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All Right Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls he's to is in tune your ears. It's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast dream Don facebook youtube twitter, and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority in their field and how you can mimic their success developing authority building, your audience, and attracting clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage, your host Brian S Arnold. In the building this is Brian as Arnold, your host. With the most out the innocence stupid things say. I am here the product and the episode year I with my new friend. Brandon Walker I'm so glad to have him here how you doing my friend. I am doing great. Thanks so much for having me and I didn't realize a DJ session walking the episode. Tibbets. Yes Sir yes. Serve we try to keep it alive here a little bit. No kidding but. We're both on the east coast He's a little style look further further away south than I am, but we're still good both on the east coast. Guys here He's from originally from Cleveland Are you? Actually are you Cleveland Brown fan or a? Fan No yes. No I mean I think by virtue of I grew up. I be lying if I said I'm super engaged as a fan but just by humble roots after associate with for better worse. Awesome. Awesome. So Let's get started. He is here to show us he says. Just some life lessons of building a successful startup. And I'm glad to have him here because I know there are people who are who are in this field in space. Who needs some guidance on here? He is here to help us in before we even get started. Tell us first of all brain who you are personally professionally. Great on I would say personally I am a runner I like endurance dirt biking, which means going on long trips across wide swaths of land They reader and I have sorta of coined the term lifestyle engineer to describe how I think about the way I live professionally speaking I am founder and CEO of a company called bbn Blazer, and basically what we do is we train aspiring high-performers on mindset inhabits US weight loss of different content, educational materials of programming that we do to help people better align their. Their actions with their life's purpose Historically, I think the reason we're talking about startups is I served as senior vice president of sales for a company called untapped a where we grew a sales team from zero to forty five people grew the company one, hundred twenty people and sold the company back in March to a growth equity firm. Awesome and we're going to we're going to tap into that. Already. the infamous second question, which is what project you're currently working on, which is beating blazers key. Tell us a little more about that, but must be go ahead until the more about that. Sure, yeah So the company is really young I've been working on it full time for about two and a half months now and November relaunching a Beta of our first product it's called the mindset accelerator. A six week program I've been working on with. An executive coach and a PhD Olympic flow coach trainer on. That what is flow coach crater? What is that all about So low is the state of consciousness where you feel your best in perform your best. It's frequently called being in the zone and so that feeling when you've conversation that feels like it lasted five minutes, it's been two hours or for me as a basketball player every every shots going in, it's just that feeling worried dialed in. And so it's a, it's a neuro chemical engine that's running in your brain that's firing up in you feel that way and so this guy on Chris Trains Olympic athletes to get into that state of mind their leading into their performance and so. Basically, we're developing a six week program designed to help people figure out their core values in live life that's according to the lifestyle they want to live instead of what society or other people have told them that they should be living. I like that say say this. Is a big thing nowadays about core values we had a have brandon's while here. But we can go talking about the same thing we. Got It as black sheep values. So which is how he coins it. For. Core values. That's a big thing right now. And I see I think that's very, very important now. In any space really to know exactly what are your values are you living by them? And they will discuss that a little further on him. But when I want to before we do that let's let's let's go back. Into your story read. Back To you jumping out of college. Were, all counting on you finish. Would you dropped out? Tell tell us about feeling what you know. This is that wasn't directed direction or or were you were with that in how you got into a university to believe? In a scenario for domain sure So when I I started playing basketball in college at a small school Michigan, why was there? I started a bike taxi company at Pedicab Company where I do brewery tour pedal people around. Doing that and psychology entrepreneurship bug like I had the feeling I can go work my own hours. See this is an once I got that idea in my head I became really passionate about the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, this philosophy of freedom. Having idea on the back of a Napkin, bringing it into something that create jobs impact. And so I, ended up moving. North Carolina going to North Carolina Wilmington and. I had an opportunity on an internship with untapped out when I was twenty and so I started with them and. I had a decision to make I got the program in San Mateo Draper University, and basically what that is a appre exceleron program for want to be entrepreneurs. So we had sixty five students from thirty different countries who all joined this program for eight weeks learn what it means to be an entrepreneur in a school started by billionaire venture capitalists named Tim Draper So. After. I finished at draper I had the opportunity to go back to school or trying to take a chance in persist with this internship that I have been granted. and. So I opted for. Option B. would. Tapped and obviously sort of pay dividends long-term from a learning perspective. Yeah I I think that? The experience that you got from the air is probably what GonNa, really really dive into today. So tell us more about untapped while you're there in which you know what you learn and how you accelerated to. VP Fast I'm really interested in. Hearing about that that? Yeah. So untapped is a social media platform for beer drinkers, and so the idea is you can check in different beverages that you specifically beers that you've had at different locations take picture sherm friends. Since game five, you can earn badges and stuff and. When I joined the company, we had about three million users on the APP at that time. And the goal was to sell business software to bars, breweries, restaurants our shops liquor stores to help them facility in market your products to those three million users that we're using the social media aspect. So that was my responsibility was, can we sell this? How do we sell this? Can You scale a team? Can you run a team et CETERA and So I literally was the one who wrote our scripts and found the initial leads that we were going to call in There's a funny story about me getting cussed out by a French chef in Quebec because. We'd actually have a product yet. All of our scripts and stuff and I got him to the point where he was giving me a credit card because you so interested in the primary are selling adept deadlines they will not stop stop. This is a real accessory of doing texting. Certain. Up The phone. For like. From person to person dynamic that socks you don't want to get sworn at but it proved that people actually interested in this I was never gonNA scammed the guy or take his car. It was just holy crap. People are actually interested in we can sell this and so. I was the eighth employee at the company when I started as an intern and we realized very quickly that reverses scale, we're going to have to sell a lot of this software all over the world, all his restaurants in ours and stuff maybe the guy that wrote the scripts I twenty one at this point, it was like all right Brandon let's see if you can do this. So I hired a team of four people. Did that for six weeks hired four more people than ever six weeks four more people for more people eventually within eighteen months I had thirty people within three years. It was forty five people, and as we scale team up and got more sophisticated I was just awarded a new titles that reflected the breadth of the work that we were doing. I want to know if you remember. What the script was with less that's confidential information though, but I wanna know what the script was that got somebody do just want to give credit card if mission right away was there was there a? System to system way of doing it or something it wasn't just something you just made up right? Or maybe was no but can you just go maybe if you know that if you remember. Yeah. Definitely, definitely. Rimmed on that. So it wasn't just one call guy me is credit card like I have been calling and trying to get a hold of them. We booked demo and we spent thirty minutes on the phone together I followed up with more information. So it wasn't just the two of us on the phone I hadn't presentation with like graphics and tax that explained what it is but in reality we hadn't. Built the thing yet, and so like it wasn't, it would have been unethical for me to accept money from the person at that time in that format, and so he just the the idea the product that we were selling got to a point where he was like, yeah that would offer a lot of value for us as a restaurant and so he was willing to pay the money for it. I love it. So let's go from. What's the most staying on tap I WanNa know about the things that you learned later there. that. Carried over now to what you do now but some things that you may be maybe also did not line you. the lift. You got you to maybe to leave the company are or how that how that WORKED OUT I guess. Great Question. I think it's probably easier and quicker to things that didn't connect like Eh, untapped was my own for the whole beginning my career ahead. Amazing mentors I learned from these entrepreneurs who are seasoned vets in had been really successful over and over again other what needs to be a good leader in teammate and all these other acids that I wouldn't have gotten had not done. That on I think for me. The biggest thing was having that experience way back when with my pedicab in that ultimate goal was to become an entrepreneur I knew that although I can continue getting promoted hope hopefully and earning new opportunities it would never be mind like as much as I helped build it was not Marin and so I really wanted to take something that. was that an also that I felt could make an impact on people's lives at a deeper level than through a beer at, but again, anti hazing no. A skateboard hanging with Logan. So yeah. That was that was sort of the genesis of me. Go wide. there. Yeah. there. So. Go ahead. Finish. Yeah for on that side. So Okay cool. So We're GONNA shifting to this new this new because being beans and blazers. And It's it's. I gotTa tell you when I when I heard heard the name I thought at first to beyond that I was going to go look for look for something look for meetings and Blazers. You'RE GONNA, go by some some Somali some beanies. But it was it was much different than that. He would like you said this is. More of a mindset accelerator kind of thing about the performance with Jay, which is. How you describe it was it was amazing. Tell us tell us why you shifted this way. This up in that you have entrepreneurial mindset what what got you into this thing called Blazers what what did you see from either people that you know or people that you see that? Are, almost there in our Needs need extra extra help to get to. The next day the side what what took you there? If you don't mind, ask asking that. For my favorite reported by experience, it untapped was running a team of that size I learned. A lot about leadership and what we did was we're taking twenty two year olds coming out of college and turning them into really talented salespeople who were hitting crazy numbers. We're the fastest growing company North Carolina Number Eight, hundred, fifty in the country. Might methodology to training was pretty unique. We would focus on the individuals habits and sleep in relationships and stuff that didn't have anything to do with selling beer software. And as part doing that, it engendered more loyalty to US higher performance longer longevity with the company in terms of late reduced attrition from people leaving or getting fired, and all of that culminated These crazy numbers may being twenty-three-year-old vp of anything to your point earlier. and. So I had this idea that those same principles that I had sort of intuitively been teaching people about could definitely transcend selling like what if you removed the outcome of being a sales person in tethered back to any person's values of what they want to get out his life. So if you're an aspiring musician who wants to make a music video, maybe that's your shtick may be one of being. Entrepreneur maybe one of become a professional athlete, the goal is to create a series of thought patterns and habits and behaviors that could induce success in holistic performance no matter what your pursued or whatever were and so beanie represents mindset blazer represents application. So the idea is you shift the way you think you apply it back to your nine to five back to your day to day with your family. Like that okay case I'm glad you explain that. Rather explain that. so I looked at your book for for the book or the site of says. You were talking about the it factor. But not being able to capitalize on that. Can you explain that just a little bit here on what you mean by that? Absolutely so there are a lot of people that write about everybody has a superpower. Everybody has a thing that they're exceptional may not realize that their exceptional at it. So taking that that idea and acknowledging the fact that most people sincere everybody everybody's conditioned by their environment that they grow weapon right whether it's your family it's your friends at society. It's the government at school. It's whatever you're. You're taking all these inputs molds how you see the world of what you think matters increase. Your value system is not until you get older where he start to question like wait do I actually care about driving fancy? Cars actually one award nine to five the rest of my life and so people who have midlife crises there there is a latent recognition other they haven't been living in alignment with their values right and so the idea is people have these latent superpowers they may or may not be actually living in accordance with what is authentic to them in terms of their their their true belief system, and so the idea is if you can help them uncover some of those traits about themselves and built confidence in that, they can unleash that superpower or superpowers plural, and actually little life that's accordance with their values as dumb Relinquishing that the giving them permission in showing them how to let it breathe. I think. There's one keyword. Look you said confidence. People, have in them. But they had. The confidence to do so. which is a big thing I. I'm starting to get this phrase ahead whereas like. You see somebody that's good at something. They just need something. They're good at that, but it just needs something to get him over the of the top right. Exactly. and. I you know that expression like you can help somebody until they want to help themselves. Yeah. They're all the idea behind the program that. We are charged for the program, right like you have to take a step of an investment to get the program, and so we're looking for people who have recognized it factor they may realize don't have the confidence for their lacking net tribe around that or the mentor ship or whatever, whatever it is. We're looking for people. It's like, okay you're willing to invest in yourself, and so you're ready and now that you're ready, we're GONNA help give you the tools actually facilitate that growth. So. I'M GONNA I'm GONNA give you. This is not even not even my questions that I had set up for you, but it's the new one. Here's. Here's the new one for you. All right. Hit Me. Okay. Here's what I've noticed. Is that. In My my recent experience. For me, it seems like it doesn't matter if the person. Invested or not. You're going to get a certain percentage of people who just will not go forward with something all in. I think part of it is maybe part of it is fear part of it that there's just too many distractions. Part of it is that they're they're doing they're listening to one trainer to trainer another trainer again, this too much overload. In I think that for. To now. Are you vetting people to go in and then going going was just because I think even when you put money down, it doesn't doesn't guarantee to the person's going to do it. So, how do you go into like? Do you vet these people are the you're saying you know what the Invest will miss it in this you will get you to the point where you're filtering everything so that you're focused, you know how how do you deal with that 'cause? That's that's my thought process right now is like it doesn't matter they're investing in something or if they're going to one of these five challenges or whatever the you know, you're going to get a certain amount of people who will do it all in. People who would just do nothing? To have questioned, the justify themselves for not doing it speak on that. I love. The. New Question. and. So yes, there's a vetting process. There's an application there's an interview and for Beta relate something ten students. So we're keeping it really small co word up trying to facilitate more of that umph like. Light a fire under people's asses so to speak. As far as taking it back to lessons of billing a successful startup everything when you're building should be measurable or a lot of it your marketing content, you how many people are getting through the program, and so we're looking for those metrics in the early days that say if we started with ten, how many make it through the end? How many fall off halfway through in wire they falling off and if we can answer those. Questions, we can keep turning a little knives tweaking stuff to try to make it a better experience or say this type of person despite looking late they're ready may not actually be ready but the way I think about it is it's like hiring you know you you can have somebody interview who looks and sounds the exact same as somebody who is a killer gonNA, be amazing. They say they're sort of con- people would never been in their Dutt's. Me So many times and it just. It is what it is so You know from a business perspective you can sort of protect yourself where you say, Hey, I'll get if you legitimately go through this whole program and you interact with the coaches and you do the exercises in you don't get the value out of it. I will give you a refund. No problem. I. Went All the phone you. I WanNa understand where the businesses. But if you're not going to put in the work and go for it I, know it's not Alana Terry but that should be a disincentive for somebody to slow down or give up on it theoretically yeah awesome. So this question, I want you to speak on about peak performance about having success on a regular basis. Because I because I read that in e book as like, wait a minute that seems a bit. Unrealistic Brandon to be has excess on a regular basis. Where people dislike and the reason why I say that some people have success and then Don't have like a bad day or a bad week and then. It. Turns them off completely can you speak on? Speak on what you mean by people former having success on a regular basis then means I. Love these questions are. So yeah. I think it's I. Think it's a big issue. I use this come to this all the time you fall off the wagon say, Hey I'm going to. I don't know do one hundred push ups a day for a week. He miss a day. You're like I might as well. Quit I. missed it right. I think we've all been there and tell us the stories in our head. But when we talk about performance were actually trying to flip the paradigm of how people view performance the traditional context most people I can speak to American society like capitalism I can't speak to internationally and stuff in our society performance means productivity is tied to production. It is you have accomplished this milestone you have completed this task you have hit this deadline. People conflate their performance with their ability to reduce in some sort of context. The way we think about performances performance is the act of living It embraces struggling living in alignment with your values. It is a holistic underlying piece of production. So for example, it's the mindset that you remind yourself to be gritty, and just because you miss this one habit that you said, you were going to stick to give Williams L. to get back on the horse and you don't punish yourself for missing on that day for formulas also means rest and recovery at also means. Like goal setting in trying to achieve and so when you take a a broader perspective of performance dribble Wavy did I accomplish this? Yes or no binary look at performance it alters what it means to be successful as just m I doing my best to limit accordance with my values if the answer is, yes. Then you're performing towards what you care about if the is no you have to optimize those are the tools that were giving people to help them reshift shift that folk as. I love it. Amazing I I love what she got the building. I. Tell You I I it's it's an incredible thing. Now I want to I want to just. Everybody talks about mindset your big thing with with the beanie. Talk much all the time all the time. But what does that mean mean to you because for some, it can just be a word. Where you're where you're you're thinking affirmations, you're going to do this. But the action doesn't follow sometimes. Sometimes, you're you're incongruent. Looking stuff you're thinking but not acting. So how'd you get those two things to align with themselves 'cause? Sometimes when you think you have the right mindset you you're looking at motivational videos you're reading and you think you have it all together but then you have the unproductive. Day. In. It doesn't align. So how'd you get those two things to align? That's the question. Sir. I'm sorry. I. Keep saying that you're. On this, really appreciative of that. So, there's there's a lot of new material coming out that talks about how willpower or passion or So these terms that have been thrown around like the ZIG ziglar stuff like be passionate about what you're doing, it'll come to fruition. It's proven be bullshit like at the end of the day you really really passionate about something in either that Burns out over time or were, you can get distracted because passionate just be strong enough to pull you away. You also need stuff that's to push you so concepts like. Coach ability curiosity optimism communication. Skills Greenwich. I could keep going. Those make the mindset of somebody who is mentally fortified where in the face of adversity yes. You may slip and that's Okay and you have the grace to tell yourself. It's okay. But you also have the the fortitude to say just because I drink tonight where I didn't want to or I slipped into late does not make me a failure. That's not how I'm GonNa talk myself and I am still the person that identified has Slipped and once you start accommodating. Both the push poll factor of what drives you an associated with the Grayson, empathy to tell yourself that it's okay to make mistakes it's typically the marriage of those two ideals that positive position that the actions become more natural is these tiny little micro winds that bill momentum in overtime you start seeing huge shifts in a person's trajectory. I love it. I like what you're saying in this in this show, he had this is. This is great stuff. I want people to understand what he's saying 'cause 'cause he's answering my questions in a very, very profound way because I think a lot of people who will will just push mindset mindset mindset in the understand that. You know at this point in time sometimes you need you need to be pushed I love that I love how you said that got some common here. I would think the reward Germany says I think the reward of some sort Also, be important. In, the middle. For example, with weight loss. So what do you say to that? When she says, Cincinnati, thanks for the Prince Mitch the new. Boss. I think yes like so right now we're talking about personal me motivating myself rate. It's not a matter of a team, and so I don't think of it as rewards I think about it as a self celebration and so whether whether it's something that as you're progressing towards weight loss that you have milestones that you're looking to achieve, which again is production in not performance if you WANNA together some. SORT. Of Reward decided production I. think that's okay. But more importantly it's when you're going through your attitudes at night before you go to bed or when you're setting your calendar, your agenda, the next time it's making space to tell yourself I am making progress. I can feel this changes happening even if the scale isn't moving as quickly as I want to or vice lift up had a piece of cake yesterday. Perhaps, it slowdown the productivity of achieving that goal, but you're human and you needed encourage yourself to get back on a horse, but I am a huge proponent of rewarding yourself. So long as those celebrations are acting counter to your value system. And again, there's like a tight line there because. It's okay to have a piece of cake if you're trying to lose weight. That's tidier production not yourself not your performance it's different metrics that you're trying to optimize for. Like that it, my sorta reminds me of for some reason. Me being apart planet fitness and then like every. First Monday of the month we all get pizza. I. Mother You. Should I be doing this but? Only one. Okay. So oh I know heads of course. Okay. So Let me let me talk about miss this this thing out of the way and I got the last question at this but. Just, one, he's like one action about how to stay on top of the game. How does they I hit a motivated but but stay at your peak performance just give one now to. before we get out of here if you don't mind. One thing that I have started doing in the last six months that has been really powerful for me is a night routine called power down and it is not my thing I'm stealing this from. Steven Kotler who wrote he's written several books about outflow is written stealing fire in pundits bold ideas, thirteen bucks. So I'm feeling this but the power down methodology is every night before going to bed I, take Journal. What will today like what am I happy about personal stop professional stuff to stream of conscious journal. This whole activity by the way takes did twenty minutes has already my. Stream of conscious journaling I'll do three things that went well today which for me as an entrepreneur are typically related to work, but it's it's open to whatever three things that could have been improved today, and so for example, for me typically will could have been improved is I have poor time management. So I get to a thing I said I was going to skip this recovery thing. Again, because I'm not like. In so I miss on the stuff that I read sometimes i. think that's okay and then the last piece is I set my calendar for the next day. So by the time, the word stuff non-negotiables I have to block in the night is leave space for me to be a person interact with people call my family and all that good stuff. So does that habit of thinking do my day being reflective planning for the next day I like to feel when I wake up Lake I'm winning the day the days not beating me and if I don't do that work ahead of time I was feeling I'm playing catch-up. Awesome. I actually a question if you don't mind. Out here. Far Startup 'cause I wanted to go back to that real quick. What have you seen? What's your experience with with untapped? What have you seen with other other startups that you see that? The big mistake that they're making as opposed to what you guys, what you guys noticed with untapped, how you were able to get acquired at the end what what is it that you see that are missing with other startups that you at you were able to be successful with untapped. So there's a freeze in business called KPI's their key performance indicators. They're the things that really matter that you need to be measuring. That are the lifeblood of the company think new new customers, revenue number of employees, expenses for rent like stuff like that. A lot of companies refers time entrepreneurs focus on instead of true KPI's they focus on what a of people call vanity metrics and vanity metric is something that feels good and looks good to talk about on instagram in publish, but it doesn't actually make the business healthier or bigger stronger and so things like instagram. If your instagram following doesn't turn into. Enough promotion were people to drive a sales funnel for example, than there's really no meat on the bone as far as that metric goes. So a lot of folks get added on marketing metrics order. Stuff that doesn't actually truly mattered to the overall health of the business and I think that gets people upside down we didn't have a marketing team. For five years we only did calling in emailing from our sales team and that's because. We believe that we would have more control and clarity over those. KPI's. Having those types of relationships with customers rather than spending money on facebook ads or Whatever the alternative would be to market. Interesting. I'm glad glad we got that out of the way because I went to see. What the what that meant like. So KPI's definitely for sure for sure. For. Sure for sure. Okay. So last question. Of all of my, all of my guests when they come through. People here they see you. They love what you're saying they love. Everything that you're talking about. They want to they have similar interests, similar pursuits. and. They want to do what you're doing. Brandon. They wanted you know they wanna be like you. Want to be like Brandon. Can you show them give them a couple of things that you can tell them about how to be in Dorothy in this space. So I think. From the entrepreneur perspective is. If you are going to start your own company or if you have your company just be prepared for the volatility that comes with that the successes failures, the happiness, the sadness is really bubby crazy ride. So just being cognizant of that and knowing what you're getting yourself into I think is really important as far as the personal development or lifestyle engineering stuff goes. I think the very first step that a prison should take I'm sorry I keep hammering on this I. think it's so darn important is calibrating your personal compass and that is going to the exercise of answering what am my five core values that make me who I am and the exercise I always give people is imagine it's fifty years from now somebody writing a biography about your life because you've been an amazing person, the biographer can only write five chapters in the book and each chapter is a characteristic that you carried throughout your life. What would you like those five chapters to be in? What should they say and that gets a person Instead of all the bias sees like how will I would like to do this but I can't because of this if forces you to think from another person's perspective as more like I wish I, hope to be this one day and so it takes the pressure off the question but I think in order for somebody to live a fulfilled life, they have to start by calibrating that personal confess. Awesome stuff man. Incredible stuff for. Amazing stuff today. Unbelievable? Yes. Unbelievable. I appreciate you coming on the way we got you in here So. On a whim said, yes I appreciate that we got you. So, please tell people where you where they can go to Ecuador or something for them for for showing up on on the show. Yes. Thank you so much for having me. This has been a water fun. If you like would you hear you're interested in calibrating personal compass and finding your path and your purpose in life visit blazer dot com slash giveaway the e book that we've discussed on the show is right there it's downloadable you could check it out and if you're really serious about making a change, you can check out our mindset accelerator program our currently released students for our November eight up so we'll love to hear from you. Love it I love it this. This really sounds like. A lot of people need to get in get in on this because it's different. if you've listened to my questions and scenes of heard how you answer them. You definitely get onto this onto the celebrator I think it's a great. It's going to be a win win for your fish. You're so please being blazer dot com backlash giveaway just going to get connected with this Guy they have a great thing going I think you're gonNA. Be Very very well Take care of by by this guy for sure. Absolutely. So thank you so much. Yeah, so My thing that I say that that you guys can can. LOOK INTO IB DOT com. Once, again, we are in the seventh week of our eight week digital product giveaway giving away this week in anchor. Bluetooth wireless headphones for you. So go there at the Taylor Dot Com or you can text us at, we are live to four two to. Get on the list here we are live now with that in you register in silent for that particular giveaway. And In. Also going to be doing some other great stuff when they didn't help you build your authority platform and in getting you made me more connected with our guest for sure. That's part of what we do to give you connect with I. Guess 'cause they're so helpful and they really wanted to serve serve disoriented. So I appreciate again. Brandon coming in here and doing this for us just the missing stuff. Do you have any final words for we get out of here on this episode Brandon I'm getting windows headphones. Awesome. So let's get out of here I. Appreciate You. We'll be back in another couple of days, but another episode for you and just remember you are the project we want to slap audio to your name so you can sell more of your great. Build it. Share it. They will come. Thank you so much be bliss in what's the next episode Exclusive I said. Are we ready? Go out you go go. And that's rapper this episode the Authority projects thanks so much for tuning in, and if you like what you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review share tell your friends. So they can hear and for even more authority building tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter DOT COM, get free weekly content and ongoing digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe. A moment from today broadcast just remember it's your writing to build it Jarrett and they will come until next time.

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