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Hey it's jolly Dumas's of fire and it's the entrepreneurial you this show for dedicated and passionate Caribbean entrepreneur seeking daily inspiration brought to you by author or Speaker in award winning entrepreneur Hanukkah watkiss porter. You must be prepared to ignite we needed to raise this capital but our experience with local financial institutions was that they were cautious and slow to act an interest rates for far too high. We had a real concerns about financing our business through outside equity investor does on the possibility of interference. Could we get a fair valuation. Sean for our business we had our own ideas about the business and its rally. Should I go the traditional route of bank financing or should I try Jamaica make a stock exchange so we made a call an experience transformation of our business through conversations John Mahfoud Seal of Jamaica. They can tease and we are listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange give us a call today at eight seven six nine hundred seven three two seven one to begin your transformation through conversation. We want to see your company listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange coming up on this episode of the entrepreneurial you. I think that it's really important to open the space for connection because when our insecurity is limiting beliefs leafs are speaking loudly. Were unapproachable and so I think when you're entering a new community or a new space or you know trying to work out for the first time a really doing anything in a space. It is not familiar. You have to open the space for that connection to happen. It's not just gonNA come to you without you being approachable and giving off the energy that you're ready for that Adin so I think for me. I absolutely connected to local businesses an area that had been there for a while I made connections but I made sure that every single connection action dove below that surface level. The opportunities don't happen you create them. Chris Grocer Hi my people former what Guan how are you today. Welcome home to episode one hundred and Forty Three of the entrepreneur you podcast. I'm Hennigan want his sports. Today's episode as a with Jenna Jenner Irving as. I'm going to be hearing so much about her. She's going to be sharing much at boats. Her business what she's up to as as a pure bar owner and coach generally leads with intuition uses fair as a fuel to grow and believes that failure is our greatest test teacher. She feels the most alive and connected to her. Why when she's holding space for others step into all? That's what's the are welcome welcome welcome Geno. It's my pleasure to have you and I look forward to having our conversation surrounding what it means for you to have your own business and starting business and all of that so I'm looking forward to that. Yes thank you so much for having me. I'm grateful to be here absolutely so let stalk before we get into the meat of the matter. Let's talk some Jamaicans. Yeah all right. So so what is your experience of Jamaica with Jamaica. Anything about a talk to me about Jamaica. I've only ever spent one day. They're ah yes well. It was a cruise so to make as one of our stops but we had a really awesome tore guide and she taught us a lot about the Jamaican culture and kind of did the Torah was awesome. Shit really great energy and we saw the man a lot it was awesome. It was a great great great experience. Okay grades Just so you knew I who does your vocabulary expand Yemen definitely be open to extending vocabulary beyond that all right so they missed. I win somebody gets on your nerves. Just nobody Oh yeah absolutely world leave me alone about a me any who any who alright all right so let's talk about pure Bar Mitzvah. The stage was pure bar really. Yeah so we are a ballet based based strength workout so we use the ballet bar but our workout is small isometric movements that is mostly done with gesture body. We do have resistance bands and small weights that are used from time to time but the goal of the workout is for your body to work in opposition so that your muscles actually work against each other to make you stronger since very small ranges very isolated and it's also extremely low impact so it's great for all fitness levels all ages and and it's just a really great way to work on your flexibility at the same time as you are strengthening your muscles so and we also double as a high end retail boutiques so. We carry closed from multiple fitness brands. And sell those as well. So it's two revenue streams underneath one roof. which is great from a business owner perspective? Respective pure bar is a franchise. No I'd want to hear more about the WHO will pure bar as a franchise not necessarily just your your ownership. But the the franchise the overall. Why did you decide to choose that as your business option? I'm in love with a technique. I struggled a lot with. I was basketball player my whole life but I always struggled with feeling insecure and myself and in how I show up and I had an eating disorder in high school and I've been six foot once and sixth grade so I've just had to navigate being very early developer and not ever really like I fit and when I found the pair hereby workout. I felt like I fit for the very first time and so to me. It's extends way beyond the workout. It's a place where you're accepted. You're encouraged And you know that you're enough as you are so the decision to get stronger. It's just courageous. One and we hold the space to support you to step into that strength and so what the what the company stands for on a moral level drew me and way more than the workout itself and then the technique is just incredible. I haven't ever refund anything that makes my body feel as great as it does doing per bar so all of that combine is what made my decision to pursue sue this from a business perspective. So in fact it's business for good yes right so it's great that it aligns to what it is that you're looking being for knowing Geno that you are enough because strangely that is what many people's struggle with you know the impostor syndrome from the HAM. I am I really good enough for what it is that I want to pursue. Who Am I to want to go down that route but yet you're able to find this this company's Companies Organization until you have you'll enfranchise? What was that process lake in terms of acquiring a franchise for yourself yes so I applied applied to be a peer bar owner the first semester of maxine near Year of college? I did college in three years so I was graduating a year early and I had been doing for about a year at that point and I fell in love with the technique and the communities as I'm just GonNa go for both of my parents business owner. I and I was raised with the mentality that I can do. Anything I set my mind to. I was supported in the decision to move forward with that so I became an approved owner owner while it was still in college and navigate that the real estate and kind of the early stages of that while I was finishing school and upon graduation my studio so needed to. I hadn't signed a lease yet and I haven't really found the right real estate to move forward on so I moved to had island in South Carolina and I spent some time here teaching while I was waiting for my business in Maryland to be ready to open and I moved to Maryland the beginning of twenty eighteen gene. An Open my first studio there and I owned that studio for ten months of which I gave all of myself to for that entire ten ten months I worked through. Burn out and a lot of things in those early stages because I was young and hungry for all of it and I was able all to double my investment in that ten month period and I sold that location and actually purchased the one in Hilton head island to the beginning of this year and that is the studio that I now own. Oh on and run on a daily basis good for you good for you know franchising as a business a viable business option is what many you know. I remember the first center I read are rich. Dad Poor Dad to other ways he talked about making money. And you know aren't growing wealth was through franchising and through real estate's so clearly the franchise model really really does work. And I understand the value and the content. You you pretty much much have a business that is done that is made for you and therefore no allows you to focus on the things that you know getting in your clients and so on what what has been that process. Actually in terms of marketing the business your arm of the business getting clients and staying staying relevant and staying County due to provide services that people want yes market in a very unique way. I think even element differently than the majority of the franchise anti space as a whole. Because I'm very connected to my heart. I do this because it sets my spirit on fire but I also really only know how to market from a storytelling telling perspective. Because I only want to sell you what I am offering if it is going to truly benefit you and what you need in your life so I connect with people will as a person first and then as a client second and so my marketing strategy from the very beginning has been sharing my story my experience with the technique technique other clients experiences and basically painting. A picture of what our community is like and inviting you intimate and said of constantly posting about like what things cost or talking about packages and stuff like that. I tend to approach marketing from a sense of this. Who We are and we would love to welcome you to our family who we are connects with who you are? So he is your leading really from the core and know that when Simon scenic toxic votes You know the Golden Triangle and and why you do what you do is at the core that appears to purses more because for you for example you had your struggles growing up and having come in contact contact with with a business business model that a low user fee like you are enough and and in fact you are enough so that model actually works. Yes yes all right. So what does it been like for you. So how long have you been doing this. General almost two years ears and total about ten months in my current location. Tim Lindsey current location would almost weird and and over that time. We're talking two years. No what are some of the learnings the well before I go to learnings. Perhaps I need to start with. What are some of the struggles that you've had since you started and Ho- have you managed to overcome? What if someone learnings learnings from those definitely I think that failure and struggle and all of those things are truly our greatest teacher however that was not the mindset is that I hadn't they beginning? I've learned so much from each one of my failures that I feel like I approach my mindset about failure differently but I think that the loudest struggle for me. I was twenty one years old when I opened the doors to my studio. It was in a town where I didn't know anyone. I had been there a handful of times and so it was this space of trying to navigate so much change on a personal level at the same time that I was stepping wrapping into the career world for the first time and not only that but as the leader of this platform and so I had to really honest with myself about where my insecurity security use and my limiting beliefs at I had to heal those pretty much publicly because I was opening a business. And you know those. Your wellness is your best. So if you're not if you're not approaching things from a healthy mindset coming at it from that way it can be really challenging for you to show up and cultivate that community that you are are trying to cultivate and so you know I realized quickly leading platform of what isn't mostly women at here that so many of the insecurities things that I saw Own We're salt by a majority of the women that I was teaching and so it became really important to me to model growth in that area. And so I really. I think that my insecurity around my age was the biggest struggle in the beginning. And it's been the greatest teacher moving forward that you know you're west. Him is in your experience France not in how many years he faulk this earth and so I think that that space has been both a challenge and an area of growth for me and I think also so just the navigating post college life and also understanding that my my friendships and my relationships. We're going to shift as I entered turn into this new area of business ownership because when you're young and I think always when you go into something that you're so passionate about it so easy to all all of yourself and in the beginning stages of my business. I didn't allow any open space for my life like I really did not have that balance between between work and life and I think it's so vital to make sure that you have that because so often we feel like our work can't wait and like we I have everything done and to be honest business owner. You never go to sleep at night with everything done. It's like that could never happen. And so when you set goals that are unattainable you end up being disappointed in yourself all the time and so I had to learn how to get myself grace on a whole new level and also recognize that you know building. My business was absolutely important but losing myself and burning out in the process was not going to get there any quicker and so that lessons a hard one and it's almost one that you have after almost reach a place of burn out before you recognize where your boundaries need to be set and why they're essential You've said so so many good stuff right there. You talked about the relationship shifts. That were necessary Renault. You're getting and it's not like those I keep saying it's not like those. Those persons are bad people necessarily but the season that you're in. It's just you know you you need different folks different and strokes different folks to take you through that and so I get that and I say it all the time when I have conversations here on the podcast I say that you you have to make that shift right because not everybody especially if your tribe the the the group that you're normally hanging out with its its they're not entrepreneurial they don't get it they don't get that mindset that you're no shifted in but also you talkable giving yourself grace and that is so important because so many times are harder ourselves yourselves and and again you got to the point where you didn't want to lose yourself you're saying all in finding you know the path to your business because so many of us and I speak from experience when I tell you that I've gotten to the point of burn and no I'm learning the habit of respecting myself. You know you never ever ever as an entrepreneur. Get that job done. You're always going to your bed knowing that something has to be done but have begun to respect myself a lot more. You know Geno in terms aww getting away from the phone and Taking breaks and stuff so I really appreciate you saying that any needs to be said. No you also alluded to the fact that you know you didn't necessarily have Those prior connections so hold it work for you. How do you start a business or franchise and just generally? How do you start a business when you have no previous connections? You're starting from Ground Zero. Hold us that work. You Open your heart immediately. You know I think it's really important to open the space for connection because when you know our insecurities in our lemon limiting beliefs are speaking. King loudly were unapproachable. And so I think when you're entering a new community or into space or triangle. Work out for the first time. We're really doing anything in a space. It is not familiar millier. You have to open the space for that connection to happen. It's not just GonNa come to you Without you being approachable and giving off the energy that you're ready for that and so I think for me. I absolutely connected to local businesses in the area that had been there for a while I made connections but I made sure that every single oh connection dove below that surface level so it wasn't like hi. How are you it was like I want to understand the mission of your business and I want to connect with you on the level that I can help help your business grow and you can help this grow and we can work together and I still approach? I have much more connection in the area that I now own a studio but I still approach everything that same way as like. I don't look at anything like competition. I have a great relationship with our local gyms and all of the local businesses because to neither enough space for everyone. There's enough success for everyone. And I think sometimes we get so caught up in our own little bubble that we're so afraid of competition and connection because as we're afraid that it's GonNa take away from our success and I just have always believed that we're stronger together and so going into a community with that mindset and opening opening that space honestly a pretty natural process for my clientele to be built in Maryland. We hit our membership goal that I had set for the year ear inn month to and it was really just me putting my heart and soul into what I was doing. I am not really logistics percent. I plan I set goals but I really truly from my heart and I think that that helps people connect to me a little bit easier. So you're really leading from opposition of abundance that there is enough for everyone in the space. And it kind of Baffles me that you started out the way Oh you did by saying you know growing up you struggled with knowing that are thinking that you're not enough but then there's a disconnect because here are you are at this place saying this clearly Obviously that you have this mindset of there is enough for everybody is abundant so oh is like okay you know clearly it was inside of you before you even realize that you are in oven these this kind of thinking would allow you to the way you do so you talked about you went beyond the superficial level of. Hi How are you but give us a little more insight into. How do you really get to go beyond that superficial level because even you know when thinking about networking events or just meeting people in general well there is this Fair of really putting yourself out there to make others no you and to you know get to you knew other people. I think that vulnerability ignites connection and so often times. If we are craving that connection and it's GonNa require our own vulnerability to come first and so I tend to share from a very vulnerable place. I'm a writer my writing invites you into my heart and I. I just recently wrote a post site on dating but it's also relevant with any conversation like I struggle to sit down and talk about the weather with you. It's it's like I wanNA know I wanNA know what's in your heart. I WanNa know who you are. I don't want to have a conversation that I could go to your linked in profile and gather everything that we just talked about it. It's like I want. I want to go beneath that. And so I think in order to have those conversations I have to model though so I have to be willing to offer up that much of myself because if not often. That's hypocritical right. So it's like I have to be willing to go to that space and invite you there with me rather than just expecting you to know that that's what I'm craving and so I I think that it's the same thing in in my business. I I know my clients like I know who they are as people and I know about their lives and their families and it's like I make that that connection and that is the most important thing to me like I care to know then and then sure the fact that they're my clients and pin every month and all of that set that cusine business S. running but that's not my Wi- like my. Why is have a space where they feel safe to feel strong and in their power and in order to do that I have to know them as people and that's why I show up every day? I mean the money is obviously you know what keeps the world spinning around and I got that but at the end of the day. That's outlook to bed. And so allowing your y your vulnerability honor the lady. Your mission to be one invites people into your space is going to continue propelling forward in a way that the logistical stuff. Just really can you say a lot of things that have have always believed and and thoughts about and some happy to hear you share those right. I talk a lot of boats vulnerability celebrity Rights for the leader cast Blah blog or. I'm just you know in general and talking about leadership. One things talk about a lot is vulnerable to advance. I was just sharing on television recently about that. Because it's very important that you know we share the parts of us that are not necessarily the most attractive the parts of I that we don't we don't just readily shell to the mountain top. What we we share with those are around us who share our species and you know because of course celebrity will allow us to connect more with others? You couldn't have said it bitta all right so I want to ask you as we are close to the end of our conversation Geno. What is your guide to developing confidence when starting a business? What can you say to those who are listening right no to develop that confidence in need to start a business? I think that we have all that we need that. The process is entrusting you you do and you know I tell my clients every day on a daily basis in class that are struggling to make it through their final ten counts the the belief that love the analogy that you have for every other person in your life that you love is completely unwavering and so you have to dig deep and figure. Go out what you need to have that exact same belief that exact same love that exact same intention with yourself and I think that the world is so loud and so fast and we have so many different voices coming at us because we have access to so much information at our fingertips that sitting and silliness is like impossible and self care and all of that is becoming trendy on instagram. But I think the real meaning of that is getting lost and so sitting in silence space with yourself. That is how I make all of my mississippians. All of my relationship. Decisions is asking myself the questions that I'm struggling with because having mentors getting outward help all of that is so vital but but at the end of the day you are heart. What you have to honor and intuitively? We always know what we need. So if you're walking if you're walking life right. Now that feels out of alignment then sit. Didn't sonus with yourself and ask yourself what you need to feel like. You're living in alignment again. Those answers are going to show up and from there. It's having the courage to follow them and knowing that you have everything everything that you need to accomplish. Everything your hearts asking you for. I am one that advocates so much for silence like I believe. Sadness is Golden. When when you sit by yourself and you you're able to just think do nothing it's hard it's hard volley let me just confess? It is hard to do. I mean especially if you are as hyperactive exile you know slowing down and stopping is not easy but once you once you're low yourself to do it you know you fight and you push through when a low yourself to do it. The result that happened as a result of that you know what happens as a result of that is is a simply amazing and he talks about the fact that you I use- used to grow. Give us an instance in which you were fair full but then you phoned that you push through and it helped your growth. I think I think I think fear is a part of my daily life. I think it's a healthy. I think I think fear should be a friend. I think it's a healthy reminder that year chasing things that feel bigger than yourself because you're taking a leap into something not knowing you're going to be supported and that is the most courageous thing that you can do is a leap into this life. That you feel in your heart is right for you and hope that on the other side you're caught but regardless of whether or not you are caught on that other side you're gonNA to learn about yourself in the process and so I think that having a healthy amount of fear her is your fuel to continue to fight for the things that your heart is asking before and I think that just not allowing it to be what speaks allowed us because it's never going to be non-existent and that's an unattainable goal to think that you're never gonNa that'd be scared but I also think that when you allow your confidence in yourself and you take away the power from your insecurities as because they truly only have power if you give it to them that fear is no longer this screeching sound that you can hear nothing else over. It's simply a partner that moves with you to tell you that you are so courageous and so strong and so capable share with us one of your most fearful moments and what you know help you push through that and I I think that when I opened my Maryland Studio I had four hundred dollars in my bank account and I was terrified because I didn't know if we're GONNA walk through the door. I was hopeful and I believed in. You know what I was creating. But there's no way to have certainty and not and I was terrified because I have phenomenal parents and they will. They will catch me as many times as they need to. But when you have parents like that the last thing you ever want to do is have to lean back into that and so it was very important to me that I did. That's on my own. Because I had told them that I couldn't that I was ready. And so when you take that leap and you're in the middle of not knowing it's terrifying and I was shaking. I mean the whole whole verse month. I was shaking and I was just totally in this space of unknown and the way that I navigated that was just by continuing and by allowing my passion to so come through amidst fear. I think that's the magic because when when you show up for your Y it's like everything's going to eventually work out whether it's the way you expected it to or not and so. I think that was absolutely the most fearful the time period of my life and I was supported the not dream but I think regardless of whether or not it was an incredible learning process for me to step into that space of of not knowing whether or not I would be good for you good for you and thank you so much agenda Irving but sharing your heart with us thank you so so much for having me and has been wonderful to be here yes it has been it has been I once or community to be able to get in touch with you to hear more from you so go ahead and share. How how would they may do? So yes I'm the most active on my instagram and my website and everything is linked there. So that's just at Jena Urban J. E. N. N. A. I R. V. I N.. And so yeah I would love for Yada keep in touch and thank you my people former for tuning in to this episode with Jenner Irving. I really look forward connecting with you next week. In the meantime of course I'm inviting you to join the very select mastermind group to create a strategic advantage. That will you drive your business improve personalized and have professional breakthroughs and business breakthrough. This mastermind will be from stock. DOC unsold so if you want to be part of this group asset you visit Geico Dot Com and send me what message letting him know that q r remember you were born to win but to be a winner you must pursue and expect to block.

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