Part 2: Tony Black, Steve Haskin


I'm Tony Good Morning. That minus the belated Thanksgiving greetings. But yeah like you said we have the whole holiday and trying to a great time of year. I really enjoy Thanksgiving with the family. And you know I didn't go to the race track for I haven't been to the racetrack since of the twentieth. So I've been home one nineteen. I had a horse coming off the race track at the three quarter. Poke at Pula Wing Day and left me flat On my back and bruised some ribs and irritated some old break so I haven't gone to the tracks the not the twentieth the twentieth. But I'm in the healing process. We're doing good and it was gonNA get banged up. Might as well be doing holiday season and then you don't go to the track and enjoy the family even even more so and and you know what the Horse that through the wingding few days later ran and won. And it's it's funny. Yeah I landed on back not on my face with his name is dirt in my face. Just drop made but it should have been named dirt on my back. Because I landed on my back I got up. I knew I hurt my ribs. Pretty good and Danny Velazquez Randy Allen. What gracious individuals Danny gets me up off the ground and he says what the Hell you doing coming out in this weather and ran the allens brushing reopen? been pulling my pant leg down. I'm thinking man I've ever wrote for these guys and they have a tremendous amount of compassion and respect. But that's always crackers. Are they pick you up when in your when you fall down you know they might be your biggest competitors all throughout the year but when you hit the ground the first ones to pick you up so my my thoughts go out to Randy Allen and Danny last. I thought that was really nice. You guys really guys. Well that is nice and I I I'm hearing this for the first time that that you had a bit of a spill so Taking me by surprise I you know I've Jackson use go in the ground and we don't talk about it a whole lot and at times it becomes an embarrassment not not a a traumatic experience. Jesus son of a gun got me off coming out. The gap wasn't even the track coming out the gap. It needs to be done on the racetrack. Secretion coming out. The gap of Ain't no cushion the grounds of Barnes that he belongs to twenty five and he just brands back at the barn and look look back like as if to say a dummy. You didn't say what I am rather like a sharp pain in my side and and I'm thinking and broke some lives or even just as bad as a separate that soft tissue that hold together. That's what I did. They ran and got a cat scan and the doctor gave me the cat scan looked at me. He says multiple plates did we did it from the waist up is that you got multiple plates multiple screws and you've got Fractured Vertebrae rates. That have just looked like the irritated. -tated probably from this incident. I said that doesn't hurt. None of that stuff. Her to draw healed up. What hurts is my red? Says if that's that's all that hurts with all this metal in screws and you real good night backing the I came back to have you stay and look as fitted you look with all this medal and screws and all these old broken set fractures. I said that I take that for granted. That's what jocks do when they arrived all these years. That's what they do these things you know. We don't try to get them. They just kind of come along with the profession screws plates and busted bonds. You're like the Tin Man. It's not for me. I've been show. I missed it a few days. I think the last day I listened to it there was a they were talking about the cancellation from the jockeys. Yeah and and that's always a controversial situation of course when you're right in the Middle Annex states you know you wind up having to make these decisions No and sometimes of course trainers and course sometimes are really affected negatively by them. And sometimes you say to yourself well they might be affected negatively by this decision in today. And maybe it's a error on the side of caution but at least it was made in joppy's to do things like that at times. You know at times it's easier swallow that to than it is to go out there and have a mishap. Possibly that could have been avoided. But but you know and then you know we think about the situation that occurred in California with all the you know the the breakdowns uh-huh and everything like that. And I need adverse weather conditions that they have out there and you know when you think of it that way you think. Jeez I wonder I wonder if some of the riders out there if they would have gotten together they might have been able to avoid some of those mishaps and made these top decisions that data very controversial. They actually affect your business as a jockey in a negative way if your neighbor is one of the big mouth that that do this type of thing because you you make sometimes air on the side of caution and sometimes it's the right decision But sometimes it's an easier pill to swallow that I they said than it is to have something some inventiveness but you know the other things. I don't know when you're faced with adverse unusual weather conditions and your job that's been riding in California your whole career and and you've maybe maybe haven't been exposed to those conditions sometimes you you don't know what to do and you say we'll get through it. Will you right in the east coast mid Atlantic states. You're exposed to every weather condition every track condition. That is ever going to exist at any time so you become pretty Proficient proficient in making these decisions and you also become a person that understand the change whether you know tracking be bad in the morning. The Sun comes out it can change dramatically in the afternoon. You know and you'll also get coming aware of the conditions of the racetrack. where it's been sealed and sealed imploded? I it's not always gone with high compression plate you can flow the racetrack and it can be just flat. It can also be floated to where it's compressed and hard and you know. And maybe maybe the riders out there Ryan in California on you would have had a different opinion of the race if they had a lot of experience with that type of weather condition that they were dealt the accessible now no rain and everything and then everything else that that into that Thin Nita fiasco but you know you don't know you don't know what the jocks was like. Yeah you know I know Mike Smith. He's been out there quite a while and a lot of times you say well. He started when he goes. Yeah but you know. He wasn't here. The bulk of his career never other people that are out there that may be started on these close but they weren't here the bulk of their career and they may be didn't understand the different changes in racetracks because of adverse eric rather condition that they'd never been dealt with California that kind but it's a different it it the the equation the equation there Is is unusual unusual. Just because of potential underlying you know underlying elements and in terms of creating creating eating vulnerabilities or exploiting vulnerabilities in horses. I mean depending on what transpired with the ceiling the track and and how hard the track was underneath. So it's not as if it's not as if th riders going out there on a day to day basis. We're going to immediately say detracts. No good I mean there. There were people that were expressing were expressing concern about about the track and in and spots on the track. And you know that that's a that's nationwide that you know that that's wherever there's you know wherever there's any kind of drag doesn't even have to be limited to dirt dirt there's bad spots that That you get in on grass as well but I mean you do bring up Tony A point that that you can address and explain to people what goes on in that room and what are the conditions and even if you just limit this to the North Eastern track experience and winter track and even even during summers when we get heavy rains. And and guys'll come back and say you know the first turn is washing out. I mean explain what and you also did a nice job kind of hinting at about clubhouse house lawyers as they say in in baseball you know guys that are our problems In in terms of you know creating creating negatively negatively but it it talked about how those decisions are made and when guys come back you know after races when freezing rain is setting in or sleet and maybe the track Gastonia freeze and clump explain. How the discussion unfolds? Well Jacksonville mentalities have changed over the years because I remember when I was a kid growing up been raised on the east coast in the wintertime. And we raise the liberty bell drags out where you know. Do purpose tracks you know changed changed over from trotting tracks to to to Flat tracks and You were very reluctant in seventy sixty seventy eighty even cancel cuts the show. It was the only show was the live show. That wasn't other simulcasting. Of course Jackson's have changed because the live show isn't the only show and their simulcast and sports betting and everything else that goes on at racetracks casino. So the live show. Isn't the most important thing that generates revenue for racetrack anymore. But what happens in the jocks room is jobs. Don't get elected elected most of the time as being spokes Jackson. It's usually some guy got enough balls to stick his neck out and put safety above of his business and in the years over the years you know years ago. Always the elite riders when it was a Walter Blooms and Yeah the writers of that caliber. That were very well respected. Their opinion was respected. You know there's the the rider is that they want a lot of raises. They wrote a lot of races and the junction individuals in the Johnson. Really totally respected their opinion So they weren't elected as the JOCSON spokesman it was Kinda just something that they stood up and said You know what I'm GonNa. I'm going to be here. I ride the entire. I've seen this racetrack over the years. And and I'm going to express my opinion so you go rider. Arrays you ride a horse. That doesn't seem to handle the race track. You see some adverse conditions out that. There's some washout spots stop spot. You know or or track has been floated to the point where it's concrete you know and you might come back and try to say listen guys. What do you think of the racetrack? You know Did you see what the poll the the room washed out. Soft spot going into the first turn. It's like a paved road. So the first thing you wind up doing As a jockey rat you guys together you also inform the stores that were having a problem with the race right. But we're going to call the track superintendent in my day it was you know whoever was practising for ten Roy Smith Of course was one of the tracks superintendents that we had great communication with and he taught a lot of writers. You know communicate with me see if I can eliminate the situation or a live alleviate. The problem that you're citing he would he would actually say you know watching the track back from the or else watching it. From the maintenance shed is a lot different and I know. There's many writers up there with qualified opinions. You say a problem to me. Give me give me some time before you can't so you know another race. Give me some time to see if I go out there and address the issue and maybe changed the situation to where it's acceptable and that's where racetrack superintendent. Ann Anjar have to have an ongoing relationship a good communication because it you don't you jump to the conclusion man tracks bad he can't do nothin' open and screw it. We're canceling and once you get them all walking out the door you never get him walking back yet jockeys. Yeah so I it's a it's a process and it's a process that should be followed birth. Notify people that there is a problem with the racetrack. ignificant trainer that wrote for that particular race. They listen. Listen you know Joe Blow you know you. We went into the first turn this song. Unlike the fall on his head were at four washed out spot. They gotTa do something to act as as you because you can't keep running through this meth all day long or just plain and simple they better open this track up. It's like a pay grow when it comes this field race tracks. I can't say it enough out. It's not always compressed to sometimes it's just flat with the water or hit the surface and run off because it's flat and there's there's no Howard marks to keep the wood on the track and it runs off you know in a lot of times Do close track early in the morning when this weather starts to come on and flatten it out so the wood will run off but also you need a good crown of Good Bank of Racetrack. You need good drainage you know to take and handle that water but every retirement track is flat doesn't mean it compressed to to the point of being like a cement pay grown it can just be flat. Those plates that compressed the can and compress the race track or hydraulically operated to how much pressure they can put on them to cause of floated racetrack to become extremely only hard for just to become flat At the situation in California we had you know like I said it might have been jockeys inexperienced and didn't know what they were looking at. It could have been the Assistant the assistant track superintendent. Who took over Dennis? Moore's job the track superintendent who had been inaugu analysts but he wasn't there and assistant to go back maybe he was over doing the compression and the floating billion reasons. Why things like that transpire? And it's not always because oh you got an overall bed raise pragman no drainage or we need synthetic tracks the people that are behind synthetic crack raccoons. They all see. This doesn't happen on synthetic crack all be as if a highly stressful athletic event. You're going to have shopping around and you're GonNa get hurt and the best way. Yeah I can put it to anybody. It's not a pristine business of of a that doesn't Include highly stressful athletic athletic event. For Horse and jockey there's going to be injuries in any sport and I always hate these people that say well you make them run it. Don't make them run. You Never Watch these. He's towards the train idiot. These sources say you can't stop them from running. So who the hell are you to tell me. I make them run. I've been on hundreds of thousands of worth thirty thirty four thousand races and I'm on my pedestal right now and it and I know what makes horses run. Its cord instinct is bred into your. You're half the time trying to stop them from running off with you're not making them run and they say is don't have choice and people get hurt in a a human athletic events were. They don't have a choice. Either you get in a multi million dollar contract and you're not performing and you're going to have bill coming out your ass. You don't have avenue troy you better go out there and perform you better. Go Get your knee and Jack that you'd better go get your therapy figure out that you form as a human at the. Don't tell me. Human athletes have a choice their financial situation. They're kind of they're obligated. They're obligated yeah. There ain't no choice you know unless the guy just can't walk and he's absolutely busted up and just can't even perform to any level he's gone out there and warming it's not he's got a choice. The choice was made for him by track. I mean by team owners by his financial situation by his wife running up the credit card to help out with that heart assholes. Never tell me what a horse wants to do what I make them do so sick of it. Now you're no not at all I it. We're we're coming to the point where some people are are are and I called for this months ago in terms of just pushing back and instead of saying Oh we were doing every of course. We're doing everything we can. We've always done all weekend. And the the suggestions of otherwise just laughable and there comes a point where you say I I mean yes you've got You got certain people answer to given be given political climate and so forth but It it. It's a little. It's a little ridiculous to a certain degree You know people that have no idea what they're looking at are talking about Ah trying to dictate to an industry. It makes no sense You know you said something and and I got an immediate as part of the explanation the nation Tony about how these decisions get made and affecting Changes whether it whether it's auto race day or not. It doesn't doesn't have to be this. This is not limited just to race day deciding and the the communication part is essential and had there. There's a multi layered as there is with everything in this area the complexity but there's multi layers. He's here. There's the racing office there's the horsemen. There's the exercise riders in the afternoon riders everybody interacting together track management. And when you get vacuums anywhere along the way that you know between between all the layers and everything that that intertwines that's when you get the ball dropped and and that's where you you know a lot of times when they research spikes and incidents invariably you know there was. There was a lack of communication being effectively executed. And so that that part is really a point. Well made by you you. Yeah Yeah you know and and it was learned over the years. It didn't happen overnight at one race but I do take my hat off. Some Donovan drag superintendents. You know. There's so many of them were so qualified in this area. That's good racetrack superintendents in Jersey Pennsylvania. You you know in New York and these guys one of the things that I think helped them in doing. Their job was communication communication with of course horsemen close communication with jockeys. The communication with jockeys is little bit different than communication with horsemen. 'cause you know trainers watching sources train. He's got it all those he's got you know different people. He's trying to satisfy and at times training. You know they don't feel what you feel when you're on that track as has a jockey getting that horse around there and exercise people in the morning and good feedback between the exercise personnel. And of course you have to put people in a category. You know you you too if they this this guy says something you better you know. Take you and pay attention to what he's saying Ryan. It's an exercise boy. You know it's another jock and of course you're going to the chronic complainers bickers you know but also have have any kind of industry the guy that negative about everything you know it all know if they're saying oh good and then you got the guy you know. That goes out there with an honest honest effort every time to try it make the game go on and then he comes back in his listening is track is and it isn't because something's wrong yeah flattens wrong and Yeah Yeah. I've been on too many times. And it'll be the guy that you know is respected in the doctrine by his fellow riders it's like a fierce competitors but when it comes to say the we we tend to be on the same page time. It's and summarize. Listen I've left the jocks room and the next day I've come back you know and of course I tell any writer listening more blames about it. I'm we don't take the heat you know it's GonNa cost you business. 'cause I'm GonNa Point of Mike. This was over the years you know fifteen years ago twenty years. I'm a born in my business where I love the business and I'll recover from any negative situations you trying to get started. Just say black told US blocked oldest last. HOLD DOWN EH racetrack. We really you black. We could run these races and I would say a few choice words. You know that don't want to say on the air but it out you know and and I had some people that you know really held it against me but you know what if you're out there and you're expressing an honest opinion and isn't dictated by dollars and sense and my next horse that I'm going to ride or I wanNA ride this guy. And and they learned to understand you know what he expressed his opinion. It's honest it's never might be controversy. Oh but it's never self serving you know it's not a self serving opinion and he just happened to stay the business even after all this controversy or pinions that is expressed after all these days that we've lost and we've had winters where man we've lost tons of today's parks or different racetracks That I've read that and Well at least expressing it honest opinion. And maybe he's saving us the inevitable that you know. Maybe the an air on the side of caution. Or maybe saving us from from Carton one of these jocks off the race track that hit the ground or carton one of these off the racetrack. You know that shouldn't have broke down so get over it and No one likes people get on thinking business and I've been in it. You know like fifty years now wrote a lot of racist but Even before I started riding on a racetrack but What what eventually gets people over if you go out there and express an honest opinion and you show integrity Indian credibility and then you know really gets them over at your keep winning or you recover and win? You might go a little bit because they got a hard on for you but you recover and you're win and you're bounce back from the controversy. And then they learned to get respect. Well maybe he was right and if he wasn't he had everybody's well being horses and jockeys well being in mind. And that's what you have to key in one but I have one of those big mouths that got accused of being uh-huh cancel and Jock all the time I mean there's what one fifty nine eleven races. So maybe maybe save on kid from really hitting you absolutely absolutely And it certainly in this in this environment airing I mean not that it's airing but the the siding on the on the side of caution you know is gonNA is GonNa pay dividends long-term that that part You know you might you might rouse and then be be. I thought the other day from what I was hearing and I was not there so well. You know when you're not there you really can't say too much but it seemed like the conditions didn't you know didn't necessarily warrant Cancellation but the guys that are out there. You know it's there. It's there call Tony a couple of things before we wrap though I gotta ask you about a couple of horses and even though you haven't been out the last two weeks watching what's going on I see where Richie Vega is sending that that one horse down to Laurel Sir back in black and I. That's my stake there. They named that or a named me. They wanted to use my name and that name. I said you guys are kidding me. That's that's just something else they own us know. We wanted to put your name. Thanks a lot. And then the other Papas are is one that I got on every day and and He's training so good. I haven't been out there for two weeks. I'm GonNa tell you what he was one. You better get tight on when you coming on and off the racetrack play and feeling good. Couldn't ask for a horse to be more in good order. Then he was at least two weeks ago and I missed getting on certainly because college will girl. I love that you know even if you didn't fire well that time I don't know why but but And Papas or I liked that horse. In fact I even one on him. I guess the year before last I guess it was. I forget when I won but I want on him and I get on them every day. Right and that's what I miss now that I'm starting to heal up a little bit and feel better. I was ready to call Ritchie today and say I've been start coming out Monday and I lifted the weather is going to be like forty five. Fifty degrees Tuesday's compete forty five fifty. I might come out Monday night that pick but it is going to be like in thirty. I might not make it pop pop tomorrow. Actually Laurel runs tomorrow and then Sir back in black in the juvenile the Maryland juvenile on Saturday. I also WANNA ask and you mentioned Collegeville As it happens Carlisle Bell runs back tomorrow in similar similar spot state bred fillies and Mares Allowance and Ah Bell Bells Zip right by the COLLEGEVILLE. Even though even though Kendrick tried to try to I it was he was. He was trying to intimidate a little. Bit the top of the stretch when when when Veggie came by hi with Carlisle Watch the replay. He kind of Comes out to meet or a little bit and college bills got a couple of feet and and it's a little bigger than than Carlisle. Val but you know what what are your thoughts about spun to run Guerrero On Saturday you know what I remind hats off to you. Know he went to a controversial situation and and survived it and it turned find out to be not true situation that we even want to get in and talk about. But I'm so proud of him. He brought this horse around And the job he's done with this or is is in acquiring this force and train this worth you gotta root for you know it was considered just a claiming trainer. You know and Evacuees he was even out of the game or wasn't on track for a while and were recovery and and so deserving horse like this. I really liked that horse You you know a maximum security you gotta like that horse. I mean They're all hooking up. Weren't they in the Saturday. Yes that and I mean I route. It's hard for me to root for one guy and I think the world of a Carlos And I think the world of Jason Service you sound Saddled Adult Video Horse Mama's park when he was a valid in Jersey. You know in here. He's gotTa work like maximum security even though the controversial situation that came about with the With the Derby play 'em and broke my heart to get taken down but that source race in Yoga comment. It'll but when when when maximum security ran in Haskell I wasn't really impressed with him You know I want it but he he just didn't look like he really fired. Big Just beat horses. That weren't running as good as them and he wasn't running at that. So maybe he's GonNa come back really run in a little bit of time helps and and and he he put his A plus performance. But it's hard for me to pick a one over the other because I think the world both the guys that train them I think the world of both those sources sources and how can you fought spun to run after the last performance. I mean it's GonNa be a great race. Yeah what it's going to take of. What is a game to win that race? We'll see which ones on his Asia game looking forward Looking forward to Saturday it's It's terrific card at Akwa highlighted by the Mile Tony. This was tremendous great to catch up after several weeks off. And we'll make our way eight toward the end of the year and have some of those you know season ending kind of conversations over the next couple of weeks away. I`Ma we'll put the box away get on it and beat. You're you're but thanks for letting me back and I didn't even Like cut me off. I've never so the one and only Tony Black. Everybody can't be. Let's take a break bottom of the hour ninety ninety minutes in ninety two. Come Steve asking and we'll dive in to the PCP's on all these two year olds notably the rams and the futurity probably a little bit of the phillies too but WE'LL CATCH UP WITH STEVE ASKING and I've been saving the the final odds on the Derby Future Wager As well I've been keeping that over to the side of the desk 'cause I knew Steve might enjoy might incorporate some of those names In the conversation and I'm just wondering how many how many are running this week. Wrecking crew thousand words high-velocity and Oh door so four. Twenty percent of this field is running an annual door. Those that bought in you got him a thirty one. To one high velocity you got it. Forty Eighty two one thousand words at thirty five to one and wrecking crew eighty six to one. So the entire field of the futurity was in the future future wager and all of those prices are pretty attractive so somebody's going to have a futurity winner at no less than the thirty one to one. 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I know they'll be glad to see good old friends. Equine DOT ORG or call us at five to eight six three seventeen seventy now to the races with Steve Day on Sirius. XM radio once got CH wjr racist twenty minutes to the top of the hour. uh-huh Tony back was back after a timeout and He was he was on the muscle. Steve asking joining us. And this is always one of my favorite Favorite conversations on the calendar. Because I get to ask Steve how the tofurkey was recalled. He actually was Quite good cranberry sauce roll. Roll up slices a little bit. Can't beat it has has tofurkey TESCO further them gravy on put some uh ah some Turkey gravy on it has has it. Has It evolved has it. Has it improved over the years with with technology as these places like like other places actually have Turkey. Tofurkey I mean not flight they actually have you know a big hunk of it like you know like a Turkey. We have to slice it yourself. I haven't graduated to that yet. I'm contentious taking the slices in rolling them up and putting some gravy on it. But it's it's got some texture to it. You know I sort of an artificial texture. It's got that it. Does you do a Turkey. Would there you go. Does it make you sleepy with what I was. Just GONNA say without. You know you listen at happens you know. That's the price you have to pay for Turkey not that Turkey by the way I mean Turkey without grazing. Actually not that right interesting as now. I mean you dried out. It said you know this really neat. Something I mean you got to put gravy on it you you gotTa have it with. I don't mean you know. I don't mean homemade cranberry sauce. 'cause I ate cranberries I to me. It's it's way too bidder with sour or whatever but the ocean spray would taste. Nothing like cranberries which which is phenomenal. I can't I can't have stuffing Turkey. Ocean spray. I know you probably make you around but I it doesn't it doesn't thrill me people make but but no he jails and imbros and stuff. It's not that that doesn't faze me but Spray and gravy you need eight and stuffing you need to accompany Turkey if you cut yourself a piece to Turkey. I'm not talking about the drumstick drumstick I used to. When I was a kid? It was automatic. Steve gets the drumstick. Everybody knew that you know especially that skits crunchy and everything but the actual Turkey get Selva. BELVA sliced Turkey. Well sounded solid eating pepperoni. Thank you have you have to manage. You have to you have to get out in front of it and I it. There is because it is such a big it is such a big piece of of assorted meats. I mean I. It's what's fascinating about the Turkey Turkey as a as a meal and as an item to cook. I mean if you were if you got if you got the parts cut up. It's one thing like you can can get a chicken cut up but if you're cooking Turkey it it's it's a more involved process just because the things all heat up at at at different times and and so you know tenting it in certain spots and and covering sections with foil so that they don't over over Brown and burn the way the breast will have a tendency to dry out. If you're trying to you know you're trying to get that heat evenly through and get the you know. Get the whole bird to an internal temperature that you know that basically makes serval. So it's a bobby flay. Well I've been I been in the food business my whole life and that's quite a description of Turkey. Well it's all you have to prepare it properly and then you have to monitor it's cooking and the whether you brine whether you're going to dry brine or wet brine getting moisture in and a seasoning properly is instrumental. I mean. I do a thing with with a butter garlic schmear. You know you get in under the skin and your you know I also the the last couple of years I found it terrific Italian family recipe impeach With Bacon or Chetta that is that's where my son in Law West does when he you know like when they would come over for Thanksgiving. Oh you know make sure he would you know he would monitor the Turkey keys. He's a very good cook but he would wrap the entire Turkey with slag of Bacon. Sure absolutely absolutely. That's the fact you're doing for the fat and you can do it just as you know you can do that with butter as well and and olive oil but the getting under the skin and having like an internal people skin right now now now they love it they believe me people love it. 'cause they're th there is no. There is no greater satisfaction as a cook as a home. Cook then carrying off a Thanksgiving meal. I it it is an especially if you're if you're saddled with one oven and you know it's very tricky and making it all come together but it to me. It's my it's it's my favorite ever cooking enterprise of the year and I cook a lot finished by the way we you know your most Your most memorable accomplishment instrument in life is whether either doing the radio show or your Thanksgiving meals. I it is very to it is it is yes. I do go thanksgiving a year increase without a kitchen. Yes this year without a kitchen. You're not not not any shifts can say that that's a that's a fair point. This was this part of the funniest thing was how how. I don't know if you heard on Monday. But a remarkably we were shooting for three o'clock and we've always been sort of a mid afternoon family. You know three to four my mother you know no not much earlier than two thirty or three never later than four thirty I was. I was ready at one thirty somehow. How which shocked me on my i? Yeah I just maybe because I was so concerned that I was up against it from an execution acution standpoint somehow everything just sort of worked and that included you know I. I had a nice spread of appetizers. I made the mistake several years ago of of doing 'cause. My Dad loves deviled eggs so years ago when my father was able to come here I I started making a couple of things for him. deviled daggs and baked apples and my father is crazy for both so once I started making deviled eggs now. I'm obligated. Well thank God. Bless from the past from my childhood child because I couldn't stand the look of it that you know. It just looked like an apple that just I went bad exactly but I see people eating interesting when I was a kid. My mother used to make baked apples. And you know ah I it would it would. It would just turn me off looking at it. It just looked like an apple that's been sitting out for like three years. They do get a little shriveling and the little longer potch go but I gotta tell you it you. There's A. There's a reason. Baked apples aren't as popular now as they were. When when you when you and I were growing up because it's a major Paci I mean to prepare them is a pain and then to monitor you have to monitor them and they have to be basted On a regular you know you gotTa dip in with the Turkey baster and you gotta spit some with the juice and it becomes like a caramel sauce. I've got a great recipe with the Golden Baked apple with the California with with the golden raisins. You you've pack it with raisins and cinnamon and sugar. And then you do the rest of the baked apple stuff anyway. My father. I made it for him that one year and he was beside himself because he hadn't he hadn't hadn't had a baked apple probably since well before my mother died so he was thrilled. But the the thing that has become an institution now is the deviled eggs and now I've got piping one of those piping bags you know like like a cake. Decorator has so when I make the deviled eggs I got the little pattern on the you you know on the on the egg schmear it it you know. They're like a little work of art so I had to do as well on Thursday. Ah I always make way more because Tina you know. We're t tina could eat more more eggs than cool hand. Luke I I. I'm not kidding. Man can eat fifty eggs. No MANGONI fifty eggs Something for Thanksgiving that was even better than Turkey. Turkey a big grandson. Now they wouldn't Iowa they went back to Iowa for West is family field of dreams. All right okay. I I've been to field of dreams. We play unbelievable when when they when they When we visited went to visit his family in Iowa we we rented a field of dreams and it was exactly exactly the same? As was everything. Is there We and there was nobody there The owner the owner was out. You know manicuring field over there But West is nephew. Plays Little League happened to have his ball and his bat and gloves in in the car and we went out and we were playing born. I'm standing up there and I'm whacking them out. Tehran funds fight on the field of dreams. That's awesome what sells that's great. It's fantastic and the thing is you're driving but there's there's a list there's a little gift shop to buy souvenirs from the From the movie but a little grandstands is there That's great in the in the House. You know they actually shot it in the House that's on the field of dreams there but that was That was a blast. I've got a great photograph of Mandy. swing swinging away and hit hit. Hit the ball but It was great. I didn't hit a baseball in a long time. But that was yes It was great to stand up there and just Knocking them out to Out to the outfield didn't reach the Cornfield. Oh well now I'm I'm still. I'm still impressed. I thought when you said when you brought up I thought you you're going to say you had a picture of of of her petting Burt Lancaster. No I did not have that but as I was saying before by the way had something for Thanksgiving yeah go ahead was much better than Turkey. I had fish and I mean really good filter fish that who made the same person that That that that makes them when we go to Avi Roaders who uh Passover. They haven't catered some stuff in and whoever they get it from this was from Store there but it's like a walk you know it's not like little pieces along. It is so homemade is so good and she gave us a bunch to take home. And And oh God I I was. I didn't WANNA finish it. It was so good. I can't be real filter fish not getting the job. I mean that's what this was. So that's to highlight the highlight Thanksgiving was Was Goo Goo Celtics. That's pretty funny. I it's funny. You mentioned that like I had never seen that style until I lived in Montreal. And there's quite a few. There's quite quite a few places in Montreal that that that will prepare it that way and I had not that was unfamiliar to meet the big. The big you know like almost like a Yul log is is quite and there's something about cutting off it's like yeah slices you can cut off again slice and instead of individual texture is totally different. A friend put a big gigantic carrot in the top. That's exactly car. Who is so good that we had more well? Nobody made that they. Nobody made like My Grandmother Nobody homers. She would sit there with the with the grinder. Oh my God and believable. People grow up amazing Although I will when I get a chance I'll I'll teach you. I'll teach you how to take the jar and how to make it. Had Dr it up. My mother taught me how to take it and doctorate. And you can. You can add a step to it and cook it down further and you'll be shocked at how close it is homemade. Yes yeah yeah yeah yeah it. The key is that it's not in the jar. You're basically pasteurized. It's been cooked and pasteurized you. Then take it and add some broth add more add more broth you throw in you can throw in A. Ah Parsons and a little carrot as well to cook in with it for flavor but you then boil it down further and you'll see it'll it'll contract tighter the way the way your mother used to make and and then chill it and you'll be shocked at at the difference of what it was like when you took out of the jar and and then finished it. Trust me on this for you. No in the jar jar like like Jones Mandy by the way get I mean they ktar phone not bother me at all. It's brought us. It looks like Mucus. No it's it's just it's no different. I Made Turkey super that the Turkey soup after I chilled it. You know to skim off the fat. It looks the same way. That's just brought that they just put it in a pan and let the let it melt it down and it it'll be it'll be like a it's like chicken broth or Turkey Broth. Okay well we can just keep talking about this. Because I don't think there's anybody left listening. So no they believe me they they love it about the I've got I've got a bunch of stuff for you. Got The got the future wager. I want some thoughts and of course we got the four horses from Turkey that were in the future wager. We'll talk about the REVSON Simpson too. But and I know we've got two more weeks Steve However even though I knew I got the fateful call. Oh Tuesday about Lenny about Lenny's retirement pending retirement and we between we've got two more weeks and Lenny is going to I mean he's not GonNa completely fade from view but recently he chaz like he's going to be doing more work than he did when he was working so many key got so many gigs lined up You know and it looks like right now that he it might even be going into the office once a week. But he's GonNa be he's GonNa still do several features for the you know the blood who has she's going to you know he's going GonNa sign a contract to You know like I did to work on a freelance basis. He's got gigs lined up with the New York thoroughbred breeders with the Keeneland magazine with the thoroughbred Barbara California. He's working looking through a book you know he's got the University of Kentucky Press You know in his back pocket now we you know we have today's did Justify so he's got all these other ideas for books and it's GonNa be it's GonNa be He's going to be plenty busy but he will not be features editor how we will get him. We will get in a visit before or The before it's over and Lenny retires. He also said he's going to do some volunteering at at the dog shelter. Oh I didn't even realize that Yeah Yeah Yeah. He's he's already got how many he's got nominee owns. He's got like three three. Yeah which is usually a minimum. He you know he you know we get some thought. His dog from from Dell Hancock. He goes to claiborne farm to her house. And you know whenever she's got a litter or so and a a lot of time she'll go and it will pick out a dog from cadel Hancock. Of course the black glad. I thought you were about to say that. That that lenny gets his gift built a fish from Dell Hancock. Then uh-huh uh-huh picture is mixing all the white station everything exactly tackling sack Brin Nail Han so great so great. Well we we will get a lenny. Steve Retirement void. The shocker about this is that that that we thought you were Hanging the hanging up the typewriter and the Lenny ends up of technically efficient officially retiring. Before you that's true well you know the thing is well. We're well not really because we're you know we're in the same position you know. He retired from the blood -orse as I retired from the blood horse but technically we're both semi retired because we're still doing a lot of work. Yep still do ah listen you know. Good Dobie doesn't coming up. I'm going to be really. I'm busy every single day of the week with that. Absolutely that's something a lot of people look forward to that and You know it takes a lot of preparation and it's GonNa take even more preparation this year to come up with twelve forces possibilities what's abilities so totally spread out and wide open this year that You know I can just I can just picture I w dozen with a comment. You know what happened to this. Or how could you leave this sorts out. What happened in this you know? Oh you're oh you you don't have this short chain. You must be a hater. That's right I mean you know you know I mean people realize is that you know if you put out like a if you put out a list of like pop twenty five and your voice listed fourteen. Nobody says anything anything but the top twelve. That means they're like nowhere. I mean I try to convince them I said well right now you know. He's right knocking on the door. Like like maybe might be number thirteen or fourteen. But if they don't see that there then all of a sudden they means you know you hate the horse that okay. There's not a lot to come up with the you have especially this time of the year when you have so many of them and you get a you gotta gotTa Watch every single maiden race and you never know who's GonNa pop up and then you get some horse that made them by fifteen lengths and he said what do I do with him. Reno to so many courses right now that are accomplished in stakes races and this year has been just absolute crazy year. We'll see where they have you know when he started voting visit clip camping. Actually actually when you think about it by the way when you look at all the races coming this weekend the big winner already. We already have a big winner before all the races around and that stormed the court. You know wh when Tusa Log that beat Kentucky Jockey Club and eight rings withdrawn from the low sell thirty and there's no top. Two year olds going into Remington. There's really no no one else gives you clips award to you know I. I guess you could save. How is is Ano- door romps in the low sell through thirty Yeah you could. Maybe think of him but to me that would only make storm to court and breathing tube and a look look stronger to show you wrote a whole. I wrote a whole column on. I'm still on the court and to you know what an innate minutes horses and I've never seen this before where the opinions of him are so diverse and there are so many contradictions that people say I I have absolutely no clue what to make of this source. I mean the first few Kuwait comes out and Mike tackle you for some bizarre reason. Make some twelve to one. co-favorite with independence ended hall. This was that just one degrees juvenile at forty five to one by a neck in a race when none of the none of the favorites showed showed up. You're one of them literally in two of them figuratively. And you know people looking at the juvenile you know like some fluky race and twelve to one. CO-FAVOURITE I there was no way on. Earth is going to go off at twelve to one not only do not go off at twelve to one but the public it takes a completely the opposite direction and send some more preferred onto one which I which is even more than the call to one. I mean you had a bruised used up juvenile and you know good chance to be the two year old champion thirty one to one. I mean got the pedigree and you gotta remember number by the way is that after an adored it was gaps of like free and a half and four and a half the next. We don't know how strong the race that was. Just because you know eight rings I just stopped and you know like Trafford said he had he had lost weight after he after he won the American faeroe and he's giving him more time to put some weight back on track with extremely deep and he just didn't handle it And we you know we we what happens again this this moment at the start and he never showed up at all he just ran around. The racetrack didn't show up at all. You know he got hurt. So you're looking at somebody to win that race but but we don't know if it was a fluky race or he's that good he may maybe you know he's got the pedigree he he ran well enough in the American Pharaoh you know he's you know he's a great one winner and Greg One placed placed so we don't know how good the sources we don't have no Dano Dory's come you know he he. He was coming off the off the grants again. You look at two of the favorites in the two favorites Breeders Cup Juvenile Times you see two favorites reach juvenile both at because lost their rider in rice before that I mean how. How unusual is that everything is everything is unusual this year? We just we we. We really don't know what to what to make of it now. A up some peop-. Some people vote for eclipse award. They might. I'd say you know what they might. Just go out on a limb and and vote for independence all because his race was so totally spectacular. I mean I'm sure you saw this to a negative to when it's era graph I mean how many how many tweet roles get negative twos. I mean negative twos will win most Kentucky derbies already got a negative to on there So you know people might look at him people so I look at Maxwell field it makes it you know maybe he. He's the best you know if they don't WanNa vote the storm the court but it's going to be very very weird betting abetting I mean Voting voting for uh you know and I as you can see and depending Cheetah wage was with bedding leading to like even though Dory thirty one to one so people don't know what to do I don't think they have they have. They have no clue what to do with this crop foot. Two year olds and the crazy part is is that there's like six or seven of them who could be very special so it's going to be it's going to be very very unusual in the low south futurity. Let's let's talk to things they've as part of the futurity in Ano- door high-velocity thousand words and wrecking crew and also fold in you referenced. A referenced his the law getting upset and the Jockey Club Churchill on Saturday and nobody nobody I if you went around people be hard pressed to say who won silver prospector. We talked about. We talked about with Steve Asmussen the other day. Hey and it's funny. Because Darren Rogers Darren Rogers had had had said that that this was a it's over prospector was dangerous in there and and you know obviously a trip and and being bottled up for literally a mile takes its toll on on a horse. A young horse being asked to do something. You know a bunch of things for the first time and I I think that Being overly judgmental on Tis the law. I mean he he did still despite the getting beat and he still got that in the future wager went off at eleven to one one would that to me is. It's crazy. Code is offering eleven to one getting. Beat I'M NOT GONNA hold that loss against them. Sloppy track Even the best of trips you had bullets way through horses which was used to you know back down on the inside looked like at one point he was gonna get totally shut off but took it before spring finishers of the street sense. The first to finish in the street can't run completely up the track way up to track and the third place finishes wins so again. How do you figure it? I mean how how. How do you look at this crap for two year olds or you know just makes no sense? A lot of people thought that you know you can get the street sense that you know these choices you know look like like South Bend is going to be really nice horse and You know flying. CB Look Fighting CB. Looks like he was going to be nice. Oh Yeah I mean Nice yes I said Nice. That's the only thing so you just days. They did know running it all in the Jockey Club and the Horse and the horse that may be one up winning the race but right now the Kentucky Jockey Club but it's not you know one of the top racers law. I still think it's the best person there. But it certainly deserves another chance. You know against sloppy track and Barclay might be might be hoping right that not unhealthy but Waking he had He had kept them in New York in running the REMINGTON. 'cause renting really no standouts. You might you might get some emerged from there but there's no really big name horses Sir you want to my my my favorite thing with the bureau's is and I'm not gonNA go into it. Don't worry about it but I'm just saying we're learning that eight rings make your state deal in the sprint race. That's all I'll say right now. yeah a Derrick Watson. said that you'll love that you said Haskins GonNa love it That eight rings was Derek Consent. To somebody somebody I have some. I haven't written the column about it since Nyquist An exaggerated rain one two and so it might be time might be doing other One hundred get on my soapbox again in weight and wake people up to For word that a lot of people don't don't know anymore it's called history Let's gotTa Chase the points no you know and Churchill downs refuses to give sprint races. The fear that I already. I don't WanNa Sprinter in the Kentucky Derby. Yeah these prep races voices running in January February. They're not that doesn't mean sprinters. The of of the voices every single classic winner and every two and three year old champion in the Oh sixty seventies and eighties. Everyone of them started out in the sprint. So I'm getting myself started at upper ready to do EXAC- since since we're seem like we're on the verge of talking about the rams in and I haven't haven't really other than you. You know mentioning that. It had nice feel the nine. Let's let's take The REMINGTON first. And then we'll talk Low Sow and this group benign. It's a fairly accomplished group and everybody has made at least two starts and couple of already quite a few of already been to turns so from that standpoint or or at least a one turn Radha ground You know because New York you're you know so many of the routes our our one turn but it's a it's an interesting group and there's a horse that scratched The stay in this spot and stay on the east coast host. That shot ski of Jerry Wires that is really been moving forward nicely. He participated in that street street sense he was actually behind silver prospector. Whenever you're only two ranks exactly and he's blame out of a bluegrass cat bear? Adam walked. Oh and Gary Barber and some partners and I thought the shot ski I mean I. I didn't really think much of it when he scratched but when he turned up last night in the overnight kind of raise an eyebrow at at how progressive he is You've got Alpha sixty six for our friend. Paul POMPA and four hundred thousand dollar Liam's map that wanted I asking and Rian evenly in. The champagne didn't run badly. was fifth beaten mass than five How things with him? If you look at the comments it said the Shining Star. He didn't shy in at the start. Go Watch the race. The two K.. Miniature completely knocked him off stride. That's why he forgot that cliff. Once you've got about that you know he was like four lengths behind the next door stores and we really got shot after that like you said he ran evenly You know and listen because the laws is in there and green light go. I'm here nice in front of him so again. He was beaten less than five lengths to give him another shot. I don't you know Liam's map out of giant's causeway. I mean you know mile and as is again a tricky tricky distance. These are the horses that need to go back to sprint. You know 'cause when you run a mile on this early on like I said it just tends to down to the dull you 'cause you know what are they going to run the ramps and then what they usually the one fifty to one fifty three. You know it's always slow. Track is always slow. This time of the year But they I'll tell you interesting horse to To Watch in their shook source a man who I know I know he's only coming off a maiden win and the only guy that sixty He only got a sixty buyer. But if you watch that race he meeting long sustained run and he was just picking forces one by one and for young horse to start making this move on the backstretch and just keep coming in passing horses and he was very professional. Oh coming down the stretch. was didn't really abuse. He just has the look of a runner and again when you look at the time of one forty seven and one for monitoring things to slow you only got a sixty buyer but number one. That was a very very sloppy track. And that will lose it sloppy but what you have to do is look at the track variant thirty seven. I mean that's like one step away from from A mudhole. I mean that track had to be extremely deep and you know he he's been rating. Eating was only a sixty three but but in the old ways you would end the two up and sixty three thirty seven comes out to one hundred and that's always suspended. You look for anyone who who in the old days when you looked at the old one telegraph daily racial past performances. When when you add it up that was one of the handicapping tools heading up the crack variant and speed rating and if it ended up to like one hundred you knew that was a very legitimate race? Well his race ended up two hundred. And you don't see many thirty seven track very slow. That track was You know and it was just I would blinkers on and again I just liked the look of alkyl. Moana the medallion Dora Mayor. Yeah he's got to overcome the the nine nine hole but if he gets a good trip in here I don't know how good he is but we'll see I mean first grade He didn't break well now at all and it was a seven along then he finished six way way way way too far back in that lays So I think he improved a lot with the blinkers on so you throw out the foolish grace. These different ones with the blinkers on. Obviously a different horse going to turns red to go the Mylan our eighth for sure so I. I'm curious if this was runs an oppressor break here. He's got to be very serious horse. Sometimes you just look at a horse you can see that you know. Sorts is looks like a runner. I remember I remember. I remember looking at Catholic boy when he ran into ramps and seeing him in the paddock. That's wild it's this is a racehorse and Watching amends you know in the in the winter circle of that maiden race he just has a really the look of of a really nice horse. So I'm really curious to see what he does in here but like you said. Shot Ski is a horse to. That's got the credentials Alpha Sixty six. Yeah you can you look back to his maiden race you look at state. He won by a neck but the second who actually was eight lengths ahead of the third horse. which is something I always look to say And after his last start plus he's taking the blinkers off of him from. I'm expecting another big race from him. So you know any any one of those three horses that could emerge a horse. That was very impressed with when he broke his maiden is that actually carrying mclachlan scores for for Shad. Well you know. He broke his maiden going a mile and it was very. It was a solid mile and he grew grew off in that race. He was forced the Oro who came back and won. And there's also in the ramps and He was a bit disappointing in the in the breeze security he was he was in the back of the pack but Match field is just absolutely blew by him on the turn like he he he was just looked like he was standing. Still Matfield went by so fast and he plotted along and sit and was beaten a well beaten fourth in there. But I'm not giving up on him he suddenly Bradford this by curl out of a daughter. Mayor so I'm curious to see how you know how he bounces out of that race race so he he. He looks interesting in your voice on the radio. Talk Clutches Others Chase draco gets Gets blink his on a AH after he got creamed by Independence Hall. Which I'm not GonNa hold that against them but yeah he was? He was a Welby in third in there after. Uh you know after breaking his maiden principally parks plus you send parks and break his maiden and we can't bet anymore anymore every place you look now horse is coming from parks. They're all over the place you start looking at some of the other races over the weekend and you said you you. You've seen horses that you look at their past performances and parx racing there somewhere boxes you now. He's not is not quite like it. Used to be so I mean all in all like I said there's no standout in the Remington but you know there are several horses that could emerge words from this race and be You know and look like a legitimate derby horse but the horse is I'm looking at most of these Eh Alpha sixty six shots and maybe you know and also looking at mostly well the fact that you know. And plus the fact that that The Ron Anderson sticks with Karen and the Shadwell home bread and that that not that getting being Jose Ortiz is any kind of a of a comedown but clearly. Rosario you know chooses to ride. Is your wheat here. After having them out on on a men's in his first two starts those that the track that you know I will say this that before we talk about the dirty Steve Shug was with me Was it yesterday or Tuesday and we had a fun conversation as always and He sounded sky high about Calandra coming into the Moselle. He looks uh actually a good race. Really Yeah I thought taught. She ran a terrific race in the answer by these I mean he had a terrible start that ray he was absolutely nowhere. And the you know the fact that she got up preferred in that race. I thought it was very impressive. You know and again when he broke a maiden only one by half a length but this is the second filly was five lengths ahead of the third horse. And it's a again. It's something I always I always looked at and you look at her pedigree. You know she's going to go you know she's GonNa love the the Disney blame out out of an AP and the mayor. So I I could certainly see I can certainly see. Should be in being hiring on her she I think she's a very good phillies. It could develop into one or two pops series next year and he got remember to Broadway Hugo like I said you've broken by a half length at Saratoga. Choose a favorite the answer. These young men and eleven field. He goes over the two one favorite so obviously in. Yeah obviously people people had a lot of respect for her and much like what you referenced with Max Field Field His win similarly British idiom blue that race apart anyway so She's a little maybe a little dirty up in. They're all right. Let's turn our team that we've talked through by coming back exactly exactly well speaking of British idiom Of course in the starlet. We do have the the great the only grade one of the weekend and we do have done a Vallejo J. coming back and ran a whale of a race as fast and I and those to headline the starlet. And I know People Steve are are like losing their minds like they do about everything. They're losing their minds. Because there's four horses in the low south you thirty. I'd like to know exactly what other what other cannon fodder was necessary in here other than the second and third place finishers from the Breeders Cup and and two of Baffert's potentially best twenty twenty three year. Olds I I. I'm fine with this group. Oh yeah how'd you ain't listen. I'd love to see honor in here as well but looking at these four. It's it's GonNa be a jockey's race and it's going to be just really interesting. How the things work out and I'll tell you what the African you know? Sometimes when he talks up a horse when he talks about a horse a lot and you know a lot of people people looking at you know the the supposedly you know the hot horse. Is You know thousand words. Babar does not stop talking about high velocity and baffled long enough that when he starts with when when he keeps mentioning the same horse and it keeps telling you over and over again that this is a really good horse I I would take at the bank so you know thousand words might be the horse. That's going to get better but that the average talking up big time Ms is high-velocity even though if you look at like the if you look at At Kobe speed figures. Thousand Words got Got A one. Oh six WCHS and as I start you know. I've got one hundred when he won the Bob. Hope but you know those those things really don't mean that That much to me you. You're talking about Different race tracks and the thing is do we know how good and outdoors the one thing about animal. DOORNS last start if you watch One Who named it one in this. It's Kim seventeen times in that race. I count is over. He was hitting him under fraud. Turn so to me that AH in some ways that makes them the court. Look even better that this was could not catch him so it depends on how you WanNa look at it and you say well you gotta be hit seventeen times. That's an awful lot But because at the quarter pole looked like he was GonNa win the race and I yeah. I gave them a shot in here because again. It was unknown factor going in yellow rumps by eight lengths on the grass. And and and he's the horses bred for the dirt medallion. TAP IT Mayor He's BR certainly bread for the third clue how good this is so I I don't I don't know how much he's going to improve off of that. He's certainly. You certainly could improve off of it. And he should know wrecking crew. You know he's not GonNa blow you away but he's never run a bad race run. Four Times been added money these other horses run once or twice. He's got it you know he's he's got a lot more bottom under them. Speeds figures are good. He's only beaten three lengths Breeders Cup. He's going to be the fourth choice era. I would imagine so I mean you you know. Not only that. But he's he's not easy run four times he's placed into into great ones and and great too so you know I'm not gonna I'm certainly not going to not GonNa Count Him especially Peter. Peter Miller seems to win these kinda races. Pena Mela wins. He's racist when you don't expect it and the last few years Peter Miller it's Sent out a lot of good horses and I mean I it would. It wouldn't shock me if this is This worth ran big in here come on workouts. And he's never he's never run a bad race. It's been it's been every race race that you've got to win two seconds of third and running in grade one great dudes and he's you know he's he's placed in there so certainly can't can't discount him from here you know. He's and he's you know Rockingham ranch in the partnership of Rockingham ranch. David Berntsen They've had tremendous success over the last few years. Seems like those jokes are Are Everywhere now every time you every time you see those jokes they always into run a good raced So again it's going to be It's GonNa be a jockey's race here any it's not. It's not your typical group of Jockey you know you want Hernandez Abelson Drain Van Dyke and Flavian Pratt So it's GonNa it's GonNa be interesting to see how how it works out and who's GonNa go to the front and this race you would think high-velocity will but you know you just don't know no door from the from the inside so I I'm I'm fascinated by this race. I I'd love to see on Arabian here only because or because of how impressive aggressive he looks and you know the word was out on him before you even started so we'll have to wait on him but you know. Listen I'll take I'll take these four any day of the week and it's the same. It's the same thing with the start. I'll take the out out. I'll take that small field when you come come up with Woodward's phillies like Donald Team Bats. I mean vote coming up monster efforts and the stuff we've also got an addition you've also got a maiden race worth Watching after the star at the eighth these are boys going six. And you've got some debut as you got some horses coming back baffert Scott that cool more Warfront cold warpath you've got Hallowed Gift West Point and John Sadler. This was two hundred fifty thousand thousand dollars. April purchase baffert brings back the twirly canning Colt Rod that produced thousand words. Hundred thousand fanatical. Yes they did. Yes they did A MAC down random boots. He's GonNa prove off his last start. You know he was. You know he was fought but he's going to UH each gonna Improve Van Dyke time. He hadn't got a book on Him. But yeah I mean those are. There's a bunch of a bunch of a bunch of major races three on Saturday and you got this one You got this one here so again. If I say to you watch out you start looking at the stake race. They have the at acqueduct on Friday where you had a couple of main track only horses that are interruption including out but so it's Alpha six so when you start looking by the way you start looking at all these American Pharaohs running on the grass what I don't I don't care if these grass races or not all these horses you see running on the grass. Now they're going to go on a dirt soon enough. I mean I mean American. Farrow's what are you gonNA do. What are you GonNa do if you got a two year old run well on the grass? You know it's like structure instructor who Van American federal. But he's always everyone dirt but he's heading for the dirt all these grandparents. They're in the racist for them. You have a graduate aggressiveness. A lot of times train is putting me horses on the grass. He's young horses just to get a turn rations to them to get along race but again race race that fills if they're ready to run. This gets settled. Mean aggressors you get so many with Doug pedigrees now running on the grass so when you start looking at all these American faeroes. They're not. They're they're running well on grass. Yeah but believe me dinner organised orders dirt and they could be just as good on the dirt. There's no reason why they shouldn't be well Certainly coolmore is GonNa hope they're going to they're going to be as good on the on the dirt that that. Yeah that that-that needs to start happening so you L.. Listen American table could cook turned out to be a tremendous grassroots himself but when the triple crown and and if you look at his pedigree agree to sit still dirt happily running on grants. But I'm just saying they're all they're all GonNa go global at some point. They're going to get a chance. Yeah they're GONNA get point for the Transylvanian something. I mean here. You're gonNA give these horses chance we've got to give him a chance well among you mentioned Since we got the other two year old races raises out of the way there are two divisions of the maiden specials at acqueduct on Saturday We'll talk tomorrow with Dave Greg. And you've got the first and the theft theft so the start and the finish of the early pick five and one mile on the main track and among the participants the seven hundred twenty five thousand dollar Colt Out of Grace Hall orifice and Marquette for Don Adam Adam and there's quite a few quite a few others with experience cost basis is going to be the heavy favorite in that first this is an intimate jeff that ended up running a good second. Second Start when he stretched out in October at Element Element Belmont. You've got the historical lady tap it. Cold Tap page for Godolphin that faltered. Frankly going a mile and an eighth earlier in the month in here as well second time out for farming Farmington road eclipse and and The chrysalis people that bread this colts funny Quite a few may foles in this thing. That are jumping off the page in me. orifice preface is a Maafo first line for Orlando Noda is a May fol. How `Bout That quality road is a May Foale mischief afoot. A May Foale down quite the quality road. I'm I'm I'm talking about Farmington road. Yeah Yeah That's a nice horse. You know you know he's he he gets Castellano and again people look at random fifty eight five for first time out but he he he was so again so out of it. You gotTa Swing Really White. He I know he's part of an entry but but was wanted to when it's you know in his first start so again I know I know I know it was part of an entry but You know it's a it's a clips and it's going to be It's going to be interesting. I think he's GonNa show dramatic improvement with his first start. These were the Mile in plus the plus. You got a six foot long race on the same card. We could get some nice horses and there are a lot of first-time starters in there that that look interesting. mclachlan's got a private Bill Mosca first timer. Jeremy Engelhardt has got a timer. Jonathan Thomas for Mr Evans for Ralph Evans Quixotic a quality road colt. Three hundred thousand here by the way you gotta buy competitive edge distorted humor man dressed. I that Yeah that one for their magner. Yeah Cute Yeah. I'm not I'm not. I'm not familiar with the With that trainer I I don't know how good Eddie is but nice ways he's okay he's he's all right he's been with me. I got the first time by quality voting. Here I I had asked you sent on Tuesday and I I asked him. I think about just about the maiden winters that he'd had over over the weekend over the holiday and then there were another they're literally were another six or seven that I couldn't even get to. I mean it was Yeah and it's it's it's over prospect to it as well. Yeah absolutely breath and finite well Steve. This was tremendous ended up going ended up doing an hour unexpectedly. But always fabulous fabulous. We were we we divide our time. And that's the that's the lure you know Pe- you know people listening insane. Should I keep listening to talk about Turkey and fish and stuff as long as we have something to promise them in the second half at least get into stick around and listen to To talk about time but the second ACA leaving those see stones concert you gotta sit through the opening band. I exactly is. It was always a unexpected treat on the the early portion. We'd never nowhere. We never know where it's GONNA lead. We're going to the worst people gonNA learn something right. Exactly they're going to learn how to base to Turkey and learn how to go out and you know what to do with fish perfect. I'll I'll Gal said you note with that so you so you can you can benefit from my My mother my mother taught me that. So that's that's wasn't acceptable. You need your mother that's it. That's that's stop me qualifications you need from your mother exactly. I will Talk to you. I actually I'm going to be home. I won't I won't talk to you from Arizona. I'll be back from California Arizona. So yes so. You're doing some panel right. Yeah I got. Yeah about doing this. Show and and I'm doing the surface. Actually the racing surface panel which should be good. And I'll be at Lowe's Allen Saturday the most ubiquitous presence in the service. So let's say can't can't say ubiquitous without big talk. Talk to him next week. Steve asking everybody Oh my God. We'll talk a rich Yang after this. It was his birthday the other day. APPERANCES with Steve Vic on Sirius. Xm Radio UH home at the tracker on the go express bed is your way to play. The Racist Express Bet provides legal insecure online and mobile betting on more than three hundred of the world's top tracks and all the big events. And when you sign up for an express Ben Account Today with Promo Oh code vic that's B. Y. K.. 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Education classes are taught auto industry experts in state of the art facilities located in the heartland of America's Equine Industry the University of Louisville equine business program when it comes to horses as we mean business for more Information Visit Business Dot Louisville dot edu slash equine breaking down the biggest stories in the world's poorest racing this is with steep on Sirius Xm radio Barnabus Meta Girls Salad drinks this phone thing. This is really so some logging street on Friday. GotTa go badly no-doubt Holdout Puzzle League the mother we're back now and to non rich rich is taking a vacation so we will bother rich but we will say happy birthday. I don't want to. I don't want to miss an opportunity to extend those regards They're actually. I actually got some house cleaning here we can. Maybe we do and that includes from earlier this morning. I should've mentioned that New York was off the turf and that is is going to Unfortunately put a dent in today's tap-in stakes a One MTO very clever. The Dream Weaver George has got the daredevils Philly idear are you. George actually owns with Randy Hill and very clever of George to enter. MTO With this. I out winner. And that came at Belmont finch. She's actually worked nicely since her trick and fielding bread and it looks like a bargain the twenty five thousand Oh Bs April so you've got an MTO to deal with and the only other horse with with dirt. Experience is more glitter. The more than ready that micro Poli has with the todd and let's see they should actually the scratches and such should be up Because it is eleven forty in fact Probably Getting Ready to dive into depending on on. What the post time is a New York Post time changes every day? I never say I've never seen anything anything like it. It's crazy it's the craziest. Thank you literally have to check every day when the when the CIA chant when the racist start so let's see in the third who's come out of here and you can a scratch Nola gay that We talked to Shook knew we knew it was coming out should told us that And and it looks like looks like no. That's it really. That's it only in all the game so everybody is going to try their philly on on the main track and there is actually there is actually Semaine track form and or at least pedigree. They're going to do this at a mile by the way is the adjusted distance. Stretch stretch the story that Allen Kaci has with Herald Ventures Andy Beden Lube breeds. Nice Source New York bread and this is a look at lucky out of a Stephen got even mayor And plenty of plenty of reason for this horse is to take to. The main track also gets first lasix in the fourth career. Start interesting very interesting justin quality heat on the outside for Cassie and Gary Barbara so The tappin on on the main track. Today I'm just looking up and I think we got Richie Balkis the we.

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