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Stupidity is presented by ZipRecruiter. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Welcome to journey inside the soul of one of sports media's brightest minds, profoundly nuanced odyssey called stupidity. By the incomparable stugatz. A man, I consider a personal hero and icon of the industry. I wanna make no bones about it. There is no Mike Greenberg today without these sensational. Stugatz providing me the inspiration to chase my dream and challenge myself to be just half as brilliant as he is allow me Mike Greenberg. A man who would probably today, doing traffic in Sioux Falls without Stu. Gods his influence to welcome you to a truly transcendent, sonic experienced. This is stupidity. Welcome into another episode of stupidity each twentieth anniversary standard. How about that, so, yeah, we're celebrating? Right. We got a wedding. Yeah. We do have a wedding. It is it is field Yates wedding. We'll get to that in just a second. Download subscribe rate review, all that good stuff. Leave a five star review with questions for me, a new five star review with questions with ideas, guest ideas forced. Party stands. I are going to go over last week suggestions at the end of this episode. But you are right we have a wedding coming up. It is field Yates is wedding. We are very excited for it. We were not invited, but we are going to celebrate it right here on stupidity stupidity. It's on bringing go Joe into this conversation. We're going to have field Yates on he's getting married in. We're not gonna ask him any football questions. I don't care about football right now. I only care about his wedding his big day is coming up this weekend. My goal junior and I had become we thought very good friends with field Yates through weekend observations. He was a regular part of the show. Right. My I look, we would check you once field on the every Sunday, getting ready for games. You would give some fantasy football advice we would have some playful banter, and we all thought it would eventually land us the invite to the wedding of the century on the Cape. But apparently we were wrong and how do you feel about that? Do you feel betrayed? I thought that we have arrived at a place in fields life where it was a slam dunk both you and I would be invited to that wedding. In fact, I thought it'd be the best man. God, I'm right there with the you know what I thought we brought out a side of field gate that people didn't get to see they got to see the guy that was put together. He's buttoned up on. That's why he does all these Fisher shows and he came over with us, and listen to short of lighting up a cigarette. I feel like we really brought him to a place where he was more accessible to people like us. And apparently I was wrong. And I, I listen, I'm heard, I'm not joking. I am. I'm hurting right now because I thought we were better friends, and as you pointed out, it's going to be the wedding of the century. And I want to be involved in this stanza Khuda, you imagine was invited to this wedding. Like who do you imagine like like dance is a slam dunk grant. Yeah. Like from ESPN probably Matthew berry got the invite schyster think wingo got the invite. No way. Wingo. Go go. Joe? What are you go just next? The window everyday goal to win go. Check him out every morning, six to ten on ESPN ESPN radio ESPN, two ESPN news. Channel art yawn. I said, I really is the question at this point. God embarrassment, but I say this, I find out that, like, I, I'm set right now. Like I'm hurt if I've run out the Trey wingo invited and we weren't, I'm going to upgrade demand. Do you know if dre was invited or not, or you don't know? I don't know. I haven't heard about this. Like maybe trays been hiding it because he knows that I'm not invited and he knows that you and I are invited I dunno Stu gods. Like 'cause like listen again think about all of the fund that's going to go on being there. Like Sheffi is going to be breaking news, the entire time I can firm the presence of a cheese gone do like we're not going to get to be a part of this now. I. And I'm so upset you just beautifully laid that out. I find myself getting angry. I've done you're right now. If you and I weren't invited to Trey wingo was, I was gonna get feel to present when I'll get him as a fist in his face ago, we got to present a unified front on this one got because field eight is a nice guy. And I'm sure he's gonna find some way we just gotta ask him point. Blankets, Trey wingo going to this wedding, and we will ask them at Stanford clean get field right now. We is busy. He's got wedding responsibilities on the Wednesday before his wedding. I've never heard of that my entire life. But of course, I've never been to engage wedding. So who the hell knows what's going on there? Like Mike, what kind of questions, do you have, you know, besides us being invited who was invited who wasn't invited optic in, like the invitations you know, this is a first class, top notch they spared no expenses type wedding. I want to know the registry. I mean, what kind of questions do you thinking about here for field? I want to know how much because I know there's some part of it. But how much of his? Wedding talk suit, whatever it is, is, made of Seersucker. I wanna know how much of the reception is taking place on a boat or on the boat. I assumed the ages have a boat. They're not just renting a boat for this occasion. 'cause that's reporters. I mean, those are the immediate ones that come to mind, who sponsored the wedding because she got the, you know this. I'm sure you know, I'm sure a lot of people who have followed field social media accounts. No one has more sponsored material in their social media than field minister Yates, and I feel like we gotta find out who's put their money up for this wedding. It's a great, I can't wait to get him on, I will tell you this, Mike. Also, I put together because I wanted feel to feel the pain of not inviting me again. So what I put together and you have not heard it yet and I have nervous to play for field. But we're at all listen to it together at the end year once we're done with field. I put together a mock that's man speech meeting if I were the best man. This is the speech I would deliver to field and shape in his wife shape in at his wedding. So I am nervous to play this for field. But Mike will listen to it together at the end, it is the best man speech, I would have given field had he made me, his best man. How about that? Guys. I'm proud of you this part of our claim to fame weekend. Observations us getting everyone to read my best man speech at my brother's wedding, and we've come full circle now because you have harnessed all the power of making those cringe-worthy restaurant reservations for every holiday into what I'm sure is going to be a real tearjerker. All right with that. We bring on field Yates a guy we thought was very good friend brats were wrong. Brad's mike. And I'm this read that he is getting married this weekend. He's had wedding responsibilities for the last month. I'd feel joins us now wants to party feel let's start the most obvious place when you were going through the list that we've all done at least people who've gotten married have done it. When you were going through your list of who to invite who not to invite or Mike goal, the junior or myself or both of us where we ate consideration at the very least. Well, so stugatz, you know, at the end the beginning of each week during the college basketball season, the coaches poll and the AP poll is released, and they break down the voting, not just who got the most first place votes. But also, the others receiving vote didn't typically, like, you know, a middling big twelve team or something like that, who would have been like twenty six or twenty seven in the top twenty five is sort of view, you and Mike Golic junior as others receiving votes for our wedding list. Did you were close with a strong season? You might make it or you might have made it. But there's still room to grow go. Got you feel about this. I mean, I listen, I thought we were firmly entrenched inside a field, stop twenty-five. But apparently we weren't. I was gonna say I feel pretty upset about being the like standard year. Notre Dame basketball of seals wedding, where we're kind of on the fringe of the conversation. Ultimately only have like six seven white guys and can't quite push our way into the time point five top till the swallow. What's the college football analogies? Virginia. Others receiving votes like Virginia, Virginia specifically. Wait. How many people jumped at West Virginia field was that you jumping it West Virginia also? Absolutely. That was me. I gotta be West Virginia. There's no way fans about it. Listen field. Roles reversed, I would've told you hey, the invitation got lost in the mail. And at least you're being honest here, you know. Yeah, I get nothing if not on us, but, you know, something, the problem is that, like there's been enough. I don't say like usual seventies like invitations, but there are people who claim like, oh, I didn't send the RSVP back, because it didn't get the invitation until late or I thought already sent it back. So there's been enough. Like actual real life, could Uson that if I make jokes about the invitation lost in the mail. I feel bad wedded. Karma, you go Joe keep notes here, by the way, because you'll get married. Eventually one day, we think. And when you do you do not bite field Yates you know that right? Done now. Listen. I, I feel like I've got to get that retribution now. But I also do question field because you just brought up a great point, like every guy who goes through this process, and believe me, I'm taking notes, my mom's still has given up conceit hope yet that one day, she'll be able to come to my wedding. But in the meantime, I'm always fascinated. What was the worst part of the wedding preparation process? I feel like every guy ends up. Encountering something. He never could have dreamt up was a part of this. And then found out was real life. You know I'm gonna go off the grid a little bit. One thing that I realized is, there is a shocking number of people that rather than just staying on one Email thread respond to your Email by creating a new Email thread of their own. And next thing you know, you've got thirty threads of emails, just to figure out one teeny tiny into wedding which thank God. We have we have Email, so I don't have to do all this over phone or text communication, but I was surprised like my g mail inbox. I like I think I might be exceedingly storage limit because of all the various Email threads that have taken place over the past year or so. Feel field minister Yates getting married this weekend with us year odd stupidity. Let's get down to the nitty gritty here, Trey wingo was he invited Correa will not be independent this weekend. Oh, doesn't mean he wasn't invited was careful wording there. That's what I asked. You feel was Trey wingo invited. That's all I wanna know. Not Trey wingo was not. He's mike. We him. And I are going to be, I think we're going to be in Hawaii the same time when my wife and I are, are honeymooning. So we'll celebrate them together. Okay. Chris Mortensen, I'm assuming was invited. Greg more. No. We, we had a very small list here, guys. We had to Ed to keep pretty tight with the with the venue size. We have here. Okay. What the yacht? That's right. The we gotta remember one thing here is that the, you know, the NFL people, this is their one quiet time of the year, the last thing they want to spend any more time than with me than they already do like I can imagine. It's kind of chore as things currently stand. So who from ESPN, there had to be some people from ESPN, right? Go go to find you will be there from the fantasy side. Mr Adam Schefter will be there. Miss Mike Reese will be there. Seth Markman will be there. We've got a couple of others. So to be a good crowd. We're looking forward to it. Feel there you at all concerned that Adam Schefter is going to be like leaking information about the wedding during the lead up to it right now. You afraid of stuff, maybe any surprises that you have getting scooped by shefty. You know, we've actually spoken to somebody at the venue at our wedding, and we have convinced this person that if you could find a way to catch Adam before he walks in and enforce. They very strict no cell phone will at the party, but just for Adam like everybody else's allowed to. Despairs and take photos and going Instagram with their favorite pictures of the evening. Hopefully great out and all that. But Adam is going to be without his phone at least as far as our plan goes right now for a few hours, which if you read about something catastrophic because chefs, he doesn't have his phone on Saturday. Like I'm not sure to tell you like I can't take the blame for this entirely go Joe. I don't know if any of those names, really hurt, you the only one that really hurt me, was Mike Reese kidding me. Am Mike REEs got an invite over me and you go Jeff migrates to got urine around the foreign winner. Now and Mike reshot invited over you on weekend best where we would visit with we would visit with field Yates on the yacht on a weekly basis. And Mike Reese got the invite over you. How do I feel terrible? I really do it makes me regret. Everything we've ever done with field. I it was their times. I have a documented on Twitter where he calls me, his BFF. This is Mike place wheel. It's amazing. What does he I thought is reserved done for you borrow the can I borrow a lot? But can I. Borrow it fee. Got lost in the mail. Can I leave it there? Back to that. The registry. Where did you guys register just we need to know crate and barrel and Pottery Barn. You know so we kept it pretty simple. Right. In the fairway their as best we could you simple kept it on brand to though. So I'm proud of you. We're where would you prefer? Like, is there something that I missed out on the Kazan opportunity to just blew past like, what, what, what would have been more does for logical or, or a better choice for the registry location? So yoga was there any consideration for like Williams Sonoma, something like that? I mean to I've seen I've seen your social media feeds, you're pretty high end guy. Sponsors coming your way. Was anyone throwing money at you for the wedding. Like, is there any branding on this wedding? You know, something go to. I'm pretty sure Williams Sonoma as part of the Pottery Barn family, so we might like gift cards there or something like that. You know, the biggest trick and not I mean, like we've got people in very generous, and sending along gifts. But we live in a tiny apartment in Boston. Like the space is getting out of control. We have a bad and then we have boxes now in our apartment, which will be a real treat to get back to when this wedding is over or abrasive, more storage, no place like schefters glow point. If we go one day. So what are you expecting here, just quickly in terms of gifts because I want to have you on, and see if, if it met your expectations because my wife and I did this, we would like we put everyone that we invited on the wedding. We, we put down what we thought they were gonna get us. And then we and then we actually examined what they actually did get us. So what are you expecting here from Adam Schefter? Ooh, probably stopping Adam schefters wife. I think handles like the nature that gift-giving. I'd imagine something that has a lot of utilit-, clubbing, a kitchen appliance of some sort, that's fine. But if they were just handing out envelopes, they'll go Joe. What's the expectation for Schefter there? It was just money like if he was just giving money like chef there has to come with the grand right. Oh, if Schefter comes with anything less than a grand field. I don't know what sort of retribution or revenge could seek, but you'd be justified doing so. My god. Chef at the very generous number than we. I don't say like you just sound like a complete brownnoser here. But seriously like we it's as much as gifts or even repre- sheet, it people making the effort is a lot of to, to already ask them, but it's a field expecting thousand dollars from Schefter. We'll check back in after the one, right? You heard that to Mike. Right. You heard it to manage demands. It'll Lisa thousand dollars Madame Chapman now. My Greece seems like some sort of mentor to feel these that law for. So Mike Reese could probably stroll into this thing and not give you as much is that accurate. Oh man. I again, I don't I don't know that I put a lot more thought into the gifts than I have like I listen. This is the only reason to get married. As for them is for the checks. I mean, listen, the best part of your wedding day is gonna be what he is up, telling you right out the best part of the wedding day is going to be when everyone gets the gotta there and it's just you and your wife and you're sitting in bed, and you're opening up, envelopes down yet. I've been tallying gifts up, not for like sort of take stock of who gave life but more like because we're have to send on gear. So I've been I've been making sure we haven't missed anybody yet. Go should we should we unveil our surprise for him? I think so. I think it's time Stu gods. Listen feel. We still, you know, like we call. Good. Obviously complain a little bit for not being invited but no serious. Very happy for you. You've obviously been a great friend to us for a long time. So Stu gods. Than I sat here and really when I say that I mean, I'm putting my name on the gift that Stu gods worked so hard to put together. But we're very excited show this year. We really are, you know field, you know, we love you. Okay. And you know, we're disappointed that we're not invited. But perhaps, we met you a little bit too late in the proceedings here, and that's fine. We understand that and let me be honest with the if you had invited me, there was no way it was coming. Okay. So. With all that said, I wanted to give you now I am doing I am cringing standard because I've already done this, and my stomach hurts. Golick hasn't heard it yet field, obviously hasn't heard it yet stands. You have heard it. My stomach is hurting. I am cringing right now. I do not want to play this for field Yates, Adzic. We have to okay so field if we were BFF's best friends, and I was your best man. I wanted to give you a sample of what your best man speech would have sounded like here it is. For those of you that know me at ASU that goal, I'll feel best friends again. I'll try to make you know, you all want to get back on the dancefloor soon as possible. And who would have thought that Christopher frost? Kenny Loggins Michael McDonald. Steve winwood end the Doobie brothers with all be available on the same day. The same wetted actually consider field. We all thought that if I could just get Greg comington, and Russell will be the third dance more, I can get you back to the dance floor soon as possible. By the way, guys. Seersucker stooge, great choice. I mean phone fee. Let's go. Someone get him a red bull and vodka plea for your white greatness is about the cops in the table by herself enough. I four MOS, I'd like to thank the sponsors. Not been your mind all bird and every company in the eastern seaboard. That's Bonsor field. I want to take my sponsors. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Teesta Fisher watch the NBA shot, the US not zone dot com. Burn occasion like this. It's important to look around and the people gathered here, this day Ned cockpit that celebrate the love between Cape it and field. There are sailor voters admirals, captains and Yod on white brightly there. Stephen everyone. There's also a guy in the back. It looked like a former clown that now owns a balloon, Sean. Very excited to be here. Jim is also here field with the prize, but he got his ties again. Years ago, in Bristol, Connecticut Cape in your ran the Boston marathon last year. But feels that I completed the ESPN fantasy football marathon together. And that's something that bonds you for life. Dozen you dean the six hours in Bristol strip clubs active America. There was a penguin involve got here. All those the you were there. When we realized that we are both former college choirs, who looked like word early. Twenty now fields base may have been shaped by San wind and salt from his summers at the Cape. And mine may have before by the kilos screaming Yuri into a microphone of ripping heaters on the golf course. But we have practically bro. And feels older brother and best van I think it's only appropriate to give you a few fun facts about one field middle name is ministers. I have no joke here. These are just fans. To feel that the only person I know who routinely use the word summer as Berber. He has the whitest teeth ESPN and before you say south pow. Those are fake it. He's not pulling any. Fielded the first person in the history of holy matrimony to where the seams, dude. He wore verse first communion. You look beautiful. Even more beautiful than these folding June day. Leather on my teeth. Shop dot com. Field in Cape in, let me put this in terms that, perhaps both of you on their stand because caving you've been around field long enough at this point that you speak the language of football. And that's the only thing field speeds. You have out kicked you're coming. Shape it up talking about you. I mean, that was just a year ago, I was sitting around with Pogos, and he revealed to me that shape in was number one on his big born multi-talented multifaceted flyer led the league, it's knacks one year, the fairest dach- imaginable, a prototypical wide receiver that thrives against the bump and run. I bet you're great Metrologie's advised the way those of these words. She gets that to field. I want to let you know what you have to look forward to there will be plenty of ski trip the bail matching pajamas on Christmas closets full of pastel combinations. And a Barada text for me every Sunday in the fall, asking feel for fantasy advice and insight on the jets and their opponents. And I won't stop doing that even after you have your first on Wellington. Your name. Now, I'm sure that feelable spend the majority of your honeymoon in Hawaii posting shirtless photos on its grand as they say is going to know that you really found the perfect mate. So let's raise a glass to shaping feel. You would be. I am cringing. I feel dot com. How long does that take you to come up with? That's me to a T that does not. That's just I don't know what sort of podcast hall of fame there are there is right now. But whatever it is there were creating and do wing or you're just a first ballot hall of fame afford. All right. That would have been your best man's speech. So what do you think in west minute invite think it's on the table? Make your way up here right now. It's like a four hour flight to Miami. I'm going to be in the area anyway. I'm going to see deadandcompany Friday Foxborough. Meant to be. All right. Well, then I'll see this girl, so you Saturday's tremendous. There you go. Sitting next week other my God. I mean, that would be dreams come true. I would only listen I don't take this the wrong way. But I'd only go to sit next to chef there be that's incentive, right there. I love you. Congratulations. You know, great. Have a great weekend. I hope your family and shape and family, more importantly, enjoys it and remember it is not her day field. It is yours. That could be really great point. I love you too. I love all of you guys for all your. This was great laughs and support. So looking forward to it, and I'm sure we'll be connecting after the wedding as well. Yes, we will. We will get full breakdown for both you and, and Adam Schefter. The all twenty two is coming. Don't you work today? All right. NBA draft is tonight, we'll do some serious draft talk with Jay Bilas coming up here in just a second. But also with him as well, Jay Bilas, coming up in just a minute. Finding a new job is a lot of work. It does it need to be what if you had your own personal recruiter to help you find a better job now ZipRecruiter technology could do that for you just download the, ZipRecruiter jobs are Jap. 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Get a job. Go to ZipRecruiter dot com today and make sure you download these recruiter job search app today, still body. All right. So Jay Bill is gonna join us now, during very busy time for J as the NBA draft is tonight. And Jay is part of our draft coverage and he joins us now here on stupidity. What is taken us? So long stands at to have Jay Bilas on stupidity. Feels like the perfect podcast, warm, not that he's stupid. I am. But he's smart. And we to have smart people on the cover up my stupidity. Yeah. That's a good question. I think you just hadn't suggested him. Dodging him. I think that's the reason we haven't had him on bills, even waiting for the invitation or what a career highlight for me. You know, I've called all my friends and family to listen. And I couldn't be happier. J serious question. Did you know what stupidity was before stooges Senate, of course? I did. I know all the best podcasts poverty is right up there with the second podcast, whatever that may be. You're right about that. So Jay, we have the draft coming up, and I have a theory, okay that listed, it's probably a horrible theory. But I think like people aren't paying attention. And so, I feel like there are a few catch phrases. A few words that I could use the describe college players that I've never seen. And also found like an expert I will sound like you are all sound like any of the guys who are doing the draft. And I think I could pull this off at of the year. The perfect guy to kind of just throw a name out to me, and then grade what it is. That I say dummy, how accurate it is. Okay. Yeah. I can do that. Because I can do that in the NFL and affected that I mean I think if you. You know, if you say arm strength, you know, stuff like that for quarterbacks, you're fine. Okay. So. So. Not static. Now, I want to get a couple of NFL players for that. Through tight window. Cuyler Murray j. Okay murray. He may not have positional size but he can really throw it through a tight window throws a he throws a good ball. Great arm strength, and his mobility, is outstanding, you may not be able to see initially over the line but able to move in the pocket then outside the pocket in order to allude defenders. And then he delivers the ball on time and on target and he can throw a deep as well. So I think Tyler Murray, the number one prospect in the NFL draft. Learn a boom here. Kuyper amazing. I say, no, we back and forth like tennis match. Okay. So hang on one second, Stu Jay, can you do that about other things in your life? Could you do that about like cereal? Oh, absolutely. Why said like fruit loops, could you give me a draft breakdown on fruit loops? Well, we go with old school fruit loops that didn't have as much sugar because and the best part of fruit loops is how the milk taste after you've eaten all the fruit loops, but they do not saw up as quickly as other cereals. So they, they keep their form better than most other series. All right. So, so do you want to do, this actually, do you want to break, you want to go old school, fruit loops and give us. Your draft analysis. Or did you just do that? I just did. I'll go, I'll do whatever you want. I mean, they're clearly I have plenty of time on my hands. I'm not discerning and what I talked about. All right. Well, hold on, where else can we go here with Bill is because Stanford, you want to stick with cereals? You wanna go off the board. We'll go tell me where you wanna go. Here's thing. I think we can do anything. I think he could break down you as a radio host. Okay. Let's do that. I'm not gonna do anything here bills are going to do all the work. I know we still want to hear you breaking down these NBA draft prospects. Do all right. So, so we're going to do it. Let's go. Let's go radio host, though, Jay. So Dan, laboratory radio host go. Well, Dan Libertad is one of the smartest radio hosts out there because he's unconventional he talks about things that are not in the normal wheelhouse of a sports broadcaster. But he makes it fun and interesting. And he is very well read and is unafraid to tell somebody to shove it up their backside. You know what I think it is too. I think it's just the cadence cadence and the cock sureness is what makes it come across. All right. So I knew the sure. Oh, that was tremendous. All right. So you guys I mean someone J standard whoever whoever wants to just throw a basketball player at it me some guy's gonna get draft just for purposes. I gave Stu a list of the top twenty rankings on ESPN dot com. Okay, how about let's start with Kevin porter jR out of Southern Cal this six six guard out of USC freshman, not a ton of experience. He adds an injury problems in college two hundred and thirteen pounds, probably tween her somewhere between a shooting guard and small guard, but a guy that really it gets after it defensively into defensive side of the basketball needs some work in the long range, shop and has a very crafty kinda sneaky offense of game. Don't be surprised if Kevin Puerto years from now turns out to be one of the best players in this draft. Not bad, really not that I wouldn't have I wouldn't have led with deepens with gender. But, you know, he's a lefty that can really score. The best part is as offense. Creator. And I don't know that he had had some injury issues, but he also had a couple of core issues where suspended for conduct detrimental and all that stuff. But that was within the range of acceptability and in almost sounding knowledgeable, we'll the CJ that's my point though. See, you would know all that stuff about him, okay? But the people watching it on. They have no idea. They have no idea about for the most part, Kevin porter his story or his game. It's so I feel like you just say anything, and it might not pass your sniff test. But then we'll pass there, you know. Yeah, I think that's true. And that's the beauty of sports broadcasting, we don't have to, you know, we don't really have to be prepared as long as we, you know, I've said this to my friends who tried to try to get into broadcasting. It said, look, you know, when you're additioning you can be wrong as long as you're emphatically wrong. It's just as good as being right. All right. Where do you wanna go? You wanna go football player j what else like one of the things or you want. Stay on the radio host path year where else do you want to tennis? So we can go where, you know, whatever you want. All right. Ted is, so let's do. All right. Let's play rant you, you want to go old school. You want someone new, you want someone currently playing who do you want every, like, I don't know anything about tennis, Andre Agassi go. Andre Agassi had magnificent serve and he is movement was so good. Good along the baseline could come to the net. But I think what set him apart was was his first end his second serve his second serve could be as powerful and is difficult to deal with not only with spin, but placement of his second serve as anybody. I mean, you wanna bunch of majors and, and could really move great backhand to back in passing shots up saying. It was just nailed it on the second serve by the way. All right. You wanna throw another basketball player at anywhere everywhere you want to go jet, how 'bout Cam reddish of Duke, right, Cam ready? She had to do the six eight freshman from do part of that. Great freshman class to come out of do listen there were times during the season where I said Cam readiness was better than RJ Barrett better than Zion Williamson. He admitted recently doing some dumb things at do and wants to be more like Kevin Durant. And I think he can be more like Kevin Durant. When you consider the type of body that he has the length of that body, the Athol lettuces and the fact that he's a two way player offensively. Great defensively. Great needs some work on the jump shot. I'm not saying he's going to be Kevin Durant. But I wouldn't be surprised if Cam radish with all that talent all that athletic ability, who was the third best player on a very good team. Really gets shot and show himself many times I think Cam reddish in the NBA will translate into a guy who scores twenty four points a game. Game at one point in his career. How about that? That was that was pretty damn good. The BS is strong and you my friends. That's really impressive that could have passed for intelligent analysis phase. Well, thank you. I appreciate that. Chicken parmesan. Go ahead yet. Well, chicken parm is one of my favorite things simply because if you handle the chicken, right and Bryant, the right way. Breaded Milanese style. And then you use the proper amount of cheese and there's nowhere better than than actually in Milan. But if you're going to be the best chicken parm is going to be in New York City, a place called Il Molina. Wow. I've eaten there so good. I have no idea, whether they serve chicken L. Pull it pulling that out of my backside along with the rest of my. It's okay I had no idea if Kevin Boorda was ever injured or not. Give me another player who jet. Let's go with all bowl of Oregon. The seven three center out of Oregon played one year coming out after his freshman year seven three two. Oh, wait. So needs to put some weight on the hit the weight room. I don't know how we translate and today's NBA because not very good from long distance so could be interesting to see how much interest there isn't a guy who doesn't take threes in today's NBA, but has a ton of upside enough, let ability, and with the right coaching the right practice, the right amount of work, and he is a hard worker. I think it's a shot. He can develop down the road. So I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe five years, probably a long term project, but I wouldn't be surprised five or six years from now J, if bowl bowl turns out to be one of the top five players in this year's draft. That's an example of where emphatically wrong is good. The one thing about him is the biggest thing about him is, as work ethic is going to spend questioned and sort of how durable he is. So the, the two eight was right. And he's a he's actually a very good shooter, very skilled. But, you know, in defense, you know, I don't think you mentioned much about defense that hasn't been a big issue with them. I forgot one thing earlier when you mentioned Kevin porter jR with defense. One of the things about defense. But that comes up all the time is when they say he plays on both sides of the ball. There are no sides of the ball. Their sides of the fall, he plays on both ends of the floor. You could say but, but the players don't line up on sides of the ball like they do it. Ball Stewart you should just say good genetics with Bulbul ball. That's a catchall manuka falls can. All right. Static. Throw out a band or you, you used his last name first and that was. All right. J Pearl Jam gum. There you go. Pearl Jam has had more drummers than any band in the history of rock and roll. But Eddie better with his, you know, deep voice and dulcet tones, I think one of the one of the finest crooners that you'll see in rock and roll, and their Seattle grunge style has matured, one of the best bands. But they've had so many different drummers in which one could you say is the best. I don't I don't know that I could even but. Stands it. You just throw a player out to me and I'll go guy because I like you playing. I kind of going back and forth year ago. Okay. How about Jackson Hayes, Jackson Hayes, the six ten freshman center out of Texas kind of a Twitter button, today's NDA could translate very, very well, very athletic long body to nations on the defensive side of the basketball. A guy that could hit threes could really stretch the floor. I expect Jackson Hayes to go inside the top ten in tonight's NBA draft at Jackson Hayes to have a stellar fifteen year career. And I'll tell you your ability to absorb criticism and information and act upon it right away is really stunning. Because you said defensive side of the ball, we just discuss it. There were no side. Volley ball. But, but you're actually right on Jackson as he's a he's a defender rim-protector rebounder, but his offense of game way behind his dad played ten years in the NFL. His mom was a great basketball player at Drake naturally every fifty points a game in high school in Iowa. But yeah, that was that was pretty darn good aside from not adjusting to, to what you were told you, you're clearly, not coach -able. No, I am not in shit. That's limited it's been leading towards frustration for the last sixteen years. All right. So here we got Jay, I need to do this. I'm going to let you go in a second. I have a couple of real draft questions. But I need to do this again with you. Okay, because I think it's a battle bullshit. Okay. And that's so I'd like to do this with you more. If I get. Oh my God. I mean, this is this has been one of the highlights of my. Well, since since one this one. Stands standing, but you see, like there's tons of potential here. Right. Definitely. So Jay help me out here. If you could first off, I'm interested like standing laughing before you came on. I forget you were drafted into time where there were five six rounds. I think the NBA draft. Is that correct? There were more NAT I think they were might have been seven or eight rounds back, then I got taken in the fifth round. I wasn't I wasn't David Stern did not call out my name, nor did rest Granik. I think who was second in line back, then I think my name was called by an intern who could stay up, really late because it was I was my name was announced it. Probably am. So what do you remember from that, Johnny, what stands still an exciting night? I mean you're waiting around. You don't David Stern does call your name, but you're still getting drafted that night after a great career at Duke. So what do you remember about that night? Well the draft wasn't on TV back then. So it wasn't as nineteen eighty six. So you know I didn't know until the next morning that I got drafted. I actually got a telegram, and then a phone call from my agent. My age always got Larry Fleisher. Who was, you know the basketball fame passed away back in the late eighties. But that's how I found out. I knew I wasn't going to be taken before the probably the third or fourth round if that. And so, I was I actually went out with friends that day and hung out. I wouldn't really worried about, you know, sort of about the draft standard mapping telegram, Maurya. Oh my God. Yes. I was born grants back, then I used to get telegrams, like in recruiting coach K's telegrams and all that stuff. You had a good game or something, they'd send you telegrams ridiculous. He telegram Jew, that you had a good gig. Yeah. It was kind of, like, you know, the smoke signals or pony express stuff like that. And just out those days Bill is you and I are getting old man. I mean I watched it in college. You're not getting jeez. Yeah. That is absolutely. Right. All right. So, so help me out. What do you think like I'm a Knicks fan, Jay? And obviously, I wanted the first Paik, and that, that I pick is going to be I on Williamson is, is there anything you could tell me like would you be shocked? Jay ten years from now, we are discussing RJ Barrett and not Zion Williamson as the best player from this year's draft. I would not be surprised. Well, I should I shouldn't say I'd be a little bit surprised I wouldn't be shocked because RJ was the presumptive number-one pick coming into the into the summer of last year and he still should have been in high school. He re class to go to Duke. So he's very very good. And I think as a chance to be James harden type player it's just the giants a phenomenon and, and John rant. You know, it's the best passer in the draft and has, you know, Russell Westbrook type athleticism. And is, is a legit point? But in in any given year you would have RJ Barrett as, as if not the topic right there. So he's legit. He is really, really good. It's just when you're an a Syon year LeBron year, like you know, it's like Dwayne Wade or something. You know, joining the way it was the fifth pick when LeBron came out. He's done pretty well. Yeah. Is there a comparison for Zion J? Like if you were can can you compare them to someone who is currently playing in the NBA? Or is he like any player we've seen? He's unlike anything I've ever seen. I've never seen anybody like him on a basketball floor. I mean you know is showing my age again? It's like is like if you took a Lawrence Taylor and, and Barry Sanders and molded them into a basketball player with a great basketball. I two he's just he's a phenomenon and I think he's going to be great. The only thing that, that I've heard that I that I agree with on the negative side is, you know, you wonder about injury long-term with that body. I don't worry about it. But, but, but, you know, some other people have have mentioned it, and I start from me to disagree that, okay. That's a concern. But unless some doctor tells you don't drive this guy. He's an entry problem. I take him number one without hesitation. Right. And same question here on Cam reddish. Just just going through the Duke guys if I told you ten years from now Cam reddish turned out to be the best player in this draft. You would tell me what? Because Jay it's not unprecedented. Mean Leonard was drafted fifteenth or sixteenth in the first round, I'm pretty certain. He's the best player from that draft. Do you do you feel the same way about Cam reddish as you do RJ baron? I don't he's talented but he's not he doesn't have the want to the quiet Leonard had people questioned myself included, whether it quite Leonard was gonna merge into a really good shooter in the NBA. Nobody questioned his want to, and you know, that guy was a killer coming out of San Diego State, and I think he was taking fifteenth. So I'm like that just outside the lottery camera is going to be taken before that in this draft is my. I guess I've got him played at eighth or ninth, but he does not he does not have the same kind of the same kind of attitude and want to that the quiet until I Leonard had a lot of not a lot of people do, but, but nobody ever questioned how hard qui- was gonna play their question. That about about cameras. All right. Jay Bilas with us here on stupidity. I think the an ad Jay Bilas on Twitter is a great follow on Twitter. It's at Jay Bilas, the unknown here. I think the guy that most people are intrigued by, but no nothing about is garland. What can you tell us about garland jets? Darius garland was the top point guard coming out of high school last year. And was, you know is a really good shoot. It's about six to his arms, go to about six five, but he our draft analyst, Mike Schmidt, says in Tim to Damian Lillard, which is pretty high praise. He can really shoot it and he shoots it really well off the dribble. You know, step back he uses pick and roll to get his own shot, really effectively, not, not as good of a passer, pick and roll. Situations yet, but, but you certainly has it in him. I don't put him in the same sort of the same mold or same classes. John moran. I think we're ants better. But, you know, and I, I have Kobe white right there with them from North Carolina. But, but he's certainly is if not the best shooter among the best shooters in the draft the next best shooter, or the, the only guy, it's says a better shooter that him in this draft is probably Cam Johnson of North Carolina. The six eight senior who just a shoots. The is out of it. Are you out of here on this note, and again at Jay Bilas on Twitter? Check them out draft coverage here and ESPN, and he does a great job, college basketball, and everything, and we appreciate the time because we know it's a busy time. But on the way out here. Gimme a name here. I hear a lot of people raving about Jared colder from Texas Tech sophomore six seven guard, the guy that Jay Bilas feels like could be who who's the sleeper of this draft that guy ten years from now we could say was the best player from this draft someone that we're not thinking about. Yeah, I don't know that we'll say best player, but we'll probably say under under drafted if you will sure the guy we talked about before Kevin porter jR p puts it all together. He's, he's Uber talented and lefty. That can really score and an NBA athlete, the other guy would say is I'm a big fan of that kit. Ryuhachi more from gets aga- big body strong. A good athlete can can bounce. It can shoot off the dribble doesn't have you had an extended his reign. NBA yet where he's a legit, you know, sort of NBA three point shooter. But I think he's going to be able to do that. And he's great on the defensive side of the ball. Yes. On both sides of the ball. Acklin on both sides of the ball. But when he lines up gets into three point stance on the defensive. Jay Bilas on Twitter about as board of ESPN draft coverage, clearly doing a lot of preparation before the draft sitting here talking to me about a bunch of nonsense. Jay this was a lot of fun. We're going to do a bullshit contest coming up in the next couple of weeks. Me versus you. I've met my match. Dan ticketed. Jay Bilas, I'll be number one seed in the east of the bullshit. John. All right. I can't wait to do it. We, we will do it in a couple of weeks where you're not nearly as busy. All right. Brother enjoyed tea. So is the official watch of the NBA, each one of those time pieces delivers quality performance and traditional luxury this graduation season. Get the NBA fan in your life AT. So watched the T, so. Kroto XL is a great wash for those looking very sporty Cornel graph with Swiss technology at an umbilical prize shop now at US dot T. So shop dot com at bio watched today for the NBA fan in your life today. All right. So Stanford, you had a great idea last week about our listeners going onto apple podcast. And even if you've left the rating, ready, US them, we'll stand it go ahead. Tell the audience what you ask them to do. So as of June thirteenth, we wanted five star reviews and we wanted questions for anyone involved with the pod. Cast to answer. So it's almost an a you way for anyone related to the podcast or could be guess, aggressions bid ideas, we just wanted to hear from the audience, so they could contribute to this podcast, and they came strong great. So they came strong. So, again, you have to leave a five star review. Even if you've already left one, you can ask questions, you can leave suggestions at just so you know that we're not ignoring them and doing them for ratings. We are actually going to address many of your questions, ideas suggestions right now. How about that? I from EV thirty five ninety four he says buddy, one Weiner is the best and so are your stories of being a big man on campus. I'd love to hear more university stories from Stu. And if you could have gone to any college, which one would you have gone to okay, arm with hindsight? I would have went to the university of Colorado boulder to me, it's the nicest campus in America, there are a couple of others that are up there, Michigan. Wisconsin Virginia USC but to North Carolina beautiful. But to me, Colorado, just based on Stanton, based on what you know about. Me the grateful. Dead kind of free spirited. Not don't wanna ton of academic pressure and just the sheer beauty of Boulder, Colorado. You would agree. That would be the school for me, right? Yeah, you'd be going for the wheat. I got it. Next one's from J slam. Okay. Jason or she not sure, says, I have an unhealthy obsession with stupidity weekend observations reunion is epic is Mikey. See single asking for a friend, Mike. You see is he single I have no idea. I mean if he was dating. So wanted to be the single most shocking thing I've ever heard. He is singled next one. All right. So Jay slam Mike you see is single. He's all yours from Matt froms Dorf. I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. He's invited. The field Yates weather. He said need alive show? We can go see I wanna do this dance. At do you think that's a good idea. So here's the deal with a live show. I think what audiences want to see when they come to a live show is the actual show, right? Like we did a live show for the lebatardshow, and we were a bit out of our element. Because we weren't doing the live show. We're kind of acting bit. I think people would like to see the dynamics how we work together. So I think people would love that. I think we'd sell it out pretty quickly. What do you think? Yeah. I think on a previous I don't know if his last week at the time before with we invasions, Mikey see selling out alive event. I actually think that would be funny. Okay. So let's put this together. I would like to do it with the weekend observations crew. So it would be me. You might go junior, Mikey, Mikey. See, we'll have to create a dumpster, Mike. You see, we'll have to go to the dumpster, smoking cigarettes, do a smoke break. But I think this could be fun. And I think the audience would London how do we put this together? Who do we talk to do? I need to talk to your dad's sales team. All right. I'll talk to the sales team. What else do you have from debriefs thirty one? Did stugatz get laid on Father's Day. It was a staredown. Here's the deal and Father's Day was traveling for the Crosby was abbey's birthday, but I did get home around eight o'clock. It's so here's the deal every year for abbey's birthday. She wants to gift of no sex and every year for Father's Day. I wanted to gift of sex. And so this year, Father's Day enter birthday landed on the same day. Unfortunately, that's what we agreed to do is have stared at. And we just stared at each other in the first one that blinked they got what they wanted, and I will tell you as I'm sitting here on Wednesday Abby is still staring at me. And she still hasn't blinked from beef talk forty two. Dupatta says Stu gods. You need to get out in front of the Patrick Mahomes is a fraud take before someone else gets it. All right. So here's my thing with Patrick Mahomes, I call them Patrick Mahala Fain before anyone else. Did Trey wingo will probably sit here and try to take credit but standing you know, I wanted to say that, right? You know, I'm not sure because I feel like I gave Trey wingo that line. And I don't know if I got it from myself or if I got it from you, I stole from me, I said it, I, I know it. Okay. So now he wants me to go the other way on Patrick Mahomes. How do you feel about that? That'd be the first one to get out there and go the other way I'm Patrick Mahomes. Well, if you do that, then you have both takes in your covered. No matter what happens to him. I mean, let's think about this. He has to regress somewhat this year. Well, yeah. I mean what would the stats last year? Let me check about because I am ready to go. Think it was fat fifty touchdown passes, five thousand yards. I mean, it was unprecedented. Listen, I could be a piano could be whatever you want me to be. Okay. I mean, that's, that's the beauty of who I am. And this character that we've created on the lebatardshow, so I could be whoever you want to be. I have no problem going the other way, I want to check out the stats though. We had five thousand ninety seven yards fifty touchdowns twelve interceptions that was in his first year. So you would agree that if he does that again. Then we are we, you know, we're talking about a hall of Famer there's nowhere, but down for Patrick Mahomes, I think, I think I can go with this. What do you think that's I think that's the point is that he has to come back to earth? So you should get out in front of it and see he's gonna clump back down to earth. All right. So Patrick Mahomes, one year wonder fifty touchdowns in a great offense. Couple of great wide receivers. He loses he loses Kareem hunt is off to the Cleveland Browns. There is absolutely no way that Patrick Mahomes, replicates, what he did last year. In fact that will be the best year that Patrick Mahomes ever has in his entire career. It's only downhill from here starting next season, where he plummets down to earth that was that stands now that from Kobe Bryant Black Mamba, if you were stranded on a desert island for a year and had to choose one of these people to be with you. Alon. Musk JJ watt or Greg Cody who do you choose? Wow. Well, definitely not JJ. Watt. By the way, I JJ watt on a deserted island for a year would would have as many sax on that deserted island, as he had actually playing in the NFL. I think what would build you a log cabin? I think what would go to work. I think, oh well. Minimalistic log cabin that he talked about that's bigger than everyone else's house in America. That thing is that what you're doing the things going to putting green. Yeah. Equestrian field there. I mean he would do all the work for you. Cody wouldn't do anything. Elon Musk is a fraud. What's the right answer is to say? Me to say, no, but no, no. Yeah. But if JJ can only save one person he's saving himself, right like room, if Cody can save one person easy. He saved himself most save one person you save himself. We'll, let's this thing, the Ilan moss probably has in terms of resources and ability to get us off that island. He probably has the most recent, well, not problem. He won't have any resources on the island, though. That's the thing he's not gonna have WI fi. You won't have anything. He'll be he'll be useless. You know what eons that he'll spend a year telling me how someone's building a tunnel under the seat? They get us back to the mainland that it will never can have exactly because everything that guy says doesn't happen. All right. So we all mosque he is off the list. All right. So JJ watt at Greg, Cody with Cody, here's what I know. At least I'll be entertained, you know, like code is going to make me laugh on a daily basis, man. This is tough. And this is tough JJ water. Greg Cody, so you're feeling like J J watt. Like you have Cody just sitting on the beach waiting for me to do something as opposed to JJ watt. Who's going to build me, a hot who's gonna let me sleep there. He's gonna take care of me JJ watt, especially if there's a camera around right one hundred percent. All right. So let's go JJ watt, we'll go, JJ watt me and JJ watched granted again, they're on an island. Jesus crisis that dreadful. That was classic stugatz. He started that answer. With first of all, there's no way it'd be JJ watt. And you ended the answer with art. It's JJ watt took a shot at five shots at JJ watt him be tweeting that a boy from panic, one thousand nine hundred seventy six doesn't Bill Simmons. Oh, you, you did Simmons pod. You should be owed him and russillo. Right. I mean, I'm certain if we asked Priscilla come on this podcast. He would you're right Simmons. Listen. I went on Simmons podcasts. He said we were going to do a home at home. Now I had Bill Simmons on the lebatardshow this week. And here's what I will tell you. We pressed them on it. I was very upset. He felt my anger. He agreed to come on next. Stands a cab out that headed into NBA, free agency right after the NBA draft. We will have the, the guy you want to hear from as it relates to the NBA. He wrote the book of basketball for crying out loud. Bill simmons. We'll be on next week. I mean, that it's good news next. We have a trio of golf questions. So I'll just ask them all consecutively. I Ray see and wise as to what golf clubs. Do you play my general k y t you says, what's your preferred brand of heaters? When you're on the golf course and Ryan wouk says, what is God's is actual golf handicap. All right. So let's start with the golf clubs. I just bought a tailor-made fours fantastic. Do I love him the force. Yeah. The m four just gone two weeks ago there amazing. Yeah. Really? Now, I have these two clubs these old tailor maids. My five hybrid and my five would that had just refused. Go, so I have the full set of clogged but I still have these old burner Taylor. Maids stands like I hit the five one in the five hybrid as well as any clubs in my bag. I love the taylormade fours. I do. But I had to keep those clubs. So that's what that's implying with two extra clubs in the bag right now. I'm just letting you know that's cool. That's fine. I use the burner driver, too. Don't worry about it. The right. And listen when you hit a club. Well you hit it. Well, you don't go away from golf. You know, my preferred brand of heaters Marlboro silvers, or, you know, listen, it's not like I'm going out to the store and buying them. So whatever the hell I can get my hands on, you know someone's got to Newport. I'll take a Parlamento take a more, whatever it is. I'll take it. Get any heaters on the golf course for you stands now from it. Okay. Anything else on the golf course you know, a couple of pops doesn't hurt you know, loosen up all the bills swing oil. Handicap, so here's the deal, my handicap right house around the Ted standard. What is yours eighteen eighteen arts home around the ten twelve somewhere in that range? I played greenie once he claims, I lied about my handicap, I did not say to Khuda you agree with you. Because here's the deal. He asked me my handicap, but I told them what it was at the time it was like fifteen. I get to the course. Agreed tells me is index. You know, the whole thing, greedy decimal points, the whole deal. Okay. And I said, greenie, what is yours? He told me what it was. We get. Now he was better than me just based on his handicap, all right? Now, you get to the golf course at I'm thinking we're playing from the blue tees. And greenie tells when we're playing from the white tees I I don't play from the white tees because I played from the blue tees. So, you know, I said greeting probably going to beat you for playing from the white tees and playing with a fifteen handicap, and so who's? Right. Who's wrong there because he feels like I begged him. I had no idea. We were playing from the whites which is closer. There is no way that you walk to the white T's, and you said to him greenie, I'm probably going to be, too, if we play from the white tees, you're lying. I I'm going with greeny. I am lying, but, but just in terms of the handicapped, I did not send Doug, my handicap I thought we were playing from the blue tees. I mean maybe you did. But the improvement from fifteen to ten seems pretty drastic. Well, well, that's it was two years ago, I played with greeny I've gotten a lot better since. I don't know. I'm still. With greeny. Okay. Anything else there from from Ryan? Woo. I saw another question from him. You wonder if you fat Matarrese fat petard, which is not very nice. Dan, in parentheses is, if we wouldn't get it, thank you Ryan, heavy added on their gut. So listen. Here's what I've told standing, if I had the interview with laboratory, and I'll talk about the interview, capital, T, capital, H, capital, E. You know what I mean? Stanford. Yeah. That's how he's smell. Yes. The interview with laboratory where we break down the history of our show. Our relationship the time he hated me the most the time I hit it in the most I mean, I've told standing that this would be not just number one sports rec, it'd be number one apple like we were the first week where we beat Oprah. How do you feel about that? I think you guys would need a moderator, and I don't think I'm up to the task. I think we'd need a professional right? Like some sort of counselor. Okay. But listen, we've had we've. Lebanon. I like a married couple. Right. I've spent more time with Dan over the last sixteen years that I have with add, the abbey home. Right. Exactly. She bailed on this thing about content episode never heard of her. Did she make it to the tenth anniversary who exactly so? But how do you feel about just the idea of having laboratory on his against? I think it'd be good right all for it. Yes, all right. Let's make it happen. I'll see them drinks and get that done to more here, one from Rico seven five, seven five, Stu first time longtime, which would you rather going back to eighteen years old knowing what, you know, now or twenty million dollars when you turn sixty five going back to eighteen knowing what I know now who would who would go the other way on that. If you went back to eighteen knowing what you knew now you would bet on every Super Bowl champion. You, would you would have you'd have way more than twenty million by the time you're sixty five right? Standard. You crush. That guy's question. Yes. You're one hundred ten right. What else you got last? One is from filthy lush who says this is just stews way of doing even less work, right? All right. Lot of fun today. Our thanks to Jay Bilas? Our thanks to feel Jade's, or thanks. And good luck to feel, by the way. And good luck to his poor wife. I shouldn't say poor actually, his wealthy wife, good luck to her. You got a pre NUP. New body. Thanks to our audience because you guys game very, very strong with downloading rating reviewing unsubscribe ING rerating reviewing do it again. Five star reviews with questions with suggestions, guest ideas, do it against stands at where to do this again next week. Is that what you're saying? Keep them come in. Yeah. You keep them coming. We'll keep reading them. All right. Stands a big week this week. But an even bigger week next week, we are getting Bill Simmons on the podcast about that. They'll send is gonna join us good time to get them. So we got Simmons headed into MBA free agency, and post NBA draft will have Adam Schefter with a full recap of the field Yates wedding. And then the guest we've been waiting for trying to get for twenty episodes. Now he will here on the twenty-first up Assode of stupidity. We will all find out together. If you had a child, it is Russell phones. Be the third. Stupidity.

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