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What if we could help industrial plants capture to think how we could help lower emissions it's one way Exxon Mobil is hoping industrial plants be more like plants college football presented by Mazda I do know that's not the situation everyone knows it's a special week even like old ladies at the grocery stores hey today this is the city cookies and cream ice cream I'm not making that up cookies agree my better than that it just means a little more because the state always means more like it's always bragging rights three hundred and sixty four days out of the year that we beat you we own area right ankle sprain that resulted in surgical procedure and that's raise some questions on what they're going to do with the quarterback position one specific question that was asked to coach Nick Sabin was about and we're not assuming that it's GonNa be an easy game I and we're not assuming that we'll have opportunity this to play anybody that wants to play to expedite anything you remember that sticks out to us a favor I'll tell you what at the collegiate level obviously Michigan Ohio state how did you say I've never programs I met in nineteen oh three there's been no love lost between them cents in North Dakota State holds the all time series lead they've won twenty eighth straight games overall but lawsuit buckeyes I even know what it tastes like but you know what happens is that we special to I mean there's no hiding there's no just another week we prepare like normally except winning the game so we're going to play everybody who can expedite winning the game that's what that's what we're GONNA do so I don't think anybody should expect us to do anything else does buckeyes you don't so every was like the whole communities behind that game is the biggest game of the regular season well I can tell you going around Brookings for the last twenty four hours everybody that's a level of frustration oh mic drop by by he takes ended code mark and now I'm sitting next to two gentlemen that have been a part of a lot of college football rivalry games David Pollack what does it mean when you're in a rivalry game why why does it mean more just means a little more in this is the best they turned out we've ever had this incredible pretty solid best side the last team to beat them that's right these Jack rabbits here in two thousand seventeen they're hoping they can do the same on Saturday does the a lot of reps he asked to learn better in your also now operating under the assumption which is absolutely ticks Nick Sabin Office or going to win this game we're going to destroy them by his progression we're focused on winning the game I so we're going to try to win the game and we're gonNA play the best players that we can play to win the game it could be in a city for the first time that we're doing right now college football deadman Howard Jason Vince we're in Brookings South Dakota the possibility that too is younger brother could come in and get some action check this out he was not h- There'd be an effort to get into the game just to expedite his so many points that we're going to be up thirty and thirty we'll put younger to follow in the game you know and that that to me is why nick got upset and again he talked about this it's a great stat thank you think that he hasn't started another backup quarterback but the question is a little bit unreasonable because if Max Jones is going to be your guy then then the media Illinois happens he'll take you don't think college football what you have to do when your leader goes down you have to elevate your game to another level and that's what they're going to Max at the quarterback position so I'm not as the right back there thank you Illinois that's why we're here and there this crowd has been camped out since his forty they are ready for the fun the ready for the accident coming up today they understand that they have to elevate their game now because to is in behind center well let's be real the team isn't looking past this week but the college football community's looking to this game and talk which brings us to this game and you're right this is a proud they've been they've been camping out surly this morning what is this rivalry mean we'll take a look at this a little bit of it but one of these just all fence and see how dynamic it is how explosive it is what it turned into last week town the football and old Alabama like I'm going to run it run it run it I don't feel being with each other for bragging rights well and one of the things it's incredible no matter what level you're at huge rivalries does you play a lot lot rivals is there one rivalry matchup like this state runs through us so I think robberies or a major college football the best board football all the land and it's because the hatred and the walk their plate to their standard if you look at ti we're going to just run over them then you're not gonNA perform play up to your standards so that message right there was more talented team wherever you want to describe it as that was to his team he wanted his team understand listen we understand this team's record they're not good on film but he needs to motivate his team so they can worried about them offensively because they have so much talent around him he just has to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers he doesn't have to be one hundred percent accurate anything like that just get them the ball and let them do what they do couple of weeks against Lsu because LSU is this incredible offense is well what separates this Lsu squad from past ones the offense led by Joe Borough whose can you see all these beautiful place down the field and borough thrown the football you don't see you didn't see the running game really erupt until the Florida game and if I'm if I'm nine passing touchdowns is already the most ever in any season by an LSU flavor player and his receivers are pretty amazing to both Justin Jefferson and Jomar chaser averaging over one often my quarterback that's not what we've seen some time for Alabam I'll tell you what when you look at the receiving corridor Jerry Judy net group probably the most talented three trio early about the passing game the way people are playing them and that's so strange to see but listen all inside at the defensive lines bought can control the ground game can they can they do that one hundred receiving yards per game the last time Lsu had even one player do that was all the way back in two thousand and one once they get going they're hard to stop the Tigers scored on every it's hype for this match up now all all is a college football had been on the injury situation for Alabama quarterback to lower remember he had was like they still they still got the three best receivers in college football I hear you but they're the best because two of getting the ball on time and on spot so it's going to be very interesting and they pressured that young man you know he has I think he rates he ranks one twentieth and the FBI and passes against pressure that's very very going to be a huge problem so in my opinion offers to do something on the back end to make sure they can affect those receivers you talk about that secondary but on the other side do you think the Lsu Secondary Can Stand Auburn Msa my guys are going to beat your guys up front get penetration ruined the timing but I I just I have to protect against the pass I just crazy I'd be curious to see if they think to one of their thirty nine red zone trips found the ED zone in FBI's record thirty one times from here so now they get a huge of matchup against Auburn the question passing game and continue to go tic TAC borough I keep waiting for this Lsu defense to click with all the talent they have maybe this is the week that it happens one thing I know being in bridging South Dakota author analogy while ago desk this is how he sends messages to his team? They're listening you sounds my point my point is that mess there was to his team that whole little outburst probably struggle against LSU trying to say anything and the crazy thing is I think if all Stevens plays really well you're talking about holding this Lsu offense to twenty eight thirty points their job long after you begin doing yours since eighteen eighty nine car hurts got your back twenty four seven visit car dot com forward slash CFP like you from building rugged dear that's tougher than any I are worst day of work to reengineering the classics to outworked the Future Trust your car hearts to keep doing no one's been part of more first days of work than car heart and in the same way rookies have to keep earning respect car heart never stops earning the respect of hardworking good is presented fine Mazda feel a impart by so you know LSU is going to come after him try to make him make quick decisions that's what you WanNa do. The young quarterback make him make quick decisions and get his hands he didn't do that against Florida he it's still find your steel dealer at steel dealers dot com welcome back to college football live presented by Mazda the Dakota Marker back to North Dakota state what is this rivalry what is it like to be apartment I'll tell you this guys serious new ballgame so what is the real effect for them on the field if they don't have to we're gonNA find out you know it's interesting I work with receivers desertec Joey Galloway he is a massive massive man Tom Rinaldi what you need to know about the history of this rivalry between NDSU IN SCSU IT will go down right here tomorrow tomorrow seven may be able to get something but the way like you say the way that they ran the ball LSU against Florida. I was really shocked surprised if they can do that did that give an and walked off he's frustrated by the question but it's a reasonable question this is the first time in his thirteen year tenure as a head coach that he will not have his start can we can we go back real quick and so nick's you gotta get me more than that and that's sites a hard ask for a true freshman and Lsu defense has not been world by any stretch but he's GonNa have to make a lot of places ableman of balanced before you just looked at Joe borough receivers like this and they're going to throw the ball over the are we need to take the passing game but they start to get their running game clicking too nine eastern on ESPN and the AP scholars football some places some places you get the whole thing the Desmond Howard David colleague Jason Fitz Coach we appreciate you coming out this is obviously credible moment for us to be here for the first time what would you say about a bunch of guys that come together hundred ten guys have become a family we take the a second theory can handle Lsu's big on the try to challenge them try to play some bumpy road give them different looks the second is going to be he's going to be huge as game. I think they're in Brookings South Dakota I want to give you the chance to tell everybody the nation may not know the story of what your program's about so if you have a message you want to get out to people about what South Dakota State football me the term student athlete very seriously here guys do very well in the classroom as they do on the football field we we serve the community and and we try to impact we have a term called make a difference be mad that make a difference and and that's the nature of our program and along the way ideally we can win a national championships get to see South Dakota State with College Game Day this is the rival that stands in the way tell us about this robbery and what it means well really it was pretty average rivalry very intense we're GONNA have I sell out ever tomorrow against the last team to beat them South Dakota state okay until two thousand and four when we both went division one and a we needed each other at that time and it's become a tremendous rivalry great in our technique we've talked about having better depth we talked about being more physical and I warmed my Press Pass from the North Dakota state game all week at practice phone Nixon and kept bonex put points up against this team the last time we saw Bo Nixon a big game against a great defense it was his worst game against the Florida gators back that this was the game of the season for us tell me about your week of preparation with your team started out Monday with the meeting and we talked we went back to the entire South Dakota State hoople is with us not to be done right now we are woken by head coach John Mayer name by playing in a college football game tearjerking moment Kurt herbstreet goes one on one with perhaps the most talented football player in the country Ohio State D. Lineman Chase you to remind him so you'd like to not get them to round up was huge game for us well and talk a little bit about not getting them to riled up because while it is a great rivalry this is also game day here the crowd coming up tomorrow inside college game team will help save updates historian Casey O'Brien could Minnesota holder import time cancer survivor who fulfill this in is what does the Auburn Offense David need to do to slow down. LSU's offense with their defense needs a tough test the ball keep it the ball we had six goals and spring ball and every one of them reference the semi-final loss at North Dakota state up in Fargo and so we talked about in two years in a row Goja wanted to ask you I played in big rivalries right and during that week of practice there was no hiding the regular football everywhere else you've got the game in the runs and a lot of misdirection and quarterback run and just really cool unique stuff how did you decide what you are offensive and so it ends occasionally gets his deal is to keep you off with personnel change will change personnel just about every play that I wouldn't want to be the defensive coordinator tomorrow we'll have a college football double header for you on the SEC network end the ESPN APP Virginia the leaders in the Coastal Take Louisville at three thirty pm eastern then we it's been a little stormy in Michigan well it might actually be storming on the field what effects will the weather have a miskin big game against Notre Dame and the number four Clemson Tigers Host in Boston College in Death Valley you can check all of that out on the SEC network and ESPN APP in college football live is presented by Mazda feel alive and impart by this coaches and they're phenomenal they're phenomenon I learned a number number years ago from a guy named Sonny Lubick get out of the way the seniors because it's their football team Pizza Hut official pizza of college football order now at pizzahut dot com no one out-pizzas on Jim Harbaugh Number Nineteen Michigan at the Big House seven thirty eastern on ABC and the ESPN APP Notre Dame hasn't won in Ann Arbor since two thousand and five in college really expect others to I'm having a breakthrough it's not easy to be a vampire but with Geico it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance so you said the first sell out how do you manage adrenaline early in this football game I leave that up to our seniors we have great senior leadership they know what we expect sometimes the standing standing in your way coach the team that seems the we've already visited North Dakota state now we're we've tried to do is get our guys in position for their strengths and he does a great job with that coach we appreciate your time we appreciate you hanging out with us and we appreciate you bringing this great crowd with you and the Cope Presents Monster Counseling Dracula tell me how you're feeling no one understands how lonely no one will even let me into their house I know and then multiple times in multiple games so you would think that it will benefit Notre Dame because Michigan it's been so careless with the ball season it's more the fumbles the I'll be the first to tell you we don't study all on the weekend week out basis but it was really kind of cool to turn your offense tape on this week and watch you guys you guys look like showdown in the big house it's going to be wind there's going to be rain you're going to want to bundle up prepare for some ground and pound football missed one could get thirty it could get ugly gentlemen the question in the rain to me was ten to twenty mile an hour winds that's what really affects you asking you can still throw the ball in the rain like West that's not that big of a deal but the wind might mess with the book in the passing game we've already learned they do things just a little bit more passionate ask coach John Stephen just to coach

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