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Hello Hi we're doing second episode of the day We don't normally do this. But for the last few weeks we've been trying to record on at least two at a time just so that's The set up just a little confusing and complicated and has a lot of room for error so While we're doing it. We decided to do it. So moving onto episode to But I had a lot of psychic moments. Yeah okay so I was. We were we. Were talking on the phone the other day and I said something about you being psychic said. Mommy you don't even know yes. So what do you mean so? It's dumb shit. I used to full blown youtube videos talking about these coincidences because when you listen to one of them you're like Oh who cares. You know what I mean. That's just a weird coincidence. But my thing is when they all happen in spurts and clusters together were nothing happens and all of a sudden. There's ten things in one day. They're like now. That is just bizarre. That would happen. That's what's been happening to me lately and I go to show hype so one of them what which was like what the fuck. There's this quote called the man in the arena. Have I told you about this a quote so there's a quote it has a title this counterpart Kristalina said that he like joking that the quote had a title but it's by Teddy Roosevelt and somebody from my patriot. Had sent it to me that I really want to look up this quote about the man in the arena by Teddy Roosevelt. And it's basically saying it's not the critic that counts. It's the people who go and try and have shortcomings and don't do their best and then do it again and have flaws and aren't the best but are at least doing it so it's essentially like if you're going to sit behind doing nothing and like critique somebody you're not the person who matters it's the person who is actually doing it like you might be able to make a better movie but this person made the movie you might be able to write about our book. Herschel over oil because there's so much more to talent or so much more to success than talent mean a billion people who sing better than me. Write better than me Dad's better than me like literally still do so many things better than me. But I'm doing it so like you can critique my work all you want but put out a book you know what I mean so somebody said that to me and like related to it a lot and I was like damn I really like this and then I filmed a youtube video. That was supposed to go blasters they I posted another one instead where I read that quote and talk about that quote and then I didn't put that video on Thursday and when I went on Youtube upload the other video the top recommended video was Christa. Leah's podcast the man in the arena. And he read the quote on his podcast. The day that I was posting that quote to my Youtube Channel I was like what the fuck. It's a an old quote that weird. It's Teddy Roosevelt. It's not like somebody said it yesterday and people are talking about it. It's like why did we both publicly talk about that? Yeah so that was one and I was very weird then That video you'll have seen glass house by now. I posted a picture on instagram where I said This picture is going to come back to haunt you because in the music video for glasshouse. That picture comes to life. So what happens is there's this glitch effect on it. Yeah actually I'm going to send it to you because I sent it to Payton. There's a glitch effect on it. And then somebody tagged me in an edit of me of that picture where glitches and. I thought that my video had been leaked because I was like. Oh my God. What are the odds that like this person? Would edit this photo with that glitch. Effect in almost the exact way that mimics the youtube video. The Music Video. So fucking bizarre. Let me see if I can find it really quick. Oh I love. Yeah so then. This one's like a silly one but nonetheless very strange there's so much fun and my fucking mouth right now. I've roll through all my writings that send Peyton. I sent him my things when I finished writing the 'cause I wanna I want his honest opinion on things and he helps my confidence. Oh Senate to him on instagram. I think it's obviously gonNA shake you when you see it. I'm like nervous. It's weird because you've seen the music video now. Yeah so good. Oh here it is. Did you send it on Textile Instagram? I'm on instagram. Live the Holy Shit Right. It's the same fucking thing so eight. Oh my God I know so. It was all stuff centering around glasshouse to like these very weird little coincidences. So then. This one's dumb but it was just so bizarre We're talking about barbecue sauce and written was like oh how to make barbecue sauce and I was like what he's he goes. Yeah just catch up mustard brown sugar blah blah and I was like. Why do you know that? And he was like I used to work with this girl who Could make anything essentially. She's like if he was at a restaurant he was like if I made a if we ran out of barbecue sauce you could just make barbecue sauce out of what we had. If we ran out of ranch she can make ranch and I was like Whoa. I never considered the fact that you could just make ranch. And he was like. Yeah so then I was like introduction. He'll story yes so then I opened up. We're talking about how weird that you just make ranch and then Jacqueline Hill posted a story. I think it was James Charles. Yeah Yeah Yeah and they were talking about like she was like never thought about the fact that you could just make ranch and I was like okay. This is a little bit much like. That's so it's yeah it's not. It's just like the Burger Meinhof phenomenon where it's like you think of something or you hear something you say or you see it all the time. I feel like that just happens constantly to you. Yeah with like the strangest dumbest specific shit. It's not like I'm talking about like Corollas and everywhere I look. There's a corolla it's like. Oh I never thought about the fact that you could make ranch and then I open up my instagram. Like never thought about the fact you can make ranch just weird or like the man in the arena. One really fucked me up that glitch edit on that thing really fucked me up. There were religious. Kinda crazy. Yeah there were a lot more that I obviously can't remember. I think I have ranted on it about it and of log on I never edited are posted. GotTa fucked upright. Jesus easy because that. That's a message that you're on the right path in Life Fuck Ya. Oh you know what else I wanted to talk about because we were texting about it yesterday. Okay so my friend breeze she does my hair and she's like what? What's the word for Brita like eccentric eccentric? Yes in the best way. But she's very she's very into astrology. She's very like moon child's like into energy use and all that shit. I'm not particularly into that. Shit but I love her enthusiasm so she text me yesterday because we were talking about Just like you know. Have you been in quarantine? Whatever so she said everything's great. I really love what quarantine for what it's worth. It's the inevitable inevitable shift that shifting out of Capricorn into Aquarius. It's about time the government puts the needs of the people before the needs of the system not to mention north. Something is coming out of cancer and in Gemini More Air Energy which is going to make things easy for any jobs connected to the Internet and social platforms just getting started so like when i read stuff like that. I'm just like what I mean like. Okay like the stars are entering a Galaxy Gala. Plex of what you don't even like. I don't fucking know but then I read it again and I was like wait a minute shifting out of capricorn and Aquarius so. I assumed that Aquarius will be January. February like my birthday is Aquarius. You know what I mean. I don't know what exactly she was referring to. She sent me a bunch of voice notes that I just realized I listen to but if that's true and this time of year is when the energy shifts into Aquarius and I'm an Aquarius. This is the time of year every year that I thrive and my life always goes from chaotic stressful depressing. I WANNA die every day hurtful and all of a sudden I'm like oh my body's great man is great. My job is great. My family's great my friends are great. I love my life. I'm happy I'm creating like I'm succeeding. My music always those well. My projects do videos you all like this time of year when everything always looks up for me so that's true and this year's entering Aquarius and my sign is Aquarius. There's something to that right because it's a yearly thing is crazy that this is your common cycle. I talked about this in my youtube video. It's every November December. Never fucking year. It always kind of starts to tip October. And that's what. My views dropped. I was GONNA over million each video and then they just dropped six hundred. Tober starts and I'm like why October always do this to me. Like this is weird and then in November December. There's always some big drama or scandal every fucking year. Look no matter how much I manifest at not happening are how much I'm like. Don't do anything crazy online. Don't say anything stupid like something that everyone's GonNa hate me for saying this but seemingly out of my control happens yeah obviously i. I like contribute to it. But yeah it's just it's so bizarre and then it always like I in I would say April may is when start stuff starts looking up. June July is one of my life starts pop in August September. It's over for you bitches every year and yeah do. I don't think it's a self fulfilling prophecy. I think that it is some type of weird. I feel this is gonNA sound so incredibly narcissistic but I truly feel this way. I feel that the universe is somehow like I feel connected to the universe rewire that be because it sounds like I have some type of universal communication. I think it's I think you're just saying that you are like being more open to what comes your way and making the best for you. But that's not what I mean. It's like this weird extremity. Were like like if this Aquarius thing is true. Nobody experiences it on the level that I experience that shift of the universe And then it's like for me. It's like you're going to noticeably. See a major difference in your life where you're going to be an all time low and the world hates you and then everything's GonNa be okay at this time. You know what I mean or like all of those weird little coincidences I get. That are like almost too. It feels like it's talking to me saying hey member that quote yours was supposed today about the man in the unit the man in the arena unit posted today but like this is a sign showing you that that is the way you should be looking at things or making choices with this music. Video like is as music video. Good ideas it's GonNa work out and then something showing like here. It is like right here like this is. I don't know I think that's fucking Rad. Dude I mean I drove off a cliff and I'm alive. You know what I mean like. There's so many times I bled to death three times and I'm alive. There's so many weird things in my life. I'm like I feel like I have some type of purpose on this earth and I hate saying that publicly because I know that people would be narcissistic. She really thinks that this and this and this but like if you die enough times almost I enough times and then survive by miraculous circumstances and then your life feels like a constant like communication with the universe. I feel like you'd feel the same way I I mean. I'm sure that there are people who do who have similar experiences. I wonder what they what they feel. Because I just don't think you're right. I don't think that all this shit would happen. If there was no reason behind it or like I did. I got stung. I'm deadly allergic to be used and like a really. The first time I got stung was my allergy kicked in. It's like a wonder that I made it in time like I. It's that quick reaction do First or second grade will have to leave. I got stung by a bee and it was like no big deal. My Mom and Dad really crushing up aspirin and putting it on me and then within a couple of minutes I was like I might voice sound funny like I couldn't talk because that was a great voice. I couldn't talk because my throat was closing and then my mom like looked at me dropped. The ball of aspirin grabbed me and like threw me in her car. Shield now so when we got there was like this was a fast reaction like right to the throat And then I got stung like four different times whereas like Oh shit. I'm thinking die. Like so many fucking. Epi Pen stabbed and me billing the bleeding to death one like that's pretty insane like the arteries and my throat exploded and I was like guys blood out of my face. She's a multiple times. Like I drove off a literal cliff and my radiator exploded like I mean and like in that exam. That's the cops. And the first responders and stuff went down there they were like you missed every single tree by a hair like you could see the track marks of my car once it hit the ground and started rolling. There's like first of all the fact that you landed on. Your wheels is insane and the fact that you rolled through all of these woods and didn't hit. A single tree is insane. The fact that you're radiator exploded and filled your car with Toxic gas and you're okay is insane. The fact that they went down and they touched my engine like the hood my car till I whatever. I don't know what they're doing and they told my dad. If I would have driven for fifteen more minutes and I fuck you not I was about fifteen minutes away from where I was trying to go. It was an eight hour drive and I was minutes away visit. If you would have kept driving your engine would have exploded and you would have died because it was so overheated. Every exactly. That's what I'm saying like. There's maybe some incredibly good fortuitous like universal luck is why you have so much bad luck with like like Repairman. That's I've always said that. I've always like take if you're pool guys going to mess up the chlorine. I'd much rather that than get hit by that one tree when you're rocketing down at always say. I have the most lucky annoying life. I'm so incredibly blessed in so many ways the fact that I like somehow weasel my way into the entertainment industry you know what I mean like. I'm lucky I'm very lucky for what I have in what I do but like I will never order something in the right thing. Come and like dude. I I showed you the tax for my manager right about everything going wrong. And he's like this. I for real heavy curse following me. Molly fucking dies laughing all the time because she's just like no you're actually curse because I explained it to her before she and she kinda got up but she was like. Oh like whatever when you're in my life for a few months you're like you're not fucking around. This is real. I remember when I realized it. When was it? What was the moment Or were you saying like kind of metaphorically I mean just in general but I do remember once we moved you into this house and you were dealing with all the moving stuff in that and Blah Blah Blah. Whatever and like you know the Washer guy would come in in the moving guy would common like all this stuff then. When it kept happening single time I was like yeah. That was when the Washer guy came. I remember you said to me later. You're like Oh yeah I mean I felt you were upset and maybe overreacting a little bit and then later as you saw the progression of my life. You're like now I understood why you were not situation that way because this happens to you all the time and the more you push like okay my washer clearly broken and like the guy came and like this is who was recommended. The guy came. He said that he can't he's that it's broken and it's working perfectly and then tried to like forge my signature essentially onto something or like. He tried to keep a form that I did not approve of because he wrote that. I said that he perform the services and fixed it and I was like I'm not. I'm not okay with that. Because that's not what happened. And then try to sneak it in his pocket and just like Weird Shit and then the the guys who've tried to fix my doors. The doors were broken but then they broke them more to the point where they didn't even close didn't tell me me said the job is finished. I slept here for a few days with the door. The back door wide open because they told me the job was finished but they literally just broke it more and then they came in screwed at shut. The concrete people who are recommended spilled concrete into my driveway then lied to me and said they didn't. Then I sent them a picture of the littoral concrete a- poxy that was in it stuck to it. They're like that's not us. We have not. They said there's nothing we have that would create that and it's concrete a poxy and I'm like okay. So the concrete workers were here. You laughed and there's a huge spot in my driveway with concrete. A poxy stuck in it. And you're going. Tell me that's not you. So then they're like. Oh yes sorry. I guess that was us. We'll be there tomorrow. Don't show up. Texts them they ever show no but like the conversation with us back and forth had been like they said they're going to come and then they just don't and then they say well. We didn't count because of this and they'll be okay. No you're right. We'll be there tomorrow. Then they wouldn't show up so it's like this constant like text them. Oh we didn't come because of this. Okay but this okay you're right. We'll show up tomorrow at noon. Never show up shoes and member the fucking The people that came to hang my curtain rods and they only drilled a bunch of holes in my wall and hung it crooked for three and a half hours. Like just dumps shit. That's the Shit Right. Yeah but then you start to experience what I like to call the. Gabby Hannah fact where perfectly like say. Normal people like we're not going to say who but you know who I'm talking about was a perfectly cool hard working person dope person and then went off the rails. The middle of the day out of nowhere like literally at a moment's switch and then he was like and then comes back and is like. I'm really sorry that I did that. Take it can I? Can I come back? And it's like well no but also of course not cannot but do you think in any other situation would that have happened in her life like you know what I mean like knowing what you know about that person. Obviously nobody knows what I'm talking about like just know that there was a very strict. I mean just the I mean I think it was definitely a very specific instance. My business manager. Oh my God she sees the most of it my lawyer who my okay. So I'm not a law firm. My lawyers went to a different law firm under my lawyers new lawyers who just stepped into my life and she said the same thing she said. I've never experienced anything like this in my life and it's not me that she's talking about it's about the people I'm working with and this is somebody who's been in the industry for years and she's like. I've never seen anything like this like I've never seen people behave like this and I've taken myself out of the equation because I'm like you know what maybe I'm like rubbing people the wrong way. Maybe it's like my approach. Maybe it's my communication whatever I take myself out of the equation. So it's like my lawyers and business managers and my managers agents all doing the communicating. So it's I'm not even in the equation anymore and there's like these like everything's insane. You know what I mean like houses happening by the. I'm not referring to anybody on my team. Okay so music. The the day I released my music and my book or wait. Hold on wait. What Time Maria? Oh where it's twenty minutes okay All Right let's ads daily harvest. So you guys here. 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I think that is a really valuable resource especially right now Okay what were we talking about okay? your music follies. Oh so the curse continues to the curse continues. I have actually been very heavily looking into like legitimate curses and heck says because you actually had a really good point one time Irene. When we were talking about this months ago and I was saying like yeah but you know I liked the thing that I'm like really unlucky but also I'm really lucky and you said Yeah but you're not lucky you're a hard worker. Everything you have is because you worked for is like anything just happened into your lap and I was like damn so like I am cursed and I'm also a hard worker so we submitted everything for music so far in advance and everything was ready to go. We got confirmation from everybody right and then the day of spotify just didn't have my song out all so it was like everywhere else thirty six thirty seven platforms had my music. Spotify just did not so. It was very weird Lego that that would happen at the same time. International pre orders got messed up and none of the international preorder links worked again. Been prepared for this launch. None of that's working What else was there. Something else with the pre orders and the books that like was a huge issue. It was like no nobody. Nobody was available at all to answer music or books and my managers. There's a laundry list of things that were going wrong. And then he called me. Yes Oh my God. Like three days ago I lost my mind sobbing because I was like. This is real. Just I have to tell you about that later and yeah you just sent me this text being like Ivan's Industry for so long and I am truly dumbfounded by the stuff that I've never experienced before that happens and comes along with you and again this is this has nothing to do with like I know people love to say it's my personality as well. You're the problem. Whatever but we're talking about like distribution platforms and like a book. Publishers like book. Publishers have been publishing books forever. And it's the same thing every fucking time and somehow it just didn't work was mine like you know what I mean. Yeah it's so bizarre and stressful also like like another thing that I thought was like so gaby was you know you were. I forget which song it was or whatever or oh you're like getting the EP ready to to be put out and then they were like oh by the way Literally six seconds ago we so submitting for when you submit music you have to submit like three to four weeks in advance in order to get the proper play listing and make sure that your music is there if that makes sense. It's the best way to know how to describe it. So it's all I can upload a song and be like. I'm going to release the song on Friday today. Like it's it's it's a lot of work so you have to have the video. The Artwork The mastered song. Obviously like you just have to have it all submitted at once the date So we picked the artwork. I spent weeks choosing the cover that I wanted for my album like went back and forth so much Texan celery. Which one's better? Which one makes you finally pick one? I said it to Dandy Lion because Danny Line is the first single off of it so then after we it's been submitted for like a week and a half my manager tax me. There's this brand new rule. You're not allowed to use the same artwork for a single as you are due for an EP. So because you use that artwork for Dandy Lion you can't use it for The EP and I was like well. What the fuck is like? Yeah I clarified with them. They said this is literally a brand new rule. They're also saying that they can't just change it. You have to completely re deliver your project. So we're starting over and I was like wow so push back the date of the EP. It pushed back my announcements. It messed up my schedule Play listening chances drop significantly like just only I mean. I'm sure it happened to a lot of other people but like because it consistently happens to me only me you know what I mean. So then Oh there was the whole thing with the no. I don't WanNa say that on there. There's another thing too. That was just fucking insane. So Oh my God and I haven't even told you about. Oh my God. There's so many things I don't WanNa say on air because I don't want to throw people under the bus but I have to tell you about it lately later guys just have to understand. It's fucking insane like it doesn't make any sense that it stuff that everybody does all the time musicians do all the time writers shit all the time. How is it always happens to me? Can you say what it's about or is that too much Just better if I don't but I think I might have told you a bit about it but there was something else with the uploading of the music to the. Oh so then I was. I had dandy line out and then I was GONNA have glasshouse out to both singles from the EP and they were like but you can only have one single out from the EP available for pre. Save one it's hard to explain so basically it's just it's crazy just all very weird but I don't know I don't stress out about it that much anymore. I cry and then like move on. It was going to be fine. I'm just emotional. Same I cried so much after my book was out just because it was such a fucking release and there had been so much hate around my book and stuff so just like having it out there and then seeing the response Being so kind and like the preorder fucking crushing just. It was just great to to see through it so good. I cannot wait to have that book in my hand. I know I'm excited questions when so okay. So let's you submitted it April first. Let's say yes when it comes out in October. Yeah like to. I could go buy in a store in October. When will you have the first copy of the final book in your hands? You think I've no idea. Oh interesting probably not that much before everybody else does. Oh cool when I went for my first book fans had it before I ever had it. Oh that's crazy. Yeah Because E. We did a special run in Australia because it was BITCON Australia so Australia. Got like a rush order and then. I was like when I walked in a bunch of people out my book and I was like. Oh my God can hold on. May I please see my book Speaking of being stuck at home. Why aren't you playing fiend? Are you kidding me? Listen guys. We're all at home. We've all been watching too much TV. I know we're all sick of it. I know we all need something else to do. Get on fiends. There's thousands of fun challenges in tons of cute characters to collect along the way DA. Listen I you guys know I love best funes but like Everson's being home and working all day from home and then watching stuff at home on TV and be at home. It's fine to just do something else so I've been spending a little more. I don't want to look at my screen. How I'm not going to do it. But it's just it's fun dude. They always add more challenges. They always add more levels like it never gets old. I've gotten so many of you. Guys in it I see tweets all the time about it. Because best always likes the tweets that people mention them in so I always see the tweets of you guys playing it It's fine guys. Go play it's unique. It's exciting. It's something else to do while we're home. There's thousands of levels already. They're always added every month. It's ours fun at your fingertips you can play off line. Which is dope because my Internet is not working right now with over one hundred million downloads and tons of five star reviews. Best friends is a must play download. Best fiennes for free on apple APP store or Google play. That's friends with the our best scenes Yeah go play guys through the fun Should we get into cues? Okay cool. This was supposed to be like a full. Qa episode but we're forty minutes and I've talked nonstop so it's interesting is it but is it yes. Okay First place thing first meal thing in place you're going to enjoy after all. This crap is over. Who Only really nice steak at a nice restaurant together. Oh Yeah we could Oh you guys are coming over here and grilling having a pool party. Oh Yeah I'm having a party. I'm having a party. We're still relatively small but like me. You Gino Molly Michael. Payton Juliet Christi. Victor like keep it keep it. Low Key Sierra definitely yeah keep it low key but like that'd be tight Peyton ours was going to Hamilton. That got canceled. Which sucks all I was thinking about. That yeah sucks but it was. GonNa be in May March. Yeah what are you GONNA do? I think it was march. Might have been me If you had to be completely submerging a condiment what would you pick now because then when you get out your skin be soft as hell? What are you ranch on? I think it would feel the least gross. I think it'd be incredibly refreshing for the first like minute. Yeah I think so too my God. What is your worse and favorite childhood memory and just like imagine if. I actually said my were shouting. I WANNA do a hard skip on. That's when do you feel like you made it like as a music. Artists are not yet I would say not yet but on my way for sure do you have a long tongue. I do do you. Ren- I can't touch my nose with it. But it goes very far down my chin minds at the very bottom of Chen t the situation. We want a Gal Pal holiday together if so where are we going to love that? You know what's Kinda I had? This thought yesterday and I was live. Shurmur talked about it. I don't know if I like vacations very much. Oh you don't well like the last four days I've just hung out in my pool with. Peyton like yeah. It's been hot as it had tacos in my pool when I want to change or go to the bathroom or get food I just go inside and I feel relaxed and happy and having a great time if I was like in Hawaii. It'd be like okay. Where's my hotel? Do you have the hotel keys? What am I gonNA eat? Do I have the right clothes way? Do we have everything we need before we go down to the beach and don't get me wrong. I want to go to Hawaii but I'm very happy. Not Being on vacation. I don't know maybe I've just never been a good vacation. I only really like and you know. Granted I've never gotten to do like a two week tour of Europe like any of that shit but I really do like quick little baby vacations of three maybe four days. I don't think I've ever been on vacation. Actually really we will Texas but that was like a vaca- of Ak but that was like more like a trip. Yeah we WANNA trip. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah I don't think I've ever been on a vacation where it was just like. We're going to just relax and do nothing. I wonder if I've done that. Actually we go on one. It'd be down. Do you think that Michael would buy you a trip to Hawaii? Probably do you think he'd buy me a trip to Hawaii? You're not as girlfriend so I feel like he feels like a very strong sense of like. I gotTa make sure my girlfriend's happy well. He's not my boyfriend but he's still has my sweat shirt so okay but what if you told them that would make you happy if he got a trip to Hawaii. Why No? He's mentioned like a couples trip but I don't think it would be like to Hawaii. Probably would like palm springs or something. I'd actually be down couples like me. Peyton him Juliette Victor. I was GONNA say Juliet Victor. Not You know that'd be fun. Yeah I don't know victor very well I'd like to. Oh He's a peach peach boy in the whole land of the orchard. Victor is for people that don't know our friend. Juliet's long term boyfriend who I've met probably four or five times right. Well I came in. I haven't had that moment yet of. I'm going to get to know victor. It's always just like he's there with Juliet and then like we've talked. He's very nice. I like him a lot but I don't know literally a thing about him. So yeah yeah I need to get to know like I know Michael. Yeah Yeah How many songs are in bad Karma five was the title of the EP? Bad Karma? Yeah idiot near not favorite underrated. Anything IRENE I feel. You'd love that question. I fucking do bitch I literally. It's so funny. I literally just posted. I think it was yesterday on my instagram story. That lunch underrated sandwiches or underrated. I think a good ship is underrated ship or chip chip. I don't think anyone's underrating chips. But the but they are because like not. There are very few people anymore just like go get a bag of chips. Listen and I don't mean you're wrong. I don't mean Pretzel Crisps. I don't mean p Toes I mean like a bag of Lay's twice a month ish I have kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips okay. We'll salt vinegar. Chips are gross. And people think you're clone. What's your favorite underrated thing? What is very underrated? I just had something in my head and then I totally bb cream. Oh you love. Bb Kralove Bagram But there was something else that I was thinking in terms of. Oh going to the movies by yourself. Oh yeah big. Big Area underrated. Where do you get your browse done? I don't get my brows done. I've never had my bras on. If you're lying about microbe-related Audrey ghosted them The the fronts are micro. Belated and other than that. I do not have never got them. Waxed or anything I heard isn't growing my eyebrows. Like that T. I was blessed with a very good eyebrow shape on the left side. You have both sides somebody said. Can you teach how to play your songs on piano? As if I know how to play piano way. Listen listen to the way. This question is worded. Why is your nose so goddamn bigger babe fucking Oh my Lord. They said they said Babe Babe. Well Oh can I ran. Share more about her past struggles with food and body image. Oh yeah sure I a video about it but yeah I think it all stemmed from like you know I had tiny little petite friends that I was like best friends with for fifteen years and they were always like a size zero one hundred pounds and I was like you know just bigger and so to me at that time in my life. Bigger was was not as you like because now as an adult. I obviously didn't know you when you were in high school. You're pretty petite your tall. But you're not big and I saw pictures of you in high school and you're never overweight so like just like I was a little Chubby and I think just compared to them. I was so much bigger. Like if you put me next to like like you know de the MOMS that I am friends with like. She's six to in like a used to be a model into. I look smaller next to her but me next to like these. Three girls are best friends with. I was like Oh. There's the big one. Yeah I get that. Do kind of like the Khloe Kardashian effect. Yeah exactly I always has never been. I don't think clay's ever been big. No I think she looks great now. I think she's just taking better care of herself but she was never like. I literally looked up khloe weight because yeah I'm looking at a picture which I'm assuming is probably the biggest she's ever been. We'll also corny. Dashing is literally like five feet tall. So I'm saying if. Even if she if courtney was or of chloe was five five. Yeah like I'm looking at these pictures. No close like five eight or five nine or something. Yeah Hall but like her overweight is like the most average woman. I've ever seen definitely me too. But she just had to work extra extra extra hard to be tiny in her mind because her sisters are so. If you're sending next to five foot two size double zero. Of course you're gonNA feel overweight. Yeah and so the fact that I was like you know five seven hundred forty pounds which is completely average in fine. It was just five seven. One hundred and forty is not even average. It's like mid like it's it's average the point where it's not even like like I was five five one hundred fifty and I was like pushing on overweight for five five five six hundred fifty five seven at one forty like gray lettuce. That's a very very healthy weight. I just never felt like I had a good body like and then from that stemmed like you know the eating disorder which was like Orthodoxy owes. Nobody really talks about. Yeah so that's why I want to do a video about it just because I didn't even realize I had an eating disorder. Guess what what in my video going up today or tomorrow. I talk about Arthur Xia. No this is what I'm talking okay. Is that run? I think so hell. Yeah but yeah. Like I didn't even know I had an eating disorder to like two years after it and then it was like. Oh Yeah just just tricky. But it doesn't such a shame to like see and the thing about like knowing I read in person knowing the way she looks like having seen pictures of her in high school to know that they. She's uncomfortable with her way. Feels like she needs to be so careful. It's just such a problem with so many women and men men carry lot too and like growing up in La too. It was like a very even more on the forefront like looks for such a thing like like a nose job for their sixteenth birthday or boobs for their sixteenth birthday. Like was that one of those things like in in Pennsylvania if you got a nose job especially young people talk so much. Oh my God. She's so fake like she got a nose job like it was. I would say if ten people got a nose job. That was the conversation around one of them. Like most of the time it was like. Oh my God you see. She got new knows. That's so wild to think about. Just because of the way I grew up versus the way I'm looking at more pictures of Khloe Kardashian and I've come to the conclusion that so much of what people consider overweight is just body shape. So yes when you look at this picture of chloe and if she was standing next to her sisters you might think wow. She's overweight because look how thick her waist is compared to her hips. So if her hips were much bigger. You would look at her waist in this picture and sharing with you. You'd look at her hips in this picture. And you would say or you look at her waist. Say it's so tiny but because her hips are basically the same as her waist. Because you're so used to seeing that hourglass figure you're like Oh. She's overweight which is clearly not. Yes see that's the thing is like my friends also had very very nice like our glassy figures and I've always been more of a straight up down person and so it doesn't look like it in pictures or whatever you gotTa Budo thank you. I wonder if there is ever going to be a time though and how long it's going to be 'cause hard to tell how beauty trends move now with the Internet. But is there going to be a time where the instagram look of? Brazilian boatlift Liposuction but injections breast implants lip injections all types of injections like that going to stop being the desirable norm. And this is coming from somebody. Who Has Lynn Jessop Chins injections knows injections like? I'm not against injections the very high standard of this is what your body is supposed to look like. And the fact that face tune has become like we're not removing pimples and like smoothing out a little cellulite anymore like it's completely altering your change your whole face. Yeah I try very hard not to alter my body like like I'll alter my body on face tune if my arm looks weird and I know for fact in real life. My arm doesn't look like that and I'm just pressing at something in a weird way. Yeah I'll tune it because I'm like that's not an accurate representation of my arm. I'm just pressing it up against this thing and it looks weird definitely But Lake in terms of shrinking your waist to an unrealistic size blowing up your ass who and unrealistic size so that like kids grow up thinking. That's what they need. Yeah or that. That's even physically attainable. Yeah because I mean this conversation is not a new one by any means but it's no secret that the Kardashians have a ton of sculpting a ton of body shaping like like Kim's waist to hip is crazy. Yeah and people look at that and they say that's that's what I'm supposed to look like. That's what I want to look like. And I always wonder are people in Newcastle Pennsylvania. Where I come from. Small town not a ton of like economic prosperity. There is of word like I don't really like people. Don't people are spending forty dollars to get their hair done? Not Three hundred. La So like our people in Newcastle Pennsylvania. Getting lip injections in Botox. I think about that all the time I mean when I go visit my mom and her little town all the girls that are like are all the people rather that are my age. It really doesn't look like they've done anything. Yeah I think we're in a bubble for sure. Yeah because we live in L. A. Where it's like parties and carpets and we live with crazy because people who don't even like I know people in finance who still have like a lot of work done and again just like you all say this the the day I die. There's absolutely nothing wrong with getting work. Done it's just interesting that like in the hill country of Texas. That's not a priority but like even here if you're not in front of a camera making you know entertainment or you know modeling or whatever your career. It's still a thing that people do. Yeah my friend Our friend or two. But I'm not GonNa Outer 'cause I don't know if she's comfortable talking about our bow talks publicly Not that she's like in the public eye at all but she got a bow talks and she was actually just talking about this the other day she was like. Yeah I love my buttocks talk so much it just makes me feel so much fresher and younger and then we were having that same conversation where I was like. Would we have done this if we live somewhere else and she said I don't I don't know I know people where I'm from definitely get Bo talks but it's not like like it is out here like I'm twenty something years old and the girls that I work with in California? Who GREW UP IN CALIFORNIA? Are like honey. It's time to start thinking about Bo. Talks the same way you'd be like Oh honey. It's time you start watching your cholesterol. Like it's time to start worrying about your wrinkles whereas if if I was still in Pittsburgh. I don't think I'd be looking at my wrinkles. Think I gotTa fucking relaxed these crazy. It's also much more expensive in different places like if you go to the middle of nowhere. Kansas and you won't bow talks. It's a lot more expensive bended here. Is it yeah? Because it's like a supply blind demand kind of thing. Tam We could. We could probably throw a stone and hit a bed. Spa I'm going to look up Newcastle Pennsylvania. But would I look up like price of talks? Maybe Botox few places that do it on my God. I searched up. Newcastle Pennsylvania. Talks on the top thing is Kobe. Kobe nineteen alert. You think you've been exposed Gabby Hannah. Here's the thing though. All right quick sidetrack if you think you've been exposed to cope in nineteen and develop a fever and symptoms such as coffered difficulty breathing. Call Your healthcare provider for medical advice. No healthcare providers providing medical advice to anybody. Who's not elderly or immuno-compromised. They're saying leave us alone. And let the the actual sick people you know what I mean so like do if I start coughing. Do you really want me to call my doctor. You know what I mean. He's busy with people who are like actually in danger. He's basically yes. Okay Noble House Clinic Botox Newcastle. Pa Hermitage close contact the oral facial surgeries and. I'll tell you what I would not get facial surgery Newcastle Pennsylvania. I'm not getting of they're both fillers. Newcastle. Pi It's a thing. I forgot what you're doing questions and answers. Okay let's get back there. Qna was the question that got us. Here I don't know I seem. Have you ever considered making an only fans? Hey question is it only for porn. I think it has a heavy adult content connotation let's Google it is only fans for porn. Make a lot of money on there. What is only fans us for? One of the top earners of the site makes one hundred thousand a year from mixture of subscribers. Who FACE I? That's actually that's a lot lower than I would have thought actually one hundred a year. I thought people were making one hundred a month. Well and also it is. It's got to pay taxes on that too. So that's High. Highest paid only fans she described. Yeah I this was march fourteen. Twenty twenty one of the most successful one of the popcorn's most successful creators Yeah this is how only fans change sex work forever so I do think it's probably I think it was probably built as a healthy safer way for women who were turning to porn hub in agencies taken advantage of to. Yeah I I actually I get that Yeah but I wonder. What's Leonard The plug making? Should I ask Adam twenty two? I mean she does a lot of other things too though. Hey I won't say this publicly if you don't want but I'm on my podcast right now. And we're talking about only fans and we saw this creator who they call the like one of the top creators and they showed her salary. And only if you're comfortable share it with me anyways but let me know if I can say. Publicly on this podcast. We're interested to know what somebody like makes because the number that I saw I feel like len is doing a lot better than that. Maybe it's wrong of me to assume that but I just feel that in my heart so can you tell me how much lennox or is that. So inappropriate desk join the on only fans not with all other vendors. Is that inappropriate to ask? Are you asking me? Yeah oh I mean I don't think so especially because it's like I feel like social media. People talk about their money. Oh yeah well. Linda's also pregnant. And so I wonder if that's GonNa Affect her. No I think that Leonard GonNa be fine regardless if you don't know we're talking about Leno the plug She does I would say essentially private porn with her and her boyfriend and then they bring in Other women so basically Yeah Adam because they have. They don't have an open relationship. They are monogamous in the way that like. I don't think Adamus fucking anybody one len not there but Lenin likes women as well so they bring in a lot of people I don't want to say a lot of well. No they do and like not to be ashamed about the way. I said that I was like bringing all these people to fuck but like they are in their also killing it. Oh Okay Yeah. That's what I thought so one of the other tops It says that she makes a hundred grand a year And not as much different Dan. What happened what I WANNA see if I can say that publicly because that's crazy damn holy shit happening. Linda's rich God definitely GonNa Screen Shot and send it to you regardless to all my God their kids GonNa be fucking ball in but no. I think that they're going to continue to do it through her pregnancy. As long as she's up to it. Oh Shit okay. I'm going to okay. Wait so I just talked about Leno. Allot So I don't think I could add it around her just talking about only fans in general. So do you want me to remove everything I said about you and Lana because I literally? I'm just saying basically what you guys do. And how works on only fans want me to take all of that out or do you want me to just not say how much specifically Leno makes? I'm GonNa tell you know what I get a well. It's just a lot of money like I. It's just a lot of money. I'm posting half news on Instagram. For Free anyways let us so hot though and like I love the way they do it. How should look alike? Kinda me and Lana thank you only God. Her body is also out Rome. I got I wasn't following her on instagram. That's illegal Oh my God. She's so outrageously hot. Holy Shit. Oh okay so I got permission to say. She makes six figures a month. Well yeah good for her. Wow yes see the girl on the article that we are reading it said. She made six figures a year one hundred K. A year you personal lot of like actually end Leno. Yeah Oh my God let me fuck can hop on over to Leno's only fans. She said my bigger boobs are my favorite pregnancy symptoms. So far. That's so funny. She so hot. Are you looking at her right now? Yeah her nipples are so nice. You know what's so beautiful about women? I'm going to send you this picture okay. So there's two women side-by-side different body types different nipple size different like there's so much different about these two women and like they're both so hot. I'm very like this girl has like smaller boobs and like Idi bitty nipples and then Linda has these massive heads and like very big nibbles. And they're both so deliciously hot delicious high are and you know sometimes. I really do wonder about myself. But isn't there a lot of like pregnancy like King Porn? Yeah so I think they'll be fine. Oh I think they're gonNA do great. Yeah they're gonNA. I think you had asked like. Are they going to keep doing it in their like while she's pregnant and I think they will? I can't imagine why they wouldn't good for them. Yeah she so hot. Okay I need to stop looking at her. I look at her by myself. And my time. let's get like. Let's get one more question here since. I've ignored all of them. That's why like the question is you're so bored. No sorry I just have A. I have my nails broken. And I'm like been focusing on it a lot irene. Sorry not to ignore the dire situation of your broken nail. Got Excited because remember when you're talking about exit through the Gift Shop. His name was Mr Brainwash. Oh funny I could not remember that. A cab googling it and it would not come up huddling. Somebody asked put it in the questions. Oh I'm dead most embarrassing memory. I mean people make fun of me a lot and like when people like would share my poems context and like compare. It's like Edgar Allan Poe or something people just said they were comparing to serious poetry. And that's just what goes my head because that's what I was raised reading the. Yeah like I'm not writing Edgar Allan Poe type poetry. I'm writing Gabby was your least favorite thing about the platform. Youtube is become. It's so talks and like the cool. The Way to get popular is to hate on somebody else. That's ex- yeah not a good time. What do you think that enough? I think we good. I'm guessing we're not doing an audio only questions portion or should we not good. I'll read A. I'll grab a five. St Okay. Sounds good sniffles. Yes a little bit. Are you okay Oh Gosh okay. Sid Forty nine plants five stars Gaby Irene. I love your podcast. But more importantly you need to know that your plan does not burrows tail and it's most likely not hanging plant the reddish color. It has it's natural and honestly it's a lovely looking plant. Oh She's definitely wrong. Though because plants succulents turn red in the Sun. That plant wasn't originally read turned red because the they get like like hand to protect them from being burned cute. They're like you yes but I am a little burner now. Let me get one more. Remember five stars all the way from Julia with a crazy face. She's emoji interest. Say that five dollars. I love listening to you. Both by far my favorite podcasts. I love hearing. Gabby explain listen to your heart to Irene. The style of Bachelor's and Bachelor in paradise in Winter Games. Oh Yeah I think you're GonNa Love Bachelor in Paradise Gobbo. Okay wait so bachelor in paradise is where the boys and the girls go together and share the roses. Yeah so like a lot. Like the fan favorites from the bachelor and Bachelorette seasons could be like five seasons back could be last season. Whatever they all get thrown into a beautiful home in Mexico and like kind of hair off. And if you don't pair off with somebody who's like either going to give you a rose or you're going to give a rose to you leave. That's what listen to. Your heart is essentially. Yeah I mean it's like same same formula kind of Ibe Hartman. Oh My god Irene. Listen to my heart and to me. It is so good and guys. I have a special treat for you. I'm pretty sure I'm doing a podcast with the ex of a very controversial figure on West because she is my home he and she's ready to spill some tea and she's had people like podcast and new sources reaching out to her like crazy since the show started and she hasn't done any of them and she said she would do it with me. Oh bit yeah because she was like. Yeah it feels weird like giving an interview to a new channel. But if I'm just like sitting chatting with my girlfriend like I'm totally down because the thing is I know that she wants to share that side of story because she's being lied about. She's like I mean like I want to but like she doesn't want to do it in a way. That's like fame chassis. So she's like not taking these big interviews that she's being offered but she's down to do it. Great tight I mean. Should we just do like five minutes audio? Only sure okay. We're going to do that. Hey thanks guys. Leave a five star review and Subscribe to the podcast and rain. Late again keep going. I think I guess we do. Okay so look up somewhat questions. I like doing Tins Day Bennett. Just talked to people is my favorite. I missed my boyfriend what I miss my boyfriend. Meet your boyfriend or my boyfriend. My boy pain. You must my boyfriend. I can't believe how many questions I still get about. Why satellite isn't on spotify? I'm dead I've answered it so many times. I just don't like it was a great reason. I just don't like the song it's It's just not a good representation of who I want to be as an artist. Great answer do you know your picks of your feet or on foot foot fetish pages. I did I was loving people. Ask Me if they can draw me. Yeah for sure it don't ask just to it Just wake up one day. No that Peyton was the one or was it a gradual realization. Oh it was a slow burn to a gas tank own my God okay. Fucking poet slow Burns who our guest. Hey condie did you write you so me on Swithun? You haven't heard that one. Is that happy? Yeah Oh then yeah okay for. Damn I love that. I love that one too. Thank you What music have you been in to? Recently I've just been listening to Trixie Mattel nonstop basically Tell Music. I did not know she. She's like an unbelievably talented folk singer. What and her newest album is. Very like Kinda sixties. Poppy beechy vibes interesting with the folk. It's incredible the is one of my favorite love songs of all time. What is it? It's called no you all over again? It's like the saddest thing in the world. Does she sing as her character It not really like she performs in her character uses her natural voice. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah so does it. Sound kind of masculine. Yeah it's IT'S BRIAN. Ferkous like singing and stuff. It's just the album art trixie because I think people relate to kidding marketing wise. Yeah yeah a lot of sense. Yeah he's he is an incredible. Yeah for sure I need to look into that. Yeah I just listened to the same old Shit I always listen to Hey I have a Q. Yeah why is pitting? The Discos Tick Tock run by puppet. I did not know spend talk every day. Whoa would you spend time onto every I fucking obsessed with Tik Tok Damn? I haven't looked at it since I was obsessed for three days see. I thought that would be my vibe to and like it's still like my favorite thing I look at every boarding. Damn you might have to send me who to follow okay Please talk about being such a public vocal lgbtq ally. I really admire that about you. Iran. I feel that applies to you very much as well. I mean it just the thing is like I don't even know if I'd be like I'm an ally of the fact that it's like yeah. You deserve the same rights. I'd like if somebody is concerned with who you want to fuck. That's so insanely strangely. If somebody is like weird upset that you WANNA make out with the dude. If you're a dude or like you don't WanNa be called. He or she like it's just. I think I just like have so much other shit that I care about. It's not that I love and respect and I mean I don't fully understand the plate of like what else you btcu gone through in this in this world but like because I'm not in a in a but like I don't know it just comes down to like why would you be mean to somebody based on who they. WanNa kiss on the lips. It's just confusing that you care and on some level. I guess I can understand if you're a mother and then your kid ends up being gay and you have a religious thing against it like that's the only situation where I could even understand why you'd care whether you agree with it or not. You know what I mean like as much as I don't agree with a parent not supporting their child's. It's still I can at least wrap my head around the idea of it but somebody who just a person being mad about another person who doesn't affect their life in literally anyway. It's like somebody in Pennsylvania's mad that people in West Hollywood or fucking. They can't stand it. Yeah it doesn't make a great bit about to where he's like he's like I won't go into the whole thing but it's about butter fingers and how all of a sudden you're like I fucking hate fingers. It's like what what a butterfinger ever do to you. My man lay and so it's just like it's like if I was like. Oh actually like catch up with my fries and you're like what the fuck did you just say to me Like it's just crazy and I wish I could be more of an ally and do it but to me it's just like why is anybody concerned with? Who Somebody wants to make out with. Hey Real quick you. I didn't say anything about whipped cream online right what we know. We're talking about whipped cream. Yeah I didn't say anything about that on instagram right. That was just on the podcast. I think so. Why fuck this person said? Hold on hold on. This is very confusing will happen. What made us talk about whipped cream whipped cream on the but yeah my friend taking a sexy video the person who was talking about If you could be completely submerge economy what would you pick member that They followed up with. You can also discuss what counts as a condiment by definition whipped cream. Is WE'RE WHY? Would you add that aside? That is very strange. That's what I'm saying. That's so weird that we're talking about whipped cream and who has whipped cream and blah blah blah and. Then somebody would randomly say whipped. Cream is a condiment. What does anybody else feel alarmed by at all? I think it's cool. Was that this episode episode. What FUCK WE'RE RECORDING? It right now. And that's why it's fucking weird. That is crazy walk. Somebody said how often you are. Mix matched socks for me. It's a hard never. I can't stand it. I can't do it unless it's an intentional thing where I'm like. I want this color on this one and this on the other one because I want you to be able to see under my jeans. That is the only reason I would ever mix match. That's very funny. The only reason I ever ever ever have matching socks on is if I if they're those like if their brand new no not even that if they're those fancy like workout talks have left and a right pair Wish your feet nicely. I didn't know that was a thing Hayes. Mismatched or mix matched mismatched to me. I literally can't understand how people aren't upset by wearing different socks because the textures different the materials often different like the colors. Whatever other quite literally nothing I care less about. It doesn't feel weird as fuck to you. Know I. It shocks me that you have. Ocd doesn't affect you on a deep profound level. Not at all I used to wear I used to. I had so many pairs of converse when I was a kid because my mom and I used to get six dollar converse from this one store and I had so I probably like fifteen twenty pairs and I would miss match. Choose every day so have like a red pair and agreed pear or like a like like blue on one foot and yellow on one foot. If I was trying so desperately hard to be different I'd rather wear the same pair of shoes socks four days in a row. Like put on dirty sweaty socks than where it makes matchbox. I can't stand it my leary. It might affect my brain. All fucking day can't stand it but question do you really or songs or do you wash them every time would you say do you rewire your socks or do you wash them in. Iran them me too because I go for a run every day and I wear them for an hour and they don't really get sweaty so like tomorrow when I put on my running shoes. I'm wearing the same socks I also like the only time. I'll like wash something immediately after I wear it for like 'cause 'cause realistically how long my wearing a shirt right yeah. I'll get out of my pajamas. Put on a shirt for hours later. I come home and I put pajamas back on her third time. No I don't I don't either usually my indicator of one. I'm watching a shirt is if I drop food on it. Yeah I sweat in it or if I get to pace or something on it. Yeah if I'm excessively smelly or if there's a stain shirk but I think in high school when I was wearing the same t shirt from six. Am to four PM. I probably Wash Yeah. I would wash it then too. Yeah is Irene going to move in Green? Do you actually think you move in one day or is it something you just say to be like? Q? I don't think I would move in I think I think that if like if you know Kristie moved and I wanted to move but then the other lease wasn't going to happen for a month or something. Then I would ask if I could stay here in the interim you and live with me. What you wouldn't live with me no I just. I have my own space. I wouldn't want to impede on you. Yeah remain now. Well you have a roommate now. I know but but we have been room mates for so long. I think it'd be fun no you don't that's why that's why you don't. WanNa move in with me. I don't WanNa hang our meter much. You don't WanNa hang out Alameda Freida. You would get sick of me. You'll be afraid that we would get into fights. We've never got in a fight. One time you gave my sweatshirt to your boyfriend and taught me. That's not a fight. That's just me being frustrated by that story. I know realistically I as much as it would be so fun. I literally don't have a place for her to move into. She needed somewhere to say. Obviously like my guest room is open but like mother closet full of my art supplies and music stuff. So like yeah. Where would she realistically put her stuff? But like you would be the first person I would call and be like Yo I. I do need somewhere to stay for a month. Is it okay if I bring all my shit for a little bit as far as actually moving in though I know we joke about it? A lot and stuff But yeah like I honestly realistically if you needed somewhere to stay I'd probably have you set up your bed and stuff in my gym. Actually Oh yeah yeah yeah beautiful. Yeah but like what situation? Would that even be where you'd have to move your bed and shit into my house for a month exactly like I remember when my mom it was? It was a very specific time when my mom was moving back to Texas in Christie and I were moving into our first will shitty apartment together. There was gonna be like we weren't gonNA be able to get that going for Cobra but then after we sorted it out it was. It became September when we needed it so like there. Was that one specific. Time that I'm thinking what are you GonNa do? When when and if Christie moves do you think she is I don't know I think it will be super dependent on Grad school or business school rather than what she ends up doing with that but like say let's just say that she does leave and go somewhere because she's thinking east coast right. No she'll stay in California for sure but bay area. No that's that's not hurt. She's probably going to be either like she's going to be in the La area the furthest she would go is like Orange County. Oh I thought she was talking about like Berkeley and Shit. That's that's a someone else right. Got It okay so just in that hypothetical. Where would you go though like Alicia Alex? She's moving you gotta find a new place you getting a place on your own or are you finding a room mate. What are you doing I think I would probably like if things continued doing well. Yeah I would probably WANNA be on my own. Yeah have you ever lived alone not technically no. Because you're with your boyfriend. Yeah I was boyfriend and then when I did live in a house in DC. And like I had my own room and my roommates were never really there but like I didn't live alone technically. Yeah so yeah. I've never been like on my own on my own word. Damn that'd be wild if you lived at your own place. I hope there's situations oh sometime where you stay with me for like a little bit. I think that would be fun. I would like that that but also and this. I guess we'll keep talking but it's also sort of a place where I'm moving in with Peyton and we're starting our life together and to like get a roommate as Peyton and I are moving together would be. Yeah if like having like a sexy morning breakfast making situation and Mike. Hey Guy Yeah it's just like as like a couple growing a little but honestly I don't think I'd mind that like if there was a situation where you are legit like. Hey I need a place to live and you had to move in like even like six months honestly let you know what I mean like. If you're in this weird gray area where Kristi moves out and you can't afford your own place yet but you know if you save up some money for a while not paying full rent somewhere and like needed to stay here for a few months like that'd be totally cool too and we would make where you've always made that so clear and I really do appreciate that. It's so nice to like be able to know that you know I have. I mean in every situation but also thank you but yeah there's GonNa be a situation where Irene just like moves in with me the way she's lived with Christy for like eight years. All right guys. We talked quite a bit on this extra. I wonder if we should just make it part of the episode fun. I don't know we'll see it's been twenty minutes killed that one Thank you guys for listening. Love very much lab by Hey did you know there's a place where you can get all the way to true crime headlines? Five days a week it's called Thornton scale daily and it's hosted by me Ryan Williams Monday through Friday. We break down all the craziest cases going on in the country and around the globe. If you want to know what's going on before everyone's talking about it. Subscribers certain scale daily on Apple PODCASTS spotify. Stitcher tune in or anywhere. You listen to podcasts stay safe.

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