Deep Dive on The Cleveland Name Change


Baseball tonight the PODCAST. This is the baseball tonight podcast for Tuesday July seven, two, thousand twenty Kelly. Schwenk is producing from his home studio in the foothills of Connecticut I'm buster only and I'm working for my own studio in New York Major. League baseball released its schedule The sixty game season on Monday evening, and as reported before they'll start on July twenty third with a champion Washington nationals, playing host to the Yankees Max Scherzer versus Garrett. Garrett Cole. The pitchers haven't been outs- formerly. But that's who we assume will be on the mound later that day the giants will play at Los. Angeles in the second game of that opening doubleheader Jackie Robinson Day usually celebrated April. Fifteenth will be pushed back to August twenty eighth. That's the date that Martin Luther King. Junior led the march on Washington in nineteen, sixty three, and the date that the Brooklyn dodgers owner branch rickey talked Robinson. Robinson in one thousand, nine, forty-five about a future in the majors, one hundredth anniversary of the Negro Leagues will be celebrated on August Sixteenth Roberto Clementi Day will be held on September ninth, but this announcement came at the end of a turbulent day early in this effort to get back to work Sean. doolittle of the national told reporters Sunday that he'd not gotten test results back from Corona. Virus test from Friday will on Monday the national. National still had not received results from those Friday tests in general manager Mike Rizzo canceled the team's workout and issued a blunt stay bench set in part without accurate and timely testing. It is simply not safe for us to continue with Summer Camp Major League. Baseball needs to work quickly to resolve issues with your process and their lab, otherwise summer camp in the two thousand and twenty season or at risk, according to the Washington, Post. Commissioner Rob Manfred was not happy about those words came down like a ton of bricks privately on Mike Rizzo. The Astros also cancelled a workout. The Oakland Athletics held their very first workout on Monday evening after delays in their testing protocol. Major League Baseball released a statement that read like this. Unfortunately, several situations included unforeseen delays. We address the delays caused by the holiday weekend and do not expect a reoccurrence amid all of these concerns, veteran outfielder Nick Marquess the Atlanta. Braves highly respected within the game announced that he's opting out in explained why Vegas thing is so I, talked to Freddie Freeman the other day and You know just here in the way he sounded on the phone on openly is and the. Freddie didn't sound good I hope he's doing good hope. He's healthy. Eating I know these guys. Need him more than anybody and You know just to hear him. He sounded on the phone You know it was tough. It was kind of I opening and With with everything that's going on. Not just in baseball in the world it. Makes you open your eyes and got three kids? That I missed for eleven years now and. I love the game. I love competing every day. On. The biggest thing you know my decision is. We. Play this game for the fans, and you know to be able to go out there on a daily basis and compete and entertain for them. You know that's what it's all about. Kris Bryant of the cubs was deeply critical of what's happened so far in the effort to return to the field. I detested on Tuesday in. The second one was was today. Say Monday Seguin was yesterday. and I know it sounds stupid to complain about that, and I'm not trying to be tested by any means you because there's a lot about struggling in need tests, and you know a generally want that to come across, but at the same time like you know M, O be created slab, and did all the stuff to you know. Be Able to run a season in. You know like I, said I. Feel like this is one of the I know. There's going to be hiccups, but you just can't hit up with this. You know because it could just be one day where it just ruins everything you know, so. We really ought to be on top of this thing and. You know flew out Oakland Reliever Jake. Men and we had on the podcast a couple of weeks ago. because he's high risk given his medical history blasted the delays in the MLB test results. Quote was a feel like deep down. Every player has in the back of their mind that this is all going to fall apart amid all this. The Yankees held an intra squad scrimmage last night it was. was on the Yes. Network Aaron Judge Participated and declared himself ready to go same with center fielder. Aaron Hicks WHO's coming back from Tommy John. Surgery Yankees play another inter-squad game today and Garrett Cole beyond the mound Aaron Noah joined the phillies and told reporters that part of the reason he'd been held out was because he'd been exposed to someone who recently tested positive for corona virus. DIAMONDBACKS outfielder Kole Calhoun. Calhoun has tested positive for Kobe nineteen, but he is a symptomatic and President Donald. Trump criticized the recent decisions to change not named the Cleveland Franchise in a tweet he wrote they named teams out of strength, not weakness, but now the Washington redskins and Cleveland Indians to fabled sports franchises look like they're going to be changing their names. In order to be politically, correct will be not talking about whether or. or not politically correct, but we will be talking about that change coming up before we continue. We need to talk about our friends at marathon oil now more than ever. We have to look out for each other in count on each other marathon. 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A FAN'S GUIDE TO BASEBALL ANALYTICS WHY WAR WHIP woven other advanced sabermetrics are essential to understanding modern baseball. Anthony, how you doing while stir on well man, just trying to stay safe and sane at the same time if that's possible. In on a given day, it feels like sane and. Sane is much of a challenge is trying to say safe I'M GONNA. Ask You about your book in a moment but i. You wrote a great piece the other day about the Cleveland Franchise Name Change and we'll start with this if felt like the the idea of them, reviewing it and changing their name was inevitable even a few years ago. Yes. Yeah absolutely I. Mean this conversations you know been going on very long time. I've I've found it humorous and people say it's almost like a generational thing and and people are more easily offended now I mean this the Indians name and logo back with a still Hatschi. ticketed. Opening Day longer than I've been alive and you go back. Stanford changed from the Indians to the cardinals, and Nineteen seventy-two for crying out loud before the DA's, so it's not like a new issue. It's been bubbling to the surface for a long time and I think those of us who grew up here in Cleveland in our heart of hearts. We we always knew the name was awkward at best to have a name tied to an entire race of people so obviously you know in this conversation our country, right? Right now that this is finally come to the forefront. You've seen in recent days right Cisco Lindores. He's in favor. You know spreading more love, peace and happiness. You've seen Terry Francona. Save time to move forward. I don't know the living person with more emotional stake in the Cleveland Indians and Terry Francona so for him to say that it's not a small thing. No and my sense is that people within the organization have been very uncomfortable with it with with the name, and they certainly were the logo for years. Yes. Yeah absolutely on the bottom line for me. If, you're going to have a sports team. Nickname that represents an entire race of people. It had better be a clear and uncomplicated positive. You know not in any way negative, but as we know, well, you know. The Term Indians is rife with complication, it means different things to different people has been used as a slur in our in our nation's history. You know it was used as a slur against Louis sockalexis the the player who allegedly inspired the name in the first place, although that origin story largely appear to be bunk to begin with, but you know so we're. We're just having a recalibration right now, and then that complication is is finally coming to ahead. All right when you wrote this piece the other day and MLB DOT COM. You ran through the history of the name Tell me how you got to where he got to the end where you, you felt like there was an obvious choice for the name. Yeah so you know the the name Indians was attributed to the team kind of colloquially, and when they were the Cleveland spiders in the late eighteen hundreds 'cause they had Louis Sockalexis for three years and you know he was a popular player I and really a tragic figure. alcoholism religious, short career and so you fast forward fifteen. Fifteen years and the American league franchise now went through several name changes, and in one thousand nine hundred fifteen nap Lajoie away, They're they're great. Second Basement had been sold to Philadelphia so they could be a Cleveland naps anymore. They gather for sports writers together off from the four local papers. which that's how long ago it was a bus. and they got them together, and they come up with a name and you know we can. We can surmise that Indians was probably considered an option just because again. The team had sort of been known that you know The alternate nickname I, guess in the eighteen hundreds, but really that the primary driver all evidence points the primary driver of the name change being that the miracle braves a year earlier you know won the world series, so that baseball then is now copycat business, so that's kind of how we landed there, and then the mythology of Louis Sockalexis Kinda took over years later. You GO JOE PAS nasty. You know great you know person in our business research this and find no mention of Louis sockalexis at all nineteen fifteen cleveland paper, so if it was the primary driver of the name at the time they had a funny way of showing it, so you know now we get. The mythology takes over and and the law who love. Is finally in the back burner, and not to get commercialistic about all buster, but the fact that matters that from a marketing perspective, they're severely limited by their own nickname, which is a really preposterous position to be in. Yeah, they've had a lot of internal discussion. They stopped the import of local advertising perms on what to do to replace chief Wahoo and out of respect to indigenous people and their symbols. There's just nothing you can do. With Indians name I, guess you could do like an interlocking, ci or something like that but. There's not much you can do with the actual name itself so if you get away from even the cultural implications, it's kind of fun to think about what a rebrand might mean in terms of names and logos, and and the fun stuff that sports are supposed to be associated with. And you ran through the possibilities. In your article, we talk in the podcast yesterday about some of the some of the potential nicknames that have history. The four cities now is surprised Taylor. producer. The podcast David Schoenfield yesterday. They like four cities and I kind of felt like it doesn't really roll off the tongue You wrote about the blues. That was the name of the team at one point. Dobie is something that has been mentioned. Joel Sherman wrote about this in the New York Post the other day I. Don't feel like it sounds like a great name of a team, but. certain people Arab need some people have different perspective on that, but you landed on the name of a team that is infamous in baseball history. I'm very pro spider foster. PRESENCE IN IN CLEVELAND. Baseball history that spiders. They famously went twenty and one thirty four in eighteen, ninety nine, but all it takes, is you know two seconds of research to understand that the owners intentionally tank that team they gave away all their best players to another team. They own paint Louis, which is pretty crazy to think about. even played one hundred and twelve games on the road, so I don't think the nickname. Nickname in Florence the result too much giving those circumstances and anyway team performance matters and Cleveland's First Baseball Championship came via the spiders in eighteen, ninety five. They won the Temple Cup so buster. That's one championship in thirteen years for the spiders and just two in one hundred five years for the Indians with none since nineteen forty eight. Come on Hulu. It's better now, but fighters idioms. When you wrote the peace and curious about the response that you've got separated from all the people who are upset that the Indians name is coming off it, but in terms of the possible ideas moving forward. What type of response did you hear from fans? There's been a lot of names bandied about as as you mentioned teams Tied through the history, and not sided mystery, and I've heard Cleveland rocks, but we already have Colorado Rockies, so that would be needlessly confusing and cleveland rockers, which was a WNBA franchise here at one time There's been a lot of stuff out there, but I don't know it's just me, but it's just one man's opinion, but I haven't seen anything that moves me like spiders I've gotten some pushback from people with Arachnophobia. But I remind them. It's not like you know unless the payroll gets really low. It's not like actual spiders. SPIDERS will be playing field you don't you come into the Ballpark? You don't touch US fighter. You have to sit next to living spider There's people afraid of wolves and bears and gators and snakes, and all kinds of things have nevertheless inspired great sports nickname I don't worry about that one too much, but I think the Spiderman Franchise is done pretty well too from what I've seen I think you can make spiders work. How do you like wild things? Which of course I? It was mentioned a less forty eight hours. It's fine. It's fine, but I think spiders just has the most marketing potential you know. yeah, wild things is. A. Major League though you know you're. You're kind of getting back to that Indians history a little, so if they are going to start fresh I, say you know. Start fresh going a completely different direction all right? GimMe, informed speculation. Where do you think it's going wind up? Well, you know I've seen a lot of these. It seems like every media outlet in Cleveland some kind of poll on twitter, and that's very scientific. As we know so minor teams to win those polls fighters seems to be the vegas favorite now. Of course we know in baseball, the VEGAS FAVORITE RARELY turns out well, so maybe I should be a concern for spiders net points it's it's a tough thing to be the number one seed billion of this, but I don't know I. I feel like there's so much. Much, there were spiders that I I feel pretty confident about right now. Right Yearbook is called, and I should add I should add one thing buster. That tribe is you know? It's been an alternate nicknames Indians for a very long time, and that is wonder actually making go. William and Mary College went that route when they changed from Indians That is an option on the table I. I don't know if that's the the clear divorce. You know they might go for You know with this particular situation we'll see. Yeah. It feels like if they're gonNA. Go in another direction. They probably want to separate from that entirely. Anthony the name of your book is a Fan's guide to baseball analytics. Why war with Walmart and other advanced sabermetrics are essential to understanding modern baseball What was your inspiration for writing this well? I've been covering MLB for sixteen years now. I've had my own evolution with regard to the use and understanding of of. Of the metrics and that time as I'm sure, you have to bus during that time, it's really been an explosion in our sport. There's no doubt that these numbers do a better job of relaying player performance in team performance, and we had grown up but I also don't think we should ignore or talk down to the still large segment, fans, or simply more comfortable with batting, average and RBI's and wins. ETC, you know the. The Sport and the people who cover it I think we should be inclusive, exclusive and I I don't. I don't WanNa. Make anybody feel stupid. Just because they haven't grasped you know waited runs, created, plus or whip, or whatever I mean. Some of the stuff can sound pretty Wonky, so I tried to just you know. Make it a conversational glossary. You try to keep it light and fun and breezy and easy to embrace. Embrace and some you can turn back to whenever you see. Stat cited somewhere and need a quick refresher course I mean I still get emails all the time from people who don't understand war and stuff, and and don't like seeing it in print so so. I created this. I call the non nerds guide through the nerdy numbers, so I hope that people find it helpful and easy to digest. You know it's interesting 'cause. I get that same responses on social media and people say well why you know. Why don't you use advanced analytics? More and I said to me? That's like speaking a different language. To a group of people do a lot of whom are just simply not going to understand it I will use war, but like waited runs created plus you know adjusted lbs plus I feel like I need a very specific audience before I'm GonNa. Feel comfortable using it. How about you? Yeah we do that and I'll be dot com, because you know, people come from all over to our site. All Level Baseball Fan you get the the intense diehards, and you get the more casual fans, so it's hard. It's really hard to to to walk that line and we have a glossary on our site. You can link to whenever you do site stats. That's helpful, but You, know these I think are important and once you learn them. What's the? They're of demystified You learn just how easy to embrace. They are and how? They do a better job of telling the story of the game, but again the names are are are kind of a barrier to entry, just because they are a little unusual, and not what we're used to, but especially in the season like this buster. If we're GONNA have a six game season here with. The counting stats that we grew up with the won't be in play hundred, RBI will not be possible. thirty home runs will not be possible in all likelihood, so you know I, think the the rate stats and these advanced astle be all the more important to kind of gauge where guys are relative to each other, and these unusual circumstances again and the name of the book is a Fan's guide to baseball analytics. They got three more forty and three minutes first off a lot of conversation around sports yesterday after Patrick mahomes record setting contract Debate on the show. Get up this morning about who over the next decade do you think is the safest best and of course baseball's entrance front runner? Trout Francisco endure might also be in the conversation, but I'm just GONNA. Do It on production. Forget marketing of just based on production. which would you bet on to the next decade? I'm just GONNA. Go Young as young as possible. If we're talking about ten years, you know I'm going. Go with a or, Soda. Or One Soto either one of those guys I'll I'll then for the next decade. You think about one Sotos. Played approach, and just how disciplined he is at such a young age and and a Kunia can do everything. You know almost forty forty last year and his second. Second, really first full season in the big leagues, so game either one of those guys for the next ten years, and I'm happy. It felt like yesterday was the ultimate Roller Coaster Day in baseball as trying to come back, you know what with pandemic we get early in the day. The statement put out by Mike Rizzo. General Manager, the national, saying that you know. He had to cancel his workout His words were angry. Apparently reportedly angry words came back from rob Manfred to him. The astor's canceled their workout. You know their questions that other teams whether or not they were going to be working at the end of the day. Baseball unveiled its schedule. So far in in the the rollout of this. Yeah well it and you propose those two realities against each other you know the excitement over the schedule, and the realities of what everybody's facing here and there was that perfect storm of everybody gathering for the first time last week, right leading into a national holiday, and how that impacted the delivery of the test, and you just see what a massive undertaking and I started from the beginning. You know there should be an asterisk on whoever wins the world series this year if they win the world series, but the after you shouldn't be what? What you think it should be an asterisk that says this is amazing. They completed baseball season in a malfunctioning country in the middle of a global pandemic. Because that's what we're dealing with, and I've seen you tweet about this to bust the context of the situation these we take into account if this thing doesn't work if it doesn't get off the ground or does get off the ground and has to be cut short. It's not because of anybody's effort within baseball. It's because our country just doesn't have a grasp of this virus. That's just it. No. One hundred percent to combat that last week like there's no one to blame, but the fact is that the timing of all this is just It's not great for baseball in terms of trying to pull it off, and lastly before you go forty five seconds. Francisco Indoor, we talked so much about the possibility of him being traded. Where do you think that stands now that we're gonNA have truncated season. Yeah I think that hurts the chances. If I'm actually being traded this year, obviously the the trade deadline comes up with thirty eight days into the season. So you probably have a limited market for him in a circumstance where you don't know, season would shut down after the trade deadline, a weird one and I think they missed their window to get the best possible return they they did not like the packages that were available to them last winter, but that was the best window with two years of control, and now in this situation we're in, you might have teams trying to scale back payroll going into twenty twenty one and it's probably even limited market so. Maybe the reality at this point busters I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe the more likely scenario is just ride it out with him through the contractual control. That doesn't really happen in a market like this, but maybe if next season is somewhat quote unquote you can move them at next year's trade deadline. We'll see. Man, that would be crazy to think about. That actually came to that that he wouldn't be dealt. Anthony thanks for doing this. Congratulations on the book. Thank you so much prostrate. Thanks for having me before we get to tolerate. I just want to mention check out the latest episode of the Hoop, collective after entering the NBA Bubble Maliki Andrews Joins Brian Windhorst in Royce young to detailer experience, thus four plus the crew discusses how teams playoff standing could impact some player decisions regarding opting in or out of playing at Disneyworld. Find it wherever you get your podcast. Todd rate is it chief executive of our weekly quiz is a graphic artist WHO's working on ballfields all across America all around the world and todd first off. Thanks for joining us on short notice. Hey, what a rare treat to join with you guys early in the week we'll do a double header. Sleep there you go well. We were babbling on yesterday about the news at the Cleveland Franchise. It's changing nickname and I was run-and-shoot through some things and David Sean. Pills running some things and Taylor jumped in, and then I was just thinking. Why are we talking about the logo? Why are we talking about the team name? When we got the Todd Father Is Right in your wheelhouse. This is what you do for a living. And just before we get started today, for example you were talking about how as this process goes through? There are a lot of potential complications. Yes foster it is a process it is always a process, and you could come up with the most imaginative name, the most beautiful logo in the world, but if it is not if you can't secure it via a trademark or really a series of trademarks. You're going nowhere so basically. What happens is when you're talking about names you know you run through the creative process, and then you, you have to see via trademark attorneys what comes back and it is always fascinating. The trademark tourneys will come back with you know. I've been through this multiple times. We'll come back with a PDF report that can run into the hundreds and hundreds of. Of Pages and they will give you essentially a percentage of of safety attached to a name, so let's just throw a name out here. Cleveland spiders right, and we'll get into all of it, but perhaps somebody has squatted on that trademark. Perhaps it is secured for certain category of merchandise tents or tarps, camping, something weird You know you would have to go to whoever is is the holder of that and negotiate You know a website. Someone could actually have the domain probably us right now. We won't. SPIDERS DOT COM. How does this all come together? So it's incredibly complex, and that's even before you start to get into what the injuries! Right if a team contacted you and said under these circumstances, and said look. Can you generate some names? Tell me about your process with a process that anybody would go through in generating a name generating some things to to present to the teams. I think it's a It is a brainstorming and spit balling process. I think first of all. You need to engage with people on the ground. Nelson Buster in an ideal world. If you add A, you know a pretty decent one way to make a change like this. There's a reason why sometimes these things can take a year and a half and part of that is going through focus testing sitting with the various local people stakeholders. Even eternally broadcast partners licensees, b-licences people like that and see what they think of the thing and see how it casts out. I mean there are numerous instances of expansion teams across all professional sports who will go through this process and they'll get some blind test. Put people in a room and just gauge their reactions, so that's part of it, too, and without that foundational all work you know I always like in the whole process to that of building a house. Right you can, you can put whatever kind of structured you want. But if you don't have a solid foundation, the thing can collapse and it can collapse in a heart. All Right, let me throw some of the names that have been out there as possibilities and just get your reaction to some of these. Of course with the tip of the capture the history. What about four cities? Sounds very old the first thing I will say. Is that part of this opportunity and I think you really have to look at it as an opportunity, it's not a reflexive change you're not back on your heels is to come up with something that reflects Cleveland of the current, and the future would maybe something in the past that sounds like eight, hundred and seventy one to me. What about the blues also part of the Franchise History? You go having negotiation with the Saint. Louis Blues the defending Stanley Cup champion. Come back to me and tell me how that goes. What about this? SPIDERS? Which? We just talked to Anthony Castro events and he talked about that to him would be the name. I know other people in the organization like that possibility the spiders. I come around a little bit to it. Put out a tweet. The other day and I got absolutely hammered buster in which I said. SPIDERS was the name of an eighteen ninety nine national league team that lost a ton of games but here's the thing. SPIDERS is You know it's honorable. It's a little bit different. It's got something to it. I can imagine headline writers of red. SOx You know step on spider, something like that, but I will also point out the fact that the fringe are a listener of friend of the show Paul. Caputo in Colorado pointed out the University of Richmond spiders exist and I believe that is unique, so negotiations will happen all around how what would take place in negotiations like that? I'm just curious. Like any negotiation, you know it's Let's reference Luke Walton clan. Cash rules everything around me. You you, you you, you make it work, and this happens every single day and you know it has happened in sports before, and you know it's complex and I will say having been. On the design part of the Washington nationals when the expos moved back in the fall of two thousand and four is far more complex now than it ever was complexities. What about wild things? One of the thrown out on twitter ARC NO! Tell me why. You know you wanNA associate your franchise. The Charlie Sheen going forward as you know I'm not sure that's an improvement over Indians necessarily also you know pop culture references get sale after a certain amount of time here we are. We're having this conversation in July twenty twenty. How does whatever this is age five years out ten years out long after we have departed the scene. What is this like and you know? Take Yourself. Put yourself back in. In that room of sports writers in January. Nineteen fifteen, who decided upon Cleveland to replace? Naps right I'm sure they didn't think a hundred years down the road what they came up with. Would you know 'cause what we're were discussing today? but think think forward is what I always said. Cleveland rocks, which the first one I saw, it came from Charley. Steiner course with ESPN MY I? My instinct was man. I like that. What about you? ROCKIES already exist. Don't go tackle that. All right well likely. Also I will say buster I've been hearing. From people I know in Cleveland like anything having to do with rock and roll. Rock Hall of fame. It is played out. It is done stick a fork in it, but you know maybe needs to be a discussion to talk to people as opposed to hearing those who are loud and vocal via social media. Okay, well, then I almost feel bad asking you the next day my list the Cleveland Rockers. You're like no chance WNBA team wasn't right exactly and then the dobies something was written about Joel Sherman in your post the other day other people mentioned on twitter in honor of Larry Doby who made his debut two years ago me two days ago and what seventy three years first African American player. In the American League what about the dobies, it's an outside the box thing I, think that you know you talk about something that you could. Fans could embrace I mean you know doesn't exactly roll off the tongue in a traditional way. And then you get to the design part of any of these. What do you make visual identity around dobies? That doesn't. necessarily. Maybe and. I and I'll just throw it out there like I have among know I mentioned a number of them, but which which one might interest you that I haven't mentioned. Too good question buster. I've seen so many that My head is spinning like many of us and I would say that You know I think something that you know again thinking we'd we always talk about it and you referenced the bridge yesterday. The all important sense of place. What does Cleveland have now that it has had in the past? And what does it have moving forward and I know you talked a little bit about it, but that leak that that big giant Lake Ns oil can boyd idly famously called an ocean. Maybe something that revolves around that. It doesn't have to be a monster. It doesn't have to be a sea captain, but. That doesn't necessarily speak to the industry that existed there. You know one hundred years ago, but it's always going to be there, so maybe there's something there. I'm not quite sure. some people mentioned to me the possibility of commodores and me being a vanderbilt graduate My first thought was yeah OK coming up. Bring your checkbook when you want to talk about that and I also thought to myself. I know a couple of people who worked under the Indians umbrella, including Jensen Lewis pitched in the big leagues who went to Vanderbilt? He would have a jump on all of his colleagues in terms of his apparel. That's for sure I'm sure he's had commodores on it. Someplace you like the commodores. You could do something of Lionel Richie, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. All right, todd, well, thank you for joining us on short notice as I said and I look forward to talking on Friday. It's going to be conversation. Thank you buster. We'll talk soon. Bleacher tweets. All righty buster bleacher tweets for Tuesday and buster only the science agenda Pusher defender whatever you WanNa them that. Title on here Fletcher at Sixty Eight F.. M. V. writes in, you referred to fields Hernandez as a future hall of Famer, if this the end of his career does he really have a shot? The Bar for starting pitchers is still so high and he never got the chance for a signature playoff moment. That's true about the play offs and look that I. Think is difference making four a lot of guys. You know like Curt Schilling. In a he a postseason October put them over the top, but here's why I think that Felix will get in eventually. you know if he doesn't get in on the regular writers ballot and I think he has a chance the reason why he's GonNa. Get in through a veterans. Committee is because the peak of his career was unbelievable. Unbelievable? He won the Cy Young Award in two thousand ten. He finished second three different times He was named on the MVP ballot. Five different times show at his absolute best. The king was the king. No question so I do think he eventually gets in last one today Mitchell at Tigers of Detroit rates in which division has the best chance to produce three playoff teams, it seems the central has the schedule and travel to give them the edge. Those are good points and yeah. The national central teams are going to be playing against the American league. Central routes means they'll be playing a lot of games against the Tigers They'll be playing a lot of games against the Kansas City royals and you know. The the the the teams considered be contenders in the American league central or not. I don't think he's good as the teams like in the American. League east so that could be a possibility. I think the National League East in the. The end wind up having three different teams I love the nationals because their starting pitching the Atlanta braves a lot of depth, even though it looks like that they may at least start without Freddy, Freeman Nick Marquess going down and serve the New York mets. We talked about them all spring. About how good they look, so I'm going to say it's the National League East for me already that does it for bleacher tweet subscriber. Review to this podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. That's it for today. My thanks Anthony Todd and Taylor thanks for listening. Have a great day. Stay safe and remember hate. Inequality based on race or something. We should fight against. Single Day. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight podcast. If you're playing fantasy baseball, forget to listen to the fantasy focus podcast checkout all podcasts at ESPN. Dot Com slash pod. Center, Baseball tonight the PODCAST. Did you know GEICO's now offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies. That's fifteen percent on top of what! GEICO could already save you, so you're waiting for your teenager to help around the house. Okay, mom I. Empty The dishwasher vacuum the basement and folded the sheets out of the dryer. What Oh and next I'M GONNA? Clean Mittens litterbox in some kind of prank, show or something. That's a camera, isn't it? There's never been a better time to switch to GEICO. Save an extra fifteen percent. When you switch by October, seventh limitations apply visit. GEICO DOT COM for details.

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