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Support for NPR and the following message come from Subaru featuring the all new three row ascent with seating for up to eight and a choice of second row captain's chairs love is now bigger than ever. Learn more at Subaru dot com. Live from NPR news. In Washington, I'm Shay Stevens. President Trump is highlighting a proposal. He says, we'll close loopholes in the nation's immigration system, while protecting American workers Trump is calling for a points based system in which immigrants with high level skills college degrees, and existing job offers get first priority for green cards, the president's plan, but lower the number of these is issued to immigrants with relatives in the US. Attorney general William Barr says his agency's investigations into the origins of the Russia probe are meant to determine if there was any abuse of power in the early stages of the inquiry Bartels, Fox News. There are a lot of questions about the process. I've been trying to get answers to questions and I found that a lot of the answers have been attic inadequate, and I, I've also found that some of the explanations, I've gotten don't hang together. So in a sense, I have more questions today than I did. When I first started bar has appointed Connecticut's chief federal prosecutor, John Durham to investigate how the government. Gathered intelligence on the Trump campaign, and whether it was done in a lawful and appropriate manner. It is the governments third investigation into the Russia probe. The US Senate voted fifty two to forty five Thursday to confirm Jeffrey Rosen, as deputy attorney general Rosen replaces rod Rosenstein, who appointed the special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election Rosenstein left, the position on may eleventh, US house minority leader. Kevin McCarthy is speaking out against the new Alabama law, which makes it a felony for doctors to perform abortions, unless the woman's health is in serious danger as NPR Susan Davis reports McCarthy is concerned that the law does not include more exceptions McCarthy has consistently voted against abortion rights in his political career, but he says Alabama's new law is too restrictive because it does not include certain key exceptions. But in my whole political career, I also believed in rape, incest, or life of the mother, there was exceptions. That's exactly what Republicans have. Voted on in this house. That's what our platform, says, in fact, that is not what the Republican party platform, says the official platform does not include those exceptions, either in two thousand sixteen then candidate, Donald Trump said he would support changing the platform to include them. Republicans did not. They did however, language for the first time to defunding Planned Parenthood. Susan Davis, NPR news. The capitol for the second night in a row space, x has scrubbed the planned launch a falcon nine rocket carrying sixty communications satellites for the company's Starling global internet service this time, the private space company says it needed to update satellite software, and to triple check everything Wednesday's liftoff was postponed to Cape Canaveral Florida because of unfavorable weather conditions in a tweet Thursday, SpaceX indicated that the next launch opportunity will be in about a week on Asian stock market shares are mixed up one percent in Tokyo following gains on Wall Street. You're listening to NPR news. Venezuela's opposition leader, one Guido confirms that Norway is mediating talks to end his country's political crisis ever moved President, Nicolas Maduro from power. John, Otis has more from Caracas the two sides are at a stalemate one white claims to be Venezuela's legitimate president. But he has no real power. Meanwhile, Madurai lacks popular support, but controls the country with the help of the armed forces. Speaking to supporters in Caracas. Why insisted that his voice would not engage in false negotiations in Norway? And he said any solution must include Medeiros removal from power and new presidential elections. John, Otis NPR news. Caracas Venezuela world renowned master architect, I M Pei has died at the age of one hundred two as NPR's, Ted Robbins reports pay design some of the world's most memorable landmarks, I am pays most famous building was probably the pyramid entrance to the Louvre museum in Paris, when it opened in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight many Parisians thought it was sacrilege now it's one of the reasons, people go to the Loof, I am pay was born in China. He emigrated to the US in the nineteen thirties over his long career the architect with the round glasses and easy smile, designed landmarks, such as the east wing of the National Gallery of art in Washington DC, the. Kennedy library in Boston, and toward the end of his career Iconex skyscrapers in his native China, Ted Robbins, NPR news. And I'm Shay Stevens in Washington.

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