Predicting the Emmy Nominations


Hello and welcome to a little gold man the awards podcast from Vanity Fair. It's such an honor to present the next award the nominees and the group Bills Pandya and I can't deny the fact that you like me on the mistake light you guys won best picture. I'm Katie Richard the deputy editor of Vanity Fair Dot Com and I'm here with our chief critic Richard Lawson Hello and our senior editor Joann Robinson Hi Katie. We are back for the holidays. I hope you all enjoyed our interviews with Jack Rayner Inland Shelton last week it was really fun for me to talk to Lynn really fun for me to listen to Richard Talk to Jack Rayner and then look at Jack's instagram which made me feel incredibly stupid for all of the movies that I have not seen that he knows everything about <hes> A and maybe it'll make me less scared of midsummer when I finally work up the guts to see it anyway we're back and we are really close to the emmy nominations announcements well. She'll be out next Tuesday. We're GONNA have a special episode talking about them right after they happen. Uh so this is the week to predict what's actually going to get nominated as we've been talking about for months but there's a couple of little movie things we wanted to talk about before we get into that and this week is the release of Lulu Wings for a well which has been really I think probably the most successful movie out of Sundance like Buzz wise like people just adored Gortat and Richard You. The only one is one of us seen it so I kind of just wanted to give you a chance to. I don't know tell everyone how great the farewell is yeah. I think if there's going to be a sleeper indie hit of the summer which <hes> we've not really had yet although against midsummer could count <hes> on that regard the farewell would be it because it's got stuff to please those looking for artistry and interesting casting and filmmaking <hes> but also it's a crowd pleaser family drama thirty with you know aquafina popular actress from Oceans Eight and other things so I think it satisfies two different needs that people you might have in this pretty dull movie summer so I I have high hopes for it. <hes> you know hopes all the way that could you know to the Oscars because I think it's screenplay. At least <hes> could be a thing although I know Mike is also agitating for an acting nomination with the Aquafina who had the acting buzzer. Is that someone else on the cast well Aquafina maybe but really I think the one that <hes> Mike is is into issue Zhen Jiao who plays the grandmother who <hes> is the centerpiece of the story and in some ways the film <hes> and I think that would be really exciting because she really is great. I believe she's a first time actress which is well at least. It's this her first credit on I._M._D._b.. So that could be out. We'll narrative lead to operates IOS situation all over again. Yeah yeah something something along those lines sure <hes> and I I mean I could see it because it's hard not to fall in love with her character. You know the movie roughly is about a family all descending on in their home city in China Aquafina character from from New York City to the celebrate a wedding extensively but actually the grandmother's dying and I guess it is tradition in parts of China. If an elder person is dying of a disease you just don't tell them <hes> so they don't you know so they're not like constantly. <hes> you know facing death in the face and so it's a it's a funny premise. It's a sad premise. It's a true premise based on something that actually happened to writer Director Lulu and so in that you get different characters interacting with nay nay that the grandmother and it's just wonderful watching <hes> Shuzhen loud. Can you know do all that so I don't know I hope people go see it. There was a big party for it in New York. <hes> this week that I did not go to but it seemed to have been quite the event judging by Instagram with something you Katie Yeah everyone I I woke up in the morning and everyone when I know apparently was in the same photo booth at the Farewell Party which I mean it says a lot about I mean the let people love the farewell already so it's not like they're just hangers on but eight twenty four really knows how to very niche market something like that and get a lot of people talking about it which is really smart. That's what small movies like this need yeah yeah and I wanted to sort of follow up on that which is kid you talked about the farewell having sort of the most critical buzz possibly sundance but late night is another film that came out of Sundance with so much buzz this Michaela Emma Thompson homes and film that was picked up by Amazon for so much money and then just did nothing and now to the point where there are stories that you know has a role at Amazon for this decision. This seriously is going to make them rethink their film Acquisition Strategy Ellison ourselves like what you know. What kind of cautionary tale can late night provide that the farewell can miss are these apples and oranges like what do you guys think of those those stories well a now? I'm just quoting something I heard on the bachelorette which I don't watch regularly happen to catch episode last night. The BACHELORETTE was trying to make a choice between four guys all look the same <hes> and she was like it's like apple choosing between apples and oranges Kiwi and cantaloupe <hes> that late night and the farewell are Kiwi Cantaloupe. I think the major difference between the two movies which is maybe a nuance that was lost from you know not being on the ground at Sundance was that the farewell was much much better like than late night. It got pretty much unanimously positive reviews late night a lot of people were mixed on and so I don't think that late night had really the critical momentum going into its opening as much as that counts for anything but the farewell will have a raft of support not just because it's a great movie but because it is you know and maybe this tired old saw it is a really great example of what what representation on onscreen can mean and what different kinds of stories can be told when Hollywood you know widens its purview so I think that <hes> despite late nights many advantages. I'm one of the bigger fans of that movie. I think the farewell is better positioned to be sort of summer <hes> thing but but yes that said Joanna like I'm sure were that people at Amazon are having some dark days right now for well seems to have like and we talk about eighth grade. All the time is kind of the model for this like something that you feel like you get a discover on your own and get to tell other people about which is like the benefit of a slow release. I think late night open really wide really fast asked which a lot of people credited as one of the things that were wrong. They spent a ton of money marketing it <hes> the farewell especially for what you've been saying Richard like it's got the heart string tugging aspect to it like it's has an emotional poll not just like a quality poll eighth grade had the same had the same thing which is part of what makes people like really WanNa flock to see it. I'll be really curious to see we talked a lot last summer about how much an impact movie passes having in terms of Cisco Movie Pass Right uh-huh. I'm sorry what now when they're dead Joe how much in fact movie pass out on the <hes> on the indie box office last year in terms of like people just feeling like. They had more of a budget. Go see these smaller films and word of mouth helped things like eighth grade or R._P._G.. Or various things and so I'll be curious to see when we do a forensic analysis of the year if if there is a big difference in terms of how the those indie darlings are doing these those India summer darlings and I don't know if you guys have seen this sort of depressing midway midway through the year statistics or charts that just show I mean this. This is accusing cantaloupes but show <hes> Disney box office versus every other studio like it's it's really upsetting to look like the line is going to go around the grounds and then come back around like it's fully lap every other studio yeah. It's like that one kid in your fifth grade class who had like three roses stars before anyone else had finished one when they're reading but yes so. I don't know I'm hopeful that people people go see the smaller films <hes>. I really love a last minute San Francisco. I think it did okay. Midsummer is doing pretty well and I hope this. I hope this does really well so <hes> I'll be seeing it well speaking of small movies. I guess my best transition we can get to. There's a trailer out for the Judy Garland Bio pic judy that Sergeant Zellwegger we'd seen a teaser for it a while ago and the the full trailer came out this week. It'll be out later this year. I feel like I can say it's not a great trailer but that isn't necessarily the judge of a movie. It's really I mean I think this movie will live and die based on Rene Zellweger's performance as Judy Garland and I do think there's a lot of interesting stuff going on in there. What did you guys think about that trailer? Katie there was nothing small bug shooting Carlin nor is there a new small but Renee Zellweger no <music> very true. It is a large movie. It's the pictures that got small yeah that first teaser which was really effective and then you know which is often happens when they'd have to do like the fold two and a half minute trailer where you have to actually show people talking and or unless you're lying <hes> yeah it it. You're like oh it's just this. It's just this bio pic thing and Zellweger who I am more than rooting for <hes> to have a comeback with this movie this year their voice work seems a little too characters which is so hard because she is such as like Liza Minelli too like they are such characters that like any impression you do is going to sound crazy because they were so weird well right and the thing is just you just alienated like so much of our audience think judy garland crazy and week. Oh my God they are beloved icon incredibly unique. I think the the thing hampering Judy's Oscar chances at the academy never gives awards to like crazy over the top musical biopic performances like that just doesn't happen now. There's no recent history of it. There's no old history of it. That's me saying that like I'm trying to be like don't be too who'd nervous about the renaissance based on this trailer but it's not a great second step for that movie joy the word you lean on it. Yeah I mean it's hard for me. I don't know if I talked about this. When we talked about the teaser but Judy Davis has done the Nykanen like Judy garland performance and it's hard for me to see anyone else do it? I also along with Richard heartily rooting for Renee Zellweger so like if not this project and hopefully hopefully this isn't like the one chance dance and then nothing. I hope it's the beginning of the just the spear tip of more to come from Rene but I'm not delighted by this trailer now. Does Yours Watch netflix series. That Rene was on that came out a few weeks ago that I I saw mostly in gifts have sun twitter. <hes> and I wasn't sure what kind of audience share it got a what if it was called a believe yeah no I started it and I'll be honest. It bum me out for for her so I was just like you know it just made eight for duty <hes> Yeah Yeah Fair enough and I think that was what a lot of people did that show I hear from people that that show dropped pretty quickly as a priority for Netflix <hes>. Maybe I'm speaking out of school and maybe I'm speaking incorrectly but that's that's what I've heard the wind so I'm choosing to say well forget that being part of the Zellweger narrative this year it lives in die by Judy. <hes> Judy set for late September release which to me makes it seem decently unlikely we'll see the Toronto <hes> that line coming out were the first part of that lineups coming out in two weeks so we might know a lot more about judy really soon <hes> this week's episode is brought to you by Ziprecruiter ziprecruiter hiring is challenging but there's one place that you can go were hiring is simple fast and smart a place where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates and that place is ziprecruiter dot com slash approach ziprecruiter sends your job to over one hundred hundred of the Web's leading job boards but they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology ziprecruiter skins thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invites them to apply for your job as applications come in ziprecruiter analyzes each one and spotlights the top candidates so you never have to miss a great match. ziprecruiter is so effective that four out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day and right now our listeners can try ziprecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash approach. That's ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash A._p._p.. R. O. A. C. H.. ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM slash approach ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire okay so now it is it's time to get up predicting hats on which is something that we always happily do on this show and then always embraced when we are wrong which it seems like you're inevitably going to be I. I don't actually have to write formal emmy predictions for DOT COM Joanne. I know you're working on that so anything I say here you can hold against me but I'll pretend I never said it and I won't be held to it so let's predict the emmy nominations a little bit. I think we've talked over the last couple of weeks about how the top categories like how many series drama series feel a little bit foretold for veep and game of thrones but starting with comedy what else you can see on the horizon that maybe it'd be excited about where you WANNA see. TRY TO AT least compete with cheap for me. I mean there's a lot this is such a good time for comedy <hes> and a competitive time for comedy. <hes> you know our colleague Sonia Sarai also helped with our <unk> predictions. Richard has some predictions in there <hes> and I believe you did comedy right Richard I didn't so so Sonia is the world's biggest champion of berries barriers like <hes> you know that we're kind of putting some muscle behind but like also flee back a Russian doll like these are these are great great comedies that were it not for this being veep sort of like final lap around around around the rink. I don't know why did I try to do sports metaphor. Yes for skating. I think one of those Russian doll especially being like such a fun surprise breakout of the year <hes> might have a better chance what. Do you think Richard Well. I'm looking at Gold Derby which you know <hes> can be a help or hindrance pending and I do see a few people predicting I mean it's just a few <hes> shits creek down six or seven or list of Po possible nominees <hes> <hes> but that would be really exciting and I think would be another example of the Emmys you know being this big ship. That's low turns recognize something like you know only nominating the Americans at the very end a lot of which comes from huge swells of critical cool and <hes> audience support and campaigning and I think that would be what would happen. When Shits Creek is that people are finally like Oh right this thing that you know it's a cult hit? It's not like the biggest show on T._v.. By any means but a lot of people love passionately that it could be also debuted on Netflix this year which like all of a sudden has turned it into turned invisible in a way it never was before and I should apologize actually now that I have this platform so I wrote about the show <hes> right before this new season premiered and I was just like yeah I was sleeping on on the show a you're right it's great and I have to begrudgingly thank net flicks because I wouldn't have caught up with it otherwise and I then I read a report. I don't know for some Canadian website a couple of days after that that onstage at some sort of panel one of the heads of programming programming for C._B._C. which foster the show into existence in Canada said that she was like heartbroken to read that Vanity Fare gave netflix credit for ships creek. It's like no that's not what I meant. All I meant was that yeah like you said Katie with so many other shows nine zero friends with all the other things that people are revisiting. <hes> Netflix is is can help a show immensely. Not even what's funny is Netflix isn't even like the U._S. distributor. That's pop is is like a C._v._C.. Show that airs here on pop and then Netflix Netflix still doesn't even have the latest season of ships creek which debuted earlier this year and I know it must be frustrating for these networks. I mean but like we've seen seen that with Riverdale for C._W.. Leg riverdale didn't pop till it hit and Affleck's or you for lifetime and lifetime I think gave you like wound up like giving you or however you give a series the net flix yeah and then exploded for them and then now Netflix has season two and lifetimes like Tam it you know so like you know pop is still hanging onto scraper. What's funny? Is I remember. I don't know if I've told this story before. This is as a joiner repeat stories on the podcast but I remember when Shits Creek had a panel at Ta and I- perked up because I like Eugene Living Catherine Hera but I was like they showed like some scenes from the show and I was like I'm not that interested in this this doesn't this. This looks like a kind of broad comedy. I wouldn't be interested in it. I had no idea who Dan Levy was and then <hes> Jarrett why someone who now who then worked for buzzed even hours for net flicks he was like I love this show and I was like no one in the room cares about the show. He's like yeah but I love this show. Trust me and and so if you're giving credit for all of this. I'm going to get cut if I would be a programmer at C._V._C. to give them credit. No he was the only one in this entire room I swear to God paying attention to that show and then and now it's like everyone's everyone's eating it up with a spoon another another crazy example of net flicks giving show bump is I think I'm remembering my history right is the walking dead that show premiered and it was like okay and then they put it right on Netflix like that was an the M._c. was doing that they also did with breaking bad. It was huge for breaking bad deli. I think walking dead also got a huge bump <hes> so anyway it's just weird phenomenon but yeah I think all credit to jared for being there. I <hes> no yeah I mean it was just it was just funny. It's funny to think about being in a room with all these T._v.. Journalists and everyone was just like when you're at T._A.. There are panels. Everyone's paying attention in their panels. Were ones just like looking at their phone or whatever and that was one. We're like no one was paying attention and now everyone is obsessed with Shits Creek and I was just like that's that's a sad day. You know what I mean like <hes>. It's it's just fun to think about it worked out well for everyone but yeah I don't know if she's creek will make it into the main comedy category but there's such a groundswell of support Catherine Herridge to get a nomination <hes> and that would be I think incredible talk about comedy actress than if we're talking about Catherine O'Hara sure I mean the idea of a category that includes Catherine O'Hara versus Julia Louis Dreyfuss surfaces and then probably Lily Tomlin probably Allison Janney like formidable lineup or Natasha Leona phoebe Waller Bridge or or Rachel Brosnahan like it's just a murderer's row of of talent there and Christina applegate for the laugh minute comedy dead to me which like yes has funny parts and Christina applegate and Linda currently are funny actresses but like. I don't know that sounds like a weird category insertion but it's a half an hour so that's why they did it. That's so funny. The half hour thing half hour rule really just continues to get things <hes> I had like a few weeks ago. I talked about how I wasn't really letting myself. Get my hopes up for fleabag but now I kind of am I feel like people our bridges a decent bet now yeah. At least I think I said this four leased in like some kind of writing categories but like <hes> but yeah overall I mean it would be amazing to see fleabag represented that way. I'm not seeing a lot of support for my Andrew Scott because his part is not really funny but Olivia Colman fresh off an Oscar win <hes> you know might speak in there and she is absolutely one of the funniest parts of the show so there's there's a lot of that fresh off. If the Oscar win stuff I mean I I was doing the for the predictions I did like all the T._v.. Movie and miniseries thing where you get a lot of you know <hes> movie actors kind of Moonlighting on T._v.. You know you have Sam Rockwell Mahershala Ali the chew I found Myself Wondering Patricia Arquette to some extent. Her Oscar was a little bit. You know few years ago but I found myself wondering how much that counts for Emmy voters and I think it has to a little bit. Oh definitely I mean you think about when in <hes> like the big little lies crew was going around and you get Nicole Kidman. It's like Nicole Kidman. She's got an Oscar. She's the person we're GONNA rally behind. Reese Witherspoon has an Oscar to but <hes> I think that glow of having huge deal movie stars in these categories still really exists especially Ashley with Muhammad Ali who is on the street where he kind of can't stop winning things although that <hes> movie mini series actor category is really competitive. I'm not Jill even sure I know who would win in all of that yeah I mean increasingly those categories are just bloodbath breath. You know like yeah I when I was making my lip my shortlist of the six for each I would look at who was left on the cutting room floor and I was like Jesus like any of those people could easily win. Let alone be nominated so it'll be really interesting to see where the EMMYS focus has been. I think that for me the T._v.. Narratives of at least is second half of the twentieth eighteen nineteen season were fleabag which is why I think Phoebe Waller Bridge is in good shape and then Chernobyl <hes> and I think. Jared Harris Emily Watson Stellan skarsgard. They're all going to get nominated in various categories. <hes> and I think that show will win <hes> for T._v.. Limited series what would beat for limited. I'm sorry I'm looking at Gold Derby now but I'm just thinking about what what competition is going to Fosse. Verdon would be a big one yeah sharp objects or objects which you know dance chart because this is on a lot of the goal derby predictions and it's on it's on mine but I put them on sort of reluctantly because I was like as much as that show was great and and it's just I just don't use a year ago. I don't know that it has I feel like if anything gets bizarrely forgotten it could be that I completely agree like we. I love sharp objects. I like sharp objects better than big lies. I like ticket so much. I don't know why I'm comparing those two <hes> but director yes sure that's why it's not it's not because all women's stories of the same but the it has it has been forgotten and it's so oh it's so disappointing to me that Amy Adams could do all of that and get nothing is a disgrace. I'll go ahead and say this pace that back into what we were all saying for a rival when she didn't get nominated for that a couple years ago it's it's a theme for her. Unfortunately it does make you wonder if we're going to get in and I guess we're kind of sort of in the spirit already about giving T._v.. Work like the Oscars where all of the prestige movies come out within the same month long period in December <hes> because if something like sharp objects gets blanked because does it came out too long ago whereas Fosse Verdon Chernobyl when they see us are all way more recent like oh they might all just pile on top of each other in a way that's kind of harder on T._v.. Than it is for movies I think and I think TV critics already feeling that the May crush this year was unbearable so emmy a seasoned Tis upon us and it's just so much harder to like watch all ten hours or whatever of the emmy eligible thing then like go to film festival and watch all the Oscar nominee so how much time out for the portee critics do want to talk about if anything has a chance up against game of thrones yeah I mean I'm looking at Gold Derby again just trying to see like nobody has anything became a thrones really at the top of their predictions which is hard to imagine I mean what are the Buzzy draw. I guess succession is the other like regular drama. That's got buzzed comparable to game of thrones yet. Succession is in there and you know better hustle and this is a perennial nominees. They'll be in there but it's just a funny in like absent year. The crown doesn't have an handmaid's tale both are not eligible. The Americans is over house of cards which was the usual nominees sort of scandal plagued and so like there's some option for some fresh blood succession as one. I'm kind of hoping that pose gets in there will be a really a really cool thing and I think it's possible that the television academy wants to show itself is like you know a little less musty them at sometimes is so those would be a great opportunity for it to do that. It also debuted at second season. which is a great way if you're or if because it's the first season that's eligible but that's a good way? If you're older show to get yourself back in the conversation is to season run that I know that yeah. That's the thing when we do this. We always have to leak double. Check you know which season is being nominee. It's not what you expect expect. <hes> because I was like is it. I was like I was like is this killing you being nominated for first season or second season. Its second season which is which was the less successful season I think but I still think killing eve and it's lead actresses Andrew O.. J. D. comber will probably get in there is sort of a make good for the television overlooking them <hes> last year so yeah killing US feels like get Felton fell in this very strange buzz pocket. We're like it got really big for its first season while it was still eligible but it had to kind of builds by by the time the emmys he's happened the first season killing egos huge but it hadn't gotten there fast enough to get the nominations in place right right the other thing that I wanted to ask you guys about <hes> and I'm going to ask I'm direct this. Maybe at our resident Ozark head Richard which is ozark is fairly high handsome Gold Derby lists. When I was making a drama predictions I was less inclined to back it only because it hasn't been nominated before? I didn't think the second season was as well liked as the first season and I don't really understand why it's up there other other than the fact that like maybe Netflix is throwing a lot of its campaign money behind it because it doesn't have like it doesn't really have a shot with house of cards or orange is the new black and so perhaps Ozark is its best chance of getting into some of these drama categories <hes>. What do you think Richard of of Ozark in that conversation I mean isn't Ozark sort of the kaminsky method I mean isn't it like that's Golden? Globes Kaminsky method is Golden Globes and like Os are being a golden globe. Hope show I understand but is it an emmy show. I don't that's the thing I don't know I mean you know <hes> I a lot of people watch. It is my understanding <hes>. It's pretty good. I mean it's well acted but I feel like that's a show that will use we'll be used almost else does like filler like it's like okay. We gotta get to how many nominations like that'll be one of them because it's just like an easy one to vote for in a way and also because it's very present in that I'm sure Netflix is doing at least enough <hes> f._i._C. Stuff to to get it in the mix. I I would love to see Laura. Linney get nominated for an emmy in two thousand nineteen. That'd be fine. I mean she also had tales of the city this year so she's in people's minds. Certainly it's crazy that she needed it. She didn't like Jason Bateman got nominated last year and it got a couple of other uh-huh technical nominations but it's crazy that Laura Linney didn't yeah yeah I mean I think of all the of all the nominations I would like to see Laura. Linney nominated would be great Julia Garner. I also like generally <hes> you know for her work. On across a number shows <hes> Richard and I had a conversation around whether or not her season two performance on Ozark was as good as won but like yeah golder be has Jason Bateman Laura Linney Julia Garner and Ozark in the main category and I'm like you want to run the boerse liquids. I mean not not to win necessarily but I was just I was surprised by that presence over something like pose which I think has broken through in a bigger way than Ozark casts so let's talk about posed because I'm really hoping that that is able to break through it just got renewed root for season three so F._x.. Is clearly behind the show and just looking at the wide sort of field of potential <hes> nominees this year when I was putting together my predictions but also looking at other people's is this is a pretty non diverse group of actors this year for for some reason <hes> and you know there are a few people here and they are certainly <hes> a series when they see us has some great options D._C.. Nash or <hes> <hes> Michael K Williams but pose would offer the opportunity to <hes> nominate some exciting young actresses who a lot of people haven't seen before a lot of us haven't seen before you know and whether it's India Moorer any of them who are on posing are so. so good on it that said what am i seeing as the potential acting nominees from that show it's guest actor christopher maloney and guest actress sandra bernhard you know and it's like okay like say you're recognizing this show but you're sort of pointing to to the more established <hes> white people who have you know blown through the show <hes> not that they aren't great on it but <hes> i don't know i just think the pos narrative is going to be really interesting <hes> and i would almost wonder if part of it is ah i feel like the nomination for that show in invest drama series would be the win in a way you know what i mean <hes> because the season to marketing campaign with those photographs was so stunning that everywhere new york city on subway entrances and everything and they just they they still grabbed my even though i've seen them a million times so i don't know just kind of wonder if that would have had any impact because it really is the most striking ad campaign for show i've seen in a while and awhile i'm seeing billy porter on a lot of people's lists for drama actor so i i hope that that means he has a good shot as well well especially because he's in our you know special awards them return to the richard lawson touch let's go get him there that was worth it in its own right but you know that would be cherry on top billy porter and i have <hes> m._j. rodriguez <hes> sort of in my in my prediction slash wishlist but like all of this is going to bump up against game of thrones which will be interesting see like the nominations ends i'm not worried about for game of thrones it's the wind that is actually a question mark for the first time in a while i still think it's gonna win everything but like there is so much ill will <hes> the narrative around it is is is so toxic <hes> for the final season that i'll be curious but so once again they're running amelia clarkin kit harrington and lead categories i think amelia is sort of sh they both got screwed over by doing that last year they they ran in lead and neither of them got nominated i think there's a better case for them as leads this year and i think amelia carcass specially even though she was given like a very tough script i think she did a lot with it and her best work i think on the series so i would be really comfortable with are getting a nomination kid also did a good job but there's a lot of tough competition for him in the dramatic actor category and then for supporting the thrones actors i know people joke about lena haiti like just standing in a window and sipping wine <hes> <hes> this season but she she's been nominated like every season for the last that that she's been eligible for the last five years she's just my comic part of the show i don't see her like not getting this final nomination i would love to see when for sophie turner neko's geico waldo of course my favorite and then peter linkage actually i think did a great job this year he's been kind of sleepwalking in some of the key one first season that i think he sleep walked through and i was wondering he was like i win this real yeah he was like but this year i think he actually like sort of like woke up was like this is the end i will i will bring what i can and did so you know like those are those are some of the people in the main competition is for peter damage is kieran culkin which would be a win that i would personally i love <hes> i accession so i don't know really fun there's a lot of good options but i it's hard it's hard to you know we can talk all we want about the the general perception of game of thrones but the way in which the television academy happy views how game of thrones changed how tv is 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hear about it constantly i wonder if that might make a stronger showing the expect as well the narrative is actually a little reverse it was it was the biggest show ever advert in the u._k. when it premiered on the b._b._c. <hes> and then it hit here slightly more muted and i think it got an uptick win richard madden won the golden globe and i think he won the golden globe because that's the hollywood foreign press shurmur leg this is the biggest show in the okay here you go richard man also he's great in it <hes> but i was when i picked richard for richard madden for our little like something for our emmys issue and i think i must katie and i was like my heart says richard or my headsets richard near like do richard but then i picked richard madden from that category because to be clear your particularly he's gonna win over i guess like bob odenkirk who's been nominated a bunch of times but has never won a bunch of people think like maybe this is his year maybe this is better call cells year ear <hes> but i pick richard not just because he's the bodyguard which he is not just because he has a golden globe win because he but because also who so great rocket man because he's rumored to be on his stock is just like on such a rise right now i think outside of my bubble hopefully as well and also how juicy and ironic it would be if he would kit harrington didn't like cambridge in one in the category and kidding robb stark's revenge yeah robb stark eric wins jon snow gets blinked i don't know that's something i've been thinking about is there anyone else from bodyguard to look out for acting wise i put keeley hawes in there because she's she's also like someone who's been around on t._v. for a long time time especially if you're Because my not sure well I wanted to talk about guests actor categories briefly just because I think they're extremely fun is where you see nominations for people who like Oh. I didn't know that they were eligible for me at all and I believe they're still not handed out during the major telecast so it's something you hear about before the Emmy Awards happen but when I was glad to see the golden rule is getting into this because otherwise it's incredibly hard to keep track of but one of the ones that I really got into the was Maya Rudolph the good place love as the judge which would be extremely fun and also I. I don't no no if I might be the biggest Mrs Mazel Fan at this point but Jane Lynch had this great arc unlike previous season as this really kind of fake Vaudeville comedian and she's kind of their high on people's list too so those are two people who I was rooting hard for data. You don't WanNa see Cate Blanchett nominated for an emmy so I haven't documentary now which is the makes me think Gimme kicked off twitter. Tell me about Cate Blanchett's documentary now Emmy Buzz so her documentary monument. Whatever you WANNA call it is a spoof of the artists is present about <hes> Marina Abramovich and that that famous exhibit she did where she just as an share and stares at people <hes> I mean it's more than that but and the funny thing about that or the not funny thing about that is that it's played very straight and there there's a joke because because it's so similar but that's kind of like they're serious moments in it and whatever she is typically grade? She's doing accent like she's fun in it <hes> but my investment in her being nominated in the guest comedy actress category which you know she's she's she's ranked on on. Some people shortlists right now is that she is <hes> kind of dismayingly far behind on her IGA. She's only one. where's her G. Man? How's the G. GONNA happen? Where's her teeth <unk> theater theater workman in Australia like does she have like eight Australian Tony's she's only been on Broadway once and it was in a play that was not well received at all everything else you know when she played blanche to a performance I think I think that she's still not Shakin <hes> when she did all the <hes> the you know the the maids with Isabelle who pair all that stuff that's all been like at Bam or whatever which is not <hes> so so she's only got the the Oh and the you know that that would be great because when I guess everyone else going to T._v.? So maybe she'll end up in some elegant miniseries or something but yeah she's never had an emmy nomination which like I mean obviously he's a movie star but at this point like most of them have emmy nomination somewhere in their history know she's. She's never done really T._v.. So till now so so that she's is playing Phyllis Schlafly in an upcoming series so it doesn't make it this year her coming okay yes and documentary now isn't a is an amazing series generally but they're there come the mice stealth person that I would love to see get nominated is Richard kind who is in this spoof of the company cast recording that they did for documentary which is which was just so very much for me and it turns out every other TV. Critic is a huge hit in the world but it was a hit for instance by John. Mullany is as Sondheim is great but Richard kind has was just there and Richard has just been doing like great t._v.. Work forever so like it would be great to see him in there but he he impala pell both just sort of like steel that that whole thing <hes> walk right away with it <hes> and then the other other guests <hes> guest actor thing that I want to look at is is the S._N._l.. Host they usually like get in there and I think Malini Malini would be a great great pick for that one <hes> he he is like now my favorite S._N._l.. Host when he shows up being you know because he was such a long time great writer for them so he shows up you can like feel his hand on the various sketches and it's it's just as up but there's other. There's like Aquafina or like like you know various other hose Andrew Yes andro whoever would this be for his name is lobster parody. I mean is that same up so he did. He did like a New York Yeah Yeah essentially the same concept so yeah yeah and then the other like weird scandal of the emmy guest categories right is that Peter McNicoll is back in for veep after he got like nominated and then disqualified just qualified at the last moment because he had been in too much of the series so they calibrated his appearance this season so that he was in just the right amount to get that guest actor nomination again so it might be nice repeated Nicole to get the win because I think he was considered the favorite to win the year that he was disqualified and he is I mean he's fantastic on veep so I totally forgot that it happened. Yeah let drama what an Emmy Skin okay. We're maybe close to the end of it any other big categories you guys are excited about any bold predictions you WanNa make I wanNA talk just a second about reality host. Oh yeah that's right because you know it was exciting. I believe it was last year that Rupaul Charles One and drag race one for reality competition program and that was very exciting you know after like almost a decade of of kind of guerrilla cult support for that show it finally broke through the the membrane of of public consciousness is <hes> and this year Rupaul is likely to be nominated again alongside Allen for her really cruel game show where she makes people do stupid things for money and laughs at them. <hes> it's really it's really like it's like it's like bread. It's it's like something got ancient Rome. It's it's crazy. I had no idea yeah it's sadistic <hes> Jane Lynch for Hollywood game night and then interestingly Amy Poehler Nick Offerman for making it which was really cute kind of you know I don't know what you craft series sort of and then well they're just listed as queer eye and then prince for queer eye like so the the the the Fab five would be nominated as one unit and could potentially upset Rupaul or whoever else <hes> which you know. I don't know so that that narrative I think is kind of interesting you know the the emmys were slow to diversify their reality categories and now they're <hes> you know they're actually rewarding stuff that people seem invested in which is nice. I just don't know why Jerry Condo doesn't have more Emmy Buzz. That's a great question. I actually just imagine what she could honestly. I just like to see her on the red carpet. She'll be there anyway but but do you think she would like hold onto her statue or get rid of it. That's crazy thing like handed to somebody on the stage like let it go from her life. Well as I said we're going to be back to talk about the nominations as they come in a next Tuesday Richard Joel. You'll be off in Los Angeles <hes> receiving your Emmy. I believe is how that works so yes so congratulations anyway. We'll be back to talk about all of that hot and in the meantime you can find some fanfare dot com with <hes> the emmy predictions from you guys that will be going up later this week as well. You can find us on twitter at little gold men and on our own I met Katie rich Richard and Joanna Jerus-.

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