killed. I mean that wasn't even all of it. You know. They took her sister that kidnapped her sister in and she thought her sister was dead and they had stolen photographs that she had her sisters. One of them was like twelve in the pictures. They were like half naked playing in bath. Tubs and stuff like not fully clothed Epstein took them delaying. Maxwell took those pictures and and she called after she left. You know got out of there alive. She called EPSTEINS office. Ask those pictures back and someone. She didn't get an answer in that she got called back in the end. She said you can't have them because Epstein has his briefcase in he's using them is what they told her and the FBI knew all of this the FBI knew all this and they did nothing they did nothing because these people are very well connected to the intelligence community about the US and Israel and organized crime and that is the FBI is protecting right now. These criminal organizations. That's a very common thread that we're seeing to again just on my mind with discussion. I had today about nine eleven same thing. We're talking about even brought up the idea of the dancing Israelis and that there's you know the actual evidence that they're trying to get a hold of right now that people. Kinda like a conspiracy theory. It's very real but the tie in the same way to the FBI and even to the interview. I'M GONNA probably tomorrow or Sunday with David. He says the same thing that the FBI intentionally drug your Vida pretended like they couldn't get permission if they're trying to cover up everywhere butts up against the foreign government intelligence groups that we're talking about like the anthrax attacks right after nine eleven and they destroy the database of the anthrax strain using the attacks so no one can ever find out where the anthrax really came from. I mean let's stop pretending to act. The is there to protect people. I mean I don't know if People WanNa do something maybe like flood their phone lines telling them how horrible they are. At least it'll put them on notice. You know I just. I am just so disgusted with these people that were told every day on like Cable News. These are the people that are there to help and protect and expose the bad guys. You know it's someone like me. That is telling Maria story now because other reporters wouldn't do it me. I'm like not a huge name. You know like these. All these people had the scoop she said the New York Times NBC ABC. I mean she named them. All in a single one would tell her story. Just the parts that like you know. We're the most sensational one of her the billionaires feelings. I mean it just makes me sick. You're being modest. I think your work is fantastic. And most of your point is well taken. I mean these are again. These are the people that are pretending putting themselves forward fighting these things and they're literally doing the exact opposite and an interesting note in the same way that we see in any event that you will always see the people to champion the mainstream talking points even later to be false you will see them rise through the ranks for the next twenty years. Every single person got it. Right will always be relegated down in the other direction. Everyone even if they are later shown to be right. That just has to show you the control mechanism that mainstream media really is and the government that controls it you know and these are the kind of horrific things we're talking about that they're covering up. We're not talking about you. Know traffic tickets and covering of small crimes. This is the government covering up sex trafficking. Let's not beat around the Bush here and that's what's happening and in the media's their arm up ultimate enforcement and propaganda we have to be aware. And you're at your point to the F. B. I. I've been saying this for a long time. The FBI permits from its inception was never designed to be here to help us. It was about the agency. That's literally directed at Americans about making keeping track of us about it has nothing to do with the kind of things they pretend to stop as we know there somewhere upwards of ninety percent of the things they have stopped in the past have been something that they had a hand in creating. You know at that. It'd be a statistic that certainly plays in with what we're talking about today. I know it is just so wild to think these are the line forcement people in. I just I don't know a now William Bar the Department of Justice is asking to give these guys powers doing definitely detain Americans okay. I don't feel comfortable for one giving the agency that did this. Maria farmer in the covered up night help cover up nine eleven and the anthrax attacks power to indefinitely detain whoever they want without trial and I don't think anyone else should either. I mean that's just crazy. Talk honestly to me at this point now yes. I couldn't agree more. I mean that's the bottom and it doesn't matter what you feel is what does this should be nothing that makes that possible like the FBI. Not these governments. Don't have the power to do such a thing. That's it's unconstitutional. They'll do it. Because they have the military might but technically don't have the ability to right to do so with their running out right now in front of us using the newest version of fear. Rather it's the virus that's said you know. Were another form of Isis or something else. They'RE GONNA force it in the same exact way and again. Do we have to realize how important your point is right? They're the same people that allow these things to happen. You know the the and also cover up past things that were also conducted against American people testing of other things but covering up sex trafficking covering up things that are hurting Americans on a daily basis. These are the people that are supposed to be doing good but rather going to be enforcing arbitrary unconstitutional laws against Americans because fear and that's always when it comes back to and that's what so horrifying about this. Sarah only thirty women that have come forward thirty Whitney I saw between. I'm not getting. I'm very disturbed. By this part. I saw at least five girls come in that House the day. I mean really slow down. There would be really really high. The actual amount more Whitney. It's in Macau where are they? Where are they ever they dead? I mean you have to be dead because you brad was like what if they became drug addicts. What you think. Some of them were killed. I think that they had to be. Because here's the thing Whitney Brad said he knows his five hundred just in Florida like we can't find them. Where are they these children were between? You know thousand thousand. I was very year and I found the little girl which is it was so exhausting. Whitney they were in his office to they were in there. Were just constantly little girls. They're constantly and I remember one one of the reasons I quit. I I am tired of dealing with the the the number of people going you know. I'm just tired of and that's on horrible now but I didn't understand what was happening entirely. I just knew it was weird and certainly didn't know is pedophilia. I mean and the other thing is gallon had said one day in Florida when I was in Florida. She said you know we have to go on a jog for a while and I said why. And she's the bull. Jeffrey needs three massages so while I was in Florida. There were three little girls being assaulted and now I look back on that. I'm so creeped out you know. I didn't know but I knew that. They abused their maids from the Philippine That was another reason. I quit Because one day I went to take a nap upstairs in the sixty six or in the mansion on seventy first and you know I worked the door like finding people in and there was no one coming in that day and so I went and took a nap and they were the sweetest lady from the Philippines ever and they came in and they were talking and one of them whispered we. I said I said How long have you worked here? And she said we were stolen. Like what does that mean near stolen. They were trafficked and they had them in. They had women from the Philippines in Florida and and in New York and in the House on And and and the ranch knit and no one ever cares like I mentioned that. Then everybody goes. Yeah well they traffic in the Philippines and Thailand and servants. See this this. This is the problem with the way that the mainstream media has put this story forward is. That's what you get while we don't we all kind of just generally know that. This was a sexy. Oh well you know. He's dead isn't he? It's over right as kind of this is just so despicable that these people are still suffering right now because a lot of people out there that still deserve justice and our government is just not caring to make music about those five hundred kids that they know we're in Florida and can't find. She said that when she was there she saw kids in diapers. She saw really young kids and she said she told us to people in mainstream media and they would not talk about it. Why would they not talk about it because if you listen to people like how Epstein Tiger run interference for himself? He would say like well. Another country's you know the age of consent isn't that low and even Alan Dershowitz tried to argue? You know. Oh well if they are in puberty or they get their period. It's fine they were now because when that fact comes out that whole pseudo excuse that I honestly find disgusting falls apart and in fact they wanted you know five hundred kids. No one knows where they are. She says it's way higher than that but they know for a fact that were five hundred. They can't find Florida alone this year. Algiers which by the way was version. I was trying to remember four this these cross over into the exact situation steering today. The people in power right now. We have a right to be upset about this. You have a right to be upset about what this is in the fact that nothing is being done about that. These this is there and this is just one person that you're talking to their. This is everywhere right now. The only people like you have the courage to actually reach out to them and get their stories are the only reason we're hearing this. I mean this is just a fraction of what she told me. We talked for three hours and twenty minutes right. it's insane. She told me that the ex wife of the President Ivana Trump went out with the lane and they went and they recruit recruited Vittoria model. Victoria's secret models together. But they weren't really models there. Were twelve year olds with braces and that they would show up in Jeffrey Epstein's office the next day and that she in Jelena Ivana trump would go out and they would do this all the time together. She sold them together constantly. Every time we went out to recruit girls this woman was there that is the mother. Eubank trump who is in has a huge policy influence ourselves. Her husband. And this is the ex wife of the president. I mean this is just so. I'm just so appalled and and people like Alan Dershowitz he. He can show his face in public. Nothing happens to him. He shows his face on. Tv He's allowed to go and be on cable television and no one calls him out on this crap even so-called Progressives Michael Tracy said on twitter that he doesn't feel strongly one way or the other about what Alan Dershowitz did. How can you not feel strongly about this? I mean you have to be just like totally like numb inside or you have to. You know be trying to you. Know be a career s trying to build your career on know with the reputation of those people you know. Good luck that plays a huge factor even the independent media for people that realize. There's things they just aren't supposed to go after you. That's very sad. I mean we. You mentioned the point about the experts. The ex wife of the president. I mean these are these are these are people that are right. Now championing so-called anti sex trafficking bills. And and doing you know these these are happening right now for all of us and there are clear ties to these people being tied to this from all sides of this. This just can't be okay and again the two-party politics heat this forever changing because no one wants to address the full problem right one hundred percent and you know this has to change. I mean the real story is going to start coming out because now that the ruling has gone in these people are are free victims just like Maria realized that the mainstream media was never going to tell their story and they're going to start talking to people like me and I'm not the only one this is going to come out and it has to come out. We have to know what really happened. Because these people were not held accountable. They're still doing it. Jeppe scene was was was not the guy in charge. You know he was just a manager. He's like a project manager. The guy in charge is Leslie Wexner at least from what Maria farmer said and he's fine he actually got his business he was he decided that. Oh now I have to step out from public view. Because I've been linked to Epstein and his his company was bought by Michael Bloomberg. Look like someone someone connected to Michael Bloomberg I it all stays in the same little club. You know another thing. She told me the Victoria's secret stores in New York City had cameras in them in the end that I've seen in his office could watch women undress in and get dressed with their bras. That's so criminal. I mean we just have to see how I mean. Look you can see aligned wexner. But I think that's the point and then again to really reiterate what you said there Epstein is just one person in a massive network rights for them. He's no longer there doesn't mean anything in regard to what we were uncovering but they're trying to pretend like that. Put the story to bed and it goes further lecture. In my opinion it goes all the way up and I think we need to really see that. Now we talking. About the how Fargo's the people included let. Let's go and play this clip that you were going to reference unless you WanNa say something first and then and then we can finish out discussion the big well all under USA cleverly quick. This is a clip where Maria talks about stuff that she heard from Glenn and that she saw about two lane that's related to the Israeli intelligence ties and also about the people that are protecting the maximal. Right now. She names him so then she says to me you know my dad was a very powerful man and you know he was very important she submerged. You don't understand. And then she showing me like who she grew up with and how powerfully was and how much money they had and then she goes on to tell me she said you know Maria Mrs true she said and she showed me she had passport. Get the I don't know how this is legal. She had a passport a French passport. An English passport and Israeli passport. An American passport and there was one other. I'm trying to think of what the other one was. And I was like thought you were only allowed to be citizen like of two countries or something. I didn't know she was like. Oh no no no because of my dad. I am a citizen of all these nations and I'm like what so then later when she was talking to me about something one day. She said that the rothschilds were the greatest protectors of her family. And she wasn't talking about Lynn Forrester by the way before. She said that she had told me that the reason she mentioned that. I mentioned when forester there is because Lynn forced to Rothschild who married into the Rothschild on family a longtime friend and supporter of the Clinton family had threatened. Her life like numerous times wants her dead. She said I know. Who'S PROTECTING LEAN RAT? Maximal right now and it's the rothschilds and I know this because they send me death threats. They're the people that want me to shut up. And she says she doesn't think about a lot of people speculated because of how important Robert Maxwell wise and how you know in my she was is really intelligence that okay lanes probably in in Israel. She says now that she's in the UK in the rothschilds or hiding her in England and that's why she's untouchable and that's why the story is dead. She says it's them and I think people need to know that absolutely because this is a family that like mainstream media will never talk about and they say if you say anything bad about them your antisemitic they tell you that straight up was pointed out is that it's very suspicious. Sort of like how we pretend knowing gets taught about the Federal Reserve in school. Why is that right? There's obvious weird things like that. We every time you have you know exposes about the richest people in the world. Why are they never included right? There's obviously reasons the Rothschild's Rockefeller's plenty of big family names that just get left out of these things and it's obvious reasons why it's bigger than just one story but there's obvious tie-ins with pretty much all the nefarious things. I think we can point to today. But as you mentioned and I'm sure we'll be having more work out from you from this topic but there's a lot more to get into a three hour discussion. That will come out on the show here of Whitney's articles in the near future next weeks or so and so you can look forward to that. I mean it's pretty powerful stuff in there. This was just the ones we picked out for you guys to listen to you that we thought were the most important. But there's so much to talk about and I'm sure you're much also I- so unless you had anything else you wanted to mention about this topic I'm sure you know we talk for the next six thousand but for some of the bigger things but anything else you want to say on it. The only thing I'll add is that not only that you say the rothschilds or protecting lane. But she said also that she really from what she understood. And how Galina talked about the rothschilds. They were the ones that were really like. That's who they really answered to. That's basically how she she phrase it but like in terms of the hierarchy of this operation. That was going on. Us soil. She said that Wexner was the head in America but she emphasized that in in the US that was the head in the US how interesting I mean. It's so interesting. How as we continue down these stories of you know the rabbit hole if you will it continues to just basically be. Oh it's exactly what the conspiracy theorists were saying ten years ago. How does that you know like with down? To the mark like Zimmer things you think are rages in if you literally laid out even with the mainstream news reporting about this story today rather laid it out. Let's go back ten fifteen years ago and tried to present. What they're reporting now would have been called a crazy. Dimple conspiracy theorist you know we always have to reflect on that that was spiracy theory when we weren't allowed to say it and now it's same story. We're going to get into right now. Actually funny. It's perfect segue talking about what's dealing with going on today with Corona virus in China and everything and it's weird to suddenly notice that the story I in fact had a video that still is removed right now on Youtube for discussing. The idea of potential bioweapon even entertained the possibility that it could have come from. John could come from the United States. But that's deleted and now today we're seeing the mainstream media suddenly start talking about VAT topic but of course. It's very clearly focused on. Its China came from Uganda. That's what happened. Despite the fact that most of the evidence seems to suggest otherwise but neither side has been proven. That's what I'm trying to focus on. Let's look just just jump to some articles here and we can talk about what we're We're seeing on the mainstream and all and elsewhere Let's see here okay. So first off. Let's start with your article and you can see correct. Oh Yeah my tweet. Yes so article that we're GONNA discuss e she tweeted this out the other day actually for striper. So I've faulk sites multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of early actions by China's government. This is vague AF. These could be anybody this seems like. Wmd's over again dangerous. I couldn't agree more and go ahead and comment on that or not. We can actually show the article here it. It's it's exactly what you might expect and exactly what we've always been saying about foreign policy and everything else sources say. Trust me so I wanNA point too here. Let's think about this phrase for a second if you don't mind highlighting it multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of early actions by China's government. These do not say sources in government. These are not government officials. These could be this. Could anyone this could be a meal. Think-tank that had been briefed by someone who knows who on alleged actions taken by China in the early days of the outbreak. I agree no I agree. I can't see I'm not seeing us a multiple but we just look through it but the real. It's it's in the first paragraph but nowhere is Let's see what he was. He says. There is increased confidence that Govan nineteen likely originated in the Wuhan Laboratory. Not as a bioweapon and first of all just right off the bat I had. This is the first thing this is what I was trying to point out to people watching everywhere. This is being reported after this. So all of the big social media people on twitter. At all the you know hardcore right-leaning social youtubers are all saying proof. Faulk says it came from Uganda. Wrap THE BAD. It says increasing confident. So that's not even close to definitive that likely originated in Wuhan so the very first sentence basically saying we don't know right so it's just so frustrating that's being passed off as definitive. It says but as part of China's effort to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses or equal or greater to the capabilities of the United States. Which by the way is exactly what the US is doing also right. Both countries are doing this trying to be better than the other one and half more preeminence. I mean this is constantly happening. But as it's presented as only one sided. Multiple haired has multiple sources who have been briefed. Which is just what does that even mean right. I mean it's it's crazy. What are your thoughts on that because this is something? That's we constantly see. I mean that's that could be nothing right. We could not even exactly. That's what I was saying. It could be anyone. It can be any source. Normally when it's government sources source of government or the intelligence community. They say that they say multiple government officials or multiple sources in new telling community or former and current administration officials. Or something like that. They don't even say that sources. Okay let's remember to two thousand one. Abc News cited four unnamed but well placed sources for the claim that there was been tonight and the anthrax using the anthrax attacks and that turned out to have never happened in. Abc never retracted. That story. Right another thing. I want to point out in the first paragraph increasing confidence. Well if you start at zero and then go to zero point zero five. That is an increase in confidence. Isn't it I mean that is clearly trying to basically they know they have nothing but they're basically trying to make it sound like for people that aren't using discernment you know that this is you know there's something really here when you actually read between the lines. There's not right when this is what they want people to see. That's IT sources believed that originating lab. And all the really GONNA SEE. Is that right and that's what people are going to report and that's what's GonNa come out and that's Fox. News says at go just next line and says this may be the quote costliest government cover up of all time one song it's like. Oh that's powerful right and again we have to recognize these sources are what I what we don't know. Intelligence assets other mainstream journalists other government individuals but all of them have a vested interest in the narrative. Like why would you believe the what they have to say about their enemies especially coming from the government and in the media you mentioned that are you could verifiably show have been caught lying covering up any number of the Duma Iraq the entire story? Here we are again it stack that we keep seeing this look at the next one. The sources believe that the initial transmission of the virus was back to human and that patients were to laboratory then went to puffing. These are reaching if we don't even know what the material is. What point do they stop saying their material can show? And what point would they think that then means you see what I'm saying like it's so abstract and immediately and like you said the next part the increasing confidence comes from classified an open sore on SARS which means what things they found on Ryan or crazy crazy? But this this and there's more than just this one as well we have these and there's a lot more we're going to talk about. Here's all of these things. All of the many different things and sadly seemingly prominent today from zero hedge it would appear but coming out and just basically aggressively trying to show you one part of the story or trying to present something. That's pretty innocuous mean rather just that's ever presidents everywhere every government. Does it as something that is indicative to prove that they did it and it came from this place? Which is exactly right. But so you're the timeline part and I just I. This is why I found this one very interesting time line of the possible cover up and this cover up exactly Ericsson fossil and so this is this article was meant to be part of this one. Like it's meant to bolster that and it's the same cable. Here's our timeline of why we think that this is where it came from. But here's what I found so interesting. So they start on December six right and this is what as you know the the government. Us government trump's administration has been forcefully saying that China covered it up they knew in December. And that's where it started right but as we've been talking about on this channel. We have evidence coming from everywhere. The disinfect started in November. If not sooner now this is coming from Israeli TV reporting in Israeli TV today that they were warned the idea of a NATO were warned from the US government about this and they knew it was in November. We have Italy saying they have examples of this being November in Italy. We have the obvious vaping mysterious taping illness happening at the same time for even the United States. So why then are they pushing the idea if they know it started in November if December right when they say China light about it started November right? We thought so while. I think it shows a major hall in the story. I mean clearly from how the report is constructed in in the type of phrasing used. This is so similar to weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein's bottom. You know they would just use these sources say sources say this and then it would be all. These claims that were later proven to be super like entirely false that were based on faulty intelligence. That was passed office fats in enlarged by the media so the fact that they're saying this starting December but the evidence keeps pointing to November. Because it's not just Israel at saying that like you pointed out there was also an ABC News report. I think a week or two ago that was saying that the US like the CIA. I think knew that this was happening in November or something like that. So for that for them to accuse China being a cover up when these people are open. You know it's coming out the intelligence agencies and the idea in the. Us government was telling people about a month prior. That does not make a whole lot of sense to me right and so many different points in the potholes in his narrative. But the idea that we have all kinds of evidence that they were aware of the world was talking about this at the time in early January. This week the world was aware and yet they still try to double down the fact that if they hadn't hit this thing that we were still all aware of they would have done something which is just irrational. Because we all knew about it. They right they're accusing them. They accuse them back then of hiding information. So it's like they didn't even believe that their own assumption. I mean it makes no sense and I found this interesting. This part where it says they the ideas in a man linked to Wuhan in the wildlife market experience. These symptoms five days later. His wife who had no direct connection the market also experienced it at which should suggest a human to human spread according to the Lancet. Now what's ridiculous about? This is the referencing the Lancet article that we've talked about before that in fact if you actually go through the information it doesn't they're they're picking out one part of that and using it to progress one part of their narrative. The Lancet article was actually one of the first ones. That said it probably didn't start in this location. You know what I mean like it. Just either cherry-picking data now. We could go through this list of the timeline and is probably a lot more things in there. That are faulty. I probably will do that but it. It just clear that they're trying to build this now. I'm also going to point out that it not saying that. This is false. I don't think it's true but we can't prove that it's false just yet but what you're seeing is people trying to force in their part of this and telling you that it's the case despite them continuing to say possible. We know where this is going. And they're all leaving out a lot of different things now on good if you had some say. Well it's just a continuing pattern of what we're seeing about this whole It's a China bio weapon or a. You know it's only China's fall You know stuff to deal with this lab when a lot of evidence that could cited for these claims openly mentions US government involvement things like that so even if it did originate in these places would. There's obviously more than one potential possible guilty party if you know and and they're intentionally leaving that out with an obvious agenda to genesis aggressive militaristic rhetoric. I mean the last thing we need right now is war with China right so I just can't believe we're listening to you know neo cons in WMD style reporting again but so many people are buying this. It's very disconcerting to say the least totally totally. I mean that's such a great point that I really really just can't say enough that then. This is kind of what I was saying. A moment ago about presenting one thing without really key fleshing out and showing you what it means and it happens everywhere then the US so again. It could start. Let's say it did start in the lower near the lap that doesn't even like you said mean explicitly that the. Us is not part of that. Right they have. I mean I keep saying this on my show the you can show in. Your work has made this very clear you can show any number of connections. I believe it was North Carolina University for Dietrich depending they all have presence in that Wuhan Lab. They they're working. You don't show that the other way around you don't see Chinese presence in Fort Dietrich or another way that that's has to show you something so at the very least is it not possible that the. Us planted adhere to blame China or that. They were working on something daily. Did I mean there's any number of possibilities but that just gets overlooked. Which is what you were saying. And that's so frustrating and on this point there's a lot of these things coming up there. I was mentioning things like this go. With nineteen is a man made virus HIV discover says could have only been lab created right there first of all. This is something that we've talked about a lot. Dr Boyle says the same thing. I think that we have to pretty much see that. That's the case based on the evidence in front of us. Nothing evidence could be falsified or manipulated based on. What's in front of us? It seems pretty clear that this was you know gain function all the different things you talked about does seem pretty clear. But here's a new guy nature of the person that really as it says in. The article was is focused on HIV. They could have only come from a lab. And that's something that doesn't seem that crazy. Something that has the first article headline excuse me paragraph notes that zero had was also censored for talking about but what I take issue with is when they get into this and they say right here that he says contrary the narrative that is being pushed by the mainstream the he was transferred Actually it was right here right here. That when he says it's not a quote he claims that it was manipulated virus manmade that was accidentally released from the Han lab. Now at this point is he saying that his evidence proves that came from that lab or is this the same thing boyle was saying when Spiro asked him that he thinks it's man-manipulated based on the evidence but when you ask him he thinks no. It just seems most likely that came from that lab. Because that's where the location we know it from right so this articles presenting it that this person has expert is claiming that it started in that lab. Right that's what it says right there and that's what he goes on to say but there's no quotes other than in discussion of the HIV sequence. And the fact that it's manmade see the point. I'm getting at that. They're trying to subtly suggest that the experts sexing came. Luhan when really? That's just the general narrative before taking face value in his claim is that it had to be manmade thoughts on that. Well I think Unfortunately Zero Hedge has been publishing a lot of this type of information that I honestly don't think is is very transparent reporting because whoever manages that page seems very sure that it is a Chinese. Buy a weapon in so has been really heavily promoting that and there's a lot of reason to disagree with that which we can get into in various but you know this whole thing about the HIV in insertions and stuff. I mean there have been people that have been suggesting that it was you know had to be made in the lab for a long time but I guess it's gaining more traction now because this conservative media push that we're seeing sort of you know say it's definitively a bio weapon that was released for In Wuhan from this particular building which is a very specific narrative that needs very specific evidence to support that point. And we're not getting that at all instead. We're getting these sort of Manipulative reports that are suggesting that it's a certain way when that's not what these people are actually saying in this case or in the case of Fox News. They're just using all these words to make you think they have something when it's a non story basically. Yeah yeah absolutely. I mean it's a better myself. That's exactly where this is. We need to be able to recognize that there are people with agendas around the story that are trying to drive things. Even using factual information right. That's what's so important to realize is. This is true but the problem is this is true that this van opinion this man's opinion but that they're going to try to manipulate the story and hide certain things from and I think we have to recognize that there's potential tie-ins all over the place. Here's another one. Chinese military. Scientists have been experimenting with biotech as new domain of warfare. Now I figured you'd appreciate this one because this is something what your your bio baths by weapon. Article talked about that. This is something. That's clearly been ongoing in this country in Fort Dietrich as well as other places which is more lab for a long time Corona viruses and bats. But this story is essentially pulling one thing. I'd either saying flashback. Look at this. Chinese scientists were working with biotech and trying to make new. Okay like and the whole story when you get into. It is about the fact that see. They're doing this. That's why they're guilty but so is the US in the US is do they write down in the documentation at a bioweapon. Ethnically focused was a useful tool right so both the abyss but their only presenting one side of it. You know it's crazy. A totally one-sided it's worth pointing out that you know it was peanut act the project for a new American Century in the rebuilding America's defenses daugh- the document that talks about Neural Newport harbor. And all of this before nine eleven published in September two thousand. And that's where it talks about. Oh modern technology will make race targeted bioweapons politically useful tool. That comes from these neo cons. You know who a lot of them are influential in the government today and they're also a big part of this propaganda. Push trying to say that. This is all China's fought like James Woolsey the former CIA director who was really a big part of trying to blame nine eleven anthrax on Saddam. Hussein I mean he's part of this committee on the present danger China. That's really a big part of this push about this narrative that now. Fox News and the Washington Post or starting to promote. But they've been promoting this for months and this is you know he was part of peanut. He was like a big time member of peanut right and so this is how he's thinking and he signed on that document that said. Oh race bioweapons politically useful tool. And now he's part of this. You know propaganda construct saying oh no but only eighty that we would never do that. Okay you know. I don't buy that for a second if you look at the history who of. Who's actually used biological weapons has China ever used biological weapons. The United States. There's no evidence of that but there is evidence that US used it in China during the Korean War in use it in North Korea right so who has a massive bio weapons research apparatus. That had has had documented leaks in safety violations numerous times since the early Nineteen Ninety S. That's the US right. You had all those anthrax samples all those aged samples on known experimental pathogens samples disappearing from Fort Dietrich in the early nineties then you have dugway proving ground in Utah and other part of the US bioweapons program Domestically Shipping Live Anthrax over seventy times. Two eighty six different labs around the world okay and then you have last year for Dietrich. Being closed for numerous violations it was hidden from Congress and then was pressured. The CDC was pressured by the Pentagon to partially reopen it. Before those safety violations were fixed in November last year and they had two breaches a containment last year as well. And that's not talked about at all if these people were honestly looking for a culprit. They would mention that and they're not and that tells you this political absolutely I mean I was just referencing. Some research documented about the US. I want my show yesterday. Actually Wind in-depth again talking about bags of stuff. And you look at the actual information over the years and I I was trying to look real quick and I don't have the exact stat but something like three times a week for seven years. They had leaks containment issue. That's how many times they've had leaks thousands of them from these laps and these documents. And that's just crazy to see now as you said. Is there evidence that would be capable of using a bio weapon on the US absolutely with their government? Would they do it on people? I would say absolutely I think any governments capable but the point you date. Is there evidence of it? No not not that I have seen. There's plenty of it coming from the US. And that is so incredibly important in this discussion and nobody wants to talk about it. Interestingly enough you mentioned Wolsey and it's so funny he's on Msnbc where he references the idea about meddling other elections you remember. That was the same thing right. Yeah and he did that weird. Laugh like such a He's like a comic book villain. So many of these guys are yeah. It was the same point it was all about when we do. It's good stuff or we're doing it for free. You know I always said but it was the sentiment known same thing checkless but so let let's keep going on to some other things a bit. Were relevant to this discussion in regard this case about the reach here and I think this one ties back into specifically the timeframe and the potential so this is saying. Us sailors are infected on a French aircraft carrier right. So we're talking about is a timeline. Here it seems to suggest these people are on this ship. So you know it's another challenge is the narrative of the timeline. Basically that we are American people on an aircraft carrier in a French aircraft here. They're now making people sick. We know that we've got four aircraft carriers and the United aircraft carriers that are deployed. That are all now. Have six people. Now you've got a fresh aircraft carrier because of the people that are on there so it seems to suggest that again just like the Spanish flu that the US people are the ones kind of pushing this out. And there is a lot of data to suggest that including the time line for the first deployment of the first aircraft here. I think that was the theater that was early. January so that in and of itself challenges the General Narrative that that person that they're the point is people got sick on that and they deployed in January so the people had to have been sick in January. Two people sick on that aircraft. Here see interesting timelines like that that they're just not caring to address right. So what your thoughts on this idea? That decision how this could have happened. Well you know. I think it's not only their. They're sort of covering up. A A timeline differences. Let's also remember to why this outbreak was going around or starting to get a lot of media? Attention of people worried about how bad it would be in lockdowns. We're starting to happen in the US the US sent like thirty thousand troops to do a NATO wargame drill but I think ended up being cancelled but they ended up going to Europe and traveling on over there at a time when all his stuff was going around in. And there's been these weird policies that the trump administration or people you know in the government right now have been promoting where you almost think. Are they trying to get people sick? You know like when they were having the evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship fly back together. Uninfected and infected Americans fly back together. That makes no right so in in this whole thing with the Navy destroyer saying I haven't looked into it as deeply as I could have. But there's a lot of weird stuff going on. They had this guy resign All these soul all these guys are sick and I think honestly you know there may be a sort of an A dark motive here potentially because if you get enough members of the military you know test positive that you can make an argument that there is a huge national security threat and they could potentially use that for some of this continuity of government stuff that just the other day. Newsweek had promoted once again saying that. There's this task force ready for that in DC. If this goes live in one the things that it can go live for is if there's some huge national security threat which includes not just the government like Congress and the president but also the military you know suffering some sort of major emergency and that includes a health emergency like this so it's definitely something worth looking deeper into Agree I the game. Part about Europe is really interesting because I said the same thing. I even played clips. That happen the this is an unforeseeable. Understand this was in the midst of this. This is what everybody was this. You know social distancing and the whole thing and they sent the soldiers over there. They weren't wearing masks. Were shaking hands somewhere even kissing cheeks of other people that when they got off the plane. How does that even possibly make sense? The military of Alz historically speaking is usually the one. That's the most strict about things like that. You know caught precautionary measures and they just didn't seem to care. The first thing people ask was well. What did they have? Something's protecting them like. Why would they not take precautionary measures and it was really odd that they sent people in and of course the other near point in this whole thing is that the war focus continues whether it's the French aircraft care all their aircraft carriers of the war games like why is that a focus but they sent him there anyway into Europe and then weirdly suddenly. Oh whoops this is a bad idea. Let's bring them home. It's so good you send him over there. Get PEOPLE SICK. Change talk you know. Shake People's hands then bring them all back to the country. It's like it's like the best way to possibly change over everything you can it just it just. It seemed Iraq. It just didn't make any sense at all again that you have to ask. What were they doing? Their radio shows you aggressive incompetence or they wanted something to they wanted to transmit or something that we don't see you know. I think maybe both actually as usual but very very but we can talk more about the things that they're implementing because of all this and of the passengers shows up in trying to kind of break it up into these categories because it seems like they're you know clear categories here you know. What's the lies being told about it? The the narrative of the bioweapon discussions the authoritarian actions the financial discussions right and so this one is specifically about a things that they're trying to implement and this is just ridiculous. This isn't even this to me. Is the kind of thing that needs to scare. People realize that this is the kind of future that they're building with scare. Talk back did that. This isn't GonNa go away. Even if the virus sphere goes away. They're gonNA say oh. Well we still need social distancing to make sure his nap and again. We're looking this idea telling beach. Downs planned plexiglas cages to enforce sunbathing on the beach right. I mean this is just outrageous and I don't even I argue. This isn't even going to happen because this seems like so far but realized that this is the kind of thing that they're implementing they're discussing. These aren't meant to just be here until virus goes way this is going forward. So what are your thoughts on that? Well I think I would sort of compare this what happened. What happened with nine? Eleven in the airport security staff how it ended up turning out not to be necessary into sort of like behavioral modification of the public. Seeing what crazy stuff you know from the from the central planners perspective right seeing what crazy stuff you can get people to agree to do making them think it's for their own safety right so with airport security these very invasive pat downs or you have to go through the thing the machine that you go through it enough times irradiates you basically so here what we have is you know keeping people from ever going back to normal. This is the new normal introducing a new normal. It's something people would never like do at the beach before now. What we're supposed to think that all beaches are just going to be these little plexiglass cubicles in that. You know that's just I think it's really unfortunate but in in kind of clownish but unfortunately there's so many people that are still You know so like asking begging for this stuff. I mean where I live in Chile You know there's plexiglass stuff round the cashiers there like surrounded by plexiglass when you go to the supermarket and they have like not just face masks but like these plastic face mask to you. So it's like three layers of protection You know and they're just putting this up all over the place Trying to keep us the social distance. And they've been telling us to this. Social distancing is going to be here forever. It's never going to go back to normal at least not in tellers vaccine right so I guess it's on conditioning. The public for all these things. They normally wouldn't accept also dangling the sort of thing of oh well once we know that your immune and that you're not a danger and you can't contract this virus then you can go back to normal but for everyone that we can't say that for this is how they have to live. It's very. It's very interesting that you say that in that. That's what so horrifying and we should know right off the bat. That doesn't make any sense. And anyone honest will tell you that because these things will always change in a ball in the making a vaccine now based on the first thing they discovered even when they're done will most likely not be able to deal with what's happening currently and they know this because the point is a forever profit model and they'll just make a new vaccine but it's interesting you mention that because I had this one on the side that I was. I wasn't even mentioned Check this out. Scientists discover alarming colonel mutation that could render vaccines useless and I actually think that this in a way is more fearmongering than anything. But it's it's a reality the fact that I just actually just with Dr Judy. Make Bits and Dr Boudoir on a panel yesterday the couple of days ago and they were saying the same thing they all know this and it's kind of an open secret the vaccine our making now is basically going to be useless when it comes around because of what things are changing and now we're even seeing this and they're admitting at least on this article that it changes could make it useless so I just. I think my opinion is that this is all being forced in even as they know this because they've always wanted these things here anyway. What are your thoughts absolutely on a lot of the solutions that we're seeing promoted now? We're being planned. Well before corona virus ever came on the scene and anyone ever thought there would be some sort of global pandemic on example of this. I talk about is like the indefinite indefinite detention. The surveillance program with healthcare databases of Americans that was field last year. On by this I forget his name but he is the former head of NBC universal. It was promoted really heavily by Ivanka. Trump within the White House as well this Harba Health Advanced Research Project Agency in the safe home program. It's very similar to the corona virus surveillance system that is now being promoted by the jared Kushner Ivanka's husband by his task force rate. And as you now but I'll make sure everyone else knows now. I'm working on a report. Now that's based on a document from this government commission. Us Government Commission for May Twenty nineteen. And they're they're basically talking about All of these different solutions that need to be implemented in order for the US maintain its technological advantage over China in a ton of these things were seeing implemented now under the guise of corona virus including the digital dollar that was in this corona virus. Relief Bill they were talking about this stuff. They're in a bunch of other stuff and they definitely have been waiting for the right crisis to to go and try and remake society essentially. That's what this document for me. Twenty nineteen talks about basically remaking society in a way that Americans normally wanted. Except but you know the right thing comes along and they'll accept it. Look at what happened with nine. Eleven right exactly and I know you have another interview. You have to get too soon so we can wrap it up here. I think it's just important that you mentioned that you talked about the constantly of government and exactly what you laid out right there as you know the talking about the main core discussion on the list of people just like us that will be the first ones to be rounded up even when decide that they need constant government actions. And that's as you mentioned in Europe. I think at the time in the Reagan administration. It was eight million people on that list. Then imagine what it's like right now. So that's what we have to be concerned about. That's worth dealing with right now. The you mentioned the Kushner bag surveillance system the vaccine based thing. We know that I need two thousand twenty with vaccines. We're talking about immune ization cars. I mean these are things that are going to be used to implement what we're seeing materialize in front of us and those like you said. That will be problematic. People like us that say. Well we have constitutional rights. Well you're now problem. You'RE GONNA be rounded up and considered you know her. What do they call it? The oppositional defiance disorder. Whatever you know that the ask that this is what we have to see coming and I look out Sir. But he's upcoming article because it will be great as usual and I hope you will share it around. Thank you for joining me here for this special edition and as well as we mentioned more coming out about the Epstein discussion as well so stay tuned for that. Thank you being here yells. You want to save anybody before we go No that's it. Thanks so much for having me on it was my pleasure and I hope people learn delight. you know from what we had to say and My obscene stuff. I'll be having more about you know Maria farmer and hopefully you have some interviews with some other victims who are now really hoping that they'll get their story told in our you know. The gloves are off after that ruling right so definitely Stay tuned for more on that US. A lot coming you guys and as always question everything down to your own conclusions stay vigilant.

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