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A Life With No Connection


Welcome to the James one podcast. Ideally, message perseverance though adversity. I'm host Ricky. Not many people can comprehend how person could have no friends. How could a person not find a single connection? One person to go to a movie or have lunch with for many. This is a reality. Loneliness is ever present and friendship is at a premium. Can you imagine being judged on fairly and as a result having this been a lifetime fighting in clawing to find a friend or companion? Over time resentment and apathy builds but for some there's a sense of desperation or angst. But for others. There's a sense of hopelessness whilst they alive when no one seems to know exist. Truth is we all desire community and no matter life situations. We should never shut ourselves off to find the Commission's. If it takes years to find just teaching you when friends so be it because those two friends will take us farther than the whole host of people. We chase unsuccessfully. For acceptance. The humble the open intuitive be adventurous be kind be loving beginning in the right connections will find you. Thank you for listening. Visit a website at James not or defined future episodes and the context to show. Thank you again into tomorrow for another daily message of perseverance through adversity.

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