569: Sal Vulcano Returns!!


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Although it did sound very i am balls. Deep in the hands made handmaid's tale hands maids in handmaid's handmaid's tale in there. It's okay by the way. I could have just taken four and a half seconds to think about who the main characters are on the show and you know who story whose tail is being told the handmaid's and then put it together. But look i i fourteen. What's that. I know nothing of that show. Oh i'm not even positive. I know what handmade is by the way you said that like you like you were fucking fired off the show. Two days ago. Flynn meets tale. I know nothing of the sort. I don't even. I don't even i've never even heard of the show. Yeah it's a it's it's one of those sucky and it's a real fucked up there's a lot of there's a lot of It's basically a whole new world Not the aladdin. When you're thinking of you know monkeys stealing beef aronie stuff. There's also i've never seen aladdin but continue okay. I guest has been sal volcano out online. Got all over the internet. But i said it last broadcast if we get another guest. Who's never seen the disney classic. Were they ride a carpet up into the skies and make love in front of the moon. Then guess what you know. Say with me studio audience. You're at an audience No that's that's fine. Look i just watched the godfather per my dad's request. He goes if i die. He goes before the vaccine comes out. He goes and you haven't seen the godfather he's like. I'm going to be so pissed. I go you'll be dead but But but no. But i yeah. It's i've never seen godfather three. But i did this week. Get disney plus. Wow free advertisement. And i should really pushing. Hbo max but is that where Jokers eleven did. That's amazing Is a is is it Is hbo max and disney. Plus are those like the new kids on the block. Well you had netflix and hulu then along came amazon prime Relationship the game. Like why really ship. The game up amazon prime. Because everyone and i'll just speak for myself. I was like well this everyone. You said everyone that we heard this speak for everyone. Fine okay. Everyone thought when amazon prime started getting the programming Business i was like. Hey man this is where. I get my apple. Jacks and my dildo cream. And now you're trying to push billy bob thornton on john krasinski and i'm like hey man i've gotten my krinsky. Fill already billy bob. I've always got room at the table for but you know. Give me a couple of trailers first before you just go. Boom five ninety. Nine to watch more of billy bob but disney plus from the gecko seem like the one to me. That was going to have no problem. Yeah i you know amazon human. I said the same thing. I got to reconcile this. Then sudden had good programming. I think it's all about the programming. It is it really is. It's it's go ahead and say. Hbo max came out. I don't know. I don't get the whole business model anymore. They broke down cable and dismantled it and now we just have to buy everything station individually we had to subscribe to seven different places and pay seven different bills and then we have to go to seven different places to watch things. Is it becoming more convenient or less convenient. This is what i'm asking you in the studio audience eight guys. What do you think one dime. What is the price is right When you thought it was this show was that you were on. The price is right right. Yes as a Stone it's you're on it for real as a as a contestant no on it. I mean i say on it because i saw myself in the audience and say yes but i was in the audience so was i and then i was on the stage because the pot brownie had kicked in just at the right time to give me that little bit of confidence boost to when your friend goes rush the stage during the showcase showdown ugo okay and And that's what it was my sophomore year. This whole story is is on youtube but it Yeah i mean. It was grew from fraternity. We got drunk and super very high. And you know they're supposed to take if you go with the group of twenty or more one person from your group to make it to contestants row and this was a million dollar show. It was primetime prices right. We'd never seen bob barker past noon. It's eight thirty. you got border. Oh i did the robot bombard. Yeah dude i mean it was. That's like. I don't know what you equate that to. That's like going to wolfgang puck and you get like his stepson. Who's like like mike. Mike park and comes did you get. Did you get tackled by like secret. Service dude i should have. I literally am sitting on the end. It's big black dude named eran and this tiny skies probably six five and a tiny little old lady name ethyl. She's may be in her late seventies just to complete opposites and and and they had such a good funny banner during the showcase showdown and he wins own winds. My buddy pushes me out of my chair of the aisle. 'cause i was sitting on the end and he just goes go and it was one of those things why ran down. The aisle still took a moment. Till i do my come on down dance because you're running down the aisle. I don't care if it's to get to the stage to cause a scene. You still gotta be clarification. Oh yeah you called now no way man not even close in my head you say. Did you save you name tag. I wish mad because of course he did. Dude that's like i mean there's ticket stubs. I wish i'd say i've saved things now. From like you know shows and movies and stuff but like that is especially from that day. I mean fuck. Dude it probably. I probably kept a hoodie for a couple of weeks and had got covered in common. Then i probably throw it away but Do yeah but we see and then what happened. Do you ruin the segment segment. What bob was rod. Roddy alive roddy was this guy. Very somebody get somebody tackle that. Ju- rule out. Yeah i i'm paraphrasing. I forget what he said. But it was very anti semitic rest in peace roddy but No he I get up. I run down the aisle and there's a security guard of the top of the stage that you can't see on tv all. She does look at me and go. Hey where you going. And i was like. That's my best friend. That's all i needed to say sal. And she just goes all right cool. I just ran pastor and then ran towards the guy and his friends who on the opposite side of the studio so they ron stage. I'm rubbing his head. I sat in the escalate at one point and bugging steered the wheel. Have to be kidding. Me oh yeah. And then. I just stood with his group of friends and they were all he was so because it was a primetime show so he went an escalade. A boat a trip. I think to escalade the opening prizes. You'll get past a c- bring on that show the opening. You wanna a pony. The opening prizes like a dinosaur set and like it's like oh this table and chairs in you know. Take a look at this window. It was just like a new like a window cover. You know like i. I don't fuck in hold onto your drawers. it's a love see with extra carson's so it was stuff that These prizes out of the gate were like cars in the first in the first when you're contestants row o. Sweeps week or something. They were doing prime time. I have eight thirty at night so it was. It was the million dollar spectaculars. What they call it and so Anyone don't you even get tickets to this. I do just a twenty Horny frat dudes from usc. I don't know. I think one of the guys one of the guys might have been interning for cbs and and hooked it up but Yeah because people were driving from all over we met people in line. There were like we came all the way from towpik kansas. Just i love barkat. Do just about just about anything to get on that show and they interview people. When you're in line to see you know everyone you get one quest. Yeah yeah oh god. What was your question. I forget what they asked him. But i will tell you it was when i was out in la. Visiting you know. When i was there a couple of times a year. I get out there and so i went without a bunch of people as well. Two of the people. You would now Steve byrne was with me. Dahmer era. yes what was so funny about that. As a satisfying like the fourth throws center then in the middle of the show drew carey is like doing it. And then just spots dahmer era and he goes home high tamara. What are you doing here and goes. I'm here for the prices in such a sarcastic dom dove yet. Yeah what are you doing here That's so great. That the wait for the show. The anticipation is the do it right. I would assume it's on par with friends taping or You know oprah at the height of oprah Jewett like a nightclub dude. Like when you when you drive by the cbs building. There's just like three hundred people online outside what's going on. It's like people winning prizes in there. Yeah it is. That's smart keeping anytime you can create that line atmosphere People are always going to be intrigued about how they can participate. There's did you guys bring snacks. We we didn't smuggle any snacks. And i thought usual studio looks smaller in person than it does on television. Oh yeah which is. Kind of a bummer. It was a little bit of a bummer. But we did really get into the like just yelling out. We weren't supposed to and starting chance in the audience and like an amongst the chaos. I would slip in like i would shout obscenities amongst the chaos so when people are just like one dollar one gallon shit like booing people and then they caught on and they had this camera would scan the audience all the time for those shots in and out of commercial and things like that and they caught on that we were being like those types and so i remember i remember seeing them stage magic. Give the camera guy to signal. And then they would get when they right when they get to us. The red light would go off and they come back on dude. That's i mean that's the move by the way it's almost like when they mike up Football basketball players and you can hear some of the things that are being said. It's like yeah. They've got to have selective. Mike's where they're like all right. There's a couple of guys. In the corner there are loose cannons. Make one of them knows drew. So let's make sure we We hit that drop button every time it gets to them because yeah like screaming. There's so much. Chaos people don't realize people are losing like when our guy from our group got two contestants row. I mean you had your own jus just being like other than seventy five like were going nuts. Because we're just like he's gotta win and then he got one dollar d- By some i mean she must have just been four foot eight. I don't know why her size is imperative but she she did like a slow turn back at us and was just like we were all like and then she turned back to bob and she was like one dollars. Bob and i actually do a whole bid on the price. I do a bit a on. Family feud and the price is right. You know you may have known for my edgy material. But i go into hard. I rant on this to. What is the thing i hate. Moore's i don't like the one dollar as it stands right like you using a cop out bid on the price you know. I'm just like you could do that. But you're not a real g if you get up on a dollar for me. People think that they take pride and getting up on the dollar like oh these morons didn't realize one dollars but i'm just like a little self respect and just guess what the goddamn washer dryer combination is. Yeah i what i hate more. Sorry if you didn't grow up in a house that had both but guess what about your friends that had both and go. I wonder how what that costs. we can. All guess prices. So you're right. The one dollar is it's like a mulligan but it's a it's an unfair you know what's worse one dollars enough is what i hate. This is what i ate. And i get up. I wanna fight this person from when someone goes six hundred and then the next thing he goes six zero. One all noth-. I'm you balk. You've dick so one lazy you who raised you fosse bear as my mom used to say so. Six thirty six thirty five. Let the woman have washer dryer combination. Yeah guess what you didn't get six. You she was she got called down before you. That's not your fault. But you have control over separating yourself from the person that's literally like copying. It's like when when the teacher called on somebody they're like what's the capital of florida raised their hand and they go she goes yes austin. He goes tallahassee and then right as he's finishing as eurasia tallahassee. I do too. I think she's done it. Yeah i was gonna say it's like well. Yeah well we won't calling on you yet. Yeah what. I tell you i tell but when i do a bit i say honestly i just tell everybody i said everybody. Let's make a pact right now. If the lord blesses us in one day we find ourselves in this situation and somebody's six. Oh one somebody you fucking six zero two six two that son of a bitch say loud you say a proud and everybody here tonight will be like the six to is coming from the night. That will dude to i would do that. Person would go down in prices right history. Yeah yeah person has to make sure they don't six. Oh three now too because they have to know the six zero two good intention. Yes and it's only you pull the rug out from under the six. Oh to the bravery of the six zero two person you basically just fucking put that knife and that goes through the six one's one's chest which it is a power move. It's like if it's fucking but all right so games does too is doing it for a reason to deserves a ticker tape parade. Yes the six. Oh two is the one that that step down. A line spoke up So family feud to me that might arguably be. It might go down because of the bloopers that are online from that show and the questions that they can still every game show From the past that they've rebooted or whatever. Even i was trying to watch the match game. They're night now mike. It's just to like out. Baldwin was like what's a something that your significant other might say to say to you in a bit like even with the answers from first of all the celebrities are trying to be funny so i'm already i'm already like now and they got to be clean. Abc funny some a little. You know like no one's being like you know put it in your but alec like you know it's just really in the old days. Hey i sort of. You don't know you're talking my language right now like i have nights while do three or four hours of youtube of just prices right bloopers. I just go hard in the paint. I won't posted a clinton on instagram about a kit about. Did you see it about some. It was just an amazing kid. Who got this kid. Got a putt. In and then he went crazy. He fucking dryhome for the car that he won and then he jumped on the hood right. Okay i have on my dvr. I have family feud heap until i delete limited episode. God i got. I go i have. I have the richard dawson. A family feud on dvd. Even watch y'all ones shoutout recom- resident piece. I think he's great. He's i think we listen to this this week. What you froze up all my hair is now you here okay. This week this two days ago two days ago. This is very very relevant. I got the call from family feud to do celebrity. Family feud shots the swiss up. Oh my god. With steve harvey and you're you're going in jan. Where's it taped in la. So busy i we should. We should do a piggyback. We'll prices right together. I mean yeah dude and will. Oh my god dude is it probably is it. I wonder where it's filmed. Do you know yet. When i say i don't know that's why i've already. I'm already having about this call coming. I have dreamt about this day. You don't understand. I on family holidays. Yeah i host. Family feud be split. My family in two i love and i host family feud i love it in my own home. Oh my god so this is. This is family of the celebrity with the with the guys know so. This is like celebrity for charity. I gotta go on with the guy. Okay great well. I mean that's going to be so fun. Did because i mean the answer. I mean dude steve harvey and this is what i was getting at his questions in his looks like i mean some of the bloopers i've found on family viewed you again. Steve harvey's brilliant because his look alone sometimes and his paws does so much he has perfected. The dumbfounded look and also the pause and help pace. I sometimes i saw him. Do maybe twenty five to thirty second pace around. Both families made his way of the silent of the dirty. He'll take his time he's like i know there's a twenty two minute show but we might you might. We might bump the second show and make this a forty eight minute episode. Because i need to take my time on this guy's answer and i'm all for harvey's antics viewed. Wow congrats dude. So you've got to do some really cool shit and and you know your What you've given to the world Comedy wise is like you're you're not getting enough back In my opinion but it's happening with things like family feud so that's a good start the lord. The lord gave me family. Oh my god to play fast money. i'm gonna. I'm afraid i'm going to shoot myself. Yeah you're right on camera. You dude i mean. Think of the look steve. Harvey give the camera when you walk into all. That's actually should be my goal. I should make sure like for you specifically for you in this conversation i should make sure i elicit evoked like a real like like one of those adam buddy there but there's somebody there and i see guys comedian adam right here thanks for listening to the about whereas my podcast over joined the episode and i hope you're doing okay. It's a crazy crazy time right now. If you're a little uneasy. Get that. I've also got the answer koi. Cbd say it would be coy. Cbd feels good and it does feel good because i use all their products. I've been fucking with the quiz. Ed since my circumcision. And i'll tell you this much. They're the best in the game. Okay gumy's bath. Bombs tinctures joins creams royals. They got stuff for pets quiz. Cbd has been giving the people what they need to feel better to mellow out and go to sleep right to take away. The aches and pains with the creams and oils. The bath bombs make bathing. 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And there's a there's always so it always just pushes the appropriate envelope like just gets filthy just enough and people are on the spot because there is such an immediate answer now how much. Speaking of game shows misery index going into season. So what what just came out soon to she was airing now and i just shot three toed. What the fuck man. I mean so far have you done. Have you been a part of a show. That hasn't done three seasons. At least yes okay. We'll talk about those. Yet show on tru called jokers wild in two thousand fourteen and six episodes and they aired once. And i thought it was like i thought it was fun man but i think at the time they just didn't want to jeopardize a people thought it was threatening the actual jokers fans like couldn't accept us in a different way. Whoa and they were like a lot of them were just like they had a really good ratings and everything but it's like do they like the messaging was jokers cancelled. Does this replacing joke and like the network got like spooked by that and so like so. That was only one but We we had good luck with the with the misery index and I feel fortunate enough to have been a new york when you were taping season. One and Remember that came by the set. Yeah you and your so you know kindly kick in the green room in in your dressing room and and and it was just so i mean if such a no brainer out of the gate i think i must have seen after just when i first walked in and saw i think a couple shows you guys taped but within moments where you just get the show which i think is key in a game show like that you wanna you wanna get what it is a right out of the gate so that you're not having to think too much and you can just kick back and go okay cool. I get what they're trying to do. I get the You know the each You know pair has A regular civilian and the clips. And how it's all working and And it's just like it was the perfect par lay from taking advantage of you. Guys is A chemistry and and taking a finding another avenue to Showcase you guys i credit the guy I think it was kevin reilly at tbs. Kevin michael bloom yup and an and the guy's been in denmark and then they they actually created it from a board game called shit happens and they just like. Do you want to take a meeting and just play. The board game lakers played a game with us. And just see if you like it so right we we. We took a meeting will pay the game and we were like legit cracking like we were having so much fun. In the media we played like three games to mazing. And we just refinish playing. The games are like i mean that was fun as hell and they were like guys. That was more than we. That was so fun they were just like. Do you want to do the show like yep. That was that easy. I came. That was like a blessing like that came. Like have to have something that got handed to you. Wildest thing in the world it's it's so cool because it's in a studio. It's in one location. We film a couple of a three a day. Like as you know. We can't because it's a game show. It's like you're playing with money. It was like legalities so we're not allowed to see anything. No anything it's on the spot. It's just riffing and we actually play. The game will actually gambling like helping people win money and so we just get their play the game and leave. There's like no other work. Which is like jokers isn't seen so much progress. You have months of free pro and then writing the whole thing coming up with all the ideas every single day of different location. Yeah it's it's it takes a while it takes weeks to make one episode. We do three a day in this one. So like i've seen like seeing the light yet you homerun and and tbs fucking you know. Just can't stop using it as a as a pornhub replacement. i mean. they're just walking. I mean it's another it's also but it speaks to the you know the camaraderie of you and the guys of being able to just be plucked in a thing like that and have it. I mean i'm sure the game where you guys played in the meeting was just so you all looking at each other. Like i mean for for them watching their like. I can't believe this is so amazing and funny and you guys were like doing what you do right like it wasn't like you were having to or do you try to heighten you. Try to hide either. The sake of the pitch in the meeting you try to laugh. Yeah a little bit like we weren't pitching them but we were just like really into the game. Yeah but it doesn't take much salary with putting it on. Yeah like we hang out. We're real from crack crack up. You know so we just played the game and we just had a blast and it just was like credits an inva- giving us something that we could just really just be ourselves in and it took like know exactly what you said. There was no learning curve. It was just a nice nice fit speaking of pornhub. Yes i was waiting. I wanted you to be the one to segue us. Game shows into porn. No but speaking of i have been being sent to recently home no advertisement that is coming up on pornhub with. I'm the face of it. Maybe it might be a lie either some type of pill okay. But they took a freeze frame of me on the on jokers. When i was in a lab coat and i was playing. I think in an optometrist or something and they took that freeze frame and they using it as i'm the doctor recommended the pills in his end and i keep getting it from people and i'm not sure whether they get to sterile be concerned that the using i mean if you know who i am. You know that. I'm not the doctor that people take you know who i am still using me to like. Sell these pills yet. And there's gonna be a lot of people because look i mean there's just a lot of people in the world and i think is as there's people still that are probably just seeing like in black for the first time and being like this will smith god's gonna beat porna- pornography hub. Sometimes they say pornography the full msa pornography. I like that it's respected. It's like when people say the new york metropolitan the exact same thing. Also the people on pornhub like. I'm sure they appreciate too. It's like hey man like this is our was workplace. Please say the whole thing you know. I've never seen the ad myself. Because i don't go on pornography of that but i did. Yeah well waiting to be like someone on the street like. Oh my god. Can i get a picture with you. And i'm sure and you'll be like us do that. Try those pills. Men don't work. But i love you dude i love you thanks for pushing those and actually fucking ruined my marriage but dude. Good to see you man. Thanks yeah you my mind. There was like years ago. I don't know if it's still true but there was. You know there's all these over the counter nonsense pills. Oh yeah or you know. Just eleven's yeah. Yeah like jerry. You're of extends thousand percent. Bobby lee try to force me to take extends we were in fort lauderdale and we were at the i think the gift shop the casino and i just i had just lost him like twenty grand because i was up in the room. I think you know featuring i was just you know we wouldn't. He didn't drink so we'd got eater. If we're in a place with the casino at the hard rock we'd go gamble and he won. I think like twenty grand on on slots but denied his. Id so he needed me to quickly come over and sit down at the table and take an irish crazy and i was upstairs with a with the lady of the night and and that it was a it was a book but you were upstairs with a vampire. Do rock was crazy in two thousand and eight but no this Yes so. I couldn't get down. And he was so furious then. We ended up going to the gift shop to. I don't know why that was just a furious at you. It was so make sure you're not on call for his slot winning. I mean that's what i said but both dealing with loose slots we were both. Yeah we were both just trying to find the right place. Lots sabally and amen little korean man and so he Back around this game. It should have been really. That's the asian game. They domino but he got sucked into these slots men and and so we went over to the gift shop and he was like you owe me like we're taking extensive tonight and i was like i don't like with this is going and he was like no. You gotta take it. He's like you go back to your room. Obviously we're not gonna hang out. He's like well. You gotta take these like. I'm going to take them in. Probably just go back to the room and and just jerk off for a while and get my frustrations and then play video games on my for sure. He's like. I'm not doing it by myself and mike. I'm not taking those. So i'm not doing them by myself. Yeah let's go to man. I made it extends but extends wasn't supposed to be a viagra wasn't it was supposed to be biogra- oh yeah kicks it was supposed to extend the oh. I thought it was like extended and sensual. That's all i think. What the combo of words ex you know. Oh i thought it was like like i thought it was like touting itself as it'll make you grow bigger yet bigger think bigger and longer was the was the push no but no but not just not just like if you were taken by agra. I thought it was like i thought they were like this is a magic pill. That's going to give you an extra whatever you need. Oh so so. So like some jack and the beanstalk like one little thing and then all of sudden two more inches the next morning. Well it says extend right extend the night all extend the night. Maybe they just wanted to give you that extra little push when you're when it's fucking eight and you're on your on the five yard line. Well my point was was that. I thought it was insane that the national spokesperson for extends was jimmy johnson. Yeah of the dallas cowboys. Yeah first of all. This guy is a super bowl. Winning quarterback of america's franchise i know. How much did they pay him to tell the people to extend in night nothing dude. He says that generous. And he's like. Hey man i care about the sexual escapades. You've got gotta pay me. Modern men. have you want if you want me to be like. I needed help extending the night. And now i'm here to tell you you're just like me. I'm just like you. You gotta pay me. How much money. And that's a great question Money does it take to get you. To admit publicly your sexual inadequacies. It's a great question. Pork-less lhasa was. Let's get into it and let me just drink some cold brew. That hopefully takes my high up a notch. I it's quarantine and i've been dabbling. Yeah as you know we have. We've had we've had a few a fun nights together. Oh man time we got. Do you remember the chapelle. Oh like many snl chapelle. It was chapelle radio city man. It was chapelle in Those kendrick lamar at radio city and we went to the after party and then another party. And then yeah that was bonkers man i mean it was and then i think we got so high that night that the next morning i texted you go. Walking was at this otello. Saying that. And i wish i think i have a picture of the receipt somewhere. I signed my name on a receiver. Coffee and i looked down and i signed like like maxwell like it was a completely different signature and the person looked at it which made me look at it too and they were like us and i was like oh i thought i just wrote that. This is what you wrote. I'm showing you what happened. And i was like oh i guess i just saw that moment differently so then i'd say hey man like it. That was such a fun night and then how about how about after. Oh go ahead. No no go go after gotham. You've got into your place. And yes and i was like. Hey it's a little trek out here. But i was like. Hey man i don't know when i'm coming back and like it's only. It was a time of night where it would have been a little. You power moved credit to this day. 'cause it was like midnight and you like efim coming by dude and it was a guy and you know what there's a great hang to be had between midnight and four am. I agree and it's like you just got to be willing to get there and if you can get there physically and You know just used to do it. Used to be like that used to be like a no brainer. You could do it now. I have to get there. You're right yeah you've got gotta you've got to be some day. Prep like you gotta make sure you didn't do the clean for a week. Do a little cardio. Yes but we had a good time. And you're i mean you just got all the fun stuff and stations. Ed your spot. We were there's then downstairs where some games then over the kitchen for some snags and some treats in some beverages you. You're the kindest in the best dude man you got me. You've got so many amazing gifts like really good ones man like ones i love but you send me the gumbo candy machine old-fashioned one. Oh yes it's it's in my like foyer. My entry way and i have a bowl of quarters on it and every single person who comes in around in my house on the way and on the way out they always hit it up and every time they do shout out. Are you fucking kidding. Me that because guess what men i've given some gifts not like that because it's like i think i assess the person i assessed the pad. Once i was there i was like i walked out and was like you know mealy thought. Yeah coupon can house doesn't have a gumbo machine. Let me fix that. But you just how good you are. I know this is how good you are. You know this is how all right. I'll say it again. This is how good you want. You got me a foosball table. Yeah and and you told me. And i was like holy shit i. It's insanely generous and gift a housewarming gap. That's a big deal. It is and then. I was like i. I realize i didn't have a place for it. Yeah like i had filled every little spot up. And i told you and i think you had to actually get it refunded. Yeah and then you went and got out. Went the extra mile rank a lot that night when you fucking when a friend goes tape. The foods back. You're just like acid to better. I know way but you know a good on you for even announcing leg and tell me that you didn't have room because the worst thing you could have done is taken anyway. I go over. It's like next to your bed and you're just like i'm like and you're like no trust me. It's it's fits. And i'm like it doesn't look good there and you're like no know perfect in the walk in closet through. You actually sent me the funniest goddamn gift as well another gift. He said we just send gifts. Of course the man that's the move you got me. The big the handmade wooden sign. You know what i'm talking about. Oh yeah man yeah look good. Love a good yup. Yeah i'm gonna get it wrong. Well you're you're a love good What was towards towards Year goods love good love. Could sal love a good love. Good love a good. Sal tweet sign i think yes. Yeah yeah it was. 'cause you're big on those you know you'll post views of your hotel room when you're on the road and and it'll be like love a good winter view or or like love again give you a better example of the things. They're always very specific and very funny. The hotel rooms. I noticed a year that i was like why i'm always looking at like an exhaust pipe. Ever of you to this day. Like i'm traveling for decades and says so i just put my view of every time. It's the first thing i'd go. And i'd say ninety ninety percent if not ninety nine percent of my usership their reviews but the other thing is just simple. I was like you know. Keep a line to twitter. I wanted to stop using social real simple anytime. I see something that really gets me. I just say. I love a good like i love a good full. Seto look good freshly paved driveway dude. I've said it in my head so many times after like like i was on a flight once and i had a tuna sandwich and already i'm like not very well respected guy on this plane and I'm in the middle seat. There's a gallon front of me. Were getting ready to take off. We just got notified. We're going to be on the tarmac. A little bit longer. And so i take the sandwich out i brought to by the way to tunas i because i was starving. It was a six hour flight. I'm like there's a good chance. I'm gonna slam both these and i took the first one out and look. It's a really cool deli. That is really. It's not super pungent potent tuna. It's just regular tuna smells out. Tuna smells and clearly not over. But this bitch turns around and say bitch in the kindest of of Terms like she. I i say for guys and gals. Let me just preface. Because if you're being a bitch and this is what a bitch does they tattoo bish bitch people that when they come to you. If you're on the phone you know in the cardio room at a gym where your parents work out that you know four. Everyone but a lot of older older folks work out there. If you're on your phone for a minute and they have their headphones in. They still come over. And they're like you're not supposed to be on your phone in the cardio room and you're like you had your headphones on gramps you know so like that to me is a bitch lou. That's a tad. You're an adult tattletale. This woman turns around and she looks at me with the sandwiches she goes. Are you serious. And i go And she goes. You really gonna eat that right now. And i was like. Yeah and i've got a second one in the bag below me probably gonna follow that up after this one like just not. I'm already angry. i'm not having. I would have been seen like a tune of song. Oh god yes. so then. She calls over handbook offer. Dude she literally was like she turned. She was in the window of the of the island of me so she turns around and her eyes peering through that crack. And i'm in the middle seat behind her and she's like you serious so she just keeps doing the turn back. I'm acting like i don't see her. She calls over to the flight attendant. He comes over. I see here with my headphones on like pointing to me. And then the guy now i see him being like motioning me so i go. Yeah and he's like and he's and he just takes a beat where he realizes like he can't tell it adult man who paid a plane ticket to have not to have percent then. He's he thought about that right when she asked so he just goes and he cracks a smile and i go i go what what do you mean man. And he just goes he goes. Are you done with the sandwich. I go just getting started. He's just goes all right and he looks back. The woman he goes. He's just just getting started. he's he's got. I think he's it's the only one i go. We got back up. He's like there's two sandwiches and this woman so furious and so am i. I'm just like i love good tuna fight flight but the sign that you i will admit is not up for when you come me next time but i have plans. I have plans for as long as it's got a purpose and a place. I i didn't purpose a place for it. That's my current setup. But offline i'll tell you my phone. I'm going gonna be doing like hopefully doing podcast studio so it's going right and i was gonna say and great segue you have now to podcasts. And i think look there. I don't think there's a bad time just like there's not a wrong way to To eat a racist there's not a. There's not a bad time to start a podcast sir. Sleman to start when you start a one about not. Even a year ago. I think Dax shepard's i mean it's like there's an i. I'm curious though because we're when we were talking about before you Launched these got taste buds with joe derosa which to me might be the best title for a podcast that makes sense about what the show is that i've ever heard were going back and forth with had a list of one hundred names and then he just one day was like what about tastebuds and we look at you like when i saw that was the title i got so jealous with it and then i also i go as soon as well. You tell me what came first the show that that was going to be a like the theme of the show where the title no the full concept of the show came before the title and tell people what it is so we wanted do something mindless silly and funds. Him and i are always. I mean. we're arguing over foods but like with passion. I love it. You would think if you just heard the tone or you didn't know we were saying you would think we were having like like literally like a like a like a like a emotional fight. Do near everything you had we. We argue all the time and none of us like neither of us shy away. We'll will take two hours out of our day to ought to argue. Like i don't even know what like to argue like apple pie versus you know peach pie. Yeah is what we do will your. I mean that is a brilliant gift of gab to pull back so many layers for stuff like that even your fights about. I think it was chips. Ahoy verse oreos and combos we do. Wendy's is coming out the clip about to drop mcdonalds wendy's even the combo fight. You're so when. I think joseph like it's a it's a it's a pocket snack or something. It's something or or something about knowing it's a road. He only eats it on a road trip when he's down to his last dollar to just just so just so he doesn't become famish than you. Your face literally went like this. You're like smiling about being like people love it. And then when he said something. You didn't agree with you. Literally were like. Do you do to shut the fuck up joke when a bullet combos point about if you if you book combos out at a baptism your trash person. I don't agree. I i don't i also don't agree. I think a bullet snacks out at any place where there wasn't an expected bullet snacks a win and a baptism is probably the ultimate a funeral. You see a bowl of bugles. Where i don't wanna be guessed the number one place. I don't want to be a funeral without a snack or about is right. Guess guess what makes the baptism easier. Just a frigging combo. You know what i'm saying. All you gotta do and talk about your cheap affordable way to up that baptisms That dude you might that might be. What separates you in baptism. Weekly where they're starting to you. Know highlight who had the best baptism of the The standing apart in the world of baptisms. And what do your how you setting yourself. What are you doing. Yeah i do that. Such a great premise doing like thirty forty minutes. Quick listen yeah. Yeah and at the top of the podcast. We put the pull out on twitter and then answer arguing for about a half hour. We go to the polls. We declare a winner. We keep like a record like read off some of the comments so it's just easy fun and people get really invested in it because people have these arguments to people have opinions loyalties to brands and foods. Style this now for the whiskey. There is dude. There's even a. I mean you're gonna have to break down probably ice creams at some point. Right i mean there's so many but like are you just going to go dryers verses I almost had band. that's deodorant. but you're gonna go right guard versus banned in the dod. Like are you gonna segue we figure that we will exhaust food at some point yet and then move on to other topics and maybe just mix it up like with anything and everything eventually. That's amazing and you guys have such a long history friendship wise which didn't yeah derosa and i Have one and then. I do another so we. We started to podcasts. Just throw them out. You know you can get them wherever you get podcasts. But we also throw video in full up on youtube way more channel. Yeah no fresh. Yup i love it and the other one is you in cristiano and hey babe and another guy just have you know. I don't know if you you're you're an anomaly. In this way sound like you have like. I feel like you know like you know. I'm like men. So is one of my best buds. Great report always fun. And then i see how many people you have that with and i go i think a lot of people feel that way but then when i am and the one i sit like. You're just so personable. And i think you'd probably do have people that just when they're you know whether they live close to you ron more but you're so good and i think it's also like if you and i didn't have so many similar sensibilities in so many areas both have a good heart and a lot of places have talked enough real shit like you have to have that. I think when you're making a friend in your thirties right you got to more my forties fucking. What are you doing with your skin. Because i agree man. Just you know you got kind of like minded people and just kind of bond van and I don't. I wouldn't hang around every anyone i thought was like you know kind of like not genuine or not a good person so it's just a testament to my friends. There will like that. I keep. I really proud of the circle of people that keep around is important. It's really important. It is and chrissy was opening for you on your theater to a right before. shut me. we've been. We've been friends for years as well and then like in the last two years he would tore with me and so here we are. You know about like just spending out a weekends together and we're just crying laughing so we should just do a podcast of initially. We're going to do it me. Him and tim dillon then tim who's another character where he moved out. He couldn't get it together mean crystal like we live right near john. Do it together in today and get it over with so we do it. And that's one just open like this one and just kind of just talking but We have a lot of the same sensibilities and stuff and we joke around the same. So i think it's a good fit. We we have fun doing it. So that's what's so. We just look forward to doing it. So that's really it's been fun. Yeah do you think you'll ever pull Do you think you'll ever gonna paul abdul colin like you're gonna have guests pop and just gonna keep it just you guys now. I think we will have guests. I mean you know it's mostly as we just want to get an established for as of right now. I don't know when this will be released foot. Is it like march fifteenth twenty. The vaccine comes out. No this is Maybe maybe two weeks okay. So so we've only we've only just speak on so I think we're only like both podcasts. Yeah and tastebuds comes out on mondays at eleven. And hey babe thursdays. Eleven were three three podcasts. In but we have we have we have so much. We're very enthusiastic right now. We're trying to come out swinging. That's the best place to to be is to be enthusiastic especially with anything new and especially in a time. Although you've been so. I mean fucking knock on wood fortunate to be so busy during this time. I mean from From misery index to the pods getting going jenner show. We started the inner show. Yes yet to tell me about the do about the dinner show. It was the beginning of the height of the quarantine back when like and they were like. Nothing's on television. Nothing everything shutdown. Is there any idea you guys have. And we were like we'll we'll do like We would like to. We want to do something and at that. Point is like everything was very like we didn't know what was going on the world yet so we didn't like like we put out a new show. Do we not and then little by little e started seeing it on tv so commercials with mass of people accepting like where we were at amer like well. Why don't we do something that we don't have to like really kill ourselves to film production of it could be stripped down so he told him. We'll do a podcast live on tv like who's doing that like let's just do it does do it. We'll do it live and And that was the original idea and then they were like how we lose. We want you guys. He just rip. You don't have to write anything at the prep you can do you want. But we need structure. Yep and so. We're like well it's going to be on like you know at night like why don't we just have dinner together. Invite everyone have dinner it. It just clicked one of us. Each we will host will pick the meal in the recipe will pick the the dinner guest. And we'll do it all of the podcast rap nets basically a podcast which has been just fucking awesome and we set up a camera in my house and we film it just live my house. That show wouldn't have had have existed if not for the state we were in with people responded to it so well that we're hoping to just continue it as a show even when we come out of this i mean again. It's another you know it's it's it's so good that you guys established you guys with a show. That's so unique. So when you're putting you guys in more you know contained hang out environments which which which is still what the show is providing like when you guys are back there. Three people watching one guide Doing a stunt like it's but it's it's just a little more variables but you just you just your specifically right. Yeah even pitch. That will like you know how we like go on rants blower behind the scenes and we put some of that in the show but we had to contain it because we have to go to the actual bits. Yes like would have that. Look you just got more of that. Yeah yeah get. Hey guys adam right here for the about last night podcasts. Hope you're enjoying this episode. Obviously it's a very difficult time for everyone right now. We're all challenged in finding day to day routine that that makes our lives consistent and awesome. And if there's some that's interfering with your happiness right now preventing you from achieving your goals. Better help online. Counseling is there for you. Better help is a professional counseling service online privates and it's so convenient I've used it for a little bit. Now it's truly the only way That i found to help get My own issues dealt with on my own time taught at my own pace. You can schedule secure video or phone sessions plus chatting text with your licensed professional counselor right now. They're specialized in depression. Anger stress anxiety family conflicts. Lgbt matters grief relationships sleeping. 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All ailing listeners are going to get ten percent off your first month with discount code about last night so why not get started today and start making some changes for the better in your life. You deserve it to go to better health dot com slash about last night. Some a questionnaire to help them. Assess your needs to get match with the counselor that you'll love that's better dot com slash about last night. Better help dot com slash about last night and get ten percent off your first month. Promo code about last night and now back to the episode. I wanna show you By the way goodness said that more like a dj from nine hundred ninety six. Who was like telly savalas. Cedric ceballos. Telly savalas who's who's that. Well that's why you're thirty thirty four. I love you thirty eight. Okay telly. Savalas was an actor who played kojak. He was bald he had he always suck on lollipops. Yep now i got it a little bit of an old reference. But that's really where i that's really all i got. I'm great with faces. Terrible with names like here. Let's play a little game. I'll try to describe the person you guess who they are ready. Oh yeah yeah yeah okay so this is basically just charades fucking is all the time. I don't understand how people describe people to police sketch artis. I don't understand it all right to tell you the game hall of short they're white. They're black they're spanish. They're asian. they have blonde. That's it it's like these people are giving detail. We're there sketching out a person. That's walking around blows my balls off. I know well here we go. Let's see how well you do it. Let's this is your audition to be a police. Sketch artist ready remember. It's only going to be physical features. You're saying right physical features. Yeah below the. I'm a sketch artist. What's he on a police sketch artists. But wh who you're describing the public okay. Great so and. I'll try to see if i can base it on a real thing. They've done got public attention and could have been considered. Maybe shoot. i'm gonna say eddie murphy delirious right. But that's not going to help if i was a police sketch. Art advise people aren't gonna but if i say Titties what what what you know. We got to become k. That can be dolly dolly. Okay so here we go so this guy so this guy first of all we found him face down at blackout drunk. Eating a cheeseburger is floor This guy's got chris farley curly. No no no this guy still alive. By the way he's he he got out here but the this guy is. This guy has curly brown hair. clean-shaven pretty chisel jaw. His shirt was shallow may close very. I honestly don't even know who that is. But i i saw an i know he's i know he's only celebrity but i don't know i can't place him. He's got a mop top though. You know he's like one of those pretty boys that almost you're like our young. Yeah yeah okay. Real like real just I was gonna say john. C reilly until you said. Chiseled john c reilly also. I'm not sure. Yeah he This guy has a had a had a kid. That was videotaping him. And i it should be an admissible on the street. You're right you're right okay. So this guy Curly brown hair Clean shaven a preacher's would face a big about six five six five pretty big nice build Early biceps and triceps. Or about where they should be for six five in your Say mid fifties But back then. Vaughn nope Look he's you know. He enjoys the beach a lot. So he's David hasselhoff got but again jail guy robbie. At knife point. You wouldn't be able to say to the police. I think he's on the beach a lot so he's in. That wouldn't help the schedule. I just gotta held up. A guy seems like he's on the beach down. Where in the sketch. Artists like adds a surfboard of his an. It's the first thing you say. So the first thing on the sheet is just a surfboard. Nobody yeah he draws a shirt but then when he says the beach comedy somehow changes it into a tank top. You gotta hit up news bloopers. There's a few newspapers police sketches where they put up these ridiculous faces and you cry laughing and then the people look like them. So you're you're again man. This is why we're kindred spirits. Dude news bloopers are again. One of my specialties. I mean do when. I was in australia for five weeks. I went down a lot of youtube rabbit holes. And i said this joke when he real dumb joke that i now do. We'll see if it stays the act. I go. I go beyond by yourself for two weeks with your thoughts. Not a lot of you started off with a lot of like soldiers coming home early to surprised their kids which those are. That's a lot like that. So i'm just telling you this out of the bed. It's just it's a lot but then you see the only see the lion that you train twenty years ago. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah and then and then need to mixed bounce out so then a bulldozer porn. And then and then i and i was like i'd go which was real weird for the guy because we're watching on his phone and i and But yeah we gotta keep an eye so but there's this one. This is one news blueberry. Got to show you that. I found that was just unbelievable. Because there's so many here it is ready. I gotta know police responding to reports of a bomb threat at the store in wichita customer alerted employees. A man inside the bathroom said there was a bomb in the building. Police were able to locate the man responsible for those comments. That man told police. He warned other guests to leave because he was quote fixing to blow up and no one and also tough. there's room lap. Understanding is joke which i'm just getting depot. Says they will not be pressing charges. But i can tell you right now. You asked me. He's got so so you're Do listen to this guy dude. Shut up to wichita kansas for like. That's that's a shame thing. The best thing is watching people trying to laugh when they're not supposed to the funniest thing. Because i know i used to date a girl that was in the shoe In the world and she was in reno for a little bit and a fucking a camera guy we broke up but Thanks for bring it up. But she But she Oh no it's fine. Bring it up every so often provoked just to send people to my youtube channel to check out the music video that i did about it Why i wrote a song called reno cheater and then had my buddy animated and we shot the music video and then animated So it's half animation cutting back and forth that's awesome. Yeah it's great and it was. It helped me get over it But we find that. Youtube just type in atom ray reno cheater real catchy song The guy sought actually too. Because i had a friend that end up getting a job there and he was like you guys still here. He said that the video was hilarious. I'm like of course he did. He doesn't like lose but so but so that news world. I was always trying to get her to have like a cool catchphrase when she signed off and She was so serious about it. And i was like oh this and looking back red flag because at least humor me you know like i was like i think at one nine pretty tipsy and i was just like you should be like you know skewed about boo like and that's you know about whom that to you like i just wanted to do some like set your again. We're talking about earlier set yourself apart. You know everyone always says like here's my name and here's where i was and now it's on now back to you. It's like that's who's ever who's gonna come in and change the game you know. Yeah where's the flavor. What your combo. moment. Newscasters guesses. That are watching. Really there's to be a couple. The law of average wanted to newscasters watching. Take this. take it to heart man. We're watching every night we could use. We could use you setting yourself apart. Yeah or also go your way to put those more of those stories and or make up stories. The news is so saturated with so much negativity mic. I mean just how they don't have the right like they'll get. She was like skinny boo bop back. They would lose credibility they'd be like she had a stroke or she's She's just she's planning her exit and she's slowly starting to do her own thing so let's just get ahead of this and are still searching through the wreckage skinny boop back to you do some of their transitions. Michael mcdonald you know from mad. Tv tons of movies. He he was telling me their day that about when he was doing shows. I think in san diego and there was like these terrible wildfires and school shootings. They were doing these stories on and the guy was right when we're in the heat and it was getting ready to come out and that's the way i had him on for so he was like and these fires are at temperatures that are unsafe to be around for any family. They've already destroyed. Thousands of homes. Hundreds of people have died and are looking for safety and shelter so if you see anyone bring him in because the fires are too hot for anyone to be nearby and speaking of the heat. Michael mcdonald is in a new film. Starring sandra bullock melissa mccarthy and hijinks willing sue michael and. He was just like i mean. It's like who's writing that copy. But i was on a daytime show talk show and it's one you don't leave after you're done you stay on the panel. Oh yeah and It was like it was like someone from gilmore girls and then and then and then roy choi the cook who was also and then the last segment serious segment about cancer survivors which is uplifting. But you'll be on the couch for the whole show at you get on and they're just like you know when you do the cooking segment just zany just making fun any myself. We just need mo like all right and then and then you know with the cancer segment just yourselves. Doodle quips jump in you know if you have a little light hearted thing or joke fuel for and i was like. I don't want to do that during the cancer. Second can i hard pass please. So again no problem. And i just did a segment was like i didn't say a single word the entire time my head like where would i put up here. No no yeah. Yeah i mean so many of those shows especially and you do so much of that stuff. Like you're you're just you're there to be funny and promote get people to watch what you're pushing so it's like you're always like i gotta but insert moments you're like i can't just like power through despite what you gotta still read the room which yeah but you gotta games games. Let's wrap this. Yes wrap this up these games by the way you couldn't have said that more like a guy who's getting ready to leave the party and the guy who's who i got. I got something. I have something in thirty four minutes. Okay well you know what you're doing you're being you're being an attentive guest and and a sweet guy because you're like i know that you put some effort into these games and i don't want you to run up against the shot clock and here we are with four and a half minutes left to do five games with all. Let it happen. Let's do it. Sounds like a lot all right. Are we We locked and loaded on the first one. Can you see they're gonna share a screen with you or catholic. I'm going to be able to see too and All these games are pretty a part in it to the The livings and stylings of sal volcano This first one is Here we go. This is a little behind the scenes action where you get to see. Live the makings of a Game being shared through zoom q. We go and i one up and any moment now. Let me get the theme song for this. And i love this song. Do blackbox everybody. Everybody wow i mean you. I mean if you got the job as the roller skating. Dj at my son's bar mitzvah you honest. To god truth a jail kherson no big j j. He's like one of my best friends in the world every single time every time he comes to my apartment. I'm talking like once every couple of weeks for the last two years. I q the song up as loud as it goes in my apartment on every speaker and as soon as i swing the door open i hit the button and it goes out. The whole song says clinton dude. I literally unwind amazing literally before we start. I go by the way. It's a good fifty seconds before you get any singing. Which so you gotta really be patient and this song rewards you. It's like vegas. Yes they up late enough and you're going to see some shit here we go. I mean that's again a minute and change in. But before we start recording sal ago you guys i want this to be my new theme i go. I don't know if i could if blackbox is ever gonna hit me up to be like hey man you got to pay. But i love this song. I love it. Dream is from the album dreamland All right so the first question sal Now with two new podcast. Hey babe and taste buds available everywhere can get shows him listen to him the watching his really fun because you guys the when you got animated personalities you should be viewing that On a big screen. So do that but if you had more shows coming your way You know that were offered up to you. I want to know which of these podcasts. Would you host with ed. O'neill dads who fought moms. Who cook rose. Who mot gay babies and other stuff. We don't talk about or say by the bell. Podcast a full series review of the classic ninety s sitcom saved by the bell. Oh my god. Ed o'neill legend honestly if he tapped me. I do eight three f. You want that being said a versa limiting grows. Who mo- moms who cook. I think we have to have some type of knowledge here. I think e. I think you gave me a layup with e But i'm gonna tell you right now. I balk at i balk at. I'm gonna do de que babies and other stuff. We don't talk about that. O'neill we don't to me to me if it was like the new podcast. Gay babies and other stuff. We don't talk about with ed. O'neill and sal volcano. I'm clicking on that link you can't you'd have to remove my finger make me not click on it. I mean it's the we don't talk about it. And i think if ed o'neill and sabatino are at the are spearheading. Finally the things we don't talk about and start talking about him. People are gonna listen. And this is what i'm saying if i don't use watching and they know that he is ed let's talk about. Let's talk about gay baby. Hey no pressure but that's your pitch. Are i call manifest it. Can you imagine it manifested. Can i be honest. Crazier shit has happened. You know what i'm saying. I tagged the rock on instagram in a role of giant candle. And now we taxed so and now you can i. I won't say you are. You could say who i am but you can say i'm now i'm on a show about his life so and i have gwyneth paltrow's vagina to thank. I know and you know so many of us do. And i didn't mean bad one and unlike. Hey i honestly she did that thing. And it affected a lot of people a lot of good ways at the likes of which we may never fully understand i will. We won't ever understand it. And i don't think it's for us but it's for us to appreciate and that's what it is important to make that that that statement because goup which is name of our company which provided these vagina smelling candles. And then i think they. I think they did but but candle muddle candles. Don't quote me on that. Maybe this is just where. Maybe i just saw how quickly they vagina and sold out and was like well. What's next how do you go. Where do you go you only you know you go. It's only one of the real contender. Yeah and nobody else could 'cause if you're gonna paltrow too and this is really pushing testing the limits of of celebrity. And that's why i was immediately like impressed. I was like look if i was famous as gwyneth. Paltrow i'd be like how do i keep cashing in on me and you know how you do that you start smell smell in your sense and bottling them up whichever ones whichever regions your body smells the best dude fucking. How do we know. Robin thicke doesn't have just the best armpit that money could that you know what i'm saying like. How do we know there's just not that i know about. I know because you're going to get a candle with this right here soon. And it's going to be very similar similar to like garnier fruit. Can ooh dude. Don't sleep on garnier. By the way or adrian grenier by the way great actor on yay which is a lovely sipping cocktail. By the way how come back. I never got pinched. Any sort of garnier. Fruit teas was it. Because you're like everyone kept being like dude garner new ganja like we gotta get gronyea for gonyea like if he had the main he had a wonderful man he did he would have been perfect for. You have great hair to you've wonderful here. Here's doing okay. I got my mom and my grandpa. My dad for that luxurious. You have a luxurious thick made. It's it's i appreciate that i wanna. I wanna have the confidence to get to as long as to where yours is currently but every time it just goes to a julie fro stage and i get insecure and i cut it. Let's go to our next question So loving this by having a blast. This is great. This is great great great and our next our next question. Sal is look you've traveled. The world we all have Seen onstage spinning globetrotter style aglow and you know you have truly been everywhere. for With with the jokers tour which is just bonkers and before we get into this. Do you have a favorite spot. And i want two part question. This favorite spot you've performed at with the guys truly has been More places than than you can probably imagine that you've been to and then to part a place that you didn't expect to be as great like the arena. I know you guys didn't london. Which is where michael jackson was supposed to do. A fucking fifty show run of shows. You guys did that. Which is insane so was added as like as advertised or was that like overwhelmingly exceptional The area every one of those experiences surreal and every single. One of them is of the same kind of caliber. I mean yeah they'll be hotter shows and audiences and other shows but you walk out. It doesn't get old dude. I don't even understand like how. I arrived your life but through the i mean i you know i london hold a special place in my heart. Manchester newcastle leeds. Everything i mean dublin. Just we've we've done that. Uk tour but even even here like the states. Like you know we love. We love loving nashville austin and people. Just come out. Ohio comes out i. It's it's you. Know i i don't i don't i. I miss the road. I do and i don't miss the road. You feel the same the out a thousand percent. We would never have this unprecedented downtime to just be like home. Like i couldn't imagine it. You know we're in the rat race and you gotta hustle. Yeah you're a comic. You take every every single opportunity and you go out but if we're looking for a silver lining with not being able to travel like this it's like if we could all collectively call a timeout. Like i never want to call a time out when everybody else is still hustling. Because i feel like a piece of shit. Yeah but everybody's gotta take a out. I will sit here. And i will say in my pajamas what i do miss. I do miss connecting with those people in those types of stages man and just going into town. It's always exciting. Unbelievable it is well. We'll get back to it but For the sake of this question. Which of these places do you think would have the worst crowds if you were to perform their. And we'll get these great a hostile in germany. A beef arm Nordstrom bar you know. Sometimes we'll have like little north sometimes like to go out of their way to spruce things up they're like hey you got slacks. Got time for gin and tonic. I liked it in trying. Yeah me too. oh dude. Game recognizes game de facebook but only in a small break room with just zuckerberg and the napster guy or celebrity rehab. Oh lord is a good ones. I mean the hospital in germany is probably unbearable It just backpacking smell like people. That don't like my friends. Who who've backpacking with in hostels. They're the type of people that are just okay with like a weekly shower. Yep yeah that's that's look you gotta shower at least three times a week. I think. And that's asking that's bear men. I just think you're know for the sake of others more so than yourself really. I know in the summer of sometimes. I'm the twice a day guy. I like to do it while. Like when i get up and then i like to do before i go to bed. Which feels like it's unnecessary. Because you'd think shower right before you go to bed will carry it through to the morning. It's not but not because you really jack yourself up tossing and turning and getting a nice full eight hours sleep. You're gonna wanna hit that shower again in the moment so this time. I'm doing fourteen showers a week. So these two three shower week. He's one shower. Consuls that's going to be tough. That's going to be a. But i think doing a show for celebrities might be the actual worse. I'm going to go there you go. Yeah yeah. I think you're right. And i think we're talking generally pretty unbearable and then celebrities shit together. They don't want to hear my jokes about family feud they just don't you don't think lindsay lohan wants to hear by the way and i only throw shade at low hand because i bought a two hundred dollar cameo from her congratulating the on one hundred thousand instagram followers and i played it on the adam corolla show last week i played here but i don't know how could guide love your. Did she not commit that. You not giving your money's worth. Look dude i pay for me over. Two hundred bucks paid for donating it to charity. I paid for lindsay lohan to lindsay low low. Oa i have it in my cameo. I paid for her to To to make fun of me to fuck inch to shit on me to really just roast me up a storm and she She did not go 'cause she was being kind. Is that what it is. Yeah the lighting was bad. Didn't even look like her. He go look like right now. I look like i'm coming into a frigging space. No you look great. But this is like i mean we'll put this up the lighting's bad i i had to say like hey man who would watch your bullshit like hundred k. Like how much did you pay these losers to follow like it was a real like you dumb jew. It was real. It got this. Yeah in the cameo business model. Are you allowed to say. Hey i have. I take umbrage with this thing and get some money back or is it like oh why everywhere. i think. It's buyer beware. I think it's like hey man you can cause even debt lift shrimp seattle. I bought one from my buddy to wish them. Happy birthday and live with a thick german accent messages me. I heard it in a thick german accent. He's like hey man. There's a lot going on here. Do you really want me to say all of this. And i was like because i had them like address. My buddy as victor his dad son. So he's like you want me to say happy birthday victor son. But it's for your friend right on mike debt dude. Don't worry about the comedy on this one. It's all coming through like just honestly fucking throwing the ball. All you gotta dance dunkin baby going. Yeah so so lindsay. This is what she does ready. I yeah congratulations on one. Hundred thousand followers. I don't care what anyone says you did. And it's about what you believe in yourself and you and you're only gonna go more so god bless you and days. They happy healthy and safe. I mean no energy yet she but she also took exactly what you wanted and to shitter of of misguided intentions. Yeah she gave you the polar opposite of what you were hoping for. Oh the big time opposite dude. That's welcome back to big time opposite. Starring lindsay lohan. Yeah i got parent trapped on that. You know what. I'm saying. Where it was friday you dude. I didn't do. I would've loved a herbie went. Bananas have loved freaky friday. Lindsey i got fucking hung over sunday like we. I was hoping i was going to get a laugh. that was. she probably doesn't want i get it. She's like i'm like i can't be shitting on people. I'm pretty high profile. But i'm surprised she's even on cameo do the sheeting she did on these strangers that were working at her beach club and fucking bermuda like but can't do one. What is that gonna do. You think i'm going to post that. And then people are going to be a bitch but widely known on cameo that they're saying kind of guide them so she would take the brunton. I didn't ask her to say the n word or say like you're never. I bet whoever you marry is going to be a cut you know like i. Didn't you know it was really just come of jokey stuff. But you know who's going to be the first celebrity cameo to say the end work. Well this is i mean. Hey man you don't think. I'm trying like i've spent hundreds of dollars trying to get birthday wishes that pushed the envelope All right let's go to our next question. We wrap this up. Sow which of these. I know your big tv guy like me right we love. We love our our shows. We're gonna stall gic about our shows. jalil white Dear friend of mine Also a fan of a dear friend also fan of you guys. So we'll connect those dots when time permits Which of these sal. And i don't know how big of a family matters fan you are. I'm sure you know urkel enough enough to to know that he had quite a few catchphrases that took him from From you know child actor to To teen heartthrob which of these was not a steve urkel catchphrase. Did i do that. No i didn't fucking think. So how could. I just landed an hour ago. Fuck got any cheese. Of course you don't. You're unemployed carl winslow. Yeah i know that fat fuck. Donald won't put out these suspenders. Always writing up. My paint bucket even. Mj play with a bad hammy. Which of those was not ercole catchphrase. What ten seconds on the clock. Yeah i think not was probably the suspend as going up my taint everything else. Seems like i've heard it. I know it has. Yeah you've heard everything else. Tech's out i'm going to go through the first one Actually season two episode five The cheese of course unemployed. That was him throwing shade at waldo. Best friend was kind of a dumb dumb on the show. Cockroach of family man. A thousand percent and See yeah. I mean that's when stefan kill came into the picture and got a little bit too much swag and was like yeah fuck call winslow and his fucking bitch ass daughter won't fucking get on but after reginald johnson one of the best ville johnson's and also just one of the best tv dads you could ever wish for. Oh and the last one. I guess we had one more Oh god jammed up. There can't read it. It just says mariah carey mariah carey naked. That's what i wanna to see before i die. So that's another option. I guess you already made your choice. I think the writing up his suspenders. That's he didn't say that he said he wants to see. Why can't we all we all. We all do all right and the last one the last one out which of the following the jokers cruise. Oh yeah the jokers cruise. Which i unfortunately had to Pull out of last year. Which i still know. We may never have one again now. We'll see you tonight trust me. It's a It's it fuck. It's it's going to be a regret is have to do. Yeah but But but you've you've been on boats for for for quite some time now and you've gotten another lay the land on a cruise ship. So which of the following have you said on a impractical jokers cruise or have you heard being set on the cruise live. Is the pizza bar still open. Should we break the gate. Drink that you pussy seasick or someone. Roofing feed me overnight or Do we have the other options. Yeah can single hemu rhapsody during karaoke. I just don't think anyone thinks you can go that high. That's true which was not which is unhappy. Or if i jumped overboard do you think i could make it back. They'd make a movie about me. Denzel would play. Who cares if i'm white. So these are things that you had gene smith on both my thighs i know you doing. That's fucking amazing. I just re watched that that clip of you Pulling it out during the misery index episode which is great ovation. That got i just was like do the energy of that room. You could feel it through the two of man of people just because you you show it and then seeing it live it was like i do appreciate it because i do have live with that. I definitely was trying to get. I probably threw down some. It's i think pizza. I think the one is man. Pizza sounds so good right now. Dude how pizza and a little bit. How good this crucial pizza sound. Just twenty four hour could just just anything you know you. There's a pizza spot. We went to after I went with you in yorker when I think it was that that night or the night prior to your shows at the cellar and then we went to a pizza spot. That your pizza spot. It's like you got your shows. Yeah yeah which pizza. My favorite new york slice and it was dude. I mean i feel like. I've tried to quite a few spots but this was unbelievable. And if you're one of my proudest moments was when they have a couple of patients now but was when one of the locations put me on their wall. That's big deals. I wear that as a badge of honor. You should man the best pizza. It's cool the restaurants like those are the pinks hotdogs out here in la does that with the There's a quite a few places. I think on the east and west coast do that with with people that come in where they go. This guy fucking loves our shit and you put it kuhlman pinks. I wanna go so bad when you come out for family feudal take. It's amazing and i bet they'll get your picture. Do they got everybody in their current from kermit. The frog the steve barton to eminem to elton john hermits on the wolfgang. Fucking play All right dude. Well before i go. I just want to say another thing. I just want to say you such a sweetheart. You're such different. I just want to thank you publicly. Because i had an audition recently. I was kinda nervous about. Because i still get nervous and You were so kind you made me. I emailed you the script and then you got. You had to get up super early the next morning and you were up late the night before and you had an appointment and you somehow found time in your early morning after a late night to run lines with me on the phone. Oh because you are so good at what you do. And i wanted your advice and you took that time out of something you would do for one hundred times. I know that. But i just want to say like stuff like that. Stick with me. I just love you so you just saw gammit sound any anytime. I love you and that and you crushed it and it was by the way like it was a little tips here. You already had so many comedic instincts. That were locked and loaded. It was just you know when you're doing something new. You just need to talk it out and kind of get a reminder of like fucking got this right and so that's i was serving his that When you start you cried a little bit early for take care. A friend cry Just and being that. I'm not gonna i'm gonna keep trying to. I keep wanting to do so busters to loan but not like rocky. So buster like stopping. My mom will shoot semesters to loan and i think that's got. I think it's a strong choice. But not the right one and i was like do get it together. It's eight thirty my time. funny. I cry so much people might believe that. That was one of my questions. By the way. If i if i got in just went i wrote down some questions that were just going to be. Non sequiturs was an eight part episode. I know dude. I had questions about and bigfoot. I said the last thing you cried at you still think farts are funny. What is the last thing you credit. Real quick god. I did a pocket. I'm gonna stop you right. There said when we come back in two months we'll hear what ukraine doug all right. I love you dude. Thanks for doing this. I love. I'll talk to you soon. All right thanks for having okay by sally. This may come as a surprise but my family is ready to get out of the house. So i did a search on the virgo app. They've got vacation homes anywhere. Your family wants to go. We found the perfect beach house. That was just a drive away. It has an outdoor kitchen a pool and game room for the kids so we can really unwind and relax check out the virgo app for whatever kind of vacation. Your family needs. That's virgo v. r. b. o. Dot com your together awaits for all you fools out there. I'm unwrapping a mcdonnell steak. Egg and cheese bagel look at this steak and a juice. Run down side. A little bit on rapper here and then a fluffy egg and real cheese folded oversaw looking. Just so good. grilled onions on a bagel. Two thumbs off. Mcdonald's steak egg and cheese bagel for breakfast. Love it more baba at participating. Mcdonald's this holiday season you know what. I have on my wishlist adventure. That's why i got a new honda during the happy honda days sales event they have a whole lineup of rugged all wheel drive. Suv's crv pilot passport. But at the end of the day. I drove off in a new. Hr v. with the bunch of safety and best of all. I got it on clearance. So don't just sit around knitting ugly holiday sweater. See your local honda dealer or happy. Honda days clearance pricing today.

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