Renthal Reaction: JGR MX Shuts Down/Tickle to MCR


Network production. it's the rental reaction show for breaking moto news hot topics and moto by the minute. Walk everybody to another rental reaction podcast. This is j. g. r. m. shutting. Its doors down. Unfortunately as well as we're gonna talk about a little bit of brock tickle replacing justin hill over the smart top bullfrog spas. Mc our team as well so a couple of big things in sport this past week and so let's talk about when when it comes to the sport right now rental rental dot com for more information a fraction of a second a few grams a couple of millimeters at all counts. Welcome to the winning world of rent whether it's the fat bar thirty six that rocks and one on this past year eli tomac running a rental albar to the championship Adam sierra rental rentals got you covered seven eighths bar fat bart thirty six twin while bar or the original that bar rental dot com for more information on that the indisputable global leader in manufacturing design since nineteen sixty nine. But you didn't think rental has been around that long. But they have their notorious for relentless obsession with detail on quality through their commitment to produce the finest products on the market today. Sprocket bars grips much much chains. Much much going on over at rental dot com so to welcome you to a podcast to talk about that and more. It's a rental zone papa. Venos- what's paul are you. What's up steve. good Yeah we got some more news to talk about. yeah helpful. You know a little bit more than me. 'cause i don't know a tons speculate a bunch here you had dean wilson's wedding on the weekends so you weren't exactly in a sherlock holmes wrote this weekend trying to fit figure stuff out so no not at all. I was I was not in that mode even close it was. It was hard to get in the mode to record this podcast today. Hey listen people were really digging these things because you know that because we're getting hit up when things happened in the sport people hit us up whereas the rent reaction pod so it's really cool thanks people for for like he needs and asking for them by name. So that's cool. That i appreciate that i love that people are starting to ask for it by name and call it. The rental reaction pod people are on it and asking us to do it so yeah. I'm with the idea that people are reaching out asking for it before we get too far into stuff. I've got a question on twitter. I know the answer to this. But maybe when you're old dealings pro taper or your new dealings now rent all you can fill us in a little bit more. I got a question. Do the riders get royalties from the bar bands. That they're named after the read henry button and windham and band and all of this and i know they don't but what goes into that and how who decides that and how does it work and all of that stuff when you decide to name a writer and has been yeah So i think. The trend of doing that in handlebars started way before i was ever round obviously I was probably just racing out so young but I i don't recall or know if those writers got royalties back then i would. I would assume no and i would probably say ninety five percent correct in that they probably did not And then today today. I think it's fallen a bit more by the wayside have so many different benz these days and riders. Come and go. And i think you know if you have a a henry bend or something you really dating the product by having a name know long come and gone through the sports so you know at rent all where at least kind of moving towards the m w and mercedes with their cars were giving everything at number but yeah a lot of people. Identify their handlebar by the name And we're trying to do that by numbers. Obviously which. I think we're doing decent at it but yeah I think you know now nowadays. It's a little different. I some brands pay a certain ambassadors royalties or whatnot. But i don't know that just a regular barbed unnamed. No one's getting royalties on that infamous. The guys are pro. Taper henry ben forever and then chad liked it and send. It became the henry. Reed bend so at some point. Chad's going to be in the room ramirez. So do you add a third writer to the list. Starts being complicated. When you start doing the officer. And i i think it's also just a little. It's flattering for the rider to have a ban. That's named after him. So i think they're usually pretty stoked on it And it's one of those things for the. I think the handlebar company where they don't feel that that name is is really making a huge sales difference So oftentimes it's just that a handlebar was created for a unique rider and then other writer started asking for it and became more popular. Now it finds itself action. Took jimmy button. Bend all right. Let's get into this so yeah. Jr i think they started in two thousand seven. They folded up their shop. The suzuki they're supportive last few years. They've They've run the program under there when they started and man. I i am bomb. We lost geico. And that's that's one thing for sure. And i don't know why paul but this. Jr thing hits me a little harder as far as like man that sucked because this team should have been could have been great now. They had some success as they had race wins. There's no doubt about it but a little bit of a unwilling partner in suzuki. The last few years from what i hear suzuki was funding their program obviously with bikes and parts and support. It was the only official suzuki factory team but they also were giving them. I heard in the range of one point three million dollars a year to run their program this year. They offer three hundred thousand dollars and owner core. Gibbs over there was simply you know. Flabbergasted tried to negotiate. Suzuki wouldn't come up and he you know he. He told me he actually called me after insulting me about having no listeners and nobody cares what i think and then after yelling at me about the election and after also insulting again for a while he got we. We had a pretty good talk which is of course nature right and those fingers. He didn't give me those figures. I heard it from a source over. There are not from koi but boy confirmed all that and was like look. I can't continue to be dumb. I will put my own money into this thing. you know. he's very busy in the nascar side and he wants to go racing. He loves dirt bike racing even though he's been away from it a little bit But he just can't simply make up that deficit from suzuki so Yeah this is more on sukey to me than j. g. r. j. was willing to go around with a quote unquote subpar lineup and go racing and representatives. Yuki the best they can but when when he comes in with an offer like that you know. Coy can't can't help. But do that sell you. Dealt with coy Paul over at your old gig as well. So engineer. Jeremy all of course so yeah. That's that's kind of what i got from this thing. It's awful for sure right when they first burst onto the scene J. jerry was just like a perfect mattress. This nascar team. They're going to build their shop out of the nascar shop. Have assets all these you know machinery and team and staff and assets and And they yeah. They're they're legit factory team as soon as they showed up right in. Its we've heard rumblings of difficulties through the last few years now right so I would imagine coys. Patients have have just run thin. And i think with everything that has come and twenty twenty Oftentimes i shrug my shoulders a little bit when everyone's like oh. It's great. cove is great for power sports. Everyone's killing it. And yes. That is true to an extent but it's also very untrue to an extent and i have to believe. Kobe had a huge huge amount of A huge effect on on suzuki's offer jr this year. I mean you have to explain something. Something has to explain why they drastically offered less money. Yeah yeah yeah. So i mean that's just and that's that's you're already kind of going racing with a dated product suzuki. That's i'm not trying to say anything bad but that's accurate And now when you don't get all that financial support shirt poised putting his own money into it for a bit. I think everybody knows that. But you don't want you can't fund. The entire thing is just way too expensive. And and now we're here mid-november and you have to you have to make that decision as soon as you can see you can allow your staff the best scituate and they can to try to try to go find new employment somewhere so already laying really yeah. It's it's already late for that for sure. So he's gonna go. racing with. Hap was some level of support. And i questioned the future of that program as far as being on suzuki's right you have to think that whatever level they're at will be reduced in the coming years. Yeah i mean. The only thing i can think of is think positively about as i would think maybe half now has gotten a level support that's greater than than they've had in the past. Now there is not as much support sprinkler around instead of having two teams or jj had a two fifty four fifty and then have a team now. It's just so you would think that have got some of jj support in the last week or at least negotiating for it. I would hope Which can make them. More of a solid author. And hopefully suzuki still sees the need to market and Market there you know there. Rmc models and go racing still right so that's going to be on shoulders now which they have a good lineup over there. And we wish them the best but but it's still just it's sad to secede jr go especially a lot of those guys that moved their lives across the country to live in north carolina. We're agr and yet just it didn't work out you know. When they downsized a couple of years ago they offered a few more than a few guys jobs in the cup shop. And i know some of them took advantage of that glenn is is over there working away and so i wonder if the guys now will be. Coy is a really good. Oh by the also blamed. Fill for the program. Shutting down because phil shutdown. It feels canadian team shut and so he was thinking that phil had some with everything shutting down so that like just being associated. He's walked in that shot before. Yeah i gotta think core is a good guy. I think he's he'll try to do the right thing. And get these guys jobs Some of the accepted some of them. Won't you know. And maybe he comes back. He didn't when i talked to him. He didn't rule out coming back when i spoke to last week. He told me ninety percents done. You know and i was like i was fuck. I was like just trying to hold out for that extra ten percent. You know but it didn't sound good. And he just said. I'm i can't keep being an idiot for this long. And let's face it with his brothers passing away. He is full-time cup guy. Now you know what i mean. That's that's the family jewel. That's the family business. So it's really unfortunate for the sport. And when i think about that and i think about the geiko team It's not good. I'm not gonna you know put the doomsday hat on and start yelling screaming about sport because viably. It's it's economically. It's very viable right. When you pre covid times you get a lot of people in no stadium's on a saturday night. You have ten thousand plus at these nationals. So there is a sport there that has interested as a tv contract. And all of that. So i'm not gonna put doomsday hats on for the sport But man that is a blow to riders mechanics for for those two teams. Yes it's hard man and and we lost to teams as you're obviously in twenty twenty has been dumpster fire right and and it has affected our sport. I i don't know we haven't talked about this ourselves. But do you think covert had anything to do with geico's leaving the sport. I do think that yet. Our contract was up this year. And i think all corporations are playing it safe right. Yeah got to look at their books. I know somebody from that team told me if it wasn't covid. They didn't think that geico would pull their deal. The contract was up this year now. They don't know that but that's just their thinking. Yeah and so so. We're in agreement. Then yeah i think i think absolutely covert had something to do with that deal I heard there was a new marketing person up at geico but still still the effects that the economy has taken has had some sort of a tolan. I agree with what what you're you to said they said is yeah is i. Don't think it would have happened if we didn't have a pandemic. But yeah i mean you know the one thing that was scary for jr. for me. And i have ranted and raved across my shows about this was they can get in the meeting. They can get in the door of any fortune. Five hundred company out there with their program their cup shop program and everything else and they could not get a title guy for their for their team for the remote across team. They couldn't really get anybody and in the last few years that's hurt obviously koi. There's a casino that was on board but was more of a business partnership from the way told me so. It wasn't a full title sponsor of the race team only It was tied into a bunch of other business interests. Now they could have done that but as economic. It just didn't work for coy but man. It's scary when david evans and jay bone and koi can't get bring in somebody from outside the industry for sponsoring that team because they have such an advantage and that that last few years that should be the warning a little bit about the about sports. Yeah that's a great point and that was one of the most exciting things about. Jd is when they when they first burst onto the scene. I mean they showed up with toyota and for all those reasons you just said you would have thought that oh man it's gonna be really easy for them or or if anybody has the ability to get an outside outside the sports sponsor to help fund their team these guys to do it and continued to not be able to pull that together and not do that and Yeah i mean we just teams come and go in our sport we. It's it's it's a sad reality right there. They'll be more teams. Hopefully they'll stick around and um but yeah. We lost two really big big ones this year and they were cool man. They were cool to have her in our sport. They were awesome to be around. You dealt with them. Obviously that pro taper you dealt with jerry. Jeremy coy and They're pits were always a cool place. You know they they. They looked at things outside the box. A little bit you know. They argue with yamaha over things. Then they switched to suzuki. You know a little bit of frustration with that because the kind of looked at the sport a little bit okay. You guys are all in his box. You've been doing it for so long but we think we can do this way and they did some really cool things and it just mana could use them in a sport you know. It gave our instant credibility. Yeah and i mean their idea to have the entire race shop the entire team the gym the facility. Everything they are north carolina's kind of model. That's very similar to what katy i'm at. Husky are doing all baker and j bone and koya. Jj our guys were kind of that was their idea it. Just it just didn't work. It didn't stick for them. And i don't know if that's just the personalities or the athlete you know Athlete personnel time or the location. Or what have you but I mean they're thinking was correct the to do that. It just didn't work out. They made their own shock for the while. They're running their own shock. You know yeah like all kinds of cool stuff. I mean when bubba was there they were sending out radiators making their plastic and doing all kinds of really cool. Their bikes were always as the mechanic side of me. When i was at mechanic they were you. Their bikes are always interesting. To look at because again they could. They made some really cool things. I thought their adjustable linkage that they kind of created was very cool. That's been that right. Yeah they just Adjustable subprime they made them now. It's pretty cool to always made really cool stuff. They really did a good job with that. And and when. I think about them over the years. I think like look the. I've talked to jeremy little bit here and there. They they tried to do the right things right. The you just brought up the everybody in north carolina. Everybody training with their with their trainer. And everybody going together like like a football team. Which is what coy gibbs. Background is right with joe and it didn't work but they tried it and then so that didn't work and adjust their their thinking to that and then They want it to take big swings and and by champions right they they bought stu and it didn't work out a little bit of the new yamaha fault a little. Bit of james's fault They they swung with barsha. Didn't work out. And then they switches. Zouqi and at that bike wasn't quite where it needed to be in. Barsha was frustrated and then they go back and they look got this western pike kid. They literally mold the student to a podium guy at times which is phenomenal when you remember pike and the else cues with the rock river tame which you and i do remember those days and they took pike due to lot of hard work with western on his own and then the team. He frigging podium. Supercross podium outdoors phenomenal right. And then he goes and gets seriously hurt ends his career in paris and he was going to be the number one guy that next year and when i so when i think of jay jars legacy i think of what could have been more than what was paul. You know what i mean like. That's sort of what i think about. It's like they. Were the road runner the coyote and they looked to have the roadrunner and the the en villages fell on them over and over but not for lack of trying or spending money or or reshaping things or being open minded or anything else. It was just unfortunate circumstances that they didn't have more success than than what they really did. Yeah honestly is just. It's a it was a lot of bad luck. And i've i again i've worked with those guys a little bit as a as a sponsor as a brand they're always a pleasure to work with they're always very or how was it to work with them. They were there mellow they're easy. I mean In jason was always community Communicate he would return calls he would he would say in you know he would do what he said he was gonna do right. Oftentimes asking too much but Yeah i mean they were always great to deal with and and you know we've we've talked to many writers have been through the program and there's never really you know nobody ever really knows what exactly it is that you know why they couldn't get to that championship level But yeah i mean. There's good people over there. Good smart people dean a friend of mine. He's a very very smart guy. You've been there since the beginning And yeah honestly. I just threw whenever these things happen. I feel for the staff because i kind of you know. We've both been their rights. And i was scarily there. One time when i decided to leave pro circuit to try to go to jeff ward racing with with dean and i kind of saw smell something. Maybe it was going to happen. And i got i got scared and i failed because again. I didn't want turn into december one when it when it went belly up and then by that time. There's no job available after right into of you have to. That's why i think you know it's it's tough for the staff there. They just found out november. It doesn't leave a lot of time to try to find these five. If you wanna stay in supercross no not at all. And like i said. I hope you know coy will find some of these guys jobs in the cup shop. And maybe he comes back. He didn't rule it out. I asked him to come on the show on monday. The pulp amax show. Depends on when you're listening to this. And he said he couldn't do it. He's still super bitter Also to hey another thought about all those things they did and all the stuff that they innovated and they also signed filled nicoletti as just fill-in just. Hey we're gonna pay you. You're going to practice. You're going to train and if we have an injury you're coming in and fill actually working beautifully. Phil raced more races. I think the each of those years where he was a film in that then when he was anywhere near supposed to. And i was j are doing that you know. Yeah that was another innovative move. You're right that that that They deserved credit for pioneering for sure that was a cool move which i think some other teams have somewhat adopted it since then Everybody has a test guy. These days but But yeah it was just cool that there was also somebody that was ready on the bench to fill in at a at a moment's notice and that was something that's that's to me is really showing respect to their sponsors to right. They all have obligations in their contract and they just wanted to be sure that. Hey like we're going to have to bikes on the track no matter what every single time so if one guy gets hurt this weekend we got a guy ready for the next weekend which was cool and then you know of course. They ran suzuki's to fifty program for a couple years there with two trucks. And i did that for a little bit. So yeah what tough yeah. It wasn't for lack of toronto. That yeah yeah from wanting to to is a big ordeal. But it'll be interesting. So you put this on suzuki's fault you you know. They didn't have a title sponsor for a long time and they still racing. I really like i said from what i hear suzuki low ball their offer. So that leads me to believe like. Hey listen we just got gas gas But but they didn't really add team right they. They just put red plastics on. Tlc team. but we're we're. We're losing an oem here at some point. I mean helps their like you said but it's not a good thing. What's his yuki. This so you know. Yeah yeah and again. I think that circles back to to the effect cova hat on the on the sport in sales and i don't think he is has done very well because of it. I'm quite positive actually And and yeah. I think there you've seen their their support decrease in other segments of racing street bikes and whatnot. I believe like the mirror shop at at suzuki or a. I'm sorry. This is yuki shops at your mirror. I believe that's all gone. I've heard rumors of a really high up guy at suzuka it's been there forever was recently. Told he'll be let go down. Pat pat is pat. Longer there right. Yup okay. I wasn't positive i heard no. Yeah he source but Never verified but yeah like so when you let a guy like that go man. it's Just they gotta be going through some stuff over there. Well i mean yeah r.i.p. jr. Let's hope they come back coit and shut the door on that. He loves the sport. man. I mean look. He wasn't even. He was barely at any races the last few years because of his work on the nascar side and he kept this thing going and he told me i could only you know be dumb for so long or something he said. I'm going to be stupid for so long. You know what i mean. So we need more people like that and and it was really cool for them for them to be in the sport for all those reasons we just said how he hasn't yet totally said he's over it. Which which i think is awesome. Because you know. I think that shop will sit there. It'll probably just become a storage unit for a little bit. And maybe if the sport gets a little more healthy and he can find good support. I know all the industry sponsors that were all over their truck would would jump right back in if jay bone called them and said. Hey we're going to fire things backup. Took a two year break but but we think we can do it again or you know. It's just a better time to do it. and i can see that happening in and again because they've always been a pleasure to deal with in the industry. Sponsors are always there to support their level of support is always a bit low because again all those people making those marketing decisions are in the sport. Earning power sports know that know that You have to kind of curb your spending to make sure that you're here year after year after year. You can't just sponsor everybody in the pits for whatever they ask for right. That's just not how it works but But yeah hopefully they can come back. That'd be cool. Rent dot com rental reaction on the gr. Amax team going away Please check them out. Hashtag rental hashtag. We built championship. Hashtag grab life by the bars Just look at their championships over the years With folks at rental and they did it again and then makes gp this year. Of course all right next up bullfrog spas team. I had heard that justin hill's brother. Josh had been telling people the last couple of weeks. Justin wasn't going to raise for them. He wasn't going to be there. We had tony lessee on the show last monday night. I specifically said so all good with hill or something like that. And tony said yep yep. The team will be hill. Mcelrath and benny boss. And i'm like okay. Well moving on. But i've heard behind the scenes that there were rumblings. Now it just came out last week. Tickle is in justin hill is out hill had a good year last year for the team not for the salt lake grounds but up until the salt lake around. He was very very good and human. Mookie were really surprising. They're both gone from that team. Now and from what. I reached out to some people involved and from what i gather. He'll just did not sign this contract. He said here's a contract. He said okay. I'll sign it a sign it. He never signed it. They said what what's the matter. He's like well. I just signed it yet. They said okay. Can we make some changes. And he said no or didn't do it or whatever and then eventually it got tired. The team got mike. Genova got tired of that and said if you don't bring the contract to the track this one day you were off the team and he showed up at the track with no contract and was sent home. That is that is kind of what i gather. I obviously paul just something going on in the works. I heard he already has a geared deal with o.'neil so he's got something that he's going drop soon about what he's doing but a weird situation for sure but but brock tickle your buddy tickle. He benefited benefits from this. Yeah pretty odd. And i think it happened you know. At least at least at least brookside. I know happened very quickly And brock was kinda in the mix when they were entertaining. Shane and savant cheeky They obviously ended up going with mcelrath. But yeah i. I have no no more news or info than you. Do you have everything that i've heard is. Yeah he just didn't sign it And it's kinda again in a very very weird year. Where seats are limited. Like they're less and less seats. It's unfortunately the two guys that have had kind of you know. People have said some things about them and working with them or maybe their personalities or other attitudes or what. but there's two guys basically against avakian hilbert that weren't able to find the seat so you gotta think it's boiling down to it's like hey like we need. You know you need us more than we need you is. I think a lot of the attitude of the teams are taking. Because that's that's true that's true. Yeah yeah because apparently he had a contract also and just didn't sign. It just chose to. I don't want to do your team interesting. Heard i don't what was ticked gonna do Tickle was working on a tribal tier effort with chile's a certain bike They were getting bikes and parts. I don't i don't even respect the kyle and chipper conscious of. I won't speak anymore. I don't know what he's working on but I believe yea brock was going to do something with him and maybe now plan has changed because broccoli on mtr but but But yeah we have stoked abruptly about quite a bit and he always kind of gathers my opinion when it comes to things like this for his career what have you just. We're friends right and and I think it's a good move for him. I think it's a great place where he can extend his career and the exciting thing is is. I think tony lesc- is the perfect guy. In the an mpr program is the perfect situation to to fix the things that brock needs to improve on. And that's getting starts and being more aggressive faster the first lap. Those bikes are always at the front. They always get starts. They always lead laps in heat races in events. So if anybody can get brought to do that. I think it's tony less than mci which is pretty cool. Yeah yeah absolutely what. He'll has to have something going on right. I mean we don't know. I guess yes i who knows. I don't know him good enough at all to know like you know i it. Is his heart still set on racing every year. Does he want to transition do something different. I have no idea so you have to just kinda speculate. That if he maybe his plan isn't to be on such a structured supercross only deal and he wants some more freedom to do something else. I have no idea. Couldn't tell you. Yeah it's got to be frustrating. If you're a fan of justin hill to be like what are you doing. 'cause look Is the team perfect. No they paid low salary. You gotta earn your money but if you do well you do earn it. It's an from people that work there you know. They don't have a ton of rental cars. They don't stay in awesome hotels. They don't flight stuff isn't great right like all that kind of deal but but they get you to the races and they give you a bike that that you can do well on and they pay you if you do well right. So right yeah. It's not it's not factory honda. You know what i mean. But i don't understand. It's another positive decision by justin hill. I guess we'll see what he's got going on. But do you feel like there's enough time for tick to to get up to speed and everything on a honda and all that. I mean i think so. I think that's part of it right. Like we're already mid-november. Luckily we ain't going racing until january mid january sixteenth. Okay so you get a bit more time And you always have to work through thanksgiving and christmas and new year's and they'll do that and i mean that's a cool part about about tony and mc ours. Those guys workman like i get texts from tony late at night. Emails back late at night early in the morning he always picks up his phone. The guys passionate and he works hard. And i think You know or actually. I should say i know that. That makes a difference in the sport when you have that much love and passion for it and you dot every i and cross every t every single time the results do come eventually so Yes so far. Brock seems pretty comfortable on the bike. Again he's writing the twenty twenty along with mcelrath and blas which is very much developed. And and vince will be developing the twenty one. And i think it's a great plan because it again because it's all new bike and because of covid it is difficult to get parts for the twenty one so they just have abandoned it and they said we'll raise twenties and i think brock has been very very impressed with the especially with the engine so far. I don't like that plan. I just. I don't like it. i think it's silly. But i talked to. I talked to tony about it at the track. One day. his reasons are is is they. just don't have the the shocks new. There is very team hondas. They have parts. You know what. I mean like parts out there. You know what i mean like. I don't understand that tony. Twenty of the same stuff on our show. But that's a better bike. I mean you know. Obviously you re map and you springer. I wrote the production by weren't impressed but what they're racing is one hundred percent different. It's a better bike. Like i i. Just i don't understand this. No parts thing like a dealer is not going to be able to see you break a clutch lever and you buy one of these. You can't race like what do you mean. There's no parts. Like i get what they're saying to me. I racing on the better bike. That's all well. We'd have to. But i think from those guys side is they don't they're not fully sold at. The bike is better yet. like it takes time. I think to get it setup supercross and make sure it is correct so right. They have a bike that they're probably going to get more support onto race because honda is moving to the new model so a lot of those that were models. Pacific will now go. Jj will go to mtr if honda if a honda factory say. Hey here's the transmission or here's this or that you know what i mean. Then i get it. I one hundred percent get it. Here's a here's a cam. I mean that we worked on then then yes by all means do that but i never heard that part of it But other than that. So i don't know paul i. I can't get on board with that to be honest. But yeah i mean i'm on board with you know because he again. The clutch is totally different. And had a retro the retro clutch to get to work in this new twenty-one bike and again i think it's it we didn't do any research right so if you go to like if you go to a honda shop can you order parts for the twenty twenty one. I don't i don't have to you. Yeah is that there's a there's a inventory problem in the in all of power sports right now. So i i am not yeah. I can't. I can't fully agree with you is that you can go down and buy a for. Maybe maybe just parts aren't available when okay well honda and all these assemblies to shut down. I think it really affected a lot of then things then. Okay if you have a twenty twenty one and you can't get a clutch plate or clutch basket. Then i'm ingredient. But i can't see how that's possible but anyway we'll see anyways so i don't know if i'm totally on that plan on haunted kicking down some cool stuff and then yes i am down with that plan because you and i know what what what transmission could show can make a difference. What a what a clutch gratiot. All that kind of stuff. So i'm more interested to know like why so many writers and likes on him cr and and talked to go outdoors like the big team right. Four four fifty guys. Yeah from what. I've been told the outdoors are like. Hey we're gonna go to them and if our guys are crushing it will keep going. She kind of our guys aren't crushing it. We won't go you know so. That's kind of what i've been told. That's their plan right. Give guys a shot because they all want to do. Outdoors kicked us. You know so anyways. We'll see what happens. But a very puzzling decision by justin hill cleared. We'll see we'll see what happens. But but ticks got a good bike and a good team and a good spot. Yeah like you said that's a. That's a strong team boss. Mcelrath freeze and tickle like. That's that's up five to twelve five thirteen place guys. You know maybe fifty fifteenth but five fifty. That's that's still four four honda's in the main event every weekend which i think all those guys are capable and expected to be in the main event. Every weekend i agree. I mean yeah. It's a strong team and i you know. Tony has so much experience through what he learned through his sons. Obviously in racing that I think it's awesome that there's a good safe place for other writers to go because you know how it goes once you've trickled down from the battery level You start using less reliable parts and you have more inexperienced mechanics and it just. It's it gets more dangerous. I think on the lower level teams. Where tony's team is is is knowledgeable. Safe you know. I think they. Yeah they're tony obviously puts himself out there on the track. He doesn't want his guys getting hurt. Because of some stupid mechanical so It's a good place for those guys to go to be a program they can trust in. Ray supergrass yup all right anything else on any of these situations to become good enough. I think that's all of it all right. Pj gr that sucks. I don't know why pair venus i feel different about the jr. Think part of the geico thing like they're both terrible because they gave you coffee every weekend so good point i got from geico geico to you know what i did spend. Yeah oh way. More time at the banter right it was it was. They were always a fun truck to go and talk to a unique personality. Jason is always very candidate Always shop you know. Shoot you straight and it was just a fun truck to go visit by. Everybody was was cool over there. You know one time Koi through a water bottle at bounced off my head. And then while i was interviewing rider and i wrote a letter to jr hr. I got the email from somebody there. And i wrote an email to jay. Gr hr complaining about my treatment. From mr gibbs totally dead serious. Like i'm a. I'm a world renowned journalist and i've been. I've been humiliated and disgrace by mister gibbs. You know what i mean. And this and that. And calculate i wrote down all the all the insults he called me. You know what. I mean this. And i said and coin lobbed at coit laughed and i said well did it. Really get you in trouble. He's like no. That's my secretary. She's not going to do nothing. Family run company corporate. Hr department didn't really care that has been harassing a world renowned journalists under so we will miss them. hopefully they come back and Shitty by by everything. For the industry for sure brent dell dot com please go. There said they've make bars for all sorts of stuff Sp rockets as well. And whatever you want your crossbar. Probably want seven eighths no problem. You want no crossbar problem. They got you covered rental dot com for more information on that. Thanks paul yeah thanks.

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