52. First and Last: ER


One two three four five six seven eight Arthur bell. 'cause we raised. Barbecue saw. Hi, Gabe, rest, high lab kids. Oh, good. Very good. Because it's your birthday recording this episode on my birthday that gives everybody the time stamp of when this happened. I'm thirty seven. Oh my goodness. How do you feel? What that I feel great. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm like healthier at thirty seven. Then I was at thirty five. That's cool. So I said the tiff last night I'm going to be healthier at forty than. I was at thirty. Oh, love that. And that's not hard because I was so unhappy. Start the day with a nice big doughnut. I guess he'll be I I apologize. Now the doughnut so I've had eight. No, dairy, baby. Seriously. I eat these if they're healthy because I'm like, it's vegan. Nothing. Not there's nothing healthy about to impossible, burgers from crossroads the vegan restaurant there like an Tiffany's. There's still like bonds. Right. Right. Health seeking of health. We covered a very we watched. A very interesting throwback last. Now, you already know because it's in the title. But have you ever watched ER before I have seen random episodes through the years? But I would say late judging by what I watched last night. It was probably like seasons seven and eight or something right? It all of the whole thing. They had fifteen seasons. Which is unreal. It's crazy looking through Hulu to watch the first. Yeah, we're doing first and last e r a show that I have some passing knowledge of because I watched a little bit in my house growing up because my mom was a nurse. And was like, oh, yeah. Wolfing or whatever. Well, I'm surprised it premiered in nineteen Eighty-four. Yeah. I thought it was later. I it's crazy. 'cause that means it went like well into the two thousand. Yeah. Definitely stopped watching it after high school. Yeah. Yeah. But I remember a lot of stuff from the remember a lot of the doctors names. I think I saw Moore was it on Thursday nights. After must see T feels correct to me as I feel like I would be like sometimes just being able to power through on a Thursday night and to. Yeah. I mean, I feel bad that I didn't want it to be on this because I really enjoyed it. I got into it hard air last night too. I was fully crying. Okay. Wait. Let's talk about the pilot. We should say the pilot in the last episode are eighty something minutes a piece, and I looked at this length. I was like is this something that we got roped into again where they just lump them together later. No it premiered as a two hour premiere which is so bold. It's so cool though and made it so good. Yeah. Actually, get into some shit. Like pilots are so often like really like horrible and nothing like the show because you don't get to really deep. Dive recently true detective season three dropped to episodes on HBO. Oh at the start of the season. And I think that might be the move because then you get like a little more juice and a little more little more momentum. And you get a taste of that binge. And I guess maybe in nineteen Ninety-four a two hour premiere is sort of like a makes an event, and it it went until nine and they did three hundred thirty one episode Jesus cry and some people are still in the first one. Joe ping ahead in time. Like that is just like cruel, basically. It'd be like here's this lady. Fifteen years fifteen years while. Let's talk about the pilot. Yeah. I was really shocked immediately that it was by Michael Crichton. Yes. I had forgotten that I did not know that and doesn't have enough money already. Yes. Oh, aided. He has created by on over three hundred episodes of e R, and he is was a medical doctor for real. Yes. Yeah. Which is wild. Yeah. That's so crate he would've fascinating, man. I love him loosely connected to them in. I guess he's like my dad, basically. That's well. Okay. So the pilots started and immediately. I was like, whoa. This hospital like shit. I don't know if that's what I was supposed to think, but it looked really chaotic and like bad. Yeah. I wonder if it's like supposed to it's supposed to seem a little hectic, I think is a city. It's Chicago, right? Supposed to seem like a little hectic and small and like kinda crazy like that. Yeah. But I think also it is TV pilot. So. Like, we have one set keep moving in and out of trauma. Yeah. Well, and I was thinking about it. I mean, not to we can compare it on a bit. But the comparison over the fifteen years of how it changes, maybe they want they had in mind like we'll start with this kind of rough and tumble situation up to something a little more. That was I also thought like technology would have changed enough in fifteen. They would have to reflect what a real hospital with right? We don't do that anymore. The the the lack of glove use in the pilot was insane. How doctors use gloves on like, literally everything? Yeah. And there were a bunch of cool cameos? Well, first of all talk about George Clooney appearing in in the pilot because I was like think he was supposed to be drunk or something is his character blind like playing it was as if he couldn't see a thing. I was trying to be like the is this thing where like they meet him because he's a doctor who had like issues he is like waking looking off until like middle. Distance. It was like insane drunk behavior. It was so weird. It was not realistic. It's also kind of funny to see George Clooney play second banana to Anthony God, Anthony awards a fucking great. So awesome. And so fun to watch. And when you're watching the show where like everybody is an amazing actor, it's so great. Yes. And feels like this feels like a procedural. One thing. Overall, takeaway, I intend to maybe watch every episode of the show. I thought to myself I thought that I thought to myself, I'm like, I could probably have this on in the background while I work and like because I was like do I want and then I was like after I watched the first episode to jump the last fifteen season. Okay. Three hundred thirty one hours or maybe more considering these the first lasts for two hours. Sure. There's some double premiers, double tallies. But the cast of this show is on real. It's so good. And there are so many people. So and they're really they really spread it around. Well, yeah. Like, so there's Eric LaSalle, by the way, amazing actor what an amazing. I don't know. What he does. I I'm having a hard time figuring out what he's in besides. Okay. We'll have to look this. We'll have to look that up. Erica, Sal, you guys might know him from the credit sequence. Maybe the most iconic quick glimpse in a credit sequence. Yeah. He goes he pumps his. Faneuil hallway? Yeah. I didn't know it happened in the pile. I love that moment. It felt really special to see that. Because I'm so used to onic Finley blue screen where and then to see in the watching the credits for the series finale and seeing it again, it's like so offense. Speaking of as we always are theme songs that make you feel good. This one is great shit man straight up like emotionally charged and good. Listen to it. It's I comic keep saying the word icon because the show is sort of like in the way that law and order was like the first major. I mean, I'm mashed hospital as he all that stuff. But e r sort of changed the game, and you could see I mean, we we did watch house for first and last and pissed off a lot of house. By the way, air cl- cell. He's in coming to America, right? Yes. And he also went to Juilliard. So she's. He also changed his name to be Eric with q at some point. Because it was with a K when he was born in interest. Okay. So Noah wyle is is bay. He is cute cute is and he comes into the pilot. I didn't realize that he was like a scrappy like med store. What's going on? He was third year still yet. So and then see? Loved it. I loved I loved watching his character. I thought they did they set up so many things in the pilot especially having two hours is like such a gift. Yeah. They were able to really spread it around. Yeah. That's like if movie you got to like, see all these different storylines. One thing. I thought was cool. That didn't remember about this show is that they have so many. Emergencies happening at the same time. It's not like a procedural where there's one story. I was saying myself like we talk about like TV shows having like an AB and C story does ER go down to like effort, gene, there were so many. They're juggling at the same time, which was cool because it also gives you the feeling of the really light. There's always something happening. They do a lot of like, you know, like we're pushing through pass these they do a lot of cool like almost theory in the round because the camera swings all the way around like a setup. Yeah. And it's a fully one take where everyone has like insane copy. I loved. Yeah. That like many so nervous. I try be the guy who's like I need thirty sees about that at all firing shut off. And it's all one take. And the camera goes all the way around there's a blood gag at the end to get it all it's fucking wide. Love those moments. And I I was also thinking like oh my God. As an actor the pressure is really on you. Because the cameras moving there catching every single thing. And it has to be just right? If you fuck it out they'd start over right? And you're like fucking oversee that has Clooney Edwards, Noah wyle, and Eric LaSalle Juliana Margulis was so as George Clooney movie actor by this point, or no, I don't think he was he had done Murphy Brown because he was on facts of life. He has like a he was a TV actor. I think he popped here. Right. This was like beginning of his they are. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It sounds right. Because then John stamos took over for him. Which makes sense what works for me. What a great like spiritual Lineas as looney stay stamos of sort of like the olive skinned sane hanso. So high. Is a real Hong and George Clooney in the pilot where he's he's accusing this woman of abusing her child baby. Who's like been has a brain contusion or something? Yeah. Yeah. Fractured skull, right? Yeah. And it won't stop crying. The babysitter brought him in. That's she was intense. Clooney is hot and a pediatrician in actual layer of cuteness one thing. I liked was how they had what's his character? Dr green how he like in the more. He's he's trying to sleep right at the beginning. And you get that sense of like he's working around the clock and is determined catch a like a nap wherever he can and the woman's coming to get him. And then right at the end it happens again, and we get that in the pilot. I mean in the finale, which is really great and must be Michael Crichton when he was pitching. It must have been like. And then you close your eyes and wake up ninety minutes of passing your such it feels so specific to ER doctors really kind of hammer the schedule a little bit just remind you that and then. You start to see the bones a little bit like when you watch the pilot. And the finale it's like, you're watching them flip the though they have those moments where like okay, and that's like such a smart like emblematic moment for these shows because in the middle of the episode, you just go okay in room. A we still have this guy room bans the girl with alcohol poisoning room seats playing and they remind you everything that's going on. And then the new cast of characters takes over for their shift at such a smart way to may show because then you have like excuse go on forever, you can keep flipping characters, and then you can flip people's shifts. And so it's always different pairings. And like you can just keeping like all right? Well, Dr green has to go home at some point. And then like now, it's another characters chance to storyline. And then. Yeah. With these big casts medical procedures and any major casper. Joe it's like something clearly happened to Anthony Edwards long this year. And now, you can just continue the show with a new doctor slide in the little red headed guy Morris, Grey's anatomy, which is show. I haven't really seen. I've only watched one episode because Arden marine was on it. And I know I watch. But that show's been on for like a million years teen years or something I watched the first six seasons. Yeah. And as a matter of fact, when I was watching ER accidents conflicted in my head. I was like Sandra in the pilot. Or is that later, and then I'm like as with it because I was kept him up, Matthew, FOX. And I was like when does he coming because he feels like a type that would just be honest. Just love looking at him. Yeah. That's completely understandable. Did you catch seem to draw? Yes. In the finale, the pilot notion. Eight years old. Day. Most like she's the nurse for the girl. That was the pilot has the weight. So let's talk a little bit more about Anthony Edwards. I don't think he we're is. He a why don't we get more of him? I feel I can go out on a limb and say he like owns a theater company with his wife. Cota or something. He's just seems like such a good person. And he probably real probably lives off so much money from this and topgun. He's so there's something about him that just feels like, you know, him doesn't that feel true? He's one of those actors who also and like, I hate to always be shallow and like stuff like this. But he's one of those actors that's like, very handsome, but very normal looking right. It's like Clooney as you're like Tristesse stamos you like what the fuck me and then interest. Yeah. Even like, Eric LaSalle is like a square jawed gorgeous. And then Anthony Edwards is so handsome. But you don't look at them and go look at this gorgeous. He's got glasses. He's got like like balding hair. But then when you look at them you like this is a fuck in Hanson. You get to know him through his acting like exactly and he likes an and I think he can fall into the role a little more. We are like, but then he's low key gorgeous. Yeah. You know, who is that for me is at Norton. Oh, that's attracted to him in. I don't really understand it like he's not unattractive. But he's objectively. He's not typically, my righty. But yeah. Six foot six one hundred and nine pounds. I met him once and I was like. Could only imagine. I kinda what sealed it from. Actually, it was the medium. Yes. Some of these celebs when you meet them. You're like, oh, you're like a movie star in particular. Like, yeah, I think I may have talked about this on this podcast. But I did that extra work on thirty rock all the time. And I played a writer and Alec Baldwin when he shows up you're like, I mean, whatever it now, he's got a lot of things he's problematic. A little pretty tarnished at this point when he would show up you'd be like, oh, this guy is a movie star hard time. Not looking in the direction. He is in crazy. You'll get him in the eighties. And he was like straight up. Glitch honk jazz. Yeah. It's kind of like there are so I'm not to say, whatever, you know, we're we're objectify. People went from twinkle to distinct. This your worth reality show. Nobody's he's fine. He's a good looking man. But like, we're there are so many of those eighties stars who really retained it like Brad Pitt or somebody who's again, like not normal. And that's not we can't really every movie Brad, Pitt should just be like everyone going. What's your in fight club? You're fucking ridiculously your. I don't care if you age down to a baby you're the hottest human being alive. Benjamin button was like so hot. Remember? Meanwhile, he was slowly becoming old small like why? Okay. Slowly becoming more. We coming young or I dunno whatever happened. It was weird. It was fucking weird. But he had a middle moment where he was a booking, babe. And and then he fought that lady. And I was like great so weird. So e r. We're screaming about how hot. Ten AM. Birthday. The show must go on. Coming out to March. Leaving town. We're not just. There isn't a Roman town for the two of all those. All right. So where do we leave up? So we Juliette Margulis that was a crazy element of the pilot. Yes. But I remember her being way, more episodes. And it was funny are so sheet OT's Odeen. Yeah. And you see are kind of be weird with the medicine cabinet when she the shift, and she sort of like in charge of the whole ER. And like, then you see she OD's, and you're trying to remember and the episode ends without like really resolving what's going on there. Like someone was like why did he do this and someone's like treated like any patient? You don't ask why you just excel none of our business. Yeah. So love that way. Let's see if we can find that. Is this past the moment? Sorry to snow. There's a few of these moments where he's I don't watch. But you know, but you're right. It might have been before it's their friend to intense, basically. Well, here we'll get that bar. What's her name? She's in so much. Close curtain. She's gonna show over here. People. Him. He mentioned me saying that how you wouldn't believe it show over here. People. Miss the fun. This reminded me to one of the things we see in this pilot. We jump around, but that's a deal with it. One of the things we've seen this pilot is Noah wyle sees the baby kind of be born and he helps by holding the head in while. She's crowning. Yeah. And you see him after the fact kind of smiling like holy shit, a baby. And then you see him at the end helping deliver a baby to in this in the finale, and he's like he you see him remembering why he got into the, and it's such a Wild Thing. That's literally three hundred. Here's that moment. It's so cool. Yeah. Noah wyle facing? He got even hotter. Fifteen or. Yeah. His cajal. Chills. You have three suitcases waiting not on the medical services is fucking great. He's always being told to go somewhere else because he's too up whatever he's doing and to just first day. Yeah. He's so cute. I really wonder if that's Michael Crichton's like experience when you know, what was the inspiration. Yeah. Oh, so we forgot Bill Macy is like the head of the department of crazy any comes in at some point. He's coming from a ball with like a glamour up like, Gerald. Her hair is bigger than the whole room. It's so crazy. That's just like the the list of A-List eventually alias actor. And I can only imagine. Because part of the reason why I wanted to watch every episode two was I was I thought everyone was really good actors, and I'm like, this might be the good shit to watch TV acting stuff. But then also I'm like, I'm so curious how many people I would recognize guest starred on these three hundred highlight there's and there's also cameo from a woman in the unicorn my movie that is gonna be out yet. Her name's Elizabeth. Oh, she's like such a great actress and seeing her and I was so excited 'cause it's a long time ago was nineteen Eighty-four star hurl. My God could like feet I could just feel that it was her, but it's like twenty five years ago. She looks like her not to say that. But it was just like that feeling could that be it's twenty years ago. Yeah. So cool. Very cool. 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That's cool back from Parker. Lewis can't lose. Right. That's the one of the oh my God. Also, one of the people's also in the finale his transformation. So watching the and family back. I would recommend it because this is actually really fun when it and you don't feel like you, really. You don't even know how half the storylines resolve as it is like seventy five percent new characters. Totally Angela Bassett is in the series finale almost doing enough away. She's incredible. And she's on another show right now like Chicago PD show or Chicago fire one of those and I was watching that show, and I was like nine one one. Yeah. Yeah. That was like why house like Angela Bassett isn't she this incredible movie? Actress I'm so interested by her decision to do the show that I'm seeing her yard was like, oh, no. This is like something she likes, I'm guessing issue. I mean, did she's a fantastic. And it feels like a gift for her to be on this. Angela Bassett Thursday nights on NBC. The finale is all about this teenage girl in a coma from alcohol poisoning from drinking games. Yeah. I thought there was going to be something that like all the little girls come in from their slumber party. And then the parents like have said that they were the ones who let them drink because they want them to drink at home where it safe or whatever. And then Johnston was goes buck wild like yelling calls police and a four point four hundred and twenty percent alcohol. Yeah. Insane number and the girl like one of the little girls like put a stuffed animal in her bed with her. And then at the end like the Samuel falls and Johnston was picked it up. And I feel like I thought there was going to be something revealed in that there wasn't which is makes more sense. But like feel like what is revealed in that moment to him like she's a kid. I have a kid. I that's what it was. I was going like I think I was in my brain my like mode of watching things where there's a mystery or something. Anything the saw are usually like a lot of these medical dramas, Grey's anatomy and house, and what's wrong with this people are as kind of got like, I'm sure there's a few episodes. I'm sure there's a bunch of episodes at three hundred and sixty way shaped like where it's like a solve this disease thing. Yeah. Wait, I wanna talk about something crazy. So this guy who played kubiak. Can you look up his name Joe when you see him? He he walks into the finale like he's the the monster from monsters Inc. The big blue. Suddenly has this long beard and the finale as a huge huge beard. I so I don't know is he one of the like Eric Lascelles in this in the finale, but I'm wondering who is in every episode is it just him while k c at three hundred thirty one episodes. So who's how do we know? So it looks like no I was in two hundred fifty four. Oh, hey, you might be Laura NS or whatever wasn't three fifty to fifty. I mean, Linda Cartolini's in one hundred twenty. So she did so much, and I love her when she came into the familiar I was so excited because I just I love her. She's a person who I just like to watch act like I just think she's delightful. She so pretty she is so talented. I thought her PA little storyline in the finale was really cute. Oh Cartolini yet. And what's went to what's a relation to stay most. And by that dating dating. Okay. Felt like or maybe they had broken up or something. You know, there's something going on. And we find this dudes name is Abraham Ben-Ruby. Yes. Okay. Yeah. This dude Parker Lewis can't lose. And he's the only person with his. Abraham and ruby he plays kubiak and Parker Lewis can't lose. And then he's also in all of I don't know if he's in every episode. I'm sure he let's see how many is listed as a hundred and thirty seven, but that's weird. So maybe he was recurring. Yeah. Wasn't a series regular or like one of those fractional series regulars where? Fifteen of the time. Wait. Here's something else. I noticed from the pilot finales, did you catch this lab kiss the guy who has that guy's job? His name is Jerry on the show. The doodo has that guy. Jerry's job the heavy set like older like craft guys finished all my paperwork is in the pilot and Noah wyle draws blood from him gives him an IV. And he's I and he's talking about me being abusive to his wife or something like that. And I wonder if in the reality of the show, it's the same guy, or is it just sort of like that. Yes. Exact- I or maybe I feel this show. Just based on how thoughtful it seemed like the finale was I don't think they would that on accident that was a pilot character coming back for the finale, and that was like supposed to be like a full circle moment. I feel it made. It seem like in the finale because he's now working at the hospital that at some point in the fifteen seasons he gets hired because she's not an employee is not an employee episode one. I know I'm saying, but even if we don't know what how you know. I wanna let's see how many episodes season I'd be curious to see that. Because I would like it would be hard that guys now. If you replace a cop and everything else. Top actor. White male. Or again. I mean also show has a trillion guest stars. Right. It's impossible to look at. It's very difficult to the well, whatever, we don't know. We don't know. By this by looks of the finale, he's at least in season fifteen as recap character because they give them a lot of airtime, and it would be weird to give him that much airtime in the finale, right? But at the same time, I'm wondering if they were like, hey, I was in here. Getting my blood drawn. I've wanted to become I wanted to help out. It's really cool. I loved the finale, and I thought I it really did make me wanna watch. Also, you know, like busy Phillips was in a bunch of seasons of this or at least a couple I bet her and Cartolini everyone ended up on the show at some point. It had to do hundred fifty episodes people got two people to pop in. And yeah, I wonder another I wonder what ended up happening Juliana Margulis. I feel like Anthony Edwards died. Right. I think so I think so it definitely like well because like if Clooney was character was still alive. I feel like he would have showed up in the finale to be at Noah wyle east thing. Oh, yeah. Oh, okay. And I'm going to get a little emotional very touching because we watched the pilot and the finale very touching to see Noah wyle, and Eric was sows relationship where he's kind of like leading them through. And that hug at the end of the finale when they when they're going they're going to the kind of after having a couple Margaritas, which is a weird kind of. But maybe very true. Yeah. And then he puts his arm around him. And there's a moment where he touches his face. And he's like you can tell like Erica Saleh's proud that. Like can't believe you. 'cause it's revealed that he's also like a chief resident somewhere like. And so in the finale, Dr Carter Donald Carter the Carter Center. Yeah. Now, it's also weird parallel is Anthony Edwards kind of in the pilot. They set up that his lawyer wife wants them to make more money and be around more. So he goes to interview at like one of those fancy like high end Beverly Hills type medical centers, and he gets there, and it's the Harris center. Yeah. And it's very similar to the Carter Center. We see the antics harder center, just to keep Mirroring, I and less. The Carter Center is like the the Harrison it from the pilot is all like snooty rich people doctors trying to like you'll be a partner in no time that the Carter Center at the end is like four low income people showers for homeless people over you. I n and stuff like that. So fucking cool. And then he makes it heartbreaking speech about his child who died, and so I'm wondering if you watch fifteen seasons his kid. He's getting married to thin. At least I'm pronouncing holy shit. I've been saying that wrong. I think everyone has I only learned that this year. Tandy Newton plays his the mother of his child. I don't know if they ever got married or divorced, but they're clearly not together anymore, and that's crazy like to see. And so it seems like they definitely have distance on the situation. Right. Like what he's doing? He's opening the center is making an emotional speech about his child who died, and she's this there, and she's not sobbing like I'm like there was a while ago. Right. And it's like I gotta see when that had was season. Eight doesn't have a kid season one that. Yeah. And then he has a kid that dies at the age of seven at some point. So he has a zero to seven years at some point on the show. Not too much. I do hypothetical. You never see. And I'm saying. I am thinking about like TV deaths that like really stick with you and liking how if you imagine that if we go and watch this show, which is a huge undertaking. But I don't even skip around and have some fun too. I can I think you can really watch it. However, you want thinking about getting attached these people because I already feel it just from watching the pilot. I'm like, oh my God. He's so solely grows. Like, I feel like I wanna watch him progress. I almost want to do the first and last episode of each season. Oh, wow. Yeah. That'd be cool that way to kind of catch. And then you get to play the game in your head of like, how did they get here? And then you realize it's like twenty something episodes so much content and you watching the the pilot or the series premiere and finale of every episode of season is still going to be like tons of hours. Yes. Twenty thirty hours. Are there any TV deaths that you think of rugged certain characters that you got really attached to a new at cried a lot when they're character died trying to I think all the shit. I grew up watching wasn't really drawn of as an adult like sopranos or like the wire, I I like lost my shit at the finale of six feet under and and there's like a couple of and I've been saying. And I've been saying episodes. Yeah. Come over your house, and we'll watch it. Okay. My my TV death that I'm thinking of is a word. I never while. K there's a death much Joe. And honestly, I don't wanna say in case there's anyone out there who wants to watch it at hasn't seen that show. But if you have seen it, you know, home talking about and I saw and I made Mike watch the whole series. And when we were first dating, and he enjoyed it. And he went that character. I didn't tell him it was going to happen. And then he was like. It was a crying. It was. Now. Now, I'm gonna watch just to get the it's well, you have a lot of bullshit to get through to get there. But like, it's good. It's worth it. I mean that show has a lot of silly elements. But it's a good show. And they're coming back to which I'm really excited about rebooting that that's why can't wait. There's a lot of the originals all the important people all of them. But a lot of them did this make you want to be in a procedural drama. I could see it a little bit like, okay. So Brian saffy is on nine one one. He's watched that show because I don't typically watch procedural auditioned for one of the characters in that show and really wanted it, really. Really fun like watching this. I was like I kinda like the pressure of what we were saying difficult about it sounds kind of fun. But I think that's what rate. That's what makes it so good. I feel like everyone feels the pressure. And so it's a game. Everyone's doing their best. Yeah. You can really feel that everyone is like urgent and like take serious, obviously, it would be really fun to be. If I was to be on a show like this. I would love to be the person who's kind of like the comic relief or the light comedy relief. I I would love to be like the guy Abraham guy kinda does that a little bit like even just in his way. And he's being funny. But he has a lighthearted sense about him. Yes. Yes. And there is like everyone sort of takes turns being funny. But like clearly Morris the red headed doctor in the finale, so that guy came in with a burst of energy. I'm like who is this guy? Right. And if you're watching I'm sorry to cut you off watching the finale, and you're literally like who the fuck is this guy do this year? I was like what this guy running around like he runs the place. It'd be like I've done one hundred episodes. I do run though. The head of ERI joking that I wasn't one hundred percent on board with little like, he's annoying. But I think that was supposed to he's supposed to be a pop of energy. And I think he's supposed to sort of be a little much because he's in the finale and his bit is that he's like eating a lot of disgusting food. Right. That's true. Yeah. In the series finale. Let's make sure we get this. Like burrito joke that you're gonna have a heart attack. What about the little sweet old man with aids? Oh, yeah. Like that was beautiful whole, touch so many things named crying this episode going. Okay. I don't know who that is old man who brings his wife. Oh, yeah. Okay. Okay. Ernie'll? I do know that is his name. I don't know. Hold on. I meant to say do you not know this better? Can you search Ernest borgnine interview masturbate? Oh, God, we might know about this. Well, we get that upto. So heartbreaking. He didn't. I was crying so much of that. Because it reminded me my grandparents, that's when I texted you say highest book crying watching e r right now, it's like ten thirty. Teams like, I'm not ready to say goodbye that guy lost. Yes. My shit here. We're gonna talk to you in the show, but real quickly. You're ninety one years old look fantastic. You look like you're late sixties seventies. What's the secret? As you. A lot. Whispered. He's not my even though he's a ninety year old actor who knows everything about this. I gotta give credits who've been Rogers for telling me about that. He did tell me that we were together. Maybe that was all talk about it on the maybe there's a four something. I don't know. Because we definitely I definitely knew that story. But I I didn't know I either outta improv show or in the action boys episode either way, so finding he's I got it. I missed a beta lab. Hey, Razi that he's in the finale, he's got imagine you get Ernest borgnine to show up to your TV show, and you just put them in one room for the entire day. And he's like he shoots one day. And it's the emotional guys. Talk about Alexis split Dell from Gilmore girls who is one of the doctors on the finale, which one is she's the one with the big blue eyes, and she is like really sweet and holds the woman's uterus. Like, the tiny brunette is caller. Yeah. Gilmore girls didn't. God that'd be a good one for us because I didn't really watch it that intensely, but I've seen a bunch of personal John. John. I'm sure now saying everyone's going or we should Manziel Gazon apparently is dying are fun. Yeah. The she's so great. She obviously, she just want an EMMY for Handmaid's tale asked year thing. That's where I know her. Yeah. She's fantastic. I think she's stunning obviously. She's a great actress, and she's really sweet in this finale. She the the storyline that that we follow with her is so sad is this woman who's giving birth to twins. It's an emergency. There's space if she gives birth to the twins. And then everything goes, okay? She was in the accident while on the way to the hospital in labor, the second twin has think Moore Coney or whatever where they have feces basically in there. And so it's like everything got mixed up whatever they have to get that. So you think that's the problem? And then she starts gushing blood onto the floor like pounds. I that's graphic shot when they keep cutting to her like holy fuck. They're just don't ping. It's really. But I think it's real. Really like real. It's got to be like everything on this show has to be super accurate. There's like, you know, what? I mean. I'm sure it's doctors weighing right? Yeah. I'm positive that. It's also bracket I'm positive that. Anyone would tell you like that can't all happen? But they if they jam all the specifics and the thing. Yeah. So then she gets taken out and the dad's like worried the husband and then gets distracted because he has. Four other kids or three other. Yes. So then Alexis split dolls character starts. She's very worried about the mom checks her the next day, basically after kind of asking around about her, and they're like, oh, sometimes people forget to let us know what happened with her her uterus was turning inside out and coming out of her body and Alexis Bledel had to shove it back in with her until they got her and Noah who is telling her to shove it really hard. Push it will for and she kept trying but and he was like telling her to do as hard as you possibly could. She eventually pushes it ends. Are you got to get back to the cervix, right? Happen out even make me think of that on positive akin. So then she's all worried about her. Of course, this was a very intimate experience that she had. And then she finds out the next day that the mom died really unceremonious like way to tell her. But it feels like a very real way because it's all the time there. I mean, right. Yes. Yeah. And like the guy who's on the floor. She's like what happened with mom, and is like which one is that all my God. Right. Like to him. It's just like another in you can't it makes sense. Because you can't I can't imagine working there end also internalizing every the experience because you would never functioned would have to. There's like we hear it in the pilot. He's like there are some doctors who can do the job because they don't care, and there's some doctors do job because they do care, and it's okay to care. But if you do care, you'll will get sick every once in a while. But it's gonna help you be a better doctor psycho there that whole scene when Noah wyle and Anthony Edwards like with their heads down in. The Anthony words keeps going put your head down because he's like kind of. At least faint so fucking beautiful. You a little bit wish that you had like the drive to be a doctor. You know, I wish I had the if I had the ambition to be a doctor. I think I would be a pretty successful actor because I am Bishen to do the thing. I wanna do. And I'm like, and it feels like the work that would take to be a doctor if I could pull that up can John I'm like, of course, the dude can fuck and hustle in Hollywood. He's diner. He likes. You can math that over to this since whatever. Yeah. I have a friend. Who was he's a couple years old and he's like six years older than me. But when I was in college, we're really good friends, and he was like a stone. Or who would just he worked at finish line? He literally worked in the back room. He's in his mid twenties of that point. And he didn't wanna get promoted. He like only wanted to be stoned and stock the back room his job may offered him managing multiple times. He was like, no. And then he now is a doctor. He did a turn. He did a change in his life. He went back to we went to medical school. And he the other day was texting that he did like eight surgeries in one day. And like he's doing all the shit. Now. It's crazy awesome. And I look at that. And I'm like that's just an little motivational story for anyone out there who thinks that can't do this because I do whatever their dream is. Because I think like he had kind of set a limit on himself. And he was like that's what I can do. And I'm not going to try and you and then it was like, you know, what actually? Do want to do something else. And he Tilly just went to school into the hard part. And now he's got this job, which is so cool. It's never too late to start my mom went back to nursing school and became a nurse. Once she's had once you had three kids, and she was like inner thirty. I'm so impressed by that. My mom went to college when she was in her thirties as well was pregnant with my brother and put herself through school, and I'm like that's just fucking so bad. Yeah. I remember being a kid and having four ladies over the house studying to like, be nurses. And I I think the only thing this show gets wrong is the amount is how nurses are often. Like I lands for from the islands. West Indian islands and Central America and lat next like, nurses, are so frequently from those ethnicities as if I get stereotype, nurses, shirt has someone who I've in my family have to white, nurses. But they're so like, it was such a cool thing growing up like all these ladies, and then like going to my mom's graduation when I was like twelve and I was like hell, yeah. Think about this a lot, and I've probably mentioned that other podcasts. But they're like there was some story that I read about some like ninety year old woman who was saying it's never too late. And she she started playing violin when she was sixty. But then she said I've been playing for thirty years, and it's like that's a long time. So like if I always think about certain things kind of too late like, oh my God. I'm going to try to learn this now or whatever is it's not because then by the time, I'm sixty been doing this thing for thirty years or whatever it's like that'd be so cool. So I try to tell myself this about guitar, and like the I wanna learn how to do. And I'm kind of like on sounds hard will like look at it this way, you've only been doing like improv for like ten ten fifteen. Yeah. But yeah, yeah. I guess I'm about fifteen now to sixteen and but but it was do my whole life weirdly. And also like, that's yeah. I don't know. Like we've been doing. Here's are so good at it started something today starting to today, you'd be very good at guitar by the time you were fifty. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Board entertainment. Fifty. It's like so. Yeah, we're still friends that are I'll be like retired washed up. I guess. I wanna be retired by fifty kind of honestly, I wanna work until MC ninety five. I wanna be like still doing. That's awesome about this career is kit. Alan Alda did monologues at s Kathleen rallies. And he's he's very old. And like he has someone like you help shuffle shell foam around. He's got a little bit of like, you know, he seems a little feeble. And then he gets on the Mike, and they're like he gets a suggestion. And he seems like you're like hell pop can do. And then all of a sudden he just drops into his brain goes at like a still a hundred miles an hour. And he's so charming, so funny. So maybe a crowd of kids who are twenty years younger than me laughing at going shit for a guy who's forty years older than like fucking crazy. And like, I think when you think about someone like that it's such a blessing for your mind to stay the entire time. Like, I think about my grandpa who had dementia like it's so scary to think what that happening to you and not being able to to just tell a story or whatever. You know, it's a real bummer anecdotally. I'll say I find don't you find that like for the comedians that do get or actors, especially comedy people who get to be very old they managed to maintain a level of sharpness something to be said about like what we do. And how like it we're bringing and try. Yeah, we're constantly chatting and talking and getting new information and conveying because I Don Rickles was so old and still could cut Betty, Betty, white Betty, white, my dear friend, Don Rickles for my Snickers commercial. Of course, what are you? You pull it up. Yeah. Here's yeah. Down Rickel, Snickers, commercial and joepat. She's in it to which one this is. But I didn't know you were in L. Yeah. You wanna see me? That's awesome. I love to I'm sitting. Turn around look at the screen since third grade. You look at it. Looking. We're not gonna few. You look for something. What do you think supermodels Williams? Model's gloves. What are you doing girl? Totally intimate. Brag eat a Snickers because you get a little angry when you hungry better better. So ladies, so lose it, relax. You're not you. So fun crazy. Oh, you think. Okay. She and done. Rick one day. So amazed the audition process for that was rigorous was like four times, and it was like really intense and like a great better big spot though. It was huge. It was a Super Bowl commercial, and they did receive income from that time. I was like thank I'm assuming. Yeah. I commercial as one of my first TV jobs. Oh, that's so. Yeah. You you look even young. Yeah. It was like that was like two thousand funny when you know, like, I know you pretty rather. Well, and I look at you. And I would never think like, oh, I can't imagine life kiss younger because you seem young to me. I feel the same video of you from like eight years earlier. Oh, she used to be different. Change in ten years. No matter how if they get much older or whatever but ten years along. That's actually a great for first. And last that was like my first, and here's my last, right? We looked at those people and they Joe like fifteen years, and it's just like holy shit. Like what I'm thinking of? How do you think? Erico Sal is in the pilot. Oh, God five thirty. Yeah. In there. Yeah. So was fifteen years as forty five or fifty. Yeah. That's like a huge leap in your aging. Right. But it also goes, I'm I'm using this as to jump back to your guitar thing. You can get on TV show tomorrow. God you'd be off of it. When you're fifty two. All those guys that I'm working with on that they've been on it for twelve years and Jim persons was thirty five when he got the pilot, and she'll yeah, he's forty or forty whatever thirty three's forty five or something like that like, so that's like huge chunk of your life. Totally to end is crazy. Like, I mean, twelve years of doing a show. I can't I can't imagine. And then twelve years of doing e R or fifteen years where you're working on an hour long. Sometimes two hour long episode, and that is so much work hours in a day. They're probably working twelve fifteen hours every day. It's they're probably like eight days shoots episode or seven days shoots. They they benefit from like the one locate they sort of have the right of at all that they really shoot like a couple of sets. Right. I felt I will say felt emotional seeing Chicago. I really like seeing my city in shows. I thought about that a hundred percent feel that way. But like, I I'm not as attached to New York City, but it still feels good. Know what's newer to me is watching old movies that I previously liked a lot that I now realize where LA? Yeah, I like that too. Yeah. Highly recommend if you've moved to LA and haven't watched swingers since moving to L A good. Yeah. So weird. And it's and it's it's kind of real it's funny like on. Now, I get like another layer of jokes. I need to actually watch migra to again, one of my favorite movies because that takes place in LA. And I always thought it was so cool that they were in LA. I'd never been there until I was an adult. So let's let's when you give back let's do episode high and mighty about my girl. It's so good. You are a Veda Sultan. I type. Okay. Another one that I really want to rewatch. They haven't watched it in years like earnestly is clueless. Because there are so many L A jokes that I never would have gotten. Even when they're like, it doesn't if it takes fifteen minutes from anywhere in LA. If you're in the valley when she said, she's like, she doesn't want say she's in the valley, right? Right. Right. Anyway, he just he all like jokes about traffic and stuff. I was like ten years old living in Chicago. I'm freaking clue what they're talking about like in Tommy boy when they say do you validate I had no idea what that meant. When I first saw it, and I knew the movie by heart. Yeah. Yeah. And they're like asking for validation. I'm like, I don't even know what that means. And then you move here. And you're like now, I know parking valid. Shall we take another breaks smash down a couple of these vegan donuts? Yes. Bitch says ear bills very own real housewives breakdown show with two of my favorites. Casey Wilson, and Danielle Schneider has some incredible new episodes with major guests that you seriously. Can't miss right now dream guest and dream human Kristen wig, joins Casey and Danielle for deep dive on the New York housewives plus Bev hills. Atlanta vendor pump roles and more. And that's not enough to even have Chelsea handler on very special episode with a convoy beyond just the Bravo craziness, plus episodes of Joachim booster, Andrew Reynolds, and many more mazing guests. So you wanna get the down on all things in the Bravo. Verse and much more. Listen to bitch says bitch session bitch session. Colon a real housewives breakdown on apple podcasts, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks and bye. All right. We're back. We're back benches. I really loved that one that I was I was mad at first when I saw that each episode eighty minutes. I was like why do we always pick the longest first and less, but I got sucked in and I truly enjoyed it. Anytime I looked at my phone. I was mad at myself because I was like you're missing out on something guy. Look at my phone way, less than I normally to I wanted to that should be like a weird rating system for television is like I didn't pick up my phone once good this show. That's like search party. It's haggling for something. Yeah. The show that'll make you put your phone. That actually let's hold on that. We got sell this HBO or some shit. This show made me like in the middle of the pilot. I said fuck I wanna watch all of this. I want to rewatch a lot because I remember I remember like random episodes and random like cases from throughout like, I just want to go through and see the guest stars. I would lose my mind though, because I can easily be like, oh, I should watch one more before bed. Now, watch could easily become one of those actually a friend. I now I'm remembering that, a friend of mine was binging ER at one point years ago was like what I've worth it. I would imagine oh, the other cool thing. And I think we talked about this on the house episode, but it really is underrated because like bridges to different parts of our lives when it cuts to black for a commercial. So it punk. I love that. He'll Sogo when it comes back, and you want to do the commercial punks you actually seen so hard. I do think that's something that's missing from a lot of the shows that are made without commercial breaks or like ham fisted act like boom like. And they can do something kind of dramatic. And then come back one second later, but it's fine. Right. And it's so fun when your screen dips to black on Hulu, and then pas back up and you're like. Jump or anything. Like right there. Are we talking about so much? But maybe wait until we do our spin off gas where are e are watching to Mark or whatever are you? Two. Okay. Also, go tweet at Rb TV pod. And tell us what we should do first. And last on I want to do a few more for this upcoming season. And you're you're listening to this episode for free would drop some in the free. But after this it's jump into Stitcher premium. And look we're sorry. But also fuck you guys. Sorry. But hey, this is the model we're working with. And I understand if you don't want to get a free month by going to Stitcher premium dot com slash raised by TV and using code TV. You know, if you're if you're a frugal gourmet, you can wait until the episodes of dropped and then download the free month. Then let's wait two months. Wait, let them stock up premium blast through all those blast through all special guests blast through all wild horses. 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