Rock Candy Ep. 109: Billie Holiday - Adorably Delinquent


Out here first. Pitch Happy Women's Day way to be a woman way to go ladies? Hey Ladies congrats. We've made it so far. Yeah are we have so far so far. We've made it. We do have the right to vote. So that's a good thing you do some high school students may not believe it. But it's true. Women suffrage happened. Yeah Yeah and we got the right to vote in nineteen twenty twenty two something like that. I'm pretty sure Neither US would pass a A citizenship test. No I would not know. We cannot at all the way you were taught to learn. Things in school is just to Cram Cram Cram and then take the test and then forget all of it. That's just not important. My College degree is useless. Not just because it's an art history degree but also because I forgot everything I learned. Same everything same though. Yeah I paid forty thousand dollars to forget everything and you know what success was a successful earning thing. Now women can get degrees. Uh-huh women can build bookshelves. Kinda woman waving build your bookshelf last. Go so yeah I mean like. I'm looking at women's Women's Day today and I'm like we fucking did it guys then you can go look at your bookshelf and be like we've come a long way. Baby Oh my God I just WanNa graffiti it with like you can do it posters Rosie. The riveter rip Baroni by the way. Oh She She died the original Rosie. The riveter recently. Yes like last week. Oh rest in peace rosie. I did not know that. Maybe maybe maybe it's still just hard out here for a bitch still hard out here. It's still hard out here for Vich can rocky Andy. Yeah welcome your weekly podcast bringing yes sweet treats from the world of music and where your lady hosts from Maggie. I'm Ashley and we are continuing our coverage of women's history month With more women more ladies. That's what we're doing. We're talking about women more stories. We probably don't talk about them enough. Yeah and and taking an entire month probably isn't enough. We should do more however if the men realize we can shape shift they'll tell the churchhill the church and they will burn us. Yes it will burn us at the stake. Yes yes. Today's subject I actually. I'm going to be honest. I don't know shit about today's subject. Yeah we'RE GONNA be talking about Billie holiday yes And I suppose I should say now that there should be a trigger warning with this completely on. Ironically there should be a trigger warning. Every bad thing we've ever talked about on. This podcast is in this episode. So buckle up if you're sensitive to certain things you might want to skip that's fine. That's fine like we understand but also to just like violence and violence substance abuse domestic abuse prostitution rape Everything wow okay we are. This is wow. We're we're at a hundred and fifty percent here. This is platinum status a platinum platinum platinum platinum. Oof Alright Gary for an upsetting episode. Yet is Well last week last week's upsetting to do is we've had it rough for a bench so we're not kidding. We meant it. Yeah it's especially difficult for bitches of color. Yeah yeah the story has it all. Oh my God well. I'm prepared to be upset. Yeah Gird Your Loins. It's going to be a hot one. Well it's a hot one. But it's certainly not smoothed and you know what also is not smooth. Oh our beer. Oh I mean it's fine so yeah we kind of had to struggle for a beer this week. Yeah because I ran out to get it again. Didn't have a ton to work with. As far as knowing the story so and I I built it in forgot to get beer and then I was working by the time I got to work. Everything was going to be closed. So I had Lord's Day Lord Lord don't drink that's how I had to God problem. That's God's problem that's Jesus Christ mess up no scientific such it. Yeah I mean. Science did fix that ship and nobody wants to listen. Yeah but Yeah I dumped the task of getting bureau off to you and I apologize. I mean when I was one of your suggestion. Yeah which was our last resort. Oh we re possible awhile. God's We Papa Roach. We really did though. Sore Drinking Blue Moon mango wheat. All because she does sing bloom. Oh Yeah she sings blue moon and also one of her moonlight as associate every thing that has to do with moon. Moonlight Moon Glow. She sang it. She likes her moons. She does She also is famous for a song called strange fruit. So Harry have mango. Wasn't that Nina Simone. I told you so. Billie holiday did strange fruit. Originally and Nina Simone covered it but Nina also became very popular for her version of the song right. Yeah it's it's Blue Moon guys. It's Blue Moon and just moved. Mostly tastes like mango juice. It tastes exactly like mango twitter's given my mouth sweater. I told you that's why I am not drinking. I'm drinking double time for both of us. It's fine I want you to be double fist in this whole episode. Fine to it. Oh my God I might need to write because it said upsetting him episode. Yeah you might and it's what like four percent so you probably going to have to drink a lot to feel better. I don't want to drink that much. Balloon Yeah nobody does roof no offence to anyone who likes Blue Moon? That's fine if you like Blue Moon it's fine K. Let's not talk about this garbage beer anymore. It's we've already spent way too much time talking about this garbage beard honest. Yeah that's all right though. 'cause this is probably GonNa be a shorter than average episode so okay. So let's get into it all right. Talk a little bit about Billy holiday. Let's talk about this holiday. I'm ready to go on a holiday. Celebrate celebrate Billie holiday. All right Billie holiday was born on April Seventh Nineteen fifteen in Philadelphia Pennsylvania with the name Ellinora Fagin Sheringham last name with her mother. Sadie her father. Was Clarence holiday. A jazz musician WHO ABANDONED STADIUM. Billy shortly after her birth. Okay Rod so certain off with Red Dad. Cd was a victim from her parents home. After becoming pregnant at age nineteen Rad. Parents read parents with no support from her parents. Or BILLY'S FATHER. Cd moved to Baltimore Maryland to live with her half sister. Things didn't come easy at all. For CD or billy and Billy's childhood was beyond difficult for the most part. Sadie was an absentee parent. She worked what we're called transportation jobs saw which meant she worked long hours on passenger railroads. Oh wath so. I'm assuming that meant. She was probably like a waitress or cleaning lady on the train. Yeah and took long trips on on trains like overnight and stuff. Yeah probably just those one set might even go like halfway across the country whatever. Yeah Yeah those are tough. That men billy was left in the care of her paternal grandmother. Martha Miller without much supervision. Billy rebelled a big part of. That was getting really into jazz music. How how dare? She Jess the Devil's music. Yeah her mother refused to let billy listen to jazz believing that it was the devil's music all done. Just wait till she hears new metal. Just wait 'til Billy's Papa Roach and it all over town doesn't like jazz. You're not gonNA like reviews. It goes from there sweetie. Have you heard of this thing called rap rock roof? Let's have Fred durst tell y'all about it. I just want to listen to jazz when anyway. Getting her to stop listening to jazz was a futile effort. Jazz was everywhere and to get her fixed. Billy would go to the local brothel where the ladies would play jazz on the gramophone for. Oh that's like a durably delinquent. Yeah I love it. She goes to the brothel but just to listen to the music right. And then it's like reading playboy for the articles like she's actually no. I'm very interested. They have great writers. Yeah and I just like that. The older ladies. They're really what comedy to you. Want to hear some jazz kid. You want to hear some jazz jazz music for you. Want to come in and listen okay then just sits next to a gramophone and swinging the chair off the again a dorm delinquent. Yeah this rebellious stage lead. Billy skip to lead to billy skipping school a lot which then led to truancy charges against her. She was brought to core in January. Nineteen twenty five when she was only nine years old and she was forced to go to a Catholic reform. School called the House of the Good Shepherd the House and go. Fuck yourself like really. We're doing this truancy bullshit to people of Color. Back in the twentieth. Of course we were Question so they house. The Good Shepherd was not a good place. You don't prize the prize. It was well known as a place where harsh punishment was doled out for the smallest infractions. She was only there for nine months before she was allowed out joining with her mother. Who had by now opened a restaurant called the east side grill? Ooh that sounds tasty. Sounds like a nice diner about? They've really good waffles. Me Some pancake. Ooh INSTEAD OF GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. Billy worked long hours at the restaurant alongside her mom by age eleven. She dropped out of school completely. Wow that's to think about like an eleven year old. I don't need the school bullshit. Yeah I'm working at this restaurant and this is where my may big money's GonNa roll in but also to. What is the the twenty twenties? So yeah I mean kind of checks. What was education back but then again. Can you imagine going into a restaurant and seeing an eleven year old behind the counter going? We can get you but that was pretty common back then wasn't it? I thought they were labor laws by now but I guess not. I don't think they were strict labor laws and everything. Anybody was really looking but then again they brought these sent her to a reform school for Truancy Lake. Come on just listen to some yeahs music. Some yes flute at this point her life was difficult at best but it was about to get much worse. Oh No that's not how you're supposed to continue with. That's how it's GonNa go from here on out. When she was ten years old. Billy was violently raped by a neighbor. He was a forty year old man that she kinda knew and he convinced her that her mom sent him to pick her up and billy needed to come with him right away. Billy complied but it was all ally. He was caught but given a pretty lenient sentence for sure. Yeah meanwhile it's okay to rape children in the twenties. Apparently meanwhile billy was punished far more severely because at this time in the nineteen twenties rape was seen as the woman's fault even if that woman was a ten year old girl. That did nothing wrong. I'm GonNa flip everything in this room. I'M GONNA put it back up. I'm GonNa flip it again and said on fire. I mean I wanna sit someone on fire. Yeah she'll be sent on fire. Somebody needs to be set on fire for this this disgusting yet. Billy was deemed rebellious and out of control and full. Blame for the rape was put on her. She was sent right back to the House of the Good Shepherd and it was even worse than the first time she was there. I mean. Didn't you see the bloomer? She was wearing. She hasn't even had her period yet. She was totally asking to be raped. Her ankles were showing my God. This is definitely her fault for being a child for being sexy child. Who like? Don't touch kids period like all of our rules are are in this story. I'm GonNa Hull Him. Yeah I'M GONNA have to clean up this room so many times yet. The nuns at the House of the Good Shepherd. This time around basically tried to scare her straight by torturing her they would scare the shit out of her by locking her in volts with dead bodies and other fucked up. Shit. She didn't deserve. Where are they getting dead bodies? It was like a like a reform school. That had like dead bodies just showing. I assume that there was a cemetery there too and they had these like dead bodies big. Hey no like the mausoleums and stuff the dead bodies in their sovereign there with the dead bodies. What are you teaching your nothing? I Some Day. We're all GONNA die someday bitch. Yeah hey she's ten years old may as will let her know now. I have no idea what this did. They just they were just fucking sadistic. I'm going to set them on. Fire Nuns on fire rolling down the road. If you keep torturing these kids going to lose my man and then I'm going to go in there we go. That's good perfect. Feel better if you can't burn them saying it about burning a year later. When she was around twelve years old she left the school and went to live with her mother. Who is now in Harlem New York by now? Her mother was working as a prostitute in a brothel. What happened to the restaurant? Didn't work out. 'cause come to find out her mom doesn't know how to fucking manage money We'll get to that later. Oh billy found her own place there in the brothel running errands for the Madam and scrubbing marble steps for the wealthier people of New York City once again. Ilias some decanting street Urchin basically. Yeah this is okay. Once again. Billy's life took a turn for the worse in nineteen twenty nine when she was barely fourteen years old soon. Enough Billy's mother was pimping her own daughter out for five bucks a trick. Essentially Billy was being raped daily for money at the behest of her own mother. I'm just GONNA leave now and I have to be here for the rest of this done done with this story. That's wild billy's mom. Yeah we sent her on fire to we can. We're GONNA who fucking pimps out their own kid. Yeah it's fucking garbage that's disgusting and it's no wonder then that billy begins to self medicate. Alcohol was her drug of choice at this time but eventually turn to hard drugs. It wasn't drugs though that the cops were looking for when they raided the brothel in May nineteen twenty nine. I'm sorry what were they looking for? Who's a brothel? It was illegal? Alright all of it was illegal. That's right that's right quite right. Both billy and her mother were arrested for prostitution. Sadie was released a couple months later but billy wasn't released until October Bill. Lee is a fucking child who was forced into prostitution. What and she was arrested for it and she served a longer sentence than her mother. Who put her in prostate? Am I taking crazy pill in my actually taking this story makes you feel like you're going fucking crazy because it's like am. I the only person that seizes. I'm sorry no one else sees this. No no no me okay. It's just me then right cool. It's me Cuckoo. It was around when she got out of prison. That billy began singing in clubs. Jazz had always been in her bones despite her mom trying to get it out of her. I mean like but also good for you billy. What's fucking up by singing jazz? Piss your mom off and it was something she was good at and can make money from. Good Eleanor Fagin. Wasn't the best stage name so she changed it to something more interesting. Her favorite actress at the time was Billie dove so she lifted her first name and took her father's last name becoming Billie holiday for the first time but also like jab to her mom. Like fuck you. I'm taking dad's name well. I mean her. Dad Wasn't any better. No but you know what didn't sell her into prostitution. Had the decency to fucking leave just abandoned her. I don't know what's selling it prostitution's worse it might be. Yeah Billy was not the star of the show however but is just the girl singer. Yup this remember. This was the early nineteen thirties. Nothing was integrated even in New York City. No matter how good of a singer she was she would still be relegated to second best that changed in nineteen thirty two when she was seventeen years old. She replaced singer. Monette Moore at a club named co WTN's and it was here that producer. John Hammond I heard her sing. He was so impressed with billy they. He arranged her recording debut at age eighteen. She recorded and released two songs with legendary bandleader. Benny Goodman Shit known as the King of swing. Yeah the songs. Were your mother son-in-law and Ariffin the Scotch knocking ally thought you're GONNA say your mother sucks. Because she does. Their mothers sock is promoted sucks it would have been more appropriate would've been the latter Song Griffin. The Scotch became her first. Hit selling five thousand copies which doesn't sound like a lot at the time. It was huge. She thoroughly impressed John Hammond and Benny Goodman who commended her ability to sound like jazz instruments. This was especially meaningful to her. As she always said she strove to sound the way. Louis Armstrong played his trumpet. Oh I think she just wanted to sound like a trumpet Burger burn that. Now I just sound like a weird weird Fareham in terms zone. It sounds like a therapist trump. Which isn't real we can me now. Ooh somebody make that. Tm Thurman trombone you can make it but credit we get all the royalties from that. Just like I'd take twenty bucks. Your one sail chairman trombone. You make that you probably had to spend five thousand dollars to make easily. Forget trying to learn to play it that. That's the impossible part because of the success of her first two recorded songs she was signed to Brunswick I cannot say this Brunswick Records Swick. Yeah Brunswick Brunswick Records Ones Week Waco Wacko here. She recorded. What a little moonlight can do which became a very popular record and eventually a jazz standard. Yes standard it was so popular that billy effectively Got Brunswick out of the red. Because before she came along they were about to go bankrupt and Shit. She saved them. She did through nineteen thirty seven and thirty eight billion sang in the legendary count. Basie band it was a little different being a big Bensinger. Instead of a jazz singer. Billie nailed it. Her recordings with count basie included the hit summertime which is a great song but unfortunately most people our age probably know it better as part of a sublime song so I took Gershwin class in college and I studied a lot of Gershwin music including summertime and that was from Porgy and best. Yes in you know. What's the Gorgeous Song Summertime? You know? It's not a good song sublime suburb. It's called summertime by sublime but it's not good now. What's even worse even worse. What Lana del Rey's cover of? Yeah those who use through. My mouth drools a little bit. I saw a lot of del Rey. Barf dinner mouth when she was saying it is probably what it is what. She sounds like what she thinks. Guys Nestle look. I like maybe four Lana del Rey songs. And you've got to be in a mood on the del Rey saw. I can't do that like mumble singing I have. I'm way she's so. Cb sleepy sad guy. She's so tired those fettah means. Yeah she she just gets so tired like drawing out her winged eyeliner really five hours own long long anyway. Yeah sorry that was one of the attention. Everything wasn't exactly but no the sublime song is called doing time makes it even worse. Yeah Double Fist Than Blue. Moon's everything wasn't exactly great with cowbys band however and she was fired for reasons that are a bit unclear. Some band members claimed she was unprofessional and unreliable and this could have been because of her growing alcohol and drug problems. Ooh It's almost like she had a really upsetting pass that she's trying to forget. It's almost like drugs now. A hauler her therapy Although this is the thirties we don't do therapy You got like one. Another like eighty years before therapies suggested and condoned honestly in. Poc communities therapy still isn't really that exempted so yeah double-whammy I know either way. She wasn't out of work for long. She was hired by Artie Shaw to join his band a revolution at the time. Considering his band consisted of all white musicians It was here that she encountered more racism than ever or bet. You don't say that is not a surprise. She eventually quit the band in nineteen thirty eight. Having gotten completely fed up with being treated like she was sub human compared to her white bandmates she was often forced to come and go from clubs through the kitchen and wasn't allowed to sit in the sit at the bar a one show. She had to be escorted off stage after losing it on a patron that called her a racist Slur Yay nineteen thirties. I The gross but also fucking white people like honestly fuck us. We're the worst. Yeah like I get it while you don't like we are the worst and one gig at the Lincoln Hotel. She was told she had to use of the service elevator. After hotel patrons complained about a black woman using the regular elevate. I'm sorry there is a black woman using the elevator. Excuse me name is Karen. I'm in room three. Oh manager there is. There is a plaque fuck care. And you've no caring and you know it was a Karen Always Karen apologies to any Cairns. Shortly after this incident. She quit already. Shaw's man she could afford to quit by now. She had a contract with vocation records and a couple of successful singles and she went back to New York to perform at a Premier Club called Cafe Society and home and Integrated Club owned by Barney. Josephson in Greenwich Village. Okay this checks her performances at Cafe Society. Put Billy solidly on the map. People came to the club just to see her perform and she had control over her entire repertoire. That's amazing despite the fact that she wasn't well known wasn't professionally trained and couldn't read music. She was row well respected amongst the musician crowd because she knew exactly how she wanted music to sound and went. Entertain any other ideas but that's she just had an ear. Yes she knew like there are people who are just suck at reading music. But they know it's supposed to sound like and that's she had so much emotion connected to what she was singing that that mattered far more than being able to read music. Of course show figuring out. She's smart and she was usually right. She was so well respected that she became known by the Regal nickname of Lady Day Lady. Why Day holiday that makes yes. It was during her tenure at Cafe Society. The Barney Josephson brought her the song. Strange fruit and you may as you mentioned earlier. The May remember me talking about this when we did our Nina Simone episode. But it wasn't Nina Simone. That did IT I. It was Billie holiday things I didn't know but things you know. Now Yeah and I'll forget it because I drink too much alcohol and we're old that to look it's hard to hold on everything in my brain. We need a significant amount of space for eighty song. Lyrics I mean. We're really good at that though. Strange fruit was actually a poem set to music. By Abel Meeropol Aka Louis Allen a Jewish schoolteacher from the Bronx it was a gut wrenching description of the lynching of black men and women in the south painting haunting picture of dead bodies as fruit hanging from tree. Yeah I remember talking about this. It's it it's a gut puncher. Yes it's ask. Go Google the poem Google Lyrics and It's rough it really opens your eyes and makes you connect to that era. I guess. Yeah but it's only three verses but Oh holy Shit powerful reverses it very much is. Billy wasn't sure what to do with the song she really liked it. But was afraid it's powerful anti lynching message with anger people and caused them to retaliate coal. Because people did that never great job guys. Nevertheless Berry convinced her to sing it but they devise a way to perform it. That not only made people feel. It's powerful message. Lessen the likelihood of retaliatory racist attacks what they did was make waitstaff stopped service just before the song started. The venue would go dark except for a single light on billy's face and she would insist on total silence before singing. The power of the Song's message was so strong that they wanted people to sit in. Roomie on the message so she would end her sets with the song and not to any encores. All right. That's a fucking message right there. Yeah the song became immensely popular in the club so she decided to record it but her new label. Columbia refused to release it. Assuming it wouldn't be a hit They also feared what retailers in the south would say about it. Yeah I mean you know those guys in the south are GonNa be like all right. We're not allowed to lynch black people and white people really want a black lady being But lynchings bad can you not Lynch US please? Yeah okay. We're going to keep doing this. All right undeterred. Billy brought it to a smaller. Independent label called Commodore. Who released it in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine? The song eventually sold over one million copies becoming billy's biggest selling hit and the people who didn't take it kicks themselves in the nuts thoroughly they should and we will find out what happens next after a little commercial break. Oh let's get some more of these Delicious Beers because Nice Blue Moon's now we're five just switched up its we've right-back and we're back. We're back come. Let's continue talking about billy though. Yeah let's get on this Billy Billy holiday not surprisingly despite how much strange fruit was selling billy was told. Time and again from club owners to not sing the song at her gigs way. It was not a time for political songs especially one that paints such a horrible vivid picture of lynchings that are definitely happening and need to stop and make their own so uncomfortable. Though that you talk about it. You're Debbie Downer Billy. She was singing to mostly white audiences and white people did not want to watch a black woman singing a song. Condemning white supremacy. You Northern States Leah really like it you know you know what's weird just still doing it. Yeah yeah they're still doing still thing why people still hate being told that they're racist. Yeah except you're probably racist probably races. The nineteen forties were a turning point for billy. She married James Monroe in nineteen forty one but their relationship quickly fizzled out with accusations of infidelity on both sides. Okay with Billy taking a lover named Joe Guy Joe. Hey Joe Guy. Hey that joke but is that Joe guy though which is sounds like such a fake name. It has to be a face. There's no way choke is. What's your name I'd Joel Guy Joe Guy Joe Joe Guy but is that Joe guy though. That's our guy that yoga was guide. That's not my job. That's probably. She just started calling him that because somebody was just like now this guy. Who's Joe Guy like? Oh your name's Joe Guy. He's like man. Sure why not. Yeah great my name is whatever you want to see. It's Joe Guy. She and James eventually divorced in nineteen forty seven but not before James Introduced. Billy TO SMOKING OPIUM WHICH. She quickly became addicted to read cool. That's fun time. Read boyf- What Rad boyf- red boyfriend. Oh boy I I. I don't know if I like that and girls for girlfriend. It just sounds like weird vomits boyfriend girl totally man. I'M GONNA occur for a lower after all these whiskies of drake. And if you're gonNA girl girlfriend s aside from Joe. Guy Billy had numerous affairs with well known Hollywood types of the era. She was linked to Orson Welles and even to Lula bankhead in actress known for her blunt attitude. Smoking one hundred and twenty cigarettes a day and dating both men and women so well. That's interesting you know. What's a little more interesting to me is that I didn't think Orson Welles like to fuck. But apparently Orson WELLES LIKES TO FUCK. Maybe just headed emotional affair. Now they fucked now they fucked. She was like you're telling me about time travel. And he's like. I'll show you time travel with this Dick. And that's how I am going to write Billie Holiday Orson Welles fan fiction you can call it my Dick will send you into the next dimension. Yes all right I am. I'm writing a porn. Apparently yeah this is just a porn try and see slash fiction. But it's not really. I mean most fan fiction porn. Let's be honest it's true. Billy stayed with commodore records through nineteen forty four recording hits. Like I'll be seeing you and embraceable you. Oh in the meantime billy's mother Sadie opened. Another restaurant called. Mom Holiday's with Billy's money and fun she procured by playing dice with count vesey's band. I'm given a look right now. Cds OR OF ALL CDs. A real cool cat city's really going to get set up fire. She some. She's a thing she's person who lived not a good long and she happened. That happened. Turns OUT MOM wasn't very good with money shit. She was constantly borrowing money from billy quote unquote for the restaurants. My God but never paid billy back and say it. Put a huge strain on billy's wallet causing her to almost become destitute herself. One day she marched into the restaurant and demanded money from her mother who flat out refuse to give her any bill yelled God bless the child that got his own an stopped off and this reportedly inspired her song. God bless the child becoming another hit for the singer but hopefully her mom didn't see any of the money from hopefully not actually no. She didn't because she died in. Nineteen forty five. You know what set good. She wasn't a very good lady one less burden on Billy's back despite her tumultuous in contentious relationship with her mother. Billy's grief over her death was strong. Her drinking escalated and her boyfriend at the time. Joe Guy made the terrible mistake of introducing her to heroin for the above of animals reading small. Are You shitting me? Yeah from then on. Billy abused alcohol and drugs. Interchangeably red cool. Thanks joke I feel. He's a real fucking Joe. Guy Isn't he he is a real fucking Joe Guy Instill Billy continued to work. She appeared in the film. New Orleans opposite Louis Armstrong but both of their roles were reduced so as not to give the impression that black people invented jazz because racism. Billy was reportedly a pain in the ass onset now is it because she was a woman in Black. I mean yeah but also a raging heroin addict. I know this shitty abusive boyfriend ends. No but also like there's a reason. Yeah that all of this happened and her mother just died. She was weirdly co dependent with an abusive emotionally mentally abusive mother and she didn't know how to process any of this shit and everybody that was quote unquote helping her in her life was a piece of Shit. That was just trying to manipulate her. Yep So yeah she choose pain in the ASS. It's like I wish I did have a time machine but I would just go back to fuck people. I would go back in time to like slap all these people in the face with what is wrong. With the yeah. She was a pain in the ass mostly due to her alarming addiction to heroin She was getting paid around two thousand dollars a week for the movie and she spent most of it on drugs that Joe Guy was supplying to her eventually. Joe Is banned from the set. When Billy's manager found out what he was doing well good. I'm glad somebody had the sense to say. Oh no this can't happen. Yeah I mean I. I don't know what his intentions were if I were him. Looking out for billy because I didn't read anything else about her manager looking out for her or if he was just like. I'm making money off of this too. So you need to get your ass together and finish this fucking movie. Maybe a bit about. Maybe I would like to think that somebody gave it out for her and gave a shit. Yeah Yeah I mean ice by nineteen forty seven. Billy was consistently ranked as one of the best female singers working at the time at the same time. She was constantly harassed by narcotics agents. Oh one agent in particular Harry and Slinger was hell bent on taking her down. So is this like the Javert to her John Bell John. His reference own. What you're talking about what you did because you said it was a musical reference. I know who John Belgian is kind of. I know the name. I don't know who played him in the movie. Hugh Jackman okay. You Jackie you man. What else was a book? I was Victor Hugo. I tried to read it when I was a kid because I love them. You know this is very different. Fig nope Aronie on that one so ann. Slinger was a particularly cruel man that took over. The Department of Prohibition just says Alcohol prohibition was ending just because alcohol became legal again. Doesn't mean drugs did also. He was basically the head of the first war on drugs rats because he was like after parole George H W Bush before George H W Bush walk. Yeah or Reagan. Didn't Reagan start the war on drugs. I don't know they're all terrible. I throw fucking. They're they're all the same there all pieces shed who are like I hate black people and I want arrest them at a higher rate. But this is the end of prohibition is basically the reason why drugs became so awful right because you know they allowed alcohol to be legal again so drugs had to be the real fucking bad guy. Yeah and you know the two things that ends linger hated the most in this world where black people and drug addicts guess. What billy was both? Yeah an slinger feel real good about yourself and your fucking corpse of rotting. Wow I hate this man. Can we calm asks flicker instead? What's his what's his name and Slinger absoluteness liquor or ask slinger slinger s slinger guess clicker ask liquor liquor but as liquor could've just been arrested for being black using drugs. Oh you can't can you probably can. But he needed to catch her in the act so we got sneaky. He hired a guy named Jimmy Fletcher to follow. Billy befriend her and document her drug use and Jimmy did exactly as he as he was told us but he also fell in love with billy. I'm also in love with her. They begin a relationship but billy eventually found out he was a NARC. Jimmy Fletcher still did his duty. Despite his love for billy. Oh come on Jimmy but asks liquor was still pissed. Steady flubbed. It adds liquor. Ramped it up to eleven and declared that billy can no longer sing the song strange through her performance. It you can't tell an artist with the can and can't sing but she's black and he's white. He can tell her anything he wants. I'm setting them on fire. Yup She did anyway. Because fuck that good for you. Billy which asks liquor new. She do. He used that as an excuse to conduct a raid on her apartment. She was arrested for narcotics. Possession and billy was brought before the core a May sixteenth nineteen forty seven. No one showed up to help her not even her lawyer. She was extremely sick. Wall in court possibly going through withdrawal and pleaded guilty and asked to be taken to the hospital. She was sentenced to a year and a day at Alderson. Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia and remained devastated at Jimmy Fletcher's trail all Jimmy. Jimmy do you really fuck in? Loved her son of a bitch for his part he felt guilt and regret for his actions for the rest of his life as he should. Yeah and thankfully billy was let out early in March nineteen forty eight for good behavior there because she just she was addicted to drugs. Yeah just fucking help her. Yeah nobody wanted to help her. They just want to throw her in prison. Actual faulk because racism and sexism. Yeah all of the above because lake. I'm not saying black men headed black. Men still had a terrible but I I think that black men musicians in that time were treated slightly better than women. Yeah like slightly not like. I'm not trying to say like hey. They were held up and like they were kings. They weren't Numeiri but I think like in general. It seemed that they were slightly more respected yet. They were allowed to do a little bit more. I mean granted. They were still seen as subhuman. Oh yeah but they were almost like sub human but like you could tolerate but a black female was subsoil human. Yeah it was disgusting. Unfortunately while she was in prison her cabaret license lapsed ends linger made. Sure no one would give her a new one. You need a license to categorize. Do you still need a license to cabaret no good and like I? I don't know what I have to do to get that license and I want. I don't want my coverage crush. It was something that they decided to do. After prohibition and to get the quote unquote Unsavory people from playing music in clubs. Dm mean black people for the most part but they did give some black people cabriolet senses. Were they black men? Well she had one billy. That's true until she did an until she didn't and then ends later made it impossible for her to get a new one. This fucking guy who who are his children there who is still on his ancestors. I want leading teams any names I need matches and later fluid and this is how I would on the list. You know we're not on that list already. I don't know what we have to do to get on it. You're right you're right. We've threatened to burn down a lot of things so a positive influence. They really has. Thank you Lisa left eye Lopez. So since she didn't have since her cabaret license lapsed that meant that when she got out of prison she couldn't legally perform anywhere that sold alcohol. Her main source of income was playing gigs. At clubs that did serve alcohol so she was basically forced into test toossion test. Itution hestitate devastation. That didn't stop her from participating in her biggest show yet she security Gig at Carnegie Hall One. Oh yes one of the most prestigious venues in the country and I understand. It's Carnegie Hall but I say Carnegie Hall wants is Carnegie Hall everyone in New York's Carnegie Hall. Everyone everywhere else is Carnegie Hall. Hey that sounds stupid. Honeyghan Carnegie Hall Practice Practice Practice. Going to set you on fire. I wanted to Soleil fire at this point. We're GONNA wicker man ourselves. All Two thousand seven hundred tickets were sold in. Her performance was hailed as her greatest yet. And that led to a Broadway show called holiday on Broadway which again sold out. Helio. Because she's amazingly talented. Yeah Yeah Fox Sake but ASS. Liquor was still up to his old bullshit. Why old bullshit leader like honestly though he is. What is the fucking? Just I don't know in Lille is I don't know this holiday is vexed him so much he is the Sean Valjean there. I'm sorry he is the Javert to her genres on on. You know what it's a totally adequate reference. I believe you could musical anyway. He's another guy. Colonel George White to again follow Billy At this time she was trying really hard to get sober and would go months at a time without drinking or doing drugs. And that wasn't good news for the guy trying to bust her. So it's speculated that white planted drugs on her so he could bust her going to lose my shit. She's not doing anything anybody. She is a mere apple warming. Nobody being successful. You could just not pay attention. It's the one nineteen fifties at this point. No nineteen forties. Now we're still in the forties. Yeah you know what social media is not a thing you can ignore shit so easy back then. As long as you didn't go to clubs you could very easily ignore Billie holiday. And let's be honest asked liquor. Didn't go to clubs now. Had Too much up that asset was getting liked. She was again arrested for narcotics possession but she was acquitted of all the charges this time because they were planted. Yes mother fuckers. All of this was too much for billy and she starts kind of a binge and purge cycle that lasts for years and in those years. She's arrested numerous times. She also dates a string of abusive and manipulative men who take advantage of her fame in any money. She might manage to make. I just feel like she gets there. Somebody fucks her over for no reason. He's Paula Abdul and fucking school attacked two steps forward like fifty steps steps lake. Then she's just about to be like all right. Things are good now. I'M GONNA know we're going back down. Great Cool I'm just gonNA use alcohol and drugs to cope with this and I can't say I blame her. If it's the only comfort she could figure out that she ever knew he has. She's going to go back to that. She's in a time where women are barely respected. Black people really aren't yeah. I shouldn't women singers. Not Really Woman Jessica. She is the lowest form of human. Yeah it's disgusting by the Nineteen Fifties. It was obviously billy's health was deteriorating. Yeah because she's addicted to everything and she's also being treated like human garbage. Yeah her hard living was wearing her down even though she's was only in her late thirties. Was Up Yeah. It was especially noticeable in her voice which was still beautiful but was now far more fragile Then to stop her from touring though she went on her first European tour in nineteen fifty four and he was a huge success soul. She then released. Her Autobiography Lady Sings the Blues. Which was ghost written by? William Duff T. It's now considered to be a very inaccurate account of billy's life even though it's supposed to be her own autobiography as duffed. Mostly put the book together through previous magazine interviews in a small handful of conversations. He had with billy. Oh that's dodgy billy. Dan even read the book before it was published. She didn't confirm anything. Check anything And Billy continued her tragic streak of getting involved with terrible men marrying Louis McKay in Mexico in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven the year before the pair were busted for drug possession because nothing says let's get married couples arrest warrants. Yeah and Louis. Mckay was a mafia enforcer or really a wannabe mafia enforcer. Oh they used billy for his own gains. He was abusive and a drug addict feeling. Billy's own addictions that she struggled to control. He even wanted to use. Billy's name to start a chain of vocal studios presumably for his own gain. Vocal Studios. Yeah like where you can record vocal. Oh okay and like probably take vocal lessons okay. That's just an interesting. It's very specified. Yeah well he wanted to have her name attached to it. Because then everybody's GonNa exactly just flock to it that makes sense but also fuck you in. Nineteen fifty-nine billy was diagnosed with cirrhosis. Of the liver. Oh God her doctor told her she had to stop drinking and for a while she did but like every other time she tried to stop drinking and drugging she relapsed by now she'd lost a lot of weight and worried her friends and colleagues. They begged her to go to the hospital but she refused. She ended up not having a choice. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition on. May Thirty First Nineteen FIFTY-NINE FOR TREATMENT OF PSORIASIS. In heart failure ads liquor who had been pursuing her this whole time what the Fuck Dude. A seize the opportunity to arrest her one more time you shitting as she lay dying in her hospital bed. He rated her hospital room for drugs and placed her under arrest. She was handcuffed to her bed and placed under police guard. How fucked up is that? Just let the dying woman be dying peace like dude. She's GonNa die so like what are you. Doin- what fucking satisfaction are you are? You finally like jerking yourself off going. Yeah finally got her like what? Why why what is this is the fucking heal your what is actual name again and slinger. I Really WanNa meet his descendants. So tell me how you feel about this action. Yeah you think he was justified. Do you like hold them in high regards because I fucking wouldn't. If this was my grandfather I'd be like now. You ain't it Bro. Yeah you can go fuck yourself. You're a horrible person. I am ashamed to share him if he was my grandfather. I'd Chivan oh no I just want to stab him in the gut with a butter knife and make it fucking her. Like at an holidays he'd go and reach for the butter new stab him in the hand has reached for no. I'm sorry sorry you do you die do you. Do you want to be arrested? While you're dying. Grandpa HE POPS. I fucking hate this. I don't think I've hated anyone more than we've talked long. Man This fucking me is the ultimate villain who is everything we rail against. I need to know if he ever fucking has his upcoming comeuppance. Come up come up. Yeah we should look at my own looking this up. We'll give you guys updates fucking fuck. This guy fucking. I let that sink in. The last days of Billie holiday were spent under arrest in a hospital room. She couldn't even nothing. She couldn't even pass away peacefully. Because this answering our asshole was such a racist vindictive piece of shits and billy officially passed away on July seventeenth nineteen fifty-nine succumbing to a pulmonary edema and heart failure caused by liver disease in the end. Her husband. Louis. Mckay swindled her out of all of her money leaving her with only seventy cents in her bank account. It doesn't get better it it it to the very end. It doesn't get better and Louis. Mckay was put in charge of handling billy's funeral and estate after her death and his actions were nothing short despicable. Everyone assumed billy would be buried. In New York's Woodland Cemetery were other great jazz musicians like Duke. Ellington and Miles Davis were buried but they would be wrong. Louis McKay instead had his wife buried at Saint Raymond's cemetery a lesser known burial ground deep in the Bronx. Some speculate that. Lewis buried her here so she could be put to rest with her mother. Others say that it was because plots were cheap and Lewis was greedy. It's that one it's that one is that one. Though it's option number two sets the baby either way. It was discovered a year after her burial that she still didn't have a headstone. Oh of course. She didn't because that's money because he would have had to pay for it. Public outrage ensued and a collection was started up to buy her headstone. Okay Lewis objected insisting that he was planning to move billy and her mother's remains to a different section of the cemetery and erected a monument in that never happens. You don't fucking say yeah honestly. This may have been a blessing in disguise. Billion her mother now. Share headstone in a secluded. Quiet part Saint Raymond's finally a woman who led a most tumultuous life can now rest in peace and beauty. Okay I mean I guess but Fuck Louis. Mckay and fuck-ass liquor fuck. Y'All actually fucker mom like I wish by yourself. Yes fucker Dad fucker. Mom did anything for her. Nobody this is a woman who no one did a fucking thing for all she wanted to do was just seeing some fucking jazz. The only thing she had in her life that gave her any comfort with singing and drugs and alcohol and everyone tried to take those things away from her. I mean maybe the maybe the take away the jerks but don't just try and rip it away from her and tell her she's a horrible person for doing these things and not try to help her get away from it. I really need to know what happens to all these people. Yeah I. We're going to go on a fuck. It can do a bonus episode and we find anything. We'll just talk about in the Patriot. Episode Yep Yeah we could do better at Sore Patriots. Patriots pits homes. But that's there's nothing about this story when open this with. It's hard out here for a bitch. I was just like Oh. It's hard to what you want. But whoa it's funny here like her. Life was nothing but turmoil in trauma. Yeah and no one gave Afa and when she tried to self medicate herself everyone was no. You're a fucking horrible person for doing that. Well what the fuck is she supposed to do? Here's the thing. If there's a white man medicating himself who cares? Yeah but oh my God woman all my got black woman. I mean better not Hank Williams drank himself to death pretty much and not everyone was like. Oh He's so great. Let him do A. He's fine. He caught across the border. Buying fucking Roy. Halladay little wagons. Hey don't you that you do? I don't WanNa see you do that again. Wink wink nudge nudge. Set A fucking forest on fire. More time fire man was chased down. Like Sean Fell Sean. For his entire fucking life man. It feels good to be a white man. Yeah fight me. If if anybody's story proves that right it's Billie Holiday Story. This really upsetting. Yeah and what makes me sad? Is that like? None of people know her story. Everyone should know this. I didn't know it. I didn't either. And then I listened to an episode of the through line podcasts and I was like holy fucking Shit. Her life was ridiculous and like they didn't even get into half the stuff that I got into their upsets. A pretty quick there were pretty sure and they talked to two people that were like experts in her life and yeah the the both of them were like she was just trying to live her life and everyone was trying to prevent her from doing that. It's so fucked. And Yeah and she was just constantly surrounded by these toxic people who wanted to use her for her money and she just wanted somebody to love her so she fell into it over and over and over again and she just she's like can you just love me. Let me drink some booze and things and jazz. I'm happy she wasn't asking for much. She really wasn't in considering health fucking horrific her childhood was my God. Why would anybody blame her for doing what she was doing? Yeah because there are assholes. Yeah because they're all bed and it's all her fault every single ounce of it is her. I mean like being a ten year old girl. How dare she such a sexy child hall? So gross don't touch children don't force heroin on people. Don't do heroine just guys guys. These are some easy fucking roles here. They're very easy to follow it. I don't think that were asking for too much. Oh No we're not kids aren't sex is like basic shit that y'all to get on this bandwagon. We do a Ted Talk. I think this is. This is our Ted Talk. Thank you for coming to our talk. Just follow these simple rules. That will all be fine. I'll be fine. She's Christ so yeah. Let's wrap that up. Wow I'm really upset right now. That's cool. I told you this is why we needed to trigger warning in the beginning. Yeah there's nothing that the main reason I think for the trigger warning is there's no real happy ending to this. No there isn't not at all there's cheeses. Can we learn from this valley? Yeah treat women of color with a fucking little bit of respect. Can we stop treating them like? They're lesser MIA. They're fucking people to in the same shit. We all want the same shit that we all want. Yeah so they are different than you promise We're all the same. It's fine knock the ship. Also if Ang's Englander Angelina and slinger is like your grandpa or great uncle or some shit like your grandpa talk your GRANDPA. We need to have some words. Yeah how do you sleep at night? So thank you for listening. I'm sorry I made it a downer. Wow Yeah you did I was gonna say but I mean if we leave this and learn something from it and respect the lady is a little bit more respect. This fucking woman please. Yeah go out and this is in general. Yeah Yeah maybe maybe like women are just trying to do their thing guys. And it's fine ladies are just trying to God smack it. Yeah no more Papa Roach in it. Maybe a bit better. Maybe it'd be like Creed Higher God which turned creed it now. I don't like that all right. Well I don't WanNa bring creed into this. That's fair. No one does no way about the women. Yeah let's Liz. Oh Shit here he hell. Yeah Hook right okay. Sorry shaking off the fucking Moody Blues ears again. Thanks for listening. You guys have been digging what you're hearing. You should go to our website. Www DOT ROC caney podcasts. Dot Com over? There you can come in on. Episodes listened to our other one hundred eight episodes that we have. We've got a lot and also hook up to us on social media. We have facebook instagram twitter. If you're listening on apple podcasts. Why don't you just slide on down? Give us a nice little five star rating maybe say. Hey y'all real cool. We need some reviews. That'd be nice. Yeah we really do. Need Some Feeling Review Hungry for review. Yeah Jonas US please. And also if you WANNA give us a little of your Moolah you can go on over to Patriot dot com slash. Can't podcast and donate some money to us and we will send you some fun stuff and every month you will get a bonus episode and who doesn't want that everybody wants more anything you want. More than SELENA's it's more of us. Yeah I mean like we are a close second to sleep to know Selena's far beyond us I'm fine with that and also a special. Thank you to our network Pantheon podcasts. Eight say your one stop shop the MTV of music podcasts. You got everything over there. There are plenty of other lady podcasters. That fucking deserve your love and respect so go do that so celebrate National Women's Day by going to Pantheon podcast and listening to all the awesome ladies. Hell you shout to all the ladies that we podcast with network. Because they're pretty great seriously though aren't too bad we do all right fast though. There's a few that are okay. Pump the brakes Maggie. There okay so we're okay we're just okay. We are just okay are just so rate with US. We just style. Oh yeah tune in next week for another story of a lady and hopefully no more blue moon that we aren't going to do this ago. That was a mistake. I don't know if next week spear is going to be better but we're GONNA find out we'll try. We're GONNA try and with that. Pardon Ashley Party on Maggie. Party on a you crazy kids out there. Jesus's just stole right with me. Jesus is just okay. He's just okay just okay. I don't think he's real.

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