Digging Deep with Robert Plant - Trailer


As I walked into the Medina. For the first time I was really seduced by all great cacophony of sound every merchant every trickster huckster was gathered snake, charmers jugglers, beautiful chaos and through it all came this music. I'm Robert tante. And this is digging deep. It a brand new podcast robot plant on the moments people, an places that have inspired Sony's most treasured music. Everybody's got back Catholic. A new do tend as artists to owning deal in the very front end of it. But then now again down the line opening up some of the songs and looking back at him. I marvel at some of it, how nuts. It is he this podcast on going to be picking at some songs from here and there on the way mixing, constant ships and sound and intention from across this long old time. It was. How do we nineteen seventy five? I was in the wheelchair for seven months over. It was at that time, but the music was continuing to be developed. Dow was on my own in the continental riot, has in LA, while the world was playing hijinks at side, who was only one thing to do. Since nineteen Eighty-one. I've enjoyed many amazing exciting musicians men and women who encouraged and enlightened introducing me to crazy curves. I could never have imagined Dino knobs and crafts. We were rehearsing away. And she said, a good ask you one thing Roman. I think, well, what is that? She said is really chance. You could see the same thing twice a path that starts in the Midland's leaves onto Led Zeppelin and takes us around the world. It's not always been walk in the park, but I've been in good company all the way through my time. And that is the greatest gift I could push for digging deep with Robert plant's coming soon to ITN's Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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