The Hitchhiker Killer Thor Nis Christiansen


Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of murder and sexual violence that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. On a cool evening in January of nineteen seventy seven cars whizzed through a busy intersection near the community of Vista California Patty Laney. A bright twenty one year, old college student from the nearby UC. Santa Barbara sucked in a deep breath and approach the road. In her hands, she gripped a stack of missing person fliers as Patty approached a corner light post, she looked down at the pictures of the two missing women. They looked so much like her. Patty shook away. The unpleasant fought pulled out a roll of tape and got to work hanging the flyers. She didn't want to be at the intersection longer than she had to. It was the same place. One of the women banished from six weeks earlier once the flyers were up, Patty waited a few minutes. A friend was supposed to pick her up and take her to a play rehearsal, but there was no sign of them. Patty shrugs her shoulders. She stepped up to the curb and stuck her thumb out immediately as if it had been waiting, a car pulled over Patty peered inside a young man with blue eyes and blond hair, smile and motion for her to get in. As the man merged back into traffic. Patty looked down at her flyers and wondered who the next woman to go missing would be. Hi I'm Greg Poulsen. This is serial killers. Original, every episode we dive into the Mindset Madness of serial killers today were telling the story of four Knicks, Christians and also known as California's hitchhiker killer. I'm here with my co host. Vanessa Richardson. Hi everyone, you can find episodes of serial killers, and all other parkhouse originals for free on spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream serial killers for free on spotify just open the APP and type serial killers in the search bar. This is a one part episode covering the killing spree of. Christianson, I will take a look at what might have turned the quiet blonde boy into impulsive killer. Later will focus on the investigation into his slayings and learn about the would be victim. Who lived to tell the tale? Stick around for the full hitchhiker killer story after this. In nineteen, sixty, three, the five year, old thorn, Christian, seven, his parents, Marie and Miss Christian arrived in the United States, the family had emigrated from Denmark in search of better opportunities in an ever expanding economy after arriving on the West Coast, the family decided to settle in the California town of Soul Vang move made sense solving was founded by Danes, and is known as the Danish capital of America and there are people spoke Danish and the traditional architecture and windmills reminded the newly arrived family of their homeland. Not only would it feel almost like home. It might help young th or settle in easier. thors parents didn't waste any time and set out to start a business on a busy street near the middle of town, they opened a restaurant that specialized in authentic Danish food almost overnight. The restaurant was a success. It was just the thing. The town's locals who were proud of their Danish heritage had been missing the restaurants success brought the family a degree of prosperity just as they'd hoped comfortable and financially secure thor had everything he needed to excel. The Chair, BEC-, Blonde, haired, blue, eyed boy, performed well in this academic subjects, and it was notably well behaved. Those teachers considered him one of their brightest students. But around sixth or seventh grade, those friends noticed a change in him. He was no longer the innocent quiet boy. They knew while playing games like basketball. Thor would snap for no reason overcome with anger. He would lash out by kicking the ball away. Forcing others to retrieve it in the TV, documentary series born to kill thors childhood friend. Ron said that thor was just not a very nice person. He'd be fine than all of a sudden. He'd snap and he just be mean and nasty. Run also recalled that around this time. Thor began to hurt small animals. After receiving a butterfly net thor grew bored with trapping small insects. Before long, he was catching sparrows and bullfrogs. For meticulously taped firecrackers to the trapped animals. Then he would light the fuse and watch them explode. While thors, behavior was startling. It may have been prompted by childhood trauma. A friend admitted that Thorne's father was a hard core alcoholic. Who would often beat up on for for little or no reason Vanessa is going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode. Please note the necessary, not a licensed psychologist or a psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks, Greg in an article titled Risk Factors Among Adult. Children of alcoholics by Kathy W Hall and Raymond e Webster The authors discuss the effects of growing up with an alcoholic parent. They explained that in this type of dysfunctional family system children often fail to learn the emotional tools necessary to deal with their anger, when thors father was irrationally angry with him. Thors, perpetual fear of making a mistake may have led him to develop inappropriate coping mechanisms, these unconscious strategies which were hard wired into thors, brain might explain certain behaviors such as his propensity for killing animals. It's also possible that thor had an undiagnosed mental illness which was exacerbated by his father's alcoholism. Whatever was happening in the Christianson? House was a recipe for disaster now instead of excelling in a productive environment or floundered and a dysfunctional one. Perhaps in an attempt to cope with his troubled home, life for himself began drinking alcohol, his friend Ron remembered for giving him his first beer in the seventh grade, as Ron sipped, the warm, bitter beer thord down his own like a season drinker. To him, that thor was no stranger to the bottle. By the time he started highschool thors, drinking had become routine then he was combining alcohol with other drugs. Thor was spiraling out of control, and he was enabled in his addiction by his mother Annemarie. Thors, mother spoiled him. It's possible. She did so out of a feeling of guilt for her husband's actions, or perhaps she simply liked to give her son Nice things when he turned sixteen, his parents gifted him a new Audi. His mother would also leave a twenty dollar bill on thors dresser for him to take whenever he needed. Then she would replace it with another. It was a never ending cycle, and those twenties weren't used for the wholesome. Wholesome fun is mother might have envisioned in a television interview thors high school friend Guy said the first thing we do get a fifth of Scotch, and he'd have a couple of shots before class. Unsurprisingly, the alcohol wasn't good for thors already slipping grades, the once innocent boy with a promising future, had now turned into the troubled young man who struggled with addiction as thors interest in school waned, and his grades declined. He cut class more frequently. When he was at school or struggled to fit in with his classmates, thor had also gained a lot of weight and was reportedly too embarrassed to talk to girls. At a later interview, thors friend Norman noted how the rejections perceived or actual affected thor overtime thor became increasingly reclusive instead of joining friends at the beach or other social gatherings, thor spent most of his time alone in his car, smoking, Pot and drinking. It was here parked on a bluff overlooking the ocean that thor began to harbor dark thoughts. He was angry over the rejection of his peers, and his relationship with his parents was chaotic. Feeling powerless, he imagined a situation in which he had complete control. In these disturbing fantasies, he would have sex with corpses of young women in the building blocks, of Necrophilia Jack Penman explains that while the causes for this disorder are complex, necrophilia is often born from the universal desire for acceptance. A deceased partner is incapable of rejecting or emotionally hurting anyone. Thor might have craved that unconditional compliance. To try and client these thoughts thor drank more, which only worsened the fantasies. His mood darkened to the point that France started calling him cloudy and overcast Christianson. The nickname only pushed him away more in the middle of his senior year thord dropped out of high school during the day he worked at a gas station, pumping gas and fixing cars. At night he drove around searching for isolated places to park and drink. It was these nightly excursions that led him to the tone of Isla Vista. Forty miles from solving ISLA VISTA WASN'T IDYLLIC beachside community home to the University of California Santa Barbara. Many residents were students who made the most of the peaceful carefree town. People in Isla Vista felt safe. Few outsiders visited and most of the students knew each other in nineteen, seventy six. It's still was common to see young students out on the streets late at night, and it wasn't at all unusual for them to hitchhike in out of town. They didn't know. Was that eighteen year old? Thor Christiansen was spying from the shadows something spurred Thor to shift his nightly routine from sitting alone in an isolated area to cruising through the bustling college town. He watched the young women going to and from their social events, and fantasized about them, lying on the side of the road dead, and now instead of pushing these thoughts away, four began to embrace them. Really November Day in nineteen seventy six thor finally gave in to his dark impulses. He drove up the coast to the outskirts of Isla Vista there at a busy intersection. He saw young woman standing at the edge of the curb. Jacqueline Rook was a twenty one year old UC Santa Barbara Student? She was considered a leader among the student body Jacqueline had spent the day shopping in town, and when it was time to head home, she approached a busy intersection and stuck out her thumb again. Hitchhiking was something students did regularly. It was considered a safe way to get around. She wasn't waiting long before a car pulled over and offered her a lift. Jacqueline bent down to check who was driving for was a little unkempt, but his blue eyes and blond hair made the young man look like just about any other beach-loving college student denied La Vista. In other words. Thor didn't throw up any red flags, so jacqueline open the car door and got in. While Driving Thorpe made small talk. He liked to brag to strangers about his parents restaurant. It's car. He hoped. Jacqueline wouldn't notice when he turned off the main highway in into Refugio Canyon, the back road was a well known cut through for people who lived in solving, but it was also dark and isolated. Looking around Jacqueline became concerned. Four knew that it was now or never thorpe parked on the side of the desolate road. As Jacqueline turned to look out the window, Thor pulled out a twenty two caliber pistol and shot her in the side of the head. Force ears rang, and his vision blurred in the seconds following the gun shot, he knew he had crossed a line that could never be uncrossed to keep blood from getting all over his car. Thaw acted fast. He pulled Jacqueline's body out of the vehicle and dragged her into the woods. They're hidden from the road and spurred on by his famous fantasies thor undressed her. He had sex with Lynne's still warm body when he was satisfied, thor got back into his car and drove away. In one fateful, evening or life had changed forever. And, he was only just getting starting. Next thors horrifying urges. Drive him to kill again. I've been having so much fun playing best fiends these past few weeks. Have you played best beans yet? It's a fantastic five star rated mobile puzzle game. There are thousands of fiendishly fun and unique puzzles. The more that I played the more I want to see what happens next what newland Alan cover or new fiend on lock? 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He then had sex with her corpse before leaving her in the woods on the side of the road first her friends weren't that worried by her disappearance in an age before cell phones, it was not uncommon for a person to seemingly go missing for a day or Or two only turn up safe and sound friends, students and the police hoped this was true for Jacqueline, but while others wondered about the whereabouts of his first victim, thor was already fixated on finding his next on. December sixth nineteen seventy. Six Marianne Sarah's a nineteen year old waitress from the area left a doctor's appointment in Isla Vista, she stepped to the curb and held out her thumb. According to her friends and family, Mary was an avid hitchhiker for her. Getting into a stranger's car wasn't something to fear. Instead it was an opportunity to someone new and save time traveling. Mary waved her thumb high above her head to catch the attention of an approaching driver as he pulled over. She noticed that he was driving a luxury car. Perhaps this was her lucky day Thorpe Christianson leaned over and asked her if she needed a ride. As he had done with Jacqueline or drove Mary to a desolate area. As she looked out the window, four pulled out his twenty two caliber pistol and shot her in the head. He took Mary out of his car on dressed her and defiled her dead body. She wouldn't be found until may the following year. According to a nineteen eighty-nine study of necrophilia by Jonathon, P Rosman and Philip J resnick, sixty eight percent of NECROPHILIAC's were motivated by a desire, foreign, unresisted and UN. Rejecting partner researchers theorize that necrophiles suffer from poor self-esteem, perhaps developed from an early age. If thors father was an alcoholic, who beat him that might be one explanation for why th- or was susceptible to these dark fantasies. Fours, low self esteem diminished his confidence, which caused even lower self esteem like drinking. This was another negative feedback loop that left unchecked propelled thor down a ruinous path. BACK IN ISLA VISTA FEAR had settled over the community. Students began protesting violence against women, the lack of campus bus services and the dangers of student hitchhiking one by one the students of UC. Santa Barbara became activists. One of these student activists was twenty one year old Patricia. Laney talented. Juggler and Mine Patty was heavily involved in community groups in a television interview. Patty's close friend John Fondly remembered her as someone who was always smiling. She would brighten up a room by walking into it. It didn't surprise anyone. Then when on January, Eighteenth, nineteen, seventy seven patty volunteered to help distribute flyers for the missing women on them were photos of Jacqueline and Mary as well as a number to call with any information patty decided the best place to put up. The flyers would be the exact place Mary had disappeared the intersection of Patterson and Hollister. Patty made for the theater friend to pick her up and down to the intersection. Just outside of town she taped flyers to traffic polls, junction boxes and the bus stop when she was done. She looked around for her friend, but he wasn't there. Patty had a rehearsal that night. She was excited to play the part of Wendy in a student. Theatre groups performance of Peter, pan. She couldn't be late so rather than miss her rehearsal. Patty held out her thumb. Perhaps he thought if the person picking her up seemed dangerous at all. She wouldn't accept the ride. Maybe. She had promised herself that she would only accept a ride from another student. Either way when Thor Christiansen pulled over at the intersection of Patterson and Hollister Patty got into his car. Foretold Patty. He knew a short cut to theater and turned off the main highway into Refugio Canyon. It was the same back road which he had taken Jack Lynbrook down, not far from where he had murdered. Jacqueline Thorpe pulled over to the side of the road. He pulled out his twenty two caliber pistol and shot Patty in the side of the head as he had done with Jacqueline and Mary thaw pulled Patty out of his car on dressed her, and had sex with her body. When thor was done, he made no attempt to conceal the corpse. He threw Patti's backpack out of his car and drove away. Then he noticed blood on the car seat. Thor quickly pulled over, and with a stack of Napkins wiped up the blood. Then he threw the Napkins out of the window and drove home. Less than twenty four hours later, a deputy police officer pulled over to the side for few Gio. Canyon Road to take a break when the deputy looked out his window there in the grass was Patty Laney's body. When detectives arrived on the scene, they searched the area for evidence a short way from Patty. They eventually found Jacqueline rooks body in the undergrowth. Police scoured the surrounding area for clues. It didn't take them long to find the bloody napkins store used to wipe up patties. Blood detectives manage to lift a fingerprint from them, but there wasn't a match in their database. Still investigators expressed confidence to the press that the fingerprint would lead to an arrest. With the police now investigating two of his murders, thor feared getting caught and needed to clear his mind, everything had changed so quickly less than three months before thor had never committed a crime now just days after his nineteenth birthday, he was a serial killer for once. Thor didn't want to be alone. Perhaps he was afraid of what he might do, so he called. Called up his old friend guy and asked him if he wanted to get a drink. The friends picked up some beer from the liquor store and drove to a spot overlooking the ocean while they were drinking and smoking weed in the car. They were approached by a sheriff after ordering the young men to pour out their alcohol. He asked for to open the trunk. Inside, the trunk was a brown paper Bag, containing thors to caliber pistol. When the police questioned him about the pistol, he said it was for target practice. A twenty two caliber pistol was pretty common and rural. California and the officer didn't think there was anything particularly suspicious about it. He confiscated the weapon and let thor and guy go with a warning. This run with the police was the final Straw for for the authorities were closing in and to him, his arrest seem inevitable. He decided to leave town. He packed up his car and hit the road. He headed north and didn't stop driving until he was in Oregon there he planned to start over far away from his family away from the girls who rejected him in school, and most importantly away from the three women he had murdered. Next door's inner demons bring him to the city of angels now back to the story. At the beginning of Nineteen, seventy seven nineteen year, old thorn Miss Christian so was running from his past within the span of three months he'd murdered three young women and had sex with their corpses. The police and FBI hunted for a killer around the Santa Barbara area. Four drove north. He moved to Oregon and plan to start new life. They're away from his crimes. He low paying job on a farm, plowing fields and planting crops. He worked hard, kept to himself and stay out of trouble. He also lost a great deal of weight, and his muscles filled out. It seemed that thor was doing everything he could to reinvent himself. He wanted to be a different person than the one that left California back in Isla. Vista life returned to normal. Although police had not arrested anyone for the murders of Jacqueline Brooke Mary Sarah's and Patty Laney. No other women went missing. Students returned to their classes, and before long the community started to forget about the murders. Although police had pulled fingerprints from the bloody napkins, there were no matches after months of searching, there were no eyewitnesses, no leads and no suspects. The case went cold. After laying low and Oregon for nearly two years, four felt it was finally safe to return home. He packed his few possessions into his car and drove south when he arrived back. In solvay, his friends and family were shocked by his appearance. It was like looking at a completely different person. thors transformation had also given him some confidence. He carried himself differently and wasn't as awkward around people specifically women. And women weren't the only ones giving more of a chance now. He'd grown distant from his parents as a teenager, but after returning from Oregon, they welcomed him home with open arms, and even gave him a job at the restaurant. On the surface, thor were appeared to have improved for good, but really he just gotten better at hiding his darker side, thor continued drink and abuse drugs. He also continued to have terrible fantasies about raping dead women. Soon after we moved back home, he picked up another hitchhiker. Kerry solas was in her early twenties when Thorpe picked her up. He introduced himself with a natural smile. Then offer to take care wherever she wanted to go, but something about this time was different than with the last three women. The to hit it off instead of taking her to a deserted piece of highway, thor brought Kerry back to his apartment there. He asked her to be his girlfriend. She accepted according to carry. Thor was very very nice. Carry also admitted that thor sexual appetite was insatiable. According to an investigator, Carey stated that she and Thor had sex three to five times a day. It's possible. The sexual activity was another coping mechanism or desperate attempt to keep his demons at bay when he wasn't with Kerry or working at his parents restaurant. Thor tried to stay busy. In quiet moments. He methodically cleaned his car. His friend Guy noticed that he paid particularly close attention to the truck, but when guy asked about it for change subject. The nineteen, seventy seven, run in with the police had spooked thor now that he was back in town. It seems his fears of being caught had returned. They still had his gun after all. It's possible that his fear of the local police motivated thor to start taking trips to Los Angeles. It had been just over two years since had murdered patting laney and dumped her body in the side of lonely road, since then he managed to contain his wicked urges. But he couldn't eliminate them. In his article, wicked deeds examining criminal motives, criminologist Scott Bond talks about the period of time between serial murders as crucial to the serial killer pattern, he states that serial predators reemerged from cooling off period to strike again. When the urge to kill becomes overwhelming to them, he also says that a serial killer may not even understand his or her compulsion to kill, but knows that it is both undeniable and uncontrollable. When the URGE ARISES IN THORNS. Case it seemed he tried to drown out these undeniable and uncontrollable urges with drugs and alcohol. But when that didn't work, he moved to Oregon and stay busy as a farmhand after returning to solving, he tried to live a normal life by getting a girlfriend. But for thor the urge to kill young women, and have sex with their corpses never laughed as much as he tried. Thor couldn't change who he was. The only thing he could change was where he hunted his victims for figured Los Angeles was the best place to act upon his urges. He knew he had a lower chance of being caught in a big city. For thord seemed like the perfect hunting ground while carry state at the apartment. Thor frequented Hollywood area bars there. He approached women on the street, offering them money for sex. One of those women was twenty two year old. Laura Benjamin after a brief negotiation Laura, who was reportedly a sex worker got into his car once he had her trapped thor pulled out a twenty two caliber pistol and shot her in the head. For then drove to a rural area north of Los. Angeles, and the San Gabriel mountains there near a small culvert. He raped Laura's a dead body when he was done for cleaned his car and drove home to his girlfriend. He made several more trips to Los Angeles in Nineteen, seventy, nine on April eighteenth twenty-four-year-old. Lydia Preston walked down the sidewalk of a busy street in West Hollywood a car slowed down beside her. Lydia flash the driver of flirtatious smile hoping to entice him when the car pulled over Lydia bent down to look inside the window Dora, asked if she was looking for a date Lydia, who was the sex worker inquired how much money he was really disband after some haggling, Thor handed Lydia forty five dollars and she got him. As explained that he was a construction worker on vacation, Lydia gave directions to a cheap hotel. She wasn't interested in his story to her. He was just another John, but when Lydia pointed out the hotel thor drove past it. thinking thor was just nervous. Lydia gave directions to a different hotel thor past that one to. When turned into the Hollywood hills, Neighborhood Lydia's instincts told her something was very wrong. The road wound around a bend where the houses were few, and far between Lydia became anxious, and she felt her senses on high alert, as she looked out the window to gauge their location, she heard a bang. Lydia's vision blurred and your ears rang. She reached up to touch your left ear and was surprised to find blood. She realized that she'd been shot. But somehow she was still alive. Instinctively. She grabbed the steering wheel for lost control of the car, and they spun off the road when the car came to a stop. Lydia flung open the door and ran for her life. Blood poured from her head, as she ran towards the lights of a nearby house behind her tires, squealed lydia tell if thor was fleeing the scene or driving her down, she had no choice but to keep running. Lydia stumbled through the front yard of a home and desperately banged on the door. When the owner answered, she collapsed, the homeowners called an ambulance and Lydia was rushed to the hospital there. Surgeons removed the bullet from her head. She survived. A few days, later Lydia walked out of the hospital. She was deaf in one ear, and her skull was fractured, but she was alive. It's unclear thor knew that Lydia had survived the attack. If he had followed her, he might have realized she would make it, but having shot her pointblank ahead. It's hardly surprising. He assumed her dead, but someone like thor. Christiansen wasn't. Wasn't going to slow lydia down. She was back in her usual haunts in no time a few months after the attack on July eleventh. Nineteen seventy-nine Liddy was drinking at the bottom line bar in Hollywood as she sat at the Bar, she noticed the front door open to her utter disbelief. Twenty one year old Thorpe Christian sing walked in and took a seat. Lydia quickly ducked behind some other patrons and snuck to the back of the bar. There was no exit, but there was a payphone. She picked it up and called the police. Liddy explained to the police dispatcher that she'd recently been shot in the head, and the man responsible had just walked into the bar. Lydia worried that thor would see her, but she stayed on the line until police arrived with relief and Triumph Lydia Watch detectives place. Thorn handcuffs and walk him out at the bar. The police brought to jail and booked him with felonious assault. Noticing that Lydia's attack was similar to the ISLA. Vista murders police in La and Santa. Barbara started a joint investigation when checking an old evidence locker investigators in Santa Barbara found. The pistol seized from thors trunk in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven, a ballistics tests proved that it was the weapon used in the ISLA. Vista murders authorities also visited most significant piece of evidence. The fingerprint pulled from the bloody napkins discovered near Patty Laney's body. The prince matched doors. When friends family and neighbors heard that thorn been arrested for the Isla, Vista hitchhiker murders. They were in disbelief. According to a Los Angeles Times Article thors, girlfriend Kerry was convinced that local deputies were incapable of responsibly handling the case. Those father told a reporter that the police said accidentally arrested the wrong man, but thors schoolfriend guy was less sceptical in an interview. He said that first he couldn't believe it, but then, too. Many things started adding up. In jail four called Mike Kirkman a police sergeant who had worked murder cases in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy seven. Kirkman was shocked by the call. He was even more shocked when asked to see him Kirkman drove to the jail and they're in a small interview room for told him everything. In a later television interview, Kirkman said that thor became a different person as he spoke, he said his is got focused the muscles in his face changed, and he was telling me that the girls deserved it. Four went on to explain that the three young women he murdered around Isla Vista had made fun of his weight for showed no remorse, and felt entirely justified in his actions, for then had the audacity to ask Kirkman to help him, but to Kirkman four was beyond help. In February nineteen eighty thors trial started in the courtroom. He's stood before a judge and described the murders of Jacqueline Rook Mary Sarah's and Tricia Laney in frightening detail he then frankly confessed to the murder of Benjamin whose body he dumped north of Los Angeles. Laura's body had remained there undiscovered for over a month when the judge asked or why he had killed and raped his victims. He said that while he couldn't prove it medically. He was obviously insane. Thor pleaded guilty in June nineteen eighty, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Some experts involved with the case speculate that th or may have had more victims during his time in Oregon. Several young women in the area went missing forensic psychiatrist John Stalberg interview for about the matter, but he refused to talk about it. After the interview Dr Stalberg said I think he's responsible for a lot more than we know of. Four was ordered to carry out his life sentences California's most notorious prison fulsome, but it wasn't to be long sentence even at the prison for was an outsider just as he had been his whole life. Less than a year after he arrived, thor stood alone in the exercise yard, another prisoner snuck up behind him and stabbed him in the chest with a shank. Thor was rushed to the prison hospital and pronounced dead on March Thirtieth Nineteen eighty-one. thors friend. Ron Summed up how those close to Thorpe fell to his death by saying. I think it's the best thing that could have happened. He didn't need to live. Thanks again for tuning into serial killers. We back soon with a new episode you can find more episodes of serial killers, and all of the podcast originals free on spotify OUTTA leaders spotify already have all of your favorite music, but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast. Originals like cereal killers for free from your phone, desktop or smart speaker. To Stream, serial killers on spotify just open the APP and type A serial killers in the search bar. We'll see you next time. Killer. Serial killers was created by Max Cutler is a podcast studios original executive producers include Max and Ron Cutler sound design by Juan Boorda with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Joshua Kern. This episode of serial killers was written by Adam, Lind with writing assistance by the Cannon and stars Greg Poulsen and Vanessa Richardson. 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