375: How to Breathe the Right Way (& Why It Matters!) With Max Gomez From Breathwrk


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When you try Athletic Greens, you'd be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive nutritional bundle anywhere else again that's athletic greens dot com slash wellness. Hello welcome to the Wellness Mama podcast I'm Katie from almost Mama. Dot. Com and well must dot com my new line of natural personal care products. This episode is all about breathing, which logically is a very important part of our daily lives. We all breathe somewhere between twelve and twenty times. Permanent is a really important obviously part of physiology, but also one of. The better factors that we can optimize to quickly see changes in our health, which makes sense. If you think about it, we eat a few times a day. We drink water hopefully more than a few times a day, but we breathe all day every day. So improving our breathing can have a big impact on our physiology. That's why I'm here with Max Gomez. Who is the CO founder and CEO of a new APP called breath work breath work without the OH. It's a wellness company that teaches people science backed reading exercises and after experiencing debilitating depression and anxiety himself. He discovered the positive benefits of breathing which not only helps his own recovery but improved his life in various other ways and he's now really passionate about. Teaching other people the Science and the benefits around breathing, and that's precisely with this APP dies. It's great for individuals for families and he talks about how you can use different breathing exercises to improve everything from sleep to relaxation to endurance and even how it can help kids so very, very fascinating practical episode and let's jump right in. Max Welcome. Thanks for being here. I'm excited to delve into this topic today because I've always thought that breathing obviously in rank of order of importance should be really high on the scale because we suffer the most consequences the most rapidly if we stopped breathing versus if we stop eating or drinking and I think it often is underestimated just how much breathing makes our overall health all get into my own story noticing changes in my HIV and other metrics when I changed my breathing but you come with a whole host both personal and now other expertise related to this topic. So to start off I would love to hear your story of how you first came to discover this. So a little bit of background on myself I'm originally from New Jersey a small town of four thousand people and growing up. I was Kinda kid you could never attend class and always got so bored easily and because I was different from. I was kind of boil in my early years. So somehow I managed to get myself into college and actually ended up studying neuroscience at the University of Southern California progress that science of consciously did more understand myself why I was different from my peers and it wasn't until I was in college when I got diagnosed with Adhd and then a year later realize had dyslexia on top of that. So it was nice knowing was going on but it didn't really help these things go away and as many people it hits the experience. We get higher levels of stress and anxiety, and that was definitely one of those people who got levels of strip anxiety. So after college I go through some personal things all in the span of three months. So I lose a very close relative me end up a two year relationship and I lose my job and it was crushing and devastating for me and going into that points I was already really focused didn't have control of adhd reminding Zayed's or my stress and so that sent me into this really really low dark point in my life where I actually know spent. An, entire month in bed and was twenty pounds underweight because of the stress and anxiety depression was feeling I just felt completely lost in touch with my body in my mind. I, lacked any sort of control over myself. So it was at that point where I realized I, need help and needed to find solutions for me that could work and I was so fortunate enough to find this crate therapist who was also covered by insurance, which is important to find these days who didn't WanNa, put me on medication but wanted to find alternative ways help my situation so. The first thing you tried to teach me was meditation and like so many other people everyone wants to spire to be a great meditators. But yet the find out is actually really tough to do. It's really hard to stick with the practice of meditation and if you're someone who is anxious, doesn't have a lot of time on their hands. You feel like meditation is really stressful actually So I couldn't get into meditation and I know all the amazing benefits and all the people do meditation respect it so much. But for me personally I really can stick with meditation. so He's all right. We'll try something else and the second thing he taught me was breath work. So simple breathing exercises and I remember sitting on his couch one of those classic therapist's couch and this exercise where breathe slowly into my belly imagining it was a balloon and slowly exhaled for longer than I inhaled and I was on his couch for about thirty seconds doing this exercise and I really start to feel shipped instantly I really felt this wave calm come over my body I felt my heart rate decreasing I felt my muscles relaxing and I was finally clear minded. And it was so life changing in that moment to be able to feel like I could control my body and my mind just with breath alone, and from that point forward, I absolutely fall in love with the practice of breath work and how could pat a positive benefit my life. So I started create this daily breeding practice. We know started with using it whenever we stressed anxious but then formed into waking up with breeding practices to help him come down with practices to go to sleep at practices to increasing my performance of breeding. Practices and I really want to go and study the field of breathing because it was so powerful impactful. So when I went out there to study to steal, I've realized that there were so many other people who were doing these different practices. You have so many diverse groups of people like Navy seals who practice it for high combat situations. If psychotherapist use it with their patients PTSD depression insomnia adhd, you have Olympic athletes using the breadth to improve their endurance and performance and yet Yogi is given practicing brickwork breathing for thousands of years for the. Positive health benefits of it, and it was in this journey of learning and discovering breathing and applying it to myself is that I learned the power ref is really life changing. I learned that breathing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change the state of your body and mind learned that if we controller breath control and change our lives and it was just amazing to find that was out there and you know the amount of positive benefits, you can see through different practices, include increasing anxiety and stress to improving bledisloe circulation to. Increasing, your meaning response to helping you fall asleep at night improving energy levels endurance and to help improve your attention to, and it's so amazing. The seat the benefits out there. But with this with my story I, saw that there wasn't one place that brought all these practices together and it was really surprising to me because there is so much science behind breath work. There's so much science behind breathing and there's so many people practicing around the world, but it wasn't one central location where people can go and learn practice all these different breathing exercises. So, you know a couple of months after learning about breath work and really started in power my life and push it forward. I went to the APP store to see if anyone created a at around breathing and to my surprise, there's really nothing out there we had those meditation apps like and head space for meditation, but I can stick with those and that wasn't really for me and I thought let's put out put together a breath work APP. So I gave myself a few weeks to put together A. Prototype of pitch deck, a website and Instagram, and I'm like, maybe I will find someone who wants to start this with me as as passionate about breath me luckily after two weeks of doing hard work and put in putting in effort to really get something started. I met Makothe addy who is amazing individual who has an amazing story how she founded breath herself to weaving a nine figure offer on the table for a company that she was about the cell going on a journey around the world to really help. Founder purpose in stomach cross breath work, and she showed me in her phone that a month before she met me, she wrote a note that said credit breath work at. So when I presented her the breath work at that, I was working on creating asked the partner with Mindy and right on the spot we instantly linked up in star the company inc a week later, and then put it on the APP store and it's absolutely kind of amazing to see the response, the uptake of people who have been benefiting. From these exercises we want to create something that was still easy and so accessible, and so science-driven driven that anyone can use it and we're really starting to see that with people who were practicing with the application. There's people know who are seven years old and using for stress and anxiety people who are seventy seven years old to helping prove their endurance lung capacity We had a father right in us the other day who was saying that this helped put his autistic daughter to sleep at night he was. Because we offer this to him, and then we also have people ready into saying, Hey, this is helping me get out of bed in the morning with stress and anxiety from covid. Had someone talking to us who had a stint says loved Zinger APP whenever the feeling really agitated and it's been absolutely amazing to go from the state of feeling. Absolutely had no control in my life to actually discovering something's Patil's breathing and then applying that to my life and then being able to go on fly that. Likes to and it's been extremely grateful journey makes me grateful for this this past up a couple of months. That's awesome. Okay. So I'd love to delve into this. I ends of this a little bit because like I said, I'm like you touched on breathing is one of the biggest inputs we put into our body and so making a change there can make a really dramatic shift in overall health from my own perspective I started doing breathing exercises to help me fall asleep at night including, there's one called four, seven, eight. And then also like box breathing Asana different patterns that call my resting heart rate and seemed to help me get into pair sympathetic and improve my heart rate variability. But I know there's a lot that goes into all of this. So can you walk us through kind of some of the science behind breathing and why these things work? At a great place that shows us the importance of reading. So recently discovered that there was a seventy year longitudinal study, but there were five thousand, two, hundred participants. This indicator of life wasn't action genetics diet or daily Madame exercise someone cut it was lung capacity and breeding mechanics. So the better you breathe in the more you can control your breathing. The longer you actually live is what the showing. So it's really important to understand breathing and how works to. So one way that breathing works as an accident on nervous system and the dog never system is was responsible for a heart rate for breathing. Or skin temperature digestion, and it was previously thought that we couldn't control these things that are automatic. Nervous system was just something that happens and it was something that we're to be influenced by US. that's why they call it the autonomic nervous system because on automatic. But what happens with breathing is that since you are since breathing is a part of the nervous system can actually send a signal to your brain to change the Never, system in response. So as you know that many people today exist in state of sympathetic nervous system spots. So they're basically in a sympathetic state, which is the fight or flight state. So either increased levels of stress and anxiety their shallow breathing breathing fast heart rates high their blood pressures. They're feeling nervous agitated, and that's what happens nearness sympathetic state for too long and what you can do with breathing's you could actually change the sympathetic state into a pair sympathetic state, which is the rest and digest state. So by breathing slow and ride breathing even with your diaphragm, you can actually start the church your body and put it into sympathetic state because you know if you follow if you do something if you do this practice of reading slow, then your body tends to follow it and there's also a lot of respecters for never system which are deeper in your lungs to. Breathe slow deep into your lungs. You can actually start to send a signals back to your brain that Hey, I'm actually interested and calm state right now and by breeding like you're in a calm state, you will send a signal back in the body and put you in that calm state and that's why there's so many breathing exercise that help with people with Zaidi because when people have anxiety, they're they're breathing extremely fast breathing shallow but the worst thing to do with anxiety is try to breathe more. It's actually you WanNa breathe slowly and you WANNA breathe the less breathing more slow in control your breathing. Through, anxiety helps really lower that response when you're having it and also there's a lot of breathing for sleep at night. So you mentioned the four, seven, eight breath, which is an amazing created by Dr Andrew Wheel and What it does is it Kinda mimics the breeding pattern of someone who's in the deep sleep. So by mimicking this breathing pattern, it puts you into that state and actually makes trick your pie to think that you're falling asleep or you sleep. So you tend to be able to doze off pretty easily because of that. So that also acts on the Paris nervous system really helps. Lower, your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and clear mind, and also just the act focusing on breath itself to helps clear mind of the other thoughts that may be happening when you're more at the state and then with breath work, there's also the flip side of it too. So this breath work that you can do to actually help energize you help creepy keep you focused and increase your endurance. So with breathing, you can actually activate the sympathetic state when you want to. So if you wake up in the morning and you're feeling groggy, you're trying out of bed, there's amazing exercise you can do to actually. Help. Put you in a more alert focused state and also exercises. You can do over time which can actually increase during difference. So there's a lot of athletes who train with high of Asian who trained in high location to help increase their endurance but there's actually breathing exercise. You can do here at sea level also increase your endurance increase production of red blood cells, which helps increase the offloading of oxygen tear yourselves neater body onto all these amazing benefits behind reading the scientists is quite amazing and There is so much extensive research stays behind it and there's more and more coming out every single day. There's a great book by James so that really goes into the signs and the history behind breathing what happens to the body when you breathe properly what happens when you don't breathe properly and they're all these risks that happen to your yourself. If you do not properly one big thing that people do wrong with their breathing is at the breathe through their mouth. So if you really WANNA start to get into your breathing and to really improve your life at pretty big one place to start is by breathing through your nose. So fifty percent of the population are actually mouth breeders and mouth. Breathing is actually associated with a huge amount of risk increase cardiovascular issues decrease the cognitive functioning decrease loves of circulation decrease levels, auction efficiency, and mouth reading is actually one of the quickest ways to actually start improving your health quickly with spreading alone, and the reason why is because when you breathe through your nose, you're actually moisturizing that air coming in and you had this amazing gas called nitric oxide, which is being produced. The nasal cavity helps with blood circulation with auction efficiency and also cognitive functioning. So when you're breathing your mouth, you're actually not getting the benefits of nitric oxide, your nose. And you're also by green through mouth more. You're closing nasal cavity more because if you don't use your nose than you will kind of lose that and you're nasal cavity will start to shrink. So by breathing through your nose more, you actually opened up your nasal cavity more. So people who are chronically congested should really try to practice breathing through the nose more or to get their tabby opened up more able to take more auction. Through their nose and had the amazing benefits from nitric oxide, which is exist in the nose results have been studies that show that the people who pre through their mouth have decreased circulation in the prefrontal CORTEX and prefrontal Cortex is responsible for your decision making for your focus and is really associated people with Adhd and shown that some people who suffer with Adhd had huge amounts of positive benefits from actually breathing through the nose and. Their nose debris at night too. So there's amazing benefits with sprinting knows alone and also we lose forty percent of our water when you put your mouth. So someone who's a chronic mouth breather tend to be more dehydrated water stay hydrated, which is complete fascinating to to think that something as simple as breathing through your nose bring your mouth can really have a positive health benefit on you. That's fascinating. I know I've read some data about the problems with mouth breathing I've read a lot from the even the. Oral Health Perspective that you put yourself more at risk for cavities because the mutant bacteria that leads to cavities can be much more opportunistic with the mouth when it's dry and so breeding your mouth especially at night can lead to problems there. There's also studies talking about the link with sleep apnea are we able to retrain our body to knows breath using active techniques like this? I know I've also seen you know kind of extreme measures like taping the mouth shut, but is it can we consciously like learning better habits? When it comes to this yes. So I think the first step is really being conscious of your breathing and being aware of how you're breathing the first way to really do this instant disparate properly and feel how good it feels breathe properly. So start breathing more diaphragm and using your stomach to breathe. So a way to think about your breathing and every breath should be taken in through your nose into your stomach with your stomach being pushed out on the inhale and then collapsing back flat on the exile and that. Helps Work Diaphragm to get your diaphragm moving with the yield to your. It's recommended that you breed at bigger knows to so weak by going to these practices, you can even start five ten minutes a day just breathing theory knows and into your belly and out slowly the're knows you'll start to really feel the benefits of breathing and you also start to slowly open up your nasal cavity can breathe your nose more often the biggest thing is to become more conscious of your breathing and how you're breathing throughout the day. And you mention mouse taping, which is something that I actually start up on studying more breathing is that We often open their mouths at night and the okra amounts at night. We're actually obstructing the Airways and by tricking the airways, we actually tend to store more we get less oxygen and we also losing more water and we're not getting the oxide read their nose. So mouth taping, which is small pieces of medical tape across your mouth and night with a holes. In each end just in case you at the breather, rip it off or heat at night actually has a huge benefit. If you take your mouth at night, you could wake up in the morning feeling great because you read through your nose, the entire night that's fascinating and it reminds me of something that I think might actually overlap with something you said about. Breathing knows and improving something that would relate to exercise. So I've recently. Been Training at a local facility where they do something called Contra lateral training basically, it was designed to increase aerobic capacity even for non distance runners and non-sprinters, but for other types of athletes and The part of this is you tape your mouth shut during this kind of circuit based exercise. So you are only breathing through your nose and they see really kind of drastic changes. In aerobic capacity from this so is that kind of along as they winds is what you're talking about yeah exactly. Along the same lines. So with nose breathing, we actually have better oxygen efficiency, which means that we're at better co two nitric oxide, the inner blood in your body. So Co two is most people think as a byproduct of breathing you the auction dot co two. But. See Ot was actually responsible for helping your red blood cells auction to their cells and Co two is also an amazing vasodilator to so helps increase circulation. So if you're breathing your mouth a lot, you're actually expelling way more co two than you should be. So that's why recommends a brief your nose during exercise? So you are building up more co two in your body so. You have a better option efficiency and exchange of oxygen through your blood with the CO to end with nitric oxide in your body and what most people don't realize is that when I start to exercise through your nose, it's pretty tough but that's because your body has to adjust to the bass amounts of co two that that it's not used to. So when you have a Low Tolerance to co two you actually get winded pretty quickly and one way to actually help with your endurance in the short term is actually to increase your tolerance to co two. So the amount of time you can breed slower while running the amount of time, you can hold your breath four indicator retards co two, and by increasing these things, we could actually increase our ability to. Slower, breeding down when we're running and when we're we're we're exercising and increase the auction efficiency within your blood. That's pretty quick way to do it, and over time as you start to increase your tolerance to co two and start breeding more slow, you actually increase the red blood cell production. So increases thing EP of which is responsible for helping red blood cells produce the bone marrow and By doing slower breathing and holding your breath for longer, you actually increase the amount of red blood cells you have in it stimulates very similar survivor similar results as people who are trading in high elevation situations. So by breathing through your nose breathing slow and be more aware that you're actually able to increase endurance in the short term and then also increase red blood cell production the long. Term, which is pretty fascinating. Think about that something as slowing your breathing down can help because we think that when you're out of more but the problem is when you breathe more, you're actually expelling so much co two from your body that you're actually not able to get this auction that you're trying to prevent more to yourselves. So it's all about building up a tolerance zero two. So fascinating and it makes sense because I noticed that when it comes to like running distances which I'm not a fan of anyway I always felt like it was my lung capacity that would catch me before my legs will get tired just need more felt like I needed more air and since doing this kind of training I feel like I would actually my legs more efficiently because I don't get winded I don't run out of breath easily even with sprinting. Doing long distance workouts anyway. But I've noticed a big difference in my lung capacity and that's fascinating. It makes complete sense when you kind of explain the physiology about that. This podcast is sponsored by wellness that's wellness with the end, my new personal care company that creates products that go beyond just safe natural to contain beneficial ingredients that nourish your body from the outside Eh. 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I'm curious I know you working with a lot of people through this APP and through the development on changing their breathing I'm curious some of the ways that you've seen this change people's lives obviously I would guess in instances like that. But what other areas do you see changes in people's lives from changing breathing? So I one of the biggest changes is just people who suffer from. And separate from levels of stress and depression. So when you start to breathe with our application, we teach these exercises that really helped you calm down and become more aware that you're in control of your body, and that's when the biggest things that we tend to think that in control over minded body. But with breathing week become more in control of that. So by having the breath work with. The when you're Schumi highly anxious state, you can start to train yourself to be in control and debris even slow down breathing in order to slow on your heart rate and to increase your levels of communists and increase your ability to be present in the moment. So that's where it really starts to help people. We've seen a lot of or write in talk about how this really helping with their. Depression get up in the morning. It's helping with their anxiety when they're going for meeting a lot of people use it with their family at dinner to help everyone read on the same pace because when everyone's breathing same rate, you start to sync up your heart beets except the sink out by the energy within the room to bring people to this one granted place, and then we have other. People who are saying that this this exercise help getting the best of my life. So people are now who or insomniacs are now breathing like this every night to go sleep, and then if you do wake up, agreed to put themselves back to sleep and are saying that they're really starting to see amazing improvements in their lives and we we didn't launch the APP to Longo Willing lost in. In November. But since then we have people who are on over one hundred day streaks on the platform who absolutely cannot know wake up or go sleep without it because it does have to deposit benefit with them, and then like I mentioned before we have people ready in who use it their kids to a lot. So we have some mothers who use it with a kid when he has a panic attack or Winston frustrated with school, and then we also have a father. Daughter to help put her to sleep at night who suffers from autism in HD and he says really helping benefit them too. So we have people from all walks of life and backgrounds who could benefit breathing because there are so many breeding practices out there to do to benefit from and it's a soak setting that You know we have one place to put them all, and we have one place a show on the science of the show. How it works in your body, give you this. Amazing. You know full sensory experience when you the exercise with the APP, we have these amazing sounds that were created by this Grammy Award winning. Artists DJ white. Shadow we have vibrations, help guide you which he threw it, and then we also had really simple visuals at this help you focus on the breath because reading is so so easy but it's done wrong all the time and we WANNA make it easy for people to do it right and The APP we made us cold experience of family get to where he walked with a single click when when crevice I wanted my grandmother to be able to use it and I want everyone from five to use it, and because it's so simple. So easy in set point were able to get all these diverse users who all love it, and who are who are funding amazing benefits across their lives as incredible as it are there specific ways your stories you've heard of people using this with kids because sadly, we hear that anxiety is on the rise even for kids and certainly the last few months. Seem like they could have increased anxiety across the board for all age groups. Are there what examples you have people using this? You mentioned like family dinners are there other ways specific to kids that we can use this? Yes. So thick creating a practice with your kid is really helped beneficial and showing your kid the positive benefits at breeding slowly when you're in a stressful situation so we have this mother who? Actually gives her child her phone when he is really stressed out early. Fussy and you know is is not feeling stressed from worker that worked from school or from his classmates and when he gets the APP is able to breed with it and to really feel the effects of it and to calm himself down she says that she uses us all the time with him and it's really been helping him. Become more relaxed, and then also helping him over time become less stress and less anxious because the more you practice breathing the more you're with their breathing, the more that you breathe in a slower more proper fashion. So We also have, Kiko the monkey, who's one of our mascots who breathes in out with you to she'd WanNa, choose him, and it's great to to use that with kids because he could read this cool looking monkey and that's really one way that we're able to get to younger people. Awesome. I'm also always curious about kind of the idea, the minimum effective dose. So you made a pretty strong case for why obviously breathing is important and the way we can drastically our lives through breathing. What would you say is the minimum effective dose for something like the breath work at how much of this do we need to do to start seeing results? So you could start seeing results pretty quickly, and that's really what led me to breathing in the first place is that it is something that happens very fast. So if you are someone who has stressed and is looking for relief from stress, just doing a two minute exercise is kind of will help you get to the point of being more calm. And sticking with it for five minutes to eight minutes will also help you stay more calm overtime to just getting into it, feeling it, and then adjusting for how much in need is really the best way to do it, and then by creating a practice daily practice over time of being more aware in control your breathing and doing exercises the. Yukon down a wake you up for you to sleep. You can start to really benefit from it in the short term because it works very fast than over the long term start to really see the relationship health benefits from it had to do I want to circle back and learn a little bit more about co two tolerance because I think when it. Comes to breathing people often just think of oxygen and that's of course they put people on in the hospital when they are having trouble breathing. But the little bit that I've researched the CO two component is equally important. It's not like you said it's about that ratio not just oxygen in. So can you explain a little bit more that science and how we can? Harness that to our advantage yet. So you can build your tolerance up to co two by breeding more slow and began to hold your breath for longer and by breathing more slow you're actually get more tolerant of CO two over time. So the more you could slow down your breathing and the Morgan gets a six to five breath submitted the better efficiency. Balance You have co two an auction within your body advocate balanced have increased levels of circulation and you have increased auction efficiency. So your rent blood cells can offload oxygen to their cells in your body more efficiently because you have more co two and you get balance to co two in auction in your body. So that's really one way that the tolerance works. By building this over time, you really start to feel the effects of it and to you know be a more calm and relaxed state someone who has more tolerant to co two is actually less stress and less anxious because when you are anxious, you tend to feel like you can't read and that feeling of can't breathing actually your intolerance co two within your. Body when you're able to train yourself, tolerate Marcio to you kind of lesson that effects of the anxiety you get with when you can't beat and that's why it's really important to be hyper aware of your breathing in all the time and always remember to breathe through your nose and breathe slow in through your diaphragm and really pay attention to your breathing throughout. The. Day because if you start to breed more shallow in are unaware of it, you tend to decrease tolerance co two, which can help put you into that stressed and anxious state is recurring cycle. So it's great to really go into practice breath work in practice breathing daily basis or to help build up your tolerance co two to get you in a less. Stress anxious throughout the day Mary. Cool. So talk a little bit more about the detail of the APP. Of course, I'll make sure there's a link in the show notes for you guys to download it or it's available in the APP store What are you finding people are using this for the most in what kind of getting based on the most user cases? Yeah. So it's really exciting when we first started to see the usage of the APP we saw we thought that it'd be one use case we thought it would only be calming exercises. But what we realized is that it's pretty equally distributed across the different benefits we have. So our number one exercises sleep, which really helps people asleep at night and the number two exercises awake. So it's able to get people up in awaken energize and alert in the morning. And then the third most exercises calm. So it's a calming exercise helps which you know more since the Paris, pathetic state and then the fourth one is recharged that box breathing it's based off the navy seal breathing, which helps you know, put you in a more relaxed and calm focus state and also can help increase charge co two. So we're seeing a pretty equal distributions of the use cases within the application and we're seeing. People come in whether it be Alpha male looking to increase endurance comes in for. Something, an exercise helps increase the to tolerance, but then the end up using becoming exercise or the sleep exercise will we have the other way where we have someone who is really anxious looking for a way to calm down and the common for the calming exercises but then they realize the sleep exercise and then they realize the energize exercise, the awakening exercises. So it's been fascinating to see the users coming in for one specific reason, and then staying with it for multiple different reasons, and then creating a daily practice based on what they need and where they're at. That is so cool on. Let's talk a little bit more about heart. Rate. Variability. Touched on this a little bit I mentioned that I saw changes in that when I started being more cognizant of my breathing, there's also a science data that support this if someone is interested in improving heart variability. White type of breathing exercise would you point them toward? So to the best breathing exercises for variability are coherent breathing that's pretty equal pattern. So breathing either for six seconds sentences six seconds out or eight seconds in a second south. So helping breed at that rate really helped heart ability and then the other way is by breathing more slowly on the exile also helps Attribute Arabia ability. So breathing in for four seconds. And then breathing out for eight seconds or breathing for six seconds is one way to do it and it's always helpful to remember to read with your belly and when I start teach people breathing and when they come into the APP, we always teach them to put a hand belly when they're breathing. So they can feel themselves reading properly when doing it because that's the best way to get the most results from it. At it. Okay. That makes sense. Is there any science guest based on the different programs in the APP? Obviously the sleep ones are best on pre sleep other than that is, is there any science about the best time of day or the best environment to do these different types of breathing exercises? Yes. So there are a few times a day is in environments these exercises. The ones that are more in the APP we have them all yellow they're more winning in the more sympathetic and they're more energizing more focus. Those are best done within the morning. So their best done to wake you up and get you into bed get you going and then the calming ones are best done throughout the day too. So if you're at work in your our in. Anxious. You can still calming exercise helps you feel relaxed in place, and also if you are someone who doesn't WanNa, get that energy boost in the morning but once more common morning, you can also replace your morning instead of with yellow exercise with the economy exercise, which is green exercises. So using that in the morning and figuring out what works for you is how you can really start to benefit from these exercises and then with something like sleep, it's obviously best used at night before going to sleep or preparing for sleet and then something wore like the recharge breath in the red section, which is more focused on endurance and energy that's best use before or after exercise. I have new city at, but I'm going to give all of those try I think I've already done some of the ones the mentioned in the four, seven, eight, I've done pre sleep. It's helpful I'm looking at the APP now to have a visual that helps you do it. I could see especially for kids why this would be so helpful than trying to just count with them and explain to them because they have something tangible to follow, which is amazing as we get close to the end of our time couple somewhat unrelated questions that I love to ask I all. There is a book or a number of books that have really influenced your life and if so what they are and why? this to really important books influence my life one is the obstacles the way by Ryan holiday, and it's kind of a book. That's. About dealing tough situations and finding power within these tough situations and talks about no controlling your perspective and controlling your minds and I think that's why attract to that book was because it really helped me. Feel more control of my life and then adding the caucus breath work on top of that really helped me in power by life. So does one amazing book that was more than mindset side of things. I really don't mind in my life and then another amazing book which became probably favorite books right now since it was released two months ago is breath. and. It's called breath the new science, a lost art by James Nester and James. Nestor. Is a journalist WHO's studying breathing for the over eight years and he goes into the history of breathing. He goes to the science of reading and really makes an amazing case for why you should be paying more attention to your breathing why breathing is more important and how? Society is a little bit lagging behind with all the positive benefits of it, but you know we really see breathing becoming a bigger industry within the future and we see more people are taking control of breathing and be more aware of the breathing not going anywhere. But actually getting bigger over time in this one book was great for me to help the understand more of the science behind it into to know the history behind it to. I love that. I'll make sure those are linked in the show notes and also of course, I'll make sure we linked to breath work on like I said at the beginning I think this is such an important topic to bring awareness to because of all the inputs that we have in our life. We eat several times a day depending on if we intervene it faster or don't, and we drink water more times a day that but we breathe I. Think it's twelve to twenty times per minute. So making a change to our breath can make a much bigger were rapid change to our health than even improving things like diet, which is also very important of course and sleep an exercise and I love that you guys have turned into such a practical system and It's exciting to see you're already hearing such great results from Abuser. So thanks for the time and for sharing the science with us today. So much for having me and thanks as always to you for listening and sharing your most valuable asset your time with us. We're both so grateful that you did and I hope that you will join me again on the next episode of the Wellness Mama podcast. If you're enjoying these interviews would you please take two minutes to leave a rating or review on I tunes for me? Doing. This helps more he to find the podcast which means even more moms and families can benefit from the information. I really appreciate your time and thanks as always for listening.

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