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We want the best of both worlds. We want a hybrid a smarter hybrid cloud approach. Ibm helps banks personalized experiences with watson while helping keep data secure. The world is going hybrid with ibm. Visit ibm dot com slash. Hybrid cloud cried passion and pageantry of college. Football leaves here. The paul finebaum. Show our three podcast. We welcome you back. It is the second half of the program and we are live. And who better to talk to than our friend. Mike griffith mike is a great to have you on a good afternoon and it seems like Georgia is on a lot of people's minds these days. How how are you good. Paul thanks jared. Kirby Held an impromptu trust for chester day. And if you assistant coaches talk so it was It was hit that sort of access to or spring started. We're certainly not complaining. And it's a constant conversation with you. And i think we will be talking a lot this spring and summer about The expectations and i want to play something for you. I'm sure you've heard about it But l. dunkin was here yesterday. She's a georgia fan Now at espn in this is what she had to say. I'm having this weird. And i always ask you. How should i feel. I'm having this weird thing with with kirby right now. It's like the best way to put it. Is this analogy. You don't really start dating someone right and maybe you start dating someone like right away there do something heroic like you start dating them in there like the helping foster children. They're saving puppies on the weekend. And so you instantly fall in love. 'cause you're like this person is my person and then the more you're going to the relationship they just start doing things right like you notice. They don't wash their hands after they use the bathroom or they're really messy. It's not enough to break up with them. But it's definitely enough to make you question whether they are your soul mate. And i just kirby just keeps making these decisions. That are just nonsensical to me. You know like he will forever sort of be brought up in the justin fields. Jake from over justin fields conversation. But then it's sort of sort of learning is less than he does it again and i'm by no means comparing jt daniels to justin fields. But like didn't we all know stetson didn't have it. I just don't understand what information he's using to make these decisions and it is it's maddening. i love that. We're in the conversation paul every year but some of these decisions. Kirby's making her just th- the luster. I think for some georgia fans is starting to wear off a little bit like this sheen is not quite as pristine as it used to be when he was saving kittens from trees. I don't know l. dunkin right here yesterday. Mike there's a lot to unpack their Take your pick. Yeah you know. Maybe the worst thing kirby did is get to the national championship in his second year as a head coach. I i think back terry. Bowden going undefeated his first years. The auburn coach. And you know there's really nowhere to go down. I mean it's it's interesting. I wrote a piece today that you know. here's georgia. They finished in the top ten four years in a row and yet some people tell you. They're not meet expectations. I i don't know many programs in the top ten four straight years and not met expectations so Expectations are dangerous thing. But but if we're going to call out the the elephant in the room big al while we're at it alabama's the alabama's doing some amazing things. Nick saban Last season they were able to do was it was incredible. They lost their best wide receiver and still produced a heisman trophy winner in the national championship. You gotta tip your cap to nick. Nick sabin What he dabbles. Sweeney has done clemson over the last four five years really dominated. Lsu slid in for year with the ohio state. Transfer deal borough quarterback but for the most part it's been the alabama clemson show in those two programs have really set the bar high and i think georgia is right there in oklahoma. You're kind of right there on the outside looking in ohio state you know. Put those those names in a hat. I think those your contenders again. Next season. So in terms of kirby though making mistakes i i know that's a. That's an easy thing to say. But did you hear anything in that criticism that you agreed with. Well i mean. I understand Different perspectives. that may not have the. You know the the insight as to what happened. You know as people get him. Nizhny jake jake from in georgia played for national championship in twenty seventeen and he was undefeated through seven games. The next year. I don't know how you pull a guy. Ranked in the top five and pacifist undefeated that is playing point. Guard pro style offense for a freshman. That can't get past this. I read now. If you wanna talk what would happen next year. I don't know. I don't know just i'm guessing. Just the fields would have gotten very good at ohio state net system. Most quarterbacks look a lot better in year two year three when they adjusted the speed of the college game day. Tom was playing point guard. They weren't asking him to be a playmaker and run the ball. They had four or five guys that are now receivers tight ends in the nfl that he was thrown two and a prolific offensive line with You know really talented running back. So you kinda wanna the point. Guard i i suppose people can debate that and wonder what would have happened if justin fields would have stayed at georgia. Just like i'm sure. Ohio state fans wonder. What would have happened if joe burrow would've stayed At the ohio state maybe he won a national title there So that's one thing i last year. It was a matter of you know. Jt daniels being injured in. How healthy was how healthy is healthy. Enough i agree That's bennett could only take you so far. He was only good enough to beat alabama for one half and tuscaloosa But he wasn't good enough to finish the game so again. Hindsight's twenty twenty Kirby has access to medical records that we don't When i talk with. At daniels dad about it. He said i get it. I don't want my kid being thrown out there before. He's ready to play young. Kirby didn't think jt ready. He's the head coach. that's why we came to georgia. We trusted them. Talking to my griffiths Like just in terms of criticism. It just seems to me that it's very small. Maybe it gets a lot of attention on a program like this and others. but you're there Do you really hear much criticism of kirby smart in in relation to the big picture. Not really no. You know georgia's come a long way in some of the gains or they're kind of invisible game so i'm giving example twenty four seven sports. Just put out there for best facilities list for twenty. Twenty one georgia's eighteenth. I last time they were eighth. Or ninth and the sec. Wait a minute you're telling me georgia's eighteenth in the nation and best facilities. Yeah now. they're on the verge of opening up this new eighty million dollars football building and kirby taken over. They've put up about one hundred and fifty million dollars in facilities that they didn't have to really enhance the georgia football facilities. And that matters recruiting. Right i mean recruits. You know. they can't quite put their finger on it right you know. What do they say they forget what you say but they never forget how you make them feel well when you walk into some these palaces around the country's top notch facilities you kind of feel good about yourself club since done a great job with theirs and it makes sense. It's also like a gathering place for the players. You want your players to hang out and have a good time. Built team chemistry. Well you build a nice building mega so they don't gotta go out anywhere else. They don't wanna go out anywhere else. So i think what georgia's done facilities wise are with the campus. What they've done with their stadium you they just got to figure it out and play their home games. There i mean. She's one of the best game days in college football and he seemed like you wanna give your games away and and play him other places. I don't understand. You're you talked about it paul. I still don't really understand what. George gets out of playing at georgia tech. I'd never play another game that stadium. I say you wanna play fine. Come samper stadium. He'd given up a home at home for george tech getting no points for winning that game chatty here with mike as we get ready for spring What are you going be looking for. Well you know you got to find out if georgia can get good nucleus leaders. I i know that sounds trite. I know that she's that so cliche. I- roll but you know when you look at the teams that win championships. You can pick them out. You can pick out those leaders. Those catalyst paul those guys that draw the line in the huddle and saying that they look is no more ink when georgia made their run twenty. Seventeen roquan smith okay. They had that catalyst. I go back to the ninety eight. That i covered you remember. You already know what name them throughout their. Right at wilson. Everybody remembers twenty seven when he spoke every body. Listened right you go to lsu. Joe burrow phenomenal leader generational player guy. Some teams got it some teams. Don't that's the separator to me shawn watson. how fantastic was he and beating alabama and that fourth quarter game temper unbelievable leadership right so cam. Newton auburn many points. Were they down dalla bama. They gave two three touchdowns ball. You remember that game all. Go ten years go. You gotta have those catalysts you gotta have those difference makers who's going to evolve into that guy for georgia and will they had the guy that can get them over the hump because let's face it you know they're gonna run into alabama again. They got so that can put the the tied down. Finally they didn't in two thousand seventeen griffis grave. You might come back soon. We we have a lot to talk about in the future. Appreciate your time. Thank you got a great conversation. There from mike and we'll we'll head to the break. More of your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five sometimes. Our food is more than just food. It's an intrical part of our community so this year discovers giving five million dollars to support black owned restaurants to places like rodney scott. Barbecue in charleston. Post office pies in birmingham back in the day bakery and savannah in hundreds more places in your local community all across the country to learn more go to discover dot com. You're listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. We want the best of both worlds. We want a hybrid a smarter. Hybrid cloud approach with ibm helps banks personalized experiences with watson. Well helping keep data secure. The world is going hybrid with ibm. Visit ibkr dot com slash hybrid cloud. We want the best of both worlds. We want a hybrid a smarter. Hybrid cloud approach with ibm helps retailers. Manage supply chains with watson i while predicting demands with ease the world is going hybrid with ibm visit ibkr dot com slash hybrid cloud. We welcome you back here on a wednesday afternoon. Great to have you with us. Let's continue with more phone. Calls and andre is up next in georgia. Hey andrea paul. We're doing well you probably child. Okay i know you probably try to discussing this topic about actually brought. But i never did get a real clear understanding It helped me understand why they can't make While they can't just take the top a playoff team and todd bowles system into that and make a play off. You know with the top you know eight bold and the and the top eight play-off teams and just make a playoff this. what was. Where's the difficulty in that. Well it's not difficult for the two of us to come up with it but let me let me try to explain Who makes this decision. You have the power five. Commissioners you have the notre dame athletic director you have others involved including the american conference and other smaller conferences. and it's hard to get Those people to agree to this because it doesn't benefit them and as a result we you know everyone wants something so you know you have a group of five now on the pow in the in the new year. Six games the only way that i believe. You can expand Right now they will. Expand is for everyone to get something it's negotiation and and there's just not a lot of willingness and the for the the for the southeastern conference. What's the advantage. The southeastern conference asked for us to go to eight games by doing that. It diminishes one of the most valuable properties. The sec has which is the conference championship javits. And that's that's holding it up. Okay thank you thank you thank you know i mean i would like to tell you that all these gentlemen and women that sit together in a room are concerned about saving mankind. But but but i will defend greg sankey or or or anyone else in that room if you're the sec. Commissioner and you represent the most powerful entity in intercollegiate athletics. Why are you giving something away. And and and i mean anyone who's ever been in a negotiation understands that you do have to Agree i mean you always have to give something up. I if you're if you're a good negotiator now so now they're bullies and who just walk in like a bull in a china shop But you know you also but while giving something up you better get something out of it. And what's the se. Get out of that. I mean the sec. Already has one team in the in the playoff some years maybe two Yeah they'll hit an don't look at another school in there The would be guaranteed of to innovate in eighteen playoff. But what are they. Give up back to the 'cause we go and we are getting some really good ones in here. The leash is in arkansas. Hello felicia sounds like you're having a good day Talking to ask you playoff system and didn't wanna come in about l. Dunkin heard her yesterday. I you know. I'm not i don't have anything with georgia issues but Or you can keep up with it. But i thought she was so funny You know it's entertaining conversation. And i just wanted to pass on her. I thought she was hilarious. I mean forget when she said. I mean it's not even really the most critical part of it. It's just the fact that she was finding. Yeah yeah same here. i've i just You know chuckle out of it but I i can't remember you know really recognize his. She is on sportscenter. Someone look up for pick your. Here's what she she won't first of all she's she's been gone because she just had a baby she does the Let's see you're in arkansas. So it's fi- she does the five o'clock sportscenter keep up with that Impossibility of Seeing how comical. She is on but There's tony big boy I heard you talk about him Several weeks ago. I haven't kept up with all your calls to know if anybody's brought him up again. But i went to a small little arts college in conway arkansas. They didn't it's conway grown but there wasn't much there Started in nineteen eighty. But there was a sony big boy there and we hung out and studied a lot. But sony light to travel a lot. There were some guys in hendrix. That would deliver sony over to our college campus. At least once a year and on the year i mean this was the big big morning i mean. He probably closing in on seven feet tall. It's not taller. My graduation day. Sony boy was in patio. Which is the outdoor area. Where we'd sit in graduate you know waiting for us for our Graduation it was just comical. That sony would show up several times on campus and in the School had to make arrangements to get sony back but anyway Shoney's big boy is a part of my college memories and I know you were talking about how used to hang out. at shoney's no. I don't know why certain things come back to you. I think that's maybe the aging process. But i just. I still remember that I don't. I don't even eat a lot of hamburgers but i still remember that shoney's hamburger well if you're like me. You probably didn't have a lot green dollars in your pocket. No no i think. Well i don't think. I know you're correct about that. I i we we were. We were not that. Were not in great shape but But you really appreciate it. A meal like that and they. They weren't expensive. No it was to me was just it was It was it was. It was an all american atmosphere. Yeah and you can sit there all day. Just have a coffee and at least in conway nobody bothers you and we didn't think about much of a tip you know you tip for the cost of your coffee. And that was that was it. And those those Waitstaff would just You know cater to us is if we were a well paying customer growth but You can just imagine that big statue. I'm i'm thinking would i would. I am i've when every time i fly in the knoxville. There's a shoney's near the airport But i have. I haven't seen many other shoney's around. I don't know i have no idea whether what their businesses but I don't think they have a lot of them anymore. There was one here and save for a while but it just kinda disappeared into real estate company. Yeah i think just so. Many other places are doing the same thing that they did. I vaguely remember my first job was at mcdonald's and i remember when Certainly mcdonald's still big deal. But i remember when that was For a kid to go to mcdonalds. there couldn't be anything. there was nothing better absolutely. We saw people working at mcdonald's for great. You know. They had the job of the world. I i would i really. I really wish i had. I could remember what i made from. I'm sure i could probably figure it out. It wasn't very much When you ev- every time. I see them the minimum wage. Now all i do is compare it to what i made as a as a as a fifteen and a half or sixteen year. Old hours Sixteen or such. I was a nurse's aid. I think i got a look seventy. And then when i got to raise two dollars seventy five. I just thought that was miraculous. Just looked at up out of curiosity. What i and i i made the minimum wage mcdonalds so I made a dollar sixty an hour lately. you know. Felicia what the what the greatest part about working at madonna. It wasn't the dollar sixty an hour that you made. It was the fact that when you left your when your shift was over you could. You could take all the free food you want at. My first job was long. John silvers when i was in i was afraid. Cook first female pry cook in our region and I worked in the late shift. And i bring stuff home and that was when the microwaves were first coming out so i bring home the chicken nuggets chicken and know my brothers and my dad was wait up for that and you know like you said the best part about it was getting getting free food on your shift but i knew after that summer it was the first summer you know i. I was sixteen. I was able to work. I was going to college. I that was a job. That made sure. I was going to get something more out of my life than fast foods slinging greasy stuff and stinking like when the go. Well i they had me on fries. Occasionally they did not like the. The manager did not like my frie- style. Because i made the fries like i wanted to eat them which was crispy and the guy told me we don't have time to make crispy fries you know. So just a you're you're you're going to shakes well. So can you walk into mcdonald's now without having a little bit of i. I can't do long john silver's it. No i haven't I have not been in a mcdonald's. Although i was i was someplace a couple of years ago and we were to come back home In the person driving. So let's go. We went into go. Hey thanks for the call really appreciate. We're heading to break. My griffith joined us a few minutes ago. Alex berenson earlier. We also talked a seesaw. Hurt and i will also have bill conley a little bit later. If you wanna give us a call this a good time to do it. Eight five five two four two seven two eight five. You're listening to the paul. Finebaum show podcast. Do you own or rent your home. Share you and i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy. Visit geico dot com today. That's geico dot com. We welcome you back. it's been a busy show seasonal her talking about alabama basketball and certainly arkansas on another Epic role as well as we talked to eric muslim in the other day nato on monday the conference tournament all begin next week. Some begin over the weekend We're a week and a half away from march madness Football has been the big theme today and it will continue to be. I'm going to go over. Bill conley's list of quarterbacks here in a few minutes he will be our next guest. Until then you're welcome to give us a ring at eight five five two four two seven two eight five and thomas is up next in georgia. Hey thomas hey paul how are you doing we are doing. Thank you very much You had somebody on monday. He was an alabama fan and he actually had the nerve to call georgia a fraud. Where is he getting this from. Kirby in his first five years has accomplished more than any other coach in college football on their first five years. And i can think what was nick. Sabin doing into your Well yeah overall. He was She would have been. Maybe i mean he was doing here he he was doing okay. But you're right. I don't think anybody is quite match. Kirby right and so you know. Donald kirby still has a long ways to go. I'll give him that. Nick sabin is greater. But i mean he he still is also another thing too. I never thought. I would here in alabama fan say. That auburn is a blue button and not georgia auburn as as may national championships as georgia dies. But it's a auburn longer in-between there too then has georgia and georgia's you know one of the program top programs in the country. There's trending up so you know. Never thought i here in alabama fan tried to say that auburn is a blue button and georgia's not that was it's interesting Hey thank you for the call appreciate Don't go anywhere mistaker. I'm gonna get to this Bill currently listed amenity is joining us at the at the top of the next hour. Let me grab one or two more calls before. I do because we'll take a little while to go over. How about mica in connecticut. Mica thank you good afternoon. Hey paul good afternoon. Thanks so i i wanted to Talk little bit about Specifically the lack of diversity and among people bowl coaches Head football coaches You know i as sort of a a problem You know i mean. They're amazing just labs. are you know. Let go but I mean when you think what your thoughts on this. And i mean what do you think the sec needs to do or should do or do you think they should do anything. Relative to try increase you know then the number of hours at the Hit it This came up during the summer when we had sylvester croom on and our bring his name up because he was the first person of color to be hired in the sec. When when when Larry templeton helped to break the color barrier. Not believe those two thousand and four since then You know we have. We've we've seen a handful of coaches James franklin obviously vanderbilt derek. Mason joker phillips kentucky. I'm trying to remember If they're a there have been some other ones Those are the ones that come to mind. It's i'll try not to sound political here but but ultimately this is not a conference decision. This is an individual choice of every institution and certainly diversity is extremely important. And it's a topic that is very important to too many people including the people at the very top of the Of the leadership at conference in and you see it in in just about every sport Certainly basketball is probably the preeminent sport in terms of you know seeing seeing diversity but in football. It's you know you have to look at individual. Hires and you. And i think tennessee being the most recent I do know they. They reached out to james franklin. But but ultimately it's it's. It's a school decision and i know the previous hire. Uh mel tucker was a finalist. And i'm just mainly trying to stick to what i know versus what i don't know and i guess i'm going to toss it back to you for a second. How do you. How do you implement this change. Well i think if you look at the nfl. For example. and i know you're talking totally different Animal here but right but you know i. The nfl you know at least has some protocols in place where You know minority coaches could the interviews. It leaves position. Have mandatory interviews already roles while we're talking to really think about it. I mean they don't know that that's really necessary. There's been some conversation about implementing this rule. But i will tell you it's my best. Guess that every major institution subscribes to it whether it's Mandated or not they subscribe to it. But do you think that they I mean well the the difference too is you. Don't have one commissioner. You have ten commissioners or more But i i will defend the sec. I know it's it's a it's a top priority and everything they do accept you know what what what can you do other than encourage which i know they do but but you also have to make an individual decision and i i. Don't i think it's a conversation piece. I'm not shutting this down. I'm just trying nor my defending the lack of diversity. I'm just simply You know with you. Search whissle to be critical of the f. Because it's not just the sec as no country. It's you know it's almost every conference Almost every major converse over this issue And i don't get why i was gonna ask you your thoughts who because You know if you look at the You know the the diversity and among the players Is you it's only. Yeah i mean So i think i don't really know what truly what the answer is But i think it's i think i think the only thing you can do and i'm positive this. This happens is constant awareness. And i know that sounds like a cliche but but but i'm serious. I mean i. I know a lot You know all these people And i know how. I know. I know what a top line priority it is and i mean i do know that there's only so much you can do from a conference standpoint. You have to encourage leadership. And i think they do There were four openings. This year i'm trying to think of each one of them. In terms of vanderbilt was the one i was curious about. Because vanderbilt has an exemplary exemplary record For diversity with with with with an african american athletic director now a basketball coach and a and a couple and two two straight football but they they they also brought in someone who played there so I that's how they ended up with coach li. Well i tell you what this will not be the last time we talk about it. I i'll give you that. My word and i will search for not just anyone but the right person To converse with about this and and and in terms of looking for A solution versus just throwing it up against the wall. Hey thank you very much I'm going to read a couple of these names on this list. And it's gonna take to. It's gonna take a while to get through it. Because bill connerly is coming up at the top of the hour and i think we showed his top ten on the basketball On the screen the other day. But that's that does not do this. This is a bill bill is with. Espn and he did a He's an analytics guy and what he did. He ranked the sixty best quarterbacks in college. football This was not only sec. This wasn't the entire body of work of college football in the two thousand so speaks for itself. We're talking about the last twenty years and a lot of controversy about first couple. But i don't think we really even talked about who's not on this list and as i go through the list start thinking about who didn't make it. I'm going to go from sixty to one here. Kevin called from houston is at number sixty. Andy dalton this is only college not pro. this is andy dalton from tcu at fifty. Nine zack wilson. Byu brilliant career. Big big conversation about him right now in the nfl. He's fifty eight fifty-seven matt barkley from southern cal. Aaron rodgers at fifty six from cal. Todd recent from kansas fifty. Five patrick mahomes fifty four texas tech mason rudolph fifty-three oklahoma state joey harrington oregon. Fifty two keenan reynolds navy. Fifty-one one. Brad banks iowa fifty david carr fresno state forty nine dan le four central michigan. Forty eight denard. Robinson michigan forty seven jordan lynch northern illinois at six. Kyle translated at forty five. You i manning forty four brady quinn. Notre dame forty-three. Eric crouch won the heisman forty two. Brian left which marshall forty-one aaron murray from georgia forty colt brennan hawaii. Thirty nine collin klein kansas state. Thirty eight thirty seven. Alex smith from utah. Landry jones number. Thirty six mack. Jones number thirty five. Ken dorsey thirty four chase daniel. Thirty three graeme herald tech thirty. Two troy smith ohio state thirty one. Jason white thirty colin kaepernick nevada twenty nine. Rex grossman eight justin fields. Twenty seven ben rothlisberger miami of ohio. Twenty six pat white west virginia. Twenty five russell. Wilson played at nc state of wisconsin. Twenty four jalen hurts. Twenty-three case keenum houston twenty two carson palmer. Se twenty twenty-one top twenty. Philip rivers nc state to nineteen andrew luck eighteen matt liner. Seventeen jameis winston. Sixteen top fifteen. Sam bradford fourteen kellen moore johnny manziel thirteen cole mccoy twelve trevor eleven. Rg three ten iota. Nine lamar jackson eight cuyler. Murray seven the shawn watson. Six joe burrow five tibo four vince. Young three cam newton to number one baker mayfield. That's the entire list. We'll talk to bill in a moment If you have some thoughts on it you can start getting in here and we may Even includes some phone calls for bill That is a list. What did he get right. What did he get wrong. Eight five two four two seven. Two eight five is the number. We're coming right back. You're listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast back here on a wednesday afternoon. Bill conley joining us in a few minutes on that list Getting some interesting suggestions on twitter and you can join us as well here about Make it eight five five two four two seven two eight five. You have a thought on that for bill. Let's check in with bradley right now. Hey bradley we are doing great Bradley thank you. I was calling them. I just wanna make a comment on the guy that called in. I think he was your last caller talking about georgia and comparing Kirby smarts for first. Five years to nick sabin. I five years. Well i think it would. I think he's talking about savings first. Five years in coaching. Not alabama okay. Well yeah i think. I think we know what he did in his first. Five years at alabama. Okay well thank goodness iran but Because i was. I thought he was talking about his first alabama in his third year one national title and as national. I know yeah as he said that i started thinking. Maybe that's what i what he said. I i may have been thinking what he meant but That's a good point. It's not you can't compare that like you can. You can't compare the talent that kirby inherited when he went to georgia versus talent. Nick saone inherited alabama inherited a ten minutes. Exactly it's crazy. I thought he was talking about. Maybe i'll moan. But i think that's how it came out but I maybe to analytical in my analysis of what he really meant your call though. I can understand why you reacted to that. Jason is up next. Hey jason our caller about the same thing. We're maybe it. Maybe i heard it wrong. The statement man. He needs some. he needs some schooling. If he was talking about alabama he said he said i five years. Now i don't know how specific he was. Yeah if he's talking about alabama. I'm a heisman. Trophy winner to sec. Titles and two national titles. And i'll give kirby more fifteen years and he will want accomplish in fifteen years well did. Yeah but i mean let me make let me try to give him the guy the benefit of the doubt. I mean and here. Here's really what i think he was saying. And and if you if you think about what nick's nick saban's record was i mean he. He he had one year. Let's see where did say he was where where he spent the first year Toledo okay So this is nick. Saban's record Emily to send it to me. And and i think if you don't look at this then we're missing. The whole point of the argument he was he was nine into toledo. Six five and one at michigan state and six at michigan state seven five six and six and nine and two overall he was forty one twenty six and won his first six years as a coach carbon If you give me a second i will tell you but it's a pretty good It's pretty it's considerably better than what i just got through. Here is fifty. Two kirby is fifty two and fourteen. That's better knicks. I yeah you're right. He's talking about that. Yeah i mean. I mean kirby outside of his first year when he was eight and five he's thirteen and two eleven and three twelve and two and eight and two. He's finished second in the country. Seven fourth and seventh. Connie will in a minute I think we've cleared that up We can debate at the rest of the day. But i'm pretty sure that's what he meant. If you want to call back. he can clarify. We're back after this. Thank you for listening to the paul finebaum. Show podcast the paul finebaum. Show weekdays on the sec network beginning at three eastern. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately gyco makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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