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These are the final seconds. Him they hold onto that. You're die time and everything rides on one shot but it is it going to be that this is down to the wire one shot to take you to the top one win these clinched basketball. That's the nba playoffs game. How's your mental health. I'm listening with lantis morissette. When it first started. I would have my nightly panic attacks. Then i started getting really curious about all the sensations. I just really started looking at okay. So chest is. I got really granular in observing the details of what was really going on with the breath in my jaw just survival strategy cortisol cook and non stop you know. Chronic stress is trauma explore more at. I'm listening dot org good morning. Boomer our you good morning jay. I like this double header is seven inning games and all that stuff workout well for the chrome so that'd be fine today this afternoon but that would a disaster last night. Mean steve cohen. This guy's a billionaire and you would think that you know you just stay out of it and like game ops and major league baseball handle it but nope he had to get himself right involved in the middle of it and of course is getting torn up on twitter and all the responses and replies and everything else so i i don't get it. I don't know what he's doing what he was trying to do last night. Let me give you a theory on. I saw yesterday. You and i were talking about the potential for thunderstorms sure. Yeah and i told you. There is a likelihood that a major thunderstorm cell is going to come through last night and it may happen again. Tonight is very good likelihood that it will happen again tonight. So the reason why. I think that steve cohen is tweeting about this is remember. When he first became the owner of the mets. It was all about listening to the fans and listening to the fans and making sure things were better and one of the things that fans can't stand is the old. I'm gonna show up to the ballpark. I'm gonna pay for parking and the start with the concessions and pay a bunch of money and then all of a sudden the game gets rained out. I don't get a baseball game. So he has heard that many many times and he feels like there weren't enough updates so you wanted to get involved and update everybody on what was going on thinking. He was doing a good thing and it really blew up in his face. To last you go back to. His looks like weather delays. They're going to try to get the game in whether looks great at eleven pm. Looks like whether will improve between eight to nine pm. Just spoke to sandy hanging there. Everybody we are going to play tonight. This is from the owner hanging. Everybody we're gonna play tonight. The game is cancelled as next tweet right after that we tried but the weather didn't cooperate my sincere apologies so but like i don't understand why reasonable people can't figure out that you can't control the weather when you said i don't know if it was on the air the air like this guy is a massive billions of dollars. Seems like a pretty sharp guy. You can't say we're gonna play if you don't know you're going to play the only time you can tweet out. If you're the owner of the mets steve cohen. That you're gonna play is if the talks coming off the field and the fire said we're gonna play if not you. Just screw everybody while you had the potential for this problem again. For the second part of this double header tonight you also have a problem. Potentially coming friday and saturday due to the storm. That's coming up the coast so you know. Get mad hammer on it. Why don't you just have hammer time doing the weather for you and telling you what's going on as opposed to you trying to be a weatherman in trying to communicate with the bands and by the way you do have a new york mets official account. That can actually do all the speaking pry. But he don't have to do it. Your i don't understand why he feels the need to do this. And i guess there are some fans out there that are enjoying this and then of course a lot of people that do reply to him. Probably hate the mets and hate met fans and just love the reply with they negative tinge coming back at them. Yeah and i don't know if he's affected by that or not. I mean there's there's times there are times. We left twitter for a while. Remember the whole. Dave portnoy situation right now. He can't be on his yacht somewhere in the mediterranean for like three weeks during the summer that that's basically what he's affected by. Would you pull you park it in the mediterranean hell. Yeah i think i would as well. I think that is the place to have it. Although i see a lot of people is croatia's not the mediterranean right. That's not the technical as the black sea. I'm not sure yachts and croatia. That's a pretty good place to be able to imagine. Yeah so maybe we should go to croatia. Have a boat party in croatia. We'll see this one connec. what right. Let's see how this goes in bay shore and if it goes off pretty well then we'll may have won in croatia next year tone. You would be a good thing. So croatia is exactly is exactly where i have to see this now that you look at it up. Exact right up the coast of italy all right so what is sorta right. It's right there. it's the same. It's the same type of thing so all right perfect. That's where we're going to go so next year. Twenty twenty two boomer and geo casa migos both party in croatia. adriatic sea. the adriatic go. Yeah beautiful we do this every year song about croatia. I know we sung it. There's got to be a song about. Is albanian albanian. Okay there's the africa by toto. I know that right. I know there's been some songs about the usa as well as been several of those. It's been songs about canada. I don't know if there's a croatian saw this conversation national anthem. But i don't know if somebody wrote a song about croatia but this happens every year multiple times people show up to the games but the owner. Does we get involved. The owner is not like how steinberg is not tweeting out. Like what the yankees planning to do. It's usually the yankees official twitter and social media platforms that are that are giving the updates sure or gary apple in this case last night and trying to give updates in between all the highlights. Yeah i mean steve. Cohen wants to be different. He joined this whole world thinking that he was going to be the accessible owner. He enjoys it. He's team is playing. Well he wants to be the guy that people. I'm just a normal guy. Just the owner. We could talk. I'm a fan. I'm not just a billionaire. A mets fan and then it looks kind of silly in situations like one like last night. Now i was at this game. I mean i would be pissed because think about all the people that that probably have. Notifications on steve cohen's tweets that are at city field going. Hey the owner just tweeted out that we're gonna play so weren't hanging around get another beer. Get another premium talion sausage. We are hanging out. We're getting some baseball tonight. And then it was just several seconds later where it was Yeah i don't think it was a game was supposed to start at seven ten last night. Right yeah and they didn't call it till nine thirty so the game is the game is cancelled. Tweet came at nine forty nine forty okay and he wrote at eight forty one hanging there every body were going to play tonight at eight forty one. I'm beers and food see data. But the conspiracy theorist out there when the owner is saying the head and the bottom line is affected. I don't think this is what happened last night. But the conspiracy. There's going to say that like the owner said. Were playing tonight and then an hour later said sorry. The game is cancelled. I mean that's like day wanted us here. They wanted us buying food and drink. They wanted us pay in the parking. It's all a big ruse now. I don't think that that is going on. Yeah so much money. It doesn't matter this. This this baseball team is more of a tax. Write off for him and and to run things through. That's what it is for him if you think he's too long you think it's in it to make money now. He's in the park money. Sure i understand what i'm saying. He's talking money there. That's and that's a way for him to run. You know all of his businesses and whatever whatever personal stuff he needs to run through it running right through the mets and then he can go travel on his jet and do whatever he wants. Sure because it's basically being paid by. Whatever entity owns the mets whether be an llc that he is a part of that own semester. Whatever so it's not about making money. I don't believe that. I don't but some people will but i think i know as van. I'm sure he wanted to see jacob degrom last night i guarantee you. He wanted his him just like all of us. Did sure and i think you know messing with your best pitcher and what pages and you you know you gotta be a little bit more practical and tonight. It's going to be the same thing for the second game. There is potential for thunderstorms the flare. Up anytime it gets over one hundred degrees during the day you know that. I know that everybody who lives around here knows that as a matter of fact there was at one point. I was looking at my dark sky. App the entire long island from. I want to say almost all the way to western jersey all the way to tip montauk was covered and thunderstorms with the rave and the yellow. And the whole thing it was losing. I was getting updates from pse and g. I mean it was coming. They were coming from all tees nonstop. Yes sure i mean. It seemed like we all knew what was going on. What would cancel. That came a long time before address. G and g kept telling me that they were monitoring the storm. No you get the text alerts one hundred percent. Yes that make you feel better when you get those text alerts. While they're they're on it. Yeah we're monitoring it they're monitoring it and they're on it so employees report any outages. Okay so you have that ability to text and say i've got an outage optimum we're tracking the severe weather moving across the tri-state area stay connected and watch news twelve. Say you gotta watch. You gotta watch mad hammer and jeff banton last night. Actually i think he was. The acting. meteorologist of vanson was on. Dancing was on last night in banten was tweeting about it. I had a text message. Came in at four fifty two. I had another one six twenty five. I mean these people were all now they were monitoring. I don't know what they were doing about that stuff. I go to roll my eyes mike. Well i'm open at your. I mean you have all of long island basically at your fingertips when it comes to power. Hope that you're monitoring the situation like you don't tell me that jar did have a bunch of texts about that and you know and of course. My dark sky app was telling me severe thunderstorms take shelter all the sudden. Meanwhile i got the owner of the mets. I'm gonna play. What are we doing really really silly. What don't i mean i understand. He wants to interact with the fancy. Probably loves all this stuff but meant that he realizes that there is an official team account. That can handle it. Sure i mean i guess. He either doesn't care about the criticism or he's just loves the fact the interaction so much that it's important to him to keep doing. He's like the kevin durant of major league baseball owners mosey interaction with the fans. Yeah matter what happens no matter who says anything about the interaction. Whether it be steve kerr or anybody else. Kevin durant gonna stay involved kinda like jack. Wilson's bomb so. I see steve. Steve cohen kevin durant zach. Wilson's mom all. I can the same kind of boat bolt together interact. They wanna save people's lives. They wanna help people stay connected to save lives. Who out of those three being boy do you think has the most destructive twitter account. I will say i kevin had given. Her aunt also had a burner account. Yeah so there was a little bit more a little bit more complicated with him. Yes so it's zach. Wilson's moms instagram account. I will say that it's zach. Wilson's moms instagram account. Because what she's doing is affecting somebody who doesn't want to be involved. Kevin durant goes after people that go after him you know whether be kendrick perkins or scottie. Pippen people say stuff about him and then he fires back on twitter. Steve cohen. all right. he's trying to be cute. he's trying to help. It blew up in his face and cute one. The whole thing was going on with robin hood. That was not and then he disappeared from there but he was. He had a little bit awards back and forth with portnoy's trying to have a conversation with a name just disappeared off a twitter but for the most part he's just sort of like i don't know doing his silly twitter stuff like hey people seem upset about this. Oh jacob degrom on amount tonight. I guess we're not gonna get any complaining that says thing. I think the zack wilson mom. Instagram account added those three. I would rank the most destructive. Because there's an innocent party there. It in her son. In zack wilson. Who wants no part of this thing. Who has to deal with this when he's about to be a rookie quarterback in the nfl clearly in his first season you know she's not talking about zach though she's she's talking to her she did. She opened up about the fact. That zach reached out to her. Yes that that's one thing but she's not really talking about him yet. Anyway the first four interception game was going to be interesting. The reaction from the fans and then reaction from mom because they're picking on her little baby who's making thirty five million dollars or if someone drops a pass key situation and then she logs on and trashes that teammate. Denzel mims i tell you. Rock hands denzel mims or something like that. I don't think she'll do that. I don't i don't think she'll go after okay. We don't think she's going to do that. I hope she does. I didn't think she was gonna come on and say that someone is about to swallow a bunch of pills but they woke up and saw her instagram account. Decided not to do that either but we heard it from her so at this point i believe she's capable of anything. Yeah i think. I think kevin durant is kind of playful on twitter messing with people and i think he just loves it i know he is just addicted his phone here. He is just addicted to it. He's in it one hundred percent of the time only time. He's not in it just one. He's got a basketball when he's on the court or right what he does have basketball. And he's got his phone in his hand and he's just ripping into people that would have been fun with people whatever and when he's gonna basketball in his hand he's probably thinking about what people are saying about him. I don't even know why he worries about what people say about him on the basketball court. He's basically uncomfortable can do anything. You want's speaking of basketball and doing anything. You want man. Your man chris. Paul went on last night and for those That didn't watch it. chris. Paul was magical last night. He got the gate at the game. Start out slow. I watched part of this thing. And then i woke up this morning. I watched the rest of it so he starts slow last night but then all of a sudden like takes over the game as the game goes on he gets stronger and stronger and stronger than obviously the reaction to last night's game was just it's all about him and you honest was back in the honest look like he was okay but yeah which i thought was a little strange because he was doubtful the entire day until you got closer and closer to gain time so i mean i guess if the song just not competitive advantage at the box had because you just gotta assume that he's gonna play anyway because why not if he's not ruled out just assume he's going to play and prepares if he's gonna play but it didn't really matter to them yeah he's one of three nba players. That had that good of an nba finals. Debut along with michael jordan and lebron james but it took them sixteen years right. This was not in years a second or third year player or a like jordan and lebron james when they got to the nba finals. The first time. The guy's been around for a very long time. The other thing too is for any sort of nick fan. That thinks that chris paul was the answer for them. Remember this his sixteenth year And he may opt out because he may want to get a bigger contract or more years on the contract for the sons. I can't imagine if they do win the championship out there that they're going to let them go. I see a two year extension with a maybe and give him an extra year because of what he's doing here but i can't imagine that the knicks would sign him like a four year contract and bring him here if he opts out there. Why would you leave there. If you're chris. Paul i wouldn't. There's no reason to have a great fan base. By the way. I being out there and going to those games and known some of the people who initially own the the phoenix suns. It was It was fun place. It's a fun atmosphere. And they've always. I would feel like they've been competitive a couple years where they were way down but they always had been competitive but they just never gotten to this point. And now like if you're chris paul and and you're playing maybe the best. He's playing basketball of his career. That's the weird thing at his age doing what he's doing after being in the league for sixteen years and the watching his performance and then i think he's had what two games back to back with a total of seventy nine points so he's playing best at at the right moment and you know even with the honest back. Last night i thought the fourth quarter. They'd just kept pulling away. Introducing odyssey exclusive stations. We've curated hundreds of new music stations available only on odyssey by music fans for music fans. She got our masters of metal playing the pioneers of heavy metal or katie meals leading ladies for a salute to the women of country like k. 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Now wherever you get your podcast for the ones finding new ways to ensure the job always gets done for the ones wearing many hats for the ones who are hands on even from far away and the ones keeping business moving forward we are grainger offering supplies and solutions for every industry with twenty four seven support and experienced staff and over two hundred and fifty local branches. Call click grainger dot com or stop by grainger for the ones who get it done. How's your mental health. I'm listening with lantis morissette. When it first started. I would have nightly panic attacks but then i started getting really curious about all this station stations. I just really started looking at okay so chest. I got really granular and observing. The details of what was really going on with the breath in jobs just survival strategy. Cortisol cooking nonstop you know. Chronic stress is trauma explore more at. I'm listening dot org each the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer. Ngo fellow is back this morning. What did that game end. Last night for the yankees. After one o'clock hour and one forty seven fliegelman is okay. I want one seven seven. No that is the real question. Send over the log in the less time. Wow the The player that i had to be luke boyd. Oh yes i'd have doubled. Didn't hit any home runs so you had the four singles and a double and everybody got that eighteen heads last season high. Yep so so. Maybe a little this criticism. Let's see if it can carry over and keep pushing him forward now. Your boy chapman got out there. And i watched this live media three strikeouts to walks hit. It was all over the check the bingo card. Yeah yeah spider man. Did you see you watched it. You saw the wild pitch like us basically like ten feet in the air the next. That's a scary situation when a guy can throw like that and he's wild being in the box and comfortable at that. Yeah it's a saito least at all right. The ceelo what's going over there brought to you by winters bros. Way systems creating a cleaner and greener long island to learn more visit winters bros. dot com and yes sunday night. Aaron boone said. He wanted his team to use their day off out west to regroup get ready for three with the mariners and it seems that's exactly what they did. Now here's the o-o-on swung on their go selected as high as far bad has gone off the railing of the second deck. It is a three run home run. It is a stan tony. In homerun giancarlo knows leap will still follow. When he does hit them they do look. They do look pretty majestic. Take that away from john sterling here on the fan. Stanton setting the tone of the first inning late. Last night is the yanks torpedo justice. Sheffield three more runs in the second two in the third and then later on the game. Three spot in the eighth at added up to as we mentioned a season high eighteen hits a one block of the mariners. For boone's club. It was nice to get some breaks. You know we had some some infield hit some soft contacts gopher. It's a lot of age for her. Found whole z j. Lemay you three for three through the first three innings rubio door blast three run homer to cap the scoring in the eighth. And as you mentioned luke voight. The breakout game. Five or six double. Three rb is pretty frustrating week and had many as last ten games tonight so Just going up there confident. Also a good night for jamieson tions seven innings of one run ball struck out nine even his record at four and four and thinks he's coming along ever since that silly debacle feel like making really good strides for put my foot down after that certain making some good progress say brian cashman gets killed for you. Know signing some of these guys and you just never know whether or not they're gonna be able to bounce back and corey kluber obviously the example but inquiry was pitching his pitching. Well that's that's the point i say. Here's this jamison tie on guy and it's like okay you know. He's done his job for the most part. Well he was terrible in the beginning of the five but he's trending in the right direction at the moment. So it's like you just never know when one of these guys is going to find their stuff now. Obviously he had a big lead from the outset. Yeah so just throw strikes and didn't like the look like the mariners were all that interested in applying last may because of the late in the seeing it now early in the game you did have people behind home plate by late in this game. It was based ballpark. The hell out of there. Yeah aroldis chapman is still trying to figure himself out. He did pitch the ninth. He did strike out three. But as you mentioned also allowed a hit issued a couple of walks across twenty four pitches but they got him some work tonight. You've got another struggling pitcher bingo. Her mom out there. He'll be opposed by you. Say kukuchi with our pregame coverage underway at nine thirty. You guys outlined the night at city field. Steve cohen with Diarrhea of the mouth twitter style seven tweets spending almost four hours. He was certain they'd get the game in which they never did. Another rain. outs. At the medicine brewers will play split doubleheader today corbin burns end jake her roof on city field out after right. There should be a retractable roof on every single baseball stadium. You see the mets sexually Chris match kaczynski tweeted at the brewers. Could you guys bring the roof with you from milwaukee and they said it doesn't travel very well wouldn't there you get every game in grades. Hot days you close it off. Collins got the money. Yeah retractable roof. City field yankee stadium to slap it on every stadium in america. No problem yup degrom burns in the opener at ten brett anderson against tb in the nightcap at seven ten You wonder if this could perhaps change graham stance on pitching in the all star game. That's another sunday. The collateral damage trickle down effect eight. Just take it off. Jake does go relax. Take care of yourself inning. Pitching now pitcher in the game. Showcases pitcher in a game deserves a vacation of denver. It's kind of a vacation nights and nice place. It's a beautiful city yeah yeah. Nba finals by the way. Carlos carrasco live bp prior to the game yesterday and apparently was in the mid nineties. So he's working his way back and i guess we'll soon go out on a rehab outing as long as you know. There are no setbacks so he is still scheduled to return late july nba finals. The box pulled the nets. They followed the nets template so the they did with james harden so they upgrade jaanus to questionable during the day and then he goes any works out pre-game and he ends up playing Right well i don't know but not enough. Slow down. Chris paul over to chris paul. Paul underdrive goes inside. Go to the rim score at any foul. From behind by iana. Chris paul thirty one points. He'll go to the free throw. Line sons radio game. High thirty two for paul to go along with nine assists off to a great start as he hunts his first career. Nba title sons win. It one eighteen one five janas finished with twenty points and seventeen rebounds in thirty five minutes of action more importantly for him moving forward. My balance for new was stable. the nfl pain so for good as for paul. What a difference. Twelve month makes a year ago. Today we left to go to the bubble. You know so s- amazing. All the things has taken place since then. But i'm i'm grateful for where i am now and they will go for the two zero series lead tomorrow night in phoenix stanley cup. Final resumes this evening. The lightning go for the close out again as the mayor of tampa wanted their back down there on their home. I says they will try to finish off the canadians in game. Five on home ice. I don't boomer study wasn't all that interested in either of you. End up watching any of the match yesterday with the mickelson and brady and shambo and aaron rodgers. I put it on for like three or four minutes. That's all you could stand. And aaron rodgers was turning me off in a big way for whatever reason i just. He was annoying me giving off that vibe. Yeah i and i was like i don't want i just said i don't want these shan does not a guy like yeah aaron rodgers annoying me i said why am i putting myself through. So you rooting for mickelson brady today. Loss of core brady had a bit of a tough time out there as you might imagine. I mean that's what's that's what's appealing about watching it. These guys are like such stars money. Grab i know it is. I understand that but to see them struggle the way most of us do when we go out on the golf courses it has like a little human element to it a little bit. Pretty unleashes golf course. It's beautiful picture. S there's no question that itself would make interesting viewing just because of where it is. And how it's built and jack nicklaus built it but i didn't watch one second and i don't know if this is just me but it also reminded me of the worst time of the pandemic because remember when we had the previous match with brady and it was like the first time that we had some live sports to pay attention to and like no one was around those guys on the course and it just through my mind back into that now. I just wasn't enjoying it. I said you know. I'm not enjoying. This is two things i wanna watch. Aaron rodgers do was is play. Football for the green bay was shut the hell up and the green bay packers and i want him the host jeopardy do both i can assure could who's the favourite now to beat a host that we know is there a favorite of checked the live sanjay gupta's he the guy who's Favorite now he's the one who's been hosting. He's got a lot of accolades. Dr sanjay gupta. Yeah he's the guy cnn he's from cnn. The guy's been hosting commercial for. Dr sanjay gupta here on the fan. Probably not the same guy. That's the dr moosa. Maggie put on the right guy whole series. I thought i been a part of cnn twenty years. I don't watch a lot of cnn. Check why. But i just know where he's from Let's see june one. That's not good enough. Maybe they haven't changed much since then could that be it. Let's see currents for his landing spot contenders. I'll try to find it. Ceelo keep going. Did you see Another rough day leon yesterday. A little girl. My goodness yeah. I did see this. So i mean he was more so his rough off season has been maybe not being able to come to grips with the fact that he's not a star anymore. Take shots at any read and the chiefs. i don't know why would take shots. At andy riley strain 'cause he's sure right tells you all you need to know but a cuss filled social media rant by the model golden blondie. Who's the apparent mother of his two month. Old daughter. scotland bell and in the post she calls him a coward and the worst bleeping human being on the planet and basically accuses him of barely taking care of his kids and he has i think six of them or eight of them with six different women's with seven seven children here it is with sixty seven so i guess he blocked her on whatever social media platform and she's got an actress. She got blocked from media. She got i the mother of his child. I couldn't get in touch with them. You know so. I think there's more to insult blocking but ceelo saying that. She got mad because she got blocked. Well no she wrote since you blocked me. I guess we can talk on here because you only care what the public that the worst bleeping human being on the planet. You can't even call yourself a man when you barely take care of the kids you do claim and pick and choose which ones to claim so does All accusatory speculation. But it wouldn't surprise me. If levy on bell was one of the worst there seems humans can smoke there right smoke or fire smokers. Fire yup with him with that situation. So yeah that you had that going on. You've got the whole. Rachel nickell situation playing amr playing out right now with the spn where they just take right off the sidelines for nba. Finals cubs fan isn't like that. Who used to be fighting street time right now. Back belly to belly. Yeah yup then. Harlan going after each other mike and the back page of the new york post and all of that you guys are putting out there reading fitting so they pull her off. Nba finals coverage. She did not have a regular tv show yesterday. The jump which i guess is supposed to return today. But you've got controversy now which is involved to sort of on the on the outskirts. Little bit where. I guess he. He called her a bad teammate. And then one of his former colleagues went on a podcast and he shouldn't talk because he's you know basically a little more detail to a mean alhassan. Who is the guy who called. It was a front office insider for espn. He was on the dan. Lebatardshow which is now longer young and he trashed wodel. As you mentioned calling. Rachel nichols a bad teammate. And he said he was getting in the way of black reporters getting their name on stories and he was ripping their work away and putting his name on. It were closer to the playwright closer to players. Then he was because he couldn't develop those relationships and he is so. That's what i mean. I'll hassett was as sources. Their front office guys are video. Coordinators are trying to move up the ranks and you know get a promotion. So he's not really in touch with the players and the guys in the locker rooms a lot of good information but you know backstabbing insecurities in this business. Now shocked and come on this. Is these people you know. They manufacture this crap in their brain that they have to do it. A certain way and they have to protect their own interests and unfortunately it comes back to haunt them so espn knew about this for a really sucks. This is it's a. I don't know if he's a partner. But in some way shape or form he's connected to lebron james who taped rachel nichols without her knowing it and in audi mean lebron james taped rachel. So this whole tape from rachel nichols. There was a guy that was doing the taping bright. Who was talking to her. She was venting yup to france and she did not know. That's was being secretly taped half and this guy is a part of lebron james group. I guess that somehow some way is I think you're getting confused though. Not the guy who was taping. The guy she was on the phone with she was venting to a guy on the phone. And that's where those comments came from. He had no idea it was being taped either. She had heard device open. That allowed her to go on the air remotely because this was last summer when everybody was doing things remote right. She did not shut her device. It was getting being back to bristol connecticut where it was being record off the air but it was. They were running taper. That's how it was but the person she was talking to is connected to rich. Paul and that whole group would represents lebron james but he wasn't the the person i know all right so nichols who according to the new york times report had inner contract to service. Host of the halftime show criticized the company's efforts for diversity and suggested that she You know resulted in her. Being replaced by taylor okay. She made the remarks during a conversation with an adviser to los angeles lakers superstar. Lebron james adam mendelssohn That was videotaped. all right. The internal videotaped then had been leaked through. Espn raising tensions over the last year. Yeah like so this guy. Mendelssohn is the apart of lebron james groper. What know he's just. Yeah she's the she's having a conversation with him but he's not the one that secretly taping her right so who was the one that was somebody back crystal and the espn headquarters once again. She's got this. I'll try to put it this way. We're doing our shows from hall. Okay right we've got the zoom setup. Yes in a break. You get a phone call from me as an example dukes. I get a phone call. All the time i get a phone call from al dukes and i'm like man i tell you that. At least one a piece of crap he is. I can't stand. He's always so negative he's trashing us what. Cbs sports someone at cbs. Sports network sees this. This is all hypothetical while they're beaming awesome back to where they are and they running tapan and someone goes. Oh my goodness this is. This is some juicy start and then the leak. They leak it within the company. So that's what happened. This guy wasn't taped but anything he just an innocent party on the phone. Listening to rachel nichols bitch about extent. It was like when the kepco shambo thing happened and someone a golf channel after the fact league. That video wasn't actually live on tv. But because the same way in hereafter your show. I mean these cameras are always early on yourself. I came in here and start trashing and somebody at ten thirty. Technically there could be somebody that was recording. That right well. I mean when you trash usually do it in the afternoon. Yeah i tried to do it on the record. So i'm not trying to hide from on the record it's on the air it's for public consumption and away. We go those mics. If we add. Mike's in the newsroom. Nobody would have any friends. Jaw bet if you had scuttled. But mike's out there forget discount applied but then again it goes goes to what this industry unfortunately is insecure and it's backstab also has been for as long as i've been around for the beginning of it goes all the way back to when marv albert was doing it. Sure with marty glickman back in the sixties right very true but nobody's really brought up the fact that this tape should have never been out there. Nobody should have ever heard that right. It's not the one of the. Espn said it's really unfortunate. That rachel nichols had her voice her knowing it i would be surprised. If she's on the air again. I really would just simply because of the intensity of this whole thing. But then again i could see her getting a huge payoff from. Espn for being on authorized. You know tape full that too. Yeah so i mean they may lose a lot of crap going on air again. Espn is an end up paying somebody big money. Well that'd be interesting because they jump didn't happen yesterday but the word was was expected to resume today so all of a sudden happen today without her. Then you've got an idea. Espn personnel. That is going to be totally. One hundred sent against rachel nichols and it's going to be pressing to get her off the air and then you're gonna have the rachel nichols cam saying somebody illegally taped me. Somebody's going to have to pay me. Yeah so she may end up losing by not being on the air but at the end of the day map wouldn't even by you know getting a big lump sum and the new york post article. I read this morning on it. Apparently rachel nichols had reached out the maria taylor numerous times it tried to talk about this and maria taylor said no nothing i know i don't wanna talk to you about it at all and maria taylor also just turned down that big deal at espn. So both of them may be out of there other out of there. I think both first of all retailers very good at what she does of course and she deserves some state. She may leave on her own volition. Her platform is awesome for her there. I if i were advising her came going gonna use this as leverage and you're gonna get a big payday and you're gonna get all this opportunity to be out there in the sports world which is what you've always wanted. There's really no rea-. I see her war in my. Is this your moore's victim right now than anything else for sightsee. Rachel nichols as victims. Well because somebody used her. The whole thing's a mess. Everybody looks bad in this thing. And i honestly think that. Espn sitting on it for an entire year. And letting it just be this bomb. That was slowly going off in the company without addressing it right away is the biggest problem but do we really know for a fact that they didn't address it or just speculation. No no no. It's been it's been robust. Rachel nichols trying to reach out to maria taylor. Nobody's saying anything. Somebody obviously had to be saying something to her if she is tried over the last year to reach out and apologize for it. Well i don't know when she reached out. I don't know if you reach out after when public or prior to going public but everybody was one of those things it was like well known within the. Espn with this had gone on but then we just got it couple of days ago. We're behind delayed reaction. That's right real question is the person who did the taping and leaked to taping. Is that person going to get fired. That is a that person. Going to get held accountable for dylan or could there be people are saying well. This needed to get out there. What would rachel nickell said needed to be out there. So that person should be applauded for what they did. I don't know there could be that camp to. I don't necessarily subscribe to that up there to bristol for the scuttle but right in the middle of this this is this is too much for my day. You know the laboratory stuff. That's a place where all espn employees go to vent to go. Just rip those guys. All had major platforms. Sure they did. And i think that they were appreciated appreciative of it at the time but now got this humongous deal from draft kings and just a place for them to just hammer away hammer. Why not trade. Window abraham lincoln. Let's go on over here amino acid. Let's go adnan. Virk keep it going hammer. Everybody passed the hammer around all right very good anything else. That's important i boom. Go on the fan. And cbs sports network coming. You live the bill ford top studio. You remember the guy who got spent by. Mlb because the sticky night but yeah. That's what i'm saying. So whatever happened. I thought they upheld the suspension. Maybe whatever happened to the glove that they put in the bag and they sent. New york have investigated cooperstown right now. That's what i yeah. He appealed and And i think his appeal is gonna be heard next week. So i guess that's why he's eligible to throw or have we have. We heard anything about the investigation. The glove itself. I mean they they put a coors medical right and new york and they kept the suspension. Which tells you they found something i guess. And then he appealed it so he'll have his appeal before somebody. There weren't gonna kill it. I just started his appeal her next week. All right each the morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomer and geo gotcha something this morning. I figured this would good mood. Not already in a good mood. Yes but i got you. A sitter ella prime-age new york strip twenty-one days baby twenty-one i can happen either what oh heads up look at. How much does away now. Did we get that grilling here yet or what. Where's the grill. I have a chance to meet with the new boss about the grill. What's he gonna say. he's a program. Director is not a grill director. He'll be fine with this. Yeah it's a safe indoor grill. You could do it in your apartment. Why can't we do it out in the newsroom. That's true and like you said if we just do something for digital with it yeah digital percent to little digital like cooking on it so i sort of make shift digital meeting after the show yesterday and one of the things that was brought up is they wanted to know if we would pop these balloons and a creative way and videotape. It gotta be kidding stupid over the head with the idiots. You got all these balloons in ear from chernoff goodbye. There's still in here. We just get rid of them. Throw them out. We got a pop them in a creative way. We tried to do that with big zoo yesterday. Yeah well yeah big zoo. We thought it was helium unless he is somehow immune to helium and we had big zeus. Suck down one of those balloons but it turned out. It wasn't helium in there. So we're thinking maybe a competition like a nerf gun with attack on the end that we could shoot it like a carnival or something. I don't know it seemed a little bit confusing. And then they said don't just forget about so we. We do not have a interesting way to pop the balloons. I'm not doing that. So do we need to clear with the lawyers if it's dangerous propping i'm probably but that's exactly what i was thinking about yesterday with zoo sucking down the air out of those balloons legal was going to have a problem with it. You know yeah. I mean between legal individual. There's like this gray area in between both sects of the company right because we love digital items which are new orleans nature something to look at but we also like to be careful with the lawyer so we don't wanna get sued. It's a fine line tad bit suffocating. If he asked me well if a big boy got you know was choking yesterday with the way he smelled. There was going to be no way that anybody who's go near him to help. Plus jerry wasn't here. Jerry's the one who heimlich speed. That's right like helium out of a man. I don't think so. But that's why jerry is still in the running for the pulse of the people. I saw that the pulse of the people award committee Separated the two of you and you are no longer a for this year's pulse of the people that just makes no sense. That committee makes the rules as they go along. I personally thought that jerry should be separated from you. You're both i. It's like me and g g for the running right but but that's not how they started this. That is true. It's one of those things where it's a ticket so as you vote for two people on a ticket for our presidential election. You can't say well. I'm voting for just the vice president. I mean this isn't like ranked choice. Voting screwed the crap out of that up now. I understand. Bureaucracy is got got their finger on the pulse shore right i understand that jerry has separated himself from al with the saving of the life story but they entered on the same ticket so they enter on the same ticket they have to remain on the same things change and i don't i don't necessarily know that their rules committee of all that height with the rules. They'll they'll fudge the roles every now and again. I mean. I don't know how by craig one at six times six times. But he was fudging the rules right now for sure. Yeah i think probably. Because craig wanted six times. I've a feeling he's got an influence on the thing. And that is probably gonna end up in evans lap. That's my guess. It's probably gonna end up with evan roberts. What is it. Evan roberts stone to win pulse. Yeah jerry save somebody in the newsroom. And didn't tell anybody we had dragged out of him hero. Yeah i took a fan to a game random fan and never met before that's pulse of also the people. I don't know i've ever done anything for anybody else. I don't think so as no they're going to claim like seven. Took a milk bath. Evan yeah i've been gonna end up winning it. I've already resigned. I self defense. He's gonna end up in age. This whole thing has been designed for evan roberts to watch if he wins that i am totally going to boycott. And i'm not gonna sell my you know my required payments. Oh really as a former winner you have to send in like oh how nine dollars a month or something. And you're you're gonna stop those payments evan twins. Wow that's really means a lot. I just think that you know if craig's use it that way because we all do believe he has influenced it's clear he must have something on somebody inside. That's the only way i could see that. He would have that. Kind of like whoa. He's got some information right exactly. Let's go to mike in yorktown heights. What's going on mike. Good morning good morning boomer. And geo what's going on what's happening. What's up guys sent. Sunday night i went to the game. Me and a friend So we're we're watching the yankees mets. Everything is good of the stadium. Is bracken fireworks going outside. It looked amazing and the stadium. Every time a firework would go off. The crowd would go nuts as soon as the game is over. We step outside. It was like a complete war zone out there and fireworks in the middle of the streets firefighters. All over the place cops running around. I mean the fireworks this year in the city was like like it was like like you. Buy one firework. You get one hundred for free but like it was a madhouse out there on in the city right you can do whatever you want. And there's nobody in the in the cops aren't going to get involved because they don't have anybody has their back there. It was a madhouse man. It was like so. Like i felt like we were gonna get shot with if we can Firework right in right in our lap. I'll tell you you know it's not. It's not that unlikely to happen. As columbus blue jackets player ended up losing his life because he did get hit with a firework. yeah and there was more fireworks out. And i know i'm a out of the city but there are more fireworks out by nina. Get ever remember. I mean it's a different story. But i mean it was it. I mean i felt like i was in a war zone is right. Let's but i think we forget like when i was a kid everybody had fireworks and if you had firework to like the cool guy m. eighties. They had roman candles. That had the firecracker packs we let the let the fusani is through it and the whole thing would go off for about you. Know like three minutes is felt like three hours right. Exactly i don't to me. It doesn't bother me because it's the fourth of july. That's what i expect. I expect that on the fourth of july cutter. Remember me and my knucklehead. French shooting roman candles at each other. Oh yes sure. He's there's a video out there of a kid who the mom was filming the six or seven year old kid with the roman candle just shooting up in the air and then he just all of a sudden just sitting right. It's right now in the goes frighten cameras like crazy like don't give a seven year old. Rome cantwell it's pretty for most of what happened in michigan. By the way as i was reading through this whole thing that's where this columbus blue jackets goaltender passed away. He was at his goaltending. Coach's house I forget his former goaltender himself in michigan and in michigan. Fireworks are legal. Okay and somebody just you know the thing tilted the wrong way and the next thing you know it hit him right in the chest just side of the chest horrible unfortunate accidents. I mean one of the stories. I've heard in a while so look there's so much stuff going on the streets within the five boroughs and nobody is doing anything about it. So until the police feel like The city council and the mayor had their back to re-engage they're they're going to stay on the outside because they also like fire. But i i don't want to speak for anybody but i kind of get the sense that they feel like there's a there's a very loud group of people in the city that are completely one hundred percent against the police but there's a very i think silent majority that are supporting the police source doesn't feel that way. Yeah so as long as they feel the way they feel. And you have a city council that is basically you know ineffective then there be ineffective. These are the final seconds. Is the fourth hold on to do die. Time and everything rides on one shot. But he isn't going to be. that took. this is down to the wire. One shot to take you to the top one win. This is clutch basketball. that's the nba playoffs game. Hey i'm peter mcaliskey host of the lockdown today podcast trying to stay on top of every big story in. Sports is a fulltime job. I know because it is my full time job but it's not yours. That's why we have a network of local experts ready to give you the inside scoop on everything you truly need to know in the sports world and we do it every day to make sure you're always caught up on the latest and greatest in sports. Listen to the locked on today. Podcast every day on the odyssey app or wherever you get. Podcasts innovation resilience agility. It's how businesses continue to work together to make a difference now and shape the future. Join us and make your mark where it matters. Visit michigan business dot. Org slash radio keeps the morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomer and geo so that chakari richardson the. Us sprinter was going to be on the relay team. One of the fastest women in the world is so far every time that she's been trying to get reinstated after a failed for the olympics. Of course coming up for the failed. Marijuana test has been denied so she failed the test at the trials in eugene oregon and they've been trying every which way to say well she should be able to run as a weed is legal in oregon or whatever that trying every single thing but it's been denied. There was another issue yesterday where it's been denied and i truly am torn on this for a couple of reasons. One is that the take on marijuana in this country has changed dramatically. There are many states where it is legal. And if you're something that's legal that's not a performance enhancing drug and then it still being tested for. It doesn't make a lot of sense however you should know the rules and you should know that you're not allowed to do that because it would cost you an opportunity to chase your dream. And she doesn't know that she does. No yeah i mean she was. She went on television. She goes. I know what i did and i know what i did was wrong now. She then gave it a a reason why she did it because she lost her mother and it was helping her calm down and and i understand all that stuff too but she also realizes that she knows the rules and then she broke the rules and as antiquated as those rules may seem at this moment and by the way this is not a performance enhancing drug. They don't look at thc as as that but they do look at as you know as an illicit drug Even though it is legal in some states that means it's illegal and a lot of other states so you can use that argument as well. But it's also the world anti doping agency as well as us anti anti-doping agency that have these rules. So you can't just say we're going to let this one slide. Meanwhile there have been other athletes in past years. That have been suspended because of this. They lessened her suspension from three months to one month and she could have run in the Four by one hundred relay but they chose not the bringer for that as well that they gave to other athletes a chance to fill out that team. So she's not on the team at all. It's unfortunate but i even. She said i understand that. I broke a role. And i have to pay the pay. The price so At least she. She handled it that way. She tried to explain why she did it. I think we all understand why she did it. But until they changed the rules she has to live by the rules. And that means you. She is not making the us track and field team. Yeah which is. Just a total bummer. And it's probably going to be really because he has such a small window with the every four years with the olympics. Big moved back here got moved back. Ear it just. It's just such a bummer. This really really does suck in the middle of all this. She lost her mom which really truly the tragedy of all of this but she understands she was. She's got a great bubbly personality and everybody loves her. Yeah i nobody wants to talk. You just watch your you just want more of her and we don't even know track and field that that well. i mean. She knew her right. Well i do Interview pole vaulters and stuff like that israel but I under i understand the outcry. And i understand the support from guys like patrick mahomes and everything else but you know you guys client a different sport you know and these olympic athletes are tested daily. They know what the tests require of them and to her credit she was she was accepting and and tried to accept the mistake that she made. So that's the end of that. I mean it seemed like her last opportunity was yesterday and now you're not going to see that and what's the nfl situation with we'd now it's pretty lax. They changed it pretty much. They know that the whole you know so. Basically the argument that the players are using instead of us. Using painkillers and all of these. Opiates we should just be able to smoke weed. I think they may test. They may test and training camp in. That's it so the stupid enough to get caught in training camp. Well used to be like that. You know if you're like. Hey this is one. You're being tested. Try to stay clean and stay off the the stuff. But i would think that you know. The nba doesn't even test for it anymore. No it's been like that for a few years. Total free for all anthony in belleville. What's up good morning. What we're in jail. Oh yeah hey gre congratulate you on your your baby daughter summer. Thank you and boomer. Congratulations on a gonner. You know all the best and the yankees are packed. Baby we saw pipe down for crying out loud to chapman avenue. Hey the lineup. So me anymore. You know what. I'm tired of being angry that anybody anywhere and we're going to be coming back all right. I would much rather root for my team than actually criticize it. Everyday. that's for sure. Yeah absolutely i mean you might as well have a positive attitude. Because it's like you've been a yankee fans been pitching for years and years and years now about the team not realizing its full potential. Just sit back relax. Enjoy see how it goes. you know. Maybe it'll be like a great regular season where you all of a sudden catch fire and then you go and win the division september. I'd be awesome. Of course holy can games back. Make it to the playoffs as they say anti good job. Man yeah i wonder if he was i was going to ask him. I wonder if he's gonna make it to the party. Get him in. Maybe not dan carter because anthony as silly and sort of awkward as he is. He's non-threatening whereas dan carter rats a little threatening to people. If you don't know dan he's a little scary but anthony. You could just have. There is just be hanging out. Wouldn't bring anybody else's. I don't believe scott friends probably has no friends. Yeah so i could just have him there He considers us as friends. I hang out with boomer and geo every morning that kind of thing probably people ously say that. Yeah yeah of course yeah we. Didn't you run into somebody who claim that a connection to another host here. Is that what you were. Oh yes. I met a Man in bradley beach near jazzy told me he's a writer for steve. Somers a writer. For steve somers yes. That's correct what. What does that entail. Actually well he sends in some some bits. For steve and steve Reads them in records them. The what did he say. What bits specifically. I think there was I guess steve does something around christmas every year. Twelve days of christmas fliegelman is at true twelve days of christmas. Eve does not a long time. Okay okay very good anything else. Like a meet. The mets type of a mockery of the mets. Do you believe that this man was telling the truth. I do because i took a photo with the man and i i emailed it to. Steve ended steve respond. He did. He said he was so happy to put a name with a face and the guys sent some stuff in. He wasn't hired by steve not hired but Steve takes stuff. And i use it and give them credit. Does he pay them credit. No pay this man is retired in seems to do a lot of stuff voluntarily. Okay which is very nice. Well he was working at a restaurant volunteer volunteer Part of your neighborhood watch group or he could be. He could be very well now. Wouldn't you say though if this were you. Put yourself in this guy shoes when you go up and say i've sent some stuff to steve that he's used on the air in the past. Not i may writer. For steve somers. Yeah i thought it was interesting. But i kind of liked it also using. Maybe i would say that no you would not. I'm a writer for steve somers. Yes that's insane. I mean we. I've worked for the fliegelman. Works for summers and produces showing as a writer. For steve somers. Oh maybe if you started writing some bits could be so. Let me ask you. You went out to nicholas barrel in roost. Yes you had a nice dinner nice. I can you walk in there that they treat you like a celebrity that they did. Yeah it was very nice. Okay so what exactly is being treated like celebrity. Like what like. What does that entail on the arm. They greet me when i get there. Yeah very nice that they know that you were coming there on. Did you tell them that you were coming there. No at work out. I went through open table and made my reservations. Like a regular person. Would and you put out dukes. Albert albert duke albert. Okay people off a little bit so you walked in walked in nicholas himself. Was there at the front. And and what. What did you say said hi. We have reservations and he said he knew who. I was always. Of course he recognized. Yes maybe he recognized the name on the resume sheet probably and he was hoping it was you because there are probably other al dukes in the area. Maybe that's gotta suck for those people. Yeah you know walks in this one. Yeah you're not the real al. Do this he goes. Would you like to sit at the jerry. Recco table is right. Yeah what did you say. I sit absolutely. I want to sit at the jerry. Recco celebrity handling. Yes definitely absolutely Glass of wine on the arm or anything. I had a gift card which was very nice. He had a gift card. Yup wait a minute so somebody gave you a gift correct. Yeah he didn't give you a gift card if anything on the on like. Hey here's a glass of champagne for you and your lovely girlfriend whose smoke show the whole thing. I had a gift card right. Provided okay from jerry provided when he went last time okay gentlemen gave him a gift card and said we'd love to have alchemist. Oh okay and this is how this was set up. Yeah of course. So al knew he was going there and not having to pay a gift card gift card. Yes someone gifted you card wasn't jerry who gives you a car. Somebody gave jerry the card to give to you. Jerry was the liaison would have gone without the gift card. All right making sure always talks it up. Jerry talked it up. Yeah all right very good and you enjoyed every bit of the experience. It was great. I did a lot of pictures and you put them up on social media and everything we did take photos. Yeah no it was a fun night. I i ordered steak like what a man would order. Do you read the comments. Gina on the instagram photo of everybody talking about how she looked and she looked reads the voice some. Yeah she likes really liked. It has the same saying now. I mean it's just nonstop. Yeah this is a bother you that people write every time. It's it's a very nice. We'll generic with the outkicked. Your coverage stuff. Yeah of course some new stuff new stuff be a little more. Rigid used to be a couple of years ago. And i guess. Eddie hasn't played the drop in a long time. But it used to be on every photo breasts tickles. To breast is all the boomer drops about boobs. people would always in regards to g. Yeah every time the same lines. Sure you sick of it now. It's enough enough. You'll get a little bit more creativity with talking about my girlfriend's breasts. Though with the gift card. I had i i only had like half of it so i go back again on the arm man. I'm in geneva. Tip your yes you did. How much gift cord now. Let's she's you have a gift card so you are an anti tipper. I know you are. You're an anti about tipping all the time so here you are on the arm with a with a nice gift card and you probably tried to figure out how you didn't have to spend the whole gift card right at the end of the day. What kind of tip did you leave. Well i gave. I gave fifty dollars. Well what was the bill one. Twenty all right all right. That's fine. I'll give you that you've got a free meal for the meal as a tip so you got like a hundred and fifty dollar gift card if he paid for the meal of the tip using get anything you know. What i'm saying could have been one hundred boxing. You still would have made out. Yeah also then. I said i was in the i thought. Oh by the way i loves a fifty dollar bill like i was hot stuff so i got up to go to the bathroom when i came back. It was gone. So i said to gina. Go she took the tip. I go was i. Do i go when she overwhelmed with the amount they probably as cheap as give dinner. Get sentiment the nicest table and fifty bucks a jerry recco table. All you gave us fifty bucks. Although i mean when i think about what the actual cost of the was. That's a very nice tip. But i said did you and it was like fifty dollars and she said no she said thank you wanting a little while. Of course i mean you know you gina. Both work you could have split it and fifty each in there. That would have been right. You guys combined is go out. You always buy why it's the man does Yeah takes care of his lady right. The i always bhai okay very nice very chivalrous so. I was giving a gift card to a local restaurant in patchy fog and gina was just before we had the baby so this gene felt was feeling. Good let's use that. Give her so. We go out to the restaurant. We get there when they're changing from lunch to dinner and this was driving me crazy all these open tables but they won't see each so then we had to sit there fifteen minutes as they got their dinner service ready so i'm already pissed off and we sit down. I order a drink. They bring me the wrong drink. Gene wants a ginger ale. Because she's pregnant they come back. They say there's no ginger ale and then they bring the wrong meal ginger ale. I don't know what kind of restaurant is so. We order something from if the kids menu for sabrina. They bring the wrong thing for the kids memphis before babies. No sabrina bar. The baby was born the summer. This was just like two weeks sir so then. Sabrina leans on the end of chair. Falls into the table smacks or faces at a table is screaming and crying. I have to pick her up. Console her for ten minutes because she fell into the table. Then the bill comes. I'm like i just gotta get the hell out of here. It's just one of these disaster experiences. Pay the bill get up reach into my pocket to get the car keys and realized that the gift certificate was still in my pocket and i never used it. I said saab ish back. This place has no. I'm not. I don't think i'm going back. So that whole experience could have been a free meal. And i left a frigging gift card in my pocket the entire time and now i don't wanna go back there because i had a miserable experience the gift card. That must have been a pretty stiff gift card that you've got man two hundred and fifty bucks for that place not bad and it sounds like one hundred and twenty five dollar meal at a place like that for two people. They probably gave you a discount on that as well. We only had one beer. It was okay. we didn't get it. Desert wanted to save the gift card boomer and geo even had a young. A young boy came over to ask how we enjoyed the meal. A young young young boy came over and he goes. He goes it goes. How did you enjoy your meal. I thought it was great. I go do you work. He said yes i do. It was a young nicholas was off. I was on. I think it was but he said he works here. Learning the business who was very polite. Who is nice. How old Bad at ages eleven years old. Okay very good. I like that. Get them involved. Pass it down and of yam. Each the morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomer and geo ceelo's back is going to tell you everything happened with the yankees last night and that whole mets rain out disaster. What's up ceelo brought to you by home. Serve the best call for heating and cooling relief visit home. Serve and y c dot com. So yeah the went out to seattle and Took out some of their recent frustrations on the mariners. And here's the o. Two swung on online basit toward the line fielded by long fires back in two runs have scored and the yankees six. Nothing lead on the to run. Basit by luke boyd john sterling here on the fan than it was eight nothing after three and ended up a twelve to one pounding of the ems. Giancarlo stanton opened the scoring with a missile three. Run homer in the first. Here's aaron boone. Recapping the opening frame and just can't help himself with these nicknames. So started from jump street obviously. Dj smoking a ball to get things going. Judgy flies out to the wall sanchia with really good at that and then and then g you know really stepped on one. His fifteenth of the season rubio door would later add a three run shot in the eight to cap the scratches did it though. I said i thought you did it on purpose. I didn't actually. I caught myself. So i'm making fun of boone. There i was saying rookie instead of roof net. So that's the way it goes lemay void five for six with a double in three. Rbi's stanton drove in the three as the bombers to justice sheffield on their way to we. Season-high eighteen hits. Here's voight night for him. Using the whole field always been a great opposite field getting really pull happy and coming out and you know rolling balls over so tonight was It was really good enough. You know obviously you know healthy you know Keep your own jameson. On turned in his latest. Probably his best outing of the season seven innings of one run ball. He struck out now. Is the box score. But i do feel like. I've been working on the right things kind of track in the right direction for a bit now neurologist champion and ended up pitching the ninth inning. He struck out three but he also allowed to hit. He issued a couple of walks. Had that ball that got away from him to the backstop like ten feet in the air. Twenty four pitches obviously not a safe situation. Thanks to the yankee offense book before the game boon hinted that chapman wasn't necessarily a lock to close the game could could be chappy. Would use them. In that scenario a chappie could be in a lot of different situations. So he's leaving his options open for now chapman struggling chat green great other night so this way he doesn't box himself into saying chapman's the closer and kind of just play it by years. The game goes along obviously didn't Presents the problem last night because of the score this evening you got to mingo hormone posed by you say kukuchi we've got pre game coverage here on the fan beginning at nine thirty. I'll hear the steve cohen tweets from last night as we had these thunder and lightning storms. Roll through the area so six. Oh i've the timestamps as well six. Oh two looks like weather delays. But they're going to try and get the game and six twenty one. Whether looks great at eleven. Pm so people stick around all night. Six twenty seven. Looks like whether we'll improve between eight nine. Our optimistic were bundled up eight. Forty one long gap hanging there. Everybody we are going to play one right there. Screw everybody and then two minutes later just spoke to sandy that was it which is kind of cryptic nine forty while the games cancelled retried but the weather didn't cooperate my sincere apologies and then the circle back at nine forty five. We tried but the weather didn't cooperate. I can control some things but this is one of them so yes gonna play control himself. Seems hopefully this was a less. But yeah i would agree so rainer. Let your team official account handle. Yeah that'd be good. I would agree another rain out. Mets and brewers split double header today corbin burns and jacob. Degrom will be the Game one starters at ten brett anderson who was supposed to start last night gets the nightcap at seven ten the mets are yet to announce the starter for game two. At least not one that i've seen before the game louis row. Hosking few all star game questions asked if he would like to see taiwan walker or windy as perhaps joined to on the nfl squad. He did admit it would be nice but he's focused on other things right now. We'll we'll see. I know that right now. That's not in the top of the list of priorities playing against the milwaukee brewers tonight maybe walker it ended up replacing degrom if he decides not to pitch bothers wonder if they were trying to play this game last night so degrom could talk. Know again on sunday in this way. He didn't have to go to the all star game possible possibly now. That's not the case. But what i do is the extra arrest. Sure but i mean. I don't know how it didn't seem like he probably through a lot. Prior to this game you never probably got warmed up because of the timing of everything. You just bri did not on purpose that around here. Yeah i mean it. Hey it happens as you get older. It happens even more. Yes the have you gotten to the stage your life where you stand up in fart and you don't mean to. Oh yeah yeah that'd stage of life. No it happened to me is. I've got that was dieting. Yup just stand up and it just comes right out and there's nothing you could do. I'm sure jake did not warm up at any point last night since they were in a delay from the starts. Yeah couple of other outta town. Notables padres dumped the nationals out in san diego seven to four. that's good news for the mets. lost the nets angels. Over the red sox five to three had a bounceback performance from shohei ohtani on the mound seven innings of ball improves to four and one the phillies slugfest. The wrigley field. Fifteen to ten atop the cubs. How about chicago. So they had the combined no hitter against the dodgers out in la back on june twenty-fourth since then. Oh an eleven with two more to go against philadelphia here this week so they are struggling the kobe. Nba finals underway. The bucks got janas back from his knee injury and he pretty much looked the part but still didn't matter against the sauce book. I soon chris. Paul has been put on a show against bobby portis now. He puts up a three point. Points for c. p. three eighty six sixty eight son. How mccoy sons radio. G give you any minka vibes at all deeper voice. But the she's an like the bingo. Yeah but it just understated very old play by play guy. Yes those vibes out. Yeah he can't stand wants to retire every every play by play guy over the age of sixty five. He wants out. You don't even know why many women go to school to be play by play broadcasters. No one ever retired john. Our just retired. Yeah like eighty what. How old is he eighty something. Yeah i mean marv albert. I was a little kid when i was launched. L. fifty to sixty. Tell that to know eagle al right. He's the one. Yeah i know and that other guy who got the lakers play by play job years ago zero deaths. Yeah he's not going to retirement playing. Tv guys got word last night. That sean. Avery was not going to be hard by tnt as studio analyst. Which i was very disappointed. I want them. But i think his instagram coverage of the hockey playoffs probably scared the hell out of him. He's too interesting resources personalities. Fight with the montreal fan saying he was the ugliest guy on social media and then posted a picture of the guy think wolf got like meaning ugly ugly and what he said ugly ugly. Oh interest thought he. He i as i understand it. He reach out to the guy said look. Are you in any way like disabled or something like you. Just wanna make sure that he was okay and a guy basically said he. Okay and i guess you also threaten to burn down the average house while they were sleeping in it so then therefore he went on the attack would make very interesting. Tv for tina. My friend david levy would hire to guy i think. Yeah i think you would have said get in there and go do your sparkly thing with You know he's gonna be sitting next wayne gretzky and he probably would've make out really uncomfortable. Which will be very funny and now it's going to be the most boring show one. Maybe wayne said it's either me or him. No no no. I just shot as a wildcard. You know he is. He's always been you know he's not a fan favorite for a lot of fan base the devils but i would say that From a real standpoint in the way the talks about the game. I thought it would have been interesting. Had he been a part of the you know the i guess the endgame you know studio show. Can we get terrell on there. If he's not gonna you gotta put gretzky narrow and put the apron or crises terrible. Yeah i don't. I never gonna say is he wanted to do it. Pen them five million a year he stays relevant but what was he. Wasn't he an owner something or coach. He's or no. He was like an adviser with one of the. I mean i'm sure somebody was paying him money right but this way you know he stays relevant camera one's talking about how boring is how does that really keep you relevant. It'll be doing this for a year. No realize how. Bad of a decision i was. I didn't mean. I love my cpa. But he doesn't give you a lot either. I mean if you if you had twitter and avery in there that would be tremendous. I think referee in there. They would just like well every already let loose. But i don't know that would have been like the perfect setup. I don't know what twitter l. wants to. I think you probably still wants to come sharing horse. Yeah yeah boosts bruce dro- on show more pitches sleep. A lot of a lot of the hockey guys do unfortunately so. It's like patrick sharp. He looks good art. They're dry as ryan kelly. I haven't heard a lot of. He's any good as far as dry also the nba nbc way of doing things. Which is fine. Yeah yes scott. We have a way of doing things to think. Tnt always takes chances. And that's why if you put sean avery. Terrell in there with gretzky gretzky would have been so uncomfortable with to. You'd wanna watch it just to see. I guess i hope he'd be at least. Try doing yeah. They tried to engage him where he would try to get in there. I could see him just kind of like quivering in the corner. Those to you. If you're getting say that barkley and shack are entertaining. They don't know half the league they don't know who's playing they don't know who's first name is who's lasts also the stuff and you find that to be funny if you put sean avery in there. There's no there's no telling what he may well. They're not delay for him back to the hoops chris. Paul game high thirty two points to go along with nine assists. His team took the opener. One eighteen one zero five over milwaukee. Here's devon booker on the impact. Paul has had on their organization. That season doesn't play another game for us. You can still pay his contract. His affects a big. You know what i'm saying. So he he moves his team. He leads his team. Daily twenty-seven for booker deondraye eight and twenty two and nineteen. Phoenix has deep roster. As we've seen here janas ended up with twenty points and seventeen rebounds and thirty five minutes. He says the knee feels good and it stable. So that's encouraging news for the bucks. The rest of the way they will try for the roads split in game two tomorrow night. Meantime stanley cup. Final game five in tampa as the lightning. Go for the clothes out of montreal so that they could try and hoist the cup on home ice. It would be back to back championships. Four tampa bay if they're able to get it done. I will play a one. Aaron rodgers clip from the match. You know the golf thing on tnt just because it was really. I think a reason a lot of people tuned in hoping that rodgers would give you some sort of hint about what he's feeling with the packers situation And brian anderson on. Tnt did try to get that out of him. And i agree with g. said rogers turned you off when you take it just clip alone. I think kind of gives you a feel for what you're talking mouth. He doesn't play a game. I give me a sec here. Okay we'll give you a second that up nicely taxpayers. any idea. Who's going to be there. Anybody's gonna be quarterbacking and the number twelve jersey. How about september twelfth. Then how will you go for that one. What's that one. That would be the opener against the saints. All cheese resort rejoice. Ba will say so. He wasn't in the mood to to play fourth at all. It's not gonna give you anything. And we'll stay tuned for training camp to see if and when he arrives and decides he's going to play football and we should that. Brian aims to get any cheesier with those question. I know the whole plus the bear thing. There was a bear to the side of they had a bear there on the course to the side of the green they had some wildlife out there on the cameras just kind of roaming amongst the golfer. Some sure that was part of that. I saw something on twitter. I did not see this about retirement. Came up and like joking. Roger deny it or will rogers who also was trying to pivot. Brady's i'm just out here trying to have fun. And i'm asking tom fee. Still gonna play which we always gonna play. I don't really get that okay. You mean retirement faraj for rogers. Okay i didn't see any One liners about that. But i'll take a look innovation resilience agility. It's how michigan businesses continue to work together to make a now and shape the future. Join us and make your mark. Where it matters visit michigan business dot org slash radio the morning show with boomer esiason sit and gregg giannotti boomer and geo i'm the farthest thing away from pakistan. Yeah yeah yeah but if you had to guess if you add the guests from a packers fan perspective right now. Who is the more popular quarterback in green bay history. Now i'm not gonna put bart star in their own gonna put brett farve aaron rodgers their because i thought maybe aaron rodgers overtook brett. Farve over the last couple of years especially with the way that he's played in the fact they went to back to back in championship games. He won the mvp last year. And he's been at the top of his game and the way that you know brett kind of left and kinda got a little ugly and they did obviously played in in minnesota after playing here at the jets. And you know. I can imagine just how irksome that probably was the packer fan. But given what. Aaron rodgers is doing right now. Well it's the old recency bias thing i think. Prior to the end of this season. I would have said aaron rodgers because things were going. Well he had won the mvp but since things have gotten weird and he wants out. I'm now going to say that people have had their wounds heal the brett farve situation. Most packer fans would say brett. Farve is the guy that they have more fond memories of just because it's been a long time since brett farve went nuts at the end of his career and aaron rodgers are going nuts the end his career right now. Brett farve was the everyday man that the because aaron rodgers bright the way he is and he was talking about mental health this past week and hosted jeopardy. I thought he did a great job on jeopardy and everything else. He's a different type of person very complex. I was the word that right forbes. On farm for god's sake data mississippi by wearing the jeans and shooting turkeys and all that stuff right. What was the word that the general manager. Brian guten coons used with aaron rodgers. Your application complicated is that was. It was complicated. And i came from the previous general manager. Oh wasn't yes and so because it's a complicated situation or your complicated fella. That's what it was. A complicated was mark murphy. That's so great packers. President mark murphy reference quarterback aaron rodgers as a quote. Complicated fella complicated. Don't you think tom brady's complicated see. I don't think tom brady's complicated. I think ty lawson dry. I think it was very complicated up there in new england. See i i don't think so now with brady. It was complicated. Between robert. Kraft and bill belichick. Tom brady wanted to stay there but then once he found out the bill belichick didn't want him anymore. Don't wanna pay the money yet. So that was the end of it. Couldn't ban the money because the pushing money forward. They had to take the money against the cap. They couldn't pay him what he wanted. And take the hit against the cap on top of the twenty five million which would have made it a thirty nine million dollars cap it when you play. We were complicated. Fella probably in some respects depending on who i was dealing with. You think you are yeah. I questioned authority or questioned the credibility of certain people. Yeah i think i would become complicated. Yes but see. I think that's more of from my perspective. Like for aaron rodgers. Yeah i mean. He's got one of the bright young coaches in a league and matlock floor. They've had nothing but incredible success the last two years. He's played unbelievably. They have three other all pros on offense with them. They've tried to fix the defense for him. And it's one of the reasons why they've gotten this for and now all of a sudden he wants out when they finally got the thing right. Sure i to me that's complicated. That's a complicated fellow yet. Do you think that either daniel jones. Or zack wilson complicated fellows. No no not at all how to this point now. I think they're still trying to well. Obviously daniel jones is still trying to find his ways a big year for daniel russell wilson complicated fellow. I think he was there for a while. But then you know. Pete carroll has a way of kind of uncomplicated things. Getting rid of you or by sitting down and saying this is the deal. And what's going on. He was always been adam as head. Coach was great to to be able to go into his office. And just talk about that. Yeah and. I don't know how this whole thing is going to end. I really do hope. It ends with darren rogers playing elsewhere but it's closer and closer. We get to things happening. Which is the end of july then. I just think he's probably gonna end up. Playing their twenty. Seventh is one twenty nine of the thirty. Two teams will report including the green bay packers. Yeah i don't know if we'll be there or not but is he really. I don't think the packers going trade him. I think they're gonna force him into making a decision. Either you play or you end up tire. I think that's probably what it's gonna come down and then you're gonna have to give some of your bonus money back. Sure if you retire. I i for one normally as an ex player and understanding what the players deal with and how things can go pretty you know haywire on you quickly by decisions that are being made above you that you have no say in the matter i and how they can adversely affect you. I'm usually on the players side fighting for whatever they can get and getting the best situation they can find themselves in but in this particular situation. I if this all has to do with the drafting of jordan love. It seems extremely childish to me. I mean and maybe that's and that's the part because i am a aaron rodgers fan. You know that. Sure and i think he's a terrific player. And i think he's i think he's too smart for his own good. I also think that there is a major age gap between him and his younger players. That is like i went through that myself and it's not easy to deal with younger players because as we all were young once ourselves we can be very difficult than maybe not as focused as we need to be. Yeah i don't know where all of it's coming from if it's just jordan love thing if the fact that it's been a couple of drafts he feels like he hasn't gotten the help that he needed but he's been to anyone an impact pay just one coast. They fired into car entire coaching staff and brought in a bright young offense coach. That has done nothing but unlock you know him as a quarterback and has given two of his best years and back to back years. Yeah i preaching to the choir with me. I mean. I've told you a million times. And i think that darren rogers acting like a baby and it's enough of this. I would say like if you ask me over the last three or four years like which is the best run organization and football. I would say that what good the mark murphy of done out there and green says about as good as anybody anywhere. Kansas city chiefs. Yeah well of course. That's you know patrick. Mahomes has a lot to do with that but still they were pretty good before he got there. I mean they were good under the with alex smith. Of course the pittsburgh steelers yeah. They've underachieved a little bit new england patriots or of course naturally naturally probably about it. Francisco's been good under john. Lynching call shannon basis have had just a plethora of injuries. Sure i said. Plethora plethora plethora said that only save that one for sunday's. Yeah that's right. Yeah well weekend. Boomer breaks out plethora fire as the vocabulary expanse each the morning show with boomer esiason gregg giannotti boomer and geo i'm pissed off at mock me so mark balloons this. I have not seen him in over a year and they came back moose and maggots moose and kim jones this week but they came back last week when i was on vacation and yesterday mark was here. Yesterday was the first day. I had been back since the baby and everything else and moose not want that he make an effort to come in and say hello yesterday at all not one bit. I've seen moseley i. Well i have not. I just told you have not seen mostly once. He sits down. It's tougher to get so you know the other thing too is. I think you're becoming way too emotional that you've had your second child now and you're you have these allegations of your friends like you know. Why don't you come to me. Well look you know you got up. I into their student essay instead of kim jones. Because i haven't seen her in a while okay. You know what i'd seen mark last week. 'cause you weren't here i was so right i seen everybody. I knew. They had to start their show. So i actually just went in there. Sale one ceelo was doing his update. Okay like you know. put it on your cell. No no no. You're willing to understand. He is like one thick some bitch. He sits down. He gets jammed into the seat. He's not getting up until he needs to get up if it were last week and i was here under normal circumstance. You're right. I put it on myself to go see him but because i had been off he had been back. The whole situation wire was going. We've been friends for a long time. I think he's gotta come to me. I can't initiate that. You gotta get up. You have to initiate see this. I do everything man. You can't do it sometimes. People to step up your becoming white too emotional. It's not. I think you're you're just gotta take a step back and realize that you know he's not thinking the way that you're thinking and i just you went through a life changing event last week and i was expecting moves to care about. That's all right. That's all it's all i'm asking for. He wants move to ca. I do. I do want to care about or moves does care about it. I mean he sent me a generic text. You know it's like a congrats. I was like all right. Thanks moose appreciate it. But i mean i've known him for a long time now. You're mad at. Are you gonna fight with him out. No no no not. It's not a come to blows thing it's more like disappointment. It's really deep down disappointment. Like i take stock in who reaches out during certain situations. This see how i reciprocate to that. It's i take my picture on day. You are the gold standard okay. So he sold stay. See not only. Do you reach out in the beginning. You do follow up check ins. Which is the gold standard okay. You're not just the. Hey i'm just going to appease him by the one text message you check in like a couple days later you're the gold standard of making sure things are okay. So that's what i'm trying to see. I thought you'd appreciate. I do appreciate but i. I don't like i just think you're over emotional and your most got a lot going on in his life to now. Does it really take that much to come in here. Like dove did it. A bunch of people any c- came out yesterday. People went out of their way. Use greg hughes. Mitch hamster. Brian rooney rick. Rubin sean argument. All of these guys came in to say something to me. Yesterday i made was one at spike eskin. Don't even know him. It's go to the hotline. Okay as one. Marc malusis known as the moose. Hard time getting out of his seat is on the line so moose. What's happened to man. You hear your boyd. Geos disappointed at you. I know i'm getting destroyed. I'm just. I'm driving down the west side and and gm destroy me. Well i got in yesterday. You're right. I was rude. I should have come right to the studio. However when i walked in you guys were interviewing spike and then i got caught up with some other stuff and i saw all aveiro in the news room and was talking to offman. Kim walked in and i kind of. Just got sidetracked. And you're right. Gio i was. I was terribly route. I did. I did not send you. A generic task was totally generic. It was not a generic. It was absolutely happy for you guys happy. Everyone's okay that is not a generic. It was pretty. And that's something you send to an acquaintance. I think not a friend. We've been on a vacation together. Wants most you do realize that it was many years ago. But we're in vegas. I remember so. I mean i just expected a little more. Maybe a phone call. And then i thought i was like well moose has been very generic with his tax when i see him when i go back to work. That's when i'll get the mousse. I got a hug from yesterday. Like a coming hug. Grab sway like roger goodell draft dog and i got totally blown off by you. Fair fair curtis all right. See that's see boomer. You know what you ever. Every right to be critical. I can't i was rude. i'll come in. I'll give you a big bear hug. That's what i'm looking for. I mean this is. You know what you're right. You're not man i was. I was rude. i should have come in. You're right about that. You've we've vacationed together you were at my wedding. You're right about that. That was a terrible job. I was actually. I was driving home. And i said to myself i was like moose in the building and he didn't even come say hello. I can't believe i'm listening to the main. You guys i mean. If he can't play talk agra we'll move you know you should. You should be happy that. I care about your reaction. There's not a lot of people there care about their reaction. I care about yours. Do you're right i just i just got off the phone down. I i was listening before. I get on your all i hear is. I'm really disappointed to move so i'm like and i'm listening for ten seconds. I call house. I'm like what am i getting turned ripped of our about. That's a great question. Do you want me aired very good mark. Well i'll take your apology. I will accept it and we'll see how you react today. I want to see you come in here. What time you're going to be in about twenty minutes or so. I'm passing twenty four straight right now. So you'd be there and it has all right. Let's see how you react to the big lip blocked when you hear. Oh man you guys are awesome. What do you mean. You don't think i apologize. I you know what he was right. I was rude. I should've come in. I should have given them a big little. I haven't seen him in a year and a half that's right and his wife just had a baby. I mean it's been a long. You're right you're right. And i know that that i'm right. Mark i appreciate you. Validating my feelings even if boomer is on the other side of this thing all right we'll see in a little bit right mark. validate yeah. Yeah he's he's he's validating my field now now now. Yep that's right validating feelings. Validating my feelings was gone around here. Well i just. Hey we like it's been like a narped overtaking going on really what's happened over the last year and a half. There are certain moments that come along odd that you just expect certain things out of people and this was one of those things yes. They happened to be a very busy day around here. Okay right and and by the way you know. I did make the attempt to go in and say hello yesterday. I mean you could followed me in there but no are outside getting hugged by everybody else. That's right exactly. And you. Waiting for the marc malusis margarita. Show to do while. He was here an hour and a half before his show and did not come in to say. Oh let's go to joe and ticks hills. Joe when he got jo. I gotta tell you tell you guy. With the camcorder i want this geo moose hog on visit all digital music from rocky three music pollen rocky down is so as you can make it. I wanted onto joe. We're going to try to get that up there for neither do things for radio but i really feel like you serious serious hurt about dead serious. Cottam brian in long island. What's happening. Gee what happened over there guys get bit by the millennial bug patchy dole might bryan. Let me tell you something have you. Have you never been. Let down by a friend in your life. Brian get over it. I'm a man. But i just happened yesterday and i hadn't addressed it yet. I'll get over it. I'm not dwelling on it but it happened yesterday. Address on it to me brian. You see what. I gotta deal with over here. Boom i feel sorry for brown. Yeah it's it's tough you don't realize it's there's a lot of feelings around here. I mean it's really. It's great wanted. The emotional like top comes off vice. That's right we'll start getting into each other's faces it's almost cspan. Like oh god these sort of like the exact opposite out now a couple of years ago. He is very bad was i mean that was. That was a lot of sniping. Going on around was pretty ugly and i still think that they're sniping from outside. That goes on you think science. There's always outside sniper there. Yeah of course would give me a gimme a name. I wanna know the outside sniping. So i can go after that person. You don't need to go after anybody. I mean your city. You're sitting. What i thought was a power chair but now you've oh it is the power rated to you've got chair. You got the absolute wrong. Take on us now. The the lee complaining about of a friend of yours. It didn't come and give you a bear hug. That's a little much. No no it's not. It's exactly what i would expect for a friend from a very long time. So you're telling me how about all the people have reached out to you with the news of garnering darcy. All those people. Didn't that mean something to you. So he said he sent you a tax gavin action saying it wasn't a wasn't enough of an emotional reach out. What does he want emotional. Reach around what he want. No i'm not looking for an emotional reach around boomer. it's not what i'm looking for. But for example. I put marc malusis and sal licata in the same frontier for me. Okay oh so you got friends in tears now. i do. Have frontiers boxes. You know that. Yeah right you've got boxes. I've got frontiers and the tier in which they are in sal sending me a ice text. I'll accept because he's doing his shows from home moose on the other hand is now back to work and the fact that he's back to work was in the same building as and he agrees he knows he screwed up. And i i wish you had my back in this situation somebody. Here's somebody knows me. Freddie and hackensack freddie what's happening bloomber yes. You are surprised in europe football guy and you sound like a jealous little girl all my god. A little man. Love is not a bad thing in the morning Boomer gio gonz it to you all the time. Don't get jealous enough to go around deals. Big he got. He has a lot of love little man. Love is not a bad thing. My friends i have a great day. Yes man love while. I'm not i'm not jealous. I'm just so over the top ridiculous but what's wrong with a little platonic mandla. There's there's nothing wrong with it. But i mean the fact that you're complaining about it on the air there is not it. See your use your viewing this food. The lens of a complaint. It's just. I'm expressing how i feel and that to me is not a complaint you know they completely comply complaint to me is like Man and he did not come in a hug. No it's not. It's it's it's really not a complaint. It's just i need. I feel like. I've got these emotions that i needed to express like did soda. Mark mullen tom and fishkill. Tom what's happening. Hey good morning. Laura good to hear that discussion. I got a little adjustment for your caller that wanted out it on video. I think you can play the song. The theme song chariots of fire. When you and move sir hugging their that'd be perfect Do he'll be crying around here Brian and danbury. What's happened brian. Hey guys Just i'm just a little concern here. This is like the worst defying of men. All your feelings are getting hurt. Yeah i wanna go. i'm just boomer. Does that fan hurt feelings report. You can still offer geo we have to go to. Hr we're gonna actually. I was thinking about reporting hr four really letting me down. Did kid. It did cross my mind. I had already started an email. Damore grammarian and said the subject was marc malusis. But then i stopped and i. I don't want to take it this far. I mean even with what. I experienced a lot of pain right. I wanna take it. That people are on this mike in blue point. Mike what's happening. Hey how are you guys the motive. I have to sag with boomer on this thing. This is a little bit too weird. It's almost as if geo want so much love some moose that he gets back. Yeah that's that's i. I don't wanna have sex with marc malusis. Mike i just want and acknowledgement of. That's all. I just wanted any knowledge. But i just wanted him to come into the studio. After nazi i hadn't seen him in a year and a half and we just had the baby and he just totally was not on. His radar was not on his radar. Johnny in rocklin johnny. What's happening. Hey good morning. Guys i gotta take. Go side on this deal. Not only should have committed. Said i'll open not seeing you for a year. You just had a baby and should came with a gift to. Yeah wow you're taking it to another level john c. I don't need the the actual physical gift. I need to see the appreciation. That's all. I'm looking for an appreciation of what the appreciation of me as a friendship. That's all you know being there. You're looking for appreciation on there for him. How does he know that you're there for him. Because you haven't seen him for a year and avenue cloudy out of your way to say. Hey moose. Great the cea. Yesterday i did not because he was on. Why is it was on my way to go see how to kim. Okay but for him to come to say hi to me. I feel that why it's different. It's totally different. First of all you. And kim don't have a long friendship like moose in i have and and the whole thing about the baby is a big deal. It's totally different. In between you and carl. When carl now know that you guys had a friendship he got mad at you because you were yelling yapping about him or making fun of him and the is one you know stomach. The stomach adam hudson's trying to make sure that it doesn't happen again. i'm trying to. There's been a lot of harmony around here. And i don't want to see that happen again. Harmony has been great harmonies. Been off. i we've all been connected. Everything's great so this is this was. I saw a brewing schism. And i have addressed it angry of addressed it openly. And you on the air. That's right so i just. I thought you'd appreciate that. Maybe stephen male has a pretty good idea. Stevie what's happening. What's up fellas. Hey hey listen. I got it suggestion for you. Listen i want you to piece things. Up with lisa wilson. She's going to help you get through this. You're gonna you're gonna on block you on instagram. And you're going to be great. Steve that is a great suggestion. Thank thank you. I didn't realize that's what i needed. But that's what i need. What you do need. Yeah i need zach. Wilson's mom to pull me out of this emotional quagmire that i'm in because of marc malusis. Yes that's what i need. I do have well. There are several. I've got a personal instagram account. And the wfan instagram account. So maybe i'll go. I can still get to her account for my personal instagram account. She doesn't know that once you didn't block that one. I'm going to go there now and see if there's a recipe or two that is going to make me feel better about my life innovation resilience agility. It's how michigan businesses continue to work together to make a difference now and shape the future. Join us and make your mark. Where it matters visit michigan business dot org slash radio morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomer and geo yard heard this discussion about sluice in jio snot. Coming up and hugging. You heard a little bit of it. Yep and ngos been bearing is feel yes for all of us all kind of seeing this in a different light of. You've been around here a long time. You know the the actors involved in this This case so you think joe's right and you should apologize. I'm surprised that moose did not seek geo out you know. He's back in the building. They haven't seen each other in a while g outlined for us on here on. Cbs sports network last week. Everything the ordeal that he and his wife went through. I know moose's a dedicated listener. A friend so i. I would have thought that they're separated by a couple of feet here. They would have had an exchange at some point suicide and take the opportunity to do that. Yeah and you felt like it was moussa's it should have been moved that reached out for example. Like when i when g came on the air and put the news out. I quickly texted him. A congrats you know best wishes and all that you know. You're you're awesome. No but it's not about it's just like what is he going to say. Hey moose did you hear. I had a kid like you know. Where's my congressional. Where he did he did. Cinematheques did it was very generic saying that was mind yet. But when i saw you yesterday work together okay. Fine but he. He made an effort. I did. I asked him about everything was gone before he got on the air person on my side by the way i dress. Joy in dallas has a recipe. And for your ill here juliet. Good morning what's happening joy. Hey long time viewer but you know down here in texas we just shoot straight from the hippos on then. It's obvious to us down here. That jim just hasn't been getting any needs to get. He won't have any of these motion me. What are you doing later. I think you're right. I think you hit on something here. It's pretty obvious. He said we all feel is way. Who are you watching the show with right now my dog. That's great joy. listen. I appreciate you looking out for me. I i will not comment on your your opinion on this situation. But i'm very happy for ya. Thank you joy. i appreciate it more. Happy for me than marc malusis. Yes mike in westchester mike. what's happening. Hey guys love the show just a little quick perspective. Geo i'm gonna assume that moose's wrong and you're right right but man. It's a slippery slope. I doubt and i don't know you that you've been perfect throughout your entire life and you haven't slipped up of course not of course you've got to keep your expectations lower and look at this as you have no idea what's going on right now. Maybe he had a big issue yesterday and something else was on his mind. If you guys are that close. This is water under the bridge. You keep moving forward and get over it and go get him the big bear hug and and be done with it because it's a slippery slope if we hope everybody has such high expectations. None of us live that way. I've made mistakes. Like like moose. It it happens you like oh shoot a that person. Somebody died or somebody was born You got to move forward. And i think mike i think it's funny is the lady from texas because he can step back a little bit. Yeah big picture there. I think mike hit on some some good stuff there. Be the bigger man. Well here's another. Mike and oceanside mike in oceanside mike. What's happening mike. Hey how you doing guys. What's up. So i'm driving a football camp with my twelve year old son and two eleven year old. Yeah and they're very curious as to. Who's the chick that's working with man. Listen i will not be emotionally shamed in this situation. I feel the way i felt and i wanted. Marc malusis to come in and say something to me. And i think i'm sure mike that some point in your life you've got a friend. Let you dan. you've been disappointed. I think i probably think that's probably apetit but my son wanted to know if your name was geo jia yes the whole thing on something Forgetting about and he has something else going on. There has been a lot of craziness in that. House of the last couple of weeks is internet's down. He's had to go to his dad's to work then bat loose in their house that he had to take care of. That is true. You know he's probably spread a little thin. He's filling he's doing another. He's filling in for somebody after the moose and maggie show here. He's staying in the studio working ladies got s and why at night. It's a lot of things to keep track of from melissa's all right and i accepted his apology. New boss in the building. Yesterday we'd be a little nervous about that. You know salon lot of what's going on here. I don't know if he's nervous about that. Plus yesterday. when we left the studio there was a ton of people out there in the bullpen and there are a lot of things going on sure. Everyone meets bike. And yeah i'll make sure that. They put their name out there to congratulate me. Marc malusis not being one of two hours. I think most people were trying to congratulate you. He was in there getting ready for his own show. Okay some time though that he could have done that. That's all and by the way moose accepted fault. This is not just me complaining as you say about it. Said he did. A badge are less one. Let me say. Brian and stanford brilliant avenue. Hey guy so y- jail you're putting on an emotional level on mussa's you know congratulations He reached out to you but also boomer yeah back when breeze through brady threw breezes kid a pass you know you cried over it. Yeah i was very emotional over it. Yes you know you get to your sensitive side. Yeah but that's different. I mean because you know we're ex. We're all quarterbacks. Were all guys you know. Yeah i don't know. Rogers is making so much money that you know he wants to be. And then i feel bad about that. You know and. I read this story about chris. Simms fell sims and their relationship. And i just got all teary eyed over the quarterback bond. Yes greater in your mind then. The longtime friendship bond. Is that what you're saying. I see how the quarterback bond like it all ends. We all know that it ends at one point in time in the fact that we all knew that drew brees his career was coming to an end and he in tom brady was throwing passes to drew brees kids. You know that. That's just unbelievably emotional. Okay all right sure. I mean you can't really pick and choose. I didn't make funnier for that. Even though i disagreed with that being emotional moment. I thought it was very cheesy and i actually thought like tom brady was showing up. Drew brees because his dad couldn't throw that for well. Look you quit on leather jacket on. No i mean. I understand why you wouldn't think that that was emotional. Yeah well it wasn't really bright to me but to me when you have a a friendship for a very long time and it's someone let you down that that to me. I think you're allowed to cover those guys for a long time. Yeah i get it but you know now is if this was touched on. Did you have an exchange of any sort with mouche yesterday. No no no con. What's that would have been worse like if you actually spoke to him and he just never addressed it is important person in jails life. Dan and quarterback what's happening. Hey there they are america's father and proud father for the second time. thanks dan. how are you congratulations. I'm good I did text you the other day when you called into the show to make the announcement On your vacation. I get back to you. You you text me back basic text. I said congratulations my man. But i knew i would talk to you on the air and i knew the boat party i would get a big mannheim hold onto. You're not going to the party. you're not you don't have a ticket or anything. You bought the wrong tickets. You inaccurate shot. Taking i heard you after anthem belleville paul earlier for you taking inaccurate shots at me again. I'm scary for people that don't know me you are. You're intimidatingly odd. But i would say how did you. How do you think you're gonna get into the boat party How do i think i'm gonna be making. He's going to be making moves. You don't have a ticket and you don't have a bono so how you getting there a making moves on boomers good side. Oh let me ask you something what. What cheer am i in with you. And what box in my in with boomer. I'd like to know that what level of friendship there for. I'd so for me. You're definitely not in the organ donation box. I can tell you that okay. That's fair all right. You're in the tier of friends. That i don't really wanna talk to you but if i needed someone to clean up a mess of mine i'd call you out ring. Yeah al outer ring shoring but like if something horrible happened in like. I knew you would help me like clean up a mess and stay tight lipped about it. That's where you want. I don't wanna see on a holiday. I don't have a phone conversation with you. And i don't wanna know anything absolutely free to use them. Pretty one wish so one way but is he abusive. He better friend than marc malusis. Interesting seems to be more loyal than markle mindless assess. The friendship is longer with moose. Lot of history there. But i will say in this very moment. Dan and carteret is a better friend to me than most how he's he's easing indeed more loyal. Yeah in the low blow to moose there tell you but i mean just based on the things you just said. Now i'm the one that's a little upset here like you're upset with moose not You know coming in and giving you the proper congratulations now. You just made all those comments you make me feel like. I'm just like some chopped liver person. I don't know. I care about you boy to get ramped up here we go. Maybe not i care about you more than that dan. I'm just messing around. You know that. And i love of course i love watching all your twitter and the steaks and all that stuff. I mean it's great in the bourbon and the beer and every oh here he is. Here's on dan only my god. Wow at the olive branch here. Generic text i'll go back and read it. If you want your backbone hanging kiss now smells really good for a big guy. Big ice melts. Great man can. I ask you a question. What is it with jerry. Row yellow shirt. Just love yellow. He's ready for tv later. Got to put the summertime. You go now a with our coloring no donna. By the way easy he just gives it. Yeah you're right you're right. I made fighting with. He's got nothing left. Thanks most happy. I love you too. Thank you guys the short to all your shorts. Go below your knees mind. Oh no no. I guess we don't have a dress code around here. No not anymore. Not at least temporarily well running over to substitute teacher. Times are changing. There is no substitute. That's it. that's over. That little interim periods over all right so dan. Yeah ok though. I guess we're gonna hang up on them dan. You're okay. i'm. I'm okay when all right sneak into when i sneak into the boat party as a debt canned or a waiter. I'm going to surprise way. Better bear hug than what mark just gave him. So you'd be prepared. Geo i'm gonna get you all right. Dan very good planning a navy seals operations to get into this book party. I know he looked into. The sky actually looked parachuting in. Yeah all of a base jump. I got a call from long island skydiving and so but said. There's this dan campbell. Who says he knows you deal. And i say the deal yet i said i i don't i really don't know him. I'd just lump. sever this whole thing right now. Oh boy got a quick update. Share quick one by dell technologies roberto door putting the capper on a huge night for the yankee offense out in seattle. Here's the three one swung on hidden in the air to deep right it as as far as gone. That's a three run home. Run to deep right right inside. The poll by ruby owed. Door the second yankee three run home run of the night. You shut daw. John sterling here on the fan book end three run homer. Is that one from mode during the eighth inning. Missile from giancarlo stanton all part of a season high eighteen hit attack the yanks pounded the mariners. Twelve to one luke. Void played a big role. Five for six for double and three rbis for aaron boone. He's huge for us Just adding the length the topic bats. He brings you know. Did a good job using the field tonight you know. He's he hasn't used right field. Allot here in the last week or so such issue in this one. Dj lemay three hits over the first three innings. And here's stanton hoping this week Jumpstart the entire team of this week out well And definite hit the reset button at the breaking but We got work to do to them. So we know we know. We moving into jamie's in turned in his longest probably best adding at the season. Seven innings of one. Run ball nine strikeouts this evening. You've got to mingle her. On opposed by kukuchi with pre game coverage underway at nine thirty. Mets and brewers were rained out at city field split doubleheader on the way today you've got corporate burns and jacob degrom in the opener at two ten brett anderson in the nyc kaffir milwaukee seven. Ten mets are yet to name starter for that one. Nba finals last night. The sun's drawing first blood at home against the boxes. They win one eighteen one. Oh five behind. Thirty two points. From chris paul nine assists jaanus instead of kubo did return from his knee injury and played at twenty points seventeen rebounds across thirty five minutes. They'll play game two of that series tomorrow night. Stanley cup final game five this evening from tampa the lightning go for the clothes out of montreal and they will try to hoist the cup on their home ice there. All right thank you. Ceelo beat the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomerang geo fliegelman over there. He's these house and all the potatoes. He took like seventeen thousand potatoes back like. Hey there's a lot of these so he let us know like there's more yeah because he took all of them says a lot of these potatoes in there like all rightfully so tonight. There's going to be a new voice on radio station as wfan is bringing back odds on sports now remember john jastremski remember him. Yeah i do yeah he was. He's in witness protection so he he used to do this. Show odds on sports and faneuil presents it and we love phantom sportsbook and then he left to go somewhere and then they wanted to keep the show going of course so they found a great person. Do he's a friend of mine is going to be on tonight at seven o'clock with his first odds on sports. And that's andrew phillip pony andrew. Good morning would you have left. Wfan for a podcast network. That bill simmons are in. My sister could go talk about yankees players that she liked. Baby you what do you make of that now. You don't you don't have a sister half sister that's right powder is a full sister roundup. Okay you re you up okay. So you've got the half sister. That accounts a full sister. If she went to mets or yankees game saying that she wanted to have the players. Sit on her face and then post that on social media. How would you feel about that intervention time you would. You would do something about it right. Okay all right. Jj number of reasons. You talked on the biggest one to start this conversation. Boomer how are you. I'm doing good android. Congratulations on the new show. You could be great at it. I'm sure thank you. I wanted to congratulate an authentic congratulations to greg and gina for the birth of their. I know melissa dropped the ball there. I just wanted to make sure that by Congratulatory message was a heartfelt authentic. One grandma it absolutely was and talked and we did a phone and text and everything else. I can suck you in person. But i can't right around but i don't understand though all of a sudden now. We are grading the text message. Yes we get in regards to like the birth of your daughter. Yeah you what you've become now. I've become that i've always been that. I mean whether it was this or marriage or engagement or getting the job. I take stock in how people react. What's that line you you'd give what you get or the love you make is equal to the love you take or whatever that is so like a stock in those things and people do a lot for me. I try to do a lot for even your buddy andrew. Phillip pony comes on here and basically has to say to you in public that he sent you a very heartfelt didactics. Yeah and then you have to confirm it. It's true of everybody said okay. Now we know that andrews agree did what's going on behind the scenes. There's actually an alarm on my phone to remind me to text greg just to check in on them because i knew he was keeping score the entire time and i didn't want him to think that i dropped. The ball knows me. Well i had no idea that you keep score like without a down this out for the first time you know what's great about you is. You didn't know. I keep score and you always win. You're always the guy at the top of the list. You're always checking in multiple times the best gifts everything. You really do a tremendous job and you didn't even know i was keeping scores. That shows you what type of guy you all right. Well good. I like that. That's good all right so so this show. They just told you doing this yesterday. Not too long ago. I talked to engineer that sporting just trying to get me off the ground. I don't know what the hell's going on with you guys. What's going on in new york. But he said how are you did. I said i'm okay. Because i had spike go through my leg last week. What who would engineer was this young stephen engineering really cool guy but said he had a. He had a spike. You go through with this do not. But i'm sure the next time. I see we're going to tell us credit tremendous multitaskers in new york. I wouldn't expect anything less from. Wfan but yeah he got off the ground. And i'm good to go at seven o'clock tonight for john sports. Wow okay. so steve apparatus. What did he tell you why the spike winter was like no it was it was in the middle of a long convoluted instruction that he was giving me to try to get to work. Drop cash follow up on it. Just let it sit there. Did you talk to our new program director. Yesterday he did. He's got all kinds of plans for you guys odyssey. Like what exactly speaking of spikes. What kind of plans does he have for us. I wanna guinea pigs. you know. i think he's gonna take that little half hour. That tiny little piece of the pie. That i have and he might manipulate me a little bit and steer me in a certain direction and if you know reflects well in the ratings. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to. Take some of those practices and apply them to some your show maggie first but maybe it will trickle down to you guys please. So you tell me now. i'm gonna listen to the anyway. But now i have to listen to you. See what spike eskin doing with your show is the guinea pig. Does he was gonna do. I got big tonight. Permit do you. Wow he smelled so bad yesterday. Andrew was terrible. He came in here. he didn't shower. And you know he's a big guy and he walked waiting here. Wait a minute what do you mean. He didn't show didn't shower in the morning and he was. He was blaming the fact that he's going to fifteen in the morning. I'm going always complain about something. But just be happy. You're in pittsburgh. He'll be here because he smelled terrible boomer. I think he's right. I think rob burgers done you. No i don't. I don't think he's done so i know doesn't like ben for some reason not bad. It's just that we. I kinda do like ben but i just don't think that he should have come back this year. That's all that's all. He was in the middle of a great year last year until week. Eleven and then all of a sudden the whole season got upset and then he kinda took over the offense and threw the ball way too much and they got away from who they are. So i think the back this year They got a stable running backs now. They drafted that. Nashi harris kids chase claypool is going to be a great wide receiver for them. Jewish back not on defense. You know that they've had a bunch of lunatics hats suicide on well that just getting ready for the season. He's gotta look at it. Take so andrew. People are thinking. We don't know who did one show on. Wfan you've been on the network but you're a new yorker you grew up in new york Upstate but you're a giants fan. You're a mets fan. So many great moments in sports and when the giants won super bowls and the mets have come close. So go ahead oprah both forty two Still i remind my wife and she still. I think has the divorce papers in a folder. Somewhere at our office. I tell her all the time at super bowl forty two. The greatest moment of my life not will come close. I had a couple of roommates in college at syracuse that were patriots fans and when the ball got caught up hirees helmet One of them put a hole through our wall. Just punched it right through. The drywall and i was a great moment for me Probably still be a the moment for me as a sports fan. We went to game as a game. Three of the world series together we did. Yes royals we with. That was great. That was the only game they won the world series but yeah those are my two passions projects and that's send the And the giants and betting on sports. I also like that. I'm not great at it but remember we We sold mad dog over unders. Two thousand ten padres. Yes we did. We want some money on that all the way back Eleven years ago. At this point. And i can confirm so i was. I had visited andrew and his wife a couple of months ago. And he's got this beautiful basement in this brand new house that they have. It must be paying them more than i got paid when i was there and this beautiful house and on the wall she goes. We gotta get this picture off the wall injure and she's insisting on it and it's a picture of the two thousand and thin wasn't fills india but it was it was the it was the two thousand seven giants and he goes. I love that t like they're not. It's not coming off the wall. It has to be on the wall. So that is that is gerard so very good. Seven o'clock tonight. You're going to be on when the yankees are have a day game or off at least in during the summer but then you do some more of these shows. Once the fall comes. I would imagine and you're going to be talking about the lines and everything else and having a good time right for a half hour. Yeah but not not like. Jj did it. How how are you going to be different from him. I just you know. I went to college with the guy i mean i guess the best way possible but even when he was eighteen you hang out with them like all right. We got four hours together. Three more to play with conversation. I'm not even talking on the radio. Yeah i know it's a little bunch it definitely is all right so Very good andrew. It's great talking to you. Good luck tonight. We'll be listening. Seven o'clock odds on sports andrew. Phillip pony you can follow him on twitter at the pony express boat party on its right and we'll get you man. Are you going to be away for that. You're going to be around you. Because i know you got a trip for that. I'll put everything on hold marriage. Okay very good. Hopefully we'll see august thirteenth. All right. take care that's andrew phillip pony gone. Yes it's a very cool moment for him especially up on. Wfan and being a huge fan of the radio station. I had no idea that they were bringing that back. But i guess it was popular very popular and sportsbook and wfan. Of course it's a it's a match made in heaven and a great partnership so they wanna to bring it back and it'll be back. Starting tonight i going to be good. He already took a shot of his at his buddy cage has right exactly you know that andrew's going to be great innovation resilience agility. It's how michigan businesses worked together and continue to build the future our expertise talented workforce and collaborative environment are making a difference. Now and shaping the future. Join us and make your mark where it matters. Visit michigan business dot org slash radio to put your plans in motion. That's michigan business dot org slash radio the morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomer and geo long drawn out rain out last night at city field as all the fans upset. Because you've got the owner tweeting that they're going to play than an hour later. It's called and everybody's hanging out drinking and eating and paying for parking. It's a long story. That happens every single gear at least a couple of times where they want to drag the thing out and trying to get the game in. It doesn't happen. Fans are ticked off. But it does create an interesting situation for jacob. Degrom was supposed to page last night and now of course there's pitching today in the first game and you the split doubleheader or seven seven inning doubleheaders split gate situation Which is interesting unto itself. But for jacob degrom now in theory it can pitch the all star game. No no no. He could take the week off and relaxed. Go on vacation a little bit. Take it easy as i want to be there. He wasn't gonna go. I know now they really don't have any excuse unless he's hurt i he may have to go and he may be required to go by the agreement between the owners and players. I'm not sure. But i think i don't know if they actually announced a replacement yet. Now i don't think so either because we were waiting to see if maybe taiwan walker could take place right and you know the interesting thing about today is that you have your first game seven inning game And tonight's game if they get it in because what happened last night could happen again tonight. At least they're calling for that. You know the the fact that maybe he only pitched six innings today. Who knows. I wonder if they would. I don't think they'd bring him back on a sunday. If only like let's say he throws i. Let's say throws eighty-five pitches in today's game. Okay do they. Bring them back on sunday to pitch again okay. So we're talking about. Today is wednesday. Thursday friday on three days. Rest that no way absolutely not. I just wonder if a guy. Like jacob degrom still is interested in those things like is he still. I know he cares about winning. Cy youngs winning the world series. Beat on the. Does he care about pitching in the all star. You know. i think you know it definitely is a An honored to do that and he would be the starting pitcher. There's no question about it But i think if you're the mets they probably would say if you wanna go ahead and go. You're on your normal wrist. It's not going to hurt us. And it's not going to hear you to go and pitch. He said he wasn't going so that was a couple of days ago. Yeah i don't know if this changes things. I mean it does. I mean also was in the way that i was talking about shohei ohtani. I don't apply the same logic to jacob degrom in the sense of otani. He's got a pitch. Otani gotta hit otani as the be the big star in the all star game because he's one of the few interesting things in major league baseball but jacob degrom is right there in the sense that he's the best pitcher in a game by a landslide. He's doing things this year. That are historic. Baseball is looking for things like this positive stories. Things that aren't like garrett cole can't pitch anymore because you can't use spider tag or trevor. Bauer is being investigated for sexual assault and battery. I mean things like that. You know the seven inning games and people don't like that or the shift the strikeouts batting average are they need stories like this. I would think there may be a little bit of pressure now. That things have changed with. Jacob degrom to be in this game and to pitch because he's having this historic say there could be but he's had three stops and starts this year already. Yeah and for different reasons. So i don't want him anywhere near a exhibition game. That means nothing. If he didn't have those starts and stops and was pitching all the way through and everything was fine. I was heading go. But i just think you know. What is this valuable and arm. You know he is going to get a new contract. He don't why would you wanna go it. Just throw one hundred five mile. An hour fastballs game. The is meaningless meaningless to the mets. I don't know if it's meaningless to him. And i certainly think that it's meaningful to have him there for major deal. He's had three starts and stops. I hope he doesn't have the season. I hope he does end. The one thing. I don't want him doing is over overdoing it. At some exhibition all star game so he can throw one hundred five miles. An hour on the mound. Now i wanna see it. I mean because i because the competitive nature of him if he goes out there and he does pitch. You know who's going to go out there and try to give it his best his best go much like matt. Harvey did You know enough is enough. I mean i just. I just think we injuries. This season already is enough. That he does not need to do anything that is going to inhibit his second half of the of the season. That's how i feel is a met. Fan non. I agree but not everybody's a mets fan if you were take yourself out of it if you were the commissioner of baseball you that jacob degrom was available to pitch in the all star game but would you wanna do well since the commissioner baseball. And we know him were. We're friendly with him. has made a lot of wrong decisions. I agree with you this year. i would not listen to them. You would i would not. I mean there's really. Is there a penalty for just not going. There may be. They may be required to go unless there is an injury. But i do think that there's an injury history now goes out there and throw seven innings today of to hit ball and they went to to nothing. And he's on regular arrest i could. I could see where the commissioner's office would say. He needs to be there. I could see that sure. Of course he needs to be there. It's regular rest. He's gonna throw in inning. Not a big deal. He's going to start the game because he's having the best season. Anybody has seen a very long time in baseball. And i don't want to go down this whole. This is a typical met situation. Not wanna go down. No no no. I'm just saying that. If i were the mets i would say look. He's had three injuries already this year. We had to start and stop them. He's in the middle of a historic season. The last thing we want to do is have him. Go out there and overdo something in a situation that is meaningless to us as a team and to him as a player. I mean every team probably looks at the all star game as meaningless these days. I mean there was a time when the all star game was important and fun when we didn't have the technology that we have now to be able to watch every highlight or any game that we ever wanted to watch that any point on our phones but now you see everybody all the time. It's not a big deal. It doesn't mean anything. They took the world series situation. Thank god away from the all star game and a truly is and exhibition. So i mean all the more reason for me not to want my starting pitcher out there. But if i made. I'm thinking if we start doing this and allowing guys not to show up with the biggest stars in the game that we might as well never have the game but he but he has had issues he has already this year and a very small sample size. It's basically three months a baseball. He's already started and stopped three different times. But don't you think though that we've seen with the nba when there's been once. Adam silver said that he was gonna penalize teams for resting players and that whole deal in the nba. You started seeing a lot of fa- cock injuries and stuff like knee. Soreness back soon as they found a way to circumvent around. Now we know that. Jacob degrom has had issues this year but does it open up that pandora's box where now every player he doesn't want to go the all star game that's a star can say. Yeah but i've been dealing with this so bleak all year long. I just wanna take it off you know and then all of a sudden you've got no game i just i'm just trying i'm with you. I don't want him anywhere near that fricking game. But i'm just trying to think of it from a major league baseball perspective. Now this has changed and he's not pitched on sunday. They're gonna want them there and they're gonna want him. They're not only because of what he's doing this season but also the precedent that they don't wanna set. Well all i could tell you is that i know how i feel about it. I would think this is how the mets feel about it. How jake feels about it. He said he wasn't going to go because he was supposed to pitch next sunday. It it's a. It's a conundrum as they say. It is a conundrum. But i don't want them anywhere near it. And i want them to use the three times that he already got hurt this this earlier the seashore as the reason why he's not going to go out there. I don't want him out there. I don't want them anywhere near it. Do you think that goes on the mound right now. You get a little nervous. I'm just like i don't want him walking off after three and saying you know. I got stiffness tightness somewhere. I don't want to hear that. Do you think there's any chance that they were desperately trying to get that game in last night because of this. That's what i said. Oh yes morning. Yeah i said. I'm wondering if that had something to do with it where they get. Jake pitched in in this week where he didn't have to go were. They had the benefit first and foremost of having him pitch. And then secondly not having have the go out to a denver for the all star game. You know what i think. I think that they're going to even if he comes out of this and let's hope to god he does. He comes out of this start healthy. I think they got to say that he's got an injury. They got a lot they will. They gotta lie. But it's gonna throw all of us for a loop because we all my god another injury but they got a lie and then maybe give them another. Start off just to make it. Seem like there's more real so the thing would be starting here and then start in the first game after the all star break sure. Yeah that's that's what i want is the best thing for the mets yes. Sure ross is in oregon. What's going on russ abs- less. But anyway i just wanted to say I think they need to move the all star game to the end of the season. Just like they do what they. Nfl for the bubble all right so the world series in like october late october. She told me a warm weather. Climate play the all star game. Then i don't know. I mean i guess it's the mid summer classic you've got all these things in the tradition about it. I don't know it the whole thing so stupid. It's so antiquated ross. Or whatever your name is left funnel cares. But i mean it's the whole star games are so antiquated it's an nba. The pro bowl. The major league baseball hall history coming. I mean almost. It's almost two hand touch now. I mean if you're gonna move it to the just just don't do it anymore. I mean and i understand. You always your counter argument to me. Which is always valid. One is advertising dollars. Money extra revenue and i can't argue back on that right but i mean maybe that is the answer but then again it's like okay. So what if a guy who hasn't played at a high level of pitcher whose team got knocked out of the playoffs as to wait all the way until november to come back for an all star game and blows out his arm and the all star game. You know the interesting thing is is that when i was playing the pro bowl out in hawaii paid for that. I don't know the state of hawaii. How did they they interested in the nfl. All the money from you know from their marketing budget the brain the pro bowl to the state of hawaii. So then the nfl and it's a media partner at that time was abc. When i was playing there and i also covered it as an abc analyst and westwood one analyst all that revenue came from the state of hawaii and it was all about promoting hawaiian tourism. So this is what the nfl does. Don't you think. London is paying for the london series. Of course they are okay anytime they do have any any of these games. And i'm sure atlanta had a buck up for the all star game than they ripped it out of atlanta's hands because the whole political firestorm down voting rights and then now they go out there and they give it to denver. I don't know. I don't know denver's put up any money for this or the major league baseball said we gotta get out of atlanta and put it to denver. So we won't charge. You would just pay for it. I'm not sure how that whole thing's working. But i do know that. Espn want the all star game. And they want the home run hitting contest and all that all the crap that comes around with it because it's a part of the baseball package. It's part of the amount of the contract that they signed with major league baseball right. I mean this is on a major network is generally on fox right. And it's a big deal and it's part of the rights cells in brooklyn. What's up sal. Hey guys i got. I think i have an idea of what to. Here's the graham. I think they should you know catch him today. Youngest regular rack and then on sunday you know maybe a couple of innings you know today before the break you know. Everybody should be ready to go. Yeah maybe pitchy two. Three innings on sunday and You know that's how you solve the equation. You know you're then. He doesn't have to go to denver. If it helps the mets a win on sunday. I would bring him back like. Let's say if it was the situation with the bullpen was depleted and he could come in and close the game and it helps them win. I would say fine but bringing them back. Sunday is doing the same thing. we're trying to avoid. The all star game is davin picked pitch extra off of his regular rotation starts. Are you know. I want bring him back. I got the full start. Maybe pitching for a couple of innings. Like two three innings. And then bring bolton. I mean you're gonna have to you know bullpens going to have a couple of days off after that so might as well sounds to me. You just lie you just lie. Came out of the things sore. He can't go then. Oblique bark and again. He's got a latte that just as so incessantly painful man just bothersome after every start. Yeah i could see it definitely. Just just bring that. Just lie about it. Sorry it's just really unfortunate that they can't go in the store season you really lying about it. Because he's already had these issues. Sure absolutely a couple of times kensington. Trenton what's up ken. Hey guys first time longtime usually call the afternoon show when big. Mike was on but Looking forward to get my first call in with you. I think the all star game is just antiquated Back in the day the all star game was a chance to see players from from different cities from the other. The other league that you didn't get the normally see nowadays. You don't need that you haven't available on tv. All the time players are fans have access to all the players really no need for the all star game in the in the current form that in i feel like if they got rid of it and went to a different format you know maybe previous caller said you know end of the season but i just don't see a need for it anymore. Yeah i mean there is. I mean the only argument that you would have would be the tv rights stuff. There isn't any need for. I mean to me the way that you could have expanded the revenue and had more money rolling in his if you kept the expanded playoffs. That is the way to do that. But then they ended up getting rid of that thing which was great also talked about the traditions of baseball of the mid summer classic and all that stuff it does mean something and until out of players who have never played in all star game before and we'll be making their first all star appearance You know it's a big deal for them it really is and they're looking forward to it and most of the players do look forward to it. I think They get taken care of extremely well. It's kind of fun you know they're highlighting you know the first half of their season. I think most guys enjoy it. We just as met fans do not want jacob degrom anywhere near it. No right nowhere near it. It's a silly exhibition. The mets have their sights set on things that are more important than making a major league baseball on right now. Do it's true. feel it. I hate to admit it but there is little little something going on something. Something each the morning show with boomer esiason and greg boomer and geo guy now at fliegelman was talking about. There was a little box left at fliegelman. Didn't get his grubby hands on. And i just doused right down the going just like that one. I wanted to show you i picture. So mine's not in yet but there is a first edition ford bronco. Oh all right now. We're talking yeah. This baby ours are being built as we speak. I think actually pay vina's built first addition. Now what's yours. Is they have a new. What what is thirty. Your have been number sixty nine sixty. So this is the twenty twenty. Two ford bronco. Twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty one is still being built. Yes she saw. Yeah because you know chips and stuff chips supply chain stuff. Most car yours are dealing with yet chinese embargoes and things of that nature. But not not for this thing. Looks awesome nine is great. Let's see how many i addition broncos or maybe ten thousand i wanna say i wanna say five to ten thousand i think it started five thousand and then the demand was so great. Then a with up to ten thousand. But i am consolidating. My two cars into the bronco nice. I want the bronco broncos gonna be my everyday car. That's it every day car riding dirty baby. Oh damn right. I can't wait to pull up this thing in. Just i'm just going to be running into people like bumper cars but my like that guy with a matt. Black range rover upstairs. I'm just gonna just scrape because that broncos just indestructible scrape up against him and just leave a nice mark in the bronco. Be perfect thing. Look sweet man. It looks right. I can't wait to get it. I so i got caught the other day looking at all youtube videos of it and going through it and everything getting all excited. I was like two hours later. I was ready to just build my own. I i knew everything about two hours i was. I was looking at youtube videos on the bronco for two hours. Yup well. he's waiting for the baby hospital. That makes that that makes all right. What do you got there. See law got brought to you by town fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody and nobody would beat the yankees if they swung and threw it like they did last night. Great start to their road trip out in seattle by three from giancarlo. Stanton brian ruko al dukes on yes first inning. Three run missile to open the scoring and later on in the eighth rubio door. Captive with a three run. Shot of his own eighteen hits for the yankees. And a twelve one blow out of the mariners. Both of those mark season highs for stanton his fifteen th homer four hundred thirty four feet one fifteen point eight exit. I boomer loves that off the facing of the second deshaun carlo. You hit a ball as squarely as you did in the first inning. I imagine you don't really feel it coming up at mentally emotionally. How does it feel to watch all my gosh awesome coming on. What are we. Come on your geo- talking all motion. That's that's a little different. He just had his second child deal. I mean stand scoring up a fastball. Emotional do with. I'm not sure. But i knew voice again. Let's see if we have detected giancarlo and you hit him squarely as you did in the first inning. I imagine you don't really mentally emotionally. how does it feel to watch the the emotionally all right. So it's not. It's not brian hoke. it's not. You'll sherman not joel sherman's eric bowl and not bowlen's not sweeney. Not sweeney. Know who the hell is this person you know what should fill and the other thing is on these zooms get in. That normally. maybe wouldn't be at the stadium you know in the clubhouse interviewing guys introduced the questionnaire like who is they do. I'd have to go back and check on that way wondering who that. Yeah i gotta know. Unfortunately it's the last hour coming last break. I'll pull the stanton. I mean. I had the raw but i wasn't paying attention when they introduced the questionnaire so i just played the clip. I kind of need to know who this person is. Look at their twitter and see what the hell's going on all right not. Everything was crushed though. Aaron boone was actually pleased to see that some infield hit some soft contacts gopher. It's you know anytime you rack up. That many is that's going to happen but we haven't had a lot of games for you know found whole last night. Dj lemay hits in each of his first three at bats. Luke void a career high five hits including a double in three. Rbi's is perhaps that'll get him going. Jamison tions seven innings of one. Run ball nine strikeouts. His longest outing of the season chapman did pitch the ninth but of struggle against struck out three but he gave up a hit issued a couple of walks twenty four pitches still trying to find it by the way haven't mentioned there's no gleyber torres last night. Bless you Boone said he felt some cramping and his left hamstring cramp after game. One of sunday's double header with the mets. He's missed two in a row now because he did not play the nightcap there. There's been more cramps this year. Then i've ever seen a lot of cramping this is. This is twenty twenty one year to krant unbelievable. You got dimicco her mind and you see kukuchi tonight with our pregame coverage on the fan at nine thirty and other rain out. Mets and brewers split double header today corporate burns jacob degrom for the opener to ten brett anderson. Tvd the mets and the night cap at seven ten boomer. No you were asking me to check on this earlier. So the mets did you can exchange your ticket. Obviously if you're not going to today's doubleheader you can exchange your ticket for another game down the road but they also announced that as the thank you to ticket holders that they will offer an invite back for future monday through thursday regular season game. She got a little extra ticket out of there. If you can Swing the scheduling. So nice job for the mets there before the rain out. Lewis rojo's joined carton. Roberts here on the fan his weekly spot which he probably dreads if we're being honest because aaron boone will play along with them. Ross as our business. It doesn't really have time for the back and forth. This was towards the end. When it's becoming clear weather is an issue. So evan wants the game delayed so that they don't lose degrom after an inning to i wanna start and then stop plus a delayed game means. He could still make it to city field on time after the end. It's just all about selling on his part and then craig stepped in. Everything does not revolve around one guy. It's a team. We're told you seen the guy. You pitched six innings. That's sort of gives you an exhibit seven innings as time tonight six innings like normal for jacob. Lupus has last. We'll see we'll see but we liked it for sex for sure right we'll speak expand jackass right so that we can barely get a word in there right and then that leads them into a whole thing about jake's last starts so they had a loser buys lunch agreement about the innings over under situation and that was the game where you're may was up and mckinney was on deck to pinch hit for degrom. Your army makes out to graham stays in the game. So craig ended up having to buy lunch for the crew last week because jake and giving them an app at we're you know maybe you get three or six. Morehouse out of like no offence to billy mckinney's a fine head. Or but has jake hit enough to where you would pause in a situation like that and say what a pretty good hitter. Plus i can get more outside of him. We'll see. I couldn't care less here a lot of the dialogue. He doesn't have to say much he's he's definitely on the phone like this. Just shaking his head. All this is going on. Like he's looking over at harold things on like come on man me. I was raining in minneapolis last night as well as steady rain though. Not so much downforce. The twins of the white sox just played right through it to the point where the field is pretty soggy at a noticeable shine on the tv broadcast which was no problem for x. Met billy hamilton out in centerfield. Eyedrops one oh into center field olo slip slipping slide for philly. Ten come white sox. Tv's they went on to beat minnesota four to one then in anaheim. We told you earlier. Shohei ohtani had a solid night on the mound. Seven innings your on ball but he got a big assist from another former met one bogart. Well hit out to right center. Field lagaras mad vest gershon angels. Tv lagarde's is actually having a pretty nice season for them out there in the angels best to the red sox. Five three flags is given the info here. They tried to check on the stanton question. Yeah but he says it's very hard to hear the person so we try to play it and see we can make it out very hard so if you just missed this someone asked giancarlo. Stanton emotionally how he felt when he hit the home run. And we're trying to figure this reporter was let me hear it. Smokey robinson smokey robinson but definitely not evan. No one more time mckee roberson. Mookie robert john robertson. Peace as young. Of course this guy couldn't just be named mike schmidt it's great profits. Oh my god. That's funny right. Flags one more time every everybody concentrate clear. You had a smokey robinson. Mookie roberts evan roberts everybody clear your head and let's hear fleets in three two one. Mookie rob has i here since i can't think of a person who covers the yankees robinson or robertson. I've got the answer to but sometimes to colleague of mine who happens to be on the zooms regularly matthew roberson from the daily news. Matthew robert roberson. Yes let's hear her again one more time here. It's still mookie. Us cutoff definitely. Maybe she said it wrong. Nickname the mcstay moves there all right now so now you have to check and see. What is he saying on his twitter. I got to see what we're dealing with here while you check on that. Bring the sticky stuff back by the way tuesday alone yet. The chapman wild pitch in the nine to the backstop like ten feet in the air. The diamondbacks walked off the rockies on a game ending hit batsman. The pirates beat the braves. Two to one on a ninth inning. Four pitch walk forcing in the winning run and the marlins top the dodgers and ten to two one on a wild pitch error in the final frame. That's all from last night skipping taking this stuff. Out of the game yeah. A couple of those games were low scoring but the control factor seems to be a little little questionable boy. Kind of all makes sense now to see that. Yeah how emotional was that for. You watching that ball all right. So here is matthew robertson. The mr emotional writer at daily news previously at baseball pros and fan graphs graphs all right skipping showers and switching sox at rs and look out landing forever skipping showers skipping showers and switching socks. Okay which so he gets away with not showering by just changing. His socks and lookout landing is a mariners baseball support group. So he's he must have been a stringer that they hired or something like but do you see attal now. There's no way my guy would have known him if he's a seattle guy he's guy. It's a seattle washington really. Yes they have stringers and seattle out of well. I mean it's a major company now. Didn't somebody who bought the daily news. It's a group of newspapers now. I would think so. They probably all are trying to evade investment group. Inc exactly then trying to consolidate. Here's the inside scoop. He's a young dude who is dot dot dot asking interesting questions all the time so. I guess this has become a thing. I'll have to keep a closer eye on this now moving forward. I feel like. I've heard his name once or twice recently. I didn't recognize it from the pr person there but all right so we'll keep an eye on that moving forward. We'll look for his questions. If there's anything else unusual as deals with the yankees in these postgame zooms goodstuff. Nba finals game. One had the sons over the bucks. One eighteen one zero five yanssons set of coupon did return from his knee. Injury from milwaukee had a decent game twenty points seventeen rebounds thirty five minutes but this was the chris paul show. He had thirty. Two and nine assists. Phoenix gets off to a good start. They will play game two tomorrow night. Stanley cup final game. Five this evening in tampa the lightning will look to once again it. Close out montreal. Let's get to moment one on a second here. Here's one of his tweets me immediately after hearing my own voice while listening to an interview. God i- bleeping hate interviewing people so okay so he doesn't like here. His own voice is a little little insecure about hearing himself asked. The question mean that question. Well i have a number show. We call yeah. He lives in seattle law early. No yeah give you have. How did you get his number. His resumes online personalize. Give them a call. Why the heck not yeah seriously. Oh by the way six forty there. He actually well. We know he's out. Well maybe not zoom just because it says seattle might not actually. I don't get the daily news thing. Though i mean the yankees go to seattle. What once a year. I totally get it. Yeah yes oh. It's a consolidated company have string writers across so entry. And just how your guys you have to fly somebody out there. And he's right there and he's watching a game and doing the game and then he has the ability to go on zoom right. The daily news hired him. It doesn't matter where he's from because he doesn't have physically have to games so the fact that he's a seattle guys. Coincidental that they happen to be playing the mariners. Maybe all right. That makes them more sense. Gee you asked about the aaron rodgers and the retirement thing. I did circle back and check on that so gronk called in. Oh and he's talking to brady and he's you know taken shots because braves. I'm studying rogers you know. Because he's he's in play could be an opponent blah blah blah blah blah and. Gronk said. You're studying the wrong guy. Air looks more lazy than i did in retirement. So this is is really awesome. I let's do moment of the day while al works on getting our boy Roberson on voicemail. But i see what he's doing with the daily news thing. I'm looking at his resume online. He just graduated college in seventeen. So good for you for you. Yeah so that's what. I would have done if i was three or four years out like if i wrote one thing for the daily news either right that i was a daily news writer i mean like like. Wfan's pat boy all right all right of the day brought to you by casa migos to kill a casa migos. Tequila is brought to you by those who drink it. We're on the subject of emotions. Geel all up his feelings earlier upset. That moose didn't seek them out yesterday for the in person. Congratulations on the birth of some array. They did iron things out. They patched it up. Moves came in here for the big bear hug which was great but Joy in texas got right to the bottom of what's actually bothering you. Good morning what's happening. Hey long time viewer but you know down here in texas we just shoot straight from the hip. What's going on then. It's obvious as down here. That just hasn't been getting any work that he won't have any of the motion of bear. Knee joy. what are you doing later. I think you're right joy you hit on something here. It's pretty obvious that he said we all feel his way. Who you watching the show with right now. My dog tremendous job added joy getting right to know hem and haw and just landed on right there. Ain't nanny tremendous. Thank you joy if you're still Watching we love it all right. Thanks good stuff man. See tomorrow see you tomorrow morning. Show with boomer esiason and greg nadi boomer and geo heard that sean. Avery add very funny. He's talking about something that apparently helps with hangovers. the very rarely in my life. And i'm having less and less hangovers. It's again older. Because i'm just not drinking as much but they are when i do get a hangover. They're more severe because when you get older. They're just worse. But i i don't think any of those things that i've tried. Before that state they cure. The things actually cured the curious. I'm gonna give it a shot because if any of the show neighbors put his name on. I wanna give it a shot so it's even works but you and your adult life would you've had a situation where you drink too much the night before anything like actually help except time in the diner and get a cheeseburger. Well that's the thing. I mean as do the your body screaming for something but i know i would say that. I think i think the product is good. He's hangover powder powder. Mounter was so maybe there is something toward who knows. Yeah i would say everything in moderation. Of course yes. That's great advice. Get deep into a couple mortga readers on a friday afternoon. You're like whoa inara as goodies. Citrus boost hangover powder or you with the fast pain relief. It says it to me. It's a it's three advil. Yeah a giant glass of water right and a nap l. But he does not see. My guy drinks a lot to me. Because he's a workout fanatic. I know he smokes cigarettes and stuff like that so he probably has a few cocktail. I'm sure he does and he probably has a legendary reputation which they're playing off of. Which does well why he would have been great for tnt being a you know studio analyst but they dropped the ball in ira- well. I told you. I think he's probably ticked off a number fan bases and they probably didn't want that type of guy that was going to. This isn't a time that's the type of guy you want. Is i the people who make these decisions. I tell you sometimes it drives you crazy. So you've seen sean on his instagram. Oh it's unbelievable. It's more barstool than anything. Yeah that's exactly the the the lane that he's in which i think would probably as long as he kept the cussing to a minimum. Probably could play well on tv especially tnt trying to attract viewers. I mean this is one way to do it but somebody on there that reasonably interesting. The cursing couldn't have to be at a minimum to be at a zero sits. Television right amazon. Like charles barkley shack and kenny smith and dernie johnson dropping f bombs no. I know you can't do that. I've obviously but he he'll let one go here there. I'm sure i don't do that. I don't think so no. I don't think they do. But i think he would. I think is probably one of the reasons why when you watch him do it on instagram. It's very interesting it's funny. It's hilarious and the way that he does it. It's perfect but unfortunately there's quite a few curse words. I do think that charles barkley not that long ago said be asked to something like the full word and john o. Chalk stor thought it was bad. Not just those guys don't even know who had the league is i know. And they're they're killing it. It's amazing just shows you that. Entertainment wins every time. You can have a guy that knows every player's height and weight and everything else and they're not going to be charles. Barkley kenny smith ernie johnson. But i think. I think kenny smith and ernie johnson who the players are the most guys. Yeah maybe they're playing a game. Who knows no. I don't think they all right. They they just know that they show up and do the job and people are going to dock them and you don't even know who he is asking. Well they don't checked it right jacked. I believe he did not yeah. Well barclays at a couple of those to those who the general is though when it comes to ensure no that's right. Yes save with the general. Let's go to john de north carolina. What's up john f. Guys how are you good. John what are you gonna force. Well i get up every morning. Six o'clock i listened. Because i'm from brooklyn staten island. I moved here three years ago but tax reasons. What's that tax reasons now. My daughter moved here with the grandkids. Okay maybe it might be a witness. Reasons followed him danica. But i i listen to you guys every morning and this morning it was bothering me with this jacob. Degrom thing you know. I worked with sanitation over twenty five years and you went in with boo boos shoulder this that my son and i up to two years ago when he passed went to all the all star games wherever they was san diego miami minnesota traveling flights people go through a lot to go. See these best. Play out there. I don't see why this guy that pitches sell. He's not going to say list. Can't go out and feel twenty pitches one inning and showed a fans that travel and and do all these different things we may have to. I mean this was. He wasn't going to go because he was going to. Pitch on sunday Right before the all star game and therefore he would not have been able to pitch in the all star game. That's why he wasn't gonna go. Yes i understand that but you guys are saying about well. he's injured. Maybe i'm a met fan. I don't want them in there. I don't want him. Throwing twenty pitches one hundred miles an hour and former army media and i know chatmoss going to go in there and blow it in the vitamin c. Out there you know you know. It's amazing and last night. I think they were talking about it last night. Thanks for the call. That jacob degrom is thrown a hundred and seventy nine pitches at one hundred miles an hour or more. The next closest guy is thrown like either twenty four twenty five of those pitches and think about how many innings. He's already missed. Sure he's been shut down to three camps or not shut down three times but they were shutdowns wise but the fact of the matter is. I don't want him out there. Throwing twenty hundred mile an hour fastballs denver. Absolutely not i mean and the all star game as a personal thing for him clearly said he went with his son. Who's no longer with them. It was a big deal. They traveled to the all star game. It's a personal thing for him. Most people don't have that personal connection to the all star gig about that hundred and seventy nine hundred mile an hour fastballs already. Yeah i just did think about it. It's crazy it's a lot and maybe there's a correlation obviously between what's going on with him and all of that and he's the historic season rolls on hopefully in a good way tonight Today rather mark and stony brook. What's going on mark. hey jail. I got one. Quick idea about the all star game How about you take on people within five year frame and you select them for the all star game to play and the people that are playing great this year get selected. They just go on vacation and sign autographs for the fans. That guy was serious is he was. Oh come on. He couldn't have been serious. He's he was very serious. Did go on vacation to sign. Autographs bans retired in the last five years. That you're gonna watch it all star game with hot frazier. his on. he was on team this year. Free geeta retire. Been over five years won a rod. You can have an old timers all star game. David ortiz maybe. They could actually do that. Maybe they should have an all time all star game. I got an idea for you. How about you take all the plays who ever played major league baseball ever in their lives. That are still alive. You put him on a field you pick teams and then all the guys at a good this year. They go to a resort down in miami where they have a conference in a conference hall maybe in a marriott of something they sit at a big long table and they signed jerseys hats. We'll do this at the end of the season every season for the rest of the time. That's an idea that i had four game. How about we did gop. One hall of famer. We exhume the body of one hall of famer every year and paraded around the streets of cooperstown side of the hall of fame. Couldn't you get ted williams his head. How would you get the frozen headed. Ted williams out of the crowd chamber. You put it on a stick and you paraded down in front of hall of fame in cooperstown and then all the players who are good this year. This is an idea for you. And they line up and pay homage to the frozen head of ted williams and then they'll be autographs in ice cream. Afterwards are go on the morning show with boomer esiason and gregg giannotti boomer and geo dealing with adversity and finding ways to unify and overcome. It will always be part of our future. The new season of hope through history. A documentary podcast presentation from c thirteen originals in association with the history channel written and narrated by me jon meacham features moments in our nation's pass when we faced challenges a country and as a world listen and follows season two of hope through history available. Now wherever you get your podcasts. Introducing odyssey exclusive stations. We've curated hundreds of new music stations available only on odyssey by music fans for music fans. 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