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let's resemble to be determined to make whether you like barra there timeout mclamb out the white boy so we can get on a choice being the turnpike. She making me turn one of the term position to get a lock participate every stopped burning as listen go in jamaica mark games so yeomen using day. Sawn hobby beach missed any along. Bobby cologne on comedy world radio. The sean jones beach team or accountable never you sunny jay from morning show featuring the wake of catches on comedy world radio thank you so much like say thank god for jesus. It is start tuesday. This tuesday march the second. Twenty twenty one. It is twenty eight minutes after the hour. Welcome to the show. You wanna show features. Cj l'enfant bobby cologne. We wanna start right. Why not only earthly. You should want to start right. That chat rooms wide open. Please call in five seven zero nine. Two six nine five zero iheartradio radio dot com shawki dot com vamp radio at but place Also distributed by comedy worldnet radio network Especially shout out to all affiliates out there and these streets god bless you for believing in the movement all major podcast platforms. I'm not gonna go. It's all that Google shawki shellfish. Raycatena golf links this morning For you folks on social media we were on that too. That's the facebook golden shawan show featuring the wake-up teen business page on facebook like it. And you're getting notified and monday to friday from seven seven ten. Start little late this one. Excuse me we had a system update and we did that and now we on the air and also join our group if you don't mind that's the shahabi more show featuring wakeup team group page hottest page on facebook. As far as i'm concerned and i'm in ten thousand groups So please support what we do each and every morning god bless your body cologne of good morning barbie. Nice see got to be single looking good. You look healthy. Well thank you very. How will you feel great. How are you. i'm good. Awesome hair in bethlehem we work has live to your from. It is twenty one degrees right now. Slowly out there. The high will be thirty six day eight. It's going to be anybody going to be very windy so please be careful and strasbourg. Eighteen degrees thirty four for the high fair and windy as well. Twenty one in newark new jersey thirty six. It's going to be fair. It's going to be really windy again. And a new york city is twenty one degrees sunny in thirty seven for the high An at l. Forty three degrees fifty four for the high and partly cloudy. It's gonna rain The evening around four. pm is supposed to start out. Police say urania with you. Seventy three in miami eighty two for the higher partly cloudy in chicago is twenty-five grease clear today and forty three the high fifty in l. a. Clear and seventy seven will be the high today in louisville twenty eight degrees. Now going to a high of forty six and clear and rochester. It is twelve degrees. My goodness and thirty degrees. We'll be the high cloudy what's going to clear a by noon. I'm sorry by ten. Am and that's the way that i have for. You all wasn't looked like where you are coming to. You live from the show every morning. Show features cindy j. I will get started right right. Exactly what you get your morning right only place on earth where you get your morning star right. We have a front page news at the top of the hour. Nine o'clock this front page news with cindy j. as to the double n. y. We will give you the news locally nationally. Globally you know. How like it from the hood. So stay tuned for front page news with cj barbie colognes addition That's the nine o'clock hour number one. Rake news in this area. As far as i'm concerned and but before that we have the morning buzz you know that they'll everyone to one thing that we guarantee on this show each and every morning that your head will be buzz in before nine. Am so you guys stay tuned for that. If you don't mind. And god bless widow. She got and there will be a little harvey house. Was you stated. so don't go away here. Tuesday we independent. let's clap. we're going to have a great show day. He is so we do when we come back. You don't deal was shot out the wrong with the heart sat and chat room. Hey not dale but What we're doing right now. We permit new music all this week. And we're gonna drop number new song keychains and we're gonna get the artists minute and we'll go to all out. Dj's dj wrong dj young nut and dj. Not here so guys. We'll be back please. let's go we've come with me. Do what's resembled whether you like to you that you bear the white boy so we need choice. It's beaten the term. Actually making me turn from one of the term. I'm a position ready to get a lot. Let's listen go in gaza jamaica all games song. What back sean. You want to show up team. You'll real yeah. Everybody hold on everybody. Clap i'll beloved relatives on the phone former chat room every week. Go ahead roe. This turns up tuesday damn right and that day. I just had to give some good news and let me out the hospital yesterday. Cows let's clinton. He's done a whole lot better. Oh my goodness yes. A-hole that better would happen. What happened so yet My agent levels got better. I'm still oxygen. They sent me home with oxygen since but It was enough that they said they felt like could go home. You know some. Stay my pops house for a little bit. 'cause they sent me up appear in innocent highly scattered. They said it should take about two weeks with the oxygen but know at least now i can move around and i'm at pop house and if i want to step outside i guess a mayor outside you know. So my pops. He isolated like he bought something isolate the whole downstairs. So i got the whole downstairs to myself. And he's going to be helping me out. You know women making me t in stoop and all that stuff and folded never done so well. This is great. News is beautiful news on. Turn up tuesday. This is welcome news to our beloved family member rohullah. We all know if you knew to the show. You don't know about the legendary pop holloway. Get into that later But this is great news. Men how you know pop came up bitch snatch up took you upstate The even the proactive part about the The oxygen kit. I forgot to woodward. Where'd you use real. They give you the kidney check. Oxygen and and and this whole all this information was going back and forth from hospital to route to pop holid- ari'el and got there and and and got him out the hospital now he's home and he's what i'm saying homes with his father and this wanna turn-up tuesday. This is just my heart right. Now is so happy right now. We are all going through this journey with you like we do it all out of members and everyone all our members in a chat room right now you already know we are when one is sick we all sick until we all recovered copy cover so well we which you and you definitely sound much better. You know what i'm saying by the time. The springtime come through. Here you'd be you'd be finding the next thirty days forty days and you'd be back out there in the streets of relle. We're kind of medication you right now. What's going on with that right now. To they had me on steroids so they gave me steroids to win me off like they gave me a prescription. We me off to steroids as far as like know just keeps vitamins. Vitamin c. vitamin ds zinc And then because really what. They learned that the hospital is that i went through all the other symptoms already. So really all i was really fighting for his oxygen and so that's where they that's where they were. That's what i was focused on. Because i didn't have i went through. I went through the fevers and chills and all that stuff at home and it was toys that last fourteen days. You know when you get. When i was getting closer to date for a team is where my oxygen was getting bad. So we're i went to the hospital like i don't have a fever and you know but he can't breathe so so. That was the focused so right now. They just gave me the steroids to we off the dummy because when they give you those steroids they gotta wean you off of it. You can't just stop by so so yes so you know that's all that's all i prescribe me. And then they set me up with the oxygen oxygen machine. That house. So i have this. They said they said the way. I was looking the way i was going. I may only have it a week but probably most likely they said most likely to be a week but the max they think is two weeks and when you when you finished with iroha on the do you have to return to oxford machine house where they come they come pick it up hot. How does how does it look. It's like it's like this little you know. How do you know all these folks in the bronx walking around with not speakers please to speak with a handle on it and roll around. I feel like put news on that piece role can you can. You can put a picture up and putting the group rule so yeah. I'm taking a picture. I'm put over. Jacob picture pops. Little isolated thing to follow rose journey bumble with the coffee and he was home mass which we appreciate. That now is the next joining. Because i've never heard of this machine. You know we have heard a lot about covert in the machines and all the things that were. Would i never seen it. I've seen so he has some portable bluetooth oxygen machine in the crate and they come in to pick it up. Yeah the clean it up and give it to the expert. That's yeah they refill it. You know yeah hole light a kennel for tamila they give you the can give you. The cord stretches through the whole due to the whole. I guess the core got it'd be lights next thing might be like fifty feet stretch through the whole to the whole bottom of the house so yeah and what. Is this where i was in. Saint luke's in newburgh see saint luke's as they can be at the hospital will see you so you wind up there and took care. Let's let's clough all good. I live album hospital. And i had my first. After the first week of being sick. I went to harlem hospital. And they said ain't seen nothing and in home land. Wow and i live like i'm on. I'm on what thirty eight home hospitals over thirty seven yet. So i walked around the corner when i started filling my accidents fella. Kraisak couldn't even walk that far and at but none of my mom's she's been there before posit. They did not want me to go back out there like nope not the hall. And that's one of the liabilities at new york city hospital system. shout out. They just overwhelmed in a lot of times man. You don't get the critical. You know a kid that you need and they're just like hey you find they don't they probably don't even know that you're suffering and they just rush you out of there on a thank god that you know folks that your loved ones the proactive enough to get you someplace where you can get this critical care and And now you on your road to cover you know You know the cops even even well with all swag that. This man has from harlem new york barbican. Even his cost has sweat to it. So real house called password to him. Because that's not much wag real well irvine again you know. We got to reach out to rail. He's gonna fall. We follow in his journey. He's gonna post this oxygen machine. I'm really. I can't wait to see that i would see what that looks like an and isolation booth and west pop who upstairs. Yeah he's making about him up. Because i need to teach shit. So have you spoken to the Two females who. While you contacted this. You know what. Bobby i ain't gonna. I like even yesterday yesterday sunday. They were saying. I might go home monday. Based on you know have my how they saw was on the oxygen. And i was just trying to pull all positive energy. That's probably been posted like you. Tell them they were all you got to see. I just needed positive energy. 'cause i just wanted to get up out of there and needed that. I needed that. I needed to smile. Needed to laugh. And i just wanted all positive energy. I didn't want no doubt like them changing their mind. Or you know my oxygen not getting to the point in needed to be. I can leak. So i haven't addressed to go into her because right now even still. I'm still fighting. You know fighting this oxygen thing. So i'm just trying to keep all positive energy until i get one hundred percent. Yeah now of course. Now i get one hundred percent catch me outside. No no no no. No no no no no not going to happen. That's not because you know what i said to myself. I said you know what sometimes not saying to. A person hurts more than even saying and right now i know. She's going through it because she she has more social media and she sees. But i'm going through and the fact i'm not speaking As she knows that this is her her cousin's fault is he's trying to reach out to trying just ignoring not even reading the messages just leading so so i'm eating away at her because we were tight tight and the fact that i'm not answering you and you just see me and i'm paying you know ma is a knows killer and that's and that's better than even give you the satisfaction and tell you why i'm not speaking listening to you don't have any time for that you have to discard this relationship. At the moment you had to A close all doors of this relationship. You have to focus on getting healthy right now. You don't have time for that Yes the size going to eat them alive. I wouldn't waste my time for the remainder of the year to even responded or reaching out to these folks because you have a bigger purpose. That's the stay healthy right now. And the god knows you know you start communicating with these folks. Then you get upset and then everybody's arguing and fighting and yelling and that's the one thing that you don't need right now and anger bats. Spirits is something that you have to stay away from it. Just focus on your recovery. And that's the end. The people around you that love you to most dash right now is the only focus that you should have all righty arguments and reaching out in all the good. No luxury that you can't afford an calm is gonna bust their asses anyway so That's all i say about that. I usually after leaving messages. Have to deal with that and come to find out because it was two other girls that got sick That you know that that was there and you know one of them did cursor out and which kind of goes on but you know like a kosan my thoughts of what played out and the other girl they both and they both said i'm not date her out so she looks she lost friends behind this stance of a few friends behind because you know and wondering actually one of the girls she got cheetahs a positive and then her kids tested positive. So this was. This was a complete mess because of instant gratification of these people want to throw a super bowl party and not caring about the health situation of there's world and the folks that they they love the most right so the other girl did it for you. She cursed out the girl. I i even when i wouldn't even have suggested that for the other young lady because now real people you know what it was was when they found out i was sick and i found out they were sick. I've reached scout. And i spoke to the girl told her i said yo i can't rock with your girl. No more like this was crazy. I can't believe she did this. And i said i'm i'm ca- hole. She said and she had told me that. She said she said. I caught off too because something about doing the same. She's already spoke about it so when the other girl got sick she immediately contactor. Like what's your problem. Why didn't you can't you know what i'm saying. So does she just reacted instantly if you know. And so because she was upset. Everybody's you know everybody affected giving was really upset. Of course 'cause this is like unbelievable that you're that thirsty for instant gratification event that could easily you can warn people you could relocate. You could give people that option. Yup that's and that's all you have to do and they talk about that. Each and every day will corona virus. This informed folks. If you're not feeling well that stay home and let everybody know saying when people treat me out when they always say big on social media and they pull you hit a cough that coca people always on social media when they get sick in hospital and they go cove it. What are you talking about that it is. It is let people know right. Let people know wh. What is the big stigma about corona virus. It's all out here in the whole entire world so you can sit there and be sick and go to a party and not tell anybody talking about. It's all over the place. You save lives when you stay you punk ass home if you're sick don't care and you get your test result back and you still come outside and you positive. I think that's a felony crime up my opinion if you got a light cough coughing you ain't get tested yet door times if you got a coughing test yet. Don't go wear to get as well. I gotta get tested today. Because bobby cough three times out now needs to in a sneeze and fifty six i at that age i am sick. You use at a superspreader over the weekend ahead. Excuse me the week before. Super spread of tests came back negative. I don't take the test to have to. I'm tired of takes it every monday. Listen well you are absolutely right and everything that you say and we all need to take heed on our beloved rohullah our family member and we need to be in his journey with him. And what are we learning here. We know that we came in contact with the person and they and they they passed the they with infectious and they gave that Pass the coronavirus up to us is really no time to be mad. Just can't be half the take that energy to recover. Don't wanna take that negative energy and it sets back show your recovery for just even don't even though mentally. Yes we want like your friend kirsty. Up a girl. That's the luxury we can't afford right. Now you're right down the row next twenty twenty three cursed checkout when you healthy right now. We have that luxury you can't. You can't afford that luxury right now. You're in a basement would have oxygen machine. That's in the barricaded room. And you gotta call pop. So no. I'm gonna show up 'cause i've got the split level house. So the the the whole actually the downstairs his house. It could be a separate apartment. Okay now people don't know poppy harlow who who legendary has traded families. Just like sean harvey. What's going on with pop now was was going on an anti singles relationship. What is funny story as a friend of mine. They used to our door for me. That used to do the door promoting she used to be. My cat share that so he has so. She has a lot older friends and so a friend of hers was follow me on instagram. And i and i had noticed lady following me. And i could see she was low older and then one day i had posted something that she responded to it about telling the truth and i said you know. Can i tell you the truth. And she said yeah. I wanted to do she to my pops and she was like what and i said. Yeah i don't you to my he sixty five single. You know if you single you know. And she said yeah. I'm single annum. I introduced rain. They've been hitting it off ever since miss okay and via his maybe not go man. I wish my dad was like that. That's i can't on turned up. Tuesday just walmart man with these. This is a beautiful thing. Well cop bless you man. God bless pop hotel every tell pala we all say good morning and nella hooked up. Pop hollyman is sixty five years old snap. She's adult lady doak so she got one son. He's older you know that was the other thing too because she you know. All his kids are grown so us wrong so they united states firing really trying to they want to thank you. Know grant right so but I thought she was cool. Person and down earth fence you know. Come to find out you know. She works behind asean on she. She got a house in the bronx. And they actually. I gave them the number like it was like in the middle of the week. They went on a date that saturday and they've been and they've been appear every weekend ever since. So let's play and bobby colonial know if you notice about real hollow if she to row who's a our say urban socialite He doesn't do. You would never see roll around a ugly chick. Roy doesn't do ugly. We datacom show two years ago at a bar. Midtown manhattan was at the corner. That bar having drinks with about four or five baddies. We all say we shine. Oh yeah we do Role doesn't do ugly. So you know that this lady that introducing the pop holland. The whole thing is a beautiful woman. Well doesn't do that even why. He's coughing corona right now. He will the the his cost rejecting ugly. Well doesn't do ugly. When i'm glad i just say i don't do not my type right. Well keep acute clay the ugly. How do we say she's different all gonna face so you know. Think more afraid of ugly corona these and we've all been through some ugly chicks back in the day and women. Y'all been smashing some ugly men so it goes both ways. But thank you brother. Y'all apprec- hr love y'all doll chat room. Everybody reached out. Hit me up you know. I think i really needed that energy. That was a lot of positive energy. I love for that and thank you so much. You know in a bar. You'll be but you're really looking like okay you over here. Look you work for kamala harris right now and then see us. Joe god sugar with the lepe. Thank you. It's been a rough. It's been a rough thirty as for barbies out today as it. So you don't bobby's in her splendors morning and you know and and her glory. And that's you know barbies a very attractive. So all right love your. I won't take a quick break. We'll be right back nikko shoot off off But let's blow me key to this to be determined to up whether you like when you talk about whatever ratio joyce three beaten the turnpike. She me turn. That one at the position is i have to get participating in every be detail. Stop listen to make were dj yoga age. Stay the wrong thanks back. Dj dj young a dj. Now here one time that it is motivational turned up. Tuesday tuesday march the second. Twenty twenty eight minutes out the welcome back. Show have you on show featuring singer and on falco's partly cloudy start right. Why not only place on earth we get you want start a right chat rooms ninety two six nine five zero iheartradio radio dot com shoghi dot com fan radio app distributed by comedy world radio All the phillies. Thank you so much throughout the country. an all major podcast platforms right here on facebook. Social media like our business patient harvey show featuring team business page. You get notified monday through friday. Seven seven ten in the morning When we go live in also please Join a group show. Have you show featuring wake team group. I apologize this morning stanley. We had a system update. I had to wait for it. And you know we jumped right on here so we appreciate you apologize and thank you for your patience bobby. Cologne just real quick for shell out. The only gets some local weather. If you don't mind is cold is yes. It is here in bethlehem where we broadcast live to you from it is only twenty degrees is cold is held lecture juicy. Thirty six will be. The highest is is extremely windy. So that's what made it seemed like a really even colder because it's so windy and strasbourg. Eighteen degrees thirty four foot. High fair is going to be windy there as well Twenty one in north new jersey thirty six for the high fair and wendy and new york city. It's twenty one degrees. It's going to be sunny today and it's going to be thirty seven for the high and Atlanta forty three right now fifty four for the high cloudy and rain around four. Pm seventy three in miami eighty two for the high partly cloudy in chicago in the twenty five degrees right now. Going to a high of forty three and it's going to be clear today. Fifty in la seventy seven. We'll be behind clear and louisville twenty eight degrees the highest going to be forty six today. And it's going to be clear and rochester is only twelve degrees. oh now that's israeli cold there Cloudy right now cleared by ten. Am this morning. Then it's going to be this whole Peaks sunshine throughout the day and. Thirty degrees will be the high of their. That's the way you are wasn't look like where you are where we cologne coming to you. Live from the show having morning. Show featuring sidney j yeah well you you want to start right on earth where you get your okay so hang out with us. Virtually i mean through this social media to do this facebook and all this. I'm old school guy. I like the audio version. Shutouts all folks. Just listen to the show appreciate you guys but if you spoil you and you like to interact in a chat room -ccomplish and you like to listen to the show and watch it which we provide here goblet short march the fifth. We have quite any. I guess. yeah this little slow. Shaw birthday bash. I'm excited about that. I i turn it up. Oh my life has always been turn up. Yeah i add super excited. I'll be fifty six years old guy wouldn't have a little friday As i'm excited about that never shied away for my age. All already know that so. It's just crazy glorious all good and so we you know. Come on. Hang out with us. friday yeah. Don't come on for my audio folks man rocky would meet you. Just listen to it and imagine what's going on and that's what i'm talking about so you know that's friday march fifth and then on sunday march the seventh. We doing a lot comedy show. Yeah trying to do some live comedy trying to break some of it back. That's going to be at the iron meals. Bobby located in it is hair eastern pennsylvania. Eight thirty one south delaware. Dry those open up our five pm showtime six on time and then we go a little bit after seven then. We're gonna party with dj house. Oh yeah come on. Now we have a larry's comedians coming out of monique latifah. Be in the building. And she's one of our favorites and my tim u-haul from baltimore being the building. So y'all come on now. I am bill. Eight thirty one south delaware. Dr that's eastern pennsylvania. Doors open up at five pm showtime six two drink minimum food minimum. So please come on our home. We come on out thirsty. And let's have a good time april. The eighteenth The new york king calm and town will be at the mill. Put that fly out today. That's going to sell out so please everybody. You know you know reserve for much. Seven also April hateem come on out and let's have a good time. Of course he. We wanna be safe in disney changes. I'll let you know right now. Everything is full. Go everybody's coming out like say like if someone gets sick or something happened. I will cancel the think immediately. It doesn't even like for me. There's nothing safety is always first. But if you wanna come on out and you say put your big. She'll on the big facial cream up dude. You're ball goggles of family away and triple mats and scarfs aware gloves. Go do what you gotta do. Come on out and have a good time. And let's get our laugh on atlantic city a lot of folks come. We're going back down there. April fools weekend got loud folks coming down at a post that in a group whom as well we in atlantic city. Today's days that's april. Second to april third landing bobby guys without near the last time we had a great time dishonesty there the whole entire weekend so you want a interested in that. Come on down. We'd be in atlantic city l. Land florida march twenty seven in the building so some people in florida. Y'all come coming out in. May i would be in baltimore. So there's a lot starting to coniston. My life is starting to come back to me. So keep everyone postings. They never tell anybody where you're doing day. Everybody know and then down to costa rica. we in the building crystal christine little called in yesterday and shared her spirit about ultimate solo. Escape were please. you can still register. You could I had the link on my facebook page. I'll put it in a group norm. And i'll put it on a personal. Pays your come on. Costa rica ultimate so Escape twenty twenty one July twenty second through the twenty. Six costa rica. We are in the building Theme parties all night long each and every day. The moment you get there it's going to be no sleet. We got the whole time. And then we have the big comedy. Show the end of the week with myself. Her rate john. Kelly kells to go and in queen of comedy. Some more so please link up with me. And let's get down to costa rica okay. Nothing times flying yesterday on. Tuesday this bobby to say everybody's turned up right now. It's safe to say that. So what we do barbie cologne. Excuse me i'm a little out of. I've been taking this medication and like you know that. I've just been doing this this. I do yoga in the morning. Roy sought my hips. At kill. Me and i have week hips. You'll realize how weak you hip hop people that maybe house views. He would advance the jury. They might have strong. Got if you're not a house music dancer in jersey most likely weekdays. Some of your women walking around with big which is cool. That's because those are chad berry. Here's we need these hips to hold them. Kids talk about like the hips. that must've the hippie. As i i like that i got like because i'm very sore because i'm be of course like i'm using muscles that are having used like when he was playing softball walk again. It's the same thing. So that's why i've hit me moving. Kind kinda slow like a walk to the bathroom. Just now barbie. Excuse me and a movie like yeah is because both of my hips streamline soar right now you're getting back moving limbered in the top of my feet. I saw the top top. Not the bottom of time so weird. Yeah because i'm doing bobby. If you see what the hell. I'm doing you wouldn't believe it so special to all our creepers out there that listening audio leshaw man. We love you guys. We always say people in a good way because you support us. Thank you so much. You're old school like harvey. You just want to listen to this radio program. i'm with you. I'm not like these. All stars like barbie and no i'm with you. Okay audio i want. Cemented is video style. I this the day that we live in now to my audio shot to you now. All my haters behaviors each oop for he each acting real. My haters chop chop kill yourself. That's not nice. You mad because you see harvey smiling and you don't like me. I don't care. Because i eat you for dinner and you still listen to this show. Oh i ain't get the bison you hate harvey but you still listen to. This is for you haters. Keep listening to the show. But no i will eat you breath and what i do now to our beloved members charon. God bless 'em publico man without these folks were why why wouldn't do it. Why do show you just said this. Perfect example real holocaust calling. You know this is truly blessed to have someone like him in our lives and everyone else in that chat room. I want to say. Thank you sean harvey i wanna say thank you because you the folks that matter to me you take five minutes or hour. Whatever how long you listen to this show. If was thirty seconds. I want to say thank. You are appreciate because you can listen to any one of these rokkasho's out here. They're all horrible less some of them. Some of them are good of wrestling hall. And you take the moment and you sit here and you hang out with us. I want to say thank you. We appreciate you now. I need to see all the hart senate chat room is there seem swansea tons of heart. We will see. I'm not going to hating to ask your heart's in the chat room because we are the seeing this anthem. We want to show you some love because without you guys. We wouldn't be here so that back in with heart set for be. let's go. Hey wait a heart. Attack with heart set wait heart heart set with heart set heart rate heart rate heart set with ours paragraph. Hey hey hey. What's up our chat room. Hey heart chanting charoen. Hey chat room page barbie. Let's go apple. Hey wait a heart win. Hearts turn tap. Whoa hey wait heart. Heart sank with woah. Hey wait heart. Hey hey hey. Hey hey knows. I'm still smelling. I can't with going away to burn out. Well maybe they do. So why are you married. Why tell me why love shoes. Kids together cutie. So that's been nice playing. That got a lot of haters out there. Derek evans is good going some. He's having a moment rare. Mr sensational have we are so glad you are doing better realms and we prayed kicking send you continue prayers and well wishes that you continue to get better each. How are you they pay joe or you. Hager is here in the building. You mad at me yelling man hater. Act like a. What's his name frac- freddie x. Showing your washer. Your michael street justice grass the sea. Hello mike go good morning to you. Author silver fox Hey bj civil fox. I think he said he knows you met him at I m you ago. Because she has faced Space games vase. And i was down there and i met Young man i met who was supposed to have the interview with a staff agency. He came him. And i think that's him he just i call it. I told them about the show. He's sure because he's going to be at your party on sunday calling the number at the bottom of the screen silver fox. I believe that's him. Hey how are you calling bro. Yeah he say he knows you. Okay no sure harvey short. Hey silver fox show they call back because they know me s o yep. Golden seal is here. Hey charles good morning to you way before you hate us show it up. You only drive because of me. Be nice to real lynette. Net less around is your teen asks. They was yes. I go right here. That'd be fixed my go with that one you can have those little crumbs on that one does loom crumbs from harvey. That's nothing that is not the radio you were talking about this rodriguez in the hello beautiful girl natalie. Tired of is here. Hey girl gordon to you. Circle of misfits there jackson. Hey good morning beautiful. Oh are you go soon. You get back you know. i'll go. Don't worry about how i'm going about eight. Offer me showing as you make my my makeup running backs off. The pills guy tripper. How many cars have up the just. Because it's not working. It is not working. Michelle hill is here. I wanted to show valerie. Tablets is into bill. The hey value sean. She's coming to the party. Sunday thomas coming outside. He's coming you better call in and reserve. Your i gotta. Because she tried to said they was so. I could put at my table. John valerie he yelled everybody right now. I'll let you win. Minimum adl allen's wha vay. Mcallister junior is here hello allen warning shot out to our ray. Hey cousin good morning the mathis here one or two you the beautiful wander santiago shepherd here good morning wonder our beloved city. Jay is in the building. Hey sydney we miss you girl. Good morning angel. Johnson and hey angel veneta george here hager. Good morning ios these folks. They're the ones who really matter to harvey right is in the building. Thank you deal. Oh i mean you're welcome. You got me on. Act good-looking Barbie cologne because it's getting hectic now is by hitting me up yo twelve gauge having a well-known nico malan. She got. I think she had got the last see that might be able to. I don't know what we're do know. No open. Put us miyazato. Y'all got to go into bat. Something below chile logo might be in a bathroom. Not all of their marquez. Missed a one emoji. johnson is here hello. Mark is good morning train. The pinker is he francis cass. Good morning baby came. What you not. Roma volvo jot said. Hey rob good morning beautiful. Del andrews is here. Hello delegates morning into you. Beautiful dr smith is in the building because you have the chat from a member of the week. Hey chat room of the week champ. One has tonya. Lynette is here good morning. Melendez is in the building more than lewis howard fame. Dj cadillac here is here. Heroin john. Cochran it's in the building. You guys make sure you're download the app out fan radio and comedy world radio app so you know just case we go down here you can still here. Is there. john did you get the. Did you send the voice over the john. The one that's supposed to send so he could say so it says fam- radio barbie cologne. Did you send that. I believe it. John was let me know john. I can do it again if i need to sharon down this here. Hey nikki good morning to everyone. I said halo. Tricky lewis is in the. What's up twenty dollars trick a hatred. Shahi johnson is here. Good morning natalie. Right and the bill dame the sean hayes. Jones here shutout steve jones. Hey steve good morning. Tiffany times and the bell dan. Hey tiffany you. Sabrina lorok here. Good morning sabrina. Short everybody johncock is wrong. Head john fan radio. Sharma's go. bobby. I'm gonna do. You need us to do voiceovers over or did you get all voiceovers. And i know 'cause i wanna do a myself i put a little spin on it. Okay so so. I i got it. I got it i got. I want you to email when you get a chance. Please mail it back to me so we can play it here. If you don't mind. I'll absolutely matter of fact thank done by tomorrow. Barbies bobby send me what more you one early. And it was kinda like like happy. New year giant seaney. No one just want me to say why below on from the this listening comedy Fabbrica ready. I got a small scoop iraq today today. We bought john. When you get everything before the weeks. How can you please email it back to me so we can start playing it here. Feel my ceo. Beat them up gotcha. Playing with joy man is real right. Now let's clap with china. If if i'm feeling down barbie cologne. I think john nelson folks the chipper time and speaking of that. a wuss. hold on for free can we. Fish is tricky lewis. Tricky d our beloved on your radio station as killing them right now. Is he doing midday. Yeah yeah the truck mangoes. Tricky got energy to man. And i love it. I love it turned down some other. Dj's who wanna come on. I like i'll let me let me check somebody else. Tricky what you do every day. So i guess i guess again harvey's the last one finding out about everything you see here. We go again so wait a minute. Are you saying that. Tricky is now doing mid days on family radio. Monday to friday monday to friday toward the why. Show these towel. Joe miami forgetting be. He didn't tell me that. I think he didn't tell me that. Sitting here boy. Cologne about tricky is on back the basics saturday night eight pm to ten pm that everyday right so i'm gonna blame you me all me. Excuse me i'm here every day. Colonic bless you. And i'm announcing tricky. Damn the every day and you know that trick is on at noon on radio. That's the easy tap on the shoulder. gone. I don't really pay bobby. Cologne portugal shohada show featuring wake of in part of a team. Is you got to convey that information to the next person because you play because because they know if i'm sitting here god bless you barbie klaus yelling tricky. I doubt jazz sean. You know by the way. I don't know if you know this but tricky zone at noon. I'm not even in the chapel chanels. If the host you suppose no really barbie. Yeah by the flip is back on you. You're supposed to make things 'cause you this is showing off. Elsie tape exceed allows. We have john cochran on radio app. John listening some of these folks like including barbie colo you iheart. The deflecting games is at this really great. Bail out. find bobby. I'm here in this corner. Where i can't even sit or stand in both. My hips are killing me. I'm sitting here. And i'm standing pumping out fam- radio who we all love and thanks to the listeners for downloading the app and the last one to know That tricky is on monday. Through friday from noon to one and now well as much much shower. Wait so it's tricky now. I know now home above you polo bar now john. I'm gonna blame you. Okay you this. Now and a house we got alibis grind to all. Right listen everyone coppola's every family video. Who's the major sponsor of this show. Trick is lunch. this is news to me. I guess you guys already noted that chat room new. The chat room knows that. Hey say he put in at the end every show the we've almost don't follow him on facebook and all social media so he they see it when he holds. Maybe it's me charlie. We know be out. Oh okay thank you for keeping me abreast of the situation. Thirty seconds. Thirty seconds you tricky. Tricky tricky right now is not a good look. Open the sean. Harvey know that. Tricky is on from noon to one pm. Every day have been. I don't even know vis ott could be listening to the tricky to know what you're never miss. It never notification showing stuff because he can't blame it on me. And i know big also take the blame for all my own. My new. listen because don't you come to pay new china. Start no mess. Now you'd better gone back with came from there. Fax not no foolishness or bobby got to all my listeners. Please field online. Download that san radio now. Just just please if your mind and thank you for all the listeners who follow tricky and john cochran and everybody'll be sam radio thing i want to say. Exa don't tagline is. It's your station your your your station. Anybody got something to add a to let us know what they want to hear what they wanna do. Let me know. And we'll flip this. I promise fan radio six family video. Is your station station. I'm glad i'm a part of it. I'm just tricky. If you don't call in turkey. I swear so. What is what is tricky. Show called again before you shout out. The room was named the charlotte. John was the last day date back to basics. A much with tricky. Midday in bobby. Back to you now. Back john dublin. John own family. S bobby cologne back to you can again. I I'm almost baffled at this point. You are consistent. Don't on your lack of giving this emission with us. Respect your consistency that bobby cologne i do respect your consistency on not giving proclamation to your boy harvey that i will do. But this time. Bobby cologne. You really dropped the ball. Pause by having me tale right now have nonni share information about our beloved tricky back to basics and you know knowing that he's on mid days much with tricky and. I don't even know that showing i i'll take the blame for you. Although this is called the sean harvey show host. You know related. Messed if love this. I'll take cologne. Not only you to blame or tricky as well. John cochran please download that we have. I forgot we stopped the our. I'm just going to go back and cup named seventy thompson this here. Good morning. Tiffany you'll tiffany is how right you in. The the group is hilarious. Asset on air says typically steps game with that. She knocked my beloved nephew right out. The box got you better. She leaves battling lee another came in and took your spot boy. You better get back enough of gusto. The great and you better get your spot back to these companies. You see case for you and your throne. She has a whole foot on your neck. All your name. You can't even breathe so suffocate you boy. Tricky s morning. Good morning on is ricky fan radio. Please if you're a new listener please don't mind. Please just download the app and we'll go from there tricky. I'm disappointed in you of my be ex. Brother be would be next. Be next to be next Why ahmad last one on this beautiful earth. Where the sun is shining one to know that you have a midday drive. Lunchtime drive or radio was an. I'm a tricky every mangum basics which we still everybody's support that we say every day barbie colognes to blame all the lip gloss on the. I don't know what's going on this. And i'm gonna. I'm gonna get bobby a pass. Because he's been going through a lot the last thirty days there often tricky everyone in the group room and all your beloved followers of follow you through fan radio app on lunchtime was i can listen to and worries the last one to know please. Extremely well i'm gonna say did i. I pick salute out the dj silver fox. Brother alleging there. That's a legendary salute sam and ingram. I gotta say sean. Let's blaming kobe. Mind because they seem like we all lost track or something somewhere somewhere along the line. But i will say this sean. At the end of every show at every sean of all the morning show i posted you. Do i mean everybody is when you say. This is when i posted when you tell the ladies. Tell them where you can find you when you say that and i let anybody say anything then i post the. Because i don't want to see like oh i've taken all i'm trying to infringe on their on on your on. Your platform is just trying to promote my my myself. No no that's when i do drop it. What's idea at the end of the show when you're finished broadcasting when you finished saying everything and that's when i put it out there we'll be putting the blame back on you again. Bobby listen to me. She coat on. Wow run out. So i'm sorry but when we all everyone chat room when we watching the show you the one still seat near. Scroll it right zane. The ball is been passed. I'm not even by the current shit. I'm sure she'll maybe in the google. So what's the name. Go back to by moving forward moving forward. This is what we're doing. Just like as john said the seal just like he said you can catch me every day. Midday twelve to one and it shows lunch with tricky real simple lunch with tricky. As clouds flock to one and a half. Yes all right data. Well i am also still doing the back to basics or saturday nights from eight to ten. So i'm trying to cover every every end of everyone who wants to party because this pandemic has been something right and we've been missing a lot of good times so you know so and that's what we're doing potty put them headphones on don't be dancing on the table. I can't take responsibility for the right. Overall enjoy okay now. This is what we're gonna do. You guys been doing it for folks that don't know like me that no now and just on the fence. Whatever this is what we're gonna do. We're gonna stop listening to everything at noon and we'll go right to fan radio and we listen to tricky from twelve noon to one pm monday to friday. And that's it harvey said that's it. That's all i'm gonna say it. I'm gonna say it every day and every five minutes of the day everybody in that group room everybody. That's listening on the audio side at noon. This whistle day. We get started right here from seven to ten. We're gonna take that break from ten to noon and we jump right to tricky and that's what we're going bank. Please download that fam- radio that akyol. That i appreciate it. I appreciate everybody to download this app. And i'm gonna talk to john because we talked about this before we're gonna go audio one day just comedy well. Net radio and radio. The baseball hall only are which do better get him. At shaw show sydney barbie. Hello okay okay. Hold a tricky. Tricky yes sir. Let them know one more town was going on. Then we're gonna finish on not doing. You're rolling with chitty. Every day. Monday through friday twelve to one with lunch with tricky saturday nights from eight to ten. You got that back to basic show of family radio station and she'll station. Y'all it's a free app. Say all right citizen channel. I'm not sure she's so. We're gonna put all the information in the chat room in the group role. I checked out. We're going to let them know before the shows out. Thanks a lot. And i talked to. You guys love you guys. Jesus christ bobby. I'm not blaming you know more appreciate that. That's going to be on. Tricky and john cochran. Thank you sean. How to market. Yeah come on. Who's this guy you're doing this morning. Good who's this is quincy morrison. Hey quincy quincy wait before you start shopping it up. The new york king or talent is coming down here on april. The eight hundred fifty of eligible. Come on down to the valley if you if you're not if you notice my Birthday weekend so we we rochester on the sixteenth to seventeenth be that s. That's a sunday right. That's the sunday a sunday. You know i'm saying my make that up. You know what i'm saying. I'm coming up there. I spoke to the king last night. Okay now my question to you is- about a birthday party. You got coming like you only invite one way like truth anybody. Quincy's on the phone quincy. Moore's on a new york king kings your kings communist-style successful restaurant owner. He does stain. Quincy had been talking about birthday party since for the last couple of weeks that we're doing We on the show here. We doing something friday. Virtually you know and then we do some live standup on sunday. I've been talking about it every six minutes ask. My phone. won't even text cut through no more. Nothing i'm so i'm watching. You be great up then. The buffalo rochester area. With all your out all your glazed turkey wings in all the macaroni. And don't get it. Twisted would quincy barbie. This is not his first go around with is guys in the businesses on comedy clubs. A quincy morris dropped on the planet and just snap. Okay quincy better day sean. I noticed i noticed that bobby kudlow. She's when we where hairs long and full she dressed in for. You came in here in two thousand and ahead. When she walked in the door excess. She went from a hoodie to accessories. What is gag everyday quizzes. W villages came in here. She's got a little light pink vest jacket. Whatever is the blazes pink blazes would have been twenty. Well i'm glad that you know. She got a face fixed. Nails done a face up. She's fine now only two weeks ago. She was come in construction work. I'm still right. He would've with for the hoodie. It was gone. I saw allegations working out. Nothing came home. The sean mcdermott. At eleven. at eleven fifteen day. I'll let me check my text message. Let me say sean. Brown oliva came up with some scheme. This morning. she put show up out of it. Had i haven't spoken to. She had no way coach. each other. barbie looks great this one. But bobby's very attractive young lady have you. Have you ever seen bobby in person. Ever see imports. Lady she before said. Can i say that at the worst. Can i say that she will you. Continue on sean she. She hobby themselves fees and desk over there. You know so. I i have yet to see it but i'm sure that you know today. You hide it behind the desk and self want to talk to people. So that's what you want to call a highly then. I guess that's what i'm doing. I'm hiding in person check. I've got pictures of me. Stays about face with donald. Scroll many so. When i see her in person and boswell shoot my my i guess i don't i well you probably. I couldn't tell you. I don't notice women's status anyway because she'd never tell us what i'm saying is single. Barbie is she. Now she barbie barbie photographs. Well i wish harvey could photograph like that. And you photograph also barbie. Cologne is a very attractive woman. In person at the party cologne looks better to me in person than she does. The photos won't thank you. Okay you'll see for myself. Slava bob dexter and see if that work real quick won't work. I don't dexter to be which name for the day man. How was your weekend so we can good. I'm healthy. i did a event. Saturday thought maybe had to go take a task for the night because in new york city quincy. They stop wearing a masks. My man one of the promoters up in westchester county. They had a big party saturday. Lou body had to mass on party. Nobody nobody dope maybe one person nobody and a good world opening up a little bit. And i'm out here doing some shows and i'm excited right now. So yeah good right now. I'm in a good place is everything's good at home. You're not gonna no problems at home. Yeah you know what. I've always caused problems as back in my day. Family from another family Extra fares and all that now when we're good right now. We're not doing that so and you know i'm getting married in june locking down one vaginas so you know very superficial you getting married in june knocking down one vagina. They love a giant china. Say crust for the rest of your life. Y'all giant jesus saves as captain crunch the same milk. Seen the rest of your love. Vaginal on valentine's memorial day. They're all the same ship before valentine's day that you're gonna have to deal with on down chart so and i am excuse not super excited about it as you better grab. Grab it up for him. Everybody covered up. Why be alone. I'll be fifty six years old and happy. I got vanities history. And the more you get into all that nonsense. Is there sean sean. You be fifty six. I'll be fifty six using that palmer's must using that promise and and bobby cologne to my credit. I stopped watching porn two years ago. Well that's great. That was a challenge. What was bio bobby fall for. Second it just searching type beat the become up on. She's gonna say. Watch point hub or porn. I don't dare therefore hub is lifetime okay. you don't watch lifetime us from newark new. Watch that sometimes interesting. Quincy why you call here. He likes to be yes and blazer to work. Got a little dunkin. Donuts in front of me. And bobby me favorite. If you don't mind this okay at the workplace quarter. Quincy's obviously and everyone's watching visually. Jackie onassis power real quick. And the because you just throw away your face if you quit utech check this out i gonna put on jackie. Onassis powershares right. Now hold on shows. Everyone's came to batticaloa off ellie. She accessorized got a little jane. All barbie hey listen to you. Glaze turkey wings. Oh one whopping congratulations. I just heard some good news which you guys kings. You're you're you're familiar venues caroline's new york city is opening back up. We need that. We need that. And i and i want to congratulate you and king and all the rest of you guys over there for Starting a book. That whole thing up you know throughout the year coming up in every time folks when you see a new york king when you see talent when you see the new york hangs up stapleton capone Mark and talent and. Also quincy when you see a fly ago go to. The show is just unbelievable. I've had the honor working with this group Several times they do people come out. They pat carolina's your that. Your brand is an is an amazing blunt brand and your choice breath my friend. Now go back to you you you go cook some macaroni and cheese going back to your kitchen. You look into how. Hey i'm telling you souls. I see bobby i'm a super harvey morning. Show cindy bobby. This is a taco tuesday right. Gr good morning and tell tell what up man who quincy quincy jiggle said was your to do it. Like that percents. I'm not gonna call him back. I know how you feel as well But knockabout barbie cologne but Ati bobby legit chica money here. But i'm saying you know quincy. Quincy's trying to make his move. Barbie says she's single right now. I don't know what's going on with now. Say single no markers i'll let you beware. How later on tonight. You won't have escort back but not in. Quincy a chat room. If everybody put in the that that was that was a fly. Set week right there. Yes so you you. You're going to have to make your move. Because quincy's definitely pushing up and Different assessories in the blaze of me. Excuse off us arrived. Put a pool. Is it about the interest barbican would be. You should've said everybody go. Come up net. You say you single or come on with them. Glad you've got it and she's coming here with all her inches there. You go a eagle fulfills. Meet my ego to be filled stroke. I promise you gotta girl you got it there back through south out the room get back or know. This is became become the body cologne moment. Which is fine but she taken game not me why. We got a half an hour. Bobby got it. We got it not as good. Of course you has. Bobby got it without without. Can't without kin bobby out can get the word play all right. Can we go because now do do man. I'm just happy to be alive. Cnn woke up another more later. I'm glad i woke up a number and we're going to continue doing what we're doing. You don't say i'm open. I'm opened up the crystal lounge tomorrow and everyone we talked about that. That's at the top. It has good everyone. I don't know ladies including bobby cologne if you are single but nakas also single. I'm saying and he he's really single. I noticed no have girlfriends. He gets multiple social security sexwale. You good that too much. Multiple everything from the government like harvey multiple children to and he got multiple children. So if you single and you feel like you know we want told me this is not a man site for most of you your boy. How bernard less your incoming i. I got too much like i. I don't got too much long as you real. i'm real. He basically what he's saying. Is there'd be no going out to no four five star restaurants but there'd be great stimulating conversation. That's bigger go to five arrested. Ross in a year now so ladies. If you love interested in talking to benach please reach out torma and quincy so of quincy's focused on barbie. But i don't think bobby out but ladies quincy be perfect for bobby do you gotta go to hear the story. Gobbling ladies ladies highlight but not lays if you single in a chat room please but please god bless you all right right. If a hell with sabrina lori is here. god bless tim houses and building. Good morning johnny. Whip oh radio momentum. Housemate one johnny. Danielle williams is in the building. Hey girl good morning offer. Silver fox phillips here. Hello author morning to you. Julius is in the building. Would've julia says hey. Fabio fair is here. Hey habby good morning Shawna the big is here. I think that's how you pronounce your name. She's no I'm thinking so 'cause name does not look familiar to me. Hey hey welcome to the show. Thank you for tuning we appreciate. You watched it. Please let us know. How did you hear about us. And please share the show on your wall until your sister soldier just popped in. Hey sean good morning to you. Upload avis the nieces in the building jomar ferguson benach pay. The queen is in the building annely. Good morning girlfriend sean. The ex girl building on sunday. Yes we could see. I can meet you. Get their marina maria. Are you coming send angle gone. Come through i we. We can sneaky with a backdoor diane hall. We diane how is he a. Hey did i say. Kim cables in britain. Hey kim good morning to the savage. What's going on audrey. a johnson is in the building. Hey audrey good morning so much love respect for their young lady. Sharon bella czar is here. Hello sharon more than you and the guy of sola tracy race here. Halo trees essay halo. Hello tracy good morning to you. He has the godfather and got the same. The common denominator with beloved princess cox pause they. That's an agent. Spaghetti mandate that brooklyn thing is just embedded in there is is president prentiss here. This is embedded in them. That the whole. I'm telling you it is true. It's like and everybody else is the whole. It's a whole culture. I mean i know. I feel the same way up from the b. x. but brooklyn man. I'll tell you take that thing to the grave. They are not playing out in brooklyn on mars part cologne and it will re brooklyn brooklyn is a whole different animal. A whole different land not like new york or the bronx. Even though we're both proud of where we come from. I would not be more proud of the bronx newark. Of course whatever we ain't gonna go there with people that are from brooklyn new york really like i said you see me. I'm running around. I'm proud of the help from the bronx. Which is the worst borough of more. Oh the poverty level in the bronx harlem. But i'm so proud of we have come from unlike you newark now. Bradley newark is newark. Eight rutland abroad. I meant no yes. Please people from brooklyn out anymore. They love brooklyn. Everything's brooklyn i'm telling you. They were no work nano. Yes same from low crazy. People look banks from the bronx. But i'm saying that whole brooklyn thing is very weird show. Have you wanna show sydney bog. Good morning tortilla. john from florida. How you doing audrey. you're also talking about brooklyn right. just leave us alone. I was complimenting you guys okay. That's a good thing man. I i just want to get off topic for me if you don't mind And i just want to give a message to everyone. Tony tony device now please. Okay that's betta okay Loved ones your family members. People that you care about. Don't hold any grudges that things go. Life is short southern. You them them before it's too late absolutely can definitely agree with that air. What i'm saying. I lost a cousin last night to cancer. And the last time i spoke to him. I don't remember. If i told him. I love them or not. Follow gradu- go Life is short. And it's worth living and live your best life absolutely we say it every day on the show even talked about that with and listen our condolences to you and your family. Of course. we'll talk about this morning. I don't know if you heard doubts. Let all that go with resentment of him. Getting sick at this party that you know we've been following his journey and same thing this of course resentments. She let that go. You live your life. Life is short. You're talking long term talking long. We want to see what the long term effects of of of a vaccine. I wanna know who the hell in this world have any luxury. Talk my anything. That's long term here. One moment gone the next talking about here tomorrow on the next day. It don't work that way. You're right orgy. let your resentments go. Live your best life in this moment today because that's all we are really have. Is this moment right now. And that's absolutely right in the same thing is is proof of that. You know people not just dying of covid. People are just dying. I mean you know do stuff. It's it's it's it's a. It's something that you just you just gotta you know. Is it worth it. You know if you're worth it. Yeah exactly yes so again A like we do here all our folks that listen even the news. Even if you're a brand new listener your family member of this particular. Shar will love everyone. If you're on my we're gonna take a break bobby to please reach out. Twelve beloved former chapman remember the week or eight. Johnson who's lost a loved one less show. How some lavas for some prey emojis chapman for her your reach out for her just like we reach out to everyone else. We all in this journey together. Audrey we have so much love and respect for you on this show. I do you know this. I love you to death in again. My condolences to you and your family. Okay and and and everything said is absolutely right. Audrey we're gonna take a break everybody reach out twelve beloved and another one from brooklyn number. I people can be in china in control carolina. Sorry that that doesn't sound okay. Cool same thing faint. I'm what i'm what they call a geeky right okay. We have a great day. Okay be right back. Were put on house security symbol to be determined to make the you like the white boy so we don't lose. Whenever ratio choice was beaten the term. The term. Ready to get out the wing. Stop say listen. Go in got jamaica. Hallmark games saw new also keychains. Thank you so much so we are back. We'd be featuring believes on apple. Music spotify plays song today. Welcome everybody we are back off. Toronto tuesday say we'll be right where it is a tuesday moisture second twenty twenty one nineteen minutes after the hour already so sparked. We'll be going to do is. We'll do some news. We start with the star this well. What do the cuomo cuomo. The national front page shoot. I can't lose your front page news. Your new york. She got the front page news jal yes cuomo is accused of sexual harassment by a second former aide. Twenty five woman said that when they were alone in his office governor andrew cuomo asks her if she had ever been with the old man. I'm a second aide to governor. Andrew cuomo is accusing him of sexual harassment saying that he asked her questions about her sex life whether she was monogamist in a relationship and if she had ever had sex with the old man a charlotte been in She was Twenty five now and a half year ago when she was twenty four years old who was in his executive assistant and health policy advisor in the cuomo administration until she left in november. She told the new york times. The governor the governor had harassed her Late last spring during the height of the state in the fight against The corona virus. Ms bennet twenty five set. The most unsettling episode occurred on june fifth when she was alone with mr cuomo in his state capital office in a series of interviews this week. She said the governor acts her numerous questions about her personal life including whether she thought age made a difference in a romantic relationship and had she had open relationship with a woman in her twenties Vicomte interpreted over the overtures of sex of a sexual relationship Cuomo said in a statement and the time on saturday that he believe he had been acting as a mentor and had never made advances toward mrs bennet. Did i ever intend to act in a way. That was inappropriate. He also said that he requested independent review on the matter and the new he acts that new yorkers would await the findings before making any judgment against him said during the joe encounter the governor who is sixty three had complained to her about being lonely doing the pandemic mentioning that. He can't even help anyone before turning his focus on this has been. She said that That cuomo x. her Who did i the who that she hug. Glass so yeah. He was being a little slow flirtatious. Was some of the questions was a little You know beyond the realm of you know. Make sure sir assistant. I'm about i'm about the about the bang my head up against because i'm tired. I'm tired. I think i'm tired for my hips. Hurt was doing stupid stretching and the top of my both feet or so. I'm taking medication that i'm taking. No more feel weird one another medication. And i think to myself that i hear these stories in trains soul. Bobby lonely me extra question before a little rant here. Don't go into ratio i. I'm fine. i'm fine. I don't think you are at the workplace and somebody asked you at the workplace. Hey barbie have you ever data the older guy and have you ever been in the monogamous relationship with a guy and would you be interested in dating older men. What you would you. Would you go to police now. But you know if we're wait go ahead had depends on the context of them asking me. I'm just saying i wasn't there in her shoes. He could have been a little more severity the way he said it. I guess depends on the situation. Just casual conversation. And if he said he was interested in dayton. A another older guys. Would you be interested in going out with the guys talking about himself. He was talking about himself. Now bobby would you. Would you go to police who a all would you go to the authorities with this a year later. Now now andrew cuomo made the fatal mistake of he complimented a young lady. Low bidding went a little too far at the workplace. But i have to say in my opinion with both my hips. Hurrying this fabulous this is. This is horrible. That is young ladies doing this when they are women out there. That are really getting sexually harassed. Shaw morning show cine bharti. How's it going. Hey coach hold on a coach now this woman. What's her name again. Mrs bennet miss bennet so missing early. So charlotte betty. Who worked for the the governor. The governor right She's twenty five. He's twenty five sixty three sixty s right. Those numbers add up to me. Not really all right all right and on top of that. He said some things. Maybe he shouldn't have said which he could. She could easily went back to him. Say i kind of felt uncomfortable. What you're saying. Yeah and the only thing he would have said. Oh charlotte my forced charlotte charlotte. I apologize because when capable. Will you found that someone has done long to you bobby. Cologne as an adult. What do we do. We confront the person. Hey man that was cool and we could go on with our lives. But this young lady at the age of twenty four now twenty-five that put this out in the press a year later it's trying to snatch because on this power is around being being the governor of new york has golfed a lot draped in a lot of power. She says she reported it to his chief of staff immediately in a week later. She was transferred to a new apartment. No no no no. No no no coach. We're going to get your opinion on his. No no no no barbie can on. No no no no no no no no no no if you were sexually harassed physically mentally whatever. I was go to the police. Yeah you go to the police in eu fao a charge. That's but i always say don't go to to the would've gone to the chief of staff. Or what is he going to do. What are you supposed to do. Get rid of your eyes which is wrong too. But do can't have it both ways. You can't say that you've been sexually harass and then go to the chief of staff and then reported a year later when females do that. Your credibility is shot. And then i could see if he said that asset grab those. I didn't do none of that demand sixty three years old. He's lonely she's probably run around the tax coach. And all that you can't say anything. He made that mistake. But to go to this level with this is that you can't really speak about much at the workplace anymore because people take too far and they'll just assume one thing and it could be something completely innocent coach coach. Now you've been now everybody coach. Let's club coach. Joe now coaches in a weird position to he works with a you know. He's a basketball coach. And i know some of these these these women come in there with them. Kids looking fine head. Important cox no. Pause blackhawks probably. He's a football code more moms and these basketball miles. We come to all ready to experience. What's your opinion on a quote andrew. Cuomo of new york now now. Now it's like the bill cosby now all the ladies now four or five of them are coming out now. Saying he's things jiechi lewis to answer your question. Washington chief of staff. He said the chief of staff has to be notified because an internal investigation got to be conducted. Do why she went through. I guess that's the problem proceeding of you have to know. No tricky is dead wrong on coke. Tricky let's out that way. i levine. Tricky by the way tricky is dead wrong. if a crime is committed to anybody in the office of ministry. I don't care who it is. You go to the authorities and you reported i guess. Reportedly she shared chief of staff so they have kinda or go the culture. The police me. That's the ultimate all. Stop him my letter up. Because i'm going to let them know what's going on. Of course jewish opinion on this. I'm somewhat in agreement. An agreement with both sides of it is. We don't know the extent of what happened. We just based off of the story that was told buck a hit my those since. Twenty twenty twenty. One governor cuomo had to have had cape for television over last five years. That it's been happening is a different climate that we're waiting. You cannot talk to people like that in the workplace. No more in despite how lonely you are by things got nature. You can't ask a girl unless unless unless been did some kind of interest shown that been lucia. We agreed upon. You can't sit get in aska girl no more you know. Hey you ever been with older man. It's kind of like creek. Yengo do not even do that. So she was in iran for that in the first place on the other hand. I see where you coming from. You know. we shouldn't away to a year she She shouldn't have done. She should have went to the cops. I i can see where you're coming from in that. Ballistic look at it from her perspective that during that time that she she went to the chief of staff. I thought okay. Something's going to happen. They're going to do something now. Because i spoke out about it and nothing happened. You know and then she. Bobby went to another body escalated a little bit more i before she realized nothing taking place event after a year of nothing taking place he killed right. Hey i gotta go to the media. And i got wilson beliefs back. You'd be the situation as well. Okay now and which would all this but it becomes this but which is just saying it becomes become frivolous now to me and i said i respectively to this young lady who's twenty four years old now twenty five years old. I don't care if you if you what are you doing. If little crime is committed barbie yeah. You call the police. I'm calling the police and you can't sit so wait. Wait an art. So let's get. Let's let's let's let's jump into her shoes and with the most respected it's twenty four year olds now twenty five year old woman if andrew cuomo these old white guys creepy anyway and i and i got love for andrew cuomo. I like chris coma another tv show. That level is now if a young lady what did he say. Again bobby clones. Could you tear. She has ever been with an older man. As you've been what else is she in. Monagas a monogamous relationship right Has she had a relationship with another female in her stomach this summer. Now he asked her these questions right. Right coach yes. So do you think that was on in the world today. And i understand. I sympathize going on with her. Do she need to call nine. One one after this conversation with andrew. Cuomo this blonde. So i said to you. Have you been with an older man. Everybody's listening so it's no harassment. Here demand are you interested in demand. Would you like to go on a date. Are you gonna coal advocacy. But that's what you would you say. Okay so even. If that's the case would it becomes. I'm sorry i'm sorry to say it becomes frivolous to me. She should call nine one one coach. The governor of new york and said this man set to me have been monogamous. Have i ever dated older man. And i was a and are interested in men set wash. She didn't do it. Thinks you're the man was just over. Well i'm right so it's a power trip who had then coach coach. She never like an agent advocate coach then a year later year later while women are out there getting beaten down getting sexy whereas men are doing sex a sex trafficking out here in this world that ensure a year late. This goal to the press with this with this. I don't i year that yes. It was misconduct if anything is a violation of hr if anything. I just don't the air sexual misconduct. Air that repeal man was trying to let young woman happens every day in the united states as a matter of fact most likely get evacuated because of that but it does not mean that the nosing for that. He's just trying holly issue his shah right. Yeah came up as she calls it a not enough right now. Why would god. So you're gonna go to the chief of staff. Maybe you might be right coach. This could be something in a workplace policy if you put up a crime if you believe that there's been a crime committed against because of this conversation. Go to the police. Why didn't she go to the police. I think in her mind this is how can i call the police. And i'm not minimizing effect that people do get sexually harassed and don't call the police for whatever i understand that in this society i get that but this here he has a he. Put out an apology yesterday. On worse for this guy. Yes this this. This metoo was not respected. Upmost everybody's going that chatterbox coke at the workplace. Now people are working at home anyway but people were not working at home. They can't say nothing to each other at the job. Nothing not even good morning. Nothing coach have you ever been situation. Where because coaches always around the ladies and you saw one of the mothers and he like wow Yeah but you didn't say anything but in your mind you wanted to say something. Have you ever been in that situation that happened. You know but itself control keith. able to keep your mind. Take that pitcher filing mental rolodex. And then go back near later wrong in your mind. Okay yes that was nice. Nice not coach. Would you even dare insult a women by saying. Hey have you. Ever dated a notable continued to me. That seems like that is that you can't barbie. I can't say that to you technically. I can't say the you here at a workplace. Hey barbeque cologne. Have you ever dated an older man right harassment. Now i buffalo. I i'm called. Hr just yes like. There's women out here who was really being sexually harassed. I mean really being sexually harassed and then you had the females crying wolf like. Don't do that because the ones who are really going through it or even getting rate act a job from the co workers. And they're not gonna when they tell their story gonna look them sideways. Because oh we're gonna own just want to be in that me too movement and it's not fair for the females was actually going through it off because we'll give you and let them know where they can find you. Yes certainly cocaine yet. Gum listening down what it love. The answer is we as a society. I've gotten to the point where we we. We are so looking for the next gamble that things like this. We will allow a festive. We will allow to grow and it in a way is kind of like it kind of like it. Tears down our society just like our saying what happens to the What happened to those females are actually going through that with actually being sexually harassed and and in that in that light what position of the put. No men now where you're looking like okay. What can they can't be said. Don't get me wrong. What he said was creepy was extremely sleepy. Made it feel like an after school special. You know the how creepy it really was. That he said but at the same point in time is creek is it is not illegal to be creepy. You know point right. There's a lot of guys that are just no forty in over forty five and over. Who walked weepy but as creepy as they are just you know what. I'm going to stay away from them but it's not a legal. I understand that she felt comfortable in our workplace because creepy gentleman he kept. What a persisted with those advances. And i can clearly see that makes them uncomfortable for that. Yes definitely go to chief of staff and something should have been gun right lennon to stop that. Look but at the same point. I don't find it to be criminal. Okay all right and boy. Everybody culture jews on going to talk about his show in a minute but coach next question. The roles were in verse in a young lady came over tunes he said. Oh let's let's keep on harvey. Why be a foot twenty. Four twenty five twenty. Six zero old came up to me. Barbie mom supermarket. Hey good morning sir. Have you ever been with a young woman. Are you interested in dating in a young woman at a workplace. I'm not. I'm not calling the police now. You lie and by the way i use. that's coach. Is there a double standard here as well before we let you go in. Yes yes different. Actually ill do double standard falls onto the level of power tractive. You are denzel. Washington walk up to one hundred and sixty day. Dan drought craze andrew. Cuomo don't have that then they'll look so it's kind of like l. u. creepy with me. I i don't know different so so he could coach five. Live close to you. Can you can find the cw sports any way. You get your podcasts. Google podcasts apple podcasts. Check me out. Ball court with coach. Drill is the world basketball. You give all that information you give at basketball love. And of course you go to williams nets number train dot com. You can catch me there as well. Also as cw sports dot com. You know apparent channel. They always do the digs okay. Everybody let's clap. Coast commie well net radio. We afford that movement as well. I could coach. Thank man we appreciate you. Thanks for calling. We appreciate you have a great one going. Keep the biden. What's the next story with the world. Famous new york legendary deejay folk master. I love that name. Funk master flex would a name that may fuck master flex master slave of flexes. A young man barbagallo. He's always on the radio like her and he's doing and but in person and you talk them just a nice calm guy this not the. He's not the guy he's not. He's not the radio personality in him. Live is just too but since he wasn't calm what happen to him and his personality home already. Seven d. dave fox mass flex was arrested accused of shoving his wife in sending a text. Threats formats flex was arrested on friday after assaulting his wife at his westchester home according to police a woman who identified herself as flexible wife toll greenborough township police that she influx had got into a fight over three and text messages. He sent on thursday night. The fight escalated at the couple's ardsley home in new york The hip hop star. Push the woman to the ground. Cop says she grabbed her cell phone to call the police but flex apparently slept out of her hand and stomped on it Preventing her from calling the cops. He fled the house before police arrive. But officers later found him a short distance away in his twenty eleven chevy camaro. He was arrested on three counts of criminal mischief and harassment flex born. Okay in being going back well. Yeah he was ordered to stay away from his wife and then she flex row man. I never thought i'd be posted this to his blog on friday with his mugshot does what he does so funk master flex used to work with this guy lot with the comedy shows back in the ninety seven new comedy show ski trip weekends and harvey was out there. Work with these guys and Like i said nice guy but flex is in the you know and the time that we live in today flex. You can't be. I mean you. Can't you advocating the balance of course but flex You know the hennessy. The the the the threatening text messages the drinking a the ego you go up in there and You sedan you. Push your wife around your. He's already been scandals What his marriage prior The wife of miss is time. Now is time young lady to get your ass saturday. You don't you don't need to live this way with this man who's contingency going to do what he's do which is and i'm not judging by your harvey's been through it all but the man is beaten on women that the taken a cellphone sending you can't you can't threaten no one would texts proof that you that's why i always say the alcohol's involved. I don't think people do in a sober mind. I think flex got drunk style his way. You know kill you. Be you know the whole thing that stormed home in twenty eleven camaro flex like what deejay wouldn't want to be in your position like you put in a lot of work. You need to humble yourself bro. I mean you a great dj booth that that's the point professionally which you doing. And i'm not judging. No mattie okay on this report is my opinion which you don't want to your wife and kids and everybody around. You is just ridiculous. Bro held to a higher standard like harvey. We've got that is sugar. I got a homeless in that cave. Try stay out of trouble. Flex you you you gotta stay out of trouble bro. And this is my thing up flex you need to go to jail and you need to get fired from that job. Bro you can't behave like this and the pub at any forbade any company flex you need to get fibro. I'm sorry now whoever his go back to flex station. I don't care he was 'cause you out of control brother her. It's like i love and bobble own. I love that. May it's made lex five two. Yeah he's he's not high. Asia jabs his birth. It's a so. Does he got to kick the right here. Mike now boom up cutler. Quick garnering because we got backed up by me rate fight. Got out of here. I saw show city. I'm calling back you to man your trust too good topics flags do and homo things. Excuse me good stuff like oh thank you appreciate you see. This is the problem with would funk flex people in them spaces The problem is the women become addicted to the situations. Shane what i mean by that. Is you got the nice person. Nice 'cause you can get things you want and all those things so now is hard sean how to back out of there now quincy years very smart man and i respect you to know this. You are so wrong on every point you can't. There's no way that there might be some truth in which is saying like some women trapping and not trapped. Sean which is saying. That's what you're saying is we are in time on of instagram of. We're in the time of where everybody is showing off what they're doing and their cloud thinking so now you in a person to say okay. Walk out of this house and when you walk out his house depending on what you get but that limelight parts. You're going to lose. You know how many people is sitting at situations that they opened the door and walk but because of fringe benefits are. Remember what i said. The fringe benefits outweighs to them. Because a lot of people materialistic based the thing. I'm gonna women wait. Let me tell you sell awful. Right now sean. The dating scene is so awful that people have in their mind and stick in. I'm going to try to work. This out in time goes on. They stuck his space. Now hold on. Quincy now bobby. Who has opinion you right but you are on your god loving my. Let me play you. Because let me. She'd been married to this man so if you want to leave him she could take. She still live saw. I'll let you speak giving my child please. Now she madison that she could take half whatever she is still be. Comfortable is still be ohio. Instagram facebook social media same. So all talking about foolishness. He is still say possible. Life or say is grandpa. You got you got all the newark airport. Not now quincy. Let's listen quincy. I don't think that. I disagree with barbie as well with. I say this doesn't matter. Quincy marital status or girlfriend boyfriend. None of that matters. This is a woman. That's an adult that has to make a decision to leave the relationship. I don't think that she staying there. Because of the social media or doha lifestyle. If you just you just that every half the women on this planet by saying that these women have choice see she got out of their shells assisting there because of the limelight that you're talking about the nisa sad day in this country and in this world this thing you see you out in the movie you kinda behind the camera and you you in a different space but were you out here this movie and you start maneuvering you start talking to people and listen it domain. It'd be a lot of checks. Matt that be in bad predicaments when it comes to domestic or mental abuse but they stay because of the fringe benefits. How long have you been married. Let's google apps as you speak. I'm right day. You recall is stupid. But it's okay but it's not new of bobby does have a point barbara. They are women that that tolerance level of attention him to run that they helped the hell out of there. Because i don't think that this woman or any woman is staying there because of the of the benefits of it yet. You are right. There are some domestic abuse relationships with men just mentally abused women where they can't leave but at a certain point. They're out the door this woman that she might fall into that category. I believe that women are not staying there because of the friends. Benef- eighteen years here. Now quincy makes this would make some quincy point valid. They've been the go for eighteen years. It's not the first time though barbie cologne. Let's certain kind of way with this lady barbara. I realized we do. A lot is a lot that go along. Keep in mind when we was at kiss with that kids. Over there sean. Social media we were still on black planet cost space so it wasn't this robust that it is now right but if back dan remember back there missy got jam with the you know what known that everyone be until it hit the news because there was no social media presence at that point. But you gotta keep in. Mind a lot of these dues. Been doing this for a long time. But now because you got. Mto you've got you've got a world stock. You got all these new things now. Everybody wants a business in the street. This been going on with do pose twelve years ago deprecate so if you was the owner of hot ninety seven this brand. Dj running around here disrespected his suspend him on air for two weeks. Let it blow over. Because one thing about black business versus white business we forget and forget immediately so put him on two weeks. Don't let him touch the air. Don't touch social media. Don't do nothing. And then three weeks later he going to pop back up and you're gonna have a couple of trollers crap but the general public. I'm gonna say nothing else about who i'm gonna i'm gonna fire him. He's done now because they just gave him that big job and you notice to be a fact when you got them big radio person because you've got to pay them out of that contract. I didn't know he had a big contract or thank you for sharing. Yeah well barbie. Colo from quincy morris experiences see like funk master flex has one. But it's still. I still believe in the fact that she staying there. What my point was only making this like she only staying in for that. Your craw boning all camera what happened. He came back with a bigger rock rested. Guy rested dead. Kobe bryant kobe got not. He came back with a three four. Five six tyra joan. This bought his way back into the mall. Listen when i got us a two bedroom in the bronx new york i did. I bought by lady gold chain. Get four people end relationship for ten fifteen twenty years. It's not about french dag on benefits. You love that man made man you wind up with myself fringe benefits. Because that's all the time. I'm all shoes a barbie barbie. You have to take a break bobby. You down here we go. We're gonna talk about that next time because our women stand and being abused what stay because of the friends benefits. We don't want to stay north new jersey somerset new jersey. That's what they need to come. Hang out with me. And that pro brenham. Because i'll put up with flex wife. Looks like hail hispanics year. Quincy thank you for your viewpoint very interesting. No question about it. I know you offer. Should he got everybody in the chatroom round up by. But you know this technology bobby turned down to the left a little just wife because you put me on ten. Get you okay okay. So yeah he has a very attractive wife ugliest. Hey girl has started to leave longer. Have maybe they might be some self esteem issues on both ends but she blessed. She is mrs Mrs flex could you. Thanks for calling in the show as mrs flex keita. hell addity. What is wrong with you. It's time to go. Mrs flex lease funk master flex their jumping winning threatening messages are mrs flex. This is your voice. Shaw mrs flex. This is the boy sean. Harvey get your ass added a leave of a punk mass flexible on and go on about your business young lee but i do agree with you. One thing the boss him. You're married you're gonna get half the money out of there and rosana fall in. westchester county. Aren't count so he's an county west. he's over there with flexes the what's going on with flex and the wife first of all what you was saying about women sticking around and abusive relationships fringe benefits is the absolute total wrong than the say. No woman in an abusive relationship as sticking around for the fringe benefits sticking around because they're scared to stick around because that man has mentally got in their mind and scared them to leave because what a woman starts to believe in an abusive relationship that if he could do this to me he might kill me so a lot of women don't stick around because a fringe benefits the stick around because they don't know what to do right skate. They're being they're being manipulated. The you know the dude is messing with mine. He's a narcissist. So he's doing. He's doing all these actions to make you think that you step out that door you you you leave me that. Wow well you know. I haven't mail row row. Haven't caught in thirty seconds and he is absolutely right. The narcissistic personality disorder is running rampant with the funk of the puck master flex. You're you're right. well this is a man. that's probably in his own planet. That's a selfish could rolling. The is all about him and he yes he probably get their wife. So as bobby colonus a trauma bond she so traumatized and then this bond you put them together. This woman is trauma and bond together right now. There might be a point there too right. I'm i'm agree with real quincy would not no but well. You're absolutely right. It's the narcissists man that is mentally beating the crap out of this woman and we pray for her. She's still gotta get the hell oddity right. Yes she does she does and if she'd been we're have and let's be clear. Listen any woman that's especially in new york a lot of these states if you even if you're not married you've been living with somebody for certain amount of time you still. The woman will still come out on top with some money. I'm saying if she leaves relationship as long as it wasn't anything that she did so so secret still have the fringe benefits by itself so so so to say the fringe benefits. She might get more honestly she makes you get the money that funk flex guy and the time she been with him she could be. She won't be sharing going to be What's the name from amazon. But she going to be. She's going to be good coffee homeless flexi where probably jesus christ realm oxygen. That oxygen machine is doing wonders. This morning it is picking out when the show's on fourteen million seven to that. Let's let's platfo roles oxygen. What is your wrote the wallace come down with the t since this is the last time we had a love because i was saying watching the show and i'm and then people search got a couple of calls people checking me why me with. I hit him with t. I well go back to you. Go let oxygen machine because this working wonders for you right now up now. I just had to call 'cause. I was listening to your man and i'd know females that been in domestic situations and you know what i'm saying and i just didn't like what i couldn't i couldn't let that i can. Where he was saying. Just was ridiculous. He returned that oxygen oxygen machine down up because he wrote logo at wrote to know. Second call this is ridiculous. It's crazy you're right. quincy. I love you to death. New york king. I gotta disagree. I hear what you're saying. I got a real holidays right. This is a narcissist that has mentally destroyed. This woman has to get out. She has to go. She's not staying there because of the fringe benefits of being funk. Master flex you're right trump. Bon relle she scared to death. This no talent at the threatening text messages. So that shows that he has no boundaries anyway because he knows that you shouldn't send messages technical so he has that control issue. I'm gonna agree with your right. You can go back to the oxygen that throw may three the last time you pop that throw mice city should have said that right right got they find city. You guys can catch these facebook. St city facebook cine j. The is at three on Snapchat cindy underscore j. on instagram. You catch me barbie cologne on facebook. Designs rabbit close tabs on instagram for all on snapchat. Show her comedian. A listen i'm called. Hr everyone let's head on the group room We appreciate you guys. We'll be back tomorrow. Thank you so much and for me. We've featured a music today of all solo this gas. Oh sold the. He's oh and balance as the grab social media all also okay. We're gonna play the planet or day. Thanks for support. That's key changes. Let's blow puffs. Security would be determined to make up the like you the white boy so we don't lose whatever it's beating the turnpike she making me. Turn that one at the time is to get out but we invictus said listen where to make jamaica all mark games saw shuli if you got me on bird.

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