Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12/3/20


Good morning it's thursday december third. I'm lucas dixon and here are today's headlines from the atlanta journal constitution. Our top story secretary of state brand burger on wednesday called on president. Donald trump to drop unproven allegations of voting fraud in georgia at a press conference at georgia capital ravensburger decried trump's continued insistence. That voter fraud cost him the election in georgia and elsewhere. The secretary side of this week's comments by us attorney general. William bar who said federal investigators have seen no evidence of widespread fraud that would affect the outcome of the election which was won by former vice president. Joe biden president. Trump's justice department has seen no widespread fraud ravensburger said they have had multiple investigations like us and our investigators have seen no widespread fraud. Either the secretary's comments come as trump. Supporters continue to press claims of voter fraud in court. Attorneys handling two of those lawsuits held a press conference wednesday in alfa reta. Repeating unsubstantiated claims that the election was stolen so far there allegations have not held up in court in virus news. Georgia reported one of its heaviest ever days of new covert nineteen cases on wednesday as labs and other providers continue to sort out a backlog of tests stemming from thanksgiving week public health officials say. It's likely too soon to know what impact thanksgiving gatherings and travel might have had on georgia's corona virus epidemic exposures over the holiday weekend. Experts say might not manifest into symptoms that would send people to seek tests for several days. The state department of public health reported five thousand seven hundred. Seventy seven net new confirmed antigen positive cases on wednesday of those four thousand. Ninety four cases were confirmed by molecular pcr testing the highest confirmed case figure since august. Nancy night. Him a spokeswoman for dp h said wednesday's figures reflect the lag in reporting over thanksgiving and the weekend in news former atlanta city councilman kwanza hall gets to walk in the shoes of his mentor. Us representative john. Lewis hall one tuesday's runoff and will complete the final month of lewis's term in washington representing georgia's fifth congressional district. The georgia secretary of state's office said it has already transmitted the election results to washington to allow him to be sworn into office immediately hall defeated former morehouse college president robert franklin in the runoff he at trumpeted his ties to the lewis family during the campaign all grew up in the same neighborhood as their home and lewis son john miles endorsed him. His father leon hall worked with lewis on civil rights issues and finally the twenty two million dollars in federal money that the city of atlanta originally allocated to help people stay in their homes during covid. Nineteen pandemic will be slashed in half and go towards plugging other holes in the city's budget. According to legislation that the atlanta city council is expected to consider on monday the city of atlanta and fulton cobb the cab and gwinnett counties all received funds from the two trillion dollar corona virus aid relief and economic security act known as the cares act in april but the federal government gave them along with other state and local governments across the nation a deadline of december thirtieth to spend the money since then cities have rushed to get the money out the door to avoid having to return it while adhering to strict federal guidelines as to how the money be spent some have done a better job than others according to various reports. That's all for today. Check back each weekday morning for more from the atlanta journal constitution or go to ajc dot com. Have a great day.

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