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The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 343 QFTA


Yes yes welcome in to the Tim mckernan show. It's a podcast here on the inside. S. T. L. Podcast network from the home loan expert Dot Com studios alongside the great gangster. It's time for questions from the audience. Your questions your stories. Your opinions whatever. They're all welcome. Email me T- mckernan at inside a steel that com- TMZ K. E. R. N. A. N. inside US T L DOT com. Subscribe to the podcast. We have incredible interviews dating back to October. Two thousand seventeen with the corona virus. A lot of those are on. Hold at the moment but Questions from the audience continues gangster. Pete Hello how are you fine? Sir? What up doing well just kicking it. Guy. I always enjoy obsessing with you on this. Who Don't really be as much on T. M. A. You come in You. Send your links. You giggle but Questions from the audience is where you are able to To spread your wings. I told you at the start. I'm going to try to cap this in an hour because I guess I went super long last week and didn't realize it so I we're starting at ten twenty central time even though we're both in Saint Louis so I don't know I said that Ten twenty central time as we record this on Tuesday April Fourteenth Twenty Twenty And I will try to make sure that cap this at eleven twenty and by the way if I if all of a sudden on some tangent remind me that we said that. Get in you'll be you'll be Doing MEA service. But I'm looking at the clock To make sure that we try to to cap it at an hour I also want to but I don't know if it's possible based on the questions although there are some that aren't corona virus oriented to avoid that topic as much as possible and it's not because I don't WanNa talk about it. It's just we have talked about it. I don't know outside of things would be deemed political And Not that. I'm a obviously I think I feel like we talk politics. Probably about a quarter or third of of this podcast at least questions from the audience but it sits at this point now. I feel like we're back on you. See One way I see it another way thing. And then we you know debating facts and just really tilted. I got a little panty on the radio program this morning. I notice that it's over here. Well what about them quote medical doctors? Who said two point two million people going to die? I'm like Oh my God that didn't happen. I do it I can't do it a can't can't act like this is fine. It's not fine to make crap up models if you did not change anything indicated that not medical doctors models said if we don't do anything and then then it'll be when two point two million people don't die somehow be well. We're all the doctors. Two point. Two million people are GONNA die. It's the same shit I was talking about last week. With one hundred thousand two hundred forty thousand people going to die in the one hundred thousand Americans don't died and it will be see. I did a great job I can already see it coming. And it tilts me beyond belief so with that said we have a bunch of emails We have some fan page questions. More people certainly go the e mail route Because Hey let me ask you this. You make no secret of being anti fan page. I guess iggy would be anti fan page. Since he left it the cat is not on facebook. Doug by definition is a member of the fan page but certainly not active on it and the Plough Hawk. is on it and we'll we'll certainly spar but he'll also play Play around on there and the Plough Hawk and I were Texting over the weekend and I don't know how the topic even came up but I think we're talking about the potential for the show in the fact that it's still on an upward trajectory and some of the things that we would The that we're interested in doing with it And I said Oh. I think we're talking about the social media presence of the show and I said Yeah I mean outside of the fan page. There really isn't much of a social media presence and it was either him or me that said Yeah and most of the people on the fan page or not. Most of a third of the people on the fan page aren't necessarily even fans of the show So it was an arbitrary number gangster. Pete I know you don't spend a lot of time there. Would you take the over or the under on that number? There's a third of the people are not fans correct. I would probably go under but I think it's still a good amount of people in. Yeah that's one of the reasons. I have a problem with it. I don't like getting on there and then seeing people like trashing my friends that I work with so like I know that I'm not going to respond to it so I just rather not see it. Yeah I don't really have that Luxury it's a it's a weird like I'm well aware of it and there's some people are kind of like a like in on the stuff where it's going on in different places that share it with me and I'm like I appreciate it. It's like honestly I this is. This is the same message board type thing that I dealt with with just a a a a different group of people You know fifteen years ago I guess. Fifteen years ago to ten years ago ran that long. And it's the same type of stuff and it's a weird deal and I don't know how to describe it where it kind of like for but you're talking about not a sliver but but a small percentage single digit for sure that kind of gets obsessed and then there's the re- comes like. Oh Yeah I heard this then I heard this and it just becomes you know like what about the the sixteen years? We've been on the air for three hours. Can you get a gauge on our personalities? From that or do you think we're all acting or doing and it's an odd thing but then I recognize there's probably ninety five plus percent of the people who were hearing this right now and go. What in the hell are you even talking about? And I don't know how to describe it. I know back in the day Howard Stern talked about there was like a Howard Stern. It wasn't facebook because it was pre- facebook baby bell like message board and that turned into something that was went into disarray. And they shut it down. I love being able to interact with the audience and I really don't tweet much at all. And so that's where. I get a chance to do it but I recognize. What is very obvious when you've done this this long. You know who I guess the way I would describe it as this I think I think way more than sixty seven percent of the people on there are fans of the show I think there is a decent percentage though of those who want to see chaos and who enjoy that. Get your popcorn. Ready GIFTS OF ANYTHING. That could indicate a headache for US. or individuals. And that's the thing you know that kind of pulling for failure. That's the thing that that that again. It's obvious to me but if if you're not aware of it it's it's tough to to point to it. It's their easy tells because again like so long and dealing with it and so one of the things that happened last week that got the whole thing. Going up the discussion with me in the Plow Hawk going and I was communicating with John Von. Doug Son because he left the page and this was a day where I think I was out all afternoon and just hadn't even looked at it. So you know talk about six hours and they come back and see all things and the John. Von Left a page. And I'm like Oh my God. What happened for John? Wanda leave the page. And we communicated and then I saw the post and it's you know Doug Politics and You know something that that I know. We've discussed here. We actually did discuss on the radio to and it got it. You know it pissed John off but it but did it'll be clear. It's not like it was one post that sent John over the edge. You just said it's the negative on social media right now as it is and it's really tough to read stuff about my dad that I know isn't true and that's the thing man so what I was saying about Doug like. I obviously don't agree with a lot of his political opinions or who. He currently supports in office You know you know strongly But that doesn't change my opinion of Doug as a person and what I know of dug into. Insinuate some things regarding him. It's I guess that kind of goes to what you were saying with. You know that some people in your opinion anyway have negative motives. And we'll be attacking your friends slash co workers as you don't and you don't want to And you don't WanNa see it and I get it and in a way it's kind of like I guess I create this stuff and I learned my lesson by now like it would be better if maybe I created the page. But then it's not people aren't aware that I created it and then I can just be like a participant because I think a lot of the animosity toward me which I'm now as I said before I'm now swerving into it's like okay. Fuck it you don't like me find fucking Is is from the perspective of Oh you can you. You know you're you're creating this atmosphere that People can't descent and be critical of the show or view and I would absolutely disagree with that premise. The only thing I don't like is when people state things as facts that I know are not facts. That's where I step in and if somebody's behaving like an asshole what I do is I contact me. Or the contacts Enzi contact them privately and asked to have a conversation and and then say hey. Listen you know the years. Essentially you know a request if you can't do that though we're going to have to take you off the page And then try to keep the accounts to real human beings. That's it that's it so that was something that the plot Hawk and our debating echo gatty. I don't know if it's a third. I don't think it's that high but it was just kind of a number of you throw out. And so you're on the under on the third. Yeah I mean I think it's a vocal minority like it's a very very small vocal out of it's like passive like it's like. I. I don't know how to describe it like some of the most active people when it comes to things that are good news for this show are dead silent. You know what I mean so you can't you can't see it unless you know how it works. But because I've dealt with this with a whole different group of people fifteen years ago. I know the towels or even before that on things that I didn't have anything to do with this passive stuff and You know it just it. Psychologically it's annoying because You Know Doug has his political views and and he's welcome to his opinions. I get involved if I think he's saying something that is incorrect and I'll ask for a source or I will look for something that is sourced and then I will point out. That is not necessarily accurate. But I'm not going to yell at the man you know nor nor would I yell at you or Iggy or a cat or plow hawk. I'm not much of a yeller And so I guess that doesn't satisfy those who just want blood but I I don't I don't know I don't know but but either way For the purpose of today's questions from the audience the attempt is to for the most part steer clear of cove nineteen questions. Although don't get me wrong. A lot of them are coping nineteen oriented So this one kind of is will lead with this one but it's more radio than than covert nineteen and I think you'll understand here When we get into it. Hey Tim as a prospective buyer of a radio station speaking on hypothetical terms. Thank you for doing that. Because that is correct there is no deal and there may not be a deal. I would still for the record characterize the chances of US buying CAF s As as a coin flip so to be clear on that seeing Let's see as a prospective radio station speaking on hypothetical terms. Could you see yourself placing an additional emphasis on owning enough comrex devices for all hosts to have have one in the future event of a pandemic or similar? Stay at home order. Seeing how easy it is for you and the producers and studio to communicate using your comrex unit as well as how seamlessly Lisa. An can dial in through her. Comrex unit. Is this something you might potentially consider also could allow for a way. To mitigate the risk of requiring use of the phone lines for callers to be able to call in. I think this is also a peak into the future for all industries as we move past Cova companies as we move has coverted period. Companies are learning what they should keep in greater access reserve in order to be prepared for this situation. It's alarming just how quickly things progressed in the early phase of this pandemic. I'm thinking hospitals. Maintaining emergency supply of gloves and masks public places sanitizing products etc as a guy in his mid twenties. It seems like the way things will rebound will be vastly different than the way they were pre coverted impromptu opinion thanks. That's from the Eureka urologist gangster. Pete just in general before I go into more specifics Do you have any reaction to the Eureka? Urologists question The only problem I see with that is that there's only two access points at the moment so the most number of people you can have on the COMREX at once. It's too so obviously for our show. That doesn't exactly work. I don't know if that's something we could change but I mean yeah I mean. I think it's always good to have contingency plans right. I mean it's it's a fine. It's a fine question. It's one of those questions that On the outside I get it. When you're on the inside you go do what the hell but I also recognize that quote dude. What the Hell He. This isn't his business. Just like for me. To participate on urology would not be my business so You make the access point observation The element is cost so each COMREX unit costs around five thousand dollars. Give or take another cost that much. Yeah I mean maybe you can get used ones refurbished ones last but a new COMREX is five thousand dollars. Give or take one. I'm looking at right now. Is Forty six hundred and so there's cost And it's it's one of those things that it's kind of like what I was saying at the outset of our discussion today Pete with regard to criticism. It's a weird thing to talk about when you're talking with people who have never experienced it because I feel like you can't understand it until you've experienced it but fortunately really and I'm talking about public criticism ninety nine plus percent of the population and four percent plus hasn't experienced it and I mean I've experienced a relatively speaking low level. I mean you're talking about Saint Louis Radio but still I've experienced it and it never It never feels good but I assure you it feels a hell of a lot different than the first time. I read it in April of Nineteen Ninety Nine on Tiger Board after my Kareem Rush Report. wound up being accurate but two days late For when he would sign with Missouri so I mean that that like ruined my weekend in psychologically destroyed me when I was twenty. Two years old different ballgame now but again it's not like I don't WanNa say it doesn't bother me it just kind of you know you recognize the sources and usually the sources are you know. There's there's reasons for. They're not they're not necessarily like well. I do think it's a good show but I think it's really inappropriate for Tim to discuss pornography as he does. And here's a reason. Here's a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine on the impact of pornography on marriages and on sexual relationships in here in this paragraph that you know it's it's usually a fuck him he's a pervert and he doesn't believe in God you know it's that kind of stuff and so you separate the two so with regard to talking about operating a business. It's one of the things in the first seven years or so of the morning after I guess. Five years of the five six years in the morning grind slash morning after. I didn't operate a business had never operated. I mean I guess I owned inside us all but it didn't operate radio programming and so I'm sure there are things that I said probably passive aggressively because I was a monster prick if you think I'm a prick now man and then and I was probably taking shots at management about things not being right and then you get on the other side of the desk and you go. There are reasons for it but what I think you can do. Better is communicate the reasons both with your employees and with your audience and so the Eureka urologist asks a great question it truly is but on the other side of it from the employer or the owner standpoint. You would have cost so you know if you have three hosts on T. M. A. and I don't know let's say eight host the rest of the day to get through Afternoon drive you know at that point. What's this make it around number for the hell of a? Let's say it's a total of ten hosts the fifty thousand dollars worth COMREX UNITS AND. I realize also that people are not privy to financials but I assure you whereas for some places fifty thousand dollars might not be a big deal for This particular entity it would be a big deal and so you know. That's a factor So with that set and and the only reason why I even have this thing because I was renting it personally from our stations engineer for For my spring training broadcasts and I had it with me and so when I got back to Saint Louis I just plug it in and be connected is is is is Frank coosa model. Using what has he been doing? He's been he's here he's here right now he's coming in. Yeah he's coming in every day him and his board. Not that Hoffman's at home but I had no idea because I saw Hoffman. Tweeden about being home interesting. I had no idea so And I know Cam I know Cam's been doing it from his house I don't know how Charlie's been handling it but I mean let's the question in a vacuum is it would be an absolute but with factoring in cost and there is a good chance which. I think leads to the back end of the question about hospitals is. It's almost like you need you almost better to have like an insurance policy for it but then the insurance company would have to have these equipment pieces not dollars so hospitals having you know or states the federal government having these monster surpluses for all of this equipment yes right now of course sounds like of yes. We need that. But there's cost associated with it and there's how that cost will be handled where it will be stored and so on and so forth so to apply to radio which was what the original point point of the question was. Yeah it's fifty thousand dollars to have ten of these things. I imagine. If you buy ten of them you would probably get some semblance of discount. Maybe as high as twenty percents of fine now we're down to forty thousand dollars but still forty thousand dollars material. It's a good question. I do think this I'll answer it this way to answer With some semblance of finality. I think anybody who's in my position who is looking at buying a radio station has to not only consider something as concrete as broadcasting units comrex devices but also alter models on advertising and on all of the streams that As Pete now that we talk about it that we've been talking about for the last few months that would be part of our venture which include events which include merchandise which includes social media which include podcasts of course include radio. And if you have something like this happen again or if this boomerangs And we own the station at that point It's something I've already altered As far as projections go you'd be it'd be ridiculous not to. It's kind of a you know I'm not doing that. That would be a real concern But but I'm talking about even in two years how much it impacts things so Yeah it's not just COMREX units. It's also the top line and how it impacts that. That's something you have to be prepared for and I would imagine you will see companies Certainly alter the manner with which they view a pandemic going forward and its impact on business. You can't not I recall and I don't know if you had Any of this experience with Your parents Parents Pete. But my grandma you know grew up in a In a three person Irish Catholic family last names Kennedy and she was just incredibly frugal. And I think it's been passed down to a number of grandchildren and it certainly was passed down to her children my dad and his brother and his two sisters and I I recall asking why and as opposed to because I said so. It finally got to a point where I was actually getting an answer and I remember my dad saying Timmy. My my mom grew up during the Great Depression. And once you experience that you automatically go conservative with your money the rest of your life and Therefore I would imagine I don't know to what lengths but you know if we're around and we have grandkids That I would imagine that some point twenty twenty in the pandemic comes up as a point of conversation just like the Nineteen Thirties in the great depression. was a huge part of the lives of those who who experienced it then so that was the way that they then lived. The rest of their lives was not everyone of course. But if you lived through it the days of like you did in the roaring twenties were Substantially altered by what you experience in the nineteen thirty. My grandparents always make my dad clear. Clean Plate you eat everything on your plate and never come from the Great Depression. Yeah thank you never know if you're GONNA get your next meal now that makes sense because I'm picturing like bike in the wild wild west and talk about cleaning your plate that makes sense. You're now now I feel like before this anyway. Maybe it will still be this way and a few months who knows Show will be like a time capsule but you know if anything with obesity in the. Us is prevalent. It's like that's not too bad as long as my son gets his proper nutrients. I don't need them to shove butter crap in his mouth. You know so you view it differently all right off to the next question I see covert and it so I'm going to skip past it. let's see. I think that this one is okay. Hello Tim I hope you and the family are doing well. I've always wanted to ask you a question about where you saw the future of TMA slash inside St L. Going obviously you've built a pretty unique brand Saint Louis but how do you think the brand would do any more regional or perhaps even national stage do you look at the successes of Barstool sports or outkick the coverage as models? You can follow. Are you even in the stage in your life where you would want to take on that kind of challenge? I ask because I think. Mid Western markets starved for better national representation because media so fragmented curious to your thoughts. That's from Tiger Dank. So your buddies pete no I do have a friend named tank went to Mizzou but I seriously doubt he's sending emails. This gentleman has the first name James. No okay So it's a great question. I imagine it ties into our announcement Last Thursday with Pat Maroon about Pursuing buying now that it's back in play Which it has been the case here for a few months but we just you know kept it. kept it in the room. I say So I certainly would view it. More as borstal than outkick. That's not anything I really. That's a different situation to me How how do you view those entities without getting into personal criticisms of any of the people involved? I'm talking about the Clays. Kind of more of a one man show and Barstools more of like a conglomerate of and it's a culture of sorts to Yup and And so yeah. The comparisons have been made. I think it's a hell of a lot more of a compliment to us than it would be to them. They're probably not even aware of us. I mean outside of a handful of the people involved there such as Young page views and rigs and I guess paid fuses told Portnoy about our operation you know during the Stanley Cup thing but You know I mean they've got nine figure valuation. They're not necessarily thinking about it. It's a great question it in when it's been asked here over the last few months kind of had to dance around it because I want to talk about the radio element But now that we're talking about the radio element again reiterate. It's it's not like this is a done deal. It's fifty fifty But you certainly something that we're you know. Hopefully we can get done but it only has to work. It's not like we're GONNA do this at all costs as to work for all parties so my thing when I've spoken with investors About what I visualize Would certainly fall more into the category of Barstool than outkick is pete observed. That is absolutely true. Pete would be a big part of this too by the way and The Bar Stool success speaks to the economics applied to communication theory that I had in the early two thousands probably a couple of actually I know it was a couple of years before we even started the morning grind and by economics I mean supply and demand and that was that there was a demand for sports radio ISH content in Saint. Louis that was not geared toward all right coming up the cardinals playing the pirates. Tonight we're going to the beat writer from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and then later on the blues are an action tied against the stars will go to the hockey writer for the Dallas Morning News. That's what sports and then we'll take calls and then you hear like the same ten people calling in who fancy themselves as celebrities for calling in asking questions. It's you know it's what I did. Essentially with with Franco motto. That's what we did when I was. Host Co hosting the press box in two thousand and three And I'm just like yeah. This is an and I remember saying that I remember being in a meeting in the cavernous conference room. The same conference remarked kilcoyne almost ended. Shea. Second Era A few years later Back in Webster Groves Anna and I it was met with like Like I don't want to say it was looked like I was crazy because it makes it too dramatic but actually it was like kind of like a fuck you so you're saying what we're doing is wrong. That's what I would especially because I was twenty five and my dad was the general sales manager so I was already disliked because of the exit was perceived nepotism. So you had that going But Yeah I was right you know like I said I'm going to start swerving into this shit. I'm not going to run anymore and I'm going to swerve into I was right. Yeah well I did built it I did. Don't you know I did fuck it? I did build it so fuck. You don't like me. That's fine but I did build it and I did take chances and it did work out so fuck off And so you know I did take a chance because it wasn't being done at the time but I surrounded myself with talented people and good people to and and so it was actually a conversation with a gentleman clear channel which is now. I heart media. Who's a really good guy and And I feel like we might have been on a trip when the cardinals played the diamondbacks in two thousand one. And that's how I got to know him. In the playoffs they lost the Tony. Womack base it and the series and they wound up winning the world series and then a couple months later we were on a trip. When the rams played the Patriots in the Super Bowl and I revisited or it might have been when the rams played the Patriots in two thousand one in Foxborough was on that trip. Either way I know it was around that and then I followed up with him. I wonder if he's still in the industry. No He's not in Saint Louis Anymore and I said what about SP- sports talk show but it's not really sports talk and it's Kinda geared toward younger people and he said. I really liked the idea because I don't know where I would put it right now. Clear Channel didn't have sports talk radio station in Saint Louis. I think they were more music. I don't think they had any talk. I don't think they have any talk now So that was that was that was thought nearly twenty years ago and so now twenty years later where well we obviously have something successful with with. Tma but you want to build on it now. That would that would show anytime. I talk with investors. So essentially say what I've said to investors in people who'd be part of our management team which are all been place if this were to happen. You know. This isn't like okay. We got it. Oh Shit now. Let's get investors. Now let's get the GM's and all that everything's ablaze if we're get it But it's the if we can get it so with that said It's it's radio. But then it's podcasts. Kind of an obvious one since you're listening to one right now it's social media shows Which would include facebook lives youtube? Twitter twitch Instagram live It's merchandise which Pete to his credit totally showing that I am absolutely not right Hell most of the time. Pete was so bullish on merchandise working. And I said I just don't think it will I've had bad experiences with it in recent years and sure enough turned it into something. You know it's not like we could fund the business on but it it it was a it was absolute material revenue stream with relatively speaking. I mean is is bare bones of an operation as it could be p designed these shirts with St L. Style and then wound up ordering them shipping and doing it all by himself. I mean that's not how you really build a merchandise wing of a business. That's not what we would do in a in a in a bigger operation and And then also events And so all of those streams matter of fact with doing revenue projections. I figured all of these into it and I would say right now. Let's let's just let's focus on twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty is obviously hopefully An outlier Both from the standpoint of we wouldn't own the station for an entire year and also of course what's going on economically so let's say twenty twenty one is more like twenty nineteen Or to take it out of a boom period you know twenty ten recovery period and I would say spit balling a number. Here I would say. Seventy five percent of the businesses. The media companies revenue would be radio advertising and then in five years twenty twenty six. I would say if I am correct on my read of the way things are moving which I think is kind of obvious I would say radio. Advertising would be less than fifty percent of the company's Revenue Pie Chart. You follow me when I'm sick. I feel people pete. I feel like I've talked about this with you more than anybody on the show. I completely agree with that. Yeah so so. So then. People go on and Y by a radio station if you view radios revenue declining. It's great question. It's it's it's it's it should be the first question anybody who's paying attention asks and the reasoning is is in order to build up the digital. The podcast the social media shows the MERCH and the events. It's my opinion at you. Increase your revenue probability especially in a market like saint. Louis that tends to be a little bit behind the curve of larger markets Or MORE TECH SAVVY. Markets or younger markets By having your home base and radio would be the homebase it would be the centerpiece of the Media Company for the time being which then allows people to get comfortable with the technology that becomes the main source. Which would be digital Which I think is kind of obvious. So part of starting the podcast in two thousand seventeen was to get a larger percentage of the audience comfortable with accessing content exclusively via podcast It was it was a long play. Don't get me wrong it it it. It obviously has advertisers and obviously has an audience. And we've gotten incredible guests and we have the questions in the audience and the pick six and then it's got a following and that's great but part of it was strategic so you know a lot of people and Pete naive at these conversations and recently had these conversations with everybody on the show About simply you know when my contract is up In my contract with radio station is up at the end of twenty twenty one looking at just going straight digital one hundred percent digital which I think we could do. The question becomes how much of the Revenue Pie that we have for. Tma would translate to a strictly digital model. And it's I guess it's it's art more than science but it's That's something that we have to factor in but if this were twenty twenty five that percentage would be higher so what my thought processes and what we've discussed as an investment group is utilizing the radio station to build the future models that the radio the those those Those revenue streams already. Have the audience going to them comfortably. So you have the radio content but if you want more go to take your pick of whatever social media outlet or digital stream or podcast or twitch or instagram or whatever something you know and I think people think of Barstool I think understandably their audience consider thinks about the content and talent of the people in the personalities. And that is that. That's that's that's certainly for their content consumers understandably the the focal point. I see what they've done and how they utilize social media to you know. I think we've talked about it. Pete like for young young page us. You know become a friend at this point. And how was constantly tweeting? So when he was so then when he slips in a hey you can buy this t shirt. It isn't like just a all out hashtag money exactly. Because he's tweeted four hundred times about other stuff and then he slips in an ad but he's already built his following with that in in me at this moment partly ever tweeting anytime. I'm like retweeting. Utah meeting about our podcast or or t shirt sales. And it's just it's just you know it's not right. It's not the right formula but I also have not. You know I've gotten to a point where I'm not real interested in experiencing the bullshit on twitter I can go back to not caring And is tweeting and tweeting tweeting in tweeting and never looking at my mentions the The burner accounts. And that's probably the better strategy. Should we wind up getting too so I look at Barstool not so much as the content although I tip my cap the content and they do some incredibly brilliant amusing things It's how they have utilized all of these channels by channels I mean different media platforms to grow one of the most eye opening moments for me and this at this point now is almost five years ago because it was at the inside Sti Tenth Anniversary Party and it'll be fifteenth anniversary in August Was when all of these young people were there and I mean I'm talking like mid twenties. I mean the first question I answered from this thing with somebody who was in their teens. When when when we turn ten. And just you guys like how'd you find? Am especially nine which had no history outside of When we came in for sports fans anyway outside of when we came in with. Cbs Sports Twenty in two thousand thirteen. And they're all this podcast man. Obviously it's like. Yeah you've got to be aware of that and and so the final question From Tiger Dank was do I even at this point have an appetite. Yes I do. I have a major appetite for the business side of it. I don't have an appetite nor do I just don't think it's my personality to like like do what like. Portnoy for example is doing what? Claes doing an absolutely separate thing and that's not. That's that's certainly not what I'm interested in doing but what Portnoy is doing and I'm talking about you know sitting at a table and opening up you know Sarah Samurai swords and doing the you know the you know daybyday trade or whatever the hell the thing is You know which is Great. I'm not saying I disagree with I morally. It's not that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying that's not. That's not my personality. That is his personality and it works. It's like you know if you if you said to be. It's not intended to be self indulgent. It's intended to be a comparison like if you say Chris Rock how can we don't do Carlin style? Comedy will mean that that's his personality. Two different type of thing you know and maybe fifteen years ago it would have been more me. But that's just not where I am anymore but I do you People such as the Plow Hawk and Iggy to be personalities who cannot create they are who they are and I want to utilize them more. You know I think gambling while this is another pete project the pick six podcast to tap more into that that that's something you can do without having to be on twitter. You know you know having a tweet forever every significant event that takes place in Americana which is not something. I'm at this moment interested in doing That's different it's the business side of it and I know I guess I can't say I know but I understand from a variety of people who you know who are associated with Barstool that the business element of that operation is the thing that really makes it work. That's the thing that really makes it work. But they aren't sacrificing the quality Or the authenticity. Actually is the word I would use. It's an important word They're not. They're not sacrificing that for the business. It's still organic. And I think that matters to people in their twenties and thirties and forties fifties and sixties to. I don't know but I know what matters to me and I think they have been able to find that balance. And that's why that thing continues to grow gangster Pete. I went off on a tangent. We only have twenty minutes left. Anything else sir. No say like the media company that we would try to build be a lot more similar to bar. So there's a lot of stuff that you want to emulate from Barstool but I mean we do in our way you know so yeah and more local. It'd be more local. Obviously that kind of goes without saying all right. Let's see we got here. I am worried trying to keep to my eldest so this one's titled Iggy the Goat so can't possibly be I already. You already agrees the greatest of all time. I'll tell I'll tell us some background on this because this is something that I don't think I've talked about before and I try to give people a little something that they don't get On Tma on the podcast as a reward for For being loyal listeners. The podcast let me read this first. I've been listening to TMA. For roughly nine years. And every day I look forward to listening. Tma and finding out what stories Iggy tell that day at a time when no matter where you look the main stories understandably about the pandemic. It's so great. Having someone like egg they can take over an entire segment with weird stories about homosexual dreams. He's had my question is how long have you known? Iggy and you have a favorite iggy story. I'd be curious to know if Pete has a favorite iggy story to my mom used to work at a deli. That brother owned a long time ago in the Maryland Heights area Franken Eddie's that I believe iggy was fired from after having now. This is a problem because I forgot about this part of the email after having an issue with a customer who gave him a bad tip. What a Guy I hope my mom wasn't one of his seven hundred partners thanks for doing the show in. Q. FTA that comes from Jeff So here with regard to. I think everybody can tell this but maybe they can't. I don't know it really is across the board on the show. Certainly there are different personalities. you know in extremes In various different categories of whatever personality trait you would want to attribute and then I could probably rank at least my perception of what they would be But everybody on the show and almost everybody who has ever worked for the show You know so. Obviously you're only talking about four host but you're talking about a bunch of producers and board ops over sixteen years has been somebody that you know. If I saw I would be thrilled to see and think dog and the cat and Martin would say the same thing I mean producer. Joe Hasn't worked on the show and more than seven years. And he still texting me on weekends about Random Shit and obviously texts into the show. HIS I-BAHN PARTNER. Kevin the non-gay lands You know we'll text in here and there and still be about things and variety of people who've run the board Still participate and or text or email me so it's just kind of like one of those things. It wasn't set out to be that way. It's just kind of wound up in that way part of it also I think is the six of us now and back in the day if it was me. Martin and the cat and producer Joe. The four of us and everybody in between we've endured battles together that are it's kind of like going through pledged ship In a sense that this group of people has to keep the rest of the group together in order to get through the bullshit so and nobody else knows about it. And so you have that bond. So it's in that sense. There's something there's something there but with iggy I guess he's been part of our show. Think three different times and One time was thirteen. Eighty so that has to be in the two thousand seven to two thousand ten range. Certainly one time was in the two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen range and that was when the the five ninety demand thirteen. The woman thing happened and I guess why. Don't guess I know that I was operating our window of time on caffeine us at that time. So the contract we had was inside us to yell with Kfi US and So it wasn't an employee personal services contract and That's the thing we're got weird. Because Dan Marshall buys it and he had an option he could either give me A large sum of money. Which would have been wonderful It's not like it was it was I. I can't I can't win by giving the dollar figure but it was. I remember when being asked about it by Dan. Caesar I said if he's interested in cutting me that check. I will have kids at the time. I would be on a European vacation as soon as possible because it was it was just it was very. It wasn't a million dollars or anything like that but it was. It was a nice amount of money and Or we had to have I think one hundred and twenty days from the time of notice until until he could put new programming in and of course wanted to put in Bubba the love sponge and let history debate as to whether or not that wound up working out but agee was an employee of inside. Stl's and Marshall Offered Iggy the opportunity to to be the executive producer thirteen hundred woman in a shares. Those stories every now and again and And I recall what it was paying and it was paying more but large amount more and any program. I think you know this right now even as we're sitting here on the threshold of potentially buying cavernous but you also know it's not a done deal because you know all the the the the details If you said Hey I've got an opportunity and I just want to go somewhere else. Even if it's for less money much less votes for more money and there'd be no way I would ever be like fuck you. I'd be like good for you. Wouldn't worry about that for second. Yeah and so. Sometimes I hear these stories of bosses or employers like not talking to people again if they leave and I'm going I don't know I mean. Listen I am fucking asshole and have it in me but there are things were just like to me. It just strikes me as so obvious why would I want somebody just to just from this principle? Why would I want somebody to be working for or with me? Who is not happy to be there. Just from a logic standpoint. I'm not going to get optimum production and then from a human. I don't want people to be forced into something that they don't want to be doing. I mean just. That's relationships are business. It doesn't matter so that always strapped stray. Hear these stories about yeah and then they never spoke again. Speak for fifteen years. And he's like real. I want you know like like Seymour. For example the master incred like you're overqualified from a business standpoint. Be doing what you're doing right now. Seymour was overqualified from a producing standpoint to be producer of TMA. Because he was he was a a radio producer and for what we wanted to do or what I really wanted to do. Was I just didn't want guests. You know unless I want to guess but I want him on the podcast where it wouldn't be like a press conference in where I I can have a conversation with somebody as opposed to like the choppy shitty interviews. That usually get with you. Know Ensemble Radio Shows Unless one person handles the interview. And that's not how we've done it on. Tma and so you know and also the hours warm down and he got married. And and I'm just like get. Yeah God bless you you know. I mean Shannon producer Joe. He's like I don't want to be you know stuck in this spot in my fifties and be just. It's just not what I WANNA do and good good for both of them. They've gone on and Kevin on gays these attorney now so you know I I mean I I want that so when Iggy told me that I said Hey man absolutely good for you the thing I want to tell you is. I don't think that this thing is going to be around long. So you know a while. I don't because at that point we were talking with some FM stations. That's where I thought we were. GonNa go if you would ask me on the day of the five hundred thirteen the woman thing where I thought we were GONNA go. I would have given you a much different answer than nine twenty. I don't even know if nine twenty would have been in the top three at the time actually and so. I said that I said but I get your situation. You can't not know and if you have this offer on the table take it but but just you know in the back of your mind kind of always have a plan. B. Because I don't think it's going to be around very long. And then I think it only took a few months before they stopped making payroll and checks for bouncing on payroll and you know. It was an absolute disaster but the best part about it was. Iggy in that one hundred twenty day period in between US leaving and starting. Cbs Sports Twenty and having to be at Eggy got sideways with his With one of the hosts of the show he was produced because she would tell stories. And you were in for her co host right Pete Katie crews and every morning. She would come in and tell stories about rockstars from the eighties who she talked. Would you'd think would be right up things out you would attending there because of the dynamic and other things that I probably shouldn't say iggy you'll probably more comfortable saying them but it just wasn't something that was real appetizing iggy and it led to within a week of leaving our show to go be executive producer. There where he's making more money where he was not talking to a host and they'd stop talking period going forward and then when we went to nine twenty he'd be in the middle of the executive producer of thirteen hundred woman and then he would text in to our show and I go. Hey Man I assume you don't fuck it I don't care it's so bad over here and so when when the time came and we were going back to caffeine us in two thousand sixteen with with the offer Randy. Marquel put in there for us to leave nine. Twenty twenty. Sixteen Randy was a big advocate of making sure that there was a spot for eighty and I said well Shit Randy. That's a no brainer. As a matter of fact I'd like to have him on. Tma because of what you know this. This person said and I know what you think Pete. you're a huge fan as well that you cannot create a character like iggy you cannot create it. His goal absolute goal. He's the best but so much of the key to being a great character on radio and it sounds like a criticism. I have it I I think I have it. Any way is a lack of self awareness and I guess I have a self awareness and I'm aware that these things are going to cause problems when I say them or they'll irritate people but I really did like. I mean I think about it like in a few years like my son listening to this stuff about me talking about orgies and Shit and you know whatever whatever it is that he would go back in here but I mean it's how I really think I don't really apologize for it but I also know that I'm sure there are some people probably who are peers of mine. Probably people I played golf with are like. Yeah you're listening to a show. I mean he's not like that though when we play golf but I mean the show. Holy Shit they talk about like swinging and you know. He's he's really like you know he doesn't believe in God and to me it's like that's what I think. I don't think a big deal but so that's important and then why the TMA works. Is You have doug who in the cat? Who are at this heightened sense of awareness. Because they're scared to death of this ruining their TV jobs so you have the oil and vinegar element of my weird shit. But IGGY is really weird shit and then how iggy just doesn't fucking care and and the best part is is like confusion the shit about it. That's what makes it work. And now you have the Plow Hawk and I don't know what the hell happened because I've watched that like evolve. Who has gone from you know like this? Just one hundred percent approval rating likable stone or two. Just having the most takes on anything who iger in in lockstep an engaged. Repeat you come along and you don't give to tell the audience to go fuck themselves and I kind of like it. But it's a but we're as producer Joe and IGGY Houston and they have this in common. They used to say what a fucking care at the audience says but they're clearly upset about what the audience said. You really clearly. Don't give a fuck about what the audience says and actually are kind of like I was just talking about swerving into the hatred go. I don't really care. I have my friends from high school in College. I don't really give a shit. Fine what did you say on facebook about me? Great who fucking cares. And that's what I think. That is the recipe but you could never create this. I'm in two thousand and one going. Hey there's nothing for people like under the age of fifty to listen to if you're a sports fan in Saint Louis. But I didn't go okay. I'm GonNa get this sixty something pervert who you're to be back at hedonism. Even though he's been there for more than a decade great idea money. Do you need a guy who's high but angry has fuck you know a producer with an MBA? Who's beyond overqualified for what he's currently doing working with? Doug who at the time I was working with and I knew Doug was hilarious but never visualized doing radio show with them. I knew the cat from TV as well and being at the ballpark and all that stuff and then me still telling essentially the same views. They haven't changed in twenty years. I'm still all four. You know sexual free for alls and still complete godless pervert. And that's that would wind up being the recipe. I was like yeah interviewing beat writers boring and having a contrived sports take is boring. So fuck this. Let's do something different. That's what it was but agee added to the show permanently in two thousand sixteen wound up being similar to me as the podcast thing was and how it brought in more people it brought in casting did and then agee is the the it like if the show is ever kind of slow oh you go to iggy and he is going he's GonNa be like Robert Ory like in the final seconds of an NBA playoff game. You know he's going to hit the shop. He's unapologetically I know you're a huge fan that apologetically EGGY BOY DIV said it's like he's lived a thousand lives like it's unbelievable when you think you've heard all season closed breakout ruin like they're really they're really. I feel like there's something I I've never heard before in the keys and this is the thing that that this is the reason why I giggle. And it might be the reason why you giggle. I think we're that easily that we lead the league in giggles on the show. I don't even know I guess. Maybe the Plow Hawk but his are more like spurts of stone or laugher but the the thing that makes doug and the cat and Iggy so for me hilarious is that they can deliver these things completely deadpan. You know they don't break and and I can't do that like I can't get through some of these emails without pissing myself and Iggy tells these stories and he's kind of monotone and then also so like well what what's wrong. Fuck fuck this. I fucked the twelve women on up. Well twenty guys they'd Jamaican Jerk Chicken. What we're talking about that you know. That's the thing that's the key that's the best we got these girlfriends. And we got to Vegas and they'd clean our apartment. I mean so the guy who you know I don't I don't I mean he's essentially on error basically that's his role on the show Since we don't really do much guests on the program but This guy who is a producer on the show by definition also organized a a a bad food service union in Bermuda. And this is the same guy you know and it was seduced by a gay piano player in a lounge in. Saint Louis with cocaine. And it's just delivered and that's the thing I remember growing up growing up like in my early twenties and I would the thing. I envy the most about stern and also Charles Barkley and they both still have it. But now stearns on satellite so there are a bunch of guys doing it. Now podcast million people are doing it is they. Could say shit but like the rules didn't apply to them. You know what what what they would say stern Barclays now like. I said it's a bunch of people but nobody at their level of it They would say it they would meet it. And you know people talk about little correctness now. It was around then to just didn't have social media and they get taken out by if anything all it did was strengthen them and I remember just being in like I'm just like God. That's the best because I felt like people were getting taken out for things. That really weren't wrong. But that was the way that the culture was moving and I admired their invincibility and I love the fact that on our show something like if we were to ever be not that this would happen but if our show we're on my cable wax and within five minutes agee talks about hedonism or like how Chase Richards tried to bang him in his hot tub while doing cocaine I mean they would be in our studio turning off our feet so fucking quickly reds would spin and yet here. It's like we say this stuff and we don't even think anything of it. It's become normalized but it's harmless. It's like our hurting anybody. It's these are our stories or these our our reviews. We're not espousing hatred. It's not mean spirited. It's just the way it's what our lives are have been or what our views are. Continue to be and and Eggy is. I mean listen. The show was obviously popular going forward into two thousand sixteen. Otherwise I wouldn't be talking about all these people that were so young in twenty fifteen at our tenth anniversary party but aggies has been One of the best things that has happened to this program You know and it's sixteen year history with without question because you know it allows us to not have to force sports topics now that we were doing it before but the you don't even miss a beat and to the point now that. I'm sure you see him Pete. Because we both have the text inbox up like the occasional. Texter will be like. Why would you talk? And he's sports. The Blues played last night. You know and go and then I click on the person's name and then scroll down to see where they usually Paxton. Usually they text in after ten o'clock like go fuck yourself Bernie's and a break. Whatever you know this is what we do for sixteen years like at the same time like. What do you expect frank to start talking about? You know you know. It's it's not what he does. So this is what we do and if after sixteen years haven't figured it out you know we'll talk sports if there's something going on at the local audiences interested otherwise we're just GonNa Bullshit and I love being able to do that and Iggy only adds to it. I mean that's the thing he only adds to it. But I say the thing that separates it is the deadpan delivery and his ability to not give a shit if he catches hell. Which of course does hourly so that. Those are my favorite elements of IGGY. And I'm so glad that Randy Marquel back in two thousand sixteen Said Hey bud you wanna you WanNa you WANNA have iggy stick around like absolutely. Can I have him on my show? And that's how it all came to pass. He's the best man. I love watching him during emails. Like when Timmy Timmy? Time sounds going on them his catalin back. This chairing laughed laughing and no-one visibly. He backs away from the bikers. He doesn't want people to hear him laughing. Like oh I don't Wanna I don't WanNa ruin it for people. But but he is laughing. And that's the thing you gotta be. That's the I mean but I don't know if we've ever had on the show because it just wouldn't work if you had somebody who wouldn't you know who'd be on the show who couldn't boss their balls on something. I mean it would be. I guess some people say all the cats hypersensitive dishes that I can't take it but I mean recently you've had courtesy. Tell email almost regularly ripping the cat But iggy gets obviously more shit than anybody else and And he I mean. He thinks it's hilarious. He's just he really is he he is. I mean I get going on somebody else on the show and I'll say well he's the best so it it just there's but but he really you know what he is added to. The show has been has been incredible. I will say also underneath all that creep. The guy has a huge heart. He's always thinking about other people he does all that stuff with the Mega Meyer Foundation. People know about but then there's little stuff like every day like he makes jokes about how he's all this crap in his apartment. He sees something that he thinks like like brings it like even bringing Avian magazine. The magazine for me which I couldn't and if I do by the station I'm GonNa have to say. Hey listen you know. Drop it in the mail if you really want to get it to be. Don't bring it into the radio station I don't need any litigation but yeah I agree. I agree with you. That part of what I wanted. I just feel like him. And the Plough Hawk. I realized the Plow Hawks thirty plus years younger. But I feel like both those guys and you. Since you know what you're very roles would be should this all happen is to reward people who I think. Bring way more to the table than You know they're currently being compensated for him by the way. That's not that's not complaint per se you have to have some Capital and some. You know willing to take a chance on doing some new things but for my standpoint. It's pretty obvious that That we could be doing more with personalities. Like iggy and the Plough Hawks and Hell you've already proven it what we could do with merchandise and And then then what we've done with the golf tournaments speaks for itself. I mean that that's a that's a phenomenon I don't know I I think the resute. Osho is probably the only show in the market that could sell out two days worth of a golf tournament in Auditor. But no either way. We sold out two days of a golf tournament but cool. Yeah I mean it's just it's an I think two foursomes on each hole. I mean it's it's it's absurd and that's the thing and so it's thrilling when so many people As I was telling you before we started up here I have more investors than I have spots for which is I mean. What a what. A great vote of confidence. Even though I wasn't looking for a vote of confidence what a great vote of confidence From the public in you know what we have and what they see as the potential. That's the best and you know it. Most of those people haven't heard me talk about and go through numbers you know they just know that this show and the people involved with it you know have something and And they and they want to be a part of it too. You know just from an investment standpoint. So it's a it's an incredibly you know. It's it's it's it's a it's a great thing and everybody on the show contributes. You can't take one person away from the show and then have it not miss a beat. It's just the way that it is really sad. I think last week or maybe I said it on the radio. I don't fucking know where I'm saying these things but You know everybody's got their favorite and everybody has their least favourite. And that's that's natural but I assure you from being in the trenches with these other five people and back in the day with the monster back in the day with Projo and all the board OPS heretofore That you know we know that okay. Well this person's leaving this is going to change it. You know you might view me as the key might view. Doug is the key or maybe the cat is okay. Whatever you're viewing but I'm telling you must with one piece of it. And it drastically alters and that's why we've fought so hard and continue to do so to keep the group together so You know iggy being part of it and I would love to play a role in iggy making more money because I honestly when it gets down to it I think he deserves it And I feel the same way about The PA Kinda feel the same way about you pete. And that's you know that that to me. There's no reason why You you you have to go in and and you know. I don't want to get on his spot where I'm saying something. That wouldn't be good but you know there's just there there can be better days and But but I WANNA make sure that you know I at least put a strategy in place to help the people who have helped me over the years and ideally lead to to more money and happiness For those involved so anyway. That's how a finish it because I was. I was already over an hour an hour and five minutes. I think if My clock is correct in the basement. Zakharova gangster good man. Yeah Okay Cool. 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