The Critic: Part 1 - The Little Ones Fit Best Down The Chimney


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There's everybody doing. Mixed up? Yes. Yes. How are you? I? Know you're so you've been working a lot to the and sore I'm tired I'm ready for bed me too but not even eight o'clock in no, it is a thirty. Oh, it is. Yes I have been working. Three days straight on this fucking thing. So we're going to get it done I I'm. Staying away. Judd. Professional, radio. Hopefully you don't catch that look. Oh I. I caught it. Copy catch the yawns yet. Oh Yeah. No I'm sure I will but it's okay. So It's a spooky Halloween season deafening. So it's only fitting that we do is spooky Halloween series. Now, we were supposed to do different series. And our doing this one. And who you're supposed to cover, we will do at a later time. I don't know if we'll wait I'll wait till next Halloween to do them. But we will do him. We will do that story eventually but you already. It's a him. Yeah it's a him. He's yeah. Yeah. Sure. That's my son of A. Anyway The subject of this, the re part Halloween series nine kind Kinda fucked it up by switching to Mondays when this comes out and. This last upset of this will come out the Monday. After Halloween, we will state on Saturdays came out on Halloween. The more likely most people are going to be listening to podcasts on Monday on the way the work anyway. So it's fine. The subject of this three parts Halloween series was an Irish horror author that wasn't right in his seminal masterpiece until very late in his life. Life that started and ended the same way. Sickly. You go onto fight through an epidemic famine, a mysterious illness, and he would go on to create quite possibly the most famous horror monster to ever grace page stage or screen. He was a large burly bearded man. I could beat you in a foot race in drop to the ground on the rugby field. The cover quite understand why people found it. So hard to accept that someone had the body of a man but the heart of a child, the mind of a woman, this is a series as fairy tales the occult, the theater. A Zombie like hord drownings murder, and at some point, a few books will be written. Stuff I just talked about. None of that's in the books. real-life. Some of those books that he will write will include the snake's pass. Why Lady of the Shroud Mystery of the sea? The duties of clerk of petty sessions in Ireland. Ladies and gentlemen we give to you. The man who wrote Dracula. Ram? Stoker. Know Stephanie an what are you know about Brown? Stoker. That he wrote Dracula and Lady of the shout I completely forgot that he wrote that well, he wrote a bunch of different. Couple couple of. Romance novels to a bunch of different horror novels that actually get made into movies and comic book stuff like that that I think people forget about. But yes, everybody knows about Dracula question is you know anything about his life because I don't think most people do now I know absolutely nothing. I know nothing Jon snow. Well you're GONNA find out. The stumps up some stuff about him I knew I learned it from reading another book American vamp. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Ramp Stoker's actually in that book and I learned a few things about him. In that book I haven't read it yet not not the fictitional thing about killing vampires but actually stop that was in life that's in the book So our main reference for the series is Abraham Lincoln Vampire noticed. Something in the blood the untold story of Bram Stoker. The man who wrote Dracula, by David J Scott. Will get into how I feel about this book and why I feel the way I do about this book. Near the end or maybe of of maybe next episode because I don't want to start going off one of the things I don't think about it And give stuff away. But we'll get into how I feel about that particular book in A. Lot of stuff about Bram stoker. You are going to learn about Brown Stalker in this series. I just. Wish, I could have got the recorder. Now Abraham Stoker Junior was born November eighth eighteen forty seven and clutter TRAF-. A seaside. Parish. Of. Dublin Ireland. Clan Trough. A weird fucking name. But. A lot of Irish cities have. Weird. Yes. He was the third child and second son to Abraham Coats Stoker Junior and Charlotte Matilda Blake Thornley Stoker. Same Year Thomas Edison and Alexsandr Graham born Graham born Graham Bell were born also the same year that the brought is brought brought Tei protect the Bronte sisters published Jane Eyre and worthing, Heights. lathering heights. Now I said he said worthing heights loves spell the you. Wondering Heights and it's W. It's w. you are was as were. The silent. Whether he night. Okay. Weathering Heights I apologize. Jane. Eyre and weathering heights, which would both go on to influence brand two lasers riding. Along, with the penny dreadful series Varney, the vampire or feasts of blood by James Malcolm Rymer there's GonNa. Be a few words in here that you're going to have the correct me on. Just an NCAA Shin because there's A lot of like old English, Irish, some Franch stuff like that saw I'm sure you're probably GonNa be correcting me Guatemalan French I have no idea. Oh good. So I can just say bullshit not. Yet awesome. Okay now let's get to know the family real quick at because his family's. especially mom. It's fitting for the Halloween series. We don't know a ton about ABE senior We know he's born march twelfth seventeen, ninety nine Dublin Ireland the youngest of six children to William Stoker born seventeen, fifty five and and eighteen, twenty, seven and Frances Smith seventeen sixty to eighteen fifty one who were married at Saint Andrews parish in April of seventeen eighty Iran stoker senior actually worked in a castle. Dublin castle the seat of Government Administration where he was career civil servant. And that's pretty much all we know. Now Charlotte. On the other hand, we know a little bit more about. We know she was born June twenty eighth eighteen eighty and sly go Ireland. She grew up in a piously Protestant family of comfortable though certainly, not luxurious means in sly go and the north west of Ireland. She was an avid hater of Catholics. To reach fair. Charlotte Stoker was a practical no nonsense woman who nonetheless had a countervailing and lifelong weakness for things irrational fantastic and macab. Sligo is one of Ireland's richest repositories of Celtic folklore and Charlotte partook of vibrant of the vibrant oral tradition Charlotte claim to have personally heard the whale of the beans shade. Or banshee. I'm sure I'm pronouncing the first part right the way the Irish pronounce it. But you know a banshee. The. ghostly Irish Harbinger of morality heralding her own mother's death. Her. Young life was marked by tragedy of she was born in the wake of a famine which repeated with greater severity when she was four years old in eighteen thirty to the age of fourteen or thirteen. She lived through a truly horrific cholera epidemic that killed more than half the population of Sligo Charlotte. Knew how to tell a tale and the are you okay something to split my nose Charlotte knew at a telltale and the written version rom would convince her in the early eighteen seventies to finally write about her experience during the epidemic. The written version of the chilling oral accounts she gave to her children including included the Italicized inflections she must have given it Moakley building suspense quote. But gradually, the tear grew on us by time we heard of it near and near it was in France who's in Germany? It was in England and with wild fright began to hear whispers pass. It was Ireland. Sly goes one of the worst affected areas. Charlotte's later reading. Poe's tale of live burial. Would no doubt have triggered memories of a specific victim quote one I vividly remember a poor traveler was taken ill on the roadside some miles out of town and how did those Samaritans tend to him? They dug a pit and with long Poles, pushed him in living into it and covered him up alive. But. God's hand is not to be the state and severely like Sodom, did our city pay for such crimes in total five eighths of sly goes citizens would perish. Premature Baby. or its threat especially haunted her. She recollected to incidence of souls who narrowly escaped the fate one was a woman whose husband recognized her red neckerchiefs. She had already been piled over with corpses of a mass grave say just imagine you're walking you walk past people getting ready to be thrown a mass grave and you look over and you see your spouse something that belongs to your spouse Kinda sticking out of their all that saves them from being buried. Alive is the fact that. You saw before they were thrown into the grave. He that would break my shit out while another even more gruesome was a man who awoke from death like Stupor. Only want undertaker's attempted to break his legs to fit him into an undersized coffin. I'm going to have. All the Thornley including Charlotte took a daily morning dose of Ginger thickened whiskey. And she believed the nostrum was largely responsible for her family survival of the height of the denic, the entire Thornley family fled sly go. Try saying that five times fast sly goes like. More we family fled sligo. Only families led sligo. We gotTA. Do. Five. Times faster. And narrowly escaped death not from the disease. The from the wrath of the mob outside of donal. who dragged them from their carriage determined to burn the cholera people. In a fiery exercises atop their own luggage. Yard over there. Yes. Kind of freaky. But the final breaking point for them was probably one of the light one of the last desperate days of the epidemic. The entire Thornley family was under siege by a Zombie like horde of cholera victims trying to breach their home. Or you're GONNA WATCH THE WALKING DEAD AGAIN Yeah probably as the story goes and it is a story, a hand came shooting fourth through the window to peel away at the boards that would keeping the infected out. Charlotte grabbed an axe or it was handed to her. And quickly remove the hand or arm from the assailant's body. The man fell to the ground, and since most mobs don't carry emergency turn it gets with them. He bled to death We're not certain if he fell into the house or to the street an eighteen, forty four. Charlotte and Abraham Would Mary Charlotte Twenty six eight forty five she would be almost constantly pregnant for the next decade. William Thornley born in eighteen, forty five and known asked Thornley who was born at the very beginning of a horrible potato crop failure. Charlotte Matilda born eighteen forty six known as Matilda Abraham Junior and forty seven Thomas in eighteen forty, nine, Richard Eighteen, fifty, one, Margaret and eighteen, fifty, three and George in eighteen fifty. They got busy and a man that old pumping out that many kids. Lasana the fact that that's the part that you're you have something to say about and not the Zombie like cord that she chops a man's arm off because that could just be a story that she's telling her kids and it could could have been exaggerated. We don't know US ability if it's actually real but still. I. Think it's still pretty fucking awesome because they said she she was able to tale to tell tale a tale and. She could just be like Dad's telling tales to their kids nowadays, possibility everything was exaggerated. I suppose cool-store as it is a cool story. Now by the time, she was pregnant with Brom. The effects of the potato famine were being fully felt through island starving and a victim tenant farmers flooded into the city slums and work houses and with them dysentery famine, fever, and typhus. This was a time before commercialized baby food production pasteurization and young children. Utrition was still a ways away from being understood many children died in the first year even the first few months living through the epidemic herself as a child may have prepared her for one of the one that would come just days before days before Brown's birth compounded with the already ongoing famine about a million Irish died in the outbreak that started in eighteen, forty seven. Now in Ireland time especially in smaller villages and cities, crowded cemeteries, 'cause noxious smells that may have led to many health issues in the area people believe that the city was overrun with spirits because. Graves would be open. Spirits would come out. Now is there was no proven connection between huge formation in any outbreak of disease still subject that would need to be that we would need to be discussed. As we get into the problems brom would have to overcome early in his life a mysterious illness that had never had a concrete answer. Early in Childhood Brown. Came Down with US mysterious illness that made it impossible for him to walk the precise onset of Bram Stoker's debilitating illness is not recorded, but his baptism was delayed nearly seven weeks until December thirtieth and then conducted at the Protestant. Church of Saint John the Baptist which still stands in contrast as a picturesque ruin. Rahm never contract cholera famine fever or any other disease or condition such as a spinal injury that might medically account for his inability to walk. Rheumatic fever weakens the heart. Making his later exemplary health and athleticism problematic at best there are some that say he was Mabley. Mabley maybe these mabley maybe it's made. Some say that it was maybe sexual abuse as a child which causes paralysis in his a B at a mental or physical condition. They claim that there could have been a link between a vagina vampires open bloody mouth that he carried on into adulthood. I don't personally believe this. There's no real evidence to support it and everything points to observe senior and Charlotte being loving caring parents least for the time maybe a little overbearing. The possibility that Brahms paralysis was induced by drugs like opium is not as outlandish as it might I sound Charlotte's true believer experience with Whiskey base nostrums during the cholera plague would have predisposed her for stronger medicine during the far more cataclysmic famine. By the mid nineteenth century, the administration of Laudanum, a mixture of alcohol and opium saw one of the drugs that we heard about it and the Walston graph. It was given to children even infants as a cure-all or prevent all was frightened common. The homespun concoctions of the Thornley family in eighteen thirty two had by the eighteen forties been replaced by wildly popular commercial laudanum preparation such as Godfrey's cordial infants preservative and Mrs Wilkinson Soothing Syrup. Some advertisements could carry reassuring endorsements from Queen Victoria. Bloodletting was also a common treatment for unknown Elvis's at the time and because BROM WOULD CALL DRACULA FILTHY LEACH? One could assume that at some point in his early life he was possibly subjects he medical each is being put on his body at ailment that will last for seven long years. In Brahms Childhood. You imagine that seven years of not being able to walk it's. Heard while you're a kid. When you're an adult of your fucking kid. Now, the years of Bram Stoker's childhood were filled with oral accounts of horrors attending the famine most poignant and tragic were the now legendary tales of the coffin ships which carried typhus and cholera along desperate immigrants headed for. North America. He would incorporate we'll incorporate the log of a doom ship into Dracula in which a literal coffin ship would return to. British. Shores doomed not by famine are plague, but by the bloodthirsty demon himself. He like most boys at the time was would be dressed like a girl. Until a certain age. And dresses and petticoats and long ringlets of hair down to their shoulders. Boys at this time would stay dressed this way until they hit a certain age usually about seven, the practice continued far beyond any practical utility toilet training, for example. Maintaining boys a sexually undifferentiated or aggressively feminist state until reaching into shorts or trousers was a curious long lived and still remarkably underexplored historical custom. The breaching signified the transference of a child from the mothers domestic realm to the bothers beasley world domain. Many mothers including Charlotte more than likely held off on transferring for as long as possible. RAHM was still dressed this way even though he was stuck immobilized. What does a boy think about a mobilized for years? Kind of fragile. Feminine. Dahl quote. I was naturally thoughtful and the Leisure of long illness gave opportunity for many thoughts which were fruitful according to their kind a healthy child. It'd be expected to engage in normal play, but in case. Yet have been helpless passive observer of normal abled body children and adults all of them costumed. As females separates father. Among, the imagine fruits of Brahms Stroke Stoker's peculiar. Your early years may been a lifelong fascination with gender instability and ambiguity Charlotte's forceful personality also raised questions about her own influence on Bra. Early perception of sex roles and about who actually wore trousers and the stoker household. Although, the word Manish is not used in any family reference is clear that Charlotte was not typical Victorian mother she was outspoken on public issues and manner more typical men. Had dominating influence in her family. Nearly. Two decades younger and more vigorous than her spouse Charlotte is described by stoker editor and critic Clive Leatherdale as quote, a handsome strong minded woman. If she could see not mission in her husband was determined to invest in her sons. Abraham Stoker. Senior would be warmly remembered by family members but not for forceful personality or rising career Jebron the first of his family to break above the artists and class Abraham settled into a decade of career complacency as a junior clerk at Dublin castle between Eighteen Fifteen and eight, hundred, thirty seven when he finally became an assistant clerk and only applied for the position of senior clerk in eighteen, fifty, three, twelve years before his retirement. He wasn't what you would say are call a go getter. Boy had no ambition not the only reason he moved up the ranks the way he did was because Charlotte made him is up to him. He would have just stayed where that to begin with. Now I state that the stoker's moved many times during childhood and afterwards, and always almost always because of financial reasons there too many to really note, and the importance of the moves doesn't seem to really be overreaching and Brahms live. So just keep in mind that while he's Dolan through his illness and afterwards, the family is moving every couple of years. So sad lemon one blaze and you look it up and he's loving somewhere else. Yeah. 'cause they moved constantly and it was all because. Of. Money Really. I wonder who had the spending issue mom or dad wasn't so much a spending issue of the money coming in issue he was just a civil servant. They didn't have that much money and they had to take care of all these kids and Brahm couldn't get up and work 'cause job labor laws Baghdad so. He couldn't contribute. I guess that. makes. Sense. Above, all Charlotte believed passionately in the power and importance of language and literacy. A man's mind without language she wrote quote is a perfect. He recognizes no well, but his own natural impulses he is alone in the midst of his fellow man, an outcast from society and its pleasures a man outward appearance in reality reduced the level of brute creation. Charlotte believe that men should be well read an Abraham loved to collect books. One can assume that reading and storytelling was a large part of Brahms early years. His first exposure to human to a human turning into a bat would have been in the story of Oswald in the night wander but he probably would most mostly read the Bible and macab fairytales. RAHM loved. Fairy Tales. To. into old age loved fairy tales me who doesn't love fairy tales while you gotta think this this isn't the Disney very del visa are the fucked up fairytale that Disney pulled other ship proud I know I who well If you don't love the fucked up version the original fucked up. Fairytales the true ones then there's something wrong with you. Now these these fairy tales he loved them so much that they would be a huge pole for him in writing later in his life when he would look for inspiration. Titles like the Royal Fairy Tales. The hybrid into tales legend of the ferries. Tales of mother goose and of course brothers, Grimm. But what he would come to really love. possibly. Most of all. Was the the. Specifically the Christmas pantomime. Let's type of pantomime was a theatrical entertainment mainly for children that involves music topical jokes, slapstick comedy, and based on a fairy tale or nursery story. When I first read Pantomime I'm thinking You know. White phase with the black on the fate pantomine striped shirt trapped inside a box, the different him on. The Christmas. Tanto was a no way a religious and it didn't utilize even secular Christmas Christmas themes but did coincide with the holiday calendar and usually ran well into January Abraham senior loved the stage and theater and what have been the one to take young Brown and his siblings to introduce them to this new world quote. Going to its first pantomime is the greatest event in the life of a child. It is to a great awakening from a long dream. All the rest of life must have been nothing but a one continued sleeping vision. And this is the real world it which the dawning imagination has sought and found a home to suit itself. Of course, he fell in love with theater will not everybody does. But he really I mean really does like core fall in love of theater. Now even though Brom had a vivid imagination knew he wanted alive somehow interwoven into the his parents had more practical plans. Aside from the fairy tales, he would spend his young years preparing for the entrance exams for Trinity College Dublin, the Sole Constituent College of the University of Dublin sometimes type shit out. It changes letters on me. I fucking can't stand one another side, the real remember what I wrote. So now, we jump forward the browns teenage years unless you want to hear more about him just laying there and I will move. Nothing. Okay. Admission to Trinity College in Eighteen Sixties would require passing an entrance exam that almost no sixteen year old today would be able to manage to pass including Zams and Latin and English composition arithmetic. Algebra. The first four rules and fractions English history modern geography and any to Greek and to Latin books of their own selection from a list including in Greek, the gospel of Saint Luke and Saint John the Elliott. European. Or estes. Mamie close. I'd have to look at it. So far. Sophocles And tone. I guess and Tony Romo Plato's apology US Soccer Socrates. Zena Phones Omnibus and Latin virgils Anne had. Owed satires. And Epistles of Horace Apostles of Horace. Is Not. Spelled. Apostles spelled with an I not know spoke diesels. Porous. And spent horace. Everybody just needs to learn Esperanto because every letter is pronounced the exact same way every time. Nothing. That's the best likely. We do not know what Brown picked, but it was more likely the epochs and the dramas the only teacher prior to trinity that he identifies as Reverend Dr William Woods who ran a day school near where the family had moved to and Rutland Square. Now the time of the day school brom had possessed normal motor skills for only about three years but his reading skills rope par giving credence to Charlotte's role as Home School, and at twelve has verbal mathematical and capacity for retaining information attitudes would be more than evidence but purely developmental level. Unusual, indeed, illness had robbed him of many basic formative experiences and socialization, and now with only thirty six months of anything approaching normal volition and mobility. He was not to become the prototypical little adult faced with daunting responsibilities. It was the beginning of a life pattern of punishing overwork and obsessive drive to overreach at the cusp of adolescence. Rama's was lucky to be a member of the middle class however, just barely others not so lucky had to face hard labor and a time when there were no child labor laws some beginning work as early as three years old. Got, the little ones fit the best down the chimney. that, and that's what is one of the worst jobs for child have. Would be chimney sweep apprentice because you literally without a mass grave thing would be set down into the Jimmy to clean it. Until you couldn't fit anymore and then they got a new one. That's sad. It's not great. But that's just the way it was. Brian passed his entrance exam. Placed only fortieth in the class of fifty one. Ranking, just under the twenty percentile got really not living up to Charlotte's expectation the expectation of even sex even second out of a thousand isn't quite good enough. Now like most young people in their first year college brown was exposed to a number of ideas religious and otherwise for nearly half his life is universe had been constricted to a sick Graham and his mother's hovering apprehension at Trinity. There were dissenters and. Catholics. Politics both Wurley and academic and. More, things in heaven and on Earth than in his family's domesticated. Protestant nose to the grindstone virtues had ever made room for. In a second year, he was introduced to victor cousins, elements of psychology at work, not much reference today, but a seminal work and its time. It's lasting impact on Brom evident in by the mention of cousins more than four decades later and the introduction to his penalty penultimate book famous impostors. Now's a college students. Brown had the privilege access to the Trinity College Library only four years before his enrollment, the ceiling of the library. Why stately nearly two hundred foot long room had been raised to his president barrel vaulted height. The long room today is one of the most iconic and atmospheric scholarly places in the world. It's it's huge and it is beautiful and has filled to the brim with books. And I would love to just go inside and sniff butt because if of it's Ireland and most of the people in Ireland were Catholic it was very censored as to what books were allowed to get him. I am not allowed to say certain things. I. Promised Several of the nonfiction books. Brands, COM BRAM CONSULTED FOR DRACULA WERE available to him as a trinity undergraduate though it is an open question whether his fascination for the paranormal already, Keane would have led to a curious study augustine catalysts. The Phantom world included an important historical treatise on vampires was there along with set Sabin bearing Gold's the book of where wolves and curious myths of the Middle Ages to other books on the occult Joseph Taylor Taylor's apparitions and fiends, ghosts and sprites by John. Radcliffe. Now bram entered. Trinity just as Dublin University magazine finished its serialisation of the Nathan. News sinister novel Uncle Silas you ever heard of Uncle Silas. Ooh I. Don't think so I heard I. heard of it. I've heard of it before I've never read it but I know it's fucking creepy. It was which was then immediately published in book form afterwards, serialisation whether Brom read Uncle Silas immediately or later it had a strong effect on him a few decades. Later, he would specifically recommend this book to his son the only route literary endorsement ever reported by his family. The book was a teaming storehouse of macabre metaphor description, which he would add to the wealth of other worldly worlds and and images he began mentally amassing in childhood. Growing, history and horror and the macabre outside has schoolwork may have contributed debrum slipping grades by the end of a second year, his interest, and the fantastic and the occult certainly took him to the. Certainly took him to a cabinet of curiosities just across the street from Trinity College campus that advertise regularly in Dublin's evening mail. Magic Phantasm Agora and dissolving vision lanterns a large collection of dynamic effects, astonishing mechanical contrivances and illusions, including ghosts, acrobats, magic visions, and other novelties Mr e Salomon's optician mathematical and philosophical instrument maker established Dublin Fifty Years Nineteen Nassau Street. Now. But it was Brahms College career that was becoming a real dissolving vision thirty years. Later, he would claim that he graduated with honors and pure mathematics. This wasn't a small distortion of the. It was simply a lie. Completely unsubstantiated by records, the claim is the claim was all the worse in light of criticism that in poor comparison to other British universities Trinity's quote average number of mathematical honorees has been a fraction over three, and this is a mathematical university in Brown's Year of graduation only two such honors were bestowed. Bram didn't just fail to graduate commodity. He was a fairly mediocre student his low entrance exam scores persisted through his time at Trinity Again Falling Short of Charlotte's expectations and it wasn't that he wasn't smart enough. He was just bored. After two years as attendance became sporadic and eventually not existence. With the connections through his father probably at his family's insistence, he applied for and receive a civil service post at Dublin Castle in Eighteen, sixty, six, fulltime six days a week. So it's not a surprise that his academic status was downgraded in eighteen, sixty seven it seemed that his academic career was over but after a year off, he returned seemingly a completely changed person, but as education wouldn't be completed in the usual way now. I. He had a large girl spur region to around six foot two while the average man then was route six and a half, but talk. There is no indication that he ever had interest in sports before this by now his involvement and physical culture became both time consuming and obsessive for the next four years as he would observe himself fictionally in the mystery of the sea at college quote my big body and athletic powers gave me a certain position in which I had to overcome my natural shyness. He Won Cups and foot races and showed expertise on the trapeze vaulting and rowing. And play on two separate rugby teams but physicality wasn't the only change was also the only trinity man have served his both auditor of the college historical society and President of the philosophical, society, the tip, the top position attainable the hissed and the Phil as they were known and try and Trinity's extracurricular organization dedicated to discussion and debate bolt societies were excellent excellent places for round two network and curry favor with some the most powerful men in Dublin he needed to with all his time devoted to Dublin Castle athletics. The histon fell pretty much ignored his actual education. Go figure and yet somehow April eighteen seventy, he received his bachelor's degree. His interpersonal skills and personal magnetism certainly had something to do with him earning what would essentially be an honorary degree based on his curricular and popularity. As one female acquaintance in Dublin remembered quote. He was an excellent party, young man and of course, always had heaps of invitations. When he stood up to dance, he had a way of making charge which effectively cleared a passage through the most the wrong ballrooms everyone made room made way for stoker. His coming was like a charge of cavalry or Russia fixed bayonets nobody dreamed of not giving away before him and so he and his partner had all their own way how my heart used to and me. And my dancing days when Bram stoker asked me for a waltz I knew that it meant triumph twirling ecstasy, Elysium, ices, and flirtation. He was powerful presence and everyone made way for Brom Stoker. However. He would sern turn the trajectory of his own life over to the spell of a man far more charismatic and persuasive than himself. A legendary exercise and male bonding that would control and dominate his life for the next three decades. Brom carried his love of the theater through his college years and near the end of August. Eighteen sixty seven, he attended production of Sheridan's comedy classic the rivals. It was odd. He would choose a comedy over drama play playing at the same time, but it's a choice that would change his life forever and the leading rule role of captain shoot was an actor whom Brom found absolutely riveting born John. Henry. Bought A. Bad Rib. So weird name Bod. Rib. He went by the stage name Henry Irving Irving was a self trained performer from the province who like Brom had become infatuated with the theater young boy. Unlike Brom who founded with the Pantomime Irving. For. Hamlet. The Infatuation Rom had for having would today probably be called a man crush? But that doesn't really do us for a fixation that would eventually swell into an all consuming lifelong preoccupation. It would be said by future friend quote I have never seen. No. Nor do I expect to see such absorption of one man's life and the life another? The strongest love that man may feel for man. It would be nearly five years before irving would return to Dublin time that Brom would use to throw himself to as much extracurricular distraction as his day job at the castle would allow his modest salary still allowed him pit passes at the theater. Demand Crash No. Not. Kinsale and I do. This is I mean. It it's on the verge of like stocker. Man, crush. Yes intense. It is intense. But he gets that way with men. He he he connects vary strongly with men and you don't see a lot of that with women. You don't see him dating he doesn't have getting married but he he doesn't even have those types of feelings really towards his wife he can't really write about women correctly he doesn't really see them now man can write about women correct Clayton now. See them so much as. Sexual beings really an emmy talks about a little bit at at different points, but it's forced. He it's much much more. He's much more directed towards men maybe because of his upbringing his upbringing people think that if he was alive today, he would probably be looked at more of a bisexual. Almost a sexual, maybe Pan Sexual senator, sexual desires whatsoever not not a ton at least not really towards women then that say that he didn't have sex because I mean those those urges come up but it Wa-. It wasn't something that will that's expected when you're married at that age Tilles pop out one kid, but it just doesn't show and it's probably because of of his early life and being you know. So. Looked over by his mother Gina for. Where women sell because all boys back then war girls close until there is you could look at almost any picture of child from then they were an address. Ernest Hemingway has a Teddy Roosevelt. All of them they all did. So Mark Twain were dressed when he was little get that. All dead. This is the way it was. So. But I think it was. She kept him in that longer and just heard natural just suffocation as he was always with him. And it could just be something that he was born with that just could be him. Now. What Brom didn't know about Irving included tumultuous details of heroes domestic life. Irving had been married the former Florence Mahan since eighteen, sixty, nine ship pursued him in the face of her father's disapproval. But all it'd be disappointed by the realities of the theatrical life particularly long hours and Irving's. Winded actor friends whom she found unbearable after having the first child the couple separated then reconciled pregnant again Florence was tired resentful and venomous on the very night of his London triumph in the bells she snapped him on the carriage ride home quote. Are. You going to keep making a fool of yourself like this for the rest of your life. Irving responded by abruptly leaving the carriage at the very corner of. Hyde. Park were he had proposed to her. He never forgave Florence never lived with or even spoke to her again. When his second son was born, he refused to attend the Christening the Irving's would remain married in name only until he died, they would stay married. By paper, but they would never see each other living again. Or talk to each other living again. Did he see his son now? Yes sparsely. Man That's fucked up. that. Not Whole family is fuck. His sons grew up to be Kinda Douche bags and it's a hope that she's she's she's horrible but he's horrible too. So it's a whole horrible bucket family. Now Brom would alter champion from ultimate Louis be more supportive than any wife could ever be with Irving's returns at a local theater in eighteen seventy, one press couldn't care less quote. There was not a word in any of the papers about the acting. Of the any of the accomplished players who took part in it, not even their names. To Brom this was the last straw he felt like the public was being deprived of his hero Ram over estimated power the local press as probably not the goal of motivating ince's as much as an ego driven hunger to be published and read and recognized, and above all become part of the world where giants like Henry walked and led him to become a drama critic. The twenty-three-year-old took his grievance ambition to Dr. Henry Mount Sell Co owner of the Dublin Evening Mail. The other owner of the male was no other than J Sheridan. Lay Fano author of Uncle Silas and eighteen seventy one he was nearing the end of his life and preparing the publication of the final collection of stories called in the glass darkly containing the provocative vampire tale Carmella a major influence on Dracula. Today's episode is brought to you by our brand new. Discount Coke was appeared struggle dot com. 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So more money for the theater meant more money for the paper. Mansell let them know that there wouldn't be any money in it since staffers usually did the work ram understood and claim that he wanted to do it to get more people to the theater for his own personal love of the theatre, right? There's probably another reason. The. They enter going was expected as expensive for a person on a civil servants salary. Reviewer for a local paper. In a ticket for free. Hey. And he gets the backstage, pass the heart to the actors while he doesn't get the backstage pass but Well, we'll get there in a second the proverbial keys to the kingdom, the free ticket two weeks after his twenty, twenty, four, th birthday he took his first night seat as a critic at the theatre royale. All Brahms reviews were published anonymously, but everybody knew. Everyone everyone that knew him knew it was him. Brom. Would pay attention to the acting and the story and the plot. Yes. But what he really had a Keanae four was the stagecraft. Scene Painting costumes. Mechanical. Effects all the most emphasized features of the pantomime. He also backed began reviewing the audience as much as the play itself. During a final performance of gounod's faust, a particularly rambunctious bunch irked brom enough to write quote. It is simply an abominal nuisance to all the rest of the house and ought to be once put an end to. Speak of it as anything else than a sort of revival, a donnybrook fair. The foolish and unmanly persons who create such a horrible din between the acts by the brawling holy forget that the rest of the occupants in the house would much prefer perfect silence so that the past portions of opera might dwell on them memories and assist their pleasurable anticipations of what is to come. But instead of that, they are night after night compelled to listen to bulger attempts at singing the course vanity displayed in, which is most offensive feature of the whole thing. It is high time that there should be put an end of what would not be tolerated in any civilized city. Kaoh bronze, Obama, jaw, Shit, you WanNa say to the people who are said behind your the bucket and movie theater that won't shut up. All this shit. I WANNA say and try to say to people any anywhere. He was probably so cross because he very much enjoyed faust and had seen it many times before it would be another major influence on his writing of the vampire king he eventually would witness Henry. Irving. Play Mattis. MEPHISTOPHELES. In his own dressing version more than eight hundred times in London and on tour. I purchased and Metadata Hollywood these. Yes. Brahm was meet many unconventional and influential people over his time the theater life one of whom was lady Jane Francesco Wild Flamboyant Wife of Sir William, and mother of two sons Willie who attended trinity at the same time as Brom. And Oscar. Who went to trinity a little after they did yes. Little Oscar Wilde. By the early eighteen seventies brown had become a regular at her salons writing as Speranza Jane was a fiery poets of Irish nationalism revolutionary by temperament and outlandish in demeanor a Catholic leaning Avatar of. With a quick and sharp wet who seems to have been as much drawn to brom as he her her husband Sir William. Was a known womanizer. One critic speculating that he quote had a family every farmhouse in Ireland. In eighteen, sixty, four, he was accused of raping a Miss Mary Travers after chloroform warming her for a surgery. Critics also like to poke fun at the hygiene of Sir William and his sons telling nasty jokes like. Seventy Wire Sir William's fingernails. So black. Why because he scratched himself? Of Pre scheduling. Charlotte was not a huge fan of the wilds. They were Catholic and of dubious moral character and Brom had chosen to keep company with them. especially. Jane, who he saw almost as a surrogate mother someone say that this was his way of a at a late adolescent rebellion from his parents. Jane would wear heavy makeup too thick for any ordinary light and compound the offense with a Vanity Bhai covering candles with pink shades. And even daytime pull the curtains better to hide the decline in her beauty and a shabbiness of her furniture. She rarely had guests before five in the evening to stay away from the light, and it's only appropriate that the sun repelled woman of the shadows provided Brom one of his most memorable descriptive phrases. Children of the night. And by eighteen seventy, two Charlotte had decided that it would make more financial sense to move herself her husband and her daughters to Italy France Switzerland than it would to continue to live in Dublin. They laughed in the summer and even though over time the daughters would marry and move away and Charlotte would eventually move back. The move would be permanent for ABE senior. Sri Why because he died. News already old. Forty, five. You're almost there I'm not most there. Thank you. You're closer to. Him. So. Nice. This would also be a year in which brom have another life changing event the discovery of a beloved American poet in eighteen. Sixty. Eight William Michael Residing published, selected poems of Walt Whitman. Including the debut. What I have. I'm GONNA bring this up because nobody got it on facebook and included the debut of selections from leaves of grass. Okay. Go leave. Okay. So I was watching weakest link last night. This guy gets the question. Which Great American? poet. Of Literature Whatever wrote leaves of grass and I couldn't remember the second Book of poetry that they set. Up, Camp Oh captain my captain that wasn't the May but yes. the guy goes Lee Harvey Oswald. And I'm like, oh my gosh, and so after the round was over. and Jane Lynch, WHO's the new host of the Weakest Link? Looks at the guy and he's like I'm guessing by the look on your face that Lee. Harvey Oswald wasn't a poet. and. I swear has like I wished Jane Lynch would said. No it was Walt Whitman who shot Lincoln, and then he wrote Oh captain my captain. Lee Harvey Oswald, didn't shoot. Lincoln. No he shot. Kennedy. John Wilkes. Booth can yeah. Well, I know but it was. Still nobody got it. I. Got it. Yes. But nobody else got it and I was like. People are so you know does nobody know? Poetry does. I mean, it's it's nineteenth century poetry. So maybe not people tend to forget that Shit. Like you do you know who Henry Irving? US. Zach actor. The name sounds familiar but I I a lot of poetry but but this actor, he was one of if not the biggest actor. In all of Ireland or England and for America for a long time until he died, he was John he was huge. I mean the whole budding nobody now really knows who he is. I don't really pay attention to. The third series, the third episode we will get to why nobody really knows who he is but he was big. He was these the first actor to ever be knighted. Sir Henry Irving. That's how achey was, but barely anybody today actually knows him. If you know him, you usually know him because Lebron's stoger but barely anybody knows him there's a reason we will get to that in third episode but. Then some people that that kind of falls to the wayside if it's not something that you care about. But yes I I I know what you're saying yes. People should know the difference St John Wilkes booth or a Lee. Harvey Oswald what women. Yes A little different I. Knows who leave Lee Harvey Oswald is and like how could you confuse him with a poet? Was He reciting poetry when he shot Kennedy. I mean. I guess some poets use their middle names sometimes. I. Guess. That's the thing. Is You you use all three names you're one of three things you're either poet. Well. No you're one of two things really pilot or serial killer or assassin your theories. You're one of those. So it's fifty fifty shop. Now Whitman, we get back to the story tackled. The nineteenth century struggled to reconcile the spiritual with the material in an age when communication with the the`real dead was all the rage and materialization provided the Big Bang and seances. Whitman's poetry effectively cokes together Pro Plaza and ectoplasms Brahm I read Whitman three years earlier and the October eighteen, sixty, nine issue of the London magazine Temple Bar, which featured an anonymous essay titled The poetry of the Future. The piece began as a seemingly even-handed evaluation of of the American poet but quickly took sides. Some of the Whitman's partisans had embraced the poet of the second coming of homer. Which? Exit ever makes question. Did he actually exist? And critic was determined to provide a corrective woman style had nothing in common with either the Bible Shakespeare or plato quote for Days We. All talked of Walt Whitman and his new poetry was scorned especially those of us who had not seen the book. But when he met a man on campus actually carrying copy, he asked to see it quote take damn thing I've had enough of it. Prompt took the buck to college park the site of most the site of most of his athletic. Events. Quote in a shade of an elm tree began to read it barely very shortly after my own opinion began to form, it was diametrically opposed to that which I had been hearing. From that, our I became a lover of Walt Whitman. Brom learned from his Trinity Mentor Edward Dowden that Whitman had planned a visit to England to meet Alfred Lord. Tennyson and Dowden had asked him to extend his trip to stay in Dublin. In early eight, hundred, seventy, two, ROM penned a letter to women. In some cases a self deprecating. And Somewhat Embarrassing Love Letter to women he even tells Whitman to burn the letter several times in the first few lines just so whitman won't read the rest. He couldn't bring himself to mail it and hidden away in a drawer or in a book for the next four years again. He's kind of a little neurotic He writes and it really I don't have it in here long but if you ever have a chance to get this book, I'm talking about it's in there and you can read the whole letter and it's really like. If you like this letter great I'm glad if you don't like it I completely understand just burned the letter you should burn it. Now before you read anymore because I I don't think you should read anymore should burn I think you'll like the rest of the letter if you read the less through our but you might WanNa just burn so you don't read the Russell he's he's that it's that type of thing goes on that way through the whole thing is like dude Vakhin drop. Drop your balls already say God. Damn. It reminds me of the letter of me trying to tell somebody at a crush on guys exactly what it sounds. It sounds like and even boys. It sounds like you know a fifth grader trying to tell their crushed that they liked them it. It's really kind of hard to read. Now by the end of eighteen, seventy, two brown had two publications appear under his byline Abraham Stoker, his first known short story that Crystal Cup was published in the September step September number of London's Society magazine. And an unnamed first person narrator narrator is held against his will and a castle anguished over the fate of his beloved Aurora. He channels all his life energy literally into the creation of beautiful crystal vase, which absorbs soul upon its completion. The vase is displayed the royal event. Festival the festival of beauty where the narrator or his ghost seized the heartbroken Aurora now dejected con- concert to morose king the exquisite beauty of the Crystal Moves Aurora Sing. Striking example of Brown's young writing, the story owes a strong debt to Poe and accounting a youthful familiarity with the American master of the macab. The story takes place in a kingdom by the sea or two lovers have been separated and one in prison. Then all mosh to Annabel Lee the words Nevermore. Repeatedly. Shelvin saying vol's instead of ACE. Says it's Victorian time. Crucible now now. The second publication was the text of his November Thirteenth hissed address the necessity for political. Although included an explicit allusion to one of his favorite pieces of dark literature Macbeth, the necessity couldn't have been more different piece of writing than the crystal. Cup. Lecture was rhetorical toward the force on a bit of a Humorous Jab. The hissed bylaws prohibit outright political debate. But Brom cleverly contrived you talk about politics without bringing up a single political argument. He predicted that Celtic revival would be most fully realized. In America the Irish people quote this leaving race of future. America this race which we young men have each of us directly and indirectly influenced for good or ill may become an time the leading element of Western civilization and here stands by while sets my Wi-. Rams Romantic Fascination with the American experiment fueled by his fascination with Walt, Whitman would only continue to grow after the address. He received a certificate for Oratory and his tutor George Ferdinand Shaw made the successful motion to have the address printed at the his expense. Now in eighteen seventy three, he accepted the position of editor for a new four page daily the Irish Echo and even though it actually paid him money unlike the male Gig. And it supplemented his civil service income by the spring of Eighteen, seventy, four, the overall demand on his time and energy reached a breaking point and he resigned but. While the Echo job lasted Rahman fuse the paper freely and anonymously with his own personality beyond the state reviews and paper and the paper was peppered with humorous filler and anecdotes that optin read suspiciously like many of his own droll journal entries. On November twenty, fifth eighteen, seventy three he entertained readers with a secondhand account of another sea monster first reported by the San Diego Union it Wednesday certain Captain Charlesworth and his. Hunting curlew along the coast instead counter and a cove a frightful monster. Fully thirty feet in length shaped like a snake with three sets of fins tail like an eel and head like an alligators. Every child in Ireland grows up with snakes. or at least images of them, the serpent is extraordinarily prevalent in Irish for even if the reptile is not native to the island. As a symbol of paganism imported by the celts serpents were supposedly banished by Saint Patrick's but they have never left Irish art and I. I kind of. Now. The familiar decorative Celtic not is a stylized snake symbol and it slithers all over the form of many Celtic crosses, decorative serpents around the illuminated pages of the book of Kells Snake. Imagery had already begun to appear cycle of Fairy Tales Brahmos riding even though he wouldn't publish them for another decade his novel the snake's pass would evoke Ireland's legendary past and his final book, the layer of the white worm who uses the snake as an image of overwhelming nightmarish whore. But in the case of the San, Diego Master of Eighteen, seventy two, his attitude is sceptically humorous. which you don't get a lot of from Brasler zero pictures of Bram. Stoker Smiley. Zero. There's not very many pictures of him in the first place but the ones that there are he doesn't smile on any of them. Maybe that smile did you ever think about that? No because people because people had said that. When he wasn't get his pictures take taken he did smile and he would laugh and joke around with people but. When camera came out he would I look at any picture especially when he was especially when he was younger. He just looks into the camera like it's stealing his soul he's just like, oh Yeah. Actually did from now on. That's fine. The Mo- I will do balance. You always want to force me to take my picture. I have stopped forcing you to take stop taking them. Now, the most significant personal contribution broad Braun made to the echo was a hitherto unknown short-story saved by a ghost which appeared on December twenty sixth eighteen, seventy three. Day was also the usual date usual debut date for the annual pantomime, which were hardly the only fantastic tradition associated with the English Christmas the telling of Ghost stories on or around Christmas was a British ritual, a persisting vestige of pagan times when the winter solstice, the longest darkest night of the year was believed to be especially attuned to the supernatural. Ron published saved by a ghost anonymously like everything else he wrote for the Echo. But. It has many of the features of his later fiction including fascination with seafaring supernatural or otherwise and male comradeship. The story begins with an identified speaker asking simply. Do any of you believe in ghosts. The person addressing us is captain. Charles. Merwin. Standing with his back to the fire and the coffee room the Royal Hotel Liverpool who has clearly secured his audience attention as well as the readers quote the reason I ask. Is because a ghost was the principal cause of a sudden reformation which has been the making of me. Then in an unbroken monologue, he recounts an incident from seventeen years. Before at the age of eighteen captain tells us he was already a thorough sailor and a thorough drunkard homeward bound from the East indies. With quote, an unusually hard crew, all of them except myself be taken of Gaul and put. On born to ship in irons he suspects flat bow play when the third mate when the third mate Billy McLean goes into good bullshit shins while Charles writes a letter for him and dies in his arms Charles himself is named as the deadman's replacement while a plot is hatched among the discontent crew to poison the officers with our snack and force a landing for the replacement officers then one night. Billy returns. Saved by a ghost was only his second published piece of fiction but showed his keen interest in the possibilities of the returning dead. Now aside from ghost stories of plentiful British commodity in the eighteen seventies, rob had frequent exposure to uncanny themes in the operas he reviewed for the Evening Mail the Laney's La San. Boola was presented twice at the theater at the theatre royal during Brahms tenure as a critic like mesmerized sweep walking would be a significant PLOT ELEMENT OF DRACULA and his review of the eighteen seventy five Hawkins street production romp took special notice of the character. Amina. An unsophisticated Swiss woman who's uncontrollable night wanderings. Take her takes her smack into the bedroom of a mysterious recently arrived count about valuating you waiting one. Mademoiselle out beanie and her Dublin debut in the title. Role. Brown. Found her brom found her singing quote a little short perfection and we selected items for special special notice. We should be tempted to praise everything. She is fascinating and style, and she acts gracefully intelligently. If it isn't already obvious the name Amina is extraordinary close in spelling and sound to Meena the embattled heroin of Dracula. Who deals with her own and other problems of sleepwalking mesmerized And the attention of certain elusive count. At about the same time as beginning his work with the Echo Brom made an acquaintance of an actress who had become a lifelong friend and confidante and has personal reminisces. RAHM describes as first exposure to the work of American actress Genevieve Ward. In the summer of eighteen seventy, four brom visited ward and her mother and Paris planning to meet his parents in Switzerland afterwards. But. The city of lights proved too much greater interest and he snubbed them. Charlotte wrote to him afterwards in Dublin expressing regret that he didn't Venice visit. But the French capital had much that might delay departure. The theatrical Paris must have been a revelation. Brom loved it so much. He continued to return in eighteen, seventy, five and seventy six and was impressed by the aspects of Paris far apart from a stages during these trips, he took notes one of his most memorable short stories, the burial of rats. Published in serial installments in Eighteen, Ninety six and only posthumously as an intact techs and nineteen fourteen and a vast dust heap at the city's periphery a first person protagonist stalked by a predatory ban of ragpickers. The title is creepy misdirecting. It is not rats that are buried we learn, but rather the human corpses they stripped to bone that are figuratively interred in the digestive tract. As one of the dusty desert means explains quotes. He died last night you will find much of them. The burial of rats is quick. The story includes a partially unsettling sustained metaphor of invertebrate feeling that must have come from study of Parisian maps and plans of the city said he's radiating streets, rails and sewers in the highly centralized city. He saw quote many long arms with the numeral tentacle. And in the center rises gigantic head with a comprehensive brain and Keane is to look on every side and ear sensitive to hear and a racist mouth to swallow the hunger of this metropolis was highly irregular. Round had hopes of becoming a playwright and ward and courage to him in the writing of a play based the life of Madame. Roland a leading figure in the French Revolution. Nothing came from Brahms. MME. Roland play script have ever been discovered but the possibility of writing for the stage stuck with him in his journal he jotted a note that pose the fall of House of usher me a good basis for an opera. And his instinct was Astute Ram never develop himself worked with the stage with collaborative and contingent upon many variables and beggars. These for Brom fiction was much more manageable creative outlet and he had been working steadily at the craft since publication of his first two short stories and her too early eighteenth seventy five, the primrose path on Avella by a stoker esquire was serialized in five issues and the Dublin magazine, the Shamrock Esquire I can't think of anything but bill and Ted. Yes. The successive and communist of improvement of Brahms narrative skills from the Crystal Cup save by a ghost to the primrose path. Suggest a sudden eruption of hone craftsmanship that is probably misleading. We don't know how closely one composition followed upon the other crystal cop may have been a very early piece of young writing say by ghost appeared only after he had more than a year of grueling journalism under his belt and experience. Sure to improve any kind of writing Clive Leatherdale Brahms most prolific modern editor notes that young Brown may have been hardened to rejection submitting an untold number of stories to Dublin and London periodicals in the early eighteen seventies. It is a safe bet that many stoker's early works languished in drawers never to be published. which is sad. It is sad. It's structured dialogue and characterization. The primrose path resembles stage melodrama which brom had regular exposure during his years as a critic. It also reflects an extraordinary ambivalence about the theater which can only have come from Brown's own struggle to balance practicality and stability with powerful poll of his heart's desire the protagonist Jerry. O'Sullivan is a Dublin Carpenter struggling to support his wife Katie and their baby daughter. He research receives an offer of employment from a theater in London rich receipt, which revives quote a strange longing to share in the unknown life of the dramatic world around as alluring and Esoteric as the mysteries of Isis to a neophyte. Jerry's wipe is heartbroken when he leaves for London even though he explained that his offer the good of the family and he will soon be able to send for her and their daughter. Jerry, falls into alcoholism tempted Baya mephistopheles and character when Katie and the baby finally arrive. He is a unemployable and beyond salvation. In. A bestial frenzy, he kills Katie with a hammer and then cuts his throat with a carpenter's Chisel. The Term Primrose Path is coined by Shakespeare and hamlet the best or most assured means of self-destruction and in an in Macbeth. The Bard employs a colorful variant quote the primrose way the everlasting lasting bonfire. Brom never had a real problem with alcohol. So the question rises to who he wrote it about usually write about what you know. Well. He did know fairly infamous alcoholic to base a story on his old Trinity College Friend Willie Wilde who started drinking in college and seemingly never stopped to the point where Oscar asked him to grow a beard. So they wouldn't be mistaken for one another have you ever heard the path to hell is paved in primrose and brimstone something like that I think that's where it came from. The previous year while visiting John Genevieve Ward and Paris Brahm was introduced by the actress to a writer from whom she had commissioned a classical drama about the Lesbian Poetess Sappho to be premiered in Dublin the following Spring William Gordon Wills was Dublin born playwright poet and occasional painter him and Ron became good friends even though they live very different lives wells had many girlfriends over the years it was always terrified at the possibility of March. Now, I, say lesbian I don't mean lesbian as. Lesbian lesbian his from the Isle of Lesbos or how do you say it? So Yeah Lesbos Enes. She's a lousy. Well. We'll worked on his clay on his. Wills worked on his lays plays in creative isolation and his final scripts were. Exactly what his client expected, but he always proved his power at the box office. The SAPPHO project came to him with unusual creative freedom since real historical documentation of the character was pretty much nonexistent. The STOORIKHEL Sappho the lyric poet of knows both who Plato extolled as the Tenth Muse lived approximately six, twenty, two, five, seventy, be safe. Increasingly sexualize for trails of Sappho. Recently provided nineteenth century decadent riders a back door. Of raising the general topic of homosexuality simply by booking, it's more acceptable female incarnation. Why are you laughing at me? It's a backdoor way. And we'll story SAMPO has sister Meera who has betrayed her with Faye on. The pent up sex energy in the. These bowls or whatever. Followers of Lazio's. Mate maintenance followers of dyonisis. Via. Spelled. M. A. E. N. A. D. S. made may nuts main ads? The follows of diagnosis erupts leading directly to the destruction of the temple of Hyman. Sappho is condemned and MIRA pleads to die in her place. But samples stoically accepts her fate and hurls herself into the seat. Now, the problem came when wills is running behind on writing the end of the play according to war quote. We are in full rehearsal before. I. Could get a site of the final scene when it came to last at when it came to last that ended up only in a few lines pencil around the edge of the torn letter and in Greek if you please to bring down the curtain. So Ward looked for someone to finish the play and she didn't look far Rahm new Greek and she knew he wanted to be a playwright. He accepted even though he had a potential conflicting commitment, the following evening when the play was premiere, the play was finished up one southbound declares her sacrifice. So Ram only needed to come up with the very end. To which she wrote, the chorus of citizens exhorts the doomed poets live Sappho Live live and Sappho response live I shall live all the days to come. The soul of Sappho, does not bus pass away whilst hearts can break and lips be false to love southborough shall live the night of the premiere. Brahm was lecturing on art in Ireland and the fortnightly club and had to rush several blocks to the theater just to catch the last scene. He was quote elated on hearing my own lines spoken with exquisite force and pay those roms decision to review. Sappho without revealing his own part in. It was a tad unseemly. Usually don't review something that you had a pardon. The year following example Brom wants more had the chance to publicly come to the defense of Walt Whitman whose children of atoms poem in leaves of grass had come under violent incessant attacks at a meeting of the fortnightly club. He followed Edward Dowden at the left turn afterwards wrote in his diary quote spoke I, think well. But that was only the beginning of the nights writings. He retrieved the head and letter that he had written but had never sent almost exactly four years earlier and stayed up until three in the morning writing a new one to accompany it and this time he mailed them both several weeks later, Rom received a letter of his own. Forty one Stephen Street Camden New Jersey Corp West US America March sixth. Nineteen. seventy-six Rob Stoker. My dear, young man your letters have been most welcome to me. Welcome to me as a person and as author I. Don't know which most. You did so well to write to me so. Really fresh. So manly. So affectionate to I too hope though it is not probable that we will someday personally meet each other means I'm I send my friendship and thanks Edward Downes letter contained among others. Your subscription for a copy of my new edition has just been recorded. I shall send the book very soon by express and a package to his address. I have just written to e D. my physique is entirely shattered doubtless permanently from paralysis and other ailments but I am undressed and get out every day a little live here quite lonesome but hardy and good spirits right to me again, Walt Whitman. Ou. The letter of course, stunned him as it would stun any young acolyte to receive such a personal open generous response from an idol now Abraham Stoker. took ill. In. Senior. Took ill mid eighteen, seventy, six and October twelfth the age of sixty seven, he died and Cafetaria Ni Italy. With his brother, Thomas Brom made trip to the continent to arrange the funeral. Also in eighteen seventy six BRAM surrogate father, Sir William. Wilde also passed. Those kind of a one two punch. Now had brought. Kept his job at the ECHO. He would've had a larger platform to celebrate the return of Henry, irving to Dublin in eighteen, seventy six instead he used the mail to give the irving visit and an unusual an unusual number of column inches. At the end of November Irving brought his London production of Hamlet, the bells and Charles I. Although Brom had not seen him act in five years. He had followed the stunning rise, his reputation in London with many reviews that compared him favorably to other theater legends. However, three basic criticisms of urban, Irving's acting would dog emperors entire career? Firstly was wiry physique and strange gate often referred to as dragging leg he would stop one foot and drag the behind him. He only did this on the stage and not in his personal life. Kind of a weird thing to do. Yeah. Because they went he would he would stop I believe is his left foot or. Go. I. Think it was his love and drag as other one behind him and that's how he would walk across stage pretty much. No matter what seed he was doing. Maybe he just did it. For the attention or maybe it was a psychosomatic symptom don't know. Now the second criticism was a strange acting accent changing does to you choose and adding ease to other words for no real reason the of dog he would say, Doug. And instead of my he would say May. But not like Mai Mai like it's GonNa be May. Like it will say again sake. So kind of like how people say Canadian say about but they don't really say about some of them do say about and the gain. So do say that I've heard it. So say that he would for no again for no reason only when he was on stage, he wouldn't do this offstage. And, the third was his tendency towards General Grotesquery, weird gazing and strange face contortions. Bron. Was Brahm was able to see past all these probably because the conventions of melodrama and the grotesque were so ingrained in the theater of his own mind Irving's verses attracted rather than repulsed him. He. Tempered his first night appraisal with a mild acknowledgement of some of the ACURA, more problematic qualities the better to inoculate readers against dissent and win them over to alternate criteria of judgment. After his second appraisal of hamlet appeared Brown was told by theater management that irving would like to meet him. If he had any other plans that night they were promptly cancelled. He was introduced irving in his dressing room before the play and asked to supper afterwards like everyone else irving was struck by Brahms physical presence imposingly tall still powerful body of the college athlete he had been and yet behind the muscle and the beard and the penetrating blue eyes was an infant grew ious personality sheild like it. It's a Jasim and vulnerable and it's insecurities. The twenty-seven-year-old tried to hide any signs of weakness behind a thin veil of affected knowledge a not uncommon trae in university men and in Brahms case more endearing than any annoying. And that athletic massive him was a defensive costume barricade of body armor fashioned from his own Flash Irving, to had his insecurities. An actor never forgets Hiss Rahm. Rope. And understood the creative frustrations of an expressive soul struggling to escape the provinces. Irving realized quickly that Brom was no ordinary sycophant in addition to his bottomless newspaper writing and his aspirations a writer of fiction. He seemed to have an Cyclope Dick Knowledge of the theater and the mind that absorbed information like a vacuum pump somewhat going to say that he had a photo memory. He could express himself in the written word with a quick and uncanny faculty that might be linked to an automatic writing of trance of a trance medium. His job at Dublin Castle required meticulous attention to detail and extraordinary. Skills he had been entrusted with the book, a book length project for Dublin Castle to be called the duties of clerk of petty sessions of Ireland. A drier subject could not be imagined, but it involved a formidable ability to assimilate and manage information. Braun Brahm I keep saying Braun. Anything in a game of thrones I'm not I'm. Not Saying the word right. Rome was a man who could be trusted with serious responsibilities. The evening concluded with another invitation to supper, and this one would be accompanied by most theatrical finish. Ram wanted something mystical and other worldly experience. New just a thing to give him. He decided to recite Thomas. Hood's Eugene Aram. After the re citation rob had no doubt that irving was the idol he had looked up to for the past five years. Seeing the effect he had elicited in the shaken young man irving excused himself what to his room and shortly returned with an inscribed photograph quote. My dear friend Stoker God bless you God bless you. Quote. In those moments of our mutual emotion, he too had found a friend and nuit soul had looked into soul from our began a friendship as profound as close as lasting as can be between two men. But more than likely Brahms saw a looming friendship and Irving Cy cheerleading newspaper critic who effectively did the double duty of unofficial press agent for Ireland. Rams next review of the bells was for the most part Boyd of all criticism and for Charles I, he declared Irving's acting princely. It is noble single purpose and self contained as a prince should be and for hamlet he spoke the uproarious final curtain call Irving actually took a curtain call at the end of each act, which apparently is pretty standard or the opera or place over in Europe back here so much. You take curtain after jacked. People America look at you like you're a fucking idiot but over there apparently was something of people that. An eighteen seventy seven, the prospect of Henry Irving running his own theatre will still something of a pipe dream. But like Brown he knew full well, the powerful attraction of London for stifled creative people in the provinces and that is where we will pick up. For episode to Rat Irvine. Are Deserving of Douche line of that. That was put Brown was butcher leader he was. Yeah. He wanted to be Irving's best friend he wanted to be as confident having honestly irving does doesn't even really want a friend. He just wants people to tell how radius and. He was getting. The Best of both worlds with Brow, the getting somebody who's GonNa tell how great he wasn't until everybody else how grady was and bring more people to here. So. Shit in one hand and. Group in the other. Bullshit on hand then poop in the other than you have shit both hands, it's shipped one hand in wishing the other see which fills up I how that's how that saying goes I. Don't know how it applies to this because that's what irving wanted was bullshit and Chit. Okay, if you say it's A. He knew he sucked no. He he was mediocre at best. No, he was actually he was the biggest actor will will become the biggest actor at the time which is very Polarizing. You know he was the the only reason he became the biggest actor was because of Brom. Well, Rome had a lot to do with. Him getting pushed in like Ireland. But as you know, we'll come to find out how as ROM gets deeper into Henry Rings Life he will help him. With the theater in England. And then they will take it over to bring it over to America. He's Henry Irving is a very popular. actor in this time of year, we don't know much about him. We in episode three, we will find out exactly why we don't know much about him why we don't remember him now that well because of an incident that happens that kind of erases Henry Irving from. history history a little bit. but. Yet he's very polar. He's the Nick Cage. Of that time some people absolutely love him. Some people can't. Stand. These the nickelback. That's some some people worm nickelback some people. Regular people hate nickelback this funny. Sorry about nickelback. I was driving home from picking up my daughter. And summer of sixty nine by Bryan. Adams comes on. And when we're driving, we liked to play games. I like to play games with my kids. You know to teach them music say and who singing this what's the name of the song? So I asked, one son says Davy Jones. The other says. NICKELBACK. So you have one that was about. fifteen years before that song came out and won those about ten fifteen years after that Song Kayla. Yes. So as like I have failed as a parent. I don't know a failing as a parent not knowing who sings the summer of sixty nine is really not knowing Bryan Adams Boyd as Bryan Adams I mean. That's a lasting Iraq and. Only apologize for Bryan. Adams so many times. Trivia. Well Not Trivia so much but. Summer Sixty nine isn't actually about the year. Beck. The sexual activity I know. He came out and said that a little while ago. So that's not about the year. But sixty nine can't low songs are not about what we think they are. I mean. Anyway. Let's get to the Social Ruben putter. Around the twitter Ingraham, we are at Opening N. Book. Should I slow down? Nuts. K. I am at E. C. J. B. at I'm young em six on twitter young e. t. a. m. on Instagram we have new twitter follower sergeant fuck and slaughter despite on us on where there's a couple other people on the Potter family on twitter that had said that sargent slaughter. THEM SO I don't know if somebody hack into his county start filed a bunch people or what the fuck is going on but sargent slaughter follow us and I'm good with. Really about that because we're huge wrestling fan while we don't do the other wrestling podcasts anymore but still it doesn't matter over wrestling fan slaughter fuck and follow us on. Twitter salt. and. I go to our goodridge goodridge, dot com slash open a effing book can see all the books at seventy been reading the books that we did our research on. Still kind of behind we've been busy kids finally getting to go back to actual physical schools of undoing allow shit with that album went so far and work. Well, there was A. An incident at the school somebody came down with it. So they have the shut down the entire junior high. So a teacher came down with it and there were no substitute sal. So your high schooler can go back in the grades elevate elementary school I can go back but the junior higher can't go back. He's stuck at home by himself learning while the other two are at school. So I don't know who to fill better for probably him because the other two will be gone and it'll be and he's the good Kanye it'll be. Ain't. Now, I'm excited as as the middle it usually the middleton is not the good kit. No, and he's the one is just like me left-handed creative quiet. It's hurt. A good week. Well no because they're only going to school for two days this week and it's three days on a couple of good days. Two days you have your monitors. These these. but at some point, we will get the good reads. All up today are Kodak all the way up to this book which again, I will discuss how I feel about this book. email us open an open effing book at Patriots Patriot patriots dot com slash. Book all your donation go to make. This podcasts, the best possibly be we have a tear for on edited I. Don't know if we'll have that on there for this episode just because technical difficulty were running really behind this episode probably won't get out when it's supposed to. So probably Monday evening more than Monday morning I apologize to everybody for that. But next week's episode will be on. Time. Tell him why. My fucking computer. Restarted on me for no reason, it said that it had to do updates that is going to restart fifteen minutes and the episodes usually take like twenty minutes to say so I had to hurry up and get everything set up the way it needs to be so I could save it. And I had like less than a minute left for to save and the computer shut down and everything you're hearing now for the past, like a minutes has been brand new stuff that we had to come in. Because it cut off the last ten or twelve minutes of the fucking episode and I'm so mad but it's okay 'cause we're GonNa Forget it Garo Thirtieth we will be putting out are all the horror episode you all the horror eighteen dot website, dot com slash event, or go to twitter and type in Hashtag all the Hor- onward no underscored running. It benefits scares that care with all their merchandise sales helps give to families that are in need this fall and winter. and. They've had a a horror episode from all these different podcasts every day of the month so far and the one that just came out on the seventeenth actually had the script in it that I wrote. So go listened to that. It's fun. So rate and review US or wherever you listen apple podcasts the rate review spotify. You can follow stitcher you can follow an comment podcast attic. You can subscribe and comment Pod chaser all aspects of the wherever you. Listen rate US reviews. It really helps us. Look Library Volunteer. If they let you do that up stuff, go to your local independent bookstore by book from local other if you have my. Stephanie Young Art. On Her Z. Page step Oetzi, dot com slash shops. As DOT, com slash shop slash Stephanie Young or I got the lake is on the show notes. So he just shouts click on and buy some my wonderful wife. Amazing smelling soaps and bath bombs and she has some news Zombie brain ones and You're going to put them up though is Halloween. You need to put him up. Okay. I'll try to tomorrow those other than they smell like bubble gum and cotton candy office this magnay smell great and they're cute. They're perfect for hand washing, which we all need to be doing right now. Yes by Benjamin put one at by Your House and you're all set. Seventy. Well. Between now and the time we get to speak to you later. Guard. To use paper. Open. A fucking book. My husband's an kit. But I. Love My guys.

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