First Peacetime Train Robbery in U.S. / Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina - October 6


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Hey y'all were rerunning episodes today, which means you might hear to host enjoy the show. Welcome to the in history class from how stuff works dot Com and from the desk of stuff you missed in history class. It's the show where we explore the past one day at a time with a quick look at what happened today in history. Hello and welcome to the PODCAST. I'm Tracy v Wilson and it's October sixth. The Reno brothers staged the first peacetime train robbery in the United States on this day in eighteen, sixty six. Reason we specify that it's the first peacetime. Train robbery is there had been one train robbery before this one on May fifth sixty five just at the very end of the US civil war that one was on the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, a group of men had fouled one of the tracks to cause the train to derail. Once the train hit that track and jumped off it, they robbed the passengers and the Adams Express Company car today Adams Express Company is an equity fund but at the time it was an express company that delivered letters and packages. The robbers were described as guerrillas they were dressed in civilian clothes, but armed with navy revolvers. One of the men was called Lieutenant by the others and another one was called captain. So most of the time because of all of that, and the fact that it happened right at the end of the civil war, this is considered part of the war rather than a matter of civilian robbery there. Also, of course, we're incidents during that war of people commandeering entire trains for military reasons. So the one that's usually noted as the first train robbery in the United States is that one that happened on October six, eighteen, sixty, six. The first transcontinental railroad had not yet been completed that would happen in eighteen, sixty, nine, but more and more train routes had been established and they were traveling through very remote parts of the United States. Often, there was not any kind of law enforcement or other person one might go to for help anywhere nearby and it didn't take long for people to figure out that a train full of mail and parcels and people who could afford train tickets far away from any source of law enforcement might be a good target to rob. On this case that people he would figure that out. We're the Reno brothers that was frank, Simeon John and William along with their associates. They boarded this train near Seymour Indiana once again on the Ohio and Mississippi. Railroad Adams Express car was once again their target the robbers made their way to that car and they demanded the keys to the safes. The attendant he was on duty in the car, they only had the keys for the local mail safe. So he opens that one up for them and they took all of its contents then the gang through the entire other safe off the train with the intent of getting it open later on then they jumped off the train so because they had gotten on near Seymour and they had left without. Anybody outside of the Adams Express car knowing what was going on the engineer just continued on that anything was amiss until somebody got his attention and told him about it, the Pinkerton and best, and this became the first of many many train robberies especially in the nineteenth century a lot of other gangs like Butch Cassidy's wild bunch and the James Younger gang became infamous for their train robbing a lot. Of Gangs specialized in robbing trains, and soon, trained companies were hiring armed guards and reinforcing their mail cars and otherwise trying to defend themselves from this newly created type of crime. The Reno brothers were all captured in eighteen sixty eight frank. Simeon. And William were hanged later on that year after being taken out of the prison where they were being held by a vigilante mob who then took the law. into their own hands, their brother John Though had been captured earlier. He was serving time in a different prison and he was spared that particular extrajudicial violence. Thanks so much to Tari Harrison, for her work on this show and you can subscribe to this day in history class on apple podcast Google podcasts, and wherever else yet your podcast and you can tune in tomorrow for the birth of Nobel laureate. My team instantly response to cyber threats. My team helps agencies accelerate to the cloud. My team brings innovation too complex. It operations joined the GD team to support insecure some of the most complex government defense and intelligence projects across the country own your next opportunity and career with challenging and impactful work apply. Now at GD dot com slash careers that's GD it. 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Under the eighteen seventy, eight treaty of Berlin Austria Hungary gained the right to occupy and administer the Ottoman. Empire's provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sandjak of Novi Pas are. But Austria Hungary always had it sights set on permanent possession of the provinces? Bosnia and Herzegovina were widely sought after but Austria Hungary put a lot of work into developing infrastructure mines, factories, agriculture, and schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At. The same time ethnic and religious conflict grew within Bosnia and Herzegovina. And groups in the two provinces displayed nationalist ambitions. Young Turk Revolution broke out in the Ottoman Empire in nineteen eight and restored the Ottoman Constitution PT Seventy six and revived the Ottoman parliament. Vienna was afraid that the new authorities in the government of the Ottoman Empire would try to restore autumn political power in Bosnia and Herzegovina An. As a Pro Russia Serbia vied for control over the Sandjak of Novi. PAS. Are and Bosnia and Herzegovina Russia itself was destabilized after defeat in the Russo Japanese war. Foreign Minister of Austria, Hungary alloys craft lex up on our Paul staunch opportunity for Austria Hungary to assert his dominance in the Balkans. Austria Hungary's ambassador to Russia Layup Hall. Craft Fair. Stole set up a meeting between Aaron Paul and the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Petrovich is skis in September of Nineteen eight at Lau Arabia. What actually happened at the meaning is up for debate as no minutes of the meeting where relief. Is Boesky. It says that Russia would not object to the annexation and an exchange Austria Hungary would not object to open the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits two Russian warships. Is Volsky insisted on an international conference before the annexation took place but on October six the day after Bulgaria declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire Emperor Franz Joseph. The first Austria announced that it was annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina The withdrawal of the Hungarian army from Sandjak of Novi Pazar was also announced. But I. was. Not. Expecting the annexation to happen. So soon, he said that Aaron Paul did not tell him the date of annexation and that he did not know how Hungary plan on executing it before the matter was settled with other political power. Opposition to the annexation erupted in Europe Russia and the Balkans. France Britain Italy protested the annexation. Pan Slavic nationalists throughout Europe were unhappy with announcement. Serbia insisted that Austria Hungary seed part of the Sandjak of Novi Pazar to them and ski. Supported them. But Austria Hungary. Backed by Germany threaten, to invade Serbia. At. The end of the Bosnian crisis Austria Hungary seemed to have come out on top. After a boycott of austro-hungarian Goods Causes Commercial Losses Austria Hungary ended up paying an indemnity to the Ottomans and alienating many from Austrian policy. But the Ottoman Empire recognized the annexation, which Russia and Serbia accepted in March O nine. The next on the Treaty of Berlin was amended to accept the annexation. The. Nation's managed to avoid war but tense relations between Austria, Hungary Russia, and Serbia after the latter two faced such mutilation remained and contributed to the outbreak of World War One and nineteen fourteen. I'm Jeff Coat, and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. If you have any burning questions or comments you can leave us a note at T. D.. H. podcast on twitter, facebook or instagram. Or. You can go the old fashioned route and send us an email at this day at iheartmedia dot com. 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