Halloween Water Cooler: Doctor Sleep, BoJack Horseman, Cronos, The Shining, Knives Out, Harriet, Pixar, AppleTV+, Jojo Rabbit, Dolemite Is My Name, Undone, Sleepy Hallow,


pullover welcome slash on daily for Thursday October thirty first managing editor. Jake Paul Ello hello weekend editor right omen okay so it's Halloween today tonight I'm wondering what are you uh-huh his driveway with him handle candy and drink that's my entire plan nothing special Erin you're normal clothes or are you going to dress up I'm gonNA wear my I moto absolutely nothing you know remove fans she gets scared to easily and can can have nightmare so coming up and going out my wife and I might watch a horror movie or something we have a couple of things on the it'll bend those are both great you should watch those report back yeah sure Ht Concert with her boyfriend elite alone. So I don't know I might do laundry or something Chris you're the I mean I you know Halloween is is a big deal for me to be a big this year I didn't really do much I mean I'll probably watch something scary but Halloween weather for me and I don't feel like doing anything ask them an hour from now and I don't I don't fuck and feel like it stay Wayne Halloween season I mean there's I have like a handful of movies I always rewatch off year I'm just tired it's tiring year two thousand nineteen to get out of here basically just like a street that's closed down and people in so we're going to get dressed up as hopefully have some fun okay let's get into what we've been doing in that what Oh that I went to the Penguin Max Expo it's the medic magic convention in Culver City they celebrate the go all out for Halloween and this year they went with a and I tweeted out a link to a video of that so if you WanNa see that it is actually very impressive replaced with something and if you have figured out all the clues and got everything right you you win so I went to to haunted events I've never been to in it's in thousand oaks which is like way out in the valley Huge part of this mall that they basically they sell tickets it's like twenty dollars or if you want hunted mazes last maybe like five to eight minutes long so well even though like you can tell they don't have the budget of like a hole in her nights or even not scary wiped out by that I mean like everything's nicely but I I I highly recommend this fear in La and you're listening to this to see and The other hunted event I went to is called Los that used to be an old zoo so abandoned all zoo I always thought so we went with our friend Dan Rosana and hey you're taking through the abandoned you you know all these scenes happened around you and scare actor wanted event so they they play play that up the one thing that was actually really interesting about this a knock in the house and each house there'd be a different things one house would wish like someone like Disney would take this approach with their Halloween parties because that you're in La haunted hayride although I think La Haunted Hayride La Haunted hayride started on shark tank in an the power what have you been up to nothing that exciting Peter I'm going to be the past six months or so I've really double down on strength training and my cardio training and I kind of fell off of jogging and running back into that adding this GPS and it you start and it just tracks we running like little voice will tell you when you've reached mile markers you can listen to music and I'm saying you've between Mile Chart is like you know here's the calendar time you've been you know your time calories tracking running or jogging or speed walking on that wall so this APP really in that is called map my run Matt my run so do you like dry my walking distance but domino going and try to figure out what my there's trying to tie myself on like you know a stop watch APP and it never out of the whole bunch of us you went to Pixar I did I went back to Pixar onward so I'm not allowed to talk about anything but we saw love and yeah it was I always love going to Pixar it's you in the near future before the movie comes out in March so stay tuned for that yeah for that film Mike how how's The campus transformed for onward so the Star Ball that everyone always takes pictures with their they actually made a real version and inside the lobby you can check my twitter or NC the photos they had these fantasy fantasy based games showing off various items and locations and it was pretty cool you mentioned you went to the Pixar gift shop in people and what else do I a I bought some stuff for my my parents the has the the star ball on it I haven't seen that there before that was pretty Cool Ama- but I had never seen it because if I did I would have bought it by now but they had a stuffed really that's awesome kitchen will be jealous because she loves Gerald it's an upstate New York and that was my first time visiting it I actually wasn't aware that ends and all and it was something called the mayhem and murder tour into the residents of Terry I was really excited though about holding the doc through and especially at night which I've never done before and then then cortlandt manor and it's basically that about seven thousand of them that are shaped into random like statues bridge that was made entirely of glowing pumpkins ever carved as well and spouse it kind of turned into this a little bit Kinda Gaudy but really fun and really like theme park experience now headless horseman nor of kind it was just a very idyllic sweet fall Massachusetts like enjoy that like they kind of know like they probably celebrate bunch of the streets into Halloween themed streets they definitely it wasn't the official name of the town until just recently like it was known as that what we've been reading Jacob what have you been reading this week having next year and this is a very surprising book so I don't want to go into much detail because and the COP in Oklahoma who's trying to get to the bottom of it and essentially the book presents an impossible case But I'm very curious to see how gets zapped because there's some stuff here that Hbo Proceeds Series Starring Ben Mendelsohn so we'll see how that plays out it's creepy mysteries watch three books I have not read so suddenly a character from those books pops up halfway so that's my school I'm going to go read the rest of books I'm not read I made a list I think he was seventeen eight ureter you're gonna read seventeen books by the time has new book ribes May it's like a blockade Billy elevation which are one hundred pages long so I think that one I about Kris you look at my list on twitter when you actually different seasons that's the book with the Shawshank Redemption in it and the body which when and where do you fall on on the outside and as you read the bill hodges books before this or were you so and those are like King doing mysteries this I conjured pages that turns into a completely different thing and I didn't really basing the trailer for the HBO show and be like Whoa. This is not what I was being sold because I feel very it is GonNa be interesting if they don't really hint at supernatural stuff you in Chris are going to have to collaborate on a definitive ranking of every steven king book ever published by the time his new book and let it bleed comes out in May I'll finish the bibliography of Stephen recalled game of thrones the costumes and this is one of three books from there's one about the photos of from the show like from the set photographer and then there's get to the stuff that I'm really excited about and this book is super captivating as somebody who loved teams came together so the book is written by Michele Clapton who I think won five Emmys Peter Yeah you and Brad both on that book but it is a off like in the world of the show Michelle Clapton decided that the great joys who are this clan of them to sort of assault their enemies while they raided villages and strongholds taking into account the resources and the the wealth and the environments of it went into these costumes that really build on story and character and all that stuff in her mind it reflected his delusional belief that he was like more intimidating narrative experience but if you really like zero in on these costumes you can learn so much more shocked at how much I loved reading this thing and it comes out on November fifth so if you WANNA check that out again Chris what did you think it's good I posted my review on slash spoiler but it boils down to this so as I'm sure most people know has always been a little bitter about that he does not like the changes Stanley Kubrick made to his book retiring to King's book which is a sequel to the novel or he could find people consider to be like one of the best harm movies ever made so he had Kubrick and king have were in Coober case had very different Oh for all the horror he writes is really kind of a softie the world clash and so when Dr Sleep is it incorporates Kubrick stuff into the movie and that's it overall it's got a lot going forward it's a big emotional horror someone has actually given her that is good like she's been stuck in like chunk like love it I liked it yeah I'll edging toward love here even though I do agree with so we'll talk about that and strange the absolute best in the movie comes in the towards the it was sticking to the actual book which actually is not a great people we ever and it's almost is the Kubrick stuff that kind of invades in the last act it's about that when the time comes but I'm retired about this when I visited you appreciation or interpretation of this movie because I'm I just have seen the shining you kind of came away from this with like the opposite feeling as you guys I couldn't wait for in the beginning could have been trimmed because I just spent most of the movie waiting for I do think that it's well-crafted and and certainly like it was sort of dragged its feet a little bit and I that that may be because it was sticking despite with what I saw I do agree that Rebecca and was really good I think this is a superhero powers that these characters have nobody actually refers to them as that but you can sort of see how giving money or giving this movie maybe a little bit bigger budget because it has a lot of shared DNA with flexible whereas in Cuba vision the shining which just an excuse for people to see like mine we live of almost an X. men movie over the next bend vibe here Harvey with that people in Haunted Hotel using psychic powers battle each other I think I think that we're at ends up that was when the suspense sort of ratcheted up for me but for because it's treading narrative ground that we've seen so many times before real horror movie am I right folks I will say this finds a way to make them a lot more interesting in the movie than they are in the book yeah those okay I still need to do this for let's move on it's eight episodes The final eight arrived in January and after watching these animated TV show of all time I mean Simpson has golden hour but you know it it's been old and it's emotional for as long as the Quality Abo- Jack I sitcom or or it is going to you know tell stories that can be another medium that there idiom top of brilliant character writing I at at hurt so long argument between two characters who are having this brutal real break-up the evading them at an ev never seen a balance like with comedy Stephen earliest I'm saying maybe seasons four through eight up until now the best stretch animation in American risk saying it's the best animated show of all time but it it's it's definitely show about you know animal people and it is that but it's the characters are animals but it it understands the human condition and like goofy cartoon on Netflix that does that is incredibly impressive oppressive tracks all the characters finding pieces of happiness where they can about what may happen to them yeah I'm I'm a little unhappy that I just know like the minute it comes back it's going to be not like you are Jacob like this like I don't think I've ever cared for intimate like usually the fact that you actually are like on the edge of your seat dreading or have growth but they always abandoned by the next episode because he always been turned to status quo Bo Jackson writers I remember and it means that every single episode matters in a way that no other had it looks silly but a horseman and the thing that there's my dad would be like why are you watching the silly cartoons and I was like he quote cartoons in that makes me sad because of becoming my dad but it's not that it's not the one thing I will say Peter People listening to is it about the time but literally the first half of Bo Jackie's weakest show ever is an as we'll never review a show again to complete season because there was because they were so blown because it really does find voice in really does become something that I think is remarkable that's what happened been watching this week as I said spent two days at a magic convention I spent two days at the Magic Castle there screeners for their upcoming shows for their streaming services I a ton of choices and she was like the morning show in a I was I'm like bits and pieces in like a montage of the trailer that they showed at the whole I I think I can speak for this entire podcast whole we've been very in very kind of like networking like in the way it's shot and presented like the and I wanNA say first off the first ten minutes has Jennifer Aniston saying the F. taste or don't situations and that's just wrong may maybe they won't have you don't know Jennifer Aniston plays the host of the morning show and there is a search for a replacement for him and her career is kind of this show feels like the newsroom which I really really love has lot this whole thing seems almost already out of date which probably in Friday Night Lights me era I mean one of the Writers Mimi leader on you know she's just she is bringing we're spending the money to promote like lots of covers got it's funny right in the show was very sound stage that's that's probably one of my biggest complaints I I Kasit Com actress than you know whatever but I I am very surprised some have really liked it some have called a kind of like sorkin white that brings but it it is real I don't know I I as the show at all the other show we started watching I am it's from Ron Moore who give give us a battle star Galactica give you the most minor spoiler for the first two minutes of the show here around TV's or inter cutting their watching the TV as the first the moon for the first time it's a great achievement for humankind and as the Americans were not the first people to the moon it was the Russians so it's leading to what if the space race didn't end is basically the you know take on you know what would have happened it reveals some real things about the comedy I don't like I it brings this is the show that everybody's talking about critic critically this is the the most critically more wants to every season go through a decade of of the trick show but it's it's building up like you know what if the space race didn't end what if our you know have we aren't GonNa jump on and Subscribe Apple TV plus by a lot of people actually get that for I'm GONNA keep on watching it I also watched some Disney plus screeners which stuff one of our writers Josh Beagle up to date while we were recording he felt that he said wait until there's more here or wait until something else happens do for other people is this were sampling in your opinion well people are paying fifteen dollars a month worth shows before game thoenes on each Vietnam I'm blanking of UH are less I I guess none of these shows are on the level of any shows oven honestly most of us in this world get new iphone every couple years people in this world because that is a stupid things correct yeah any any phone or computer or anything you'd get a year free yeah five my laptop my TV two years old and it works fine what it sounds like you're going to is that show alone worth sixty dollars per year why don't think you're gonNA it is a little bit more drama than it is like Sci fi but it's Oh i WanNa give the money for his well the answer to that is no so I'm really I'm ars also that much so I I can't make the judgment for you fair rabbit I think the backlash against it is weird and dumb and I think I take it with TD's Taiwa but also people who have been blinded into fanaticism have the ability to redeem themselves it will make my end of the year list capacity for sure binge watching one episode a week taking my time and this is the best show Amazon's Audie and can travel through time and space with the help of her dead father it is requites wishes to highs of episode two but I really hope to through the experimental bold animation undone is very much in that camp as well so is very much my thing I love so much about we've devoted a lot of time to watch already so I will move giving anything away I'll say I liked it until I didn't there's a it had to be oh Chris I'm these opposite I did not like this until I did OK awesome like what if bubble boy wasn't a haunted house and it's directed by Syrian foy. Yeah I was really not on board with this until there's a very large reveal arrested okay perfect by the way I think it was released paramount may may have made it but they maybe a good Halloween view check it out but speaking of a in the year nineteen ninety nine for Harvey's opposed to scream it is a disaster Gerard Butler it is a bad movie but also if you like me and remember vividly Portland Dracula two thousand a relic era I saw draft two thousand in on on compact disc but I also know just based on my memories Amazon actually have this on the criterion Blu ray still saw Amazon prime to watch out powerfully good movie does is scare you Hopkins is and how amazing feel like his choices here are so incredible I one thing I've always noticed but really knows unharmed movie literally in her shoes people are staring at you and you either expressions we're at she's undervalued it really allows you to feel her journey in a way that I the I'm kind of wondering because I know this podcast is generally because a few years ago when I decided to bend in physical media that's what happened to me for me the big difference is that the criterion lambs has all kinds special when I'm already had two alcoholic ciders and when I have a dog or cat on me I was going to the best possible version if you're never GONNA go grab it off the shelf so I'm I'm preparing okay Brad you haven't been on two no but I I did take the time to watch dolemite is my name this is a movie that I was I used to be much funnier and then around the the mid to late nineties started been worth you know talking about other than his you know supporting role in dreamgirls for it to it I I actually I'm surprised that we didn't get to see this movie at Sundance Finger but with a with blaxploitation style because he owns the true story of Eddie Murphy top pimp kind of character who also apparently knows kung-fu isn't with with nothing you know he he puts his comedy albums and all the profits from Nicholas a over the top kind of movie and it's it's very funny Eddie Murphy I'm very excited to see how his career continues to come back especially with all Donald Dolemite I haven't but this made me want to go watch it just for a good laugh for anybody else out there who's listening I know that the original was on Amazon and then Dolemite is my name is on it looks like it looks like they did a pretty damn good job of recreating scenes from that movie you have con the context of the Bio pic may help you appreciate what it does engineering story on this mentioning just for for the record I guess because I also sure yes Ben would have been watching so I re watched the shining before and visual references and obviously like clear Maggio's but some stuff that's like a little bit the Office of the of Jack Torrance's boss of the Overlook Hotel in the very recognize that location and it's not even in the overlook it's like a totally different it's also I mean yeah hot take for the shining is a good movie but it's for subtle about it than Dr Sleep because Dr Sleeps sort of hits you over the head with its message is it's impossible to recapture what made the shining so special so I think he cbs of like directly comparing the two movies but I think it will give you more of an appreciation for the I've been reading tons of Agatha Christie books this year leading up to it this is Ryan Johnson's new murder mystery parasite or portrait of a lady on fire in my year end list but it's definitely elaborate but not too elaborate and I love the characterizations I ah after so long like he's been in some things here and there during his run his captain America where I I was never really excited about that when he was captain America I was just excited about seeing Daniel Craig's accent is very extreme but I and I thought it was gonNA put your fears to rest but the big question is did it ruin all of Star Wars it comes out I think later in November so definitely added to your list of things to see arsenic and old license from nineteen forty four directed by Frank Capra we actually started watching to watch so we finally came back around and watch it actually doesn't really have much to do with Halloween at crazy misunderstandings and it's essentially about this guy who marries think that they're doing those guys a favour by putting them out of their misery in life and he discovers is reading that Frank Capra wanted Jack Benny and Ronald Reagan and Bob Hope movie characters doing elaborate double takes like like super exaggerated like how would you describe it you know what I'm talking about super like over the top where you would never actually do that in real life cary grant actually does arsenic and old lace it's it's kind of a fun movie but up to this year by most humility moment of my adult life on this podcast eight to run some errands outside terrarium and famous walk Jacob so sorry soul-crushing and I watched we watched three other movies sort of over the past three nights I think early and I thought it was very like people in my generation I was worried that watching it now as whatever thirty four year old that I would be but I think in that it seemed I don't know there's another movie he's like you know gone around the world and back over the top again like a couple of bully characters that reminded me of bulkin scully for our typical bully and his best friend just repeat the last line that he said it's like that kind of vibe yeah that's what I was GonNa say actually because I think like you're right about Bette midler and the adult actors going Midler at you can tell they're having a lot of fun with other doing even though they're being asked to do a lot of ridiculous stuff Overall you know kind of fun I can see the appeal I think if you haven't seen this movie free-form Hocus pocus there's a way to do it and then two other sort of family friendly the things from that that same sort of early nineties time period that I never saw with my own and and this sort of did the trick Barry Sonnenfeld directed both because it has a little bit of that same ed moments that would maybe feel cheap and sort of dumb in another really great and their dynamic relationship is pretty perfect and pretty equally The second movie I was actually really impressed with concerns this big go to a halt and go like delivers the speech about native American rights and like indigenous peoples family values okay and finally ht what have you been watching Areso as the slave former slave turned abolitionists and nick and like veers on the formulaic side but Cynthia revote is just magnificent it's very it's very rote but nothing is wrong with the good crowd-pleasing fastening wrinkle that I found that Harriet does that it takes the the really make that textual so they incorporate the sort of paranormal series of really looking counts because of these visions that she receives and in that sense little by the numbers but Cynthia Revox is definitely the reason to watch it is the debut feature from Analii our import an sorry Anna Lily and it recently got added to the criterion channel where I got to check it out on men who disrespect or assault women so she's kind sleep more style than substance because there isn't really much to this movie but the style and a really interesting sort of as interesting feminists twist to movies on the Criterion Channel did a double feature of too early Gammel backbone and heartache guys that gambled us her really knows how to direct I believe the many classic vampire elements in it's it's a movie that's very Audra till tomorrow directs this movie it feels almost like a hitchcock. The lead was an older actor it's an Argentinian that an actor I had a great time watching it and also was surprised to find out the Ron Perlman was really delirious performance and federal Lupi at the cost of thirsting for blood so it's yeah it's a lot of fun that's Cronos and you could say that it's kind of the beginning of Yamamoto Saga of dark child protagonist who is orphaned after his father is killed by fascist on that ominously warns that everyone in that orphanage will die Louis of Childhood Innocence Story on to the backdrop of political the some it's the Gemmell Tatar really amps up the Ambra each channel HD excuse me I wanNA know if you we'll allegories star fantasy that is a good question that and the shape of water I feel like it should be streaming somewhere and it is not basset movies I think these three are the core of who he is a filmmaker I'm really glad you you which is my favorite kind of goes story yes and you also saw comprends unit yet either yet this weekend actually half teigen hd are now editors-in-chief seeing it again is like unraveling a Rubik's cube that fit together is just like it's just so ingenious and the first audience and a full theater is packed on Tuesday night and it was a packed theater theater when everything goes down the movie The guy next to me was saying what the pro so uh-huh okay then see parasite because h. e. in Ben both say tasty treats so first of all I don't know if this new bit was new and I always hate them because I always wished that they were better that they were offering me something better taste in and the crumbling them I and I recently discovered that they have chocolate. Lamar have groceries in retail and everything and they have in the and chocolate makes them even better Because I love like I said I love this epoch in general you can find the ones that are dipped in chocolate as their game changer again was a betrayal from the Pepsi Company because it was candy corn Oreos but just with the chocolate cookie instead of the the golden cookie that they did for that markedly different from any of the other similar cinnamon flavors that they had done before the fruity crispy Rice that they had done player before but it was specifically and then on the candy side of things there's a couple of new candy and they did another thing similar but they did did it with crushed up pieces of walkers listen very small handful and I'm I'm good on the Walker's friend But I do like how long so I I think that if I will have offered in the future it would be like in a candy bar within it'll be everywhere sometime in the near future and this was pretty good actually I I'm not outside of the Milky Way otherwise the regular candidates it's almost too particular Milky Way and then in the weirdest thing that juice which like that you know everyone was like the welches all Apple Flavor is fine in candy form and Caramel is good juice drink is very confusing to my taste buds because it's it's just a it's such a weird touch in something that is supposed to be just like just

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