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Hey, also on Sunday March tenth at eight PM seven central on the black entertainment television. You will find finding Justice a six episode docu series that is executive produced by Dwayne Johnson also known as the rock Danny Garcia as well. As the dream Hampton dream hammed. I'm I don't know why do this to people's names. You know, who I'm talking about awesome, talented people. They joining the six CDs with activists making change on issues from cash bail to stand your ground systems fail. People rise finding Justice premiere Sunday March tenth at eight seven central on the T. Now, let's start the show. Come in home five in the mall. Something's going on. Can I smell your do? Don't play me like a food because that ain't cool. So what you whose telephone? Fuck. Fuck it in the fuck its. Yes. The fuck it is it ain't now. Oh. Yeah. In the middle of your buck. This. Shit was so good. What a tune. Hey, guys. I am rapturous and act a acting a star rod Igga rapturous, right? Then I am. Gayle king interview were extraordinaire what I do figure for coming in at such a great time because we're going into black at least from here. Great saw amazing how things work so Gail. Welcome. This week's black excellence. I'm actually giving to you know, how I love roses and giving them to black figures that are deserving gale. You have just you have been a staple in the culture of of of blackness, journalists, him, fashion and friendship. That's right. You've interviewed all of the things all of the people in all of the place. And I know when when you were approached about this recent interview with Robert Kelly, which will discuss later, I felt in my opinion. You can correct me if I'm wrong, but I felt like there had to have been. A mighty X HALE. That's I just I felt like gale was like. Yes. And and you did what you were asked to do any way. You ask the hard hitting questions. You you stay poised direct unbothered on moved and unshaking in the midst of a full grown nearly fifty year old temper tantrums. But it was yes. Well, thank you so much fury for acknowledging mine credible work. To keep a real learned from the very best, you know to to. I'm sorry, not even knew why. No, definitely he's over-fifties. Was I've learned from someone who is incredible at interviewing and it just seemed like if we both lost our shit and became hysterical. Nothing would happen. You know productive. And so in the interest of keeping the interview going, I maintained my cool and continued to ask Robert the questions that he was so deliberately avoiding. Yeah. The interview actually ran almost an hour and a half. So we'll see how many more clips CBS. Let's girls see. But. Yeah, that it got messy there at certain points. But thank you. Thank you. I work very hard. You know, me and Oprah were very best friends little Ash Wednesday on that hell Bose we're all the bodies are buried. So, you know, she's definitely been a mentor in so much help to me as I've grown in my career. Thank you. What am I be what a mighty performance of patients hard work and professionalism? We know black women we literally invented poise skirting, you're done. Thank you. Honestly, honestly Gail killed that shit sin believe she maintained her composure when nigga got up Holland and screaming literally like like gale gale. The the body language and the facial expression of someone who is like leading toddler get it out. Like, you know, when a child is like crying so hard over some bullshit that they can't even speak or get it out there. And Gail was just I I'm just going wait for you to get tire stuff out in such a black, right? The fuck back down, and we're going to get right back to this. So she has done this. I mean that grown now. But she was just like, okay. So I've seen this before tantrums, look like some let you get it out shouldn't even Flint. Go ahead. Much gonna come around over. Did you see? Has lost Monica. Stop the show up. Don't make me pull this show over a hundred. Was getting into it in the crowd for Monica was legit. Like stopped music. You go over there you go over there. Because if I take my shoes off it's going to be a whole different conversation. Which is so I know. Yeah. Distracting everybody else. I said Monica has three this is not new. It was just so matter of fact, I'm tired of the bullshit. So whatever just separate just don't even look at each other just rooms. We'll talk more about Robert and her foolishness women. But God that was so funny. Oh, I know Gail left interviewing was like do they pay me enough of this? I think. 'cause I'm pretty sure she's the only meagreness on CBS this morning, which I tuned in for the very first she was just unbothered like she was like Monica like you. Here's the thing. Sri the whole thing. Like, you you you're like desperately reaching out for me to like give you some sort of an out. Here are a branch that I'm not going to give you like you're you're you're you're like reaching out for me to be like, oh, I hear you coming from. But it's all bullshit this, and we're going to treat it as us to know find that very hard to believe she said his space like you telling me that you've never slept with anyone under the age of eighteen and I just know deep the latte. It you see some spirit when you say those words just immediately. Lie to lay are just I have to stand. Double jeopardy me. Fucking. Also for black excellence this week young lady by the name of Brittany Diaz. She's the first black woman to serve as student body. President at the university of south Florida as I won in over twenty years to serve eleven that her caption on on the Instagram says. Hold up. Wait a minute. Yaw black history month was. We're getting the job where we can brittney. We're getting the good where we can right. She ran with a campaign motto. It says on because of them we can bull shift shifts standing for success health innovation finance in tradition is what Britney I mean. Why are we like this? I love it. Breeding. You know, what I made something marketable? Look that could easily be a hashtag Anisa macaroni them. I love it. That's just brilliant visited things because I'm so ready. You know, I have to remind myself to lotion and things like that. So it's great to see young black people who are who are standing up in in their purpose. And very clearly prepared to go out make a difference and things like that. And I mean get into her. Oh, she has. She's ready to lead the nation bitch ice. I knew I was going to win. I student body next. Step city council mama wash that cone hearing was asking the TV quest. So. Yes, alexandria. Let's get right. Ask as AOL ask her the real things, we need the information drill down. I'm. Also. I also wanna give one additional rows. And I'm going to give it to Tyler Perry. Wow. And I'm gonna tell you, I'm the numidian movie scene. Okay. 'cause I'm I'm probably going to go see his going. Here's why I've had plenty about the quality of a lot of Tyler Perry's films productions but films specifically one thing I've always said about pair that I do enjoy about him arcane. Appreciate is he gives by people work. I saw a clip I think it was for a like a beads feature of the Christie show the girl who plays Charlene on Instagram. You have seen Shirley on mission. Mr. me name was really, Shirley. Of you in many thought that was really. Charts, certainly. So she has brought me so much joy. Specifically what that character for such a long time? You can ask here. She and I have shared so many moments with surely I mean. So. I saw I guess she's like in the Medina film. Perfect. Right. I saw this clip. I think again was busy with our talking arrests something like how I went viral or when I'm went viral something like that. It was like talking about I guess her first video or one of the Shirley in videos, and how it's taken her now to being in this film and her being able to entertain for a living wishes what show is gonna do and she got emotional. And I just really touched me because I was like you really have cracked me the fuck up and plenty of days when I needed to be correct. The fuck up and here you are living in your purpose right now. And Tyler Perry's black asked for all I have had to say can stand up in here. He is keeping his fucking is to the street, or at least the teams keep an eye on the street and saying and putting black people in positions two words and things like that. And I appreciate that about him. So go and see Tyler Medina's. Is that I'm gonna get through? I think it is DS family think is Medina's family fan last Medina movie. To I believe it. Unbelievable going to get like putting them titties tired. He putting a show. I know he. Okay. That whole body suit would. I really wanna see the play more than the film. Done aren't they think? So even was even tickets sell to that wanna buy fast time. I heard about it. They were like, oh, it starts tomorrow grown. We've done tomorrow. But I'll movie whatever. Yeah. Definitely will. All right. So this week in our pop culture segment, which is called hot tops new Jack city. Yeah. Okay. So. Most about. Suck about my favorite black fairy godmother. Blaxploitation heroin s. Houston goddess. Oh well. Every day that salon is not the creative director of my life is a day failed. And it can't say I disagree. Depression is so real. So so long she has officially come back to us with her album. And that's right when I get home. How do you feel about it? I mean, I feel like everything we said last week it just it's still stands. She's art C. She's current cheese cultured. She's black hell she's got a good percentage of ranch in there. I just love it. I just she's countries hail round loves where she's from. I'm sorry. You couldn't make it to Houston for the L mix. -perience a jolly it really would. I'm sure it was so black. She had it was like screenings in different areas around Houston, and they were all black owned spaces like she. She was a kid like, mom, sure, so location. I got to go to was the shape community sooner. Which is like a forget an acronym about getting black lives are mentioned. I saw her mentioned on black planet or something. Right. So she did a QNA afterwards. But during the movie like the the room was slowly filling up and all these black Cowboys started walking in. I was like oh whereabout to have a moment here and the whole time, she was your origin story. I really know how you feel right now because she was getting a motion talking about you know, I can't believe not that. I'm just back in Houston. But the like I'm paying homage to this place that made me, and I love so much, and I have so many memories and all this, and I'm like damn I just did that until I felt the same way. Like, I really do get where she's coming from. But also so much of that little movie thing that came out on music afterwards. I was like bitch. This looks exactly like Oklahoma. Radmor down the street is what we do we go to the rodeo is not like some like hashtag rodeo like some Instagram experience between go to the room all the time. So it just I just felt like oh, man. So much of this just reminds me of my home and my upbringing in the music. I just felt like it sounded like, you know, how you go to dizzy or someplace where they have live music. And sometimes the berry lists will just like they just go into like a jam session play thing. And whatever I was like this is one like forty five minutes sessions salons just that's what I want from her track dividers on it. And that was it. Are you know, we've already like she's talked about how she's cut songs down from being like forty five minutes long. She did she Lord only nineteen minutes. I had to make something. Can you imagine like an uncut? Album, like if she were to put together something like re releases or something and put together like the full sets in there. I'll buy I mean, take everything. Absolutely. I just I. I don't know if maybe you have to be the type of nigga who likes to chill out and be high and and get into or whatever. But I was feeling it and what I really loved at the QNA. She said at when I was doing a seat at the table. I had you know, so much to say this album. I had so much to feel Argueta was like I do because this album is not heavy on the lyrics is heavy on the production heavy on the mmu. It's very hashtag bible. But I enjoyed it. I really loved being there. Thank you Columbia for having me because I had a great time at that event. So that you could make would've loved you. Don't wanna fall the fame. A europe. Book. Official. To death. Somebody asked me to write something about beyond saying, I was like. Regulars. Part of it until the girls. Like, oh, hey, if you're in this book, I was like, I guess I'm in this. I completely. You just so famous that being in a book about beyond most lips. You're publishing the longest motherfucking time. My book forgot that I was involved. Well, congratulations, anyway, which famous so my faves so far these things fluctuate, obviously, you know, I'm still trying to figure out my favorite songs, dirty, computer and. I like that. We don't even screw when I get home. Okay. Yeah. But you're right. Let me not get distracted. For me. The moment. Bins is definitely Benzes. It's I think it's my number one. Okay. All right. Very closely. Followed by stay for stay flow is number. What is that song? And and the visual when I heard it. I was like this gives me late nineties early two thousands, Tim, Liam Missy vibes. Which then led me to the realization that I need for salon. Missy Elliott to do a long piece of productions absolute, but yes, and then the video that it just gave me like Nicole Ray, it's the late ninety and militias on. I love stay flow. I love lie. I stand for. I'm still not sure if it's my favorite or not. I love bins though. But yeah, I also like dreams. I love changing really good. My skin my logo, of course. Yes. Had to stand. I love sound of rain soon as I heard. I just have to say when I heard Gucci come in on this show. Sounded so high she stopped it fucking bolaise. I was like I I love this just every this to Nevis. Yup. I hit play on that album. And then looked up thinking this is long asks on and it was four tracks later like just love her. I it's amazing. I made obviously. Drove on Alameda. I was actually stopped at the red light and took a picture of the street sign. I couldn't help myself. I'm really doing this, however, many thousand just this week alone. Sure. People going out there taking pictures, I loved it. So many of the song titles are references to like places streets. And so on highways byways in Houston, I thought that was amazing bell way to the show hurt loved that from the second. I heard the clerk. It's just. It's all good there. Isn't there really isn't a part of it? I love all of the little interludes. I love especially when you see the visual that goes along with some of them like that that part where with the cannot hold the my I didn't realize that was diamond impersonal. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So when I saw. Like infamously case, Danny. If they still don't like each other, but they very much. But another classic the nothing without intention in Lewis my favorite, especially I mean, because look what it comes. Look it's coming off. And then look at what? I mean, there was some parts of the movie did not get. I was just like this is so. But like, I love it. I don't understand what you're doing. Animated part. It will the little things that we're in like the feel like I don't know what the fuck. This means. I loved all of that stuff. Because I feel like first of all makes me wanna go back in Washington watch it again again, and again and then like try to do my own weird. Poor man interpretation of what it is trying to say. But I love the artistry the different cuts and all of the weird unexpected stuff. I love I can't remember which a record it's four. But. The is it dreams where they're like out in the front yard. Go. Lowly turning into like a tree or something? Oh, I don't know. It's panning back and forth between these two houses. And it's like. Vicious weird. I just love it. The whole thing with homegirl from say fold dragging that like huge machine behind. It kinda reminded me of all didn't you know by air by Judah? Fuck his shot that was oh my God. You could tell just these knows girls. Listen, just they're just they're where they need to be. I'm so if you if you get the chance go find her cue in that she did after that album experience thing because it really just provides so much insight into the record in which she was going through. And she has a fence. I was like a course. I miss Tina started the the standing ovation for her like. Lap and her flowers. That's all. This is Dennis the first one up that everybody. Immediately followed her. I'm just gonna say, okay. I'm just gonna say I I'm just gonna say all right? I'm just going to just waiting. I want to be salon Joan. Well, I think you know, deepen our hearts, we all do. We're just to say out loud anger. Just set it. And I am I am fully prepared to be for the university of smacky back with them. Stay in your fucking. I'm just saying out loud because it's the truth. And all y'all knowing them saying, I want it just imagine even an everything is love sized package. Acute eight nine records of their artistry. Just colliding. You know what? No, I don't. I don't I I wanted. We don't fucking deserve. This world is not ready for that type of none the less. I'm and I wanna get Trump out of office. I let's get to the side of freedom. And then we can talk about some shit like that. We don't deserve that shit in this state of affairs. I mean, never deserve love to see. Oh, man. The two of them together such a fan happy when she we used to be having with a caption on her. Fuck your you. A while Queen of communication like. Launch. We're desperate for any. Attention beyond say, we'll give us is said. And I don't know what this is on the cover. I wanted. This is unheard on her head. I want us. I don't know what it is either. Go off you weirdo. I want her to design my life. Oh, no too much of this. Let's throw that away. Put this over here. I see where you went wrong just trying to go. Right. But a see where it could be the maranda priestly of my soul, just come fix everything in life salons match. The nicest thing is there anything else. Good, positively. Talks about area on a 'Grande. You know, he did a remix to that. It's man I spend it's all know as he did as he did a remix to the barbecue grills on. And he was speaking to rob Markman on complex. And they basically talked about how that came about. And. In a nutshell to chain said to to remark that he absolutely recognized all of the similarities in his trap house slash community service, home, right and area. Guerande is barbecue. Grow house. It's not a trap. I don't know what you call it. Wherever as well as the bead and things like that. But he chose not to say anything because he says I wanted I want I wanna say didn't bother me. But once again, you don't want to get caught up into that man, you're petty because I thought somebody has taken a little something out in my DNA before. And I haven't said anything because I don't want anybody. It's supposed to be flattering or whatever. But he also says that he met with area underground face to face, I'm guessing through her people and that she told him. Well, yeah, I thought the people knew her took it. I thought the people got it from you. Honestly thought that too because it was so blatant, and he said, well, how would people know? Well, how would the whites? No that that's true. How would they excellent point? It's not petty to wanna be acknowledged for the things you create, but or credited at least it doesn't mean that you won't be treated as a petty angry. True, especially since you're grown man in area on the ground is like three foot to a girl. These exact same people be falling. All over Taylor, swift second, HUD, dick every time. She talked about her happy right protections and intellectual bullshit. Anytime. I be like excuse me. I'm a girl and girls do things y'all eat this shit up. So I don't wanna hear it when it comes to black people being like, this is blatantly are shoot. And then you just came and stuck a long. Say say shake it off one time on your song. I will send a dozen. Why people don't play home fans she'd be like dance to my song in your wedding, cute, or whatever but off of YouTube. Congratulates but cancelled anyway, so I mean, you know, hey, girls, they say that Arianna grind? And and that other one was their Xs name big, Sean, our our thing again. Oh, yeah. Instagram told me too that the whole break-up your girlfriend onboard thing, which was directed towards big, Sean. And I think him he engineer go broke up a while ago. Stupid gotten anything why haven't even listened to the song. So does that realize that it was a song? Because of course as soon as that album came out, which I haven't listened to the album yet. He's y'all a immediately started putting break-up which girlfriend on board in all your Instagram captions. I was like what is wrong with everybody quite melodic pleasing like I like the melody and stuff to it. But I hate the mess. Okay. And I knew that even in the video it was going to be like, oh my gosh. She's chasing around this guy. Then she's gonna say she's gonna hook up. With the girl. That's what. Okay. Up with your girlfriend because I want her get it guys. I knew this. I can't you know, I'm just a little too old for it or whatever. But she's just a kid, whatever he's talented. May twenty year life the rest of them will beat I can't help. But think that she's five because you take this God damn true. Bucking Samoa's Aspin men says tell down does dress kindergarten. She really does for soon. Tell today. Sleeve stands problem in rebel? Oh, good. I can't deal with your on voice. Wendy Williams back on our show. Woo in whatever the says she had. And you mean we? That outfit. She's back on the show after I don't know how she was away for a while three months. Yeah. It was weeks and weeks three months. Loads of rumors around y that would have been most of them leaning towards drama were her and her husband Kevin and his alleged side shake slash. Kamembe mama from whatever. That's that whole story was just so convoluted a lot going over. But that man has been embarrassed windy for a while over time. But you know, all right. That's your man, you'll be back on the show and to that degree. She says, basically. She essentially showed them an old picture of her and her husband from the eighties or nineties or something really both look incredibly different. And and basically said that she ain't talkin about her husband, and she's also not leaving her as she says, you're not talking about it until you see her without her ring on and she's never taken hiring off. So don't worry about how horrible her husband may. Or may not be to her Shane and ever talking about her business. She talking about the recipes. To one degree. I get when Williams it's her job to like gossip or whatever. And at the same time probably wanting a certain level of privacy, mama told me Wendy Williams. Take people really wanna because I don't even remember why what the reason was. But she said that she doesn't think she she does it take pictures of people. I remember my mom watches it I guess are used to. But she told me something once along the lines of of how even interact with fans industry that wasn't like like nasty are bad. But just it it said to me that she has a certain level of like boundaries and primesee even with the public, which I think everybody has a right to you need. It is difficult still to be asked famous as wealthy as you are at this point. And for you to not just talk about people's business. But talk about it, very very very. It's a what is the correct? 'cause I don't want to say some bows yet. It's not just it's not necessarily negative even though it is negative. It's acerbic. It's prickly. That's fine. It's spicy is another one. It's like it's done with the intent to possibly drag slash harsher feelings. It's it's very just unfiltered. It's very whatever. The fuck is at the tip of my tongue right now is what you hear. And that's what a lot of people like about our. So some people might find it hard to digest. Oh, girl. Well, I'm simply not talking about it period. Moving on. Hey girls. I'm back, and I'm not even a big like, I don't watch show like that. When I think I appreciate as a black working successful person Trail Blazers. Definitely, and I really don't really care too much about whatever the issue may. Or may not be with her husband. I don't give a fuck about her now. I don't care just because I feel like you really don't have to like she does talk about everybody else's business. But like everybody else has been talking about her business. So I feel like that's just the way the jobs go, I don't come on my show to talk about me, y'all know, my husband, I shit. Why I'm not dedicate my show to that. Well, we all sit here and talk about how Kevin has this perspective over and over got this bitch late all the way the fuck up with a house and every damn thing else. You know, you ain't got no intentional. Even this thing. Either. Is there even to say nothing this picture? Okay. This is it that's who he fell in love with. And that's who I fell in line with. Yes, I had bangs. What else be? Love me without my Teddy's. Okay. What else? Do you want to talk about heaven knows where the bodies are buried? That's all I had to to ascertain from this. 'cause I don't even know if in these past three months, they actually, you know, made any ground on their relationship like are things actually better is he not seeing that other girl more than she. I think she was not feeling. Well, I don't even think that her high. It is really add according to her much to do with that like, I really don't know or care entirely washy was gone again because I'm not like a dedicated fan. I was kind of like wondering over the past couple of weeks. Like, why are you? You know, what's going on with that south for fans of Wendy and for her and her her business in itself? Good for be having health. Remember, she. I'm sumed. It was that the Wayne. Yeah. So maybe complications who knows? But I certainly don't fall for not being like, let me drag me come here and talk about thanks. The rest of y'all are doing a good enough job of that. Really don't have to join in y'all have covered. Honestly. So. Good. I mean, well, not good look awful. But I hope your health improves you're having a good time. Yeah. Thanks for the gifts in me. Rich. So. The second shot analyst typically. Typically, I put people on there who I'm I there. I may have once been a fan of theirs or appreciate of of of them in one sense choosing not to talk about them because they have real issues or I just feel like they are they are at a place where it would be either fucked up to talk about them because they clearly need how or they're like a dangerous place. But usually, it's it's my place of concern. I would put Kodi black on that list because it's clearly some wrong with this child. But I don't give a fuck about him. Okay. For several reasons you could just go, but he was at live in Miami. Where all kinds of poor decisions are but. Someone gave him microphone because he's famous, and I don't know if he was hosting. It was birthday. I don't know what the celebration is. But this is in there without assured for. Whatever reason and. I don't know. You shoulda died when you were a baby is like his new this. Right. Did you think that Ballo in clip that was uploaded to the Instagram and the tweets? He is he says it like three different times. But at one point he says, where's where's Wayne and starts laughing with him are laughing. And then he says should I it was the bay. And you can even hear a couple of people in the clip going like oh. Oh, I still don't know where to came for. No. I don't think I don't think he does. I don't think anybody does. Color me, you know, she has a play about her day. I had to think about who the hell you talking about the Reginald Carter thrice. She don't chose a photo of her daddy, honing our as baby very cute photo captions. That says you knew low rappers need to start giving props in respect to the goat. That goat. Still makes me laugh. I don't care. How many ELO cools is put in front of my that? It's a go like his. I get it. It just I can't how especially when people either use the goat emoji are just put the word go like when it's an acronym or something I feel like I can just take the difference when it's an all caps. Right. The word go, right? So you you are ago experience when goats? Comes out for like, go through garbage. It's and they write bad. Adorable creatures. Super creatures, but stank and. Anyways, you need to get start getting wrapped to go. My father don't bother nobody. He won't even react to what was said this man being his own world. So leave him fuck alone. You pick the night. He didn't go to live to say that you bold L Awale hashed. I hate these new little niggers. At all. Don't tell me to stay out of it. Because that's my father. And you motherfuckers don't give him his credit. And it's a shame. This nigga a whole album sound like my daddy O's shit get the fuck outta here. So I simply agree. I mean, I haven't heard Kodak blacks out onto no, but if originate site, so I have no reason to I mean, I haven't either. But I do agree that a lot of these new niggers need to be more respectful. This literally is where you are drawing so much of your inspiration from loom lay walked so that you can fly understand he shouldn't even be able to do that to be quite honest with you because say what she wanted about little I'm today of yesteryear of whatever Wayne can RAB Kodak black can barely be understood it like, I don't even and the nigga look like the dust bunnies from big comfy couch. Right. It's the combination of no skill and not not attracted to look at just here wants to be as far away from Kodak black and every possible. So. So he gets on Instagram live for whatever why that should have been the end of it. I wish you good like zoom out like yourself. When. Because. Be that close to. You the option where you could just make like FaceTime but little bitty by right? It's going to minimize you. 'cause you're talking too much. You shit. He basically went like and. I don't know much about this young man or care. I don't know if you special if he is high what? But like he's very clearly if I gave a fucking up to play him on the sick and shut in list, that's where he would belong. But I'm not going to do that for against of reasons. I believe that he's trash and this doesn't help. Anyway, he tried to downplay it in act like he wasn't being disrespectful. They told him low Wayne was coming to show him love. And and so it wasn't a dish respectful thing us saying, hey, where's little Wayne? He shoulda died. What he was a baby. What like the rest of us are so confused. We don't understand, sir. We don't understand where came from why you would be mad at little way. Why like Reginald said you pick the one night that he wouldn't add live to say that shit anywhere. Why if you really had an issue with him why you wouldn't try to handle that privately or at least keep the rest. I don't think that he does. I don't think that that Kodak black knows where. He is. Okay. You know? And and I mean there I mean, you do he referred to register as little ways ball head daughter on that same Instagram live like as if she was starting semes-, no nigga everybody has questions she took it personal because that's her daddy as she's tired of y'all trying to make sense. And Lil Wayne is not gonna get on Instagram. He's he's writing. Right. That's Reginald generation. Peers together, she is like any anybody who loved daddy like Stanford. Daddy, would do the exact same. So don't even know why he tried to make it like Reginald stepping outside of her lane. You talking about our fucking daddy bra. You know, what you need him outta here and clarity? As some stability round here. That's what you need. Yeah. I need a lot of water in a long nap. I know for sure then you need to detox because you've got to be out of it on your Ryan. Okay. Dark is. Doc. This is what it is. Two. Greenpeace? You don't agree. Probably like burnt orange. Looks like a sense very. Not at all hydrated liquor is not hydration full very much, the San Francisco bridge, colour good. Good. Very much a rust. Put a dirty old. Just Nassif lists color talking be cans 'cause 'cause you out here standing crazy fucking inaudible cut black and Reginald came possibly be that far apart in age. I think she's probably the older than he's twenty one. She's probably like twenty one to twenty and she's twenty. Yeah. Yes. She was getting her peers together. That's why little girl and how dare you. How dare you? Honestly, you have a career because my daddy used. Thank you praise. God you didn't die when you was a baby ball Cuervo was like a group. And did me don't Kodi blog is always in trouble for like a Salton sexual misconduct. So that Nick can go by girl is and I don't enjoy music either. So. Oh. So let's talk about the red table. I had a feeling does he watch it. I heard Jordan would sell ashes who. Away from. Are we talking about that beat because damn it was perfect? Make up was perfect just the edges in the in the pullback with the back, the background. I mean, you know, best friends with them mood board, honestly, where they draw their inspiration make up with obviously there, but very natural in pretty she looked like somebody who just came to talk about this shit. So y'all could get off her fucking Instagram. And that was it. You just sit down on Jada real quick and talk about it. She don't chastise you a little too much in my opinion. And we'll taste that. We'll get into that moves the same. No matter. What? Yeah. So the red table talk interview happened with Jordan woods about this whole tryst with Tristan. And I wonder if anybody else I wouldn't someone else had done there. Probably one of the white blogs pay attention to maybe. Yeah. 'cause it's right there. It's literally in your afraid. So she went on there. And there was an interview I didn't expect to pay much attention to you know, we we briefly talked about it and stuff I had no intention of really looking at it. But I came here ready to read club car dashing this week. Okay. Okay. Good. We'll see how I feel about. My read choice could be. So join basically went on there. She talks about going to this party at tristen house. She also described him as chloe's ex very much on the side. But thank you so much carpet, and you know, having a little too much to drink not necessarily being blackout drunk, but being I guess drunk enough to make not so great choices says she didn't stay the night. She didn't sleep with him. He kissed her. She allowed it. She plays like a wild amount of blame on herself for being there. Drinking in a whole bunch of stuff. And I wasn't a fan of that part as well as I felt like Jada also could have been like, okay, girl. Well, I hear you a fraction. Let's also like swerve around this real quick. And come back to you know, because she said Jordan at one point said something like, you know, I I can't blame tryst in either. Because I should have never been in them. Position. And I'm like literally Noney on going plame tristen. Black Twitter going be only niggers that call out. What's actually going on here? Like, you ain't blaming the nigger. Neither monica. I didn't. I didn't care for that too much because it's like his house. I'm assuming you drink in his liquor. Okay. His baby is baby, mama. Okay. His lips approaching yours at some point. The I get like wanting to take a kind of -bility for it and not wanting to point fingers. But at some point, you got to be like, this is a thing who who was the one who really needs to be most responsible way. You know? So I really felt like Jordan went wrong when she didn't win khloe in whoever the other one was asked her about it. And she didn't say the part about Tristan tried to kiss me on my way out like, you should have just told them that when they first asked you before this hit the shade room in the rest of found out about it. But other than that like this little girl was taken on way too much of the blame. Like, I completely understood that story from start to finish. And it was like I I really by John was in the club y'all pit the house to go to because of course, all of you are like rich and famous you could just pick somebody's house. And then it was like, you know, the after our spot. Everybody is still there drinking playing games, whatever the fuck L show was doing like, this is what happens when people lose. So I just you know, the Kardashians are the ones who took the situation and made it into this whole big shit storm. And even after the red table talk aired which I think they were pissed about. That's that's an actually powerful influence our family about Hollywood was fabrics. And I love that. They made sure the FaceTime will in at the beginning told the story. Listen. Yes. I've known Jordan since before Jordan, new, Jordan. Okay. This little girl is is family to us and daddy passed. I have made sure to take her under my wing, and we are not gonna let this world break you 'cause they will do and I just like will and Jada if anybody knows about dealing with fame them to families. So I just love that. They were like we noticed. White bullshit is going on how we're never going. And then Jada just kinda felt like it had to be like they were trying to be as quote unquote, fair as possible about being like, okay, you have to take responsibility for this. Or you have to acknowledge how this look surfing lessons that she could have learned in. Hopefully did learn in that situation. I think by was the focus of what J to trying to do there. You know what I'm saying? So I don't really fault anybody for you know, my pickiness about it. I don't think I think it was a good interview. And was was great. But yeah. Like my thing with with with the. Whole drama of it is exactly what you said. So for those of you don't know chloe's far too grown for this s got on Twitter thirty four years four even know, exactly. But she's thirty something I'm about to look it up. Here in luck fifty car dash. So she said on Twitter. Why are you lying Jordan Wade's thirty four? If you're going to try and save yourself by going public instead of which like, it's right? They like it's right there like you telling him. So instead of calling me privately to apologize. I at least be honest about your stories, by the way, you are the reason my family broke up. The dragging began. It did like that's where the dragging began because how fucking late girl and and bird. It's are you fucking serious girl, you grown as as as a you're grown teddy woman. Yes. Grown teddy one girl's twenty one right here saying that she broke your family up because your whole nigga that we know is oh kissed her. He already and pitches with some other bitch throwing the middle finger up like I don't give simultaneously begging to be free co-ord-. What are you talking about? She followed that up by saying Tristan is equally to blame. But tristen is the father of my child. Like, that's that's exactly why he's not equally to blame. He's the most to blame. Like, what are you overwhelmingly regardless of what he does to me. I won't do that to my daughter one a. Does that make any fucking? No matter what he does to me. I won't do that to my daughter. You won't do what tell the fucking true. Daddy accountable is that punishment for that little girl. Oh my God. What a summit with addressing? He has been addressing this situation privately. What other benches? You still gonna ask? Furthermore, he has not been he was the first person to address the situation by lying and saying that it didn't happen. She says if Theresa Wirtz ally publicly about what conspired which he did then. Yes, I would address in publicly as well, which you did not. So I don't know why she thinks Jordan is lying. Why does she think joy and slept with him? That's what I don't understand you taking whoever's word over this girl that you claim you treated like a little sister. This is gonna be pre read 'cause I just feel it willing backer. Let it out first of all. How? Fucking black history mind women's history mind, fuck dare Darier teller first of all you are really on the internet ope pining. Over this nigga who does it who is desperately crying out. Yeah. For the patient of cloak limb. Rum. I should say he so desperately wants you to leave him. The fuck alone says and here you are talking about you now go say nothing to him because y'all are a family and even though he disrespect show as all of the got damn time. You not go say anything because of your daughter who will simply see it. Anyway, because he think none of this is gonna come up girl. It was cheating on you. When she was still cooking. That's right. We all remember this. This is the first time this happened. He's blatantly cheating on her. Just cheese into thrown out the peace sign the EMC with different betas every weekend. Damn as this is happening. And you're tweeting about it. He's at fucking fucking Nobu clinking glasses and drinking soccer and shit. When new when new friends and white people in girls and all kinds not giving a fuck, then they don't want you. And you know that. So this me about it. Right. Because I fully believe they had not been together for quite a while. Okay. So Tricia was gonna do him regardless. Even if they weren't together he was still going to be because that clearly who is professional athlete, of course, he's gonna be a home has openly said before that he just loves homeless life living. He loves living for him. Let that man that's what he wants to do. Does. He wants. Whole freedom. He'd been trying to break a loose by blatantly. How it around on you? And you just won't let him go. I believe that they have been together he fully kiss that girl should not have done it. Especially seeing the connection that she already has the family, but Chloe saw this is a this is going to be the moment where I can fully go into victim row. You know, what I'm saying start this up for the next season and destroy to negroes at once. You know, what I'm saying she was not prepared for like, you said was for Jordan to have a platform a pretty respected one at that. With a family that we respect and have respected for longer than y'all. That are also good at things they can do many things they have talent. They're good things. They do the parents as well as the children. They are good at stuff. It sounds it. We'd like them because they provide thing not to mention Jada and just gave Flynn a whole bunch of war. The we like them we do. So you weren't prepared for Jordan because y'all are. So you. Used to go and collecting niggers that you feel like you can easily belittle and the only fuck and platform that they would have is the shade room via their Instagram line. That's right. Not join moves though now with uncle will and Jada because what the fuck and Kris Jenner say Jada or no. Nothing. No nigga will ride. We're fun of you got us. This is Super Mario brothers based. You got a whole bunch of niggers too many levels before you hit that final boss. It's just not happy. You already know that. That's why khloe came back a baby like then day later with the quick cleaner. Nick is came for her after we like, I was I really didn't give a shit about the story. Still don't. But after I saw Jordan like emotional talking about supposed to go to school family can't go outside because people are talking so crazy like I'm you. Like, I'm you half is inciting shape s women. And do you have any room to say anything? No, let's talk to train about the that. You've mopped off Irma fucking. Let's discuss Lauren Lyndon. Let's talk to black China are to amber rose adjusting scar. Tanatshai? Let's pipping fifty God. Damn. Here's didn't you almost lose your bag over your. We all know it. All y'all hoes. Niculae point what Maliki Maliki could whatever you tell you sit down Hollywood diva step up to the front moisturised them tracks. Weren't you? Weren't you bear from from your speeder? 'cause wife told you that you can come member. How you got on the internet at that man got killed in acting acted like you had lost something when he had a whole wife and family. What are you talking girl about all ya Ali, Al Aho's? Let's just talk to Tristan sparse by mama. Let's just talk to her. Let's just. None of y'all hoes who have been dragging Jordan movies have any rhyme. So blown by the Dasan. Like, the nerve Rulli is what really fucks me up off of this shit, y'all art like are so entrenched and obsessed with with with blackness and the access to like a black relevancy and having black kids and all of this shit. But you always want to surround yourself with people that you with black people specifically, but you feel like when you are tired of or if they are your nerves you could easily take them down. You weren't ready for the for this GU like, you weren't ready for Jordan woods to walk in there. Looking good sitting in front of J radical? So pretty and not only do we believe we I let me speak for myself. I don't even give lying. She said lab, she could have done a mother fucking spread eagle and tongue that negative. I still wouldn't give a fuck just because of the history, and I don't like your. And you deserve it. Because look at the do you on your own show talking about people call you a nigga lever all of the day? I just love black car can't over it. But I'm about on. Why not to mention this picture that was just unearthed of you? And these black girls chained up what you dress like a pin? Meghan good now Mary to a preacher. I can only hope that he he just cloud her. Today when it was like, this is what she was on the type of shit. She was doing so. No, where am I trying? For Jordan's have that layer of support for willing to come out and say, we already know how these people are. And we got you no matter what. And then, you know, black folks, we just go rise up outta medically for this little toy. He's just fucking and s bitches and they mid thirties up. And we know you're sitting this you the reason my family broke up like this nigga ain't been trying to break up. What you for months? We're talking about fucking TD Jakes. Saved mega. My goodness. What did you do? We all know, then has been trying to escape for the longest motherfucking time girl, we been if it wasn't Jordan whether it would have been somebody fuck else. But you thought this was going to be something that you could whip into a great story for yourself. You could play the victim, and you wouldn't be as embarrassed to exit out of this relationship because it's very clear that the ninja just don't want to be with you. But she felt like this would be the opportunity to be like, oh my God. Look what these horrible people do all have enough. There's my baby girl you'd better. Go change diapers and love on that beautiful. Dan, leave us the fuck alone feel bad for you. You're still very fucking rich. I don't and you like you lose them. How you get 'em girl. You was hoeing when you got him. I don't give a book you need to worry about why the tip of your birth canal. Smelly Aaron Beck's, and maybe then you in the puss could keep a nigga around longer than six to eight weeks because Lamar saying something you personally, the right something crowd up there and died you ain't rinsed out the crevices yet. And it's still up there for mitten in your shit, girl. Thermal earing seed, less somebody rents yo pussy outs. That's what you need to do. Those are the fucking Dr girl I could press down on your uterus or some give whatever in their out girl, sauteed, airing. You would. I mean, I'm thirty six years old. I cannot imagine blaming a twenty one year old for my relationship ending when my partner was out here willingly giving this dick to anybody. Who would take it for months? Get these hoes the fuck averred. I I can't believe anybody has sympathy for these vicious. I can't I can't even you gotta also you got to be the same type of art. You gotta you gotta be that type of bitch who I never gonna blame. You'll man for fucking up. It's always going to be the woman's fault. And you say the shit like, oh, he's equally to blame. But no girl. He's the one in the relationship that you he is more to blame. But your host be so obsessed with keeping a dick around that you'll never want to admit that or acknowledged you can't say it often. Oftentimes that can be said, especially when it's like a nigger who is like clearly trying to keep access and control and manipulate that same girl who is falling for it and blaming the wrong person whatever, but you're talking about nigga again who was like I would simply like to be removed from this narrative. I just don't want have nothing to do with like if she could just leave me alone. So I could be right. Just not agreeing to do like Tristan and khloe reality show. He ain't trying to go to marriage counseling relationship. There being none of that shit. He's trying to be out here. Fucking as many bad bitches as he can hear you. And all you doing slowing him down. Bay because I doubt he check in too often with her either which is. But I would not be surprised March seconds the very second day of women's history started off, right? This is been an awful week. I know everyone is sick of hearing about. I'm roller coaster, emotions and have said things I shouldn't have honestly tristen cheating on me. And humiliating me wasn't such a shock as the first time. The first time we heard about for the first time it actually happened was harder and more painful as being hurt by someone so close to me someone who might love and treat like a little sister. Would you're not to be blamed for the break-up of my family. This was Tristan's fall have to move on with my life, and count my blessings my family, my health and my beautiful baby. True. That's what you should have said from the very fucking. But that's what you should have just said, and you and one would hope that a thirty four year old grown ass woman with a clearly dog ass nigga would just say that that we would hold that. We commonsense to Elvis, this is y'all file my man that is should I would expect to twenty one year olds to do because y'all young and don't have no God damn sense. But khloe Kardashian is grown. So it just ridiculous all the way around team, Jordan. So you know, Kris Jenner. Dodged into the room with the spooks. Spooks? Do something Chris what let that shit. She would have let them drag Jordan for the rest of eternity if the Smith had stepped in. I really believe well, full absolutely full-fledged, merch and all. Holy card dash in Horta's. And pitchforks. They're also saying Travis sky, you know, he cancelled his recent concert. Rumors of cheating on his mom. Oh, did he. Travis Scott was being faithful. I don't know. What I saw someone on Twitter say that, you know, this goes to show you how a lot of. White women are quote, unquote. Like, I was gonna say exotic I just hate that term so much like racially ambiguous women who either have or by black features. How they feel like they can then Lou fees dog ass niggers in, but they won't be treated and disrespected the way that black women will. And it's just like you you really had thought, and I don't I really don't think that that's the situation in this case, I'm situation for many white women. But I don't think that's situation in this case, I fully think that she was gagged that momma had Jada and her back rocket. Okay. Yeah. No. I mean, but they should have known because the whole reason that family knows her. Because introduced Jordan took eilly. So they should have known that probably gonna open that platform right on come on. Probably don't watch. Well, I mean, you don't have to watch it but bitch, you had you had the wrong meager this time. You know, we went on their Hollywood Shane ever heard of holiday Parker. Did she went on that show? Legit was like clowning, the whole thing craft services and everything like that. Like, okay, everything's slow. This is the fucking heal that you wanna die on AT L. If you know a black dumb ass down really not thinking about that bitch. Like, you are one dumb the flight you say. For the car. Dash in what you are. That's why you leagues always. Oh my gosh. Always off like you such good friends with these bitches, but they can't even put you in touch with whoever is doing hair 'cause they look better than yours. And you need to ask yourself. What that is. So I'm hearing talks that the Jordan crime mean might officially be retiring in twenty nineteen for the R Kelly crime. It's so good one face is a it's a really it's almost cartoonish. Well, and the way he behaved was that it was buffalo niche. Makes this eleven pissing me off or they all out they month when Jordan woods said red say, we'll talk don't want y'all official Russian. Like, I don't wanna have no fucking newborn baby. Dagger read what a what? And watch cheat on you over and over bitch. Putting re. Due to lay. All right. Our galley one else is there even say first of all or even talk about his his before in again, let me just point out. The he got picked up again over you hours ago hundred literally few hours ago, one hundred seventy thousand dollars in back child support for Andrea Kelly's kids. Back in the clink. Go. He's just having a shit time. Because that he has had coming for years and years is showing up, and he and the crazy thing it's like his frustration in Wilding out, it it seems to be because he really thought that he just beat it because he keeps referencing that he beat this case. And y'all can't. It was like you were acquitted. Fine. Gales like, let's be clear like you, presented a bunch of counter evidence and one stand that girl just wasn't willing to testify. And that's why you gotta quit that was it. 'cause they couldn't prosecute you without her testimony. I'm gonna name him. She was like I'm gonna him Joycelyn savvy off names like every single one of them. So all she said, all of these women don't know each other have the same story, and they're all lying on you. Absolutely. And blamed it on social media. Yeah. One you gotta do is type whatever you want to. And if that get any traction, then all of a sudden, you get a book deal and a reality show who has gotten a reality show based off of Mark Kelly. I was racking my brain like what show is this? I don't even know what the fuck. Moore's wife was on Sean VH1.. Why is totally? One hundred percent different. Andrea Andrea, she shouldn't even count in this conversation. Like, that's not the same at all you talking. We're talking about these girls who in the recent past have said are Kelly did these things like. So we just like to. Even outside of those seven we're talking about like in your current case for for specific write these four, right? Are the ones who are like ultra or whatever she's naming these girls who were in the documentary. None of them were dry. Right. So they're all lying. They all just and he really tried to make the bitch went viral on Twitter. And so now, you're about jumping in like, I know them, they're lying like he he kept maintaining all of these women are lying, and I think he's just blown away that because he feels like what the fuck is that so many fucking. Was a lot of close. I was gonna say like my way way past. It's like he is just blown away by the fact that he's in this position. He thought he got away with it. And because he so like easily got away with it too felt like he could continue doing the bullshit, and nobody was going to hold him accountable. He never went. She asked him have you ever slept with like on garage or something like that? Like he danced around that question. I mean, Las there earlier wasn't gonna talk about my other situation because of my new situation, but I just want say that like y'all trying to bring up my pass and make it into now. 'cause you still doing it Negga you still doing it. I just sir Kelly. You know, what after I watched. 'cause I not I watched all three parts of what aired today. I think more is coming out later because it really was a long sit down with and I can. Only imagine the fun. They had editing that he said that I think specifically Joycelyn parents he said that they basically sold her to him. He was like so how come it's only a problem? Now, the not getting paid. And it's like so you're admitting that you were paying these people to lease their daughters like that's not you even realize sex trafficking. You're talking about like, you can't that isn't that isn't legal. You can't do that. You can hold people against fucking wheel. And have these issues through the whole you going going to jail, and I just have I know our Kelly's broke because no lawyer who was getting paid would let you go on TV and talk to Gail K in his publicist came out after he had that full on tantrum. Beduin his head with God on camera. The makeup artist dabbing all that sweating shit. I was like rugged performance. Right. He's like I want them to keep doing this. You can't keep doing this or whatever it was like. Yeah, we're rolling. We're not. Robert Robert elementary school, teachers, I need you to talk to me. Okay. It don't make no sense for you to just be sitting at the camera for hours in her patience. Todd. Other and our care so good. And it's like, it's another part of the reason why the the Michael Jackson documentaries, so difficult for me, bro. Because again, as I said before this is the nigger who first of all our Kelly. I love how he said. There was not one thing one positive thing that will said about me in that in that that documentary or whatever nigga like the first half hour, forty five minutes of it was basically in our Kelly document. It was just like this is where he grew up. He was so brilliant, although the nigger couldn't read or write, and you know, he went through some hard shit. And you know, he was so so smart, and blah, blah, blah, whatever teachers family member like you legit are delusional. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? But. Not only did you have people who did say nice things about you. Most of those people who knew very well either because they have related to you or new you when you were a kid or worked with you from the beginning of your career a lot of times, we're trying to defend you and ended up incriminating you even more simply because how can they not the truth is just the fucking truth. And there's not really much way the dance around that especially since you have dangled the bullshit in front of the phases of people for so long thinking that you could get away with their right versus this. Michael Jackson, MAC out Michael Jackson documentary, which they got some for this should be four motherfucking out. My word only seen part one because I've only gone to the thing. I've only I part too. But that I swear this rough it is it's rough and I feel like again, I don't have. There's nothing blocking me from receiving what could be the truth about Michael Jackson possibly being an abuser. A pedophile the left or any of those things. I would want to know what I'm saying. But it's just harder when Eva Negga dead. So he can't even defend himself. Maybe even possibly doing something like R Kelly just did which is like, ooh. Do you know he's still doing it or even friends or family of him? Like, I don't know. 'cause some of it is like. But then with the it was it was knowing how abuse goes. People who are abused. Oftentimes, do not even know that abuse is what it was like, you can be an adult and realize that what you experience as a child was abused. The whole Wade Robson thing ropes in is it gets very murky because people already don't wanna believe victims. And then when victims turn in one way or another like, the story changes, they become even less credible to people, but this is two different families to different mothers. And these people are giving details that man still has the ring from the play wedding that they that he had with Michael Jackson like that is deeply disturbing. These stories are incredibly disturbing, and I just I will say that as an adult, and especially looking at the first part of this as much as I have been a fan of Michael Jackson, all my life. There are certain things that I'm not like, I don't know how you can watch that and be like them kids lying or those those people these two boys have invented this experience that they had. I just don't really especially when you look at. How what Michael Michael Jackson did could so easily? Be your maimed as grooming. Like you brought these people on tour with you. You like opened up your home to them. It was this huge as like amusement park as place where parents and kids could easily be separated for a long time because the parents are wandering around like holy shit on Michael Jackson's house. My kids are fine. You know, playing with the fucking toy donkeys or whatever. All the time like the audio recording. Where Wade was interviewing Michael. And he was like, you know, what was the best part about being wherever they came from Michael Jackson said being with you. And he was like when are you happy is he like, how do you feel when you're onstage and Michael's PIN on onstage is like being at home? I could live on stage, and I'm just happiest when I'm on stage. And when I'm with you, and I'm like what adult says the switch. I'll it's creepy. You know, you listen to it now as an adult and knowing that things I know about abuse and about abusers. It's like I can't just dismiss that. As people hating on Michael Jackson, arcade, bad stuff, though. It's always been. It's always been like, I think for a lot of people especially fans is like it's is it is creepy is criminal. Well, the things that they talk about their situation criminal like the Michael Jackson jacked off look to me from behind, and you know, performed performed on him that is criminal. But it's like I mean, we have a tape of R Kelly doing it. That's a huge difference. Like we haven't seen Michael Jackson shore. But I don't know. It's just it's it's it's it's harder. It's rougher for me to like process that than than like this with our Kelly or whatever. But I can't say that. I don't believe either one of them. It's just the way that that whole thing was produced to me was difficult. It was it was hard not. I mean, because it's incredibly disturbing and I'm fully prepared for it to be disturbed, right? But also just because of the way that it's produced. I just wish that there was more to it. I just wish there was more. Like, I just wish there was just a little bit more inside. Better information from like all aspects to really get like, well, I don't know because I feel like this was supposed to be the story of the victims and their families like it wasn't really supposed to be this. Well, rounded like you decide you know, how you feel about it type of production. It was supposed to be. This is the truth of what happened to us. Now. Of course. I don't know for a fact whether what they are saying is true. But I will say the details that they gave made me extremely uncomfortable. And a lot of the things that I 'cause I remember the first trial people were like, oh, Michael Jackson's just weird. Michael jackson. You know, he sell fucking famous. Of course, he's weird. And I'm like, yeah. Of course, he is weird. I will give you eccentric and like different, but who who invites ten year old boys sleep in the bed with him. Ten year old anybody nobody in their right mind wants to share a bed with kids because kids sleep fucking crazy. Like, nobody wants to share. Nobody invites kids into the bad. Like if you are sharing a bed with a kid. It's because you have to. Not because you want to. So the fact that he even asked like tried to separate this boy from his mama as she had to be like, no, you're not spending the night of Michael Jackson's book room. What like this is? No, you're not doing that. But so it was just for me. It was like. A lot of details that made me uncomfortable and made me and part of that discomfort is acknowledging that, you know, Michael Jackson, the legend. There's a very strong possibility that this man was not you know, what we may have thought he was or is not is flawed in a way that most of us find deeply deeply problematic because we're all fucked up in one way or another sure touching on kids crosses the line with society. We're most of a famous man does it. And then a lot of y'all we'll turn around and Cape for that nigga. No matter how much evidence there is. There is a difference there. As far as the Michael Jackson case versus the R Kelly case, we will serve much more there to like there's so many more people coming out about our Kelly. There's so many more witnesses. But I just definitely like a lot of the people. This is fucked a lot of the people besides. I think it was like one of Michael Jackson's nieces a lot of the people who have been coming forward and speaking out specifically against the way, Robson their reasons for saying not to believe him every time like I think Darrin Henson or somebody just posted the video was like, you know, he's I've always questioned his his morals and stuff like that. Because he's done this than he's denied knowledge of the things. Like, none of that. None of that means that he would be Aligarh like, but he said that he was a drug addict. Or like, he saw him one time making out with his sister somewhere or whatever. And I was like that. I mean, okay, not great things. But that doesn't mean that he wasn't abused especially as a fucking kid things. Could be connected, and how do you even if even if you do think that about Wade Robson, how do you just discredit the other boys entire experience like east saying the same should happen to him? So it's like come on man like ago. I don't I didn't like it either. But it is hard work. I mean, it is what it is. And there are no idols like it's another reminder to not put these elaborately up on some kind of godly pedestal because they are human beings, especially. Celebrities to that magnitude are often more flock to than the rest of us. Can't imagine. I mean and being famous time that your four and Michael Jackson and R Kelly are both victims of abuse severe abuse. They are both. And it just doesn't when Gail brought that up to our Kelly that whole segment where they talked about his sexual assault us when my heart broke because she was saying, you know, it's well documented that this happened to you in your childhood. Do you think that's had an effect on you? He said absolutely not. And she said Robert nigga, please be serious. And then he was like, I guess it has, but, you know, not in the way people might think I don't I don't think I don't even with R Kelly again, I don't even think that there's like an act I think he genuinely is believing things that he's saying I think he's that deep in his trauma to where the world he has created is the real ones are Kelly's world. He's really not doing the wrong. Truly believe that he thinks that I really think R Kelly needs some comes out and the things help it does he says done him and him very clearly being so emphatic, and like, and and it's like sticking to it's so hard. It's like maybe you don't even see like you're actually digging deeper hole for yourself. But you don't realize that because you don't think that you're wrong in any of that situation. But you are and you gotta deal with the consequences that you're doing, and and again, I believe that you don't think you're wrong because you've been supported in it and you've gotten away with it for such a long time because it was treated as something to hide especially very early on. It was free to like this is something that is wrong. You know? So now you like, oh, well, I beat my case. Clearly, this should is. Okay. Nop brass how that works influence and fame is absolutely have to beat that case as well. And you knew that you said the whole should up. So like you traumatize. Heart little boy who never had the opportunity to deal with what happened to him. And then you come into a whole lot of money a whole lot of fame. A lot of massage Andy cosmos, straight men are building they come with it. The society supports it, reinforces it. So you probably already like even these who ain't rich. Don't think women are are people to be like. At least not respected on the same level. As men. It's like that's most men that's the treatment of most women that we are sub part of men. So you add in all that other shit that are Kelly had going on. And it's basically the same recipe as as Michael Jackson, maybe not the sexual assault. But what Joe did to them kids? Like, I know it's been a lot of jokes about that. But that was fuck up when they went through is absolutely. Where the whole I mean, that's where the whole Netherlands. She came from the whole whole, you know, fair's wheels in roller coasters and all that stuff and the weird shit with the kids, and it's just it's really fucked up to Taft to even think about that type of stuff, but it it's just again like I'm not gonna sit up here via like now. Michael Jackson will do. Kid and thinking like, no, that's that's that's we're. But like a lot of other people thinking, well, maybe Jackson's just weird just because he likes kids sleeping in his bed with him. Doesn't mean he's doing anything bad with them. But like yes, again now being thirty one years old and looking at these things of watching it. It's just like I do wish that we could have gotten a little bit more deeper in into it. But I see what you're saying in terms of this particular particular, and even when he said when the director or whoever said it before like you find about Michael Jackson. It's about Wade and about James, I think. And it's so like, I even for I that I was like what do you mean? Like now, I get it. But seeing the clips of them as children like being so excited to get on stage and dance with Michael Jackson and all that. And then hearing the ways that he talked to them like like when when Jimmy's mama was like, you know, I prayed that some big break would come or whatever Michael was like a so wild because you know, I prayed to have a friend and then Jimmy came into my life. It's like nigga that on the fight. Remo? She's like it. When in the moment, she was like, oh, wow. You know, divine intervention the universe is bringing these things together. And now, it's like, oh, so you like where you praying for the new companion is with that was like in hindsight, it just all is very it's very I mean, but you know, recipes to bubbles, but he had several monkeys. She, you know, she says she would just hang out with the chimps while they went off and did whatever. The the whole thing about being deep in a closet where there were multiple doors. Yeah. Yeah. It is uncomfortable. So, but I feel like a lot of people don't wanna talk about the the situation. Like, these are very nuanced conversations that you have because abusers absolutely have to be held accountable. But a lot of people who are abusers were also abused and they deserve to heal from their trauma. They do. They also deserve to be punished for inflicting trauma on others. But Carrozza therapy. I truly doubt that prison has the budget to provide accurate. Therapy. Everybody in it group. Well, circle I mean, but are Nichols really getting together in group therapy in prison in talking about how they were violated sexually as children is I feel like if you show vulnerability like that imprison in my it may open risk say a therapy visitation, you know, we don't take care of people like that. We just punish them, and you deserve to be punished for touching little kids. But like you also like R Kelly is standing in desperate deep thick asks Meade of some real help on right? And I honestly think he is too deep in his trauma to get out of it. Because he thinks he really thinks everybody else in the world is conspiring. It again gal was like so everybody is lying. Just everybody is lying everybody. Why why do so many women? Why are so many women you that they would do something like that? What does those make it make sense robber? Yeah. So stand up on them to feed the guard west I watched I watched that Michael Jackson documentary was like e oh this is fucking growth. I moved that was I I was fully prepared to come out on the other side of that feeling by on comfortable, and like not knowing how to feel and things like that. I was completely open to it and stuff like that. I thought that I was going to have a harder time like maybe buying it. And I'm not even sure why maybe that is just the the bias of it being a famous person or whatever. And also because you know, I I think most of us do have that it is important to be aware of it or whatever. But watching it and having the similarities and stuff like that. Protective of our black. Celebrities. We are. Yeah. Yeah. People in general. Like a lot of people saying that the reason they didn't believe are. 'cause it was black women. I'm kinda the opposite of that of Mavericks. From the very beginning because you are black automatic did. And you know, as far as like my own opinions, and and being an adult now, the fact that Michael Jackson's victims were not black boys or black girls or anybody other than I had never seen anybody other than than white boys site, something maybe I missed, you know, I don't really remember victims on I think for a lot of black people that probably helped to to be like, oh, you know, why folks I always trying to bring us down and take Nick true. So it's it's it's before, you know, at this age, I can't act like I don't. Believe victims. 'cause unless your story is just wild inconsistent crazy than I just don't. These are they had too many details when he pulled up that little ring, and it wouldn't even go like it was a child sized ring. I was like all I am fully disgusted at this point. So how I mean, but Jackson is no longer. Here are Kelly is that's why I'm choosing to focus on that nigga. 'cause got the go things believe in Michael Jackson's gotta have a I mean. Yeah. You wall to but somebody is over. The one who still year poor Gail had to go to Trump Tower an interview him. Yeah. All my gosh. I forgot that. That's where the niggle is Trump Tower. I was like yo one right to another. Oh god. I know. Gail? Girl, ho spirit. Where can we say? Can we Gail basket? She had to go sit in one of Oprah's hot springs and her body. Like on they'll the where you go in the hospital. Damn. She said that what in our heart started coming back due to do. Did you see the game of thrones truly? I'm thinking, I'm worried Mark. I don't aria was looked like she was crying running let on her face like. Oh this right. No this like how they will kill anybody. They don't care. They will kill anybody. I'm not ready. Going to sit on the iron. I don't know. I kind of feel like it's going to be the Babich. Why Walker the Nike? I kind of think is. You know, what I think I just wanted. Than than want wanted to be. Well, if it's I would like it to be either our yard the night. I would like it to be anybody. But sir c or the night. Definitely not really seriously. I I would I would be surprised if sir does not die. But she's not going to be like just sitting on there. Okay. If she makes it out alive in the end actually wouldn't be too shocked by that. Because she's kind of like, she's the villain that like you. She's smart you hate but have a tiny bit respect for. I mean, I do because she is so willing to kill anybody. Just make a point she loved her bad bitch levels are just kind of match our own daughter-in-law. She's like I'll kill hopeful could fill care. Don't mean. Nothing to me to go. Because how dare y'all embarrassed me even though I deserve to be in better. Like this cold blooded bits until my head. You are awful. I'm thinking either thrown I would live for aria sitting on the throne with about her side or the night carrying. I think the night king being like finally did like we got here. Handy, especially kind of oh, she's die. Yeah. Russia make it like four Taylor swift of of west the row slow. Was fucks. She's just like little miss white privilege. You got all these black and Brown heading. I'm hating biz accurate for you to stop talking. Your nephew are ankle. I nephew. Closer to nephew nephew. Yes. Nephew. I think. No. But then that might not stop like scratch. There is big. They love it. You're some stupid. I can't fucking wait for that for April. Something April fourteenth or some very. Yeah. I think that's like around the corner. I'm shaking ready not and it's going to be a shorter season two. Right. So everything is going to happen, probably gonna pack. So quickly. The bloodshed. I just all right. I'm gonna have to different rooms screening game of thrones. When it comes back one is for people who like to talk at the TV and one is people who liked to just watch. You gotta have two TV's because the talking at the TV crowd will piss off the bitch. Just let me watch it. So. We so why so Oldham drag? His mother drag drag you what? Blue. I don't care. No, don't bring your. I never seen the show before. And I love to ask questions during the movie as girlfriends nobody's game of thrones watch parties, please two years. We'll get out. It's not even at loan HBO. Now HBO just that you can sign up HBO independently of anything else at this point. And she'll go binge-watching just because this is insane. One season is more than ten episodes. I and I really don't understand. How people are like when is the show going to pick up when the interesting I thought it got interesting the moment that brother and sister pushed the boy out the fucking win cop them fuck, and I'm like that ain't drought was a pretty immediate gag. But I was just saying yesterday like people warned me when I started watching game of thrones. I like season two was getting ready to wrap up. But people wanted me it starts a little bit slow. I'm already into the whole fantasy games. Whatever. I mean, look at me. So you know, I was already kind of into the story by the time Ned had gone back to the where much MacAulay and was like working for the canyon shed. I was getting into the story but spoiler alert three to one when they cleaved. Knickers head off that was saying that's when I was I just had this station yesterday. I said, oh, that's this that they don't give any fucks red wedding. No nigga 'cause I fully thought Ned stark was like main character six seasons of this too. And they were like no by in front of his baby. I was like oh in front of both of them. Right. Scientists area was there, right? And then it was like, what is the family do that anyways? Yeah. It's a lot like the us anyway, very excited for primed and ready for game phone, right? That was hot top end. I don't know how we get away with this everybody. What the fuck hardtops new Jack city, you'll take breaking would come back. 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We may just read them aloud on the show. Our first question this week comes from. Cherub cherub cherub says here's a quick summary. My man fuck, my friend gave me her as TD. Whoa. Oh. We've broken up, but I still live with him. And I haven't confronted my friend yet. I started dating this man back in two thousand sixteen and he was pretty much perfect. We've discussed marriage linked in October of last year, we moved into a new apartment with both of our names on the lease. It's a luxury building inexpensive as DC. So the rent is steep. I'm sure it is. But together we can comfortably afford it. The problem is that one of us needs to get the fuck out of this verb explode. I'm sure my best friend invited me to her house a couple of weeks ago saying she needed to tell me something important. I was barely out of my co before she said karma guy. Good. I thought somebody else's man. And now have STD, man. I sat with the bitch. Like, it was Christmas couch trying to calm her down as she battled her guilt and rage. I was listening to her cry about Heim bears. She wasn't how much she needed to grow from this. She also described her symptoms in detail though. She wouldn't tell me who the man was a few days later, I started showing symptoms similar to those. She described this is to me because my boyfriend, and I had just gone tested two months ago. And to my knowledge, I was in a monogamous relationship. Ship. Once I start recognizing the symptoms. Confronted my boyfriend he denied it at first, but Iran ran up and down department until he confessed the cherry on top was him showing me text between him and my best friend confirming that he slept with her. After some acts. I'm not exactly proud of. I broke up with him. Let's talk about the she didn't go into detail. But it sure they were violent or destructive. The problem of courses that we still live together, our landlord denied, my requests to sublet. Neither one of us can afford to break the lease nor can we afford to move out and pay two different rents. I can't sneak anyone in as a subletter because security is intense. And they would recognize the new person coming in every day. I also have to figure out how to deal with my quote best friend in quote. I'm so enraged having to look this in the face every day makes it so much worse to top it off. She still tries to hang out and play nice while he's constantly trying to apologize and fuck like we didn't both just finish the horse this nigga. What of the blood clot? I o r you everyday I'm getting closer to just beating everybody's ass. Please help cherub. Happy in. I just got jammed. A lot happened. I don't know what you're going to do about this apartment. Yeah. Because you said is a luxury building. So it makes sense that security knows everybody who lives there, the landlord said. I hope you're at least it's only one year. But even if it is one year, that's still the most you gotta go through October. Like, y'all just signed it. I don't know you might just have to can you really not can you? Damn in both the on the least. So you can't just leave him and be like fuck, you you paying it. Like this. That was a Joe. And you would probably still have to pay you after? The finance proper. I just yeah. You all of the options. I would've given you you've already tried and got shut down. I don't know where I don't know. What to do y'all? You're gonna boundaries you're going to need boundaries. Some bright yellow tape right down the middle favor. Saying into what the fuck is wrong with this like this like what you cheated on me with my best friend and gave me an TD. And like, okay, we're gonna get the pussy. Okay. But no, you cannot because for the reasons I just gave are you? You're lucky that you still have your skull. And you are over here talking to me about sex. Yeah. I would I would treat him like any other roommate that you stay just basically we're able to do. Yeah. The fact you can't move out and pay your half of the rent plus rent in a whole new place. Landlord won't let you out right? This is a nightmare flation blow. I read this. This is why you never moved in with a negative. But I just but that's not it's not supposed to be like that. You're not supposed to be like I closed myself off from upper -tunities because they don't know how to act, but you're safe. Like what the fuck here. You are getting down raw because you're in a monogamous relationship. So you just enjoying your guy, Dan life. And now we it's because. No. Because this nigga fuck your rained. You have to confront your friends. She doesn't even know, you know, you have to tell her best advice to the dragon. That I can that. I know how to do and her now, you can't will it's still assault. But I would be highly inclined to beat her. I would at the very least open mouth say to her. I'm I'm fighting hard. Not to knock you got a good ass job. I can't have no fun. Otherwise, I would. To be saying. You deserve to say outlet. Honestly, everyday you to cuss them the fuck out. But this is just this is a terrible situation. It really sucks, but yes, your friend. First of all the nerve of this bitch to a fucking Egger be give you whatever. Assuming the CD started with our whatever like the nervous all over the place man to come to you knowing that she donated and basically confessed without confessing. She has to be dragged excommunicated, and and we're talking about ASEF Jolie. So that should should happen happen quick. I'm really confused as to why you haven't done this already, but I would publicly honestly, I would put it on every social media platform in tag has all of them all of them and don't let me be with your family. I'm tagging them too. But that's the type of petty table bitch that I just don't necessarily. I'm not saying that I'm not saying do that. I'm just saying I don't have a problem with what you just said. I think it's a good idea thing is something I would do. But yes, as far as the negative she live with I guess like crystal said, unless some of the beautiful people listening at home, I wanna give some advice. I I would suggest the same thing. Because I can't think of should I would treat that nigger like. Roommate I hate, and I would also very clearly say to him. I hate you. I cannot stand you don't speak to me unless it is an absolute emergency. I e the home is on fire. My not my nose is gushing blood. And I don't know. Right. Like any if you are in any danger. You can keep yourself, right? If you having any reason figure it out, but other than that, like don't talk to me don't come over here. Like, treat me as the way, I treat you which is where. Where did you? I wanna have nothing to fuck to do. And if you wanna know why ask your genitals. Well, I mean, I don't know. I can't think of any. I mean, that's really it. I would see if maybe you can get the lock on your bedroom door my God. I just thought I assume they had a two bedroom apartment. But what if they don't it ain't no way y'all in the same behalf that we have another girl. Y'all have got to move. You can't sleep in the same bed with this. I'm assuming since it wasn't said that there has to be another room. Yeah. I'm praying y'all had a two bedroom in so one of you is just moving into the other room. Get like the kind of lock on the door where you have your own Katya room because I wouldn't trust that nigga. Let me tell you some bad. Oh, if we had one bedroom I will tell that nigga that he has to sleep on the couch. Then. The window gone replaced the couch with the casket. All that. How would have like rules for when he could be in. The y'all have to divide up the common areas. Like, I had the kitchen from four to six you can have it from six thirty to eight thirty. I'm watching TV these days that we will not be watching game with thrones together, go to somebody else's house. You have to you have to have rules and boundaries and stick to them until you can get out. But God damn this is terrible. All his fault. And there were several people we had like three or four letters this week from people who are like I moved in with my boyfriend. And now we need to break up. And I can't get out. The least I'm like, wow. Is it is it the time of year? Nigga can tell me about the spring forward is about to get warm outside. They issue into be angle. They only interesting shit. Our parents grandparents don't like checking out well that in because y'all get pregnant, but it's got a lot to do it. 'cause then you end up in some shit like this. I'll be damned if I move even like, they break they breaking up because they don't like each other or, you know, one of them just won't wash their fees completely disrespected you and every possible where you concur with your best fucking friend. And now, you gotta go down to the fucking CVS pharmacy girl picks shitter, we're not doing this ridiculous tease. Sis. Our next question comes from Donnie who says I'm gay black man in the Bronx Donnie fake. It's fake. I've been seeing this guy for the past three months, I'm twenty one and he's thirty one Bronx. He lives Tim minutes away. So we hang out very often like two or three times a week sometimes more during that time we've been on three dates and spend the rest of our time indoors talk in drinking wine smoking weed and watching Martin or golden golden girls. We had a talk that I initiated last month about becoming exclusive and he agreed. We never explicitly talked about leading Jack to but on my end. I did assumed he did as well girl. And this is where you fucked up now how he's twenty one the negatives. Thirty one. Factor to last week. No harm enough. I was out with some friends and one of them stumbled upon his profile. Of course, this was online fifteen minutes ago. I was already drunk. So I waited till the end of the night to sober up. So Wednesday anything drastic calm you. So later, I texted are you still on jacked I am. But I'm differently with things like that all explained later, please. Don't. Because it's not what you think. I'm sorry. If that wasn't the answer you were expecting we met up two days after that. And he didn't bring up the topic. When I did he danced around it. And then give a straight answer on why he still has the app he said that he doesn't meet people on it. And that I should see read messages. He has still didn't answer the question. But fine, we took a nap. We took a nap. A now. Okay. Right. I'm like something that we've missed the key detail. Like, all right. You didn't my question? Let's lay down. Don't know. Where will we woke up? I brought it back up and said I understand that your intentions may be different on problem with letting. Charlotte. But. People on at may not know that in probably have other intentions. So I prefer that you just delete it. He says he understood, but he still didn't delete the app. Maybe he he deleted later, home or something. But it really only takes a second factor. We're supposed to have dinner and go to movie Friday, but I can't shake up. I don't feel like I have. I don't feel like I have to literally beg this negative delete it then again, I understand that. He's clearly jaded from past relationships. He could probably still have cold feet about exclusively. I'm willing to be accommodated as needed. But that only stretches on it's really the principal at this point. Should I leave it up to him and hope that he deletes the app because I really don't see the point of still having it if he claims it's wasted space on his phone. What should I do any advice is appreciate it? Thanks love. You does Donnie should leave any good for long war? Just accept that nigger is putting his degree. He wanted to. He's not he's not exclusive friend national boyfriend, and you baby. I get you know, I'm thirty one. I remember twenty one. And I also remember filling lying. Oh, I Don meta. And he's so cute and we own the color of our fence. He wants three kids. I could go for four. All that dumb shit. You know what I'm saying? Right. These nichols. I first of all, I don't know. Exactly. I don't know what the fuck. He wants to twenty twenty one year old. Yeah. Again, different strokes. Immediately was like the fact that you're twenty one to me just fire there solidifies, my belief that you are somebody. He is fucking and not his boyfriend. The the Jack thing is like even more evidence on top of that. Like, if this you brought up the conversation about being exclusive. And he was like, yeah. Okay. Sure. But they got rid of dating app a hookup at the Knicks are all the differently on. He moved out. You moved with the app is about sex. It's about hooking up when it gets this about dating like there's no plan. If you. I'm be the biggest freak on them. Let me tell you something like that is not deleting that app because he does not want to delete because he wants to see whatever is out there that is not you sexually dating wise, whatever. Now again, you're young. So you can continue to to to mess with this dude, if you want to, but I'm gonna just, you know, from from child of traina tell you I'm just like, you know, like continuing to fuck with him you better. Do you re town load them other fucking nap? If that's what you wanna do whatever get right? The fuck back on there and act like you are you know, young and and and available out here, and you can do whatever the fuck you want because he's fully doing whatever. The fuck you want and probably like taking advantage of the fact that you are young and don't wide and probably don't know, no goddamn better, and he could easily just say whatever the fuck to you. And you're going to believe it because you are desperately trying to believe. Then they could not deleting because he wants to keep his dick. And not just what you hey, let's ten minutes away. And you only see each other twice a week that's much man. That's not your man. And if he is jaded from pass relationships, you are not going to fix him. You do not have the capability, and it is not your responsibility. I don't know where he said that. I mean, maybe he is. But I didn't hear anything from his letter. That makes me feel like he might be draining. I mean, he probably he probably honestly when you first started talking was like, I mean, you know, been through. I heard a lot of times, you know, I trust to somebody. And they this this is so, you know, it's just real difficult for me to be close to open up to people, but he probably laid all that game ground work. So that you could so that you would know when it came to some shit like this that he has issues, but you're not going to fix his issues, and it isn't your job like you just need to find somebody else to occupy your you need to not show mad Jerry back out there and find somebody else to play with and have a good. Everybody's time. You even got to remove him from. You don't even have to remove naked from your back pocket. But if you don't keep him there, you'd better pip the fuck out of this shit and stop acting like he's for you. Because he's very clearly the fuck not. And he's told you in many ways at this point. So believe has s before you end up at your feelings for real for her. Hey, man because he act like have. No. But I didn't. But but. Are you acting? Old. Mega you haven't. Talking. I'd need some dick. Why haven't you deleted the? I'm looking for some big app because he's still looking for like the answer be right on the faces in you just don't wanna believe it. But it's right. Spare bless you. Twenty one years old. I would have ignored a lot. I did. Lutely. That's why I'm telling you. I'm telling you. So you won't be dumb like years, you're gonna look back on this. And and be like girl. All right. Thanks. Okay. Last question comes from logistics. She says. I'm a twenty six year old. I am married to my loving wife. Who is also twenty six we met in the restaurant in industry seven years ago. I've been a kitchen manager for five years, I make forty six K annually, and if you don't know about the industry in it is very demanding with extremely long yesterday. I'm scheduled to work fifty five hours a week. But I probably work more like sixty to sixty five all I do is working sleep. I go nowhere. My wife works in retail as a manager. She makes eleven dollars an hour. She works on average twenty five to twenty nine hours a week. Her job is very demanding as well while I put up trucks of food. She unloads from Suren home to core. So both of them have very physically taxing jobs, my wife, and I try to have a baby using fertility specialist via are you? I my work insurance doesn't cover infertility. So every time we go to the doctor. We have to pay out of pocket, which is very expensive. Motion. I man once we begin the process we found out early on my wife has PC LS. It is harder for women who have this condition to have children. But it is not not impossible. We tried for multiple cycles. But it never happened for us as a stud. I am fully aware that. Yes, I am still a woman with breasts and of China my cycles are always on track and on time. So I told my wife who really wanted to carry our child that we will try as long as she wants. But if she's tired of the heartbreak than I am more than happy to carry the baby. I sorry. I lost track of more than happy to carry our baby. But I would like to change my career before I do my wife took that and ran with it. We have tried the first round we haven't tried again. Because now for her it seems like the only way we will have a child is if I carry our baby that may be true. But my only problem is I do not want to be pregnant and work in the field. I am now working twelve to fifteen hours a day putting up trucks every week. My body is already shot, and I cannot imagine being pregnant and trying to do all the same thing. I feel fucker. Okay. I've tried to find a different job outside the restaurant industry that I'm qualified for that would pay what I make now. But nowadays, you need a degree or experience. True. We own our home so me being pregnant and not working will not be an option since I am the breadwinner. We would not make it. My wife is trying to get pregnant. She did not wanna work through her pregnancy. She wanted to stay at home mom, but to her, but that is an option with me to her my job should accommodate me. If I was to become pregnant, However, I work in a male dominated industry. I'm a black female lesbian surrounded by white men in this industry. I have to prove to myself. I have to prove myself to everyone in order to move up a free. Afraid that being pregnant will make them think. I can no longer do my job. Because man who can right. I live in South Carolina, which is a right to fire state. So they could very much say that my work was unsatisfactory, and let me go again, I have no problem carrying out child. But this is not how I wanna do it. I have so much weight on my shoulders from being the breadwinner. I take my wife. I take take care of my wife. I take care of our home. If I can't have all those things, then I have sacrificed for nothing I've missed holidays and birthdays because of work, I don't wanna miss out on any more life. How do I tell my wife that I will not be pregnant and working fifty five hours plus week? How do I tell her that? I will not put myself or our baby through that. Would you ask your future wife to do the same risk not being selfish? I only spend our money on bills. I have no personal life. I hate my job at our fused to be the one always sacrificing please help. I just wanna know if I'm wrong. Thank you. Sorry. This is so long. I have no one else to turn to. Logistic? All right. So another sticky situation. I mean, she's other both twenty six right? Yeah. Which is still pretty yeah. Still pretty young the female body can be biologically unforgiving in this case. Yeah. PC OS is a bitch. I have struggled with it as well. And it does decrease the number one cause of infertility issues in women. So. Maybe you can just discuss with first of all bovi on the fair pay not to sound like it's not like your world, towns earth shattering or not. But it definitely sounds like you're both working very hectic jobs, and then on top of that you wanna have a kid in. You're already struggling with difficulty because of her condition. So there you go to things imen-, you you black. You're gay you work with a bunch of white people. And even if you were like, all right? I'm gonna get pregnant at work that you have to deal with a whole bunch of people probably asking you a whole bunch of questions about that. You know, they are. So I would say maybe if you can right now, I I would probably talk to your wife about just waiting a little bit to at least put a plan together. And if you I mean, I don't remember if she said how long they had been trying with her. But I get that. That's a whole like difficult situation. Together, you know, and that's not something you're on continuously put yourself through. But you know, I think that you're you're completely spot on and not wanting to put yourself through that mentally. But also physically like, you gotta healthily carry this baby or you know, however long and in that kind of environment. It's it does. It sounds like it would be fucked. So maybe you can at least talk to someone to gather who can sort of help you with like the emotional part of it. As well. As maybe even coming up with a plan on how you might be able to exit or transition jobs into something that would be more accommodating for you to carry a maybe, but you know, twenty six I think is you should at least have some time to come up with an idea of how to make this work. Like, I don't I don't know. How quick I'm sure you're listening. So you probably wanna focus tomorrow. But, you know, come up with a little a blueprint at least. So you you at least have like a guideline to go back to and in terms of how to make this whole thing work. Yeah. So I just reading this and seeing how frustrated you got at the very end, you know, saying that put you in your body and you'll bay foot down. I will not be the one always sacrificing. And. Yeah, it was different when your wife was going to be the one to get pregnant because she makes so much less that she could have become a stay at home. Mom. She won't you could have you could have covered. The Bill y'all can't live off her salary. So she really has to I would say, you know, you have to sit down and be like, look it. It can't be both ways. Like, you haven't fertility issues that sucks, but it's nothing we can do about P C O S right now, or at least nothing that's not gonna cause the whole bunch of money. We don't have. Because again, this isn't covered by insurance in shape. Probably don't have insurance at her job. So I can't like is. We just need to go ahead and put the pause on this whole baby making thing until we get an a place where I have the type of career where I can do that. Like, I don't you already be way better than me by volunteering to carry this child knowing how ignorant people are going to act when they see a pregnant stud like you are already better than me for that. So I just want you to know that you're not being unreasonable, but not wanting to put you in your body through that like old that that kind of heavy physical labor, your doctor will tell you not to do. Miscarriage even especially in the first few doctor will tell you. Wanted to the doctors don't tell you the baby will because she wanted to control over your body. No more moves in that baby. Will tell you when bitch. Stretcher. Make you throw up a bit today. Anyway, anyway, this shit tonight. You are laying down eating Mila way for them watching MSNBC on night comfy. Probably another reason. I would definitely suggest all considered therapy death because of that. Because even if even if your wife is like, okay, cool. Let's wait a little bit. And until things I I don't know her but trying to put myself in that position. I would probably feel kind of. I would just feel fucked up that it's like we're waiting in. Because I I'm having trouble. You know what I'm saying? Like, we can't we can't really act on this right now. Because not only am I physically incapable of carrying this baby right now, our our it's harder for me to because she's not necessarily incapable. She said, it's not impossible. Right. But but it will because it's longer for her to get pregnant, right? She can't get pregnant like I could just imagine that being something that my fuck with the mind a little bit. And you definitely want to at least both be on the same page and at peace with the situation at the moment. Because it definitely doesn't mean that you won't be parents definitely doesn't get beautiful kids together. This is tricky situation at the moment. But you I think that especially since you both have a hectic lifestyle. I think it's important for you. At least have the peace of mind surrounding the situation. So that you can accurately plan how to move forward. There's no resentment possibly anywhere. Nobody feels. Depressed or guilty or anything like that. Just simmer all of that. So it's situation situated in safe. And then you can get a plan together for y'all to start having motherfuckers. You know, drinking milk out utilities and running up bills. And all that stuff. Wanna do the great thing about being in a same sex relationship is that you can absolutely plan when you do straight people just? And let me tell you. As Beth how I know. God love Lee. Looking at all Brian family. I will. I'm ready. I'm a choose to just be out here where I gotta deal with this pitch forever. So appeared on the stick. And here we fucking turns out. You can't just pull up Kansas out. I mean, sometimes they don't just pull out but making happy. I would say take advantage of the fact that y'all get a plan it's not gonna accidentally get pregnant soldiers to sit down together as a couple and be like, what do we what changes? Do we need to make in our lives? Twenty six plenty young as far as fraternities concerned for you. Anyway, what do we need to adjust in this household? So that next year we can revisit this whole pregnancy conversation where the unit to be looking for work. Is there some kind of training you can go through and then you can get a job. Maybe that makes more money like has she get her like whatever she's interested in does. She like hair does she like nails like does she want to do migrating like all kinds of stuff? You don't have to go to college college. Like, you can learn something, and then turn that into a career like whatever y'all need to do in order to kind of even out the income. So that you not carrying so much of the low because it's not fair that you don't have no life at all. Because all you do is work to support the two of y'all like you deserve to breathe and enjoy some things as well. So. So I would just say, you know, take advantage of the fact that John not going UCS her go a baby and plan the shit out. So yeah. And always therapy therapy is recommended to everybody in every situation at all times, especially if you have melanin because you should just different feed. It you should just be good. We should be able to just charge it under our our acres our meal that we also get any doctor. Honestly, they should just be look at Jimmy Lai. Have you spoken to someone yet is making sure you're good should just be required. And they ask you for your insurance. Like, you could Bill it to reparations, you could just go right on head and send that to the federal government. They own me. You just cry. Blaby was would be able to do that. So good luck to you. Jessica that's rough. But I I know you can get through it. Yeah. Community wise shitting like to to for you. And for today was just so les biens. Yes. So cute. All right. Send your questions to ask the read edgy, mail dot com. We will be right back. Also, today's show is also being brought to you by grasshopper knowing how to code is becoming a central today's job market. But where do you start? If you're contemplating a career change trying to be affective in your current role or just curious to learn new scale, try grasshopper because the coating app for beginners is built by Google engineers, and it's completely free. In fact, it was named one of fast company's best new apps of twenty eighteen with fun puzzles. Take about five minutes complete. 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Go to talk base dot com and use code read to get forty five dollars off your first month. That's talk space dot com code are year. D take care of your mental health y'all let's wrap up the show. Okay, sir back. It's time for the read. I'm just going to start us off here because I am going to pass my read. You too. So this we. Ever read here from Maxine Shaw, she has somehow a once a little help from his here. She says she's calling herself Maxine because she always has the time and this week I do to some says twenty something year old woman, and a marketing professional who's just trying to make it in this crazy s world, and my profession. I tried to be I try the best of my -bility to be personable. But most importantly professional long story short my job as quarterly events with our board members, which are strictly for networking purposes. Connected with all of the board members feeling ten personal, Email, etc. Now still loosely use Lincoln. That's nice. I think the professionals you're like, yeah. Big corporate linked to for over one of the board. Members contacted me via personal Email, and I didn't think anything of it because I just viewed it as someone trying to build a networking relationship. 'cause again that was the purpose of the whole in the first place and true. Fuck boy form this old ask why man founded in himself to ask. Me if I wanted to have a quote sexual relationship, or if I just wanted to keep it, quote professional so three screaming emojis, followed by motherfucker. What posed you to even fix your mouth to even think that you even have the right to ask me that question. Three more screaming emojis, your bitch ass must be stuck on stupid. If you think about to be your should Avery three more screaming movies. This is the reasons why rape culture is so alive, and well and never really went away. Because motherfuckers like you best believe I already have a meeting set with HR in the morning. Get the entire fuck outta here. Please help me read his ass to fill. Love y'all Maxine my God. It's really. Even in a Weinstein world than. Like Matt are like, oh like you really? And you an Email and then Email literally just like your HR, hyper trail right there. Worker anywhere else. We'll do is. I don't care if Maxine was walking around winking at everybody just being friendly. And you took it the wrong way, or whatever I couldn't like not even that. I think that I'm sure she was walking around being completely professional. You know what I'm saying? But like you have to be a real fucking raging like conceded, oblivious, dumb ass to not only a pro someone in that way. Yes. But to even assume that that's something that's on the table. You're like an employee, right? How fucking ridiculous is a board member to be like, hey, girl. So you're trying to fuck. Sweden. I read this Email, and all I heard in the back of my mind after I finished. Niner. Roma. Get your fucking dog. He's just got a raise says, I guess you did what a dumb it just straight through Email. He deserves. That's the thing. He deserves to to lose shit behind this. The fact that men just know like they have gotten away with it for so long like I saying earlier that they can act like this. And he was just dumb enough to put it in writing like, sir. I cannot understand stocking money the goal to come across somebody. If this was somebody, even if let's say this was like. Like a group project and a college class or something like that. And that would still be foul, and like there's just a certain way that people need to learn menace specially need to learn to conduct themselves, especially when it comes to women. But it's not only like foul and dog issue. It's just stupid like bra, right? What are you doing? This is word you're on the board. Right. So you don't you don't take no smarts to get up there. How did you get there? You better find the closest thing that you have to live your pope coat. Bed fucking hair and walk into their shit, which back your fucking right here in the elbow. Create sit down and say, these are mine too, man. I I want all the things because here it is right here in the black and white that's evidence that this motherfucker disrespected me like I came in here to be somebody's guy day. Concubine don't come here to get shit done. I came here to work. This is a job I'm being professional. I'm taking it. And I actually walked around at this networking and network with your piss poor your dumb ass. Why old ass is trying to show fervor? Dedication my craft. And you must have just took it as oh, well, I guess she wants to give me some pussy. No, sir. I do wanna take your money though. I will however be taking your money. So Maxine we stand with you here on today as well as with HR. Let us know how this works out to ask the read and update on how all of this goes like that. Because there had to be out of his four esmine. I don't even give white black Brown blue, gray, whatever. That's that's stupid. It's just stupid. It is and and completely common in normal at the is stupid, but also utterly unsurprising. I wish I could say that any part of that story blew my mind. Com. Get your fucking money. That's all I should say like sexual relationships. So just when you do want to keep it professional. What the fuck do? You think the? It's my profession bits nigga. You didn't meet me in the club. What are you talking about? Oh, gee vibrator. -kay gross. So yeah, that's the past three for me this week lovely. I actually was going to talk about the Michael Jackson thing during my read. But then we talked about it during that insanely long hot tops. I will just remind everybody Donald Trump is still fucking up every single day your girl, Michael Cohen has been telling all the secrets providing check images. Audio recordings nigga been behind closed doors, all Conceicao is getting worse than worse. Roger stone is heading back into court after he violated the gag order. And the judge told him don't make me have to bring you back in here. And he did it. Anyway, like, sir. I. Now, it's coming out that Trump lied about ordering Jared Kushner security clearance because the Knicks will give out security clearances were like notch. He don't he don't he should not have one. He got too much business with foreign governments foreign he doing too much shit overseas. He don't need to have it. And Trump swore up and down that he did not like he has this right? As president. He can say I don't give it down what your recommendation is. He's getting a security clearance. The issue is why the fuck did you lie about it? The same way y'all lie about every thing else. And you try to cause dumb camera to go lie in front of what is everybody? Everybody's doing interviews when everybody's guilty. Winning about the substrate up at fell that women. No, my dad was never involved. No. There was never an issue with my security clearance, or my husband's security, you set up straight up in the white men and the White House were so alarmed that they sent out memos bitch there. So why are you lying? Why the fuck are you lying? For fun also related to Donald Trump, though, if you'll remember a couple years back study, the story of young Otto who went over to North Korea fucked around post or some. I did I read I coast Ottawa, and I do not regret it autos. Parents Trump's supporters truly still don't care North Korea shipped him back over here. He died just couple of days later 'cause I 'cause he was he had been so heavily tortured or whatever else happened to him while he was over yonder your boy Trump though win over the Vietnam. Can he go? Shake hands and make deals with Kim Jong only for that ship. The fall apart like midday of day to trainer negotiating with fucking terrorist. Girl. Did you think this nickel was going? Give. The worst part what will not the worst part. But what what gave me the most pas was win. Donald Trump said that. Kim Jong UN told him that he didn't know nothing about auto being in North Korea. Hin have nothing to do with whatever happened to that. Boy, while he was here, you know, very sorry. But that ain't none of my business. And so, you know, that's what he says I'm gonna take him at his word. And that's just what it is. He's he's a nice guy. We're best friends. We're in love or whatever else. So naturally materials harms her. Parents put out a statement saying we've been silent long enough girl. This is respectful to our son's legacy, and blah, blah, and we will never rest until we have the truth and all this other shit. And I thought and really in the grand scheme of things Donald Trump says and does I mean, the nigga just went onstage and rambled for like two hours in front of this big s conservative audience and just said, oh man is ridiculous. He came out on stage and hug the American flag on the on the flag pole. He's like huggy mid like it's big bird like he's like smiling with his eyes closed is utterly ridiculous. But this flew under the radar this week because there's always so fucking much in the news these days, especially as it pertains to Donald Trump, but as usual, no one in the Republican party is speaking up and being vocal about how fucked up this is and I'm only worried because Otto warmbier was a young white, presumably heterosexual, SIS gendered wealthy. Or or upper middle class well to do white man from a Republican family lifelong Republican family, and if Donald Trump can be like, all right? Well know, what happened to you? Why boy, but oh will to his own supporters, and the GOP don't say nothing about that you can care and fuck and see who they really don't care about is the rest of us. Like, why people should even be alarmed at this point. Do you understand y'all are not even safe your boy went over to North Korea and died behind some bullshit? I've always maintained he didn't desert the die. But also that he shouldn't a win over there. Disrespecting them people's things knowing how the fuck they true alter all of that is true. So if so if Donald Trump can be like, oh, well, you know, Kim Jong UN didn't have nothing to do with it like, sir. You really want us to believe this, man. Didn't know we the whole globe knew that that whiteboard was over there. He got pulled off the plane. He could go back to we all know it. So you'll really gonna be like that's what he told me. So I believe the same shit. He said about flooding reports. He didn't meddle with them. We want you to believe you're US intelligence agencies are saying Russia fucking interfered with the election. Why do you believe? Over your own grape tomato looking at Donald Trump. I feel like I am tuned into the news all day everyday. So I can just continue to feed my hatred. Honestly, I live for it. I have my favorite commentators on MSNBC when they take a day off. I'll be like, how do you think you are not coming into work and giving me my fucking t- everyday girl. I sit up watch. I remember every night. I do I I am constantly tuned in to what is going on. Because I just have to be aware the very fucking nanosecond that this nigga goes down. I I have and I have to hold on to hope that it will happen. I have to because if you don't have hope that eventually this shit will end like eventually, it will be so that white people will have to like and not in like all of our deaths. I don't know. Because. Like now you about to get on North Korea's ours. Again, like, oh, they were like oh remember couple years ago when everybody was scared because we had missiles that could make it to count on. We'll guess what bitch. And now they can make it to Chicago. So keep playing with us. I have to hold onto the faith that we don't get this man the fuck outta here. Some as always a big fuck you to Darby also y'all it's winter outside, and so like, especially in New York City is very fucking cold in the wind makes it even worse so kindly move your ass out the way like people who stop in the middle of the sidewalk or walk up the steps out of the subway. And then just stand there at the top of the steps are already known, you're annoying when the weather's perfect. But when I'm freezing fucking cold and the wind slap him in the face like a big frozen. Dick, all I wanna do is get to my house. I need you to Cape fucking moving or move over to the fucking side visiting from Greenland. I don't understand. They're just call tourists from the North Pole. Chilly. I want to get inside. It's four thousand people coming up the stairwell. And you just sit standing there like going on like, it's one. A and I nobody on the fucking train move bitch. I walk like, oh, Dr it's too cold for that. I have a place to go. I'm not really trying to just sight, see. Move, especially in this shit weather. I don't wanna be outside. No damn way because the wind chill is like eight fucking degrees. And that's the high of the day. So if you could just move aren't just moved. Oh, and you over about a water own. I'm sorry. They are going to you gonna cut show us up. But when are we? The women to beat you're at Glenn Gow to for a walk, right? The day after I had moved in like late at night. And then be looked at me. Like, what is this? This is not normal. Did we move to another country what the sugar coat on? And everything was like, I don't like. Ashti no girl. So I agree. Yeah. Just get the fuck out the way, man. I don't know if that's an a New York specific thing, I guess 'cause we walk every damn where? But. It gets on my nerves so much more. When the temperatures are like unbearable, it's fucking cones anything with metro Mel metropolitan areas, especially with a lot of tourists actions on stuff like that, you can say the same shit about south PG about parts of Atlanta LA anywhere that has a big city or big part of it city where lots of tourists 'cause motherfuckers will just not even recognize that they're just in the way, or I hate I hate when they be like in a little group of like four or five people DVR wanna walk down the sidewalk side-by-side if you niggers don't group. Fuck out the way. And now I wanna be at a snail's pace. You mentioned move one need to lead the other two. Yes here. This is not officiant. And then y'all and they never power walking in whatever troll sweet ass time. Looking at the. Look don't get pushed please as excuse me. If I've decided twice. I'm just start pushing niggers twice as my limit. I'll have the patience to go. All right that wraps up. This week's episode of the re-check assaults at this is the dot com on social media at this is the read. Do we have any news swing thinks? You should talk about your beyond say. But this is not my book. This book is. Chambers. Caves called clean be Loveys. Inner lean away throw, Michael Eric Dyson. Never. She was harassed payers. Oh, my God them pitches that just came out that was in nylon magazine the Currier God damn. I know I know I would never, but I'm just saying they know Harman look. You know, lots of people. I don't don't judge me too much. I'd absolutely forgot whatever it is that around you and the rest of the of the Fame's. But you check it out. It's pretty much just standing in book form. So I definitely need to get it. You can get it. It's on Amazon in places where books are and stuff. Like that news just brought to my attention like last week. Copy like, I'm in a buck. You palm going to Miami this weekend saw probably gives away that'd be fun. So she didn't say graduations getting out of this shit futa. My grandma strike, turning seventy. Jerker whatever before next week. But yeah. Queen bee go by the book and support. All right to doing have anything. I don't think I haven't announcements. Thank you again Columbia for the salons invite. I had a ball. Just thanks for the invite is while Quinn make it. So I still appreciate being thought of. I mean, we both stand salon, right? So I think that's it. You're I think that is it is well, I don't have an acronym for this week. But I will just say clean, your high parts and throw some of your soul to look out behind you. Be good to yourself. And also you next week.

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